Episode: 126 – LIVE from Chicago with comptroller Dino Stamatopolous!


Episode: 126 – LIVE from Chicago with comptroller Dino Stamatopolous!


Harmontown is live from Chicago, with Dino, Spencer, a guy with gout , a racism specialist and a live organist! Watch a full HD video of this episode at harmontown.com/live!


from Chicago
my hometown
all of the greatest football team in the world
does Chicago soccer
well you know you got cocky but you know I would have said something nice if you didn’t know you were you were fooling yourself so fuck you
Air Jordans
I am the ugly Jeff Davis
and now for your listening pleasure
where is the gayest murder ever
why so did you notice something special about the show’s format tonight yeah we got a fucking real organ
knowing this guy know I had a new you’ve been here for years right like how many years
92 what’s the name again sorry it’s Dennis Scott
previously a real name wanted in three states
but now we’re treating a new life as of 92 as an organist in a theater Dennis Scott
no it no such thing you went to pick up first name and last name for God’s sake 29 route
6 Peter
I I used to come here and watch a movie I came here I invited a bunch of friends over one when Christmas Eve like it was December 23rd and I invited all my friends to come and watch It’s a Wonderful Life here and no one came and I it was me looking at the screen and when it will end at the end when it said no man is a failure who has friends
worst night of my life
Lieutenant Dennis got the shift usually ends an hour ago I kicked some money in it that I thought it would be fun to have him here for a harmontown show
Jennifer instance
if we were to say oh it’s time for Encino to tell us about the craziest sexual thing you’ve ever done
my mom’s in the audience a couple rules because I have time for Dino’s rule segment
the fattest segment over
can take hunt like just in general on 2nd at all
not just we can’t see your mom’s account
I don’t know about that mostly country I mean there’s a certain variables involved like you know I mean she probably doesn’t like contina sir load or you know cunt organ we were
we were here we were we were at dinner at a find Greek restaurant I went in and enjoined Dino and his family including his mother who is wonderful 8 years old anyone she’ll make you remember you wouldn’t know it from talking to her she’s got all the Christian Slater from Heather’s
I feel that’s that’s that’s what I actually picture when I’m talking to her the one person who doesn’t understand that joke.
could she she loves me and I love her and she’s at she’s going to call her mama topless I call her mama topolos cuz I can never remember her first name he doesn’t give a shit about a thousand years old this year it’s the new 30 it’s the new sexy tonight tonight for the first time in his 50-year life sitting next to his mom in a Greek restaurant in Chicago this is Mom as he often does Mom you’re you’re a piece of shit out here tonight for the first time ever ever I swear to God moms fun that toward you and pointed the finger at you and said you were a mistake
which is amazing if the city was amazing to me is that it took her that long to tell you that because my mom told me that as soon as I learned the words you were and mistake know she was she was winding up for the big one like it a lot and it was tonight and I felt like there was some fracas there and then like your brother was also at the table and he’s he’s older than you I know he’s two years younger Tails gray hair but he was into it and then at a certain point she will then who was it you were a mistake to I know she’s a real mistake
say tired in my mom. I love that that’s like boob if you live long enough as a woman that is actually your right because it occurred to me when she said that that Yahweh
was saying that to Adam and Eve
and that humankind whether you believe Darwin’s version of the species development or in a fundamentalist principal both agree on one thing we are doing some things that are the result of a lot of planning aftermash
a good horror film all the all the Time in the World to think of that one
the Oregon guy. Got a hangover
fire in Oregon
you’re going to try it can you just like this chick anything with a steady tempo
yo yo yo
Brad Pitt to the Oregon Twisted beat is my phone I thought your mama so hard she tried to call me on the phone I said I can’t talk to you or calling you fat
your mom is so hard that her heart kind of crap and I’m making it extra one, so hard she said
call Jo Mama home
pants pants pants
I hate to bring this up now but number 3 is fuck your mama
wake me up in an hour
number for Downstate inspector car
she’s very religious she’s regarded ox
so I heard a story okay well we will get back to the list later
hey my only written bit
oh are we going to watch a nice run to
