Episode: 107 – Clever Girl


Episode: 107 – Clever Girl


Mayor Harmon perfects the apology, Erin McGathy runs an epic Game Corner and in D&D the gang encounter a black dragon.


the All-American half an hour
this is rock and roll radio playlist rock and roll
Tommy Ramone
we lost our last Ramon everybody
what all do I get back to a Meltdown Comics with no theater
harmontown is now in session
from the moment enjoying Tommy Ramone’s drumming
what are good bands we lost all of the original members but they will live forever in our hearts
I’m at no welcome to Stage the mayor Apartments having to Dan Harmon
Define Ramones
yeah you ever see a movie called rock and roll High School by The Ramones are kind of like heavily featured in that PJ soles character loves the Ramones and she has a dream sequence weather like in her apartment something to keep moving anyways Michael Myers in the first Halloween movie I believe he’s terrified of Jamie Lee Curtis is improper teen friends has from promiscuous sex and suffers the Fate that all young ladies do at the hands of a Brazen metaphor for syphilis Michael Myers
expect funny how a horror horror horror movies they don’t really change that much in that one regard is that was what it looked like a team culture being like put on trial like you still don’t really see that’s basically all the horror movies they just continue to punish teams for the same crime rate for not doing their homework for important for skinny-dipping for for for being young boys are so awesome cuz I kind of like what like concrete Ties That mythology wow I’m boring myself
I was standing on the front walk outside my house today I invited Aaron down to do the shelves I know Camille couldn’t be here and I had hey when am I chopped liver almost mutant them could do the show I told him not to because I don’t like what’s going on around here
you guys are getting a little too friendly
call harmontown
I don’t get paid no not yet not Silicon Valley yeah you can watch him do you love him so much did shirt I been I’ve been thinking about that for ever that’s a whole different story maybe I just doesn’t matter what he’s looking for maybe I don’t like to think he’s looking for me
the front walk Aaron Sarah’s coming down louvers and front still haven’t gotten over my addiction no matter what they do to me Aaron’s coming down and I looked back as a beautiful summer night in Los Angeles and Erin’s looking particularly beautiful and we’ve been doing couples therapy and so I feel like I’m becoming a better better lover mentally not physically I look back and she comes down to the DreamWorks flagstone walkway that I have outside my house I call it DreamWorks flagstone so certain aesthetic and DreamWorks
that brick they use
there are directed Kung Fu Panda with her beauty she’s she’s framed against a beautiful Los Angeles summer night I smile creeps across my face is I’m watching her float down the walkway towards me thinking about how in love with her and how lucky I am to be getting to spend the rest of my life with her and she stops and she looks at me looking at her that way and she goes are you farting
it was not you could have been watching her float the proper structure of an apology Jeff apologies are not studied in contemporary Society there’s one man out there in the psychology community that studies apology the good ones bad ones fake ones and and the sex like a psychological Community is always Casey’s figure you might call him and Noam Chomsky of psychology is a lone gunman out there was quoting the first she’s quoting this person he wrote a book called I don’t know an apology I think the book is called she pulled it off her bookshelf started reading from it at which point I was like what the fuck is this coming off my
time you’re reading another guy’s books out loud this is insane like Netflix therapy I don’t know what that means therapy is a buzzword
great works Flagstone
apologies Jeff light like a good story have dinner apology structure they have three three parts to them apologies have to have three legs it’s like a tripod a proper apology one that makes a difference historically a lot of his book is about the history of apologies the ones that work wasn’t what what’s the most famous apology one of the most famous failed ones Nixon Nixon bothered to say I’m so I’m really sorry if you guys feel like I’m a crook like that like it’s all on you you’re a fucking dumbass like I’m sorry if you have something wrong with you I can’t remember I can’t remember when I was a famous one that really made a huge difference but but historically political situations were a wrong has been done and then someone tries to address it there are historical examples of Dimes
The Works times when it doesn’t work a scientific but it’s anecdotal this guy posits that an apology has three parts to it Part 1 acknowledgement of the offense
so you say Jeff I’m sorry I’m sorry I spilled your water
okay you don’t have to apply for each thing they didn’t step 2011 guy keeps mosquito
if you trying to start the world’s slowest slow clap
the second the second leg of the tripod is remorse you got him actually feel bad you got to actually communicate the shame that you feel the remorse you feel about the painted rock and a third thing a commitment to change all three things would you apologize using the tripod I’m sorry that I spilled your I feel terrible that I spilled your water I’m never going to spill your water again perfect apology
now what is your what is your being asked in a relationship to apologize for something that maybe you feel there was like it was a two-way street but I got Aaron I’m sorry that I came drunk into the bedroom and nothing but my underwear holding my pot box that you filled with charades paper from your party you having jumped out all my paraphernalia and brandished it about like a stone Savage got going
I’m sorry I did that
I’m sorry I shamed you I’m sorry I made you feel ashamed I feel terrible about it because it makes me feel like I’ve become my dad and you know what I’m going to try to figure out a way to be drunk and accountable
and if that fails then we’ll have to start doing this the hard stuff in one of those people the Jason Robards people that took over Twitter.
what’s not I don’t want to talk about it let’s just hope I get my shit together while drunk that movie the greatest thing in the world is it to be at the world’s best drunk is your weed
yeah when she never I mean I don’t know it’s kind of a bad person when I drink sometimes with my lovers
not good I got to figure out how to do something and rub it and go like knock it off Dad
or like a locket with a picture of my dad in it like open it up and going to like I’m not you man
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss go in a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no limits is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and blackston amount each week I take you on a journey through the New Black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
and then and then the other side is a picture of my mom and I got him so much
it wasn’t just the booze and then I closed it can be acting like that for no but you I’m 41 I mean I’m going to let you know
I’m 41 what are you saying it’s too late to learn to adapt our commitment to change it’s the third act also I’ve been drinking a little.
