Episode 359: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Crushing Puss


Episode 359: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Crushing Puss


NeuroTribes author Steve Silberman and his husband Keith Karraker talk with us about Community and Harmontown’s wide ranging fan base. Jeff and Dan share experiences with audience members from around the globe who made the trek to our penultimate episode. We’ve also got bowties, fish testicles, and even Bigger Dick Energy. Featuring: Dan Harmon, Jeff Davis, Spencer Crittenden, Rob Schrab, Steve Silberman and Keith Karraker.


hello gang welcome to the penultimate harmontown
we made it all over the world
run tribe
Spencer Crittenden
yeah and the inevitable
Dan Harmon
sending you all the time
thank you all
thank you
what is Herobrine
it’s harmontown Spencer Dam Dam Dam dam
I remember the time
hey Rob
I see you already did something lateral no damn
I remember the time when you didn’t knock over a stool to Isaac
yeah okay good
the punch I refuse just starting
I remember the time when we started it
you doing great all right. Come on
Jeff Davis Rancho Spencer
this is the second to last time and I feel like I had a I had a dream that I wrote something different be right back guys going to take a shit that guy is not going to take a shower. I have to take a run that way if I need to take a shower at wraps right there
yeah I want to know all about it when he gets back I’ll have to take a shower but it never came out otherwise I have to fetch vodka don’t have any notes I swear though I think it just as good as we’re in the last leg of the podcast I think it’s important to note I must have had a dream that I wrote down a note classic over today I was like well I got that would note that I wrote and that was like in the dream I was like I got to talk about this into my notes app I was like going to talk about that and I know it wasn’t a dream I’ve had the reality is this shows not worth
coming to that’s the reality but I in my dreams it was I dream about it it’s affecting me I rather know that I was eating giant marshmallows well that’s why I always have dreams where it’s like the dream is just me standing in my room and I pull out my wallet and I placed $5 into my wallet and I put it back in my pocket and then I’m like that wasn’t a dream I must have $5 and no that’s like wait does the podcast equivalent that’s what you did you wake up from the dream and you for a second you’re like that’s real and then you’re like oh that’s not real what do you think the ratio is when that’s good enough
cuz sometimes it’s good to me so bad right like somebody just bought a ratio that I feel like in the last couple of years every time that’s happened to me it’s been exclusively good like and maybe that’s a privilege thing that cuz I am Excel to a point where I make my dreams are now just about like my car is got a flat tire and then I wake up I’m like no it doesn’t I had a dream where I was throwing up metal spaghetti
I had another dream where all my teeth were falling at one tooth fell out than the other tooth fell out then the whole and the whole Dracula dentures and then I was like this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me and then I was like telling people about it and I was like wait a second I could talk perfectly this is a dream
and then I woke up but how many dreams have you can you remember a dream where you it was a great thing that was happening and then you woke up and you’re like I can’t wait to get out of bed because that thing happened no it didn’t yeah what time I dream that I bought Pokemon Blue on Blue Dream that Kyle McLaughlin was a good friend of mine and I was like because I met him at like this party and I was like man I can’t wait and I’m really getting along he’s like listening to me and it laughing at all my jokes and like I can’t wait to go home and tell Kate hey yeah I don’t want to listen to me
and I woke up and then I was like I don’t know no Kyle McLaughlin I got all bummed out running around in my driveway and it was like we had a basketball hoop and I had a dream that I fi just wanted to I could fly like in like not like like Superman like waiting in the sky if I can just kind of hover around and just fly like twenty feet off the ground is awesome liberating dream and I woke up went out into the driveway and jumped in the air and believe I can fly in and I guess what couldn’t fly damn the flap my arms really hard
did you ever dream that you could do that and then your arm extended like like Plastic Man now like Space Jam 2 R.Kelly when you said then I Believe I Can Fly you really believe you could fly and I was I was young and naive and will yourself to fly I mean it’s amazing that you are young enough that you retained that dream belief enough you got out of bed and ran out there I woke up I went right up to where the dream took place in the in the driveway and I just felt like just jump and believe in yourself like believe you can do it then I jumped up and went to smack on the gravel train let this is a harsh Awakening about the sadness of humanity all life is sorrow
we’re all dying because of our success
you did it you’re the most popular mammal on the planet therefore game over your dead or you’re going to become Matrix people in any of the case win-win for you know whatever the young of Smirnoff does big guy the guy that sings is at Homo sapiens our dreams are louder than reality like we can convince ourselves of shit and we just start we’re just like a fucking yeah I should major in journalism I’ve never looked it up I’m going to be a journalism major I believe in journalism and then you can go to college for a semester and be like journalism isn’t real and then that you drop out your like what am I going to do and then people would be like why would you do that
when you look up journalism because I thought I believed and I wonder how many how many journalists lobsters are all right. Just really quick in the news you you hear about the cybertruck do you have any thoughts on Cybertron you guys are going to talk to you about my best friend Elon Musk I love it I love the cybertruck the only thing I do,
I got one problem with the sabre check what it’s for poor people it’s it’s like a clearly like the the clean lines and I think it’s like the more people the people from The Apocalypse but not from throwing a brick at the window know it’s meant to be leaner compound so you could like to drive over people with Spears or whatever but in reality what it is is a he’s eliminated the the big because he caught so much shit for like I’m going to make my own car and it’s like a part of why it’s hard to make a car is because Engineers will tell you yeah you know what you make humans feel safer by adding like these weird Roman arches to the architecture but don’t add the safety of the car but if you just make those straight line he can make those cars even faster they’re cheaper that cuz the trucks going to be cheap that’s what I read
play Red & Wired Magazine magazine podcast there’s no Rhyme or Reason to it except that I love them and then the history of this show like of the amazing decade that we spent together at one of the highlights was my ability to reach across the world but having read a book and say like hey come down and make a new friend and I just wanted these guys to be here for the for the end times a chat with us in the I don’t know
Steve Silverman and t-shirt
I had a dream that I was on the second-to-last harmontown we were talking in the Green Room about diagnosis we weld diagnosis diagnosis of others we were getting into me you were like had your mind changed about anything where is like I had to clarify I just so everyone knows I never diagnosed myself with autism Everett right and what what I was talking about was with some Otis to people online and they were claiming that you had diagnose yourself with autism and I said well you know I don’t know about that I don’t think so but whatever Dan is he certainly neurodes burn when you come on there is a weird guy
what’s the important thing about your book weird forward and not getting boring OK Google, flight ready but is really qualified to diagnose other people know this Oracle figures they were diagnosed by people with actual qualifications to do so right and what is wrong with him he can you help us
will you were talking about it a DD before which seems right to me but you know I’m certainly not qualified to diagnose anybody but one gets a feeling you know 80 books that I’ve read / listen to because he was a fucking read these pieces of shit I got better things to do
but the beauty is if you have ADHD or whatever the fuck you have or don’t have to make like what are the odds that science has come up with ways to compartmentalize all of us do you think about your book is that key phrase no diversity it is the idea of like hey it takes a million kinds of brain you have to make a great society and that America not to get jingoistic but it’s probably only truth we just didn’t know how to stomp it out but like like we created a country where if you can build it and it’s worth money like you’re you are you now go from being maybe the village idiot or the village geek or the village pervert to being like the village count the village and if you read neurotribes it’s like there’s a part of it that is like the history of America as it’s it’s undiagnosable relationship with autism and how always the people on the fridge
