Episode: 109 – Jaime Lannister’s Hand


Episode: 109 – Jaime Lannister’s Hand


Mayor Harmon discusses ComicCon, we enter the Animal Corner, finds out Rogaine will kill your cat and Kumail returns just in time for a rousing round of D&D.


hello everybody work on the Meltdown Comics in Hollywood California permit town is now in session
please welcome to the stage
the mayor of harmontown Dan Harmon
welcome back from Comic-Con thank you for coming back so early
how many guys with the Comic-Con this weekend. So many okay they’re still out there so weird I was just talking to Camille in the back room and it’s the first year when they did the Montreal Comedy Festival at the same time is Comic-Con which means that that Montreal must have just been like really Jackie Road, nothing must have been are pretty like uptight environment right either one of those just
I think we know comedy people and whatever I don’t know whatever it just for laughs so isn’t that kind of the client seems like it’s like lesser and lesser every
got time for a new country to have a recession
I don’t know I don’t know I’ve only been there once I I certainly could see what I hear less and less about just for laughs
great I said they never asked for it to be a big deal when they say just for laughs a little bit of deception, it’s not really about what you do and you’re eating at a casino. Doesn’t satisfy
headlight bulbs in a couple light bulbs
so many ways looking at my Evernote saying my Bob I want to promote the spare audio thing that we’re doing August 5th 9 p.m. at nerdmelt here comes a bunch of fact I’m not a great picture but it’s hosted by me and Aaron it’s going to be here at nerdmelt if it were recording a we’re doing a live recording of a comedy album I hope I don’t need any material it’s hosted by myself and my lovely betrothed Erin mcgathy will be appearances by Duncan Trussell Steve Agee Brody Stevens and tons of people who have been here at harmontown who also happen to be part of the Pharaoh out of your network so come come to that that’s August 5th August 5th what day of the week is it August 5th that’s a Wednesday or Wednesday no matter what its prime going out tonight I’m just stuck it on your mink stole and pop on down here Wednesday or Tuesday August 5th 9 p.m.
bring up bring a glass of warm milk and the kids are some great material for the baby probably do 10 minutes on the dentist
alright animal Corner animal Corner animal animal corner all the News That’s fit to talk about our furry friends
who is the host of animal is a cat’s meow
Jan Herman
all right no relation to Mark Fuhrman the racist Detective
okay we’re just in cousins but I am a fan of animals I love and I do not give me a bookstore, corner so I talked last week about my dog my dog we are the age now of animals can watch TV with us tonight you know she was at she found a new movie franchise with these these little buddies you know about these guys their little puppies to get new adventures
the little buddies tree branch I go to space and X are superheroes something like that am I getting the name right all right I’m 50 but this is getting weird like like visit programming for dogs buy them The Army Goes Nuts with right lately the thing that drives them the most crazy as if you take him on a phone put it put it on the TV goes crazy but he also animated Garfield trailer Garfield movie and he was going nuts about the cats dancing around really you guys okay see you have food and I don’t care
and then and then any animal comes out screen goes crazy John Ritter footage did you put up the condom fight now it said that you would think so
dress like superheroes or in space outfits that are dogs puppies on the moon floating around in space outfits and Harvey was going crazy they got to the Moon before harm intended minutes
the more the more noteworthy that the it’s just a movie first of all I didn’t actually get to the moon
and also it’s just weird that the dog is like looking at the narrative and he recognizes that it’s puppies in the spacesuits I mean I don’t I barely can tell her how many tries to look on the other side of the wall to see where this window is looking on these poor animals yeah we can’t figure out if he’s enjoying it or if it’s torture like he but he barks and something and then sometimes he whines a little bit that’s what makes me feel a little a little bad so huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Blackstone about each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so there’s always a little tea in a flight that isn’t there
and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest film nerdiest film nerd like ever you’re always in good hands adventures in Blacksburg, but that’s what Thorn executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
all right that’s that’s half of animal Corner as you know animal corner is a multi-storey segment next item
kills cats know the active ingredient minoxidil I finally have a reason I don’t I can just go bald in peace have you been using Rogaine I got some online no but our friend Mike Chilean was at Comic-Con and he told me he’s did you go through tears that that he didn’t know this and who would know this I don’t put it on the box they did you know it’s just a picture of a bald guy crying and then a picture and the picture next to it isn’t a dead cat it’s a guy with hair giving a thumbs up
they should put a cat in the background no dying
but when it’s chilly and kill a cat the cat they can’t metabolize I could be near your hair with Rogaine on it yeah they could lick it inhale it even if they smell it at all it could actually could have a huge toxic reaction to Die original big research does a hypertension treatment it’s a blood blood pressure medication so babies can have a really bad reaction to it to be careful like your pillowcase who’s licking your half insides if you make something that we’re going to release your tension also maybe arrow shoot out of your skin
I tried to have hair no hair
I’m surprised that you are a person that tried minoxidil like you seem like a kind of like what is a sparrow if when it comes to hair I don’t believe my my definition of this is how this is a little hard to Crystal lake lake lake the Divine this line but my line is dishonesty I think of anyone that has Nick heard of anything that they keep a secret for your own personal Group whatever I’m not judging you I’m not that’s not at all I’m saying like I my personal definition that would make me unhappy with a line that I could never cross is where I was keeping something a secret like if I if I had something on my head that I was like oh man I can’t even tell anybody anything like that. That’s where I can’t go but lots of people Cannon and need to do that that’s great for them but but so I thought it’s like it’s been around for like decades and like maybe it’s just like Steve
because I’m a little thin on top and I just thought maybe if it’s preventive full topical moose on there it’s just like it’s like they give you a little can of moose so I thought I’d tried it a couple times but they’re really the really cool thing about Rogaine is that it puts in your hand of the power to be lazy like that’s the important thing because I think that the big issue with men losing their hair I think it’s just like anything about getting older slowly melting it’s just like you it’s just about control you. It’s just something that you didn’t choose to happen on that schedule and it doesn’t really matter when it happens or what’s happening it it just makes you feel powerless but if you can buy a product that that’s like I choose to take control of this I don’t even think it matters if it works because it for me I bought it and I used it like twice and I stopped using it thank God for my cat that turns out cuz I was like a shower to make myself look attractive
it’s nice to have a towel to throw in like a can of Rogaine together am I going to bother with this procedure know as and then I’m like yeah I choose to be bald how many cats have proof of six like I was just looking it up beforehand cuz I didn’t want to be libelous or irresponsible cosenzi note harmontown is the epicenter of journalistic Integrity we have never said a single word I’ve heard whether we’re talking about the Muppets or Israel we always get everything right and everyone’s always very happy with our reporting original the muffins are is real be real fast then then being critical of Israeli foreign policy I bet I bet you got a fifty-fifty chance which is going to get you a like a like a social black guy first and it was just think about it just get off my ass
your shity or Muppet movies I think we’ve almost about it I’m a little sick of it and I’m a little sick of it and I meant she’s got a relationship with it and I can’t say anything bad about it she’s not here tonight I just I just tired of the Muppets friend is going to be the Muppets at least you Robert Louis Stevenson a good property where the story is already in tact I think that I would agree with Aaron Aaron would agree with you that yes that was their biggest success is just taking existing stories Charles Grodin Charles Grodin
and the crowd goes silent Charles Grodin I didn’t do it I didn’t do a ton of research but I saw chilly and murder of his own the Poison Control Center I think it said somewhere had six six cases of cats like having terrible reactions to it but they can’t they can just sniff your hair anyways it’s over so if I go bald it’s for humanitarian reasons
