Episode: 235 – LIVE from the Cherokee Casino in West Siloam Springs, OK


Episode: 235 – LIVE from the Cherokee Casino in West Siloam Springs, OK


Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, and Spencer Crittenden.


yeah probably 10
Merry-Go-Round everybody
looks like a young hot Brian Posehn
Cherokee Casino in West Siloam Springs Oklahoma
only a biscuit pass away from Arkansas
and the 17 other states right in the middle of harmontown is in session
the game Master Spencer Crittenden
Arabic restaurant
hello I think the Cherokee hello I know you’re all cherish to see him thank you so much I was such a warm welcome thank you and thank you for showing up and thank you for paying your $15 and thank you for your feedback building and you can make check all you want but you can’t you can’t fucking be can’t predict that shit listen here that if you’re not
we are right yeah we’re right smack in the middle I mean even if we don’t mean this isn’t like we’re doing a show in Oklahoma City which wouldn’t be a bad thing to do either but yeah Oklahoma City wouldn’t be a bad thing to do at least neutral antenna be like there should be a couple people from out of state but we are ready to really wear in the Deadwood area where in the
we’re in unincorporated like treaty Turf Michael and if it’s a beautiful thing though it’s like a Crossroads it’s like a
we started the show at 9 or 9:05 or was it 11 hours ago
I guess sometimes you have to travel to the Oklahoma Arkansas border for a room full of people to cheer his
my mind is going to be thinking all night about the eight to 12 people that bought tickets just going to go see some comedy tonight and I promise you people like you what do you mean I mean you will come around to you I get to catch you up I made a show at I roam out your house I don’t know what to tell you I don’t know what to tell you why I’m here why I deserve to be up here it’s like like how come is it just think of it like this like you had that wedding with your drunk brother-in-law he had this many people paying attention to him you’ll figure it out eventually but everybody else thank you so much but I was thinking like we’re right in the middle I looked at a map of America we all know Oklahoma’s right above Texas we can point to it on a map of the ship like a frying pan you think is like this is both
what a weird thing to call me out on at 7 taxes like come on don’t make me nervous to America like it’s right it’s right in the bladder is Oklahoma’s like right where the processing happens like that here and my dad was born and he was telling me about the Trail of Tears in the bathtub all these things in like there was a was occurring to me that that that unfortunate Legacy that though there was like an actual relocation of of of people and and then to hear because this is the place without reservations as a place of treaties and there’s like it’s a spot if you Wikipedia Oklahoma and look at Oklahoma and just colored in red like right we are Americans not
in the center it’s right above where you pee and I don’t know what that means but I think it’s important to you while I’m here and then I’m going to complain about first class and go back to LA and I didn’t even pay attention to where we were going on this trip while we were connecting in Dallas-Fort Worth
I didn’t know where we’re going I thought we’re going to Oklahoma City until I found out that we were going to Tulsa and then
but then we’re not going to Denver driving all the way to Arkansas know the real you literally did break I woke up to a bunch of texts cuz that there’s a time zone difference in my watch and reset so I played Minecraft off where I am and I thought it was I thought I was playing Minecraft while to and so I slept in but I woke up to 20 text from Jeff just going I walk to Arkansas it’s amazing and I thought you were kidding I thought you were trying to make a point I don’t know like you were mad Jessie Austin and Hannah from any of the Springs over there hell yeah everyone here has been very nice if it seems random that we’re here I mean that then that’s credit that goes to cuz it’s not random somebody has to put effort into it this is this casino booked us they were adamant about it and I’m right here in Lacey
how do you say are you here
we were all
we were all a bit like it excitedly confused about why are we going to this casino big because the head of marketing at the casino is a harmontown fan
she’s such a big heart that professional it wasn’t like she booked us to hang out with us she has shit to do and it has been doing it she is a she’s a Taskmaster in a multitasker and yet and also a lover of the show and booked us and she was right and it’s okay so those twelve people I was talking about before they’re like when it’s going to start okay and The Madam is like those hookers cost $8 on Sunday and the guy says I’ll take that mean it’s just why I quit drinking and my brother is Irish so I have a hooker before him every Sunday
time he comes down he goes I thank you but it did that for my brother and he believes I just have to put my brother in a hooker hooker lady says like hooker lady that’s a hooker hooker runs the hookers The Madame says she says like okay well why you just want one this time too and he said because because I quit I quit I quit having a hooker sex and have it for my brother
and that joke was for the people that don’t know why the fuck they’re here but I think it started out very well by me all right so that’s about all I had to talk about I mean I tried as hard as I could because I was like it wasn’t because I made any assumptions about you folks based on where you live because we have too much of that happening right now and I’ve done it too much like it’s the people that we can’t see in touch that work afraid of that we judge and we got like oh all those people over there they take this way or is it to get all the stuff but for all that reason I was like what would be the polite thing to do is to like not don’t make you’re so boring don’t talk about politics it’s like everyone’s fucking weary we’re exhausted like go out do what you naturally do it just be so charming and I just talked so I tried to use the excuse to stay off a Twitter for 2 days and night
Minecraft controller
stage with the president we’re going to come off stage of the president’s on the lamb a leg like it’s crazy good doesn’t matter what would where you lean politically this is these are like crazy historical times the president himself is erroneously comparing it to the Watergate I’m like no difference if I wasn’t around back then either but it’s different stir your the March this is weirder you are under investigation for
you are a huge anyways you’re in a red state or red State Farm you still think it’s amazing he’s the first president that he would become my hero if like he went on the lam
are you loaded for him like I just seen that I get I just didn’t want it in the president but I get it I get it he’s got as the Cherokee say
you’ve really had a similar to the culture here.