have been creating new ways for us normies to communicate with each other and the world so badly that it might take somebody like Greta tuneberg whose autism gives her the ability to not give a fuck about those lying whoever’s dad and is someone who’s like drawers fire stepping out front going like look I don’t I don’t I don’t know how you people are approaching this but in my mind cuz I approached it and then yeah we put them out there we burn them at the stake and then over the charcoals we roast are marshmallows and then we started partying thank you for coming out to thanks for having me. I literally since the invite have been just contemplating the entire audience going huh
he’s one of the few people that actually knows how to tie a bow tie and I find that awesome well yeah that I did middle school for 10 years but I finally know more about chemistry now potassium is no it’s it’s more the crowd control the Middle School crowd control was definitely boot camp and then high school you can handle it. Yeah. What God that’s a profound statement cuz I assumed Public School no no no
animals I mean like the as they grow into adolescence they increasingly become capable of putting your head through a chalkboard
well thanks for that thought so yeah oh absolutely
do you have a preference on chalkboard versus dry erase mostly I’ve recently had to start using whiteboard I hate it right definitely prefer the week yeah, exactly
and you could go to war with China and lose and like if there’s a little truck left you could be like I know that’s going to make a lot at night you could have a new Rick and Morty a week later and be like oh it’s really important without going to war with China to
what where what’s your fucking beef with China then there’s going to come a time when you’re either pro-china anti-china and I’m not I’m not in it for that man look
ye-yeah old school slate and Charlie gets ablution up which is the fun part 20 years now you’ve got your in a prime position to make any observations are no teachers always like like like give us any generational observations well so one thing wow this is really I’m really not that deep one thing I will tell you that a lot of people don’t know unless you work in the school is that teachers emotionally devolved to the level of the students that they teach
so like Elementary School teachers how they get upset is different from Middle School t-shirts with different exactly so basically I just in perpetually 15 now and just Sullen and withdrawn by are you being honest but that’s actually not just a thing that you do to adapt and then to be able to deal with them yeah you just spend your whole day with people the same age I could imagine hanging out with a bunch of fifteen-year-old knees like I was a trick
I haven’t changed all that much but I record my students are great and if any of them are listening to this one of them no not at all I don’t have a favorite class section know they’re all my favorite do you have to have a way of handling do you have a way of handling the class clown or the guy that heckles you or the girl that likes the whatever the student is the most disruptive play me I’m the class clown in the classroom and you’re supposed to find the biggest student I beat him up
you’re on the menu I think my favorite teacher in high school was my with my chemistry teacher I thought she was the one that like I connected with the most because I thought chemistry is it’s so weird like like the idea of really like the idea of protons and electrons and pick it up so well that all sounds like magic and trying to explain magic to you the whole time it’s pretty fascinating it’s a lot of fun sorry you don’t like that theater play built onto the set of that I ruined responsible for
now okay here’s a real question for you. I want to know about as far as a teacher and now you’ve done middle school night in high school like I do want to know when you’re standing in front of a class leg and try to be honest about and I do trust you had dinner together and like your I like like I always wonder about high school teachers like what how much of your brain is occupied by that idea of your a performer and like I’m killing I’m dying I’m losing them a lot like a lot and how much does it drive what you’re doing because as I would think if I were a teacher that’s why I’m not a teacher cuz I would be like two plus two equals in a hurry on and likes equals party
well I so when I was a kid I love doing theater so I do feel and then but then I also fell in love with science and study science so I do feel like it’s sort of a bit of acting and a bit of do you have that awareness that you’re like you know who my presenting is like like I need to be a character that they can trust yeah and I feel like when I think about it I feel like I’m definitely myself in front of my class and I’m really open to my kids I try to be really honest about a lot of stuff but I do feel like I sort of put on a character when I get to school every morning a little bit I’m a lot more out I’m a lot more outgoing and humorous there then you’re going to find out that I am tonight is part of that but absolutely because I’m thinking of running a simulation of my high school self and like imagine myself being in your class and my first thought
like just looking at you before without knowing you at all I would be like don’t fuck with this guy oh God no I don’t think I’ve ever taught a student who thought that about me well I guess but I think it’s more like I mean don’t get on this guy’s bad side because he’s actually like he’s a hardcore OG nerd had to like he is going to pay huge dividends if you’re like if you give him a minimal amount of attention and he’s and he will leave you behind with the smart kids if you if you fuck around that that that that’s a version of of hierarchy that I would recognize keep gets really nice letters years later even from students who thought his class was too hard or whatever like it makes you cry sometimes I cry about a lot of things
in modern society about the bow tie Tucker Carlson notwithstanding the bow tie is sort of like hey you know what like a formal but only in a in a in the sense that I had to be Keith can you do do it without looking or do you have to have a mirror I can’t do it with looking I have terrible spatial reasoning left and right gets mixed up so if I try to look in the mirror and do it myself would it be would it be a bullshiter thing for me to ask him for you to untie Yer to bow tie in my Gaia without was a gazillion a lot including speaking for myself
I should use my eye statement I have never seen a boat ivyside I’m so glad I could be here to do this I will say a couple of great things about bow ties over neckties
check can’t spill on it
I don’t think so not going to be able to do this I’ve only again I’m like I’m like I’m seriously shaking well that made it worse
and people came from all over the world to watch a fire bow tie
tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie
never be so hard to do today if you were ever dying in class just I’m tired
and then tell him I already put to other uses
not sure exactly what time is it in the English Majors the interpretation of the
I’ll get it later I have to get your mind sharing the stage with maybe some some pilgrims tonight because the show is ending and so the audience is like packed with people who have come feel like they’ve flung themselves from all four corners of the earth and how many people came from like a long way away in the US or Canada yeah why is a bit more believable
bow tie without looking
Peter lying but the first person that comes to mind is the drawing-room which I got in my car from the Rick and Morty office and I literally hit the wrong button on my Tesla screen and I went ended up going to wait was my old home which is a couple blocks from the drawing-room and I so I went into the drawing-room for the first time in like six months and it was just filled with I’m going to call it neurodiversity like really passionate people like people just thanking me for doing the podcast like being so respectful amazing drawing room regulars the people that my social anxiety was like these people must hate me for fucking like being a magnet for outside Interlopers all these things but like
she look more like woodworking class elements of them were because they talked to you guys look like they were at the end they’re going to cave in like I talk to those people and like you know the shit they say about you fucking choose man you guys like your nice like you told me to these guys who fuck them they’re not here on fan as a as a matter of tradition their introduction is always I’m so sorry I don’t mean to interrupt you I hate that you’re I’m doing this to you but it is my name is so what’s up they they they are they coming solo you almost want to punch them but you you don’t because you understand that is exactly what I would do that’s exactly how I would feel and so many of you came up to me tonight what one of you in particular
came up to me like in the middle of my conversation with someone else and just said like I’d like to talk to you about autism
