Episode: 56 – Language is Thought and Spiders are Black People


Episode: 56 – Language is Thought and Spiders are Black People


An all around provocapalooza surrounding language, race, religion, science, bugs, moms and fake dinosaurs. In D&D, the characters awake in Ye Olde Arena Milieu.


hello everybody Happy Mother’s Day welcome to Hermantown
happy birthday once again harmontown is in session I’m back yesterday with your comptroller won’t you please come to the stage the mayor of harmontown
Happy Mother’s Day no more wire hangers you guys
we watch Mommy Dearest at today at in bed Aaron and I did and it wasn’t just happen to be watching my video It’s A Mother’s Day but I need a house with a really good but that was like when I was a kid I would and I remember you know America was fascinated with that movie my mom really liked that movie she was into it she quoted a lot we should joke like no more wire hangers like when she would find herself getting hysterical at Sheetz Sheetz sell Fat Face by saying stuff like that but also from the movie and I was like did she get the idea from the movie or was she or did the movie make her feel better by then I was like oh I didn’t use a whole can of comet cleanser
I just I just wanted to clean the bathroom a little bit I don’t know happy Mother’s Day my mom I called my mom today as you all did and did you tell anybody not call their mom you aren’t making The Jug The Goldberg was making he called out yeah we did to call my mom get it he fuck my mom okay
payback experiments that shirt know you was talking to his mom at the long time now I called her and she loves season for a community she love you
she’s very happy with it just seems she was quoting episodes she’s got us all sorry sorry
and I just laughed about it I was like you’re sorry about that I don’t understand so it registers in your brain that there’s that that that’s an issue socially but you just you just cuckoo clock for 10 minutes how about a thing on speaker phone cuz my dad was in the room so she did a classic Harman move like what what I don’t understand what you’re saying and I was like nevermind what was your question to that question was not in a year
have you watched season 4 do you watch it no no I have it I just for my first selfish reasons and for altruistic reasons and just philosophical reasons why I still haven’t watched it it’s like up the season pass Game of Thrones night like tonight we could go there in a few little folder that says community and I go home like it’s like looking at Instagram you know your ex girlfriend out there I think that restaurant
we’re weird relationship not allowed to complain about cuz I make him sound like a rich douche my mom loves season for a community the other items were there’s a I have a black widow infestation in my backyard
no you let you let them off the hook now they don’t feel bad about not having a bad you guys stay in your apartments backyards are black widows Aaron was in the backyard she moved a ceramic pot or a rabbit or something and then a a black widow spider like from the movies crawled across her hand and she she killed it and then found like it’s exact inside the ceramic rabbit and they’re all over a garage to Christopher Walken in Deer Hunter stop whatever you’re doing.
I’m building a tree stump like in Flash Gordon in our front yard so she can just put scorpions in and reach into it every day rattlesnakes unless you live anywhere with no on the trees ya don’t touch a bush
my I can’t I came to California with that knowledge just from Time Life books about spiders I was I was a big spider guy when I was a kid I love spiders I would I would I would go out behind the garage in Wisconsin I would I would I would play with bugs I love bugs I was fascinated with them I probably would have been an entomologist are something or an arachnid opiates and I would just play with spiders and bugs and stuff so much so that my might one of my aunt’s for Christmas gave me this big colorful book for adults about spiders because there was something I was really into and I read the book it was just a scientific book about the world’s most poisonous spiders and I remember reading like descriptions of like I said I think the black widow I think it was a black widow it said something like a butt
but but it’s reflexes are so fast that it could get controversial the length of a broomstick and a human arm faster than the human ability to drop the stick or something like that like purposely like using a measurement to terrify you. It will it will be in your ear eating your brain before you can’t it say there’s a spider in my ear eating my brain Live and Let Live policy with an ugly bugs and stuff like that I don’t like ants you know how much a bunch of ants in their place if I see one and that the Scout and so I do that that guy whacked that and so I make sure that he didn’t go back and tell the tale about to head in a microscopic Pike
I always I always leave I always kill one when there’s another one watching and then I look at the other one and I say it doesn’t work tell your friends if nothing else we can eat Kevin cuz they’re insects in their dreams by my aunt’s sleep naked and I woke up and there was a sound of what I thought was a moth have gone into my ear I was laying on my left side and that ends in something that sounded like a one-man band was in my brain and it was negative running around the room screaming she’s laughing but I hear it
who’s that loud and it’s freaking out and I’m trying to like it hit my head and get it out and I’m punching myself in the air and it was so loud and it was a non stop beating on my on my eardrum and I said I punched myself in the head as hard as I can bathing myself and I’m going to hear
which I think was his heart
I just I just like Dave’s didn’t spend it for a while and then it starts going again and every time I try to do she like she goes at the light on but I have to turn my head up to the light which makes it the feeling of gravity is going to bring it for my brain I don’t want to do that that’s not working so late around that way if it happens if a bug report alcohol in there like knock it out get a drunk fuck it up and then at least it did the insanity. But I’m just losing my mind and punching myself and he take me to meet us out and tries to get in at long last a long time ago in the in the bathroom middle of the night if you don’t have to like all the insane by the time I get to the hospital I seriously will lose my mind it was freaking me out and the noise was so loud and now its gets its scrambling and I feel the sensation of burrowing in it’s going the wrong way
descended from a hundreds of generations of spiders that survived the humanity that she gets my head up this way to the light for the arrow pointing up and she puts the tweeters down my ear and manages to get halfway into my brain and pulls out a spider the size of a nickel
and worth every penny
end and it flies out and we both screamed because it quite a while but it’s pretty pretty scary looking and it hits the ground running and so I Barefoot and stamp on it with a size 13 and 1/2 Barefoot and I lift up my foot and it goes I just read it off at
they’re at Jays and they’re of Jade going to bring her out here
it looks like a barn so it just fell down my ear and you listen to be eat lots of bugs in her sleep and don’t know it but finally managed to kill it and then for the rest of the time we dated when she kept putting fake spiders in the bed but
I believe the word is asshole and
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the theme to like to my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like you’re always in good hands
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all right but I’ve got
all right my mom lives season 4 where infested with black widows we’re going to have a guy come take care of it that’s why I sound like I’m going to call the Black Widow guy I don’t know who he is Harvey Keitel going to pull up in a Ferrari
and you know my animated shows going to take till December for you guys to get to see him very excited that’s another thing I’m complaining about
people keep spreading rumors about me going back to season 5 of community complaining about that and that and that navigation system in my pre-op and blue flags everywhere that’s the worst you know what I’m talking about anybody with a Toyota or Alexis I think has been going to do that are you you’re always on your way somewhere on your dropping these blue turds all over I’m going to get a little go home from work now to take pills I don’t want to go to Blue Flags you like so much you loved it you put a blue flag there no Nicole
