Episode: 268 – Socialists Dress Like Spencer


Episode: 268 – Socialists Dress Like Spencer


Josh Androsky educates us about the Democratic Socialists of America, Schrab enjoys an office chair, Church sings and shares her political side, and Jeff claims an exception to the “smelt it, dealt it” rule. We all learn how to dance like Spencer. Feat…


hello I realized last time I did the Spencer dance wrong
turn up town Burbank
harmontown is not exempt
somebody make a meme
he has nowhere to go but bring a hurricane Master Spencer Crittenden with his bag of holding
what you got in that bag books books books the Giants going to play D&D going to go real nice that’s what you got in that sack to some games in a sheet to get back on here too that you’re going to Rose and die it’s true man as soon as I got head lice that’s a parasite on your head you should see a doctor
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, and she didn’t even know it I’m a stealth fucker a rolly in and I got bad luck er something. Go in a tiny little we’re so she didn’t know
so I can hear me blow yo just not your mama’s pussy that’s the problem
voyovoy you guys threw me cuz it’s shameful I’m just saying but rap is more people then it would have been if I hadn’t been overshadowed by professional rappers Rachel Maddow
do it giraffe as Rachel Maddow
yo yo yo I got a long neck and my head’s in the Stars Rachel Maddow coming at you tonight I got some left-leaning news to make you feel alright in spite of Nazis taking over the USA I’m popular not because I’m gay it’s just the reason you can trust me don’t fuck with me I gotta a really long neck so I can see better than you what’s going on
The Rachel Maddow having a long neck and I think with her if you are ashamed of your very long neck you would not wear what Rachel Maddow where’s this is not me objectifying her I think you’re certainly next shaving I think he’s next celebrate I’m like I believe she is I’m next celebrating
now if somebody know somebody is now we’ve learned from her with the next thing that happens is that Rachel is doing a an AMA and somebody says Dan Harmon says you have a shamefully log me back in that you know what are your comments on that and then we’re beefing Colwell now we’re beefing beefing with Matthau
we’re in a Reservoir Dogs Crossfire with
Ron Jeremy and Rachel Maddow
anyways that’s the danger of opening a show with rapping that opening the show with a little freestyle it gets my energy up wearing classic Empire what sound of thunderous
do you have a burp in the chamber right now. Can you do a word burp
there goes that we try to get Steve Agee to do a thing where he just burped words and it’s hard to do like multisyllabic Words verbs and one burp I want if you can pull this off you’ll be my hair out if you can word burp White House aides
I have to swallow air
White House
ate ate a little bit of vomit drop trailer brake hook women’s rights have you guys been we had a Thanksgiving weekend what did you guys do look start with Spencer I went to Dino’s yeah it was good I wanted to like make a recipe to bring there but then I decided to just bring Coke not like the drug like the drink and it went over really well people are like man I love this party but the only thing to drink is hard liquor and wine and then I was like I got you and then people were digging it and I was like yeah this is the right move he he made a lot of good food it was good it was there wasn’t a lot of crazy people there which there are occasionally Sozo real Funtime what do you feel about his garlic levels as a chef there high but that’s
I like I’d say the garlic levels in the Thanksgiving dinnerware it lower than normal there’s usually Dino usually makes like Greek food to go with like the Thanksgiving food so I can make a turkey and then he’ll make like some crazy beef stew stuff and he didn’t really have any of that it was just traditional Thanksgiving stuff which I was thankful for I mean you know I like Greek food but Thanksgiving dinner / 3 with my parents which is why I haven’t been down to Florida in a long time to visit the parents and we are main activity was Balderdash which is like it it’s a my family is like we walk a Razor’s Edge as a try but like we are not we are at work and we don’t have
unconditional love love love love is in the Harmon family is that it’s a loose-knit Alliance of of Nefarious bounty hunters who are all I just trying to make sure that that that that the Galaxy doesn’t doesn’t get plunged into war but it’s and so if you break out Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit year you could be asking for trouble how big is it how big is a squad of you and Cody and Hispanic four of us and I’ve found for my family is this just amazing it’s the it’s every man for himself no baby you know that’s an outdated a concussion sorry two of them were women that were out for themselves with ladies be out for yourselves to God they finally got that message from someone that could trust the like there’s no teams and there’s also
any anytime pressure is self-imposed we decided after a while let’s let’s take no longer than two minutes to write an answer refresh my memory about a thing and you have to figure it out who’s who’s telling the truth are you going to give you one real definition or you got it there’s there’s a word and you have to guess the definition but just as fast to him by saying it’s basically the Leonard maltin movie guide game but there’s five more categories than movies right and you can just the way we play it you can just pick move out give me a definition of the word is acronyms that so just be a jumble of letters that’s my least favorite wine cuz I feel like I’m doing homework I got I just feel like I’m not you know it’s not my creativity is just like I H C and then your people just right International housing committee you know I hate
and as far as the actual Publishers of the game but what they really did write in my opinion is they clearly the There’s real answers there’s one real answer on the stand for something in the real world out there somewhere is it but that also there’s always movies no one’s ever seen so that the title will be like blue Blue Marble babies and what they’re some movie out there called Blue Marble babies you don’t know if it’s like Dollywood or Bollywood Bollywood projects this fiscal quarter we’re pulling for Dollywood there I don’t know if they going to catch up the Bollywood but you don’t know where it’s from
Marvel babies The Genius of the boulder dash Publishers is that whoever they had right the real answer which might be added it’s it’s a it’s a it’s a log line for the movie Blue Marble babies and then they have the people that write them they write them in a kind of a big like a trap
traffic Route Travis here I let him in
hello Rob
Happy Thanksgiving Rob
thank you over here right as you don’t want to try and I couldn’t find it anywhere I was looking though maybe you’ll have better luck we are trying to find the boulder dash game so we can play at live on stage to test it but I really actually thinking of your life Benson basically play the Leonard maltin Movie game on his movie podcast note look at sorry I got it mixed up doesn’t matter to different podcast Network we don’t care if they live or die and tell you the truth if it was a choice between them dying and US saving some bread I don’t know Cameron Esposito or one of our one of our tribe would like what are we going to boys so you know killer be killed in the podcast Wars valuable Warby Parker
they’re being about battled over so it was you, your mom and your dad stuck and and the the confines of Florida and my parents have a little tiny electric boat that they live in a neighborhood of boat that was like that cuz that’s the dream of every Wisconsin I ate you don’t go to California because California has drugs foreign people and is going to fall into the sea that’s what you’re in for a dog
a drug-free All-American totally globally shielded absolutely no natural disasters imminent threat they did but it’s all about the boat culture they’re my parents moved into a little neighborhood it’s kind of an upper-middle-class retirement suburb with although I don’t know if that’s true anymore so save your flame Wars when you fact-check this but there’s like canals there’s neighborhoods in Florida that everyone has a canal in their backyard instead of like an alley where you’d have like an alley cuz you’re a dirty Urban horrible break dancer of streets that before the end of the non address facing conduit is an alley-oop there’s manatee
how do we play Balderdash live right now to find a Balderdash a set of cards for Balderdash or just like a movie title
if you are at home have one take a picture of it and send it to the harmontown do it Again Play it will play it with our guests when he when he figure it out okay if somebody out there in our crowd sourcing Community can isolate let’s say a Balderdash card so that such that we can see a question side on an answer side for as we can see it with a crowd can’t see it that a crowd can see it we won’t be able to see it I got you through can if somebody like was it healing
I would say it was healing but I would say the triumphant but we didn’t really fight that much like I had one flare up with my mom at a restaurant dinner and then I I like steamed do you know stood and like I didn’t leave that that night got lost like we didn’t we like went to dinner and then following that dinner I went back to the hotel but I just kind of fumed into a drink at the hotel bar and had Cody you know there is my
partner but like she wasn’t like taking sides or anything I was just like I needed I needed space I needed time and then the next morning it’s fine you know enjoy your parents like yeah she loves them and then vice versa she thinks they’re great she comes from a family or Cody Cody has a childhood memory
that hurts his thing that her mom would do regularly and Cody would take a bath her mom randee Heller Mama Larusso from The Karate Kid does not why she’s a valuable mother at all but I love to have a professional actor as a mother it doesn’t hurt to know that your mom was in Karate Kid doesn’t hurt I mean I’ve become functionally a step Karate Kid you don’t make no mistake about it this is part of the package for me
I didn’t learn unconditional love I’m motivated by other things about Cody part of what I love about Cody is that I get to be a step Karate Kid anyway but she was also Rizzo and on Broadway in in Greece wasn’t I didn’t choose that most people recognize her on the street when that happens as her character did she play The Madman she was Don Draper’s secretary for a season attention or loving mother and what you would like Cody has this like a tradition that her mom had with Kodi Kodi to take a bath and then after the bath is done Cody to get out of the bath and Mom would would wrap her up in a big towel and then wrap her up in a big blanket like a comforter and then her
