Episode: 4 – The Technology Of N-Words (7.31.12)


Episode: 4 – The Technology Of N-Words (7.31.12)


A discussion of something the Scottish call a “Wizard Sleeve” is ever-so-briefly interrupted by racism, robots, and a visit from something Erin McGathy calls a “game corner.”


hear ye hear ye
how you doing tonight
fantastic welcome to the downtown Hollywood California thank you loyal Armenian for being here at the theater I think you listening in podcast land down in the last week we table the issue of child abuse and peeing in your pants please put your hands together for the mayor of harmontown
thank you you’re very kind you’re good people very excited tonight networks my ass of the ratings when I was at NBC it was it’s very satisfying get higher ratings you know and I figured out how I’m going to do it it’s the 6th I feel good about my decision and
murky smug and self-satisfied third Act of a rom-com kind of mood does it feel like I’m in the middle of a montage where there’s like a dissolving charts that are going to happen Casey Kasem’s mentioning me and you know Sigourney Weaver’s seeing my ad on TV and then changing her mind about my wacky ways things are moving up for old man Ghostbuster that’s that’s a reference I was making you twenty five year olds
sorry I got angry at you for being young but I’m not going to get off my lawn mower let’s watch party down like we’re at a Yanni concert there’s a guy named Johnny Young fucks I love you kids
hi babe I love you so much I’m going to I’m going to write a pilot for CVS that’s how much I love you
the tweeters that are coming back at me in the comment section under the press releases are like well that sucks cuz I might have for like 6 months I might give that a taste
kick back in a hammock a little bit on the Hanna-Barbera remote-controlled lawn mower put that theory to the test see what kind of TV that generates do you have any ideas or no mainstream television I mean I know you’re going to have to nope no spiders another kind of an unlikely family but you know when you join the fire department like you’re forced to work with other people maybe you don’t like him so much and I don’t know how is it the first thing they’re going to say is I love it and the second thing I’m going to say is could the firefighters be police
and if I’m really jazzed about the firefighter idea that I’m going to go
and they’re going to go
share your your brilliant they should be played
they only want one thing good job executing the show the idea is not as they know I would be I would be doing a disservice to television sir if I had an idea already before I even sit down with these people about what these shows are going to be about they’re going to be about pickle Farmers they’re going to they’re going to be about human spiders
I want I want to see the human spider show because their human but they’re spiders there’s going to be some very very funny situations that arise from that we should call it a Spider-Man spider that’s a bar
that’s what I mean do you have your is a taxi stand as far as I not let them handle that why is that the heart not let them say you know what does Slinkys
slinkees with two e’s in a z the point is I’m going to go to the winds are unfortunately I furnished the rumor mill with a lot of rumors about what a boss I was like a standard no not by my own standards but the problem is it’s an elitist Industries has certainly by the standards of the port Buckeye that has the hall table down to the set his job is harder the more the more time I tickle the script or something like that so yeah by his standards by by anybody’s standards is like who would prefer the schedule work better because the things I take myself too seriously do miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss go in a huge family gathering if I can smell food do you miss meeting the parents
I can get out well actually, no one misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film Earth-like ever you’re always in good hands adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
as you think that you can easily slip from single-camera half hour into multi-camera no sweat buddy
here’s a more cameras
I know you just called me but the point the point of the n-word is not the actual it isn’t like Abracadabra actually cast a magic spell can you burn in the back of your head Ambassador African-American around like turning turning into things you know what I mean culturally but also if I’m saying it instead of actually saying it what it means is I respect the idea that it’s the word is an insult
I don’t know depends on you but your individual performances that’s not the problem is the intent behind the word language did the English language has a bunch of sounds that we went to Montreal there’s a bunch of stores they’re called couche-tard my sister is retarded she wouldn’t like it what she wouldn’t know but
who starred as defensive over here we just found out we have a Scottish Fred we just found out that a slang term for vagina is Wizard sleeve Wizards that still respectful instruction and never better visual thinker that conjures up a wizened old dude with a pickup in a row but all the power I am calling pussies Wizards from now on
fucking beautiful object object that we stumbled onto an accident, a wizard
