Episode: 303 – Frog Complex


Episode: 303 – Frog Complex


Is it morally right to eat Gillian Anderson’s sandwiches? Why are Ron Perlman’s hands so soft? What’s really going on with Predator? Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, Spencer Crittenden and Rob Schrab.


how to get
what’s cooking
check check one two two two two you hear me out there
we’ve got one negative Nelly out of there alright from dining typewriter or the dingleberry toggle MacArthur Park Los Angeles my name is Jeff David your controller harmontown is now in session
I see James flying down there can I get a you up for the whole audience
looks like a Spencer Crittenden your Gamemaster extraordinaire
Cricket measureless welcome the mayor of harmontown the eponymous Dan Harmon
thank you
yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean night fight for your life go down the red carpet in the Limelight celebrate your director and agent the front your mama so hard to choose Hayden Christensen use the dark side of the force to get in to your mama’s pussy Sandman
all right thank you no no I don’t know why I’ll see if I start rapping good and if I don’t like just the other side of the deal is just let me stop
I don’t like being pushed through it fake it till you make it I think we were Elizabeth easiest deal we’ve ever made if it isn’t it true that I think it’s axiomatic that when you win an Emmy your rapping skills like dip for a while
did I win another Emmy
do I have twice as many enemies as I had before the Emmys yeah I know I’m going to go to Jesus Christ yes it is fascinating though it does look like when you when you when you win one like like what the it is the the this dip your fantasy of what it would be like is sort of simultaneously everything about it is is is true and and simultaneously sort of like it’s soda mystifying I’m not sure what I mean by that but it says like like you you picture yourself going up and you you you hold this thing and you’re like holyshit this happened and it feels like a scratch off ticket I just started just as randomly just have this weird relationship with is this going to happen or not and then you’re then you’re walking into a fantasy another really weird
things that you’re directed off stage and then there’s just all this shit that happens and none of it is it you know like when you’re on ecstasy or mushrooms or something we’re like life is a joke and like the whole system is geared around people that are going to feel that way so it’s very much like a slaughterhouse it’s a
immortality house as I like because they know that they’re working with like Dazed narcissist I want an enemy and you just you just follow Robot Chicken and you just feel like you just go down the value in certain areas and now you can eat a sandwich that you you you haven’t had one in four hours and you sort of like yeah I’m so hungry and it seems like that’s for Preston you like I don’t care haven’t any but this baby is all of our fantasies right like like Blake about that that that idea of getting an award it really it really I think I think what we all think I mean I’ll use my eyes statements anytime you want but I I I want to connect with you guys and I just feel like that’s the that’s the thing that you want to achieve is that one brief weightless moment of like so I’m
no matter what I do which is such an ironic feeling to have to win an award
it makes no sense and it’s it’s it’s it’s it doesn’t because you’re supposed to feel at when you wake up and then like you’re absolutely which way is the most likely lose 6 pounds Jeff and I didn’t look it up and I don’t care no I mean it that look into whether or not the Shelf will be able to hold another one
I don’t I don’t plan for this shit I have no ambitious
do you feel like you might have to get a new mantle because if you keep winning all these that means you have to like and I have to up your mental game I’m all done but a this one was a huge like I absolutely absolutely did not expect I fully like it was at like like I was like deserve sure expect no no very relatable Stan’s deserves it because that all represents all of this work is like that’s why I’m that’s what I’m saying what who was The Simpsons end
we can we
I didn’t fucking care because I knew it because I knew I wasn’t going to talk if I won so I don’t need to know there are they tell you you got to pick a person to talk so then I like like Justin and I are like the whole time or like
is it goes like this it’s a DP put the fear of God in you like you got to get up here 30 seconds out here if they all get up and go up there cuz if he answers yes it’s all fine like path of least resistance for a production things like that everybody get up there it’s an award for everybody but we were just like friends just like sweating and going like what
wow who’s graduated at Justice
are you saying that if and there’s a Cody between us like it’s not just being his ear
and the winner for best some other human being that you will admit that you’re doing this during is if they call her name and obviously the treasures were not expecting the wind so we shouldn’t have let alone behind probably the other nominees I’m pretty sure Trey and Matt are sitting in front of us I don’t know
if we do win air quotes
are you saying that when we stand up if anyone else dad’s up should we look at them
no no I’m not in the winter for the second award that’s human beings that you’ll never know but I’ll kill a leadership we don’t know we don’t know who goes up and then I think Mike would like a catalog that everyone is listed as the weather like in the program it’ll say so those other people go up it’s like 11 people for the people to get statues ago they got cuz they have like credit of some whatever kind of moved rapid I said all those people we get herded like cattle into this back room stuff and then you fill out the saying
I talked about this right look at the weird thing is that you go into this back room and everyone is just like it’s so is it you’re looking at people who are
Isaac like I was like these are the one the only people for whom it’s not an honor to be nominated have to be the people that just sit there and they like they have to like they just continually all day for 2 days for the creative arts Emmys there like non-stop Shane of people for them it’s it is like a slaughterhouse they’re like it but they also like they have that look on your face like a Disneyland employee like you told me like like you get fired if someone says you didn’t smile you know like I imagined that the pressure is on them or that they come to the table with like they actually wanted to be near that because they didn’t have to think that you just like oh my God congratulations and yeah but this is like a statue from a box and it has nothing on it my statue still has nothing on it cuz you you fill out a form that goes to a place that makes the plates another plate gets mailed to you
so independent and you got you got it like super glue it back on on the back I’m so glad we’re getting is prepare you for your Emmy we’re here to make you it has on it that says what’s your name what’s your address what’s the name of your show what’s what category to do when it’s not like multiple choice so I just keep thinking like you’re so if I just write like oh yeah
Rick and Morty parentheses biggest dick
yeah you right Hitler did nothing wrong I got to take that that’s what 4chan would do like I just I just feel like I’m like what is it what’s the name cuz the categories aren’t easy to remember outstanding evidence of goodness thing on TV that was a cartoon did you put it’s like best TV show and it’s a cartoon I don’t like what that’s not the same I don’t think either of them a right
is the idea that they just put a wood chipper and then some like no money cuz I know what he’s going to be in our high if you wrote best TV show do they don’t make it it’s like the final chamber of like the Holy Grail or you have to actually like pick it out and you don’t get one
can we talk about the sandwiches this is just okay so I’m an outsider come come inside or in this whole Hollywood thing but there’s this thing you encounter as a as a person in Hollywood which is all these sandwiches that you can’t eat what can what’s the one that’s crazy you we went to Comic-Con and they’re like hey you’re going to be in this room doing all these interviews is going to be great it’s like a big party Mike Tyson’s there you got all these sandwiches you can say any of these sandwiches are the sandwiches are just have this like and it won’t be like a big blinking sign know it’s embarrassing it’s a sign just big enough for you to be halfway in your mouth, and cheese it says like tomato and chicken and not for you
I thought they’d be in Anderson sandwiches like you can sit down and you can take sandwiches and those are the two activities to do in those rooms it’s surprising that even in the Emmy back Dungeons and stuff it feel like you want a sandwich or you want an Emmy but don’t get cocky buddy these are fucking and I didn’t say I was drunk and on vodka and victory and I did say to my publicist who is politely saying those are for price and I said here’s a headline for you Dan Herman eat your fucking sandwich
they love that stuff I run with it you run with everything else yeah yeah you make it a feature make it a puff piece or a fucking like up come at me I drink your milkshake milkshake I ate your sandwich yeah I’m sure they would have been fine with it and a humiliating people
that’s not how food is served
Hotel food is served and I think when you get to the point where his food is on a tray and I think that it is an important rule I think that we’re going to a christ-like stay here where it’s like maybe ownership we should we don’t have to take a med the concept of ownership in general like you’re not allowed to you should make a sandwich and then not care who eats it I think that person is like I just made this 3 in the morning I’m so hungry it’s a halfway to my mouth like okay don’t test me but if you want some sandwiches are mass-produced like yeah going like you know what you can’t you can’t say that there’s someone’s will if you care that much you don’t you don’t protect it through Norms I’ll tell you that you got to put it behind plexiglass yeah you need design work your sandwiches are important pay a security guard just shoot people that you’re saying right
