Episode: 6 – Atonement with the Mannequins and Butts (8.16.12)


Episode: 6 – Atonement with the Mannequins and Butts (8.16.12)


Sometimes it happens. Sometimes an innocent story about junior high proceeds down a road of perversion straight to where the sun doesn’t shine. Also: Spencer collects info for Harmon and Davis’ D&D characters, and special guest Rob Schrab tells a story…about his butt.


hear ye hear ye Armenians this is Dan Harmon talk to you from the studio as opposed to live on stage simply because we lost the first three minutes of our recording due to a little technical crash it happens you only miss the very beginning of the live recording foot so I’m just I’m just introducing it to make it make sense while I’ve got your ear I will caution you this is an unexpectedly intimate episode of harmontown you know they’re not usually Family Fare but I will say if you had any respect for me or my friend Rob. Rob and it was based in any way on our
our manners are concerned for our own posteriors lack of experimentation with them maybe don’t listen to make me just watch community and the and the others are the shows and comic books and things that we make him think of us as decent people but you’re giving if you do listen on you’re going to hear the story from me about my butt hole
and tell a story from Rob about his we didn’t plan for that to be the theme of the evening but it it really turned out to be the case, and traps found crap which is going to be part of the everything is terrible Festival on August 26th I think at 5:30 p.m. come see Trump puts together all these amazing found-footage things if you if you’re in Los Angeles or near Los Angeles definitely worth coming out for both he and I will be there and I love to see you there so we now join harmontown in progress just to give you the contact Jeff started the show with some sexy music we were talking about sexy music it reminded me of the fact that I had given my girlfriend a little Fashion Show recently to Sade music One More Time
so we now join harmontown in progress just to give you the context what you miss at the beginning is that Jeff started the show with some sexy music which reminded me of the fact that I had given my girlfriend and a little fashion show a couple days earlier cuz she bought me some new clothes and so here we got them and she said what music makes me feel sexy and I know it out later operator was in there and Sweetest Taboo of course I remember in Milwaukee in the 80s
you’re so predominantly African-American African-American can a black person who has more right to not be hyphenated like that that’s terrible anyways I actually thought
shroud was heckling and tell his but very very hungover what was I just talking about Okay g said your gation
it doesn’t it doesn’t really destroy has nothing to do with race really I bet it did great I went to middle school for the computer specialty navigation trap in reality they had six Apple to he’s in the basement and and they just wanted to bust white kids into schools that were so disproportionately black eyed so I was like one of six white kids there to use their apple to eased in the Sky by the way more racist than black people that’s better that’s a genetic trait that I can actually believed him because I went to public school life I went to predominantly black school
it was only when I went to the suburbs and started it you know we did lose Greg Moore predominately white schools I started getting picked on I got a girl took a piece of tape and taped it secretly to a pair of jeans to 222 as a way of tracking how often I wear them in a week
like I was some kind of animal
black people don’t do this that’s that’s a stereotype I am I am comfortable saying black people are nicer than this track but I believe black people are nicer and less racist than white people there okay I did get a little
would you guys take it easy off where I was in the front row and mmmm tsmdc edited out this stupid leave it leave it
it stays with you tonight I’m not a verbal think I can feel the muscle in my in my verbal lobe he do I can say I you there’s days when it’s on fire right now it’s kind of spinning it and I was like I’m going to rock it talking to people tonight roll call you know what I’m talking about the guy is going to be huge family gathering if I can smell food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no one misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so there’s always a little tea
in a flight better than theirs men and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest film nerdiest film Earth-like ever you’re always in good hands adventures in Blacksburg Thorn executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
I just wanted to tell the story I don’t know I don’t I don’t think it’s a good story took to the buckle up reminded me of this computer class was taught by this guy named mr. Blanchet girl slipping of another girl a note or something saying or you take the note that I’m here appear appear at it out loud and it was just it was like it was the girl was making fun of some other kid in the class by going I know you love Ronald and purple