I I suppose maybe that’s why my commitment to change got a little war believer
the World Cup of canned to it’s beautiful climax the finals that happened today obviously I know that
top your head give me some just just throw some headlines at me for you it’s all over it’s finally over the world cup only happens every once in awhile
it’s it’s
for those of you dumb asses who thought I was
it’s like the Olympics what year did in 2014 will the next World Cup with it. Is it I mean it’s like the Olympics
so so four years from now.
So I’ve been one of them 210 World Cup first time you said this other world, I would call it a world mug was not good
give me a bigger than a cup yeah I like cornbread more intimate
Crowder something that said world’s greatest Grandpa World Cup on it today then in the finals the reason for the sports various scorekeeping mechanisms of the determine who won who who is the guard there for the best team do I feel the best team want to come down to penalty kicks so I can come down to just defense and people like you. Do you feel like that’s all part of the Sport Chek
I I I I mean we all know who won today but I will say I was shocked with that they did win I was shocked that they wanted why is that because you don’t really associate that country with flat land which soccer is on a flat field this is a very this is a very mountainous country what what what kind of right
it’s a large country that includes mountainous terrain exactly
so you’d expect them to be worse at soccer than the other team the first time that European team played and won a World Cup on American soil
I can’t believe it I can’t believe
I can’t believe
I guess you’re right
play me the sound of a cat
well I’ll follow up that question with who did they beat
you don’t just play another team on another country’s soil right but it’s not like one country host for two other ignominiously they got killed at 7 to 1 the worst defeats probably the most terrible fate in Brazil’s World Cup history so another another South American team lost today
and that tell me why you think they lost and tell me what color their flag is
black II Men from primary colors
I think their flag has green and nope
primary color
are you going to want him for a chance to start over
you are not a primary color either
it’s not red or yellow
Argentina Argentina
Las to Germany on American soil for the first time that’s why it wasn’t World mug incredible I can’t wait till 2018 back to to remembering that you’re not interested in soccer at all do you think will be the team that will shock and this year’s this quad quad quad rail Year’s performances from all the teams just observing I felt like you’re seeing a lot of Footaction from France is a country that knows about Footaction so I feel like they just didn’t have the The Continuous continuous continuous continuous
for years it will be continuous he’ll be continuous with each other like when one guy kicks the ball the other guy I’ll start taking it again too.
I don’t think any of them use your hands are so what you saw with from France this year is you’re very good with their feet but then sometimes they use your hands and that’s when they get in the truck supposed to use your hands in soccer no famously a lot of European clubs went out early we lost Portugal England Spain France Italy they went out quite literally going to be the new coach let’s say over of England will what would you say to the to the the youth teams that you’re bringing up new Talent first of all get out there like use the grass don’t fight the grass
never stopped running because the ball doesn’t stop rolling if your if your if your teammate is open then kick the ball to him and end and get it like box out the other team get those defense zones and and then make them into often Sounds by by moving them forward encroach on the goalie and and get in the get in the hot boxes and uncross cross tether ran over Brazil at they scored five goals in the first 30 minutes maybe or something like that it’s 45 minutes and it’s 5 mil your your Brazil coach your down five goals at halftime what do you say to your team to Rally them for the next 45 minutes to come out and turn it around on the or at least salvage some sort of out of it this is it
there’s a bunch of dirt out there and we’re not dirt
God brought us up out of it and made the German coach after I Germany’s winning by five and a crowd that was filled with a hundred thousand Brazilian zealous has now gone completely silent you hear that sound
that means friend
what’s the sound of Shame our Teutonic Legacy
we’re entitled to this we’re entitled to a lot more than I’m not allowed to mention
but since receiving my new identity as a soccer coach
I have come to accept that we can gain territory on that field I want you guys to go out there and an X
the whole game
yeah okay we’re done with sports car
Germany harmontown fans
German harmontown fans the most they’re like Yeah Yeah Yeahs a complicity going on in the back room like based on extradition and his leg will give you three clones of his head
you say container has Hitler’s head clone I think a lot of places of Hitler’s head clone bro
and you need to wake up
can check your privilege hashtag what’s up delete your Facebook account someone said that the CIA might have given lots of money to Facebook is there any Credence in that or is that just crazy well the NSA ever you could go online it’s fucking insane like I don’t care about Lee complicit like like I don’t even I mean if somebody were to come up then if anybody have any turn into about 25 minutes of somebody that’s how long it would take to finish a listings the nsa’s transgressions against its domestic citizens in the last 10 years which have all come to light thanks to a guy who is
yeah I do people do with the traitor on Saturday and Sunday on on CNN a woman was murdered and there was only a Q-tip on the ground would ten years from now with every science to to find out who the answer is yes and facial recognition of a dude in a Facebook because they’ve been storing this shit the weird thing about the whistleblowing is that it’s like this big brouhaha you blew the whistle you told them as for spying on American citizens but nothing has changed and then also now that the whistle is blown exactly 10 years from now that stuff’s all admissible is as long as your kind of sort of connected to the concept of maybe the threat of
