Episode: 257 – I Change the World’s Oil


Episode: 257 – I Change the World’s Oil


Dan gets Christian dating tips from a ride-sharing driver and explores what various Scottish dogs might sound like. The gang’s role playing characters level up and face a new foe!


all right back there running the sound of making everything sound groovy and sexy
Zach what what I haven’t seen you tonight what what flavor of hat do you have on tonight
what is Harry Harry
forgot your last name
my hairy balls to Terry Foster on sound everybody that can go fuck himself
beautiful Uptown Burbank In the Heat of the Night with the whole world on fire around us as Ash rain slowly down and all of our cars and then do our hair Hermantown is infection
just bring it up the 11 game Master Spencer Crittenden
and The Maritime Academy for Dan Harmon
yeah thank you
thank you
what’s up man it’s a bad mood is going to be a bad show in the world becoming a horrible Hellfire of crap
what’s your problem I don’t know I was at I was in a good mood like like all week cuz it was kind of a I guess it was a thing because it was like a hurricane and I guess heard about that hurricane taxes in Bangladesh to lie quite rightly says me beginning okay well I have my health I have my property to do alligators in my living room like you have a good mood like I was in a good mood when I think it’s like an artificial good mood cuz it’s derived from other people’s misery and say that that whole thing really well I have my health I’m going to live at each day like it’s my last like I think that’s like taking ecstasy I like crashes cuz now I’m just miserable
it was all triggered by me losing my second pair of those fucking airpods
I lost the first pair like Spencer go find me another parent give this is perfect
why do you or you don’t want them or something that can see Spencer but tonight like there’s a different layout I can do you know what they’re doing no you don’t want to talk to me are you further updates when Armand argue more downstage normally I’m hiding behind your whole career Spencer you’ve been your mom
I’ve been my mom yeah oh that explains so much
can I can I start off the shows a little kind of bar and grill except for the grill we were talking and you like old movies with some old movies people that we going to walk every Saturday in Beverly Hills I like they’re a little older and as we going to walk you want to go have a walk in the park and spoke one-on-one with Ann-Margret today yeah
watching her and Anthony Hopkins magic I just saw your last we just watched and I just watch Magic last night with Anthony Hopkins and Ann-Margret I started the day walking around with her and she’s adorable. She was so cute in her glasses were like it is cool little frame but there aren’t really crooked that I made it so good old like dancer is and show people and comedians that were supposed to be there but if they’re going to come another time Lenny and Squiggy Charlie who are husband and wife comedy team before the Beatles came out on the first Ed Sullivan Show
are you from here away from the sport and sweet and then she had a few still speak Swedish and she just kind of talked in a Swedish to me like that
is that that if she’s the sweetest nicest person I was like what shows on TV right now so Toast of London and the IT Crowd I just met her bank raged around you and I mean it’s under water and people by the way where were you guys last boxing match much you drove toward a forest fire to get here tonight there’s a certain MMA fans
do you want more Shoe jobs tell you is that bit is that the sexy that the previous week cuz it was like an over estimated the number of Nazis so so then you guys didn’t show up and then we up we unpacked the shop box again and now you’re all back
what did you suck his dick tomorrow in the Reddit
don’t like you I do kind of a little bit if you like me
counts for nothing
solicited I said I would give you my airpods okay good I was learning about mind mapping software to make my iPad and I was like I’m going to listen to some tutorials and I want to wake up Cody and I are you I was like I watch the fucking airpods again literally had him for one day I want the laughter every time you buy a pair of these things you just feel like the dumbest shit face in the world because they just suck their awful dumb things but then I lost the first golden cords anymore I was after the first time you fly first class and then try to fight coach near like my knees are hurt and I just don’t understand why you went to the dentist and my teeth are decaying is no big surprise there like that look like that they’re not that bad actually my family has very strong and animal butts
but you know they’re calling out the distance in millimeters between each two that I got a couple finds in there that means the flyer so I got to go I got to give you the Deep laser cleaning I got to let you know they’re telling you she pointed to think she said like what cuz they did but I’m just like my fingernails are going to be there the day they bury me why do the why do your teeth fall out and rot but you’re a fucking dumbass fingernails
what is the point of these they just they get gross you know I was I was at Comic-Con 1 year that I was like sad walking around and some young lady was like me an arm and I’m a big fan and I took it she just do want to take a picture with me and I took a picture like got behind her and kind of like I had my hands on her shoulders and I like tsar and Instagram like you know a week later and and and it was like me posing with her and she was like hashtag dirty fingernails
and she was right I like an animal that’s gross its gross you know what makes me flashbacks a math class 3rd grade math class with mrs. Jackson I’ve got probably talked about her before she did it she she she called me up and gave me a brush and said Daniel go wash your fingernails and the whole class and then
do you know how many change the world oil change my own oil and sorry I don’t have to take me to go get the dirty kid and I got a house show you all but then I didn’t show anybody
decrease the happiest is 44 years I trying to secure a place of power and comfort and then fucking Nazis look for your whiskers they might have just kept Captain Caveman inside there
you might have like a real Camaros like some of the keys
why is my stomach hurt to eat again at Haulover and didn’t mention it.