I heard there was somebody that told me his story in the community writers room that there was a person who like I guess this must happen all the time and I’m worried cuz there’s probably 800 people here that this happened to one of them a grandparent kills a kid
I don’t know how much you pay them from your money well spent
meanwhile in America somewhere
father of 35 who has a two-year-old child leaves his child in the care of his seven-year-old and it’s not under world with death I don’t know can you can you imagine I just wanted everyone here in this room is like in some state of either hating their parents or hope they’re having their own kids there is never any in between can you imagine like of you or like okay I fucking hate my parents but I have my own kid mom will you babysit the kid I got to go to work and then you come home and your mom is like I killed your kid yeah I know I agree I do the words once I got drunk at be time to hold the baby
but I’m sorry I’m saying I’m thinking quit when they were talking about the in the writers room and I said I actually got excited cuz I was like
did you did you give him $5,000 worth
you guys working overtime
I actually picture if my mom killed my kid I there was a little bit of excitement because I was like I could kill my mom
and while I was killing her I could be like you I’m not going to hell for this and you love Greek tragedy
this one’s not on me and you wouldn’t feel that way you’d love your kid sorry trying to bring everything down another I have another kid before you’ve heard it
you’re better than me I would I would I would beat you I would just be sad your mom mentioned something tonight at the dinner table I have another word we can’t say cunt face for some reason when we hear the next one it’s a bickie your mom said she had the gout and I wanted to bring her up and ask her about the gout doesn’t want to come I want to come up but I want to know about the gout I’ll tell you all about it what’s the gout the gout is when you eat rich food your your your foot swells up and you can put a little issue on it cuz it hurts so much hurt so bad right now
come up here can you come over talk about your gown
cuz he’s got the gout he’s got the gout
Bob gaudio on YouTube downtown
Chelsea tography
yes. The next 4 years
and then also pretend like you wanted me know I can do that vodka by the way what the fuck is going on with it was too much to ask for Chicago my home God damn town
where is Macau
are you supposed to do with the microphones to make them stop doing that
I feel like I’m just learning the force
no Luke don’t know who the red one or the blue one that’s complicated starts with like rich foods like a beef chicken crispers the people who get it where people who can afford to be fat I do like
you know I got the gout that’s pretty much us
yeah uric acid build up in your it builds up in your foot lot of people using their elbow but mine have both my theory is that if you don’t walk around like your truck driver you get gout in your ass
why you get hemorrhoids hemorrhoids is the same as Scout is that
best thing to a doctor every first of all that you have on you but you take pills right yeah my mom takes pills they don’t do that takes pills
I wish you had the fucking courage being up here your foot hurt and so the doctor says you have gout you haven’t for life has flare-ups like herpes
but what is what is now you now you want to put your doesn’t swell like really bad is not noticeably red it’s just you can’t like it’s the worst I’ve broken bones. It feels his dad is at and you just can’t I can’t walk for like a week to his because what’s half of uric acid builds up and it crystallizes in the makes it like sharp shooting pain angel drink some water walk it off or something white people problem now
all right well
get up here. Tell him to get up here
think I got a lot of people turn it up
come on come on up
this have to do with German politics I do not know
come on up I hate him more than anyone that imperil Tim Carl Barrel Tim Farrell all right please so you and upheld in uric acid crystals in your joints in your muscles so it’s like having a little tiny daggers in your house
big guy rapping
go back down and six and be an audience member
all right Tiny Tim Burton now
that Kim is probably like a pre-med student he probably had the most answers
forget it I was worried that killed her she didn’t get sick after the show your doctor right now
you doing here, crap I’m a fundraiser for gout man
now we understand
everybody understands gout better now
Diantha my mom hates me and Mom hates but she hates and
as a silly joke sitting in a silly joke and you knew you knew you could get away with it cuz we’re in Chicago and their back