perhaps being something to do with terrorism by someone’s definition of the ten years from now it’s at let’s not talk about it talk about it I hope so I do you know they were like I just got to be a good podcasts out there was somebody that does their homework and like we’ll talk about the stuff and I think he’s not eat Brighton Community I like to make the nice people I don’t know anything about them by looking at a store laptop camera production I have to check with the CIA
well there’s a different structure over there now I have to go through the industrial complex and then the military complex and then there’s this third thing it’s like a combination with both I can’t remember the name and then the funding comes through the checks are from Yahoo but but the notes come from the secretary of agriculture for some reason
so there’s a lot of like couldn’t there be more weed in this
do you know how many episodes is supposed to deliver we’re going to be I don’t want to watch to change about it I don’t want it to be like the load it out or shrunk and down I wanted to feel relatively the same so that’s what that’s what she said thank you I do all right well let’s say we’ve got a story for you that was
did you hear that can be applied when you weren’t here because he is listening he’s got Camille
I hope I hope my stutter made it clear I did not approve of that as it came out of my mouth. That was my thumbs down on my own dumb pun
let’s let’s let’s bring to the stage the lovely Crimson haired Phoenix of the deep
hello Phoenix
text Matt hole
I was trying to think of some kid John’s Johnson’s X-Men character coming out of the ocean whittled together Phoenix in the Deep my brain is dying but I’ll get a check America CAT scan of my chest so we can find out if my body give me a three-pronged apology about seeing if it makes me feel like a hack and like I am disintegrating in front of your eyes and you haven’t even married me yet I’m going to try through a combination of that was my remote
my commitment to change is that I’m I’m hoping that somehow a combination of Rogaine and a new car will help
change me to a younger smarter man
like maybe a gun to your head yet you had to get a tattoo tonight right I walk you just two blocks down to get a tattoo do you get where do you put on your body are like but like science alright well then that’s going to go in my chest and Pac-Man from the video game eating. And then the dots lead to the word establishment you power how much money do you want me to give you to make that happen tonight
I will never get a tattoo what is your outside number for walking down to the tattoo parlor and you get you getting that. I’m never going to need money again what would it take to make that happen bad idea but I’m not committing but the not money but possibly it would have to be something like you getting an even worse tattoo what would that tattoo feet what your tablet cover cover the stage and give me a worst tattoo but I’m not committing to any of this
Adam Goldberg if Dan gets the Pac-Man the Pacman with the legs and arms for the TV show has the proper in a circle with a wedgie out of it that said it’s that was right next to it Adam pitch me when I would get today
probably probably just the Community season 4 logo
and it’s and it’s Wayne Brady singing I didn’t mind it with the season 4 logo
I don’t know everybody I don’t know
I would never I would never get a tattoo I wouldn’t either I would only get a tattoo of a racial epithet written backwards and backlight on my head as if they’ve been in blacklight tattooing and is his having terrible the only if you went to the cloud was taken
why do you want it backwards so you can deny you can possibly say so I could see in the mirror and remind myself that you’re racist
I would never get a tattoo on my chest I would get the diagram of CPR instructions
I like two spots where the paddles go
I got my arms and legs are really good recipes
how do you make really good buttermilk biscuits
and you try something which has a central tattoo if I had a tattoo on one arm I would still have that arm weighed more than the other arm of the top of my head what I feel like I’ve always been a little thin if my hair is very fine I’m 41 so what did I think I was going to look like you know Hugh Grant forever he’s losing his hair too well he’s older than me I mean Hugh Grant from the movies we can watch it all week
I just noticed that if I ever see myself on video or in a picture in my head when my head goes down and there’s light coming at it like I’d see nothing but scalp it’s good of concern to me also where I do see a lot of hair the old home
so I don’t know if the reason why when I do like that’s a lot of hair I don’t know if that’s just because I don’t comb my hair enough or
your hair is like this to looks like it’s time for game corner
there’s a lot of Corners Tonight Show
there are a lot of quarters to quarters to the show corners
it’s not a fun fact I have I need two volunteers for this game are you right here and you’re right here are you going to answer
okay come on stage what is your name Oren and Morgan and Lauren
we were going to revisit a nice impression
mix reaction
and The Crowd Goes mild tonight your lives will change your children will ask you about the day that you witnessed the second coming of Christ
I have a nice Impressions we have or in the green shirt and Susie list
and we also have Morgan who probably played the guitar at some point
all right now the game is very simple
please try my homemade all right so for this Dan is going to perform Impressions and you guys are going to be gassing whatever he’s doing during the game you both have a Jeff card so you have one opportunity during the course of the game to Flagger just card after Dan performs an impression if it’s maybe a depression that that you need a little more help on all right and then just we’ll do the same impression I don’t I don’t know if they use their gift cards
all right for the listeners doing this seamlessly
all right down here are your impressions
now to assert that you’re both going to do a very quick impression that there real quick before and I know some of that he has found out
she said in the Uber on the way over to use
all right all right so we’re going to start the game with each of you doing your best and you’re not a team we are going up against each other Mortal upon government going to do I don’t know
best Market
okay you guys this duck with AIDS Washington
I’m going to I’m going to go with more and more because I want her to be my friend a little bit.