all right here I’ll take that grown cuz I don’t know what I’m doing I do I’ll accept it I’m not going to yell at you guys for going I guess I’ll call it a good grown
I was a good grown okay so Spencer how are you hey guys I’m good
thank you thank you
also at the airport and I lost friends every moment people are just taking pictures with him I mean I don’t get it I’m fine with it I’m processing it well I find it makes sense to me I’m, I’m okay with it I don’t get it what I said hey how are you doing you were like hey guys it’s a bit it’s just that’s what I do
also do I say hey guys to you guys
damn thing insecure right now you have more Midwest appeal than he does or something like what’s that what’s my boy where’s my buttface shirt like where’s my
where’s my lumberjacking shirt I want to know what these folks to know I’m on their side when I go out to run to talk about the president all right
on your floor of this very wonderful very five-star very worth your money hotel and casino there was a guy walking around with a shirt and no pants I was wearing pants and no underpants no I was wearing underpants you were you encountered a guy that was nude from the waist down no no it was on your floor I might have heard a naked man walking around with no pants and no underwear and cookies here in a box of cookies
that was me that was the apology
I saw your dick I didn’t want to owe cookies
he would tell me he was removed as the moral of the story and you shouldn’t do that here and that guy won’t be here when you come
the loosest slots in Oklahoma
there’s a loser slots I like that we had that worked in Vegas your friend and she had explained she was the manager at the locks for a while and she was explaining that like there’s a whole mentality to like where they put which slots and stuff and then they the most interesting thing of all was that she was talking about how yeah we don’t people think that were like hoping that a gambling addict would like walk to the door no will you try to think use the try to spot those people that are having trouble and tried it cuz it’s bad marketing like you don’t want somebody like walking around outside the casino going up my house if you want the sign that the Blue Man Group
but you give lose your house while you’re watching them and then there’s a man here about the Cherokee casino with his putting us up into treating us very nicely but somebody want a house last night
are you mad are you up to this bigger than my house and it’s been his not even they were house it’s bigger than mine did you win it if you’d like other show how many movies has more of a community with with their have to be to get a community slot machine do you think I didn’t we would have had to do a 8000 seasons on a submit a form Morty slot machine that would be good
I’ll bet do to be a Rick and Morty pinball machine that would be badass
or slot machine
so there’s people over there just listening there’s tables here where there’s like like Splendid Ballroom we’ve never done this kind of show it’s like a it’s an old-timey Vegas feel cuz all the audience they get they get their own tables and the tables have numbers and we got Dean Martin at least over there at table five
what time is 6 okay 6 can we be at 6:36
nobody sneaks around and I think you guys are like
what are the numbers over here high or they’ll oh that’s one and that’s 15 around like a cobra ready to strike and then that doesn’t beat 66er
66 how did you guys get 66 on Lake Wales VIPs big big big big gamblers what do you call him whales whales are at the high rollers high rollers just walked in here with your own table is in a bad mood because he feels guilty that his friend and assistant Steve Levy it was his birthday last night and then chose to not know that and spend the night playing Minecraft in his room he chose to not know that
he woke up one morning and said fuck that we’re talking about the birthday of a man whose job is to remind me of birthday
so I I wanted very obvious to me that this is a story about his failing
is the town of Dan’s pissy mood manifest
he fucked up
three times the man I was watching Teen Titans go this morning and the hotel is Dan going to take a shit there’s ice back there oh shit there’s a flammable fluid back there
what else has your Oklahoma experience been so far Teen Titans Go in the hotel room is great man oh yeah so I only watch Hotel TV at at hotels and it’s amazing
how is the cake
happy birthday Steve Levy
I brought you a cake from the kitchen where Lacey got it because she saw on Instagram that it was his birthday did you did you grab a slice while you’re back there and it’s the spice that had the word Steve on it
but it was delicious because I love Steve sure and stuff too
Alright table 66 let’s start with you will give you a Steve Levy cake will be the best comedy show in the world
all right
are you guys voted for Trump
come on we all are embarrassed by fuck up to
a guy like you do a broken up with girls cuz I wanted to play Skyrim and then 2 hours later I was like well you know what you fucker that’s what you did
crave you were mad you just confused Oklahoma as big as the state that played Skyrim for the Crawfish
it’s a state of mind
Oklahoma Oklahoma State of Mind
Oklahoma is is what unites all of us we’re all Oklahoman tonight
what I can’t see what happening right now I can’t see that he’s pretending he’s making them do it he’s turned them into their own assistance
I’ve never done this before
show me crying because you forgot his birthday
are you in the house he’s over by Lacy lady
your birthday and you’re the only guy in Oklahoma
that lady
belated birthday man thank you it was a really fun I it was my birthday we we listen to some country music at the bar
he’s in the small room but you know you’re in a small room
Duck Dynasty live in your cake Steve over a table. That’s great what’s your name for Kik
I know you gave it to her cuz will you get everyone is passive aggressive
your are kids in okay fine Jesus Christ
when we heard about the people there is there’s people like there’s nothing like he’s walking around with a plate a tray of plates and forks
Randy Quaid is serving cake over here over the phone
how you guys doing here I didn’t think about this bathroom is the most work I’ve seen him do outside of writing
well I mean I’ve been watching it on the elliptical like posting that photo that’s why you play some music so they know that it’s not just a loop how are you guys do you have a table name like a like a team like the the the panhandlers the nerds in the in Oklahoma are they lion lion Voltron vehicle
aren’t you guys like 23 what do you know about Voltron don’t tell me Bruckheimer is making some shity movies
all right what where’d you went yesterday to where you guys from St Louis
they’re from st. Louis where you from Arkansas okay here from Tulsa okay
cuz nobody whooped for st. Louis that was where the only time knows whooped for a city until you prove it
it’s a little noisy it’s called the dirty joke it’s called approve me to take show me documentation still show me show me that you are you are you eating or serving cakes or would you like to hear me perform my patented musical act about like like what’s the most in your mind right now you’re a sort of a cross-section of White America
Mall of America has penises and
