Episode: 31 – Harmoncountry: Providence, RI


Episode: 31 – Harmoncountry: Providence, RI


Mayor Harmon used the country’s smallest state to tackle the country’s biggest issues – suicide and race – before remembering someone double booked the room so he has to leave.


Providence Rhode Island how y’all doing
here we are immersed in what can only be called pink bank vault was a fantastic
Hermantown is now in session Rhode Island
what’s play sound and harmony
do you want more music by the end of the island
some facts about Rhode Island Jeff what you just told me you didn’t Wikipedia them the typewriter was invented not true
it is the smallest state per capita
it’s it is only a hundred and seventy-five yards across
it is between the lower curve of the Tangiers River and the Colorado
Peninsula and it’s it’s the most haunted State King Tut hunts is rumored to haunt the Biltmore in which is just down the street Charles Dickens apparently rooms of the old 1st Street Promenade still warning children about the events of Halloween in 1912
and also a Rhode Island
why is that jealousy it felt as if I didn’t I take it you know if you if you still listen very quietly you can still hear Connecticut weeping in The Winds of the Rhode Island Expressway right I didn’t do any research I figured it was a small state we could get away with one night or just hanging out a lot of you probably came here because we begged you to at the at the Boston show and still others of you who weren’t bag probably Kevin what what Rhode Island 630 feet across is like like like what are the odds that anyone’s actually from within the boundaries of the State of Rhode Island
the entire population of Rhode Island
3035 by 40 miles I would have no idea that was a joke or not like I wouldn’t know you tell me 350 miles going on on the Internet it’s one of the few states in the US where they have to have that little magnifying glass thing come up like they can’t just put the red you know. On it that it has to have like a little in satin rather like it’s over here I mean nothing to do to be ashamed that I don’t know what having a big state gets you I don’t think that I think that’s stupid to defeat the purpose of being a state how are you supposed to make all those people happy we what kind of laws are going to pass in Rhode Island you know that it’s like firmly sad cuz it’s like you know only a couple people like said you know you know smoking
for real me Carl Dave said so
that is a reason Dan didn’t Wikipedia Rhode Island today cuz he was very busy today
I’ve been kind of you probably sent to the previous two more episodes but I’ve been a little preoccupied I wasn’t really letting my hair down that much it was because I had something I had that on my mind and now I now I now I’m done now I’m free Free clear that you’ve got Forty-Eight Hours to write a whole lot of scrap don’t you but you know that that’s going to be the next Community that’s not going to be a problem that’s fine that’s going to come easy to CVS break up a hill cuz it’s like Jesus Christ
that’s how they like it I like it double spaced they like more cameras and more pages over there
not easy and you have to write in did you know this when you write a multi-camera script you have to write in where the people laugh
yeah that would be amazing
all right so we do a reading of the Kryptonite
I don’t say I don’t know I don’t think we’re allowed to that’s ridiculous that they paid they paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for it I can’t I can’t can’t can’t read it
$10 worth one like one couplet I did I did I did some some tasty fade in exit 80 Pooler
it’s about a guy in his daughter you can’t you can’t really get deeper than that and a multi-camera sitcom it’s about a guy and his daughter that’s what relationships Jeff multi-camera sitcoms are not eBay store art form in fact they are in television terms more classic obviously we started with The Honeymooners when we started making sitcoms we started with the idea that these were plays that were adapted for larger audiences but at their hard work a couple hundred people watching something reacting together as human being so they they may seem to our new cinematic Savvy eyes as being somehow more primitive or cheesy or Watertown or silly but I think that’s just because a lot of them are written very poorly and I think that I turned in one that says Superior to everything on television I think I think I’m going to revitalize the whole format I think people are going to be going why why why why why why why does everyone laughs at everything all the time when you’re watching it and it’s going to bury the voice and American Idol in Major League Baseball
everyone’s going to start watching watching shows about guys in an apartment that can’t make the rent and have a dog forever
is it this is a this is a nice looking place to Dave and Corey that’s it that’s their names right the guys that that that run the place Dave and Corey am I getting that right okay
they aren’t what they were they were interior design guys before they open the club that’s not that’s not a joke they told me their Wi-Fi password is Dave Cory 2630
why would you tell them that won’t cuz if anyone wants to get on the wife of 30 years old cuz I know my passwords off and have like my age has attached to them with weight when it when the thing says you have to have a number you know I just stick my age on there so over the year than my kind of goddamn it was thirty-seven or thirty-eight when I started getting into feet
