Episode: 152 – White Guilt Kerosene On The White Guilt Bonfire


Episode: 152 – White Guilt Kerosene On The White Guilt Bonfire


Dan, Jeff and Spencer start out the show, World Cup sports corner and lots of privilege and guilt. Watch the video at Harmontown.com/live!


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please keep hover flies going for your dungeon master mr. Spencer Crittenden
Stephen Curry doing table
have a good scary in it
so done with this camper
are you doing I’m good are you ready to bring up the mayor of Spencer yeah Let’s Stay Together
why do why do I come in from the back I was at this point it’s kind of a really dumb there’s a tripod in my way it doesn’t seem the format here I thought it was Frank Spencer up at the top of the show instead of saving him for dessert really mangled this guy’s leg to Anchor away is it oh this guy I’m glad I could help
deserve it cuz like like his feet touch the back of wall like he sits in the front row and he’s put his big Russian legs across the stage I would I would make a joke about Russian history but they’ve always been and it’s like the stage was the Ukraine
Black Sea
see that’s a joke I would have made it a sore subject or Russians the Napoleonic Wars back home to France all right let me see let me see if it’s working okay alright great this is so all right so my Twitter notifications are on I kind of panicked last time there on but if you’d like to tweet at me I won’t yell at you as soon as it should it should tap my wrist just a little bit and I can look and I can go oh good question Alison Brie’s very nice something like that so try not to abuse your power
Stern tweet at me I’m talking to the people at home on the laptop
well I was going to put this to no sorry to be annoying what will you be doing while Aaron is in Ireland are we playing Witcher 3 wireless right now she’s in st. Louis looking sexy tonight hashtag in the room I kind of
that was Spencer that was totally Spencer dude is Huey
well apparently Sports Corner re US Open US Open a Sports Corner about the US Open okay okay all right
hold up hold up also women’s soccer right when was World Cup
yeah here we are
who starts going to do your thing I like to jump real high like to go real low like to go across the ice so I could go across the snow Winter Olympics are done but still kind of fun
thanks guys thanks
I agree that Dan sadly I missed the ending of us what happened well I mean it’s the important thing is that it’s this is that it’s it’s it’s American and it is open
to everyone who plays the sport like there is no discrimination and that’s the spirit of the US Open like it’s not private it’s not you can just you can just play if you play you did you just come and play Can Can women be in at 2 if it’s the Women’s u.s. Open yeah
it’s not it’s not so no
but trans men what’s your what’s your favorite thing about the sports that the US Open was was celebrating today
everything comes down to where that ball is Right absolutely
far you’re 100% right
the idea is to get the ball where it needs to be specific with the destination for this particular ball there than your opponent
I think it’s either tennis or golf
okay it’s golf I knew that who won the thing dinner now Teddy Ruxpin
the animatronic bear from our challenge
Teddy Ruxpin one that really is open to anyone can do it
Jordan Spieth Jordan Spieth one who had vertigo and a couple days ago I like on the 16th all managed to pull together finished how many how much points overcoming vertigo should get you in a sport where you review walk around and hit a ball when you feel like it
as if I was a football player and I suffer from vertigo my doctor would tell me why don’t you try golfing go walk around in some grass until you feel better so if while you’re doing that you win a golf tournament I’m not going to go plus he’s so special he was here cuz he can’t play football how do you feel about the US Women’s World Cup right now the women the women soccer World Cup football as we call it in to soccer we don’t we don’t call it soccer calling San Francisco Frisco
I think it’s great Jeff those with those ladies are out there they’re doing it just as good as ladies can
which might be better than men you projected that Honda makes
Spencer are you following the other World Cup are they playing Cleveland what country is FIFA does Brazil versus the US going to be great FIFA all right there was a woman playing today I’m just adolescents and pure Isle and stupid enough to have enjoyed the fact there was a woman playing for Austria his name was dickenman Tamika but yeah
but you did a good job
for Tamika but what happened to your glasses does Anna Marie you know I don’t know I think they left them at the house like you right now cuz you’re not wearing your forgotten about them tell me you love me I love you Jeremy Jeremy Mika has a name been so chocolatey
I give a shit I can’t keep coming up I give a shih tzus that guy first time live streaming okay good luck Kevin with that we’ll have to see what happens if you can’t disable the bird I can’t disable the bird disabled function a lot of things I found another Apple watch Bud today with my Evernote app
if you if you write an Evernote that is exactly as long as the Apple watches screen then you add more it won’t show it but if you add 5 more things then it’ll show everything that you can scroll it but if you hit it right on the Nugget bug that’s my bug report let’s let’s talk about lesbians and race okay
I don’t really have I don’t really have anything shut up Jeff I didn’t mean that to be provocative I thought we tried something and you know what you know what The Four Agreements guy says
did you hit the ditch you read more of the book or is it still still remember from the from the first two agreement
and that’s like that’s good enough for me did you know Jurassic world starts 25 minutes through yes you did The Four Agreements so the guy says animals only pay for a mistake one time and their whole life one time for each mistake humans are the only animal that pays a thousand times for each mistake stupidest animals die if they make a mistake yeah they let it go yeah from their mistakes
oh my God you guys it’s not that fucking weird bitches fucking and humans have anxiety the labor our mistakes over and over again raccoons don’t they make a mistake when they’re getting your garbage and they’re like their pockets hurt on the garbage can they go like I do that her done like they don’t they don’t sit there three years later and go I’m such a
the size of ping-pong balls compared to what we could learn a thing or two to learn a thing or two from a creature with a brain the size of a ping-pong ball into those big brakes
but cannot learn you know it doesn’t doesn’t make that mistake again
I’m going to do with my therapist taught me to do
so that’s the other thing so we all I have a shame button
is it called your dick
and I and can I push it I have a shame button I can get put our buttons get pushed by other people but it’s not their fault it’s our deal like your buttons get pushed and then you don’t have to react to it so if something makes you feel like a classic fight that I would have with with Aaron Believe It or Not would stem from like if I if I take a nap and I wake up and there’s like six texts cuz she’s going what’s going on what’s Happening then I would I would have my shame button pushed because I would be like oh I I did something wrong as a husband cuz I like I wouldn’t respond to the first five texts and then I’d be like why don’t you calm down it’s only been like trying to fix her instead of just going like
hey baby I was just taking a nap this is breathing it turns out is it
seems like it seems like it was right under my nose
not going to let that get to me the word play anyways I usually have to take a couple deep breaths just one one leg in a conversation like if you were hanging out at a bar or something and somebody like said something the minute you feel yourself to the goal is to keep your shame to be totally empty like your spirit to your your nervous system like I’m going to look at it
Vegeta empty your shame tube
