Episode: 34 – Harmoncountry: Bloomington, IN


Episode: 34 – Harmoncountry: Bloomington, IN


In honor of his Midwestern heritage, The Mayor puts a town meeting straight up the middle and over the plate, with sports talk, a cosmic meditation and an in depth discussion of science and religion with some of Indiana’s greatest, drunkest minds!


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hey everybody I’m Kyler’s on the host of never seen it where I have people rewrite famous movies and television shows they’ve never seen a very special episode coming up Lawrence of Arabia was Rewritten by Dan Harmon that’s a real barn burner
so please check it out whenever you listen to podcast
Bloomington Indiana hello
the heights of the comedy Attic in Bloomington Hermantown once again is in session please put your hands together for the mayor of Hermantown
he’s making a drink
because he drank too much back today
that wouldn’t make sense cuz I drank so much of it I need it for whatever oops it’s ok by Vanessa closer we’re in Pittsburgh last night I was starting to feel that familiar chill as I explained to my girlfriend you know there’s there’s there’s different kinds of coldness and there’s a we’re getting closer and closer to the coldness of my home a coldness of that lipstick makes your heart cold and not just your skin and but it’s at a different flavor and Indiana’s cold is feeling more and more like Milwaukee’s called and I know where there’s a culture that comes with with the Midwest that is directly attributed to its its climate I know you know when you live someplace where it gets this cold like you are the you are the product of people whose wagons broke down halfway to California
and who decided that this is this would stick it out here lately and there’s a religion that has to come with that a personal religion and a cosmic religion of like like too much pretentiousness like we’re we’re an honest people in the midwest because we we don’t we don’t want to commit the crime of being overly ambitious overly cocky I agree we stick to that occur at Smith’s like very much when you moved to California from the Midwest of people always say you’ll be back and they mean it like as both an insult and a compliment date and I know that I know that every comment that comes through here probably reminds you of it because there’s an outside perspective on that because I’m from the Midwest Jeff I just wanted to I want to celebrate Indiana is being the most exciting specific state in the entire country it’s not what what makes it so specific
what is the typewriter or is you know I Wikipedia research every every place we go and I said yeah you can see in
it just the just the effort that someone took to the sea I want sorry I didn’t I didn’t actually have this up till you mention that I had this was another guy pretty hurts bad he just reminded me of the fact that I don’t know what it doesn’t matter why am I going to look at go to read it instead Indiana is the 19th state to blah blah blah right in the middle everything’s like it’s the coldest state it’s the one thing I did started real hot it was like Indiana is the least expensive states in the contiguous United States West of the Appalachians attempts to be the least something came up short in the middle of the tank nothing nothing extreme can be can be sad or happy New Year but we’re going to change that tonight we’re going to make Indiana the most extreme place in the world
yeah it was a guy just yelled at extreme Pringles for no reason that happened here
a guy feeling comfortable yelling at extreme Pringles did you know Jeff that Indiana invented glass
I thought that was the Phoenicians did you know that that Indiana has more murders with hammers between the Appalachians and the rocky is just the most murders with hammers. I don’t go anywhere in the world did you know Jeff that Indiana did you know they want successfully invaded Michigan
why didn’t they do an exit and you keep it they they date because they’re cool people they’re good people they didn’t get it they like it in Indiana did you know that fluorescent light was banned here for 13 years because there was a socialist mayor of Indianapolis I don’t know
worth a try let’s do the state famous for its basketball
Sports Corner North Carolina
Highland Sports Coronavirus
he knows about sport he knows you like sports talk about
boy does Hoosiers Jeff really really out there dribbling the the the sphere that got taken it taken it basket two baskets been a great great quarterly season do feel that Gene Hackman’s coming down too hard on the team
Hackman’s always been an offense of Coach you know when the time of Defense there are times when you got to go defense in the fiscal fiscal quarter how do you do a certain you get the winter conference you got the spring conference and you got the pumpkin pumpkin Ball but we’re talking to a book again about a game of yardage in those fall months that fall season chef
he has to handicap the players you got to keep handicap I have how do you feel about the Notre Dame’s going well I mean that’s that was chickens coming home to roost when you have that kind of hubris you know they’re saying the things are staying at the all stars saying what they’re saying at regionals you saying saying again doubling down at all star regionals like you you’ve got you’ve got out you’ve got a team that’s got too much too much too much High game and not on a flow game is that the taken too many 3-pointer too many free agents too much scrimmage too much too much offense Jeff and and it was going to come tumbling down did they build the Glass Menagerie Jess
Kaiser and I think they’re good they’re looking good they got to keep those needs ice to they got to keep they going to keep everything in your ducks in a row just keep keep focusing on the lines of scrimmage
sports car
I had to buy the volume down in the city Jeff six blocks from here is where Lincoln was shot the first time in the leg on the way to a rehearsal for my American cousin
at the Ford Jr theater babe the truth is he was warned and that was back when he supported slavery and Wilkes bench the guy that got shot in the first time in the lack of Gabriel Byrne beds you know what he said to him in Latin as he shot him in the leg nanus which which means no more fade away to you
any idea what did Lincoln do about slavery go see a play idiot
had it coming we didn’t have it, nobody has it, but he saw it, and he did it
is there a mouse in here
but I thought this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen at a podcast listeners can appreciate this but there’s a there’s a grip on the on the nightstand that you adjust the height of it it’s not it’s usually there’s a twisty thing you don’t see in a twisting motion that, accept it as a man is have to do is 20 nights in a row and I couldn’t be I couldn’t be more excited about that
like a professional like me invented this to a professional Entertainer
let’s get Spencer up here yeah
we’ve been bringing him up earlier and earlier in the show because the fact is Spencer it is the show ya hey how’s it going good here with the merge table by our sales
sales were average to sub part by stuff you guys trying to free up the bus pay sweet we are bus driver almost quit when he saw the amount of merch that we had endeavored to bring him his trip there’s no room for us on the bus there’s just trash bags of shirts that we could we could we could have brought a third of that probably right