call my call my car Nicole
I’m not going to call Kidman characters I create a community is like I don’t know what my friend’s name is because we reached out through private channels not that they ever reached out through Anniston public once they were Studios work is it there in the business of getting their show syndicated and I think that in the days before they were sure that that that Community would get that very important next 13 episodes which to them all it represents is just the number 13 it doesn’t they don’t care if there’s any of those 13 or good or bad they just needed those thirteen so that they could not get fired by the but machines that make the money
from those 97 episodes it’ll it’ll be very lucrative for me as well we’re all very happy everyone except the people that never made any money and who got tattoos of David on their side we’re all thrilled to Pieces about this episode on back before it happened when they were in the position of guy what can we do to make sure this happens they in their misguided I do bottom line Minds were thinking what let’s sweeten the kitty look like maybe we can tell and B C Daniel come back and that way there’ll be all kinds of press and that That’s how little they care That’s how little shame they don’t have them that wouldn’t be winning or losing they don’t think of it they don’t care so they did that and I think that in the ensuing weeks during which time and Missy finally managed to pick up the show so it doesn’t matter you know someone’s assistant probably told someone to assistant 2 to send someone a friend over drinks is that that that that conversation happened for a second and and resulted in maybe a deadline Artica
which resulted in a bunch of other press about it but I don’t think you going back I don’t think it’s a question that I would even have a yes or no answer. I don’t think that that that is a choice that I have I haven’t read this article for perpetuating this mess right now but yes I don’t know I’m I’m participating where’s my clicks
which app is not on the show anymore we got to get him here while he’s at Chevy Chase wants to harmontown like everything is complicated
I’m going to be fun I’m saying it’s like it’s like it’s like going to play paintball it hurts you see it but I mean I don’t got it like I said you know you know I’ve got to call him he calls me sometimes a little while the concept is funny on paper but you know what a Skype I’m going to get a screen up in like two little via satellite thing
yeah he seems pretty text Abby
escaping me right now is I can’t figure out how to how to filter it right he can he’s like he doesn’t want a PHP programming and it is Spirit anyways the so I just wanted to address that because people to meet me in and then I thought maybe that would be fun worth your $10 alone to come out and hear me say out loud all right so I think that ends the I had stuff to talk about segments hi son Arrested Development poster outside meltdown I got really excited cuz we was cool for a bit
maybe a little cameo in one of those episodes by a certain fat alcoholic close to your hearts may or may not have gone out and visited that set as I had to edit out the hole for anyone that wasn’t here when I when I described me being on the set of a Terrence Malick movie with with what’s-his-name Batman in it Christian Bale Batman I was I was very surprised I’m weird but they’re going back to a kind of like classic field I was I was I was I told the story about going and being on the set of a Terrence Malick movie with Christian Bale and then I had to edit the whole thing out for the very specific reason that as Aaron pointed out to me on the way home I got to be okay for me to say that I got to do that and how how how cool it was it’s not okay for me to reveal absolutely anything about the film itself which I did in the process of
I’m at the movie so I had a lifted the whole thing out but that is the only thing that the only thing that’s left is that I get to say I did this thing who cares it’s like hearing someone talk about a slot machine in Vegas amazing I was up a little ways down who the fuck the fuck yourself who cares
I like when people tell you about their Dungeons & Dragons characters
is Make-Believe
while you were gone Bill poisoned us cookies
today in the bonfire you had left over and settle settle a bet Spencer said you were busy but nine deviance guy in The Stranger burying he was he was he was our old friend did you call a supplier or was it was a neglect on your part if you leave it out too long or that was at like
are you blaming us now
or we all made it it was very emotional take away from all that sounded like
shut down but then when I heard everybody applauding and yeah yeah I could not hear that go really that’s kind of weird less now that none of it is it’s like I’ve already worrying about other what other people think like I have caused as a kind of like weird the same thing is when you’re running a marathon and those drugs pledge your body that let you don’t let you know that your muscles are shredded and that you’re in pain and stuff like that it makes you kind of death of an insensitive the things that you can add your own little bottle in your head I think that’s what happened to you or or it was the fungus you may have poisoned yourself
my brain made me bring it
after after the show I crawl up on the fire escape to get Goose close to possible the Sun and then it’ll leave comes out of my head
that is the worst at the coolest fungus of all the one that makes Aunt brains go crazy and makes them climb a tree that’s just terrifying about Dad is is this that there was a day before that fungus existed and then there was a day how do I was Wednesday and maybe 6000 BC we don’t know I mean but but but but but that fungus-like like from the ants perspective like Wednesday’s was fine and then Thursday like you know Nathaniel was going on and then late because it what I don’t know I made sure there was lots of trial-and-error the fungus fungus in a lots of answers brains but I’m up and then that fungus didn’t survive but that’s the fungus that specific that I got in there
I don’t know Jeff I don’t think that’s too complicated for random mutation I’m I’m converting to intelligent design me and Ben’s Diner going to go Retreat I’ve had it have you seen the human eyeball it is complex
I give up no more science
human I would do that but you and I I think he is a trailer for walked around and it and I think the implication was that yeah he was she was doing the Religulous thing but but
saying God existed who cares on either on either side who cares about softball. Looks like it’s so dumb such a dumb argument who cares if you want to just being a dick about it like in and being at a fundamentalist in being just a tool like I think he is he’s knocking on my door and and something a book called not the Bible and although he does seem like a terrible guy anyway yeah I advertised for it with a big smile on your face and hanging out and then let me go God damn it I love that guy how can I be more like him let me sneak into your underwear drawer and find your Bible and at because I need to know how to be as happy as you walk around scowling and I don’t want to know what you what you put in your drink at night
can I get my own problems that the problem is that everybody thinks that that that everyone’s codependent everyone insist that only if and when every one of the world does exactly the same thing while all our problems we saw that had so people justify simultaneously being completely unhappy and being totally passionate about some point of view if everyone just would attend your own garden is it said it because that way you’re not that people could just counter your argument by going well then why are you such a miserable sack and I think that’s why people are into politics it’s not it’s not it’s not really because they care that much it’s because it justifies being a miserable and Evangelical piece of shit so I will take it without being a hypocrite I think the appeal of politics is that you can pretend that your point of view is important even though it clearly isn’t to you