how is a man I was with Tabitha last night she’s going to fucking straight up Merlin bro I was at with Tabitha and she’s going to call the Mart men I like him I like him
I thought he was going to meet us at the job because that was not a funny enough reference
the wizard
anyways I think that’s beautiful the wizard. Baby I’m going to go to town on your wizard tonight
I want to have sex more than I did before I want to talk about the wizard I want to see your wizard I want to go to your wizard for my hero
anyway so I don’t have it worth getting back that tangent but ourselves clear tent behind the words we use and it’s a beautiful thing that were able to discern intent from language that’s the miracle if you want a police someone is actually racist that where they said a combination of words that’s technically racist when you fall into that game Guess who’s really good at it a bunch of fucking lying and he racist fuckers really good at figuring out genuinely evil people do as they like they they just like put Condoleezza Rice next to them according to your definition
idea of non racism is that the race doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter
anyways as much as we used to be at dance or my place or the greatest it’s hard to do freestyle rap without you you don’t say N word then you you use the n-word n-word like like like my people put pepper on their salad like I said I fucken love it and wrap delicious licorice what kind of Licorice licorice
bacon bits bacon bits go to its
if your freestyle in YouTube For Better or For Worse could walk by right when you would say yeah yeah he was like I’m going to go check that out
send me a very masculine Johnny Cash song comes on Dixon balls like gay people have way more of that before I offended black people they could hear what I do what I do in the car in my mouth I put my dick in the North and the South of my balls and soon my dick
I suck the balls
balls in in mind God said about mazing money in the bank the only thing the rhymes with mouth is South you’re fucked as soon as you say mouth like a jump start his eyes I got to get somebody to be South Nags Head but but candies and nuts for Johnny Cash Ripon have to be clever just was talking about
coming it’s coming in my mouth I’m stuck in every direction from the north to the south of then I put your balls inside me and shoved them in my butt
I got sent to Folsom Prison for a licking dick sand
I put my keys there I think I’m over here
anyways that’s trying to avoid an album called getting it out of my system here that I don’t know man I did some bolts and nuts and butts and that’s it did never a can’t can’t stop you and I were talking about like the you you don’t like being alone and do you talk to yourself and you say your kind of mutter to yourself when I’m alone at home I don’t know if I share this with any of you out there I haven’t had a girlfriend in a thousand years I’ve always either I’m done wrapping I’m singing and dancing that it’s so stupid and I play a game with myself can I embarrass myself can I do can I get up to go make a sandwich for my couch and do it
and I can if it is possible to embarrass myself so that’s why I have a girlfriend cuz I work and there’s a song in there that’s all
Jesus Christ Superstar is filled with these infectiously like a catchy earworm songs I you can’t stop if you if if you’ve never seen it like you I swear it’s the most obnoxious thing that the first time you met Jesus Christ Superstar for the next 3 weeks your friends are going to hate you unless there unless they’re on the same mushroom and doing it with you you’re just going to be like humming the signs and other stuff and I initiated into it and I wrote this down. Pathetic I am cuz I cuz I was like I’m really on to something here at Dicks outside
I have one that I created a bit of a tour bus to Lionel Richie I got my penis in your shoe
Lionel Drake alternate timeline Lionel Richie is right about that that’s a long way when you did I thought you’re going to do the Pringles Pringles think Vick song here before I travel around with comedians that we do a thing in for some reason archery manager is in system Pringles I don’t know that any of us truly loves Pringles but their their their their ubiquitous and I picked up at 10 of Pringles and the foal tennis ball-sized canister of Pringles and I held it to my dick can do you want to bring Darren never really found out why
I don’t really have a Pringles can bring those days back but I never really bad.
It’s really satisfying it for her for making up songs that we were talking weeks ago about how we miss golfing is that everyone should go golfing you know it’s good exercise whatever I’m going to sell it I was golfing with Jeff and we spent all nine holes and tired I was like what an hour and a half or something like that
go to your head but if I cancel a Buckley like walk over to the perfect Rubik’s Cube I guess God has to sound exactly like the theme to Night chords lyrics that that if the producers of Night Court heard that they would go that’s that’s perfect give me what you think of nobody come up with nightcore lyrics that are perfect perfect feeling a syllable but also I can head to pass muster with the producers of Night Court in her head.