alright Society corner I don’t know what this is when you’re flying on a plane sometimes you take off your shoes because shoes the shoes cover the sock cupboard feet and the sock cupboard feet are you know your shoes they have had these shoes on for so long and you’re in a plane it’s your right like when Jesus Christ died on the plane for 6 hours take off your shoes you get a little sock feet tucked under the seat in front of you who are these people with the then to take off the socks
and everyone in this room is been in the plane with somebody you you’ve all been there you’ve all seen bare feet on a plane
what’s going on is there is there anyone here who when the kids you take you take off your shoes and socks on a plane will then get up here if you want to come up here and it look like I mean he doesn’t have socks on now
well he don’t do it
okay so I took to you when you’re in a plane you take off your shoes and your Charlie is a show about nothing
what’s the supposed to be about
so you take off your shoes and your socks don’t wear socks at all so I can take off my shoes all right that’s not fair you yeah yeah but why don’t you wear socks
I got you on the words and I got come to
I think I got all of them yeah what’s left
nothing really I don’t know your mother’s balls really okay yeah yeah I mean so you don’t wear socks so you’re 14 and when you take off your shoes. Pierre feet are at the other pipe is okay but now we’re learning something about me lately cuz if there was a 25 year old woman with beautiful feet and she was like what is this coach would rather like swim in like a billion gallons of babyshit then walk past an old man
yeah there was a guy on the plane to Chicago today I looked over I did a double take a full disclosure I only fly first class so that’s already working against this guy what is he doing listen to the table and he’s like notices his dad has diabetes
these are the things that happen for those of you listening the audience doesn’t have a particular emotional attachment to Jackie Gleason
bunch of bunch of beer fell on the electricity Chicago fucking black toenails and then and white flaky feet and I don’t understand why he felt permission to put them up on the wall of the plain like he was like like he was Don Draper in Mad Men but without shoes and it’s just gross Bigfoot feet were everywhere and they were the first signs of him dying and no one wants to look at that right yeah maybe that’s what he wanted everyone to see if maybe I need maybe I’ll get there maybe I’m like okay yeah I’m dying to show your mom is famous for once you you were you were teasing a neighborhood kid
their name, I was teasing someone about their name and I said Mom can you believe these kids talk
you were at least 50% in charge of naming me
alright alright alright alright so Shoeless Joe sockless Joe what’s your name all right we’re really in person here here here to see if I passed the test to become The Last Starfighter is there anything you want before we did Jack you down I went to a plan for it yet where is where where where are you look at it he’s starting a blog
are you drunk but yeah it’s about what it’s like to not wear socks all right going to pass whatever his name is, I’m going to fuck the shit out of you later

Mike May 14th 7:05
well I look at you and I was like hi Mom I look like your future
give dog baby before it’s too late
okay okay okay okay look up yell at him they did but but it’s going to be a backwards right now it might change name is Russian backwards
I keep up with it with one thing changed
add to my calendar packs so i m i c h a e l b e r t h a
it’s not that difficult people
thank you Kim
I think you have the gout I can’t remember what all right all right look I never thought I’d say this what is it time for DND yet
where are my fucking feet
I just feel like microphone sexy women in the audience tonight sexy women with short hair on his tonight and also off to this maybe Jim Henson’s greatest creation have three readers
my God you guys I have had quite a day yeah and showing us around know you showed me around Greek family
in your hotel room cuz that my text message conversations with you sometimes serve and then we’re going to get technical
not when we take these trips he’s off the clock okay okay
play Okay so
that’s a yeah yeah yeah
I hate never drink this much
blood clotting liver damage
the liver damage are plotting right now can you pull up your text message conversation with me and go and can we do like a live reading of okay yeah yeah yeah of today from let’s go back to you want me to do the actual me back let’s go back to 7:30 p.m. guy
oh I asked him for a beer before you called me up okay
thanks man to the fucken it’s it’s Dennis Scott is it
can’t you just send it crashing
7:30 p.m. I dropped a pin for you as Lena Dunham Dunham with which you followed up with the with the words I said this is where we’ll be when should we be at the venue just had a run-in with the cops
