Episode: 160 – AWWW


Episode: 160 – AWWW


As we learned last week, the movie Boat Trip is insane, and a surprise drop in from Horatio Sanz discusses just how strange working on it really was. Later, the audiences awwws. Watch the video at harmontown.com/live!


camera sex prank alakazoo right there way to the camera right there that’s because this music right there
just bring it all came after missing Spencer Crittenden
oh yeah and the Bear
that’s very kind but Spencer and I almost didn’t make it cuz we’re starting at like 7:59 so amazing I made one comment in the green room yesterday cuz we’re starting to like load in it like a 8:15 I was like gradually slip with people show up later and blah blah blah and I made one comment about somebody I think it was destined to happen with the crack I wanted I wanted to whip to gently like like like a jump rope I just I wanted to cuz I was taking a shit now I got it now I got what the kids call a turtle head
that’s true the kids don’t call it that and I do I know it’s not that’s not true also I took a huge hit at home before I came here so last week we got our scoop or I scoop
but then you may have noticed so Bobcat goldthwait’s up here and he’s talking about childless mother station and I’m using the ice cubes I can not drink clay like so
it would be the kind of bhutan’s you don’t trust them but even if just psychologically the idea that these are chicken feet tongs like I tested it back staging it’s like it’s amazing I mean you can blindly reach it and you’ll come out with at least one Cube at it’s not going anywhere and it’s quiet it’s child molestation conversation compatible
the year 2030
and we got that soda to give credit where credit is due we just got that you know from Brandon I don’t know if you want this whole name said sure Brandon Lee chilcote hello Brandon here I enjoy harmontown and I’ve heard your plea for clean ice I think he sent this before before we raced and lost the scoop beat the scoop my girlfriend Lisa and I hope to make it out to a show one day you don’t know her she’s in Niagara Falls
so please take this as a token of appreciation for Less dirty and gross Beverages and then say thank you Brandon
what up what up what and what else do we have we can just ask you don’t look positively visualize like what do we look like what do we want is a playwright and author from London I think London and he’s written the adaptation of the trial by Kafka and the first character in it, troller controller is pronounced controller
sex with my Pedro
but I feel like I could pronounce it right why would you say that why would you spell a comptroller’s using to call it control your media irritates me I still have never looked it up I don’t know what the word means
so well for okay speed speed through the current events of course a lot of people for better for worse Jeff get their news from the show
I think it for better so the Pokemon shootings were over today and there was there was a there was a big Pokemon conference in the Champions. Try to stop me when I’m wrong if you know what I’m wrong about all right I was but that there were two two people who tweeted that they were going to read it a threat like social media warnings about these gentlemen are and they have like fucking assault rifles and hundreds of rounds with me but yeah there’s a salt rifle and a shotgun blast at the Pokemon world championships Jeff
scary thing about the the article isn’t the photo of the weapons and question to me this could because they’re just look like pictures of weapons the scary thing are to me is the photo of the weather is this yours or not but just a photo of what a Pokemon conference looks like it’s a room you know and it’s just Championship the Pokemon world championships there’s Regional he got to be a gym leaders
that might actually be true so I don’t know I’ve never played Pokemon is it like a card I mean I didn’t dig too deeply there is a card game that I believe yeah that’s still popular and there’s you know the video game that people play I bought that Steve Levy I bought a Nintendo 2DS thing in New York cuz I and I wanted to get into Pokemon cuz it seems like cuz he got to catch them all and yeah
from what I understand and I am not that appeals to my when I know I like the Hoarding in the back I thought if you improve them in trade them and have them fight each other from what I’ve heard about Pokemon for 25 years I was fixing to get into now or it’s or the most safe ever now for the time being but the environments like I mean what’s up
eat for children yes but I had moved back to the shot in the face
show all right so the Pokemon shootings reverted which makes it okay to that now go back to police bashing because they really did their job they’re obviously enforcement at work at the Pokemon conference at LAX where Wiz Khalifa was handcuffed and slammed it was more he wasn’t keep saying stop resisting
what why would police say that will kneeling on your back if you were if they couldn’t tell like a chiropractor can that your there’s resistance going on
he’s a right on his shoulder blade resistance there you got me there but the rapper it’s like a while I’m into a guy named Wiz Khalifa like like he’s super super duper not white like like like like that were you watching the twin show with us a VH1 that that that that twin reality show thing anyways the fact is the two white fat twins with the funniest thing was that they won by by vikas their song was We Dem Boyz Wiz Khalifa We Dem Boyz and the and the song from Fast Furious so that it is good to have seen you but I’ll see you again
it’s one of those heartfelt kind of back in the day wraps
it doesn’t have to be as good as what I was getting that vibe
it’s like the quintessential one of those but just come out every like 8 years old MacDonald kind of deals at Owens. I can do a back in the day like rap you have to say I love you
I don’t know if your chicken to cook chicken to
are the truck
it seems like just arrived the other day used to be so many ways in a different way used to be in the past but now this it seems to change so much in the usual way
I know we got something good here
up the phone tripping out I activated that thing for blind people that finger
what’s one of the appen to in the crap. Now just adding appointment appointment to everywhere
the most serious problem zoom out
we got it hit the screen so much that it went into some kind of like this this isn’t a chimp’s cage mode and it brought up a menu that if she could understand it there the topic was like zoom out Return To Your Banana
all right so anyway so might as well so Wiz Khalifa is my new hero cuz he can’t he was at his hoverboard. I am always around the worth of drawing them after the show with drinking and it seems like a terrible idea to get on one of those people wipe the fuck out on those toes does a what do you call the Wiz Khalifa and the cops are like that are like how you doing what are you going to arrest me for not doing what you say
good question it’s not against the law what are you a judge like there’s no what’s the law on a hoverboard in LA
do Japanese like like like businessmen like scooters
gadgets roller skate shoes and they have like crazy like their luggage turns into a fucking like like a wave runner
am I in trouble is that El tayta and they’re like no that’s a Japanese guys been do it he’s he knows what he’s doing
what the fuck I want to do that
think about airport to think about the TSA here’s the thing about our Panic here’s the thing about going into these places and the religion being don’t don’t do anything weird don’t do anything wrong I just want to say about that we keep falling back of his hot button if I must be so hard as though there’s so many things at stake as we all learn for 10 years we were worshiping is Alter and you know it’s fine like I like we were doing it for nothing because you could have a gun in your hat late like like you did 95% of them would have gotten through late like they think they tested it and then there’s stuff so forget about that for a second just observe the fact that it’s a checkpoint is the security checkpoint you know what’s a really bad idea for security checkpoints like disrupt ability do you know what to do it is all there is at that place is fucking ways that they tell you you can just wrap them like they’re advertising about it it’s the wrong, under control because if you do
joke everyone should be able to I should be able to run into an airport with 7 prop leg bags are terrorists and they should be like knock it off sir
that’s too big for the luggage rack I bought a Bible reading or what I have your Draconian rules in New York for harmontown I went into LAX and they said they have you only have to look like likely have those little gold teeth around the End of Watch has to have his patches have those two what am I
who’s the Frank Crowley don’t please continue your story when we start the cold open
so instantly are are are the alarms
so it kind of goes right on his two guys that instantly like one that was what’s going on
all the way around to the front of the line took all my shit there security put on a belt so I guess I go to the front of the line
okay they’re going to find out a secondary thing that I don’t that I didn’t make a bomb today and that I was going to need while yes how many fucking bomb can get through it while but you could have had a lovely Italian meal.