what are you talkin about that. That means no one knows what that I might what
concerts at work, it was the testosterone and estrogen is bursting out with hormonal acne
I think I think we know what the sweetest taboo is I think it’s fucking because you requested the story
this one is By Request we were taking roll call and then we’re going to play sexy music over this at the teacher said is a beginning of the school year and the teacher said I’ll call your name so if you have a name that you prefer to be called you can let me know so then I know what she meant is what happened to be like you know she said LaShonda Johnson and then lashawnda would say here is fine. Okay Shonda Dion Nash here it’s best you may call me Royal champagne
12 year old kid
I said she would know
so good and I want to call him every time
151 champagne I would you treat us like I don’t know if this if this was a place in time or if this is true for 12 and 13 year olds in middle school but everyone was obsessed with gangs but everyone was like they’re always drawing little Pitchfork symbols and and and stars are they were dead gang symbols for the local Milwaukee gangs on the walls with this is Junior High School was rollin with the seven Boys bgd in their symbol was like a little Pitchfork I’m holding out my hand to form a little pitchfork
slide projector and then just like 85 like pitchforks Shadows come into effect including me probably cuz you just did it all the time
I don’t actually said that that was a
is there a white guy in the shadows come into this light projectors illumination and it was this big tall was one of those beanpole like like like sprouters and and he was kind of like I think it was a little touched I think he was one of those kids who slips through the cracks like he’s he wasn’t special enough to take advantage of being special he was he was just you know you just you just felt like he was he was destined for for bad times are Verizon employment and I like I said he’s just going to end
okay better than the shop teacher
I’m so sick of seeing pitchforks Shadows other hand to come in and physically straighten his own fingers when you just hear John Morris Dancing in the Dark metal shop room
which was not a saying it was not a he was no one who cared how straight your pitchforks where that was a really good looks like this game culture little kids are pure of heart and just want to have fun and do things better that I would stop playing video games and fuck around pitchforks my car might get blown up by the black actor disciples tonight I don’t know what you what you what you were supposed to throw up pitchforks if you weren’t actually in public school in Los Angeles gang like for real and you went to a party you could go to a party in like a lower-class neighborhoods of working-class and middle-class upper-class neighborhood and gangs would come like a like Compton
looks like blood, like a big bad gun totin dreadlock cream and it was 1987 you guys weren’t there specific culture you really lived on Ocean Pacific and I was like an arcade bowling alley kind of thing I walked outside and I have a green and I got jumped by 12 guys and they just came up and just kick me in the chest knocked me down I’m all alone I was he was
an iced quad Route 10 and a half inch very little and very skinny and he’s six guys jumped me and the main Alpha dude walks up and grabs my bro you want to ride back you got to clean it back from kactusbunch unicorn in Greek mythology
it was the first I’d heard of them
UPS punch nuts Tim Conway movie
they had my I had my rag
the guy took a bucket and he goes that you want this back you got to claim it from Cactus brunch
actress Rogers even more dangerous than their wives were cucumber sandwiches and they claim it from kactusbunch hey man I found that it’s yours to keep the save our energy because because we really took them members that are listening to the podcast to know nomenclature it’s your ability to name your gang properly that I question I don’t question your ability to murder me
where the Hugga Bunch veterano gang might have talked to them but speaking of Barbers tonight is going to be a question from you guys because I’m very hungover I went to a bachelor party last night like I told you I woke up this morning and I knew I’m not going to be funny tonight I’m not going to be insightful I’m not going to be witty I am only going to waste your time and steal your $10 so I wanted to just be it be above board about that as I hit the curb for the questions that we got from the audience tonight there are there a topic that I am bound to fail at
which is style and fashion I was at I picked the worst topic that I thought I’d that I could think of to submit to tonight being the worst harmontown ever so buck.