All right so Morgan’s going to go first categories you choose a category of sandwich you want the impression to be given first category has
second categories of these beats are cold
I didn’t see you there or these beats are cold I don’t understand either that’s so these are rappers with temperature related name
the first time we play this game we had Dan Reed from Bartlett’s book of quotations but this time I’m just going to give him and he’s going to give her a fact or rip on that topic so your topic pickle
for real
far as I’m concerned is two types of pickles in this motherfucker
do it whatever the fuck do you get the fuck out of my face
all right I got the Morgan
is that a Ice-T Ice Cube or C Vanilla Ice Ice Cube
gold gold
your category is I didn’t see you there or falsetto ladies do it best
how can I say no to that one this is a member of Monty Python and your topic is the God particle
I already know.
the family
I was right I was wrong
it’s a good Park
no it’s not it’s not supposed to be
my friend was that Eric idle John Cleese see Graham Chapman
that is incorrect it was Eric idle
that’s not an Eric idle this is American Idol
what is that sound like it so whenever someone comes for that I’m going to go like this.
a man that is amazing
I need to use that to help people
just got there
better than a real thug life
1010 Market assimilated
brick pattern categories to choose from the rhythm of spellbound Bode
female pop stars that were successful in the eighties and beyond for female test subject Kubla Khan
what is Kubla Khan
I worked with Kubla Khan
on my third video
and he was fantastic
and I’m really classy
Janet Jackson Madonna see Paula Abdul
can I use my wild card and Q is this person and your subject is gravity

listen to Gravity
stop preaching
it’s okay it’s like you’re some sort of the celestials father
I am like
the Madonna
when’s that
Madonna beautiful after you all
I was doing Janet Jackson
I don’t recall of all I just you know how to make a bicycle Bell
I needed a bicycle Bell or ends
20 Morgans and leave you felt yourself time to catch up your categories are you there
it’s going to be sure he’s all right so these are at this is an actor from The Lord of the Rings trilogy Dan your subject is the Donner Party
play Madonna party
oh the pain that was felt by your kind when you were in that cabin I wish you never to see it again
come to me don’t eat each other or you are doomed to live but one life
resume Audible.
Paula Abdul
what is that Orlando Bloom
B Cate Blanchett or see Liv Tyler
Cate Blanchett more strident
yeah just for fun coming here I’ll do a little Blanchett
send a hawk into the plastic
all right categories I didn’t see you there a TV
I think I’ll bite on that and see that all right this is a creepy man related to movie
and Dan your subject is traffic
it was so hard getting down here on the five today
I didn’t think I’d be able to get off on the 10 because they was spiders and ghosts
call Abdullah why not I let them in front of me
because I love me
because I love spiders and ghosts
Morgan was that Tim Burton
famous voice actor
yeah like Madonna
the price or see it would
Tim Burton this is a pretty good
but McMartin how old are you
alright your topics are Tipsy TV or categories are Tipsy TV or damn dudes these are this is a friend of Dan’s
damn your subject is shoes
a good shoe is most important thing in the world
I got some wind ass Justin Timberlake shoes the other day I had a laced up I go outside my house and you can pick the coffee guy comes up what are you doing what are you wearing
I’m just wearing some shoes that’s all I do
because it’s thank you
the shoes are perfect the shoes
is Paula Abdul right now
my shoes are amazing
was that a Rob schrab Jeff Davis Percy Spencer Crittenden
I Want You Justin Timberlake I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know who the names in the mirror
I thought it was alright
yeah I was just with Jeff guy
the scores to the one Morgan is at in a shocking a 2-2-1 lead animated father types
Tipsy TV 50 TV all right so this is a male performer who is on television in the 1970s
repair fan of your fan of the show so Dan your subject is horses
so my friend called me and he said let’s go to the horse track and I said what’s good
can we have the car and then we started
are we going to the driveway I’m in heaven but I’m in heaven right now
maybe reliable
Charlie Callas Sammy Davis jr. for RC Dean Martin have no idea what you’re talking about
if you can’t do any of those three people
yes I did forget all the people person a
all right or nearing the end Orange
you’re welcome. Just Google Justin Timberlake shoes what kind of shoes
improvising is I don’t know where you see a Timberland Justin Timberlake shoes
animated father types animated father X animated
I’m in fact that this is a fatherly cartoon character
all right as one of your subject is
there’s one thing I don’t understand about women
what is that
Yogi Bear
George George George Jetson
all right Morgan to 230k is mandated mandated pretty woman loves your diary
it’s mandated so this is a performer with the first name Amanda or Mandy
and your subject is Betsy Ross
he made a flag
give me the flag for you and you should respect that
what is 3 * 11
she put every stripe
delete something
was that a Mandy Moore
Mandy Patinkin
Amanda Bynes
Mandy Patinkin
alright Warren the first time you never forget your first
this is this is the last one the next winner will be the winner of the game if you if you get this correct then you end the game if you all right what will go to pictures are when a pretty woman loves her diary or Abracadabra Abracadabra abracadabra
Dan your subject is Australia
it’s a whole the whole country down there is the whole country is under the Earth to me that’s real magic
I just want
is it a maze people so um I want to go down there and see how they live and show them some things
look at this will get can I see your boomerang
can I show you something about it for a second
Jacob Boomerang Spirits you know there’s Spirits in it
okay and then what happens weather outside
and how you like that you like that
R & R M Paula Abdul
David Copperfield
Criss Angel or see David Blaine
I’m going to use the death card I just want to write Jeff
but what happens now you’re going to do
what do an overhaul
I need to reinvent the wheel this is rounded off
and Jeff your your subject is
seems like a lot of ice and snow out here I’m going to spend the next 73 million years ago
side of an Igloo cooler underneath the bobsled track at
Rockefeller Rockefeller Plaza to ice rink and it might come out for 73 years that means magic and every house also all right