the Acme of our friendship I think you and I have never been closer I never been more productive but never been a full team so I’d like to present to you my thing from my car cuz I can’t say all that and then not do it
how much fun
your frowns on trial approach me smile I sentence you to stay awhile
and we were like jumping up and down on the ninth hole and then you’d win and you got you don’t understand Mom but I guess I got to I got to collect on my Cactus coins made it out that’s not a reference snow game out there with cactus going too much pepper 125
how much pepper on the pussy I just said that salt on the balls to try to finish the song tickets a long time but I hit a bump and I yelled at the c word while we’re at it I just went over to the father on a green right like 20 yards away from me with tools like young boys just like staring at me the boy’s father give me a look like what are you doing
well DeWalt good save my entire literary career by doing last night telling you this because there’s a very good chance that the guy had a conversation with on the phone today who who who would you would you would have been if it weren’t for me telling you this I guessed he would have been my literary agent he would have ensured maybe it would have maybe introduce me to book publishers in but I have to reset it and I couldn’t hear the next eight things he said I just
is exactly right because it’s amazing what you just said I will prep is it by saying if he is listening fucking amazing and had to be put under glass like that it does the Declaration of Independence only it’s a declaration of meaninglessness just talk I know this is amazing that with a human brain can come up with when you’re just talking because he was explaining the current market out there as explaining what kind of books I would write if I could write a book by whether or no idea what kind of idea would be more sensible than another and use explaining the book Marketplace to me and he said Extreme Caution except in cases where caution goes out the window in which case things can become quite Reckless
that is the literary Market in a nutshell
together I don’t mean homosexual I don’t want to offend anyone
I’m I mean gay like it was retarded I go by the way with all my sisters retarded SO pitching
comedic chain whatever you’re safe probably telling me the cure for cancer. Like I was out of town I miss the news I only put no one was there or he wouldn’t have done what do you mean you’re out of town I was not around a TV or a newspaper or anything so I only bring it up because I want to talk about how insane it is but people are still bothering to arrest people
if anyone spying mission to your party with theater they’re obviously just a free internet person that wants to jerk off leave them alone is the statute of there’s a black by law regarding what we do with our penises in public it’s probably well found it in some some free internet history though behind the first person to say
the leprechaun
it was it was Sheriff 2000 Johnson the women’s titties are so big on the screen everyone wants to just jerk off everywhere if we don’t put a cork in this it’s going to spread to the street from graveyards only thing that’s going to happen and there’s a couple people that are left that don’t have laptops just like jerking off who cares if it inside one of those establishments but it seems to me that if I walked in there I would see five or six guys jerking off
find out if happening

gyrating his thesis I don’t know I’m basing I’m like one of these, some just die just heard a thing in the lobby and it came to my attention was on Twitter and everybody coming to his rescue that we want to fuck with Fred Willard we need more of that like like go pick on somebody is doing something wrong to anybody no like actually research and I didn’t like but then again if I did all I be reading is a bunch of acquainted with this process there’s a
there’s a Chinese telephone that happens on it is saying the Chinese people are bad weather now they just like late they don’t they’re gone are the days of like confirming things like talking to three different sources independently there’s no fight here at Elizabeth there’s just like something is just in over there and it says it can get pretty fucking nuts pretty fast so it for all I know Fred Willard did absolutely nothing he probably ate a piece of popcorn and he was jerking off I also am on his side would think that for who’s going to go jerk off
golfer to let him come on my face
monkeys doing it
everyone just fucking everybody but I guess it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s like it’s the closest genetic relatives a bonobo chimpanzee they did ignored the fact of a bonobo chimp out of all the all the varieties of chips chips are 99% identical to its genetically close as you can get the human while saying a chimpanzee it’s our closest relatives nothing but fucken jerk off and that’s with the gang wars and then they settle the gang dispute by everybody fucking each other sisters and brothers and uncles and fucking and if you got nothing to do you just jerking it like these are these are horrible likely by our standards in Psych
which human race needs to give itself a break like we didn’t invent anything that makes us unseemly we didn’t invent assassination lying War anything we the only thing that makes humans different from all of our primate cousins is compassion is the one thing that we bring to the table it’s brand-new we bring the concept that we actually kind of like each other and would even sometimes take a bullet for each other