if you push my hip replaced my shocks are bad like I’m usually at a 5 which is bad because if I’m going to five somebody pushes my shame button when I go to 6 then right after 10 like I like a binary switch for me but it said four times a day Jess I’m supposed to take for deep breaths out of four four counts of an inhalant for count on the exhale 4 x 4 times a day for a total of 16 for second Bratz
and that’s it and now I’m going to be saying
going to work have you done your breasts today today instead of town and I was just playing video games
I just play video games all day I don’t need to breathe for that mad at a dragon or something sorry sorry
I’m supposed to okay look I’m supposed to tell people six seasons in an Emmy I’m supposed to like spread the word it’s really embarrassing I want to ask for an any I’m at Seth MacFarlane
I don’t know where I mean he’s literally did at one point like but I’m not going to ask for it but yeah who deserves it because I spent a lot of money in any campaign so they’re the ones asked me to do it and I don’t want to say no to them based at some weird Integrity I have so I’m just saying like I don’t know how that helps what is everybody going to run out to the any Factory
I thought you were supposed to get two of one of your shows good I don’t I don’t like life I don’t like this world
is there a way to are they hoping that becomes a hashtag or I don’t know I had an idea I don’t know if all night with a friend of a friend was like an unlike that any committee or something and they were having a great time we had dinner of the mutual friends and there are they are all hanging out and they had a big lunch dinner and they’re not joking around getting along and then there they went dancing afterward there on the dance floor and that’s the person finally comes up to me after talking to all night and just like that by the way I like to work with Amy Poehler and sorry all night
they thought he was I think that’s
I don’t know I hear that story and I go I don’t think I don’t think it’s going to happen for us
isn’t it really what it is is is voting for the whole day did you think you were voting for I want everybody want Bud Light commercial don’t sell Bud Light they sell beer if you’re in the market for a Mercedes-Benz are or a Chevy or whatever car commercial remind you about cars at this job all right well anyways and I hate I hate I hate I hate I hate my life and I hate myself
watch I hate to watch the stupid product don’t buy it. It’s a tiny little shity iPad on your wrist it’s dead Bluetooth sex from your phone it’s supposed to be sucking doesn’t work and I got to have your phone on you to eat for the watch to have a garbage product pretty brave man what your meeting you know that you meant you got it was silly and I can’t I mean I knew it would be it’s not that I think it’s very brave
Holly’s tweets tweets are dumb to I’ve been very irritable the last couple days I don’t know what it is I think it is I don’t like when it gets hot yeah he was asking for help so they had to believe that he was saying help me help me a meeting a gun with the intent to fire on them which is just insane the guy with the guy did have a gun
what did the towel in but that’s a gun that’s the thing is that like I smoked a lot of pot I’ve seen like I’ve seen people that turned out to be mailboxes like like that you know the human brain can shift items and make them look really crazy but you got it you shouldn’t like fire a weapon before you make sure that you’re seeing what you’re saying cuz everyone you know everyone’s brain fucks up ya on the flip side of that we never talked about that guy outside the the Galleria can remember what was now is at Austin someplace in Texas they’re having that dumb gallery to draw Muhammad contest in the guy showed up in the sedan and there had a salt rifles they were going to head into the gallery and the one there was one cop on duty outside the place oh yeah it’s like he took them both out under a rain of assault rifle fire like shot them both
I didn’t want to, and he and the two guys were the only think so. I mean sometimes if they were going to this cop stuff I think it’s so weird that our phone started be able to pick up other stuff and I don’t think our phones got sophisticated the same time as cops started being crazy the underclass has cameras on the middle of their friends being shot in the back and it’s been happening all the time going on forever and ever and ever and the underclassmen like not rich people get to have access to footage and ship so I had to pitch and you guys are going to go
Bravo you push that button I don’t care your gear. You’re made a smoke I’m made of light
I’m have a quarter of a quarter through the book and I’m reasonably certain of I’ve got it
and they’re glued here’s my pitch
so here’s the problem is that the cops look like you know they look like enforcers they have their wearing black they have guns under hips like like they go into these terrible situations they never know what they’re getting into they’re all jacked up the people that they’re visiting are not having their best day never you’re never a cop talking to someone who’s having a good day they’re always like all you know that everything is a fucking Powder Keg and everyone’s got a gun so here’s my pitch so special branch of the police force
call the peacekeepers okay head-to-toe white spandex
no weapons cameras all over them and like fingerprint sensors to cuz the rule is if you touch one of them automatically to injection like like like like if you let alone if you shoot one or anyting but it looks like they are laissez-faire because if you touch one you are fucked like your dad said you might as well I mean there’s problems with this pitch but we’ll refine it
what if you’re falling over in the wrong thing cuz I haven’t finished so when you see these guys they don’t have a gun that it’s not their job to like they’re even have handcuffs it’s not their job to shoot you or arrest you or anything it’s their job to they have conflict training and I get paid $700,000 a year because they’ll probably died within a week of stuff but that’s the
700 Grand a year is but an end you’re probably going to die whenever there’s a police car they’re the first ones it and then they come in and they go hey
I’m a peacekeeper what’s going on I just want to know if you want to help me out and I have to have that accent
again I accidentally touch him injection. People by pushing them into peacekeepers holders yeah that watch the case that happens so that happened poison darts at the person that push a floating Beholder has poisoned darts are there a way to ensure poison darts I don’t know they’re just okay
but somewhere in there is the germ of a good idea because the as you and I were discussing were talking about the actual problem is community think about think about polices being there to actually help every time you see them you’re just like all fuck like I mean if you’re like terrified for your fucking life they showed the picture of that ass Hall that shot all the people at the church in South Carolina and he’s got a bulletproof vest on cigarettes
a bunch of fucking people like her know I mean for no good reason with a lot of respect and a lot of courtesy and a lot of care it’s absolutely get shot like walking to the police car like Captain America did get a bulletproof vest
do they put a vest on them to walk him like two blocks from the bulletproof vest in the perp walk in front of all the median should I find a pretty shity place of the Vic of the shooter to make sure that we all knew they were victims too and I was a little cynical like that in front of the victims were all at a video arraignment or whatever it was like a free trial kind of thing and the guy said let’s not forget about the family of the shooter
he slept in an unrelated case I don’t like anybody was going to go crazy I think that guy just wanted that judge just wanted to be kind of a Hotshot and like like like he was on camera so he’s going to have a movie moment where he made sure the white family of this white little fucking Peckerwood fucking lie cuz it was supposed it was taken care of and if that’s not the name of this episode
you’re leaving the theater in the show forever I’ll never come back again