change everything to change the voice of that you know that that time and a movement they think and he gets up is a guy just kind of seems like you’re yelling me me me I can call about the eye is like it’s all just you just saying your name out loud at some point the sixties you know when everybody was goofing around Abbie Hoffman dad did a thing where he got up and like he just said he said this whole speech and we was Jerry Partners like I could tell you guys loved the speech but I got a guy feel bad taking credit for it was actually written by Adolf Hitler
in 1935 I just give you a speech from Hitler
did you change the TV to change some words can be translated into English but I’m sure it was Hitler’s broke he didn’t say let’s kill 6 million Jews otherwise that would that would be you know that roulette wheel would have come up double zero at a certain point. Come on tomorrow
most of the time he was saying a very similar stuff to every politician you’ve ever heard in your life which is we’re so fucking amazing we’re going to be amazing from now on we haven’t been amazing in the past but now we’re going to be really amazing tomorrow and it’s going to be because we’re strong and we’re together and words that mean absolutely nothing in a world where we then team up on specific words like retarded and the n-word and go okay let’s get rid of these words because these things are like Abracadabra if I say retarded enough in the wrong way the retarded people are going to they’re going to be even more retarded if we eliminate the word retardation will go away because they’re amazing people and end with language that this that’s the real handicap meanwhile people who say words at that have no meaning at all are actually actively oppressing people and risen causing things that result in people being physically hurt and and they get away with it because their words are porridge instead
having any flavor or it could be good I’m not saying it shouldn’t be synonymous with lack of flavor it gets a bum rap because the famous porridge from Oliver Twist and Betty Bears story with a higher profile than good for it there’s not enough for a defamation League of some kind of bean stalk Andy find golden porridge I think it has to do with anybody over here and tell me what it was like a nice bowl of cream of wheat
like the way putting is just dessert in in in in England like like putting just move dessert basically just like a bull a hot
cereal cereal wheat grain or human had served in or not served in a bowl or on a platform for breakfast or to send a message to the enemy
or anything in between
grills worse than bad forage
Homeland Security foreign color coded scale alright well let’s do it let’s let’s talk about if you if you if they ask you and let’s say they gave you the Keys of the Kingdom I own professional Storyteller and that’s an amazing third act so I yeah I would definitely I’m not I would not be closed to that amazing story not fair I get to be happy they haven’t asked that as bad as my luxuries you fantasized
response to my agent would like when you guys figure out a yes or no question to ask me all together as one collection of Suits I will then have a question to answer I’ll be goddamned if I’m going to but I was a nerd in high school I know how I was supposed to go bitch I don’t know who you think you are but the voice is doing real good we don’t need your ass I don’t know
do is sit there and talk about I’ll send you our
the drama club at work work clothes we going to Rocky Horror together
the meaningful relationships don’t care how popular you are I do a little bit it was fun
do you remember you you still retain popularity because you are still attached to that to that show but do you miss the kind of day today popularity of like substance instead of the kind of day today like talking about you know I miss the actual like short term let’s put on a show every week how did you feel about that here’s your reaction you know the the the the building and building and building of that drum circle of fans getting that that that Beast getting fed and then responding to it with creations of their own I’m not blowing smoke I got to do what I miss is the actual content and the creation of it and the response to it and then and then that fire burning I don’t miss the byproduct of it which was like people talking about me which inevitably would always result in people saying I was fat or psycho or something like that with that Amber
the matter but what I miss is the fire what a metaphor go fuck yourself
have another drink you Black Widow covered Dragon Joan Crawford eyebrow painting cream-faced nowhere Hangar 11 + 11 + 11 bitch there was just one black guy that movie to stand up and really give it to her then there’s that there’s so many times in the movie with a daughter pause outside the house before going back in one more time from one more cut you know Convent Academy whatever I actually just realized I didn’t you needed like one black guy that don’t go in there. And she keep telling you I’m almost certain no black person ever saw him on me during those black people are as synonymous with experience in life and instead of perceptions that they’re completely objectified subset of humanity we all know that all right
I’m being sarcastic your silence Disturbed May sometimes
hi I got the message from the survey last week half of you think I’m racist and the end of majority of you are the jury’s out so we can spend turn to mail up here and
by the way you do the headline on Deadline tomorrow is going to be.
desire to return
I don’t feel sorry for myself for a second at all obviously I’m a lot lots of money in and I’m an amazing person and I’m going to live till ninety Diana bed of money with six dogs licking my nipples and
yeah the whole American dream in black widows
little tiny black widow heads like a big game hunter a little little
I like Roosevelt I got go out with a monocle and an elephant gun stick across your arm classes you can react but I hate weather
I think they were mostly 8 leggers you you’d be the kind of guy I would never be invited back to the
where you at you and you would end up in a mysterious skeet shooting accident on religion and Islam beliefs my sect of Islam at some point in history that was a spider like a good guy was hiding from the bad guys and the spider mite a web behind the bad guy so in my sect of Islam spiders you can’t kill them like so they are all over the place it’s not religious in Western Society but it’s bad luck to kill a spider eat bugs it’s interesting that it gets like all like turned around like it’s weird like spiderwebs you couldn’t you couldn’t do anything like that to step on a brown recluse or something like that I’ve noticed there’s a lot less mention of how much bad luck it is to kill spiders in Wisconsin
alright sometimes I don’t know how I can get up in the morning
it’s not how you get up and talking to go to sleep at night
who do you think I’m putting all the black widows in your garage door amongst a nest of very well respected Arthropods do not deserve the rap the guy from spiders pierce the human skin with oh yes I crawl in your hand and nothing’s ever going to happen cuz it’s at the Brontosaurus of spider looking things it’s never going to explain his ridiculous isn’t it maybe would eat like a giant leg is it found one in the mail if it’s if it’s going to be so frustrated you do brontosauruses don’t exist that was a that was a hoax
she said they got Pluto sneezes a lot a lot of snot on kids that I am only one is hilarious
wait until there were two paleontologist I forget the exact doesn’t like the sixties or something we’re like fighting each other they had like they were all like traveling all over the world to discover new dinosaur that has a big like a fascinating it really is calling the new species and he totally one and the other guy has the wind blew during the Brontosaurus is he died with the belts he he died Champion puppies licking his nipples but the winner knew you was cheating he died he was a fraud the world and probably that probably died happy probably slept like a baby
Christ to resurrect him just to slap him in the face for the damage that what does in the science versus religion Wars coloring book teaching children the dinosaurs didn’t exist that bones were buried by the devil and the people that made spacelab in the seventies so that we could dig them up in the eighties and pretend there were the dinosaurs that in school that was like when was the earth created it says six thousand years did humans and dinosaurs live together yes like it’s all it’s all like super creationist came out like three four days ago it’s on Tumblr Tumblr
don’t even have a chance that’s not politics that’s just ignorance.
