Episode: 225 – Harmontownunder: Melbourne, Australia


Episode: 225 – Harmontownunder: Melbourne, Australia


The Australian adventures of Harmontown continue with a sold out show in Melbourne, Australia! Watch the video at harmontown.com/live.


the Fantastic League movie
occupy the wheeler Center
look up weird brisbane’s last night but it was like being in Paris or Rome
Hermantown is now in session
play the German my pleasure my honor to introduce to you
Centra Credit Union
anime of harmontown
exhilarating thank you Melbourne Melbourne
when your
boring to me I know it’s not to you but then it’s like when within the movies when the the first time the teenage daughter calls the adopted dad dad you know like I feel like if we were went through an earthquake together and then I helped you make a tourniquet or something and then they were like werewolves and then we finished and we were the only survivors it was just me and you and then thanks
cuz I was always like to in my gum and call you Melbourne the whole time because I don’t want to just hurrying the audience about your guys’s I don’t know I mean mistakes were made last night like I came out of the brow of the show was lower last night and it wasn’t it wasn’t Brisbane concert this is a very civilized theater kind of but it was like a prison riot it was everybody was yelling at each other they all hated where everybody else was from it was barbaric and they’re not
they’re not it’s this is not a class of thing but I have you guys seen the movie Gremlins like like Milwaukee my hometown like like they were theirs that I don’t know maybe it’s like it often is it true what I say like I shouldn’t I shouldn’t be saying anything I’m saying so if if 700 people are each individually monitoring that and calling out to to me. Okay all right well I said it’s okay that he was from Ipswich and there was a
they nearly crucified him
it was still there. If you guys ever see me when I go to say was unprepared for last night and the amount of effort it would take to do a transcontinental version of the show but if you ever see me initiate a game of audience sound effects which is what I did last night we went straight up on the phone the phone like I didn’t really know what to do I don’t know if it was my fault cuz I came out lunatic and I know and I was obsessed with the accident I was trying to prove I could do the accident and I did I spent hours is it wasn’t an insulting I was at I was so proud cuz I finally got it figured out how to say
why is that such all of the vowels like it sound like you’re going to go you got to go like
yeah that’s Jeff had said I like that because it was a hundred and twenty
it was a lot of time why is great flow over your tongue like a medicine ball or something you know how those blow
I have to go up and ask a question
time the inmates are running the prison light right and there’s smart one
Jolly inmates like they were not they were not they’re not bad people
fucking animals in tracking of our journey we’re now at the meeting with the Goddess were in the taint of Australia where like around and under I’m sure
and we’re in this wonderful historic theater the typewriter was invented
Goody’s find Showcases of artistic I don’t know what the thing is I don’t know what it is Big Show’s like this late date they hire out to the comedy that where is it Mac Swain performed on their Macs Wayne and I was like he clearly needs me to pretend to know who that is or else he’ll think I’m stupid
I will I would never I love you guys but will do that will never understand the name of the old is Daniel Andrews the premier who are you asking about the other prime minister hello
yeah I got no I got my hooks into Pauline Hanson last night a coach to the cross that Finish Line I’ve got a thank you for that ripcord I would it sound effects and then and then someone mentioned falling Henson and it was like doing a rap about liking that hat mates and he went out into the crowd and then went upstairs in the balcony when he came back he look like he had just gotten out of the shower
I don’t know how much is that was flop sweat and how much was just exercise it was kind of humid but if you were in Brisbane like what are you don’t know like I didn’t know what that meant they were at they were like come on
okay Henry what it what what do you need
Henry doesn’t I don’t know I don’t know what to do let’s just all eat I think that’s not what I mean I know they control romantic talking about Brisbane last night at a woman that that kills Crown of Thorns starfish with a giant robot dick like I told it to go kill more things and turned it loose in the ocean maybe there was maybe they were drunk
but I went out with us again karaoke and then like it’s like 30 of us piled into like a room built for nine people and it was really good and I woke up in some Pockets full of drugs I’m getting on a plane in 2 hours
oh I did all of them
and it definitely for real I feel like a real Australian cuz something there’s a weird bump on my forehead something definitely got me last night but I don’t think you can see it but I got to apply for a red stripe or something like Lester Gully not been done my wainscotting I don’t know something got me it’s the ones you can’t see that you know that you’re welcome to Australia that there hasn’t been a spider in 30 years no one else knows that
that sounds like a lie you guys just reshuffle the statistics are right again I’m doing what I did last night and making them feel like they’re just as you listen to the podcast you can I could sit up here and talk about it like random shit like what what the fuck is a bishop I don’t know what a bishop is within the Catholic church I don’t understand
I looked it up and I can’t do the whole internet I don’t even know what it is still there’s a bishop yeah I thought it was I always thought it was like being a lieutenant in the Army like like there is a Priest Lake Street priest you know those are the ones that get down in there and yeah I really hate to tell you but then there’s like Bishops and Cardinals in the archbishop’s what is the fuck I don’t get an I looked it up cuz I watched a movie called The Bishop’s Wife in the whole time they’re not explaining I’m here to help you build a new church in the Bishops like yeah I let I like that he’s like but you like your wife and he’s like what my wife
why you looking at me like that and Cary Grant’s like like her I like her and the guys like that you’re going to help me get my church. I don’t know do you like the church more than your wife like it’s crazy but that’s not the point I guess his name is Walla Walla Walla Walla Walla
an angels a holy creature created as a as a servant to the Lord a ghost to The Departed Spirit of the Living God