that’s what you Manatee is original sin and other with their faces but the first thing that happened is things that were climbing the trees these mammals they developed stereoscopic color vision because it helped them number one client with jump from Branch to Branch Lake ice paid forward like 3D so you can see in 3d unlike dogs and turtles and shit you can you can you have depth perception so you can jump from a branch to a branch then the other thing is color vision why fruit is rotten or the weather with the good stuff is actually politically these these primates as they became they start communicating with each other with these new pieces of equipment is state-of-the-art eyes that can see color
maximum resolution and end until the hair of the way from the face in her muscular turn our faces becomes incredibly over develop so we can make all these weird face before we could talk we could do any of that we were lying to each other my leg wing and like like sweating and smiling as a squirrel like creatures even before they were monkeys they were like starting to do that shit like this you can leverage your fellow primate by going over there or not as much as she does what she says about you but I don’t agree with each other because it means the difference between life and death and they invented that shit not us we inherited it we don’t have to be bad people to each other I thought Humanity does not give itself a break speaking of breaks some of you may have been here two weeks ago and my lovely girlfriend the love of my life Erin mcgathy was a guest account roller you can apply for I guess it did but now that that means nothing
I asked you to I don’t have her back or anything if you guys ask me to I’ll tell her on the 2nd
Aaron is funnier than me smarter than me don’t don’t hold that against her anything and don’t don’t don’t try to prove that that’s not the case but she and Jeff like like betta fish you know they both love me very much and one of their when their primary points of contention is like to have game nice and Aaron likes to explain and run games so some of you even in this audience have been back to my place Danny do who are closer celebrity Aaron thankfully because I don’t want to do it she always steps up and wants to control the game Jeff and her had a
had an evening once where is very uncomfortable for me and that’s what matters which you explain the game of catch phrase for 45 minutes and then conservatively 40 minutes and then and then he had to pee there fewer people are peeing their pants and then Jeff and then Jeff as a big fan of efficiency explain to help to Erin privately in the corner of the party how badly she had been explained the game for 2 hours not true not true I was going to keep saying it until the behavior changed a little tender spot there was an event is a great desire to get up and do an end-run a game night which is great do you need someone to do that
Apple display Nickleby man it was like it was like it was at a tax place on how to play a game
my stance on gameplay incredible deficit functionally record I’ve been very candid about let’s play other than its title it’s called Erin McCarthy’s game corner
do you want to do and I do want to pick up theme song or anything it’s called dream
really nice for just trying to help
about how I’m bad at explaining games
speed it up
Corner two players
the game is the Anthony game earlier
is there any coaches and in need of some soup stage time it comes down to Dumbledore
what is your name smiley face Anthony and lion and I interviewed him about his life answer questions about Anthony’s life the first person to 15 points because the mixture of four different categories can choose from question
can you tell Jeff and Emily were composed production what’s your favorite sound effect favorite sound effect
I like a slide whistle but I perfect
all right
so just so you can choose from the category of childhood personality or wild Anthony
15 points
a real hero
navigate is not currently have a girlfriend
I hate to Dogpile
I’m going to go with see he does not have a girlfriend also
categories personality or what personality personality
before the
Anthony describes himself as one of the four seasons
Our Father
The Four Tops
which of the four seasons winter spring summer or correct
do the colors even he actually has his eyes are dying their turning his he’s falling into
all right
cash prize for him by the way
Anthony has a disorder
powdered personality his least favorite thing is least favorite
patke riddle Island
is that they are overly controlling their overly sensitive or see that they’re overly sledding that says
he seems like a good kid sensitive or or controlling his biggest complaint about women it would be he would controlling controlling
Anthony Santos
7 minutes to the show me round round back the top soft as part of their head celebrity crush you have to wait until the end of the question is Emma Watson
Denver Boston Cleveland Boston
they’re the ones
you said everyone.
you can just take them all remember to monse them in order
that was hard because there’s 11
7 things to my feelings feel insecure
we’re all very good friends
implies that you would do and actually prefer if we were very stoic and took it off
do you like you don’t want us to take a seriously then maybe my part of it
what’s my favorite movie
just leave it in that stays in the fucking cut
is coming out at the ranch
Turtles See Simpson the new season for She-Ra
Anthony sibling situation like how many brothers and sisters
who’s the 14th president

final quest Justin
Methodist Baptist Catholic Pentecostal
I know this
my vote
D Pentecostal because I know one of the person from Cleveland he was going to cost so I’m going to Costco as well pack your answer Presbyterian Methodist
just know I’m a Baptist Methodist
we did it
final score final score and 30 million and Anthony and giving you a crisp one day of PA
oh yeah Anthony wants to say something I think he’s entitled I think that’s the best version of game show.