Ransom of note from our audience asked why do all girls think they can wear leggings
what is that what is that mean that because I can
young man I think them to great acclaim and success than other people
how are you talking about you chose the topic
good you can wear a towel to also in addition to that like most about clothes
I told you I wasn’t kidding man I’m not I’m not on all four cylinders tonight, to shame on you need snarky David Spade type
see let’s see you in a pair of leggings Miss Thang or Mister the next question is if you were a lady what I will say this sorry
here’s a good cause here’s a question that should be asked why do some women how do you find out as a woman when do you learn who tells you what newsletter did you get that tells you that you can’t just need to see some lady who didn’t get the telegram like she’s just do those are underwear and you’re just wearing them like is it just like a thing that you see someone else doing it and then you do it and someone has to start pants for sure I know that like I did. That’s not like underwear for pants those are what you love tights tights tights walking around them
date myself Cindy Crawford I don’t know who’s who’s who’s the Boss
Let’s Get Lost tonight you could be my black Kate Moss tonight
Dan if you were a lady somebody ass
what kind of dress would you wear oh what the question if I were if I were a lady I would I would I would I think I would dress a lot like the the beautiful redheaded poet girl from a Head of the Class I think I would have a kind of like Laura Ingalls Wilder kind of Bohemian Edie Brickell, I think I’d wear a lot of very long skirt with with with with with now you’re getting yourself with the Iceman or you’re here
if your boner is present in like 1987, I will be I will go there too but Robux
and it’s enough for me
Cynthia kereluk was a Canadian Fitness lady
she was just used 80s
suet suet to pronounce wrong and tell you how to access cross trainers and white socks and tights pantyhose or whatever whatever it is that you love tights in like leggings or soft and fun to touch
I want them to be I just I like I like the way you know it’s weird fetishes are weird because they happen to me when I was six years old or something a lot of people who have like feet fetishes or or like nylon fetishes they’ll they’ll have memories of like playing under the table with their Matchbox cars were in there and their aunt was crossing and uncrossing my legs like I’ll have a visceral memory of some sexual Awakening for them I think they were you just walking down the street and and and you’re going to turn into a sexual entity and end and unfortunately whatever you’re looking at or whatever whatever is around weight is a Hershey file would have been but I’m pretty sure I drove it one of my like the old crappy Volkswagen are my shity Honda and I drove you to
Sunset and La Brea to it was it a Wendy’s or an El Pollo man
you drove me to buy this is before the internet was really a thing it was like going to a drug deal either raised by VHS tapes from a guy who was in town who I on the internet existed but it wasn’t like a place where you could watch a video yet that didn’t happen until Rob schreiben I invented it it with Channel 101
giant cassettes shut up for the guy who who made videos of women just basically wearing like tights and pantyhose and hanging out
like I I there’s there’s a certain breed a video I watch where it’s like it’s just be a woman at a desk just going like
I asked you want me to hold your calls and it’s just kind of crosses her legs and Indian Trail Pollo Loco or whatever it was sunset in the Brea and I’m waiting in the car like a bad man pull up VHS so I bought all of them rolling in my keep mentioning Jack money like I I didn’t know what the Jazz living in a one-bedroom apartment in Hollywood my rent was 550 a month and I had like $300,000 in a pile and I was like what it was amazing cuz unit apartment building
I just a regular old like Hollywood apartment building the world’s biggest disc has my living room decided he was going to be like Einstein and wear the same outfit every day so you please baby blue short-sleeve button-up shirts and six black ties
except from breaking bad as a Mountain Dew and pizza boxes everywhere hidden away in his bedroom was a shame that he wouldn’t allow everybody to see The Menagerie
I knew it I knew it had something to do with legs and a nylon and a strong case for profiling as a serial killer Ed back then I’ve since moved on and I I date human women now and everything’s fine but yeah I was like I was a monogamist I kept getting this relationship second waist in women’s time perfectly if I can just be the leader of of masturbation if I can figure out what it is that really flipped my switches and then just be happy in the shirts and that was that was also there was a reading Campbell’s hero with a thousand faces for the first time I was becoming upset she was drying circles everywhere and they trying to figure out this is like like like simplify the story mode
I was self-actualized I was admired that mannequin fucking Gus Fring serial killer it was just at one point I bought a mannequin
to see what that would be like a mannequin Warehouse in designer or something I don’t know