looks like you got your heart of the loaf of nice fluffy white bread what what is what is that what is that that that part of America most think about right now my mother fucking really I think I can alright well you heard him repeat it I said Mama fucking because it’s going to happen right right according to the ancient Greeks it always does
yeah yeah
what can you do while you’re at
all right sorry about that sounds like a good request
I didn’t get I fucked until she got it that means I gave her a long life like she got it actuarially she got it statistically she succumbed to it after a lifetime of being cherished as a partner and she died holding my hand
but she didn’t have one for me until you fucked her she might have longer Shandra you would deal with a hardship like it’s not Chandra Chandra
if ever you ever want to do cuz you’re that your given name your mom was a girl named Chandra I just have people are going to try to take Shawndra Bucktown
you said Mama and fuck them not Chandra told me
stop giving people’s Mother’s diseases
how’s it going to be cold in women is it is a disease
I don’t care how far south we go
I thought you took mold he said that and then he just serve that cake like it was a mic drop it was amazing
you don’t have to apologize like I don’t look I’m giving amnesty to everybody that voted for Trump I don’t care if everyone in the room dead or everyone didn’t like and let them let them slowly come around to the need to be like in person like they’re part of their brain that you do
isn’t in control as guilty as you are and get mad and then I’m going for the SEC what’s the solution here it’s understanding we got to prove and what are we what are we at War for where we want we want understanding I didn’t clear the room that I did people eat
it’s about love my mother
alright whatever I don’t know what I’m like should I get about thank you table 11
there’s a six-person Applause thank you
it is exactly I’ve become a mariachi band
okay that’s wonderful I’m sure you’re very valuable wherever you’re from please let us eat all right all right all right where you guys from
you’re from Siloam you didn’t just wander in and let’s see a show did you use the podcast guys are you guys the podcast guys know they’re over there sorry sorry guys will get to you later continue
be sorry to this podcast guy I’m trying to heal be fine I’m doing experimental you really great and everyone loves it
hahaha it’s going to be a fucking awesome
it’s it’s it’s it’s late for the standard lowering chemical called Bud Light
it’s only three point two
you guys can’t even get real beer in Oklahoma what the fuck
then I can get some right what’s the population of West Siloam West Siloam is Arkansas this that you’re a beer from this
sorry I didn’t get that has Oklahoma how far is the drive
5 minute we walked then you even said we want is the third nicest place to visit in Arkansas
all right I’ve only ever been there so it for me it’s the number one place to visit
5 hours over there for 6 hours I heard an eighth can I do NBA 10 10 hours I got over here or I can go back there in the back end of how long
hey. Did you fly yeah you probably
he drove from Atlanta to hours there’s 10
Minneapolis Minneapolis
to see this piece of shit
10 hours in Minneapolis Champaign Illinois
all right here’s a take a very small prom of cake like that is that were legally not allowed to serve your people alcohol so sorry about that
I know yeah we don’t like laws and you just kind of old band all right now I’ll go over to the game together so what’s your name sir I’m Adam at home okay did you ever do you love your mother
did you know I fucked her hit it
what’s the first man in the evening
until she started bleeding I’m sorry
it was the only thing that rhymes with if you have a certain I did not have the capacity on an improviser
great have nine words that rhyme with Aiden just like my sleeve.
because the healthcare is better as it is the NFL’s most valuable quarterback every Monday a sports joke today in the basketball
yeah that’s a sports reference hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss go in a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting apparently I can get out well actually, no limits is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blackstone, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
for the image of this isn’t what I expected the audience stood to be that you guys are not fans of mine
there’s a stack of poker chips on the table a pile of cash small bills their phone is charging with a portable battery the eyes are very bloodshot there handsome man there not nothing wrong with them but they are not here to see if anybody like that came here in like that’s a new what
your friend that bill at John this is this is your spokesman
can barely say Fred Bill and John is the one that says

Arkansas are you down
okay he’s he’s checking into
he’s got to get a big stack of hundreds all right hold on Channel 11 over here and I have two D6 right now we’re in a place with your Gambler friends are truly against federal law
they do it but they did it all right I got I got two D6 right now cuz I’m going to give them to you
sure I think you just want to incriminate me
all right so some low-level cramps right now okay and
this is it now it’s worse than prison this is like these weird Dungeons & Dragons Baseball stuff first there going to be to come out wrong the crap table okay so damn you’re going to you’re going to be the shooter on this one
tell your dad we got the Cherokee Man Hands
that’s the spirit of the winds are the same as the eagle flies
call right now I know this is going to be 7-Eleven automatic winner 1 2 3 and 12 crap otherwise it’s a point over the table what’s the name what’s the name of this
Paul said if he goes if you roll craps to 312 you win and then otherwise he was a point he has to roll that before you go to seven the other thing I give them 20 if I roll only every 24 the table right now
is everyone having a good time alright it’s amazing you got what you wanted
anybody got any ideas
but you can meet you give me the book agent over there what table are you
Jim said he will never what
table 41 if you want my side bets on this right now you go talk to Jim at table 41 what’s the guy that cuts the guy that has lost the ability to pronounce the word thread but there’s a lawyer at the table Paul Paul is the roller yet you have 20 bucks out both of you right now it’s coming out now you just won $20 on a phone
I want to give it to the no no no
call Audio do you like this action figure with your Paul to okay. Should have come out to 7
Danielle has right now. It is cleaning house right now
who was $100 in the pocket money line on the line right now.
I know I had to go I never been more on the side of people that didn’t like me if I try to live a hundred bucks the bonds downtown right now I don’t even know what the results mean 11
damn you’re at 16160 right now I am 200 on the table
what are gamblers they have a problem what is the losing 24 to me whether it’s great okay
great I can’t give you this but I can give you money towards buying a drink
hey you guys remind me of every friend of my dad’s it’s going to be nice to you
can I please buzz from work and I can hear your guys are hot as shit right now I can’t believe you’re going to walk away from that are so hot.
