Episode: 137 – Jesus Christ This Business Is Risky


Episode: 137 – Jesus Christ This Business Is Risky


King of all nerds, Curtis Armstrong, AKA “Booger” visits Harmontown and apparently never has played a role-playing game before and then completely crushes it in Shadowrun.


I’m not. Kind of in Hollywood California Hermantown is now in session
they’re around the town a dad
thank you
I bet I’ve been kind of haunted by when Gina was on the show any kind of watch the show through his eyes and he at one point he’s like why don’t why don’t people wear these people here why do they come here it was a valid question so now I’m kind of like a back to my old nervous South like I want to put on a good show so that’s probably a good energy to be in right cuz I always give people what they want to talk about Aaron and I adopted a new dog like this we had adopted a grief dog because we had adopted it moments after our friend but and I didn’t make do the math until that moment was like I guess we have agreed. I guess this wasn’t irresponsible decision found it in a box
what does Little Mix of terrier and a bunch of other things that make it not breathe properly but snore adorably a it’s a it’s about this it’s smaller than my cat and it’s but it won’t stop humping Harvey and it loves Harvey and it looks like Harvey loves it and like it scared they’re very happy together and then it just like there’s nothing like as soon as primates like they’re like we’re the most awkward humpers were you would think of the animal kingdom like other animals are kind of design to do that but then when you look at a little dog like humping humping a big dogs elbow and then like the expression on their face so they’re coming just like looking at anything other than
what kind of Heisenberg and they’re looking at you LOL he’s a little guy and he’s not
to go rescue a dog in your grief or did that dog come to you somehow like I feel like I feel like I owe a long time ago is like Harvey should have like a companion because they think that he’s a little guy and he we get a lot out of him but I also feel like every time he encounters another dog he’s so happy and you know if I was just the thought of when we left the house if there was another dog there that you can hang out with it was just very cartoonish thinking there was also that karmic thinking of we got Harvey from a breeder he’s our little buttermilk Silver Spoon little biological child that we that we bred with her little white white penis parts and you know I always like we got to go get ourselves if I can you know little scrapper and make up for it in God’s eyes the grief and guilt dog at the same time it’s a half of the animal lovers of the world like the people that would otherwise say you killed a dog when you brought Harvey home
right now or is it just a giant dog fuckfest going on while we’re crate training Nigel which is the name of our little Nigel word crate crate training him so he’s going to go with him cuz he looks like Willem Dafoe butt
she I don’t know I just do it while we were getting in the car and then I and then I just instinctively kind of called a Nigel as I was like like Nigel and
whatever, Morning Show I show the morning show now
funeral have equipment I’ll bring up photos I’ll show you my dog photos are and then maybe I’ll have a baby by then and I’ll bring up that mister mister nibbles is coming out with that I’m very excited about our gas that was just I was talking to him in the green room and I just turned into the show like not to talk to the guests like I just I just stare at them. I just I don’t like that cuz I’m a bad interview or a tab at like that so I want whatever energy I have liked whatever I want to talk to him about it but I don’t want to have to like but I just started talking about all the stuff like so no show tonight and it’s bad to see it talk about anything interesting it’s the second time through all the answers are prepared but it but
he hasn’t fruit fruit for this guy is like many many many layers at work I’m trying very hard to make season 6 good why do we talked about that for a little more than what why don’t why don’t you unburden yourself of that just to just to get things like I’m just very nice schedule it’s all my fault I just from the very get-go I do know they finally gave me enough rope to hang myself I don’t have anybody to complain about I just giant Corporation of Yahoo that’s like just loves the show just what they’re going to advertise the fuck out of it everything is like beautiful and wonderful to every one’s on my side and so of course I’m going to self destruct that’s why I need to feel like I’m supposed to clean my room so that means not cleaning my room is entertainment but now this is just going to be a show about a dirty robe
it’s not going to make any sense like like why did you clean up your room but aren’t you always this behind schedule and worried at the same time as its president of this time. Just the first episode I was like I put us way behind schedule the first episode it wasn’t like I knew how to do the first episode was like I didn’t and then like I just kept delaying that and then like so everything is just every everything is just delayed all the time before you finish your question
it in any way that you could mean that it’s exactly like to see I’ve never seen touching I don’t know I think so they’re probably now is being shot like a soap opera yes there are these actors who have these characters that they understand that come in and they do not know what they’re doing and they are handed Pages for the next scene and they look at them and they wear them during rehearsal at I mean they should all get Emmys relative to that so should the prop master who then gozoso giant phone then asshole
I’ll start with the phones and see how I can make a Giant Food an hour later and everyone’s great and they all hate me because because if I gave them more time with material they will be able to do their jobs as good as they are all our pictures are unbelievable just appear on set it’s unreal how they do so the people that make the pants in the people that make the Hat two departments that you need to know where different kinds of the feuding with each other it was in the wardrobe Department there’s the pants Department of Health Department in like something OK Google pages of come in and I’ll purposely antagonize them by saying something like he has a large trouser shaped hat
just a y cuz I just like to watch him watch him
now that’s not true I should get a medal of honor and I should be shot in the face and and the in my blood should be like scraped into a vial and they sent to a lab so we can figure out a way to block my DNA from a reoccurring in television because all I do is hurt people now thank you I was the one time when I was fishing for something
the only kind of trickle didn’t it was. They were like
they were like we agreed go on and then if you’re not going to go on got it okay well you got the records coming into I had dinner with with Bobcat the night before he for table read and he knew that the next day there was no script I was just trying to be done this before table reads Tomorrow there’s no script as if there might not be a table by everything in advance because this seems like perfect for me just have to go through this so it’s just it’s just there’s nobody telling me what to do
spoilers what would you rather have what would you rather have next time if you had to do another season or another show would you rather have Robert zemeckis breathing down your neck or a nice cable network not breathing down your neck I think what I definitely need is like cuz Chris McKenna is like my right-hand man is like the guy who makes everything really funny like has a lot of passion he’s not like it’s not like I’m Picasso and he’s like a guy that makes Picasso possible it’s not like he’s a frame fetcher I don’t know who did one for Picasso he’s like he’s like an equal and a partner creatively he just cares about the show in different ways but he’s like very funny funnier than me and like me and I like making a show together as partners in there what there isn’t is like a liaison between us and the suits in the production what we need is like
kind of a third guy that’s just like and I owe you
how to make sure Eugene you’re a hilarious writer but first could you check in with the line producer about those giant phones
that’s what we need and also he’s calling it Eugene you take that one that person’s name of the last version next track
is it takes a little bit of the Eugene role here and there like whatever showing at you and it’s just it’s too easy and coupled with the fact that any any any actual grown-up work that has to be done it’s either me or Chris doing it neither of us that’s not our that’s not our wheelhouse that’s not where we’re best you like we don’t want to talk on the phone to anybody about marketing or like keeping the trains running but we have to wear happy to do so but then we are behind schedule so that’s my last that I would like to do more TV but I I need I need to find like a fall-guy I need to find like I need to find a guy that’s like me or something I don’t know lake lake lake lake that that’s like sort of like
what were you smoking what are you what are you smoking
you call human resources on fucking kill you go back in your office Eugene to talk to so many people that aren’t that talented but would love to be around then I didn’t think there’s a lot of kind of that guy in Rick and Morty a little bit late is Justin so insane like I I just stay in the writers room and work on scripts but like like Justin the maniac so I’m just kind of like the man who cares we came to the show called harmontown what we care