so tonight Jeff is it going to be we couldn’t figure out with it work a couple podcast behind in the broadcasting of what we’ve been recording you haven’t yet heard the show and Arlington which is a little Nashville I guess I was a little more kind of rock is kind of sloppy sloppy joe I would say Arlington and we somehow managed to Central civil rights back about 45 years but that’s what we do out here we experiments on the road it was it was it was a funny show but drunk and Rockets won then in Pittsburgh I became very ill I think from shaking everyone’s hands and things that and it’s not on you turn on Rhode Island it’s yeah something’s on them that I that I L L Purell so you don’t get it tonight but the it was emotionally cathartic show Jeff
Hindi became Sally Jesse Raphael and there was it was it was it was deep deep deep deep relationship during D&D brought brought brought the brought the house down but not in the not in the funny Ha-Ha way and in a sad brought it down brought the house down the emotionally and another way and then we wait we ended up the big question is according to Joseph Campbell was last night the meeting with the goddess therefore is tonight the beginning of the troubles
or was last night the end of a road of Trials there for tonight is going to be weightless and carefree and nnml I like a kind of dream Papi meditative experience let’s experiment without first let’s do you have any new age music in there Jeff I have kind of mellow
can we bring the lights down just a little bit
perfect thank you
oh yeah bring it down even more even more even more that’s good that’s good I had in mind what you’re playing but the but I don’t think you have what do you want to go on a cosmic Voyage I’m using all stuff for a movie that unlicensed stuff so I don’t have a hawk Is there anybody in here is there a is there a female vocalist in the room so talented that you think you could kind of Rift just a just a melodic kind of like yeah like I didn’t you kind of just copyright-free and yeah kind of
see I can practically do it you shouldn’t be that intimidated and it ready all right give it a shot you can’t be
your name brings everybody that’s very cool
we see a lot of doctor whose t-shirts that are in our audience that’s why I knew Sports Corner woodwork
and you’re with the idea kind of like a mythical Middle Earth as it is in the nimbly road running through the old Woodland area Arizona smoking elf
close your eyes
drift to Center
how much made on a voyage around the cosmos
your soul is not bound to your corporeal frame
it is rising Rising above the stratosphere
wow what are you doing
where we the stratosphere
body pillows back
growing ever distance from its terrestrial Origins you see Jupiter pass on the right goodbye Jupiter
the Big Planet but not a lot happens there
don’t joke I’m making it up and get what you pay for it then another guy might come in at Save-A-Lot guy would come in and say how much at least 20 bucks I’m imagining I don’t know what’s going on here
floating out here like an asshole Cosmic show must go up on the rent if you understand the difference between spooky things
okay Flex hurry please I forgot your name. It was really rude if people want to know
Ruthie Aslan who edited the community’s best seasonings used she’s a shih tzu young spry little hipster was Chuck Taylors stealing my melody
wish you’re sinking in space now we’ve lost our momentum floating ever downwards through space to the space below space under space
crawl space is a dead chipmunk here
thinking of your Universe 4 years
that’s what that was
grab that chipmunk stupid out in the garbage
I’ll pick up required for that
that they’re under your house for 2 years I could certainly sit in the garbage for 3 days
go back in the house
does a human head in it come back to follow you to your house outside New York and yet so many years later we make a big deal out of him going to Manhattan
I like he’s a killer that hasn’t traveled before he seems to know the transit system if you think I think some of you for two year olds know what I’m talking about Jason Voorhees a real assholes get some consistency at the 13th
I’m sorry
you’re rising up through your own roof sleeping Jason Voorhees behind he can’t get to you anymore you’re going back out to space
see Jupiter again
like maybe Saturday I can’t keep track of can’t remember
there’s Venus all that snow that should have been okay we’re going the wrong way and I’m sorry Apple Maps joke Apple Maps joke you
sorry for deconstructing the Apple Maps joke instead of just giving it to you straight.
there’s the sun definitely went the wrong way
going to the center of the Sun
he can hurt you you have nobody
did you know the center of the sun is actually quite cold
works like a refrigerator
you know you took the back of refrigerator. You can even though it in the inside milk is gold
cold here in the center of the Sun
a glass of milk
this is where you are you will crave less cigarettes
heavy greens and sauces can I give you comfort and I will only make you gain weight you will be more productive at work or positive in your social parents swimming will become easier for you you will grow gills you are now a member of my aquatic super Army
non-smoking sauce hating supervising the managers
let’s swim 900 miles per hour and now go back to Earth with you claim my Birthright
all right thank you Chris
rap rap rap rap rap and Hart rapping in Indiana in the yard rapping to your mama rapping to your dad he’s rapping like a virus in my name is old Patty got a cookie how much it again my dick in the chimney pussy I thought you had dammit
wussy wussy is it
who said that rap battle
is it Gary Busey
I just want to meet you we just
what’s your name Matt Evans all about Raymond shut that you didn’t know rhyme
that’s what makes Eminem a genius
we’ll see if you would know right you see if you have I said I fucked your mama’s Daddy’s I fucked your pussy I made her ass crazy like her name is Gary Busey like people would be impressed by that I would have bought a t-shirt I think you get a t-shirt t-shirt for Gary Busey
Matt Matt Matt what’s your what’s your what’s your find what’s your fondest ambition what’s what what can we what can we somehow given to you in the form of even just fantasy
I think that
if Tori Amos got her old base back oh no she’s been doing plastic surgery and I know I was in love with Tori Amos you know I was to admit it sorry she she just kind of destroyed your nipples are gone it’s very bad to you in the form of like a a smartly improvised scene I’m here in the word pickle I meant like anything else like that you would that you want in life or help save the Earth
JoJo who
I have no idea what you’re sending that you don’t know will there ever be another episode yeah I I don’t know enough to know that I mean I’m just a guy just played the what’s his name you don’t even know I can’t remember his name Ted templeman I play David Lee Roth
well I want Gary Busey to be in the next Star Wars done alright alright man everybody
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no one messes that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes relate to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest Phil married like ever you’re always in good hands
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it is time for the Rebellion Gary Busey’s in Star Wars
did Tori Amos is on planet a Booga flap looking at her face
I want it to be
yes I would probably right in front of the temperature today
the winch comes out of her face and goes up to her after she goes up to the thing on the roof in that there’s a clinic if you get a better face
then at the end of the day that you were back to the DVD menu there that’s why he was let’s go to special features
music teacher at featuring Gary Busey talking behind the scenes but yours is not over
state of mind and it’s merged with what I’ve done to create a shamanic experience of shamanic experience
alright I hope Matt got what he wanted out of that I think the audience
Darth Vader he’s faces down spaces down there under her lightsaber Darth Vader
you’re fucked up
you know that’s very interesting.