I don’t need pictures of zoning laws that everything comes out on Blu-ray and some country I get a check I’m like what is this
I just I just I just want to die I hate money I hate money or they give them a 350 they’ll you I did. I gave him I gave him all my money and I’m going to give him a rap about her money’s bad love it
can you give it to a bank
find out the money stank cuz it kept you for a living and kept you from giving an example
when the sharks killing people feathers
one woman has lymphoma one is leading is that you guys are up at least 20 right like we’re Square okay thank you make a call thank you
all right
you kind of fucking taking those guys for every since I had my guys how are you table number 41 and what’s your name my name is Jam. Table with her go whole show built in
well my name is Jam that’s what you’re used to that but you either an educational movie about how they make preserves friends of really thick accent okay
we have the rest of the cake Jam spoons take everything
Jam everybody
where can I where can I buy crowd
he said I can’t work the crowd can’t work the crowd I dare you to work the crowd I’m like a self hurt Guru
wow get used to it you’re doing a show calm down Harmon or so the ladies can go down everybody can can relax I’ll come back out there in a second cuz I don’t have anything to say. Either
leaving did you enjoy emotionally sabotaging me
I got did you enjoy your birthday cake leaving
did you get the
actually I had the one yeah it was good
all right well there’s another person here that our friend Levi on Twitter was tweeting me about his hardest to you by Legend you want to come up and share your story, man
I like that part of it as being a drummer
is it really so that that’s all I got Levi said he got to bring this guy up he’s a drummer he fell a hundred feet onto his face directly one finger man can coconut right we’re all late that’s yet the only way I thank you fuck is my prom yeah that’s a microaggression
I offended you but you know what kind of board is it Friday there’s no shows we didn’t have any gigs or like what’s going to go let’s go climb some tall buildings of snow we do that on regular Thursdays and stuff so why not a Friday whatever looks like 2 a.m. really really dark like I mentioned it or climb this ladder that doesn’t stop and then we get to the top by the ladder didn’t feel like it was like 90 two steps and then we got to talk when you’re walking when I didn’t wait for the flashlight I was my first mistake the flashlights were behind me to Marshall and Adam and there’s like this like like a ceiling tile size hole in the top of this building and Saunders walking enjoy the cityscape I got an okay
mixing a drink I thought I could multitask are you in a cave a fire escape ladder grain bin Mill thing OK Google open it and there’s like several openings and afterwards I found out like eight other people had also fallen and only one survived where was Napoleon found out I was most fortunate person still doing it
how long did it take forever but the same time is happening so fast it’s really like time and there’s no grounded man
I just want to be clear about this you crawled up a ladder on the outside of a building the reason you fell is because as you thought you got to the top of the building which should have been roof was walking on the roof and yeah there’s a hole in the roof of opening straight down at me and I was going to get like Games of Throne type of crap through my back that’s why I like such a good she maybe don’t care but I did but
no sir I have I hit my feet and I like normal and roll out cuz I skateboard and I like no jump off a roast and stuff and roll out you like impress your phone and I don’t know if I did is anywhere from like 6250 it was never actually like measured out you know we didn’t really
so all right so but really you hit your face first no not my face but I did it that’s what the report said you know how do you do a little tuchus and you were like a rolling into a wall of concrete looks like a skate ramp but not as much fun you will enjoy it and come up and pull up front side Vicky know I wish I was trying to rock and roll just get out of it you know about your life after that aside and stuff I like my Beamers like broke like this I don’t know how you he’s making a gesture that likes mr. Burns if he missed his fingers while trying to sense them
yeah I think I got an early meeting together you’re talking about so much forest and then decide to break my pelvis pelvis is the reverse our presence sometimes and realize that this bottom part broke because I was like
weird stuff on the scarring under your beard balm and his blood guts mud the bone sticking out here but both hinges my jaw I like all these teeth are these are fake they can take out my old Dentures I can take out the ones that got on now to I can have her if I has a bag of teeth with today
they’re not the one on 1st is ridiculous at one point they said I was paralyzed in the hospital and I was like I wouldn’t take that as a yes answer I was like nah. Buttercup. Not really love not really I know you I know you didn’t mean that but like where do you supposed to be like well so go home
I didn’t think positively enough like I deserve cancer you’re very lucky and cuz you said your face and I thought this wasn’t this is good because I want to punish like really anybody who thinks like performing should have to do with looking like Jeff you know like I I want to I want to show Dad like I want I want to I want to come with a new standard of beauty to be reality but then you came up and you’re all good-looking and you just fell on your face, checking the people not washing he looks like he could have been like in the Allman Brothers of the Eagles like that he like he looks like a headband are you going to show us
all right well it’s okay
play show me show me Luke
where on Earth is happening or separate
look like like yeah I hear your 2 interview just so yeah when does your nerve surgery here they like popped out my leg and scraped out some bone marrow and put it in there with some animals in it’ll be the worst thing of all cuz I don’t have the balls to climb a ladder so I won’t have the cool thing falling on my face and then like all of us eventually learned that the human body is like it’s just like a 57 Chevy dealer where can I take a muscle from your ass and put it on your head and cracks now I wake up in the morning like you have you have you have feelings you want to share that I want to put you on the spot like that more than just you who is more details
visiting walking sticks and remember my dad’s name is remembering it all the others like all you’re going to forget it and you’re blaming your brain blocks pain after so much time but like I don’t know man I have to wake up and night terrors I didn’t know what time they West was talking about when he first came out that song but now I think I get it dude.
be happy to know that I just fell on his face and he woke up and he wait what was I going to say another tip of my tongue but I can find a fuck fuck it fuck it fuck it bad show
thank you thank you there was this lady
there is a lady on Forensic Files and she faked getting knocked out by an intruder who then took her baby and killed it cuz she wanted to kill the baby and she had this is just a part of her story was he came in any karate chop me and and I don’t remember anything after that and all the stuff and so they went into this whole thing about like when you have a trauma that rattled your brain enough to knock you out it’s scientifically like it’s a fact that the moments before that trauma it was there a while when you had no idea what was happening lately What had happened for sure you like when they had to come and get me and took him two hours to find where I was some like at the bottom of this whole night I got a tooth that went so far up my gum and is coming out my bottom right here like I could feel so long I have to check in with somebody who and what was your name again it’s right where seats in the house right
see you so I think it’s okay you’re like 50 or tweeting like a sampling of ours fuck you
there was something there was
Circle tables
they can switch you know you don’t have to come up and kiss you I paid $50 I went to the show I couldn’t see it then they brought me up
what’s the weather
alright so alright selling your face okay good and he said he said you had said you had a wrap it also is like some of its calling you out damn but not personally
what’s my least sensitive area that’s why I do what I do I listen to the podcast all the way through so often at work I became a little paranoid I thought you were talking about me for Michelle Way long ago I’m glad you don’t cuz I made a fool of myself tell me about that experience. And I don’t want to say anything bad
I’m going to an Arab so it okay well what do I lost so what happened what you were saying like what I met you I was in a bad mood and remember word for word but you weren’t happy you’re like you told me I was blacklisted welcome back to the to the venue in Chicago what’s going on if I freeze casually Dental.
you may have misinterpreted experimental phase of mayo
number to do I go into work and I think let’s try some stuff you fell 8659 Vibe and because he was also did it happen before or after you fell it happened after I fell.