and that was Spencer Crittenden logic moment I have one wheel house and it’s knowing what monsters are
ask him if he stumbled right into your garden at act like I do it’s all I got
Let’s ignore it what are you are you from
Brother listening Jeff is opening up a bar at the side of the theater Farm self you found a bar
I think I found you coming
that’s going to keep happening that that sex stuff with me right time to make who’s who’s having a terrible time and she shared all the stuff in and then I was like oh well it can we give you a within our means is there anything we could do since you shared your pain with us do us all a favor listeners does a neon sign underneath the John Wilkes Booth like overhang and the bar is Black Curtain in there is a bar right off of stage Right audience laughs Gray
it’s trick that’s what I said
John John turtle
he said you do we want an open he can he can send somebody down there open up this bar
I think they’re reacting like you think for them some money John
I want 10% of this action there’s a bar we haven’t liked it while you’re like trying to have an act you want me to close the curtain I want to
just got that neon sign. Just like art department or is there actually a thing that goes on Thursday the bars that close to the stage that’s really Australian Angela Lansbury’s doing love letters you can just go get fucked up during this and I know about the brush fires I’m not being insensitive 11 like Blake every 11
you know what are you doing that no way like are you sending out a signal leg like a fund to pay attention to those you saying that’s exactly what I don’t know it’s like anybody and you’re not a bad person for wanting that necessarily that’s like so so I’m kind of looking for some of those people where we just were going to just ask an Australian and we’re like I’m going to run through a couple of people like you get your time will be limited but intense you won’t be bullied let’s go with the very thin Lumberjack optional
yeah I like I like the sky spirit and he looks like a just looks like a harmontown listener
I don’t want to put your name sir what’s your name
all right Jessica heck yeah I just grabbed for the listeners at home Jackson looks like a police composite sketch of me but saying he’s attractive
I thought you said crack dealer you could have tracked him from your authenticity as an Australian so I’ve written some Australian phrases right and I will make sure you you would you use when you read them weather in the bushes he stole my son he’s prepared to die by knife
sounds pretty Australian to me
I’m ashamed to tell you I spent my money trying to say that you like my hat in her laid back fashion like Jackson hair
oh Lord
get married getting the hell out of you guys
but you know you kind of laid it on thick at the end conscious about Australia Brisbane more activity
Brisbane is a Big Country Town by the way
to tell them that they don’t they don’t know we’ve got things in junk
what if your sister I happen to love Melvin if your
I the item that that will that that brings me to the question
why is it called capsicum
are bell peppers
if it isn’t that I don’t know I kind of probably pronounced it’s $2 well melted face Ferris wheel yeah what part of it melted like a whole thing no not only that but it does nothing to see there it’s just
either they had to move it right there is an to pick it up and move it at Home Depot in London they have one of those I don’t know if that was what this is based on cuz it’s called the eye but smaller
can you go to London in your life what is this shity ass thing and they’re like
the beginning it was an eyesore but not chocolate. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah now it’s still just a copy of the shittiest thing that how long has it been here
Ferris wheel after they announced release notes
melting bug I live in Los Angeles I’ve never been on the subway I’m not going is earthquake all the goddamn time you’re not getting me into a whole problem where the ferris wheel melted all right well I’ll give you a bonus one since you’re all the way up here and we just want to double confirm this so we were told at one point that in Queensland I don’t know where in Victoria we are told that in Queensland that Jeff is slang for finger banging
like getting Jeff’s fact have you ever heard of getting Jeff being fingerblasting no right angles only babe I only make noise if it’s a yes or no
okay so there’s a couple people cuz you know I was like a great place to get Jeff to be at the top of the ferris wheel learning someone’s name is nervous system is is going okay so I never remember the name what’s your name
all right
creme brulee
I want to teach him how to play bass and start a band like I has great hair
that’s one good hair Dan is now wandering among the crowd I want it I want it I want to cuddle with all Australian wonderful blend of jocularity and warrant
yeah jocularity you piece of shit fucking question we have American a fucking drone strike your ass
wow she fucking their army invented Wi-Fi they’re so bored do you know that woman Australia Benton shit down you know wow
yeah I know I have to worry about it so the Liberals would not liberals with a capital l liberals with a smile are the ones who are now Constitution nuts in her probably. Kylie weapon because there’s a Nazi that got elected over here there’s a there’s a people who want to secede from the crown those are progressives Jeff and they’re called Labor even know in the state people who labor or the people that elected Trump but would never want to be called Labor cuz they’re so fancy they’re just a lottery ticket away from being president
I just I just wanted to straighten that shit out
Molly Jansen is the Ipswich of governments
cookie sandwich called a chip switch delicious ice cream and cookies
you’re fucking wrong
he’s just wrong about everything apparently it’s not all about ice cream and cookies
what is it if it’s a complete lie think that he
16 and Pregnant what does that’s very brave of you to admit that Matt and I don’t
play so we can open up to each other I want to do gender-balanced not that we adhere to a binary normative fucking thing but I’m just saying from the other end of that Spectrum don’t turn around just don’t turn around very still for visual Acuity is based on movement then
look at this if you’re going to turn my turn on fairy slowly
Jesus okay
they’re everywhere all right are you coming up or you just coming back from the bathroom is coming back to a snipe
did you want to come out all right
sorry to hear that your name again Claire everybody
Claire OK clear I’m going to confirm your identity could you read this top-line and bold-faced for me I ain’t going away for awhile