That unnamed shithole Rick and Morty to said nothing specific kind of cuisine
we would know what it was was that country that speaks a language that we do American well yes
in a manner of speaking
for old dudes it and drink it like muttering like the n-word into their cocktails like this place has burbank’s fucked up man into flames as I as I was driving to Burbank and straight into fire and I was like same page Club
I get you Burbank I just like burbank’s reflecting reality right now everyone else is just living a lie
I want to just I want I want to I want to I want to get my friend the guy whose name is pizza and when I was able to get this desert property and I like the thing I just need to figure out how to desalinate water right like I need to and then I also need to bring an ocean to the desert
yeah I just want don’t you think there’s a way to like I guess the reason do ya like you don’t want to build a fence because then if he’s everyone’s Timmy scavengers the offense than the old all going to go there must be something on the other side of the fence by a random spot in the desert and keep it looking like regular random desert and then like there’s a spot where you like you point a clicker in Augusta and there’s like solar panels that no one can see from a distance they’re just like sea level solar panels and you only expose them to charge your big battery under the ground and then and then you you go down there and there’s like Hydroponics soy maybe yeah couple record album yeah and you could
what are your what are your deserts not Islands record albums by Genesis invisible touch
what are your desert at-il hydroponic crops so call me when you get to you get to record shows those and visit Genesis invisible touch this one out that’s one that we don’t like what you’ve never met someone dead person that you’ve never been there
you never met Spencer said to be part of your your desert and hang out and kick boxing champion security
although he’s probably old now
so I can’t forget that Seamus the WWE wrestler is that Sheamus Conor McGregor
is that his real name is his wrestling name in Rick and Morty so he’s got a big red beard and I figure he can probably yeah it’s that kind of man he’s mad you didn’t pick her up she’s walking how I met her
there’s a Galaxy or early
he knows you know any people
where did she say I was there at the other people
all right so there was a guy FaceTiming in public and crank it up and it was just a guy sitting at the bar and there was just this woman it seem like I’ve made some assumptions of seemed like she was like a mail order bride or something like she was I had a really thick accent and he was just like staring at her like she was just
but he wasn’t saying anything it was just like staring at her
it was weird it was like I don’t know if she was checking in on him or him on her but it was like one of them. The other one was like an animal that you just monitor you know it was just like like like we do
your life have to be if you’re willing to like have a phone call in public and let everyone see you’re the person you’re talking to Alex and I was being an idiot I bring a book to a bar or loud and respecting my my library time to me who was FaceTiming where’s your sister at the volume and the sister was coming in through top but we’re both bad people
everyone else in the world is I was just like
Oliver their phone and then every once in awhile I like to pick up as an as I’m leaving the restaurant like it’s a crying baby you know cuz I’m so concerned with what other people think like I’ll still like get some dirty look at some of the Galaxy get that outside I don’t think I’m going
put up with what is it what is God hate me to like living in the shadow of this of this insane person you know it’s almost been a fucking here that means that you could spend a year just not doing anything like you could just spend a year going like I’m going to learn French sure I’m going to I’m going to make a birdhouse like there’s no bad way to spend a year we just spent it fucking like raising an autistic president
I’m so I’m so sorry to my autistic fanbase I just mean I don’t mean like he doesn’t have the honor of being called artistic I don’t mean he has autistic traits I just mean like he’s like having like an autistic kid play like a three-year-old why is that what you people aren’t you eat my fucking shit out of my ass
she said not that up to controversy I apologize for not the Acura physiological part of the autism just the annoying or offensive the part of the autistic that’s the kind of has the key is that’s what I’m talking about knowledge that it’s a challenge they’re not like this
none of them I think your mustache it was considering most of the driving right now I think it’s changed
I think it’s a liberated a part of you that maybe shouldn’t have deliberate or maybe should have been hurting your feelings fucking dudes that doesn’t give a fuck you sitting on the throne of Kings Landing babies
can’t talk to your finger that has no shame stop we elected a rapist Nazi looks like political correctness is going to shift into neutral no not at all
fighting about pronouns gender fluidity more than ever micro Impressions just became man
Ellie Leen
thank you for coming my friend Jane this always a micro pleasure
let’s make sure that we would recognize that you just compare the children with autism to not to rapist
are you acquainted in a little bit maybe by some like transitive property of math that I have
that I don’t even understand who I got a 30% on my my AC tease
is it a Midwestern equivalent of the SATs
math I’m like I’m like I’m like dumber than normal people in math isn’t that crazy given how smart I am about
yo and other areas
I just get such a big kick out of that I’m so stupid sometimes in some ways isn’t that crazy
anyways so can we talk about why I want to make sure okay yeah so is myself as like yeah I have lapsed back into Ubers
why did it happen did you try Lyft and not like it charge my phone
what list you can charge your phone
how many lives did you take to to prove that there had to be some reason I don’t know
I think about a Lyft drivers have little phone chargers in there was a guy who made me take my foot off his seat like which I thought was so weird cuz it was a lift and not an Uber I was like a fucking Acura or something and he was like lower your foot for my seat and I was like it was like you’re crossing a leg and was like you’re kind of sometimes that really uncomfortable no I mean I think I’m compensating maybe for like 40 years of a wallet I don’t know I don’t know why it is so I like to tuck my little footsie under who needs one of my butt cheeks sometimes they get your get your street pavement foot off of my sorry I sometimes but they’ll drop you off and then they’ll give you a business card on my private business like they’re there that I go take my card so you like
if you want to you want to get a ride for me again don’t use the surface if it changes everything I could take my business card and then call me on regular phone in my other what it what do they say how is that going to take off
I never experienced you don’t think everyone’s doing that now they drop you off then they go by the way here to take my car when you if you want to get picked up check my car like I’m going to make this guy’s day I didn’t he dropped me off at the at the shity British restaurant here in Burbank into and and and he was like Hey you remember me I was that guy to give you that car to make another card cuz this time actually this might work cuz I’m going to eat here and then I’m going to be driving a couple of blocks over to the starboard castle and he’s like no sense for me
don’t you be a business card when I met you through a hologram was basically just things to go in and my trash can. Maybe not still the whole culture is based on at least when I was learning Japanese and Marquette University of it they were explaining the whole business card you said a Japanese Market
write semester nihongo choto and mustard
can anybody spare fired
we got a lot of Hannah made fans and her
what did you say yes just for my own curiosity got a little Japanese which is not true but I can only say that
technically true know me my show, should we drink beer
how do you say yes hi
I thought I knew everything about you I didn’t know that I was cutting classes and then this is sad and I like I was like a baby like I like pretended my mom was sick or something and leave College like what are you trying to like make excuses because you wanted to learn Japanese or I think it’s a time I thought maybe I should learn how to sell my company like at the time the Japanese were like the Chinese of the time you know that they were like a big Financial thing all the time magazine covers or like a woman with a microchip in a suitcase
Land of the Rising NASDAQ
I like grumpy Dan every I like you and you’re a little Surly I hate Society
