Episode: 88 – My Whole Life Is A Smile


Episode: 88 – My Whole Life Is A Smile


Harmontown commemorates Phillip Seymour Hoffman, discusses happiness, takes a Sports Corner break and in Pathfinder, Laan-Ev introduces the gang to his friends.


but it was against the Meltdown Comics movie theater
guess what everybody harmontown is now in session
let’s work on the stage the mayor of Hermantown
thank you for a lovely lovely here but people do seem to be on first impression at least
I got my I got my notes
I got some notes
well Corey so we lost a wheel Astor Legend today Philip Seymour Hoffman time let’s start with that always go to the high-energy opener are you connected that it when you heard the new this is a testament to the fact that how much respect as worthy of is it because I feel like we only have a relationship with her family guy the guy that no no I didn’t mean to upset you know but but I’m saying I was picking up a random person I mean the only at this point he’s just a famous name is the name you know that pass that you got that’s terrible that they equated that again
the fact that millions of us die everyday Philip Seymour Hoffman was worth a couple hundred thousand normal people at least it was a good fucking accident I’m bummed he’s dead even though we all die every day I watched a bunch of the foot of the coverage of it and I was I was bummed out now that I was very close to him and I couldn’t separate the idea that are they covering this so much because he won an Oscar because he’s great because he’s a good fighter after or or or what but I was surprised at the the level of coverage that that got I’m at well here’s my answer that he won an Oscar because he’s great he’s he he there’s coverage because he want and ask her who won an Oscar because he’s gray he what he he was a theater actor you fucking after he was a really really good I I want I watch Capote today I don’t know who picked it picked up a picture of PS ps8 movie to watch the morning we rolled into Boogie Nights but I had to come here but
every movie he’s in he makes better he’s he’s never been bad he’s just a good actor he’s one of those rare actors who doesn’t just inhabit characters and like oh that’s amazing you really seems Russian that’s a good that’s a type of good acting there’s another type of good acting that’s like a tactical put himself into people who were nothing like him and Capote was one of those amazing amazing examples are you really don’t know what you’re watching if you if you see footage of Truman Capote and then you see footage of Philip Seymour Hoffman and then you watch that movie you really are watching like a miracle happened in my in my opinion it’s like he’s not he’s not doing a rich little impression of Truman Capote but he’s certainly like talking funny the way Truman Capote did we could possibly do that
and still in moat and there are scenes in that movie and that movie is riveting even if even if there was a bad one of my favorite stories but if I can only things for sale as soon as bursting into tears and it it is it is as amazing as watching a fireworks display from the reports we have already that it was heroin ever does that wasn’t big news like Justin Bieber eggs some houses that’s giant news this guy has kids and his crew wasn’t struggling with Robert Downey jr. you know it was like he was struggling with it for a long time and that’s the crazy thing about if you on drugs in the society it it you know 8 I find it very strange that he was straight for 11 years or something he battled and battled and battled with it
and we all have to accept at this point I’m not asking the truck drivers listening to feel start to shed a tear for the famous actors of the world but we have to accept at this point with Heath Ledger and Robert Downey jr. and we have to accept that that if you’re really good if you’re really capable of genuine Karizma on camera and not a lot of us could fill that job that there’s something there’s some overlap between that and challenge with with the stuff and we go back and forth between treating it as a challenge of that as an indulgent and I do want to give a special wagon of a dick to Val Kilmer for his terrible tickle like I was looking at all the celebrity tweets about the case now a week after week I’m going to find it I’m going to call out valve killer at something I’m going to watch him now
because because I was surprised at the amount of class and restraint and a genuine and sincere emotional morning going on on Twitter by famous people who aren’t exactly famous all the time for their packed there I don’t know there are great some type of your famous for being a really good actor or maybe you’re a bit of a jackass on Twitter sometimes that you can be famous for being a jackass on Twitter do a show a meltdown pulling like a hundred people but I was amazed that cuz I was on Twitter to 23 Legends death where is the bad guy where is a Val Kilmer pulled up I was it was he kind of it he did a lot of Prince like abbreviation like he you spell blue blue
blue Dave Ramsey was at like like the idea that that a good guy had died was about 10% of his hundred forty characters and all the rest of it was crammed in with abbreviations about how drugs are bad things sometimes people feel like they need to escape through them but you don’t need to do that man you got to keep that you get to keep your strength up you know it’s like wow about your view on things in the middle of a eulogy about Kilmer Blu-ray
Val Kilmer you did something naughty I want online
thank you
blue blue day spelled like Blu-ray let’s give him the benefit of the doubt that’s autocorrect right he’s using a Sony phone
the phone says Sam Samsung 7 mm
Val Kilmer says starts his blue day okay but he spells the word blue the way you spell blue in blue ray Blue Bell Biv DeVoe
I’m not going to shock anyone of this news it’s Super Bowl Sunday Jeff came here directly from the drawing-room it’s been a been a long day
I’m drunk but if I know me
but this is a rare day where i’m a relative to you I’m like you’re about to say I would never complain that that would be so fast I’m going to be as drunk as you in the next 20 minutes I just read it read it to me okay
worst Batman
you know it not his fault just bad casting that’s weird casting and that’s Michael Keith
what was it what was it about Michael Keaton’s 4 trailer Batman that that’s defensible I get his heart was in it I don’t know but I felt like he was like yeah fuck you Michael Keaton as Batman in like you use I don’t know I felt like he was in a rare time with Michael Keaton had a license to print money he was and everything is mr. mom he was a gung-ho he was in every goddamn thing not to the point where you where you don’t have to give him as much credit as we have to give him like he like Bruce Willis in Die Hard he was he was he was he wasn’t coming off of mr. mom
it was it was weird when they was Michael Keaton was going to be in the Batman Frank Miller like a die-hard kind of went whatever Tim Burton wants like like this is there making a Batman Michael Keaton
Chris is going to be one of our more popular segments but it will be perfect
guys iPhone went to sleep already know you got a Biometrics back into it thank you alright Bluejay Philip Seymour Hoffman OG deed
not dyed oddbod apostrophe D that’s correct alright
addiction comes from
addiction comes from trying to escape the pain of living we all struggle with this but drugs capital D on drugs never help
so that’s a good 5% spent on the Eternal so all of the man you supposedly respect and now no 95% what you’ve got to say about some fucking bullshit in the span of the same tweet Val Kilmer I’m just telling you there’s no rule book for it but let me start to write it your chapter one that’s tacky all right