when I went through my latex phase how many poor and passwords do you think you have a possible and impossible calculation my credit cards enough to bet that they they expire by virtue of you know I just get a lot of emails
I’m not I’m not only an addict I’m also a drunk so I lost my wallet again
so I jerk off only as much as I needed to
but you’re not 26 and 30 if that’s how old they were when they started their first business I thought that was a cool I don’t know I thought that was it was funny the way that we have public things like Wi-Fi names and license plates and things that you can open a little hobbit door and go into a all of a sudden you’re finding out things about people for example Jeff I don’t have an example to go to bed so cool
is there a don’t know about it have you gone to a new rabbit hole into into by finding out what I’m going to be missing before like I wasn’t at Dan’s apartment like years and years ago and he had taken all these individual Pages out of like titty mags and my play boys and stuff and put them in a manila folder I just rather than having all the magazines around he just took out the pages that were potent is it is your mom here again
yeah we brought him on stage last night and we talked about masturbation and it was it was touch and go
goodbye accidents that was acting that was an accidental gold
any any anybody over I would estimate Thirty any guy over 30 might know about that process where like maybe not to be over 35 like the consolidation phase when you’re sure you’ve never met a guy who didn’t have this problem that you you tend to hoard pornography like you can’t throw it away we get bored with it lately you look at a picture of a certain person see how inclusive I was there and you and you and you like to be like all this shit this is amazing this is right up my alley okay great but it’s like play Kenny MP3 or anything I can do or a piece of chewing gum or anything it’s just like that’s just a picture it’s not it’s not Aaron at the end of the day nice safe nice safe
it’s not someone you can love who brings you steak salad when you’re working on your pilot and who serves you tea when you have the sniffles and Cuddles up with you in the morning and I do like a little little baby strawberry cuddle up under your comforter and she just gave you the business backstage about sneaking a nacho though you going to die
got it you going to you going to eat that you’re going to eat eat good
she put your hand on my face and spread your fingers in a weird way it says you’re going to die you’re going to die trip going to huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no one misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film Earth-like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
the DVD even though the pornography loses its flavor guys I’m not going to be back me up on this I’m just one who is the exception to this rule I’d love to talk to you that you can’t you can’t I can’t throw it away on your hard drive instead of under your bed in a box or something before the internet made a periodical pornography obsolete it was like there were these magazines and you if you if you were like me and you’re in your twenties and you’re like I’m going to get another one cuz everything loses its flavor but you can’t throw the old ones away so what you’re describing is you found my manila folder full of Consolidated floor I got the greatest hits by got a just out of sheer bulk I got to I got to clear the decks here but I’m going to take the pages out that are most important and I’ll put them all in a manila folder that was about this thick
and Jeff are going through them outside this think I’ve held up my hands about 2 in the Jeff found it and was going through a consolidation file when I moved from such and such and such and such a high Consolidated for to save U-Haul space and he’s looking through it and you got to get a thing for redheads huh and I was like I do and then I look there they were all redheads exciting story but very interesting that I didn’t see a mannequin legs nylons on mannequin legs are videos about women under the under the table popping their shoe after he owe you for a night of the year until you fucked her head off or something
can anybody that works like a television special effects will tell you that late latex and silicone and stuff like that that stuff degrades you know
and then you see that you see these ads for buy a fake woman and made out of the stuff and you’re like ask the perfect crime like I’ll I’ll take myself off the market I’ll spare all these poor women and I’ll spare myself like like everyone to win but then six months later it’s like the head falling off and it’s awful
it’s it’s really Grote so where you at now
if you if you get if you keep a magazine and when do you throw away your $6,000 rubber woman 101 Freeway
thank God I had an assistant by that time
you may summon good for you yeah yeah how did how did she or he disposed of it ask her on a road trip in a crate looks like it’s like a Stephen King’s It come in a cocoon like a gremlin
so where you at now what it what’s it what’s what’s float in your boat now
you don’t know that you can tell us that you don’t know what it is when I’m in a relationship now so it’s it’s number one it’s like it’s it’s not so much about exploration when you when you when you get the chance or have the urge to more of a shotgun saying like you’re just like I am outside whenever but also because I’m in a relationship it’s really not the time to get specific like I like the past is more you should get your ear more allowed to be honest about the past but like I don’t know if I left yesterday Oh I thought you meant like