you should you should care more about our our guest tonight
what is this
we in the hospital recently
I was in the middle of a I’m dying when is this from
oh this is from Harris’s Memorial humblebrag
dad as well that’s what that’s worth noting in the Diary of Our Lives they had it in a really wonderful Memorial at the Upright Citizens Brigade new new new space which on paper I would just would have saw it like I don’t want to go to this but Aaron Aaron would want to be there if I was like I will I’m going to go should be there but I like I wouldn’t have gone do you know what I mean and but I’m glad I did because it was really like it really hit you like the importance of a memorial service like there was there was just it was just a flood of like stories about a person that is gone now it was like she was laughing the whole time I was just like what an amazing guy in and it really helps it really helps like a tone like somehow I don’t know just squeezed out a little bit a lot of people walking around kind of shell-shocked and then you listen to these stories and and it just works I don’t get it I guess you know the Neanderthals invented it the idea of the funeral so why are we questioning
I why did I think it wasn’t a good idea to go but it was it was nice and I have a bracelet on from it and will you pray that because it was a comedy I was afraid I was afraid he’s coming in front of you being around people first of all I don’t understand Jess and I’m afraid of it and coping with it I don’t know how to talk to people under normal circumstances I don’t want a small talk there is no such thing as Small Talk At a memorial there in my usual pass through conversation to avoid my avoidance of small talk it’s it’s kind of like talk about whatever is really going on what is really going on it. It’s not a fucking safe area at a memorial because you don’t know if you’re talking to a Parks and Rec guy you can’t be presumptuous about how grief-stricken someone must be like you don’t know you’re trying to calculate like how hard did this person get hit and what right do I have to say anything and I don’t want anyone to think about stuff like that I just think about stuff like that too much just like normally this is serapis said don’t think about that stuff just speak in truth that cannot be just bring
can Kleenex be the kleenex guy and and say no matter how ridiculous it sounds and no matter how repetitive it sounds this is terrible
really this is terrible you supposed to say that a function but I tried doing it and it worked on Adam Scott he’s like yeah yeah it is his hair
DJ I felt like you did appreciate it and I was like okay I’ll just keep this is awful terrible okay you can stop now
but yeah it was it was great it was it was it was a great celebration close to having you know I knew Harris and I was just didn’t realize how close my close friends were to him I just met him and full-time but I didn’t realize how I got their friends of mine yeah there’s a pretty
I would no exaggeration like I like if you name the person that we knew like I would I would I would wait at least without knowing I would bet that they knew him you know like like I was just like kind of everywhere and Paul
yeah I thought you I thought you a little I guess it was a eulogy that you did last show was very well that was my anger phase
there’s other than other people are bargaining that was me being angry at like anti-drug people and now I’m getting towards acceptance which is like the scariest thing in the world because you don’t want somebody to be dead so that we warmed up the stage for a for booger is unparalleled that I’ve ever been so excited about having to show for so long even if only it was because he’d been such a such an indelible presence in in in so many formative movies when we were we were growing up so many reasons that I’m out here in the city but also just now in the modern world he’s also doing some work I admire because he’s the executive producing like what one of the only kind of semi honest reality shows that’s on TV that like that we can we can talk about a little bit so let’s let’s bring them out Curtis Armstrong is here
take any of those yet wherever you’re comfortable
thank you.
Thanks for playing me in kind of brighten the mood after that last 10 minutes yeah I know you didn’t happen to know where is what I never worked with him and I never met him even just stories from him in the writers room being sat at a memorial that’s what they do cuz it’s like you’re in an audience of Workaholics like so everyone’s been 16 hours a day in a certain environment than your hearing about this guy was kind of shot through that environment and like it just raises all these questions about what the fuck are we doing which is it which is a common Seaman I think Matt besser who went up early on who like who is a renowned curmudgeon and you know but he really liked it was the perfect eulogy for anybody let alone somebody that he could have you could have taken it put it in
wake and it would have been very inspiring but it was really after Cota to to this guy that the past but it was all about that concept of what was this thing that made them special that we didn’t notice when they are around and now that they’re gone. What what you know just how can this person live within us and can we and it really act like it was really taken with all these stories about him. He gave houses that you have zero Fox and I like maybe that maybe that that that hurt him in the end but it also like clearly I was like what the fuc it was I doing the entire time that he was around why was I over here doing something different like like like like playing this game of like how am I driving with the audience when this guy was like suffering under the Yoke of mainstream perceptions of she spent every job that he went to and kept getting promoted one of those Superstars if you do would come to work and then show up late and like no one gave a fuck cuz if they fired him they’re showing
and funny and and he just like spent his career you’re bursting at the seams or whatever seems were around him at some point and then I started tweeting and then I turned into a fucking weird half Mister Rogers half ass hoe like constantly by the way how are you what’s your name and
I want to start with Chicken King Of The Nerds is going to start a fight with other will get into like like you or your blessings upon my my my adolescence but you’re you’re you’re currently right now on TBS Friday nights at 9 Friday night tonight for the first King of the Nerds where is most reality shows are kind of like they’re called like you know who Alan Joe and it’s all about the people who actually know what they’re doing Robert Carradine and I were in Revenge of the Nerds we came up with the nerd show idea but we need people who actually had a clue because we didn’t we’ve never done reality shows we’ve never known people who’ve been in reality shows so when went once this thing was actually going
where we needed people who could actually run it and those are the people who are making those kinds of of you know that they the actual template month of you know Survivor type show is or whatever we have we have certain things that we want to make sure they stick with which has have has to do with nerd culture and have it be a little different for instance the fact that every time somebody gets eliminated like there’s a tea break everyone’s heart and and you and you always like when it when the person gets eliminated is when they are raised to the height of their their individuality and you give a little kind of Springer’s final thoughts about who they are Jackson I’ll do your there’s no cosplay in the great beyond you do have you have dressed as a hero this
you can give them a very personalized and it’s not it’s not just know I know I’m superficial can always cut them because I write them too long because I write those because I want I can’t give them a basic well thanks for playing you know it’s not in me to do it they mean
it’s strange but they actually an executive producer of this show and a host of the show but I am a fan of nerds and I’ve always been a fan of nerds and so when I’m in room like you got there and I’m watching them for you know 15 hours a day and I become so enraptured with them and it’s when they leave it really bothers me and that separation you’re supposed to have as a host of reality show I’m not capable I cannot do that I just get too emotionally and don’t have to because you’re kind of a den leader to these Cub Scouts somebody who does need to have a kind of cosmic Detachment from them because you’re shooting but what’s going on inside of me is different and then what happens when we’re shooting there’s no funny business there’s no talking there’s no in the hope you don’t talk
the host just like any other show but I’m dying inside is there any room in your show for that to be revealed that I think people take it for granted that that’s the case that you don’t actually have relationships with include that you’re like a little the the the farewells you know which are usually made up on the spot because we don’t know completely who’s going to go home and who’s not so they’re made up at the last minute and I use that as my way of expressing my my love for them and then they cut that down to a tiny and they cut that and to preserve the humanity and not punish aberration like the things that make you different are the things that make you feel good not necessarily the things that make you bad