thank you for your time that was about Val Kilmer and and hey
you can redeem yourself Buster Kilmer coming on our show
and and and fight me with your rear of your sharp little handsome man at that time I don’t know that it was a bad bad experience for anyone to have to have if you were if you were alive back then was just a bad thing to happen pretty sure every everybody here was here at 12
alright so let’s move on we got over that tragedy but yeah I owe I was I was a good actor well deserving of public morning and and and and I respect that I’m telling you I mean that guy is going to nail it because we take we take these people for for granted National Treasures I would call them go back and watch every movie that has Philip Seymour Hoffman in it and it’s not like we didn’t recognize that he was a good actor but holyshit he’s going to be like a legend and it’s a shame because he would have been so fucking good for the next 30 Years there was 46 years old terrible terrible Steve Martin Twitter today that he saw him do Willy Loman and said that it was the best Willy Loman that he’d ever seen that I like the he was that good like he was a hell of a theater act I can’t even begin to imagine seeing him live on stage you know what I mean is that a Sports Corner
okay but but all the sports with my seven plasma screens in my sports bar
French corner
do you see what I mean
Super Bowl just ended probably what again who did you have favourites going into thought this was a distinct situation of the home team having an advantage
but they played in a neutral field in New York you know who
okay well I have to tell you that it was the Seattle Seahawks versus the Denver Broncos
are you a Seahawks Kyra Broncos game tell me what are the numbers as a blueprint up for the day no matter what I’m here real quick real quick to tell me the teams were again it was the Seahawks and the Broncos
and where are they from there from Seattle Denver is what I’m telling you without yeah we all we all felt going in because the robot part of us felt like it was going to be a Seahawk because of the boring statistics Jeff the technical things the things that don’t have to do with the human heart yardage for instance
which has more completions is Eames on paper like better football if you if you’re a robot but if you look at it for me and and and and and recovery of those injuries March Madness
People March Madness in equation so clash of the fucking Titan part of my friend where you just were you surprised by the result I think we all were well I just I never thought I’d see so much coming off of the field I was surprised Frank by the lack of leadership on the Broncos part that was a that was a heartbreaker because this is a team that is renowned for its quarterback hurry everyone knows that the Seahawks there like a team of Rogues okay they move is one unit they Advanced okay and you actually kind of getting close to the big accurate word is amazing
the Broncos have always bet it’s always been about one guy their quarterback
this is a guy who usually very strategic he sees a pocket and he delivers to it with no with no thought about the larger yardage about the amount of downs like he knew that this is a game of down the more yardage you’re gonna get you going to get more down there were too many stop Pockets to make a big yard in the past
that’s how you win Super Bowl
Seahawks new that they learned that they knew it they took advantage of it right on the 50-yard line you can see everyone and it was but what was the Weather Channel and doesn’t say but but but but I will say the spread was two to three
Tikka 223 spread
if you bet a lot on Sports you know if it’s about the spread now you’re a big girl a big football guy that the football season is officially over my grandma’s who do you like in the brackets I think I’m going to I’m going to keep an eye on every bracket I think South division is always the definitely make the Romantic notion is going to be at South Division North look what they did look north east west or east western division was removed from the from the from the house is coming out
major Network
is it going to be like in the Oscars best picture
well you know people follow their hearts I’m going to go Skippy Skippy’s problems
I don’t I don’t want to be crass I’m going to get it I’m going to get in trouble for this tomorrow in the Press but he’s an alien with AIDS
people are going to go for that that’s going to bring in every all the Transformers people and all the AIDS people and when you when you see when you see Harrelson’s performance you’re going to go I got a guy
why is anybody getting high and making movies he can do whatever he wants but would you do about a concept of a roofing on that was a joke being that I had seen it and I don’t know I saw I saw hello dividends
but you haven’t seen him I have not see I haven’t seen anything I saw her I saw her I thought I liked her I love that movie I like that much because I was quite good I think he’s great and I think the Eternal Sunshine it’s actually get to the heart of it like I said I think of these movies we’re talking like you know
they can be cute sometimes sometimes they could be good but there was a lot going on right here
does movies are sometimes are good sometimes they’re bad but they are those movies story done in a way that people will it because they devalue the audience they don’t think that the audience understands what love is and it’s these movies where somebody that’s very lonely and very creative like says what the fuck love fuck love the way it is in these movies and kind of deconstruction that on the surface seem cynical but those are the movies where you actually learn things about love while you’re watching that I felt myself feeling things watching a movie about Joaquin Phoenix jerking off to his computer it was it was profound the things that they Illustrated about the nature of relationships of the definition of true love is the human body from the first equation which is an important thing to do if you’re going to get to the bottom of real love
cuz some of you people got no legs
hey Jeff can I tell you something I’ve always wanted to say up on this day she loves cock in your mouth real nice I do not have that honor of being able to say that or are they having a cock in my mouth as mayor of harmontown
alright so
I guess it doesn’t matter if you can pick one of the segments is called
seemingly unrelated paragraphs that I say into the microphone and it ended in a confusing tents that make you think that I am that I’m not here in the moment and this finish oh okay
how to unlock
I think I have the time for it
simultaneously trainer memorized
you just have plans
you ready okay so the second Cub, seemingly unrelated paragraphs that I memorized them going to recite as if they’re as if I’m making them up like throwing messages in bottles out into this Darkness as you can see online or through Nielsen numbers that people are watching you can see in forms of people are expecting it but what I’d like to do I guess on the store now that I have no job is get out there and end and see if any of these people are real and look into their eyes and find out if I’ve been having any impact
did you get that that’s a wrap on principal photography for the harmontown documentary
bear Liars
2012 go ahead live
will ask me about the topic but you have to pick up a chain at 10 is that so confusing thing we got to actually haven’t gone up to her yet perfect is that Val Kilmer’s pluperfect PLU
Dash perfect go with a gun
I wasn’t asking for a suggestion like an improv show for tents
I was joking the same doing it doing again I thought you did it. Okay