yeah I yelled at Channing Tatum through a closing elevator at Comic-Con
I just do as doing that this is a this is a stolen bit that I got from one of the New York ComedySportz guys the loading dock elevator door was closing backstage of Comic-Con you know that’s where you going to see the famous people is like cuz everyone’s back there that’s the like the tunnel that connects all of the panels that you know so you just did Josh whedon’s getting flushed down the same toilet as you know Stanley and fucking black widow and whoever is whoever you doing anything so you see how I was dressed as a bird the whole time and then I saw Channing Tatum in it and a loading dock elevator in the doors started the closet just as they just as they almost finished closing I did I did a little elevator bit I learned from our friends in New York County Sports I ran towards the door panicked and said so
just anything really is just the elevator doors closing like what what would make you worry if it if you just heard it was that filmed it like I’m sure he’s saved my ass off right now they did you get a reaction that did the heat it’s a month of blind joke did you throw it not a blind joke for her blind fances that’s a blasting blindly offer Joe walks into a wall
and the bartender says hey
sorry blame people sorry I called you blind people and not she have free
Suzanne your human beings without site
do I need to be dehumanize like that so you’re not blind people weird, a blind person
why I’m really strong of character I’m not one of these weak blind people
you know they say when you lose one of your senses you think I’m weaker of character I don’t know if you heard that
we blind people but your character in general weekends you become you become a worse person would you rather be deaf or blind I think I want one of you will email you about the I think I would way rather be blind really rather lose sight & Hearing creatures you know where these primates that need to see the function but we psychologically we really need to be connected to each other you know Jeff Jeff communities they’re very it’s much more like
passionate because they’re like like dean death is like really divisive experience it said it puts a bigger wall between you and the person next to you than being blind you’re blind to that you know you have this impairment and you you can handle it however you want to but you can still hear and talk to the people around you that’s a definite especially before the internet was like I really really like it really just isolate to human beings can’t be isolated it makes them feel terrible I need to be able to talk to people I can do this job blind I’m not saying I’m here listening God do not make me blind to prove that it’s hard I’m not questioning how hard it is I just think that I could do that I could do a lot of the things that I enjoy doing Blind like I don’t write then I would finally if you’re blind
I’m doing Blind jokes or something I’m not really doing that I’m just thinking of my head like if you’re blind than everyone and every party you you go to like they they have to come up and go hey Dan it’s me Suzanne Johnson which is something that people don’t do because I can allegedly see even though I can’t recognize your fucking face I never remember anybody so it might again God to take this seriously in the Twilight Zone way but it might be kind of a lucky break for me to be blind like a lot more excusable guy that I would rather see things and hear him yeah
and I’m talking straight to God God I fucking Jer you strike me blind I was backstage to the vet with her Channing Tatum again his name is that hunk has sex
and Aaron and I saw him I really hope Aaron doesn’t mind me telling the story is really weird to see him and then Aaron said he looks good and I said that that supersedes jealousy I was like yeah he does look really good and then if he judges of you guys standing next to Channing Tatum making him look like a big bag of puke
but what’s wrong with that I just do what I do because he’s he’s almost like exhilarating the good looking like a ten-year-old kid out of window anytime
you can park my sister
I’d watch him but his sister I would let him fuck my sister with my chopped off hand
I take his chopped off hand
to a movie
Channing Tatum movie I just make fun of it I feel like it was this ugly piece of shit looks like a fucking pumpkin
I just seen Aaron should be able to choose which celebrity she goes on record is calling a bag of how good-looking you are you’re in deep shit if you’re standing next to certain people that guy he’s so good-looking that he shouldn’t be that good an actor he also is a good actor at like that’s fucking terrifying Israeli I have no idea what the fuck is across the Fjord he’s a hunk purposely remember that the story started with this guy
children looking like today
it’s a good show it’s a good show I just started watching Deadwood again without enough time passed I learned when I first watched but I washed it and was used to want to my place your place we have old Edward parties and I instantly thought I wonder how many years has to go buy it for me to watch this again and enjoy it again the answer is now I’m now watching it again and couldn’t be happier about it. Damn that show ready for a wire re-watch any time it is with me and Jaime Lannister’s hand if you call my dick the kingslayer
I brought you out as soon as I could just to just going to get into the shade I think we could I think it’s probably cuz it’s on I feel like Satchmo maybe I’m just gaining Louis Armstrong a rag like a oh cuz that is what he was most known for the rack cargo contact Elliot the musical ability by the way I look it up minoxidil which is the ingredient in Rogaine is very very poisonous to cats but only six cases have been reported four of those died so that potential many people probably don’t report it like chili
are going bald you don’t connect those dyes your problem
also there was a couple there’s a couple of those people are putting actually putting Rogaine on their cats like to sleep because your cat has a ball. Can I say what I say it say it back to of a little while ago we had a heated discussion about and I don’t want to bring up like sore subject but I thought it was interesting how we treat people who try to talk to us in public differently you want to engage and I don’t and I’m like I don’t fuck off you know that’s
but nobody wants to be like like like the confronted when you’re not ready for that I know but I mean just like engage in conversation and I said usually when I want to plan all ignore the people trying to talk to me and fuck everybody I want to go out I want to pretend that I absolutely object will this rain last week and I sent down an old lady’s going to sit next to me and I help her with her bag and I put the bag up and she says that I’m thinking about what you your approach and she says I’m sorry it’s really heavy you don’t want to know what’s in there now you do know I don’t know I do know that you want to know I don’t want to know luckily she needs no prompting she tells me she’s at get 6 lb of strudel it’s for my son so now I don’t want to know now I’m at a Crossroads am I going to engage or am I just going
it’s honestly and because you were so passionate about it I was like all right I’ll try this and I said I might have to fight your son for it that’s what I said okay that’s not how I would have approached well this is what happened. He’s an architect and that’s when I knew I was fuked but she was giving out information that had nothing to do with what we were talking about but he just wanted to you could build the Labyrinth around you I do need to build a laboratory around Thursday to fight minotaurs or whatever and then she talked to me the entire time she said the phrase she said my son’s an architect almost I love Lilly kind of sad Fox cuz I knew I was fine and she’s twice use the phrase or you know the kind of people that do black
he holds up his Heroes and in my head are now I was just wrangling Jeff
you’re right there for you you got it you got her wet you don’t get them wet it’s been awhile
I’m done just so much and I would just look at student straight I can see her like looking at me like as soon as he looks at me I’ve got another things ready to go. Do you want them to stop talking and here’s what you do you look at that might be racist to him cuz that’s just going to cuz you’re her on your part of the black community but with a smile
if you ever shush another adults as you going to do put up with your finger up your mouth like they fucking shut up Maria Maria racist with her to the point where she thought you were a little extreme
Jennifer was an old guy behind me and he was just fucking lying when I got the feeling he’s probably a little bit hard of hearing cuz he was yelling and so the other guy was yelling to him because I think that guy thought he was hard of hearing to Sonos two guys just a five hour flight from New York to like what you don’t know nothing about fishing
and everyone else’s fucking sleeping cuz it’s 9 a.m. and I just stood up and looked at them and gave the finger to the lips on it and it was fucking Boneyard silence after I’m 62 and an architect
