Episode: Ad Nauseam


Episode: Ad Nauseam


Bonus Episode! All the ad songs. Happy Holidays from Harmontown. Featuring Jeff B Davis, Spencer Crittenden, Dan Harmon, Church, and music by unsung hero Brendan Lynch-Salamon.


don’t give me no glue
give me the
that’s because most brands focus on selling gimmicks that are flashing not better that brushing your teeth but not whipped not with not with not whip not with not whipped not with no whip
what does an electric toothbrush that’s a fraction of the cost of bull gear brushes will still packing just the right amount of vibration self clean your teeth and has a built-in timer that helps you clean your teeth for the dentist recommended 2 minutes to tell you when it’s winter time for your health or not just delivered right to your mirror and unstick to use as a cover for hygienic trap and don’t give me no lip
just don’t give me no clip for free with a quip electric toothbrush that’s your proof refill pack for free at getquip.com harmontown
stamps.com enter Hermantown get your stamps where you used to have cramps I know that’s stupid stamps lick it stick it put it in the glove
Robinhood Stock Market trading with the bear out of everybody knows that Robin Hood is there
you know I want to put it no
animal that’s good where you live under your lip
under your lip bad lip just do it equipped
what was that we were trying to do you seem surprised okay are you in on the go brush or like I have, traveling all over the squirrel everybody get your quip don’t give me no lip don’t give me no lip dance music
give me about how you look with your hands off of it because it might look weird and now I’m going to get country again all I want for Christmas is some clean front teeth my two front teeth some really clean front teeth but I don’t know how to get some really clean front teeth because I have a bulshit to brush
a b c t i o n t o w n
are you happy in your first refill for 3 p to my teeth hurt you some respect you fucking assholes before I punch him out with my hard-hitting fucking podcast meundies created by Pirates cuz they control the boot as your comfort.
hey babe why don’t you and take us out and styling to give us a little song Robin is just the app that will make you fear the damage my name is Bane.
The Horde is the name of the game training is no longer in the hands of the elite you don’t have to be a Hotshot to be on Wall Street and your destiny will crumble
leave that part out
let’s all try a little harder showing
who is Brendan James backpacks
when you’re under these are not me who cares if they’re covered a butt made out of
for the front and the back and the cracks better in between mobile yeah
I don’t want to be your weekend lover calls you
when there’s oatmeal in your mouth when you’re hiking going south
chicka chicka yp.com harmontown
Malaya weather app comes Brighton to your phone and the app smell sweet and the podcast of meet me cuz it’s just this thing you like your own you know you belonged to the app because they ever used to use before it was crap so when we say you should play it on your play thing that your phone
it was a one-time harmontown free purple Pillow topper one town harmontown free play Bob to me
Robin Hood doesn’t want a song
let me turn on the radio
well since I took my website over to Wix I get more clicks then an army has
what website has a million
Wigs Wigs
if you’re looking for a booty come from never too late
take your butt on a date because me undies are great
this toothbrush is a nightmare walking a psychopath talking king of your grandma’s just the gangster stocking
if you come pick it up while I sleep over Wiles website you’re not using a wax then you might as well eat a thousand chatbot activating successful wakes Django Wilson 5 took my website over to Wick’s Army has
armies have a lot of white website has a million take 4 weeks weeks
Rob and cut it is a place where you can invest good it is a place where you can buy some socks hands
and do some things you should
Hollywood Hollywood will destroy your dreams and peaches and cream the end of us was so good
leave me purple mattress
are you tired of not sleeping well or do you want these buy a purple mattress please I can’t sleep
but then I bought a purple mattress it was good
everybody’s undies for me what about I just want them for me you can have them
if you want to be cool you got to keep a cool you don’t need a cooler you look like a fool beverage hot or cool the temperature and what it say that you could use it to preserve a cat’s intestine you can be my roommate on.
wyx it’s Wicks Wicks Wicks wicks
call Tom
Wigs Wigs Wigs Wigs Wigs Wigs
I’m going to tell you the truth is my name and I’m cleaning my teeth I went down to the gram to Coral Reef which is dying because of global climate change
running running running running your mouth don’t use that don’t use that use Jeff
Robin Hood Robin Hood Robin Hood Robin Hood Robin Hood Robin Turner. Inside of me using apps Robinhood will set you free when you hold stocks in your portfolio than you can possibly make
stock purchases with no fee
sex Bangla sex Barbara you’re my sexy mamas and baby you can wear me out is that something 18 Yellow Roses came today 18 Yellow Roses it came from proflowers.com and now I’m going to give them to your mom

