Episode: Harmontown Reunion!


Episode: Harmontown Reunion!


Jeff and Spencer are Harmontown’s hype men for our upcoming reunion special, including a retelling of an old classic Harmontown tune about a chicken noodle can. Check out harmontown.com to buy tickets to our live streaming episode on February 21st, 2021!


in a covid lockdown crisis
comptroller Jeff B Davis had an idea what if he asks Spencer if you wanted to do another harmontown reunions show and then Spencer said yeah but we have to ask Dan and so Ben Jeff call Dan thinking maybe he would maybe he wouldn’t but then Jeff call Dan and then didn’t even hesitate and said okay fuck it it so now we’re doing a harmontown reunions show by popular demand its harmontown the way you like it United right uncut so good reunited like we knew we should do you think of the world is ready for a harmontown reunions show
yeah oh I didn’t I didn’t really end that sentence with a? I just kind of left it hang in there let’s let me let me let me do it better
yeah do you think the world is ready for a harmontown reunions oh yeah totally cool I think they’re as ready as they’ll ever be I keep saying I don’t think they deserve it I don’t think these fans deserve it but you know that’s just the kind of backgammon those people we are when we link to take their money and gives money for the car show is the right thing to do I think Spencer you have been Livin Large during the lockdown and I have been living medium and Harmon sadly has squandered all of his Rick and Morty money and is living basically a destitute and getting out of school when I say the Spencer we’re only doing this and charging people money because Dan he’s just broke as a joke right now yeah it’s not for us Deanna Dan went went all in on gay
stop when it was at its absolute pee and so now he’s just absolutely fucked. He’s he put a lien on the house it’s no good I got a question for you do you know you asked me and asked Dan to put this together and after that happened someone on Reddit or Twitter posted that there should be this show so who’s really you know the Mastermind behind it you or that guy who said that one thing can I can I Spencer I don’t know who’s listen to this is just me and you recording this right now they know only you and me know this record all of our conversations yes it was cute I don’t think so I will send the Kraken Spencer I’m a firm believer if there’s no such thing as bad publicity

that’s for sure that’s why we have special guests John at JF Kennedy jr. We have GameStop we have we have to do we have the guy that wore the the bullhorns and the spear in the in the capital riots we have Emily show Gordon people that we got shrub though you know but we actually really do have Kumail and Emily so it’s not not a hilarious joke what’s a home and we’re tired of not doing harmontown we’d like you all to join us and we have Spencer me Dan Harmon Rob schrab Emily Gordon Camille nanjiani and and also all of
we want you all of our favorite Armenians to come back and be a part of what we used to have this beautiful thing that used to be a little town meeting of a colony going to the Moon let’s do it all together I can’t go to the moon what I can do is sit in front of to ring lights and look like a dick and and and talk to you but with my best friend of all time and when I could do is not play DND so that could be a lot of fun for us that won’t happen
so yeah should we should we do a one of our classic advertising song parodies totally
hi Jeff Goldblum and I’m very excited to announce the the the reunions for

we have special guests Spencer Crittenden who you might recognize from such a famous quotes as this
alarm 6 a.m. Elliott I also want to tell you apart Spencer Spa most famous quotes is him being Sam Elliott fell down Harmon who will you know he’ll do whatever he does and the absolutely devastating Emily Gordon Jeff B. Davis would say
that’s that’s what’s up should we do a song though we’re not ain’t got a disc got a chicken noodle can my life I’ve been hunting down from the mountains to go away
soup to the bowl bowl to the spoon spoon Dylan Matthew got to get well soon you got to get some milk drink till noon grab a cup of coffee then head to the saloons and chicken noodle God come down from the mountain be the devil soup until your trouble
Harbortown reunions it’s all the things you don’t like plus the things that you do


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