way that you win is not necessarily blending in with everyone else and then I have crucial difference to the to the to the show because it’s it’s it’s like the Nerds it’s not like this so you know depending on how you define that some people might go why is a guy that only read comic books a nerd because I work for NASA but there’s like it’s like every everyone who you could authentically call and which I think is defined by kind of obsession I think like I think that’s as good a description as anything and greed and ambition and embarrassing things but it’s it’s part of it is it’s it feels like you know there’s no one ever feels like they’re walking out you’re going like a fuck that psychopath like like I’m glad they I hope they get hit by a bus as they leave the show right there like all like like like like decent people and
thank you for making that you’re in your third season one quick thing just to tell you to give you an idea of how this all works for them when we did our Premiere in January for this season we wanted to have a party you know to do some press and all that and and we sent the word out through Genevieve who is one of your gas right before to the Nerds who have been on the previous season’s saying you know in addition to the new nerds if you want to come come and join us for the party we’re not paying for it we can’t give you any money we can’t fly you here but if you’re here come to the party
all of season 3 of this group all of them showed up
all but one of season 2 and half of season 1 and they all came here on their own dime they all paid for their own tickets they found housing they did all of that stuff because they wanted to be there for that Premiere party that’s great cuz no one even when people are on contestants on reality shows they feel pretty flush down the toilet and thrown away because life can be so cruel you don’t think it’s the truth and what but we don’t let go of them you said earlier that that you’ve always loved nerd culture it when you did Revenge of the Nerds what was there you guys are aware of nerd culture is I don’t think there was a lot of nerd culture anyway I mean not really there was there wasn’t there were Star Trek conventions and so on but that was the end, Khan’s but they were like in basements in those days they weren’t you know corporate
Behemoth live in the light of day perception it was the beat very slow beginning to what we have today which is just nerd domination of the word nerd almost means nothing because what is a nerd when Nerds are captains of industry and running the government and like as not being an authentic married and get everyone to fucking nerd but but but it goes back to that pivot point I always associated with that movie that that because it put a label on it and said absolutely from here on out there if you see somebody who’s weird in a movie all those people that we make fun of in the movies when they come through and they go oh look it’s it’s it’s
triple Dipper from now on you have to understand that that person is the hero Their Own Story you’re not allowed to just like to give him a call that a joke anymore balls you could do that in like you could be leading up to that the preppies could be the heroes of the good guys until that movie you were saying in the Green Room that that movie was incredibly unsuccessful a critically nobody want to do it and I think we were sort of consoling ourselves by saying things like well you know all critics or self-loathing nerds they see too much of themselves I think I got to watch Revenge of the Nerds again see if it holds up like I do know what I want to talk about better off dead in the second I’d I have watch better off dead since Bobcat was on here and we talk
Savage Steve Holland and I went and ran home and watch better off dead again and fuck it holds the hell up and it’s such an important film and also looks a bit steep like it then you just kind of trickled away and I want to have him as a guest on here and talk about that because of the perceptions of people who are in the midwest watching this stuff on HBO selecttv VHS tapes that they run into the disintegration Revenge of the Nerds is one of them are perception is cultural efficacy it’s just that this is this must be an amazingly influential and successful film and it is for us but in some strange Emerald City from which is coming people are being rewarded or punished a different scale and and Jeff canoe who directed Revenge of the Nerds gacha you said not going to ask you for this information which is the paintball exploitation movie
that’s going around playing like a fake ass ass would have been being like a spy with my guy from the commercial where he I mean this is a good question to ask somebody who if it if it had not been for Jeff canoe we wouldn’t have had the freedom to that movie would not have had the freedom to develop the way it didn’t come out the way it did he was incredibly brilliant at creating an environment in which writers and actors and even producers were involved he was casting the producers in tiny roles in you know who in Revenge of the Nerds and sort of keeping them in the group
very collaborative and that he he brought all of us out a week early before shooting putting us all up in a hotel with the writers and the producers and so on and we would just sit in the hotel all day we could we be hanging out at the pool and then they would call you in and you would go in and you would talk about who Boulder was and and you know you had to write everything down I went back to my room I did my old acting school job of you know writing down my biography of bulgur what is boogers biography like last year I was going through a trunk of stuff and I found this amazing notebook which I still have that I could buy me some serious you know that this was an acting thing that you did do when your train the way I was drained and I had this book and it’s got the bios of all of the characters I played in those early movies up to about 87
and so I’m looking at it or text and I go into it and I find boogers biography that I’m reading what I wrote in 1984 as to who I thought booger damn it I would have told you to bring that I can tell you right now it was me
he was totally me
I haven’t even asked you was always on on the page on the script before your little there was almost no addition for Gilbert Anthony and then it turned out that I was actually auditioning for a part that was too small and too disgusting to audition people use booger me what is it going to be it’s like I think the douchebag line my mother’s old douchebag that’s back in Ohio that was like the only line that had a beginning and an end you know for brother it was mainly nose-picking and and belt was only in the sense that you were just complete the energy at all only reason for existence
think like these other
I have another is it wasn’t he gets thrown out the outer Darkness with them and they don’t even think about it they just say oh, that’s okay so this is an important thing because you mentioned something and you and I are similar age of generation like and then there’s a new generation what you will if you look at Revenge of the Nerds through current I I mean I can without re-watching and I will tell you the fucking unacceptable red flags that are going to come up there it didn’t there is absolutely not consensual sex that converts a woman from being a good guy or a bad guy or a good guy because she lets the nerd lick disguise himself another chance I know you’re so good at kind of language and crimes that we’ve progressed like now you you look back thirty years and it’s like
these really droopy important kind of like socio-political like like like the development though and that’s where booger comes in as the idea that that was the first time in my conscious that we we we put a word on nerd but the whole idea of the movie that was demonstrated not just in that final monologue oh we’re all nerds and then even the beautiful people are saying I’m a nerd too but more importantly it’s not the first and second act this creeping realization that the word nerd has no boundary accept that you are the other which means that if you smoke weed you’re a nerd which means that you’re a growth which means to an end and what is the common Hub it’s it is the it is being divested of your right to Prejudice because there is a gay man in the in the within the nurse that he is. He’s not immediately sussed out for his aberration he is ignored now he is he is he a welcome than that I never questioned and when we go to you and Jefferson because we want the Lambda Lambda Lambda
to support us we say that there will be no Prejudice which we think will get us in with him Bernie Casey there won’t be any Prejudice according to race or Creed and Larry be who plays Lamar says or sexual orientation which is a joke that would work now already on that sort of thing so yeah I mean it was it was you know they were they meant it as a parable for antisemitism that’s what the writer’s meant I didn’t remember hating that and then learning to Jewish kids for the same thing they did that the burning nerds on the lawn and all of that they were going into it which were at the time for people our age they were these strong you know cultural flags of something that had been
going on in the 60s in the 70s that we were supposedly coming out up now you know which course we have with that was the idea
Revenge of the Nerds so that I was making a drink