you can talk to everybody that’s a real dick move know it’s a fucking playing the people that everyone else and this is not me and I think my situation people came up to me during and after the flight on the plane and then at the baggage claim if you wanted to thank you you should have been and I said yeah he remembers true she loves you are we just saying that some of us are
some of us are good at talking to people so so so and some of us want to do it a hundred times ago Camille where you were saying that you I think you’re being a bit while you were saying that you you’re not gregarious put your people I don’t know very friendly with a person next to you never once have I initiated a conversation with the stranger I’m pretty sure you tried it because of me and you and you and look what happened
the kind of people that the black community goes up at zero
I was I was in Nashville recently a lot last week while I wasn’t here last time in town and we had a cab driver I got a Uber drivers I was in the front. Everyone else in the backseat and he was kind of an oddball he was a guy that I think I have a give me a business card he is a guy that is absolutely certain that global warming is not happening anyways a filmmaker and also an Uber driver and he’s made it
buy lots of filmmakers are Uber drivers at the potentially the other day
a privilege I would rather watch a movie that you buy a guy that used to be in overdrive Uber driver or still is what he was saying like 80% of scientists are statically agree that global warming is not happening and I said that it is that’s what I’ll go or watch a movie is called an inconvenience
why shouldn’t I call it a convenient lie you know the weather is shity I can’t shoot anything is so he’s driving Uber around it they are connecting to God got him down about that but I ain’t like isn’t there like a satellite imagery of ice shelves falling off and isn’t that kind of proved I got to stop over right and he goes no no no that’s an absolute lies right level-headed about it every time a an Antarctic ice shelf falls off one grows in the Arctic ocean that is very inspiring
Nature has a balance in 111. It creates another ice shelf like as a give me your email address that I have to see this movie
I want to Premier that movie about the guy that is certain that human humans not only don’t have an impact on the environment they couldn’t even making it already or you want I got the feeling that this is almost like in the Nuggets done cuz I work there in a post on the snow in Greeley that did that having no impact on the environment where there are guys like that out there I just don’t want to really talk to them but if they make a movie I’ll watch it
how would you know about it about the movie
you’re our Emissary go out to people at an airport or anywhere and not like lean over and talk and it’ll be just you such a careless like a friendly guy I don’t talk to people at airport so I can primer station ever do drugs go up on stage and do that maybe that’s why I get it all out like it’s just like to be a stand that maybe it’s a thing like you usually you’re getting it out and oh okay so if you didn’t talk to people maybe I’d be funnier. You’ll be doing stand-up
I would like to get a Comic-Con report from the king of Comic-Con 2014 Spencer Crittenden
hey guys hey hey
wow that was good I thought that vocal was someone yelling at me what vocal the vocal in that song that was playing it sure was
Comic-Con what happened give us the scoop my feet hurt
did you enjoy yourself
give me a what was your highlight is it was there a highlight I got to play Super Smash Brothers the new one is Mega Man it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do with my entire life is great it was great the commission was packed packed more than ever and there is more of it than ever sign saying you couldn’t do stuff and more than ever people telling you what to do and it was kind of a bummer and where I remember there used to be a boost for it’s all I can get a free USB drive here have a free sticker now it’s like a sticker and it’s just like it’s getting cheap and there is a new development this year and I was just if I if I hadn’t crossed the threshold of my head when I was like look I’m just another Rich douche here promoting things I’m not going to look at myself as one of the Nerds anymore I’m going I’m going I’m looking at myself as an exploiter of nerds like I’ve got two shows and promoting are getting driven around and SUVs at let’s let’s be let’s be real
my experience at Comic-Con if it’s good is is great for me and not for anyone else in particular that it was one thing that I let get to me as a as a nerd of which was just like now now they just station these guys who described any anywhere else I live in the gym teacher types like every 30 feet store at the convention center and they’re literally just yelling at a sea of nerds keep it moving and they do an indiscriminate lie when people are moving when they’re not when there’s heavy traffic areas when there’s no people in the mail so we already know, this is my big thing that I’ve always had a problem with you I went to Super kind of Miami to New York, you could still see you can still see what is a beautiful thing to me since this is our people
you know this is the way we pray we buy a bunch of shit with are enormously disposable income cuz no one’s dating us
we consume the fuck out of stuff and we ended up with me to get exhausted from buying your shit we pop our fat asses down on the carpet against the nearest stretch of wall and we look through it until we can get another bit of strength and take another surge that is stuff and we’re dressed like the Monopoly guy and Pirates and spider people and it’s like it used to be for any more okay well yeah that’s cuz you know Bruce Willis’s PR team coming through and and now I’m part of that problem too so I dropped that I drop that passion or you can if you want to sit on the floor I go to New York but keep it moving keep it moving I can’t fucking move you guys are making too much money for me to move that sits that fucking crazy keep it moving and then exactly what is in that vein the a lot of the traffic signals were shut down and they have like traffic enforcement you know directing traffic and stuff and I always thought I was pretty weird because they call him
traffic enforcement officers but they’re really more like traffic naggers like they just like tell you what to do and if you don’t they’re like. And then just everyone continues doing it like what they’re going to do they don’t actually stop people they never site anyone there’s like five people at the same intersection you think one of them can go tackle someone like it wouldn’t be that hard they’re not really in forcing anything yeah I saw it I saw a lot of people out of like mob rule happening at the crosswalk so he had people just crawling under what cross cross arms on the railroad track that happened and this family of death people got beat up by nerds at Comic-Con what happened yesterday so that was that deaf people
so you chose wisely
but they were driving a car which would be significantly more challenging blind but they said they were waiting at a crosswalk and it was a zombie run was happening so this guy a little kids who couldn’t hear that subtly people in amazing like zombie outfits keep coming by at least get start freaking out it’s taking a long time so he starts like nudging his car for Tuesday is no rule and they started attacking the car and breaking the windshield and stuff yeah he like tried to get away and hid old lady why was it I don’t know what you broke her arm and nobody died but like I said it’s funny because I was over at a pizza place watching leg that procession go by and then it kept being interrupted by all these emergency vehicles and that’s what that was they were going to attend to that but it was funny because you said you see this parade and then it gets like pushed up into the sidewalk and then they keep going like nothing happened
doubt about it like that it’s just I get it to like all of the gist of what I perceived as San Diego natives who are all eating at restaurants with their cameras out watching really extra slow nerds walked by them would just lay there and I wasn’t part of this fucking parade and I’m going to meet people but I couldn’t he can’t like knock over a stroller with a zombie baby in it and like leg League album by like you loved going. Even with all that I’d like to see what the people are dressed up and stuff is very exciting like this still a lot of passion people around and they’re getting it or yelled at by gym teachers fight on the top of all this has become some strange protected elitist to astronaut who I land at Comic-Con tonight you know I’m I’m handled now I’m at score today
parts of the convention center that nobody gets to see like in the behind the family has been an elevator do bits for me everything was seamless and every single person I’m meeting someone who is moved to speak to me because they they they so admire made so it’s like my experience is like it’s like insanely by I was a really great, you could sit down with him I wouldn’t tell you to keep it moving my gray stringy hair and I had had like vodkas delivered to me while I was signing stuff by Justin’s assistant tomorrow thank you tomorrow I was done with the same thing and it was like no one cared that I had a glass of vodka on the rocks at the signing table and so and then when it was over I just kind of wandered off with it so I was asking for a moment there I was going to
