Episode: 19 – Everyone’s a Rapper!


Episode: 19 – Everyone’s a Rapper!


Mayor Harmon comes up spittin’ decidedly unmad fire. We meet a mysterious lady in the audience that can only say “no.” No D&D this week but Spencer rules the day just the same. Adam Goldberg takes a swipe at having a segment. Dan raps EVEN MORE. New Harmenian “Misha” takes the stage and does some standup. Dan and Jeff rap battle!


hear ye hear ye harmontown is now in session how is everyone out there tonight
welcome once again Armenian
put your hands together for the mayor of harmontown miss your dad
okay yo and your mouth fuck your mama doing but you by myself. Pepper fuck your mama so hot you could turn into asphalt your ass into a Road Glen down the middle she is a horny toad took my big dick in the middle in the middle is a pancake fuck your mama orgasms work fake with her up and then down but your mom is file into a friend
I got a dance tonight make your mama feel right got to dance tonight
break it down gif
fuck your mama I fuck your mama tonight you guys
I thought your mama I thought your mama your mama
Brown what’s your momma’s glasses back into her head librarian is dead but your mama’s face Frontier internet knows but your momma knows I’m trying to tell you that your mom don’t you understand I haven’t been unclear about your momma your daddy just watched your mama and your daddy just sat there but your mama and your daddy didn’t do nothing but your momma your daddy was the victim
maybe we will we will we will start each show with a freestyle rap from now on nobody could accuse you of being beating around the bush about whether or not you fuck someone’s mom or not
San mames
what about tracking someone’s mama
cuz I would have called them seeing is that when you were out yeah it was an elected position I would my platform would not involve being soft on my on your mama know I would be tough on her
which is probably why I never get elected and I’ll take that position should be a Ford Focus 51% of the population is women don’t want to hear didn’t want to like somebody is an MC that’s going to just fuck everyone’s Mama cuz I didn’t hear anything in that wrapped into her head when she was a little pissed I didn’t your mama liked it your mom likes it
yeah check it out
so hard her nose runs was not that that’s kind of gross but she likes it this wild abandon it’s like she likes it you know what the fucking for real I might marry her I might give her a ring I thought your mom was so good the bitch face to sing because
thank you thank you thank you
now we got the ladies on our side could also a matter only after young ladies your mama’s going to obey I become a become a just ate a science dropper like I don’t I don’t I don’t have Consciousness is moving through me like a channel do I do when I’m rapping that results of me being out of breath
why you think I’m just wrapping why am I out of breath
but you’re you’re you’re doing more exhaling but inhaling probably okay that’s what it is good for you I got my new phone and I don’t know how to say
what are the speaking thing he got the medicine called the Samsung jug and nobody called no one calls I defected from Apple it show yourself it’s almost in my pocket
yeah it’s this large large for old people like I could come true like I’ll be able to tell them typed faster on it
I think it’s a crime that I’m not you know when I was always ever since I was like 15 years old I’ve always loved having leg little devices and things even though it 15 what do you what do you need them for to schedule your chronic masturbation or the plague remind yourself to ask for another one next Christmas like there was nothing I needed it for but I just love them they’re like I like like made me feel like like penny in Inspector Gadget to have like a little I just tried pigtails and save my parents like 10K a year before the internet was a thing in Detroit for personal information as I got older they never ever helped me in any way way before they were phones first Offenders Act out what I want to do is I want to use these things like seamlessly to record every every little bit of my life I want to like go to be like this this human catalog of useless
like we said this was a guy and he was here and there’s this is what he had for breakfast at any given day to just be able to go through my wife and just pounce on any any moment like I wanted to be the Bridget Jones of doing nothing at all and I just ended up being the Forrest Gump of mine little pieces of plastic burning Viking soul food do you miss meeting apparently I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black bin amount each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
every every single one that came out I was there for Palm Pilots I was there for it things you guys don’t remember cuz your your 25 but but because this is now an accessory now everyone’s everyone’s attributes of cool to whip it out it’s fine you don’t have to bring ordinary life to a halt just to try to catalog your ordinary life but then the O’Henry Twist on that is that all our ordinary lives became so intermingled with these things that ordinary life changing are we not I’m not I’m Not a Hipster Luddite snob about it I upgraded when we became cyborg I lost nothing and gain the world when we when we became bored I prefer it I don’t that I don’t miss anything from the old world the only thing that I remember from the old world was a couple of people got all the time that’s all I remember of a real conversation I liked that breakfast or documentaries about documenting breakfast with a guy I like I like I like I like that Weekly record