Sauce so I have to give you a full search shuffle pat down and I’m like okay and they got the two of us in the room I’m okay with it nothing he knows whatever but they both really got in their man that they were like I’m going to be touching you like right on your on your situation and he was it was fucking romantic
I’m at work here right now it was so hard not to crack a joke with slip up funny joke
tie up chipper about this whole thing
yeah so it’s going to say he lingered on my dick but it certainly it wasn’t cursory it was it was it was it was thorough if you were told that I don’t think I don’t think the guy was like hoverboarding through the X-ray machine cord the cockpit I think I think he was probably literally I’m getting gas if I know Wiz Khalifa he was going to prison, I’m pretty sure you know he was probably hovering but at the kiosk where you get yourself checked in all of the challah I love the nightmare before anybody else but
like he he he he acted in total civil disobedience is like no I don’t want to get up my hoverboard I don’t understand what’s what’s happening in my being arrested her to take them to the floor and they’re just like that weird voice that use a lizard stop resisting thousand times and he said he was tweeting about the whole thing is that what you have to understand that at this point in time that they have to speak longer so that they can take longer to figure out what it is that they’re trying to stay at this particular juncture that was bad driving
ticket here I think you are trained to kick and then walk into the public with a gun during that six weeks they tell you these people are animals and the end you have to you have to hold a chair in front of you but you do not allowed to hold a chair because the lawyers have to be your attitude you know you have to wear it like a fucking hat
you know they just waiting there for way to go with it love it if you don’t show up for work tomorrow
could be hoverboarding everywhere
hilarious because I feel like we’re friends years the cops are going to be riding these things all over that’s what that this is going to be their new think there’s going to be a hovercar fucking like whizzing around 1 that I designed that was weird but then I thought now he’s even more my hero he’s a fucking marketing genius is the kind of commercial I approve of
but anyways I like them so usually that ends with people coming on the show right
I die tonight we didn’t even want to do it on the news rhyme
singing is that song from Fast and Furious
is probably you yo-yo back in the day you were at LAX to the usual passenger way you tried to hoverboard your way through the usual way but the carpet adoption the top of my lava.
I want you come on her show today
people be talking about
all right so they’re they’re they’re panicking about a while this is from our International correspondent Irish Erin mcgathy today we only have like a little window cuz of the time difference but so we try to pack a lot of communication in but she said
the Irish are actually a little bit concerned about Donald Trump they big they think he’s going to win and there are literally asking her cuz she’s the American ambassador that I was red hair looks bad around the world more sincerely but this is this is this is usual Year from the election pre circus I mean that with this guy he’s so if you if you step back and look at it as the Republicans and Democrats functioning as one organisation which they literally do and it does not mean that Health Care in all the issues that they break down microcosmic we aren’t important to human being I’m just saying like these guys literally are a single call it a corporation and then they would they run the debates they run the election day on argument could be made that they they they completely Marge
the entire spectrum of political thought around the planet because everybody has followed suit with this weird duopoly dichotomy of elephants and donkeys I just call him bananas and and and cantaloupes in Bavaria I don’t know whether I think you’ve learned this from your Empire is perfectly comfortable and it did it it turns into this kind of like just standard kind of like like like well we don’t really want to change anything but here’s our two moods and we want everybody to be happy but I’m not going to do anything about it against each other
it’s true proof that we wouldn’t let him near the possibility that explode in the people of the coffee explosion has sparked a global warming and the City Blue I’ve been so drunk that they don’t have to do that guy was an unauthorized I think it’s sad that he functions as that he registers at anything all this guy is a friend of your dad’s like he’s not even Bernie Sanders should be the one that’s like raising a stink and he is but he’s like he’s raising it a boring way but if it but people are so into his hair is very interesting and he and he does say things like
what he was taught us with this one old quote but now people are like people are so concerned that Donald Trump is going to win that they’re really coming at him like I kind of like he’s the Antichrist like like like as if he hadn’t been that Spencer said today at dinner if you like Donald Trump running for president for 30 years doing is going like I’ll tell you what I would do to tell you what I’ll do it
I know I know I know of a sudden it’s a bit just this particular set of the view like a couple years ago Aaron sent me this quote he said they’re asking about his daughter Ivanka being a Playboy or it whether she would be in for a while and he said I don’t think he quoted your equipment a contact I’m sure he was very charming and self-effacing about this
but that but the quote the fact of the matter is what he said was that I don’t I don’t think my daughter Ivanka I don’t think I don’t think she would do that in reference to her posing for Playboy by although she does have a very nice figure I’ve said if I can work my daughter perhaps I’d be dating her
just a bit to split this hairdo I know you think about this is like
I’ll tell you the two parts of that joke that are that are that are fun to analyze it slip because
I can picture myself putting my foot in that same mouth like if I had a daughter at someone brought that up to me like in truck but but but the things are the word figure is weird because it is folks actual her actual physical tissue it’s not like saying she’s pretty or her ass looks like something you would want to touch is it isn’t that weird figure and then and then the real the real murderer is I’ve set
stop putting your foot in his mouth
daughter fuck a day keeps the doctor away.