who would think that I’m weird I bet that amounts to 50% of their Manic and sales in the paper there’s no such thing as paper anywhere but but there was a story online I remember reading about a guy who got arrested because for the third time or something he he smashed a display window of a certain he was in love with a mannequin there was one specific escaping and go back to work what does he have to do it three times a week is that he was a criminal he wasn’t I don’t think he was if he was a good friend and he was just so horny for this man breaking glass
abscond with those things isn’t there a mannequin in Silverlake Village that you have a thing for say what isn’t there a mannequin that you have a little crush on like an angel Harris that is at a record store and there’s a mannequin in the window that’s like sitting in a like a like a reclining chair and she’s listening to headphones she has a red wig on pretty pretty sweet but it is when we walk past it she gets jealous of the mannequin that’s her that’s her bed I’m over mannequins now man I love the I love the real thing
was it really into mannequins for say I was I was trying to become the the most self-reliant man in the world I was trying to act as long as we’re here as long as we’re down at the bottom of this fucking Circle I’ll say it I bought a real doll one of those things online at exact a $5,000 like cost a lot of money and then they send you a giant crate and there’s a fake and a box doll see you for 3 months and I was there when you did get a big smile on your face I always the best relationship that I had had to date at that time I think it was important thing because there’s like you talk to sometimes I can’t be in a relationship I don’t know if he has something to do with loss of control and stuff it’s like that you know figure out who you are and what you want
I could get to the bottom of your circle I think there would be less sexual crime and victimization and objectification of women if if men would be a little more like indulgent with themselves of like what they really were thinking and wanting and nnn said if they didn’t have all the shame that had to get redirected and Cup come out at weird times with the people that had the misfortune of running across their path I looked at it like like I was just try it I was looking for the perfect back scratcher to scratch that itch because I was so I was becoming so ashamed of myself for dating women like you know that this relationship isn’t going to work stop doing this stop putting yourself out there when you know that something is going to end with someone else being hurt and you do it anyway then you’re a bad person figure your shit out what do you like and the answer is nylon
so is that what you would where was that lady is that what you would grow

I would do that too but only at home I would like go out in it I was like roll around in the bed in it by a bunch of outfits but I think that’s all guys would think that cuz they be like I’m a woman I haven’t had my my human Playboy I was dating a girl one time and I I told her I like stalking so she wore a fishnet stockings and during the course of our interplay or intercourse I left my apartment and then she threw them out in the trash can by my bed so she left and went to work and I say stockings in there and I never put stockings on before
I’m in the stockings less less if I remember to jump in the pool let’s touch the bottom must find out
I’m not going to I’m not going to not put them on and wonder if maybe that’s where I’m going with it
fermented my that’s what I was doing was trying to figure out like weird and I don’t know why I like him so much but I like him better on woman’s legs in my own and I told my girlfriend I said you know I pulled your stockings out of the garbage and I try to
I was going to take him with me I know you like it you know what I did once and I’ve never told anybody I never tell anybody this except for the community writers room cuz we had to encourage the kind of like write what you know Explorer yourselves like like confessed things and let’s write episodes about the snakes
okay what
whose story you could cut the tension with a knife in here right now
what I’m about to say is it going to make your eyes fall out of your head like you really don’t know what I’m about to say because I never told anybody
the story ends with a Sharpie pen up my ass
the hero’s journey of us can you make a shrub that I currently have that I love all of the friends that I have now Travis but no guy another one that we met in Milwaukee I was seventeen when I met trap bonding about is Lake Powell
communicated with each other we were talking about Travis said you know the thing about the prostate right
I said know what is the thing about the past a black hole like a Darkness you so much I hope no one from CBS or Fox is here
what’s really weird is that is it is it I don’t know if you might be single George Henry Kissinger son is in the room
all right
all right, I’m going
they’re about to tell a Sharpie up the butts to write to Henry Kissinger son
Rob Chelsea in what we would call the tank what we would come to call the tank power browser rub that part when you’re feeling better
girl why I thought I could trust you
I’ll dance Darren the lights look at me while you tell this to her ear piercing your butt and your balls it’s a little better I did a little research