combine all your mother flowers
a chair
I was working on the bed late one night my purple mattress was right inside put my head down on the pillow and began to wrap and suddenly upon my check a goblin appeared it was a dream
man I was sleeping it was so cream I craved my drawers that’s not cool right
over the gate in through the fence to p-town we go letting my urine flow out the thing nope just me and he’s still poop now we got it we got it at any of you fast-forward yeah
thank your momma just like every person will be going down to proflowers.com
yeah it does prophylactic
okay in French
Google, let me see
what type of Deepika Deepika bumper-to-bumper to the website of the devil horns clicking links
HD video
you know
we killed Spencer I was reborn as Satan is a great 1940s country western classic about this very topic that’s on my Jeep back down go and buy some bombas lay your old track down what do you do with the new socks
what’s your bombas on your bombo packin mama
are bombas on your feet don’t go
hey Spencer yeah don’t move don’t move
right behind you in our bed Tom Jones is sleeping right behind you the Lost wonder is sleeping right there and look you sleep singing I’m going to put my mic right up to him and it was size
you in between Tom Jones is it hard to believe he’s asleep trying to be on these underwear product oh good we don’t even have to do a song but we will OK Google ride me like a horse be on days like a Porsche I’m Keanu Reeves and I am Larry storage I was on F Troop with the sitcom from the 70s you don’t even know but me on these pranks to 11 t i v where it be Monday
I be wearing all me
okay that that’s something Jesus you want to break it down break it down break it down the Peloton bike will make u r e v
cycling class
and Jeff has and I’m about 200 boy this is the most of this hell I want to ride my Peloton my stationary if I want to get your body how you like
perfect that’s something if you put your hand up on my hip when I put your hand up on your hips when you get back whip whip whip what Johanna farm equipment but you put we quit going to get mine filled at grind I don’t know whether the more help I think
tell me what sing that song you dropped about last night we all sleep in the other purple mattress Queen a purple mattress Queen the purple mattress Queen Jeff appreciate you singing the song but I don’t feel like I got enough credit in the Beatles from my vocal abilities can I sing the songs like that I mean how could you not get the credit you deserve ice cream machine to Knott’s at teen sleepover Reggie
Arnold purple mattress where I sleep
your balls will thank you can shave our new raider don’t you mess around with me. I’m a man’s paper paper
get 20% off free shipping and a free travel bag with a code harmontown at manscaped.com that’s 20% off with free shipping and free travel bag at manscaped, use the code harmontown I’ll see your balls in court
I love you mattress man. Is that something
it is ma’am
Genesee hug me where right now
so you mean
get here to prayer today I don’t know they probably doesn’t trail out like that are you ready Spencer yeah I can hear you
booty booty
that worked out so much better than I like soft butts and I cannot lie you walk in with an itty bitty waist in the back button on your waist I get mad I want to pull up time to notice your butt was a rough stuff is not comparing something
my favorite part was a little boost Fade with whip cracks
Key Bank Whitten Whitten
the phone with the whipping cream to my denture but that’s the reason why I don’t have dentures
Almighty so those kids won’t believe me I can’t believe we’re still coming up with awesome solid gold clips
these people are crazy they’re out of their dang mind it’s almost like There Is No Sleep till Brooklyn and playing in front of my alarm to 11 I got the notepad with a fresh fresh lemon Brooklyn in the high and low of Brooklyn and Sleep till Brooklyn unlimited I got the sweet dreams and I also have a Ryan I am going to sleep and I can’t sleep no more used to have to sleep with the towel on the phone No Sleep till Brooklyn Brooklyn and these are the best she’s ever hockey motherfukers over Brooklyn Brooklyn put your lemon where your mouth is and send me some more Brooklyn in send Jeff some more stuff
she undies
oh yeah that’s an ad has he sang a song we don’t need to sing a song that the Jeff
I believe I’m going to sleep real good tonight
can I borrow your concrete wig
Jeff Alaska tomorrow
battle battle battle battle
paleo and Keto
side of chicken maybe salmon cakes are just Stephen something gumdrops not a kettlebell kitchen because it doesn’t use any artificial sweeteners you’ll be Pumping Iron with your stomach in the terms of how dietary healthy it’ll be in the midst of podcast
if I close my eyes I could almost hear my mother calling flula go find your brother
Daddy’s home and it’s time for supper and then I see two sheets and pillows and I can almost sleep like Willows and I cry when I tell my pillows it’s time to go
Brooklyn Linens so comfy
I sleep on a pillow made of feathers and dreams and I think to myself as I drift off and dream and I say oh my gosh brooklinen song