Famous corner on that in previous things and I’m setting the record straight I got a hot daughter and she’s good to go for the people think I didn’t say this
because it started because it’s not newsworthy I’m telling you my daughter is hot
is like Sunday in your daughter and that’s what the presumption being that this hot woman would date you but I will always be dated it be in the bag but this is where I hope hope hope of anybody that would take that side for whatever reason is another word to be the Devil’s Advocate like but not defend another side to the issue but there is just the mitigating factor that I realized where I was reading more about that quote cuz I thought it might just be a fabricated close it so it is paid up cuz it’s kind of believable that he would say that but they’re all so unbelievable to say anyways please read the larger context of the keys he’s in his mind his bit is that he’s often
in Portland for dating young women that it’s like you know me it’s funny
to the point where the young women I make my fucking I’d fuck them
if I do I know Dean Martin drinks and I died do that in his mind he’s like that’s my plate lately because he’s talking to The View with my own Achilles heel I do fuck a lot of young women my daughter is very beautiful so the doctor is easy to connect there but if you were my daughter
all right what’s good to give equal time to Donald Trump hasn’t been a media a lot so that’s a beauty about podcast things that you wouldn’t hear other places
all right there’s the raccoon is back eating my dog food but I think I’ve dealt with that but I closing the game is on this record and like a bartending then I see the apartment so then I started closing the doggie door after a certain time that I closed it too early and idle piss on the floor back in his belly and he’s a little rainbows. I’m hoping is his steroid medication for his ear infection which may be was still weakening his bladder or something I hope I hope he’s not I hope it’s not
and I don’t want to I don’t want to say what I hope it’s not because they are stupid because you so many times
a different time zone is a different country but I can pee on myself finally
I want a game a video game playing with while she’s away yeah yeah yeah much sure he’s still kind of potentially addicted that I’ve actually been playing Grand Theft Auto V for some reason I don’t know I don’t know what it is I just follow my Cravings but I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto V lately I kept that sweatshirt on for too long and I told you guys last week it’s hotter up here I’m not fatter
if I am fatter it’s not it’s healthy fat it’s not coming out of me in the form of liquid if I was sitting where you were sitting I would look like James Bond
Yvonne Craig we lost is on Craig TVs Batgirl from the Adam West series
what do you say about that you know and which is a part of my life is the offensive to do that over someone’s grave
is there throw a little dirt
feels wrong and to do that you can be honest with yourself it’s sad when people die we miss you stranger who we never knew personally speaking of which her image on the TV screen when I was six or whatever like it was the first like dopamine spike in my head for the few man I’ve often said I hope that Aaron and I have a beautiful redhead daughter that’ll settle dress like Batgirl fucker
no I’m making fun of myself
I’m always fucking redhead
it’s called self-deprecation guys
idea of a joke making fun of himself and is it is it is it there for any wonder that she’s not a violinist you know it’s just that
everybody be perfectly still
we have a mythical creature and I know right
it’s the ghost of La Philharmonic stereotypes
I feel I feel like a man or a woman that made that laughs are you a violinist are you just confused by my logic a job site is due to his credit is faces what kind of bright red right now is late like like it’s very Charming he didn’t he didn’t mean to take the spotlight since you put yourself out there I will I will put myself out there I guess in the in the moment when I was ripping was and maybe if we picked us apart we’ll probably find out so find out that I’m sexist somehow but I was saying like if you’re eating breakfast with a guy that talks like that to you cuz it would she like a model
Texas I thought you was a model that’s the end of that story I thought you was a model
it was possible for you to be anything else I don’t get the stereotyped I thought you’re connected
no, but it wouldn’t make sense that it was the Ghost of La Philharmonic star this is my joke was that that was that was an entity in the crowd that was tired of violinist being stereotyped you just saying but the ghosts of stereotype doesn’t make any sense so you caught me again
what if what if we made it free but if you want to listen to episodes older than a year you had to pay five bucks a month
yeah Dustin Hi-5 yeah we’re not going to talk tonight cuz it hasn’t your wolf pack. So now you’ve done it it’s anymore
oh now who’s being Brash that’s not the word
ham-fisted that’s the word I was looking for
okay cuz will scoop them up easy for us to Barton Lewis
I think they’re part of his team there how we were able to connect a connected right. Why didn’t I hear you say Horatio by now fuck Jesus like
meet me Horatio Cummings everybody
Ninja Turtle important to introduce the kind of like but what are the things that we’re going to be talking to him about I hope I hope she at least once on this show and then I know I’m Doug Loves movies I have we talked about our fascination with this movie boat trip and it was I was looking at the Wikipedia entry and looking at that reception had her and it comes down like it is it is a kind of historically critically-panned movie It Takes its place up there but it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s fascinating and confusing to a lot of parts and so we have talked about it if it was and
now I feel like the writer-director he’s going to kill himself but I haven’t gotten touch with somebody to merge Brown was involved somehow, I have a other like he should come on the show and I think he was game either that or he’s just the nicest car in the world was just like why is everyone telling me to come here and then then then now it’s me but I think he was involved too I was like yeah I want to come and talk about it anyways about anything because he’s been apart of the comedic wallpaper for for for over a decade like like like the founding member of the right word like he was down there in the trenches with it would Upright Citizens Brigade was just a actual down downright non-citizen Brigade for years and years and years and years and then he was in
and and and all kinds of other stuff but let’s bring him out and get to know of Horatio Sanz and Terry
Teresa Garrett
sorry I’m at my my horrible introduction and sorry in advance for my bad interviewing I’m glad you explained everybody what was happening but I did want them no no no I’m not I really am glad that you did actually catch us up on your part because I haven’t talked to you about this until now. And see you in the green room for it so I don’t know where you ambushed or where or did somebody turns you to do this or did you where you listen to Doug Loves Movies what was the heard it and then he’s he’s actually working on the podcast I’m working on so he’s like you should you should listen to it then you should go on it
and then I will I listen to it and now I’m here all right podcast the hooray show real nice and you know you got all I get it now I just got the show
why do level enough name to a podcast I do and it’s not on your wall cuz we’re reminded I’ll get yelled at this but make them a feral audio podcast okay good thank you

welcome to the Farrell audio network if so we have we have him right now we have a we have a potluck every Thursday that’s a little high maintenance but I like all the other only if you’re only of your downloads are below a certain number are you actually expected to bring like a potluck stuff like I do I just show up and fucking shit Duncan Trussell make sound like
so okay so I don’t have a million things we can talk about once we get there it’s going to be weird to Segway out of it so I just know it’ll be fascinating you love it I just do want to say one thing I am here because they’re releasing it on the Criterion Collection
