Episode: 158 – While in Stealth Mode Press ‘X’ to Kiss Your Wife


Episode: 158 – While in Stealth Mode Press ‘X’ to Kiss Your Wife


Erin is out of the country and Harmon is playing a lot of video games and has strong opinions on them. Ryan Ridley comptrolls and the guys from Before You Were Funny make Harmon read one of his earliest short stories. Watch the video at harmontown.com/live! Become a member!


now hello everybody
I am your guest comptroller Ryan Ridley
harmontown is now in session
please welcome your game Master Spencer Crittenden
and of course the mayor of harmontown Dan Harmon
thank you very much
thank you for having me back here in the City of Angels did you know that’s what Los Angeles means the city part of that I’ve lost Angeles where does it where is the sit I know enough Spanish take him for a ride it means the City of Angels Los Angeles is Lake short for some ridiculous stupid long names you guys know that love see you Dad and you know it’s I mean it’s at least four times that many syllables I believe
I don’t know it’s so this is worthless
stop listening cuz I was not because because we have a flawed person is why I said was well I mean you made the right choice no no don’t don’t self-deprecate hi how you doing I’m good I’m a lot less nervous the last time oh okay so more nervous than Jeff though of course is he ever nervous any anytime I think he channels it via like tubes down his back like an actual actual visible tubes down and like that’s why I always wear to his Dune armor that like
because the more nervous he should be the bigger his balls get which makes direct
and and and some of you ladies and I’m not my strong Fierce totally equal agency addicted Armenian females you’re going what’s the big deal with balls what about the puppy parts of the labia
is that the
you don’t go by we’re just the part where on the body where it hangs down
I was I was trying to come in and I was trying to be an understanding man but I guess I need to look into it a little more I know it’s the ovaries
okay so my lovely speaking of my wife
are in a gassy or is they call her in her Homeland earn Makati she’s over in Ireland right now she left for New York to go on an out a month-long Vision Quest you said something like I said I’d say that now too I think impune if your friend Kevin sarcastic about
Walkabout maybe we should bring back Vision Quest is kind of like we need to let that soil he’ll let me share an extra cheer for the Native American people who came up with the Vision Quest as far as I know I only just see it go from being magical to hack like imagine that in there like now that first first my life then then all this litter in the seventies now my comedic chops
negative negative tough break says a guy who’s effectively slaughtered by Linkin every flavor
look it up
don’t look it up
look it up because I’m afraid I don’t spend your night that way don’t don’t don’t look it up because you have people in your life that need you and neighbors that are afraid of even know how you look that up but would that even look like it’s going to Google search actual genocide on statistics on police brutality statistics so we’ll get we’ll check in with her department and we’ve got more of those fair-weather friends are spread from Florida ceiling it’s a friend room
all right. Well more on that later now we go to Steve
Fred Fred be okay over Rome I got friends drowning in Friends
do something I’m in Hawaii Rick I can’t do anything with your name Rick so
so she’s in Hawaii
she said she’s in Ireland Erin and you know I have to you know I have
like I wanted you know I was like she was she was registering a satyr things earlier before me and then checking in with me going you know I’m leaving for a month and it back yeah she’s like why are you sad that I’m leaving from us and I do and I did and I bet and then like an hour before she her car pulled up to the hotel in New York ways of panic.
maximum 3 days ever and have not seeing this person
so I was stuck in a car and off she goes to the airport to go to Ireland hurt her hurt and sestrel Homeland or she’s it’s it’s a it’s a you did that you did the Israeli version of this is a much more dangerous not that it’s a competition but
I was definitely risking my life more we must have talked about this other friends that went to Israel and they said that they are
decoy bus stops
decoy bus stops secret real bus stops down in a secret place and then a big fake public Sesame Street bus stop from from getting blown up
sit still result in people getting blown up tell everybody secret look I heard this from a joke I had to find out this isn’t true
nobody told me about the secret. I bet it was like one thing I thought it was like a created from somebody from like one stretch of road where they built a Lego some apocryphal like based on a real one real bus stop in the West Bank and there was a concrete slab next to it and they said it was cuz of snipers protecting you from snipers just that was real just while you’re at the Westbank cuz that’s where I love money is her
the opposite of the money is not the weather withdraw from the West Bank
I’m going to look it up later and I’m going to have a really smart Converse in his p.m. tonight so what was Aaron is on this is sort of a yeah it’s the guy with a lot of those making it sound silly did the it’s a it’s a website that pairs people that are looking to travel with Organic Farm like nonprofit kind of a network of nonprofit network of organic farms or businesses that and then the people can go and like I think work for room and board but then you need to just stay there for you know so so at Nine Irish
what’s a non Irish couplets
what is a walk over some basic wiring schematic again and fly paper
okay alright see you’re drawing me anti-semitic. So if like using money I get what you’re good at lying came out of your mouth between the two.