I wrote that in the Green Room
I’m not at work perfectly Who Would Imagine taking a shit
I didn’t hear a thing I swear there’s no everything eventually leads there is we were in Australia
I have I have a question I can ask do you do you have a burning or let’s just say the same one what I was going to wear that bell pepper and capsicum with the same thing such a long time so I know you guys called Chili Pepper no icon I got one maybe it’s on your list I don’t know cuz we don’t prepare anything I went to a place in Brisbane to get a burger a veggie burger and the three cheese options one was like a fancy parmesan kind of situation and the other two with cheddar and the other tasty
what can I do if I walk up a Burger Shack was really good and tasty tasty Celtic knot Mobius strip conversation
Cody take a picture
crackers and the flavors were mild Lotte TX
will you give me his people don’t know this about Dan but when he’s when he’s talking about crackers he coming to become a pill Cosby
talk about how American cheese is not cheese I’m sure everyone here is literally patriotic Statue of Liberty
probably tell just by looking at it it’s not Chase Ingalls like why is that on the TV
production alistair’s
then threatened to a show off his Rippling abs
so I told that plastic cheese ruelala the bar was low you know
play what what else are you better than your guys are so good from what I hear it’s like American Australian an English as far as sugar is sorry England is like the way your I can’t find here and help with my favorite week in Canada and the thinking one is up is the coke out of the Coffee Crisp ever had that
can you Canadians are good right there
all the way there home
you know there’s more picture brought you buy Coffee Crisp
hey wait we never asked I already forgotten in Jacksonville
what’s his name from die hard all right for Brisbane but in Melvin want to hit tonight I’ll save them for OSHA
turn in Brisbane in here and it’s getting bridge video
thank you very much
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I’m going to go get another Aussie people like Jesus
he made the angels I don’t know if that’s not true and prove it
I guess I got my eye on this guy his name sir
making its way to the stage and Leaps and Bounds
alright okay we have to start a band with these guys look at these fucking is everybody look so cool
like your pants like those hands a lot alright I didn’t even play music I was too dazzled by his trousers exciting what is type 1 the sea if you’re Australian
how much to renovate a home
oh really
birth my parents are Irish but I’ve lived here all my life
all right because that’s what you’re wearing chart that have green hair you really dated URS 3434 control or is it that once you gain control you crave isolation
what does Eva mean
all right maybe that’s a Mario run
Mario run is on the on the iPhone okay
a lot of people that don’t feel bad what are you and why are they scandalous
can I ask the back of them like in the country towns and stuff so what say you what is it you
play run by okay like a Lori Lori’s
as far as what what are the pickup trucks that have a weird cages in the back of the crocodile
for the homeless it’s really answer the question really is happening again no I know it’s okay yes no I have a question what do you do here in Brisbane
Swift I just wanted to see if you got her listed man
what would you do here in Melbourne I roll burritos Other Place full of fun. What’s the secret to love manuscript
Southern California when I go for Mexican food cuz I really want is an Australian Irish. Rolling a burrito really Down With Love
just come on a coincidence that the only good restaurant in Melbourne restaurants here cuz I had the best Italian dinner for the show so good here and I kind of grew this country I was on a lot of Mexican dudes I came down and said you want to build a restaurant here in Texas like
are they Australian or Irish or Australian I just been kind of backpack down there at the logo of firefighter in a lawyer like a burrito Mike
I know it’s confusing this is doesn’t work and I am if they bite you you become one right
have to kill the head of the bloodline even been to Grant your freedom please write another game ran across the streets of Melbourne at night
thank you brother
they’re good people there they’re polite there their they’re warm their jocular you fucking dick I said it that’s a good word for their energetic they’re not you know I’m amicable, so it’s okay if you was Bangarang some bullshit
it’s from Hook it’s a line from a guitar with the kid say when they going to jump around and and and ruin the three ruined myth of Peter ban people in Hollywood think of the poor people like to indulge their fucking use of session with this is like I love Peter Pan like yeah because you’re a fucking like we’re do you like you were you were raised in a fat underneath Malibu I always Burger
I did I did I did start watching when I was 28
I’d like to get some of that Wendy’s
but you know what I mean
going a lady dressed as Peter Pan that’s pretty hot
I have a short hair fetish like pretty into it with the short red hair and convivial as insane kind of Bowie like a pot
look you see a picture of her like a butter for 40 minutes last night it was like she looks like a private thoughts about telling Hanson that night
judge not lest ye be judged Melbourne Bangarang
the adjuster the call Jeff Pauline Hanson
tonight try to Jeff Pauline and send it with all your heart that’s the only way we’ll wait for them to become liberals call me and lay it out I only paid $1,000 for a ticket would be fine with you
this is actually how damn sexy sister
very passive aggressive people did you just throw some
if I did why would I still have it
and there was coming back around
could have hit him in the back of the
so we’re on the airplane coming out and Cody my girlfriend she hurt her device the screen thing got stuck on the setting for blind people wear it describes an audio everything that’s happening on screen for the film begin with logos title cards and things that I wrote three of them down
yeah and then I’m in the evening sky in clouds and Illuminating a towering edifice in the fall
Century Fox with the light
palm trees and the hills Beyond
do we have blind listeners I mean I would hope we do it would hope that then maybe we could be a part of a of a visually impaired persons enjoyment of life and it would be fun to talk to of visually impaired person about this stuff but
don’t jump
are you visually impaired
you’re not blind yet you’re going blind
this guy’s not fucking convinced baby
are you going to going to