I don’t like going to come here and get Trucking high-octane Whose Line Is It Anyway salad drive up here I like to sprinkle a little and bringing a little like a little mainstream like really really tight awesome, do you like that into the show and I feel like we we we we we met we missed you as a resource there Spencer what what does it sound like when
is this doing the thing yeah yeah yeah I can do he can kind of freestyle dungeon master any kind of monster attacking his character description of Spencer he says he’s from things but you’re not entirely sure he might just be one of LA’s crazy people okay
he is he’s a guy who’s famous for like acting like that describes many many people yeah I know you don’t watch any movies I don’t know if your brain free for like all every injury in the monster manual you know what an owl there is you know that you know and I will bear the armor class
nevermind I’ll be right you don’t know in my day Armor class was negative numbers yeah yeah it was her class is 0 in
name a not movie reference or something alright alright employee of a craft store store items in thick bread you smell the whiskey before you see him but rounding the corner is a drunken
he’s holding handfuls of paper stickers that no doubt cost 20 times more what you pay for them
divorced crashed our place
that was a hard one
he started drinking after the divorce
how about Dan Harmon waking up on the tour bus the door creaks open and you can hear several people running for cover
you hear that hot of the sliding privacy curtain and then a thump as a large figure rolls out of bed onto the floor
standing at full height he arranges them self before scratching his belly and moving to the Next Room
that’s all that’s it
we got to bring up the guy that that is dressed as my wizard come on stage
Cayman Cayman R for the for the people listening he’s wearing a blue bathrobe he has a receptor a walking stick when you got there what do you call those wizard staff Ketel One Lie light up Carolina
Terraria Frost blue Kettle one bottle on top of the staff and he’s got two is that a proper are you really drinking Ketel One tonight I figured if I’m going to be drink if I’m going to be dressing up like you I should Larpenteur open
Marvel live-action role-playing relationship troubles out of stage bringing people talking in real time to the people we are LARPing harmontown is LARPing do you live alone your roommates a girlfriend and I live alone and I was actually supposed to come with a girl but she canceled on me so then why would she have gotten I see the irony in which you have understood what the what the purpose of all this is no she was completely on she had no idea what harmontown was is that why she didn’t come through okay what’s your name Grace Grace
today’s minimum notice Grace how ironic
Gracie you out in the world trip over people’s feelings
go go go go go be a bull in a china shop Grace an awful price maybe she’s maybe she’s having a Grace. She’s been she’s been she’s been thriving on one on the part of the universe for how old is she I don’t actually know any three years tonight the irony is that if she had come here you would have avoided that a blimp accident
these cursed Grace with a blind box of saying that’s the talk to the unit timelines work and shit sliding doors stuff
if she want to shoot you guys Facebook together you’re like okay one last ritual before we meet at the comedy attic let’s each send each other photos of what we’re wearing to make sure that we don’t wear the same thing and then she’s sick all of a sudden my ironically though this is the only Periwinkle blue robe I could find was a woman that is that that that’s actually I don’t know how do you hold a hard color to find my vocals watch catalog for a second
a lot of lot of nurseries going up this this part of town this weekend
I kind of got yeah I would just say blue like a navy blue is black is that a kind of color blindness or because you normally hang out in dark environment like I wear a navy blue suit you think it was black that’s why I know this is this is
make sure about that charcoal different from black but charcoal totally black charcoal notes smoke here
damn it seems like a dumb thing to spend your brain on artist red and brown yours is Orange Is Right Minds more red I’d say his has a bit more so pretty red
yours is made out of multiple different colors of material and woven together
I’m calling is it dumb what colors colors Sports most most bands horoscopes other people magic Harry Potter

Harry Potter movie is playing in the hotel room right now kind of in rotation I put on the Harry Potter movie to Aaron and she’s like there’s nine hundred of them and and and they’re all this is the same as I definitely definitely Shadows part part 7 or whatever and I’m like a shirt on how to make a war between wizards look a lot like standing around like I don’t know what what to try but you have to engage in before you get to this point in and where there’s a bunch of wizards fighting a bunch of other wizards but I would think at that point even a six-year-old could make it exciting you know I got to go there’s two armies of wizards now at least for this part we could get a little interesting and I did see a couple giant spiders but they were really buried in the background dum dum movies
so much so much that the movie keeps keeps having you in the ribs and going and how about that buck
I don’t know I didn’t read the book I could waited for the movie I’m not a bad person
I liked it so much I was Jerry Seinfeld what are you doing here
are you going to knock your photos aren’t you
fire on fire
why not
Irish Jerry Seinfeld
you decided that it was over too
just don’t make any sense when you look around and observe them through your Irish eyes
they fall on your head fuck you guys
Scottish or Irish
a potato famine
so dumb
the best offense is Jerry Seinfeld and Irish people
well he’s had years to write stuff down my claim in Cayman Cayman 006 are you Professor Snape from die hard can a sign behind them and then you know without looking at the sign says play
we are old clay and then they engage in this beautiful dance between hero and villain with a little fucking reality spin like cuz he’s done his work is like to hear what the villain are you doing this ballet and you know it’s like Bruce Willis in
Alan Rickman goes shoot shoot shoot Gonzaga Moon.
sound of an accent Hans Hollywood with that accent and then he tries to shoot them like you do
Google Play collection of films great movie plain and simple. Collection
Armageddon in the Criterion Collection fucking weird the rock also in the Criterion Collection starting good yeah there’s a kind of something some Paola going on here
more like cash.