and her mom wants to it would start dragging her around the house inside the comforter at saying I got a wild fish here and she would do this elaborate like radio play for baby Cody who is like just cocooned in this comforter being dragged around hardwood floors around an apartment and while her mom pretended that she was passing various checkpoints and lying about whether she had a wild fish with her so she would do different voices no sir I don’t have any Wildlife or agriculture a comforter I just this is just a bag and like trying to keep her quiet keep her from giggling look at this isn’t about those bag of the Harmons this is about contrast my memories are the water would get cold after a while and I would fight my way out
pick a roll and pine needles all right till what age did you leave I don’t know how when was my first bath till what age did Cody’s mom into the wild fish tank like 15
we did it together and she had it was like a cask of the time I don’t know I don’t know that answer you and your mom and your dad didn’t have any kind of Heritage like that like you didn’t have a special little fun games
I can’t connect Rob drivers yelled out Tikki which was a nickname that I had Tikki Tikki it was a favorite childhood story of mine Tikki Tikki Tembo we heard about that on Whiting long’s the Thanksgiving special which you can check out on yeah I feel like we should bring Robert Schreiber up on stage right now since the election my goal has been to
because I don’t know what I’m doing and I have a forum and I immediately had reactions that were both predictable unhelpful and ultimately on Guiding I got mad that everybody and bought a gun and have since basically been trying to focus on quitting all my jobs and building a batcave with a crossbow and at the door but in the meantime I’ve wanted to use my platform if I could do like signal boost the the whole Spectrum do you know the only fish steps I’ve taken it was we had we flew Gotham girl out from from New York and she I think I don’t know if she would want to be called that old label she want to be called she calls herself an Illinois Democrat and she talked about you know it’s important it was important to hear from an intelligent person’s perspective like basically don’t give up on
I what we would call the old Democratic party you know let’s hack it the way that the the Nazis impact the right-wing death of the Republican party I mean they they infiltrated it took it over and now the word Republican means I want to win it didn’t mean much before that but it’s like and I think the idea is like come on we can make the payment we can still use this shell of a Democratic party hack it driving from the inside because it has the numbers and the system systemic advantage that it can it’s the only thing that can Rock’em sock’em that robot so now let’s hear maybe I would assume maybe another perspective but I want to I want to have definitely be clear that this is what we wanted to have somebody from the DSA on the Democratic socialists of America and but this is a guy who’s a member of them he’s not a he doesn’t represent them as a leader or anything it’s not a spokesman he’s already will talk about how he’s already he resigned from his position as an official spokesman because of a little like
gridlock little cultural gridlock comedic that happened where he did the smart thing and like backed out as being Representatives is a guy who understands that perspective which I think is different from the other one that would gotten it we tried we tried to get the official spokesperson officially sanctioned by a local chapter of the DSA and we tried for multiple months I want to say 4 or 5 in total and then we took matters into our own hands and just for like a this guy I think he knows something or they gave him a socialist activists that we are we took matters into her own hands and if they want to be taken seriously as a political group that you can put on their ship to take that stair that will go so I’ll take I’ll take that stand and I’ll take the stand that Steve has been cock blocking them from day one subversive it’s urgent that he is
well let’s let’s bring up our new friend Josh and dry ski
oh yeah he’s got two cans
Hi how are you I quit drinking and I know this podcast well enough to know that there would be no non-alcoholic beverages right so he knows party it’s taking matters into your own hands Spencer did the I don’t know if he did it out of fashion or climate control but you walked in and you were wearing the same shirt white people do have culture people can Google and they can Wikipedia and stuff I Wikipedia Dan Googled for the 11 minute drive from Los Feliz to Burbank
can You Learn by reading and scrolling the DSA was once a part of the I asked the international socialist or socialist International SI Sports Illustrated Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue with strike really revolutionary we had one swimsuit for all the model it was pretty for Dan wearing a burka Frida Kahlo designed it was incredible but there was a split in 82 the D at what we now call the DSA like voted to extricate themselves from the larger Global socialist basically none of that shit matters at all the history and what I what I mean to say is I don’t know delete transformed during the last election political party right now
party in the sense that we’re not going to fall and hopefully this is this is where people have worked towards and and my friends and myself at work towards we don’t want to fall into the trapping of the green party where you just every four years Trot out somebody that is like whatever just a person good or bad and then it’s like every four years you’re like hey let’s change everything from the president down because nobody knows who the fuck we are also just falls apart like if we have a problem with the way the system has been run part of the problem is that there’s just some knucklehead who supposedly is supposed to not offend everybody at every minute of every day and you know that the president I think Donald Trump has proven more than anything that the president doesn’t really do that much that the president is more of a figure head right now and it has that office is that you can’t blow up the world from it within less than a year
right which lakes relatively less powerful then let’s say the head of al-Qaeda a general an unelected person in our government and so what what we have done as far as like the idea of how far we have a little party or not in local elections that’s where we’re focusing we truly thank you you were talking about how to fix like the big robot fight a good Pacific Rim between the Democrats and the Republicans or whatever or the little landspeeder is tying their likes together like
yes this is Rob schrab snowspeeder where the little snowspeeders fuck I ruined it anymore cuz I fucked up with this is bad so I don’t think that’s what I know you said no he said Lance Peterson you’re correcting I am catching up by the way is that little black box that you Baka scared on the Death Star only there’s no Chewbacca’s here oh wow 420 that’s important to know cuz right away to me that’s like because I mean you backed
sure if we traditionally know but in this last election yes with Bernie because Bernie was the only candidate that was left of a sort of the Centrist opinion who actually had a shot and so I wasn’t with them during that. But I know that they were like hey let’s back Bernie but for me and like the way that I got into the CSA is I wanted I was sick and tired I was always think I would like a batshit would happen that I would be the first guy out to protest I would be the first person out to do a benefit show about the bad thing and I was sick and tired of reacting to all the Bachelor and I was like well how do you stop the bad shift from happening and I thought I’m one guy I’m not a billionaire and you know I’m not like Timothy Comcast with access to all the resources in the world that little prick
with a K but we all know he’s just like his dad so I I saw the DSA was doing stuff locally and the idea that we all fight and all these similar battles you and everybody is fighting for better housing for better medicine to treat oppressed groups like human beings like we all have these fights locally within our own communities and so if every city bands together makes you do topples their local Trump then that will lead to a domino effect because there’s Trump’s everywhere and often times their way funnier and crazier than the actual Trump because they don’t think anyone’s looking at them and so it’s all about it’s like fairly local wrestling franchises are like way more crazy than WCW or whatever
the sun man Dancing Queen by Abba themed wrestler the outlook for Kerr but that’s District 12 printed who is that actually his entire catchphrase he says that every time he’s our ladies are always running with Scissors man he is just become a caricature of himself Dog Day Afternoon probably
I told you about the time I paid next to him at the restaurant he was in he would head and headphones and he was like I think learning Lions peeing next to the chainsaw
I just know this is part of the explanation for what Pacino became is it is an icon like it’s that he started running lines of the urinal so he’s suffering from piss shiver while he’s like committing these lies you know it’s funny you mention that Dan brought you buy fish ever piss shipper is your body filled with the warmth of a have of having the body temperature during its bladder as it rapidly exits don’t just shiver shiver when you’re here and I’ll explain why you said you’d excuse. I sure would shiver in a lot while I’ve been pissing
you know I ain’t just an enlarged form of clitoris that was mutated when your species decided to become sexually reproductive instead of a sexual that’s just that thank you ladies is is there a way to reverse angle Arab trap just beyond the stage he’s so clearly a rap battle at an office now that we’re comfortable you’re not you have enough Mike’s it doesn’t look like I’m sorry everybody do you mind control up
sauntering to the chair he gestures lazily the microphone and cup
hello he stands
Iran has named hello how are you I’m okay what are you been up to how was your Thanksgiving it was good I went to Topanga and spent it with Kate’s parents and family enjoy you think so I was cutting it up during dinner did you remember anybody wants that you fell against the threat