West West Bank it’s of the word oh my God
no one
that was just a horrible coincidence
hanging out in a world where I like hate Jews and I bet I think it’s hilarious that I hate them and that I love them like
rural Broadband hanging on their world for 10 years but as long as I’ve known you
2 million people are about to think that I wait this long
the vulture headline
done right the 20 pages that are about to get published in Salon that you can write in 10 minutes all right what’s a kibbutz
it’s like a communist basically Israel it is okay
that’s it you know what a communist oh yeah very disappointing
how are you hello potato what’s a Jewish potato what’s an Israeli potato latke I was like palaka it’ll get a laugh and as I now give the real information and I said oranges
are dates I just so shaken by the bank thing I got it I was just like yeah right oh my God but you were still talking about how the Jews are coming there to get money out
Peter Sellers in me being there I’m not like it was a making Moon
okay so Aaron’s in Ireland she’s on a kibbutz essentially which you now know what that is I do and she’s gone
but I mean she can’t touch her butt and then I was like but I really and I pushed it down there was a rock how to laugh from the back thank you
when we we now live in a world where we know the different kinds of laughs that was the wrong color app
I’m not judging you you’re free to stay
but I know you are judging me
and I’m calling you out hashtag cancel the back row
but then so then I surprised at all and I should press it with the fabric of I go I get to play really really uninterrupted video games like I don’t say and I don’t I don’t I don’t think that Aaron the truth is they are never stop me you know that she was never the reason but there was just like I just mean with impunity with no Guild know Jamie know like what is a dangerous thing because I have a lot of shit to do an errand would always be
but now it’s just like oh shit I forgot to feed the fish or something and I was like I have stuff will grow on me if I’m not careful
so but but still very excited and I and I I hook up the the Shadows of Mordor game just kidding. I’m talking about they let you know every video game now as action video has like the the parts where they just got hey here’s a tutorial hard-pressed to work that the narrative I don’t know why you couldn’t just say that training all video games being ironic and working it into the narrative Okinawa, Lake Elmo
you know weird ones are the ones where they are actually telling you that I think the weirdest one so far is New Vegas because they your character is waking up from a near fatal head wound I doctor has fixed your brain and is doing a check up on you and he wants to make sure your brain works right so he asks you to associate certain things on the whole time you like when you ask me that what you really mean is do I want to be a demolitions expert just weird that you’re asking me to pay for my own brain from a head injury like I’m always going to think whatever I blow myself up later I’m going to be like I’ve been I was supposed to be a sniper and I bet and I bet they shot the judgement card out of my brain
I think I’m a monster in this game anyways the so they always walk you through okay here’s how you crouch what are the big things is stealth attack of the beginning of of of of of Shadows of Mordor you’re learning how to stealth attack what they do a very clever thing because they’re also weaving this horrible tragic thing with this guy who’s lost his wife to aurox Gobles and they just woke up what can I visit a half-dead race like being tied to another being cursed to be a spirit of Vengeance against these works and murderous such an awesome game and but and end so you give your having flashbacks as your tutorials on how to operate the character stealth kill people is like a few minutes into the game around like all right like I cried I miss my wife buy fucking on the other hand
Shadows of Mordor flowers in your hand and you your wife is up I had you it teaches you stuff as you hiding so that you can surprise her better and it and it says at the bottom of the screen Weiland stealth press X to kiss your wife
and I just
I didn’t start bawling I got a guy fucking nailed her I gave her the flowers are more like the cover of the wax on wax off like you learn by giving flowers like
throat is for the character they can locate music flowers a hot wife that would be an elite assassin yeah that’s crazy
this is like a downer but there’s like a Call of Duty game where I like you attend a funeral and you could press X to you supposed to press X to pay respects to the Fallen but you can mess up like if you don’t approach it at the wrong angle like you could press Vehicles also pop-up press like control pad to Vault over the grave Stone I live this unintentional Associates are the things that like video games have that to the extent that they try to stimulate reality try to stimulate a world and individuality of these gaps where it’s like it’s hilarious league league unavoidably sociopathic like The Witcher 3 the walking to a guy’s Hut and he and you go I’m here about the thing you put on the board oh yes my Jessica do they found her bones outside the troll caves but the blood trails at off the cliff I keep telling the preacher that are so it won’t come back tormented but he’s
making me Titus ear to a branch I’m afraid ghouls will come and try to eat me because they’ll be attracted by the way my daughters riding human flesh so could you come with me and just stay in the ghouls so I can summon my daughter’s goes to just murder her with the arms of her lover but to banish her soul for all of eternity and I’ll give you I’ll give you twenty silver pieces and then just one of your four options is how about a hand of gwent card game and it’s just like you asked him if he’d rather play gwent instead or you’re not bringing a deck of gwent it demands are really religious knowledge of Witcher 3
and I apologize for that I was on it I was on a roll halfway through and I was like this is this train is not coming to the station they think it is and I could have ripped something but then it would have been like you would have gotten like why would you play checkers and I start I tried I really sorry about everything that happened
RPG games are all we got for sale could you make me a ham
do you have a guy that would really be like that earlier so your wife a strange person but
as I said it’s great it’s like a Batman hey what’s this the video game show I don’t know what did you think it was Troy
that somebody in the audience your picture
raise your hand Roy in your name might not be Troy right away that I love Dan Harmon
so I did that person deserves actually a lot of attention I think I’m Troy I’m just talking about in general like like you don’t have to have any familiarity with video games for this conversation to happen so I love most about the inventory management
I love I love no matter what the games like I demanded it be really good too but you know with the combat with the guy got to kill a dinosaur and I got to but I will always like 90% of the game as anybody that’s ever come into my home will tell you like it’s just me that it’s just a screen of tax and I’m just like sorting cabinets
once I do like I stop playing like these are my fishing rods these are my magical storage
sores that I’m probably going to sell cuz let’s face it I don’t need them but
I also don’t need to know if you sell them to him he’ll give you an extra gold piece of pizza that sells and times you that’s a good way to spend an hour
obsessed obsessed with these things that I’m not obsessed with in real life but then the other the only other thing that I like Ryan yeah, the segment called Dark confessions
is there a music queue for
I know I’m hitting you kind of off card there
two ideas did Shadows of Mordor made me look finally I connected the dots cuz I’m like what I like this game I like Assassin’s Creed I like the Batman game I like specifically stalking and killing yeah not fair fighting people not being honorable like I like creepy horror I know this actually I don’t like the flowers like creepy like like like like like 70s serial killer and I found out that that was the difference between you and me. I like to go charging into battle with a sword swinging face-to-face my opponents and you’re like no I sneaked up behind him and I was like what how what’s the fun in that
because you’re you because it’s a lot it’s like not playing the game
who is the time I do see that I play video games I’m always like I’ll just find a fucking cabinet or like like a little railing or something where like it’s shaped weird
and it takes like two damaged oil and I’m like I got you mother fucker
it may only be two points of damage but if it had zup baby and someone will come in the room and go what are you doing and I’ll go I’m slowly you blowing up an elephant gorilla