a lot of cool audio commentary India Cuba
we have the ex-wife of Rodger Moore was going to provide some commentary so it’s all good. Literally stole took you to steal cuz it wouldn’t belong to me you took you were you it was down to me and you for the role of the Manny on in the motherhood yes and at ABC and you want
I want one big I won the larger award
how many episodes
it ran seven that that must have been actually I remember besser was was in some of the early editions and call back some stuff and I was like I think I might I think I might be like in the running and they just brought you in at the last minute then I was like they hate me unfucked cuz cuz the other like oh just the thought of you and found you and brought you and it was obviously that you had gotten the part because other before that I was slipping through the cracks undetected and then I saw you and I was like oh boy I remember I remember that time I heard you’re a great guy and
and I do remember that I felt that you were a little nervous so I kind of was like okay I didn’t know who you were the one delivered whenever you get in those situations either the type of guy who thinks you can twist the other guy around right for you the guy who is just like no games you know that so I thought we actually were very pleasant to each other but I definitely thinking of how I can find the part I was out I was just I was just a plain and simple nervous and I really going to like go stand under the radar because I’m not I’m not fishing for anything I’m not I’m not from that world I’m not an actor and I can’t I can’t believe that that world in particular
but nothing else just idea that you’re in charge of everything but you control nothing like you deal with helplessness and the ego crushing like in your pocket and presses your Palmer I do a lot of improv so I get to kind of write my own stuff so that kind of crazy but I know it’s not a time where I don’t have to take stuff if I don’t really like it so I do I do well enough not to have to
the oldest you definitely in this is where we could get maybe I’ll be prying or whatever but but what I’ve heard kind of the legend of you you’re you’re you’re actually born in July but you’re from Chicago and all the ways that matter it including the fact that you were like a you were a party guy like you could you had a wooden leg but what do they call it a Hollow Leg that you get back back the the sauce like yeah yeah I was really good
and an end and then you and then you just said you quit and this and it’s not a fluke who you blocked you lost a hundred pounds and like you you’ve credited it to to changing that about your lifestyle and stuff like you look like you’re 25 now and like it has been that way for a long time so I don’t have to worry about me pointing that out like knocking you off the Western it’s different to go around and be different looking but it’s 10 years ago I think we used to drink a lot a case with with shot glasses and abston
play spoons and what not and I really groovy really cool. How many goals have the 50s word for alcoholic or what do I say then I guess I’ll be sober or did you just go like I’ve got this is going to be my lifestyle anymore as early as possible and then I went to a meeting for a while and and they were kind of fascinating because of characters were just I really and I can almost got addicted going just to see the people tell their stories since you know there always a second I was blowing that cop I was like enough enough
I know and I really had to take account of what I was up to John being an alcoholic he’s a maniac
all right so don’t trip boat show
cuz I want to get lost in this so let me just say right now who wrote the film sometimes when I talk about this movie there is a little pride and then it also is a lot of shame I want thing I feel too right now like I start giving people’s names out it’s like it’s like the Nuremberg trials
your agents on the back of the week did you tell them that you need is a rumor to be hiding in Argentina to this day very very nice guys one of them the director was a very nice man called smart Nathan he was kind of hit rounded up up a Cadre of writers from from where he work which was The Golden Girls
so did the guy who writes for The Golden Girls I’m like well Golden Girls pretty good
Mitch hurwitz rectangle and girls no worries there and then like you had mentioned on the podcast he’d won an Oscar and then 30 seconds later made this movie
thank his career at the same time it’s almost like he somehow like the like they rushed Jerry Maguire out or something and it actually was made with talking dogs that like like like he was a guy that found a Genie in space and like lick it all came out already but yeah I think
I think it’s that time after the Oscar I think he had this thing or it’s like just wire three million dollars into my bank account and if it’s there in the morning I’ll meet you in Italy will make this movie it was that kind of thing and you understand why you have to understand the tragic story of Cuba Gooding senior
yeah it was revolutionary a lot of people call them Cooper battle that’s how you keep talking please
I know and no matter how bad it will matter cuz I’m using chicken chicken
yeah so it was I think the summer of 99 I think maybe I remember having to
I remember I was asked to promote Boat Trip a week after 9/11
they’re like just come on and take pictures I’m like I do. It’s 9:12 I don’t really want to be on a plane plane thinking about the fact that two days ago I saw the second Tower collapse in lower Manhattan so it’s just a little side note there was there was a looming writer strike remember this whenever it was ninety-nine others give me a writer strike that summer so everybody was like you got to do a movie got to do a movie and this was one of those movies you got to do a movie cuz they might not make it to the movie for 2 years and then be back in town you can only do it in this window so Cuba Gooding the script was pretty bad when I first read it but I was told that I would be able to help rewrite it
and I didn’t get a chance to do that she’s not allowed to do that they just didn’t even realize what they were saying is that sometimes I feel like agents hesitate to say my agent would have trusted for like almost 20 years but like all agents like they put their lying as much as it is like they just don’t their priorities are so skewed that they don’t they don’t know that they’re lying to think about those convinced when they tell you that the right thing to do is this or that is it like they do they they do because they have lots of Mythology to back them up like that they’re like you know what you know who is picky about his role Hitler
they offered him he would he would have been like Johnny Weissmuller they are the past
he thought it would be tacky tacky till like 6 really juice absolutely
so anyways are you enjoying the day flatbread is I love this place. I was like a Lost Boy
for it was so bad that I provide delivery or just get rid of it I thought someone had sorry I don’t know why I keep interrupting like I’m like they won’t know what’s my show tell tell the story of boat trip let me shut the fuk up so I get a call and they’re saying that while if you don’t do it are you ain’t going to do it and another like Rodger Moore and you know my insides with that Bond someone out with the my bond so I I slept on it and I had a dream where Abraham Lincoln this is no lie
endless stream Abraham Lincoln says don’t do things for money
it’s all I ever did now I’m on two kinds of them
erotic as if I had held out I jumped on the penny I didn’t know the $5 bill was going to get pitch to me
I said I wouldn’t talk no no please do funny things talked about it but I prefer that it’s not like many miles can we talk to your a blanket just for a little bit more I just want to let go like I’m your roommate like LOL. So after every load you have to clean it out to make bedding
your friend the more you from a more resourceful time
you know but I noticed you did last night and I’m not homophobic there is another bedroom in the apartment for you
yeah and I like it I like it I like that you’re free about stuff going around or I’m from slavery was cool but now it’s not the things you do things change
I’m really I’m really happy with like you noticed a marriage situation Mary Todd you know
although I did believe I broke your heart when Horatio made that movie