I could keep walking while you’re doing that I want to hear now now it’s time to talk about better off dead, so I really want to talk about it but I did a quote by there a reference to that movie not knowing you’re going to be here I think last week or the week before and that’s a movie that I think I know I quote
couple times a week for this ever since I’ve seen it all says the same line I’ve never seen snow without quoting you from that movie because of great value of Mike my favorite moment with the bad guy like he’s just stopping and then there’s his cute girlfriend is going to get stolen by the bad guy and then and then there is Curtis’s character standing next to him and the bad guy the preppie bad guy says sit looking at the at the girlfriend goes like a cute little saying what’s your name and with Incredible sincerity you step over to go to Charles
it’s not you’re not you’re not being the guy who’s like you’re not the Animal House like some salute Lee like he doesn’t ever seem to really take any sides and he started like just like he’s he’s very happy to be called a cute little thing and and and help that guy with a skiing if that’s what he wanted in that moment and that he was such an odd movie because it’s hello it was a it was it was it was a story that was pretty typical that was being filtered through his sensibility which no one was aware of at the time he was very news24 I think and he was making this you know what was basically you know what this was a real movie
honeybeecmndr app data
wow when I was your age I thought would never go away and they’ve already gone
I was growing up I knew we were all growing up and John Hughes movies and it did I when I re-watch better off dead when I finally realized having become in my old age and kind of John Hughes expert was that was that better at this thing about Better Off Dead with his departure from the John Hughes like main line and I didn’t know there was no other way to express it when you were back that except that it’s a it’s a weird movie it’s a weird movie would be you know about something weird about sex and Teenage life and we’re going to prom and you know that they’ve the reality is like allow it just it’s it’s not grounded in the John Hughes like reality where where you can live and die by what someone feels you can yeah just comedy sketch of the keep recurring throughout there’s like a little break Sean real the universe is absurd things with the universe that makes absolutely no sense
I would imagine the normal producer would immediately say with with all the best intention you can’t do that I know you think that’s fun the reason you think that’s fun it’s because you use your bored and you’re a director are you a writer and you want to have fun but the audience doesn’t want to have that much fun I’m not like I say this all the time when I’m making my TV show I’m like constantly lake lake lake going like. Let’s not freak out they want to believe these people are real so that we can continue to have fun for a thousand years but but but then you really that like this thing that I’ve learned to doing community is that it is long as when people if somebody gets if somebody is betrayed if they feel betrayed and you believe they’re betrayed it doesn’t matter if there’s like if the moon is a dick like it doesn’t it’s the universe can just be anything you could be an outer space you can just cut to anything wrong pickles now but it is
as long as you pick you have to pick that one channel to be consistent with the physics of emotional consistency so why wouldn’t that guy say that that guy was an asshole lately was an asshole to him I don’t care if they’re pickles I’m not going to ask why they’re pickles we didn’t ask why Snoopy didn’t run out of room in his doghouse like it was we were we were held The High Ground by you did I I wondered that was the name that played the father on The Brady Bunch will he be happy right now Greg Greg Brady
no that can’t because I can’t break Robert Robert Robert Reed did I get half of it right I’m sorry I just remembered shop at like like like act like you can’t have a family and a house all the sudden going to slap stick and show TV show rules have to be here to keep their logic was in the world of The Brady Bunch but like the audience I left the pie fights on The Brady Bunch what you know I think it’s also in the in the case of the movies it was interesting time because I think that. Around the 80s the beginning of the 80s mid-eighties was the last time you could really do
a movie like better off dead and have it be produced by a major film company and released in theaters with these actors in it who is John Cusack was not anybody who anyone really knew what the time and certainly none of the rest of that Kim Darby was probably the biggest star Among Us you know who is Kim Darby you don’t know who co-hosted darbian I love that you don’t know Kim Darby was in the original she played to Zach’s mother and planes mother in better off dead and she was the original girl in in True Grit the John when we just did read it when she’s a little girl in True Grit with John grit with John I didn’t either you aren’t you learn something if I didn’t have that movie in my life
I ate that John Cusack character that movie lived in a house that was roughly the size of mine for the like a little in a world that I did in that I felt completely alienated it was better expressed by that director then God bless him for it for all of his incredibly important work John Hughes but I mean like it was more poignantly expressed through an absurdist Land by this more punk rock directors saying like let’s go more extreme with it if I let you say I want to kill myself let’s have me try to kill myself right let’s let’s let’s let’s express how I feel through animation let’s express how I feel through through characters that could not exist in real life like they coming at me like that that the net result will be that I feel beleaguered that I feel that I feel like I want
are you asking who did that the fact that it happened
coming back for the third time
what happens like it’s going to happen a third time it’s going to be a great point in the movie that has to pay off some things that are dead now I get to work with and I love him to pieces and we talked about it quite a bit and his wonderful stories is Joe Murray One Crazy Summer that you guys were in Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard and where were you guys sexy I’m not in the unnoticeably not in any of those great but I wasn’t in any of the sexy remember
I missed I missed all of those I was you know I know I know
yeah Joel did great you know bills bills younger brother and it happened at Twitter so you can tell the story right that you were just telling me about the the Cusack has an interesting story that the legend is the kuzaks now he did not not a fan of the movie and I woke up. You’re not talking to school I am Rob schrab was up to direct Hot Tub Time Machine while he had a meeting with Cusack where he Rob Rob going to be very angry at me about 7 but like like he came back from that meeting I won’t go into specifics but he had a conversation where that he came away from saying oh my God John Cusack doesn’t like better upset he was not happy with the movie and then we had to make a second movie
the following year we made a second movie with almost the same time or supposedly had not seen better off not true it’s not true that there was One Crazy Summer in Nantucket when they started filming so they may have screened it there and so that there was like this than this may be a director is like they knew that he was he had not been happy with their starting One Crazy Summer at a place with the same director and an actor who is not happy with the first movie is what you know appear to be the case and over the years the Legends have have gotten ridiculous
and he actually with he’s handed something to sign and it has something to do with better off dead he will tear it up and throw it away I mean he became like he’s just a child because his name was I want my two dollars is a joke
no these are the kinds of things and about the end of the story as you’re asking for is that we did a reading three weeks ago in San Francisco for sky and it was Savage was there and a bunch of us from the movie Kim Darby Diane Franklin Amanda lies we were all there and we do reading the script reading better off dead so the next day I’m getting all these Twitter questions from people saying where is chuseok why wasn’t he was back there why didn’t you invite Cusack you should have had all this stuff and I usually don’t respond to that kind of thing but I finally wrote the film so that’s why you wasn’t there not like we didn’t want him there we would have loved to have an doesn’t like the movie
10 minutes later it’s not true I love Twitter so fucking much I mean you wouldn’t be here with us and so I have not spoken to John in 25 years and we never loved the movie so much
chocolate mousse with that memory
move on in your life and you just don’t you know you don’t live in each other’s pants exactly it’s just a move on so so it’s been a long time and we don’t follow each other on Twitter so suddenly he’s following me on Twitter so I follow him cuz he wants a thousand and then we start direct messaging about it
and it was so wonderful to hear you know I mean whatever his feelings had been you know he was it was really great to get some nice what was that what was the kind of threat that they take away from that conversation was
I hated the music I remember he said that he hated the music for 10 year old girl right now.