100 so Anthony walked away $200 richer and irreplaceable piece of his soul shy I’m sure that’s
did anyone else in here sympathize most with me
would you really put yourself in my shoes
cares whether she’s good or bad or whether he’s right or wrong in the sitcom of my life these two going at each other it’s it’s a Ruff Life for me this is happening to me
I think I think she’s fantastic I think you’re fantastic to Jeff I wish you would just walk and get it over with
I think she thinks the same thing about us and
the far-field by tonight we announce that the other topics when was technology technology and amongst the attendees are the Armenians and went out of the question around is brought to you by a sponsor with this is what Jeff and I’ve decided we’re going to do
we’re going to order to break the mold with sponsorship like we’re not going to just do the Adam and Eve spot that you hear another podcast is like a couple of people are financing podcast right now or the early days of this new medium and what’s happening is is it you know what is a couple of sponsors that are kind of bankrolling everybody we have overhead view of a couple of hundreds to Anthony Zeus just threw it at home so I can destroy you so late I have a hundred kid we got that kind of overhead so we’re going to hold out we’re not going to do spots for sex toys or whatever here like on this feel terrible or any of those podcast
are Marc Maron, coming for you bro
we want the big one we’re going to Pioneer I want a Nike hat in hand we’re going to do spots for free for fucken Adidas until he begs for mercy
do you hear that 19
the money I was going to keep promoting a t this you’d pieces of shit because those Nike people they just won’t fucking pick up the phone they don’t give a shit what people think George Bush and making a give a shit about black people
Adidas Adidas Adidas giant shoe and everybody got in it I’m pretty sure Adidas loves everyone of all colors and I I will wear the shoes to prove it took me here I like TV I like the internet someone posits TV overall
what is the error that can be done
call Honey
a robot a robot questions here is the singularity and my sex life be as specific as possible
is this the physical Singularity the possible of all mass and matter in the universe coalescing into 1 into 1 infinitely small infinitely dense the opposite of the Big Bang right now is that what we come up here
I just watched Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles in Native find it
are they can replicate themselves with smarter versions of robots
he’s got he’s got a shirt that says God is a technological singularity when technology exceeds human intelligence
what is the singularity does come they’re going to go drive a wedge between you
be in the same trench using dogs to detective rubber people get along I know the singularity is not nice because of capitalism you can’t make a fucking flash drive that works on to computers the same day we are a long ways to have a complete societal collapse before we’re able to make technology that actually functions and a cohesive way we’re still trying to figure out where we’re all caught up so we could make anything we wanted the technology to make a robot dude that would walk around a high-five everybody
we just can’t do it because this Tony says we’ll should have a memory stick in it
and then Microsoft is going to get rid of a micro bead
is a piece of technology would you most like to see in real life example hoverboards that they say a piece of technology would you like to see Henry right right right that’s great that’s great that’s that’s so great it’ll destroy the show cuz I just think about it so long what kind of hot dog
I’m going to go as well I’m going to go with wizard sleeve that exists man between I I want I I mean I want okay I want I want virtual reality on a level where the video games are just like Hillary I want a holiday I want I want to be able to but I want to be able to stimulate the fictional realities that’s the that’s the fictional science that I want more than anything like go to Afghanistan really fast it’s still shity there you know I want I want video games to be so good that I don’t care that the Afghan he’s outside my door very upset if I want to spend the last years of my life pretending I’m Sherlock Holmes
installing the case of the missing pussy
easiest case the song with my version
I need the Bennett Elementary my dear Watson
Dan what rights do robots have three popular thing in fictional yeah it’s like we look forward to the day of the singularity issue to Joseph Campbell kind of hinted at this props Joey heat she referred to as the lock and tumbler type of instinct there’s a there’s another type of instinct which is an open-ended Instinct example of a species of of a moth that they studied where they noticed that the female of the species had a pet A Certain Shade color of their wings and the males like preferred the the ladies that had it a darker shade
so they made an unreasonably dark winged The Moth that was like just a fake Martha Jessica Rabbit moth and the male Moss wouldn’t even if a species that you could put a real live moth in a cage with this other month and you just put this fake-ass Jessica Rabbit moth in there and then because it was darker even though it was even possible for to exist so Campbell refers to this open-ended instincts except some some organisms are capable of thinking or just it just a contractor more I finish it so fascinating chicks there’s a species of a Black Hawk that fly over chicken coops that the the the the chicks like when they see its silhouette in the sky I’ll head for cover and then but they ran it over the chicken coop Run for Cover over backwards