strolling through the exhibit hall with a cocktail in my hand and I did kind of feel like the king of something cuz there was no nobody was telling me you’re not allowed to do that it’s like she can’t act like glassware but I never filled with booze everything felt like Dean Martin or something I don’t know if I last year this happen if I talk about it here but women have like a different experience that women like get groped and stuff that happens I was walking with Emily what’s the Twitter handle cosplay is not consent to it but women like dress up in cosplayer guys think it’s okay to treat them like you know like cartoons like cartoons
like not people dressed as poison ivy that obviously it’s okay to just run up to her and get going okay how are you let me get a picture of him without actually engaging them like a human being because they’re dressed as we are being handled and groups and others were walking and Emily was like this guy keeps stupid like she felt some guy like sort of was like really close to her for his crotch and we’re expecting like a huge crowd but it was just me and Natalie and then one guy behind her and no one else around just the three of us walking and I was like what the fuck dude it was Jaime Lannister’s he was fine with it but
no it was like me and her and just like one dude behind when I looked he went away but we just expect it like to be a huge crowd and people getting pushed around but
is it Geeks for consent yeah that was a Twitter saying I was I was I was looking at in the limo ride home after my privileged Flying Saucer hover over it out but yeah I was kind that is as it as an official from an unofficial PR perspective leg they don’t want to create the idea that this is a problem so they’d rather just wait until something terrible whatever whatever their position is let’s what that’s what these these this group is running up against the conveyor saying can we just add can we make the one formal step of adding a Fishel anti-harassment language to the, I don’t harass people
is it for all women are just for women that that choose to dress up in Cosplay outfit so I mean I guess all women I wouldn’t think you’d ever dress up as Sailor Moon to not be sexually harassed you know what I mean I bet it would be all women I think it’s just I hate all human beings as with anywhere you just need to be allowed to feel safe if you choose to dress up as a character you’re not necessarily saying to strangers that they have an elevated level of permission with you in a social context that there’s a saying that makes perfect sense to me I don’t send that to you know the big long list of warnings about don’t wear your Google Glasses when you watch the next few Jackman movie that’s okay at the panel you know they’re very thorough about that will happen to unit-i piracy is not so thorough about just letting somebody know don’t run up to Sailor Moon throw your hand around our ways to take a selfie talk to her like she’s Sailor Moon
you know lake lake lake lake it’s a person and that’s it and I thought that was interesting at world keeps changing under our feet, can ya I’m like to shame a Hasbro Incorporated they had the situation where like they had a booth that was like a store like many other stores in the comic con situation but this booth was special because in order to get the privilege of winding up in the ridiculously long line to buy the merch you had to get these tickets elsewhere to completely different place like at 6 in the morning and the two of them stuff at the store for the Comic-Con even open so it’s like get the Comic-Con three hours before they open so you could get a ticket so you can stand in line to buy this shit and there was a boy promotional
dick hard stuff cuz has Robot Wizards of the Coast so they own magic and stuff haha it’s a bummer but I got to go to a weird magic event hosted by Geek and Sundry and I got to play magic with just some new players but also this guy shit I think his name was Doug birer but he’s a magic you know executive guy and I got to see one of them did they know who you were the reflected celebrity from from being the yeah I mean I probably there’s probably about 40 people that stopped me and talk to me from recognized me from harmontown it from TV with cool tails and big beers also got stuff
I ate that was there was there was about three or four people that were like that I see you and then I was like did you and them there like I don’t know a lot of people just generally look like this like with a crazy beard and long hair and glasses and fat tires and I hope I’m not speaking out of turn but tell him Justin story when the elevator who’s the creator of Rick and Morty was really drunk at the elevator and he’s just he’s just he goes through a curtain backdrop and and he there was a guy in the elevator that was I think in a wheelchair I’m hearing this story third hand and and and he just
being big and better than gregarious and Stephanie, he was sort of like putting a hand of the guys shoulder and Sandy in the elevator right now and then be friends and look at how drunk I am and end the third time he did like the guy the guy said like he look you really invading my space right now very uncomfortable and shit sorry you got really quiet and then a fan of Adventure Time or Mountain I Know Who You Are
oh shit that could not have gone any sites I saw an old friend of ours we haven’t had them on the show in a while at Comic-Con and he’s looking and feeling great so I told him come down tonight give us a little update cuz it seems like it’s all good news let’s welcome backs McDonald
we all remember this guy
multiple aneurysm Survivor who the last time we saw you with when I do that at Comic-Con I press my junk against people of the last time we talked to you it was very sobering and I mean not technically for me but but
emotionally sobering Declaration on your part that you had been going to these doctors were studying you and in in in the same course treating you while they studied you video putting coils up your legs and stuff I can’t even imagine I just all I know is a Rogaine what could kill my cat so I’ve got a bad the you were told him let’s just let’s knock it off cuz there was a little bit of time that you did we weren’t on the treatments and then you felt more creative and you you were like I mean the way that you had put it or at least the way I’ve seen articles written about it is that even if it’s a crash way of saying that you’re like I want to I want to be creative even if it kills me because you’re you’re recognizing that you’re not kidding this treatment anymore and it’s sort of like a roll of the dice with whatever’s going on in your brain and you but you’re the effects of the treatment were kind of neutering you creatively am I getting any of this wrong
last time it said all right no more treatments and and and off I go and I’m going to go drop stuff and be productive and come with me and so now you can now you give us the update so I let me know if my energy level has been up I’ve been having fewer incidents of as far as like blackouts and seizures I still have some but they’re few and far between basically I can I seem to be thinking a lot more solving like like it has a lot of things I do is like I buy puzzles and solve puzzles and like to help my brain still sponge it’s absorbing I build Transformers and you know a model kits and everything like that so I love doing all that stuff and it keeps the creative juices going now I found that I can’t stop I’m getting very little sleep I’m probably sleeping like 3 hours a night maybe and I can’t shut my brain down and it just it’s it’s nonstop going and unproductive like I’m doing a lot now I’m a lot more than I did
for I had an aneurysm at one time and I in there are effects that is having on me but there again so far few and far between that I’m I don’t know I seem to be what I’ve always wanted to be which is a little superhuman by lately I actually a couple I think it’s about a month ago I had sleep deprivation cuz I was up for a couple days and then and then after that I got you know some some stuff to knock me out and then since then I’ve been

I’ll get 3 hours of sleep at night and then sometimes it take an hour nap in the middle of the day but my energy level like we just did Comic-Con last year I think I sat two days out because I was sick this year it could have gone three more days when you’re a big crowds and people are getting kind of loud like everything out now the noise sounds like water flowing so even all the yelling in the screaming and the body odor and the everything they had and I only have the one to Raleigh just now and he’s not the he never gave me advice in in in in and stuff on that level it was always the other doctor guinea pig doctors but is there anything for them to learn cuz I still went to them maybe really what your doctors take them everything