that I could probably kill with three hits but then I’d have to suffer the indignity of that fucking thing touching me thinking that it’s better than me I like the Shadows of Mordor is like this the ultimate this is the thing I’d like this is why I now know what I’ve been doing it was video games my whole life because Shadows of Mordor says it if you get your throat slit in the beginning of the game as you wake up a ghost man in Hell world you kind of don’t belong there but everyone’s Expendable there’s no guilt Everyone’s an asshole you’re an asshole land which is run by the people that already chilled you your wife’s already dead your kids already dead you have no idea what’s going on but there’s a ghost man saying you have ghost Powers now go fucking kill people and here’s how you really kill them nice like I do you get behind you press the x button then your brother windpipe and he’s struck their license in New York
are you stupid ass or gets more power the harder you choke on them
I want your storage full you can stick it in a stone and get a bigger hand foot soak into throats at once
dark confession of increased like virtual my mom like now I’m ready to say this is going to be trouble and like walk around a virtual house with a knife and practice being being Michael Myers from Halloween at the kid
Butta Butta but I’m get to digging to do it all being Michael Myers and just take it out if they have the technology to stimulate that then they have the technology to simulate you preventing it and you don’t understand and stuff which is what our current video games or do you think that that’s silly
you good video games
oh I think I seen that shift right now my brother told me he did Oculus Rift and he said that one of them is you walk through a party both as someone getting from the POV of someone getting date raped and also the date rape her so like you kind of see you like well okay
and it was meant to be an educational like don’t date rape people not here is how you do it
the funny thing is that like a new face on the dining with the victim and if you know it’s like show you what show you people smoking pot let’s do you what do you want to come you’re fascinated with pot smoking so you going to come see this movie called Reefer Madness we’re going to we’re going to be protected cuz we’re telling you five and then pornography started his sex ed kind of videos I like I look at Sally the slot here’s how you recognized her she’ll be tromping around showing the code 424 by her job that’s too much gam Sally
you just got to your a hope hope you got enough more gam to walk to the Skid Row
and I said what if we take the narrator out
I just came back from a test and there were really respecting with the film crew by holding their hats in their laps
what is that is that is that a positive fart sound like
I did I projected onto that like I just hurt me like my older brother going like that’s that’s a sense of what you’re probably hearing it was like a slow when I guess that was kind of funny laugh sometimes it wasn’t your password and you know what
when in stealth press X to kiss your wife just just that doesn’t necessarily have to be the title of the next podcast but it is I hate this words to live by
I was going to owe no nope nope
no nothing much really that I want Rick and Morty
the last of the leaked episodes are is tonight
yeah I said Joan chixit baby did anybody watch yet the leaked episodes
really wait so which one is tonight last week was the is ex-girlfriend that’s tonight oh really oh that one leak that’s why room was telling me okay yeah that was a bummer these kids hard to write for hard to sell to and then they go and steal it
and then you try to give him something I think will be neat okay you’re into that stuff how about an Apple Watch they don’t even buy it they don’t like it they say it’s dumb why would I have that and I need my free hand for 4/4 Noggin
polyamorous holographics Nagin
speaking of Shifting definitions and things I don’t want to I don’t want to I don’t even know what my job is in the situation but I feel like I don’t have a job there is no job there’s no policing there’s nothing going on but I thought it was interesting like part of the conversation to bring up that like like very funny Rory Albanese on last weekend in New York and like I was sitting there so I think like like they’re there was a there was a really uncomfortable kind of coincidence that happen which was that like Rory Rory was not looking at if you’re if you’re listening to the podcast Roy is not looking at Jane I don’t think I don’t think he knows Jane exist or where Jane is Rory is hearing about Jane verbally and and so like I know there’s a point where Rory as a as a stand-up comic coming from a certain like some 90% of the time admirable like instinct for skepticism
of social Trend in five groups tank and things is is still it was like like her. I think got got the name wrong Jan or Jane or something wasn’t looking at Jane but then like went on went into a kind of ref about and I know it’s okay to have boobs these days and I was over whatever you want or does the transgender think this is terrible at the Jets Jane really Transit harmontown of a bumper car crash and I didn’t say I thought it was good to let the traffic keeps moving rather than stop down the entire show and just like I knew that I knew that Jane would probably most likely be tickled by the whole thing but I have no idea if anything happened on line as a result of that we’re living in tender time and I but I but I did see a tweeter to that implied that maybe I don’t know conversation got generated about that moment because it’s really important like
bottleneck that we’re going through all the same time and so did your conversation generating on there I just prefer my part I don’t know any more information I just wanted to say I was sitting on the stool and I don’t there was no one was witness to a microaggression I almost feel dumb like like like being a traffic cop for that but I’m always like the most pumped out about people hurting each other’s feelings because I know that nobody wants to I don’t nobody would ever so few people that would ever make that choice if somebody’s actually by the way here’s a trick like I’m somebody’s like saying something hurtful to you and it’s either a misunderstanding or like they’re putting so much energy into trying to hurt you that like they
they must be anticipating the same from you there’s no other reason why they would do that you know and they’re always drawing that energy from some some other part of them that’s like a great place for a sneak attack which is like their respect receptor like if somebody is like being a total piece of shit to you like there’s almost nothing to lose by even giving that that that first shot which is just be nice like Jane always does like Shane always meets that stuff with total resilience and compassion which is the Makes You Wobble and goes like so anyways I got high before the show and
I don’t know who any of these people are I’ve only heard the episodes I’ve actually been on so it’s too so they’ll know what you’re talking about but didn’t he say he used to he played a lot of gwent that guy Rory is doing this IFC pilot with us a really really really cool guy yeah he will if you overheard that. It was him for sure yeah yeah he plays for the gwent for you with your three fans that’s in Witcher 3, tea for you
he plays for the holy shit we going to bring our guests of Jesus Christ I was just going to say something what were you going to say supposed to do right in what way should we keep the troll show moving comptroller Ridley let’s bring up our guest OSHA Dan introduce our guest from from Air index like comptroller thank you
I will bring I guess up and I will read them police brutality statistics
okay now I got to go back to the hole that I have to find the damn was saying in the last 4 days 500 people have been killed by cops it’s funny cuz it’s not true. I got it I got it I got it a little run all right I could somebody put kerosene on my face and light it on fire.
could just burn off some of the sweat
Aurora’s your towel I’m like Louis Armstrong
pretty I haven’t earned it I mean he’s like blowing into a tube
so these guys a recent addition recent relative to us where Old-Timers recent addition to the Farrell audio Network they have the show that they started doing called before you were funny which is a really interesting concept we we live in Los Angeles like we’re surrounded by Geniuses all the time and people will admire even ourselves sometimes and then you really like you open up to yourself that you have yourself in your closest friends about the liquid that you did unless you’re some kind of weird deformed Prodigy that was like writing good comedy when you were thirteen years old you probably went to this horrible hack face so it’s really refreshing show I took part in it errands done it it’s it’s it’s it’s really great so we can get the right group of people is like really funny people that when they were 20 to 25 47 whatever it is that they wrote these horrible and funny things and they they they read through them and they took up a listing experience it’s not caustic I wouldn’t tolerate it otherwise
did you hear my 38-minute what is your point transgender model on
I obviously care
about something that they has clearly to do with me being perceived as a good person and stops completely right there and does no one any good to be tight bubble around me of good intentions are good.