that was your introduction and I said to that person do you know who the guest is tonight know it’s Steve Silverman and they were like oh my God is that let me tell you this being Steve’s over and I have a lot of artistic friends and they thank you so much I particularly for iPad a person who they could really relate to in visible media I wrote a character based on my friend almost punching down ish like I was like hey my funny friend and then I went with because I was narcissistic and hadn’t been abused Enough by online I was like constantly Googling myself in my show and what I saw was this new thing called the artistic Community saying we love this Hobbit character and I because of greed and selfishness
and desire to do a good job by these people I was like what do they mean like why do they like him and they would say he doesn’t have Pinocchio syndrome they would say it was like oh my God like what is This Whispering your name or the data character on Star Trek if you’re like like like it would be if only I could give someone a hug and I’d be the greatest person ever I Don’t Mean a Thing If It is that is someone’s journey I don’t mean to like diminish that but there is a very very large community of people that are like actually this doesn’t feel that much like a disability I’m constantly watching you people give each other hugs and then run away
crying from each other are they kind of all comes out in the wash I basically like like behind this piece of plexiglass which sometimes is an inconvenience but overall seem to avoid a lot of trouble I think I’m much more efficacious at my job like I don’t understand why you people feel sorry for me and want to cure me of this plexiglass that seems a little stupid and said they get a little annoyed that they see a character in a show that’s like kind of resonating with them cuz they’re like I’m a robot or I’m a puppet or I’m a wooden clock or I’m a fucking flying carpet I’m looking at the carpet there’s no such thing as a flying carpet that’s like an Autism
but they did say that I would I would watch them and they would go like I love Avant because he doesn’t have Pinocchio syndrome he doesn’t do this it doesn’t do that and I was like I want these people on my side I want to do right by that and then I took tests online because I wanted to learn the details of like I wanted to send them signals I’m on your side I want to be like if you were like writing Sons of Anarchy like let me take a test about motorcycles like oh my handbrake give me skin burns or whatever I’d like whatever give me a fucking money to change like I was only doing it through greed and narcissism was like let me I like this community I will let I want your approval went through the same thing with writing you’re ready but autism is a science writer for Wired but as soon as I did a bunch of research going all the way back to the Holocaust and everything I realized I like these people these people are on a journey towards.
is the people that created America right exactly what I mean is dying and institutions so and everybody was talking about autism behind their backs so it’s like what causes autism believe it or not most people don’t wake up in the morning I wonder what caused my you know they think about how they can have fun or how they can have friends or how they can fall in love her how they can get a job or etcetera and so I wanted to send them signals in my book that I was on their side too and so that’s why my book sort of took off with the blessing of the artistic Community for which I’m very very great their art anyway but sorry I was just driving this person because I want to talk about autism and she literally did not know that you were the guests tonight and so I key I would be remiss of the guy I think they
a good we should bring her up before you did I don’t want to put too much pressure on her but I also don’t want her to live the rest of her life going like oh I wanted to talk to him whatever Jennifer was very close, Co
really Jessica you go by Jessica Moseley
thank you rob nice a nice like James Bond cuz I was very good
all right let’s let’s talk about autism okay no pressure but you are a behavior specialist yeah but you said like the way that you know how to say it better than I do
what is that mean that you work for companies corporations and you deal with people they like brick break it down for me just use the mic like a dog.
You use your microphone so I work primarily with children on the autism spectrum from the ages of 0 to 11 or 11:21 I mean it’s the services are I mean it’s it’s education
yeah it on I don’t know if you can make it if you could make a wish that would make the world better for the people you work with what would it be my God so much like the environment from the ages of you know what that is but like beyond that and and figuring out where they fit in where people fit into society because I think they’re just I don’t know there’s just like so many expectations of us it says we all kind of have to like fit into this different there’s there’s there’s like I feel like we’re all kind of like channeled into these very like specific ways that we go and and
it’s sometimes the people that have that have the ability to contribute the most these different areas are just kind of overlooked and that’s the cool thing about autism in and then services like what we do is as we make sure that they don’t get overlooked we can’t make sure that you know these people that have like he’s incredible contributions to make to everything I have have a voice is so that’s awesome
that’s like a big team of your book is the idea that the idea of accepting your diversity and therefore the Wiz Society could react it’s like it it’s like basically building like it’s going okay don’t we all recognize that all of our brains are like these crazy fireworks and then therefore wouldn’t an ideal Society allow for even the most range paneth conduits between the weirdest places of thought up into where they can provide people with I think a lot of times stuff like art and comedy and science has been sort of unofficial channels of that information that’s everything I have right now to go it’s like it’s Eat It Weird people going can you hear me thinking Lynch hello I mean
I was like matafan until somebody said he’s autistic and like I’m a fan
I said I look back in the ovary David live from that I was like come on already or for that matter David Byrne American Utopia 1977 I’m really okay Boomer and the first yeah he’s autistic Wichita he is Asperger syndrome what you talking about now but the amazing thing about American Utopia is totally uplifting totally beautiful everybody play music while they’re dancing on stage the antidote to a lot of what’s going on in this country right now it was a very human
sizing show and that’s coming from somebody with a newer Divergent mind
can I take you to a weird uncomfortable place because I think the last time we talked maybe I was having dinner with you in San Francisco with Cody but and I think maybe the election had just happened and we were like hippies in San Francisco going like okay I guess the world ending now but I guess I ate something that I have perceived as a tragedy is that whereas in the past neurodiversity built the internet neurodiversity like gave us everything that we are using swipe left swipe right like who comes up with that likely answer is like where are we all we are all moving that direction but like now that the infrastructure has been in place and like all of society’s on the internet to the point where your presidents are chosen
by the internet
my biggest frustration is
my brother is on the Spectrum and I don’t mean I’m not diagnosing myself I’m saying my people my My neurodivergent People by virtue of their Han Solo mentality there like I don’t fucking black think like anybody like that those folks are now at whereas in the past they were the Builders of of of what we have now they are simply
sitting online and they were they there now I watch them that the only way they can express their neurodivergent is by going but our emails am I wrong about that Orleans I mean there are always a lot of people watching television you know but yeah I mean I know what you mean in the system like oh yeah yeah in the classical yeah your psychology has not taken part in any system however now the definition of the system has now become part of this fucking death star and I’m like 5 1/2 fuck
and I just like I received my swimming pool I don’t know know I know and has Higgins on their neck yeah we thought the internet was going to absolutely Unleashed human creativity and unfortunately but it at least was Russian propaganda down everybody assumed that all most of the shameful way where I think we were all like goddamn when’s the government going to catch on to the fact that once someone in Saudi Arabia could just sell you jewelry in Montana that everything racism is going to stop like everything’s going to start like like it’s going to pull the plug on everything that’s been driving human-like jingoism and I was like it was the opposite