bone man Rumble how you pronounce find little a little sugar coated just me being an idiot and what will you go into a room safe when you were in a room full of strangers if you could get people out there any advice what would be your advice to somebody going into a room full of strangers and how to win them over God I don’t know and like a professional setting like like Thanksgiving I don’t know how I would I don’t think I’ve ever want anybody over that question and then the format of the show will swivel back over
due to talking about the essay and then we’ll we’ll we’ll see when we come back to shrab we’re going to learn his secret for when he enters a room on the first timer
from the DMV and then think about your secret Rob your secret your hair so soft and manageable to be a fake interviewer for this is good just like you’re perfect so just think about the answer to that question what are you what’s your secret Josh we can’t really talk about the Democratic party or the remnants their own without talking about this new word that I learned neoliberalism hi yes neoliberalism neoliberalism is basically socially liberal but not like fiscally conservative and it’s somebody corporately from thoroughly corporate right and I forget who tweeted this it’s one of my favorite to eat say was I’m socially liberal but fiscally conservative I hate the problems but I love their causes and that’s really what it is it’s it’s like an in somebody else we need like that the platonic ideal of neoliberalism is to have Ray
show and gender balance on the board of a drone company do you know it’s like this hollow identity politics something like his district attorney is a woman of color right and you think that’s a victory to have a black woman in such a big being a position of power and it is however she has not persecuted any murderous policeman in her entire tenure and so something like that would be like an example of bats probably neoliberalism an action it’s somebody who doesn’t want to upset the status quo who doesn’t want and still wants the ultra-wealthy to be as rich as possible in the rest of us to be fighting for crumbs but yesterday which I found exploration of white fragility I went and bought a gun That’s a classic neoliberal move I would say I mean it’s just a classic white dude move That’s a classic scared like I moved his to buy a scared like I do
asking is it for you cuz I bought one at one point I didn’t buy it for himself or they can’t thank you blowing his brains out and let his daughter find them great suicide note the football season’s over it because it was boring for you Liberals are now I think I’ve been a spokesman for it in my behavior and my if I if I just put my thumb in my mouth and just say what I’m really feeling without Kool-Aid plunging into some cause that’s going to like not benefit me ultimately or in any immediate way that I can feel right I just follow my comfort I am a neoliberal I want my Obama back I want my bubble bag and that is something that people need to
to your Bible on my back, back, back, back voided it right eye. Well that’s me that’s classic Harman hey everybody look I’m not racist cuz I wasn’t thinking about this ShopRite what’s your secret no excuse you know how are you cutting it up I might cutting it up I don’t know I was just being an idiot like there was two children there and there any how old a tension I think like
I like 4 and 6 I was just goofing off like regular verbal and there but they’re in their inquisitive in there like their yeah if you talk to him like a grown up they can they’re pretty fun not to pry like this could go into personal stuff with you and Kate who I married you married Katie I officiated your marriage to her you guys have no plans have children which is why you didn’t bother going to marry him see if the two of you ever talked about it you’ve never had it is come up
the cake just is not interested and I’m like fine with that I don’t really
Dilated Peoples I mean there’s other people’s kids I you know my biggest thing about children is parents I don’t know what happens do do you have kids in my insulting you okay I’m sorry no I do not have to pay so I see what happens to people when they become
parents and it’s it’s something that’s you know great for them but the world and I think I have seen them like a really cool parents are the what are the word well there’s there’s things that it heightens the actual cool parents were people around like well that’s as good as you’re going to get as far as I still recognize the parents in his subsume their identity and that’s it I mean like the thing the thing like first of all I’ll put my dog up against any baby any day any how big is the baby
what are you going to do a dog fight ring out of his apartment what I was saying but where are these fights if we wanted to like buy tickets like I just said when you interrupted me that’s not what I meant how do you get baby blood out of a carpet I didn’t mean that well my dog to a baby that’s okay so you can experience that a dog my dog has baby killer
like I just said that’s not what I meant
how I charm a new group classic like Marxism vs. communism vs. socialism Marx vs. like I just found out about this is like that
he’s dead right yeah but he was an author and activist whatever he sort of the that maybe they could we say the Chomsky of the DSA or something I don’t know like he’s the guy who I personally haven’t really in this is like the thing that I love about the DSA is I dropped out of high school I have never read Marx I don’t think that socialism is as a concept it’s it’s mostly the liberation of your own body from like a corporate Overlord it’s basically the idea of putting the the capital putting the the means of production which is specifically what marks talked about I’ve read quotes like modification Lantern unless you have a lot to do with old-world blue blood relationships Snapple Snapple Fortune was
company that would just leave buried in the history books will research of 11 minutes of of of Wikipedia your average 16 year old kid right now who For Better or For Worse is is waiting in the same swimming pool that we all are I’m getting in fights on the rag Sam with people who think they could be 40 years older than me is they could be any of those things and be totally but we’re all real splashing around in the same pool and that’s a distinct advantage to people who are driven by competition and individualism in the end I’ll say it hatred like because you can say for instance if I were to say I’m having the DSA

hey on my show tomorrow night someone might say for instance I don’t know oh yeah great you guys think Nazis are responsible for all these deaths that you faked but, and communism has Bruce has been responsible for over 80 billion deaths in the last hundred and twenty years while the block because they want to label and they want to say that I would say like if if there’s anything that I’ve learned it’s get off the fucking internet and book clubs are fine like you can read Marx and talk about whatever but I learned everything I know about politics about socialism about you know the thing that radicalized me was going and meeting people hearing people hearing people to work for teachers unions hearing you know some like intellectuals that are like you don’t work at at professors or whatever just rank-and-file Union folks and and nurses and this and that and and talking to all these people and watching
the action and participating in an action that’s what that’s what teaches me and into me specifically I think that we as socialist we as leftist need to remove ourselves from the world of Academia because I think that that was purposefully done that was sort of a move. Let’s get them all in their little bubbles that little Coastal bubbles were they just sit and they wear glasses and they look like their bones are going to break if they wear a sweater and if I can talk and talk and talk and they just want to jerk off over which dead Russian dude like they liked the most philosophical chest on a daytime talk show it’s the same fucking thing it’s it’s who’s your team who’s this and in a lot of politics not just like what is politics a lot of like National politics is Just Sports as well but when you actually get offline and and and get out of the you know University and and go onto the streets and start talking about people and trying to help them like you know dies a right now for example like doing an action
this will teach you more I think personally about socialism than reading anything they’re putting on a tail light benefit do you say Los Angeles is doing this inspired by DS a New Orleans so the thought was people of color migrant workers you noticed undocumented folks they are getting pulled over and they are being thrown into the carceral state they’re being thrown into you know if you’re undocumented you’re being thrown into a private prison where they hold immigrants it’s not like they go to a radish and they go to a private prison or if you’re just a fucking black dude you’re going to get fucked with by the cops because the police is inherently a racist system and so what we’re doing is we are for free providing brake lights if your brake lights out that’s most likely was going to get you pulled over around then they can search your car and stuff because it could end up with some unarmed person being shot
and so if we if that is a concept that’s like borrowed from the Black Panthers known as like Mutual Aid we help them but they also help us because we have now in Grand ourselves in the community more and so we can like get more people to go do more cool dude that just gave me a free brake light on your Facebook login we don’t want any of that to do that a hundred times then into into shit that actually translate with the most Fidelity into changing an individual lights Distributors I mean that’s awesome. Org and you look then you click on the daily benefit page there is a like a Kickstarter type thing it’s it’s within our chapters like a fundraising thing and so so far we’ve raised over $1,000
and then what happens is we just ask around two friends who know mechanics we’ve reached out to high school if they have shop classes we’re at we’re looking for a venue now have large parking lot school if you ride because ice can’t come on school property and and so what we do is we then talk to her friends and say hey who knows how to change a brake light on a run a training for the interested volunteers to know where volunteers know how to fix their own cars and then they go help fix other people’s cars and then you know just nice guy like me cuz I’m like oh shit now I feel a little more Macho because I know how to help a guy like me so