I mean the thing is the reason we write is because we we want to connect with people so you sit and you put messages in bottles you throw them in the darkness of people that you don’t know and then you see that they like it but you see that in the form of numbers are on the internet I just want it now that I’m between jobs I thought we could go out there and go see if any of these people were real did I have a little was there an impact their I want the audience to lie to buy it and pretend they haven’t seen it before. That take out of you guys didn’t look either bummed out or blown away or whatever but now they have to bring the Thunder or not
it’s like it’s it’s it’s like you know when you’re a writer the goal is to be racist and
but I’ve never met a person that wasn’t white so I looked up the purpose of the store is to get out there on a team of horses and just find and touch and possibly interrogate
Neil thinks I’m making fun of the process but I’m not a bad idea if you try to make a documentary about me going on the road I don’t I don’t know why I’m going on the road that was like a little chunk that we thought maybe we could use it did you get it now
see you at South by Southwest by Southwest means the in the trailer there will be like Laurel leaves around a thing that has selected around his Laurels around it
double or triple what were resting on their Laurels interesting
anyways yeah he probably won’t use that cuz you can see what I’m being sincere and I can’t I can’t I can’t do it but I said it on the couch in there so do I have going on another road to touch people hate to say it again say it say it again but really well while the camera is not here cuz I’m going on the road to touch people
I’m getting I’m going to get into a tour bus because I’m between jobs and I just want to go out there Jeff and I want to see if there’s faces behind the low Nielsen’s and the affectionate Tumblr blogs that I can touch provided their age is above a certain limit
and make eye contact with it saying am I a good person even though I’m fired
the terrible reason to go out to her and I don’t think it’s accurate was another reason for real for the tour is was the reason was to perform her because it because I had just been fired as the writer so I was just I was just kind of going like well I don’t know who am I I just wanted to dive into something was different you know that’s all I don’t know I don’t know what goes what it what beyond that of revealing balloon animal of a person I am at a real simple level of comfort zone of this room and I wondered if you could find this kind of comfort level in Phoenix in Brooklyn whenever and
yeah we found it because the audience is not any different wherever you go yep
and to make you happier than to change it anyway I don’t make me happy I don’t know if they’re good for me or not I don’t know if I should deny myself no more or word devour them for breakfast I had it made me happy to her I don’t know I don’t think that I am I think that I am I am I am a I will always be an incomplete person I hope so cuz if you died a complete person then that means you wasted some seconds of your life will be nice to bring it right to the station
die but other than that your life should be spent kind of completing yourself I I I I so I did not get completed by the tour I didn’t turn into somebody else I didn’t suddenly realize halfway through that I should be a vegetarian but I should quit drinking or that I should value the sunset I I I think I overcame my stage fright Maybe by orders of five to ten per-cent more and I think I also realize that it’s too late for me in terms of character Arc as a character aren’t characters on TV they’re usually detectives are Sturgeon Bay supposed to have it figured out and end end so that’s why I was nice to like go on the road with Spencer still is young enough to be affected by old people and I know it was nice getting to know him and hearing a little bit of him in me and and and and put in a little bit of me in 2
can you elaborate on that hired Spencer is my assistant and I started that show with Spencer and I am not shoving Spencer into into the system but I’m putting them out there and we ended up writing a character for him on community and everything continues to be unflappable to him does he deserve it will it make him a good person that who cares but but he’s he’s a he’s a person to this now kind of soup can be out there I could take pleasure in that and it’s like I don’t get to I don’t get to get the change bucket but there was there was a moment when when you got
back on community when we hired you you came back here and you had your arms crossed and you use sat down and you that you seem very like poised and that indicated you did change, it’s like that there was a Vindication there and wouldn’t that be a change
yeah I’m yeah but short-lived right back at the Dirty Work of the same companies that will fire you because I don’t give a shit about you will also rehire you cuz I don’t give a shit about you like they did that say they had you shouldn’t take it as seriously as you do but I’m going to keep doing it cuz you answer honestly I could you could you even know the answer this question would you rather there was another season of Community or would you rather not be 160 send yet but I think we talked about this actively hope for a sixties and otherwise like I wouldn’t even be able to go to work there
this is where is more complex of that is like it’s like it’s like knowing that you have a baby on the way like does that mean there’s different parts of you that would be like fuck am I ready for this yet I could have used that trip to the Everglades
come on we’ve all been there
it’s that fantasy of having a kid but you also want to go on one of those fan boats exclusive sex is determined by the temperature
you never see that it’s dangerous either procreator explore America swamplands working of you are sadder than you. You you always come off like you you’re incomplete there’s a sadness to you but I would say right now knowing you that you’re probably as happy as you’ve been since I’ve known you you don’t wear a smile like you don’t do Belle Kicks Down the Road life is a smile
she said frowning you get to look at is the little center part of the smile that’s a part of my life we’re up by my ears a part of God I’m God’s mouth
and I am smiling
what’s the part you get to see for 40 years is a wrinkly little brother with gross mustache hair on it and you can never tell if it’s my life I like that better about it but I’ve got a lot of stuff like I’m always happier if there’s stuff out there that people are experiencing that somehow I can convince myself reflects on my value was a person while simultaneously knowing that it doesn’t but I’m way happier having something on the air than not having something on the air if they were to say hey we need to see pictures of the community I’m going to be just as happy as if they say communities cancelled exactly as happy for totally different reasons cuz they said completely fulfilled I get to do whatever I want I got to get to Giant
pacifier in my mouth and now I’m getting married to somebody who heard me fart and I got a dog and never ends up it doesn’t and like I’m not I’m not tap dancing every day I stuck but I’m happy
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the theme to like to my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
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why are you avoiding happiness is one thing that doesn’t apply world hunger cuz you ever happen is there a funny habit but it’s so funny and when you say you’re happy you you make an excruciatingly face I was more when you more tonight that’s why when you said that you’re happy and content that that that that looks like a happy persons natural state is not talking about how happy they are why they’re happy that’s not a natural state so take me out of the happy moment 222 count the reasons why I’m happy that something a dishonest people do I love I love Todd so much he and I hated the thing the other day he and I