When was some kind of Something Happening Here Right Cayman
indeed, what are you do I’m a scientist actually for real and what field kind of a combination of fields III study planets around other stars and what they need to be able to support life when it said that could sustain life but based on their proximity to the star or what they’re made of and all sorts of other things you confirmed ones that are confirmed possible or we’re actually aren’t having a very hard time finding the 757 whether they’re the size of Jupiter or bigger than I thought we confirm
right now pick 4 Ever well you just go back and look at it with a another nerd telescope to use a telescope so I feel I feel other people’s made out of what I look more at the chemistry end and say if you got this much oxygen in this much other stuff can you make a planet that is habitable right oh and it’s nothing that you think could stay in life
oh I think possibly I would say it would be weird if Earth was the only one we know that liquid water there and just more extreme environments on Earth where life does exist or at least did so it be logical to think it’s possible that right it’s saying what does it take to get to that point and is your your expertise probably stop somewhere short of of my next question which is on these planets that are capable of of that they have a kind of a earth approximate environment and then carbon-based life Springs up on them how kind of inevitable is sentience or is that like a weird flash in the pan to that it would be like really dumb question so it’s more of a biology question
yeah but
then I thought you had a biology degree so we don’t know but there’s this really cool thing called the Drake equation which is sort of a calculation of How likely would sentient life be in one of the parameters is what are the chances of sentience and we don’t know that’s a cool question with our sentience that it’s inevitable even if even if you’re not a person part of my brain even that that of course a planet that lives and breathes and it has life crap up on it of course the final goal is the biological weapon known as going to stop before I brain just realize you’re talking to a guy in a bathrobe so who’s The Crazy Ones you said you were a scientist I guess I could say anything I wanted it to be right there
wait he was in a hotel but that’s my birthday
you are your shoes
women really have like a stalker yet on the tour show and that’s willing to stick around that long and night and it’s long as they have some kind of flu on their hands one of your girlfriends are red hairs have been hanging out your chin like it was kind of weird to me like that what’s the time
just say something next time that this will happen again a lot but just say something that occurred when you did that makes me feel really bad razor blade zipped up my flies one of the hairs of your beard was growing then it’s not your fault it’s not your responsibility is not there you don’t know what to do there talkin live Affleck a phone when they’re left but it’s just like yeah I don’t know there was a guy in Amsterdam that was telling us about windmills and he wasn’t speaking in English he was speaking in that whenever they speak their windmill talk and
and he was just talking and he was all excited about windmills and how they mail things using the wind power and and this little bubble estate came out as rolled over the lip it was just there and I was just so sweet marker whatever they had their talk anyway so I was just focused on this thing and it just popped in my head when I don’t want them to be subjected to that if there’s a hair anything from the age of your forehead and we need rules for that stuff or just maybe a friend comes up and takes a nap and get a big laugh out of it I suppose you care if I ate in a restaurant in that same vacation I was in London at Christmas dinner with Rob driving his wife kicked me and my girlfriend are I have a Little Couples Christmas vacation in your records for fancy and I were in this restaurant in London and little little little bit of a tumult at the entrance and people file in and then there’s wheelchair comes in Stephen Hawking
wow yeah he ate like 9 feet for me but everybody is like trying to take pictures of him that I didn’t want to I want to be like a fly on a turd trap kept saying keep going don’t tell him you created community
he was on the sea
40% chance you might have is a good let’s think first of all thank you Rob but second of all it doesn’t and also like if you were if I were if I were Stephen Hawking and a guy came over and said like like if you came over your scientists I think I am about why you are famous and I teach a class or something if I had a photo on my wall of me posing with you that would be cool like like and then he’d be like you has okay and but but like regular people coming up to him and going like
I know you didn’t paint it black holes but like you don’t really I don’t understand anything he does I don’t understand why why he’s you know I can’t I feel like I’m not allowed to take a picture of them especially cuz he’s in a wheelchair
if you were just a nice like ambulatory due to having dinner which would you have felt comfortable walking up to him then I’m not sure that’s that’s that’s really interesting question cuz part of what makes a part of Stephen Hawking Charisma is okay. He’s he’s all brain School poetic Thing by a little little balloon when I put on the air into one section of it and did they don’t like and like like any keep saying like I fell out of my chair but like the injuries are consistent with somebody falling out of my chair and it is a thing that it may be like kind of a mess and I’m kind of stuff like he he’s having yeah it’s like
Asian like sex might involve just like a broom handle just I can wax you know that you’re an awesome fucking if anyone deserves it
when does Jolly Rogers says a gay pirate over here.
Why add Rogers like is that an Indiana thing in Los Angeles
Jolly Rogers
Jesus made a rap music that was a good so good you don’t even get it until I said I got it
Claire and I was like yeah I fuck it I got it I got it I remember two different I felt like I felt like hitting the 7-10 split hit the thing and then you were like what and there was a delay in the blonde one in the thing I’m missing is this
breakdown rapid Sports Corner Sports Corner introduction or wrap you don’t know if it’s a Schrodinger’s rap is it an intro or a regular wrap you don’t know till the positron collide with the Megatron going to open the box of theoretical thought your mama like your name was hypothetical it’s the same word basically
but your mom like her name was Pythagoras a bunch of mine like she was a Stegosaurus kind of scientific words doesn’t like you
Schrodinger’s rap
I won’t I won’t question what you guys deem worthy of Applause but
I just want
but you disagree with that is that a plus I wouldn’t let me get away that easy as what I’m saying you paid top dollar what were the tickets for twenty bucks I guess pretty good who drove the farthest sometimes that’s an embarrassing thing to answer like some people are proud of that some people are ashamed that I’ve talked to people who drove 6 hours to gigs so we got Louisville Cincinnati Columbus another like how far away I’m in for 5
Benjamin Harmon Nancy
but yeah I think that’s amazing when people trying all that way and then and then sometimes I go to are you staying in a hotel here tonight and they say they know they’re going to drive all the way back and then sometimes I reach out to take their hands when I say you staying with me
and whether it’s a dude or a girl or a boy hopefully both Aaron and I take him back to her hotel room at the Comfort Inn and we put on some Sharday
smoke a Jay
do a little T M Transcendental Meditation
and basically an act that SNL sketch about the guys who like Cointreau okay
all right Cayman what do we do for you what do you want what do I want you to show me to steamroll Powers science basic science bars in town where the graduated cylinder
the Nano shot
the flask okay not really Meyer flask the dock connector shorting a hangover
we equal Jim Beam Square.