like classically fragile neoliberal like like it may be philosophically Progressive no research the total comfort zone 5 bedroom house just want everything to go back to the way it was shuttering at nights to fearing not being able to protect my girlfriend from any form of economic stabilization in any manifestation there have just want my comfort back I felt like I was playing the game right ba ba blah out that you can read it at all in my my pamphlet you get the picture with me. Whether it’s the famous version of me but also I’m so selfishly asking like what are more likely to be easier if you direct me to that website and that in this case but like what are what are like little pieces of candy you can hand out once I get it on my tongue at no risk to my my own comfort you know that when I taste it it’ll it’ll start happening for me this is a thing that we talked about a lie that that are Health Care committee
I analyze people working National in the health care committee talk about is the difference between selfishness selflessness and self-interest these are three different things selfishness is hey I got all this money I don’t want to go to anybody no taxes whatever and you know pure greed right or conversely it’s I broke my leg I need Medicare for all because my leg is broken selflessness is I’m a perfectly healthy person I don’t need anything I’ll never be sick because I’ve been sitting for somebody else in the end and not for you at all self list or self-interest I like this I like this already self-interest is how can I help everybody else out while also helping myself out because we’re all in this together and so that kind of bats the the tone that were aiming for when we talked a few guys like that third one
there is room in the world for people under an actual form of democratic socialism press that like like like tell me yes or no I think the big route fear for 4 I would say especially but definitely including poor people is hey wait I don’t want the rules to Monopoly to be that you can’t have more money than someone else and see this is the thing that that is a very successful propaganda campaign that Craddock socialism specifically is not like a state like it’s not like this big state power or whatever it was you Medicare are socialists then they exist in a social security is socialist it exists today absolutely so much, probably the most famous form of Socialism is Social Security and what it is is it’s not the only thing that benefits people from people that already have too much where it’s like
this is fair we all agree that everybody knows that the people at the top are paying enough and and so we all can agree that like okay they just get paid a little bit for they pay a little bit fucking more into taxes and literally we all that have the health care access to a doctor it’s that easy and what we want more is like a co-op where you’re a worker you own your company you’re a shareholder there’s not a room full of faceless number men in do you know Grace Smokey suits with fucking you know just like guns to a dog’s head and the all the profits go to stockholders yeah the shareholder right with their interest in a good example this is another thing that we’re doing it at the sa right now which is we are trying to help Los Angeles create a public Bank not for you and me to go to the ATM but when you think about it Los Angeles has something like 8 billion dollars in 700 bank accounts all at Wells Fargo
at the one at that one back and I ate three dollars is everything from your electric bill payments to your taxes to fees to my 401K plans for city clerk’s when that money is in Wells Fargo Wells Fargo then through loans and dividends and Investments and whatnot they spread that money to Phillip Morris Zach Lee Yes I do and being one of them myself included have divested our personal money from Big Wall Street Banks and put them into Credit Unions but now we’re asking is for cities for for municipalities because you and me and and we do like they say to drop in the bucket but eight billion dollars that is not going to get invested in horrible fossil fuels or private prisons is a big chunk of change to get out of work
it is all politics started to get to get subsumed by the banking and there’s this huge change where the bankers who were defective funding everything on the government’s behalf because banks have stand to gain from being in the business of government they’re like yeah let’s go along will give you a loan you can make this building will make City Hall we’re working together as a team they went from that to say wait a second we have all the money fuck you guys do everything we say because we’re a private corporation that now holds the purse strings for the government and when that fundamental powership change kind of everything got ruined and fucks so it sounds like this kind of a reversal it’s D it’s defanging the power that Finance has our private Finance has over the government which shouldn’t be in the business of private fire at that finances should be in the business of eating people
sitting at Wells Fargo Wells Fargo’s making you know if you pay your electric bill with a credit card Wells Fargo gets a fee and that’s just coming right off the top for not going into the government doesn’t go to make a rose battery your school is better it goes into some fucking cokeheads pocket you know and so what we want is to create a Municipal Bank where than all of this money is housed in an institution that’s Central motive isn’t profit it central motive is hey we are a business City public money it’s your money it’s my money it’s all of our money it should stay in Los Angeles and beyond that we should open it up so that people historically that have had a hard time getting loans can get loans we can use this money like you do if it’s run well which banks happened to be run well when it comes to collecting a profit at the end of the year instead of that profit going to Bankers that profit can go into housing or schools and the light behind the American dream
is that money is the great equalizer that that it is like somehow I Supreme kind of metal form of democracy that doesn’t have to happen every 4-years pulling the lever that you can work hard and work so hard is it love your children so much love your family so much that you can choose all the way it’s so much fucking call in a mine that that that your while your coal mining colleague is like you know I love my nan call but I’m going to go home and talk to andchill I can’t wait to get off of work and I figured out a way to mine call it that if you for whatever reason yourself. You’re like God damn it I fucking going to somehow that represents some kind of egress that you can become a capitalist that you can become that you can you can let that there are people listening to that that disagree with me politically but absolutely everyone agrees that that’s what’s for sale it is.
whenever anyone to tracks it whenever someone like cries out for rights or fair treatment and people start coming down to them and saying like once you get a fucking job why don’t you just work hard what do you mean isn’t this a slippery slope all the stuff every stall the sentiments leave back to the Rome of yeah but shouldn’t we just live in a society where if you work extra hard harder than the person next to you that that represents a changed opportunity to play the Monopoly game of people of color being subjugated and generationally not being put in a position where they can get this job so that leads white people who don’t know that they have you know started the race at the finish line going like a lot of these people like in the back maybe they ran faster like an end the thing is it’s not your fault if you’re a white dude that that racism exists and that’s a big problem with a lot of people on the left
that are correctly angry but aren’t trying to bring people into like a mango you know I don’t hate every Trump voter I think that talking about Trump voters as this it is like huge amorphous blob of hate is wrong it’s wrongheaded it’s bad 20% I’ll give 20% of trump voters irreparable racists horrible people but I really truly believe the 80% of trump voters have a kid that’s addicted to opiates or lost their house or lost their job and like you said they kept fucking working hard and nothing happened and so they wanted to make a change they just wanted to give a big fuck you to the system that ruin their lives and the Democrats seeing this and this is why I don’t think you can work with in the Democratic party because ultimately their behold into their donors but they see this and who they Trot out to fight this the Avatar of the status quo and you see it happen over and over and over again and the only time that it works is if you have a literal
the most charismatic man who’s ever been nominated for president to sell that bill of goods to people because there would be measurable shift in everything from economy to society to the point and I’m not I’m not kissing his feet but it’s like we cannot wait for another guy that happens to be that lightning in a jar light like Obama as a man is a great man I think he has a president I disagreed with a lot of his decisions obviously compared to the other guys you know that sandwich to him he was this golden you know statue of pure greatness but when you I think the Democrats fundamentally don’t understand how power works because if they did they wouldn’t have lost thousands of State Legislature seats under Obama how when you have such a pop
the president can you just get fucking creamed in every local election and it’s because the Democrats are just so top-heavy there this big bobble head that is just doomed to fall forward and now we’re not targeting even senators or you know who won state legislators all have in common with Sadie’s 20% of trump voters who actually go to that of frustration you can we’re cousins all of us if you and your backyard but there’s a pothole it hasn’t been filled there if if if if there is by virtue of some bureaucratic absurdity your kids leukemia is in covered you’re going to have surgery in that case by the way is great belt buckles and baseball caps and the way that we express
when we aren’t armed with Noam chomsky’s vocabulary our frustration with a system some guy right next to me in terms of tax bracket and ideologies is going to maybe say key phrases that I have been armed to recognize the enemy these guys start talking about freedom of speech they mean they mean they want to be Nazis were talking about where’s my gold pocket watch what they mean is that they wanted bit at this institution has thing in their hearing the same thing only when these people talk about black lives matter they mean by the blind it’s like I mean we’ve all said it a thousand times and it’s right under our nose like they are the divisions there are so artificially imposed they have to be forced to otherwise if you like like you know these movies where he likes Society collapses and then like within thirty years there’s a TV and wolves everywhere has Blake like there is constant infrastructural pressure necessary to maintain a division between a black person and a white person.