rock climbing cuz that’s how we mad and he pulled out a tiny Rock the same shape as I just blah blah blah blah blah a press release about how complete you are the couple fuck off. So I know if I would to Griffith Park today and I I went jogging I just fucking blew out my quads and my Delta I feel fucking good I feel so good I’m so ugly place in my life I don’t believe you like I I I’m I’m I’m I’m frowning when I talk about whether I’m happy or not because I just talked about that but that sounds like you’re right about that but I feel like it’s a part of you is that you don’t feel like you are allowed to be happy like you’re getting away with something that you’re allowed to say it
I think I think that I think that I think that frowning and scowling and that you’re allowed to say yes
secretly privately a little more privately then speech like Hitler didn’t say I’m happy but he got so much done by
we may actually have to edit that out
that just just came together as a way to make a point about a happiness
I don’t normally talk about I grab that Hitler
tell yourself you’re smiling more talk about Hitler that you said about your own happiness we hate yourself I’m smiling because it’s fun to make mistakes their reaction is fun we’re laughing together and then the odd thing is you know where everybody’s been smiling and happy and feeling free and like nothing’s wrong and then there’s the context issue so then likely excuse that he was a recording is a transcript of Dan Harmon talking about his feelings about where can I take it all fun otherwise I wouldn’t stay out of here trying to make people laugh and try to make people think trying to make the front of trying to make people happy that they spent $10 on something I’m not going to do the places where these people are like happy and smiling at interested or whatever
I still like you never going to stop today I’m I’m I’m always going to do that but I don’t want to talk about it that anymore and I also don’t want to talk about whether or not I’m happy like a sump in a press release I mean I understand it’s a bit of you I want to say it was Dick Cavett maybe it was maybe it wasn’t and there was a leading question kind of like do you like Hollywood with people and she’s just like the best people I’ve ever known live in Hollywood like I love being an actress I love I I know you want me to say that I like Mike suck Hollywood in their phone is it was like the greatest people in the world live in this town like I’m surrounded by creative people and she can say that but but she knows what she says that that you sound like an identifiable thing to say out loud as he just scattered to stay to ice
well being

well I think that I don’t know about you but I do know about you you’re weird but I know that Dino and I talked to him about this when we’re really happy
we getting our car and we play like really fucked up Melancholy music like if I find out that I’ve been nominated for an Emmy and I have no not not recently
that’s what I was just
so I can a biopic you’re supposed to simply just go like like I ate it it is it’s more it when it happens in real life when you goes like like I just won this thing or I I just achieved this thing that thing I was working on really hard it’s getting picked up and it’s going to go and it’s going to get you got I tend to just like I seek isolation in those moments and Melancholy is how do I find something to do with like the same thing with the way we appreciate food is we destroyed it when she get it out like we view our saliva has enzymes in it that Rekha thing down so that we can use it in a real way high I love nothing more but if I’m having a really good professional time like I love to celebrate it quietly and a butt with a drink staring out a window at a time and I’ll make old man Los Angeles Skyline and play something really cynthy and sad and heroin sounding and and kind of like I’m definitely not smile of yours a camera app and around me
director makeup so I can give me a little you just got nominated for an Emmy this is what it looks like it looks like fucking like yeah
whoever what is sod you know you just kind of like a lump through into it I’m happy so much when I’m always just doing that that’s good to hear that cuz if I was like a crate to Stephen I’ve had those job not great but but but like yeah you come home and then you go right for the grab a beer and shut it down and you call a friend and you’re like
I haven’t done that stuff since I have a feeling that I’m working a 12-hour shift at a emergency room makes you want to go out and smile but like if you in your pajamas for four months of the year and then I’ll and then drink Starbucks and talk about how to make people laugh for the other part of the year like and then is also people tell you that you’re doing it well
I don’t know I don’t know how I feel you to smile cuz what’s the point I felt like when I was like when I was really broke and being evicted and like like things started finally happening for me like his work like you don’t you jump right out and smile and like all your friends and celebrate you you sit in the corner in the dark and cry like the back of those days when both you and I we’re broke you were being evicted and I stopped to correct you on that or or clarify we would we would go out we were we were laughing all the time the first moment when the first moment of safety when when the phone call came in that a job came in when you were going to be on the show you.
my knees gave out a couple of times you just lay on the floor and go out there and we would sit there and giggle at our Fortune because you and I were paying each other for a couple years like I thought we were surviving off of each other’s alternate Good Fortune there is there is there were times when you and I I’ve never seen URI laugh as much but I agree with you in those moments when when like when you really like happy alone it’s not Gene Kelly Dancing in the Street you’re here at the corner or your car you know like being West for melancholy
rich people getting what they want like like they’re at cuz I really experiencing like genuine reasons to be happy getting a really good Kobe steak when you
can have anything you want to eat like people tend to go like steak but the way you express it is with a foodie blog where you complain you nitpick squares the person who is starving you hand them a fucking Snickers bar they would like kiss it and like break into tongues I’ve been I’ve been lost in the snow and I found toothpaste I’m going to eat it happiness is like an expression of of of like satisfaction is an expression of like going from one extreme to the other it’s like that portamento is that what they call it
slide whistle slide your fingers around alright that’s our relationship
call Barry Evans
it’s had its ups and a lot of downs
I’m enjoying it a lot I feel very happy with how I received compliments
call deflection it’s one of those it’s a new Gateway did you know about deflection
deflect, deflect insults to just repeat to yourself the following phrase I’m rubber I don’t worry what they’re made out of
your rubber I’m rubber whatever you say about me bounces off that’s it
nice haircut fuck off
that sounded racist you parked wrong you scratch my car I don’t care if I’m rubber have you lost some weight
thank you
you’re not rubber you piece of shit
lifelike now that you guys are engaged like around the house what goes what is the interactionist we are so dirty at the washing everything.