is it allowed to be the type of you put the c word in the algorithm I don’t know I don’t want to go to pour a bunch of white guilt kerosene on that white guilt bonfire but like Jesus Christ I think that’s
white guilt
you want me to wait
Angela don’t let Italians convince you they’re not white
A lot of them will try to make you fit there not no Mario no
you’re Italian, go fight the simple answer whatever that’s your job that’s your racially designated job is to kick turtles and
blow Fireballs out of your nose sorry it’s some stereotypes are true
now I do what I was going to say was that it’s a site like this is actually how like how
how used to it the black community is like big they like I always project onto it like this happens where it’s like totally racially like hot I always like to put myself in the shoes of someone that’s a part of this category it affected by this and then I’m always with with the African-American Community it’s just like Steps the fucking saddest part of it is that they’re not as mad that is it because they’re just like what the fuck did you think this world wise that’s a big deal and they’re like no it’s not Jesus Christ black community got up and got really pissed off and started writing then what exactly
that’s the that’s the greatest thing they could do for racism you know is to react and it’s like this fucking horrible syndrome it’s like it’s like we figured out Swiss Army knives of Oppression because the butcher knife stopped working in the eighteen hundreds so now we’ve got it down to fucking corkscrews and little can opener and I hope that he could to make sure that that never happens like that I can do the opposite happens from that even like anybody that might have been on the racial fence and that wind has pushed to the side of decency to tell me we got it we got it we we got it we got to realize that this whole thing is a Dodge all this all this race is it is it is it visible it’s just it’s just a distraction from the class class Warfare it’s just a all it is is just poor people their worst nightmare is all poor people feeling the same way because then if there’s that and then there’s also democracy then it’s legal to overthrow
and as long as all the poor people are like you’re racist or sexist you’re a pedophile seat stop judging the pedophiles
I keep saying let’s join forces with them you can’t
you can’t picture bedfellows in a revolution in the capital and the Sentinels are like blasted us with the
I’m sorry black black guy it’s alright white guy at least at least we were going to die as brothers yeah did you hear that
where can I find the pedophiles are the Hawkman from Clash Royale
I’m in the white guy in the black guy look at each other and they go any port in a storm
you’re having a pretty good time when the pedophiles are flying at
how do I go to the lamp all right Randall
is there a parking fee
what else was there going to talk about hey Spencer how’s your how’s your dad dance move oh yeah so that we could show people are Minecraft worlds like on YouTube and whatnot are all right which I tried but you do that yourself actually like video games and live working like people like to watch other people play video games I wouldn’t would have never predicted that
I mean I don’t know I got the same thing about sports like why are people watching people play sports I don’t know probably the same human impulse probably I don’t know
do you want to know I think that’s a hilariously done so I mean if you’re watching me of course that’s the best thing to do you have a following now I mean there’s four or five people I don’t do it for them I do it to feel like I’m wasting last time when I’m wasting time because now you’ve become entertainment for other people I mean yeah now it’s actually doing something it’s not just going into the into the past and sometimes I’m singing watch for hours I watch Minecraft tutorial stuff because people cuz there’s so many mobs in them people out there like these wires work or whatever and then some guy I’ll have a thing that’s like a little too pasty pets
characters and stuff, but they show you how it works is that what you do are you showing people like like like that how you know I’m just I’m just playing at like I’m just playing it and people ask me questions and answer their questions I mean I don’t know like I said I think people really
do you want to watch the game
so which which games do you watch
you watch people play Hearthstone
card game strangers play it against each other
it might be a stranger or they might be playing some one you know I’m fascinated by the fact that kind of scratch to save it for you
Scarlet witch witches
have you or do you ever watch sports do the you fall. No God no
I want there to be more hear nothing I haven’t done is I haven’t even gotten on Twitch and actually tried this but Spencer are you when you’re when you’re twitching as the kids call it and you’re you’re doing exclusively Minecraft are you talking to people yeah so like there’s a chat room and I see it on my phone so people are like oh what color is your house going to be and then I’ll be all like I don’t know maybe red and they’re like and then I be like okay you know so and I think there is some I don’t know I think people get something from the interaction and also I think it’s kind of like podcast thing where it’s like you’re interacting with this person I know in this very limited sense for you sort of exposing yourself to them like it’s just like
the show is really people watching the podcast through the streaming and stuff like that but with like now that I know that that’s going to be the new thing we could do twitch section I want to be in the room I want to be in the room while you watching touch you I can’t touch you can touch
when did disintegration raisin it’s an important aspect of janky magic field don’t forget this is terrible. All right so what do you play when you play you play Hearthstone you play the play the things you watch the last time I stream twitch where I was producing twitch that people could watch I played a game called Magica 2 and it’s where for wizards cast spells cooperatively where your spells can hit each other so you blow each other up and yell at each other a lot so we just went through the whole game in one sitting but I’ll yelling at each other on the couch we got the cops called on us it was really good idea right I would I would if I had time
I would want to that’s why I asked you to look into getting the stuff cuz I wanted to be one of these guys who has like a YouTube video but like I wanted to have control over like I want to go hello it’s me Dan snakebite 69 or whatever and I just wanted to show you my automatic irrigation system or something over here at work so that you have a voice over and some of us about the idea of people watching me in real time because if I’m fighting Minecraft like like and I stack up some blocks and then I’m just like sitting there I want to watch the nightmare I’m just going to quit watering the plants you dick
I would say that you playing Minecraft and having a community watching you in like messaging you like though you should go over there that looks like there’s goats or something like a probably way more interesting than watching you look at your phone in front of a minor look at your watch check Twitter
it’s hilarious Twitter like like that’s what I’m saying
I’m just checking my tweets today

I’m on excited for my tweet hate mail I’m excited for that. I mean look at show and it’s not a bad show. What I’m saying I think you took the wrong thing but I don’t know I don’t know
thing that people care about and can wash and still enjoy craft can be that also but there’s no Frank a Reese’s there’s no there’s no
Eureka St Spencer thank you you’re welcome
probably a wrong way to eat it
that’s fine that’s fine just as snake bites should be the name of the title I don’t know I like this boating on the title with the audience
race relations
cuz it was 8/8 minutes ago