it doesn’t matter I think we’ve gotten off of the track here I was just I was just I was just reading these prescriptions in 10 years sir I like basically I I my eyes are going I mean anyways all right. What’s your name of the song you think you have until you’re completely blind
510 years so what what what percentage Vision do you currently have
okay going to fucking Jeff you so hard that Jackson style right now
how do you say in the balcony I’m going to use the good ticket and if you need any help or advice I’ll just yell back at you
okay and it’ll be $500 but I’m going to ask you yes or no question it was an Alice and you can just yell down is it to me when I hear somebody describing something for the blind in this intense like rapturous voice to me that seems almost mocking like you wouldn’t believe what you’re seeing what I’m seeing and you can’t see like oh my God it’s crazy the lights are alive over over the

what is Century Fox what doesn’t that seem offensive
yeah probably
like me not blind and has my answer probably we really need a blind person down here immediately if you’re listening make some calls but anyways and they’re just giggling so loudly what are you guys watching it’s so completely descriptive in the guy is really into it the second one was a bearded bronze figure like a classical Warrior shoots an arrow Which flies through the holes in a row of Axe blades tsg entertainment
if you if you can have that guy pitch back their logo to them while they were designing the really that does sound a little busy shooting an arrow into a row of Axe blades so it’s got Wings Now quickly sprouting wings and nature boy sitting on it and fishing
you wonder if the mood is rubbing his ass track is he waited patiently for a fish that may never exist that can’t be comfortable as the last one was it was like this when really like the light gleams off of metal letter C which hangs from a Chain Casting Shadows on the walls on either side of it two rectangles cut from the sea make the right hand shadow look like an e Sheridan and visual didn’t even scam
or Like a Star Wars something out a little robot just dancing around and then he’s a Bad Robot some people do it right
Alliance had a long day is 4th to roar like he’s an actual lion but he’s kind of phoning it in
m g m
you’re a you’re a sound effect of scriber Lake sorry I need to hear this what it what did you say
what does if you are the driver would send you there quietly with the time fucking lunatic over here
but this is what you do when you come up and then talk to us
no describe I
it’s it’s not part of my traps to be the center of the spotlight visually
I know I can’t do your accent
that’s the whole point what your name is
take you can take this you can take this microphone since Sarah you’re like a Thundercat know that’s why would so sorry I forgot there’s no cat in the name you just heard the are apart and connected the dumbest.
describing Live Theater
in back in that get little headset so want to hear that hear us and the other either what she owes you quite loved her since you know it out or you just kind of wrong with her Aunt Jemima seen you can probably just drive up pretty well not to put you on the spot everybody everybody close your eyes
all right wait I want to I’m trying to figure out cuz it’s pantomime that wouldn’t make sense let me don’t yell stuff out you’re a terrible person
we are having or having a good shows her you can’t you will not ruin this all right so I’m going to try to do something dirty and khaki pants
I feel I feel I feel Xerox now pushes the shoes if it had buttons he holds the shoe to his ear and pretends to talk you can talk to it
Kevin it’s been seven years since you spoke to me in my shoe looks angry
breathes heavily
on the phone I can go back into the kitchen
are you fucking me
did mention my age my gray hair or anything
referees can we sue you and stuff I go
honey I listen I need to speak with you
please come back
men’s equals to what
heritage Heather
he pulled out a gun pointed at the man in the T-shirt I’m leaving you in Flora Lane
appointment early something
fishery management said he goes to the ground the older man runs up and grabs the guy and they wrestle a point to the audience to move the lift points to the ride points to the Mexicans the grapple saying do the Hokey Pokey
they stopped doing a child stolen and not smiling
the men of the t-shirts pretends to open up his chest
and a snake comes out
the man in the suit licks his fingers and just the man in the picture.
Did you say Jeff
that is wonderful
that was so fun I was absolutely crazy
she knew what she knows.
I don’t want to make it a bad show by saying that I don’t know there’s a thousand people there from a different continent nail in it
what time do we start how much time do we have to have an hour
all right we met with you a little bit we can end it right now but yes thank you even thank you for even though you were thinking yes it was good that would be a good time to end it should be an hour like you don’t have an ax your podcaster
but I’m glad you did like let’s just suffer cuz the next chapter is the atonement
with the father but that’s heteronormative like like like the Campbell Story Circle where the middle of the show we just met with the guys and sorrow not to put too fine a point on it
now we have to work for the price we heard she literally described what it was we were doing like she keep you do you not talk about a couple times doing maybe this is a bad pitch and I don’t spend so you probably not prepared for this no never signed an agreement
as long as it’s not medieval fantasy I think we could do it because we were talking about bringing back a little bit of role-playing back into the shop
I’ll take the heat on this one but yeah I mean that’s concerned because harmonquest and I’ll be stepping on toes at like you know but it’ll be like a promotion commercial for harmonquest on see so what you probably can’t even watch her cuz your country doesn’t have
hi dispensary I don’t reckon you have any dice on you probably die so that’s fine I’m sure you got
what are the second half of our current system at least nine days
why do we have him
where is Eric Wareheim
who’s a very handsome person
what what’s your name sir Bode Bode
and then and then let’s use a giggly pink hair who was like no don’t call on me and I want to sit next to the can you do you want to come up you don’t have to come up so I can hear what you’re saying blue hair blue hair
you could have been anything
what’s your name Jenna okay Jenna everybody
you know what damn, it occurs to me that like for our listeners because we’re not live streaming us we should just have a sense are at all times just describing as if I owe ya Alex I cannot pay her for her services that she gets paid.