How’s it going what are you doing the dirty your veil of a time where Methodist you do the math and we write our vows on rose petals from the garden has our neighbors dogs buried in it that’s the Methodist fart stinks in this week if they don’t die
that’s God asking you to it’s called it’s called it’s called Dog death schedule it’s a happily married for the rest of your life many times as we can cuz we like our dog every Wednesday that’s that’s the special spiritual friends way
which is the name of our denomination of Methodist special spiritual friends fight
that’s more of the Appalachian every Wednesday and I guess if you don’t have any questions but just want to leave there are armed guards at every door
welcome to Method methodology we call it
do you have to be married to be I mean well I don’t know spoilers it’s going to be I want to be
major Concepts wedding who is going to be the do you say who the officiant is going to be we haven’t decided on that yet
and we can’t talk about that any further
the first let me talk to you about advertising dated to buy an industrial military complex
if you were to officiate our wedding what would be your style
blackface of course
just say no if you ask me if I were pressed I would I would do it
Fast and Furious 8 app start app MP3 song from cats when he never married anybody I do need you to be a groomsman if you would do me the honor and bridesmaids and I have three friends
I would be honored to be quite happy to thank you what are you I don’t know I don’t know what fruit
early in the Game of Thrones
our weddings are different
like like like like a huge Game of Thrones fans who have fell in love falling in love and gotten married and have kind of had like a at least on some scales and there’s a hill. Like a Squeezebox by Blood but it needs to be a high-concept shift they tend towards the high concept
but I but I will I would like my wedding to be as a good ceremony should it will be a narrative event there will be a story told you will you will feel like you’re a part of something that’s more than just the standard story of let’s get dressed up let’s go to the wedding okay that was a wedding zero there’ll be a concept in that regard, however none of that I can’t but but also in keeping with my personal philosophies of entertainment the people that come to the wedding we have to not be put upon by the concept they have to just be like swept up in it and they can just have a good time regardless of it sounds like my wedding because we’re having two separate website
I will be burying the idea of me
tell each other about it afterwards
mightily in a pool of blood
I like the part where did collaborators with each other and stuff together I still really want us to write
for the wedding or just just like for a thing joke about the two genres and combining the two of us oh yeah separate ball our relationship is our shared love is sitting and eating and watching movies and but there’s a distinct breakdown and the types of movies we would like to watch and I really
I really liked clueless I did
I thought it was uplifting and interesting and I really I like 27 Dresses I really did 27 Dresses I thought it was charming and and sweet and we both like her ass I find Syfy romantic comedy but but but other than that we’re fucked and it’s just like we just get me and I just got like a OK Google Paul Rudd gets his groove back and I’ll just focus on my farming game on my iPad I know she’s like what what is pot roast in slow motion and then she observed the fact that I honestly do not care if the acting the directing even the writing if it’s kind of bad as long as the things that are happening in the movie
have something to do with robot something like I need a threshold to be crossed other than like oh my God I have to I have to help my boss meet my sister like that should be happening in the background of a real story where where someone coffee cup has a snake in it you know that like if it gets into your brain knows what you thinking thinking tell your friend
what you think you didn’t know
Education Connection
what do I do if there’s a murderous Android don’t care what you say. Cuz I’ve been that’s how easy I am less violence the two Androids are we are approaching each other in the in the the station the station they’re holding a bunch of cogs and bolts and stuff in the to each other like come on and then they have is like
oh I said I know I know I know I know you’re trying to trick me I thought we were trying to do about Androids that were so lifelike that the whole movie was just them running into each other in the future when like Android to Android like one of them has 27 bridesmaids dresses on the other I will do now because I frequently Dan will fall asleep when you do that the next time I’m going to tell you that Ashton Kutcher’s Amy Lee on her cell phone or a murderer
hours in doubt we watch Nashville together but might be a very good friendship as it’s nothing is beneath the baby watch the baby 1973 a pill called the baby anybody know what movie we watched the night we should all watch this movie and then come in and talk about it the less said about it beforehand the better but fucking night 1973 the baby goes to the family that has raised a fully grown man as an infant and so these hot kind of fetishes chicks are changing his diaper and he’s 25 but he’s a baby
I need a baby and they take his diaper off and then they fuck him at night so they chase around a cattle prod and that is a very good man
I just have this kind you’d like this childhood
memory I have a
going to my sisters hospital my sister is rett’s syndrome eye purse and she was at the hospital and there is a lot of retarded people in the hospital and I remember visiting her as a kid and not knowing she was my sister was like we’re going to the store and then I I just I always have this like I remember the smell I smell like like they give you like it’s at diapers smell like every time I smell it it kind of like like I I really get placed there and I were walking was linoleum of these fluorescent lights a kind of wandering off well people took pictures with my sister and wandering down is linoleum hallway and following the sound of the weirds handle this person going to mow mow and then I walked into this room and there was this crib
and it was our own rows of crib and they were adults in all of them and I looked into that there was a team like nurses around the one there was a sound is coming from and it was this guy he didn’t have Down syndrome he was just you know there’s a lot of ways to be developmentally disabled and this guy’s just looked like a pornstar he just look like a guy he just looked like you look like a printer cuz he was naked he look like he had a mustache to finally groom 70s mustache need like a hot comb side-parted haircuts like he just likes to just be a guy that worked where my dad work but he was in a diaper and and he was going
Mumu and then they finally gave him his Momo which was like there’s a squeaky moo cow cow toy and I was just as cute as I don’t know if it was traumatizing cuz I don’t when I when I think about it I don’t know why all of us
all the groomsmen were institutionalized mental health yeah I got is not what I may be needed to see if I was going to grow up to believe in therapy
I don’t know I’m not going to blame that on I don’t know I think they’re so stupid we should not we should not forget that
but also I just think of this guy
diaper I like like I don’t know I felt like I can’t get a crib weird you like 35
if you know how to have it but I haven’t consumed it with my ego-driven mythology station of memories you know the way we do that then my mom said this that I said that and that’s why I’m so into purple and then you refine it and choose the kind of contradict the fact that this is why I like purple let’s make my mom really into read that memory is so distinct but I haven’t co-opted it in any way that I know of because I don’t know how to feel about it it’s just so distinct just like I could I could I could draw every tile of that linoleum floor I could I could I could create every every smell if I knew how to create smell
I know you I know what you’re going to say
we both know there’s no need to say that if you had a new moon like if something happened to you you witnessed something really traffic you had a psychotic break and you were sent to a place like this and you you reverted back to in 15 minutes and see what would be your Mumu what would be the thing that you were calling for all the time
but that’s different that’s not to say whether it’s not like he Cradles of vodka bottle at night my phone ring ring and I don’t know if you a picture of you I’m sure