or just increase the size of the sign yeah
the thing that I was like I was certain there was such a I was like I was like yeah put money in I don’t know I can’t get it but if you don’t really care about this shit that you would you would you would you would express it through risking Things jazz
I hope we talk about you winning an Emmy every week
I can’t wait till next week when we hear come on this is another story about you and hanging at me like that would be a man want to know about the Statue they do this is like Insider stuff bases any why would you come on the show and agreed that we didn’t do it to me know when you talk about Bill Hader
all right I don’t think coach haters in the crowd but at silent silent Dinklage oppression people not ready that you made for think I should just all out of out of hand he can watch the show I don’t know I’m certainly not going to fall into that bullshit haven’t seen it I’ll take a look now that it won an Emmy that’s what I do I did it with Nurse Jackie I’m doing a Game of Thrones
well let me know how you think he did he’s fucking Peter Dinklage you horrible Grinch’s
I thought that was the one guy I could say they would get you people my fans aren’t you basically emotional dinklage’s
isn’t that a description of my audience episode titled emotional dinklage’s I am excited for you in when I don’t know if that did did he what he won best best TV he’s got a great one you ever say it is 80 inches
did I say that I wanted to thank you guys for showing up on something at midnight yeah this is bad. What’s up with you
I was looking up stuff
what’s up but might as well filled as dead hair was trying to do a better chance I’m not working in a good guy are you happy when are we going to know that you’re settled into your I love it here I’ve been coming every week but would you trade this for one of those shity stools or you’re happy with this I’m have it I could use an ottoman
and a nice quilt to keep my knees warm or we could get you a quilt
Jeff is putting the piano to do it like this an electronic Dad I think you should have like a
he’s holding sheet music
I have a couple of notes that
then I’m going to bring to the next meeting that I have I have a few notes to
meet him at your leisure Jack roepke
a real guy cuz the guy we work for twenty years ago and you just came out of your brain because we’re dying so you’re just like the ferris wheel depression Hitler
I want to wish you well I’m happy I want to wish you a very happy Birthday to Caleb he’s turning 21 and took a little solo pilgrimage from Portland at the drawing room before I came here tonight if he’s not then he’s a con artist I heard him I sound like you was over there he bought me a drink Kaelyn how’s it going man you got good seats
damn it’s on it’s on what happened to mister it is a fight no nothing happened Anna fighting
not absolutely nothing happened
a fine young man expressed a sincere Embrace of his favorite show and everyone turned it into a thing cuz people are animals and I have no loyalty to them and the show has become watching the sandwiches man you said you should have brought us anything
other than the fucking enemies
all right I don’t think enough has been made about the fact that I fucking met and hung out with Ron Perlman if I complained today that guy has the softest hands oh no
does he want that getting out a favor Shake run from his hand he’s having hell hands are a legacy of a hell below we’re going to have dinner together or he’s my new best friend so you can fuck your enemy I’ll take I’ll take I’ll take Ron perlman’s delicious soft hands and put my winning an Emmy was not a challenge to anybody here
I never thought for a second while I was winning it all this proves that other people are pieces of shit I’m too busy trying to rise above the fucking muck and mire am I could breathe for 6 weeks so don’t fucking get mad at me go ahead get mad at me you little pieces of shit sorry, I got your true colors
I did think for a second you guys are weighted wings like like like a carotid and jugular suicide by me
no that’s not what I was so irresponsible because there’s so many kids out there that are going to win an Emmy so they can kill themselves I would I almost like this is where I won’t go and almost want to say yeah America kids if you’re thinking of ending your life do it with an m a thing or they’re like they would get to a point where they like 45 they like I don’t need to do this
tribes doing something has just become meet me showing up and end
Arab building anyting
I’m trying to get a list of things to talk about start from the bottom
I can’t that’s a thing I got crossed off Mandy everybody go see Mandy if that’s the movie The Nick Cage movie on Netflix right now. Not because I hate you and you can it’s a real a real a real
real really so hopefully on the water burn up the charts shaken fucked up undo typing undo taking your phone help I learn how to do multiple locations
so I will actually provide more Uber rides now because the truth is if I’ve ever been with you and it’s time to get an Uber if I think that there’s going to be some chicanery with like we got to go here and then we got to drop off some into all kind of fade in the background
but I’ll throw my money at anything I just don’t want to have to talk to people because it seemed to me that you have to get in the car and then you have to go thank you for showing up under the auspices of however a few things to throw at you would you mind making a brief stop and I don’t want to I don’t want to have those conversations but I found a I didn’t find it it was shown to me by a friend I can’t believe this guy win an Emmy
there’s an energy is an easy interview there’s a plus button when you think that you can just add locations I picked up this fucking asshole
I like to make make the destination louder
I mean whatever everytime shrub scores on you
fine you just got dunked on man I don’t care I’m not going to hear something that won’t get a musical score I mean not letting it affect me which is actually a huge your fucking like that’s me with like I don’t care it’s me therapies working I don’t care I don’t fucking care like fucking hit me dude like you don’t you can’t control my feelings you don’t like I I can I can put them put you in an airlock flush you into space like a fucking predator
my favorite ending of the Predator when
when Danny Thomas when I deserve Danny Glover put the Predator I will acknowledge that burned and sent the Predator out and said that you can always trust me you know like I’m like oh yeah I fucked up and then you’re like I like Dan he knows when he fucks up so that means when I say he’s not hurting me is not hurting me the new the Predator movie is getting mixed reviews it did not do well this weekend and I wish they would give that and Jay more one more shot
I just I like I don’t I don’t remember it’s been nice Purge movie like people like about it I can’t figure it out and the promise that you made in the poster which you obviously can’t deliver on within the budget you’re willing to spend
a proper Purge movie would for instance be a television show which it is I think I re-aggravated my old friend is working on that show on Netflix that you can an ant illogical TV show people’s interest in The Purge concept is in The Logical the movies try to be in for logical and then they ruin themselves with this thing like a psycho I supposed to care about like the ending of The Purge franchise Predator thing is just because we think so much that working we’re getting under our own feet here I see a printer poster I’m 45 years old am I and she is a reboot or a sequel as if there was predators and then there was a guy from That 70s Show was a serial killer in it and now the movies just the predator and it’s just they’re just as you’re 18 they click don’t don’t Google it that’s what that’s what the slogan for the predator
Predator don’t Google it
it’s another one of them from the creators of nothing before trust us so we came up with this new idea what if you were getting hunted you like hey you. What have you were the hot dog don’t look it up I never done it before I like knowing. Like like if you’re 8 years old you still no fucking Schwarzenegger everyone knows that fucking bicep handshake
even if you haven’t seen the movie that’s like are you ready for your close-up mr. DeMille remember that lady said that
in Sunset Boulevard are you ready for your close-up that’s me I tried to hunt an old Starlet but it’s not I am dead
3 Predator movies are expecting us to still be impressed with thermodynamic like
we got big cut you off man telephones and I were supposed to go today oh my god wow that’s really impressive but let me get in my drone and fly to the Bucking Froyo what the fuck are you talking about
wow wow oh my God you can see if I get out I hope I don’t run into a 9-foot dreadlocks Paceman with a harpoon arm in this world where people can Craigslist rape people by the dozens over a email the Predator is it’s a real word it means it happens I’m an awful were pulled from last week if you could like Roundup Souls that went out in a certain way and I hate would you train the way you went out for a for a just a run with the predator hunting you talk to you what the fuck happened to me I was walking out of a 7-Eleven that’s wrong