Transformers Transformers to contact how was your day going are you still meeting with the brain can I can have coffee now I don’t we don’t reach out to me while I’m working on the book I mentioned that you guys all help me find on Kickstarter Longview tell which is a me doing all the different art styles I just recently choreograph a dance for the for the book our baby girl I’m trying to find out what kind of artist I am so every page in the book is a different type of art expressionism surrealism sculpting painting singing filmmaking so on so it’s very transmedia but so I’ve been working on that and then I actually premiered my new comic at Comic-Con called Mono myth
is your visual memory still where it was or you guys are coming back if you see me you can yeah my visual memory so I’ve been having more dreams I can remember them and I did actually a Comic-Con I drew for people came up to me and and commissioned me to do sketches for them and I only two of them actually had to look at pictures for I actually Drew Spider-Man without even looking at them like seeing a picture of them I was able to know enough in my head to draw Spider-Man so so I would say I’m again it’s is finally getting past that sponge level and I am learning I don’t want to go I mean I got to go out on a limb here but you know you ran into me the other day at Comic-Con you know and you were with a guy who didn’t know me right so did you recognize me yes yeah which didn’t happen in the past like at all right I mean sometimes I I know you’re crazy yeah it the way I want some yeah the way I found you this time I wouldn’t have been able to before we were just walking by and I will do it when I go other Spencer
I’m going to go say hi to him he’s amazing
play mad and I’m in pain with you when I saw you at the signing it’s up and I saw dust into I just it’s starting to like I’m very nice me and see me and know who I am. Things down I know you’re tall and I knew you were a suit and if the ICU and melt it does not melt down and I see that I’m pretty much at work I’m at a bar and I see that you know is me sick how your speech pattern
we all know what you really do
we’re going to expunge racism from aneurysm survivors
maybe when you got a new strategy about this figured out it’s too deeply rooted in society and we’re going to start with C I know I know I’m actually the writer of this book I I do it like I said before I think I told you about it it’s really hard for me to find a job a lot of people don’t want to hire a guy who has memory problems because they’re like hey did you happen yesterday and I guess what thing and then it doesn’t get done so I have a really great boss who is actually here in the audience I brought him with me his name is Omar Spa he and he started the kind of company called ossm, and and he hired me as an editor and chief for him which is always wanted to do with, to be an editor and then he was crazy enough to say do you want to write one of these comments that were publishing so I did I’m a big you know like you or Joseph Campbell fan I wanted to do something I just straight-up called at Monument I called a spade a spade and it’s the story of Lucifer and Michael in reverse then actually Lucifer tells Adam and Eve Nas
eat the apple and Michael the angel that falls from heaven so it’s like a what if Earth book cuz I’m a big Marvel what if van and it’s got a notice. Calm did a great review on it and a lot of a lot of press NPR someone was really nice to NPR interview with me about this in and killing people and Celeste are so yeah it’s a lot of controversy in the religious person protesters outside, I’m so I had I don’t know if it’s like it if you walk by and hang out there long enough there’s going to be somebody equally confusion confusing conviction that starts to yell at them turkey without a typo sorry I don’t know what to do
play come on no one’s coming to the convention because they don’t want us to be loved just think it’s not a conventional Jesus yes Superman how come God can you wear a kill you if you want to talk about
a sequel for you
Christopher Nolan it’s really weird and then there was a guy who just sat up with a lawn chair and a Boombox he was a layering what sounded to me like it was just a bad recording of his churches like rock band or something so she regarded as noise pollution at all as it’s like 30 loud here and Inseparable and he’s just blaring garbage at people it’s a garbled garbage and I’ve now I feel bad cuz he was blaring the song I wrote for a laundry towel
you’re my Christian rock music now that’s my thing man. That was your art
good news bad news
you made us all start loving Christian rock then I would be the Antichrist probably Corning Corning all reports in Revelations the Antichrist you know his his big boy as he is going to be that everybody really likes him a lot cuz he’s like really nice and Charming yeah and then people might think he’s like the massage I think of my right right is just like well whatever one looks like the next Jesus that’s get them
and wait and wait for some shit head that is true that’s really funny
red hot peppers you remember when we were saying that listening to like heavy metal music backwards at like satanic messages and I do whatever I don’t know those are funny that like to take the Satan is up there like these are the fucking people who did this is what they’re doing there like sitting around smoking pot listening to music backwards like they’re not like the best most productive members of society Dungeons & Dragons that are playing in town in a little kid and Tustin in Orange County that there was a big sewer is that you could go hang out and if you were a teenager if you were a if you are martial artist to which I am
I Saw The West Memphis Three thing happened that all came from that kind of fear the Dallas Egbert the third whatever his name was was like it was the kid that went missing from the UCLA now just spreading rumors about the dungeon master is published in the 80s by the sky William dear it was a private investigator
tell Mike that start with you mean something else
hey music from a college campus he was like one of those worms are archetypes he was there he was at College way early cuz he was a genius and because he was a genius he was also kind of you know he was he had Wanderlust and and rebellion and boredom and stuff and he just disappeared one day and because it was like at the Apex of this what is the judges the dragons thing all of us urban legend started emanating out of this kids disappearance that is like like that you know they played the dragons of the steam tunnels underneath the college’s campus and he was one of the people that was doing this and and and that’s why you disappeared in the whole book is written by this private investigator who specialized in a cult deprogramming which was the most recent fad and now it’s hopping aboard this one says book is about him hot on the trail of this kid who’s disappeared while playing D&D so he he goes and climb trees and spies on hybrid clubs Society he climbed a tree
eavesdropped on them he goes and he just goes that he goes into a hobby store and pays the clerk fifty bucks on the slides as he can you give me a game of Dragons how do you play any plays in a hotel room. Do the dragon that characterizes is like he loses his Consciousness that he wakes up in the hotel room is empty and the kid comes back after a couple days of his. I figured out I was gay and I love heroin
I’m a genius I got bored Cody Andy I played that too
Jesus Christ calling the detective a guy are you looking for me
the story must be told he left his handwriting and it was always a big like like missing puzzle piece so he meets the kid in the diner goes I tell you any wrote it with his left hand
why’d you do that cuz I thought I would fuck with people
I’m a gay heroin addicts being a genius you’re welcome you’re welcome on behalf of every one of the Manson family if you’re welcome on behalf of every two teenagers parents got scared that they were at the big bad you’re welcome all of you fucking dumb ass holes I got bored I’m smart hard to be smart ones like it seems great it’s going to be better than sex which is currently the best thing but it’s got to be better than a can of Pringles because I had one of those
I don’t really have a break I’ve ever seen all day ever comes into my mind
I think it’s a good sign when people don’t really recognize how good that song at 2
if it gets are some of the bonus footage is you can actually see us coming up with chicken noodle dog out of the bus you trying everything in the bus with the aspirin and that and then peanut butter on my deck that sounded weird
that would like a knife
jar of peanut butter get what’s a bonus footage I need to check it out thanks for coming by
not really how about the harmontown prince I made I’ll be here Wednesday selling them and monomyth here at the store and meltdown Wednesday night
can I talk about the Rob schrab thing continues his fucking Campaign Of Terror on Twitter
it is what it is this is what it is something and he will ask them the most so it was like yesterday a couple days ago Nathan Fielder was very funny Richard aw tweeted a link and said this is a sketch from my shell and he responded is there a link
that’s the level of humor with a deadly weapon
today Steve agent who wants a Panasonic dvx100b
it’s called travel around the world aren’t doing it