that’s not nice that’s carrot with one are from Nashville right
Coyote Ugly
holy crap that was a Mobius strip
the Mobius strip
is that you on her lap
put your hands together for
remember Heisenberg Principle still applies if you touch it it stops being allowed
don’t forget you can get a private lap dance
yeah I know it’s getting getting ready
Singularity alone
alright so what’s the what’s the what’s it we got a scientist type of stage okay
could could science ever well I mean like the predator
who would win in a fight for the predator
science clearly see the predator sound and measure him whether we could fight him or not I don’t know
go to science lab
Dianne Feinstein whale two plus two is four and a boot plus a boot is a shoe, monkey science Cowboy how do you do like to take you back to my Ranch Shaqtin put you on your back give a double slide rule practice book your butt and lick your nuts put a hat on the foot of your bed not much of Raymond happening but I got a big bull crap at noon out in the back with the Carl Sagan shacks and cowboy
outer space is the place for me you got a big green base until TV
line dancing square dancing four lines make a square
lick these nuts
scripture trust your science Cowboys
so long now
science nobody ever understands this when I say this is science is like the blue of the best religion like scientist get offended by that cuz they’re like we’re not a religion and of course religious people don’t want to take the science as a religion do it I mean religion should be like like like like what how how much more religious can you get them trying to figure out how everything works late like everybody joining hands and moving toward the center of the universe and trying to find like like like Corner God if it is either he’s going to be there or nothing will be there in which case nothing is God who cares it’s still awesome like like to just like playing peek-a-boo with like the origins of everything like not let it Escape by calling each other out on everything at the publishing all your findings and being open stores and like kneeling before this altar of these rules that say this is how you figure it out I’ll let you know it like always be careful always be calling yourself out on your own bulshit otherwise someone else will call you out on it and kind of like it’s a beautiful little and they have little outfits in a little white coats
we’re going to go over there is no Cardwell yeah there’s not a Santa Claus God we know that you just proved that like when we dug up a dinosaur phone but like we don’t have to be an asshole just because your mom was wrong more than ever don’t be a dick cuz you could do more people to have her car
look up the bombs that could blow up the whole world is a be a good person like like like like like a ganga’s Khan would do a lot of damage these days
you know
scientist scientist have to like they’re the only ones that can save us I think of it
if they if they adopt a kind of like you know humanistic perspective and go okay look where a group of scientists and we’ve decided like we got to be we got to be cool to one another because no one else has any power nobody’s listening to anybody else cuz the other people that are saying you have to be cool to one another are also hiding rapists play like they’re they’re not they can’t be trusted there weird they saved the Bible the newspaper there like backward
yeah don’t don’t be evil which means you just don’t like hurting other people cuz it’s your species you know like like like that scientific proof protect the DNA we were at we were nearly extinct species and we’ve got to cross her so many times I think this is playing at the trying to kill us forever like a freak we’re we’re we’re like the Harry Potter of species like we were not supposed to be walk around these Big Melons on top of our shoulders like wait wait wait we took we took weird risks to get where we are at is that there’s people that think that’s what makes us a dance at that that that human conflict is is that that’s that’s what propels you know progress maybe that was true for 6000 years and now it has to stop being truant Me Maybe maybe it’s like like like we’re choking on each other or sleeping on top of each other if you want also want to stab somebody it’s like what that’s going to get stabbed
I can’t think when you work when we were tribal and you were walking around and you encountered another tribe yeah maybe the instinct to not all lay down together and have half as many berries maybe that was like a bad idea maybe was important to Slit each other’s throats and whoever picks Barry better look survived that day but we’re in a tour bus now if we figure out a set of rules that we can all have some berries and there’s also too many berries we know how to make the million berries we make fake berries is a whole store every five miles.
just don’t forget Boo-Berry it’s not that kind of dialogue. Just say anything but how we’re supposed to know til you try just to yell at the name of the product is fine I heard Listerine hula hoop was mad at his dad and fine scientist each other and berries you almost look it up
Grandma’s about to be able to conclude each other and the computers are almost smarter than us and it’s coming to a head likely but we got to get her shit together not physically emotionally we going to get our shit together spiritually for lack of a better word that’s an issue with a no-win this next catastrophe happens like what our priorities are about to happen we got it we going to look at a couple days left you three days left
when is the podcast drop I hope you find it in the bottle on dry land I want to be a cult leader let’s let’s live so we’ll work on that as we get back home
oh really ever Indiana’s Jim Jones’s from Indiana
this guy says Jim Jones was a Sunday school teacher at his grandma’s church and I don’t know how is your grandma alive
she just only smoke
Larry Bird has Baby Raper
Greg Kinnear
John Mellencamp I saw that on Wikipedia still lives
not Louisiana Paris France New York a run event Harry Indiana Gary Indiana Gary Indiana
my home sweet home
Chiefs draft picks pick Music Man following her
put in they have to keep up with Oklahoma for mentions in a musical
we got it like that if they let it slip for the interstate there’s like
14th and musical mansions
all right DND time everybody is DNA passed
all right I can we get Aaron up here Erin mcgathy Erin mcgathy also a guy named Bland has some dice for me or not plant however when is it planned to be a l a n d
all right and he has a Pringles can over his dick do people ever call you do people ever call you dumb
do the flavor is even sound like
it was going to get the Jolly Rodger
wow that is a metal ship does he have no idea what’s going on
did we have any songs about the Pringles dick and that we sing in the bus and also the Pringles can
we hunted here that till he’s pretty sure your fly yeah will you probably have like a big dick in the way when you do this