where in in the morning and make sure those two people know that they’re black and white in the powers-that-be do that and you know it starts you to you go back to the Howard Zinn who was somebody I have read a lot and and really like to find my worldview he talks about how after one of the first big slave rebellions where white slaves and black slaves teamed up the powers that were we’re like a fuck if all of the poor people team up or fucked so they created the middle class they were like okay white slaves in the new world when you guys you guys got 20 years and then you’ll get a house and you’ll get a car and you’ll get your not a car by the horse which was they call them cars back then
a mule and and that was soda person every pot a horse and every pie and a chicken underfoot when do the people have wheels we promised and real pot hell yeah so that makes it so that intense artificial pressure but it is very specific and is there a purposefully and it’s to keep the people that are two runs from the bottom of the ladder kicking down just constantly kick him down and if we all realize that we’re all being fucked and don’t try to buy into the artificial fucking separation of who we are and allow each other to make mistakes and whatnot that’s how the labor movement got us a week you know it was these people weren’t less racist back when Labour had more power in America people were more racist we get less racist every year but through great or
rising and people that literally died and standing up for their rights you saw black people white people men and women team up to go we’re all getting fucked some of us might be getting some of us may be getting fucked more but we are banding together because again self-interest it helps me it helps everybody else we need to band together on this is traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering if I can soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes relate to my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like ever you’re always
in good hands adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
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give me a beat and robbed I hear you’re about to Grace us with some tips on how to make your Thanksgiving more vegan-friendly
this is how you get them to give him a small dose of politics in
bring the judges stroke edict make a pool of semen y’all know what I mean when I say Millennials and gang
today explore Your Love
talked with a dove white feathers with your brothers everybody’s going to go in the Nether in Minecraft let’s rap about mine crap craft a pickaxe you crap some more then you can get more valuable ore you get a diamond and you make armor from that and then you fight the dragon in the game ends but that’s not cuz it doesn’t have to be all right sorry I got excited by Minecraft
Church do this can you do the physics the Rihanna kind of that can you sing who did Kenny just make anything I got there
if you want you to improvise A Chorus and then you and then and then I’ll
Wrap and Roll guitar. But that’s only one little Shard from the mirror of society’s reflection I thought your mom was my erection
directions that’s a hard dick to dinner
Yelp churches on the mic is providing my hook she’s like a chef assisting a cook but not hierarchical way partners for Equal Pay cuz we’re social at her work today off if you and your kid goes in and they make him cough and it turns out he’s one of his testicles has a tumor they shouldn’t be spread like a bad rumor it should be surgically removed for first visit minimal cost to buy a society
rapper Future rapper like a choo choo train ripped off Mystery Show just saying I’m not going to do it going to shuffle to the side but your mom has extra wide double decker bus in Britain I don’t fuck your mama if I’m spitting on them chewing on to backup I go somewhere else because I have some class milk taste good
2243 Broadway in Lancaster
Cooking Mama
toot toot toot toot what is bad bad
that’s the exact dance Hillary did on Ellen this great church
Thanksgiving I met her parents and her father is John Goodman from The Big Lebowski but kind of mellow and funny and he’s military it was cool meeting your family and he declared no political talk no Trump talk no cuz it needs a trump voter right yeah and your mother voted Trump know he doesn’t know that though she’s secretly didn’t do it before
with Thanksgiving dinner that there would be no politics talk mostly because he knew he’d be outnumbered medals for silencing discussed during this holiday I give you in between dinner and Pie thing started to lean towards politics talk and I went and played Legos with a has he wanted more pie
Paramount of Pi he wanted a bigger piece of the pie Cool Whip you know I’m if you put up more cool if it’ll travel down on two more pints not true that true that all but she’s like Spock like junky and you can take your dad out and you get you she took him out for an hour outside smoke cigarettes are you smile teeth late and they came back in and you had fun and I had fixed him sorted him out sort of them temporarily explain like how like us fix and I’ve noticed this online to and this happens with my uncle and my cousins is people react really emotionally right to the obviously heinous shit that they’re saying the excuses they’re making for things that are in a q
Isabel and like the truth is is that everything keeps coming back to this but Hillary argument and the reason is is that all of those excuses all of those defending of Roy Moore’s and all this crap that’s happening right now is really just a defending of the decision they made to vote for someone because they hate Hillary it’s got nothing to do with him as a president or anything that’s happening and especially with my father being a military guy he’s got this notion of the greater good that also comes from a military like world wars ugly and things are terrible and you know you got to get through it and you know that some things are going to be back but in the long run it’s all going to be better and that’s how he judges
Roy Moore’s right now because it’s for the greater good and his eyes because we had to do this because Hillary we were avoiding this horrible thing and I think that that’s a lot of people and their respective streets about Hope and change Obamas election and then as a matter of historical economic course their lives didn’t get better and know that the obvious connection is made their otherwise if you’re not a politician I’d like Sarah Palin into this dichotomy system where we go like okay here’s the Rock and robot ears and sock’em robot and then we have to defend not voting for Hillary it’s kind of like
it’s a default of staying at the emergency room now honey you know like you made me do that live and he starts laughing so I didn’t want to do that but you just keep saying that you keep going back to this no one’s trying to take away from you your rationale for why you voted the way you did for this piece of human garbage because you were throwing the dice but now that is President judge him for what he’s doing and he was like yeah okay you know you’re maybe right okay okay I think I know why you’re making
arguments that I know that you don’t even believe right now like I know why you’re making the excuses that you’re making right now it’s like I know that you don’t think that it’s okay for 32 year-old man to fuck 14 year olds so why is my father saying that right now is because he’s defending the indefensible because he has an idea some kind of greater good and some greater battle that’s happening right now and so he’s making excuses his mind out to the people at some of the people who are defending Roy more careful he’s a friend they might like and then I read that one article that was like wait like with Frank and gets yanked from the picture this is a blow against net neutrality and then I was like then because I don’t care if a senator gets fucking hauled up to the RoboCop police station desk and forced to fuck an account for being a
the crime of Thera politician this is America if you’re a politician you should already be suspected of everything and you should you should wake up with Shane because you’re getting paid to do fucking Jack schitt right you’re a parasite sorry but but but that’s it’s a cushy gig your fucking politician eat my dick but wake up every morning in a world where you have to prove that you’re not a criminal net neutrality goddamn it goddamn
where’s the picture of him doing the Kitty Hawk put his fingers aren’t touching are you can see Shadows under the my mom and I were bonding about this music
is it her story about tongues and then she got front of anyone watching us from the outside would start to go look at me and go like boy you Democrats you’ll do anything to you just love violating women will end I think that this brings up a really valuable point of discussion and where we need to not have it in a hundred forty characters are we need to actually talk to each other about this shit but like yeah I ate a voidable truth that we as people on the left hand do and should hold ourselves to a higher account than people on the right and you know you don’t see Roy Moore getting this much pressure from the right and and and that’s not good but that the rights doing that we shouldn’t like there’s no answer to this right now but it’s something to really talk about it think about what you remember I think that is because inherently they’re trying to defend Brett their guy and their party right now and they’re constantly having to do that to every time one of theirs goes down
they’re like like fuk we got it done dude we got to make every excuse we got to find out they’re lying or whatever it is we will the women who accused Frankie and I’m like disappointed in Al Franken and I’m going like we need you you know like I do how many others might have messed up but you might even start to the weekend I started to go is this a conspiracy happening now you’re the same the same magical thinking it’s like a blind guys are all infallible cuz we’re the guys with the right over the white hat on because they have the black hat on because we think that good and evil is black and white saying and if you look at like the board is it a whole chessboard the right has won all three branches of government the fcc’s probably going to
like like we should actually try but Al Franken isn’t going to change much I think if you really like pull back and look at how much power the right has into your point which is a really good point I think that part of this is like these people are conditioned on all sides to come at this defensively like late then that’s a problem of the media that the problem of online discourse that’s a problem with the way in which we talk about politics because we get too emotionally invested and it’s the way we talk about each other too cuz the right dehumanization as yet I think at its worst point right now and buy dehumanization like for me you know it’s it’s it’s all about the other right in the other would be anybody who’s so different from your way of being that they are not human anymore to you like cuz you can’t form empathy for them whether that’s light and right now that’s as simple as being a Democrat and a republican in a Prius instead of a Ford F-150
like that’s literally that’s not enough for people to say oh you’re not mad because because let’s talk about 25 year old who can’t afford a Prius or a Ford F-150 aren’t making that decision and therefore those decisions are actually hitting a logical for them and every day for Better or For Worse whether they should be doing it or not these people are living on line and every at 8 in their chimpanzee spinal cords are jacked up by these interactions are having I just did it today I’m I’m a 44 year-old grown ass man. No one fight with my girlfriend while traveling this entire Thanksgiving all these connecting flights all this stress we even high five each other and even knew we were jinxing it we didn’t fight we traveled as a couple we didn’t fight we had one kerfuffle and it was absolutely centered around I got on Twitter