tell friedl thanks for the weed that’s him so I said a run-in with the cops what’s going on
do you need help long no sorry I realized the timing of those Azad I’m smoking weed at the hotel tell you about the cops later but they were just protecting corporate interests
reason behind me they didn’t harm me I don’t want to jinx it but I’m getting the distinct feeling this is going to be a satisfying show
I love Dino’s family except for me and it’s not getting better is it let’s keep it going
what’s the driver’s name Max gay thanks I might be wrong are you getting a ride to the venue yeah from Max is it far we are 5 minute drive from venue long room on Irving Park when are you leaving 15 minutes fuck I’m at here where
where do you meet it is as time passes where do you mean by here or why do we help you in some way and a conversation
the last thing you said to me was fuck I’m at here
very pretty good because every city we go to because of his clever manipulations on the podcast hey right by people throwing trash bag of marijuana at him not like that that level that’s true also I don’t know that there’s a community right it’s more selfish
you guys really really had to pee so bad it was like holy shit I all I have this family does that make you have to inject fluids
but yeah so I go back to the hotel room like fuk I need to smoke weed and I asked I asked the Bell desk lady where can I buy some produce perhaps an apple or a banana and 7-Eleven so I get to 711 cuz I had to pee so bad right as I’m going in homeless guy rose up he’s like hey man you want to be my friend you know asking me he wants me to buy him cigarettes in there I’ll give homeless people stuff that I have but fucking I don’t want to buy cigarettes for a lot of
effort so I’m telling this guy can’t get money and then the cops roll up and they’re like hey man you can’t be doing that here and I’m like that’s not illegal is it is like actually walking up to me strongly it is actually illegal. You’re good at your job man iq3 right because I have two grams of weed in my pocket
and I can’t
I can’t I can’t get into an altercation because I mean I’m the guy that’s being harmed here but I could quickly turned into a weird suspect all the sudden you know with weed on his person Chomsky on you but even if you don’t have two grams of weed in your pocket you’re not allowed to get in an altercation with someone who has a gun in the badge yeah side also they’re allowed to pull you over on the street and ask to see your proof of a relationship with a corporation that ensures you against collision with another poor person
not talk to that man he was being accosted by police for speaking with me it’s fucking insane I think
run and I run into the store I buy a lighter I buy an apple pie I run I run out I literally Sprint away because Dino
do you know if you take a hold of Mega Knight pipe out of some spanakopita
I hate that all I ate all of it but this beer sucks by the way what happened to fucking old Milwaukee but so then I’m back at the hotel smoking weed after we check out inducing Foods toilet
it’s really it was tough man I was sorry my people something about feta cheese
warm it up
feta cheese taste by far the best
I don’t know if that’s a compliment but I’ll take it and that’s when I realized this is going to be a good show
all right how much time do we have left we had to make this a tight line cuz they got Rocky Horror Picture Show coming up here at 10:55 we got about 40 for you you don’t want to play D&D with us I want to do anything that anyone wants me to do you play D&D
you weren’t very Cooperative I know I’m not I’m not a one-trick pony I’m going to do it okay if she’s willing to come up does she have short hair I’ll come by and get some people
I got to tell you I’m sharing a room with a date Spencer for a while
not you answer ghost story
all right now I’m going to I’m a bad person when I’m drunk I’m sorry whoever very sweet
I I got the driver to pick me up you’re starting to work then I know I know you want to take the expressway do you want to take service I’m not from around here what do you mean whatever works cuz I’m high as fuck and the guy is like I’ll take the fastest way you know I was taxi cab drivers make more money with we get more people so I’ll take you the fastest way and my book a fuck you
I’m deferring to you and you’re trying to get all high-and-mighty over what weighs the best
and then I realized he was eating really helpful uses like that
know about cab driver and this is how they make their money he was trying to help I thought he was being all high and mighty to me being a life works man we good people
but he was like, we actually this is our business and so we had a lovely talk
so I’m just going to do do you feel better now that you’ve
no I feel really hurt but that’s a good trade even feel like you’re a young man.