ain’t got a dick I got to take a noodle can
I didn’t put in the can of time that you can do the way she can do a guy come down from the mountains and she can do them and he got over call Jay chicken noodle man you got across the river Jordan Google Play Shoot to the Bowl both of the spoon spoon in your mouth again I get well soon can I get a little better sleep in till noon grab a pot of coffee then headed down from the mountains and chicken noodle can you go away called a chicken do a man you got across the river join the other dates there’s not much else I can do
Trader Joe’s
Bland everybody
give me the gift of a chicken noodle can outside of a Pringles can we have to write a song that fits inside of chicken noodle soup can and then it’s like the Russian nesting dolls but I was just thinking Bland I am so sorry about the either already having occurred or imminent homicide of your parents
play on the 4th your dad’s meaning like you did your dad name for kids blandor
right or the Blanda
and you’re the fourth generation of plans
so that’s how it is a powerful and flavorful that you’re the fourth Bland the pickle ice cream flavors
I tried to
actually this is a really made me burp a lot of Dill flavor you ate some of them in the super stack you can test your taste buds and it’s a deal Pickle ice cream flavor is we going to do Pringles Stix on with Blends and I don’t know all of it but I know some of it people call me Pringles dick but I never really found out why
I don’t really have a Pringles Jake I just keep my dick inside or because it keeps us safe and dry, Gringos dick but I never really found out they found out why
Grand American Tire in the back
it’s weird that he put all the time into making the Pringles dick thing ate the chips I was just doesn’t really know the whole song I don’t know why are you from Fallout
put something in your zipper and pretended it was your dick my dick
I guess I guess the answer is now
alright Spencer catches up to date if you would want to pass this down the characters used to being dispensed when we last met in our heroes came to in the belly of a mythical creature known only as the infinite fish Our Heroes were discovered by a group of seven humans and a half length that form to tribe deep within the bowels of the great beasts meeting with Aaliyah the leader of the fish dwellers the chieftain led the heroes to their Village as a safe-haven nestled between the arterial landscape of the fishes insides it was there that much attention and feelings had a deep but important conversation about their complicated relationship afterwards they headed to one of the villagers stores and bought some ropes potions and syringes full of paralyzing agents they didn’t know how but they knew they had to escape
dope Spencer everybody
so if you work all your in this Village it’s been made out of things that the fish is eaten and yeah you were talking to the chieftain you got some stuff Barbershop you know like Pinocchio style right now
what station what teleports
can you teleport out of the blowhole is it is not a whale to you and you didn’t seem to have a Mastery of it
all right
can I think about the top of this has been efficient okay you can think about the top of it that I think about it all right you’re thinking about it I use the clearing your mind I whip it around me like Alec Baldwin in the shadow it makes a weird noise it did it looks like it’s at a juice for the day you’re at a juice for the day. Kind of caught me off
all right so we have to we have to get you get this whale to to asperges somehow right we we we want to get comped up out of here picking me some of those crystals remember when we got first on board this is tuna fish and you had your healing crystals shattered and it had little crystals that were absorbed in your body you got back at the 40 hit points do you have any of those extra crystals last I had in my crystals you hand in your crystals and do the cripple their battery compartment of rubbing the crystals on the cloak they glow softly but then girl in their grow in dirt all right you can have them back or dumped several the crystals dissolve healing you to full health sorry I accidentally healed myself yep
what if we ask them if we could set their homes on fire
go on
obviously take them with us and we we made maybe if we set their homes on fire the fish would put us out or just burn up we’d all die or do you just want to start setting fires
consult with the leader of the fish dwellers the fish dwellers I heard you talking about things or architecture in your house and second late can we set it on fire I don’t hate fire but I know you know you said that you’ve been here for a long time I don’t know how passionate you are about leaving but we certainly are maybe we can work together set your home on fire and we can all leave maybe maybe the mouth will just open the official open its mouth we can all leave I’ll see you at great
will you see stories tell of my grandpappy the first three ships that sailed through here we did indeed light on fire hoping that would work but it seems the Beast insides are quite resistant to heat a little Notepad
what is that word on your paper what does that say, I don’t know I draw the pictures of people
all right so that’s a good idea more likely you’re going with that one but sounds like a good idea if you want to go let’s go down and look great idea you know hurting at it’s like if this thing is like floating through the air and then you heard it like where they go instead of fishes gag reflexes worth uvula is that
I lead a soft in the direction of the the esophageal part of the fish Aaliyah says you can go fish West to its primary digestive tract you can go fish that but no one ever goes Fish South
because everyone who ever gone that way as a dead perished when others maintained that he never existed so I mean either way

so we can make him sneeze or gag or we can punch a hole through them or we can go get go get pooped out the infinite face but then we’re going to be floating out in the sky right maybe maybe not so do okay but and we don’t want that so hypothetically we want a ship to fly inside the fish when we get on the fish on the ship he thought you wanted a ship can I use portable hole to do what to do to fall through it it doesn’t like put a hole in a wall appear so like in the pit and wouldn’t take you to the other side of you go into them are you able to pull them down into the like pulling into itself like he’d probably turn inside out and explode or something I don’t know
you see a person purple pulsating sphincter to the South
it seems tiny but you might be able to squeeze through can can you say that 10 times fast
I’ll go first
stop around you okay I have her about all the I’ll tie it around work so I’m trying not to my way back one tug is it means good to go
Morse code for the song but beat to a song that means I don’t come in here.