brooklinen these are the best sheets ever
of cheetah saying
there you go
that’s what’s up some things in life are bad they can really make you mad
and sometimes you get buried in the turf
but when you’re sitting in a casket
question me just ask
should I have got me life insurance live.com
yes always go to ethos live.com I’m in town
told her we’re in Beyond he’s been so comfortable as comfortable Cronenberg
or your vulva
these are the softest cousin over Underpants
these are in my head not on the floor I’ve been sleeping more quit gotten pulses brushing teeth suction cupping
I got in from a mountain free ran out of brushing my teeth 2 minutes that’s all it takes well either
I think we got it right now we are talking about the public
about your current
measure I once knew a shirt called untuckit sleeves for so long you could suck it I wore it all day the color was grey and if my cousin
kettlebell kitchen, ten.com macros
I’m so proud of kettlebell I guess I feel like almost like a father than the other filial Pride of the father feels for for a child the child named Bell
I don’t know make you strong and this cup has a tri-tip of beef burger salmon cakes
I actually don’t have riddle
handsome sweeteners made from ingredients naturally for you do do I need to re-watch
So Long Farewell now kids your life goodbye at ito’s like you do
where is my phone
and my favorite one
biondes Shakira the Shakira of underwear Too Legit to Quit wait no I quit
cricket.com heart attack I’m raising the roof but no one can see sing at church
make bed and I don’t want to miss a thing cuz ever since I slept on you
do love my bed and that.
I’m brushing my teeth
I’m brushing my teeth with my equipment so handsome when did Sonic vibration
knows how to keep my keys please
I take it over the way you press the night cuz I have when I walked
I love Elton John
untuckit what did Jeff say at the start so I could put it in a bucket
oh we got it brooklinen
shame on you
No Sleep till Brooklyn shame on you I don’t
I just bought Spencer.
Having just one pictures
so I can upload pics whenever I want some dick pics summer not I said hey Spencer take a look at the skyline
I said hey Spencer take a look at my Skyline and the church is singing
wordbrain 2 literature Skylight frame
Star Wars words we bring frame
man look at this gun it’s cool huh check this out leave your gun at home Spencer leave your gun at home Jeff Don’t Take Your Guns to town and he’s where man we’re doing everything we were lying there were singing a song where man I wore me out and I breathe the Mountain Air man I’ve got underwear man of undies I’ve got a pair of man alive underwear, I got to feel it then my life insurance
I’m not tonight but get my family and I got a joke Spencer a good life insurance company yes it sure is insurance
I don’t even know why
did that sound like what I wanted to sound like that’s your problem never


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