poor boy he sent he sent the first one because what what happened was he sent this out of regular tweet but he tagged me so when I followed him he saw me so he followed me and then he followed up on his initial tweet in which he said more about what you know what his feelings were message to he did to me the following up that’s why what is yet already I really love that movie where I live in that was more like a big mistake to spread rumors about the coos
which of the two ends of the spectrum
if you mess with the Coos Curry did what you did five years ago and now he’s doing it a problem chip Davis
I will bury you
oh God no no no and when I messaging him back it said this is what happens when you when you communicate through you know playing telephone that was said cuz I said you know you say one thing somebody then comes to me and says did you hear what he said and then it goes back and forth and back and forth
find I mean Hello Kitty the 4K where in the dude can I hear a projecting onto him he even does my voice a little scared
the 12K dude
believe me it’s funnier in contacts when he’s making the burgers and my money and he starts doing animation with the burgers in the thing right if there was a scene if I were John Cusack and I look back at a screening of that I would not be proud of that scene cuz it pretty pretty hambone he doesn’t like the music I think he’s embarrassed about that one seemed more could be but if that takes me into a whole area that I can’t even comment on it makes you wonder what how does he feel about tapeheads is he is he like I feel like a hipster like he was loved tapeheads I can’t I have no idea what he was about that had a lot more street cred with like music Independence it was independent movie I was working for that company when it was made actually
and that was an ugly sort of low-budget independent edgy movie of the time and Tim Robbins is your this guy in better off dead which by the way what order is that in when are you booger in relation to better off dead I don’t even know Revenge of the Nerds and better off dead the same year okay but Better Off Dead II my confusion is forgivable so where you how does that I want to hear the kind of story about you going from a big reactor has that that fork in the road career story or your your one bedroom apartment in your thinking of moving back to where you from by the way I am assuming you’re no I was in New York then to actually put so what’s the what’s the threshold what’s the red light that you don’t hit
I mean but that was that was
after what after all that yeah I know but but I was still living in New York the whole time and I would do the movies you have to realize you’re telling me you’re in my head this is how how this is what I was thinking this will give you a great idea because I started in the theater okay so I was working like from mid-70s to my first movie risky business which was the year before and it’s kind of like that
I forgot you were pure risk
they put me in that movie and I thought it was the only movie I would ever make because I was not thinking in terms of movies I was thinking in terms of state so when I did Risky Business I kept a journal every day that I was on the movie for 11 weeks or 10 weeks only because I wanted to remember what making a movie was like I really thought I would then just go back to doing you know regional theater and doing stuff in New York and that and that was going to be at our you know I just do the same rubbish onstage as I do want to film the show okay so was where was risky business in this better off dead / 83 was risky business 84 was Revenge of the Nerds Better Off Dead
the movies the movie things it was only when I got Moonlighting that I actually was out here and working here and realizing I couldn’t go anywhere because we were working you know 10 months so you always been sort of fake on Shore leave from rival stage I mean it’s hard for me to even think about it because you were a booger / Charles Jamar and and then at some point I bothered to see risky business but it was about like sexy people and I wasn’t right I forgot that you were in that and like a nice mood lighting was my favorite show and I was watching it every night and I remember when you arrived as mr. pest does a lover and I remember thinking like a fuck him he sold out
well you were thinking And So It Begins I guess I’m not going. I now have more than $200 cuz that’s despite their cultural Epoch is he using now it seems like I must have been just making a fortune and all right that’s it that’s why I was so I mean because you know you do those movies and I did maybe six movies in the Whole Decade 6 or 7 movies and that was it everything else I was doing was staged there was no money at all do you have anywhere to be when know tonight know I was going to be here with you I swear to God I sort of cleared my hands afraid to die to keep his guests as much as he wants you to stay if you want to go but we would love to have you stay at
tell me to bring out my some of my other thank you
alright Spencer everybody
oh oh my goodness oh oh oh it’s great to be here by 5 out there and you walk right by thought you were like Yay Spencer yay but I wanted to make sure I always want to make physical contact the shit out of you after the show
Spencer Ware you affected in your upbringing it by any of Curtis Armstrong
like when I was in Middle School I remember there is these kids talking about this movie and I was like that sounds like the best movie I’ve ever heard and it was Revenge of the Nerds and it influence my life
like the answer he’d have if he was just trying to stay out of trouble right exactly I definitely remember now that you guys bring it up the kids in middle school were talking about it when I was like that sounds crazy I don’t really watch movies and I hate to admit it but it’s a huge problem in my life because everyone’s all like oh it’s like a risky business and I’m like I don’t know you mean why is it why is this guy wearing underwear
give me all these all these reference points I don’t know what what are you guys up to
there was at least an entire episode of mood lighting where it was you and mr. pesto found at I just two guys that are always those are always the episodes of Christmas when the stars got to leave like on December 1st and they had no one to film so they would film us and that was that was what the hell how is Cybill Shepherd to work with if I may as well I never had a problem with Cybill Shepherd actually notorious later on I don’t know about that at different points but but I never had a problem you know as far as acting I never had a pile of my favorite memories with my family I’ll watch that we didn’t watch a lot of shows all as a family but I’ll be watching together but every time it’s supposed to happen with sunscreen it was so gauze doubtless she had this incredible a joke about that other show me a joke about her the filters
you know what are the cameras are told the AP on Moonlighting he was the DP on the original Star Trek and if you watch the original Star Trek every time there’s a beautiful alien woman and it’s just Kirk and then it goes to her clothes up and it’s like she’s you can barely see if they got on the lens and it was it was it was Jerry fetterman’s sort of his signature and so he was still doing it in the 80s when it was actually now probably not such a good idea good sweetie I got that Star Trek and we haven’t even talked about Leonard Nimoy man will live
great to live forever but we were you know 15 years ago we had made our peace
well I get to get a laugh that it felt like I was supposed to be making fun of myself like you wished him dead 15 years ago
you may be too soon man it’s for sure Star Trek ever cross your path I know but I did enjoy that Ballad of a Bilbo Baggins there from his second album for my opinion is that I consider it kind of his Sergeant Pepper ya know definitely this like Vulcan ask guys exactly two sides of Leonard Nimoy and two pictures and profile one of Leonard as well as Leonard and the other as far as it did a great photo to prove sent me today besides him in a turtleneck hanging out with Jimi Hendrix and it’s like yeah yeah
he looks more excited to be with letter need more than vice versa
imagine a being like being alive at a time like working in a time when Star Trek was on the air or is it was like and then Spock walking into a party like are you fucking kidding make that like we get excited about Jeff Goldblum and he’s kind of a spark of Jurassic Park.