Jake Yang don’t come in today or you’re going to be like all right
cast of Sister
OK Google
yeah okay right okay so we got friendly around my midsection and squeezed through the purple pulsating pain is muscular action sex you and you find yourself in a narrow red passageway that looks over a lake of acid on the far wall you can see a similar outcropping am I safe from standing you’re safe where you’re standing now no no didn’t you hear the last two Yanks
I mean that that that means he’s probably perfectly safe not standing over an outcropping of acid so we’ll keep our end of the bargain and follow him
it really quick before we go into the saying I have to tell you that I know last night was pretty heavy but I love you and I love you forever I don’t care what happens
I know
I give her a passionate kiss or at least one that it’s so that it’s taking so long to do that it’s passionate yeah Yang Yang Yang Yang but you guys not ask Google Ok Google Google
I I proceed all right
on the far wall you see a similar purple persik pulsating sphincter a few giant wasp live around the room is the circling loose logical analog is breaking down for me there’s two yeah so it’s acid so I think we’re probably infinite fish beings being an infinitely big almost organism probably just has more like big lakes of acid the kind of breakdown things in different states but if you could fly above that you wouldn’t dissolve
yep I Fly Above It I use my teleportation oh wait you said slowly lower myself into the acid
I wouldn’t like to break my neck on impact or anything
Maureen’s arrows and tie the rope to it and say they shoot the arrow into the firewall of a climb across it like a rope bridge style
you shoot an arrow at the Flies across the room but much like the court of your microphone was just fell on the floor the Rope disengages itself doesn’t cross the chasm I need to talk to you about one of my spells yeah don’t they have tenser’s floating disk panzers floating disk yes and I can send them across they can get on it but I feel like there’s a weight limit I think it’s like a small Cork and cork over you’re not so sure whether you can do you can you put me in a frisbee
yeah I have like I think uptention floating disk cuz I got away tickets like a floating hover slide so I can put equipment on it okay to standard weight for a woman just a hundred
yeah reduce person
if I reduce the beverages mo’reen can Will sheet will the weight limit of the of herb will sheet plus cork be under the weight limit of tenser’s floating disk I’m just going to say yes okay alright I guess produce person on mulray desk but the two of them on the cookie all right your maneuver works there on the other side
For Less in Brooklyn can I can I can I scream out this is for both of us
but I don’t think I can can I get on my own floating desk yeah yeah, I’m sure I am kind of unsure I’m just rolling with it
slowly it hovers across
you picked the attention of the flying wasp
are you using the dice the guy gave you I am and it’s not boding well
thanks Bland to the wasp stings you managed to deflect one of the blows but the brakes here in the shoulder
you feel stinging pain is 7 damage enters you
it messes it flies into the wall you just made out with this guy now I just watch him get his ass kicked by a
as a woman I’m just saying about babies and doilies
I I fired last I fire one
Arrow like a regular Arrow
you hit it yeah
brighten the wing the wing falls off of its body corrine’s in the lake of acid
alright your your eccentric movement continues all right
you get to the farm outcropping
the other wasp is drowning lazily around he knows better than to mess with my recommend
we talked whether she’s in a haircut.
okay it’s a bad semester
come in. I’m in I’m in terrible Danger
just kidding
Southern game
I’ve been conditioned before you got up here there was hair hanging everyone we’re doing all right so I’m in terrible danger you climb into the sphincter and immediately feel embraced by powerful muscular action Sharpie and more and it goes through being pushed through the fleshy opening with insane speed you feel like you’re falling then being pulled upwards and all around and suddenly you’re falling again so we’re not feeling any signals is he fine I pull on the Rope comes out to another arrow okay I fire the arrow right on the rim of the Spencer
all right you miss you get in if you’d like
I thought I had to let go
my chicken noodle can’t phone if I am holding them in my hand and I say to Sharpie
but it won’t because I have Arrows with my he didn’t have any arrows what do you mean
and they didn’t have a if it’s a bad idea we can swim either following or forget we ever knew him
well then let’s let’s let’s follow him let’s let’s double binder fees just to be wondering if I drink it just as I go in give this thing the the biggest dude
a random thing to do but
I charge headlong into the sphincter as I drink a potion of enlarge person alright you to get sucked into the sphincter
you are you travel around in it as you get larger and larger it it doesn’t seem to affect the speed of the esophageal ascendance you too soon or falling and on a fleshy outcropping on the side of a big red pit below you you could see the ship you crashed here on there to you just before you get judgmental you might want to realize you’re going to be around us for a while we just we just came full circle that’s our ship down there
oh wait we just wasted a bunch of time on the small ledge is a small campfire as well as a green tent
which one who’s on with this Latin you guys are both over both on it all right let’s go up to the green tent
all right I haven’t I knock on the flap it doesn’t sound like much but you hear the rustling and shaking of something exiting the 10th
what you look like going out climbs a tall thin elf with long blond hair he’s wearing stained red leather clothes and other side is a magnificent long sword with a pristine golden blade
how old do I am Prince of Allison’s of the valise and fiefdom
what brings you to my outcropping
but we just went through some bad so we were trying to get poops out of a fish will you were closed so you got poop somewhere just to just to my little Camp how’s it going what do you want to do want a sandwich
what’s it made of fish innards I don’t know much about navigation although what I do know is swordmaster. I am a swordmaster and I’m master all sore the damage to their insides muscular action tends to close the wounds ceiling any pathway out you’d have to do something pretty dangerous to some of the vital organs knock this thing out there but if we knock this thing out of the air don’t we all die anyway maybe I mean that’s all up to you what if it like vomits you into like a cushion plane
the plane of Eternal cushioning or a long or something like that I’m not much of an infinite fish biologist by any means but yeah I’m good swords like okay OK check this out
shooting arrow all right I shoot one Arrow as it descends towards the Earth in a single fluid motion strikes with his blade although he’s a good thirty feet off you can see the aerobraking to happen falling to pieces as it’s a huge mass of nice not realistic
all right we need to take this guy on a journey after the organs and use his sword to destroy the heart of this thing probably ready to get fire sword abilities yes I love Allison kingdom was pretty shity inside a fish yeah it’s like their sandwiches
if you come with us you’ll have sandwiches that aren’t made of fish innards what else do you put in a sandwich how long have you been here
I mean we just ate fish sandwiches to that was the typical there’s a whole world out there
and I mean fuck you you don’t have to put a sandwich believe me I have my share of portable holes
best portable hold no had never existed in this universe
I can make my own pretty stationary well I guess the conversation cuz you said you’d like to help us but you want to stay but all I do is go back for you that you would know that. That was that was that you value that we might be able to bribe you with do you do you have any weapons or I have a couple swords yeah I haven’t I have an emerald tiger yeah I have a sense of adventure be happy to help us I’d be happy to help you with any sword related problems or you know sword related expert have a great flaming swords pretty cool do you do you know play sword fight did you guys leave you heard the new like broadsword monthly
but yeah I mean you seem pretty cool let’s talk let’s go how do I get down but you got to get up featherfall
can I cancel Honda to see another people everybody that’s going to take up most of your spells you’re going to need some rest after this but you gently float to the pit the bottom of it here back where you started back where we started what a great adventure
no we’re not where is Charlie’s now we got a guy with super fire sword Powers he’s going to help us kick ass I know that’s the point of a storage fuuuu going a little Cycles yeah I wasn’t I wasn’t being derogatory when I said back where we started out good. What do you feel like you started the show speaking of Cycles wondering where we were in the Joseph I don’t know Ken belly and think it’s pretty easy to easy for $20 right like some people that I drove 6 hours why was for $20 validation so that I can know that I gave them their $20 worth $20 though
they gave the bigger the club $20 but I’m saying like I I just I don’t want to cheat them I don’t want them to call the Better Business Bureau I want to bug some mamas
effects of Mama’s okay I think they’re saying that if I do some rapping if I do some freestyle rapping then I’ll make their ticket price worthwhile all right, let’s try to do it do we have any Rihanna’s in the audience any Dido’s and Ruth right there is the very least I didn’t mean that
the phrase at the very least was not appropriate I just met because you already we aren’t we
there’s a refrain I guess I do have terrible awesome freestyle rapping
and then there’s a chorus that’s like sort of a it’s just you singing like a the lyrics are
turn that frown upside down. He is yellow brown trial run with the first verse could be better motherfuker could be worse put some chicken on my dick and some Pringles inside fuck your mama tell I thought she was twice as wide I said the same words before and you bring the same words that you did before before rhymes with before it doesn’t matter it’s a first verse in it it doesn’t matter sing
turn down
we all forgot yellow poop is brown,
fuck your mama so hard she didn’t know where to go I made an internal compass in their inner ears been around so she was like a bird that its experience and eaten so many worms stomach down in your mama’s so stupid I can’t believe it
you better better Villalobos baseball practice
what’s your name Kyle yeah I like to fuck his mama for a while
it is in fact your mama’s so hard she started falling apart Kyle’s mom has then I was going to go since that I would do that so far
come on down.