didn’t you say you transported into Horatio Sanchez dream last night and warned him not to do things for money and I can’t read it I just read the trades today and he ignored me doing it
is there a sex bars in Germany with German people I’ve never seen you take such an active interest in a modern American performer like
I know he’s been all the way I’m going on what should I do
ending the scene but because Beth is really interested catch up so this is really actually true for what we understand psychology the Buddha funnier is if there was no more poetic truth is that in your mind you stay on my mind was figuring it out for me you was doing his hundred the icon of integrity
I wanted I created this this character my brain to tell me in my sleep and not do this movie
and I ignored
fatback’s fight yeah I could spend the next half-hour like you don’t feel like you made a bad you feel bad about it. I do feel no I feel bad about I feel bad that it’s a joke
but he was much like when I play the Mariachi on Saturday Night Live you know I was like it’s okay because people see me another thing so I’m okay because I’ve done many other things Robin able to be funny and happy with what I did people still come up to me and tell me about Boat Trip mostly Puerto Rican and black people in New York they all loved that movie and also I didn’t show any Rock and the soldiers told me that part of their welcome back with boat wrap so a lot of fans in Iraq
and I signed a bunch of bunch of DVDs but that was kind of fitting also that I was in Iraq and just like seeing what a mess this whole fucking thing was right because they were you are there at 9:11 and saw the buildings collapsing and now you were in the boat trip of the of the of 9/11 which is the Iraq War
the results of the White House not listening to a blanket
all of this would if I was just listening Lincoln Rd. Terrorism or late when I decided to do boat trip with the beginning of the terrorists planning
I see you he said yes I’ll do the movie and day 1 like what what was the vibe on the set like was it would be you know I knew pretty right away that it was yeah like I had to I flew from from New York and had to be like there that morning so I didn’t really sleep and then it was just what I thought was going to be a thing where we can like look at the script the night before and maybe work on some scenes was just like we do to take one for you and one for you improvise so basically what I was told wasn’t happening so it was very very under the gun filmmaking it was a half the crew with German cuz it was a half German production
and they and they hated us and we hated them and what else happened in lands on his name is
was he told he was in a joke he knew you would say something about Mary had a chance to ask him if he wanted to be the guy they caught the shit anyway he was one of the Riders it was on the porthole the portal scene because the out the porthole and you kids can rent this this week if you haven’t if I’m not mistaken the reason Kuba is coming out the porthole is because this is the culmination of him pretending to be gay so that he can be close to this Vivica Fox is that represent the most important to this wall before I got out of the way or put you out of the way I would go with the banana tell me what the bananas
in in high-def when she’s eating the banana like I’m not I’m not I’m not saying this in like a I don’t express so much like a sad sides of this which has nothing to do with like whether or not there’s a human cost the idea that you actually feel still that you feel when people are like that you feel like you that you that you did something wrong or that you have a lower quality to your population of the earth is 8 billion is because everybody makes bad choices with the most important thing you could ever choose of all is whether or not you should find somebody and we have a 70% divorce rate
we don’t really like with weird we’re human mistakes you can’t know that’s not your job to know you’re an actor like you guys had a two-man comedy troupe in your like we want to make this movie and I guess just by by by being a comedian you know you you you have to take your do you have to take your shots like I would still like to tell people that I care about like this sucks in this is why I don’t like it but it has made it a little difficult because that is attached to me so in a way it’s kind of humbled me in a way which can’t be bad know I’m like you said it is true like if that’s what I really
the fact that the crews have driven over and that’s who plays the part where you said to go look at how weird it feels like I have never seen so why did I just shit all over that movie but it’s a historically like this is a first-time director and we were shooting in in Brussels as a shooting in Germany as LA and then we went on the boat trip we actually did go on a boat so it half and half the crew is half the people on the boat or a good making this film and then the other people didn’t know
so deliberately mad that you know where she ended up in the hot tub and we’re closing up the hot tub in the pool and they are really mad at us but you but you weren’t you were not set for the banana scene did you I mean what do you know about the bananas showing him how she started showing them how she eats a banana and it’s ironically like dick sucking she’s showing him how she gets a blowjob right she’s demonstrated with a banana date that happens when you’re on a date and a woman start showing you how she would blow you on a piece of fruit
what is something women do with the amen to all the time it’s like oh you’re gay well let me just like rub my tits on you and talk about sucking dick and the weirdest thing of all lake lake which is why you should never have to worry about it in the movie reflecting on you at all because it’s surreal than the whole movie from front to back is absolutely surreal Pollock painting really waving at school late like 10 years from now we may find out this movie is good that’s how fucking weird it is
did it in one of the weird things about it is the banana that she’s demonstrating fellatio on in the cuts in clothes and she’s like licking it and for some reason the prop master has shaped the head of the banana into a like very faithful like like like a helmet of a cock
so the joke is that somehow God created these wonderful fruit and then the joke is a team out looking like a real dick so what’s the difference
it’s perfect it should be sucked on actually I don’t really remember it’s just such a weird thing to have not watched on HP has been so long since I’ve seen it but my my mind then there’s just a snowball effect of wild and he is like trying to keep her back he just unleash it as being like half a gallon of gas if you want to know the truth it was grosser than that cuz it was not a realistic amount like a bucket would have been then it would have taken you to Dracula dead and Loving It territory be like that silly but it was because he threatened my memory for no reason just because it seems like something that should have been the ship’s horn goes
what’s the outside and apparently the porthole is above people who are on Jack enjoying the night air and one of the actors has a realistic amount of pure white thick come sunscreen yeah it looks like
on your face
you’d react almost the same as if you knew a man came on your side
but because it come the irony has to be there so they’re like these darn Birds where is a gigantic load like that
how to say I know that it was it wasn’t Patrick was it he was a second City actor who was in the seventies and he’s I’m sorry I can’t take it but he was Golden Girls with
I’m outside habits
and it must have been great to work with Rodger why was it is like is he he’s Rodger Moore no matter what and he was in that movie so yeah he still things all the time so that you know you don’t think that that he’s up the proper real James Brown. Rodger Moore was the real James Bond and then you you grow up like now we never looking back through the lens of all of her friends were like aggregators of James Bond culture that’s like like the Adam West of James Bond’s but you and I were like that’s James Bond View to a Kill
did he was he was he was the Saint right yeah I asked Matt Gourley will not grow as a guest
what was this I put single or are you guys just sitting out of your pain.