everything here is the thing that I feel like I gave something up I think all the palm tree of and it was like what it look like a lot like what black berries look like like a little little raised keyboard there was the feedback there was a bumps that you could feel and I could really I could type on that fucker I would write like essays at bars I would like right now I don’t get work done not a lot but I would I would I would I would I would write stuff I would like wig did you block my phone is like that fucking like it if you do no matter how hard you try you can’t get good at typing on a maybe some of the girls would like a little itty bitty tiny little thumbs like if your thumbs are like little style I get teased people that are my children like wow you’re you’re faster than my daughter at that
yeah well do you have a little little little shark thumbs now I just I just find that half the time on the iPhone like correcting everything I have you turn off the autocorrect then it’s just a fucking plate of spaghetti if you look up and see who I was even saying what you do when you have half the time you saying you know I didn’t want to say that I wanted to say the n word you know talking to my friend
Donald Glover has a really funny joke about that but whatever you a lot but the bottom line is like like I’m not I’m not I’m not saying I’ll meet you at the meeting at 8 effortlessly yes Bill I’d love to schedule that appointment you can see you buying hash right this is a pretty fun as a drink on top of it it’s an iPhone Maxi podcast
enough that it looks like it should have a handle but I but I got like a vanity mirror it looks like they could face is the size of us of a spatula or a big hair brush it but it’s got a big fat keyboard for my big fat thumbs and I can some my little my little heart away from Gaining a little accuracy I can tell it over time I actually get better I don’t have autocorrect on I’m just I’m just come in and come in so you can expect some wonderful things from old fuck your mama rapper truck coming down the block Pike
yo yo yo
Yelp Yelp Yelp Yelp yeah I got a real big phone it’s a size of a spatula the tarantula if I’m going to handle the phone the size of a spatula whatever
I might have some sort of breath from the second rap let’s let’s let’s let’s start with a couple wraps and then we’ll roll into some social commentary and then and then we’ll we’ll close with a real real number okay that Katy Perry documentary movie that wasn’t fiction have no idea what you’re talking about I need a new wardrobe changes at these shows keep looking at you and I was like I should have like a little magic about it it doesn’t have to be like how d-do that you can go that’s how he does that like yeah that’s what I do
I’m like you it makes you feel more magical
play some crier protest I don’t know and I don’t have an objective view of myself I I thought I thought that people love me cuz I thought it was magical just was just my first before and it was like that you’re leaving when you’re going out to eat but but we are going to go all around the country it’s it’s it’s official now I can I can really say it we’re going to we’re going to we’re going to take two weeks of January and we’re just going to go like Mad Dogs is no days off we’re in a different city every night every night and so we’re not going to enjoy being in the cities and a microphone and then that’s going to be it was going to be it’s going to be gripping and we’re going to visit each of the many many cities within the sound of my voice we may be coming through your town while it was announced an official schedule at some point and
an Enzo and we’ll try to my original plan was on the road and stop & steal a rap about sucking their moms and stuff and like like like we’re going to have time for that I think it’s just going to be like we’re going to get from Dallas to 22 Schmale us whatever another city would be I don’t know if Malachi don’t even know most of the state’s they’re going to remember I cities but we’re going to go like a just a circle going to draw a little story circle around America so fuck you Iowa going to be there in the middle is Iowa in the middle that lady that I got her to say yes to something where’s the no lady who is that
I know my friend Jessica’s mom is here and you’re a silhouette
I thought you were
and if it hurt your feelings if I’ll still see you tonight cuz you’re kind of yelling stuff out of the middle of the show I’m a hard-on I’m at me and I give them I give them what they want like an apologetic and unsolicited the fashion but actual liberal way and always always their body their choice afterward whatever whatever
respite very thoughtful of you very very thoughtful of your choice over breakfast all right anyways enough about politics let’s talk about race now it’s I think I think I’m the first show to close the book on race right if you keep things like that in the beginning of Spielberg’s Amazing Stories title sequence