able person in Chicago in Oklahoma each other
bioscience and you wrote this rap to I want to be sure until I don’t go you like you’re scared of him and he was like
coronavirus Outlook
and the crowd went wild
yeah yeah she has blog entry it’s getting better by the minute this is just a short one right here and we’ll just go you can just stop whenever all right, North Versailles is random not this one will it will save that one for one
no we want to hear what we want to hear you we want to hear how you came out alright
I see here that you guys ready yeah because it doesn’t mean you can claim payment truly belongs to make your part of a bigger hypocrisy is as far as you can see this is the need to be time to be free because morality is immortality I Will Rise Above This and what you should trust is
words coming out my mouth is it’s not service sauerkraut that shit is about 14 with your next of kin that was disgusting I know you know what I mean talking sausage about all these postings now that’s texting what has already been posted Spokane Fairground spoken out now here I still allowed to everything I had and I hope you’re happy now you change to be a ride someday flight you behind you I’m a true Knight not for ever been signed to nothing and no one sent a once in a coma never had it work I had money to keep a honey or a honey pot and seriously do not know how far as I said a PC childish it goes wild once you hear the sincere queer step to this Mike not for telling my might but the most horrible whores one that make me my own orders all the clouds that resonate through is that incriminate you cuz I ain’t got nothing to lose talk about phone down and nose is just as red as the crown of my neighborhood you know what sounds good so I
can you write your own instead of being a
behaving worse than a clit one which I had no part of cuz I’m start up my own rappers world one which you won’t be a part of you already know you only ones won’t drive your own car cuz you’re more than those screams that you’re most likely whenever escapee know I’m not talking about no the time I would tell you a story not once but twice Asher me you did everything all right we’ll got really prepare the Ice Age 3 could you got the meat after the fight no I’m not going to be nice to everyone I talk to you had the chance to register love especially when I was held up in bed never even said it’s really good for you butthole. Let’s rewind fell a little more than two stores bits please post it up my left leg and see the blast jump straight through my knee through the femur self are you know I go so hard
after my chemo is flat printed on through next week when she got to say that it when you are trying to let me roll out and I let out a shop
can make it through outside tuck and roll let’s just say I never made you to show yeah but you already know a judge me by my teeth I had something more frightening and lightning for fucked up a place worse than any advice about that so high fill out my left I broke up my Overlook upper and lower Choppers come see four weeks till my sister while I was weak different person and that person with Jordan but now I know the truth message Ruth is anyone would think you would imagine if I took something from you jump up to the roof go to get do better as it goes on Rob like that but that was in reference to my presents and now I know you see the truth and you should be through each other to the one day she was sleep and I will be on top of it no it’s not just as this area
you know what I’m talkin about say fuck to you on this fine day
hey when you go my friend stole all memorized her I told you I told you twice and you know what is about me when you recover the old track you never want to go back and prayed in the new hashtag with your name on it maybe you should try up on it suck your thumb again cuz I know you are pelican crew one hit wonder ball I wonder who else in about 10 minutes about somebody else’s business just as be your true self maybe I do, maybe I do need some help
or even less than halfway through
we’re not we’re not we’re not a doctor a little harder in the blood part but yeah that’s what I checked
I’m 44 but all I can get is the irony that it’s like it’s a scathing indictment of someone who’s abusing the time that they are getting on stage
now know what it’s like to have stage time like like you had an unequivocal fucking like microphone like focused on you he would have been there for three hours after that show after you did that for 2 hours work somebody came up to you and like I don’t know what I don’t know what happened I’ve never said the word Blacklist outside of a distance in the word Hunter with somebody after a show and then what if that person then was at your next show what if they were like
let’s check in with what would you think about that rap
and I’m sorry long and I wish you had about a bigger book to read to me. What are you up to these days I’m just here cuz Dan Harmon Fayetteville Fayetteville Marquez my car is broke down right now your car broke down having transmission problems and I said hey I bought my ticket also will you please let me drive
what’s it like to be on stage next to Lucas the Luke
we’re Best Friends Day
let’s have a good trip
thank you look for your awesome Ramos and I was sharing it I got to say it takes a lot of courage to come up on stage and admit that you were told never to come around him ever again like you could have just been pulled so quick and yeah that was one of the first things like and you said it pretty early but where’s my metal for going
interesting. It just say something like what the fuck I’m always there I don’t want to argue all night but she’s fine where she is friend told him he was 69
is this is Canton well thank you I know what do you mean I thought we were getting to know what wanna
you don’t have to show up my whole show is getting on you that’s all I have we have a limit on stage we haven’t even spoken to you want to start bringing it with her people just kind of attention anymore
peer ask her in an important question what color is love
it’s a dark purple nice
she said that like she used to be known as the best actual answer scientific fact do you have a favorite color is it feels it feels like love to you my grandma used to wear dark purple you loved her
I’m not do a date that sounds really weird about your grandma
I’m going to lock eyes with you
oh yeah right yeah I would have been
much more nuanced about that I wanted to bring somebody else up that was like okay what’s the opposite of a guy that fell a hundred feet tied to his face and it has a rap about how I done him wrong which would be somebody who maybe has anyone been launched into the air a hundred feed
andor’s very happy that they met me or something just to it’s just for me is just so much and he is it true what your friend why is it your friends pointing at you thinks that you admire me and think that I’m an inspiring figure in your life
will you tell me you tell me about it in front of people
you don’t have to but if you would it would make me feel better
you can take the birthday seat
take me to pay for yesterday 8 so he could just take a break
I need to know what’s your name Tim and you’re from Arkansas
I’m getting good at this all right well I’ll tell me tell me how you how you love me
I don’t I don’t know if it’s that astounding but I I’m just kind of a failed writer and and I’m impressed with with your your writing think you’re the opposite of a skateboarder
what didn’t you write
I’m not ready to love scripture
I just I don’t know what I mean I’m just you know I’m an introvert my friends made me come up here you right in your not Dan Harmon as what you mean right you’re not like
we were just talking about you two at the table with friends that I just met who are who are awesome they gave me bumper sticker nice harmontown next tangent
so what are we talking about
we’re taking you to the table was like
you know
sorry don’t worry about it I didn’t me to I do the same thing but I was going to say we want to watch your what’s your like not your current job but like the one that you feel failed at like because you didn’t take piano lessons or what’s the thing that you would have done that you should have done that you could start your Tuesday still think about like fuk I didn’t do that thing