oh okay so is a predator no no get ready though get ready LOL you know he’s that is invisible and it stopped there he’s invisible that’s all he can do orange and yellow splotches and switches he could switch between things they celebrate that in the movie End of the video games that I can say we can switch he could choose to see heat he could choose to see like fear I don’t know but the important thing is that you would make it make would be another layer or something like that he just like there with an Amex no shit my kids got a toy that can do that but give me something
give me ideas and here’s the craziest thing to me here’s the thing with bumps me the most I believe you and I saw Predator 2 in the theater that’s how long was friendship has been failing like I don’t know what let’s give it one more decade and said fuck you face the crowd went
that it looks like a pussy
and a new end and Danny Glover’s and number two in the first predator of course we know that in the first Predator song what did you think I never stopped I never saw the second one yeah that’s what happened to the first movie so then they made a second one and then they doubled down on any call and pussy pics
we have Aliens versus Predator because they go Danny Glover goes on the spaceship and receipt they threw like a kid goes in a spaceship and there’s more predators and and they combine this I got you a beat you and then multiple Predators come out of the fog he’s on the mothership you think it’s just like I tracked this Rich douchebag back to his Lexus right like I know you track this Rich douchebag back to his dealership
no you’re just connecting. You’re just trying to be that doesn’t make any sense if you were immersed in what I’m saying you wouldn’t be trying to take shots at me by changing Lexus to Tesla that’s lateral it would be Winnebago would be the answer you reacted fuck you and you’re just trying to affect me you just you wouldn’t always there’s the moon can I hit it with a slingshot you out so you can you can hit anything your human being now what are you going to do with that power
what is it what I can’t hear you it’s not about you look so it’s not about you that’s why there’s no microphone
search. There’s nothing it’s not about the show jitbe about you it’s barely about me and it’s my name I can’t even control it and I’m up here
did you perceive me as Got Talent enough
did you want to throw me out of my comfort zone
Barbie doesn’t know what to do with their own rails this is too scripted
I want to see what happens
the lights are changing
the colors are changing
all right
he thought he tracked the Ridgeview Drive back to his Lexus that I can pay all them I got them turned out at the Winnebago
because the. You should fucking connected as if there’s more Predators but you didn’t see Predator 2 because you’re 18
not a Tesla
makes you feel like that makes you powerful all that means is that you’re going to die later than me
big deal if you’re going to get an Icee or half as melted in your head when the Emmys don’t give you a sandwich this is this is how it all
are you good luck with your molten Planet good luck trying to figure out how to eat Rotten corn
I’m so glad I’m happy cuz you were mean to me
Vickie Guerrero hydroponic rotten core and I are you ashamed of having a Tesla this is what it sounds like he’s my best friend
he’s a great guy fuck you like like finish the goddamn.

Play 21 years old guy because he said I’ll listen to all the episodes of 25% of his life listening to this shit
do you have to get to 300 plus episodes of this he’s wasted an actual per measure of a percentage of his young life listening to us Caleb to verify that I don’t want you to get drawn into this but I think we already is and I know you’re thinking of to this show started as me going hey don’t let me go off on a tangent I mean it’s so funny cuz it to evolve to the point where I’m just chilling fucking talk for a second without everyone attacking me
it’s ironic. Do you agree I think we showed us suffer from you not from from you not getting him a platform so anyways he thought he’d call if he kills the predator and then he goes I killed you pussy face and then he looks around and through the fog 7 predators and you’re like shit he’s so fat he just spent the whole movie dealing with one predator and the first movie was one predator
the only thing we change we didn’t go straight multiple Predators at the top of the second movie like like like James Cameron style it was like Predator change the location to near future Los Angeles so then he’s like I got you I killed you and then multiple predators and you’re like fuck god dammit we’re really fun and then like the lead Predator walked up to him and go how do I tell how do you tell which ones to lead Predator he’s in front he’s got choreography is blocking the director told him I should talk to interact in and edit it basically it goes like
just dancing
they like they like a praise him they go they go huh
looks like this prey
came on board our ship that we used to be predators to predict
and it looks like he’s gotten the better of one of our Predator colleagues and they react of course like because this is what all of us would do if you were a dolphin hunting
what countries do that you really hunt because you have so much respect for a deer that if a deer killed your best friend you’d be like you going to come to my wedding
that’s what that means when you see a dollars on the wallet means like I got him and and like if I hadn’t gotten him I would have fucking honor him for the rest of his life is on my wall that’s how I feel like crap but the Predators are like like oh you killed a Predators fucking bodies on the floor of our car you’re a human we come here to hunt by the way what the fuck are those guys doing that whole weekend is where is one of them in San Francisco as I split up like that would have been a really interesting being obtuse about this but I think you could predict the day there’s a mislead of oh I’m fucked and then they like what are they do they go through a predator weapon at an antique American weapon O’Riley from the Civil War
the last time we got our asses kicked is when the fucking CI rhetoric slick
you’re reading it when I first saw you said that cuz I was like something for your trouble I thought he was like yeah Eric was a dick
hey. What’s the difference between the same thing your like saying like it’s an honorable thing like you even though we’re enemies I can respect your something for your trouble thank you for your it it’s a sports or what it would you wouldn’t extend to someone of Erica wasn’t a dick I mean they clearly hate the fucking Predator I mean that I’m okay with that world they’re just like you know what we’re fucking cool like that we come here we hunt you wait we turn invisible we come here in a spaceship we hunt you and visibly meet hang out in the spaceship invisible that’s how much we like being invisible
it is yours and it’s making it and watch it TV daddy going to watch it tonight
why are they expensive ownership I’ve never spent 25 years of not seeing you who sang that are in the are in the Predator man cave and they’re watching also I don’t want to give it to a modern lens because of predators anything if not and dry Gmail we don’t even know some of these friends we shouldn’t keep calling them heave her love of hunting I don’t know if they’re sexual or not but they’re there in a in a in a in a person cave and they’re watching security cameras at least I told you to close the fucking Predator door on the ship that we parked in the mining tunnel outside of Los Angeles in 1997 will you pick up your shoes
the end and Bill Paxton and and and then we’re going to fucking take off when you said cuz he’s a douchebag I don’t want to fucking like wake up and get the door for him and like yeah but okay now there’s a fucking dude there’s an LA cop in our ship he’s looking at our trophy room all right will let’s go fucking and then they turn invisible they did killing Eric and I was like all right let’s fucken don’t speak English certainly not going to self destruct
basically we’re pussies lately like eight like predators are fucking like they’re terrible like people at this idea that they’re bad asses like is is not a I don’t like they’re bullies and like but we met in the night and then they like when they die they like blow themselves up and then and then this idea that we were going to get off on watching them fight aliens was like that I thought was absurd
do you like aliens yeah I like aliens but I mean I don’t like aliens I like Sigourney Weaver I like humans but I like humans so that’s why I like alien yeah but you like aliens me you may be going to movies the aliens expensive part of the movie you’re making but it’s about people as I took saying if I if I read the old man of the sea that I like water you can just make a book about water when it’s locked and it slipped and then it was hard to drink can I give you diarrhea if I can’t get on with it where’s the people has Jason I don’t care I don’t know Jason had a nightmare sitting me a bra under a shop called Jeanette’s bras and it said Jeanette
oh okay yeah she’s the cool like Latino like Hardcore Marine and
that’s how I’m going out
Bill Paxton in Predator 2 and Aliens two to first one is called alien not aliens one was called aliens
I can strap that you’ve been doing that for 20 years I guess you just don’t know what it meant if you knew how to correct me that you knew what I meant so I correct me cuz I have a society
trying to stitch it together meme man what up what circumstances do the predators uncloak huh in the movie because what if they cloak is clothes that’s just clothes to them is cloaking because they can see the day ever on cloak be like flashing people you know it’s also hard for a predator to do pick up a little tiny things with their long Chloe fingers remember like there is lag way to get something to do a close up of him picking up stuff and he does that kind of like Mom picking up a pencil is it’s very hard to see somebody if they get mud on them they look at you
you haven’t changed that much
then it’s my understanding you have to go to the copter or the skin you alive yeah
yeah he fell to Governors do governors scholars in any other action film of all time