are wired for the show today she’s so dedicated to the happiness that she printed up a thousand flyers for the show just took him around to hand out to people as anyone here cuz of the flyer
let me to go that doesn’t mean the firing was ineffective it only means that she forgot to put the showtime on them it was a very Hasty motivated job it was it was less about engineering and more about an expression of of of wanting me to be happy I was told that they are the first the first player Sheehan to somebody at what time is the show what time is the show that’s what’s weird the answer is 5:30 for those of you in podcast when the sun is still streaming in through the Rhode Island skylights there there’s that there’s a cat lazily napping on the warm side walk there’s eggs on The Griddle and we’re doing a little little comedy conversate of Comedy before Bobcat Goldthwait comes on at 6 p.m. 7:30
second time that we have found ourselves inadvertently opening for for for Bobcat and I’m I’m going to do some checking after the show actually going to do some checking with Bob who we know and love I want to know from Bob if the same woman at our agency is doing the booking of his shows because if she’s the one if the reason why every time we’re in the same town as Bobcat is because she’s double booking rooms I’m going to kick her in the fucking forehead because I don’t know how funny you guys feel at 5:30 but you should just be thankful that I’m an alcoholic because of the writer you you’re walking out back there different what do you mean
do not do not seem like a little like like like like like the soulless and like that kind of myself
Alexa Unapologetic in like just as a as a barometer I just want to do a little experiment just to see how different you are tonight from other nights
bread butter milk song about your mama asphalt affect your mama sky is blue your mama
I bought your mama on the phone number knows I thought your mama and the tree grows out of her face where I fucked her that’s how brutal my semen is
Yo pretty pretty good
you’re about there
I don’t know
you know my mom is Dad right yeah yeah yeah he’s big big whoop-de-doo
I wish I had a dead mom two different things yo-yo
I mean it’s like
would you for wrap purposes without if you don’t literally mean you’re going to fuck my mother are these peoples mother would you ever rap about sucking your own mother
curled up with her phone fuck you like I was alone I’m going to talk to you like a
wedding ring
fuck you bad I fucked you
back to you
did you see
between where I said I forgot oedipus’s name I was out I file I lost the word Oedipus you don’t get more Primal than the word edifice scripts left in you before you need to
Hunter the old Thompson
could you play Foster the Wallace
heading your way
free games
better be a florist that live forever
12 degrees from Rhode Island nice I knew that. Thank you sir really is the original he’s born in Rhode Island City live here I was so bummed out when he when he killed himself at anytime anyone kills himself but I don’t know about most of the people and I really really respected as such a fucking bummer like like like like when you like these talented people fan Brooklyn show came up to me and gave me a David Foster Wallace novel but I never knew David Foster Wallace Road because I just thought that David Foster Wallace was an sas I didn’t really actually know that he was an amazing what a great fan of a phone book
when I think 2008 I didn’t know either of those facts I bought that book the day before he died it was really weird haven’t read it because I think they’re all probably I don’t know there’s probably linkage to it’s just so clearly kind of chemical like like like he was he was on meds and he had to go off of them cuz they’re causing trouble and then he started to have trouble for like that it’s just it just sounds like a subway train or hit by lightning or get cancer that’s by definition of involuntary act but but when people are kind of chemically troubled and there’s medication involved and then I can let you know it’s like it’s weird because it’s it’s as involuntary it seems as getting hit by a train like like if you caught this person on the right day at the right time and gave them the right thing in there
pancakes pancake syrup or something you know like like like that you could you could keep them from making this decision it was going to last forever terrible awful everybody look under your seat if you think you need it please use it especially if you’re going to credibly talented writer I will I will never do that I don’t think I’m not talented enough and I also I’m too chickenshit into I don’t think I I I I I I don’t yeah I could never picture myself doing that but but at the same time like like didn’t Spalding Gray do it because he was in a lot of physical pain wasn’t he like fucked up with his

you’re right
yeah it was a it was a tie mean that must be there that look to repeat that for in case we didn’t pick that up the he was in an auto accident in Ireland and he never he never got over it meeting I’m assuming the pain never there was a chronic and it couldn’t handle are the people that they have like that what’s the thing with your ears ring of the tintinnabulation or whatever but tonight is right here isn’t it like that like that’s that’s Madness Jesus Christ