oh man I don’t really know if I’m going to come and guess I’m going to guess Criss Angel
thank you so much for watching harmonizing DND
hey guys how is the Crittenden welcome thanks I feel welcome by you all
now I don’t
got you. That’s a plus for you yeah it’s Rises and then it dies
Welcome to Hell it rises
are you at your Lehigh right now I got a new vaporizer
you’re as high as a Georgia Pine right now. Yeah my yeah my experience
they’re not that I could tell by the way that you’re gripping the right side of your head yeah my next not doing its job so good
my men could use a little pinch-hitting we’re cooperating across the street from from where we do the show it’s good so it’s just the Vapor Spot like that just a place where you go to smoke vapor and tobacco yeah they have like different colors and flavors and you could talk about your different down modifications they probably is it is it says that they have oxygen to me and I don’t know what successful and what’s not I can’t predict success but it’s a man
yeah my bad right he has an oxygen bar Orange County got a bunch of jars they are just a different kind of frozen yogurt or whatever it would take off like I wouldn’t I wouldn’t be like who would have thought that predict Vapor or oxygen being like a new thing I mean I can’t imagine that those places are doing a lot of places go the way of the dodo like oxygen bars did too I really hope so we all going to predict the backside make a good Donuts
like every year did I do a gig at the MGM Grand Casino and in Vegas and then your face Vegas that way I mean yeah maybe you might need oxygen and yeah don’t they also put an IV drip on you when they do that hang over vans that they were they give you kill you
I think you’re thinking of Soylent Green still fictional as of yet as of press time China hasn’t gotten smiling green yet what you think of the band biggest murder vans in China. There’s just like these bands full Chinese officials that are just waiting to grab people pull them in and just put them to sleep
but you never are that’s the thing they kill you but not to be killed again Chinese murder Vans no but I don’t know why I know I miss all the information I have on YouTube Just freestyle and tell me what is about I mean
you say they’re at their roving bands that will just kill you her being Chinese yeah
people I got people the government needs disappeared you know
just grab you if you wanted a grab you put in a van and just fucking if you want to talk to you seems so they don’t
yeah what are they call it MSG Kool-Aid
so if you’re an enemy of the Chinese date a van pulls up the course you are a strong arm you and that’s what I’m a legend
soften a policy on
recently like they don’t need him to happen at every intersection now they did some research and they’re totally inefficient they are actually like put a tracking device on everybody Chinese actually it’s no safer than just having no fire drill at all it turns out you should just run away from the fire so I think that’s one of our definition of racism
the international is handing you an affidavit
answer the phone it says the execution van also call the mobile execution unit was developed by the government of the People’s Republic of China refers to use in 1997 as evidence that mobile execution Chambers existed before 97 the state of Delaware in the United States of America purchase a mobile lethal injection chamber in 1986
The Prisoner is strapped into a stretcher and killed inside the van the van the last death sentence is to be carried out without moving the prisoner to an execution ground
it’s like a dog groomer
Advance Auto require less Manpower / injection injection the prcu states that the bands are more Humane than previous forms of execution well including being bashed by a rock blindfold on
I’m trying to get in trouble for selling their dead prisoners to Body Worlds years ago you know they were all found out they were selling arms to universities
finally we finally got the Chinese
when do those bands are coming to Delaware now
I don’t know man I just I’m surprised I was right about that
it’s pretty amazing I guess I just know stuff I don’t know what the fuck it’s all about
they will go to your show it’s less of a band and more of a live experience
tomorrow night Delaware gas van
in the seventies they had bookmobiles right now the internet I’m sure make us all absolute but it was there were Book Fairs at selling books that’s got you as you go by there is mad.
Dan Dan apologize 3-prong
say hi Rhoda.
add my knowledge of 70s social programs I am remorseful both because I’m your future husband and because it again hangs a lantern on our age difference maker update Lantern
it hangs a glow stick
on the Rave that is me being 12 years older than you
cover me in the foam of whatever me and Rogaine foam my commitment to change it will never happen again cuz it’s almost dead I’m not far behind what do you know about that I don’t know
he has one of these
nobody has that it’s called The Carter
they told me it’s like a Lou Gehrig thing it’s like I have I have a Carter flap in my trachea
do not know our cats
is there a protector you’re projecting so much onto her
what’s the normal ladies like you ever had a hair wrap
show me a picture of cereal each marshmallow in the Hammers each lucky horseshoe
tattoos of star from the sky
the actual bass bass Lucky Charms you can get from any hobby store and put the goodshit you got to run
what is muesli I guess I can call it that but I’ll put it in dates and raisins and it has sliced almonds
I just came
I just can’t
play sugar.
Sugar sugar
I’m a graduate student what do you say
so bored I have no idea what that means that the study of looking like you like horses and play guitar
but if a child trapped under a car you can people with it
do you like Chris horses
related to Palestine health care how would you like to implement that implement
you’re creating a Power Racers super cereal horses
you can play Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Big B I smashed you motherfukers
got it
DNA sequencing
if we could do some DNA engineering that would be
21221 Adams shut up
what what would you what would you like to create some kind of new species you tell me I’ve no idea crazy
know what would it be like to be cold blooded now I’m bars
electric Cobra species that can survive in the in the wastes of Mars atmosphere couldn’t be cold-blooded. On my way to harmontown put up calendar you made on the cover 14 ft cockroach

a cyborg cyborg cockroach
so you want to create new CC at 60 boyfriend that she made in her basement.