never thought about that I can’t believe you’re sitting so close to that fucking asshole
you’re probably friends with him you guys probably came in a Groupon
not since Jerry Brown and Dianne Feinstein
The Expendables for ladybugs
Yeah Yeah Yeah from Earth do you driving or do you just record I am
I barely driving I drive it back and forth to make an emmy-winning show is for you it’s completely it’s probably because that would be amazing it’s not we got to get that set up and come to my house cuz I have so many people working for me I’m always safe in the energy off of them I got a big butt power wall in my house and then you likely give the energy a way you can like hear desalinate some ocean water neighbor here like who’s it who’s it a birth control for you like everything I get energy can be turned into anything and then like so rich people just have these headpieces and they like they have gemstones in them but based on like how how much you contribute to society
every every everybody gets a little sano’s Gauntlet At Birth
and then I I I like you you know how it goes I think we all know it. You know how I like everything you do nothing is split them into everything you know and then and then they were like these chances of the list the list is what you would imagine power
time of solar energy what the fuck I was thinking like I don’t forget Soul what the fuck with this gems was really disappointed I really wanted to be more comprehensive like you don’t have to make each thing part of someone costume from a previous movie I think you could just say it’s a gym One Gym to meet up the Hulk with the first gem that just Geico Ki tumhi that’s what I was defining coming into the movie is like you pretty much have you peeked you just you just you just put it put a hurt on the beat his ass like he’s a fucking like drunk at a bar like you just beat him up
through me to space and he’s like I got to get the rest of the gyms why so I can kill exactly half of the PS I don’t know what to talk about it can’t wait I can’t wait to see if he’s getting the gems but he’s just he’s just punching people to death as he goes he just like I’m not going to punch out half the world and they’re like we going to studies like punched out 60,000 people punches a lot for a guy who if he closes his fist can make your grandma into a newspaper fucking taiji I’m a lazy super villain I would just be like so I can okay now from now on then everything reverse all of the quick save and then redo yeah well that actually is thanos’s main weakness is that he always makes himself lose
that’s just another one of those things he does his one weakness he’s unbeatable except that He makes himself lose
that is that’s one of his things is it say that on his it says it on his card yeah Link Card
I just don’t yeah he on his Planet he had an idea everyone was like God damn it there’s not enough food so many people I just like look up what’s a good forever
to kill half of the people okay Santos we’ve heard you the first time like over brainstorming here and well technically that means no wrong answers fucking heard we heard you and it’s going on the shit list we can beat it I hope you’re going to regret this one board meeting where’s San Jose he laughed he went he joined the cosmos he said he’s going to do that thing that he wanted to do here everywhere well great great
it really helps us
I don’t believe
why is
by the Act was someone saying that that’s a bad idea but he’s going to go make it happen what that much energy into making twice as much food
how come my fingers and everyone will have corn on the cob
it’s a it’s an equally valid solution you haven’t seen it it’s I haven’t either what is a real bee in my Bonnet for me
I’m going to watch I’m going to do this and then I’m going to watch the sunset on the universe or Sons or because you’re saying this stuff when you’re wielding his power and you just said you going to watch the sunset on a grateful Universe I want you to understand but me could be the solution could be me explain to you how many people are in the universe I think you might think it’s like Rhode Island and you’re like you just wanted to sell more shoes than likely we just could this could be a matter of perception so is anyone tried talking to this guy
what wire runs home runs has So Soft this was my question yeah man that’s yeah I don’t think he wants people to know that but there were no one asked him about it I am a disturbingly like like just velvet there was a disturbing being the operating word yeah it was weird boy for coming up ask me anything
what the fuck I remember that guy with the fuk happened in nice of the time hello this is Ron Perlman why you’re talking to my shit about me
wow okay well since since you got my number somehow why your hands are soft
clean living no man I don’t know
all right so fuck fuck you then fuck you I’ll see you at Little Dom’s at 7:30 alright thank you very much
Brian free and you seem upset why aren’t you coming to bed
kill the you have no idea what I’ve been through
what what is my job is not to hear your troubles and help lift you up like normal help you all right all right let’s go to the magic mirror
and we have to recite the magic spell take my hand hello I’m the magic mirror take my hand again to be cleared the mirror does not need to be started up a scary thing
okay sorry so I can just give you free mirror on the Shelf
you guys can just read this
new guy today
so I don’t know.
genitals of
these are the things replay. OK Google
but it’s it’s fun for a mirror to watch you guys do that so my question being Ron Perlman is I’m I’m known as a badass I’ve known as like Hellboy I represent blade to I am usually a heavy a graph guy city of Lost Children city of Lost Children alien force alien resurrection like I’ve been cursed with these really soft hands and why is it okay if I is American ask a question back at you guys why it why do you even receive soft hands out he’s a fucking douchebag whenever anyone shakes hands with Ron do you mind me speaking for you I don’t want to know whenever the bears at you
and it’s like it takes on this heat that Ron’s natural ruggedness doesn’t take on because that’s the Mainstay so that he exists as a creature of pure irony and I don’t think that’s fair to Ron play it’s like it’s like we skip the meat and potatoes of him being a basically a sort of like a real life Paul Bunyan you’re really you’re a really good girlfriend
she’s my ex-girlfriend cuz I’m married and I will this guy killed Andrea forget everything wrong with married to Rhea Perlman from cheers I didn’t know that yeah I call her guilty
okay we’re past that I’m his manager you guys like you guys but yeah I do do you want to watch
that’s why we got the mirror right let’s do it. It’s fuck me you know I got your ear your my reflection okay well we got we’ve got like about 10 minutes before the GrubHub shows up so let’s do that alright alright should I initiate okay
although asking that raises the question who’s initiating but yes you should check out these guys look great as always use me sorry sorry let’s open the window and look out at the Viking tent city that exists on the perimeter of our Mansion hey hey guys do this puddle and I can see you through a mirror it’s esoteric time is reversed mirror time and let David Duchovny see us through a puddle I reverse everything I guess so
that’s his thing that’s what he does well hi David it’s me Gilda Rhea Perlman weird we have agreed to start having sex in front of the mirror yeah yeah I guess I assumed you can look away if you don’t want to watch it I don’t record this
I invited some other mirrors over so now it’s like the end of Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee so I gave you guys are all yeah I would have look around that’s bad yeah that’s you five times all right well here we go I’m initiating are you you want a I I already I asked you what you thought of these and give give one a kiss okay I know it may give a
let me give up part of you and kiss you okay what you can pick the part in between these okay alright alright I’m going to move to different part of of you and and change the behavior but keep it administered with my mouth okay okay
I get obvious to Rapid Fire kisses right here what do you think about that
okay alright alright okay alright
okay wow that was sexy that was hot everywhere once a day when you reverse time
all right so look it’s been great Jesus Christ 909
hey I usually we could you start at 7
oh wait what do we start at 8 yeah that’s what I’m saying like
I don’t know there’s no Escape I woke up at like fucking 5 a.m. in St Paul Minnesota this morning so tired well then let’s let’s let’s get the human alarm clock remaining in the house
human alarm clock and everyone railroads me and I’m a victim of everything and you know I have everything and I’m also a victim of everything and it’s not easy
to balance those worlds I think you’re killing it
thank you thank you I think you’re doing fantastic. How long do you think like realistically in till your next candle don’t answer that question
we doesn’t matter who cares come on and say it was only 10 seconds until your next scandal
what what why do tonight I think I think it’s a combination of space so we can’t normally hear the people so like where is not what we used to have this thing it at meltdown where it’s like you can hear everybody if they clear their throat and said be like somebody it would go good I’m going to talk about dolphins and and and then it was like that’s not true and be like hey come up here and then I was like and then we moved here and it’s like a stevedore so it’s not designed for that and so now it’s happening is like this darwinian mutation of like like super asses like lately kind of like like God damn it I said shit under my breast like 90 times it’s like if you don’t take all your antibiotics you create like a son for a snow monster so now you just have three people going like that.