I filled it all much but I just need money so I guess come to think of it we sort of create that dichotomy in Hollywood Cuts were like what is poor people did he kill rich people I guess it would be because we showed the movies about working in a factory was just as good as their dreams
and the way we do that is by fading in on someone who hasn’t written
security job
and then we can factory out of these like missed two people at what battery do you work at Walmart what’s your what’s your post I work at the home office I answer calls about registers registers if the register brakes are you like a technician that fixes the register I don’t know I just take the call about it and they look similar to the person who will fit
realizing that your job could be
why are you laughing cuz I’m a cruel person I guess I don’t know if that’s okay okay that’s the thing I found out we were playing craps on stage to you see I forgot your name to him Tim forget
now you little more relaxed pictures your app
no I don’t know I just wanted I was like somebody hugs me if you what kind of writer are you we would have these screenplays or novels or short stories or poetry can be a failed poet and die and then people find out later on that you are a green Putnam count on me like one. How do I know when I’ve started her finished today or maybe it’s not like I’ll put up I’ll put it in a bag that might be the best poem ever I will never know yet so is you put yourself out there you stand up here and show people your failure your ear to get Reese out but also your your your
how much months right now and it’s impressive but that’s what we love about you take it for the team I’m like look if I can do this like here going like
and then you’re like here’s $10 $15 if you like Barry is going good I know and I can do it like when like I think it’s a service I like it I like connecting with people
are you talking to him or me okay him you want to come from him one of your poems that’s a challenge
I’m sorry cuz I I don’t have a memorize I’m not a I’m not a spoken-word poet and yeah sorry for the delay getting into like poetry like in the really reading post because it’s okay for me always seem to something it’s a little distance and like you have to be smart or like like listen to Jazz like like that that horn solo by Cold train is like it’s above my my musical brain read poetry and it kind of escapes you a bit but if you really sit down and listen to poetry and let it wash over you it actually is really important and also being reductive just for the sake of writing them down and saying them out loud to put it on paper
so just like to be a poet is important I think it’s mostly now when our president can’t come to the reason
she’s just not the most illiterate he didn’t have a poet laureate at his inauguration because he’s not poetic and I think we need poetry in the world right now more than ever so I can have people that
I am suspicious of everybody who always everybody who has a problem with words and I’ve always had that problem and believe me I acknowledge the fact that the left side of the political Spectrum has had a problem with words more than anybody phone with that okay good just making sure it starts I mean I’ve been I’ve been as much like I did it to Levi I do that like and I like I have the biggest foot in your mouth kind of like old fat white guy kind of like the face of the of the enemy of progression kind of syndrome going on in for the longest time it was very easy for me to be like Jesus Christ is fucking politically correct Nazis and all this stuff but and there is a part of us that the best part of us that’s like let’s all let’s all just start being really really nice to each other and let’s have a rule that you have to be really really nice to each other and then and then like the actual like
bad ugly like hatred is come out of the woodwork and the really weird thing is that a lot of the people who have been the most adamant to adapt to a world where we have rules about what we say are the people that are now forced to acknowledge that fuck the only enemy of this thing is like verbal nudity is like making mistakes babbling like saying what you actually mean if the more people do that and also it has to be coupled with if you’re wrong then it’s someone says that offended me they don’t mean you shouldn’t have been born they don’t mean that you shouldn’t have any money that you have they don’t mean that you should lose your job they mean that offended me and you can actually just be like like okay fine then you’re easily offended what has like but what is my fucking point I just like like like I’m that we’re all wash in this in this in this weird zone right now and I like I have no idea like you or your a washing is Redzone
at work tomorrow I don’t have a point is usually the part of the show where I spiral into like I really accidentally eloquent rant it’s intentional and not an eloquent this time
it’s a bit there. Middos machine
I don’t care I just throw everybody get on a plane

I don’t know what I’m saying I’m scared and fat and white and sad and straight and I guess I offered to 69. Thank you thank you thank you for your reply thank you that’s very brave I don’t know what we’re having a slow night we’re having a small meet and greet after dancing to 6910 people after the show
everybody that hasn’t been 69 somebody handing you at one of your poems for us to read or to hear yes you know that you know that we’re going to even if it sucks we’re going to pretend it’s awesome cuz like you’re quick as we that’s how Humanity where can I do a real quick like whatever whatever your stance is right now he didn’t have a poet at his inauguration which is normally the case is it what John F Kennedy said at his inauguration with power leads a man to arrogance
will probably have been toward arrogance poetry reminds him of his limitations with power Narrows the area of man’s concern poetry reminds him of the rich richness and diversity of existence when power corrupts poetry cleanses and everybody your mind it being able to say it send me intelligently hopefully very intelligently I like the thought like we have we’ve got Tim on stage he was a poet and is worried that you’re a failed writer you’re not a failed writer it’s fucking gorgeous that you are a poet and a world without poetry
I know what you’re thinking how do I follow that I know what you’re thinking
that’s the address with sincerity and like look you’ve got nothing but Runway here what we put up with
you know Jen play fake crab with a bunch of guys who didn’t know who they are
okay I’m just going to read it this is called Challenger Deep In Truth once more I stood shivering clinging to starboard gear unnatural fear braided lines strained out of roiling water snagging sea monsters trailers coaxing nightmares to light
when ancient head near breaking Pacific lines snapped Behemoth sync back to the deeps caverns unfathomed
four times over the morning course we dragged the bastard Skyward
for stolen hooks leftist ragged shrouds of algae
midday in the captain ordered two final angle
I think he caught my ass in face ordering me to take lead either fear Abandoned Ship or the coward dog’s body
I learned forward clutching let it nuts shouts feliway above a submarine missile Shadow scuttling aft nympha. Under dying wake self on deck resting on pectoral fins as a child might lean elbows on a soda counter powerless I caught myself searching sunken stocking I incredulous mates Tales some hideous King swallowing whole to become man to walk on land to seduce to spawn and amphibious to devour mother’s to drag father’s through the void Anvil skull smiling rows of arrowheads
X-Men me back I like the size of the page
scrollable page we can say for sure you’re not a failed writer that’s magnificent man that’s really nice