hey guys probably everyone has already forgot this but when I was on the jack ademic decathlon team High School Mike I wanted to make the name of our team of Snakes on a brain for real that’s how I recently you were in high school
yeah makes it Snakes on a Plane with the theaters I think it it just came out in wow wow if that’s second shock over and everyone shut up
how do you spell Acer 24 24 24 I think I worked at I was just saying I was a drag character Disneyland and a sketch show Happy Birthday sketches for a Disneyland
and yeah I had to print out I was Sallie Mae the ugly ugly daughter of the mayor of frontierland dress up in a big gingham dress in a big curly q wig
and that we were the only the only character is allowed to have men that could have facial hair like stubble cuz if we were unshaven it was funny or because of if we were women and the joke was that we were ugly it was but we had to be really ugly like women play that character not cool because the joke was that she was ugly so it was funny or if like six foot four guys with stubble played the gal in a melodrama in Poway California which has kind of a western western history are you from Poway oh cool I was like this was the female lead and have those like a big blond get a ton of makeup and dress and all that atoms and
thought it was a really pretty and I have a bunch of pics like I took way too many pictures of myself during this time and the male lead was my boyfriend at the time and I thought it was the best thing ever invited everyone I knew to it more than anything in the world and goodnight things I have to do it like going the front would like sit on the lap of some man and it would make the Dudley Do-Right character jealous of a man and his friend liked looking was trying to look like a really loved a woman but boy was that a number of them get a guy off of my phone
Rejoice over her saying that she was really interested in the moment he was like that too because he couldn’t talk to her later
another story about Disneyland frontierland and we will get our costumes at costumes at Disney Land where all the princess will get their costumes even walk in the morning I was a cowboy or I was a mayor I was banded or I was just telling him a character and Snow White or Ariel or Esmeralda that goes all the Disney Princesses would be in their underwear walking about with their hair and makeup in their bras and panties I was fucking fantastic it was really good and that is way bigger than the other ones and her name is definitely a member
she hasn’t figured out how to use the clamps
came in and said thank you
no one’s ever fucked a princess like this how did you do that well you get out here giving you the Dumbo elephant trunk dick having
that a man can fly with his penis
did your free ostrich leg and she was
let’s just say the hottest thing in the planet Earth II took photos with this Pocahontas than children for a timer to take it she came from the planet to Nanny and she was just like wow who was very sweet and young and a girl and she came with your address again my dressing with me and two other guys that were in the sketch comedy Truitt one of us ultimately will be the mayor of the sheriff or Sallie Mae the ugly daughter of the mayor of friends going to be in there it’s always hot cuz it’s summer time in California and Pocahontas came in just to say hi and she left and my friend who is in the in the cast is gay and he’s very sweet and he just went into song I will never fucking forget this in this is really bad but I repeat this for no reason
what song was
and he went there once was an Indian maid who said she wasn’t afraid to lie on her back in the old bear Shack and let the cowboy check on her when they surprised her belly began to rise
hey bud the gender issue
why was the child deformed
how do you say we can start the questions right now I don’t know why and it was the fact that was sung backstage of Disney Disneyland dressing and made it all the more sweet that’s what he had an ass between his eyes because that was his identity she said she wasn’t afraid to liner back in the old bear pelt
and his Aura is Galvatron now
cure hives and stuff pack was
would you if you were an Indian maybe afraid to lie on your back in the old bear Shack and let the Cowboys tickle your crack
if you thought that they were going to kill you if you don’t let them do it
yeah I can’t
and the song is troubled me for a long time
are all reverse effects of them when I was when I was in college I mean being a friend of mine would go to the local mall and walk outside of the Ambercrombie & Fitch with a male models and a half
give me a song about the mom and dad and the dirt and got a job at Evergreen
it wasn’t a popular song that’s the first time it’s ever been talked to her again before I heard you know any nursery rhymes with a weird line to bring me in isn’t it true that your balls are bigger than your heart yeah but the problem with that is okay so it’s like Spencer was born as balls as big as oranges then you stop you can’t go any further
nothing rhymes with my dad said that other states are your boss tells big as oranges right now I mean most of the time they’re down there just normal size can occasionally assume they get the full moon
really yeah really on the full moon yeah he has
like and Withrow penis no testicles I was close
no fair tickets at where at where werewolf is where the heart is actually the man part but we often make the mistake of going yeah right
if you said I was a soda wolf and be more Suspects
where is Scioto I mean nothing bad happens but it’s dangerous depending on where I am
we’re Connor over counter conundrums went Basketball Diaries on us after we stopped
keep robbing made for have a butt
when a person is like a terrible conundrum and he’s like that
he just ran off into the night
now he’s under a bridge warming his hands over a coffee can
next to some guy named Duke
the nice guy and guy who seen the ropes under that bridge to tell him about all the other people that over there is Rosie you don’t want to talk to her about her baby
he doesn’t know the ropes but he’s seen them
he doesn’t know the ropes of nine homelessness
alright so let’s yeah let’s see what do you think about Dungeons & Dragons do you like playing it or do you hate it I enjoy it I like playing Magic the Gathering a bit more

surprised reaction described to me okay so you know how to fight but most the time you fight with swords like if you’re a wizard you’d be fine with spell so the point is your Wizards they’re using spells to kill each other in the Spells my boa summon a goat or a might be I shoot fire at your face so basically that strategy based on just that to just go to the lightning bolts I don’t like it you know what I like about D&D I don’t know if you’ve noticed is the yelling
I like getting a verbal fights for no reason
the handle of someone suggests that the definition of friendship is not eating my face and I did not hear the what what briefly went down the attacks and then you guys attacked and back and the informal bulshit I don’t know he will real quick before you do that and yeah it’s you know what yeah is there a is there a is there a lot of can I get it already or is it like I don’t think it really is it is it like Minecraft Let’s just cut the show off now it is a Terraria accept its Force base base there’s more world
that’s what they call those games mean I like the emergence of a 3D environment Spencer well well then you do it you know some people don’t appreciate the subtleties has Bright Bay start but you know
one person goes but I can I can play it on a Mac I don’t know
there you go alright spring back out
nope one more question about Starbound
can I pay for it without having to get a PayPal or Amazon jagoff account I mean probably who cares man I’ll do it see that’s a lot of credit cards I’ll deal with it at home
wait how do you get the spiders how do you make how do you think they got there
I got to go but just messing with spiders and said I might have freaked out we have a headband in our garage
down there just hanging out I like spiders
oh shit last time on harmontown are heroes in journeying down a nice hole and found a hissing skeleton named Nev they are complex and disturbing interactions with the skeleton sitting him off on a path of violence whenever shook Sharpie but Sharpie shot back with a burst of electricity staggering the dead man moving caught fire with her argument of summer in blue wrapped pork cuts that arm off the wounded skeleton began to transform growing to a Sharpie with his new limbs the party change tax mo’reen reattach to meet on it together the fashion to paper hair piece for Lil Devin skull which stopped him dead in his tracks they quit fighting joined hands and strolled off down the path towards tormod tour the city of us
Jackal dead it’s pretty much it
so we made friends with him which I think is pretty admirable