go go go Bots
my name is Paul Davidson I’m from Minnesota talk about. I’m happy to talk if you want
I think it’s exactly I think it’s just like Saturday Adam Goldberg’s I just want to just barge that way on stage here I can’t say that I had their side so fucking shit show I’d handle it two days in a row that have the same beard that is like like the weird kind of Three Musketeers thing happened to me has the same yeah
architecture it takes training it does you you have to project if I can understand what you’re saying I don’t even think understanding is the problem I think if we understood him then there just be a whole host of new problems
I know that
I know that okay with the fact that there’s a membrane there where it’s just like I can’t even open. I don’t know what you’re saying is that stop you or grass over there and then there’s like barbed wire that goes over their forehead and it doesn’t mean the farmers trying to keep you from being a super cow
Farm I love you it just want you to be you and make the most milk possible at the Super Bowl
my dad used to Heckle at church
so what’s an example that’s no good he came to harmontown a couple times and I would hear him like yell out and stuff and I’ll be like this is the fucking this is just church around 2 it’s so bad what what were you say it should you remember anything like a wolf what is a halogen
I take more of a rest if I made that world yeah it’s all just like he’d be like oh yeah mark would say and they’ve been like you mean mad and you know like just just stupid Slinky literally hell is true as a pastor doing nothing moving on
I never broke any rhythms there’s never enough speed that’s what she speak thus so she’s fake when I was 25 if I was a pastor and I was that had a guy like your dad the audience I would your congregation would have been calling on against this like what were you saying and it would like that would take me to do here but that is it it’s not a it’s not too native here as Caleb will remind us because he’s with had to listen to every episode like I from the beginning of always been like I don’t want to do that here I don’t want to have that relationship with the audience I don’t have like a Paula Poundstone relationship she had her Showtime show her she would like you just you just have guests and she was like a regular person in like like they were regular people in the lake I would always be like hey come up here and talk to us and we
hurt you and won’t bully you into safe place and and that was coinciding with like a kind of like a cultural shift in things and stuff and I’ve always meant that I always were just wanted to have that relationship with the audience you piece of shit you fucker after dinner
I got who I keep making eye contact with you about the Lexus thing and I don’t care I don’t really care guide now let’s talk about that don’t do that this did not make us friends but I don’t hate you who is the guy that beer shirt that was the one thing I’ve always hated it when I was coming back I was one of the guys behind you because you was you
we are I wanted this is not just want to know we don’t want to
now let’s bring up bring up Caleb for his 21st birthday
the guy I contacted some some some some Neva said bring someone up and you know who is that
I can’t stay mad at you assholes
or maybe I can’t I just like Caleb that’s the one you have to have 21 years old birthday.
Security trying to make trying to return if they are
gorgeous I don’t know nothing’s happened as solo trip you treated yourself to for your birthday yeah I was broke for the last year or so and then I recently and I worked all summer and I just turned 21 at the end of August and so I decided that I’m not broke as fuck I’m going to make myself broke as fuk by going to La I don’t think that you have to lie to us because actually we’d feel better if the answer is no but did you come out here just for this show that was like 90% of the reason I can’t be absolutely feel a little bad butt
but I mean that’s that’s the highest honor that we do people make this pilgrimage has and especially with a with a with a with a partner that makes it like it’s just something there’s something like holy about that that you really are Elijah’s like I have a relationship with the show I’m getting in my car I’m driving out here sit what what can we learn more about you want to know you work for the government to get fired I actually was just waiting for the government know I’m fine I’m unemployed right now with you being broke as fuk I was working a really really shity job and I that’s when I started listening to this because I knew I loved Rick and Morty in community and so I was just need to listen to something while I’m working these 12-hour shifts whatever you’re comfortable telling us about the job that what you were
I signed a contract saying I wouldn’t say much about it basically I was just a machinist and it was a really shity thing but I I was incredibly unhappy during the first one just said here you came up I can’t think I’d robbed here or we wouldn’t be get to the bottom of the fact that the show is not scripted and that mistakes are made I followed the flow and I thought I wound up somewhere hot but here you are with your fucking ice breath cool it down
let’s all stop and notice how it’s not as hot as we thought is is he was making it I’m fucking hate you shit up over here you come in with that shit that Mentos shit who cares about him I paid him Caleb came out here he paid us coolant brother I was just working as a machinist I was basically building circuit boards for different like weather was Google or other entities that I’m not allowed to talk about oh yeah they bought and probably not being I was working at the bean campus
if you don’t know where it is Google it
but I was just working that really shity job and I became like that was literally the only reason this show is the only reason that I made it through there not to sound like a melodramatic or to exaggerate but this is literally the only reason I made it out of there alive no I’m not stupid I know so many podcasts tonight I take that exactly I think as much of a compliment and as little as I like everyone except it but it doesn’t necessarily denote like marriage it just like it’s gratitude you don’t like I’ve I’ve liked my dad like how I feel gratitude when people say oh I was I was I was going through this or that and then your show was there and I and I grabbed it and I held on to it it kept me from drowning and you got like oh man that’s so fucking amazing when I get to the like you don’t make that contact with you it has nothing
I like me at 35 and be like yeah well you know it’s basically just a rip-off of mash I was like oh yeah I just think they’re sort of dog whistling that like maybe they they were going to commit suicide you’re like this is not a time for you to be talking someone out of something like you’re caught up in like whether what you do makes you a good person or a bad person and so this isn’t about me but I can’t believe you didn’t mean to all three hundred and something episodes he came up last week and two weeks ago and like we talked about it and they came up God damn it got stuck in damn it get your shit together
Nova came up never came out a couple weeks ago and then we we interrogated them in like like they just give us a little bit of what do you what do you want out of the podcast what are you get out of it so that we can keep customer satisfaction yeah I know I can’t really talk about what I feel tell me what I should talk about these hot dog prices though are they just outrageous I really really admire your honesty at like everybody on stage and I just you know as somebody who is extremely lonely in this dead-end job that I I ended up quitting that because I needed to that’s why I was broke as fuk I get out of it a lot of camaraderie in a lot of well it is interesting hearing about you know your day today live as a day-to-day life
you’re mean you’re being good fine celebrities are these Emmy winners sorry Rob oh and he looks like the Oscar an Oscar goes to
extremely of camaraderie like you would do it it would it would kill you like it was really good go with you it’s like you I feel that way about podcast we have October 1st David Cummings is out here coming out here for the No Sleep podcast like I am even know how to feel about that cuz it’s like for the last 3 months I just put you know Cody and I just press play on this guy is like like you just hear this guy in this whole like a Coterie of people who do this this no sleep podcast and I like it but that’s what podcast is about addiction to a family unit yeah absolutely it’s kind of like all the way across the fucking continent you can just form a genuine relationship with this person that you’ve never met heard of anything like that just because of things that they say things that don’t matter that they just say and do a microphone because it’s through of sheet of Plexiglas like a
like visiting Humanity through a prison when you get the phone and then you can we’ll go like you know the lawyer comes in they make the gesture to get a photo she meant you can get as intimate as you want then they’re like how you doing in their big sister put your hand on the glass and like like it’s seemed appropriate to me to me that I I like that drink is there any trailer we make new friends up here goddamn shit horrible person they put a pox on your family I don’t I don’t I don’t put a box in your family that’s a joke
I don’t have the power and if I did I wouldn’t use it I was with the beard is doing
it’s like

what would just tell me what what your purpose is I just want eyeballs on who is doing the same weight and then once that happens then what I’m going to hurt their feelings will just hurt their feelings in general
all right shut the fuk up