massage spot with Spencer for three and a half
you know I don’t know that just seems like literally her job I do this at parties to it’s worth money
are you local
best way from
a bearded man behind the folding table get turned on
you’re not what I’m really familiar which is a very Bergen Town I didn’t hear that part she just wanted to be up here we are not playing that
I want to put myself into civil rights okay is my point
staged and now cuz I wasn’t prepared for this I know it’s not it’s okay but it’s also a bit different than what we do back home and out of the back room at a comic book store at nice are you asking me or you telling me to Australian. Just part of the scientific method what do you mean
Ryan toy review manufacturer create the market than what are you doing the way facilitator them for profit in America that is amazing
are nonprofits like a big deal here at like in America like there’s for-profit companies that just decide to operate as nonprofits in America cuz no one gives a fuck who’s probably strict standards here doing what my boss tells me right no I never implied you were I’m sure you’re a great employee yeah
all right well are you currently on some of their own Supply right now
I wish I could remember what I said we’re going to we’re proceeding through volition and we’re going to get our asses kicked right over him climb back up into the conscious realm so now we’re going to improvise a role playing game because we don’t have character sheets we don’t have that you are a role-playing Enthusiast because you have a stack of dice on you it’s not jump to conclusions
she might just be a weird Gambler come on
and Jenna have you ever played in the D&D Pathfinder roleplaying game
911 911 Gilbert crab
you you insensitive antipodeans
we had feelings on the other side of the world
all right that was a that was a horrifying interlude have you ever had any experience with your rage issues we should be Barbarian
can I create a little world for us right now and then first and then the world or other way around you think what you want to be a pharmaceutical barbarians fuckingawesome you like half a bottle of pills that you just bought through a wall or something kind of a Popeye kind of a drug addict Barbarian
he’s a great race you want to be it’s it’s it’s whatever whatever you want we’ll make it work I don’t know like a psychic or you could just Loop it at all either tell you. Let it go
booty what do you what do you love to play in the normal million that you play do you want to just want to be a wizard
a person that is real smart and can do it and is good at talking and and entertaining people
all right and I can cuz I always play Rogues I’m going to go for fighter I want to be like a tough guy I guess I never do that I’ll be straight up can you be an elf fighter fighter named morphe
good good okay alright
that’s what you guys want that’s what you started pouring out of this desert dungeon Master’s sound
you want to smoke
nature box. I’m not going to do that again
this scattered peoples of Australia have summoned their will to fight but have largely been crushed down and pushed to the Far Corners of the Outback
that brings us to today where our heroes are driving in AU
up towards Ipswich
you find yourself blocked a roadblock is in your way guarded by several barbarians like post-apocalyptic ones with like Tire spikes you don’t like Mad Max kit situation cuz that’s the world you’re in
okay roadblock barbarians Mad Max shit you go all right
what’s a truck called Ute here though
all right are you go out the dude abodes trying to track that was great
I think the show has taken a turn
okay baby jackalope
no way they’ll hide
right now I feel like I’m filling my end of the bargain you cuz I’m there I’m going to like to eat the tough meat head guy and like I’m not driving my YouTube but it’s also got one of those dudes in the front like that plays guitar
that’s me I’m the I’m the BART. You’re so popular while like talking Dan camo
camo camo camo camo
we got company up in front of us
is Jenna weathers right now or no
very Australian sounds dirty
steel toe on the purifier
yeah feel like it’s a joke on filtration I think
Phil tour
I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t get that I just love you so passionate I just never know.
everyone starts shooting at you
I turn the car
and going to a I like it feel like I’m going to get my drift in my Ute and I kick over the passenger door and I take out my my sawed-off shotgun with that has 4 barrels
okay you try to pull it and pull a drift butt
car your food is too top-heavy in it tumbles over you managed to pull yourself out with your shotgun in your like on top of it and then Dan is all sprawled out
you’re right Mike
yeah where are the guys the Barbarian there they’re in front of there in front of you
all right all right
play hold their multiple rifles above your head in and fired several warning shots a couple feet above your head just to show that they’re badass or cool or something
good day
we are merely
comparisons across your Wasteland for we have heroin
as the pharmacy cabadbaran she has heroin she has it
we have so we could leave be happy to pay a toll for passage in the form of Narcotics yeah we’ll take that will take all of it yeah I do want to see you but you got this Barbarian school or something.