is more racist us but yes people made me a big fucking dick there are good people in there are bad people I never felt that way before I agree with you it’s made me worse Buddhist regular Kaiser tire iron fantasies involving you and like like few weeks when people are kind of coming to the to harmontown cuz if it’s going to close soon that talk about like why they listen to our we’re unprepared stupid show and it means a lot to it means different things to different people what makes you ask him and let you know that’s what you do like what what what draws you to it and what made you come out to
see it cuz a lot of people came from like far and wide to come tonight which is really really cool and kind of blows my mind like what what is it for you personally that this did or does or when do

like I go and what what’s your what’s your connection to this in like a lot of personal connections over also its
unacceptable I just ruin everything
what’s wrong with you
so if it’s cool to just be as cool as it’s cool just like kind of get up and be able to say whatever I have to say in the end nobody really connects that to who I am or anything like that it’s just I don’t know this you can just be who you are it’s an existential sort of thing where you can be wherever and it’s great and you can do that with this whole harmontown things harmontown doesn’t have a location in just it’s so it’s it’s kind of a community and that’s what that’s what I like about it I I mean
so yeah I said
indeed we met people that came from Vancouver Japan Japan Japan like can we thank Jen and thank you I’m not I’m not good at like this missing people but it’s we going to we going to cavalcade
there were zero people awesome
women actually came from Japan
I guess not.
It’s an Ashley right Ashley you want to come up
for there are none like video listeners this is a great come on on this it’s the full rig classical Japanese form of theater it’s almost intertwined like it’s almost like a like a like Shintoism indigenous religion there it’s a domestic and it’s kind of like a like a religious ceremony as much as it is a performance it’s really boring in Japan OK for 11 years I went there for grad school and your question
what is Johanna Shima okay it’s called a
that’s a perpetuating stereotypes and it’s like fishes testicles but they’re inside the fish so it’s like yeah and you can eat them or you can eat them cooked and the really tasty should I go and get them here Buck will enter that’s why I’m not a life scientist Unthinkable to me how to do giraffes get out or like eggs as well as tasty kazunoko Herring Roe is another favorite of mine the other thing on the back called the little pouch in business
how old are you but the OB is this long piece of material that you have to expressly around yourself and so yeah what is the purpose of this thing I’ve often thought I think it’s like that to make you sit straight or something it kind of looks cool so the thing about Japanese kimono is like the whole thing is like you need straight lines and I think that’s that’s speaks to like the body type of the people who develop this tradition right so like you don’t like in Europe you have the I don’t even know what are this would be like Baroque but Victoria and maybe it’s a tight waist and like voluptuous like curves that’s the total opposite of what you’re going for with kemono so I actually have to like I don’t have big breasts so that’s not a problem but I put like they had like a special pad that you
put on your back and wrap your waist with a towel so that like this line is straight you just want straight all my favorite line from anything even if anything’s curvy that’s actually like a l
was just well they don’t only have like curves so much as maybe your guy knows referencing a a whole style or just the Garment keep keep keep means we’re and moments thing things you wear so it is it’s a style it’s like La Cosa Nostra read this thing of ours I mean it is a certain style of garment just around town or is it the special events are your visiting from Japan and your ear but you going back home soon or
you came up to me at the drawing room and you gave me a folded piece of paper and he said there’s a story origami I know I do origami I know that I made a floor a tatami
or a wall with a copy
so this is a story of why I came here and what harmontown means to me I want to read part of it but to set it up for camera at 9.
I’m in a lavish you I’ll bring you down but bring it back up in the end this so I was
really depressed like this was only a couple of months ago maybe two and a half or so and that yeah I’d like it was over the course of six months I just got worse and worse and then like I downward spiral at the end there and I couldn’t I mean I just didn’t want to be awake and I was listening to this podcast like just waking up and listening to it just too that’s with my lifeline so that the context will actually make a meeting up to that I named you will drosten will dressing
to protect my identity
or you’re in or you’re going from here to Doug Benson’s podcast you will dress it and he’s like that’s great I’m high and then you’re off to Joe Rogan and he’s like have you tried DMT
oh I found well-dressed on hey ho Kool-Aid which is also a made-up name of a podcast that glad you are with never heard of him before I started the episode in the car after dropping my friend off on the opposite side of the city I was fumbling with the controls while getting lost in a maze of basket woven overpasses and tunnels trying to rewind
I had to concentrate to follow what he was saying and it wasn’t because he was intentionally obfuscating to trick his interlocutors into assuming he is intellectually Superior lots of people would call him a creative genius a term that gets bandied about especially in Hollywood some people hate his guts but I can’t imagine that gets to him he who describes himself as a fat stupid piece of shit maybe he is
a nerd and Entertainer a solipsist a pariah an Exemplar of redemption a pariah once more and once more redeemed endlessly cycling along the curve quadrants of a for a narrative who structure he believes is so deeply etched into our cognitive apparatus has his tongue and cheek Cameo on an episode of The Simpsons depict him drawing the circle on a whiteboard he doesn’t claim to have discovered it only to have successfully harness it to make a lot of money
his was a particularly delicious swirl of intricately websites pain through articulatory prowess and above all and unabashed should an adulterated self-loathing he didn’t try to gloss over his Twisted notice his fetishes his alcohol and drug consumption or ironically his shame he knew where his faults lie and rather than deny them he called them out in the loudest noise possible it felt so good to watch someone do that it was healing I listen to that podcast like medicine skating the razor’s edge of self-righteousness and masochistic humility I loved how they played on stage I want friends to play with like that I thought adrift in an ocean of empty beer cans and unwashed dishes
so so
so so
I had this dream where I met you and we were Partners not necessarily in a romantic way but at the end of our Misadventures we end up on opposite sides of the street or like in our own houses on opposite side of the street and we’re talking on the landline and you’ve got a bunch of like creatures and characters in the room with you and I’m alone over here but we’re laughing and joking and I look out the window and noticed that you’ve left your suitcase on the front porch with the door wide open and so I try to like we’ve that into our banter but it didn’t track so I have said I’m going to come over and tell you a secret and you were like oh my God
and so you came outside and you’re kind of surprised when I just walked past you maybe like ruffled your hair but the suitcase inside close the door and I walked back over to you and
chapter 3 fair I kissed the top of your head and at that moment I am instantly and utterly overwhelmed by the most intense feelings of gratitude compassion love and its Myriad forms the entire fucking Universe a bolt of lightning cracks and I wake up there’s a thunderstorm passing outside tears streaming down my face as I blissfully bathe in the sensory Epsom salts of having been seen then held and understood I like that for a few moments the bath bubbles are popping the tub water is draining I moved to get up but something gently urges just enjoy these moments they will be over soon enough
I sit on the edge of my bed open the door and listen to the rain still Awash with a feeling of having spent intimate time with someone whom I adore and admire but we’re strangers right what was that bolt of lightning what about the Rising Sun streaming perfectly through that in Brazier what about that repeated topic of conversation what about that stranger why are you connecting dots if there is no benevolent Force assigning them order numbers how can these be assembled to form a picture in a universe that doesn’t deign to move you in any particular direction
what hit next collided with another bolt of lightning that cracked so loud and near my window that I jumped up and turned around heart pounding half expecting someone to walk to the door
the benevolent Force
is you
it’s you it’s you it’s you it’s you if you choose benevolence you are the engine of the force field that is blasting through the architecture of your Consciousness and all of its contents you are.