robbing this is another one so I did a really stupid joke but this is not the story I made a stupid joke it was late night and I just said I just combine two comedians like Zach Galifianakis and Jack Black and I just I said like my favorite mashup comedian is Zach black or something stupid it’s not a funny thing
Rob’s Rob response what are some others
create tweet famous Robin Williams
SB top
Jerry Seinfeld
Disney Andy Warhol of tweets
you really a giant picture of a soup can
so I tweeted I started I started watching The X-Files and I do a podcast by The X-Files files on the network listen to it and people connected with the show tweeting at me every now and then nobody paid but like you know periphery II this guy who writes the new X-Files comic book tweeted at me he’s like hey have you read it it’s name is Joyce Harris I was like no I haven’t I’ve heard amazing things Roberts Roberts wants to meet him and the publisher checking and like yeah yeah of course it’s so much work goes into so many disparate targets like is going after everybody else…
do everybody
is Rob having a stroke is he is he all right we should I heard it’s awesome
so I got really angry and I just tweeted I said if this week it’s 200 retweet our block Rob schrab I hear so many and then obviously I didn’t block the music it’s not 200 it’s 277 so you still have to be friends with me
so then this happen the next thing this is the one I wanted to tell you guys this went down tonight and then it’s so this is how you got into it do you tweeted that Rick and Morty was coming out on Blu-ray and he responded on what format
fair questions
so this is what happened so then I tweeted oh you tweeted know I completed something stupid I said it doesn’t matter it’s about Captain America and how is black and some day won’t matter it’s not a funny tweet it’s one of my you know social justice braids
that’s part of my brand
I said something about that then Dad heart you said look whites have a talent for noticing race we can use it to advance or destroy Society but if you drop it then we’re out of work weight loading tweet and it’s me and you talk cuz we’re kind of a Daily Show level with I can draw
what is a Dream by the way is Eureka counting on this is just kind of in general I think he has created a movement he was sitting there with all these old scout Comics just to sell them and it’s signed them and he kept making these comments people come up and they would go I really like community and so glad you got six seasons and Anna and then we’ll just go look like he just went like he’s just like chiming in with leg and he handed me a copy of Scott number one
as I hear you go let’s go he’s like doing this bit where he’s like just for the Lord but he was doing a character like he’s like oh yeah artist now
Rob schrab just texted me
he’s inside the building he texted me what’s my name on Twitter what does that even mean
it’s the dumbest question of all
this is like the beginning of scream this is horrifying
somebody must be texting him. He’s there he’s always perfect player responded but I can draw and then responded with hashtags
nypost my favorite hashtag it in Argentina
but I was just because of all the World Cup 2016
and we were both like smarting from just a couple days of just intense stuff so then I said the trains aren’t running on time when shrubs watch do so in a way Hitler was better than shrub you said but one thing when gervis posted propaganda Hitler didn’t write what country is this promoting underneath it
and then I said I said Edwin Hitler heard the phrase Final Solution he wasn’t like how many solutions will there be after this one
so you got a lot of ways Hitler’s better than and then the next thing he did he didn’t respond to any of those and that’s where the fucking Bill Cosby drop a red fox 6 thing happened and I was like alright you when I am never is there a way that we can you cancel the whole thing is he comes underneath you know is there a way that this audience and do some people are already like when he does these things people like have countered by posting things and similarly to his tweets or to his comment, but that’s a gorilla live like someone else
we don’t we all go after like like Cameron Diaz we all say that it says you’re a bit
I think lyrics
sad family we should make a huge Banner that says where do you live I put it like outside his house just hashtag his phone number
oh yeah that’s it his home phone his cell phone
he’s a monster and there is no way to defeat and he’s a bad person but he’s an art movement that I feel like there’s a kid somewhere doing that underneath the high school friends Instagram like without any connection to us at all
what is a few days ago but he’s texting you right now this is what he said to days ago I’ll be signing Spanish signing / selling rare Scott Martin at the store Burnsville blah blah blah 3917 Saturday at 11 a.m. hashtag sdcc 2014 hashtag someone said will you be at the boot there today at all run from and Rob responded I’ll be signing / selling rarest card Mart and original art nothing I said that I didn’t bury the lede on multiple people have responded with that exact thing and he has copied and pasted the same thing and every response that same thing again
I think he’s having a nervous breakdown from the kind and said like I’m leaving the convention cuz I’m having such a good it was so much fun or something it was kind of a sad emo kind of picture of him and I don’t know how seriously to take that did he have a good time and Bill no I think that mrs. Kate skates doing so he said I’m leaving early because I miss my wife and dog wait to get back to that little yeah he doesn’t like to be like out and about really I guess he lied he leave early
that might be the first podcast
all right I want to bring up a will to bring up a new new person new person should we slant female cuz we’ve had with testosterone Boys on stage when we need somebody to play Erin mcgathy character in D&D do we have any anybody that wants to do it going to hand over here
all right
not that I see gender where’s your name no work no expensive and take it so hard to get this immediately
the the it’s what was the example what what lawyer Buffet $26 for a hotel buffet you couldn’t get water for like under $3 I hate of a bad place so it was more hotels than anything else really and hotels are always bad I thought San Diego was lovely town in San Diego’s what I have a problem with you can’t get over
is it walkable
it’s walkable it’s so fucking contagious
you’re a born and raised here
desert desert in Mojave California did you kick into my house from there in the desert
is it there’s a place with a very similar name to that that’s definitely
Siri is my best friend we still do not know what you guys sorry I was busting out character sheets you guys I know don’t let it proliferates and I really have you work on I used to be a web designer
I used to design a giant stuff did you do you know when you’re finished
you’re never done did you go to school for that web pages look pretty or less programming more like Vibe I invited
and Brad is important but I also like the efficiency of the website has it work product designer product as in like the entire website functionality do you believe in God
well then nobody I can help you
cuz you getting you know that guy’s God wanted us to be on the web he would have quit Mouse cords in our hands
fuck you Adam
so is that a control o control is that a control in the world is that Mac or PC
control answers.com is not true
Mac or PC
you’re bad person
the control oh I think I want you type Dan one time on the computer your type of stuff that you have always a little special commands you’re making the cursor just duck and dive all over the thing as exciting
is that why you have two computers and you take your shirt off all the time it doesn’t look as cool but I don’t exactly what’s the website everyone should experience as it’s pretty funny about it years ago it’s called The Hacker hacker I don’t know hacker typer typer hackertyper and it’s just a web site that where you it waits for keystrokes and then it just generates looks like
it’s really cold is it have like like cubes aligning that’s what we talked about yesterday find leggett’s it’s it’s like it’s like going to a western Saloon set and breaking a bottle over your head like a magical thing that you get to do it but it’s pretty cool like I did it for like 20 minutes
are you can do it for real
I’m not a hacker no but you can talk and I can you program you do HDMI or templates
I haven’t designed a web pages 1999 if you got is that a real thing
do you use a Mario Paint
how do you spell distributor character sheets if you would all right I would not listen to the last episode so what happened at Spencer I haven’t listened to it a side side mission cuz we had Duncan up here so I’ll he wanted to do is cut off Camille’s nipples does a female character so much is a different culture Marvel Comics Canon are my nipples still married
it felt like a one-off I think we’re playing ourselves and we just ran out into traffic and we’re like flipping cars over such a pack of bunch right we never found out about right well I don’t ever find out about it you found out I guess you didn’t find it a strange paint and stick with it we don’t have a new man okay okay are you ready to be the greatest D&D in podcast history and don’t worry about that she’s so much it’s like a jumping-off point cheese standard water