I like I mean like striking looking guy and 9/11 it was for no more 911 but all right let’s forget that I wish Leonard Nimoy drop dead 15 years ago
Curtis do you want to make a wish it’s still night 11
before it’s over I do I can’t I can’t I use that’s too much pressure for a few we didn’t actually settle that was one of the pitches was to make a wish. Where we settled that I wasn’t exactly there was killing momentum wow I just made it I just made a new wish motherfuker yeah
hello hello there is the reason why we watch your show in bed with our dogs are many dogs and specific Curtis I heard that not all of your Summers have been sane
furnace with Mary’s backstage we we got some burgers we ordered them with some Brokers some bigger burgers
I thought you were you were so when that voice comes out I didn’t get off until the real layout no come from
are very boring we ordered Burgers from the pikey thinking that we would get them before 8 and we didn’t know what’s real is Navajo quilt very I’m very embarrassed about about my by One Crazy Summer do cuz I was about to come around like they haven’t even mentioned during spring 911 called Dan Gettin Tipsy Play the theme music
because this now is my favorite song of all time
you’re not gonna drink drink drink drink drink
I just want to like like there is always going to come a point obviously the show and I cuz I drink throughout the show and I start to I start to lose control
and start to regret like the end of the things the reason I don’t listen to the show then the next day but I know I wasn’t sure where you were you eating at a sit-down you start to earn his drinking and getting ready to show a little buzzed and then it and then I start to think I just wanted to say you look so great on the show on the on the king of the nerd show you look so activated and glowing and happy and handsome and like leg lives a living so that’s why I want people to watch the show your show because I look much better than I do here but this was this
there’s a segment for that too I’ll call it ten years ago give or take I was at a Chipotle on Sunset Boulevard and you were in front of me and I wanted to hug you because I because I just Curtis I was so happy and I was too but I was too shy to say hello but I was very happy to be standing behind Curtis Armstrong at the Chipotle I want to say
the only time I ever went into that business
and it was the right response that was pretty crazy. Have insurance wrong
painting certain Gamble’s on the line between everybody going to do it
Pat Curtis you’re so you’re so joyful I’m at showing you you clearly are super into it has anybody brought wrap your TBS rap, rap yeah I think it’s called on Fridays if anybody familiar with Curtis is rap
Friday’s TBS on Friday the nerd is back in the nerdiest didn’t pack the ultimate Ultimate Showdown nerd round
something like that hashtag something
High School wow I kind of I kind of feel bad that I kind of feel bad that empty-headed as a new rap character that you know Kanye to come out here anytime you’ve exposed a lot of skin the season how do you say I got naked actually appeared in front of people without any clothes on so we had a theory about that what was his security Pima show with character named he seems a little like can we talk about Bobby here like this about the show than you if we were both doing exactly the same thing that would
right now so he knew we had to get naked because I had to get naked because I will do anything and they were trying to figure out it was well. I mean but they were they we needed to explain why this is so stupid but we it was actually just because we needed to explain why the Nerds we’re not going to pick their teams this year
but if you’re going to be one of the showrunners said what about if we do Terminator and you show up naked from the future to explain why the Nerds can do this so I said great it was it was it was fantastic great idea. Now I mean did it bring it over after the first season we came back with a with an explanation if we have to figure out why the king is dead you don’t have to do it the bachelor never says like that’s why I guess they’re not saying it’s the king of married people on that show like I just saying need to or married fuck off that you’re saying it’s a King Of The Nerds begins with the reason why the King of the Nerds is now gone and
we have to get a new tank and it has stood in that you’ve regretted your bits like the Terminator to ask I was going to say no I don’t have any regrets about the Nerds and I have no regrets about anything I’ve ever done you have any regrets in life
you guys wait a minute he was asking about life I was saying that I don’t have any regrets about my career
I like you regret nothing let’s not acknowledge this asshole that keeps on talking to be more specific you being better off dead or have I never have I ever had romances on jobs you mean
what was that cool
is there any is there any one that’s like a very like a Diane Keaton your life I know what it looks like like
no no there’s nothing like that nothing like that
Curtis you know what Diane Keaton’s badge look like
how to add has a very tasteful vest
you say 19 dresses up like she’s always in a vest
King of the Hill
all right so thanks for doing that because it gives me a chance to say it’s on Fridays you know we’re still running and doing well in the ratings is a relief it is for me cuz it’s not TBS and you can’t tell I don’t know what it was from what I’m watching the show usually in the old days in TV you’d go like well obviously Manimal is killing peacock has a spin on it because it turns into a shark in animal never killed I used to put my hand on my desk to make my finger pulse and I had a Manimal track when I was a kid
Jack Jack Jack Black I think I’ve told this on the show it was a Jack Black was when we’re doing keep bitching to Jack weird swapping stories about like the influence of Six Million Dollar Man and he said that he would yeah he would he would go to school I just talked about this didn’t I guess he would when he was in sixth grade he would because he lives Six Million Dollar Man so much he would sometimes tuck wires electrical wires into his sleeve and go to class and wait for in his peripheral vision for another kid likes to possibly see the wires but not look at the kid and just like hide the wires
because he was that into do you want to know a secret robot wow cuz I wasn’t into Six Million Dollar Man but I did I did I did I love Sherlock Holmes though I was really into sure like the looks and on a Reload and my bedroom overlooked the street of outside my parents house and so what I would do because I couldn’t get dates and I have no friends so I would lower my shade and like myself from behind and then this this friend of mine had given me now. Let me finish this way or mine
had given me a violin have no strings and I would stand in front of the shade and pretend to play the violin at home alone and I’m hoping somebody would walk by and go he’s really more interesting than I thought
okay I actually did that based on an image that was described in the books he’s walking you know that aquilon figure walking past the shade I would do that only a good horse might figure was not relate. I have no nose at all if you can see it but I’m facing it but when you go to the side I have no profile Sherlock Holmes you picture one of the actors from the films or do you have no idea what I saw in my head when I first read the book it doesn’t look like anybody that is in any of the movie
yeah Robert Downey jr. I was amazed to see a sequence in that movie that I had written into a script for the heat vision in Jack movie as a joke which is that at the idea that if you can get so intelligent that you can know how to beat somebody up driving with diagrams the way that he would punch people and it’s like and then they did it for real they made a lot of money
nobody cared nobody laughed ever just wanted to use my money I love that he’s so smart he can beat you up
introduced to the nerd as a camp counselor I had to Chaperone a bus of a bunch of kids going to compete and a like soccer game I like the sports competition Sports counselor and the most jaqi Ross Hansen counselor was like what is that a counselor play Revenge of the Nerds and it was such a crisis of self as like an uncomfortable teenager like all these jocks more like you would feel dirty inside or what’s happening
strange like all the kids were kind of like laughing like they were like like they weren’t nerds but they love that movie they were like laughing over the years I get approached by people all the time guys on the street will come up to me and they are
I mean they’d got no neck they got Buzz Cuts and all this and the muscles and everything and I mean I mean they’re ridiculous they look so jockey and they will come up to me and say
Revenge of the Nerds right I got yeah that movie meant a lot to me that was what my life was I’m thinking I’m saying thank you thank you that’s very nice of you and inside and going for you