every single human being like me how cool you think you are right now I fucking hate you
I’m sorry I’m sick I’m sick and I’m sick of hearing the Press like vilifying Auntie for like an hour to suck their dicks or anything but it’s like a couple of kids out there that are like willing to be bullies back towards Nazis if we didn’t have them we wouldn’t have anybody that was scaring Nazis
come some slack they’re anarchists you know you know I had when I was younger I had these foreign exchange students and one of them was his dad was like from bass country and he was apparently like a freedom fighter against like Spain or some shit and the other guy was a Russian and he was part of an anti-nazi gang that would beat the shit out of neo-nazis and it was when I was a young boy and I remember I told this to everyone I came across and everyone thought it was really bad ass what shape it’s okay I’m sorry there’s an extreme form of being afraid of Nazis that doesn’t meet his advocacy for just complacencies fucking pisses me off it’s like lately you’re not going to accomplish people act like it’s based on logic or something it’s not it’s just fucking I’m not a hero either but like stop messing up your fucking regular ass yellow belly with like a Spot Cafe
you don’t like well I wouldn’t really make sense it doesn’t it doesn’t make sense nothing it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s fucking scary but you know how all 20 year olds are dumbasses don’t you want some dumbasses to be not Nazis will be easy to be a Nazi when you’re a dumbass we should think Christ some people who still want to fucking scrap it up actually have the balls to be like plus I don’t want to be a Nazi thank God thank you kids really appreciate it cuz I’m fucking old my back hurts I can’t I can’t if I throw a rock I’m going to the hospital for a week
people’s parents be suing me. You know I got to just sit in my house and take shit some and nnn you know I’m just going to Target in 60 and I’m just going to fucking kill myself if I’m not dead so just just going to be one of those people that start saying I want to kill myself and their forties and you’re going to end up being 80 and we’re all going to say
are you encouraging man that killed himself you going to be like Dorothy Parker and don’t take that again and said that you’re having your having a bad day like I am I out there
no no tell yourself you’re depressed this too shall pass it’s a serious issue you know a lot of kids write me on my Tumblr you know Bass Lake if anything Shades if you’re depressed right now you know like like just think about it this way like I’m confirming for you at 44th at like there are bouts of of of feelings and I know you don’t want to be talked out how you feel but I’m just saying like this too shall pass like it’s like your moods do control they look very real your feelings are real they’re just not reflective of reality you know what I mean like your feelings should be very respected and taken seriously but then there is that you don’t have to like you can you can acknowledge that you feel really really sad that could be the most important thing going on in your life you you don’t have to then connect that to Reality by saying like therefore I’m going to do this or that which you don’t do as I say not as I do all right but stick it out I promise it’ll be a little
great fucking
no it’s not going to be great I know that’s not the reason to not kill yourself life is a fucking shit sandwich it’s going to it’s not going to end up delicious but just like eat it and because I’m telling you
I’m telling you what I’ll be in I’ll be in a better mood again next week and then we’ll have fun together eating the ship sandwich league league of the fire will have moved down here will roast some marshmallows do you want to go to our friends from Texas will no be refugees that’ll be an ironic twist and you would it show you up if you give it maybe you could go have a walk in the park with Ann-Margret is a boy that magic movie Magic movie called Magic is Anthony Hopkins is a magician and he becomes a ventriloquist and he’s a he’s a wonderful than the Christmas Eve crazy there that were the dolls real I didn’t like the movies all over and Cody goes like
how old is ventriloquist comedians are not magicians like I’ll try this magic trick that the category that but really it’s a guy’s a comedy act yeah course yeah that was pretty insane because there’s a big car race at the end and then people die does it does a big car wreck with like old-school hot rod black race cars where there’s no cockpit that you just a dude with a helmet sticking up a time when you flip over your head cut straight to Elvis and Ann-Margret
they don’t waste a moment of sadness but before they start dancing and she’ll be amazing if like they started dancing instead of going to the credits it just like slow down and Faded till I Grace Kang said like two dates and stuff all the drivers passed away is they were in the same race and he was like boxing out his son his son was in the lead or like in second place in his dad was behind him and he was like a box and out competitors the courage protecting his son you know who giving his son some space to to end his identity fucking flipped out and that killed his son didn’t win
but he had an excuse so I guess anybody you didn’t win he’s like my dad died
yeah so you can plan it was in the race when his father died if I thought you told me take it up with him now who told you that Mike Waldron no big deal senior went to a wall and it has any broke his neck and that was that I don’t think Junior was in the race will I don’t think he was okay you know I don’t want to fucking argue Aldrin hear any heard you have any people know how about NASCAR as well
he was in the race holy shit that’s fucked up besides that was made it seem like you were bursting at the seams to say but everything else is bullshit like what is in the race
it’s kind of a half back up in your back up like your mustache
because they might need me to come back any minute I’m a fireman I’m I got a hold I’m going to look like a like a schnauzer
Terriers I don’t know which dog I’m thinking of
a park with a Scottish accent
I know you could do it I knew you could do it
can I take a room to temp to put me in a good mood is pathetic everything you’ve tried as like myself in a good mood because but I want to talk about your shirt just for a moment because Jay has a picture of Dorothy zbornak and what’s her last name from Golden Girls
Ginger when I was in the store on Vermont it when I was in a good mood when I was like hey I don’t have cancer and how bad are fans of The Golden Girls with all the shirts with the sexy kids wear and there’s like a million not not not like not like
Gap Kids Toys R Us I mean like I mean legally vote voting age sexy kids shirts are hanging everywhere there’s a lot of Golden Girls shirts with a reason cuz it’s like people may because I was watching I watch a couple episodes of Golden Girls and we all know of our friend Mitch hurwitz wrote on that show I was one of his first job there was other show of its time like everybody that wrote on the Golden Girls like went on to be a comedy Pioneer I think I can’t remember any of their names so I guess they didn’t I finish it
top Tom Whedon is Joss Whedon Golden Girls
bring the Wheaton’s into it why don’t you
that’s not it there’s a there’s no there’s no Highway cones in there that I can fuck up hear about what happened
you guys want to talk about it
who’s Cody’s texting me that might be really wow anyways in a can last my last my place all right so thanks Cody all right so what was you talking about
I don’t know why that got an Applause and I’m ashamed of this planet please tell me you made a buck right and I’m supposed to go with Ryan
like I will say what’s with this damn thing and I’m still smarter than you you got that marijuana vaporizer and take a hit off of that yeah yeah yeah flavorless things that you get at a seafood what are those things called the not tofu
help sore nose
they’re so good scallops fuck scallops you know what what’s your beef with scalloped General concept is that my hands don’t have sneeze on them but just what does the entire restaurant on my arm and speeding through the sneeze just went everywhere you’re stupid I hate it I hate just stifle it make it go inside of your hand like I do
the bonus is you might get an aneurysm
we talked about can we talk about Angry Birds rip offs hit the theme song for Angry Birds
can you get sunburned and it was a game called Angry Birds and then they were five games called Angry Birds and there’s also 20 games that try to trick you into thinking they’re Angry Birds games
we did it
Angry Birds was a game where you like a virgin to some blocks and knock them over all right
so so there’s like no I want a different Scott a dog bark like