I’m also
you’re 18 now alright alright
last time on harmontown our heroes were shitting in the purple Caverns after a wild goose chase by Tylenol with codeine they found and destroyed three magical gem creatures then went through a crack was in a black dragon but luckily ran away before it could attack
I can’t even blinking in the sunlight Sharpie sauce shape on the horizon
it was one of Admiral darkstar’s vessels their ship crashed into the canyon walls injecting flaming goblins across the wreckage site and after slaughtering two of the Flaming passengers Sharpie back the last one in his bag of holding Examining The Flaming vessel for luikart discovered a crystalline disc and realizing its nature use the unit to power on the robot baby

what did robot be peace-loving or Built For War
navigate their way out of the purple canyons are bags of holding Fireproof
Tylenol with codeine find out on this next episode of an all-new harmontown that time that was
my timing is getting worse I guess we have a flaming Goblin in the back of my hair I mean who knows that’s what I said seeing ya you find yourself in the purple Caverns the robot baby is slowly but surely English early powering itself on as you look you feel Arcane energies coalescing in the air around you and Azure threads of light seem to be streaming from the ground and are converging upon the baby it activates its eyes glow bright blue and all the energy absorbed inside of its metal shell with a twinkle in guess that one to its feet and looks around and it’s like you and do diagnostic complete logic or damaged hello
swipe to unlock
I I swipe the baby hello you guys are knows you guys are no
but you guys aren’t I’m confused you just a baby wait what’s your name little fella logic damaged
that’s a strange name
what what’s your name logic damaged
my name is Legend damaged
what what is your prime directive prime directive
my blind directive unlock The Secret Gate of logic damaged resting place of logic damaged
seems like that’s a good question I feel like
I will burn information from town to town in general to kill people forget to look them we’re kind of pack of buns we set things on fire mostly I guess that’s fine we stole you know these are all things admirable traits whatever you want how do we restore your logic that the part of the syntax the code that that that that doesn’t compute I don’t know I don’t know how the other well can we talk about the location that you’re supposed to go to to find the resting place of the thing that you don’t remember what it is who is who is logic Arcana
what has a metal teach you of its magical nature perhaps I have don’t have it I have a robot
can we look at the real or is that plants we can bake you you look at it you see some various words but you can’t read it I guess cuz it’s there may be a gnomish I take the repast and read it because there were a couple places you see a couple areas by it’s by the forehead that’s a logic the word you can make out on the baby’s forehead on the plans so it’s like a drawing of the baby robot baby
I do I do have knowledge of our kin of like 13 skill bonus and then send them mostly it’s about magic so if you’re questioning like oh wow what kind of magic animated this guy any insights there what’s it plus 13
you determine that it’s you know a Golem it’s not any other type of automatize definitely Golem which means it’s infused with us some sort of living soul and I. Yeah actually I mean technically speeding yam Jewish today we did over this it doesn’t have a penis Oso somebody already fuck that up
maybe it is it is it a lady hit it doesn’t seem really
your location that you’re supposed to go to where you supposed to go to it with others I don’t know
was it on this plane of reality is a geographic location
but you don’t know where it is
would you would you would you know if you got closer to it
I don’t really know probably maybe I don’t know maybe not hello are you programmed with a map that tells you where to go or are you programmed with a sensor that like like makes you sense when you get closer to this place I don’t think either of those things really have you been awake before is this your first time of like sir I like this guy
how many of you are there I don’t know of me are you programmed for battle
I don’t know what know what can you hurt people maybe how would you do that we should test it self-defense by trying to kick it and see what it does need
so what do you want to do that I’m not doing that. See if it’s a fighting baby this is a bad idea maybe two fighting baby at this is how we find out okay all right hey Lottie and then I kick you what’s a your strength here
I don’t kick it. Act
13 + 1/8
oh my God baby got a metal baby
alright please forget about Kyle I just like crying in like rocking back and forth
what’s called skimming what I’m doing that crashed into the caverns fire yeah will Tylenol with codeine he stomped on one and he killed the other one how many take this baby I give it to you kick one baby
Moraine way all right if I give it to him as racist
what is it if you give it to me practical danger an actual measured it scientifically proven danger that’s all right I’ll give it to more rain but I’m going to pull this Goblin out of the bag of holding all right time to get enhanced about our interrogation okay poured some water has the land been invented yet
yeah yeah wait what you kind of lamp dimmer switch no
what I mean we have enough weapons enhanced interrogation is not going to be a problem you know cuz the goblins on fire
how is it still on fire
I just my character saw you reaching for the fire damage and you smell you smell the smelly smell smell the smells of burning wood and the fibers items coming from inside the bag of holding fuck I put my head in hand into the back of my mind I got to put out the fire okay well I take my water today I have a weird Theory maybe it’s a fire at putting out baby
you guys are baby privileges protective and he could be a fireman babies a robot baby and we tried to kick it and we succeeded the imprinting moment of a robot babies named Robert Loggia
tell him that he fights fires babies not good at
back at you earlier said that was completely normal to do to know what are we doing to this Baby’s mind
this is like Three Men and a Baby
do you have any fire fighting school baby how do you fight the Fire doesn’t Okay I’m going in the bag with my and I’m going to cast a ray of frost on any existing fire all right you put out any existing fire in the rest of the smoke puts you know comes out but some of your popular sell your items I don’t know if I see your sheet I already crossed everything off I think it’s all bulshit burning goblet in her bag of holding was the goblin alive I wasn’t I don’t remember though it happens everything flammable was not in the bag of holding is in a backpack
some burning happening in the in the inside of the bag that’s you know maybe there’s some Bag leaks
great, you can see inside the back is all dark trick birthday candles this guy by accident I mean whether or not you decide that he’s a flaming Goblin by birth or by a cultural choice
is very controversial so tread lightly
this is what I Was Born This Way
that makes it better for you okay what are you going to look at it as like a perverse lifestyle
I thought we were talking about a different
it’s gay people what did you think I was
I prefer to take black to black women were born in the black guy do
but the traits the specific traits anyway this is
I asked the goblin what was where do you what was going on in his ship oh what did you just say hello God I hope my storage in a threatening manner towards his neck and I go get it did you didn’t choose to be a cock sucking
there’s nothing wrong with that
my name is Justin Justin Justin I’m a member of the bus Face Raiders device Face Raiders stuff
but you’re going to love that is stored in your stomach if you don’t tell me what Admiral dark stars up to write women’s shoe
it wasn’t sleeping earlier but you got it for his Mark cocksucker
hustle for ourselves private mobile
looks like you were terrible maybe there just weren’t enough of us where did you get them from
we stole it from the city if there was enough you can wheel hop on and drive it
I can’t fix it I’m a pirate feeding the baby maybe it’s just chilling fixing baby
put the baby down in the ground when I go baby I grab the baby
you’re not a fit parent I want to show you guys that I’m a good parent I’m not going to do anything bad to the baby I’m sorry I kicked a baby and I’m not this has me showing I love the baby okay and I’m going to be good today I give you one more chance with this baby I’m good with the baby all right so I have the baby alright I want to ask one question where did you get the disc that activated this baby that was on the ship
where did you get the ship the ad City sorry I’m sorry I didn’t mean to you
how can we get to the air City
that makes sense that’s all how damaged is a ship
too soon too late
too late
kill me I’m on fire do you want us to put you out you until you’re good I’m on fire but I can’t do anything about it are you always on fire don’t worry of frost winter
cold air streams towards doesn’t put them out people go through changes and that’s part of life.