did you have a gigantic then she called him on like well that’s not very clever and he’d be like either is your name
I’m yes and doing like I’m on it’s a level lately like pussygalore yeah I noticed don’t don’t make me so I can carry your weight you can’t do better than pussygalore and I’m supposed to be like
2023 Skidoo like a Kobe bucket suck a dick
so yeah I noticed that’s what you get I noticed
my name is my name is suck a dick bucket suck a dick
okay okay all right my name is James Bond let’s get to work there’s this Worlds at stake first of all
apparently I don’t know why they say the beginning Caesar was really confusing
I did not go early and then
and we did the podcast we did Man with the Golden Gun and there is some straight up woman beating in that movie it’s not sexy and yet just twenty-three years ago super super hot I can’t I can’t remember then I’ll stumble around for it is finished how long does it take to shoot the whole thing 3 months screening a big the big hoo-hah Hollywood screening of it I think there was like around 9:11 like after 2002 they wanted it
did you approve of the idea of having the red carpet go right through Ground Zero like
I want but I do a lot of people decided that as lady like one of those things that they were put off by the red carpet have to go through the middle of ground zero and then Bank back around to a theater which is a mile away stuff in there and we’re like please the phone construction let us have our Premier does the celebration of New York
you know this country is acceptance of the gay human beings and you know it was all about like yeah about getting them back is what I like to say getting back till Summer’s that did that to us
can you tell whether or not that movie is is a homophobic when you watch it through like a 2015 let’s cuz I like a guy who plays a gay guy is just so like he’s so out of hand gay that he’s wearing like makeup and I just like weird like if he was doing the space show in the 60s is season 3 of the heart we were trying to tell a story about like world’s coming together and a bigot that stop being a bigot because he actually learned these people are human beings Baba blah blah blah
blah blah blah
blah blah blah
that is the only honest thing I’ve ever said politically on the stage blah blah blah in reference to I did Tire like movements made when I didn’t even notice we were making it because it’s just that I was like kind of gay people they read is gay and that was the mistake because it was part of the setup in the story says it was like well once upon a time there was a bigot and a bigot is a cartoon of a bigot cuz of the sitcom and then just it was like and what we accidentally did because we weren’t even thinking about it we weren’t trying to create dimensional eyes gay characters on our show we just weren’t thinking about that being a failure if we didn’t do that because we were just thinking we’re just playing with Tinker Toys. Here’s the big and who’s the gay guy
the name of the sort of like the story will be effective if the if the ducks that are teasing The Ugly Duckling read his ducts and some of the beautiful swans hubris and it’s it’s it’s a 10 and I would have found out I was like it was like oh shit that the offensive thing I guess you know I guess it is like there’s that there’s a way that you’re even trying to do that actually cuts the same silhouette is bigotry which is like oh you’re just doing a caricature I mean I don’t know why I didn’t understand why I would do that you know the comedian trying to make fun of gay people for just
funny things that they do you have to be very careful you can’t just say so I think the mistake is that if you received the old Terror trailer gay person on TV in the 70s because I completely flaming shirt open thank you know gold shoes and then we’re think we’re going to make fun of that by making that even more ridiculous I think that’s another mistake people make is just making it super gay because see we know it’s a joke but in the same breath you have this caricature to every character in I don’t know why I would violate that rule like leg like Chevy Chase’s character was like he was to me he’s a cartoonish because he’s he’s this is crazy but I’m also always writing up to that character and if it gay guys like walking through the frame and he has five seconds to be gay instead of a story Point like it’s the challenges on me like like to construct a store
because if if if anybody’s watching straight straight or gay there like they’re actually I think the writers tend to We tend to forget that the whole goal is amersa fication whether or not it there whatever the if it’s if it’s in the medium of people watching and listening to it is like like your your end goal is that they believe it’s real kind of even a pie fight this is funny that is a pie fight because why would people fight with ties so I believe their people and I believe those are pies like I’d so if you’re a dangerous to like do social commentary of any kind like you’re you have to rise up to that cuz you’re now you’re using people and groups of people as pies and cakes and you have to like that means to read is like actual believable
are you going to make the old cuz like they can see that in it the face is like the best and I love my metaphors on the pipe I just a bunch of whipped cream or maybe would have made it there if there’s a there’s nothing wrong with the concept of but there’s nothing inherently offensive about about about that idea at all it would be it could be like a masterpiece of whatever you get that about anything you said about was there any backlash for like any reaction from gay community about Boat Trip think I don’t think they I don’t know maybe but I I I don’t remember
no cuz the heart was in the right place
character learn the gay people are human
how does it was your character out of your character dark and does he does he come out as gay or does he just accept accept gays hooking up with this this woman who lives in
Inns in the hills in Sweden I find her and she’s of some sexy thing that for some reason was it was there so I end up okay for me
I did some indirect way that’s a that’s a reward for you accepting gays is that you get to have up here for a matter of sexuality by I shoot down a helicopter winter comes with Alyssa
the whole super, as explained in the first 5 minutes of the movie that Cuba and I eat these weird stuff that we get super, that’s why the
good night where was it so I made it and I’m like what
I shoot down a helicopter with a flare gun
I remember having to act like I don’t carry the helicopters falling inside the plane so you don’t need to get them out for you to jump in the water and yeah I just hit me pretty pretty hard today I shot down a helicopter in this comedy that we had made that was the bridge too far for you in that movie yeah yeah I mean if you watch that believability
there was really a desert I hope these guys figure it out and then after that.
So nowadays and I guess this is where it if it was like a single-camera production stayed down in the Chiron would say life after boat trip was a shock when I we talked about current things I do I just thought that would be funny or it isn’t it
piano keys play after the boat trip interview from Hollywood to Hollywood Story you guys know about Leif Garrett he got drunk and him and his buddy got in the car wreck in but he’s paralyzed talks about it and he’s like I’m forgiving you look so fucked up from like the days when he was a Teen Idol in like he had like a bandana covering his his hair was like probably half of it was gone I didn’t shave by somebody so yeah that’s that moment right now
he was wearing it like you thought maybe cuz as soon as I saw that I was like a traditional like like the guy from Poison whatever it’s like that bandanna thing it’s just like like the weirdest impulses to take out the trash on Trump’s hair cuz I was researching today I know it’s a hack topic but I did honestly the more I read about it the more I’m confused like that there’s actually no consensus about what is going on my theory is at it if he hasn’t some strands in the back maybe that he kind of liked it swirls worlds around yeah if not you might have a wig but at this point
at this point probably started as a squirrel now it’s maybe a wig that looks just like it that’s an interesting that’s similar to the double come over right I always thought it was like accepted theory that I was always kind of boggled by that it was it was a double comb over with that that did it was from the side like a traditional one and then I guess from the back like red like riffraff from other forces coming together like if you look closely there is a dead end but he’s not bald underneath that I don’t until I don’t know I was researching now I really want to know
watch out Ireland and Ireland are like I don’t know if you heard that my wife’s in Ireland in there like the people she’s talking to the big thing that they keep coming back to it is I can’t do an Irish accent butt and then he tried that start that that I got there I guess we feel like those days are now have been here at have gone that idea that the world is worried that a maniac will be president of America was like I was like what it would have been paying attention for 38 years what’s their worst case scenario you do they really think there’s still a button that works that’s going to New Ireland like lately I got some more realistic fear having to do with what our ability class the entire world economy has been there.