stop trying to cheer me up
don’t pretend to be grabbing because that delightful Society is a lie
the anarchists were right the whole time like fucking I’m going to get a tattoo and then ask them what they are
just like people to do with like pickle Rick and stuff I’m just going to get a tattoo of a ant eat and then take it to a convention and go look if you have a tattoo I don’t have no problems with people that get tattoos of stuff I usually when I was in my twenties I would be like doing that for I tried to explain that last week come around on you kids your great Deeds you should you should attach a third arm to your chest like anybody else but you got because that are making it for my cast or sometimes I don’t get it from like your parents I mean didn’t get to from your parents if you can that’s privileged
get a third one from maybe you know I don’t know
some kind of stem cell
so okay so so there’s this game with others Angry Birds is Angry Birds 2 there’s Star Wars Angry Birds Star Wars Angry Birds 2 there’s an Angry Birds Transformers Angry Birds Transformers Angry Birds space is very successful keep making build your Empire have no beef with capitalism
this guy I can’t I can’t pronounce his name
if you go to the App Store and type in Angry Birds and start scrolling down you will soon come to a sea of con Artistry from someone named pop package ett
include bomber Birds angry land
hockey birds the angry Sports tournament
racing Birds real Road car angry driver
they’re all the same guy the angry dungeon
Jewel Birds angry blast dungeon
Warrior Birds the destroy angry soldiers
are you reading these wrong no this is it just isn’t it just a picture birds feeding an angry aquatic
birds and blocks to that’s not him that’s a this is just a person doing Angry Birds with birds and black too and they’re not angry they can stay there like regular Birds they Lake Placid but they’re shaped exactly like Angry Birds Angry Birds and blocks to Magic Birds marvelous angry territory pop
and of course the best of Tomorrow the one with a title that doesn’t even fit in the App Store I can’t you see there’s nowhere you can get the full title even if you click on it it doesn’t expand enough for you to ever see the end of the title and green ninja paratrooper pilot vs Birds free game colon zero Injustice 2

these are all program games that you could potentially buy or and this guy did there’s one review of that one and it says and the guy says they tried and and his review is his room I downloaded this app as a joke and three stars
we like I should be ashamed of himself right at pob 1 fly in this fucking know this episode is like this supply of bit breaking bad but I’m in public if you’re
if you’re on a freeway and you’re in a car
but you did and I hope you are
Martin Lawrence did it it pulling up next to you
there are some people that if you’re like you’ve you’ll pick your nose freely because you’ll end your justification for it is logical which is that you’re never going to see that person again punish the people that are there my friends you know gross in front of them and like it doesn’t really make any sense like another reason to hate myself fucking stupid you know why I don’t care what Strangers think but we don’t like when people become friends with a guy like a fart
wish me luck thank you so much for being my friend and I’m going to go in the other room and pick my nose now and then in front of a stranger under the person in front of me and you be like yeah we’ll make friends with me you get back
maybe I’ll treat you with some respect give me a chance
stranger doesn’t story I’ll get it all wrong with it was like James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart we’re both up for the same role in there was some kind of Studio dispute on it and there was having some kind of rivalry with who’s the biggest fat guys roll if he already passed Sonic that lowers my fucking status whatever the fuck but apparently Humphrey Bogart’s saw James Cagney like driving down the street in Hollywood picking his nose in his bed in the back of his limousine sent him to the ER or vice versa and send it to me about how he knows pick shame them in a poem and sent it to him like roses are red violets are blue
you dirty rat famous people
famous people in black and driving and payment places shouldn’t go around picking their famous faces like something like that like either something like that look at Friday’s
Plies going to get it just pisses on your face
earlier flight and later the guy’s face in Indiana Jones and he just crawled in his mouth and he ate it
yeah they had to land today to dribble invisible trailer fly food up his chin to get that shot and took 3 days
400 takes a thousand flies how good is your food they got everything
so anyways I was in it I was in it I was in another car with an unnamed Rideshare service
and the guy said what do you what do you want to listen to is it whatever you want to listen to and he’s like okay and he cranks this dating tips for Christian men show which I didn’t even know existed doesn’t even make any sense to me it was just and I was like this is this white guy like on the radio going like like talking to another guy and just being like Angry for good men like it ask any woman that I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a woman say where all the good men would guess what you put your faith in Jesus Christ you’re going to be a good man I just your Market bro
it’s like you know you got to set you got it you need a real man as a mentor in Jesus Christ was a real man it was so weird was still weird mix of red pill and Christianity
Jesus smashed but it’s like that’s what it
play like Jesus I’ll help you smash puss like
picture of puss I hashtag by it when I used to get about it I said I follow me and I will make you crush and put
he was trying to be like don’t be lazy when I ask you what you want to hear I’m sorry I was like I’m going to fucking be Christian now in the trash Christian puts like I’m going to just be like hey this is great just to punish him I got to see how long he can sweat it out so we just both like game of radio Chicken Man
that’s true yeah I didn’t think you would think I would leave the Christian guy would be like what it what can we drop the game part like play The Ladies Man you get a foot in the streets trick him into fucking you
Lord Christ into your heart and eventually answered the door and when she knocks and you heard the good news and you’re like a washed in the Lamb of the savior’s blood but you just still fuck women
that’s great that’s why is actually the devil
who plays on your ass that fly right if I let it land and take a big drink of my fucking pours going to watch settings fall down and just
crawl away
god dammit
it kind of took a dive I’m going to let it warm up a little and right now I’m not going to freak out if it lands on my favorite son-in-law
please tell me you got it it’s on his leg now oh my God I can’t live in the desert cuz there’s no water Angry Birds were Bob’s FaceTiming a public perception of strangers private chauffeur business cards from the limo rides to private jets private jet
dating tips are Christian man I quit Twitter for a while and feeling good about that but the mustache obviously has got me like you know he’s like yeah I don’t know I don’t know what the mustache brought you back in the Twitter
no I mean the mustache is making me as angry as I was when I was on Twitter I guess I don’t know I don’t know what’s happening to maybe mustaches will people do before Twitter
I think it’s blue private Jeff like overqualified why is he driving you around his is better a game it turns out that we’re all light
that’s a throwback and if you’re dirty inside than it looks you know bad
looks like dirty light only one pair of footprints there that’s a man in you
should there be a woman there with me
3.3 pairs or at least two pairs of footprints that I was cheering her then
oh not cool man I was flying and carrying her I’m the best wingman ever
an alien abductor there’s a little fucker
the show eat at 8 this morning
I have Godfather 2 questions
play my me the best movie ever and you seem to come by but go from a regular father to a Godfather see this is why you’re not Godfather’s because here’s what I feed my Betta Corleone does going to get you you got to go in from back
you got to run your flag game
for $5 a month you can watch Dance be tormented by a fly
yeah that’s who’s episode
that’s a good point if we pour soda on the ground maybe it’ll distract him
everybody Porsche come from
or just take a shit I should just poop
I mean is that I’m sure about this but you know I can buy a pile of shit in the Flies are on it and then you like you get too close to the shit in the Flies or like like like like they’re like they’re not going to do anything you have newspaper for Leone The Godfather he’s just a regular guy he’s immigrated to America from Italy where he was persecuted as a child and he’s a grown up bunnies in Italy now and and then and then it’s like a neighborhood needs like