you beat up people like me but then I started thinking overtime I was going you know what even within the jock world there’s a pecking order and possible that the guy that I’m talking to who was the guy who they called tiny that’s the Michigan super intimidating and I was like trying to intimidate me and then there was this one guy and they kept calling him caged like there’s cage hey can you get the drinks in cages like all right and then throughout the night like I was available to meet with this motorcycle group anime glitter lavender and no I don’t like what
age is what you call a car I can’t drive a motorcycle anymore I drive a car
wait wait wait father because they called him in case he wasn’t allowed to drive him I said yeah I like something had happened so you couldn’t drive the motorcycle made the point where you got like there is no such thing that’s why the nerd movement eventually the nerd movement it was only a matter of time before his that would be is mainstream because everyone feels like the other than that it’s no wonder that you talk to you go to your 20-year High School reunions nobody is self-identifies as
normal nobody picked on you and that were all represented the normal people and within them they were chewing each other to Pieces which is what we learned from Molly Ringwald in Breakfast Club it’s hard to do. Do you know I guess in the intelligence that worships like knowledge information and it’s Obsession Obsession you you acquire even if you’re not a PhD you’ve acquired a vast amounts of knowledge about whatever you are interested at least once a week when you were saying something about the you know what’s the comic book guy doing on you know when you got phds well you know what the comic book guy if you get him into a room with a PhD is going to be able to walk the PHD on comic book information so that makes that person intelligence in that way and that’s everybody’s got their thing and when they when Nerds become obsessive
they become
beryllium have you ever played on a stop talking when I ask am I still talking
you ask such interesting question I’m not sure every question she’s asking me I’ve had to have a follow-up because I’m not sure how do whales sleep
they’re about to right now you’re about to play a game called Shadow run okay
all right so Spencer is our game master when you said do I have a hard out here then I wouldn’t have had your answer you when you said do you play role playing games that you asked him if he had sex with a couple of questionable questions
if I if this means I have to read something you may be out of luck power well yeah I know I can probably do you need like glasses or but I never know what’s going on in these Pages all right you can you configure I mean I don’t know if I can fake it I may have to have somebody get my glasses from the other room that’s easy to do that are in my coat they’re in my coat there is coat
no and there better not be anything in my coat when I put it on later
I’m not I’m not gross
children porn so women
coordinate children would make if you said hey and I just got together
New Zealand idea thank you okay so it’s just your character has been handed to you it’s a it’s a lot of a lot of little scroll e rating of Statistics in things like they won’t come into play unless your ass like it’s improvised storytelling with Spencer is the one that’s in control of of anything that happens cuz he’s the game master so he’s telling us what’s happening but each of us has a character OK Google pressure to it cuz it’s kind of turn based in like you’re not like that’s taped so so so he’s he’s letting us know what’s going on and then there’s a point where we can do something you can say hello I see you walk up the street or I go over to the vending machine and I punch it or whatever you want to do and then Spencer who’s the referee and who understands the rules of the game he might
say to you what’s your agility and it’s okay if you go to takes a half hour for you to go it’s three because it’s you find it somewhere on the sheet and you go it’s three and that’s basically it was that as an example yeah that’s the question that’s often asked me that I never have the answer to it immediately your attribute agility but you meant apps review example
I’m at work and he’s not a Tucson for agility the list of of possible things for agility and there’s no agility there Zaxby’s that’s all I was just I was just an example second attribute down is a type I’ve never thought of never mind okay Kurt has an or what come a little bit with his character is for the evening characters of dr. he has a gun he could heal people you say okay like a doctor
stupid me I’m sorry you guys aren’t exactly do you do missions for you no criminal employer doctor doctor doctor doctor evil do you work with criminals criminals need medical help you are like a mob doctor that like at 70 years in the future or so and we’ll be a team where a bunch of like like other specialists in certain ways dance very strong Aaron’s very like charming and charismatic and talk away in the situations I’m a magic user so I can cast spells and shit like that so right now we’re looking for a guy named Baldwin Brown I’m not mistaken
and bring him back to our to our contact give us a brief
all right

last time
on Shadow run our heroes were in the warehouse looking for Baldwin brown but he was nowhere to be found so together Our Heroes tased a bunch of junkies and then slap them awake and then ask them questions and then shoved RFID tags into their stomachs
Eve centavo you know Hawk Spirit to find Baldwin but he would not return and some time together the heroes gathered up the illicit merchandise and headed off towards the neutral Drop Zone
that’s all clear and pretty oh so pretty cut-and-dry there
did we add I can’t remember did we did we took a truck right the ladies room you’re in a trial is Oregon’s driving en en en en Curtis’s character the doctor we haven’t encountered him yet right although he’s he’s he’s been there sorry I was so happy that you have Jim Nightblade who is Dan and doctor doctor doctor friend. Your friend with what part of the truck going to be in the back of a semi like I have like no I want to be shotgun okay you sure I mean it seems appropriate
my agility is for just checking that’s good that’s good time
that’s four out of 10 I should be more than 4 then but anyway turning out to her game. You’re a troll so you’re not like a human you’re a troll
a doctor gangster troll
it sounds like a Curtis Armstrong part actually
we all have like we can all communicate to each other through comlinks II say the Mercy Mercy where we headed sweet we’re going to the Johnson I still have this photograph of Bryan
as a father and standing in front of headed to the Johnson I don’t like any of it
you’ve got a problem this whole time friends against my training I’ve been trying to help as much as I can but I have to remember I am a doctor
I respect you or respect your integrity how long does it take a note I told myself I sold myself to you people
and if it if it wasn’t for him knowing what he knows I can walk away from all of this
play make me a black male happening behind her back. Trust
what the fuck is that supposed to mean ask your friend
alright doctor why don’t you pack up your relationship will get to the secret to tell about selling yourself a week if we had our way we wouldn’t be committing crimes for a living believe me you know I could always tell you’re different from them
you are you don’t have to be here
I don’t want you could do better than this magic female a woman
go back and hide in the woods and then do what I got to make a living somehow they’re coming
doctor Doctor Who, who’s coming
can we pull over the car you’re going to have to pull over the car Porta guard does that a doctor real quick I’m not going to forget what you said no we will have to talk later okay
we can all hear you it’s a really you can talk privately but I guess it doesn’t matter
get back on the road
put a pin in this and validate your field
all right that’s right. Johnson hooked up once we get back on the road it’ll just be a couple minutes just had his pull out
now you know
are they coming again
the problem is that my thing about them coming
I lost a patient because I was thinking about them coming
add forever and that’s what I have to work until 8 to bring up past issues that I feel like we could deal with this or you can front of the Johnson
Subway you enter the parking lot which is the location of the neutral Drop Zone The fenced-off Affair squished between a number of low buildings the fence is covered in pain but it stands wide-open cars and truck lined the street outside the parking lot and broken damaged buildings line the sky I don’t know some of the buildings are lit up by orange light no one is in the lot that you can see but that’s where you’re supposed to meet are you doing you’re Moonlighting impression when it
why do the Cubs have a few laughs Curtis I just so you know it’s all right so it’s night time I’m going to get ready to fight I’m telling you I was leaving before so I don’t know what’s going on I’m getting out of a truck loaded with valuable Goods
beat up a bunch of people for no reason.