Play something else
there is a storm raging beneath you there’s a storm raging would do to you
yeah that’s it
when Spencer I want to tell everybody here in Chicago when we’ve gone to how many 45,000 cities together nothing I look forward to more like the idea of we’re going to listen to that City at my house and get into a car together how’s he going to react to Spencer is always like I’ll go by myself and I was like all right fine only reveals he says it’s not I don’t want to not go to the airport with you guys but when I like to have my car at the airport because when the plane land I want to get to my car as quickly as possible and won’t have control over where I’m going as quickly as possible and the end of something taken away from me when is Iron Horse
take a car with drivers of control because this is the second time I’ve been in a car with you we’ve been driving and I pop up on my laptop that I start playing Minecraft and Spencer this is the second time Spencer goes to the driver hey how are you how long do you what’s the how long do you think I would do you think it’ll take you to get there to get there about what’s the estimated time limit and the other driver will go like I guess traffic and if there’s wind up okay cool cool cool texting you no no no no no thank you
metal cocoon right with no control over within our knowledge over with butterfly because like we’re how long to the Fig and then the driver whose adorable goes I thought with traffic 20 minutes and then and then just pick up Spencer said that he’s like 15 more minutes
look I wasn’t asking earlier because I’m on a schedule it’s just that normally when I drive to places I know when I’m going to get there and when someone else is driving me I don’t know when I’m going to get there just too so I need to ask them when I’m going to compare and I was like this is faster than this is incredible because I’ve never I would get I’m in and I’m not a good person for saying this I would get out of an airport
jumping a car in 6 hours of the guy would be like $50 anybody I don’t you trust me don’t you let my whole life is about getting to know situations before I enter them like I’m all about research and putting in like work and figuring out how things are going to be in the easing myself into a situation when I’m traveling it’s really weird not knowing exactly where we’re going or how long it’ll take and it’s just like it if I feel like it’ll take 10 minutes to get here in 10 minutes to get it’s just interesting not having not being that person designed to get me places and not knowing like if I’m going to be in the car for 15 minutes or 70 minutes
is it going I don’t want to be this guy
like I really have to go to the bathroom or do something or I’m thinking about like masturbating or I hate being a dog shit I’m saying like what’s your word to what’s on pack that
if somebody driving you for so long that you have it because I didn’t want to bother the guy like that’s just my damage
but you two are you are you polite or are you a control freak cuz you don’t want to know how soon you can get somewhere yeah I mean that’s literally the first time I’ve asked that question we’ve been on the road several times where haven’t had this is fucking boring I know I know I know I’m a bad person that you’re right they don’t know how much are and you don’t tell him where you’re at where he’s going and in the house is going to get there he will ya look at me look at me now
all right so I’m her D&D all right yeah we got here we’re going to need a woman to play some of the womanly character is that a woman on the sidewalk
and she pushed all the right buttons because she’s she’s a professor at the University of Chicago she’s a real G and and it’s and its relationship with racism
Jenny are you here
oh shit is it the up to
I’m sorry introducing the America that’s not what you deserve it all I didn’t really think about that Spencer relationship with racism yeah yes you can lock so you can have all kinds of beers
39 Chicago Bears neurology is I understand is about the square of the human mind if not the hardware it we cannot change so I’m assuming you’re going to take some uncomfortable things if you’re a neurologist in your studying racism
well I’m a neuroscientist slightly different cuz I don’t have a medical degree study racism to turn you on
anytime do you know enters a room
so I said he’s stereotyping and Prejudice in the brain what does that mean
fat awesome can we please tell the podcast people at home then
address so I can trace
I’m quarter I’m perfect quarter quarter that says you’re a full agent
turn the radio back on Hitler hits on women
all right so I’m Japanese French Mexican and Native American
France is the only thing that is an Asian Native American
Bank of America great by the word Native American that means Asian did they come over on Monday
night owl Bridge what else did you get
we’re getting sidetracked here I think your studies are they important
so I yeah I show people pictures of you no different races and see how their brains respond so what does it mean to measure I put people in fmri samurais and then I look at how their brains respond differently to typically white and black people and how it’s co-opted for the same system that we were respond to four emotions so how we respond to basic things like snakes and spiders and how they co-opted things like race in their brain and like seeing which parts of their brains light up and they’re showing them images of snake spiders black people and white people