give me some of them and and then Vito Corleone what’s with that guy and then his friends really share everything this is his neighborhood you can’t fuck with that guy like it’s this crazy like he’s he’s got the pieces of the charge of slate like there’s a guy above him it says he’s the black hand you can’t fuck with that guy and Vito Corleone is like huh so then and then he he he just shoots them and then it says like that’s it that he just takes over
I don’t think that there’s no way you just shoot the guy no one thought of that
that’s what it takes to be a Godfather must be nice you know it’s like rap in the 80s or you just hahaha hahaha
you know how to get just do you be a mafia guy just chilling one guy every 30 years then you got to be good at not being killed because he would think this guy like lived alone in an apartment and like he just walked up the stairs and I was like what are you doing here and he’s like shooting you and then you guys like I can’t believe this happened
all I did was take out everybody’s money and
in The Godfather movies every time you see an orange someone’s about to die and I don’t know why that is arbitrary weird-ass
thanks so much
do you think I don’t think so if you kill the fly I want to fucking freak out that’s the thing now if I put my phone down payment way of saying put your phone down and be in the moment that would be weird
the opening act of Remo Williams The Adventure Continues
look to the fire is not going to come out so I like this guy has activated a store called fly killer
I can wait on anybody holding a drink in an iPhone so I won’t be in a bad mood anymore cuz I just like I just want to get this all out
fucking medical forms like when you go to a new doctor or a new dentist or anything like how lazy are these people and they all like ask the same questions over and over again like you didn’t write your Social Security when they get your Social Security number I have someone else has it they can like steal your life and like-for-like sent send you to prison it is Danville or something like like like like it’s a and it’s like everybody can have everybody social security number because they just found that to be a convenient way to sort people’s files with X on the same form and just lick lick lick fucking look up
Vegeta in Super Saiyan 4 Frost sloppy and shity like they’re all misspelled like you can’t tell what you’re supposed to write where is fucking lazy man lazy shit with better technology than that and they just they can just get away with it cuz they’re like oh your tooth hurts like fill out 900 things and then just going to fill it all out of you keep go get your tooth fixed and they are just like God damn dude my birthday like five hundred times you don’t know when I was born yet you know fuck you
fucking assholes and then you get this like this is shit
oh okay, that’s why this is the format that fill out to get my teeth cleaned on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest rating how important is your dental health to you fuck
if I put in one or they going to be like I will leave
or are they going to be like like thank you for being on it I don’t know if you put five why do they chair with its clean my teeth and all you’ve got to say I don’t care how important was just fucking what is your hose hooked up to my desires to have clean teeth with a powered by my fucking ambition dental hygiene you need my teeth aren’t that important still need them clean I have leukemia want to be able to eat a fucking Hoagie fix my teeth
is there going to be okay
who the fuck that stands for what what were the Scottish cat sound like how is that
all right well you had to keep pushing
where would you rate your current Dental Health again what the fuck are you asking me you’re a dentist by
no I change what you want to go to 10 so I can eat it when I go in there
the coolest man Scandinavian ladies were just cool as shit where do you want your dental health to be
don’t leave me fill out a finger is like how important is you having a good back and back exercises you can be like well you’re not going to get to attend that way you did say you wanted that like I learned to not be honest. It’s on a TV show a long time ago I was honest about whether or not I’ve ever tried drugs and I said yes and then a team of lawyers came from the studio studio came by kerfuffle and filling a bunch of shit
look at the rest of this cast
they’re all from Chicago from the 80s with people
jelly when I got to go back in for another endoscopy with a up sold me an another one for my heartburn and I can’t be good I just heard it’s linked to alzheimer’s and I went into the thick of the guys like well here’s the thing and I heard this for the study that says it’s linked to alzheimer’s and stuff and and he’s like remember you guys like started obsessing about my lymph nodes and give you a biopsy and told me I had sarcoidosis and then I was like so what’s with my heartburn and you were like
after goes because Hey listen so go back to that guy will listen this time when you talk to him just just stay on the heartburn topic you don’t like don’t don’t don’t get distracted I’m like me
resume magic victim-blaming you know I got it bad
give us a nightmare hashtag heartburn culture
I just blamed me and he’s basically saying like gold and you know how you could have Babble when you go to the doctor so maybe it’s your fault that we like some weird fucking expensive tangent with MRIs like making sure you don’t have lymphatic cancer instead of telling you about your heartburn I bet it comes back but I don’t know what makes that sound
what you’re not being very Dorothy in the streets about this so you got to be a little bit more Dorothy in the streets and everyone are you guys ever do is beat me up and then and make fun of me and then I and then I made enough money to to to make that stop happening and now I know you got Nazis at a time like I can’t blame yourself in 20 year old dick head you’ve been fucking moron to everyone so fucking stupid hearing about dumb people I got on chair I don’t care I’m not a naturally caring person I should I could just I just want I just want I just want I just want to make a little music videos
I know you know I’m going to get my foot cancer or something like I’m going to actually go any day now I’m going to get like you know it’s like I got my health right now and I should be happy and I got everything that everybody wants and I’m like I’m just like kissing around my house like like yelling at my dog breed my underwear and like like let me Scout on my face as a dude Jason alligator out of his living room and Texas he’s probably laughing about it like it’s having a better life than me I’m so fucken had been had going to have my God but had my Society we had my morons I just want her to the front to the side for banks on fire
deserve it
hope all your Burbank crops burn event like today or yesterday that got one little small looking for my airpods and I threw it out the window and in Burbank
your car went onto it so I can pretty write the power went out of here get your crib I don’t think I think Jan’s to I’ve been meaning to say I’ve been made it I think that it’s 9:11 we should we should do it like at the start of a musical like no I need a laugh like that we shouldn’t do it like that we got my 11 whatever I want to Circle back and admire their the Suzy azzam you know however it came from that’s a good thing that’s what this country needs more of reminders
you that I died cuz I got a show on the 12th going to show up on the tool
what’s the deal with Jon Snow’s dumb you know it looks like a weird fucking toe did no one else noticed that it was like I was trying to be like sentimental and sexy you know what usually he has a giant fucking tattoo on his hand never noticed that I trust your judgment there but I was looking right at the Dow Jones
acting like knee-deep water
the wall goes just to the fucking Water’s Edge are you could just you know catch a ferry
I mean it’s got to end somewhere I guess but it would do we think it went all the way around the world so I just stopped at that big kind of I thought it was on the top of a high cliff or something when I mention ocean you know if there is something collapses like that there’s not just going to be like this path they should have been crawling over Rubble being like that damn kind of what happens when you collapse a wall as you have like about 1/4 of a wall that’s like an ice dragon that dad died how you going to fly when you got holes in your wings what’s playing with magic isn’t it I mean I mean