I like the way you look tonight Adam already have the there it’s like it’s like when there it’s like there’s a building on fire in there like holy shit it’s hot like you don’t know like you don’t know how it affects them like you don’t know what it’s like well I’m not I’m not going to be like without imputing you guys are just want to say like as a Prejudice use my I statements and say all of that that sound first hit you if you’re a decent person its first hit you as a shame
that’s the first thing I hear like I have to reprocess it like through a series of lectures delightful 22 is if you’re going to shout someone out something out for the audience you have to be the kind of person who doesn’t shout something out from the audience or right which which is really important that that that that take insurance agent no one wants to watch a bunch of defensive people so what’s it like to get a hard-on constantly
it’s the best double edged sword for sure
can you sing I actually like I went to 2121 just turned 21 to take the Wayback machine I want to like I want to ask you a 21 question knees knees you got knees come over anyting well I may just exist right leg is there anything that you would look at and you’d be like I could jump over that if I wanted barely that cord and I’m not an athlete
I think it might be at there might be at this might be a line of credit you might be pointing out a thing I can think we might be doing some kind of reverse discrimination thing cuz I’m looking at you for the listeners that aren’t subscribe can’t see Caleb he’s got an Ashton Kutcher Dude Where’s My Car kind of body he looks like he could fucking pull you out of a burning car and and and your baby and likes to throw you under the babies that are cars all the time but you could you could have that body especially at 21 and be like yeah I like checkers
could show us your dick how much you like to fuck with your hard dick and jump over shit
and that’s not that’s not fair that’s like a weird thing I actually I got a question how much do you like to fuck stuff with your hard dick and jump over ships were you listening to anything I just said you just living vicariously through me you acted Caleb what’s your fantasy not job like I don’t know like kind of like like a desert island
250 of us we’re on a jet crashed luminaries like me at the front of course so obviously I’m going to have like a and begrudgingly administrative position and it’s worth going to have spread so not the first person was very televizori televised I never bring it up but my son was her writing the Oscars thank you very much all right so did we crash and and people are like that so I’m just taking myself off a plate cuz I don’t want you to say hey are you on the plane because if so I want to give you your space I want to leave I want to allow you the space to do to to claim thing
that maybe you think do anyone ever so it’s going to happen is it’s 200 people were starting a village so proclaimed say that I would I’d like to do is write amazing things that make everyone happy every night
I don’t want to assume that that’s what I’d be doing I’d be so busy managing everyone or I’d be like everyone calm down it’s okay I’m sure we’ll get rescued because you’re a man of the people yeah and I have a radio to sabotage cuz I don’t want to get rescued a few hundred people like him my plate is full I’m just driving my fantasy I’m not going to want to write a lot please let’s find out I G Ljubljana a year ago that you’re in a tribal situation it’s never going to end like day-by-day you’re waking up like in the most tribal sense like if your archetype was what like like like kind of like you can express that in any language you want like I owe whether it’s like an actual job that exists or just be like I would like to be the guy that blah blah blah I like whatever go from The Well in that Fantasyland I would probably want to be some kind of you know mentor
teacher to this tribe I think education whether it’s like talking about math science and it’s bullshit you know it should be in my opinion mostly about morality and I don’t think a lot of teachers or a lot of people realize that especially not enough to put it into play and I still kind of a priest because you saying you’re saying like fuck science and math but but but but Hallelujah to like yeah those things aren’t important because they are but really I think you know a lot of the reason that the u.s. is in a shambles right now in case you haven’t noticed several longtime unplugged from from this is America
I haven’t checked in I would like to become a big guy that rangel’s the monkeys cuz they’re going to do our stuff
and and somebody just got to be on top of that I want to be that Spencer’s going to be and I want to build stuff dispensers going to build like a school for the monkeys and I’ll write yeah yeah yeah you’ll teach him how to build more schools love you. I’m going to I’m going to coach a monkey improv troupe okay all right this is this is really work Steve alarm clock the human alarm clock what do you want to do on the island I just want an interdictor Steve’s not allowed to choose that if we’re on the same playing me he still has to work for me
I slept but okay Steve if you don’t answer the phone and I guess then I would continue being a human alarm clock so in the morning I wake up and go like cockadoodledoo or are you okay alright take me out of the picture you’re I’m I’m night is a different Island from me
I’d rather want to be probably like a chef cook with all the things that I have to work a real insanity is not a big problem you guys don’t know yet even as a passion for sanitation because anarchists like philosophically need to assert the idea philosophically that like like if we were in a tribal situation there would be someone that would be more than willing to handle the getting a shit away from the food you know that it would all work out during the day I’m I’m preparing all the food and at night I am
it’s my weekend to do a little bit I’m worried about you I’ll be your therapist because I think you need to overcome your workaholism okay and I would love to wake up every morning if I do nothing else today and I won’t I’m going to help Steve Levy relax
adult penile traction I would wake up every day of my job was to meet with you on a beach and be like hey man how you doing I would like every day I would be willing to like you have you sit down in front of me I go how did it go today and you tell me stuff and then I’ll be like you know you shouldn’t let that get you down and all the stuff like I just like like babbling at you about how you should feel I’d love that job thanks yeah I would love to be a part of that yeah I’m talking to Caleb like like we you and I both are like you know what I’d love to do is just hang out and talk to people about how they should buckin talk show host
that could be good or not like what’s going to make the tribes survived I’m actually curious about the data we get the Hmong people would we have if we would we get like a certain percentage of people that be like you know what honestly swear to God if you took money off the table and take everything off the table and I really really told me that nothing was ever going to change so I didn’t have I wasn’t going to find out when I was 55 years old that no system was going to tell me you did what you believed in hair styling for 30 years you’re a dumb piece of shit you were supposed to put that hair styling money into a Roth IRA you’re a fucking stupid your kids you can’t cheer it now you’re a fucking piece of shit you have poverty you should die like really like what’s the thing if you took all that shit up the table it’s fear that’s fear of of like a psycho
I want to I want to find out I did it wrong like what would you do as a Sim all day enough people that would be like I think I’d want to cut everyone’s hair that there would be just enough of those who they wouldn’t be forty of those people for 200 people would you do the most like simple thing that would make I swear to God I swear I think I would be late let me think about it for a second can you get something else but I really think I think that I appreciate you’re an anarchist likes Annika Civic a list of societies that they go out I don’t have to sweep floors all day long for no money I can now do what I want and their people go you don’t want to do I want to plant trees and I want to make the street pretty and I want to make I want to just go out and plant trees and that was like
that’s my life’s ambition is there a unify something or do you not
treat me the same amount of those assholes
you tripped on a dream
stopping you at work in a factory all day long and they go if I had if I had time like between my commutes and doing my day job and needing to eat food and feed my children and do all the stuff I would love to make model airplanes because at heart I’m an engineer in the people had free time to actually do something that made them joyful and get gave them Glade like for me like I think it’d be as simple as gardening like I would like to grow things because it is it’s a very satisfying I believe it so much that I’m like this is real because if there’s a person that actually wants to Garden that I’m like that cuz I’m like I don’t want nothing to do with that
except for you to say like a if you’re being remotely honest about it. I see that passion otherwise we wouldn’t have shit that grows as like cuz obviously Reliant the people that feel that way and so and then that does cash people like me in a little bit and I think Caleb little bit of a fraud complex right cuz what are we doing we’re going like. No frog on the Frog does it count as an answer if what you want to do is hang out and let people know that rock play fraud you fucking dick
can you set a frog I said frog it sounded like frog hear what I said English is contextual no one has ever had a frog complex
actually actually that sounds kind of Pride complex given her history and mythology of like frogs turning into princes that’s like I’m an ugly frog that would make sense because I’m a Frog he’s going to do you know what a horny toad says
rabbit rabbit
that’s what I’ll do.