so if I can come in at 7. Would you guys do that I’m going to count to three one two three go one to bang never that’s crazy how would I do it all those people that jump off the Golden Gate Bridge which is it in numerous a Aron Aaron can you hear me jump off the Golden Gate Bridge every year
it’s something like 8 but that was weird
8 every 2 weeks she said
some of them are doing it because you know math was never
a couple hundred
yeah that’s a wait is that really 60 a month that can’t be right are you
pick that up from the back of a of a of a town hall in Rhode Island and do it if I can hold our fire until the next moment he doesn’t he doesn’t electric chair or pills or or the carbon monoxide in the garage I’m fucking doing this right I just this is some seventeenth-century ship going down here and was it that’s how you do it too much too much suicide formation
time machine go back in time and try to kill the king and then they asked me how I wanted to die and it would be death by by by to die by if I want to kill myself attempted regicide
the shows not going to that bad you doing today do with hanging myself I’ll do it just flake like sitting like like like like which means that you can do it kind of like like an accident if you can accidentally do it while you’re jerking off that means it must be pretty painless and the guy from an excess right no
access I was adding to his list David Carradine did auto-erotic asphyxiation we believe in the the lead singer of I’m not going to jerk off
we do cuz they’re dicks were in their hands
I’m saying that there for because you’re able to do it while having that much pleasure and so obviously those guys had everything to live for in that moment they would have stopped if they had known they would have stopped which means that they weren’t conscious enough of the fact that they were dying to stop it which means to me perfect death because you can actually sit in a in a relaxed position and like arranged like a thing around your neck a ligature are you kids listening enough with your own weight that you could lose Consciousness and drift off into Infinity second to that carbon monoxide for the same reason because it happens an accident and people don’t stop it from happening so I could go to sleep I’m scared of pills because I think you would get you might get here
is a great show
is exactly last night they were fucking mama’s on her it was going to die tonight at like the Hoosiers killed himself
you come up and talk about it I just wanted to see that percentage for five or six thousand 10% of people want to burn to death or at least it’s almost like a weird like fractal I don’t know pattern that’s everyone everyone’s a little snowflake of suicide monster partly I think nobody would kill himself most suicides tonight I feel like legally I have to
legally I have to say that real quick before we part that topic for all of us to live this little a community that we created here tonight this audience has its own we’re all one brand new organism what’s this create a brand new reason to want to never kill ourselves
does he dance music while you’re getting stuff from the onion I’m going to I’m creating a new reason myself back
then I’m going back to the sandwich carts to make himself a nice new vodka on the Rocks Aaron from last night and at the show and be outside of Boston is here
is that why you’re telling us is that is that why that’s interesting and she’s like yeah it’s a black Aaron I’ve never met a Black Heron
black hair
Black Heron
it proves that race is an artificial construct there’s a Black Heron
we met last night in so I can see I am I going to see if she were black winter outfit I didn’t even I didn’t even know you were
you were in Summerville you can what you were with the dude that is he here tonight
Matt is at Lake I thought I remember having a conversation about this was trying to figure out what your Mo was weren’t you like like you’re not from any of these places in Colorado Colorado you staying with your friend Matt for the Somerville show that’s from Vermont we we decided to come to Boston for the Somerville show and since Rhode Island is closed we decided to come down here to are you going to a third show to I’m going to Denver to in Colorado are you from around here alright alright it’s not that intriguing I I I thought I would stumble onto like solving a bank robbery spree or something like you guys were there was a trail of receipts we could we could we could we could turn you
Aaron was saying that it was it was an interesting story to why your name is Aaron is that true told Aaron that about naming children how wet it’s harder to get a job when your name is something like you know lateesha or something more ethnic sounding and my pet my mother made sure that all of her children’s names were neutral sounding or sounded you know she wanted to make sure that we would be able to at least get her foot in foot in the door and it would what he do for a living I’m a professional Leticia did you fill out your your your your your less ethnic name is giving you a foot in the door
I think it’s but it’s a lot of things and I honestly I can’t tell because
I haven’t I’ve lived my entire life with being and Erin and