I turned my my compatriots and I say well I talked to them and they want to take all of her stuff and I give him that look that says you guys have talked about this before I now just duck under behind a thing in you you guys go crazy
I say oh yeah sure I hate Jenna on give me all of your heroin and I’ll go over there and give it to them
and I mean really give it to her
I’m sure you will
hey are you you made it home sexual I was trying to make it to my home
I was not okay
I take the heroin and went
and I had taken from her I take one of my small proximity mines La grenade that I have in my in my little pouch I have this like prosthetic post this Wasteland like prosthetic leg looks like guitar parts
and I’ve been strumming a certain it’s like I think that lowers their Armor class or wait raises it yeah well why don’t you could have you could make you can Inspire confidence and make it easier to hit the
teammates better
and that would have been way more expensive where we kept the phone’s going straight to just did it down here it doesn’t matter what type of heroin can I have a Roku remote control and don’t take all of our hair and even more than that will take other stuff maybe we’ll take you slaves you know
I give you the hair and I got paid are you dare you take the hair when I forgot it back in the Utes I’ve got a whole bunch more stuff I’ll I’ll be right back okay help me clean over to our to our captors and we all know what kind of walk back out of range of my explosives all right Barbarian guy one emotions to someone else to come over and test the heroin he’s kind of poking around with his finger in like touching it to his eye and stuff to be a heroine there about five meters across their kind of spread out there’s about seven of them and then there is maybe three of them they can pay my character doesn’t know metric
oh you’re in Australia a bitch
5 meters is what I do
to you and then when we’re far enough out of range
the detonation device I have in my fiber I cuz I have a cyborg I court and whenever I want things to blow by explosive heroin IRA
okay yeah alright your mind blows up tearing them limb from limb three of The Barbarians and knocking the other four to the ground
did we did we lose our ship anyway around us with my
send Punk. Yeah we’re leaving your hands in a magical manner you kick up a dust shield
good job buddy good job can we still see them now or whoever we all just hiding behind a dust wall you can’t see too well
we have the we have the upper hand and now we’re just in a dust storm
oh you can see the you but it’s on its side now right
sucking on a mosquito
they were robbing us they want everything but maybe they robbed everybody maybe the richest people
Rob everybody
look up Ariana what kind of Barbarian
why don’t Barbarian
they have all the stuff they want
all right quick before noon Boot made out of
is your specialty again pharmaceutical Barbarian
cheap cheap drugs and be ready to take heroin chili that’ll like luckham and then they’ll be right there from The Habit
do you have like a
through the air
your contract with us you would take drugs and beat people
I have to let me know if it’s a chain that would make me angry and that would definitely make me do that on your couch everybody get your cocaine field Barbarian rage right now
all right so who do you want how are you going to attack
I’m going to be old like
not a lot of people have an answer to that. All right leaping into the dust shield you take a bullet to the shoulder but you wrap your
what are the Barbarian popping his head clean off
that’s all
I used I used in I use Relentless voice Shout
it’s an intern or anything from Skyrim teeth
I learned it at the throat of the world
what is a do in a in a in a radius equivalent to my level that moves outward diminishing one foot pound per packs as it knocks any ready Warriors back into a stunned position and makes flat-footed any previously alerted monsters I stop paying attention
you do that it works
girl fight
also the forest at Knox clean the the roadblock but the trucks go on the site so
am I strong enough to talk to like write the truck on my ownership as it says that a teamwork you don’t know
Coqui McTavish go out
it’s all leg
Yeah cuz you’re supposed to lift from the legs and if you’re all legs would be perfect bullets continue to cut through the air let’s jump in the car and come down
we have to we get back in the Utes and I hit the gas pedal and a mat them can I can I do like a like an unseen servant thing to drive so none of us have to feel bad I sure as a new Outback

alright they really learn to cringe here
how do you take a bullet in the arm
I suck the bullet out of his arm all right it’s great
it goes a good 7ft but it doesn’t hit anyone
so where where is the Unseen servant driving then
I’ll just ended the Barbarian oh yeah alright you run over one of them just one the other two kind of roll off to the side but with the Roblox I thought you meant about the servitude that’s why I praise him
I’m American and Rich you passed the barbarians that are still alive I roll down the window and flip them off
all right that happened
all right we got to get no we got to get in the Ipswich
yeah yeah you know what everyone knows where it is this if we’re going into the belly of the Beast right now you guys understand this you’re on the outskirts in the following Road
it’s pouring your forward progress in a you how how wide is the chasm
4 meters
sorry sorry sorry 7 m 7 m
that’s what I meant I get out of the youth and I go to the edge of the chasm I scratch my chin
I hear no Echo
I thought I looked down in this Chasm as beautiful as I kind of like the Grand Canyon in it I take a moment to look at our group and I say hi
has a Serenity sure drugs and I’ve already pasta
that’s that’s impressive
I didn’t know you could do that
strange drug taker okay wizard filter
did you just cast a magic heckler
or something there’s a flight or flight
Outback Outback truck Splash on it
I’ve got I’ve got a bunch of rope in the in the back we could we could try the grappling hook across this and do a little like a kind of fashion or a crude rope Bridge
or unless you got a sexy spill filter
I can help out with magic and so we don’t have to throw it
crude rope Bridge montage
it’s in the way that you use it, non crude
the real rope Bridge
we are wonderful together built our filter should I use her body as the counterweight on this side I’m not smart I had I have an intelligence of free
I’ve been left behind but I’m out of it so we can attach to that we can just take you back over across the cat something in the wall
Zachary Ryan sleepy Coke binge thing from happening to nobody
I picked the wrong class I picked a guy that just talks that’s all I am I wouldn’t like your knapsack there that looks kind of mystical and magical
give me the eye of everything the cold the eye of everything I push the center of the eye it gets stuck
the button gets stuck movie about ourselves only watched it and I pull her across and I stir up and awake and I woke her up
what why you were passed out we used you to counterweight our Bridge
I don’t know that you’re putting on weight but we use use to counter whatever
never never talk about a woman’s wife we had like a we could have ended it there
no we’re across the chasm that isn’t this is a special tool attend to Ipswich
you’re going to give up now you can one one button gets stuck and you just fucking want to call it a day
I don’t know if I like your style.