probably a dragon at least has some sort of magic flotation because they’re a heavy thing you know you need a huge Wing to look at a lot also the White Walker people you know they got there they don’t got no muscles like some of them got like a whole skeleton leg and like I said but if you can if you can make the dragonfly with your white walker magic the why don’t you just make a skeleton fly just make him like like give him some of that Dragon yeah. They got the whole wings with my other fucking base of that shit there was some other Circle
I just thought of that today the giant cultures have the giant chains and they are not notified the authorities driving up north wall in the back of the goddamn fucking Army Lego yeah they’re always ready they brought all their stuff with them number where they bring out the next Thursday in the whole gang with the rest of the time I fight him to go shopping
my concern with the cerasee plan was the I thought she was going to look at the zombie and go like yeah I have one for a butler like
are you guys done well aware you can make dead people hang out
driving mr. C
tell me where is your spin off HBO we should do a show where is zombie and your dance
but there’s also a Scottish zombie dogs zombie dogs
Regina Daniels
zombie take your time
Bow Wow
Swiss Cottage army dogs
what date was the cat brains or another dog Brains Brains
cat brains
get it where is everything what are you we don’t have a screen so how are you die
make sure the screen is up there Dan you have so much to be thankful for and happy about I know I crashed from that you should have seen me on Wednesday cuz it’s hot and they had dinner with church and I was being a pain in the butt and I was just being a grouchy ass off all day long
I told you to stay in the van
remember when that’s awesome blind you joined us for our show and then the next week he was like peace cuz he just secretly don’t even like us
why we finally didn’t like it has a short film about his life
you have a long film made about your life
had to make it myself
I still looks shity in it we’ve kind of semi seriously about going out and doing another armentor like like maybe like go to Europe or go somewhere fun or or maybe not so let me just travel around a bunch or maybe someone again are you still up for that
I can’t be nailed down on it like you like you were when we did that last one you were kind of going through a little bit of a crisis because you know you got fired every show you seem like a pretty down right now I think maybe it’s time to go out there and hit the road
I don’t want I want to do want to do the tour and be happy I want to repeat the same process Explorer exploring my getting out of your comfort zone it didn’t work that time yeah for the movie right now
cuz I knew that would sell eight copies
are we having I can tell we were trapped by I avoided everybody I just kept leaving and going through my little disappearing act and I will go read a book and get away from them again but I think I want to do I want to be you know I want to be free to enjoy it yeah but I don’t we can’t like fly to Europe and then get a tour bus right you don’t like driving around Europe has ever do that I don’t know man but if that’s what you do you know there’s a lot of Van travel around a van is going to fucking sexy tour bus I’m saying here’s a pitch we go out with Marilyn Manson
that’s a good idea he’s a big dork we should get him on the show he said whenever he wants to come by
are you going to be all pouty about it when he does
I don’t know cuz I don’t care I know he’ll, then everybody will be like oh I love Marilyn Manson I wish you could be on the show more often on a black I get it you don’t like me sticking up your ass you fucking heard of if I can
turned me around she got me soon
how do I patch
that that that that laughter was the unmistakable after of somebody who could not take my bad mood seriously she was just like a laugh at it like really was just felt she felt a little sad for me but she was glad she wasn’t me
do you know movie I watched yesterday and it doesn’t does not hold up and I’m pretty bummed out the baseballs Spaceballs that was Don Knotts oh I saw that was on it’s not that good man I really wanted to remember that I love that movie I’ve never seen it in my face but also he has a superpower that he makes the loudest noise in the world never explained
it turns into a fish
and they all go out to Coney Island and he loves fish so much and he looks out of the fish anyways I wish I were a fish and he falls into the water and he turns into a fish
Cody’s off the fish that wears the glasses so we remember it’s done that and we can tell them apart from the eat no other animated fish except for weird Lady Fish and that’s not in that heat the text of that pretty quickly
well how could that possibly be bad
my child and I thought it was awesome but there’s a lot of holes
mr. Ed’s fucking Grant
we fucking heard it by light indoor it’s on fire and running away from that we are weary please much for me as it is for you
meaning what exactly is more fun does not mean that I are the are my loadouts updated is that what you if they’re the ones on the right yeah then I mean yes
all right but we’re still on the same loan after that we were on the last time as we haven’t gone to sleep because you haven’t gone to sleep yet
are we going to do this without a diarrhea junior is is there going to be I got it all figured out okay but just why I got John Carmen it doesn’t make any sense but Steve will hate that with me John Carmen is a Steve Levy looking person that used to be just a role as assistant I said not for anybody here it’s for Steve Levy he’s going to get a kick out of that and I’ll be satisfied
and we will have burned a minute or two and Sammy did you see her she kinda like a levy kind of vibe oh she’s going to be running this place too
thank you is that Sammy that said that you can’t do it
all right and things what kind of weird and I don’t quite remember is it transmitted or pull down at the very end of finger so Spencer he will the recap of last week’s our little chat thing I do remember our heroes were they had just defeated or no way from the evil cult right as it collapsed like the whole church collapsed oh boy it was a disaster the vampire escaped in the form of a Mist leaving our heroes high and dry in The Priory where they searched for survivors are they became attacked by two little girls who knocked diarrhea Junior unconscious
Chad Lipton left in the actions of the girls and Carlos left in the face after some conversation pageant came back and he needed help so he took you to the Fells house where the prior year was Burning Down the House and trying to murder the family but you stopped him now you’re outside of the burning down house with a prior he’s tied up and you don’t know what’s going on it’s been a long night
all right way did you say
the most important part was the president that you said we’re out to were still outside the Fells house with the prior where he at where we left off he’s unconscious he’s I think tied up okay and how are they holding up there they’re okay. Tom just had given you a bunch of church relics that he had stolen cash off of these relics I’ll take these are small enough to fit in your sack I say to the Fells Tom
Maggie I’m sorry about your home good luck we’ll be back to help you out but I think the best thing we can do for you is get our colleague away from your little boy while he still unconscious cuz he’s he’s mixed up he thinks your kid is possessed or we can handle him well don’t handle him well
he’s only mad because there’s been so many Shenanigans we just you know that tempted murder house just got burned down but he was he was doing it because his church was under attack you believe me the people that are responsible for your woes mostly if they were here yeah they wouldn’t be tied up and they wouldn’t be life. Well okay touchy I’m not saying he did a good thing I’m not saying like he doesn’t deserve retribution I’m just saying like when he wakes up I’m going to I would like him to be at the church cuz I still want to talk to him about stuff and I don’t want him to kill your kid and I don’t want you to kill him before that Carlos you think is a chance that maybe he’s pissed off because Tom just admitted that he stole all of these relics from the church maybe he’s mad about what these relics mean to the church yeah why would I be mad about the fact someone is trying to murder my family and burned down my house that doesn’t make any sense
because we’re poor I haven’t been producing stuff with my farm the church is supposed to help they don’t do shit who you going to be selling these relics to where’s the market for church from there was a merchant it was coming by
we should have been here weeks ago