the local library house magazine or something of of of of delightful periodical literature there was some guy wrote in a letter to Playboy your Penthouse is on there instead and she was talking about Robert Rob
Robert Rob tankmaster
I think that is a great director video movie
Master to which is cool because I didn’t take master was an alien I thought that it was Earthbound and could speak to them and see through their eyes I’ve got that posters amazing
Marc singer who was in The Beastmaster he had a Beast Master he has a very visible very clear what is it at a small pox looks like he’s The Beastmaster he’s he’s even a master of of microscopic Beast
and before anyone in this world have had vaccinations he did to you 25 year old
maybe educate yourself a little bit I don’t want us to go down that road again who is Edie Brickell what’s a Robux all right so Rob Travis Revenue team
I was I was at 2
I read a letter in a magazine
I read a letter in a magazine where a guy rode into other magazine instead my girlfriend did this thing she rub to this spot and something amazing happened what can you explain in the doctor sex or whoever it was writing into said stimulating your prostate gland that’s what’s happening some people choose to do it internally people stick stuff up there but sometime that’s what was the same thing like you with the fishnets what am I going to die I don’t know how do you know a guy that loves it because it was their you hear about it sometimes you hear about guys liking liking stuff in their their HooHa
so I hate you I’m going I’m sitting down for a personal session
and and I am and I think to myself I’ll try to see if it’s like a genie comes out
so I looked at my house because I am not going to put my finger in there because it’s
because it’s a but that’s gross
I don’t like poopies are my finger this is for the ladies
it’s for an object I’m so I look around and I’m like
Sharpie pen
because there’s the regular just smooth white and what I’m talking about
starter starts slow
it wasn’t that big a deal
might have been a little better I can’t remember but what I do remember very clearly is this a thing with guys that have an orgasm it is instantaneous like whatever was in your bloodstream whatever was in your brain that was making you sexually you know excited like literally in an instant like a moment of your orgasms a guy it’s like the thought of sex is like mowing the lawn if everything goes away completely you go from being like doctor Detroit 2 being
Dan Aykroyd wow you guys
now I’m turned on again
you go from being mr. Hyde to back to having a PhD again as soon as you orgasm
and I had a pain up my ass
I was just that is the sweetest taboo thank you sir
that’s almost anything when you’re in the zone like your mind and your body with them involved. I hate I was a man who couldn’t you know I was back to being a normal stockbroker never really a stockbroker would be embarrassing
I had a pain in my ass and I had to pull it out ya wouldn’t you rather I did so when you come up after the show Broad Street and railroad spike pictures of Sharpie jokes do you want to hear some things on the docket for tonight we got to have Spencer come up our dungeon master whom we met last last week up on stage who volunteered to talk to us about Dungeons & Dragons and Spencers going to come up talk to us a little bit about about the kinds of characters we might like to play in a Dungeons & Dragons game and then he’ll he’ll take his seat of Sharpie pen
next week then he’ll present our characters to us and that’ll be another weekly step-by-step baby steps I don’t know where that’s going to go are we going to end up playing Dungeons & Dragons on on the on the podcast here at harmontown will be 3 weeks from now will we have a table up on stage and we’ll just do a little segments where we do a little little little baby chapter of an adventure with a dungeon magic will Spencer be our dungeon master or or having rolls are characters you know will he abdicated the throne will we audition as I suggested we might do other dungeon Master’s and each week and see how they how they work for us I don’t know I don’t plan that far ahead I’m a bad planner istick pens up my ass that is not a guy who is thinking about Wednesday on Monday
that’s a
lalalalala for today that is a man who dme’s his carpets
please please welcome to the stage for at for the last week or listen to last week sorry I totally agree blue-balled your applause there I’m sorry about that but I didn’t know you were here last week or listening to last week we let you know what I said I said I want to play Dungeons & Dragons on the podcast I think I want somebody needs to real characters for us we needed immediately I’m so out of touch with the world of Dungeons & Dragons the guy I haven’t booked site owner from 89 and thank you guys for a year it was a place for a year someone bought it a year and up when I said who knows any of the Master Spencer race is Hannah coming up and so I talked to him at the shop I think we should end it all the time cuz I’m explaining what you pretended bulshit
create Japanese first level does a dragons characters to the stage it’s Spencer everybody bring them up
how’s it going.
Now at wrist Jeff Lakewood for those listening do we want to describe Spencer he really does scream gungeon Master 6 for Metallica and kind of intellectual small I would have pictured a top hat and a cloak but different kinds of pain.