17 I think you might be the one to survive in outer space or Extra-Terrestrial what what form like Spencer ass would it be a mammal what what what kind of Life do you think we could create first that we live on Mars
but if you could would you
that’s the first terrestrial life right like moss is like plants without capillary action like there’s nothing before anything there’s Moss as far as open-air stuff
we were in the same Department together okay so what
Morgan do you think horses could live on Mars
yeah. Why aren’t you worried about the Moss becoming sentient and
create become sentient like we’ll be God right and we’ll be bored and will be like go ahead kill us
we did it to our god I saw this comment
I put my head on the Block just I swear I got to stop putting that apple tree in the garden what was I thinking what do you think I like Jurassic Park. I think I I think that it could be a realistic Aaron I hope that they come with a very upset about the people yelling stuff out but the thing is there’s like some very passionate dinosaur people are there like there’s like three of them the rain over there
Professor must go faster actually an all-female Jurassic Park cover band called clever girl
mirrored cabinet make me nervous who knows when they’re going to attack
devacurl by murder fire in your murderer I don’t think that’s ever happened in the history of everybody else they’re not lizards sound like a lot of people they have your shoes brains over here that in the season
but he was coming as he died
in this way he say I slightly underestimated game recognize game
video game recognize game
when we last met Our Heroes had burned their way through bill mardigan then found themselves in an Icee Wasteland trapped in a net and facing down a terrible yet but before they could Escape they were met with a familiar face Tylenol with codeine the Unicorn had to return the Unicorn convince the yeti to let her friends free and together they adjourned two Tylenols hide out in the snow there they stopped on cinnamon toast and Pop-Tarts and Coco and had a great named Izzy and discussion which led the in a coating fuel Bender to the purple caverns of Tamarind in the caverns Tylenol bid them in onward towards the strange and magical Den gems and as they did so the gems transformed into creatures Quirk smashed one of them and Sharpie ensnare the others and the Gang begin to wonder about the sanity of their friend Tylenol but then Sharpie took a shit on the floor
what are Spiros be able to stomach the foul stench where the crystalline Critters indeed wondrous treasure was the unicorns still around her head he disappeared find out next time on in deciding new edition of harmontown today right now is if it if a unicorn if I’m up and playing
unless you just wanted to have an evaporate I mean it’s all good
is demurrage Brown harmontown regular
soccer enthusiast
correct how is my sports corner I was impressed that you got the team trained the right now that these creatures are turning the gym is of these gyms that turned into creatures really sure these ropes or is Vines rather so they’re not moving there like tied up cuz if they’re in a net and Chris de Burgh and you’re going to play a silent Tylenol with codeine on unicorn murder vans
what look
theoretically speaking
if there’s a band of murderers equipment inside of it
there has to be a drive
the legal question just going by my background civil rights and constitutional laws separate from
What I’ve Done has convened a committee to convene a committee and we’re going to reach out across the aisle is some good folks
see if we can’t get there we’ll get to the bottom of this issue and when we do will certainly come forward and and and and talk more in depth about that when I would I do that when I’m not prepared to do at this time
is go on the record about whether or not murder bands exist in this country
Define murder
do you have to Define van
anybody any good citizens with information about this need to hit us up at the White House. Gov for a limited time we’re giving away White House sugar cookies
whitehouse.gov what was the website like a drone
well over Kansas and you can just let me be clear about that that has a similar
and you know it’s not natural drunk but it is a good way using URL to track back and find people that dresses and things who are qualified and I could and we need good people to follow Trump so once again we got your information will find it
thank you for a kind of thankful I’m not sure where he was born
but he feels America
what what I’ll do this one last time
I was born in a hospital
do your own due diligence on this stuff for the Last Time Warner Hospital acre beer food as a child I don’t even think you can get that in Canada so I think you know where I’m from
you see more and more invasive the more questions we asked the more invasive but wouldn’t you is more fun
is more fun
leading us towards being a birther podcast yes sir
nothing is Hardline right winger
Adam Goldberg
duly noted Frederick a so what are we looking at
the cavern eggs it goes into the purple Canyon before he was a pile of crushed with the crushed a fire and also Ruby Red Crab in an emerald Beetle are tied up in the vines they said earlier he’d be tied up because they were you tied them up last week where they where they animated animated towards you inside at dad was a little drunk last week I mean no no judgments and tidy crabs up cuz they they have ill intent they certainly seemed that way now
all right let’s kill the remaining Jim Beatles you sure
by the power of Grayskull Adam Goldberg
Jack Williams
gently I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve recharged my
I think we’re in France is like a zero level spell that doesn’t like 022 damage sure is Greg proops played Tylenol with codeine he wished us off to this purple cave
and I just sat there listening as
proves basically DM
I feel like I helped you know why the world is Dungeons & Dragons place I I just had dammit do I have scorching Ray is that depleted yes it’s not depleted you have Jim crab Beetle all right
you are the blackout you blast it with a scorching Ray it seems to be burned too kind of Rocky Chris but just is all black and cloudy and doesn’t move anymore is clever girl is it count when you’re killing something
maybe there’s one thing left it’s also tied up and not moving
when are you guys do the honors verticals like slice down the middle of it in Mobile so it doesn’t move anymore it’s just the way it is now it’s definitely made out of some form of them might be worth money if you sold it to someone who is into that
hi everybody scoop all this shit up cuz like we were in a million adventures and then the last time somebody trying to buy a hot dog and then we were broke because we never bothered to pick up any of the shit like just we’ve spend it turned picking all the shit up you pick all this shit up
you put in that bag or whatever goes in a bit that happens items that might be worth value in trade it looks like having a lot of a sugar something, came in you see it
seems to go deeper in there’s a dark crack that makes it you know what there’s no lightning that’s why it’s dark and I cracked I examine that crack so dark you can’t see man smells like smells like metal like metal
metal crack seeing ya you see the crack up really close I guess I turn around and go waste of time Mage Mage Light you see it’s like maybe within this crack you might be able to squeeze through but there’s like a 7-foot space that kind of goes around ab and it’s like a you know I got Corner something through the crack yeah so it’s like there’s a little space in the NIT rounds of Ben is it big enough for Noah to fit through definitely crawl through that crack you crawl through that crack can you see there’s this little bit and I talked about earlier I round that Venture around the bend and what you see as in frames you you see sitting upon a raised Stone flat or a platform a massive hit must be at least fully
adult black dragon
must be half asleep it’s not more than half asleep.