weaken the important thing seems to be that the the way that the internet is the nature of it favors I’m just going to use Simple language favors Nazis it does not favor hippies if you want people to be happy you are you are you are having to overcome obstacles on the internet if you want people to be angry if you want people to be afraid every step you take it’s like you’re on one of those airport conveyor belt things where every step you take takes you 5 Steps further and end the the left is walking against it because technology until we figure out a way to add a wire to the internet cables that makes you feel what the other person is feeling
it’s like we’re in this pool together and we’re just going like Leo I want to be happy and it kind of like touches on you’re saying and I don’t know if it’s a good thing that uses like like we should use this as an example because it’s a year clearly you’re on a Blue Streak you’re a charismatic amazing voice to have out there you’re a comedian that is a dedicated socialist and maybe I’m just drunk or maybe I like you but like it’s like wow you’re a weapon in the Arsenal of of of of making this shit work and and yet through no one’s fault really except for the way we operate versus how the enemy operates you you had to resign from an official position because of a joke you made
because we can’t if you’re interested in a quality you can’t that doesn’t emerge well with the less tolerance is being used against us right now and the fact that we stand for all of that quality and we want everything to be like fair and all of these things that they call us a snowflake for is it absolutely be used against us particularly online and then the moment that we get as ugly as they doing okay let’s split tussle in the mud then let’s get down and dirty here they go now call her at lunch so we can women arguing with each other about blah blah blah like what do you expect us to take this seriously you guys can’t even stop pillow fighting about this you know it’s just like
my thing I I fucked up in allowing ammo for that I tweeted a thing a Bill Cosby joke that no I agree with people like it was right after the Weinstein thing and no woman needs to go online and see some fucking white dudes posing with Bill Cosby start like I see how people would be upset and I gave them a context-free wait for everybody to get mad at me from the right to the left like you know you’re a fucking pussy for apologizing and resigning oh you know like how dare you and and truly I as a I’m not a politician I thought I was supposed to should I thought that I could beat in this position where you’re going to be judged so harshly on everything you say and everything you say represents this group and I made it very clear and that moment no I don’t want to do that anymore I don’t want to have the dsa’s reputation on the hook for me because I’m a comedian and I’m a writer and and so I inherently take certain risks and fall on my face I want
do that in front of a crowd 42 a hundred people don’t like me but when I do it on Twitter as a face of the DSA that could bring down the left if you know weaponized correctly and so I see where things you know where it made a lot of sense for me to resign on the other side of that Spectrum like you said if you know who I am and you know the context nobody in the local chapter that knows me got super upset with that nobody who is like a my friend nobody who knows that I was making a reference to taking Confederate statues down knows that I led a charge to get the Confederate statue taken down at Hollywood Forever Cemetery but that’s my fuck up for giving them this Mo so you like especially within our leadership need to hold ourselves to an even higher standard and so what I want to do now is sort of just be a little bit more of a Steve Bannon but good where you can help people say things and take what is the internet what is the internet
good for I think it’s good for like radicalizing and ideology and you see podcasts bad for that too well it’s bad for that if it’s bad ideology it’s good it’s good. Like like morally ambiguous radicalisation whether it’s for Isis or for the good guys like the internet can do that and I think the Democrat and a big reason why I’m upset with the Democrat is that they they won the culture War but they seated the ideological battle for no fucking reason they got rid of union halls which is the one place where people like poor people people of color you guys people met up and talk face-to-face and then on the internet all it is is fucking gifts and The West Wing and Harry Potter references there’s no there’s no ideology and that’s what socialism specifically for me Democratic socialism gives me is it gives me this fuel to understand all of this is happening because of this I noticed this guy that I like
and told me this way this woman who rules taught me this thing just by watching her do it. First and foremost consider getting off the internet more it will always be there it runs everything you can get caught up with in a moment you could spend an entire week off of off of Twitter for my experience and not a lot has changed that’s not that’s not the same as telling you you’re wrong for currently being on it. Anything like that it’s just me and stop being informed either that’s stopping being formed another so there’s that was like everybody experiment with like like start spending more time in the real world and blah blah blah
for those of us who are just going to do tomorrow what we did yesterday but but but want to put like one tag for our tag Cloud one little piece of awareness on on how we spend tomorrow and sadly we’re going to spend tomorrow texting tweeting posting reacting commenting arguing fighting getting mad getting scared
acquiescing to that saying that’s how we’re going to behave tomorrow
what what is there some kind of little algorithms I’m kind of a little call to Consciousness is that harms nothing threatens nothing demands almost nothing just that we’re or every interaction everything you see online every way that you’re reacting to it internally and every conflict you start getting it on a comment section like is there some kind of I’ve done personally that you really helped me is you you have to recognize that National media focuses on National storylines that you can’t affect you can’t change this huge thing so what I’ve done is I’ve stopped watching cable news cable news inherently it’s only there to scare you and make you buy you no fucking Centrum Silver whatever and The delegitimize Fringe voices in favor of corporate status quo
mesothelioma Game Show Network for mesothelioma it’s crazy are you suggesting though cuz I like the suggesting that people pay attention to Trump in in only how he can entertain you by being an idiot over for all of us Facebook Twitter addicted Tumblr it to get everybody likes so we could shift over to local these things all have local yes roots and and it all starts at the local level so there is a DS a chapter or PSL which is a party for socialism and Liberation there are progressive groups if you don’t have like a socialist like find the most left most people in your community groups on Twitter are the Los Angeles d s a r Twitter feed is going to be injected with a little bit of
do the Los Feliz Boulevard actually decide one day you got nothing to do and like you know the address they’re talking about you know the the shopping center that that where this is happening in that account at the sa counter or one of these other leftist accounts we’ll retweet about a state Bill and a state-to-state bills are where power is in your state like we live in a country that allows a lot of states right there was a big fight about it a couple hundred years ago but wouldn’t really disagree with it but what we have and still using what we have we can look at our situation have you have any of you ever called a state representative
State Senate rep the only people that call state senators are like excuse me my mailman’s choo choo Chinese you know what I mean like the craziest people in the world and there are these really important Bills going through California for example has medicare-for-all Bill that’s been shelved but with enough popular pressure could be brought back these people I like when you call your state representatives not your natural representatives there so happy to not be talking to a blind races to Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino because those are the people who call and your your efforts you know it takes a fucking it takes effort to go on your lunch break and look up the number and fucking cuz you’re working all the time to find the phone number to call for Nancy Pelosi to just ignore you or fucking Dianne Feinstein to not even fucking pick up the phone oh yeah and literally I was somebody in LED I say it sent a pizza with pepperonis spelling out like our message to that because they wouldn’t it was like don’t confirm what’s the guy looked at the
but you as an individual look at where your power lies your power lies in your community and so if you just change the trajectory and make a call a week about an issue that is like looking see what state measures are going on why flies at the local level like if you actually become one of these people and I think we’ve encountered old people that we kind of like what’s with them like they’re so passionate about the fucking twigs and gathering on the street corners whenever like well become the cool version of one of those people and you’ll be following your comfort level because it’s your neighborhood and you’ll also like it it cuz I think I’ll so it’s like if you’re thinking the whole time well I’m going to I’m going to hand this blanket of this tail light to this person and in so doing I’m going to take down Trump you’re going to get frustrated every time you come home to 900 Trump tweets exactly and and feel like you’re acting
utility but God damn I mean Jesus
Champs a secret all right like the reason the Tea Party one is because they serve tea they don’t watch Prestige television and they don’t fuck like that’s the reason why they want they they all they do is this but there are so many fewer of them than there are of us so if we just do a little bit and you can still fucking watch the deuce James Franco surprisingly good in it and you can still watch fucking or you know whatever shows you want to watch her be on Bumble or fucking whatever but just like once a week just like look and see what’s going on in your community and do that and if enough of us give me an answer so she wasn’t talking about it’s enough of us working a little bit so that the rest of us don’t have to work super fucking heart and I think that fundamentally is the way that we need to look at the world you can go to City like public hearings and stuff to like local government
I like on NPR you always here like oh where it’s 7 p.m. on a Tuesday so we’re going to take you now to the Santa Monica City Hall Ware but I people are going to get mad about parking and like you can be one of those people mad about parking and you can have a lot better ideas and it’s not I mean it’s the same thing about like these races calling like the state senators are generally crazy old people with stupid concerns yep and I bet that’s a lot of people are being a willing to hear reasonable concerns from less stupid people and then the proof of that right now is that the through divest LA and definitely check out in public Bank La if you live in Los Angeles and there’s great public Bank movements in the Bay Area and all across the country like they were they did exactly that they went to a local city council meeting on various local neighborhood Council meetings and we’re like hey we have this idea and it generated enough and this was directly in response to the pipelineshit the Dakota access