so somebody better I’m terrified of your peacekeepers yeah cuz they’re going to get cocky and arrogant and they’re going to be like why don’t you touch me bro and then like before seeing you up against the corner of people watching right now let’s say it’s a man in the peacekeepers and they’re wearing white spandex we’d all fucking be bummed out because everybody fucking cool it man that’s horrifying and they don’t have handcuffs it horrifying the way it’s like an angel came down like it doesn’t it doesn’t disruptive and hit the reset button what is the wedding system for becoming a habit will run through a crowd and kill 30
of a conflict resolution training with a stick workers
you have to do tai chi just only to balance your soul or Chi
I might not make it hurt people just to just to be calm when people are killing you
cuz you’re going to die but then over time what’s that
have you taken off of the matter
wow is that true if you key says if you kill an off-duty cop has a higher penalty oh I guess I guess given it’s a good idea we just got to work out the Kinks
I think they should be robots
that’s what we need wheel of chappie robots
but I don’t think that would calm anybody down was will they probably recognize weapons and stuff
British British British
but they’ll beat the shit out of you like it’s fine, people like having people in my talking it out so it’s amazing man I saw a video of a guy with a machete was swinging a machete around they just kept bringing more cops and some guy hit him with a chair no one knows no guns got fired no one got hurt like the guy got arrested and is awesome police
it can be done
I tell you it started when we were in we’re there for hogmanay in Scotland and I bumped into a cop and it was like New Year’s Eve and it runs drunk and I bumped into it and the carpet
the corner and puked in the car and getting luggage out of the car and we have to go to a little kiosk get us like a receipt put it in your car you can buy a bunch of time on it but we can’t just feed the meter. Yeah you can’t go back in the middle of the night add more time on that way exactly move your car whatever pretty good system I guess except we didn’t have any do you have to put coins and you can put the card and we didn’t have any so we walked up to a cafe to get some money and the time that we did go to buy something we came back we’re getting a ticket now in Los Angeles I don’t know about living in other parts of the country the u.s. the moment they start typing you have a ticket
fast and the fury
Scottish Scottish falsetto
the guy put his little computer thing in his pocket and walked away it’s like really but she doesn’t and I’m out of the car and look around other cars and he walked by and just just Christmas me were there and I said thank you very much by the way I’m from Los Angeles if someone is riding the ticket you have a ticket because yeah but we had a nice here
Merry Christmas Sister came out
and you were like back and you were outside like this lab
punching about that third eye problems are you here
Darcy and I did I did I slightly pronounce one vowel wrong wow now that now that you’re staying what’s your name to Which Wich lover Skylar Skylar and everybody
Community fans being out there saying that is as black Dave from season 5 Who Rose to prominence in season 6 of you and then the last name the guy that made out with my wife
yeah cuz we lost Neil and then week week week we call it leaked all you guys are Muppets because you’re not regulars your kind of like but you’re not background in your not guest stars are kind of like always there if it’s it’s less dehumanizer what’s your your Jewish though right you were telling me the Green Room your your mom’s Jewish your dad’s music and he was like your dad was like a Ramblin Man right
my dad’s from Trinidad and you came from when it was still kind of came out with a British accent because he thought that actually talking like you were from Trinidad and proper and all his family is like what the fuck you’re crazy and they all talked with the Caribbean accent so it’s more like we might be out somewhere and cuz black people say hi to other black people it’s like that’s a thing as a courtesy thing or that’s the cultural thing I don’t know I just I just accepted it and chambray
Jeff Pitts 911 code is it
11911 Myrtle Avenue
black people are up to something
don’t ever forget these numbers these numbers are so important they make the difference between good and bad
don’t ever forget these numbers as numbers will make a difference when you go to bed at night and pray tweet tweet poop poop
Turtle Ninja Turtle videos
pedophiles I was invited some of Bin Laden was about to do a rap.
give the people what they want Dad
Osama bin Laden
everybody want to come out. Maybe with your Zero Dark Thirty by Whisper in my name
YouTube night vision
you’re with the name I thought you were a little girl been trouble watching the door and got shot in the face I deserved it I deserve it baby. My name is Osama
owes me $5
I have a funny hat my God is 22
too late
listen no
I meant my version of it
the extreme version
my name is Rose. I think it’s hot
show me my car and drive around and get my name.
I didn’t mean that God was funny and Osama Bin Laden Andrew Lloyd Webber collaborations
I like that in the end you will get it
I stopped at 2 Cinema
like I mean there’s a lot of feelings around
the pretty bones dancing with playing at
I meant I meant to God that cares so much that you would never ask you to hurt people
if you don’t make eye contact with me I can’t see you
alright Cheryl’s downhill thank you for helping me so anyways
do I get that house
I think it went a little something like this is this a jive turkey
water right back
you know that was actually have my Thanksgiving and swear I would actually have loved my Thanksgiving so it’s all right how do you know when a turkey is a jive turkey
look at the legs
all right we’re going to order that we’re going to play this right this time we’re going to work are you okay Skyler
I don’t know what I’m doing it’s about show I don’t want you to come over at home
Peter barometers
if you knew what it was Hearthstone look like, you know what’s real life real time grass grown. Org like colored rectangles bumping into each other
yeah I know I did I mean I don’t write any of it and even bump into each other
companion people actually show of people people watch a new watch Community for six seasons but thank you thank you thank you for and a half and don’t forget tell everybody tell Yahoo I told everybody to say we deserve an Emmy tell them Seth MacFarlane
color to Seth MacFarlane
paint a while back that was like it hasn’t gotten any yet and I was like got those screeners it was just like kind of passive-aggressively the same to all the voters like yeah we make you laugh and you don’t vote for us to text watch this episode did they win then I don’t come over we’re up Homer’s throwing a music Peter and Peter go down to other writers having a like me no way that’s ever going to happen but eventually get at least nominated I thought that you know a while ago that like Danny Pudi
I’m not better I don’t care
I mean I know maybe you know whatever everyone has an Emmy you did you think of the committee is a little like somebody who has come down so hard against Islam unjustified think God should income in Canada
I appreciate it Skyler and I mean I just want people to be happy
if I if I if I if I were a God I would I would I would be a lot like Hitler
banana bad way the good price of Hitler
got it. And Hitler we all have that in common with Hitler in the universe has been a cowboy with Hitler that self-loathing satisfaction with the status quo Universe was nothingness and then it exploded into everything this so that means that the nothingness which must have been God otherwise if it’s if it’s something pre-existed God which nothing is what of then God wouldn’t be God’s oh nothing just must also be God which means The Gods Must Be nothing which means that God was dissatisfied with his own State and so he split up and expanded into everything he didn’t like being nothing just as Hitler didn’t like just being the mayor of the Pearl in or whatever he started us
newest member of the mayor of Rhode Island
Mira Furlan