which is awesome and brings up a weird and probably uncomfortable topic though the idea that that like it comes up over and over again the idea of things that are somehow like that we identify as a cultural and then the things that like you know Bill Cosby rails against two sides of the spectrum where and then you can put yourself in any shoes or I can anyway as a weird mix that white guy like I can’t find a place where I’m comfortable just like there are people who would go well don’t go to simulate and then there’s a lake lake Lake Wool what are you assimilating like what it’s all so fucking confusing because it all starts with co-opting Humanity bringing people over giving them a job that is
ask for it for far below their pay grade literacy Etc and then at some point changing her mind about it which is a great great great turnout a turn of events but that will all this like like like now complexion being linked to you in puracal realities demographically like a wealth distribution and things like that but it being conveniently racist to point out any car relations at someone when they are a republican gets to go what do you mean I thought everyone was equal what do you mean he’s black there for you for what are you a racist and then it looked like it almost seems like only the bad guys win as long as we keep staying confused about all of it as we keep just kind of like worrying about the fact that were different and as it seems like that’s the only late Motif that’s it and that
that’s the only empirical truth is a class system that that rich people kind of want poor people to just be unsure about everything that unites them
I thought your black mama I did it with my white dick so what I didn’t care I’m not racist by United Humanity with my dick
black mama I don’t know Aaron do you have any opinions about any of the stuff I do
can you do them in 2/4 time or do you want to know what yeah let’s Let Let It Rip
it’s actually one of the reasons I really like your show went like I love this podcast is because
you have difficult conversations about things like that you sort of it sort of feels like a journal you know like your diary screenplay or a TV show something with structure
but I mean it’s important to have difficult conversations because whenever you don’t talk about things then it doesn’t make the things go away exactly like we will the human race for for quite a while and I’m sure that there were times when there were bigger problems than lack of communication like people just stabbing you and fucking the stab hole because you were like from somewhere else or I’m sure there was like shit just happening right outside your front door that had to be dealt with before we learned to communicate and be honest but it seems like every single problem can be solved Through People speaking what’s in their head honestly how far does a a person who is our modern definition of racist how far is that person going to be able to State their case before solution start cropping up even to his own fucking brain or hers
women to be racist it’s okay ladies I found to some people I can credibly jaded and cynical even though the weird ironic truth is that I’m so optimistic because what I believe is that people once you start babbling like like the inevitable result is that shitt gets like that you thought was important stops being important shit that you thought was a monster stopped being turned out to be your own reflection or like your dad’s ghost or something and the reality just becomes like everyone got it looks so simple like that it were on a playground again Geico I just I don’t want to be alone if I had to choose anything I just choose to be around other people while I was at work the rest out as we have to
I have a question that I mean ignorantly because you’re black and you’re a woman with what’s what’s more pervasive for you racism in your life for sexism like what’s what what do you feel you get the what does the more prevalent of the most liked liked get you get the most dominated by a button on your wrist that could make you switch like like at but switch back anytime you wanted like like like would you rather have a button that turns you into a dude when you have whenever you wanted or a button that made you wait whenever you wanted I just made that up
and you get to change back anytime it’s not it’s not it’s not about not liking yourself is just about the social obstacles or whatever could of inconveniences
I think that I probably never ever wanted to be a man I’ve never even considered it I think there was no ever you can have that moment in their life when they haven’t either
never wanted this I didn’t ask for it I have nipples
do you feel good
I grew up in the suburbs and I grew up around everybody everybody else has white around me and I think whenever I was a kid I really didn’t realize it’s not that I wanted to be white I think that I just didn’t realize I was black and so whenever I did realize I was black I was like well I want to be different so definitely in grade school it was like I was sort of like that that that Howard Stern said the same thing and it has like a little movie that I saw you is he Illustrated the same thing I was actually I like a little little little white drop in a in a in a in a public school see that I hadn’t really perceive until later and like I have no photos of me in class SEO of things that I now distinguish put that I didn’t instinctively do back then and it’s like we find it hard to believe is a racially obsessed society that it actually is an artificial construct but it is so much more are.