I go back to the gym today cuz there are campaign and I say this how are they worse than regular dragons or is that just can I use my ability to detect evil
alright guys we got to be evil by Dragon sleeping on a slab over there they should mention white dragons are evil to the house I’ll say golden dragons mobile murder Vance
like I’m just a white dragon all I know is Rage with me
dragon can we send the person that will work on Tylenol no he’s a magical beasts
can I transmit through the crack you can’t I don’t think Tylenol can fit through it not a horse size crack that you can peaches at my
and take some pieces of my rope and I’m going to take the red paint for my craft supplies when I get a spotter at all over me like I’ve been injured men are strange but I have broken free so I’m going to take cut them down the middle so it looks like someone sprayed me
Skip’s if you if you go in there and try to like run some kind of quick change game on a black dragon
no one no one else can fit through the crack like I can know if I can fit so I can’t get through there when I could teleport to their baby but let’s talk about this episode of The Brady Bunch together like what what’s our endgame what are you going to share with us what are you doing and then I’m going to I’m going to pretend that I’ve just been
tortured by people who hate the black dragon
but I love the black dragon it may come in and I feel like I got free
where where are you bondable
this is crazy enough to work
is If Only God was six all of your plans would always work
are you there God and can’t you be 6 so some of my harebrained schemes can wear elf
how about
how do you speak draconic somebody asked you to do it just big dragon looks like there’s an answer is your she is a big word vodka spilled on it
I don’t technically speak speak emotions
now I feel like evil like evil dragon
I speak Elvish and I speak, you don’t know dragons are highly intelligent being so you know I feel like a lot of times we feel compelled to do things just because it seems like we could
and we don’t stop to think if we should have my right dinosaur people
the great thing about Dungeons & Dragons as opposed to a video game or a pop-up book you read it to your kid and bad like they’re still Wicked fucking walk away
dragon is a whole crack away from us we can actually shoot through the crack to Black Dragon suck
and walk away avoiding every dragon is walking away from every Emerald beetle beetle beetle out if I can play it like a master born to the task it’s a black dragon we just got our asses kicked and doing bad things to good people
I just like our life has become a waking nightmare
outside the purple cabin Is A Wasteland is it snowy wastelands like you’re out of your stay at the front door like men if we leave sleeping dragon dragon a Justice black just as behind a tiny crab
I’m by Maya Angelou
dusit Thani I can ride them out of there
I just suggesting that we’re not ready for this boss level in Tylenol with codeine back
do that and he gets it and I got two Tylenols back and I Rave we just we just see a black dragon name the magic my magic circle against evil offered to her or protect her in some way with that if she does or not you can but it is fitting that room that won’t help very much if you guys want to die
all right around The Adventurous code dictates no one can refuse a round up call
so that has to be a barbecue at some point there will be if we don’t know what are Buttermilk Biscuits to get I feel like we’re a little less but I know there’s a dragon to crack a snow that recently baby plans were presented we remember when we stole baby plans and the bear baby robot but what if the town of babies
history of nothing else going on or what is it
I mean or what’s happening but I imagine like a ton of babies there’s a baker baby and then there is that what that does baby don’t take you to the shadow world but you don’t think there’s a baby Village they’re settling down change set of destroying we’ve been through so much with hurt so many are you Jeff Jeff there’s a dragon in every crack
there always will be Chris de Burgh what do you think
I say I say we should get out of here to make a violin
imagine an entire town of babies that do bioinformatics and they granola they remake tall there erupter fire
nevermind mad or sad to his idea I’ve ever had cork what if what if we tied a rope around you and let you go in the crack you go talk to the dragon I’ll yank you back in the crack what dragon would crack the black dragon
I love you know that you was evil
can I fit my head around and see what else you see pretty much nothing else is otherwise a Barren Cavern that has no other exits or entrances
digging the scene with a Gangsta Lean
I didn’t understand that reference
Jack In The Crack I’ll bet you ten thousand flurbos whatever African currency of that week we go out of this purple cave yeah we’re going to find some settlement or Township and they’re going to go they’re going to go give you a milli
it was a big deal that black dragon and we’re going to get to sleep recharger spells on that sounds like so much fun
make a baby villager I’m trying to help you into the crack
when does everyone go to the truck and yes dear thing okay Walk In The Crack
does lime juice affect dragons laying a fucking around so I can doing nothing I’m going to kill a dragon for no reason
we could we have become chaotic neutral right
at least at least
we’re chaotic all right Aaron Morin go go talk to the dragon do the Sesame Street level
Time game on head
were you literally sad day because at least
I go in there with with Chris de Burgh and when I say Chris de Burgh we go in there because I’ve never met a dragon that didn’t sit on some sort of fucking crazy treasure she’s a part of bioinformatics is a temptation
wake up Chris de Burgh are you don’t know where you got that
hey Sharpie hey I’m coming I’m going to make a prediction for 3 months
we are walking in the woods before you just don’t look it up I run inside or are you saying that all the fucking things that we’ve destroyed that we can’t kill one sleeping dragon
I’m seriously scared of the black ones right and you’d best be described the kitchen floor plan ceiling and walls be all weird shapes where is it it’s sitting right in the beans amid middle middle section