the reason why do you say it like this guy cuz he won’t have that power is Mary but he’s pissed and out of those potholes outside my house that he’s the only guy these days it’s 1936 maybe he should be Mair
Margaret and I was just going off about the Jews the other day yes you are yes you are
Mira Furlan
he voted with slot machines that one thing in common they just don’t know it I mean for me I don’t know if it was sufficiently clear that what you were talking about with self-loathing so you are I get it now now you get it
I don’t know who he was he hated what he felt it been that have been done to him and his country
as opposed to like being content
that’s gold
sorry it just presented itself I I had to grab it
yes to the does that make you officially doing it does look like you’re practicing until my bar mitzvah and I cashed out and I was like okay and good night. That’s like where your typical kind of secular Jew like gets to the Christian confirmation right it’s like you when you’re a kid like you’re you’re raised in the faith and then it kind of culminates in the bar mitzvah and then you came as you say cash out it kind of was basically my parents and I kind of decided at Temple was really boring so we didn’t go but they like sent me the Jewish Camp which I learned all my dirty humor because I was the only black person there and then do came back Bar Mitzvah still seem like a person from Jewish camp
I got a few some somebody how do you make that connection because you were the only black kid a Jewish Camp they all told you they’re dirty jokes or it’s basically the first black person they never met because I want the Jewish go so they’re trying to see what they could get away with and I’m so willing to push the envelope that they got away with everything like we were coming up to you and saying like hey did you hear the one about the the black guy and the rabbi or what were they give me an example of a specific you remember there are a lot of back of the oven comments
Happy Thanksgiving to the grassy knoll like I do
sixth grade kids to the laughter to outrage ratio
it is because Jewish women are famous for their cooking is that okay
okay here’s the best example so a hundred of these so I was talking with my counselor and he’s asking me about the origin of my parents like how they met he was like oh my God whose black remind me. Cuz I mix and I said oh my mom’s white she’s from Utah to Ridgway my dad’s black he’s from Trinidad and asked him and he said oh so I’m how did they meet and I said oh what’s your dad cleaning up
do you think that was he
wasn’t in your memory do you think that that kid your memory may be wrong I may be right but do you do you remember that as a kid was knew what he was doing and I like what do you think it was being naive or was he like really trying to like like give you like a large enough to be that vile stuff that wasn’t a kid that was my counselor tomorrow about the world tonight stepped on it and it was laughing so hard I mean while all the other staff who her just kind of standing there like they were too much of a pass
it shows a level of respect for him to not let it push his buttons but you have to honor allowed to legally we could use with a few less people thinking isn’t that hilarious that they would sell that joke to a kid we can condemn this guy and get away with it because of shity guy bad bad bad bad move bad humor move thank you did you have any other jokes that Mike Gross like the pedophile jokes aren’t they usually when somebody loses is usually a bummer
where did the butt of the joke is because that guy is black cuz he’s an idiot because because she’s a woman or she’s blond clap from a black hole
the great Groucho Marx was always approach cuz he was a famous funny person throughout his life he was always approached by people by chorus assholes at a restaurant or a bar on the street and take the ethnicity out of it because it’s a funny joke it doesn’t need it just like three guys if it’s a joke needs their Ace it’s not funny but just two guys or a guy or a girl like I said if it’s a funny joke doesn’t need it but I’ve known like a loads of like like old school Jewish, and I’ll tell you some old you just has to be an old you telling you the joke like a silliness and not about like I took from the outside of the great Sam Simon I just passed away like he told me a bunch of just one I love he goes a black guy talking about racism in jokes are race
Irish guy Jewish guy going to a bar and the black guy says the Bartender Bartender I’m hot I’m tired I’m thirsty I got to have a Courvoisier the bartender about a drink bartender I’m tired and thirsty I’ve got to have a Guinness the bartender gave him again I’m tired I’m thirsty I got to have diabetes
yeah that was on the bubble because of the punchline does it does it isn’t anti-semitic the punchline is like it’s kind of like the flavor of of Jewish culture Lake comedy the problem is that in order to tell you that you have to have two other races set it up and the black guy has to order a Corvette that guy was just born into this fictional world is like what’s my job in God’s like order
oh yeah yeah I couldn’t be Irish trust me just don’t go away
I am a black guy and Irish guy in a Jewish guy going to a bar and the bartender says what can I get you and the black guy says bartender and I’m thirsty
there was a 3 tired I’m tired I got to have a Corvette C8
other bartenders is okay give them one of the Irish guy says bartender I’m hot I’m tired I’m sorry I’ve got diarrhea screaming I don’t give him a guy says bartender and I got out what I didn’t want to I don’t want it I don’t want to break the tape at the finish line and crawled under it and we were at a bar that is hilarious we were out with Jeremiah Johnson you are too awesome friends of ours in Black comics and Jay was doing race jokes just to just to piss them off at his jokes and I said like
I don’t I don’t really think that racist jokes are funny however it is one Jack I think it’s only funny if the guy is black and Jerry and Brenda’s give me look like tell me the joke is only like black guys walking around the Cadillac dealership and he’s looking at the car is in the guy that works here comes out to the skews me sir are you are you thinking about buying a Cadillac and I guess is no I know I’m buying a Cadillac I’m thinking about pussy
fucking love it have to be like if it’s not like something like openly discriminated like it just like it’s like circumstantial like it is funny that like it like that joke work because lately around his status is getting in the morning it’s kind of like looking down at him as a consumer I think he’s
it’s a stereotype do you know it’s like it’s like good if you walk away from that joke you laugh at it then you got those black people we shouldn’t be thinking that way I can weigh from a joke you should be thinking I love Humanity that’s what that was your point and like it when people lose their you’re having a stereotype the Jewish Guy saying I got it’s got it I got have diabetes again it like I said it’s on the bubble I don’t know what type and know not to believe it necessarily but you you made it but just talked about it by the joke like hot where do we where do we even know about that stuff if it wasn’t from jokes I don’t know is that it’s not like it’s like it’s an important debate because it’s not what I’ve learned in the later years of my life is that I got to stop thinking about it like I was used to think like cuz I was a big freedom of speech guy said no matter what it be like
set about making anything illegal was said about taking any rights away like we can still have a separate conversation about what is what is culturally beneficial and what’s what what makes people happy and what what elevates you as a person and stuff so but it’s it doesn’t what do I care I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care I’m white I’m going home to play Witcher 3 how about that stereotype do you like it
Witcher 3 I’m half white so I can understand like the first three levels
I like it I like it a lot it’s it’s like it’s like Skyrim it’s like a bigger better Skyrim but I walked up I got it on Xbox and the load screens are really I already bought a really expensive gaming PC and I could have just downloaded it on Steam and played it and I’ve already done this and it works and I didn’t fucking get it on Steam and I’m very upset with myself it’s not important