Jeff is Bali their gerstein that’s them saying they wish the show is over that’s all they’re saying I don’t ya
I’m just going to say that would have been a bad cuz I thought you said frog complex to
but I kind of Wonder I really always wonder that but I would listen that sapiens book and then. So if I just wonder about that like it you scoop a hundred people up with a net and you dump them into an aquarium as much as you can like if the aquarium with water hey I would I want to get to the bottom of this isn’t it is like idealistic dream like I feel like I I’ve spent thirty years belonging to an ideologies that even though it doesn’t get questioned a lot but underneath everything what I really believe is that if you took a hundred people and scooped them up randomly and pluck them on to the
the pile of desert that Whitney and they had to fend for themselves that they would have problems and there would be a crime that would be horrible things happening that would be hatred there be a nice things but that overall there would be this order that that that evolved that was actually somehow kind of a little the one thing you could say about that Society if you came back to visit in 10 years would be a lot less not in the psychology there’s a lot less of these like things to 3% of the people aren’t having rape fantasies that they that late like 8 wouldn’t be as like fucking knotted up and it would be like it would be it would be warned that it would be like like like people would just be like I like to do I talk to Cindy about it and she said it’s fine and like everyone to be like
cuz Mark doesn’t do enough of this is like you can’t like like it would just be a little less knotted like I owe you guys don’t know what a phone cord is but Society like this design Society like this is thing there was this thing in the 90s called the phone cord Engineers had this problem in like lately they had to make phones you had to be able to talk on them wherever you went but we couldn’t have you do that yet stick with me so they needed chords but they couldn’t just make like a fucking string that was still a long walk everywhere cuz of the dog would hang itself and like it would just step on it and pull on it that the spiral like stretches out and you can play with it when you talk on the phone but overall it’s like it was just an attempt to turn something that wasn’t elastic into something to last
it was this attempt to take something that needed to be connected and make it as if it wasn’t connected and that’s how I feel about Society is that is that it’s there’s too many fucking that laugh really got to me
I’m not really it was a natural laugh and it’s important that it got to me
it’s true what I’m saying doesn’t make a lot of sense but they don’t take it as a sign to do something and it’s not supposed to do but also its that’s Noble like the idea that it just goes like that when you look at a new phone card when you like buy it at the hardware store and you like you hold it in your hand so I know this is an actual Marvel of engineering it’s kind of beautiful and you’re you you want to sign touch it put your finger through the snow was a phone cord is it’s also you didn’t know that you have to buy them at the hardware store you guys. You did what you did the hardware store
yeah I said I don’t care at this point the temptation to take me down is is is is is your ear increasing my self-esteem and creasing it
I’m sorry to inform you every breath I take without your permission raises my self-worth when you
I’m beginning to realize that they can’t exist with your approval it makes me stronger this is like rainbows did you drew first blood in the Pink Floyd what were you going to say you were they drew first blood easy to tangle it was simultaneously thing that was like we solved that we figured it out this thing needs to connect from one side of your house to another or from the cradle of the bones of the hand but who wants to deal with it and we wanted to be you know like kosher in like friendly and nice and the result is this thing that stretches and it’s in his amazing feat of engineering but when that thing
angles when you use it when you put it to the test is the most fucking knotted ass like it’s it gets so fucking Tangled and what I’m saying is when we talk about Anarchy we’re talking about just saying what if we had a straight cord and
and the answer is that’s not possible because we need this fucking thing to reach across the house you can’t talk about Anarchy anywhere cuz you talk about a hundred people but it’s still is worth keeping in your head you know if the second thing was straight Jesus Christ on a phone do it live in a castle what if I don’t really believe what if our communities the communities we actually lived and worked in we’re still functional that we were less reliant on all these greater Network server support that would you do if any society if there’s any single human being of suffering that the society is failing light bulb Society
crazy even if you’re perverted even if you’re even if you’re Indigent even if you’re like like whatever whatever your talents you’re posing to our progress that actually is the whole point of this is that you’re on the ground and you can’t hold yourself up and you don’t know what’s going on or you’re angry about something to say to you like it was it then okay you know we got to figure this out like what is everything was based on that like that was the core went out word it’s impossible is the answer because it’s certainly hard obviously based on tribes the spirit people better argument to be made in advance. Other than the good where the blood of weaker better people
they’re better than me that died because they gave someone the benefit of the doubt
as always I love you, and come over here I don’t think we should live in a world where we can’t respond to someone’s name what he’s saying it is Mad Max Wasteland show me all need the beginning of making things better fucking don’t fucking talk back to me ever again okay well I just don’t know I think you’re gaslighting a fuck you there’s no such thing is that you made that up cuz you’re fucking crazy
there’s no such thing as gaslighting you fucking made it up cuz you’re fucking crazy and I love you and I’m just going to go talk to this guy
for some lizard-skin Haywood what the fuck is going on what is happening right now Native Americans invented gaslighting
I thought it was clear I thought it was you lost your mind you’ve you’ve you’ve you’ve gone crazy in front of her in front of a very nice but I’ll take your word for that but
I have an Emmy I don’t think I can be
maybe I’m testing testing the limits I think you were following that there was a couple over here and there probably was following the symbol for that way we should have someone interpret it without help I don’t know I got to know that’s right. Shut all of your hands
Caleb just volunteered his microphone for Nova let’s give a hand for Caleb
Jalen will live on it in Illinois
thank you I just your birthday tomorrow at Starbucks birthday
it’s your birthday happy birthday almost alright so yeah it was breaking down for us yeah I don’t know how much better I have been explaining things and damn but I’ve got what he was saying I feel like when you’re on my side though I do better really good Gigi just doesn’t matter if you understood me or not just say you do and then people will respect me
is it to feed a hermit like no fuck you
who was the first guy who was the first guy that was saying we love you we love you come over here who was that
no. Is it the whole exercise is that is this person or whatever
some dude is trying to come over to be like dude never from a different tribe or something and then how in Outlander yes he’s coming to the couple’s house and the wife just like oh I don’t know if you should rest and he could be trying to fool us and then the and then the guys like know what kind of world do you know what kind of trouble we can’t trust people like maybe if I reach out my hand maybe he’ll be like Oh I’m not going to kill this guy or something or maybe we don’t want to assume and then applies yeah I know where I did a little social commentary cuz it a lot because it’s like yeah I got that you know where I research send my fucking looking into my fucking self