how many more real things that we’ve actually also been hypnotized to not pay attention to that are more real like like like like like poverty and wealth and antenna how that doesn’t make you a good or a bad person like we are good we are very convinced that poor people are their own fault like that they when you wake up or you’re a piece of shit you did something wrong are also very convinced that when you get sick you did something wrong like I still feel that if someone rolls into a room in a wheelchair I get fucking like I go in a crisis mode like my goal is to is to figure out how to avoid like this poor person who probably like would be into talking about what what is wrong and what happened and then and how hard it is and other stuff but all I can think about through after-school specials and and my own like narcissism is like a fuck that guy like I got to be a living ghost. That’s what’s best for both of us a more real than cheekbones and a melanin in your in your skin because there’s a lot of like
something stupid but I literally have no penis from birth like there is an actual hole where the penis goes on a man and and and and there’s this is true know it’s true
I’m just shaking my head back here and end the end as an extension of sexism and homophobia is actually a little more real even though there’s a huge difference between homophobia and racism in that a homosexual can walk around and get a job and hang out and if they choose to they can never have anyone or even themselves be conscious of the thing that makes them different inside women can’t like they can’t escape their gender and and to the extent that we keep paying attention to race like like people can’t escape that right what’s my point I don’t know
who’s got to be like a card game we can make out of this year old are bored with like things that used to make me laugh when I was 28 unit like race used to be a much hotter button when you mashed it as a comedy writer like like I can see myself becoming Antiquated in the in writers room I can see people like like Donald Glover like like going like like like here to to to mash those buttons which I think is a good sign is that is it is it is it is everything fading is everything getting better
Sir Eric I think that things moving Cycles honestly and it’s really difficult to tell especially with the recent history of race in this country I do think that the problem with people ignoring it and getting bored with it is that they still haven’t dealt with the problem the actual issue I mean people say she was Legacy of a thing and actually factors into class right
just basically how we see each other I mean I think sometimes people think racism is bad but basically we don’t understand why or why sex and sexism is bad and we were we are focusing so much as a society on pinpointing little individual things that people are just leaving PT now is the bpc okay here’s the seminar that the legal department liability we’re going to teach all of you racist sexist how to steam less racist and sexist in the workplace so that let this guy who might become less racist or sexist watches the video goes okay it’s
and it all he knows is that he can’t say it he doesn’t know why doesn’t know like like like said it might not say it he doesn’t know it doesn’t yeah that that that that humanity is it is an individual thing he’s not getting that from a from a from a sexual harassment seminar yeah that’s both racist and sexist
let’s do like a let’s do a little I don’t want to be to try it when I want to do like a little one of my little movies or TV shows Jeff I want to do like a little I like that we’ve started doing this on the road like like Aaron what’s your what’s your what’s your big ambition what do you what do you want to do
pie-in-the-sky dream dream gig a lot of people a lot of people’s lives and what are you doing now to pay your rent I’m a nanny and I work at Banana Republic
two two two groups begin with some vocals apart or one very specific person Aaron to come up and play Black
Erin mcgathy Sudafed
in the role of a lifetime we’re going to test your range right now everybody
Aaron was also a nanny yes shoot both Aaron’s were nannies you still are nannying new Aaron break she’s a nanny she’s worked at Banana Republic her aspiration is to create things for people
things that will change people’s attitudes change their minds and change your attitude change maybe open their minds I love to draw I want to be a graphic designer or web designer across-the-board it’s a new movie
It’s called black Aaron
transparent soul
transferring heart sounds racist
hey world I’m going to work on changing you today so what you’re black
what I’m I’m black
this is the moment when I realized I was black
what are you doing up stairs are there and it’s your mother and making pancakes
I might honey leave her alone she’s going through a rough time right now
just found out you in Black we should have told you a long time ago oh God