typically not snakes and spiders typically black people white people Asians show them pictures of different races had them shoot people of different races boring or no
we don’t have an fmri machine but can you can you text Dan right now is Lantus
I know he protest too much I’m the I’m the only man races here in this parking rules
but what are you what I’m asking sincerely like what is your branch like what are you guys thinking just to discover this early everyone’s who studies the same thing that I do is about how to mitigate discrimination ways to make
make me not racist is it how many are you to actively combat your inherent biases
this is terrible I keep telling that to people and then they keep calling me ringtone
like what I can admit my inherent biases
in the culture they grew up in the same culture that everyone has access to the same knowledge and that knowledge like influences you’re actually really so people who explicitly really don’t want to be racist in Fox who would who would never hurt a fly if they had to think about it for a second second decision because their area because of their circumstances which is why the solution to racism would be increasing exposure to an environment in which those neurological Pathways were no longer in other words just people getting bored with the idea that we come in different colors
yeah so I think ultimately the ideas to make people not discriminate based on race in terms of their neurological responses and their split-second decisions but right now noticing race is important because there’s a lot of socioeconomic levels status shit that goes on FaceTime raise so if you deny someone their raise your kind of denying a whole history of shit that they went through a really interesting time now
the modern idea that that invisibility of race is the definition of not racism has this weird cloaked like aggression to it where it comes from Big Brother which is like who wants more than George W bush for instance or the Pentagon for all of us to not see anything other than another human being when we look at Hill weather
finally my daughter when she was you know in preschool and kindergarten she had a friend who was and my it’s not a bad thing we’ll get to that hole. Buckle up here but she was asked to describe her friend was talking about and she didn’t mention her skin or anything she didn’t see the defining characteristics of race in that when do we when do we first start seeing that 3 and 4 years old but it gets stronger the older we get so
association fee and media and all kinds of parents mostly your parents novelty and things in your environment that are different from before if somebody were to come up to me after the show and they were they say I saw you at the such-and-such show remember me with the pink hat and if I were to go pink at you and you guys weren’t there at the back of the dopamine spikes you get rewarded as a primate for noticing pattern patterns and connections our brains formed to notice to to systematically process things in an efficient manner so we have to like
down regulate and all this shit that we process that’s that kind of a few other woman says oh my God you’re so amazing you’re so much more amazing than other men
the audience isn’t involved with the good work
connections like ugly people remembering what color your eyes are winds Windsor anniversary all these things like they become when they’re politicized there when they’re attached to an inherently classes Society that’s when they become problematic in all other areas we reward them we got that guy is so awesome. Membered my birthday
it’s true but I thought you’d be more honest than that she’s a contrarian
feel like you know like we get rewarded for processing things in that manner but that can get us into trouble right like if you’re a police officer and you make a split-second decision to shoot an unarmed black man because you have these Association that’s not fucking okay
I thought you told your mom know we’re being censored what I’m seeing is a tree is a thing that we fucking struggle with and it’s not necessarily because we wake up in the morning a bunch of people today it’s often because what’s going on nothing’s going on we’re just having a great discussion
how many beers have you had your fine I don’t know quite what you’re saying is right, that’s how we developed evolved as humans is how we not got eaten but it’s also how we decided racism was a cool thing to all right okay I’m sorry listen to my podcast I know that I love your podcast Spencer
she’s a neurologist that stunning racism I thought it would be interested in was interested in a tube that’s fine let’s keep her up
historically less people did
what do we when do we have to be out of here at 10:55 and 50 20 minutes 20 minutes Jesus that’s a really long does has a dragon because in your youth Rocky Horror Picture Show happened to you
they do it here in the town by the way to you forever after this
the long room we haven’t we haven’t we have ears
yeah so I’ll be there

alright cast Dan
I just I just I just heard my mom’s and I didn’t
I had the relationship with my mom that Dan that Dino does I don’t think she has the relationship I have with her when she’s an eighth
she was a badass
they are for Suzuki I love my mother I love her alright
Jenkins are way ahead of us want to make sure that they got her number do we need another person inside
I’m not taking it all of your young I promise
is there anybody here that anybody get that other iPhone no no no no
his life could be broken now and he wouldn’t let on now.