like I said at the top, we’re going to take the prior away take him to the church so when he wakes up he’s your kid can be safe and will send it will send whatever help we can and then I’ll just go back to terrorizing the town and you know being a dick great examine the primer is like body and clothes if he’s holding anything that like that might be of value or interest or he has the holy symbol of the church just like a lot of the clerics have time doesn’t have any like ID or any money on him like he’s not really wearing very much clothes he’s kind of like a hastily dressed it’s not like you know his formal attire in any sense so it’s kind of like you just came out at night with a sword
you got a wheel barrel or something Tom yeah sure
let’s put the prior in a wheelbarrow okay carton back to the church to take us to take the fire back we’ll do a debrief yeah I like that I guess we’ll follow you
does the fal Family Center
why would you want to follow us guy wants to kill your kid you know the church just like need shelters people in need throughout Italy okay
makes sense fair enough Tom
all right I take some water out of my skin thing and I Splash it on the prioress face and I wake him up and lose we should talk with this guy right and see if he’s cool down a little bit
yeah I mean alright you wake him up
but hey we got a we got a job to do there’s evil afoot with what’s the job what’s their first item on your to-do list clean
right but the unclean of like they last
they’re right here Among Us family they’re just dirty grumpy people they’re not they’re not the real problem your church was infiltrated by the horrible evil I don’t know you’re talking about and you’re dumb
why do you think this music a whole family or just a child but we were at least say so now the demons are not I don’t know it just a fucking Looney Tunes I don’t know what to believe you’re just saying that you got rid of a demon when I could see it clearly inside this child you can see it yeah he’s even look at him he’s a piece of shit
what if you’re such a Hotshot cleric what year are you a clerk no not by trade your yes I think the swords in the house you want to kill the child that’s what the Church of the silver flame does we purge Evil by killing children you know David in to climate like in to goodness you kill it you burn it you’re just choosing to not believe us when we tell you that we’ve already dealt with this situation when you weren’t here you’re saying that you’re confused but at the same time you saying that you know exactly what’s going on your Outsiders who came snooping into our business you don’t know or what’s going on you don’t know the score I’m saying that there’s evil afoot I see it I guarantee you one thing we didn’t cause your problems here in this town you were on a track to destruction you had vampires in your basement the fellows had a demon that we released
you are late to the Ballgame and you’re hogging all those hot dogs
Hi-5 Carlos Rivera
8 by the church bylaws I am invoking emergency Mutiny if the prior of a church is demonstrating an inability to serve his office he will be bound and put in a wheelbarrow and the next highest ranking church official in the vicinity will take over his duties until further notice, the 25th Amendment will who’s the next ranking Church of ism
will show me your boobs how do we know that’s true I mean all that but I lost out of the improvised
say a prayer do you know what a church member of your congregation name Darden yeah do you know that she’s a vampire Mists right now but yeah she’s a vampire that was your basement the sanctuary by turning into a vampire harboring vampire Miss ladies a whole time the vampires and demons have nothing to do with each other why would there be a demon possessed child if there is vampires in the church that’s what we’re trying to find out okay brother like you ain’t you ain’t on your shit you called me dumb you’re dumb Barrels in keeping it yeah we found your pee barrels barrels
why do you keep the PS4 laundry you wash your clothes and pee
how do you know when you pee your pants
what happens when you pee your pants you go great now I don’t have to do laundry not that simple it’s a process it’s a multi-step process that much Nuance in his clothes but you can’t accept that maybe we know or talking about a little bit but the demon child starting to accept that that may be the case but I’m still confused about this whole vampire thing a giant explosion in the whole thing of rubble now I’m willing you back to your church yeah that’s what’s happening you’re there at the church what do you do at patchin’s is there also he was with you the whole time I’m going to keep Wheeling the prior to the to the to the house where the you know the site of egress from the room okay with the wheelbarrow because it’s like it’s like our ruined direct like
I love and blocks it became a quarter of a wall you can even get to that area but not like you have to climb over the rubble site you do that have your hands bound still sir you do know you’re threatening the life of an innocent child right not doing it because I think that you’re a bad person I’m trying to protect the innocent will keep an eye on that kid
everyone keeps an eye on kids by default they’re adorable okay here we go again
all going to jail
I don’t know how I got this reputation you’re cute. You’re my beautiful sexy children
and wanting to smash them
all right so where are you headed to the hatch all right you do that to the you open the Secret Door he’s like yeah yeah yeah okay my hands are tied
UB drop you down
that sounds painful. I ain’t no question in the song family I have I’m telling you right now I have no choice but to intercede like with extreme prejudice okay how extreme
I undo his hands
he I he like he like you know he feels his wrists and then he slaps you
I take it yeah
that’s why I like that’s why he didn’t want to have it like he was trying to bait you say I go out but I slap Carlos it’s just to prove that point
he’s really confused is like what the fuc
yeah I like getting slapped
brings me closer to the silver flame Steve McQueen like Ali MacGraw slap in the ghetto the forehand backhand for handling who you hit me like a hawk like you the more you slap him the more he focuses his rage he’s he’s he’s growing unnerved
all right now climb down that ladder check out your piss basement all right he climbs down there it’s all it’s all just collapse there’s like
you know yeah well it’s not like the fucking god eraser like like like like what you saw was some shit collapse there’s still a demonic bulshit all over the table alter kind of thing not so much all that stuff is collapsed corpses like a couple limbs like coming out of the wreckage and stuff that I take one of the body parts of a clearly a mutated thing and show this to the prior it just like it just like slop saw for the body like it’s not really heavily attached kiosk if you probably feel pretty stupid now telling us that we don’t know what we’re talkin about
I take that book that says how to do what to do when your church is under attack and all right as it did you even read this did you yeah I did oh shit I don’t think you did though but you can lie that’s fine that’s me to GM think when I opened it The Binding tracks like fucking Thunder that’s a fucking lie can you’re right it is
why would you do that why would I lie yeah I just think it’s fucked up that you read this book and then let your church be under attack I was trying to help
yeah that’s fine and failures fine too but then when you find out you failed you don’t take it out a neighbor kids that’s probably true
a little girl who thought they were with you too so they’re here to give their families were there with you know their whereabouts now they were found on the church doorstep
and do you know Arden yeah do you know where we can find that where does she live where she from Mostly stayed at the church we don’t know where she’s from
convenient she was from the church you know like you guys where do you think all your church people are
dead do you think they’re under Rubble yeah
okay yeah I’m kind of talking in circles here here you agree that your shirt cut infiltrated by bookends
we need to find Arden
well what do you what should I do tell us about her she likes the church and she like talking to people and she likes prayer
she likes fire that’s normal for the church but she never said where she was from no we never really asked we’re not very social
why are people in your church turning into vampires and doing cow blood magic in in a p room I don’t know it’s possible I suppose that she was a vampire before she came to our church I think we need to notify the higher-ups know I mean here on some sort of mission that would involve you like reporting back to the people that sent you on a mission yeah yeah I was kind of putting it off
I think since we need to fill a man yeah yeah tabletalk how do we go about the reconnecting with our higher-ups where you like going person
I say we take
the prior
and Patchen
and go back with these relics and some evidence of what we’ve done and touch base back home
yeah that sounds like a good idea.