big difference between that in a fire hydrant but I am at that desk out outside of Supreme Court appointments with chips chips Jeff point is very well taken this isn’t this next election is kind of important when a bipartisan said the Supreme Court Justices are going to get picked buzzkill
because now with your friends yeah when you’re you you want to vote for Bernie Sanders right now and now over the next year your friends are going to slowly when my when they’re going to turn and they’re going to start they’re going to start Ralph Nader and you you don’t know what that means is you’re 25 it hurts
I have bad memories Ross Perot 92 your friends are going to change you from a third party Advocates to fascist bucking bipartisan little robots cuz they’re going to go you splitting
I’m not sexist and I was and I was a difference in the election right now
or you can you can you spot a role-playing game called Shadow run where you play a character you don’t have to do anything about it you’re just going to be a guy in the far future looks like a cyberpunk kind of world we usually get about to feed the movement accomplished and a half hour of your time not using other than that or you can leave whenever you want to plug and you can
let’s bring out a demonic Brown
I don’t know if I’m reading this accurately but I feel like there was an audible reaction to do mortgages sexy shirt
gone into shock
the good thing for this will only make four people laugh that are not even in the audience there watching two laptops when you pick that shirt in Borderlands 2 the video game it’s called clever girl
What’s the title of the shirt there’s different armors in the game and they all it seems and it looks like a Jurassic never girl would be so that wasn’t a real Borderlands 2 skin that was just your using Borderlands 2 as a springboard to make a Jurassic Park clothing joke yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah okay
for dinner he got my part of my abc sitcom I told you I made you sad
cuz it cuz you know what you made me sad with that’s why I’m here

and exactly why were they
sometimes nice sometimes I know yeah
how weird that you can conjure it artificially it’s almost as if it means nothing when it happens
every fucking time yeah the odd hard to come back from what I’ve learned from like when they go like Lakers usually because like like you said you said like what I’m not being condescending as I like everyone in that ended in the eye and has a genius the audiences can be delightfully stupid because they’re acting as one that’s what you want to do
are they all want you up there that would do it
the the that that you can tap if you if you react by apologizing which is what I always do or like backpedaling or arguing that they smell blood right is that the idea you’re not supposed to show Fear if they if you got like spaghetti
Anna and then you’re supposed to go what do you supposed to do like grape group goes walk it off but faces well maybe to me like he’s explaining how improper work for people don’t notice for us to just give me an activity that you would do around the crib and the guy just kind of look stressed when he gets on so I forget what we are slang term for your dumb ass alley where you live at you do around the trailer
Joseph walk it off Yakima
I don’t know I’m not walking up Yakima kind of don’t we all like to think a bunch of dumb shit that’s not true I like to think with the audience has endeared by my my 10 to 2 then go in and I’m also mad at them sometimes for going on cuz they didn’t even mean that it’s weird how we do have a tendency to like I noticed there’s a weird thing there’s a legal term silence is consent but the word consent has taken on this really really powerful sizzling meaning of a really specific content the term silence is consent which is more of a reference to this like a legal like I was I was I was I was saying like the meaning of the larger legal sense that if you don’t do or philosophical sense if you don’t do something about
think that it’s your you’re not you don’t get a pass necessarily but I think it’s because of the word consent of it like both times if you go back through the archives like look up like an audible response from the crowd is as one guy I recently yeah you’re saying that the date rates okay as long as you don’t talk as long as it’s all good silence is consent apply to our current conversation about consent and not not a great that a great idea but it’s a it’s like platonic or something because it’s a concept
there’s silence when they always laughing or applauding or saying I love you to reacting the way I don’t want them to why can’t they just react react
my name is Slim charisma
I kind of feel bad because that is the stupidest thing is like a terrific noise earlier on can you manufacture it kind of do a fake version of it what’s the difference between a garbanzo bean and a chickpea
this like Glinda the Good Witch walking in on you taking a shit
you’re like a ghost
oh you called in okay well thank you
how’s it going what’s the difference I thought I thought they were being I thought they were being really like labor laws what’s the difference
sorry that I didn’t say anything about a phone
the opposite should be true you can have an animal in your Johnny Carson ever have a chip call in dressed as a pirate for some reason I guess because
then what’s the difference between a garbanzo bean and a chickpea
stop it cuz you’re part of the problem
I told his joke honest but we talked about this last shooting this little pile of the Dan and I were doing we
we were kind of like kind of just joking with you. He’s going to keep it warm. Between the stuff and I’m I went and told this garbanzo bean jug and I got this big laugh and then comes a stinking drunk in front of the camera that is totally loved it and try to tell the joke and yeah tell him what the joke is a nunchuck layers should I be the one to try to tell him the garbanzo bean joke I think I can do it okay to lights
Target to get ready get ready with your numbers under this kind of pressure I’m bad at telling jokes is the is the big joke me too
that was that was a very different, how do we what’s the difference that was all right
what’s the difference between a garbanzo bean and a chickpea
I don’t pay $200 to have a garbanzo bean in my mouth
add a boy
time flies like a banana
the order of the words to make them funny
then try to tell The Jug I read this afternoon we’re getting ready to leave town and they were mocking Dino because Dino got the joke wrong you know like it has to be
so that’s that’s what we’re laughing about the Fun Pack he told me this joke
so even though you heard the Gino for making that decision alright so a guy walks into a prostitute office and I really thought that’s the thing office
I forgot that there was such a thing as I would like a sexual encounter with the Lagoon
I know that there’s two beams office up to another guy the guy says I have two kinds of beans the two line joke
I thought you tried forever and ever and ever and ever tried it
he finally gives up what’s the difference
which by radwimps sure we all agree Bilbo’s being kind of a ass-whole right and that riddle competition
that’s definitely cheated
you know another episode and please tell your friends to come for when we talked about it it really like to talk about you know what what what goes into when does Sauron decide the ring gets to get lost I can dump oh yeah it’s a fact that the Rincon
didn’t roll down a hill and take over the world then
I don’t like the Magic in the Tolkien universe
we don’t like the Magic in the Tolkien Universe to spiritual and not drool driven enough magic you know the rules of a shopping cart are and why it’s weird to use it as a weapon
if two old guys are fighting with spells but I want to know what their Mana levels are depleted
knowing what’s the rule you know like really like Knock-Knock who’s there yet has secret spell button in his pocket or just give me the give me the give me the shit but I came for Tolkien
storm on Friday I have a magical
I think it’s funny that way
single person in this room has reacted to me the right way today
Barnett and I
I just I just I just turned into Charlie Rose what would I take a shower at Stuart a beautiful little baby
I’m a big ugly baby I think there would be a handsome efficient skeleton underneath me since like Fandango well I guess the title is Tonight Show is bullying
finding you can do it that way
not stupid I know the different kinds of punches from the I’m not touching you all the way to the to the poor baby girl punches the old softball
that’s you guys constantly. Macroaggression of little microaggression
I hope I hope you’re tripping real pain
I meant it to hurt bad people all right
by the way if you do if you do come and join the audio family would love to have you back hurry
regardless of business to say thank you here we go again Ray show a rat and you know keep coming because I’m always I’m always fine I know you are but sometimes I think that’s your projection you know that’s just waiting to hear your dream or whatever I think you’re Four Agreements
give me the music I’ve been hearing all night long
Kelly fontecchio
what was the name of the new record again Kelly contrary to popular belief listen to that
bandcamp.com now that’s the big thing now