you’re going to have to go have one of those talks
does Mothers give to their similarly race children
all right I suppose this is the bed I made
Aaron has mom your father told me about something that happened today I guess it’s
time to tell you about a world that I tried to Shield you from by giving you a neutral name I don’t understand my name is Aaron
everyone named Aaron is up is that mousy or average-looking white girl
ladies ladies I’m starting to wrap can I come in for a second I feel like I’ve been a bad husband and father to both you and I’ll tell you why there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you both for a long time you’re both women
and I’m fine with that should feel like you should know that
Mom I really hate dad
your father is an award-winning obstetrician who who who is who is who is who is given special accolades for his ability to to notice rate gender

I have to go back out and Destroy creativity in the world I gave you a amounts of white girl’s name because I didn’t want you to be one thing or the other I wanted you to feel comfortable in a world that my dream is that these problems that were subjecting each other two will I’ll just go away
all right that’s that’s very nice
good luck on your final exams thank you Mom
that no I just want to know if you still want to go to The Snowball Dance With Me
okay I mean if I’m going to change the world with art or music or graphic design or something else or speech or something first of all I’m going to have to spend some time focusing and then I’m going to have to do it that wasn’t a note Aaron you’re doing fine sir
I thought I was going to get it back last night and I’m just going to get to the past about I have the answers to this final exam copy off of me and then and then you can focus on being creative or my name is not fill Dorfman
so I guess I couldn’t possibly trust you hello sorry to bother you at school your name is actually mad I should have told you that a long time ago
go back to go back to go back to her harassing that girl over there
let’s see what’s up
I’m not going to have one today okay so just copying off of me and then you have time to get creative and we could be boyfriend and girlfriend in the world can be free of race we can have a little beige baby
well I have to so many so many things running
Bush daughter push push I’m going to let you know I’m not delivering babies than me I’m a three-time Golden Daisy Award winner and I will deliver your baby
oh my God it’s coming up reach reach
okay well that went differently than
transparent heart everybody’s transparent
that did not Aaron that did not
that was not the right okay let’s compare notes
my thought was that fills with Matt would who Who Loved Aaron regardless of her race was going to have her copy off of his test for his own convenience his own visceral convenience right and they were going to get caught by a teacher and then he was going to throw her under the bus and like you know kind of like play the race car cup
impress me and we were going today so I wasn’t right in the head
which it would seem like it was like a cautionary tale against mr. What if we create a social commentary on the state of things now it’s making it look at ourselves the way we actually are the darker version of ourselves we are definitely in my head about playing like how is this character difference from from me but where the where the same we have the same what would we do right when we do wrong
oh boy by Cam’ron
I thought it was I thought great because as much as you as a dominant white male want to control the outcome of things especially involving women in communication that turns it sometimes life takes its own course
I was really excited and that you got to show everyone what your new is feta says which is we we pretend that he’s being born from me feel excited I coming up here
thank you
so sorry for every night
I hope we can heal this card World figure
did she lovely play sweetheart
if we see her in Colorado. Then we didn’t totally blow that thing like we are not the audience and then she’s not really fucked up and then we kill ourselves and then she shows up late and they killed themselves and firing squad that quickly
what is Cystic murder / orgy I don’t know if I would recommend watching a documentary or not the bridge is it filled ghoulish and freak freak Show I like your I think the reason you’re watching it is because you want to watch people jump off the Golden Gate Bridge the Golden Gate bridge and then it just ends with the suspect has repetitive do people just plummeting
Galaxy shooter bottle rocket at them something cuz they’re shooting it from from when I was ready guys family knew if I find out that he just jumped off the bridge in the coolest way if if if they just got the best shot of him committing suicide then I’m fucking that that’s that’s the final word on this thing and yes I was really sick to my stomach after I was like why did I watch that I was really like it really affect me after rahaga hold a suicide is not the answer rap