agree that while we all are very near the exit
or very near the popcorn machine I just eating popcorn and watching
so yeah you make those noises it’s still steaming Lee asleep it’s not really registering you right now
I get closer to the edge
he’s asleep so I poked around the room
there’s really nothing else sitting on the stone platform sure I make it I I gasp
you gas myself down in front of the black dragon the dragon stirs and slowly it’s long Serpentine head lifts up off of this place on front paws I get it all the way into the lie detector
so glad you’re awake Jesus Christ
it continues to stir and it starts to look at you like half waking up you know
hello wow glad you’re awake this is been a long journey for me that you are the dragon who had the best ideas about everything and finally meeting you because there is there is a town that is coming for you and I am here to protect you they tied me up they cut me and don’t look for the cuts but there is a lot of blood and what is half of them are opens and closes its mouth a couple times revealing its razor-sharp jaws and you can see acid starting to Bubble Up in its mouth hole I don’t eat
find out when that happens to me when I sleep
I could be nothing
what town am I thinking about that I mean I guess I’ll get on her back and I’ll raise you to victory your words are like where your diamonds really what’s your story
I’m all the way outside the fucking K and you feel bad about hearing that noise so loud is it
talk differently if we can communicate differently are we
what are we cool it just continues to look at it at you after your butt was it roaring it did right after roaring and you see if you see maybe where the tonsils would be on its throat they start to bulge up like a maybe like a toad stack what and what the fuc
everybody on my back come on
I’m writing everybody out of there while I was not as well as arguments going up
telling you don’t miss stuff and then you’re like no for real though everybody want to go wake him up and I didn’t want to go you all wanted your crack and you all got it alone wanted to run first what a save this 20 minutes game time to sneak in there and didn’t try to Rob him
so you right out of these purple caverns and you can’t really see for a moment the light is blinding you but the first thing you see in the sky is a large black shape is god dammit
no no no no no
so I mentioned I’m not sure it’s black and silver it looks
you see the markings on the Zeppelin seems to be the markings of Admiral Darkstar assembling is heading directly towards you incredibly quickly peers to be on a crash course with your direct location well Tylenol invasive
or maybe not listen
what is the Zeppelin goes crashing into the purple wall of the purple Canyon and it explodes in a fireball you dodged out of the way and a crumpled hole falls to the ground with a clunk and you see free flaming Goblin screaming and running out of the hole of this ship away from Florida’s and they’re goblins there’s three of them stop dropping and rolling to try and put out the fire on their bodies but it’s not it’s not a distinguishing who knows man
thanks Rod two arrows yes and that’s what your epic drone you know I don’t I don’t think I’m scared of the dark star ship and I here to help and I start running towards them
screaming and flying fucking music or I can head to my active sure that happens but you’re standing still right now hope she’s off right now so she was running towards with the cost I think well I’m okay
yeah you are how about can I run alongside her. And now I’m riding toward the Goblins having activated the circle against the evil all right what happens if you approach the goblins with your circle and your circle engulfs the goblins and the Goblins are not bothered somehow still their flesh Burns
can I use multi attack on them sure you know
what are you doing that tack on them
you step one directly in the all right with your forehead I mean I use my whisper bow
you see that the other one all right video
will you make sure that they tried to attack you stabbed the guy in the eye and he dies the other guy you stomp on his head with your wolf and his visit
I don’t remind a flaming Goblin remaining
okay I run to the last women got hit my waterskin out and I douse him and to try to save them and just to ask him some questions the water in his fire goes out but then it comes back he’s on fire again I piss on them all right it extinguishes the fire and then it comes back like a birthday candle at that time but I’m doing all this he stopped rolling on the ground he sits up and he’s like what I guess I’m okay but I’m on fire and frost to see if it puts out the fire in burnt I mean I don’t like it but I guess fine
I’m not dead he’s okay so asking questions we’ve never gone this long we got to figure out a way to I tried it I wanted to kill everybody I went to find a dragon every Goblin and dragon you ever met I wanted to leave I wanted to leave and if it’s been recorded almost tried to kill us this was a passenger on a zeppelin is on Fire doesn’t doesn’t hate it we can’t put putting them out doesn’t work can I stuff them in the bag of holding up my stuff in the bag of holding
there’s a lot of sitting there like a lot of it might be worth something but you’re going to get waterboarded later
enhance interrogated it’s about 20 feet off
I go to the Depo go to the Zeppelin
you see a flaming sword
I looked I examine the Flaming in Burns it burns apart before you and you see small block with and wouldn’t Goods being consumed but among the musi untarnished by the Flames a crystalline disc
I grabbed that this can I put in the robot baby you do that the robot baby it makes a crazy noise and starts vibrating and then it goes unit active diagnostic complete
if I can get it
working on your last name
Carol Carol Morgan Hill
grandma Kathy Spencer Crittenden on Jeff Davis
your mare is that Herman is always
I feel like next week Dee and Dee is going to be coming back in spectacular because we activated a robot baby
sorry if you have work in the morning sorry
we serve breakfast


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