you’re also I don’t know if we’ve already set the record straight and I think we were talking about the Mickey Mouse hands and coated me I mean you kind of said it I didn’t use you forgot when you back step
so I told Jeff when we were at the Renaissance Fair of all places, Dee long ago which was Mitchell here we go
Minstrel shows Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse and lots of other characters had White cartoon gloves which also serve the purposes is in black-and-white and two contrasting I mean sometimes they didn’t have clothes but like yeah it’s a it’s a Minstrel shows really and I mention shows they had its poop people from far away
Jesus is a black guy in here
I mean if you wash the early Mickey Mouse cartoons there I mean they’re kind of inferring he’s a
I’m certain he’s black weight really they’re getting drunk or doing whatever kind of crazy things are kind of inferring original name
I mean there was a lot of that in fact of trickster figures and there was this idea that you can do when you wanted them to not play to that effect you could do certain things to make them not plate of that situation so they didn’t but then they did a lot of us away so you can’t get mad at a cartoon of everybody else
I mean
how do you spell because they’re if you guys want to see some real races should check out the 11 banned cartoons that Duchess crazy like coal black and de sebben drawers and watched a bunch of old Little Rascals and some of those are that would have said that is correctly speaking of progress
big because the show isn’t a sexist we let the lady choose which characters you want to play even though they’re not both female character’s name of it it’s a combination of chivalry and total Viking like post-feminist late ladies first do you want to play a dude or a girl
is it going to be a great 10 minutes there you’re you’re the character created by Kumail nanjiani is that is that doctor friend I can’t even answer a show except in the future
irritrol doctor was going I was going to let let it let it trouble passed if that doesn’t make sense to those papers don’t worry about it. I lost I lost my eyeshadow on music somehow my playlist we’re going to go back to the old old days of the DND Spencer so there’s a recap of the beginning and maybe your training will let you listen better than I do this one was by Richard Clark
previously on harmontown Shadowrun time or Heroes found themselves placed in the precarious position of dealing with a mysterious brief beeping briefcase the Nobel Dr friend envelop the Potential Threat with a forcefield only to find the group fling before his very eyes abandoned did Souls who lurk in the shadows as Jim Nightblade suck refuge on a roof of a nearby building the brave Runners arm themselves and charged in the battle after cracking wise gym play Return to the beeping case it opened it only to find a transponder ponder that sends the infected horde into a rage will our heroes survived the night will is serial number on the device lead our protagonist on the coolest side quest probably not we’ll make another poopy mid-battle find out on this week’s harmontown Shadow run time
so you better thank you
never listen to Richard Clark thanks Richard most of them ran away, do we got left
you know not I mean there’s nothing or immediate area other than the one you just signed you guys were more recently occupied with the casting a group of any spell on a car that’s right
yeah I don’t know what that took so Richard Richard
oh yeah. I mean nothing happened that episode so I used the last one yeah it’s over he gave us a troll magnet in the briefcase School magnet so we all join hands and we tried to look combiner energy oh yeah I did come out of the closet my character the yeah we’re trying to cast to an Agonist tell whoever so which had that house that work I mean what happened is you all cast the spell on a car several miles away so if anything was going to happen happened or will happen okay there’s no way of knowing all right or it is on the sparrow YouTube week you just summoned a larger are Spirit I sit down cross-legged
I would suggest a doctor friend that perhaps you apply some sort of healing to week and the Run mate power level oh yeah man I’m a woman woman
I know I’m blind
I just say man about everybody you know what I call my mom I came in to make us some stew
technically she has a girl and they are very sensitive so so good idea
look look through spells in there and see what she’s got some that can that can heal me he’s got he’ll yeah he’ll
so I just say yeah let’s do it
best used after first date is applied and it’s true
just fix my ear duct sorry I just do it some stand up
I’m sorry I need to hear you what’s wrong with you and I’m kind of drained okay so this should probably
tell me one more time with the problem is I have drained my energy drain spiritual energy
I summon this to clean the smells you have drained
I cast a spirit so wonderful to give your power back that you’ll feel rained
Colchester residents parents
The Laughing Buddha
did it work Spencer laying hands on Eve libertine magical energy surges for ruining your wounds and refreshing your mind
I have to go find the car all right how is charm Focus how how strong is level 5 Jackson people are insane elsewhere that gets a new liver and then they go to the bar then I say one of that was a story on st. elsewhere
hey you know that that’s that’s the life of magician if it if I die in the process of doing what I do that’s that’s just the life I’ve chosen I’d like to say one thing if I could to the group okay just because I feel like a lot of what we did tonight or this whole I get to us has been tonight but this has been going on for a while and I feel like a bad she like got a bad Shadowrun
I’ve made a lot of bad decisions and like like we cannot we got a chalk this one up as a failure right like this they got they got away and they give us a Google magnet instead of money we didn’t get any money right now that we were supposed to kidnap or protect our dead but they kept killing them with eight legs liquid think there’s no lens through which we could be viewed as even anti-heroes cuz even anti-heroes our party hero like we’re like I just drop this as it lives if you know it disintegrates do you think Banksy like dwells on that go I spray painted that rat wrong I should stop being Banksy he gets up and he tries again
you know like we just move on and we hope that this doesn’t show up on our LinkedIn he was going to start from scratch in new Johnson’s new Shadowrun what we have two of these people are pissed cuz I have a photographic memory in the guy supposed to pay us instead of it said of money in the briefcase he just was a transponder that brought a bunch of ghouls to kill us so he just completely I was just and tried to whack us and I’m saying is no harm in sending out my bird to see what we see if we can if we can if you want to start looking for like a clean slate I’m I’m with that too but there’s also the possibility of Revenge
oh yeah I don’t think we’ve seen the last of that asshole that mean Revenge
that’s my point is there were supposed to be at worst mercenaries and it best maybe a dark version of a hero on an unlikely contact what we what we have done of the Shadow run has like it’s it’s like we’re some strange drunk animal that just hurt people and ourselves and we’ve made less money than we could have made and leave leave leave cost everyone their lives and we’re standing here in the street exhausted almost dead with a Google magnet I feel my fault I feel like a piece of shit I feel like a bad shot or would you have to be able to go if you want to cut bait than emotionally it was cut bait as well this is a corset world of Shadows and been running and in the chaos constructed
things at once and do nothing at the same time I can have ended up just talked to attacking and then not caring too much water with you do know that’s go home by using their what tools we have mesentery find him and Blastoise parking head down
I’m a permit to the currency rate for currency I might suggest is the satisfaction of Revenge blood is a tasty when you in front and quench his thirst for years and years and then you go forward and then you can I trust you to remind me why we’re getting revenge because it seems like we’re the only ones that did anything wrong but if I’m saying is if you okay what is a deal unless a deal is not happened it’s right where we want our money
I’m from a track that dude down some of the biggest Orca in the world just smashed the whole fucking car
the highwomen
that’s it. Your friend Dimensions bring the car around find the license plate that mean you have it I’d like to talk to the other gay Shadow Runner doctor friend thank you
I just want to tell everyone that if your parents have had
transvaginal mesh situation if there are attorneys now that you can contact and several attorneys now that specialize in transvaginal mesh attachments
is that what is that what are you saying what is that it’s so I guess it’s something so that your organs don’t fall out of your vagina and apparently what they were making this man shot of weapon in not yet but it’s okay
the Cliffhanger it’s is Charlie’s 40th birthday I don’t know what
what’s a cowlick is Uber coming up here go check out a new record
Damaris Brown
Spencer Crittenden
Horatio Sanz
what to treat herencia
on Jeff Davis


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