How do we choose art is Dan actually okay is he okay
Check Your Privilege everybody I’m looking for handicapped people I’m looking for
Malaysian we already got like a kind of process
okay okay
all right that’s that’s okay
I guess you guys come on
there’s nobody that has like a like an over-the-top like disability or such a weird thing
he’s a mortal Man Who Cannot Mormon over here
what’s his deal
this is what you’re saying what you want to do
she has short hair
I’m in town
location of where is she
I’m looking for what’s this guy’s doing
what what kind of crap oh
how cold is it is going to fuck that babe you’re not where I was going to bring him up here see you look we did it
Craig Robinson I love you my handsome boy tell me
why wait what’s happening we going to go to the fight that fight coming up this is why you don’t have anyone
who did I’m sorry man I didn’t know what do you think on Thursday nights and oh my God man I’m on but I’m I’m worried are we going to get canceled
all right I met this guy right hi I know I should just go to that right yeah man get out of here by Dragons I’m proud of myself without talking to him don’t know if I am the opposite of her
in every way
if you are an alien and you are going to eat humans these are the two shakers you have on your table
upside-down cross on a baseball cap
call my job
Universal Music for boring boring you know you laughed at that exact thing happened to the country of Kazakhstan
Borat version of the Kazakhstan theme song played at the fucking Olympics really how does it go cuz they extend its greatest country in the world
yes you can have it man thank you he’s a lovely Gent
why is your cat 101 today so amazing
thought you’re good though I am a lot of pot cookie to man I didn’t he got shot right I don’t know people are things we need to blow my nose that’s very kind of you
thank you that’s very kind of you to blow my nose with all right I will answer for him
but are you okay all right now you say those words you think you could do some D&D without Yas
I just blow my nose all right yeah yeah whatever whatever anyone wants yeah yeah yeah yeah we’ll need those
route to sorry it’s still damp damp everybody music
play Everything but she doesn’t see my panty files from a half I got an orc for a nickel cuz I got to go play going to practice black magic but I can’t keep the black
Madigan Mama rain got a lady I’m a quarter with a nickel in
look at these things our tax forms that mean you don’t have to understand that’s why you give them to me because it’s my job I have a Happy Meal on the job guy but all right I guess I can’t do that dark and
yeah alright I have apparently thinks this is just off the top
when we last met her she was were on the ghostway a perilous path toward spycoast rot completely in darkness and without vision
accomplished the feat of getting across a pit trap without having eyes but then Christopher realized he had goggles of Night and the Gang found their way to vicious
using their Vision they got to the end of the ghost way where their path was barred by a ghostly part to limit the pork Euless was made quick work of by Chris De burgh’s rotary skills
and that game was out following the cave little basket and let them know that they would get quite cold and chilly and they would need some warm skins so they thought to get themselves some leather off the backs of rhinoceros by & the Gang with Great Cuts to attack right now
and murdered them for their flat skins
after leaving the cave Our Heroes found themselves and yet another graveyard but the graveyard was not alone for they were encountered by double-hand the fighter and oneus the school board claiming revenge for the murder of their blood mates years but as our clothes Drew up their powerful Magics What are gyros be able to true
the day fight others or kill shitt
find out next time on a harmontown episode
how much time do we have
in a minute alright thank you for the reference you are in a small graveyard occupied by two knodel’s as well as several members of the undead