wow and three people out if he can’t just roll in the TV and go cuz I said so like he’s constantly taking them to their attempt at bat like everybody wants to do TV and TV really know that I found the TV does not care about your future credentials I just don’t care and you constantly see like people who are big movie stars in movie directors and stuff they’re trying to like launch shows and TV just goes like you can’t it’s it’s pretty amazing it’s kind of comforting to know that she’ll break have to try just as hard as you would to make a little show about dinosaurs or something right now you got to the fox show you make a list Time Capsule this predictions on the 6s the likelihood that the duration of the show’s I would say
I try to be right they try to do this let’s let’s listen to wait for 3 play this ain’t like to know two years we are determined for the pilot and then it won’t get picked up but it’ll be like a pile of people go but I think we’ll we’ll we’ll all right direction I was going to make it not going to jinx myself picked up doing a rap that you wanted to sit pilot and and 6 and out
six episodes canceled that’s my prediction but that’s no that’s not chicken feed
Soul sad actors
good morning TV show
I have never gotten out of season one I’ve been so mad I’m going for cloney’s record of most failed Pilots by the way we’re taking a break from DND this week and it’s not because Spencer was so mopey last week. He was he was chomping at the bit that will be I guess I’ll be airing this coming Saturday. For those of you who are here in inspired at 8 8:20 two-sided bullet through his brain can you cast magic bullet through his head
Spenser for hire the man with the plan big ass. Like a Viking Warrior Warrior than me again fuck your mama 5 times then I fuck your 10 a fuck your mama
I feel welcome someday
Starry Eyes
God damn it don’t break my heart like that
you guys are so you can talk about whatever you got to do what my name is Spencer and I’m here to say I’m going to roll your dice give your life away that was me and I was made for you that thing like a Super Bowl Shuffle and have like a nice person raps with her name is and what are valuable to harmontown to harmontown harmontown rap
oh my God I can’t rap I didn’t really fuck your mom
low on the priority list usually do D & D but that’s not happening right now I usually kind of Crash and Burn because my player group is on totally gossiping on the internet my my player group sucks a lot so it Tricia yeah I know it never stops shopping fifty feet of rope
make sure there’s a dungeon at the ziggurat
I need more burlap sacks
I didn’t I didn’t know you could go shopping and DND you guys never do it but I mean you totally can
build path and I’m going to sing you were in the village once or twice and really go anywhere and do anything yeah yeah definitely to Eternal plane of fire I’m having I’m having trouble deciding at some point because I thought I told you last week and then again this one has a podcast that one of her out of that we talked about that cuz it gets so confusing but I told you last week you know I have successfully sold basically I think I can say the word sold the idea of doing the Dungeons & Dragons games and then recording the audio and then we’re going to have animators do you like stop motion guys acting out the action and then I’ll be like a thing like I like webisodes and Emma is do we stop you know doing the Indian harmontown and because if we could do a different campaign to keep this campaign going here and do whatever
how many how many people here would be fine with his not doing D & D here in Hermantown if it was like a separate thing actually hit you out here that has these days 1930s my self-esteem grew three sizes how many people are incredibly upset that we’re not playing D&D tonight
all right tonight
it’s it’s all it’s all fine and well to to to to oppose change but you’re not going to come to pick up a picket sign
we’re trying to find someone to play with Father more about it next week because I got it I contacted a filmmaker that made a very cool documentary and maybe we could even have him as a guest next Monday bad for not being here next week sounds like a boring interview though doesn’t it still make her look here first person I thought of returning this harmontown tour like what if you came with what we made this road movie and I he he’s all excited about it and it we’re going to we’re going to sit down as soon as he gets back from New York and death and it it’s going to be my point being that the fasting thing is it’s going to be a show about a show about not knowing how to do it show like I cuz cuz what I have found out for sure we’ve been doing this these things now for over a year and I know for certain scientific
Mt. Everytime I try to plan something it it sucks it like absolutely sucks in the only fun that we’ve ever had is is it has been accidental and Hani I can’t remember anything we’ve ever decided before the show that yielded any gumdrops rise the song
yep yep yep yeah your mom yesterday sorry today bugs are in the straw factor in the hay factor in the barn Factory in the house so I get with a rat with a mouse that was a mislead you saw it coming but your mom is so hard she started humming
we like the fuck got to have that spark that so what’s up I want you to rap so bad
I wish I was good I mean it’s amazing