find some tough-looking over here in this corner of the room just want you to notice Side by my feminist
boys that battle we do the black people over here I brought some calamari Frozen I don’t know how to make her I’m white white
when does The Bachelor come on
I had to give him a place that was a Romanian breath painting it would put him in a bachelor viewing party
so you guys have a show it’s called before you were funny let’s let’s meet him and then pick their brains about this weird Verdun that they live in Justin Michael and Jacob Reed
hello hello hello how are you
where was great about a lot of social issues are you guys all you guys are tight now and how to feel about about me I’m a good person I don’t know how to tell you how to feel about gun control is global warming transgenders describe the issue because I keep going transgender movement transgenderism that that makes it so that that’s lgbtq rights that you were saying that
I’m not going to memorize a bunch of letters adults spell something I can remember
I don’t know whether to
the order it so if it does if those if that acronym had vowels in it and made a word then it would be it would be better like I said I would have to spell something cool like the tree or something sword leg somebody with no for a week when I would help with flu
how many how many how long have you been doing this experiment of inviting people to bring their really the shit that they would never want anyone to hear if they were invested in protecting their image three years as like a probably like twice and then stops because there was Zero audience for the first year yet and we table they were like we should wait until we until more of our friends become famous and want to do this show and also in that time so I’m trying to I’m trying to be a better interviewer but so far that was me realizing that you’re not supposed to ask me that you think an interviewer should ask you supposed to ask things that you actually want to know so I was thinking about what I want to know and the thing is when you hear it it’s not going to be that
can answer that
but what I really want to know is like when your eyes like there’s must be you now have you guys have you guys have an encyclopedic library of gift of the ways people handle embarrassing themselves shorthand for a he’s a Henry but he’s going to he’s going to bring he’s going to bring it in the shit that he actually thinks it’s funny how you’re going to be able to bring a specting bad thing I think it’s a defense mechanism do you like most terrible stuff but I’ll bring my stuff this little guy you can see how that’s I think this isn’t that isn’t that what we’re all doing all the time are we all going well they say you love me

you know I love me more if I was a little different but we don’t we don’t we’re not ourselves therefore we are warts are not showing there for our our actual like most amazing moments aren’t our kind of threw a weird cause the best stuff is always the stuff that people are are horrified when they realize how bad it is like a lot of the time people will will send stuff without having read it ahead of time which is what we suggest but I would read stuff before I send it to someone I think you’d be crazy not to but a lot of people do what we ask and send it sight unseen and then they’re reading at they realize how truly terrible it is and those are the best reactions in the world
but the way in which they described the ethnicity of characters who were coming in but it didn’t play into the sketch that way when you said that way that’s as racist as three years ago in network TV like that side of it but but I thought I thought you meant like it like it was like the mortgage and the boys are hanging out like I tell her I mean there is stuff like that matches that definitely looks the descriptions were races there is that they were saying that the guy they were spelling it wrong because they were a group of owls come out and stuff just stay in the stage Direction anyways I’m a good person
and if I had been at that audition I would have pulled the morgue out of there I said you’re better than this
what is it about us at like at that because I I brought in something to your show that it’s like whatever it was something from when I was like 12 or 13 or something at Jack and everyone enjoyed it and then I show you the line between like oh how adorable you bad at writing I was at 12 but like the really important thing is the idea that I don’t know what age we think it is in our heads but like oh my God you’re going to read that thing I wrote when I was 23 I think it’s College I mean it it’s it’s it’s that age between what’s supposed to happen to you and that age except for you writing badly that’s cuz supposed to make you so good on the other side do we worship the idea of are we supposed to be perfect
we’re supposed to work supposed to never have done anything wrong which is very it doesn’t make any logical sense when you think about it but it is how we feel right you’re never supposed to have done anything wrong I think I’m going to think of what for me what I turn your phone on vibrate we have people
I didn’t get
yeah it was what is fun about it for me is getting to see people who I admire who I’m friends with and then realize that we were all and sometimes still are just like terrible at what we all love doing and even even great people will bring in stuff that’s like maybe a year old that just wasn’t good and just trying to re-enter Society they must have been perfect the whole time and did not like her eyes as they made me read a chapter and then I just saw him at the cliff notes but like supposedly is it is really I mean that was his whole trip is that he dedicated his life to this idea that come out of a magic chest once a year whatever everything was like batten down like like no there’s no there’s no transparency there who wants to who wants to listen to Anne Rice disown the vampire movies
I don’t want to see what JK Rowling having for breakfast out of those assholes everything saved these people are creative and now they’re just boring terrible people JD Salinger
perfect book ever has any reported himself up in a basement
but you could hear the typewriter clicking away
and every once in awhile they say the squirrels breath carries of paper pulp on it will once again have before in the second perfect
what was it what if it would look better than we think it was an admirer we think that they’re better than us we don’t we don’t just think they must have fucked up really bad we have had a couple people who brings up that’s like that they they truly think is terrible like they’re not trying to trick The Show by bringing so they think is great but they are just so funny that even their terrible stuff is great and you kind of yeah I hate them for it because they just have been funny early stand-up set that like almost verbatim of of how he would have done it back in the day but then pointed out like it was all very funny but he pointed out with each joke like why he doesn’t think it’s funny now and it was more of just like
I wouldn’t make that he was saying like it would make that kind of joke now because that’s just not what his sense of humor is so sometimes it’s it’s not as much about like oh you were shity then it’s like all you’ve been funny the whole time but your perspective has changed
that’s not a funny answer but that’s the truth maybe one day in the future you’ll have the perfect the funny the funniest answer. What I’m talking about I don’t know why there was a random answer I don’t want to believe she was she was writing she was she was the letters to her english team plays for her own life
Ben only see it right before I attempt at seduction of this I think the plan was that she was going to everyone in her class at to write these places like one act and hers involved character Loosely based on her and a character Loosely based on her teacher having a liaison after that I think will your show at as fast as like energy has exposed wires supposed to me listening to those pieces she was reading the craziest thing about them was that she didn’t want to have sex with her teacher likes the way she was like she wanted to be married to
she want to sell that she wanted to have sassafras with her like she was like it was like they were talking about sex but it was more like like a sixteen-year-old like all of that stuff would be waiting all day. Sorry I was just telling my boobs