Yeah well that’s why you saying the town hall is crying out yes that is that that is the kick in The Shins to which they’re reacting I absolutely understand that and I do like like like like you know obviously if there was a big Rumble I’m not going to you know I’m not going to bring a bike chain to the Christian side of it like like if if we know that people are kind of dumb then and we and we know that what kind of motivates them is like anger at smart people like like what good is like a bunch of smart people stepping on their face going to do I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know if we’re going to lose everybody up I’m sure this is not
got in for this I I watched the player championship the golfing a tiger won today and ended the commentators are very good they know a lot about golf they look at everybody swing and they know exactly what’s going on they’re very grass what kind of grass does what they can read the Grands it’s kind of fascinating the amount of knowledge of a great golfer I’ve been an avid golfer I like I do and I suck but the thing that because TV at because somebody heard the first time as I don’t know if it was because of Billy Madison what was the golf one happy Madison film Gravity Gilmore Happy Gilmore sorry I always do that I always do that too and that he named his production company like a mixture of the two just to fuck with old people
every single time tiger and in a lot of others by popular golfers strike the ball
8 douchebags with the same khaki pants on the same shirt in the same TaylorMade ball cap and they’d be all you’ll get the hall but it’ll get the tea shot up our fucking five and six hundred fifty yards away that box not going in the hole everybody else get in the hole but now it’s because it’s because I’ve heard these famous calls I’ve been great and somebody made and that was my get in the hall when tiger did that everybody’s trying to beat each other to get in the hole but they have to wait camera clicks fuckers addressing the exact same outfit homogeneity of golf and the tire is troubling to me it should not be that much of a all white people
and it’s just it’s really disturbing it’s really ignoring burgee and gross
today is Crystal net dish out here and under call of the seat of the boringness of golf Lita can be a net and Spilled Out Sergio Sergio Garcia
don’t say anything they don’t they don’t justify they don’t get angry at it like I think that’s very classy of that but it has to stop because today in the final what are the final host big important but millions of dollars
saying that’s like organized religion but the average IQ is duh the average idling car for AT&T in you and you have to remember that the people that run around and want to stand too close to Tigers ball and be an asshole and be in the way and yelled at those are regular people and they have smooth part of their brain with a should be curved and crannies in there so we end up being elitist anyway and I know we could be at least a compassionate I don’t think people are dumb I think in some ways truth is public opinion and took you surrounded by people who are all saying the same thing is something you don’t really question so if you’re wearing khakis in your arms all these guys
we do on their own that might be smart when they’re all together that I can have the problem with getting the whole is my thought about I wish I could say something else but the thing is what else would you say

what is the fastest way to
I do for you
oh so you goes another this is going to be a few years ago on the project I do support creationism or disprove Evolution the girl who came in first place she took a shower
Not So Different she took a glass jar with sand and rocks inside and put it in the cupboard put it out a week later nothing it evolved so Evolution disproved
but I would have been so awesome if you pull it out and do they got tiny to Rob for that and I don’t do about this very valid like thing because I did I heard myself saying I mean look goddamn it we weren’t women at the stake we’ve we’ve drilled holes in people’s heads we’ve had so much has been done wrong by powerful people in the name of religion it is powerful people’s fault they will abused anything you give them if you replace religion with science or money Rich old white people are going to burn women at the state they’re going to do it for whatever reason they’re going to do it because they hate women and they want to set something on fire can you twist a guy walk in the
I’m saying everyone loved each other the wrong way they figured out how it ended with a McDonald’s in the in the in Rome with certain a guy in a funny hat front of my gold bowls with with different color smoke coming out of a chimney how do you twist
sit around and end with two
is arguing and having conventions that never existed over there where they were there a green and what they’re going to debate about what the wee League of Women Voters going you know what we can’t moderate this any more fucked as you guys are insane this is a spiracy against everyone or how do you twist that shit around the answer is because you want to do science is of course what is the best religion we’ve come up with so far because it’s a pursuit to replace the unknown with the known it’s a bit is just as much as as religion should be it’s like let’s join hands and scour the landscape for this Lost Child in this is Amber Alert called the search for the meaning of light or a or a blade of grass with a little extra blood on it, one set of footprints
yeah that was what I was raping you
call your baby girl but I don’t know
the metaphor a EuroRail pass for that
science carried you so
and God bless me I always will but but but
the Wii the fight of whether or not we’re going to be religious or scientific first in a very important centers already that fights are running over you when you look at the at the at the skyline isn’t is Campbell said the tallest buildings were always churches back in the days when they were abusing their power but he didn’t say that part but you know there was a point where the churches were the big tall building churches have that architecture to them because that was state-of-the-art how high can we get this building then by the time we learned how to make buildings taller that money and Engineering knowledge with coming not from God but from Fort Knox and so the buildings that are taller than church is now for commercial buildings and commerce and science has one you only have to look out your window to see that the cross is are lower than the than the antenna and the end the end the NBC logos in the end of CNN’s in the whatever’s
we beat them but but are we going to become another church are we going to become are we going to the thing that they created I accidentally or on purpose and either forgot or or never wanted to know that that we all know about has it it says like this idea of a of a of a of a of a moral code the idea that we are important to each other but it is these profits were popping up two thousand years ago when we were writing literature what is that they had this like a ruption of like okay this guy this guy suddenly became a revolutionary and then he got killed for it this guy to this guy I like said some shit have all over the globe it was happening roughly at the same time as like we were becoming powerful enough to kill each other we weren’t taking each other’s seriously and we have it within a like like like like unconsciously as we start to get more and more crowded together and and the