even given a horrible task if you have to keep reading that I guess that’s what I was trying to get at is like we this this thing about fashion and like when we’re saying the right thing in the wrong thing and how that reflects upon whether or not we want Humanity to progressed it’s like well we’ve actually falling back to a position where okay there’s a war between the people that think you need to say what you feel in a war can end the people who think that that they actually put over here while you do things that affect people and it and it and it did that that you lie that that’s what politics should be in on it stuff and no matter what you voted for her what your politics are in a matter of who who who how your family leans and what you think people forgotten what sickens you and how you’re sick of this and all that like I’d like to think that everybody that think that I would want to hang out with us
if it agrees that it’s better to just barf out shit like in some of it will be silk and some of it will be dessert from last night and some of it will be ugly and some will be beautiful and like we got to sort it out like like good so it’s just our job why am I why am I explaining that to you you’re a poet and I worry too much as a poet I worry too much about making a perfect sometimes The Young Riders because but I never follows if I ever ever have never found what I want is that the idea that your your job is to write something good is why you’re not writing because who the fuck is going to write something good way to buy your own definition of good writing is going to be automatically better than anything you’ve ever written and live your worth your salt
you think is bad you have to get get to that level and you just looked like the get it out there I never do it I never do it I sit there and go like fuck it and then someone calls and says you’re fired tomorrow when I go fuck you then and there like this is fine I’m like yeah it was fun
cuz I had a genius and then I say on Twitter I’m a genius and then you guys say I’m a genius then I could come to Oklahoma and do a show and people get cake but overall I don’t know thank you Tim for the poem I really appreciate it I could text him before you go is there a is there a way to find your poetry on mine. We can go look at her is there a last name or a thing that we want to find my last name is Miran muren you might find a couple of things out there if you really want to search form that will do thanks
he had that pause for a second he was like my last name is Seth with nautical imagery and I learned it well my grandpa told me about Hitler’s conquest of seek
but I’m not one of those Hitler’s I’m a self-loathing Hitler are you an artist you have any artistic leanings not at all I can’t cut a straight line
she’s so crafty my whole family is I can’t cut a straight line I can’t draw are you young enough for me to ask how old you are I am 28 what’s a good age now
I want to see you
like I want to have a look
no because she still has any anyway but you’re just cool as shit like a Melo have to say something like that out there just so they can relax but you just seem
naturally relaxed
I think I’ve been thinking that cuz I’m writing this book that’s probably be up as going to also Rob people of their money coming from chimpanzees I’m sorry if you didn’t vote for that
I know you’re all liberal it’s fine if you’re not
don’t beat me up but I like I was just thinking I might like to pansies in like the fact that like we as a species like the species that we evolved from like our stick became alarm like like if you want like a repeat at like we’re like So Satisfied where you have no enemies are like the only thing we have to worry about was like leopards coming out of here will eat will fact will hang out and then if anything fux with us will go
and then everyone will go like run away and now today we just like walk around with these devices in our phones and it’s just like everything that alarms us is the thing that sells bigger than just like the news it’s like our stories are about like you’re going to die how are you going to deal with that how are likely we’re addicted to we’re Beyond addicted to it like we’re built on it like we’re we are just people that like we don’t think that anything could possibly be fine and as a result nothing is ever find Legos always has to worry about it which continues to feed itself it’s like it’s like a junkie saying I only do heroin when my life’s going really shity but unlike with heroin or booze or anything there’s absolutely not a single human being or even carbon-based life
not at not on this thing so no one’s ever going to call us on it but that’s what we’re doing we’re like sitting around like figuring out how would have freaked out and we like we’re never going to stop unless we actively decide that we have a problem and have like a twelve-step meeting where we’re like we we love freaking out we don’t want to do it anymore we’re always going to want to do it let’s go to the moon and like not freak out anymore I don’t know why I’m laying all this on you like you’re working at Walmart near like fine I’m projecting onto you and Johanna
so you’re so laid-back like do you have no anxiety at all
you lay back when you wear around the house the house goes back
did you ever have anxiety that you got to get hung up on me yet or are you are you bullshittin this are you are you just that that mellow even killed all the time
or is it something that you have to like several May and eating up that anxiety but can you bury it down
like fun would be an amazing friend I like that you’re fine with your fine with us accusing you of being a raging Inferno side with us
are you is it is it possible to be just completely laid back or are you are you keeping some shit buried it’s not for long I don’t do anything for you don’t hold grudges is there anything and I know the answer is no is there anything that you repeat to yourself when you start to get upset that makes you relax I know the answer cuz you don’t listen cuz you’re like you’re just like all I’m relaxed like I’m trying to learn things like oh whatever
I’m sorry I know I feel like I know he’s he’s asking his he’s asking you to tell him that you have a mantra that keeps you cool but you’re probably just cool built-in
I want that to be true but that’s not true. You want to help me cuz I would be great but you’re fine with me fucking fine I just watch TV all the time like I would spend listening to your commentary on community is like nothing I say
who am I
what do you want what you what do you watch do you watch True Crime by watch like 48 hours or something like that freaks me out cuz I live alone and then it’s like oh someone’s going to kill me now random person on the street is not like a husband or any
I didn’t know really solve and then now she’s dead
it’s funny cuz it’s true
I snort when I laugh sometimes carry around somebody beautiful as you in your in your laid-back miss you could you osmotically understand that I’m an uptight person that is driven by his ability to make people happy which means people have to be unhappy at the make them happy is there anything I can do to make you happy even if you have to lie
like you just saying like oh if you pull down your pants that would make my day and then I pulled out my pants that’s not I know you know if you shouldn’t I’m saying like I’m saying like like like like help me like you’re privileged you relax you’re asking her then you’re saying that you want people to be fixed by your creativity and you’re asking her to be flawed so that you can make her happy yes but she clearly is a happy person that I know and I don’t like that
she likes you
other ones like she don’t she already likes you whether or not she swore I’d like her to be different
and if she so cool she can do that for me
you’re trying to fix somebody who doesn’t need 6 and I’m trying to break her
noticed that she came prefixed nothing to do with her but break her
unless you don’t want to I’m going to go out to the audience again
Welcome To Heaven
send you a drink they wouldn’t send you a drink I got plenty I got put it right on right on for sure
Table 9 needs bread
table mate table makes Honey doesn’t need more alcohol is that a sense of community essays on the television series and its fandom edited by an Gilli what is best friend of mine’s a college professor and actually has a book about your show
don’t see a lot of books about that thank you for bringing that haven’t been out in the open
foods to give me a boost right
go back to this guy in the world do they love him and the answer the answer is yes