What’s your name Brian is the man fuck his mama hard like she needed an oil can she’s the only one I can read
I’m trying to work the crowd rap at the same time and it’s harder than I thought it would be more don’t reach what’s your name
just wrapping working the crowd at the end of the cord what’s your name Brad Brad doesn’t talk to his mom and all of her closet so what’s your name David David know it’s not your mama but on second thought Steve it’s Mama changing my house just the other day fucked her on the scale says bitch now you pay what you weigh 400 times affect her so hard she had little crimes of residue from being grouchy is yellow Google is what happens when your name is Eric and you do for a living
that’s the truth
best cell phones for Verizon is so hard she’s trying to get surprising results from Canada Niagara Falls I thought your mama I thought your mama
Jennifer outside microphones do you use me in a little boo boo
he’s up on the mic singing songs I thought your mama so hard I didn’t do it too long I only had to do it shortly cuz I didn’t hard I thought your mom would like my penis was a little shark
new words I keep driving the same words with the same words we got to think of new stuff or I got to stop rapping that you requested it but it’s really starting to be crapping out I’m sorry Indiana I bought your mama like her name was Brianna
it might as well have been because who cares what her name was why do you think someone like their name was something that’s a stupid idea it’s a great state and you deserve much better than Indiana’s Mama the other day
bubble bottom gay
you do talk to your mom about the end of the house I’m about to put your hat on your dick and your balls and butt affect your mama like he had a pussy and up but I thought your mama and her nothing her balls and suck your titties in the barrel Niagara Falls and your mama in the North and the South in the face in the nose and she was a save feature on VH1 with Gary Busey I thought your mama on the carpet in the rug I thought you was a bug
did you do it that you’re learning but I can give you a hug I put it
meet itself a milkshake set woman quit your bitchin got working today I don’t need to come home to hear the other way I want to watch the sandwich
Vapor coming to Hermantown everybody Indiana thank you Ruth
thank you Indiana you’ve been fined for giving
former times for Erin mcgathy thanks Ruthie transfer Crittenden
Jared Lorenzen Play here’s a comedy on it thank you so much man in the rubble and the guy with the mayor Dan Harmon ever thought it
I can see all the other and check out the other stuff they have 12 people it looks like thank you so much for coming up thank you
bonus track bonus track ocean people
there their they’re at it again
I’ve had it up to here
how much how much black or are they going to get
gotten out of control
I I am a great
and I’ve had it
black people
Chris Brown Magic
back pain
nickel creatures
bug and expands in the size of a boat that you, tug boat
the nature of your mama so hard I could have sworn
bonus track of bonus track what do you want you would did you think it was going to be a Criterion
a little racism in a shity rap that’s what you get on your bonus track
bonus bonus track bonus track
knowing that not only okay that that you hear on iTunes then that thing about black people in that shity rap where I couldn’t ride nature that was like a teacher I mean 2020 quarterbacks
Monday morning
secret deep cut another line here
deep cut secret track bonus Rift
too drunk can’t do it singing a song
call Deanna
that would look real good and I chop out the wood and it brought me inside for soup taste good
damn good soup
I thought your mama
when I started to make a little baby tiny version of me and it’s draw sustenance from the wallet and season is eating food that your mama takes in
she hops then it’s going to be the baby’s going to be deformed. Don’t let her do that I’m not going to be around I’m a traveler Entertainer but if your mama fucks up that baby I put in her I’ll be back with the
and I’ll take him to take her to court and then I’ll I’ll take that baby away
wood mansion
I don’t have coconut system until it’s 17th and I don’t think that’s normal and then replace it with
and then when I go broke at 6
your mom is gay
I don’t know just be wandering around out there like Andy Dick
just wondering
merchandise that’s what it what happened to me I got a rental truck
laying in the street I mean I guess it’s worse in Lebanon but shit
sorry for bugging you.
I hope she gives me a son they’re better than women
even though women are better at swimming men are better at running at the Capitol Buildings in den den den den den den den den den making guns
worst this is the worst thing I’ve ever done it’s a bonus
something that only you guys get
but it’s for starburns Industries type of the month club Torrey the lights made by some of the most funky and creative artists around featuring do you know Natalie palamedes Alan Resnick and Dina kelberman Dynasty handbag Lance bangs DJ douggpound open mike eagle and on and on subscribe now $13 get you a crisp you need tape in the mail each month for $20 you owe me take a portable cassette player so you can listen to your tapes on the go here’s how to order for credit card customers please call 747-888-0945 that’s 747-888-0945 or save c o d charges and log on to the world
Wide Web at d. R i p s vipress it’s a good deal let’s say I was on an island and he was blowing Boris Karloff something like this
I loved you and Frankenstein and I love giving you a blowjob
Mister song


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