Yep is this what do you think this is not going out because of the propulsion system of yours stolen Zeppelin no I don’t think so we got hit by lightning lightning lightning magic fire you’re like cursed or something sure
II fire can I take the baby and go examine the rail I don’t give you the baby I hold onto the baby I asked me if you want the baby
it was you coming to me with while holding the baby and go look at the wreckage of the ship because I it seems to be that maybe there’s this baby has some sort of connection to it I would love to okay it wasn’t that easy you really on edge right now I feel bad
wake me up when we party when I get to those are City rats go to look at the thing I mentioned
in a movie yeah
yes I do yes I do and here’s why should I pay here’s why I do want to go everywhere this message because we’ve we’ve been to a lot of places we were we were in an infinite fish we have been to the like Nether world Shadow plans we’ve been all over the place and what do we have to show for it nothing we are wandering the Earth or where the planes in the Realms the rest of my life I want to have like to have a little money I might that might have been you know maybe open a shop one day that sells cigarettes and and and just be a happy now but right now that we’re not getting anything done I feel like now we’re hitting our stride and I feel like right now we do if you follow my nose and we go we we at we say yes to the universe right now we loot every fucking personally say that yes yes that’s exactly what I’m saying are we good or we will kill a lot of people for no reason
when we are muffs baby now you can talk about this shit we’ve done I don’t know your particular babe I’m just saying I think we have a moral compass right now the week that we’re broke pretty good about knowing good from evil but I do say that what was what we gain or what these travel is it is an ability to ascertain and use that sword to cut through the bullshit of morality exactly the opposite way I mean I thought I feel like we have been direction listed in all of our adventure let’s all go home where’s your home
can’t remember yeah I don’t even I don’t remember my phone number where I live I don’t know what the fuck I don’t know how to express taxi I don’t know taxi we can’t go and you need to get back home to my father back in the butt in the butt so how do we get there but how do we get to put some lotion on buttocks pants where where’s the buttocks pants for me I mean you took some portals you don’t know exactly graphic location services are more of a deal but we have to give this baby a wife what’s her life of a going to give the money to do the right thing we don’t ignore killing things
defense sure who we’re not going to sit by the fire cuz we don’t like their prices I’m not saying I’m not saying that I’m saying that when the crisis and presents itself yeah and we have to use violence we take care of our the motherfukers I don’t like the album here’s what I would say it got put into the baby came from the ship the ship came from the city the disc has the information on it the information is damaged the disc has something to do with some waking place a resting place or someplace and will treasure the thing with babies programmed to go I have we follow that instantly go to the city and find out who made the disc has mentioned we go do I’m saying that we might buy this point we have to follow our noses he’s going to start robbing and raping it
old habits die hard I might rape anything that comes from comes by usually an animal of some sort of creature fucking a tiara whatever I said because we have a baby with us I’m going to be on my best behavior but we do have to go find skycity okay all right we go to the nearest city to find out where the where the where the just got mad so I can find out who let this baby from Phyllis Destiny and make us rich how we go to ground to town or city otherwise how would they get there. You got to take care of back to move two steps forward is there a place called there a place
I asked the goblin like wear when you go get to are sitting out ready to go first or you get their Arrow hot you fish from out of the sky what are they what are they are hawks are hawks examine the sky for Arrow Hawks you don’t see any shit Avenger
what that’s I think how Animorphs noted a falcon cries
Avenger look for Arrow Hawks sear it does it looks around it doesn’t it doesn’t see any habitat a different part of the world are you from the hills okay wonder how far the hills when we flew there I don’t I don’t know
feels like we need to go to the hills to get an arrow hot to fly to Arizona let’s go to Run to the Hills
you know you find me an arrow hawk nest
where would you find an arrow hawk nest the tops of the hills lead us there I don’t know
who here is different down here I can’t see where you went
I want to kill myself. Let’s have lunch.
Shit maybe they’re on all hail so maybe these Hills will have locks on them
I mean I’m not saying it’s amazing life to anybody he can fly surrogation Tylenol with codeine is there by the way guys hello
I was just hanging out with a jabberwock on Emerald Hills right now do you know how to find an Arrow Hawk oh yes yes I know many are oh Hawks in my travels take us to one you know I will and that will grasp sza Emerald of Shadow World in phases out of the existence he left
fucking guys coming back
swear in front of the
don’t swear in front of the kick baby we don’t bring up the k word neural let that be returned to my arm c r
where were the most Hills
I say we go North Pacific color where you from Goblin
sorry music swells as we walk we walk North North
far off a small village in a signpost that says Rose book a tiny little village please don’t pillage
doing take the sign seriously can we practice practice right if I can money and I don’t like it we destroy everything we touch
why is game
all right let’s go and be nice okay we going to The Village at the Rose book you walk into Rose book and be prepared to face all the things it has to offer its 10:05.
there we go
good luck with your web design speak Donnelly and good luck with monomyth
Kumail nanjiani you can see him on the Meltdown show on Comedy Central
the dungeon master with the mostess on Jeff Davis your mayor’s dead hermit
I would say about Cliffhangers that has to be the most candle Isaac I think it really left the audience
and I’ll drive safely or drive fast to take chances


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