I’m gonna start to grow on trees and be available in bubble gum machines we have it in us to do stuff with our brains that will make it possible for guns to be available and gumball machines and nobody to get get hurt less people than you think for the lights to go out New York for a whole night and nobody gets hurt and ice cream just melts and they eat it together for for for wonderful things to happen no matter how little opinion we give we have ourselves we we’ve achieved magnificent things both because we science continues to prove Maniacs wrong and it but also because as that happens like human beings continue to reveal themselves to have like the power to to police themselves to the monster inside of us and so I just like went went when the guys in the lab coats come out and they got like okay I just figured it out what happened 1000003 seconds after the universe was created
now know that that is easy drawing made of Hebron the that guy his job is to focus on that stuff really hard to the exclusion probably have a lot of thought about whether or not we should hit each other in the face when it was over a game of checkers and stuff that guy might be it might be a great person you might be a terrible person personality-wise his brain is given over to to forging into that that unknown territory and Reporting back to us what happens to a parsec what it becomes a coupon or whatever he’s drinking with smart or stupid relative to that guy when we hear that a quiz on is actually a Heeb on we we we have to we have to be good people still because of the more the more we get rid of God the more we sell that stuff aside the more we actually need to supplant it was
kind of code I’m kind of culture we actually think we’ve already been laid out for us so I can be you know Roddenberry that’s why I was so going to lose him packed it cuz he he saw it you know and he saw saw a 80 does it look the Vulcan mythology where they’re like they were related the romulans they became like super like fucking intelligent and able to destroy themselves and made him a medic decision to involve so we got to go with logic now and logic says don’t punch someone in the face just because you think he likes your girlfriend or or because you want more oil or you know like logic make a decision about the species and blah blah blah like we know that science is supposed to be Gat like this higher state of being but right now we’re caught in his puberty where science is only making us beat up our dad on prom night that’s all it would just we’re just being a little bit destructive I think we’re just we have to work it out a little bit because
like that’s the thing I was doing the choir boy mollestation of creating dinosaurs
I would say not as bad but continue it happens like there’s people that won’t listen to evidence because they’d just as soon like assume that a given principal is just wine unchangeable and rather than like go back and look at evidence they’re like no this is what I know this is my Bible so I’m not going to question it but that’s the whole point of scientist scientist intelligent enough to have a zit code has peer review and and skepticism like baked into it you can only there are there these dogmatic old man who make it hard on the young men coming up yeah do that make your own lightsaber and move on but but there are there is always going to be an old boys club that’s always like they even if you have to dig up a bone to prove something and then
I mean that with all these theories I like Elaine Morgan one of my one of my heroes who created The Aquatic ape theory was like bullied by a different episode back from that now if you’re willing to look at that and say okay scientist a is kind of a dick to scientist seed when it within their Community because scientists she hasn’t paid his dues and I used to have this Theory he’s got traction and people don’t want it to be true and don’t want to take new hypotheses seriously and look at how science is that condescending to someone with an IQ over 75 who happens to choose to have a relationship with the unknown an umbilical Point coming out of there for brain and into the into the void to to comfort them in the face of all this chaos to personify as is not only a right but fuck are Instinct as these chatter
primates we created religion comes as naturally to us as I’ve said pooping and there’s and there’s a lot of poop that needs to be flushed away but thank God we look at it sometimes in case there’s blood in it we go to the doctor it’s it’s coming out of us religion is coming out of us bloody poop Bad Religion
a nugget of gold in your poop not as often doesn’t work
create a lot of things that are easily dismissible because they happened so naturally the fact that I’m talking I mean it’s amazing that two years I’ll just go ahead and give me a glass of water like crazy and when we do we start like like like caca to find differently we start recognizing like like how to make maps and shit that we wouldn’t understand if we didn’t have language podcast
they say like people who speak different languages different grammatical structures approach to problem-solving different sitting on top of the box. The box has you on top of it the way you think of its language is absolutely thought that literally when you’re speaking a different language is different parts of your brain or going so it’s like a pathways are different I can feel it if I want to switch it over to do that my brain works like a different when I switch back it like takes me a second to lock back into it that’s what they say about her do you know that’s what I was trying to order you say if you go back you never do so
see that’s why I said Thank You Beautiful language and by the way beautiful language is bought the fact that that that we think as we speak and then the words we say are actually sort of Steelers or the pathways of a brain that is a lot different from saying that certain specific words are magical and need to be either celebrated or buried that’s that’s dumb like there’s no smart way to approach them boards do have meaning you would think that early and people do you use words different the oppressor for the resort has a reason it’s called pro-choice and pro-life that’s what the Nazis did a lot instead of calling it when they killed all the Jews it was the final solution and what they had to choose
his words they can sort of be used to have people thinking a certain way when you have a cold their snot on your face but but an anti snot campaign is not going to come up with the Cure play Lately it is just you know just keep wiping and whatever I guess that’s better than letting it sit on your face that’s a social like like costume don’t put your elbows on the table don’t say the N word around black people you’re why here’s why his wife died I think I know why but well I’m going to tell you anyway. I stopped doing it for when I was like 25 like it would like like Quentin Tarantino said once and I do agree with this fundamentally what award has that much power should be screaming from the rooftops he’s right I mean that you should be right he’s right get that what is alternative music
play Blake like as often as I as I like to yeah
when I when I’m driving inside my car everybody’s a cut mint word is my girlfriend like that word is like fucking amazing I like I said I’m saying like sugar yeah I love it and Anna and I love it because I’m not supposed to and it’s a bit so it’s tender and delicious and wonderful in your mouth like a piece of fucking bacon for the people who made it that flavorful on all sides of the issue in the end I’m a guy inside my house I got to go get a couple of ways to be impacting to myself the reason I don’t see the reason I don’t say it or around other people in mixed company is it work is because of the social social pressure