one thing that you are so people tweeting like to take Spencer along for the for the two are right but it kind of makes no logical sense because and each audience would be like we can’t see realized we can bring you along just to have you sit and do this if you can just hold like a battle axe and I’m trying to help harmontown you know it’s like it helps me to be there if it helps me and I’ll be there if you’re coming out or you get this. You’re coming on to her Spencer when I would love that you’re fucking rapping
I can agree to that are all your meals every every show my work on a car at that’s not going to happen but it was so cool if like like I should go from town to town if I kind of like Rocky going in on a little jog and there’s a couple kids follow up with it by the end of the turret of the bunch of people on the steps jumping around and getting strong now just kind of follow us from Annie. Little club the club around the country until I got there my head’s Harmony
they’re different from Armenians it’s like truckers Inn truck he’s you know there’s

so how’s your brother he just got his blood test results back and I’m all he’s he’s on cancerous so it’s all done because we have like four different types of how he’s going to be so glad I’m telling her on this to get like four types of cancer at once which is crazy but they represented cell types from four different is crazy whenever people get cancer near you become like a cancer expert and I used it since Danny doesn’t need chemo or anything he’s mine is a ball he know he’s living life and laugh and easy
dinosaur ball
cost considering what did the doctors like say anything about that they tell him like a personality busy going to mind us talking about that he had testicular cancer and edit what a ball removed don’t care okay with my brother yeah yeah you like your brother you want to hang out with me but I think he did the doctors tell him when he got his do it when they were to get telling him like where this is what we’re going to do what’s it called the test texting me what’s the what’s one of the car that when you remove it or what I don’t know what they call the thing that they can’t call a neutering that’s that’s not good that would be both of them did they tell him like it effects on your on your psychology do you become a
half is it half as half a douche more female friends because you’re a better person like you lose your balance a lot really about
you crave pickles one of your vocal cords are just their external they’re like it’s not like going into a body and like pulling out the appendix and then reattach and stuff so it doesn’t bleed and then you know where all the testosterone is made it mean if you take them if you take it the whole thing off and then you would that you’re then you’re a eunuch don’t you become like. I like I like I know nothing of testosterone production her. Why would it have to be both of them like I mean you can make stuff with just the one you can he’s been he’s been sure he’s always been shooting the left nut so like he’s fine anyway all right
that’s my fault I show the spotlight on that yo yo yo
yeah yeah do you want me to take a step back
what I’m getting at right all right all right
I’ll be there in the future I’d be there by the way that’s not why I wanted to clarify that that’s a week but that is not why there’s no need to do this week he’s not on time out it’s it’s actually because it was like this is an example of how my plans always fall apart you can see if you listened to the episode like a couple weeks ago you can hear me cry seeing that threshold for the end of the shower I’m just up to sloppy drunk and I and I kind of like I decide because we’re going to visit my father in the D&D Adventure I’m like it pops in my head I go I’m just going to my car to the table now I go Eric idle let’s get Eric idle to come to harmontown cuz Jeff hanging out with him and Adam Goldberg buddy
I don’t have his card
anyways I was thinking like let’s get him in here you know even though you guys are only twenty-five hunnert is a nerd a bottle of wine as I know he was always threatening to come in with his guitar classic Galaxy song to the guide of the wonders of the universe. Kind of cool rock and roll scientist guy on date they are like they’ve written the new Galaxy song it’s awesome that popped in my head so there I am you see if you can hear me if you rewind that episode you can hear me mentally planning I said as I stop the D&D game I’m going to drunken stupor I’m saying it yet like
very biggest Cameo and the following week because Eric couldn’t do it exactly like Harmon don’t do it like it’s stupid and so dumb to try to it’s like you try to grab a butterfly first one of two things is going to happen you you do great and you just crush it to death or you blow it out of the way you know what it goes away like it’s a fucking butterfly just let it be you know just hang up thank you ladies,
this week maybe maybe not and then we had a guy on standby that was going to come in or our friend Joe anger who hangs out of the dryer has very few men who can play your father left in the Los Angeles think I was Joe I’m very good at the drawing room and I think he’d be a delight to have as a as a little character is like getting confused with schedule so he had to get a wrap party you wanted to go to a blah blah blah so I called Spencer and I said let’s just forget it but Spencer and I up till now has been communicating through Twitter direct messages and today two things happen when we fucked around with him all that all that all that much and also acts as Mom