Spencer can I find out when you when you’re going to be playing Minecraft whatever he can can I come to itch and like like real abuse at you or threaten or tell you what color to paint things you could come I do I do I won’t stop you I just I don’t have a good schedule I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing I’m just like I want to play video games so I’m like I don’t think it’s the way to do it usual way for people to know that you’re going to do it again. Every Monday at 7 p.m. so everyone knows too, Monday at 7 p.m. to watch the Minecraft ID and do stuff like with groups anymore like no I mean why do why do why do work also don’t go outside much
so not a joke but yeah I know it’s just I don’t have people that I really play with but I mean it’s like yeah I mean it’s it’s it’s I do Shadowrun that if it’s scratches that itch I’m doing I’m making things happen I don’t know man
no I’m not playing Thunder the dragon right behind your guys’s back all right so cops are bad bad white people are Bad Luck of the Irish and Jews and give me a break got a load screens are better than three categories what else is Brad what’s the weather out later the Apple watch I got I ran out of finger places everything bad Twitter’s bad twitter systems bad’s all you guys are great
oh don’t forget of shit thank you Steve Steve just text, July 12th, kind of like what you don’t have to have a batch like we’re just going to be in the Gaslamp district which is so if you’re at Comic-Con I would say you’re probably going to leave Sunday right but stay a little bit cuz we’re going to do a show Sunday night at the tin roof in the Gaslamp and I’ll keep tweeting the link to buy tickets but I’m a little Sunday night tonight everybody leaves Sunday at Lake but so I’m hoping that there’s a way we can keep spreading awareness and maybe Armenians that are there for Comic-Con and people that are already in San Diego just be there cuz the place seats like 500 people or holds five hundred people so what do you know cook up something special for him and throw a party again
I have like signable stuff for Rick and Morty to give away I mean I don’t know if that’s enough but I was thinking like also if you’re in costume maybe we could do some kind of costume thing and have like prizes for that but I got to eclipse the whole show with that but just like somebody shows up most of that would be amazing with that much. What are you doing you play what are you doing a lot of different ones but they currently is a post-apocalyptic zombie Nerf Nerf guns shooting Nerf weapons at each other well just playing a game of darts get lost so we have to throw a package
do you do pretend you’re a sorcerer is at that point against the zombie some people yell I’m not one of those people
I don’t use a sword though so I mean I’ve never met a liar. I probably have but I’ve never I’ve never met an openly learning larper it is a rare thing when furries are right underneath
literally sometimes right on top I don’t know what learning is but I think I know everything I need to know about that and then some people are saying their likes so for this specific when I’m just going to stick to this one we we all head out for a weekend it’s a three-day event at 9 p.m. on Friday we go game on and everyone is in character the storytellers will release mobs of 20 to 30 people dressed as zombies to come and attack us we will murder those things and take things and then our system is a hit points based system and our base system so when you swing your weapon you yell how much damage you do they have to calculate their life and then they fall down when you swing your weapon you tell them how much damage you’re doing yes so do you like to do to you do you know what your weapon is and you know how skills

level up a New Hampshire to start at 3:33
yeah see your percentage between two swords making threes if you got a two-hander I mean if there’s a glove Golf Club extra hands in golf
but I did not get that at all I did not get that all it’s all right so then they’re
then there are also Powers so those people would like psionic abilities that throw packets that make your brain melts and stuff and getting hours yes very much so how is that vomit acid okay sorry for all the zombies it like punch really hard cuz acid acid vomit sign me up for LARPing or not. Is it okay to eat like like real vomit intent seems I have seen like play vomit like putting stuff in their mouth and then get out of their mouth is okay overnight splatter mods
all right I think I want to vomit on people I think there’s a spare I think there’s a special other thing you could do other than sitting on people
it’s called going to Japan if they have a room for that the first George Bush the cuz he puked at that Summit in Tokyo
thirty-five-year-old psionic abilities spell abilities are all bird seed bird seed packets when did they get lost in the woods ate biodegrade in there and it would turn into more Forest Birds Market plant seeds
it doesn’t grow dirt
what do you think bird seeds were
I don’t know I like sunflower seeds everybody we calling birds eat. Like there’s a tree that grows Birds
2 Chainz when I was in high school with toilet paper this girl’s house and for no reason we’re just being assholes that we sprinkled bird seed all over her roof cuz she and her family were out of town as we put it is California so it doesn’t rain for another 3 months so in the wooden shingles I just this dormant bird seeds laying there so three months later all the sudden their house is a giant Chia Pet why birds eat because it’s you can buy it at a pet store you can get a giant stack of bird seed Sprouts in the grasses and plants wait was that your intention to make it up those shingles grow on it really works like the house looks like
this kind of bird seed Den
is it been a terrible episode and I am is not true I don’t care I don’t care
we should the heat really gotten to where she keeps fights about it we’re not going to my shame buttons going to get pushed and I’m not going to listen to bring it up if it’s at this point at the end of the show when I go like oh we should get a girl up here before we play the game and Aaron keep saying look forward to say that mother fucker its hat is half the species and it’s not like I mean you could technically just say can we get them up right here and then pick a girl
how is that progress that I’m like something to myself I don’t know how do I prepare is not heroes are Rottweilers I like you cuz I own all of this fucking like my own garbage to make it look like it’s just like another thing not a big deal so I doing that it just like another thing where is the bottleneck of the of the of the no big deal is it in my own brain like Skyler Samurai just go in my head secret Terminator is disqualified penis disqualified penis boobies get-ups like like
did more honest or less honest for me to stay women are like some kind of like away for a few minutes while we and she’ll bring up she goes and then she’ll go to the show say what yeah but you don’t have a quote that you never say let’s bring such-and-such racial group up to which I say what race is an artificial construct like there’s no like I don’t I also don’t say was bring a red red haired person up the you know there’s a biological distinction and women are not up here all night
I’m 42 I can only get so fucking Progressive I agree that bringing up a female play Aaron’s character is a progressive thing I think I phrase that really badly so yeah I think I’m really bad at this so I’m just going to try to say it for 12 minutes yes then it’s a male or a female person that does look let’s just say we flip a coin that’s just why don’t we bring up a female but not for Aaron’s characters specifically we could just always a good females for all of the Shadow run and then you know just so you know I don’t think that’s your Beats I’m just sitting here playing a character more females so even if
it is awkward asking for them I think it’s a bullet we should pick any character and we have one brave soul.