I wrote I’m rolling my eyes at the dumb. Cuz I couldn’t afford to make stuff like that. It look for the same reason I cover my mouth when I sneeze or say bless you when someone else needs is yeah I don’t want to deal with it that’s why I don’t I don’t want to make other people deal with the lightness it has nothing to do with fixing Society is powerless it means nothing nothing negative connotation to it the Yukon control when you say it and the words out that even though whatever your but I can easily say it without the car and everybody has had a whole time and it bit that relieves the pressure thing God I like like like I could be one of those people I can come out to 10 minutes and say the n-word I could and everybody be laughing and black people included but the black people have to deal with people like glancing at them and feeling even if they did
I’m too lazy to make anyone deal with that I don’t want to do it at that that that tree could be cut down by a different Lumberjack with a better plaid shirt
take me to 4 Crafton and butter
I just met the only point of making like is that has power but then there’s subsets of that topic ago what the power doesn’t mean it’s like the snot has power when you have a cold you can scrape it put in a jar and a centrifuge it and find out what’s what what what kind of cold you have there. Kind of things you could do with this not you cannot cure the cold by by by by inventing something that makes the snot go away by making snotty illegal the person’s immune system is being impacted their body is generating and shit in their body the final end result is there some snot coming out of their nose we’re communicating with each other and there’s a word that thank God there’s a word that that is a tendril to all of this Legacy if there weren’t a word
holy shit like like like there ain’t no word for the fact that we killed them under and do you know because it matters less a fucking word to dance around and be polite about we just did it and moved on a fact it’s not just that the war is a symptom of an ill or whatever you think it’s not cold I also do think words can affect the way a person thinks and feels about something that I say it if they say it and their intent is the person next to you is a human being or not you know which is also pro-life you ate sort of affect how you think about that issue where that you’re saying pro-choice and it something else I really do think words can affect the way people think about certain things
if you read stuff about what happened in concentration camps they changed what words mean and it changed the way people thought that’s the first thing they do it doesn’t that stuff that is the way you recognize fascism is people who are running for media and language that’s the place they go because because the weak end up in the busy the overworked and the tired of the desperate only have language to connect to other people through and media and some people who find themselves in positions of moderate power they run to the tallest buildings with the dishes on them and they start tweaking the way we’re communicating with those people they make sure that were obsessed with race they make sure that the 99% think of themselves is 50% black and 85% this instead of just a big simple number they they tweak the language that way and that’s what’s dangerous because the people that are dividing us are speaking
language speaking a pro-life and pro-choice the n-word and and and where does magical like there is a conspiracy among that the dunce’s to divide us at an end ended that another time are we going to settle it if we started from the top of the show Black Widow to answer that question which is why they are but their mandibles can’t Pierce human skin I can’t deliver the payload
making me think that you actually think I’m racist there’s a way to make the sound like you’re a racist that wants me back on community
a very special 5th season yeah and your misogynistic a lot in venedig either a black person joke like that and I’m with your silence in the room because I like Maddie really is racism
I don’t think it would be uncomfortable I think it’s when you start when you go into a certain field like we when you’re about to clean make a black joke it has to be finely crafted I meant to say I don’t think Daddy Long Legs are black people poisonous yes but they’re both
I still disagree
they were born not on board a joke. Something if you doing a stand-up bit about the end about that word it better be the fucking best but I’m not saying I’m not saying I want to die I was on your side with a black people mandible piercing joke
how do you say that in Urdu
in Russia is mandible
yeah there’s just a 10 and a speech impediment
I knew it I fucking knew it world’s best kept secret
what is the language of my name is Chris male
alright I need a I need a female from the audience who can tell us in 5 minutes about the the worst conversation with their mother for Mother’s Day that’s willing to share it with the podcast out against your reward is you get to play Aaron character in D&D
should a grave deep frown was your rest your hand is put up a good story it’s okay if it’s bad thing
take take all the time you want
hi I’m Kemal press nice to meet you
I know who you are but it would be weird if you didn’t and you were here what’s your name and English do you speak any other languages I can say Hindi but it’s broken the same as her to do but I could say no to languages and I do too but which ones at German Farsi and English I was in high school or college so many times has only when I’m driving
I didn’t say I didn’t say it’s hairy like bills jerky
sorry wait wait is it is it called the elephant
is it a string of syllables that sounds like the English word elephant birds or are you saying that that the colloquial term is elephant farts microwave burrito is like a little it’s a little pack mule elephant farts would eat them I was going to pop right what’s the word what do you call a mom or is it true if if I say the the name of the country of Costa Rica
just insulted her uncle
I might have more delicately but I guess
it’s like having a gangster rapper of paradise
I was I grew up in Germany and they called me sand Niger my tire. I’ll be all right.
you and I can say it it’s a bubble it’s a bubble
my Saginaw
there’s that there’s actually a that’s the whole thing always brings me I wasn’t paying a bill at 40 I’ll never know I’ll never speak fluently speak more than one language like we were just talking about how languages thought like we actually if we do more people that spoke multiple languages kind of like them or generally like mellow and smarter we’d be because we would be as bad as the practice of being able to switch gears of of of of of of
I’ll make up also I think it’s because I’ve noticed whenever you see a movie the bad guys when they speak to pick up whatever it’s severely translated it’s just the other weird. He was a good guy actually
an interesting thing I think that’s the sort of lack of language device people lack of knowing what the other compelling by the way is the way people say Bow Wow Wow or cockadoodledoo or how to say bubbles in different languages
it sounds like Joan Crawford is a rooster
now I talking to I guess that’s what the hump means I’m sorry that’s right I’m in picture Barbra Streisand
I want to hear about America’s mom Barbra Streisand
and a camel
that was consensual we don’t want whatever
or the camel
alright so what’s your Mother’s Day starring Denise I moved here after high school and my mom is that pretty are you Christian aranha question don’t hate me I’m Jewish and I was
it’s like a Neapolitan ice cream weather in vanillin each other about it but to my mom still lives in in Germany your parents have like the house divided and does that go fight in the