find Wells Fargo’s involvement in that and what happened was without any real like stalling or anything like a smooth smooth ride the city city council unanimously voted to divest 40 million dollars from Wells Fargo and it was just like a couple people that like look like us that you know it up but just showed up and we were like talking about it and then you don’t next thing you know the world is billions of dollars better and and and that’s where it counts it turns out we have good idea yeah I had my Eleanor Democrat on and I have my I’m going to have the GSA and I’m going to have in teeth on I’m never going to have an osteon III but but you know how much as I met Spencer by asking is there a dungeon master here I feel like you know you weren’t being indoctrinated today cold or or political party and when we talk about acting locally and all the stuff and and you’re very
mannequin and unthreatening you’re definitely be coagulating my defense mechanisms and therefore let’s say you’re La based right yeah what have you back sooner than later because let’s start the conversation at like what should we do like like at locally because then like locally can mean locally everywhere that everyone’s watching and it doesn’t Jesus Christ progress the website that people want to just yet I mean DSA usa.org is the national website you can follow the essay on Twitter on d s a l a s d s a l a. Org but I encourage you I’m not here to tell you just to Joy the DSA there’s those are the people that I found that most important because I think the biggest thing is going to trigger people is like we’re not we’re not Bernie bro in necessarily here
it made me join is I went with a friend of mine to a meeting right after the election and I was like let’s see what happens and I saw a bunch of white dudes with glasses in various forms of facial hair that look like a listen to podcast all the time and I was like okay okay it’s like a bunch of guys like me or whatever and then the person I was leaving the meeting the chair at the time was this amazing witchy old woman named Carol who I love who is like one of the greatest women in the history of Politics as she flipped over a bus during an anti Vietnam protest and she kept the seat warm because he was under it the power she said like OK Google here who doesn’t really necessarily Vibe with the essay but it’s just here for you know just to see what’s up and this guy came up and he
play I’m a Democrat and I am not going to change that anytime you like an older man and he was like I just want to be somewhere and in with a group of people that can help point me in the right way to help change the Democratic party is it okay if I come in here and and there were like kind of like Snickers like you know a little bit and then Carol walks up and goes now I’m sure a lot of you disagree with this tactic I’m sure a lot of you disagree with a big working within the Democratic party and we’re like not in our heads and she’s like how many of you are willing to do the work that he’s going to do in the Democratic party and we were all like not me and she’s like right so we have a big tent recall the Big Ten organization where is no matter what your level of involvement is no matter what your politics are if you want to help locally on issues that I guarantee you you agree with everything from like a maybe we shouldn’t put spikes under overpasses so homeless people can’t live in under our precious overpasses and Mitchell

Barrel City councilperson of Los Angeles like you’ll find that and then beyond that you’ll be able to find like we don’t just wear on her morphis Bob we have our housing and homelessness committee which is focused on doing things like Street watch which cops go and illegally fuk up homeless encampments people that have a job at a computer and a phone and a right there ready to get a fucking apartment all the shit and break other shit completely legally so we have a couple people who are comfortable waking up at 4 in the morning when we have a Google number gets called and said there’s a sweet coming and they just stand there with their phones and they just video tape and the cops don’t fuck with people who liked if that interests you you can do that if you are into health care if you’re into prison abolition who’s doing a lot of great work with our mutual Aid group on the taillight benefit like all of there’s all these different thicknesses good at is sitting in your in front of your computer and following your kind of anger and outrage and
calling people there might even be a job for you that actually it’s at you know you can use those skills if you want to feel like you’re fucking with knowing the best thing in the world fucking real life trolling we ruined mayor garcetti’s election party because he was capitulating with Trump and not he wasn’t calling Los Angeles to century city which by the way it’s still fucking is it and so he was wedding art because he wants the Olympics so fucking bad he was letting the cops work hand-in-hand with ice and fucked people over there was this big story that I’m not sure if you remember in Highland Park where dude was literally dropping his daughter off by 40 years ago the only crime ever committed and he was just snatched and first ones romulo is his name and he luckily because of public pressure was let out button in response to this we used our anger and we found out while shit the mare is getting elected in what is going to be a landslide in might as well be running unopposed he’s throwing a big party it’s a boring
action with a lot of press let’s go fuck it up and so a hundred of us showed up and started yelling about getting ice out of Los Angeles and we had people infiltrate and interrupt his speech and then what ended up happening with people that work for the mayor came out to us like during the party like 10 or like hey I keep doing stuff like this please because we never get pressure from the left it’s always pressure from the right and she’s pressuring on and granted this wasn’t our idea we had groups like that organized a documented people that are on the front lines who can’t go be so fucking confrontational with the mayor but we as a group of mostly white people can you use our privilege to amplify their voices and put ourselves in the way of jail time which pain can arrest a bunch of fucking white people like I did not help cops work and so we’d be yelled and yelled and yelled at me out in 2 weeks later he passed special order 40 which makes it so that no Los Angeles city of Fishel
can a collaborate with ice and it’s like
Eric Eric what he was getting his fucking makeup on and it was fun and I don’t want to do that I don’t want to be a troll and all that stuff is Bethesda low income women rides to abortion clinic there’s there’s people who love writing fanfic 500 pages of what if stuff there’s people who just who hate those people but they can love the same TV show I’m translating this into my own is the date that the guy that cuts off the guy that’s like passionate in his like do it do it doing good by talking stuff but where it would if if we cut into DND time will be undercutting the entire do you say whatever and then like will like to help help me
like we’re for myself as a locally active person I’m too drunk I’m making too many promises but but but but something we have you back very soon like I really appreciate your willingness to say especially in light of how you have just hearing about your recent like kind of brush up against the the PC thing and how that must fucking suck for somebody that just wants to be your very if she wrote to me because you clearly care about this tough enough to keep leg plunging along and actually saying this shit I’m so the movement more important than me and so ultimately the reason that I resigned as he was like I don’t want to be a wait that’s across and maybe maybe you can help me in the way in like you know in like help me like stay positive instead of negative and stuff but so let’s thank you Josh and Rocky for coming by and we’ll see you again soon and
yeah it just again he’s not officially a spokesperson for the DS a he just made a bug and didn’t step up to the plate if it gets you a couple harmontown fan I don’t Ida lineate that from politics so what I don’t like is for my harmontown episode to be entirely about politics sure I sympathize with that I would submit to you I do not know what harmontown is supposed to be which is why sometimes it’s it is something that you find amazing and I think there are probably some people that are orgasming right now cuz we finally we walk the walk a little bit in terms of a booking and it’s like holy shit that was a that was a signal to boost I think cuz I’ve been battling her forever about acting locally and all this shit and I don’t know how to do it and some making a friend that actually knows how to walk that walk is important to me
and what’s important to me should be important to you so fuck you Julie with your joint dangling from your mouth thinking
harmontown so great but only when he raps about fucking my mama
it seems leaving here tonight which is why
we need to replace them with
turn Rob’s right back up
yeah he put a chair on the stage he’s the rolling about
brought to you have wheels go get a check receipt for us to just rest
why was Travis nothing if not a Showman
Rock Shop Gathering up our character sheets and then
Jen’s character shape and just a side note if you want to join the D&D essay you can roll your character sheet were using standard point buy a raise and oh man I have some classes are at the table to talk to you about role-playing wise so this guy talk to you for I guess probably a hot adderal vodka induced an hour and a half or so following one of our shows and Technical Research Center game Space Time and Time Lords declarant babbled me about that like this role playing game that I anyways he where you’re playing yourself where you play approximate your own real-life attributes by Steve Israel playing a diarrhea Junior I mean he’ll do whatever he wants regardless of what anyone is cancer
if you haven’t paid $5 a month for a subscription of great treasure at this is mostly been a non-visual show but these these couple of minutes are certainly a phenomenon unto itself really worried he’s going to hurt himself like he’s just going to roll off the off the stage by I hope that happens chair on a platform like one wheel goes off the edge and I don’t care if you’re Jackie Chan your your dad
but why are on the side of that you know alright let’s have fun or I’m going to die sure do you want to be an MP see what we want to see what a non-player character in the news a guy is like a global AIDS I’m talking politics and lead you like oh I’m not going to come anymore what are you talkin about I like it when you show up your I’m sorry
had a rough couple of days wait wait what do you mean no no no no
what what’s going on
it’s your body out of breath from doing all that leg goes out of breath from dancing and then I had to start rapping and I was like man I can’t even fucking breathe
that’s a bummer what a life is quieter than the others because it’s me the streamers it’s like we’re it’s it’s unmistakably a live performance but then when you listen to it and I have like then this goes to Zach and Chris Lake I mean they’re walking a fucking crazy tightrope they’re recording streaming live audio that it that when you listen back to it it sounds like a real podcast episode like it’s not compromised by the fact that we’re doing it in a warehouse but I think it’s performers we benefit from visually from being in the space as opposed to the audio Booth thank you for being a nap so I can give props to her amazing engineer my I have a little bit of business housekeeping question okay
do you think it was Josh and rescue from the GSA or your girlfriend that was a long time ago I’d like to ask you a question I almost said it was a werewolf game I feel like it’s not it’s not not bring it up or I would say sorry everybody I farted all over using my werewolf skills that always get me taken out with in the third round I think that yeah I think Jeff is accusing you of doing it I just saying that that poor old world who ever smelt it dealt it supplied it if I’m not mistaken
guys that means somebody farted on me and I thought we all need to address that we should but I just I’m just thinking about the options in my head it’s got to be one of you to be really obvious you were rolling around crop-dusting I didn’t I swear to God I know that’s why it’s too obvious to be you that’s why I think it must be Jeff