Yes exactly yes precisely thank you that is what I would say
so I’m just saying I’m drying my Aries Predator whatever it is and I as I could cuz I’m going to get out of the trailer now I meant I’ve been in the back of a truck like a like like like like like garbage all right you hop out of the trailer in the parking lot the location of the neutral Drop Zone you don’t see anything around other than tons of cars and trucks that are just in the lot Parts they lie still and know I am he’s the guy we need to hurt a guy that I want to know if there’s people in any of these cars and trucks detect a person there he points in the direction of a truck
I’m going to put a spell on him I’m going to spell it a cast a spell on him
what do you want to cast
he’s now unable to do anything and we can take our time to figure out what our next move is
well I can do that because I have a level 5 spell casting
so what
okay level 3 eusebi Spell bohemian
there I created a dome or wall
magical energy
we have to think fast I don’t know how long I can hold it
what is the wall between us and one gets between us and him whatever he is right up to the wall and I use my perception to see if the person is a with our motives what are his motives
it’s a really good doctor is very good doctor you don’t see anything beyond the wall other than a truck like a semi truck
okay well
where is it where’s the truck with the guys in I’ll go check it out and I walk in that direction as you walk you see lights from the trucks flick on blinking your path flicking your path lighting up the entire lot the truck you’re walking towards with the door clicks open and you see a Dapper figure emerge it’s a khaki suit wearing work with a date of Jack in the side of his head and a monocle he told the metal briefcase
oh no mercy negotiation are a handsome it’s good to finally meet you in person then we’re all talking about oh yeah that’s why we’re all here in it
I got to say it’s Miss it it’s a bit alarming
who died
they just talked to people that we should do what we can do and he’s a doctor with the rich past
so we do not have Baldwin Brown I was wondering if maybe we can have a little more time I do have a very good lead so well what’s the lead a produce the the picture
has taken from his Instagram account
yes ears a thing a lot of people wouldn’t look as fast and as we all know there are only so many bathrooms in the city
I I think that we should have a little bit more time if you need some more convincing why don’t I show you what my old friend dr. friend can do you spell a doctor friend
oh my God something wrong
he has superpowers I never suspected and the same will happen to you all if you don’t return with Baldwin Brown okay that that went better he took that better than I thought it would
we got we got a truckload of bgl Chip so that was part of the deal was 1500 a piece or something thousand apiece truck loads
yeah well at least it Pony up for the Ephrata btl’s we almost got killed trying to get all right how many how many boxes you got a million
no I’ll just verify that I walked over to the back of the truck and start to count
I am that’s a lot that’s all that was there we got them all when we get 100% of their BTL chips a million probably wouldn’t fit in the truck anyway I don’t know what I was thinking also also when we we have using using a negotiation and intimidation you really should give us 1100 a box because there are a lot of people who are these chips will and it’s really for mice mice mice mice treat clinics
I mean you have to realize I may be working with these people but I still care about people who have no safety net and they come to my clinics on the street for help and these these these twenty-five boxes will just be enough to make the difference
I’m not sure what I’m what is being expected of
we need a little bit more 1100 a box and then we’ll go and look at mr. Brian Mercy you guys are all forgetting that I have my Eagle Spirit scouting the neighborhood right now
I I I go into it as a Native American Eagle spirit with flying over the city Eagle did you do do Steve Alton Brown anywhere it’ll take me like 20 30 minutes
Aisha Aisha Ray of energy into the air that that spells t t y l
I guess we need to go to the mr. Johnson he pulls the crib stick out of his out of his briefcase it’s like this is what’s a 25 * 11 this is that many
that many millions for your troubles
times a hundred you mean yep anybody don’t worry about it I’ll do the math later
he hands you the credit stick better okay sorry what is no smaller it should be smaller it shouldn’t be we in the future we shouldn’t be advancing to bigger and should be shrinking thank you you have to have a special pocket I’m sorry I can’t Curtis this is Aaron talking I have a hard time remembering the name for the cell phone and the money yin yang
new year new year they’re close to close the cops Johnson’s like what the hell I must have bugged the merchandise what are we going to do
is this you sonsabitches go ahead
what sounds like you guys are running away
you can run to oh yeah I got a whole truckload of goods to move immediately it’s a situation on my hands you want to pay us to help you with that situation
no he’s not part of the group that we’re going to RadioShack in the manager but had a problem would you believe your family to burn
there’s some dark area nearby where we can where we can hide where the cops don’t find us I don’t know. Probably can you can you ask for Eagle can I cast a visibility over all of us and make us and the truck disappear or are you not the truck you could do it on people but not going to take some some drain everything to distract the cops when I can make it make some other thing happen far away that that makes the cops go somewhere else by sometime you could all right so how close are the cops are going to be here in a couple minutes couple minutes. Do you want out of this problem maybe but only for very cheap price 700 704 each person’s risk their life no
just to solve the situation all right see you tell your accountant knows everybody getting the truck get ready to get the hell out of here I’m going to create a Phantasm to scare the hell out of these cops when we went when it starts we have to get the hell out of here and go the other direction Jonathan you want to come with us if you want out will I need that truck I mean you’ll get the truck together with this with the merchandise and we’ll go somewhere else and get away from these cops sounds good alright everybody in the truck I’m going to try as we only got one shot of this you guys and I’ll talk shows about to be over so we just have to count all right let’s go.
go out into the street and I I touch my my my Red Feather earring and I and I and I said I summon all all the all the magic of my of my training my elf my elf and upbringing and my in my Native American tribe and I summon a spirit 20 ft tall flaming gorilla to stand in the middle of the street and just freaking out in front of the cop cars
it’s all so angry that means means business with only a Phantasm I can’t really hurt him it’s just going to scare these cops and I cast it at the level five level five Play Me Gorilla middle-of-the-road freaking nut
you don’t raise to me I could have done the barrier here
but I feel like I’ve already done it and then now it’s not going to work but it would be the perfect time for it if I’d known this is where we were going I would have waited on the barrier for now you should have given you the scripts the problem I don’t get the script before and know what it when the time it better next time and to use it for good
a gorilla Sprouts up he’s 20 ft tall he’s beating his chest which is on fire
he’s he’s mean in business and you guys shoot off into the night if there’s any cops following you they make no indication 20 minutes later your Eagle friend goes hey I found Baldwin you’re not going to like it though
why not a business building I mean he’s in a building
are you saying there’s a roof and walls and there’s some sort of organization inside that makes money
yeah I don’t think it’s the telepathic link oh I don’t I don’t know so you thought we weren’t going to like that he was in a business oh oh wait no I am not going to like the defense mechanisms around the business
what are they oh they got magical barriers
I was like me that sounds like a case for the magical barrier doctor to come in.
Glen Burnie
Curtis Armstrong I’ll be back next week to reprise his role as soon as they actually projecting. Thank you thank you
Erin mcgathy Spencer Crittenden I’m Jeff Davis think everyone here at Meltdown Comics your May everybody Mr Dan Harmon


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