we we still got our wagon with horses hello this is like a day two days I wonder how long we’ve been here two days and burn Ray the barn attached to the film sui takes different Wang
I mean I know it was going to be there or since it’s okay we fixed we take the children to it which makes you to have me in their Church orphans right when he where you’re going to take the fowls and have a lot of cleaning up to do will leave them be we’ll be safe now and the prior stiff Wang operation of your home we think we’re going to make it into a community center not a reference just like you know the building that’s interesting a secular kind of religion has failed this community perhaps civic-mindedness can take its place perhaps I like your style, so I think the next time I see you
I can’t not cuz you’re Jewish but like rose like you Rose up
a way back to the church Elders all right after all we did was yell a lot as been pulling his pants a little girl in the face you just jumped a little too and I guess it was our level three
you still in the church you still in the church and diarrhea junior he looks bad he looks not good and he’s like sweaty he looks really sick he falls down all right okay I’m going to the same old spells I can’t detect do you want to eat prior and you said you had eyes that can see this shit is he succumbing to pneumonia or in the Mist vampire going to him I think
that and other things
I think you might have a demon in them
he also looks like he has mummy rot
JJ’s got Mummy ride and a demon and vampire men that’s my prognosis
give any spells Carlos to help us out or just check them out I mean I would be using the
the offensive load out from when I was little too and I all I have left is
hi are you just like perception on him to see like what’s what’s going on with him
1100 man you can see that like the paint like his skin is pale in a trackable pattern and it seems like go underneath his clothes fuck my God it’s like like a gradient you know like he’s getting progressively more pale underneath his clothes his clothes off like that you see you see that you you rip off his shirt and you see on his chest there’s like a keyhole and it’s like the source of all this paleness it’s like the whole of his heart I never remember something about this it happens from our backstory I look is one of those relics I took a key
so he he is got he’s fully dying or so they’ve been taken over by something I’m using my perception of watching what’s happening on my knowledge of our knowledge
I got it
he he seems like he has got some sore crazy magical like some sort of curse related magic like bad bad juju magic this isn’t like something that happened to on this is something that’s part of his I remember right I have a past with him I remember something about the key hole in his chest you don’t remember very much about it but yes, he’s unconscious he got knocked out by one of the girls right when he came back he just get them back I’m going to be all right and we’re all maybe get a bigger wagon
okay great or
Stephen Wang it could be adopted by the Fells and then we don’t need a bigger wagon
I mean that’s going to be a lot of paperwork
okay we we we take the wagon by the Fells house and say hey if you guys want to take care of these little girls two fellows aren’t there at the church okay you want to take care of the little girls but we don’t have room in the wagon sure why not let’s just live at the church that we’re calling the community center now Jeff Wang Tom Bonnie Jerry Cliff it’s been real it’s been fun but it is
and we pop we Poppin our wagon with passions in the fryer and took off I keep that as evidence to show the people back on what’s going on alright he indeed you’re traveling you’re traveling back to the home office oh man it’s mostly uneventful until Nightfall it’s been a let’s say it’s been a day of travel so you can reset your spells if you want
take a load out of a vehicle Loadout for free
while you’re making Camping sleeping and being like blissfully unaware and stuff
attacks happen you get attacked a boy it’s bad news your awoken by the sounds of the screaming it’s the prior he’s screaming there’s a there’s that look like Bandidos there they’re surrounding your encampment
I have picked the the offensive load out just so you know alright offensive loadout
gentleman you look like people who have lost your way spiritually
sure yeah that can be dangerous
yeah for everybody involved right yeah they look at you with like a knowing look I give him to put up your butt all right you know they got weapons and you guys don’t have weapons right now because like you’re asleep so do you want to like grab your weapons and nobody wants to sleep near me
all right will they attack you guys then
I think they’re going to regret this
all right well they might so the ones in back you see about six of them that’s all you can see but you know you’re just waking up and it’s hard to say they they shoot arrows but most of the arrows Miss only one hits hits Chad for 6 damage you take an arrow in the shoulder
alright I’m using my
I’m going to use my defensive loader on this one then I can make sure my light wounds okay
you cure Five Wounds how much damage you take 660 you’re almost back to full health and I put it between my finger to make it like a middle finger and hold it up like that
you do that
I just pocket called that like that I guess that like that was enough for now but it might earn a quick question about my ability to convert any spell of a certain level to a healing spell does that so then does that also count for level two spells yeah okay so it keeps going beyond that to like yeah that’s why I don’t have heels spell return to do that okay well gentlemen I got to tell you
there is salvation takes many forms and it’s about to take the form of a giant summon giant ant battle level 1 or level 2 level 2 OK Google what do you want to do attack the Bandidos I make some
all right
at lunch is at the Bandido but he rolls out of the stuff out of the way the Bandidos they they continued their Onslaught they they close in and they seem to be closing in the surrounding patches and diarrhea or sleeping nearby each other and both seemingly unconscious even during the melee
hey leave him alone
you guys are having some kind of bandito code
what you don’t have a Bandido code I don’t know what you’re talkin about stabbed
you’re talking to it to Banditos stabbing weapons patch and screams and bolts up upright awake this is awful
oh yeah was it my turn now it’s the prayers turn is he what’s second
we don’t need that guy the Ship Sails faster without the anchor Carlos
sorry jeffster now
oh man it’s great all the plants nearby they start coming alive wriggling and Wavin and entangling there to grab in the Bandidos oh man how many do the grab
three biggest three of the Bandidos they’re caught fast the rest of them are like just hacking at the bushes and trying to stay from being entangled they’re kind of like they’re kind of like being what he called occupied by the by The Vines and stuff taking their attentions aways
all right Carlos I got distracted by plant life sounds like a good time to inflict light wounds are on a bed that
the conflicts happy words I don’t know how to do that yet
that means you have a weapon I’m still working my way up the bridge okay
alright you grab one of the guys arms is sword-wielding arm and shrivels and skinny thighs like it’s it’s withering before your very eyes like a big part of his body just kind of shrivels up like a like a husk and that was a light wound
alright the Bandidos do stuff what about my aunt do not to be too much of a no that’s a good call I forgot he misses a kid I got to switch days I feel like I accidentally summoned like a regular ant like people
like like a woman that married my uncle is this
winning a rolling pin
all right the withered withered guy he starts making making an exit he’s like trying to try and escape the other the other two they kind of had to split their forces one of them continues half of them like continued their like gravid patches and stabbing them in like dragging them away and the other ones are turning to fight you guys
can you search bad people they don’t actually her pageants as far as you can tell they are but they are you guys
ifucking at the only hit you that you each for a two damaged so that’s their turns the Pryor is still gone Harden my skin is just something I do prior to an attack or during an attack it’s a standard action is it gas or whatever but it lasts for like a minute so probably do it before I got tree shape I turn into a tree yeah I’m not doing that good to have a Bandido with Morningstar Easter
what time is mass at little girl in the face we need to be in the same side this couldn’t be more metaphorical
who cares who voted for Bernie and who voted for Hillary let’s just beat the Bandidos
defeway doing for Bernie
fireball 101
alright you catch one of them on fire he’s he’s got his fire he’s he’s on fire he’s running around on fire that we should sit down that laugh
now we got to kick going to wait to spend
Morningstar I’m the guy who stabbed patchin’s
all right you been
that makes it my aunt Stern and his victories will be mine
what is he going to do an ant the size of a bumblebee
biggest shoe is it take by train to return it does it
we’re looking at right now I don’t know what to say like the size of a mule
how to make a thrashing around well it’s a 80,000
who cares
all right well now it’s my turn all right the Bandidos they stab patch is a couple more times don’t stab them they take they take everything they take his clothes off they like stripped his clothes off and then they like stripping down naked so awful for him
all right those guys their task completed they bone out on the floor
did you really just Bandidos who needed clothes
did they get the relics no no not yet yeah they’re still there still a couple that are fighting you but those ones that were going after patches are kind of phone now we could drive for you guys
we’re at church and you stealing clothes from us
bank robbing the Toys for Tots Barrel
it’s for Tots already
alright act with my Morningstar alright someone
oh man you blast him in the head and he goes down you see is his helmet is as bad he’s wearing a helmet this guy he’s the only one
oh yeah
Doterra Professor Crayton everybody
Trevor Kevin De Fairhill Terry Foster on South Church
Larry said Kevin Day
Mega Man 3
carrier jams I play as I walk away all right thank you


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