you made friends with one of them gave him a to pay that was just sort of a gesture at some of those guys we had some meat that we rubbed around it cuz we thought that what is skeleton would enjoy having meet on his arm for hair
because I think that even when he wasn’t the skeleton he maybe was balls and was insecure about it that’s a speculation that’s not canon
but but we are now his friend again and you’re welcome
do we find the other two tarragon of virtue or the fight with a condo or possessed and we want to hear him wherever he is. You know we’re just yeah what do you mean wherever Christopher is I mean where is he is he here I don’t see him whose character sheets on the table in front of you know I just got told
I guess he is here okay Chris de Burgh is here he’s he’s still tied up by that muzzle yeah 3 minutes off is what I answered your question with time passes know yet does as time passes you pass by Broken gray pillars and piles of glittering black glass glass shattered razor sharp fragments that are strewn about the dusty ground whenever speaks he says as I was trying to say before all that happened around then just tore my own you know citizens the shamed Ones Still shamble around their mind was whores that seat not but to Snuff out the life of any one be on your guard because the chain one’s here no reason like me
I’d say there was no route that took us around in this area yeah they’re all around everywhere everywhere they just as there is and if we keep them out of the round ever going with this is going nowhere to go wherever life is now you guys are full of it
are we close to termite or five minutes Jesus
I say we keep running in and then pick it up
how are you guys feeling about this whole question General and and emotionally
how are we doing how are we feeling so pretty really 72 but I defend myself and I’ve been taking my mighty great story. Oh shit
what was your night like you just attacked me with a knife Jack Lorraine motherfuker look at the end of the day what matters is right now
spit in his face
I was talking until you fucking pulled a weapon on me
Barbarian a fucking bleed you real slow I thought today would make you weak we got more than 5 feet. What are you doing I’m sorry I won’t stab them over his wounds or where it would be because I didn’t stab him I make her walk in front of me and I had my great sword drawn just in case you get stuck in a weird again ages around you people
things that makes sense I did provoke that in anyway all you are boasting about your hit points
so you stab a person I’m not I’m not justifying any but I feel really good about to kill you
Minerva’s long as we’re giving notice those lines are giving notice if there’s a place and then outside the place as there’s a place where there’s a bunch of monsters unless they exist in it and it in a fucking circle around to the place just got to be a way around you taking us through the Unshackled telling us we’re going to they’re going to give their monsters dangerous world man
I don’t know what you want me to do anything except for possibly more rain because she is schizophrenic
but if there’s an encounter it’s on you okay I’ve got 72 hit points
get a little Twitchy, myself
okay so you continue down you continue down the path you see us destroyed a blown-out kind of Hut you see that the roof of the Hut and then the walls are kind of just falling onto the floor like it just collapsed and then you go buy a broken fence just like a fence but it’s all broken it doesn’t work to keep stuff out of places should we check out the yes keep trap if you want to check out that Hut you better be on your guard because those Unchained ones they going nuts sometimes my own self that I creep towards
if you’re if you’re a Hot Lover think I maybe a hot leather
anyone can be kind of still too even if they don’t take that away from me I will use my boots of springing and I will sing a special song and you’ll know it when you hear it
alright try not to judge me first thing again
so you creep towards the hot and you hear the sound of a maybe like chomping and gobbling probably those sounds they don’t see anything but now you do see something you see the the roof of the hot kind of shake and shimmy I don’t know what to do I guess not I guess now it’s definitely shaking now okay
it was very kind of had but I knew I walked around the back of that Shack and I put my hair up to the wall listen to the shopping list through nope it’s just a roof there’s not even any way to like get in you kick in the back wall of the Hut and it just kind of crumble to pieces if it were like wet rotting wood which it’s not it’s like some sort of sheet metal that’s a weird anyway you see it’s a zombie is a zombie naked and full of flesh is Mount is just gaping open full of flesh is trying to jump on it but his mouth broken his leg got a broken jar antique shop on what flesh I did fled to take my great sword into in Flash at his neck okay
Roland sure do you use to clean off if he’s not to you did I wipe my sword on the ground
I look around see you cut cut cut to me and Lynette have just just hanging out in the snow is there a mrs. one of them know all right now you can you know what carbs in a zombie but now there’s two corpses ones happy there’s nothing else in the Hut no it’s just I just a roof really the roof on the ground all right I fuck both of the carbs is in my run back to the I run back to the to the to our campaign in that let them know what happened to you I’m like like tell you finish I just now it’s just kind of cursory it’s kind of like a drink with the cursory thing that I do know the kids have called you backing on the multiplayer games a tea bag each other
if a multiplayer Shooters they you crouched over the face of your victim and it’s symbolic that you’re teabagging them
did I do I actually fuck them right now I’m just saying like you just you’re doing a thing that it’s not a sexual act as an act of anger and I generally enter any any combat situation with the mile Direction and so I’m like the Comanche of old where I got a war with a with a certain amount of tumescence and I am not saying I’m a good person I’m just saying that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it so I fuck most of my most of my forehead phone
remind me that question
how are you feeling I feel great so you try to stab me earlier I’m 72 hit point
I rather kill the Zombies now did you did you meet Jerry
see the happy in Corpse and another corpse without a head
you get no response I run back and I didn’t meet Jared no I didn’t have a lot to add whatever he’s just a friend of mine just did he look like a like a guy and I just grabbed the corpse know you just ran off for about 2 minutes to go fuc something no I heard from
I thought there might be some fucking some bad things going as a skeleton are you friends with zombies yeah yeah yeah okay hold us closer I might have killed you.
How did you describe Jerry this is Emmie you describe someone’s it’s different from that I killed it either way not sure if I see any humans are they your pals
hahaha I mean I’m not insane that’s just the North End run run down the path and it’s pretty dark but I have a health health if you can see a little bit you see a crumbling grey wallet massive and imperious except it’s a few places and you see if it’s attempted to been plastered a bunch of times there’s all sorts of plaster patches in the middle there’s a big giant wooden gate but it looks all rotted
Watergate rotted but intact yeah definitely still stand it I go up and I kick the gate
I’m going to kick and you kick the gate and your foot just stinks right through it’s not even satisfying you just get your leg kind of stuck in the wood in the 40 extricated are they don’t understand architecture around here something bad has happened I looks like a hood of zombies so
Atticus is a community in besieged by the undead interface
this is my new thing I take a cigarette out of his mouth I blow a smoke ring and expect a smoke ring
but what will I do and I make eye contact with both of them and so if we call out no no in fact I will open up who are you
call out my idea of calling out bothered to get a quorum about it was punished for it just that I usually say that is a new skeleton in town and it’s under my body whenever he pounds on the door a bit lately with his is glowing in the same time
he takes two or three steps back and slowly the gate doors start to grind open open sesame but as the gates open you see the the top hinge of the right door at buckles and cracks and you see the door start to crumble and fall onto you guys towards its falling on you backward somersault OK Google, instead of dodging away so hard that they are going to push away are you
what you having a stroke