which is why people like you are a fan of me because no matter what I do at least a goddamn was going to take inventory unlike all my friends are doing great I’m doing great please continue
a little commentary on how like we’re like
but then it’s just like
I mean I might get a massage this I wish that was me that character was me I’m willing to say it now there’s a guy over there won’t be to the porn fucking partner that trusted me enough is like oh you sound like you know what you’re doing this is the first person I would have used and then this person over there I’d be like look I’m the manager
make a decision you know what I’m going to decide for both of us because otherwise I’m not I’m going to be ashamed of myself if I don’t you
you know I was maybe both of them collaborated where like looks like he’s going to lose the trust this person and then what happened
I don’t know if I’m doing better than Dan did you’re doing great
this guy and his wife and I’m going to take their shit it’s simple Fallout 4 are you the guy who everybody gets the joke
huh yeah just proved it that was the whole point of them I don’t know if you guys realize this but my whole point here in this whole exercise was to validate that damn successfully explained himself or we have proof is that has happened and sometimes we have a lot of fun try these sites
the idea we Circle that I don’t know what I’m talking about and I don’t make any sense well mostly accurate is also it’s part of a cheetah. He’s the only one I’m listening all right you’re not watching the Behavior now you do that you can’t get to say two words weren’t making a point I just I wanted you to like expound on it I didn’t I didn’t quite catch you need to be in an asylum very busy was like you’re fucking nuts right now and you need to reevaluate how your brain works because you no one knows what you’re talking about in your fucking crazy I thought it was I thought it was Native Americans and conquistadors so you are kind of farther back cuz I’m not that much of a history has been playing Fallout 4
something what would happen I think about that all the time are you a game where you play RPG like video games
what does remanded mean
you’re not yet it’s okay if you’re not you don’t have to leave earlier or not or you would have it like yeah yeah yeah
I just I remember last time we talked about like Sims or whatever but there’s other game that I like like stardew Valley
I thought I thought it was like no I’m in the football I like no you’re a drunk.
This is our relationship is my memory is going to be a great it could be like me remembering things may be a bad pitch well we have like a couple minutes left what if we do a very brief DND stand for it’s you and Nova and you guys are unlike and like a little side board did you say your Envoy you find yourself
start a little raft
Iran a little raft you’ve been stealing for days for the shores of Mines to find the mines of Shores
you’re on a raft there on a raft is my character let’s establish that now I am going to fold a Healer of fault
I’m Tammy flavor of the herbs son it’s making my brain heal I’m sorry I talked you into this adventure know what I I kind of seems like you know I was letting you talk me into it for really I was on board the whole time I just you know but yeah okay so we’re on this harassment going to make it to shore you make it to shore okay, I’m the one is bigger than I think by definition
coronavirus regular crab I don’t have any weapons in the crab section I don’t know why it says there’s no no Unstoppable crabs but then it’s a small medium large I started stabbing on it with an oar and it’s actively trying to attack us actively do you help me out
we’re in a rap forever but time to High Road me
what’s your preferred pronoun chili crab
don’t worry about it out later yeah it doesn’t matter if you guys want me to come back
giant crab
call Aunt wife
what does will leave us alone I don’t know how they buy crab sorry
sorry I didn’t know that you could talk
fair enough fair enough, we need to be a team otherwise like I’m not gaslighting you walking through okay we’ve Marcia we fucked up Marcia yes as your husband giant crab what are you doing you’re supposed to be home in like a half hour ago while I was on my way to get out of here this is awkward I think he’s elsewhere it’s going to be better than if we
who you new friends my show you got to have your friends over here but they were kicking me I’m sorry I apologize we you came at me like I attack you are at or whatever his name is everything okay I’m sorry about that we should all right I’m sorry
climatech we’re going to do it now if someone attacks me or even if they don’t partners
fucking or attack no matter what I don’t even care if it makes me evil let’s go down so I attack I think I have a A+ A+ like 2 to 6 tonight
how did a slave a 5-hour Energy started before it’s like Louis Pasteur and Marie Curie like rich people in a parlor and then cuz I did what’s the rule for
let me check out a long time ago and I have a combined as long as we work together perk that raises are hit points by 600% WR hit points for individuals who have teamed up going to release the dogs yeah everybody keep looking at me
what am I mastering your game
yeah I know you guys are your own man nobody mislead you know I chill I told nobody that Nova sorry that that was okay I’m having a frog jump up on the nearest rock
what do you correct it jumped to LEAP is what I got it’s you fucking I swear to God I will never hurt you if you were going to try you’re going to try to find me your give me like it’s me my name is Gabe I was the guy I made you show I meant I meant I’m not going to be like fuck you you’re a piece of shit I’m just going to be like it’s not going to happen because I’m going to I’m going to leave here to the chimney
because of you cuz I don’t want to interact with you going to make me uncomfortable
I can’t understand you but it says you’re feeding and it sounds like they sound big claws I don’t drink I’m drunk I don’t do this
do not kill them with and I say sorry I’m sorry my friend I forgot your name is getting me that we we were on a raft and we washed up and we we fucked up we made a lot of mistakes and we feel terrible about them and we we want to become a part of this island moving forward from you guys
what’s in it for us we’ve come here you are already here
are we have sharpened doors with some of your blood on them I don’t know if that’s a thing now it we got some of those are ready then we have nothing I have to trust us, I mean it has to be like a zero-sum game all right okay how about this return the gemstone I need to speak to my partner for one second
I mean return it it’s like the only reason we’re here we might as well leave if we’re going to give it up like what the fuck have you been withholding from the Shipwrecked know we were heading towards must remember he said we’re all my kind of mine so we were trying to get your gym oh I’m so sorry I am you should never have you should just leave I wouldn’t be putting this today are you I don’t want to leave my house what would your raft
he said return the gym right detect passive aggression
everyone keeps looking at me
but what’s not with us if you can find him tell me oh my God
you know what I knew you’d forget is the thing because so I didn’t we have you know what
if you don’t have it with us if we going to get out of here
the raft is deflating it quickly we run I mean a cravat a cravat a cravat rap the rapper running running we’re running up the beach oh you guys get there at the same time we were running or running away from the crabs I’ll look and he definitely our destination is okay well they wanted to the Forester ass gets destroyed then but yeah we do here and we ran
Moore’s but what will happen in the forest
give me the
Steve Levy Kayla thank you so much Rob Drive everybody
Spencer Crittenden returning charger
Church Trucking
see you again thank you I’ll drive fast take chances
is that quite a bit on before you get peed on


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