I want to see what it is it’s exposed. I think that’s that’s the thing is like nobody what is that like like it it’s when your intent is so clear what is a crystal-clear I think the best stuff comes from the end of high school and the beginning of college because that’s when you think you’re at the center of the world to yourself more than the real world so big right like you haven’t seen hardly anything you’ve had a chance to see four things so you’re definitely not going to write Where the Red Fern Grows again but everything else you’re convinced you’re creating your life
Jetman I’m going to like a like a like. God forbid that you ever get that insulation I feel like it your friends to go to film school you know that was always the cliche when we first came out here to La it was like oh he must have gone to film school cuz we just had an hour lunch with him and we talked about 20 movies and he never smiled and we talked about what what kind of movie we want to make with her quarters and you know he was paralyzed because you sitting there watching everything and learning what everybody’s ever thought that ever picked up a camera and it fills you with like whose little old me yeah it’s before you realize that
when you become an adult which I’m not claiming to be it but you you realize like someone has done a good version of a lot of different things already and it’s crippling because what the fuck are you going to add more that I got the heart of that Seer though it can’t just possibly be because we’re not that Noble that we would just think well I wouldn’t want to be I wouldn’t want to do a worse job of writing a book about a car that eats people than Steven K it’s it’s there’s a there’s a one thing right after that and that’s actually what we’re worried about it’s the then everyone will make fun of me right then everybody it’s not that actually the book big bad it’s like people will think that I’m stupid people will think that I think that I invented cars that eat people and then they’ll be like you know you didn’t invent that right and I’ll be thinking about you
turn like I’m going to do this perfect Mary Lou Retton the Sand Spring through it what the what in the fucking a 42 year old man could get the Pokemons we started a car that heats people Christine by the way Stephen King himself is done multiple versions of the oven to warm up the car these people it’s a washing machine that needs people people most of her cuz I think he’s kind of one of the exception because we just can’t you know people want to find Salinger failing it is I only wrote Catcher in the Rye or the equivalent of the episode of Seinfeld where George decide to just leave after he gets one joke in in a meeting
Stephen King has a great example is observed now it’s now it’s kind of hip2keto not say he’s good at anything but it’s certainly one of those prolific like sorry Stephen if you’re listening or your son or anyone that loves you your caretakers why am I why do I do that
honey what it what was it again Stephen King I don’t know
but I think it’s cool that you’re driving even though I’m a guy
they got to get to that back register
why are why are you holding those ice cream cones and lifting them up and down I thought you might like
do you like vanilla or chocolate
I don’t feel very secure the conversation so I don’t know if I’m going to volunteer information about what I like but I’ll tell you chocolate
without letting you know whether that’s why out there is no chocolate fuck you say that doesn’t hurt me because as I was saying you don’t have the power to hurt me and I appreciate if you just let me out up here at no fucking problem at all moving Amy’s Ice Cream right yeah just a word of advice I don’t want your advice word of advice though in case you don’t know what your fucking advice
give me a fucking break
breathe breathe
Prince put the towel down
I got a handcuffs handcuffs there’s like four people here we don’t have handcuffs for all these Corpses
slurricane on the police brutality statistics is not like I’m not saying these are accurate so I feel like I want to put the big giant asterisk on this and say if I haven’t said this already you have to believe one of two things which is that all cops are bad if you don’t believe that would be good that’s a crazy thing to believe because it’s just a absolute saying none of those are true then what has to be true that there’s good cops out there and then was their hearts must be fucking broken right now I know it’s not a great time to be like about them but I just I do I was like it’s so easy to just be like but they’re a fucking epidemic here’s the numbers they’re well here’s the numbers from Erin if she’s wrong remember when that guy from Yahoo said we were one of 11 sitcoms to
Bi-Mart by March of 2015 US Consulate killed were civilians this year than they did in the UK over the last hundred years
so what’s up with a hundred times more than Europe every year at an average rate of 70 times higher than other countries
yeah well whatever and then there’s some there’s some crazy shit that the epidemic and Dan are like Stephen King books most of them are very good but occasionally he lets Through The Mangler or Tommyknockers out there only a couple of good Stephen King books
it The Stand The Dark Tower quadrilogy but two more whatever whatever seven books are in the series you was writing for middle school kids saw like 8th grade vocabulary
I mean that’s the target audience
fuck you
alright well what
I mean obviously people are going to look for your bike I’ll go before you were funny images look up you’ll find it there’s a lot of fun episodes of great people your episodes great I are and how to episode it’s great I’m not going to say anymore so they’re bad they’re mostly very very energetic person that you ever had that I’m just kidding it’s a great show and I’m certainly not going to publicly announce the ones that haven’t been great call think something when you did the show that we didn’t have time to read other know we haven’t we haven’t read it so I truthfully don’t know what it is
feel free to say yes or no I don’t even know why but I’m just saying oh no but I mean we have to I mean we’re not going to do all that conversation and then getting that weird like I’m seeing listening recognizing I think I there’s no date or anything this is got to be it’s done on a regular typewriter like a word processor typewriter so it’s got to be is heavily indented it’s too heavily affected like I said I was learning to like I could be anywhere from 15 to
says 19 right now but how do we read it I think it’s a short story so we could never
I’ll do the LG it doesn’t it seem like there’s I see that there’s a guy and a girl in this so I did the did the Vol the narrative in this one of you be damned
all right away that the podcast works is that anyone can chime in with with questions or thoughts about what’s being read so if you guys have questions or thoughts or as you remember maybe what this is from what do I tell them they can ask question
yeah yeah but they’re very empowered sir
you know there’s like a kid with a gun I like that would be like you was that would be like an adult with a gun all right my job like I’m a pussy if I don’t just fucking commit to this like if I have to keep rolling my eyes and apologizing for it to go for it lately cuz I got stuck talking to myself like I’m not going to get it you don’t think you wrote good whatever like like okay this is by the way when you were asking about are there certain kinds of guess this is what Shawn Clements called the front porch or yeah you really don’t have to get to it ever his feet firmly planted
he stared out of the ocean the sun was a fist-sized orange ball
nestled in this is a long time so I can see this but we talked about this first paragraph is so indented you can’t see some of the letters in the sentences with the word sand and soft yes fist-sized orange ball nestled in soft Horizon long clouds that’s a long Class B Thundercloud likes also
is long as they can be
seagulls were making calm passes and searched and then the paragraph end 80s style firmly planted in the sand he stared out of the ocean the sun was a fist-sized orange ball nestled in soft Horizon long clouds seagulls were making calm passes in search of food and their rhythmic cries countered the ponderous soothing Bello of the water stroking the shore
beautiful paragraph to the war was over
I’m starting to get kind of proud of this
cities were leveled and empty
humans were dead
all of them if it wasn’t clear
if they haven’t died in the war
they had pledged themselves into the utopian net
and uploaded their minds
there was no way for them to come back but they didn’t want to no one could know 101 work
could resist the immortality and the omnipotence