Ali public tweeted it at ADM to my DM and I just gave him my phone number Spencer and I have upgraded we are yeah yeah yeah yeah I thought your mama in the dirt in the mud if I could affect your pepper I fucked your mama like a pig and a half but they’re on the farm but they’re in the City Roller in the do please dollar titties
I drink her milk talk to your mama softasilk
and I went back into massaging it to make it I had to make it right I know how to make it right all right
yep yeah yeah yeah yeah
when you get home if I suck this dick so they make me sick
ladies and gentlemen there are seven people who fuck your daddy in the world you are about to witness the
daddy Fox tonight, Daddy fucking winner Ariana’s Fine China plates
she came home and watch Homeland
there you go ladies
about time
Obama won the treatment might have been for that Daddy is not
print server sorry about your brother
meditation balls and ambulation
alright Vincent prices here
yes thank you for saying my favorite word 1510 ambulation
where is some cars of a we were talking about what is Vincent Price like did more bridges and more songs
instead of just thriller like Vincent Price doing doing doing is talking for other songs like like Daddy wrap and then have fun with Vincent Price doing like we’re planning now so it’s your fault for going to be a good day
MC Daddy fucking descended from paternal lineage but I got news for you
is what I’m going to do about you daddy in the house of the sky I put your daddy like apple pie it’s the American way Obama’s new land I thought your daddy in the palm of a hand and a giant in a giant World about your daddy like he was a girl lovingly I caressed his ass but your daddy at The Head of the Class Howard hesseman was watching this thing I thought your daddy tell you started to sing lalalalala
descendants I’m your father’s assholes
a million penises go inside of it
hurricane and Demon slaying in his brown rectum
he will not love again
I didn’t know why I thought you got both of his eyes
is there a tissue back there Brian go to take me to the guy from the street I laid it on the line and then you come in and give it an air of of erudite of a giant panda
good you can if you can have a record direct this just because I got to be seen album so I can track has a sibling track but it’s like and then there’s always a liner notes about Street culture
I’ll hire somebody to write that in the green room today a little bit of an awkward experience speaking of relationships being upgraded Spencer’s is my choice of course it’s decided then there’s Adam Goldberg who who who upgraded our relationship at his discretion to go take a new Step today
Green Room I walked in and I I left the door open cuz I didn’t want to close in his face was just going to the fridge you started pitching me a little a little segments that are you that he wants to do and then he was in the green room but he did he did after a while he said that he wants to do I think that he has provided for harmontown as much as he’s taking away perhaps they squeeze it out and I’ll wait the cost of having him around in and he did eventually after he he said his piece I my silence as I poured my vodka he he he he waited just to just before I had to say it any kind of excused himself and left so he’s he’s that that’s good we should reward that behavior
Play I Love It. I didn’t go the direction I thought it was going to get my car right now
he’s still keeping himself within certain boundaries I think I’m providing us with a lot of pleasure and Fascination at an end and also we just don’t know if you don’t give him what he wants like and then there’s an incident that involves I don’t know like a tower in a rifle like
have the blame but ourselves who can say that we didn’t see it coming who can say that we don’t have 16 episodes of let’s bring Adam Goldberg up for the Adam Goldberg segment
that’s all we’ll call it
yeah yeah yeah here with a dick situation my parents have been slept in due to strangulation they were able to speak but you know they’d have said Dan Harmon you’re better than that sometimes the librarian needs a squeeze and that’s true in here with internal rhyme treat hey this is a segment of just being Coy then it needs to get parents about down your boy
situation from the nerdy boy
creepy and developmental disorder
send it on your stage in a real poem
the inability to recognize social cues
flocking like a hurricane of brown semen at sorry I’m sorry
sorry about Vincent Price a long time if not it’s not helping his his his mad science dropping this kind of writing a little bit in your handwriting a little wrap on your head companion there was no good cuz I’m going to tear it a new asshole
Garrison Keillor you hear it and you listen to this joke yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
sorry I feel like you making fun of me but that’s part of your week to make the pants
it’s been a quiet week in like the harmontown California my hometown but I was told I was so distracted by the social nervousness of like a green room and he’s just pushing me something I don’t really hear the pitch so I will bring you up in the morning I got to bring out Towers you know
what’s the what’s the elevator pitch
show me over a podcast the elevator pitch playing music like a like
set my alarm at 9 p.m.