yo-yo MC Lyte do it still take it all your mom and your dad
call upon
yourself in the back
you might like it and then stop doing it I didn’t mean to make you came harder
Rhode Island
something this is why I do this is a really sell focused a question from you
earlier when you were asking dad about his fetishes and stuff I just want to ask I would ask this is this is an honest question and I will I will take whatever answer you give me I’m not this is not a leading question I’m honestly asking you I’m sitting in the back when Jeff was really just drilling Dan about what his new fetishes are should I do that I feel like I was just fucking with him obviously
it is just a very subtle way that he doesn’t respect our relationship okay now that’s usually expected
that’s why I think the worst thing you can say about Jefferson was trying to instigate us breaking up by by by creating a dynamite podcast entertainment I wouldn’t want to pass that but but but he’s not
Amelia Rose
well I’ll see you guys if you’re all right Good-Bye Baby
Oh Yeah
it’s been a bad bag of holding back if that’s a pack of holding again for those of you just joining for the first time this is Spencer our dungeon master have been traveling with us
where are Cory and Dave respectively like in the audience where are they are they are they don’t have to be there is this guy either corriher day but this is called me 5 minutes
I didn’t know that bullet train show at the Bobcat can load his audience and so we’re going to put it right to the Limit are so I Spencer I guess you guys wake up your inside of a giant Beast
good job
I killed the Beast
I took the test described as beats what are what are we looking at here Spencer you wake up in the wreckage of a ship it seems to be ripped asunder although you’re in a rather dark place there seems to be some sort of ambient light shining through you can see the red walls of wherever you’re in through the cracks in the ship
no I can see the way you can see the red walls outside of your ship you’re obviously in some sort of red Cavern for some of these guys the Boston episode has an arid like it ended with some weird flashback to a nursery rhyme my mom said about something called infinite fish and then the ship got impacted by a huge thing that were waking up inside the belly of the whale right now at this point it might just be alright
rifrafters I can go get me some ice in an epiglottis outside into the enclosure you see that you’re at a bottom of a great red pit Inky Blackness stretches onward ahead of you you can see globules studded on the walls full of a green glowing fluid it cats like throughout the room you see three white clothes with figures approach from the north assumedly
are y’all out hey
they slowly approach silently
all right with ya
you guys all right I step forward hands raised up indicate no weapons in them at Norton spell being cast and I I kind of do it like a fancy bow like I’m a fancy person and then I and then I and I walk to them a very gently very gently and very diplomatically they approached I see you’re a fancy gentleman will this is no place for your kind we have a dwelling not far from here you’d have to stick close it’s quite dangerous
Who Who Are You we were swallowed by the infinite fish many moons ago we’re trying to make the best of it
okay well I think you probably could people to go with in the short-term can my friends come they’ve been they’ve been here for many moons we should go find people that don’t know how to get out of here
it’s an infant they all laughed
plus I say we follow them especially since it’s going to be like a two-minute episode
Rhode Island
alright then
I had to do it to you
I always thought I was trying to destroy your relationship
they’re hugging you making up
I’ve come to a place called Road it’s an island in the place that you’ve never known it’s a magical realm where all your dreams
call your mama on the street
and I came on her feet
cannot be beat I thought your mama and harm
that’s all she’s worth
so sorry it’s hard to improvise lyrics and a lot of times it resolved to talking about fucking your mama but it’s not a real mama it’s just the mama of America
Stage right
is your pussy get fucked up America
thanks for coming to Hermantown Aurora
Spencer Crittenden
white Heron Black Heron
all colors of green
I’m just nervous
CVS Highland in Hermantown
fix it.
All right
everybody’s World taking the party I’m going to go with you if you want to come over there you guys for sale will hang out with me and stuff but you can let me know if you or anybody that came from Somerville By Request like that it has the favor you know who you are you’ll get whatever special treatment we can afford to give you the emotionally physically anything I’m yours for the evening


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