not one person thought that having a whole planet to themself was better than Utopia Utopia was forever and it was anything you wanted to be and yes this predates The Matrix
it was nothing and didn’t want to hang around either but he had to his mind was incompatible with the network I’m starting to do a sarcastic Ashley surprised him from behind with a tall glass of milk
why didn’t you guys come out with us on a flagpole why did you save this out before we go so Ashley surprise glass of milk I thought you might be back here
she said listen there’s a lot of stuff I want to do do you think Disneyland will work I mean do the electric companies keep going and stuff we got to find all that out
her mind was all so tragic lean on uploadable
all of the people who are alive there were no one was alive we met except for these two people
bad and I’m I’m stuck getting to have sex for the first time in my life
over a nice glass of milk what’s the big deal
I’m as old as 19
add and touch touch your cheek and smiled a genuine smile
pumpkin where the youngest people in the world
not really honey not if life begins with conception
which which it does which it does
I’m pretty sure I’m kind of pregnant
well if you’re not already you’re sure going to be
I figure it’s unavoidable what with a drastic decrease in the prices of hotels and champagne do to everyone
ironic that seems like waking at itself, she giggled
a person dying was sad five people dying was horrible and people dying would make you cry
and seeing a hundred bite
might give you nightmares for the rest all the way up through the Holocaust
cut the logic is that a hundred is once it becomes insane and then after that hundred 102 take Williams there only upsetting as is third world famine and the and the stinking of an American Battleship at everyone on the
and everyone on the planet being dead except for you and your boyfriend hell that’s just fucking hilarious so they both laughed for about a minute
embraced kissed and made love there in the warm sand
an hour later they were walking hand-in-hand
cuz I got to make sure she’s pregnant unsafe neighborhoods top of topical they were on fire for the most part Lueder Lueders during during the past few days it seemed the end of the world is a great opportunity to steal television sets and shoot each other how does television singular a typo on Spencer Drive him back right I found my moments
in the green room where science was saying that he was a mensch for trying to get his friend in for free to the show stranger named Connor where you kind of do I know you probably exactly what happened I heard you say I can’t get in and I can’t get it at your 45 minutes and I said this guy does and I went in the green room and I pulled some strings and now look at you second row thank you I thought that was now back to you for you to call me
do they know Spence you don’t point out that you’re a mensch
I don’t think back to you Dan television sets
this is before, but
well it was charismatic tonight Terror as a fifteen-year-old and no one had done anything about it yet they found an undamaged Buick with the key Buick like I know what a car is they found an undamaged Buick with the keys in the ignition and drove it to Dan’s home but it was completely burnt to the ground son-of-a-bitch Dan said I had $1,000 worth of computer equipment in there
so if you’re going to be uploading people to utopian that you need a computer equipment Ashley’s Place wasn’t hurt at all I think that was my equivalent of that bunch of computer equipment made me cool Ashley’s Place wasn’t hurt at all so they spent an hour there
well well well
and we know it takes an hour on the world actually cried and cried and then laughed and they took her parents Pontiac Grand Am because it had a CD player in it and because my parents had a Pontiac Grand Am and they were already starting to miss the constant barrage of broadcast information page 2
were you about to say we don’t have to read the whole thing
get to let’s let’s just go a little faster we’ll just go faster
oh wait no wait this is a different thing. What is this I like this what is I mean I don’t know what to send this a part of the same story why do we save this for next week cuz this looks like a thousand times more embarrassing
I always say we will but we’re going to play with your makeup see random words are but I know I know because I think it’s not as sorry as we eat it how do we remove the alarm
do we do we even know what to do with that has characters or thinking that by and large it looks like a dialogue between two people I mean do you guys just want to try it you know what these are John beautiful man they’re cool seriously don’t lie to me about stuff like that
if I thought they were shity photographs in and your bed look nice I tell you your bed look nice as it turns out though your pet is a bear come stained mattress and your photographs are great to be clear that’s b a r a not a bear you know animal shape
I don’t know there’s a world where could happen a friend of mine told me that there’s a place in Chicago to like discovers amateur photographers I got her number and stuff this friend of his or something made like a whole bunch of money through them and he’s like fucking famous now
bring up like a deuce do so you think I can make money doing stuff like this what do you want money for and what is this no offense but it’s not real clear
well you know why does anyone want money for food and stuff but that’s a picture of a soda cup in the theater I split it it’s not real good
In fairness that was spelled correctly it’s not a real good photograph but I wanted to remember it cuz I kind of got like this big idea in my head when it happened was it before
it was one of those things like on TV when something happens to somebody or they see something that kind of changed their life
what happened wait don’t tell me you spilled your soda and your friends ridiculed you and got loud and someone in back said shut up to them and they said shut up back in a fight broke out later they blame the entire thing on you know nothing like that really shut down that name with friends
oh well that happened to me I guess so
no I spilled my soda right and I’m like pretty much in the middle of the theater and the floor slopes down you know so the soda be a fucking Soda Man
after Reservoir Dogs I’m just assuming I don’t know how to get this before Reservoir Dogs in after I read somebody by David Mamet I’m trying to place this right yeah yeah because of my foot and there’s a lot of soda and it flows downhill into everyone’s feet that’s sitting in front of me all the people in front of me start turning around and looking back like
they’re all looking at me so you know what you’re going to do you know what are you going to do you turn around I turn around and the guys behind me thank God do it on their feet but I do got 50 people turning around looking at them
they turn around cuz they’re thinking are they looking at something really meet behind me but everybody’s doing this and there’s this loudmouth big guy that’s everyone’s afraid about a quarter everyone’s afraid about a quarter way from the back and he starts up what the hell’s going on what and all of a sudden the movie goes out of there is no end quote right excuse the fuck out of me I thought that everyone was turning around going what the hell because it was out of focus we tried focusing who you fucked it all up so then everybody really does focus focus and so he eventually gets it back to normal
Plato’s Cave
Plato’s Plato’s Cave but not happened yet come up with this shit that’s embarrassing what’s wrong with them
cuz then I would have been like you too
before you were funny is the name of the show and when you listen to it your spirit will grow it will grow from the pain that you feel inside cuz when you were younger your ego was wide
remember when you made that sound over there buddy
I said somebody that was funny in your like
well it sounds like you’re making a shit sound with your mouth
two different times for a reason laughter other the poop sound
like a boo
get your shit together
did you when you were a kid when you were younger did you did you write a lot you got anything yeah
I need to be honest I’m at this level now
well as we’re kind of approaching with them is a certified it stirred of a subjective thing cuz I kind of feel like I feel like the people in the audience like having been them and heard hearing other people be so laid bare it’s like it’s it’s not for the person that is for that sharing the stuff it’s like natural cut is as deep and it’s like nice to learn that it’s not that deep but it’s interesting to see that the person that’s the person that’s receiving the cuts thinks that that’s going to cut their whole arm off and then watching it not do that because everyone just how good a writer do you think you are now and you’re a good writer and also like isn’t that the first and last out of thing you ever wrote in your life because you were like I try to get you pregnant