the undead sure it what it what do you want to do funny go
I Bethel them with a 1080 form
who are you two, sizing
what what do you say to them
lol bat
it’s a great game
it’s a great game I want to like it I just don’t know how
try harder than it looks like going into work early black and white and then this guy grids and it’s been boring there’s an easy problem to solve my friend you know I was going to be
pharmacy 6th Avenue
well I guess you got to tell us why you killed our fucking packmate because he was a great the great friend to us and you murdered them I’ll answer that will you who are you I’m sure big butts a lot
he sure is and I’ve been through a great deal with this group and I’ve remembered 40% of it as much as he was an ally to you he was in LA to me and as much as you would have felt betrayed by him succumbing to blood magic I felt betrayed and I smoked him for his crimes as you would have smitten him I wouldn’t have done that I wouldn’t have done that because that was his mission to steal the Blood book in all we need is that Blood book and you fucking have it and I’m going to murder your ass you’re going to murder my ass you don’t even read that book
the book you read motherfuker the last guy that read it turned into a shitbird that I killed each one of you killed them because reading it doesn’t get you anywhere about shit o double shit can I have can I have it
and I sure do I weigh my sap over my bucket head and I’m just like no leave it shut the fuk up
what do this mother fucker I’m just fucking around is no longer full of lead powder and is Becca the weather sac
I don’t know why everyone’s talking about get off my lawn
Mike doesn’t work can we get her a new mic right here use mine
all right Facebook
sorry audio thank you for waving at Samurai on your head I want I want to protect you I mean it wasn’t very convincing
all right listen
I’m listening
you’re the blood magic book obviously rest in better hands with me doesn’t
every no hand it’s been in has has been corrupted that’s one set of hands is not a not a friend
lot of friends I love Dino
so here we have two sets of data I would pay you money
I will pay you blonde
sharpening you need money okay
doing I never use a bug
what how much do you offer it I will not kill you and I will give you seven thousand gold pieces
make it
make it fourteen thousand and I won’t kill you
you know
you know what you know what 6000
I’m going to go see Asians are failing my brother knows yours are
do they know know yours are you with your family
I’m going to kill star Burns
alright so
so he’s he’s saying 6000 man I’m saying 9000 will 9000 I got to do I mean yeah we can afford a resurrection holy shit man wait no I gave you $9,000
I still have enough money for a resurrection
I’ll take 9003 Blood book alright you convinced them successfully this couldn’t have happened if I was sober
do you offer the book yep he gives you a sack of whatever that I agreed in town amount was the amount of money he agreed upon whatever that amount was
I know I give up I give up if you see you’re alive don’t be surprised cuz we’re bringing them back if you see my dick
you surprised because
it’s supposed to be in my pants I would have gotten a 15000 I went got drinks last night I wouldn’t I would have murdered you I would have I would have done all kinds of stuff while I feel like I save $6,000 in my life no you didn’t you cuz you offered 7000 and I jacked it up to 14 and we came down at 9 I fucked you I talk to you
you talk to me you talk to me you talk to me I need to walk backwards out of the situation with my hands up Domino coming to walk backward with my dick out
walking backward with your dick out you realize that this truly was the best way to sit salt this scenario
hungry shark
picture of idiot
bright light
schedule appointment
Jenny Jenny the neurologist
all of you all of you give me a card
and I will be at Cullen that’s if I sculling and I’ll shake your hand and take your selfies and touch you


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