all right
thank you Ashlyn absolutely be the last thing everybody yeah
holy moly
I mean you don’t like I got like we started doing this podcast like you don’t like like a rumor Adam Goldberg yeah sounds like he’s here like that appearance at the first thing was like do you is this a safe place and if it is do you do Bully anybody do you do you shut anybody out that was such gorgeous prose
I could go on about how it’s it’s did should not be applied to me but that’s not what’s important that the O-rings were in place there like like she she was able to create like an expression of blank this rubber ring could connect to anybody really are that’s so beautiful that people like for some reason over 7 years we’ve been doing this. Org. Edu somebody somebody said we’re one of the top 10 podcasts of the decade nearing the end of a decade
the company is going to say I wish they would somebody die here and get somebody polish that knob for me before you leave I have been in the top 10 like what is the strength of pilgrimage to the drawing-room is it comes like say hi and go to the show and meet up with other Hermantown fans and it’s it’s really crazy like like you guys came from everywhere it’s but it’s amazing it’s not been to Los Angeles before tonight Sarah and Austin you guys are from Chico. My dad went there for school
that there’s a buddy from Vancouver Samson and Danny from Vancouver
cuz I met him at the drawing-room and he bring it up
where can I see what he what he said Danny for being coover
Danny not to put a lot of pressure on you but we said was you’ve been working on a Dan Harmon impression that was that was that was one word long and you had it about 30% of the way
yeah as I can’t come up and share it hits a sound and a word is sorry to expand upon but I promise I feel comfortable as we near the end of me being a public figure I’m like honestly I would have loved to have seen a lot more impressions of me from the James Adomian of the world like I’ve I’ve solicited it so whatever you can give me a love it and put me on your podcast about 9 months ago I started binge listening and there was just one word that I picked up on that I thought quintessential eyes Dan Harmon and maybe I could possibly imitate you on so I need Jeff’s help I just need you to and sort of non-sequitur irritating story that Dan would find
it just something that he didn’t know whether you mean fucking or just anything sort of like end of an end of a story and then I’ll yeah and the maitre d’ turning me and said thank you
all right
Jeri Ryan
you better get out of here Danny I thought you’d given up
problems growing around me
I realized tonight Rob Travis the Rudy Giuliani of the hermit at Administration
that’s exactly what I had to like Friend or Foe we don’t know
Clarence Eye Care
but if you want to like Seth Meyers impression of Rudy Giuliani and things like that so yeah
neither was Rudy
Craigslist Denver West Broadway
show me bring it up Josh happy birthday
you guys okay or
just when you get up here see if something’s going to diagnose you on the Spectrum where are we at
one of Josh happy birthday how old are you today I’ll be 37 on Thanksgiving that’s not you got booed on stage today why is it so I won’t live to be an old billiard Hall would have talked I have deviled eggs is coming to neon sign out front I don’t know I’ll take you somewhere better okay
now you know why do you find me once already on the show’s defense you did say who’s from somewhere else and he was like see an attorney or like come up here so like I’m on his side if anyone’s like
because he didn’t ask for this they didn’t ask for it. It’s my birthday I did and it’s not now let’s get to work what do you think here
Eazy-E sick maybe your autistic or did you write a beautiful letter about like the fucking nature of my soul I have some poetry Community is like pants down my favorite show on behalf of everyone who loves it thank you very much for making that
I’ve seen it about 500 times from beginning to end and I think that has something to do with autism another Finding comfort in the repetition and it ain’t as someone who also doesn’t have a whole lot of friends like this show does it it gives you that sense of community I think it’s one of Maslow’s hierarchy of you know self realization that you continue 9 other hierarchy and for good reason best-selling book I was like like like they’re really nice at the hierarchy of Surfing hierarchy of cabbage diet again
dry fire a question about Community Ken Chang astral project and you know Brayden wants to spray paint the the billboard or whatever and she’s hanging out with Michael and then changes like running through the theater but no one acknowledges him whatsoever and then there’s another time at the at the table where you think no one acknowledges him and I’m like is he really there isn’t that bad imaginary friend idea was that he might he himself might be a ghost or or he might have been interacting with ghosts all night I would imagine if you could ask for project that you could that your ghost that you don’t like that episode how about John Oliver is a dramatic actor or no
let me ask you a question that the space but in this weird time of community being shopped around as a streaming thing maybe something on the table or like we’d pay more if you did more episodes or if you did a movie or whatever I wrote a script for it if you want it I’ll email it to you don’t lose sight
what’s up with you do you want would you want to see a community movie
it wasn’t done
would you want to see a community movie that was a like do you want to see everybody like I mean what does that entail but I only want to ask you cuz it’s like you don’t even though it’s like I just want to complain about this for a second while I’m driving for a second if I was Parks and Rec it would just be like oh no it’s Alex community so it’s like well you going to make a movie or not I’m sure Netflix would buy it in like half a heartbeat.