no I applaud your restraint as the easy lap would have been just hit the Hip Hop to you at you are you are a Craftsman what’s up what I’m going to go Tiki on this one so here you are
it’s been a quiet week in Lake harmontown California my hometown to degrees tonight which is bothersome for the more athletic Among Us Jeff Davis come forward if David is even considering turning on the heat at his apartment but instead had them send over another batch of girl
Jeff Davis
good sport recently won the world record for saying I don’t normally say this to a girl but he know he may not have to touch that thermostat until spring
this week is Thanksgiving an important time for Lake Harmony
especially my dad my dad my mom this week is Thanksgiving plane tickets Homer putting their $10 on the barrel frantically Facebooking before the show trying to find out which dinner party to attend the door was talking to his rooms earlier wondering if it’s worth driving to Santa Monica to avoid having to make her own cranberry sauce he says it is if he’s she can avoid the taking the 405
is it time to change for Armenians they’re wondering if they’re going to colonize the Moon this year
Snapchat blue will do them for flight refund everyone’s planning a Christmas right I think this is going pretty well this much material at his Pace would be like you know he goes 15 minutes I’m going to get this under 150 – no comments
turn if they’re going to colonize the Moon this year and if JetBlue flight refunds if that’s the case everyone is planning a Christmas return to their colder States unless it becomes really crazy and post for Wolverine people are really putting their hopes up after X-Men first Class they saying it didn’t write that movie did a lot right
best time for winter coffee here in harmontown really think we quite fun until one person or another says the word so or I know why we’re both here for offers to buy lunch then there’s that one at the one on one aspect to them if there’s three people you can check to see if you got any Facebook friend invite to that’s a sign of rudeness copy is a tricky thing in harmontown at least to drink Phase 2
second-placed Armenian Chase with putting 20 bucks into a broke front gas tank in Glendale Heights one does and got a call to meet in Studio City got right back in his car and drove to meet someone for what wasn’t a business meeting but rather a guilt trip on taking too long to get from Glendale to Studio City
the rain when he was driving the first time it rained in Los Angeles with Autumn for taking so long as it’s assumed that Glendale in Studio City or adjacent and Rain doesn’t slow down it light traffic uncontrollable a or that he can be available in 0 minutes time for not even a business meeting Justin offered a potentially maybe he’ll pitch for a pilot he was dirt around during this meeting went predictably terribly when the new Wolverine doesn’t hold on in line for the franchise and Sunday for buying squid Squad but definitely what and Jace was tempted to think about the squeaky windshield wiper on his car the Gold’s mobile but he’s waiting on some money you know if it gets down to 50�� he may need to buy a winter jacket that’s the news from Lake harmontown California my home town where the men are handsome and the women are mostly Aaron
all right yeah

strategically up and got it like that was I wasn’t going to say anything when you left cuz you get a grilled cheese alright
love him or hate him
or in my case you both I love you every week
don’t know like I’m a lazy the villain or am I the villain in a mirror in a young when do you want to come up here I know she says it makes her feel about coming up on stage right now I’m no lady no lady is the voice I hear in my head when I do everything everything no no no lady is is the thing I have to overcome in order to treat good women nice
they’re always constantly punishing women for a voice in my head is coming from my mother or something it’s like disapproving you know it’s like like that cuz you put women on a pedestal you’re like either you or you acknowledge their power over you and then but the women don’t realize that that’s where it started or they do they don’t care cuz why should you have to Kerr Lake Lake but by the time the guy opens his mouth he’s on step 3 which is getting even with you and it makes me it makes no sense you’re just hearing this horrible thing and he’s like high-fiving himself and his friends cuz it’s like the night you terrorized me I am a vulnerable person I’m capable of the emotionally fulfilling you and you hate me for it scores and points with the ladies tonight I think
shut up mom
can we do we got left to talk about I mean is if we had a list tonight but I’m still reeling from the guy from the Vincent Price wrap it was cool that was really cool even if people want to show you guys really what if we learned tonight one more thing to do this last week for lunch
not charismatic see I was terrified I had hummus for lunch
feeling vulnerable is feeling transition whose feelings feeling like they need they need support due to the raising of the back of his hand write come on if you want to come up here that’s why I’m asking
last week which has an air yet I read some of my journal from when I was like 15 emotional vacuum in the room bad time but it was like it was very like rah-rah like oh what an awesome Journal it was like it was like it just creates made us all feel 15 again and then Spencer could barely roll a little hate what a little at 11 tonight okay cuz here we realize we kind of stumbled into this Baptist Revival thing