Do you mean to say that you even though we met with the goddess now that things are falling apart I think that maybe it’s time that we should split up company and find out if they can be magic
I ain’t never like never knew my parents
we’re fighting
I go away okay
guys you’re turning into Twitter
don’t let I don’t hear you can’t be as drunk as me there was that I was the one up here with a fifth of vodka. Can I eat a eat an iguana we’re not friends anymore and I will take care of you again I’m going to go with him
fucking made a bridge for crossing the did the difficult one place to the other category
tilt or are you coming with me you’re going with these Ding Dongs I’m with you all right we will see you at the Finish Line Jennings character give us an adderal
well I guess you’re walking I’m driving and full speed
play I’ve invented this drive that means that we can run is Superman Spade serving a bit years
give us the give up there at the orange tube on your shoulder break it open
she does
whatever you need
art imitates life
the show dragon
and I haven’t I have a medical condition
I got the AG room bad
separate the a D and B
where are you guys going tonight where we were fighting over we’re going through right now you just seems like you’re doing the same thing trying to run a Superman speed did they take the gas I can’t hear you driving
you know it’s like we’re not working together send a text you continue to drive you you see the buildings in Shacks of Ipswich put out of the corner of your eye you see a brown more a kangaroo smashes into your windshield knocking your car off the road I mean your urine off the road
will your father
we run past it oh no this is like miles ahead of you
we’re running out but you will fuck
the car is totaled the you is totaled as it is a kangaroo alive or dead ohyeah it’s alive it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s shaking itself like its head and it’s like I can you can you cast a spell that you can you can you possess that kangaroo and kick Jenna and end end ham has asked again if you’re way behind this way by attacking kangaroo yeah I’m a fucking kangaroo what the hell
the hell do you think I am
happily tied to Kangaroo in the face so it’s not a miles away
kangaroo we need to get the boys we’re sorry about hitting you can you carry us in your pouch to switch my name is not kangaroo
sorry I was being mammal normative well it’s fine I understand why it’s a bit what is your name Charles Charles filter let’s hop on the couch and I will make it worth your while Charles what the fuck you just have all these designs on me I’m sorry I busted up your car I was just trying to cross the road why because
we’re trying to guess where we’re trying to gather the resistance we’re planning a big assault but then we leave the resistance take us take us to the kangaroos isn’t will help what we want to join your car alright
I think we’re either we’re going to do good good I can swear I can see up ahead looks like they got into some trouble you see a total View and Kangaroo prints leading away looks like a kangaroo
it’s honestly fair enough we don’t even have to probably fight following heads in a row to win so I’m on your team don’t fuck with me but let’s go let’s go anyway cuz that’s where I live
you get to your house on the outskirts of Ipswich just think this is where it all began come in
opening the tiny round or crawling in my phone
you look over
what’s peekaboo plays out of them
and on the horizon you see a shoot like wall column about of kangaroos and on the two biggest kangaroos filter the purifier and I smart are writing them like Tong tongs
and we have like like we’re like honorary kangaroo people now
yeah and I produced The Eye of everything and I show it to the kangaroo alright I look down at my kangaroo and go don’t worry the button stuck
shit don’t work all right they can’t aruze hop forward their their ranks approaching their there the line of kangaroos stretches as far as the eye can see in there just steadily moving forward there about 40 feet off now
pull up silicone
are all the kangaroos oh no
I hope this failed
I hope that the racist term kangaroo
if they update they stop they stopped hello Nick
Who’s Back To The Head kangaroo the biggest one is being ridden by filter
hello Nick a it would appear
the apocalypse makes for strange bedfellows Nick and Charles
first off but before I get to the meat potatoes when I’m going to say the first thing they want to do is give up and walk away when the when the when the when the shit is hitting the fan I’m certain that’s true but all the same he used the sacred kangaroo, and we must respect that excuse me but I refuse to lose
I never said you wouldn’t do that and isn’t that the Australian spirit that unites all of them be they Labour or liberal be they have switch in or Brisbane Ian all Australians are the same and that they are the one seventh of the planet that will remain when the rest is gone to not
for they are
creepy abandoned
they know not the shame of isolationism nor the intimidation of global trade they have always been confused and are you fucking prick
and is it not written in the Australian Bill of Rights
the defensive stats of prison Marshall’s wrote on the coast of Perth
when they first does it not say that that that that all men are right it says that I’m sure I’m sure cuz the documents older than 40 years I’m sure it’s definitely a super non misogynist
anything other than a Judy Blume novel I’m sure it was okay but anyways I forgot I forgot my point and I’m going to my name is Dan Hano and I think we should all team up nature man scientist wizard speaker person fighter and defeat the Pauline Hanson
once and for all easy target may she be creatively
she will prove a tough address. Do you have anything that you can give to the kangaroo Army that will enhance their powers as we attack definitely not going to help okay okay all right
or maybe wait do you feel like some mgma
let’s all just tripped fucking hard let’s roll like fucking tumbleweeds all right all right always have enough you’re less you now less ready
you’re not worthless
let’s wait when can we can listen to some the kangaroos feel the walls
oh my God this couch is so small
Phyllis couch you guys is amazing