Walmart of TV you could you could do it as an animation for Joshua but I take it you’re a deadhead if you worked with Allen Ginsberg what the hell yeah when I was a teenager
start packing tonight Friday equals potassium fluoride
methane ethane just go in order for hexane thought I would hear today besides I never said before
all right now is hexane a hydrocarbon great
and it’s like six games
and it’s that I’m sure there’s exothermic reactions involve their right well it’s it’s pretty flammable the it evaporates and the vapor is both heavier than air and super flammable so you can pour it like down a ramp to a candle and then it burns up the whole ramp for $5 I get my own pocket and what temperature is methane a liquid I literally just thought about the boiling points of hydrocarbons last week and I don’t know it’s cold really cold
is it is it is it you know if it’s prying whatever cuz you have students whatever I like how did you guys meet that’s what I want to know how we met on the online before the web yeah I had written an article for Wired about gay and lesbian teenagers building community on America online and everybody said yeah American online sucks but check out HughesNet so I went to HughesNet and I just spent a month and a half interviewing these little gay kids who were like saving each other from suicide and taking each other in when they ran away from their abusive parents and whatnot and the first thing I see on HughesNet was some beachy Queen saying all these younger kids these days are all AirHeads and twigs
squandering the freedoms we fought so hard board Stonewall it was not me not me know so I wrote back and I said no actually they were amazing and if you don’t have this article and Wired Magazine blah blah blah Keith wrote me the next day and said are you the same Steve silver in the reviews Grateful Dead shows online community Caldwell and he said Jaden has a rare which was true and so I walked into a heads are rare they are there is no gay parrotheads no gay parents and I we have better taste than that
I want to meet him at a brew pub in Berkley and I walked and we had not talked about our ages or our appearance and so I am 12 years older than Keith I know it’s grow time 12 years older than Cody I walked into the Brew Pub and there was this guy and I thought to myself I wasn’t going to be there for him he’s going to think like I’m some old troll from the internet but actually he liked me and we like each other and we’ve been together for 25 years
and about a month ago about a month-and-a-half after we met we were on fish to her together we were going to try to go actually the only time I’ve been before you go I thought they explain it to Dave Matthews what Finn’s fish what is the appeal of deadheads like I get like Grateful Dead and fish cuz I I listen to it and like it like that I don’t really like getting so if you do if you think if you hear Jazz and you think boring you probably won’t like the dead or fish
tell me they’re going like 8 let me try this boom boom boom kitty likes budget so just rest for a while. It’s more like narrative storytelling without words basically using but improvisational fish for me that what I love about their improvisation and their style is that they build these sort of repetitive and yet suddenly slowly changing sort of patterns and I swear it’s just like how my brain works like I did I do great thinking at this shows really yeah that’s the big thing for both David fit is that it gives one a chance to be alone with oneself in a really beautiful way in a crowd of people I love being alone around people that’s that’s one of my favorite things
where is widows was a big fish guy had a whole podcast about like Chuck come at me about fish and Parks and Rec and was like a valued employee and then he’d go to Phish concerts and he was like that’s at never heard it described that way though that it’s a way to actually it allows you to keep people at a distance it now this will have that shows they do they didn’t have anywhere to go to them at any of those if I went to like watching cold to a fish show what do you think my neurotypical is really boring and you might take the lyrics for nonsense that most of the fans are robotic cult members Orlando Florida and a giant
play Jimmy Buffett show had just broken up and a bunch of you know fifty-year-old 50-something 50-somethings parrotheads came in and there was a nicest happiest fans I’ve ever met in my life as if I must be something going on cuz I want to hear Jimmy Buffett I want to take my own life now I know exactly Harmon Grateful Dead connection which is that I’m a misfit power that help her set it up about the Grateful Dead That’s What drew people to the Grateful Dead because no they were not cute know they were not stylist no it didn’t matter if they were you know what had a hit record or not people would be a self-selecting into the community of deadheads and just because you love the music and you like the people and you love to have a good time around these people
had a good time like those other people have but this good time and I think Community has self-selected in the same way for people who haven’t felt at home in other places in the world but really feel at home here yeah we’re like Juggalos
all right down to clown but Rush bands like when I listen to Phil Collins like nobody nobody has a relationship with Phil Collins that I have I had I had a roommate one two who had the same relationship with Phil Collins that I had it was like and we would go like that she seems to have been invisible touch it with her like we were into it it was it it didn’t Phil Collins wasn’t doing anything wrong and we were doing something right I wrote him like that’s the shit you’re escaping when you become a dad has his lawyer
flipping off Jack now cuz you’re escaping the finality I don’t know anything about fucking why this is good or bad music but I’m just going to hang out he’s not my video I love Neil Diamond way too much people have a love-hate from you cuz I’m a good friend
Phil Collins
come on it’s not even a fucking contest there though there is no my God Phil Collins has a drummer in a band that should never have existed next you’re going to say you love staying in the police like fucking booty I love the police
also Outkast the fun to listen to I don’t understand you people I don’t get it hey you like it’s a good song If it’s coach after I don’t get it, Greg Lake I got the music snobbery I don’t I don’t I don’t know where it’s supposed to end
what would it what is your what is your guilty pleasure band strap like like like like well I like on go Boingo
do you like Enya yeah I do like in you that’s one baby right yeah all the way straight until you get your Ginsberg San Francisco married gay journalist credits now tell us who’s the thing you click that you’re embarrassed about

Chrono Presley on this stage it says you’re going to ruin that at all happening in my chair
what happened
can you do me a favor and also it’s only for visual tracking that Billy Zane earlier will you just take your glasses off and get it
don’t do it don’t do it yeah there’s nothing remarkable about to go to our graves in denial ridiculous and I almost said retarded but I changed the ridiculous, don’t do it.