you’re just like honestly expressing something was it was that part of some longer story novela I was only items that I would have wrote a thousand of those things were just like I was trying to like I was like to see myself getting late because the world ended because I want to know more about you that’s when you really have to write a story at 7 but I was just more into the only one Michael Michael Scott when they find the posters that he made for people but I couldn’t drop posters and I was and I just wrote page ones of a lot of leg really really immersed
when I was really young I would write sequels to movies I just watched the match
I was in the middle of something I would have said bless you
the really you should have said I’m sorry cuz I was in the middle of something
bless you thank you
you’re sorry it’s okay
alright was like who cares I wrote a bunch of stuff all right I also used to never mind when I was first when I was first masturbating
I have
I would
Caroline I would I would do it I was a kneeler and
and there was no lock on my bedroom door so I and I just like at the height of my Frenzy
I would just go into my bedroom door closed with don’t her drop my pants Neil and jerk off right under the door

and much like Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character in happiness I would I would not like clean it up I would like a wonderful hit like speak because I thought like well who would ever know what that is
knowing that’s not going to be anyone’s first guess who would think a good person would come that much on a door
what color was your door what color was your door after a while yellow
let’s move on
I was just saying that’s what that’s the memory that came back to me while I was reading that with the guy called like you do get up get up get pregnant pretty soon but if I know me like that just like that’s all I was was just like this little useless that Jackhammer did you have this in your hand while you’re doing that to my own writing Ridley
why not I did write stuff that I I tried to cheat the system with the pornography did you ever did you ever write pouring for yourself of course I drew it to I’m not ashamed yeah thank you
volume 9 lures loosen up did you find that it works yeah still does what you don’t spell right you don’t type out actual scenarios and then masturbate to them you do
if you did if you do then let me retract all of my funny faces like I cuz we want to know themselves tell me that was extreme right when you were fifteen when I was really doing it very well remember how judgmental Dan was my first ride up and now he’s just confessing but floodgates are open
let’s bring up the morge for God’s sake
can we can we can we get the boards up here
what’s bring up tomorrow
like I needed you the whole time but I wasn’t willing to admit it
that’s not what I only got like like this isn’t the right time of the show to do maintenance but for next week and I’ll weeks thereafter we got to get some kind of implement for the ice cuz when I want to make people a drink I got to want to touch the rice claw a scoop a large spoon and you know what we’ve never asked anything of this venue
we let him sell their comic books out front and they only do a little stroll back here and it’s always been it’s been a splendid day taunt
is down if there is if there’s not some tongs here next week I don’t know what that is that the Star Trek
harmonica a Fireside so there
Whimsy Chris McKenna had the theme from The Last Starfighter in his iPhone and he would start playing it every time I every time I went into a rant about something anyway. Do you like me or hate me
my therapist told me to breathe
Musha Musha what’s what was that thought that maybe that was a real word that you were teaching us
so what’s up
Mouse noises
the words into your mind roll them around like Savory pieces of meat allow the flavors to tell you what they tell you about yourself I don’t do research it’s that time of the show hey when we when we play Shadowrun
at at that time to chat with me we haven’t had that we haven’t had a lady up when it’s only just a coincidence
so I’d like to ask if anyone wants to come up to the stage but I won’t be taking care of you if you have a of you present as a male
Rex you said you said I’ll come up and you raised your hand first but but but or I actually you were in my field of vision
you been up that clinches it you haven’t you haven’t been up to have you
all right
you’re from where you won’t you won’t be our first Australian but we love them we love them we don’t love them all we don’t know that there might be bad people for some of us a fond of you as well so I’m working what’s your name
I got high with Ryan Ridley and that’s that’s the audiences and it totally but his feet way out
that’s fine you don’t have to tuck him in at cats little friends are like
I know it would end of each Michael second oil so we can make more ice caps melting you guys are crazy I told Dan about that by segment at dinner tonight dinner
transferwise did not yeah yeah I care he asked me why you don’t drive me to the to the show and I said cuz I cuz it’s his pizzas time
to make his D & D’s as true I make yep he was months ago all right let’s Melanie have you ever have you heard the show of yours so you can give you first choice right
I feel like he would go off well as an Australian
we going to find out
that’s called with Sean what he just did the one that says a brain tumor
Mario all right and we’re good with this this is the number of people we need right so you’re right you’re somebody you’re playing Eve libertine is Jeff Davis’s character I don’t know where we are either come or just two more just playing is not here do we need a replacement for no
we have no face person if you believe
pictures of face
alright well you get a recap and then will it will just look just jump in and see how it goes so I made a email address this it’s harmontown run if you have a harmontown Shadowrun recap just send it to harmontown run at gmail that’ll make it easier for everyone this one was brought to you by Eben burgoon who also wrote a different one that I said he didn’t do but he did it okay that Saul taken care of last time on Shadow run with one last drink and a decision the gang hopped into their Uber and set out to claim their reward from Johnson after some shrewd negotiations the crew handed over the BTL chip research and yellow meant to the scheme in corporate stooge they were all smiles is Johnson gave them the Hefty attache case filled with a sweet sweet paper money of this digital age those Smiles quickly faded to horror as they watched their now
fairies employer shootout Vickers shoot the unarmed yelomin his splattered blood now on their hands pants and faces the question of their ethics barely coming into question until the noise from the Johnston driving away turn to the sound of muted beeps from their briefcase will our shadowrunners ever get that next drink will they soon joined Jessie yellow men in in in Nano hell is the meter still running on their Hoover and do they take paper money we find out now on harmontown Shadow run time
well I’m thinking they were in a year in a year in a parking lot fenced sorta area like a transpo lot
so I’m just running can I not throw a physical barrier up around the suitcase you absolutely can do that
I’m all just say we’re running what will you have to concentrate you can’t do it while you’re running Canton sacrificing yourself you throw up a force Dome around the briefcase as it’s beeping is muted by the the sound or not the Sound by the barrier can’t hear it beep just chilling just chilling I may have made a mistake we now can’t hear a beeping
if it beats faster that is it count that let’s run
camera every time I’ve seen her doing this and I’m so now I’m I need to play off my shame and I think it’s good what you doing that’s good we shouldn’t be able to hear it beeping that beeping comes through the explosion medium
we should maybe move away if you can back up while you’re creating that barrier I’ll make sure the path behind you is clear
I hold it on runs of the friend raps in or around. Your friend list of the friend up and runs away with the package using strength and Agility the package did the person you run away towards the ends of the transfer.