you sleepin in the closet of course and
comedy attic
I do have somebody who is just saying that you’re a metaphor for the sound a rooster makes is Barbra Streisand and a camel
camel look up connection to the people that resemble but I’m not
sorry your mom story
how do I save a picture with log in Farsi
go ahead and try it again so I called her and I was like Mom you know thanks for raising me basically you on your own and you know I love you she was like well did you think about what’s going to happen with me when I’m old because you were in America so if your step dad dies like what the fuck is going to have me on it that’s a downer like I just called to say hey and you know thank you for everything and she was like I’m going to die alone cuz you’re my only child like you’re over there that’s why I’m not that old but like I want to be able to lie about it as five years okay so does every sport
go on the very go 524
that freaking 2064 ever
well the reason is the reason I wanted to ask is because I’m 40 and I live in constant dread of like I I still feel like a baby and I my relationship with my parents is emotionally touch-and-go meaning like not not touch and go like I love him I hate him just like I feel like like to have kids a long time ago and also now I’m at that are aware according to American tradition if nothing else like my parents
what do you do to you not going to wait what am I going to say this is just a thought I was playing a thought nothing but works okay I please honor my Candor I’m just thinking in my head I’m forwarding my parents a 20 years older than me and more at aren’t they going to start getting sick soon and when they do what are my obligations to them and how is that going to work because we don’t like my my family is always been just very reptilian and now it’s like when we we like like what what am I supposed to do what do I want to do what am I sending money to be able to visit my mom if I was you I’d be flying there just with my own whatever I went there
read my I now have a fifties and television shows you how I got I can probably afford them are hoses to the parents who didn’t know what the fuck is 5 years ago and now she’s super offended if I don’t call first world problems
super radioactive super Hindu it
DoubleDown buddy and Hindi jokes about my parents
I think you’ll find I can do
I mean that was a real
play 15 de Chao Everybody Eats tape Denise please say you’re going to play Aaron’s character she’s at home with a cold shoot she actually was a drought so no worries I just want to know what are character
fuck everybody that says girls on play the Indie fuck you and he told me to kill your character in rape if I did not I was an apartment with all of us being apparently choked to death by Shadow monsters wait for those of you that have to take I wasn’t here and miraculously even though it kept being brought up nobody fucked my character last week and we are sex is not on our minds it’s so kind of was a sort of floated it nobody
imma get this bitch Kitty underwear yeah do you have the did you bring the music cues back as I do I have the music
after a confusing episode with a possessed Chris de Burgh and the brief return of Kyle and Tylenol with codeine as well as that dangerous brush with a large black gate or Heroes were accosted by a troop of Blade arm cores at first I was winning cutting down to the shadowy posing in it then soon after however the type of paddle shift in the shadows tried a new tactic choking out the appointments with her Smokey and substantial forms as combat war on two more Shadows were defeated by the limbs dimming their mind and going their sense of its a choke them to death after trying to avoid the grappling Shadows Moraine fired some arrows wildly before passing out from Suffocation that Sharpies flung fiery bolts at the shadows in managed to heal the party with the soul of growth but in the end was also overcome by their shadowy smoke
to losing Consciousness the remaining Shadows squared off against Cork and Chris who fucked around too much trying to pull crazy tricks that fail that early they too were choked out and lost Consciousness in short order those parts lie to feed it on the floor and as they’re unconscious forms were dragged into the black gate by The shadowy assailants Who would know how they would get to the whole Nassau-Suffolk that one out
get hit every audio queue
this podcast is brought to you by
I knew I’d have to fail in Urdu means your mom has a cock

the vistas Park Co is Mother
sometimes that’s all there is you know there’s nothing more to be said
the polar according to photoshoot to blow up man you guys are on your own zactly anyway we all know you’re dead now we’re all characters let’s go
I had a feeling this is like a video game like when you know they have the you have no choice to just lose all your equipment someone hits you in the head close yeah yeah you’re right at your throat and your body throbbing with pain you can feel a heavy burden Weighing on your neck shoulders wrists and ankles Knees and Toes music on musi are in fact shadowy chains binding your arms and legs to those of your adventure friend like some sort of chain gang
they’re all chained together and guarded by multiple I’d say nine of these same blade armed guards your chains are bound to a black wall that extends easily about 300 ft tall are more and it ain’t creating a huge ring-shaped Arena sort of donut Arena inside this do not have all together or we are different parts of a laser chain to each other so you’re pretty close you you know you’re maybe in like a 8-foot Train Tours at the edge of a circular wall because I’m hundred feet in the air. The bar walls you can see to your steps of Ashley Stone gray Rings like some sorta Amphitheatre Stadium I don’t like this trophy yeah
it’s a classic I love the closet and you know it reason it’s approved and I will yeah because it fits the situation that I got a feeling
how do I kill myself instantly that’s not fair action do you want to do that
can a human centipede at any point I called the front
I got mental I got metal
a lot of people don’t know last second to last is actually for various biological and toxicological reasons HR actually result in you being a pretty healthy after 3 weeks if you can cut loose
equal and there’s a guy at the sequel is it when a guy who saw human centipede and try it on his own and then it is a scene where he has everybody to warehouse and then he walked out of the room and I think it’s the guy who heard the reference The Human Centipede goes like
play I wonder if I had said that he’s going to show us asked to mouth and I wouldn’t have an immediate visceral reaction of that the way I would he’s going to pull out our fingernails are you going to eat our livers
yeah I mean
saw the movie and then I heard about that McDonald’s Monopoly game
that’s why I did like the movie Predators you know the new product because they reference the first movie not in the movie but they say I remember that happened in the Predators they do the same thing so these guys can like have invisibility cloaks and like holding lasers but they can’t figure out if you have mud mud mud
pictures of Outlaw mud nine guys guarding you yeah I totally they’re looking into that to the center of this donut and there’s even a smaller like a central raised ring like a stage kind of situated in the middle and you can see hanging above the stage is that that massive glowing Grace Sun that actually caused your shadows to depart in the first place hanging above the central ring and chained in the central ring you can see a guy it looks a lot like brefi have to go pee guys I’ll be right back I’ll be right back.