you are a shit to me last week in the writers room talk about this Thursday a great job that you said you said I just want to beat the living hell out of you right now I was not as trying to help save your shower. You wrote a great script and then you’re just like the next week or just like both know why are you going to act like that I’m just like you just Jeremy
I’ma I’ma I’ma I’ma be living here because I wanted to beat you with a baseball bat partner did you do yeah she did because I didn’t I got Dan to threaten to beat me with a baseball bat and if state is the woman I know she is she was like what did you do
what do you do what are you doing in there we have a gold mine in front of us 70 episodes everyone keep your cool let’s all just make a bunch of money right what were you talking about Billy or I’ll give you this option
tickets to the best Impressions ever seen Rob drop do we were at we were in La not that long at Chicago was like shrub came to shop said I’m pretty sure I think I think Nicolas Cage drove by me on a motorcycle today like 20 years ago and I was like how do you know is Nicolas Cage’s like when I was he was wearing a helmet and I was like well it was Nicolas Cage and she answered my question by holding a folder in front of his face and with his eyes and eyebrows alone convince it going like Nicolas Cage so nice nice
what just happened
going to Habitat. Com
2000 Rock Rob just for me happy birthday
I don’t want to do it no matter what Dan said he wanted he was working on his Panic Room sure and panic at the Disco room and I mean it. Nothing about that is accurate fucking
show how to write Rick and Morty with you and I said halfway through a ranch as I read if I go like oh well I don’t know maybe it’d be like a thing like this and I want to be like that night I said as I’m want to I read I said like that would be like a Christopher durang saying and like in my mind I was like maybe the it’s like so much metaphor that it’s absurd you hang a lantern on I don’t even know what I was referencing I’m not like a theater major but I’ll throw it out a lot of things I keep talking to keep talking because I fucking try and I work to keep my show afloat and this guy sitting over there and then it wasn’t it was like he’s sitting over there looking just like he is right now
and Anna and i a n i n e 50 years old don’t let them fool you 50 so is there’s no excuse for a drink at this relationship with this is finally silence because my fucking lungs collapse in silence and then strap goes
what would Christopher durang do your face in because you you knew what you were doing
because you all you do is sit there and I fucking top I like I’m going to fucking like talk like and you and then you’re like really suck you fuck you I wish I was you know I was mad at you yeah you mad at ya soon as I said I want I want I want to be your papers I was I am not mad at you anymore 5 years try 30 really really
25 years and don’t fucking yeah alright on your nerves sometimes
trying to make your life better I added you my better spice why don’t you guys just fuck
you know what I would accept it would be a disservice to the gate but it’s high time for some heterosexual Grudge fucken schedule goes Schrock Road and amazing scripture I was a great writer shrubs and Rick and Morty now shrub did a great job
I that’s why I don’t know why he’s being such a fucking cock all the time but I just seen in late late like like the mic and they go like hey guys if the story was being is about a thing and then traveling and baddest sting
but that’s why I don’t know I don’t know how about you tell me what the hell you hear I’m glad you’re there and have you been on a show not as like the the top like if you ever been in traps position where you like riding I mean you have at least a couple times right legs in award ceremonies or whatever usually rate like just wondering if she is like like award shows for what you want one-on-one Awards
I took mine home
yeah I got mine to okay great I mean it doesn’t it it is absolutely is a flaw of mine that I did not know I was just wondering if somebody who likes me looks like wow I want to know that’s all I want to know all right now let’s get back to these guys for okay since the show is winding down. Is there anything that you guys have always wanted to say to each other that’s been my bill.
blind man ever close your eyes anymore when I kiss fuge thing for schreibe like this idea of me as a unavailable person like this whole thing like a Dan Harmon so hard he’s so like it’s so easy.
please tell me what am I what what you did an amazing job on that script like it is my dream come true that you’re working on the show like I my heart bursts when I wake up in the morning like this shit that I’ve been going through unlike shrums on the show now like it’s like holy shit it’s like like a comforter around me I’m like even if I like I’m like it’s so great like like the work that you’ve done like that’s how I express love
yeah and that applies says that that’s all the love I need to express
answer any need behind that is need of a faulty person right
everyone agrees a chemistry teacher at everyone agrees that if you need emotionally your crippled because you could get everything you need from me I’ll put you you’ve done such a good hot us on your last to come my way
I want to be true who sings the only reason that you love him is his value to your output your product
I’m supposed to say I love you come upstairs so that would be awful
do you love him as a friend as it as an emotional asset as an ally and and your travels and travails
he’s my he’s my brother but I got it in a world where there aren’t any that that that that’s like this
what what are you what do you people want from me when I go in the laughing at that stuff like what I want to do a pull up and then I start doing your brother but say why I like the break it down like why does everybody like why is it always the theme of the show is always like I know you guys like what do you what do you want me to stay like I love you like that so fucking dumb like when was it I don’t know it like you’re going to love Hitler like racism
did you guys lured me into this fucking this is what always happens to me as a person you don’t you fucking like your your neurodiverse like they lured me into this is Billy Zane will you leave leave him alone I’ll give you a choice to either do Billy Zane or tell Rob you love him and it made him want to do Billy Zane
I don’t approve of any of this
is that is that just like in the midwest is just that that that much withholding I love you I love you I love you it’s like a fucking poker chip you put on the table like what the fuck does it mean I get means you like got a chip at the fucking cashier desert I love you like like like people go I love you I love you too like I’m trying to like Cody’s family like they say it and I believe them and I’m like I love you too but the hard for me to say it to Cody’s dad but like like those people say I love you like they’re fucking just hanging out like it’s just like fart and I was like I love you like I do those words mean something can you help me out what’s your love language because it sounds like it but you got to have one good for it I mean it’s not like this is a normal thing that happens people are like I don’t want to lose fucking gifts you know or whatever and act like it’s like
like all bets are off this is what happened I think that may be part of the problem is that the only guy look like that’s an intimacy thing like love is for partners and that makes it may be sexual and so maybe then you can’t you’re not supposed to say I love you to people that you’re not partners with what we don’t want to kill each other everyday gas well we we take the desire to kill each other and we crumple it. Yeah yeah yeah they are but my family is liberal
that regard actually it was the election that actually created to divide the election and it’s true I mean my mother-in-law has literally made us lovely embroider tea towels with her name before the election but there’s been a breach of to your family is what were they both were both sides okay with it or is it was a little rough do you have a great story on this one what the this when my dad told you said oh yeah that’s right there to beat Keys family because they’re like midwesterners key said was literally the mayor of Normal Illinois gay Wisconsin
I think of it more as flat trucks all over the normal police that’s so cool if nothing to see here. Calm right there beautiful blond son you know my parents were Communists excetera and I don’t think they knew that at the time but Keith’s dad I took me aside and said we know that you’re very special to keys so you’re very special to us and that that was wonderful I hope we can find our way back to that those stories over and over again every time there’s a face-to-face encounter I don’t want to I don’t want to publicize anybody I don’t want to hang out them