but that’s what they do and I also I also found out it’s not that easy everyone is like okay we’re here for some reason we want to feel a certain way and then someone says I don’t let them people like like thinking that they can walk again and stuff and there was a faith healer there and if it was a it was the best design put on about time and it was amazing but like people are getting up there and shit was getting done it was really can’t do this party that wants to believe that the party that wants to be that that can’t believe it and see what’s in there
think I can hear again what do you want what are you up to
what’s your name sir how was your name is Misha
is it does emasculate you to say that is a adorable kittens name is better than a lot of what I’ve gotten throughout the years the way to go see I’ve teased you about the icy yeah I know and I tell you had its last young’uns like a Orange Leaf blowing through your daddy
I thought you Mama
and if your daddy sorry sorry Misha Misha on your plate tonight I brought you up here some some Spirit I’m in a weird transition period of my life I’m about to graduate from college next semester but I’m also 19 and so I’m trying to figure out what to do with everything but no but it was a it was weird I don’t know what to call it now 16 which is it
have you ever seen the OC was on the air with a perfect storm what’s your what’s your what’s your day so where do you go to school that you were in college I don’t know anything about this became a writer but I don’t know anything about how you become a writer I don’t know anything about this this path either so 19 graduated you don’t know what you want to do is this this is just a ploy to get me to read your screenplay know I don’t write Grandpa in school I wasn’t good at it and I was like yeah what are you doing over options what makes you think that you’re not good at it I read my scripts
well I always a Telltale sign and he would never hit Prince say goodnight would never let anybody read it like you hate you hate everything that’s that’s part of being a good writer for that is it is it is it just doesn’t eliminate any possibility as it’s not the it’s not the metric to use like can’t tell time self-aware or just really self-critical a man learned that he could die and then the next day he started doing his is you know burying his friends like arrowheads cuz it’s like like like I’m I’m fucking up on Earth is like like hatred so anyways that that part you can’t you can’t go by that you got to be so helpful to you that you kind of no matter how guilty
no matter what it pays no matter whether there’s a word for it is there some passion that you like really like God I wish I wish I was just doing this why didn’t I just go in this direction stand up comedy golden you’re close enough like it’s fine yeah alright do some bits of Tara airplane food
do you have a tight braid do you do if you have material don’t let them pressure you cuz I do I do I traveled in order, that sounded really good way to loosen up is to start off a little rap
open for you
actually actually start the song from the beginning what we’ll do is we’ll do a little it will do a little death GM kind of I’ll be I’ll be a host I’ll be Russell Simmons and I’ll come out and I’ll introduce rap act and then I’ll do a little rap no lady just stop
at this point you have to ask yourself am I at the right show
you start to become the lately in the asphalt it’s an empty chair with a mop
what is an old hat rack back there that would that would bury you I will wow wow wow I will get you that no lady I will give you the best opener in the world I’ll do like shity horrible stand up
I can’t believe how much
Bill Clinton is going on
people of our book
bad people bad people. I don’t know whether to be friends with you guys are familiar with the United Nations represented and I always thought it would be weird if they were if they are instead of running the world that they were running a plumbing company and I think it would go down Road
you look over there there’s China I need it in my toilets a partner in the United States of America CD
what I do tell me is it easy
alright let’s keep it going to try to take it off we got another another guy coming up let’s keep it going for Misha
am I supposed to wrap on my supposed to tell Joe better than that guy. I can’t wait to tell my friends that Dan Harmon opened up for me
number one
okay, my name is Misha Misha is a Russian name I’m not rushing as you guys can probably tell I’ll give you my name cuz I was conceived during the Cold War and my parents were pessimist
according to statistics I should understand statistics
for the podcast people that think he’s Asian
I love the voice you do for that
so you just thought about
you’re not that Asian
according to white people I look like I want to told I was like Jackie Chan you might being told I look like a 57 year old
my father got called. What is a good milestone
my father was called Jackie Chan when he was a kid my grandfather was called Jackson when he was a kid
are you know what a good time we could use and how I can speak English
you know what a good family tradition do is understanding statistics is there any other closer with anything else up your sleeve baby on a wrap okay bye
I’m sorry I guess I felt I put music you in the middle of the middle of the night he was killed but let’s put it that way.