I have always talked we should be talking I don’t even have your number in my phone please definitely need to hang out mall I’m going to grind
is it weird that my kind of reclaiming Australia from reclaimed string
I didn’t understand it is it kind of ironic the way reclaiming Australia from reclaimed Australian kind of oh I don’t that’s a political slogan
stay here a bit longer and you’ll understand it I don’t like yeah I come from the land up over there is a guy who who began his political career by making the black president prove he wasn’t a secret Foreigner whose poor Russians in the James Bond villain it’s fucking insane right now Rick of glass and bang my head into a wall and died I never happy ever anymore in my ass the other day and I I used Too Much toilet paper and accident and then I thought why do I care how much toilet paper I use Trump got elected and then I just used a million pounds of toilet paper and I stuck to my toilet toilet
my system getting destroyed except my own toilet in my own Planet but I’m like everything is that’s what’s happening me back over over over over you got some bad Molly Brown
yeah I’m freaking out man I feel like a pavement is dinosaur skin
of Macon
all right I just use WhatsApp hands
all right let’s go let’s go down I’m coming down
star whatever we’re fighting
third act like a kangaroos are advancing on the on the God damn it what’s your name Pauline Hanson Pauline Hanson stronghold okay
what do you do she’s a robot
robot can’t die they must be destroyed or you know left alone I don’t know
let’s go get her let’s go get her I was describing that she said she doesn’t know know it’s great
mortar shells rain down exploding
dirt and sand is Kangaroo parts are ripped asunder like so much Miss packaged in mislabeled Meats
that happens to make it to the wall
did the shell alright I start climbing the wall okay me to alright cuz I like the double like a trampoline
I love double bouncing
I’m just going to freeze take what I feel I had those checks yet so I’m going to step out
I didn’t hear it you’re going to boost what
laughing like I’m no use so I’m just going to be like oh nice working together
and or double bounce up the wall
now you’re at the top of the wall you see several small spindly robots actually getting various mortars and howitzers at the top of the wall of the stronghold of hampson
I got this
all right
a focused beam of audio of energy
talk to me by the greybeards top Mount Prospect are in Skyrim
all right you scream loudly your ear breathy burst voice Echoes out over the ramparts and smashes into the spindle robots killing 26 damage
the robot Falls all two pieces or just one just one you’re on the wall there on the wall broccoli double double weapon I have a two swords and I go into two which was the one that we spin around and is your crazy dazzling display kind of thing or some gymnastics
my storage both have ribbons on the end of it so it’s pretty cool I got it like a tribute to Scooby-Doo or some weird shit
attacking with both swords you cut a devastating swapping will know there’s not actually that much stuff you would if there were more enemies but instead you spit
Power Ranger versus slicing the robot with your wicked blades dealing
21 damage yeah
all right now the robot operators of the howitzers are dead you’re on the ramparts pretty safe for now I turn of the guys we only have four minutes left we got to get this done
but but but but boating and Jenna whatever your characters names are it’s time you did the perfect teamwork move the two of you one of you will do one thing and then the other does the other thing and it’s do you defeat the whole thing
no pressure no pressure
pharmaceutical Bavarian I picked up a couple of double shotgun
okay alright well let’s see you hear a terrible cracking sound as the interior
stronghold breaks apart and the shadowy Towering Colossus like form of Pauline Hanson but emerges from the stronghold her eyes glowing and red with blood coming out of her whatever
that’s a yeah it’s great she’s coming at you with crazy robot claws but you’re shooting shotgun shells and slugs all at our body parts oh yeah it’s doing damage how much damage I’m about to say
because math 22 damage yeah
way to go Jetta impact her body it’s great you love it
filter go purify that bitch
I I cost flight on myself as I like going towards her with my stuff like hell. You’re what now oh your staff okay it’s alright alright
Scotchman new flag
what’s the new don’t tread on me all right I guess it wouldn’t staff breaks through the giant metal robot getting it high tide turn to to the group and I said look you guys remember how I blinked earlier and I set off an explosive part cyborg but I didn’t tell you guys that when I was like what I put the cyborg stuff in me if I do a hard double wink I turn into a giant bomb
and I’m just going to go to take one for the team and just leave
look you’re you’re being combative and
that’s that’s that that’s not on me Jeff
I’m sorry we fought
it’s okay
I want to I want to
this is too contrived if I sing you you should sing a bridge if you sing me if you say Bullseye of Pauline Hanson and then I’ll just blow blow her up she doesn’t all right if I use your Bard Powers power me up with your song
oh I start running in slow motion
you see them
mouth and become manifest I get on them like a magic carpet and I’m right
writing these
take note to mend staff line
if your note turn turn turn to her but I’m flying up ATM at Chase Bank like this and I just had a wedge true and ice cream and I thought I looked back as a group and I waved goodbye and just do it already in the next draft of the graphics chip
look up first the hole that that that filter made and ice and ice cream
everything explodes Australian say what does it look like outside the hole of the bus and circuitry nice
wake me up at 10:30
Jackson Claire Owen Dallas
great people
I thought we was better in the comedy theater let’s hear it for dance baby kickee pants
read reports that everybody
I could talk, just say that your man once again is Dan Harmon
you’re allowed to go you don’t have to figure out who this
broadcast text message thank you so much I will see you at the Food Lion


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