chick didn’t Run for Cover because it wasn’t the exact image that the chick needs to see to make it run for cover it was flying backwards running if it doesn’t fit exactly than the chick doesn’t engage in the behavior instinctively okay he’s mythology is an open-ended Instinct for the behavior that we want to emulate we have a blueprint on her nervous system we know who the qualities that a perfect being possesses our gods are the things that we want to become we know that our job is to cheat death we know that it’s to populate the universe we know that we need to create life and look at what we do to ourselves in the pursuit of perfection and our profession has nothing to do with ourselves we kill ourselves we literally kill each other and ourselves a plane goes down and we don’t make plans illegal
people because I hope tomorrow’s better but we got to fucking do some shit we got to get on the moon we we have an open-ended Instinct for perfecting our stuff and one of those things we are absolutely obsessed obsessed with you Siri Google it it’s like a Japanese robot legs like we can make people make ourselves and we will do it we’re going to fuck ourselves over there going to murder us they will that’s the singularity I didn’t know there was any better than I was and we’re going to be happy to die so it’s the only Canadian I’ve ever liked
that’s good that’s going to cost me a couple listeners
I take that half of the English-speaking he and I are you talking about this thing that he read about the idea that information is the only thing that’s involving humans are the Patsy meters represents passing on the ability to store more information and more compact spaces then the universe was able to assemble on its own using just these kind of molecules that that are in are in ourselves to the point where you know these cells in our bodies are just a little computers in there was a tightly coiled like a little X and Y chromosome reproduced they unravel and then like I’m a million miles long and I just like to have to if you haven’t invented computers yet and you can’t make a computer out of a big bang
you can only make a bunch of molecules run into each other so we represent The Cutting Edge we are the Apple laptop of a biological information storage and we are now what are we doing what are we obsessed with to the to the absolute exclusion of ourselves there are people starving in the streets were stepping over them to develop technology we need to create ways to store more information than we can store and I really do have is an unsettling feeling that once we do it we’re just going to be monkeys hanging out and we’re going to find out we’ve been had what somebody asks where Dan is the technological Revolution the beginning of the human evolution into cyborgs the price of an earlier to give credit where are we headed to so fucking beautiful who do you hate your neighbor is a pedophile do you think he’s greedy do you think do you think he’s mad at you
whatever he is human nature is fascism whether internet like everyone saying shouldn’t Comedy Club they feel free to stay and then and then it goes up on YouTube new Elizabethan each other is that Perfection going to resemble we are going to be fucked over we got to embrace the animal side of us at least feel something we feel hatred that has sharks fucking whatever I said last week but like we need
Pro human code because we are just this close we’re going to do it we’re going to make these things in there going to be more important to us and they’re going to they’re going to we need to be prepared to say to those things fuck you were more important because we’re stupid or ignorant angry with hormones week something valuable about this other way better than these things that we’re going to create better than me and credible jealousy that some parents have over there changing the way we have sex with each other the changing what we say to each other every time we doing in the meantime you know
whether he eats or not he will be wearing Adidas shoes friend
I’m until such time as I get a giant fucking check from an unnamed company and number of words to answer some questions I have in my hand right now you want to limit yourself because it just has one of the two black people in the front row
I just noticed there is in the front row of a Google turn on attention to user what’s your name
and t e n a n t i
cyborg cyborg that’s what it is he’s in a Starbucks you’re just happy to have them makes you feel less guilty you’re not going to Corner him and ask her why are you listening to that weird modem sound you’ll start listening to a modem sound
Auntie pick a number between 2 and 6
for our forward answers thank you for Word answers to survive the apocalypse of 2014
Flagstaff Arizona during Christmas
that’s not random I’ll explain it later
what is a swamp donkey
part donkey Park swamp
should robot marriage be legal only among consenting robots
techno pain
play music by Olivia Newton-John in the Eos
we did it thanks for coming guys you were enjoy your fantastic audience wonderful are coming down
a Cripple Creek Bank is right now I want to thank Katie Lovin for doing an audio recording exactly key for our Tech Guy Emily Gordon producer for our lives show Danielle Kramer program director at Justin Marshall producer on site director Jenny pienaar fantastic RT
I also think everybody here at the beautiful nerdmelt theater I’m just day with your controller


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