you say sorry everybody I sneak attack I don’t know if it’s a fart because it keeps on rolling because like asking me to ask Andrew here a couple of time while sitting in the roiling through the estate was rolling around the state but I didn’t like the early shift so that might be why you’re fresh from Burbank farts I was just in Milwaukee
Milwaukee on how is the how is the the the college talk great life changing do you like me yes I did. He’s so nice when you’re the only one I mean we now know none of the rats the verbal one the verbal ones if I bothered you would know because I’d be going I don’t know
bar, as if they didn’t have enough troubles sometimes their tap water is just smells like a fart fart smell and then my parents but I just tied tight comes and goes out when it goes out at least dead stuff Milwaukee were no stranger that the dead alewives there they smell like rotting fish Cannery but the tap water like I was brushing my teeth one morning and then I brush my teeth and then I go in and I like up in a sky slurp my rinsing water out of the tap what
is this like a standing wiper thing I would have found out I do this place is D&D suspense honestly what happened you guys didn’t do you remember anything that happened to zombies as we just got to the town of Ember Ember shot yeah I think what happened is you were just on the cusp of the town of them burst shot which whose name will be revealed great
and I remember we fought the zombie outside when we were successful in fighting them in the sense that they either ran away or were killed outside of the Town yeah that’s what was confusing as I was like did it more happen and the answer was no so last time y’all found some zombies there was music coming from the harp and it was kind of made the zombies
bummed out it was but there was music pumping out the zombies and skeletons in a graveyard and diarrhea Junior went to investigate the sound that was the music sound and when he did there was a burst of Ruby light and then the music stopped and as if On Cue the zombies stop being all bummed out and started we’ll just being you know General Lee mindless zombies trying the end all Life as We Know It And you guys as clerics and members of the church militant bought them and killed them that was that was it yeah it takes a long time so where we sending right now you’re outside of the graveyard you’re standing over the white ashes of the the skeleton that you cut down with your flame blade spell a right that was that was what Chad did
so zombies no more music no more zombies
well night time like we got here either just in time or
when I take off my mind glasses or too late
well we got here in time to kill him with your fucking dummies yeah but why are they running rampant where’d that music come from I mean who knows this could be
let’s head into town you know from your knowledge of religion yeah that’s for you is it yeah you’re real Quest your plant your plane leaves character right before the music starts until we can clear up anything you want I’m here to help and taking place at Mike bro you got to eat that Mike bro
eat my fucking my Jeff
alright I’m eating the mic what was the question you asked me earlier like to be Steve Levy’s character or a new character guide be a new game character whatever you really gave him an option no I don’t I don’t I don’t know that and no one give you that I don’t want to argue make a new character okay whatever we’re doing this week we got 7 minutes
all right okay so everybody just stand back I’m going to okay I start kicking the bones that are in front of me after I look at this what a mess but you didn’t mess you made here this is great now what are we going to do in a cradle haven’t got to look at me this world is magical a lot of that magic is dark I’ve been through pain I was raised by pain we all met through a church that church a perfect we’re here to clean up this town
that’s a great question to ask we can have said it was because of the we’re on the question of consequence that wasn’t approved at the approved of the Quest for pageants Jim patchin’s who was your good friend and helped you out in don’t Roan he he got robbed in part because you guys let him get stabbed a bunch and we feel guilty about that so we’re going to go get this Jam where you get the gym I have to kill some zombies along the way to put the pedal I’m going you guys are I’m going to start looking I’m going to write I’m walking I’m walking away
I feel so bad about those but I don’t remember if patches over with us patents is here he was kind of quiet and we proved him right I feel like you put me in a position where honesty and Plies brutal criticality I don’t know that I wanted to be in those to China saying to my party members I’m going guys if the goal is to make pageants
I think our goal is let’s keep it simple let’s let’s help passions out let’s do one thing right passions good idea okay here’s the thing we just got to a new town There’s No direct like linear Mission I think what we should do
this week the only people ever seen us together
are zombies are dead they fled
we should do that thing like in the beginning of the third that the Return of the Jedi okay we show up one by one in this town wait for everybody to take a nap but let’s not get sidetracked by a critical grievances with that movie but but but I’m just saying like their strategy was just like we just we don’t come in together we don’t go where the Rebel Alliance we’re here to free Han Solo ride right we we we just show up in different guises yesterday and the one rule is that we don’t acknowledge that we know each other we don’t acknowledge that we know each other until it’s time time to make shit happen hey I came back he was off Mike high so we’re going to go into town let’s give 10 minute wait between each of us entering town
I’ll go first ok fine. Just you don’t know I was my hands up you don’t know us and all you’re going to do is just you don’t have an agenda and any kind of case you’re just going to go to a store in store just trying to ingratiate yourself with locals
alright the sun begins to rise if you see the outer wall of door house take a beer that’s the name of the town the outer wall the wall is thick and only about 10 ft High butt it’s like make this mostly like a big pile of like Lumber and dirt and stuff it’s kind of like a beaver dam it’s just kind of like a big a big mess of a big thick wall kind of surrounding the city as it has a bit of break its racing structure and kind of like a bit on top that you walk on that’s more flat but it’s just kind of like a giant barricade surrounding the whole town you’re at your in front of the gate and there’s two guards will they they seem like they’re guards but they’re not wearing uniforms or anyting and they’re sitting on top of the gate you look at them and you can tell they’re sleeping they’re sleeping on the job in the morning
hey they slowly wake up as if out of a stupor and they are squinting in the sunlight and looking around they they they spy you can I get in touch with what’s your business here there’s some stuff in there I have to get just open the door I got to go I got to go you don’t look like you’re from around here why should we open the door I can I forgot my thing
you forgot your saying I forgot my you know
what is it saying I don’t know what they’re called you put it around your your shirt you put it around your shit just can you open and I’m in a hurry year
handle the media open up so I can get my it’s really early just please open up the door had no I get it sometimes you forget your things I open the door thank you thank you
you can see as you walk it in their kind of falling back asleep and observe his techniques you didn’t know he will the 2000 individual because it’s like we don’t we just want to we just want to wait when I cast a wide net because I feel like our mission is infiltration I mean 10 minutes later I walk up to the to the guards and I got you you look like you’re like a night or something what do you got what are you doing I’m just saying my friend just came through here I miss assistance he left his ID and I want to make sure he
I’m not even staying at 4 make sure he has his think the guards fall asleep while you’re talking it’s a closed door though it’s very easy to scale
all right yeah it’s very easy to sneak past the sleeping guards it’s it’s it’s about like 9 in the morning and they’re still sleeping you don’t know they seem like they might have slept through the night shift
I walk back I scale back over the door and end call Carlos and say the hey that we’re not supposed to blow your cover, the guards are sleeping
. they they they wake up with a start and then grab their Spears in there like pull down their Spears like a fuck off what are you doing diplomatic and religious mission for the Church of the silver flame the door fee is 3 copper I wonder if the church approve that fee or should it go into your local fund I don’t know what your nevertheless I shall pay it all right one of the guards falls asleep in the other one he holds his spear down in the spears like holding a bucket that you can put the money into interesting how the weapons are adapted to Commerce in times of peace
the guard fall asleep in the bucket fall on the ground
wake up to check the seasons in how how much money is in a bucket what does Meijer only has money for you you’re so accustomed to taking bribes you fell asleep during it that sounds right yes please let me in so I can not report you to the church all right just just go away I pocket that my copper and my Integrity good idea was for us to arrive as if we were to give me away like I’m not alright so what’s wrong side now but your clustered near the pig farm in the far end the various Farms
all right guys could jump it again I guess my plan didn’t work now we’re all in together that’s important yeah I think they’re concerned we were three different people I think we should still now take advantage of that fact but as far as the record shows a group of church officials never came to this town you know so we can now spread out because our first first thing we need to do is find information we need to find patch to find information on figure out what’s going on in this town than our Network why is everybody so tired of sleeping which know what time of day is it 9:00 maybe 10:00 is it is there a town like Bell like a church like a tower there is a church but it doesn’t have a bell I’m going to say
like I’m this conversation for forward unless Peril demands it we don’t acknowledge that we are part of the same
passions spell and we also I’ll be an emissary of the church but you guys have to make up your own backstories I’m going to Gambler who’s ready for action
if you happy and diarrhea I’m going to I’m a guy I work with the church you had one job
who writes the wrong song. All right if I can pick up our
Josh androski
it’s got to be GSA. Something Left Coast right God damn it
traffic written to your game man trying to Jeff Davis here comptroller I’m way too tired to name everybody here
Chris Brown Cherry Hills Zach McKeever other people
Nolan Fabrica
I tried to do a damn thing I’ve been off for a government takeover of the internet so this might be over in the future you won’t be able to get to this site because
is here for your marriage and her man either one of them
listing for Rogers Drive in this hard-ass chair Deborah Deborah
or is there a does has became a Deborah that go
and your your churches with emergency
counter charge Texas photo that you like so much yo-yo ending rap ended the show
go out and grow Street a tree limb to limb put your roots in the ground and look at me I’m a blue sky and I’m your father don’t look at your mother don’t bother she’s an impersonal Cosmic force and I fuck share of course respect for the way I was honored
Professor let’s get together to do the dance right
next week Balderdash will play around a Balderdash


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