it happens to Serious Business yeah we’re on our own
yeah there’s an old Farsi saying about it
bladder size
yeah I only know the English translation to translate his black widow does not catch flies
I didn’t want to like follow it through and
my relationship with all of you ended that that that that second time I said something that I didn’t deserve a bigger laugh and I got and I started to think of it I can’t remember what it was like there’s nothing you can do
guards that were in as a stage in front of us and let us know who brought me what he was going to be that that turned into a old man with very pale with long white hair you know rather spindly guy that are you breastfeed he can’t hear you have it it’s like a human form I got your leg up leg of you and I existed in a place where we had that look like spiders like we would look like the same spider gear see the arrival with Charlie Sheen
and then he realized that the aliens only make so many rubber suits
you know Mattel only issues out every human costumes
he can’t hear you cut
are the guards in fact everything is eerily silent like normally of your packed in a stadium or something there be some noises but in case it’s hard to clap when your hands are shadows tell me one more time at no last and it’s all going in my memoirs
are the guards watching is it happens or watching the central stage they’re looking at this Chain man once per day I’m I guess you don’t know that it’s the same day but you feel as if you can’t cast any more spells Troy what does Robin taken away from us that’s a great question bumbling around you do notice you have your bags and things with you
I can’t all right yeah crazy the mood seems to ship then you see the breath he look like he kind of his neck snaps to the left as if he’s suddenly transfixed fix by something following his gaze you can see a black shadow streaking across the gray floor of the stadium towards the old grey man this is where we watch the guy in front of us get it yeah I said it
that happens if you want to guess what happens next the whole thing well then I’ll just sit here and going what’s going to happen
I get rewarded for it that’s all I ever wanted
how to spell Juju what word I just go where the heat is or yeah that’s fine you do you Dan you do you
I’ll be I’ll be good cop okay I’m so glad you asked her into the language I make the farthest chicken sound
we got the time it takes for this brefi guy to die until we figure out what we’re going to do pressure are you home I buy Barbarian strength due to a 222 to rail against my change to see if it isn’t eating
you struggle with all your might but these chains are even stronger than iron can I ask before I only had levels one and two I haven’t nothing changed about you still haven’t got any spills back holy toledo
you know that’s not the chains around breathy dissolving if I haven’t mentioned that before and testing his arms and legs he kind of stretches little bit as the shadow approaches you can see the shadow it kind of looks like a black spider got many limbs in as it approaches the ring you see breathy shift shape shift himself or breath you look like he’s not Brett for you guys spoilers anyway he turns into a great white spider in the to class there many black and white Limbs and Starling and tangling each other you can only hear the sound of ripping flesh and tearing limbs from limbs of it against the dark backdrop or the quiet backdrop of the he know the background done with that so maybe this will be a hit
it is going to get 13 more episodes to the ground and you can see the black Spider-Man triumphant as it happens the gray Sun gives out a brilliant pulse and then breathy look-alike is dissolved in light bulbs in the light flows into the black Spider a creature of the black Spider each creature walks off to the arena and triumphing takes a place in the stand
audience gets to just kill people what did I do what is the audience doing now the audience is going nuts
they were quite this crowd was a quiet crowd in my narration yeah that was very clear
I’m sure though from their perspective they’re doing that I mean the crowd yeah whatever.
What’s up y’all do this Shadow shackles react to any kind of light in the darkness has Sharpie so he can barely see but there’s not really any like the only thing that could be considered why you can’t work right now I’m human too yeah but you got the goggles of night would you like to have dark other than the Dark Sun pulsing there’s no real light but even that was like a dark anti light
Seattle Light instead of spreading light express. Yeah that’s also a thing in Dungeons & Dragons popular here and feel a tug on your chain and you see the chains of detached from the wall and now the nine guards are leaving you towards the central ring and standing
I’ve never seen a movie or show is perfect
where do we park standing in the center of the ring you didn’t really see how they got their bc4 figures one of which is markedly shorter than the rest
okay you’re being drawn I’m still going with the party
Skokie Lagoon they pull you into the middle of the ring in your your face in these poor fellows they look rather familiar Shadows
they are there are
do they have goatees
why does my cat have multiple number one hits remote and they’re more like Sprite recolors they like it over there I think it’s purple with the opposite color in alright nevermind okay so where are we now you’re in the center of the Ring facing down your Shadow duplicates in which of the spider guy eats for his troubles murdered luckily were not as strong as you and spiders so these guys aren’t going to be that strong
do males have a lot of infighting going on and raping each other when we’re asleep
why don’t we just hang back and watch them do bits do they die
one of the half Muslim Jewish present why is your shadow
I just got fucking of football refreshed as if we know like Vitality is coursing through you a new all right I’m only going to say this
Spectators is probably the situation where that’s at least going to work
you don’t have like baseball games where they’re like
just hang out tonight in ourselves
alright let’s try OK Google I guess I will pull out an arrow and see if my shadow moves in the same way how do I look what can I say I want to communicate holding my hands in a non-violent manner
and I say guys
you are us we are you
that means you don’t want to do this either
let’s not do it together
I will have twice as much a chance as that working of that working
you’re probably drunk too
a couple of Articles and prepositions are going to bug you
I wait for your answer take all the time you want I stepped back in unison the four draw their weapons
your big dick
this is why people don’t like Dungeons & Dragons they think of nerds is being like like like these people with all this site that I did take it out and Jason things are they let’s go play football
supposed to be
season 4 if I died she won’t even care she won’t notice that she was lying I wasn’t even there to the fucking television and she could have a good one like you know how to do therapy
episode title
hey you’re right Druid or whatever
where what part of what part of your body to the magic Missile going past at
all right to live drawn weapons I guess we’re going to have to finish saying that but yeah all all of your spells come back and you guys return to full health awesome so it’s going to be still weakened from losing your shadows which is giving you no ability damage so
are you you weren’t there and then I just put it together yeah yeah yeah
check when they get to go hang out with the rest of society in the stands and watch the place where we eat ice cream
in a world invisible to most
that’s just deep we could cut it here if you want combat fresh next time I go I’ll be used in East you want to fire the first shot you want to do what you want to do things from other in some way linked to the Shadows
there’s no way of knowing for sure I’ll shoot his shadow
I’ll remind you that you could shoot three arrows as a result of your Speedy longbow
what anyway but I’m confused sometimes okay and he wait to manage to plant themselves into the chestal region but it doesn’t seem to bother one of them hits him in his exposed shoulder at dealing some damage
90 Savage
but not to me note a shadow in your face
she does she was trying to hurt what if she was told her I told her to kill the most effective combat in the most effective combat fighter we have so she was getting your equipment ask her to kill my character is he was trying to do it at the same time Shadow mo’reen Fires off three arrows to which also miss and one of which plants itself in the Chris de Burgh happy Mother’s Day Feeling for damage all right I’m okay with that all right what are we going to stop now that’s up to you guys if we can kill it
I figured out a new way to end the show we review and make sure there’s nothing to edit out for real so that we can upload it quicker
sounds exhilarating
what did we say that we wanted to edit out the community center
what was that guy actually yelling the n word
play the ping my Niger it’s fun
Ben 10 get back thanks for coming to Hermantown everybody we did it
prepare overtime for Sunday study for my stuff you need for coming up here
Camille nanjiani
and everybody else you’re not Jake
United Artists names
one more time for Jason
Jason Alexander
Burbank California happy Mother’s Day Jason’s mom
I’m Jeff Davis account for your marriage Anaheim and everybody
good night


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