all right okay so the two of you dodged out of the way and mo’reen as well as Le Neve get hit by this door from the Clapping didn’t didn’t didn’t work I guess not
but you’re saying having a big know-it-all didn’t work
on what do I still get crushed by a door even though he was guy who knows when to shout and when did not I guess he had a better reason why you’re so like so many way the two of you the two of you guys that I mentioned getting hurt get hurt you take 23 damage has huge portions of would just
you’re kind of pinned you’re both kind of panties is Christ
doing sorry I start moving like a try to roll I try to roll out of it hold on you might save your urine
I open the door fellows I take the wood from off of them to save them from the other pile of debris that happens you do that and I’ll have looks kind of banged up but he pulls himself up like a skeleton that’s normal
all right well you know there has to be some sacrifices for us to win the site
I vote for Le Neve
just kidding buddy the doorway opens up and inside you can see a smaller Great Huts like the one you saw but less destroyed I guess some of them are destroyed you see tons of a Undead creatures this kind of hobbling about like zombies on a hunk of meat but they’re moving around in the friends like on a hunt like a hunk of but me I’m sorry but they start they start strong and about moving their hands in their feet all of their bodies really and they start erecting a large large Stone statue of it looks like at night with a skeleton head but it’s about forty feet tall they just built it in front of us do they do it like in fast motion know there’s a couple larger chunks it’s impressive how fast they are don’t get me wrong don’t let me under play that I say
are these guys your friends yeah these are the people I mean I mean on my friends there just isn’t what I mean like you would any other regular person perfect at Macy’s bracelets bracelets
I did follow your lead I do one of those Road Warrior whistles the two fingers I can’t do it real life yeah you know like toilet weather while there is someone there Statue you here off camera and then they I would hope that they would all look over and he would whip pan over to me and I would go
I don’t know something pick sorry I feel like a little help or got milk I mean a whip whip oh you don’t you don’t you don’t have to feel like I like the tension building West slope and I Whistle to get their attention and then I say like we have a cursed friend here possessed friend and we were hoping to get some made a couple people building stuff also they’re just regular folk they don’t know weird stuff about pteranodons or verse use for cleaning all this from their behavior now this is what I was telling you guys
I undo my hair and I take out an arrow I take the feathers from the arrow and I stuck them in my mouth I walk up to the zombies that are that I have erected a statue
they’re not cats
hey guys me and my friends are looking at a virtue and I take my finger all the way down to my shoulder
those things happen
yeah so you see those things in the the zombie just kind of looks back at you and and hisses cleric kind of zombie in this town no we don’t need much healing to be honest. We just kind of our bodies knit themselves back together yeah I think
don’t say that she’ll try to kill you I think the undead are metaphor for Canadians
are there any stores in this in this room you’re outside in the wall in anything sizable really the one that was like you know
I brought you here to see the bone sages what’s let’s go there do you really want to talk to these guys are definitely okay to die so he brings you he brings you bring some places he whines you down to pass and turns left to the Hut turns right of the Hutt he gets you to it looks kind of like a church I guess yes he brings you to a church and there’s large Stone steps me lead you up the steps and inside you see three tall skeletal figures they’re draped in a gazi rose that are all sorts of weird colors on their standing in front of a bunch of broken piles of Gold & Bones are just standing in front of them there’s three of them there they’re just standing staring at you when it goes in and starts to rain in Hampton and staying all sorts of stuff you don’t really get it he’s talking and skeletons
he’s doing that for a bit I’ll look at you and you stopped hitting the three of them look at you kind of Unison they say we are the three stages of toe
yes we come in search of the Paragon of virtue to save our friend that’s impressive thank you thanks
thank you what are your names is my name is corked Barbarian
Mall Maureen sadhana
she’s going through a lot of emotional stuff right now
I’m sure. That’s a lot from the bus electribe I’m a sorcerer level 6 if that means anything
the three the three introduce themselves they say we are the stages the first one on the left because I am to lure the second one goes I am MOD the through one goes I am also tour
which one’s the bad boy
probably the second tour he’s the one that’s going to trash the hotel room you know what they’re into or he’s got something to prove we need to check out a virtue will pay any price within reason
I take my finger from my forehead my shoulder and I think any price
wait say that again
finger from my head to my shoulder and I said what is the forehead to the shoulder take me to call back but I didn’t get it the first time
what does it mean when you race thing it means I have a lot of issues has gotten messed up somehow.
so are the stages they looking you saying those stuff and then they answer your question and I was supposed they are going to Virtue is a rare and magical and it only grows in the unfiltered sunlight on the floating Isle of paradise where Mortals Dare To Tread
you dare To Tread there it’s called The Paradise where is this island ever since the dawn of time paradise has drifted High over the Earth to the ground so that all life could flourish and grow their lie to this day I mean no that’s a different plane of existence can you can you farias there no
for a guy that’s got nothing but information you sure are touchy about request for assistance I don’t work here is the Paradise Island isn’t is it on the same plane that were on right now or is it I miss that was on a different plane or where or it’s just above us one of them goes up
it yeah it’s a floating island the subjects up in the sky you Knuckleheads how do we get there
I don’t know where any are there any ear know do you know of anyone with a ship with airpower
yeah is it tall enough to reach the Isle of paradise
has anybody ever been to the Isle of paradise not not us again we can’t go there and that’s the only place that exists only place that we know can we leave you with a singer-songwriter who has been possessed by a demon know when I was yelling and he’s all Angry what is like what is this bullshit you just going to tell tell him tell him everything he wants they tried to kill me
oh I demanded shackling Spider-Man 2 shackling
take my finger from my forehead to my to my shoulder and I do it over and over again is going on what are you talkin about anything what the fuck you let you let us here so you could do it so you can finish our dispute with our consolation we stopped the fight and said let’s be friends you going to punish us for that going to punish you for cutting off my arm we are reattached it yeah after after all of that when we were fighting you in the snow we stopped fighting you then you took his here now you want to start fighting again yeah that was my whole plan Flames skeleton I wouldn’t ya know ya you admit it you would make your lame
Sharpie Sharpie Sharpie
Chevy offer offer him this when I hand him a bracelet
here’s a bracelet I don’t want that I want your stools to be Shackled how tall is Lynette
hi Peter I go up to him and I get him in a headlock and put my great sword around his neck and say you’ll give us what we want to sever your head fuck face all right and you know it
they’re trouble your head lock and do those things and enough if he demands that tackling tackling I’m sorry if he demands of shackling then we have to erase an act the rights of telling Varna do not insult our law tell him Varna is the due process
they start shouting as James fire out of the walls and into your chest all of them the shotgun or so they’re chained in your souls
will be Shackled I give a slow clap
sounds like
I think my finger from my forehead in my shoulder and I got I don’t know I don’t know why I don’t know what that means I look at all of them and I say very well let the show begin but once it’s over
yes I’ll be Unshackled and you’ll still be ugly
a good night
we pack it didn’t I don’t know what happened but we’re all here for it
hey I’m Jeff Davis
time in town if it down Herman


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