yes yes yes we love you all right
all right but I think that easy I’m still want to get more data but he’s angry at lawanna for not needing to be fixed
I don’t know what I’m doing
I know I have an internal gauge room like if I spent $15 I’d walk away going that’s awesome I robbed him alright let’s check it with the guy that dress like Rick
what’s your name hello you’re drunk
thank you for dressing like Rick are you from Arkansas from Oklahoma
where did Dierks read where my grandpappy from when’s the last time there was a tornado here like all the times and a bunch of people died of it and bad days for me to bring it up right I guess yeah if you’re not from here okay
well thanks for dressing like my shop
this tiny Rick this is the Chiraq all right how you doing what’s your name what’s your what what what we come on don’t mean you can both be Connor want to be Connor guys especially
he says that he is you from the future you
didn’t know what he says that he’s here because you don’t exist anymore and that you’re dying
an atomic level
that’s what he said
sorry to put words in your mouth and then you had you had some insight about that I don’t know if I keep giving the mic to everyone that just has a theory with their multiple times but it was sort of a pantheist kind of spiritual is thing you could just be both interpretations of the same basic on it if I can yeah exactly what’s a lateral point of you did you did you
New Orleans did say it was an it was a bit of a drive but I kind of broke it off through Dallas I drove up to Dallas and then drove from Dallas to here and
what is the interest is not out of the way
it’s a bit out of the way but there’s a place to sleep
you’re from Louisiana past Oklahoma to Texas and then came back here no am I better get control of the show
it’s not your fault it’s me I’m about Entertainer all right team, probably 9
let’s go was 14 and what do you mean like me walking around going who are you and then they ended you here I’m humble and then I’m like oh that sounds crazy. There’s not there’s only one way to the crown. Transient itinerant errant Knight who wants you to wrap some friends
snake rapping about Mama’s as a crutch since this guy
wait wait is wrapping a Crusher just about The Mamas
Mike Eagle mentioned a crutch for freestyling you can’t fall back on your mama and me G-Shock watch a show called Max Headroom that was produced in the eighties you look like the kid that created Max Headroom his name is Bryce Lynch the characters he was bracelet he looks exactly like them about crutches okay are you setting me up cuz like your mom uses crutches and you you want to punch me and say OK Google all the way here to the Oklahoma Arkansas border that you could do a rap that was mama free and I completely get out of your safety zone and not talk any Mama’s just let me try
yo yo yo yo yo mama’s not going to rap about today or tomorrow there’s going to be no, talk this is a rapid free of all that I am named in harm and I got up this morning and I was disarmed and I went to breakfast and had a bowl of cereal I didn’t cut your mama for real
I didn’t use a spoon but I didn’t real soon I’m going to keep practicing and I’m not going to help craft about your mama
I apologize if I came out with that give me a second dinner did not talk a couple Mama’s on that you guys didn’t order any drinks soon
I don’t mean to throw you under the bus lashing out at strange without saying the word mama what’s your name yo you can stop by whenever but not normal
yo yo yo yo
Marshall Spartanburg
what’s your name Brian Brian doesn’t feel very good about that cuz he’s getting closer Amber and I should have dessert that you don’t just go around the table and there’s a six-inch distance to be clearly indicates that he’s either your friends from work or Marshalls friends from high school and that was bad form of my part
are you guys you guys are in love
yes. I don’t know anyone interested in your night how are you guys what’s your name how do you know when you’re done
I forgot to run off of name and I spelled his and
get their names again with dragon names
Lacey Lacey she runs through the whole joint
she’s the reason we’re here and she brought us here she’s the biggest biggest harmontown fan in the world did you tell us
I don’t care if you guys can leave if we do a three-hour show but if I have to in order to make sure that your reputation is secure what do I have to do to make this a good harmontown show
so what haven’t I done
dance like a leprechaun
I’m putting you on the spot I thought I’d I think give the people they want to take your shirt off and do baby kick it dance
I want to take it home or they want to give them what they don’t want
yo when you turn those off and you showed your gut you going to do is show so what did you go to Oklahoma and give him the news I didn’t put your mama because she’s not abused by me yeah I’m sorry for the language but
I mean damn down to like you didn’t like my rat I don’t know why you going to see my naked body
right let’s give me the freedom to do as many as you want but you don’t have to do don’t make them on my sing a crutch I mean Sam everybody Christian right how many broken several Cherokee Nation laws right now so let’s let’s continue then yeah yeah yeah you’re allowed to leave right now.
when you go downtown and you eat some soup you going to eat it until you poop it’s going to be liquid cuz it wasn’t solid I thought your mama cuz my name is DJ khaled’s please
celebrity rapper I just asked about what I do in the crapper I watch Trapper John MD
it’s supposed to be you go down to the Panhandle in you think Abby I’m down to Texas and Mexico that’s when you don’t want to go, so hard I exploded their tits and I said I fucked your mom but I also had a pretty good rhyme Mary
cuz I arrived exploded and voted which was unintentionally
the second segment is occupying me and he’s apparently
LOL miss in the all the place where the Cherokee Nation
alright alright right
take a 69 is after I got to combine
taking time to be naked and go out of the oven.
the worst show in the world
she’s a millionaire
he’s got five shows on there she wants to destroy himself
by having sex with her it’s a crap I’m sorry
can I rent a truck in your mouth on what time
is there any good chance of that now you think about that
he’s a guy that wants to sale
I just want to get in
take me to come to the apartments and everybody know
thank you Tim the Tyrant Luke the rapper who fell on his face
find Jeff Davis for the next 45 minutes
you’re allowed to leave
Dan Harmon ever Reddit
just tell him you love him just say that you love him the clothes back on
he hates himself so much that he takes his underwear
make sure the thing is eight people look like with helter standing up
dance around the parking lot didn’t stand up
the show is over what did you give that guy’s $20 raccoon
call Mark thank you. I got your V recognize back
goodnight everybody thank you so much thank you, there’ll be there’ll be a line somewhere where you can we could talk you can tell me I did a good job, Katina we’ll have a drink and we’ll hang out. I’ll let you get a photo if you ask real nice you’ve earned it thank you for coming to the Cherokee Casino have you been working ever ever can we do a rock
they do the pouch makes them look like they’re a thing but it
okay let’s go to the bar and drink Charlie I’ll see you guys
I’ll see you guys will take pictures and
and you guys are amazing thank you for bringing us here taking a big round of applause for the late fee for making this all happen
call tocayo fire from my tablet bartender today at the tap room and let’s see we got Jessie Austin and Hannah from the the end of the spring. Everybody has been fantastic I wish I could stay for a few more days bring it back one
NBT goes to a pimple that’s freaking awesome, do you think it’s him
but it’s not a competition
I think we’re all great people especially me
I’m not going to say I did better than Tim or risked more than him
I just think that I did pretty well myself from started you the buffet is great.
They put them under a heat lamp for their you know when they’re fresh out of the oven are the best


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