Pockets carrying a weapon he has a
that’s not true it’s casual Friday at the Norse Pillager Village Creek the Reds boat spray 1524
okay alright so Spencer high school right now for this conversation about the kinds of characters Jeff and I would like to play there’s not a lot of like two-person campaigns is there a Dungeons & Dragons that’s not really a common thing I don’t think it’s too, but it does end up happening ass sometimes you don’t have any friends must people showing up that way thought can I just say like two pens in a real doll ago I was like they’re going to think
you’re welcome you’re welcome
have you ever tried to put a
alright so yeah so it happens because I know that in creating a party’s of Dungeons & Dragons characters with a balance like it’s possible to Jeff and I will both be magic users or button boat or both be Fighters but we probably want it will probably want a balance ourselves a little some heavy meet to take some damage and some
yeah you want a balance Sweetest Taboo
play this I have no idea what either of you two are talking about there’s class class is like occupation there’s Fighter for you you live so mostly it’s just like classes there’s the Barbarian which is Noah Barbarian Tales magical stories in can cast spells and caused people to double over and painful after they channeled their power of their gods Druids their kind of magic
you got fighters they have big swords and what not you got to want to see here alright you got monks with your kind of like martial artist you like Jackie Chan know you got your paladins would she know the name of their gods enter usually jerks Rangers
I think I heard that description you got the Rangers which is like Legolas from Lord of the Rings he’s got a sort of thing they kind of nature expert they have beast Pat sort of thing like Beastmaster
is that are those thieves and assassins the other species which are Rogues they can be like a Sassy Ann’s or just thieves you know stealing stuff for sneaking on high alleges I’m going to go for a barbarian do barbarians fly into dangerous feel like I feel and I wear a suit going to be a barbarian in a suit black sweet
car. In a suit that’s a librarian
the offset that then with like a spellcasting kind of occupation of quetta Barbarian and then I should I should be a cleric or magic user that we have some offensive capability between the two of us thank you and it gives you a little bit of Applause there from Rob schrab that’s the first choice you make so we’ve done that then there’s race
the most exciting thing in the world to me

you’re a Filipino Bard us and he’s good the right man for the job as most people know what they live in trees. What some people think elves are little shrimp shrimp scampi people that make keys in Orlando Bloom
you got a half elves winter half human half elf Love by all
they’re accepted just true that’s the game
you got the role player
okay. Half hour or no halflings which are really really short people kind of like toddlers if they looked old pussy
all right listen this is dwarf barbarians going to beat your ass but that’s less hilarious know the rest of it unless we have any specific requests that we want to talk about like a master from what I understand is he’s going to go rule our characters is a comedy show so some of it involves actual die rolling like like you know Blake likes generating are attributes with their strength intelligence wisdom Charisma I’m assuming stop me if I know those are all right
We Could Turn You Loose now you could you could you could be the rollers first-level characters were going to be very weak and we’re going to have a kind of present them to us next week maybe maybe week maybe we should come up with her name’s Jeff I’m going to guess you’re going to be midnight blade right now
no know what do you think supposed to do we come up with him now or do we do we do you come back with the characters that are nameless you should come up with a name now put your hand there are there first name and I want you to make it know me like you know I took his name would be and you something barbaric okay on the count of three I want you to say what you’re thinking right now as a user give me the know me first name yours a used man of the barbaric last name ready one two three
I think I’ll just call you at work probably
magic user magic user Sharpie Sharpie
Sharpie butts a lot okay
sharp Sharpie but Salat the magic is starting off on the right foot
and thank you Spencer
yeah he’s going to go do the characters in the next week he’ll he’ll he’ll come to us with what he’s created and then we’ll see how to unlock a produce the show in front of you guys will talk about it later
we should we should do rapid-fire let’s get these fashion questions out and then let’s send these people and their merry way it’s Friday night but too much and come up can you remind me how did how did this all get started by the way I know I don’t know why they put rocks described this is your view the entire time here at the show audience laughs at the back of his head most of the show Jeff Cuz I’m insecure. So then you’re looking at my tight ass and everything
Terror of everything is Festival of cinematic Titanic is going to be okay Mentor Joel Hodgson from Mystery Science Theater is here
Joe Hudson truly a god amongst a bunch of nerds even some regular people probably moved to LA We Were Strangers In a Strange Land we have no idea what we’re doing and this other guy from the Midwest we worshiped when we were in Milwaukee because we love to show you know he was out here and show did you know he was a big part of making a comfortable out here you know explaining to us like how disgusting it can be a good stand-up guy seemed like the Dickens Deccan anyways