What’s your name Heather
is a cheetah a jaguar
call Heather I like your seersucker shirt
is it from Target I think it wasn’t stopping the show because it was an actual conversation I’m confused about that needs to be addressed doesn’t need to be saw something interesting to talk about that could be more women in our show earlier and more often than than just bringing one on at the end of our show as ever carried away let’s see where this goes when you have two it would you have to go out of your way to lick proactively like like homogenize and stuff but also like the lake until right brake staff were told that they had to like you do it if you have to be proactive about shit and then the system changes but I other the show when there’s a half women out there in the audience
there aren’t you know that good zoo there will there will eventually be a woman will take Spencer’s Place ye Spencer will take my place Jeff sitting Google Drive the women to and from the show
from the show from the show would you like to play if you could pick any of these other characters in Friends doctor friend Heather and I are going to play Doctor French Skylar
I get to pick ya from the remaining ones
I really do love Mercy I think she’s a fantastic.
Which one do you want to see a black eye.
How many I’ll play harder guards and you play 2075 yes to a cybernetic upgrade shop and the guy comes out to you looking for a psionic ship to help you focus your your latent psychic powers that were awakened in the Great Awakening of 2054 thinking about pussy
still funny even in the future is away tonight tonight can I plug my alarm in a lot of the people that played like listen to the podcast, can I come and be one of the zombies There’s a game here in La. So every time you come to an event you you do it up yet or shipped as an immunity so you do a 4-Hour shift of being a zombie and then everyone takes turns and then from there of people coming ships and be zombie cuz that’s what people think I’m sorry we’re having a side conversation you’re trying to plug your alarm really disrespect
will be rising there 13 chapters across the us right now and it’s growing pretty quickly you can probably find there’s a lot on the East Coast but there’s one up in Washington which is where I’m from and then I’ll sign Oregon and then there’s one here and there’s one in Indiana Indiana and Texas and they’re all over the one in Indiana is really the best
it’s it’s pretty good it was it is this past week and I don’t know how you knew that you liked it’s like game on and then you have to be your character I don’t you just walk around like
what are the best so I can do that for I hate myself are built around, and we call a stick jocks so their guys are just like to hit each other with swords are so amazing is because you stay in character from Friday to Sunday nice all night you sleeping tear to your work and get kicked in and zombies to fucking Marie you so what if your character has night terrors
I know characters with sleep apnea we have a medical time to get all their characters are possessed by demons
Barber who didn’t really have sleep apnea but his character did
just sleeping here but where was I going so they’re people that don’t fight there people that will just produce they build things and they they did Engineers there’s Tinkers they build guns and swords and upgrade armor and stuff like that they don’t have jobs they don’t produce anything they just had stuff in it. Just drink and are idiots are multiple bars
Frost make a Bard just in the bar yes there is a profession called Entertainer and you want to do it you do it I need Aaron’s kitten that was the original she’s floating down a river
next time you come up north to like Seattle Portland area if if you want to coordinate I can get you have that way I can control how good of an experience it is I can’t I do I won’t be able to send you to another place has a bit of a stick Jack we take all kinds of stuff we have 30 seconds by Shadow ranch today when we just wing it terrible
last time on Shadow run our heroes found themselves in a teargas field hospital bed but they they got out of there pretty quick down in the disguise of down security guard they scuttled down an elevator and pasta nosy receptionist into a secret underground area there they found Baldwin Brown’s former office and with it the research data they were meant to retrieve but before they could retrieve it Baldwin Brown himself hailed Ventures over the comlink asking to return his research to hit the gang studied the request before declining but as they were leaving they heard this nicht of blades
Jessie yellow men was here to collect on his employers
I said it was terrible
has not looking for that
Nightblade and brown who wanted his stuff back we going to do a job and real quick remind me who Jesse Jesse element is him who he’s he’s he’s the young Lord of Baldwin Brown he’s got blades coming up out of his knuckle and he wants a Baldwin brass research from self he was he was he’s like hey I’m going to pick it up pick up the research the easy way or the hard way or the hard way might be the easier way for us you know what the easy way may be harder for you than you think
I just am not a mathematician but there’s like a thousand of us
you sure aren’t I cast a level I cast level 5 stunt ball on him alright level five
you take
3 drain you go unconscious if you unleash Assemble
it winds up in the face he looks he looks days does this he’s been days but you are unconscious from the strain of repeated spell-casting I should have asked what my dream was before I did already took out one of your guys
come on man this is not fair
we didn’t say we weren’t going to work with your guy but you’re you can’t you do if you’re going to fight us we’re going to fight you though sorry okay I just know what’s happening right now what’s happening cuz we got the files we got to get the fuck out of this place fighting each other isn’t going to it’s not a good night maybe you should have said that before your friend started fighting at me I think I think she just fell on the ground how much are they paying you they’re not paying me nothing I Do It For the Love of the job
that’s unfortunate then I’ll double your price to help us get out of this building and then we can fight in the street will I really need this research we can’t let it get out of my hands there’s no difference between doing it here and doing it somewhere else except that here we’re all going to get killed farpoint how do you suppose we get out of here what wild is
can I heal
you can’t kill one Consciousness that’s something that’s mental so it’s from the exertion of magic not it’s not in the muscles you should you should pick her up and carry her out of here
you do that you easily Hector up on your shoulder
he’s supposed to have just pulled a right yeah yeah I don’t cast a spell unconscious
is it possible that maybe french fries
temperatures in the Royals get out here
I was going anywhere you are caught up in a melee of some sort
all right it’s all right. I’m sorry I forgot you were here
where is my game so where were we
we’re going to get the fuck out of here because he was controlling the wrong character here we all go but where we going we’re leaving where
okay we got to go upstairs first past all these dead bodies really this was more of a hit-and-run sort of thing not really