Do you know how to get back.
Do you want to wrap me to do you think you could try to wrap a few just a few few lips just give it away
yo it’s going to feel like closer yo yo yo
yo-yo people of the world all different colors with all United in a better time world black white brown purple everyone’s feeling the vibe I’m feeling the vibe is a Bohemian seeing into the Eastside feeling the vibe throwing it to my man Misha my name is Misha I cannot wrap not much I know but that’s a fact but it comes to wrapping it until I lack and that’s about that again
everyone’s a rapper
it’s what I learned tonight
I’m going to make a prediction since we made a prediction earlier I think. And you could do that
you could take a nap for 8 years and get up and start doing stuff and and and still make half of your friends mad
black Iron kanakuk classic classic
stand up in the middle of the balls of a burglar through his thing and like so he was like he was he was doing like a he was still jumping though it was our fault that isn’t that the last bit that he didn’t like sucking fake could have finished with I gotta get back flip
lateral racist
Sirius stereotype of the best dead after black he was attacked and do the backflip forgot he was Asia and that’s a horrible horrible thing to say we learned several weeks ago not to ask black people time travel questions should never ever suggested an Asian man does a backflip can you can you can you do a backflip me to know if you can can you say how do you say nothing cuz you were going to make you come up here and do it all right we should go to close close in a timely fashion has been a nice tight show and yeah I feel like people don’t come to her and tell her that the show’s over 2 hours long I was thinking blow their Minds tonight to a tight 90 and it’s almost certain we have to but how can it possibly be
someone to do a freestyle rap battle of 1/8 mile on The Grandmaster
no one snow in space this kind of fire I wouldn’t do it. I’ve already have a mic in front of my face all right all right
I trust this guy or did I Engineer that entire thing down
oh shit coming to the stage to Clash of the Titans
Dan Harmon versus Jeff Davis
I fuck your mama
dr. like a sheep or a llama went to the petting zoo star ass feather some cashews took a pill that my mother is dead she died of cancer when I was just 13 she didn’t lose a ball but it still felt me to die of it having cancer most parts of her body and now you’ve you’ve really treated like a hottie that’s such a fucking a corpse
yeah yeah yo yo yo
it’s cover even though she’s dead how about that I took her body to said I put her foot on the post to put a hand on the Cradle I thought your mama like your name was able
Carrara I’ll tell you what I’m going to do I’m going to fly to Wisconsin to I’m going to I’m going to kill my parents yeah trailer of your race I heard your mama was a can of Mace she spread her pussy and she’s bringing her breast I heard your mama couldn’t pass a test I heard you took a number two on her own damn pencil didn’t understand the meaning of the stencil she couldn’t understand and even a stencils stencils are easy to read it was a stencil
where did he go to thank you for coming to Hermantown
I think I think I rap battle goes to Jen
thank you very much we got some people to think and right there
and I’ll tell are what are well wishes go out to your brother and congratulations on his recovery if you want to thank me to Adam Goldberg as always and Daniel Kramer does tomorrow to mofab Jenny fine and shirou check it thank you so much for coming down tonight thank you thank you


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