you made it sound like we were serious
it’s not like I would teach you what chapter me when you want to take over excessive about cleaning his anus
turn on charismatic a bad thing is how late in life you weren’t ya that you would properly I remember like I don’t know what it was I don’t know if my mom said it but my head all you had to do is 3 * 3 * how is Naruto to look at the tissue makes peanut butter
by the way if you started like really, really washing it making up God I can’t I can’t tell why yes I can as a joke
she’s married to you now she can’t do any I want to see days when we grab the towel and wiped it and it was shockingly and everybody and and and and our good friend Sean McCann I like looking on your shoe as a joke of the Star Wars Trilogy see what do three things with his penis he would do it you would make it a lightsaber with a penlight and he would pretend it was Jabba the Hutt by making it
call Zach talk and it and then it for the Empire he would he he he would he would tuck it into its own course get the next and then pretend it was the the the the big reptile creature trying to swallow the Millennium Falcon as his pinky was the Millennium Falcon as it flew away and let his package
you don’t take it lightly
free Pulp Fiction, Jimmy Durante his dick is closer with Jimmy sneezing
the guy who would do that
Jesus, do you ever wipe your ass and it was like it didn’t make sense to me until that moment so my somebody hit rewind on the VCR my head and I rewound oh my God
I am the most disgusting person in the world and sting started making sense the dots were connected and I would like oh my God you have a girlfriend I went for it I was like like we can you get special shower heads when we first moved in Kate was the best girlfriend in the world has the most amazing wife in the world is applied
Kate Bryan
can crying married to the Tank Master
as I think it was like a Christmas present just so I could really wash my ass because you wanted to know because I don’t know I got it in my hand the heart of the water the cleaner it would be
send an alert for dishes
that’s what I remember I remember there was a woman once you put on good
the shower leg hiked up spraying
and at the other end the other hand is slowly turning up the heat
you know I’m going to see if I was trying to 20 years worth of disgusting terrible I remember like one really too far and I got an instant message before New Year’s
because we went to we went to Vegas with with Davis and and and like I keep Aaron and it’s were you there really quick and I remember
somewhere between the shower and the stroke of midnight
he’s just just we’re not right with the paint master I was it was like ice my tire like or I just was like for a month I was just like her
it’s a dark day for the Rebellion
I didn’t even know it was the terrible Armenian doctor that I went in there because he was Armenian and armeena I didn’t sit down and he is like
what’s what’s wrong with your eye
what’s wrong with you
a really long time is it so so what’s the problem
I think I think I can’t do it I just do them
jumping over barrels
his secretary was a giant gorilla
plus size 14
so we talked about it was well I think I think I got something going on down there and worry about it I’m trying to do something about it without me showing my but not going to happen
table saw
I get out I get on the table and I’m naked
I make it a man making an m on all fours
and we have a conversation with my nuts like he’s like look in there and see what the problem is all Mike did you do
and I try to act like it’s all discolored and everything what do what’s going on
okay well I need to prescribe so I got all this junk that I’m supposed to put on there and everything is terrible
Joe Hudson house right or wrong with taking the stage is another like a really cool about it I want to reward you for that kind of said I’m sorry it’s we’re an uncharacteristically long
but I tend to them that the scene tonight was fashion and style this is the speed round and has his things as possible answers
our technician to three words is alright to wear white after Labor Day yes Bob
is it ever okay to wear a patterned tie with an Argyle vest fashion standpoint obviously Gary Busey
my glasses to look pretty or cute when they don’t even need them because they have fucking 2020
meow glasses lady
have you ever considered beard braids
just yesterday yes
I’m sorry why do hipsters dress like Steve
the Alternatives worse at what point does a t-shirt need to be thrown out
route to buy Nike Tonto where do you buy your clothes my girlfriend’s purchase to a bar mitzvah
probably a yamaka
shoes go with a narrow cut tapered black suit Adidas Adidas Adidas
but we didn’t take too much of your Friday night go have some fun thank you you’re a great crowd thank you for your questions. We love you dearly turn it to judge me too much
for what I’ve said tonight Katie Lavigne audio recording exactly Emily Garden producing a live show Danielle Kramer program director Justin Marshall podcast on site director and Jenny pienaar logo artist I’ve been Jeff Davis account tell me what my timer 10 Harmon the mayor Apartments down I love you guys have a good time out there thank you so much afraid you are limping after a podcast plan that’s been harmontown thank you until next time
thank you


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