yes the comlink this guy set up a bunch of alarms when he murdered all of these guards to get down here know he’s a real Pro that’s excellent thank you but they will find the bodies in soon Fox soon amount of time so let’s go so it was obviously the way we leave we will leave the way we came back out past the lady into the elevators back up and out the exit I got to take the lead and using his combat sense and all of his sensibilities meets them through to the front upstairs around a cup of Fortune to the front stepping over the parties if you follow his actions perhaps you will get there safely as as as well I I follow him closely the detection of guards with the combat senses of water guard
you end up in the front hallway but they’re you hear a voice behind you stop
stop you
turning around you see 17 guards there good 60 feet off it’s a long long hallway made pretty good time considering it’s alright
know what I’m dressed as a car can I make a force wall
yeah how strong of a force while do you want to make from 1 to 6
five oceans
that’s a good number drawing upon your Troll Magic you conjure up a shield of shimmering energy it stretches across the entire hallway coating it in lights
and for synergy
now we can run and using my city since I’ve I sent it to Uber is how far away
you can sense an Uber just two blocks away
as technology is really really good it’s a skill saw if you were addicted to them is how you would apply them and use them to their benefit we’re behind a forcefield want to talk trash weather
you guys go I’m I’m just leaving last walking backwards my arms spread like a cocky Sigel talking shit and I asked if everything is okay this is, he often uses the monologue defense that’s a perfect by texting people to the rest of the gang that has following
I wasn’t
would you maybe we shouldn’t tempt fate and just just kill all those people
the door is closing is everyone in is everyone in everyone’s in the Uber and White Lane Jesse solid and where are we going
to our secret Clubhouse
that week that we got two people on cuz otherwise we should have fought back there
easier to find my car we’re going to find a place where we can fight or discuss intervention let’s go to my apartment
you’re all right you can come and get map to that the section to me or you can just give me your address that done so be it, allow it I’m almost opening myself up a lot to you guys by inviting you to this place but very private person this is like a big deal for me
you roll up to your apartment fire call correctly it’s not that nice noted
tip of the doorman a few of the new yen
getting me getting the Neo elevator and head up to the laser apartment
I’m not that nice
robot need proof that just to determine if there ever was a robot no
as I suspected
guy like me is going to keep a low profile have a lot of identities this is just one of them do you do you know your neighbors know and they don’t know me
that’s why we’re here
this is where we’ll never be fast we can have a conversation anybody want space space drinks future drinks future drinks is that you happen to have Sputnik 1 all right you got it but the drink the drink a mattock
hydrate level four please
I should have made a pizza
and he go is your drinks now yeah what are we doing so
Jesse yeoman
yeah but Baldwin Brown is in captivity and yep sent his compatriot here to tell everybody and just that you work for bowling oh yeah we go way back
he was my old teacher repercussions of us doing our job cataclysmic shall we say
going to board detail about that
I could do that I mean I can’t I don’t know what his research was I just trusted it was really important he says batshit it’s going to go down trust him
Jesse is it is it possible that if we are willing to give you this information the the stuff that we stole with our skills that you would maybe owe us a favor yeah no I mean no doubt look at this Knuckles they shoot a laser blades razor blades not laser blades important distinction you’re telling me one of these days I’ll be able to afford them right now razor blade icewood those cost oh you know 20031 a situation where it is we took a job you know what if we don’t do it then they’re going to be after us forever so I don’t know how do you know they aren’t already amazing bigger than that pass in there going to be suspicious if this shit ends up in the wrong hands and arms are going to think that we did what we did is a known for failing jobs so I understand our reputation is pretty high
but I think that Jesse and Baldwin his allies might be better than just some creds for the risk that we went through I’m sorry I mean we’re shadowrunners you know we Shadowrun sometimes runs fail man but if we just go with these guys and then the next time someone goes I want you to hire you for a shout-out hey this is going to be one of those ones where you just decide in the middle of it it’s like a metal shadow run and you’re going to bail on it we’re going to go no no we promise this time we really it would take a whole big thing for that to happen like someone asking is please don’t do the Shadowrun then we’d have to stop doing its shadow run
didn’t elaborate plan or scheme fit that would make it seem that we didn’t do this intentionally that they just hijacked this information from us and we would know that we were there but the rest of the world would think that we were just the victims of their secure location
I knocked a bunch of stuff off the counter I don’t know the shower runs because I gave up on that world if you double talk in your smart talk I’m just a big dumb Shadowhunter I want to know what’s happening what’s with these beats jailed chips chips or just drugs man the fuck up your brain yeah so what do this research I don’t know it might be able to help people can we call Baldwin we need answers I got his number
all right so it’s visually interesting
eliminate Lenny’s I’ll beat beat beat
hello hey what’s up how are you guys get my number with pink pink Jesse Pinkman LOL okay we’re trying to work out a deal but we need more information and world domination but not by us bad people domination
do you think our Johnson’s going to use this information to your your research to take over the world yeah I mean not just take it over really murder it so you’re offering us for this reverse one was what I mean I don’t have any money they don’t really pay me but I will owe you two three three of what university has enough people owe you one although you three underscored that’s that’s pretty good I believe those those working Powers as well so we can I would like to place the Hologram hologram on blind spot we were hired to acquire certain properties we applied ourselves to the Equus
no such properties are we were given assistance in assist in the acquisition of such properties and it becomes more complicated than simply fruit fruit fruit of the running is to completed and delivered set properties and say completion of the gym take our remuneration and move from there to the next job I agree with you but it comes at however alert
however I believe this is a turning point as us as Runners to decide where we stand morally
turning point we have a choice we see the consequences of our actions
I’m sorry
Manchild man my mentor was shot in the street in front of me I spent many of my days not around you guys to spend it myself a part of a body of water and using the vapor between me to draw a truth so I’m not so much concerned with your mother or your morality this sort of well just leaving a plane of existence has several dimensions in twists and turns and we’re learning everyday then I guess I’m just a face
the barracks at 1
using robot reflexes he Dodges to the side
that was a massager
no no
Damaris Brown
Spencer Crittenden not Jeff Davis you’re married at home and everybody this year brought to you by the Apple watch
they are coming
little bit late when we do serve breakfast
directions to be outside in the Meltdown, clowns


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