See anything happened now you’re just far away from a force field Dome
you hear the sounds the sounds of people moving maybe it’s some sort of crowd or March people are moving footsteps sounds coming from far off you realize you’re not in the best area of town
is using my ability to detect their enemies I’m trying to see if there is anything that Sparks inside of me using your detect enemies
ships and you can start to see the flickering Souls of life around you in the transpo lot you can see the warm or has of your friends sparkling with Vitality but also much dimmer flickers many many flickers something some entities have damaged Souls some sort of weird magical interference but there’s lots of them and there are all surrounding you
so those of us with weapons should probably find them close at hand and then we should stick together and look to be prepared for some sort of what you talk about well I just have a feeling that this October it’s things are going to go a bit Minnesota in a minute
you hear hissing and moaning is that Minnesota
it certainly isn’t California tell you that much
I digress
I mean like the kind of sound like some bees or something or trying to do
all right a flickering a hologram zombies his his enemies since has the ability to read people’s auras but people were unhealthy or maybe afflicted by various things might have flickering her damaged or is
all right we’ll just tell me where to shoot
I didn’t see anybody that has any way that I can get location on this order this just so two-faced and they’re on the periphery enables easily more than 30 30 individuals their kind of all surrounding the general neighborhood it’s like they’re Fanning out walking around as if something’s roused the assault rifle at the left hand turn on the right to Combat X you guys do the best you can do is find find find what weapon you have I’m sticking with you
possibly get some sort of exit to egress from the situation yeah you can hello neighbor
then this is what this is what I have done around and check it out at all with no one’s biting you know
I’m going to go I’m going to go up to the roof so that I can protect everybody you’re in a fenced area just like a like a parking lot
to the and then I’m going to seek Higher Ground like a brave cat
address at the Humane Society in a cage with one Shelf
at the top
does Higher Grounds make the more comfortable I saw I saw a guy get killed on the ground once
and I kind of triggers me
so I’m going to go outside. Are you from here
perhaps from what muscle race I’m covering you in case something should happen
you said you were going I thought you were just going on the roof to watch out for us the roof cuz I’m scared OK Google Plus there with monologues and everything do you have a monologue for them to get it
I don’t think there’s time for it I’m scared I’m scared of things on the ground my thing what’s the sketch what did he do you see people do you see zombies what’s going on what I see is my hands climbing over a chain link fence getting out of the fenced area and I’m I’m asking if I also see you guys coming with me or if I have to make up a lie about what happened to you to my friends at the bar
I’m in my truck and there is there some sort of distance they can I try to mind link with some of the taco sauce with this is not within range of any any mind if I suspected so what I thought this was too that’s two votes in that direction so I would say that then hold the God will follow
as well. The friend thing over the fence you climb upon the roof of an old devastated gas station told you there’s a roof what you see these people Milling about they look all weird and screwed up they definitely have sorts of skin conditions as well as white skin like white white white pale albino style white you see their eyes are crusted over is if they are blinded in their in their hands are covered in gnarled Claus if they’ve been Twisted by some sort of dark Forester virus you recognize them to be ghouls that is to say people have been infected by the HM HPV virus
too soon haha
they’re Milling about they haven’t noticed you but something is brought them out of the woodwork they haven’t noticed I know I know there’s no one about blind style how many watts like a ocean not like like 40 40
do I have I encountered ghouls before it my ghouls they’re everywhere
is it possible to use spell-casting to show to fight one or two we separate one and see if we can kill them we could easily run away for a briefcase full of paper money beeping they’ve got each mhv man how hard can it be to defeat
I got all kinds of magic spells and stuff so you guys got some weapons or has blessed you and the doctor may be able to take your shots at Spencer physically hurt someone who hasn’t hit me first and I technically trying to hurt me you know your morals they slacking from time to time so you know thank you I’m with you sister yeah I’m Eve libertine all right well I’ll run down and shoot my gun
I’m sure you’ll be right there to help me I have severe Seafood addiction a distinctive style I sure how do I kill thing Spencer what do I do where am I looking here I mean you have like some guns somewhere and like I shoot them
all right we’re at the ghouls okay and Daniel were just running your running down I have going
I have both guns in my hand and I’m just firing okay just want to go to also acquire the office or sarcastic because I’m tired but the truth is I’m a tactician and a banana procrastinator
but this is bravery so who’s all doing stuff I got you to anyone else doing anything else I can I play with the assault rifle to help blanket the area as well alright
Jim Nightblade leaps off the top of the gas station and launches himself into The Fray firing while yelling semi sarcastically
he popped two or three goals in their body parts as Eve libertine also fires her weapons at the ghouls dropping let me use some of this Astro Kombat II for next to it it’s not a gun though it’s combat
alright utilizing his astral combat he realizes all the ghosts he could be attacking right now
oh hahaha
I’ll get to them later
continuing to hail to hail the enemy with their fiery bullet I don’t know what the fuck anyway firing many automatic weapons bullets plunge into the zombies killing at least
killing seven of them three surround jailbreak blade but the rest seem to be scared and running away not too bad
they lunge Nano with all their lunging while Nana whip their lunch
they lunge and who ya know you definitely Dodge out of the way it seems the ghouls
I’m not too dextrous looks like you guys are to Dexter’s
might I recommend some calisthenics in the morning and not being a ghoul
where’d you go yeah what happened you had obviously take a shit right reason to leave
space shuttle very subtle
Porta guard with his combat since expertly dropped a few zombies at adventus juice
then he sees Jim Nightblade being surrounded being to go to school I called In the Air Tonight
or to guard you got you got crazy reflexes you’re the only one who can act right now
so obviously your skills that focus on at the negative right
I guess it could have moved PP
it was it was the latter
that was fast. Do you do you do to us
David Morgan State Employees
do you think nice thoughts blades and pulsing blades okay what what blade do you have to toss what are some of the wheel didn’t going to walk into the situation moving as fast as I can reacting quickly and swinging
wait what with murder murder is a tent with anything that is a problem
wildly you leap off the gas station Roof Inn land on top of a zombie coming down with your Hatchet you clean the other one and a half in twins like I was the college Dwayne Dwayne was the really old DND thing we did once episode 8 something like that one zombie remains
really bad guys
is it possible that we could fly off but if I wrap the plastic bag flashbang bullets blind
but a concussion sure might do a thing so this is what
I know I’m the overzealous one but everybody
I mean I can heal things but I’m saying if he doesn’t talk or she then we don’t heal will say tell us the truth and she’ll heal you all right you hear what I’m saying your fingers in the pools of the population
what time do 7-Eleven refill pushing my thumb trying to get it to talk
well just OK Google, Chronicle about wandering the streets
of the future I’m trying to eat people
we’re not today just came out of a but it didn’t come out of the suitcase there’s no we can’t reason with him at all the rats in the world what are you doing do you think I’m walking around you’re here in my story it’s not Ivy I’m interrogating you the ghoul should we ask you guys can I eat you
he has no information for us he’s a mouse with legs
cyber steampunk world out of the rules are it’s half magic have technology I don’t know where ghouls are in this world I have some facility with spell-casting is there some sort of this fellow I’m searching my friend of trying to pull out something that might
latch onto that Colonel of human that might still be left with him some peace Consciousness I mean I have been at the level is 5 I don’t think I want to go over to the briefcase wasn’t happening okay is it still just as well Spencer’s laughing are you want to lower the barricade counters make me antsy
I open the briefcase you see nothing inside except for a small transceiver fucking cock is getting beeping the ghoul that Ridley was talking to starts going crazy and crazy starts thrashing around trying to swipe it anything within reach
we fell for the goddamn three-card Monte of 2057
fucking cool magnets
it’s like it’s like a fuking idiot
go back.
Are you dumping on it or anything or do you want me to put the barrier back up again
what can we turn it off turn it off
I honestly I think you’re talking to a person who’s just at the end of his rope Shadow Runner cool magnet
Portugal fire selfish Rock round in the direction of the flashing straling threshing Beast
in the hopes that this was stopped him from both of you do that and it does that I noted Melissa Melanie
Google is down for the count
cool magnets
alright well we’re going for that but in the interim you two can work this out for yourselves
dramatic pick up of the briefcase I wasn’t I don’t know I’m new to this story I don’t know
it’s the people they hired us they they we don’t know who they are there the people that wanted the information about the BL channel can we look at like a serial number on the Google magnet trace it back to its manufacturer and then find out who ordered and all that kind of stuff
response thank you for responding
Ryan Ridley Argus comptroller
Melanie are Australian. Your friend George Brown our long-suffering
hard tubing soccer fan
Spencer Crittenden
dresser dresser in the back of Kevin’s so I have an excuse for not thinking of right now no exact audio maniac


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