I have a family member who during a certain neighborhood and the there they’re in their neighborhood there’s a guy who’s like very popular cool guy and all the kids play in his yard he’s like a super cool guys like a stand-up amazing cool neighborhood dad guy and he has a flag pole in his backyard and he went to some fucking you went off on some trip and had a great time and good for him and he paid his money and he came back with this Mega flag and he hoisted up on his backyard flagpole and this friend of mine that all she could see out her back window was the skies flag which is where my story would end I would just come on the podcast no good live next to a piece of shit is that she went she talked to him and said which I wouldn’t recommend I just
on her side for that moment where she goes up to him and goes that’s not really a flag about our country or a state or city it’s a flag about like the political platform and it’s like all I can see out my back window and you’re so cool to our kids and I just it’s right in my face I like how my window and the guys responses like you’re right it’s pretty obnoxious and he took each other where then someone pulls out a machete and goes like
are or I love socialism anytime people are talking to each other it’s basically like what the fuck are you going to do anyways just one thing we have to fight our way out of is everybody stereotyping everybody else and having these that will be the irony of the internet is like we all got connected and it disconnected all of us I don’t like more than we’ve ever been because when we were all just trapped in an apartment watching Welcome Back Kotter on TV
our internet was talking to the random stranger that we did laundry with a shared laundry room and the internet now tells us and not unrightfully so but tells us like that that’s doing laundry with you she’s a much smaller piece of the puzzle like like like he’s if you’re if you’re a true crime fan that guy’s going to kill your daughter and eat her like it’s it’s it make more sense to compartmentalize that person that way it is it the internet hat like we thought it was going to end this connection and it is like a short circuit it has revealed to us all that we would rather be who we were yesterday like we would like to take that person that we were yesterday
on to the tomorrow of online and say hey here’s me because who wants to dissolve into a bunch of nothingness of tomorrow maybe that’s that’s an uplifting thing about us goddamn and Harmon don’t waste your time is it almost I’m not saying this to a rap that you know that the time for every everybody that came from a long distance away like Yahoo’s we got to Sarah and Austin you guys came chica we got where
Salem Saudi Arabia for real I went live England here to Australia portraits I’m from Melbourne Australia and raisins are great team that came from out of the way out of town to come to the show like stand up and maybe we’ll just bring you up and we’ll just don’t say hello to you maybe like lineup by the staircase by chance all right
let’s go to Ben office.
It’s all explained
I’ll come to us I mean this is Kayla Morgan and I’m having my head cut off but not dying and so you’re just like it’s the right head have to go in there with Panthers regular video ever
Denver Boulder Denver Boulder you guys can’t agree on that he got no difference what was the worst thing that ever happened to you in Boulder Colorado
don’t even want to know we literally at
it’ll take just give us a setting like what was the place where an Arsenal shirt sorry about your shity team are you from London if you had one wish what would it be on White Avenue O you got to go to the Buckingham vegan food
give me to get the fuck out of here thank you very much welcome Nick pirates pirates he’s a pretty cool guy I guess cuz it gets mad right later or you just stated what’s your name
are you alone by Jack going to write a haiku for a right now Haiku is 575 Haiku is five syllables and then
7 and then 5 again oh yeah alright okay well I didn’t say what’s your name nice what’s your name Bill Bill
what’s your name Riley Riley
what’s it what’s your name what’s up you from Memphis the Midtown
City of Sunrise
never mind you got to go this truck and gray
all right it’s all lies It’s All Eyes tonight I like that hat
is going great. What was your name Phil McFadden okay alright San Antonio best huevos rancheros
State Lottery thank you very much are you talking about Rick and Morty
there we go. Kind of bottle of etching yeah you’ll feel like the Batman of Alcoholics how do you like those Capitol steps and what’s that weird bar called the beaver something
is a lot of weird part is I don’t know the beaver want to see Idaho all right come on we’re almost halfway through Saint Anthony Anthony that’s next to just north of the Twin Cities Jack says he will open a restaurant Austin Texas
Carlos Perkins on over here is it from Austin Texas to take some bullshit to me
it’s all right, come on let’s keep it moving. This is Davis from Atlanta Georgia Elizabeth Davis fuck that guy
like you here just last year what’s your favorite in Atlanta for the year as he’s done with it what do you think he hates your aura 5 Years Ago by the way
where do the credit again from Oswego Illinois sing a song about Oswego there’s a lot of corn in it
J P must we go jazz jazz jazz mix that’s awesome where you from Jasmine is pretty fair I wonder what Danny from Vancouver have to say about that
digging moderate Fortune a Harley-Davidson warranty from Minot to Libby’s that was little in water if I ever going to get killed what are you doing in two and a half hours everybody I’m from Memphis you from hinges Memphis Memphis forgot to take its music country is Elvis were here he would say
what do you think you can fight that guy over here from the motherfuking the radio
say that you’re the varsity crosses borders
all right all right now how do you say fuck your mama and I thought your mama in Arabic he actually included the in Arabic part C how do you say fuck your mama and I’m guessing Delaware how do you say thank you Mama there it’s like your mom okay all right
density don’t be ashamed of yourself what to do
I just just just just just just like like they trust me football so don’t say I don’t know what to tell you
best schnitzel in Los Angeles is why it what what’s the where’s the best spam in Los Angeles everywhere. Don’t let me make your line was short of them that’s fine or when your friend or your anniversary so I had to come say hello to you
how are you I just wanted to let everybody know I cried a lot when I was on stage and the show Saved My Life along with everybody else and I’m a much happier and healthier person now and just let y’all know that yeah there’s brightness out there to see also kicked the dick out of karaoke last night at the drawing-room you fucking Burton murdered as well cheer for anything but especially since it’s the week of Thanksgiving just wanted to let y’all know like Thanksgiving get special $80 they gave $40 to some other dude that apparently was having a baby
helping people is easy on Terrio California
Spinners that Saudi Arabia
Craig I got some harmontown up in 5 words or less okay here we go
cuz I couldn’t have said it better myself if I was going to tell you why does everybody in Hamilton Ontario have a limp I’ve never seen more gamey legs everybody’s fucking broken their statement. Thank you very much as our audience
are they autistic autistic traits yeah and Keith everyone is chemical
and you guys are happy and we are breaking out right we’ve been doing the show for the Whole Decade in like I like it was truly like a highlight to work I wanted you guys to be here and I really value you being here I hope you had a good time. It was awesome thank all of you
we have one more show left and that’s is the ultimate Cliffhanger let’s put the put the show is going to be the worst show people are coming for show yeah cuz I’m just I’m just going to not even come cuz they’re going to they’re going to put on the stage is going to be the worst this is for the show this is why
this is the one you said the last shows going to be
text to Crittenden
will ask him Danny Josh Sampson Riley husband everything I can tonight
Church. Nolan making everything happen
oh yeah I really can’t tell you how much you guys want me to ask but I’m so happy all your travel so far to come see us drive fast, take chances
thank you all
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