Episode: 162 – Sperm Count


Episode: 162 – Sperm Count


Kumail returns! The Lil’ Cuties drop by, Harmon questions his sperm count and MORE!


Hollywood California
a Meltdown Comics it turned out feeder harmontown is now in session
the audience has made an agreement to laugh despite their discomfort
despite bathing in the warmth humidity of each other’s armpits
pretty appointment bring up Spencer Crittenden
warm as piss in the world
Hickory Hills in humidity
I have a good idea that the mayor of town and bring the shit to order that you’re Dan Harmon
are you very much thank you
Camille’s here and I want to I want to I want to maximize our Camille time but we got a couple of items of official business we got we got we got some awareness this this is a segment called boring awareness tanks about art show
sometimes you got to say stuff about your show and if anyone is listening for the first time they’re like this is like every podcast the first 10 minutes is about a bunch of shit if I listen to the podcast every week but I don’t sorry but we’re one of them tonight we’re doing this thing it’s for real now it’s been a long time and I thought I thought it was a working title but but I think it’s too late now to change it and you know I don’t know I don’t think we can
is that you were admitting that you wanted if you want to keep up title no matter what you even know I would love to have come up with something like pencils and two swords do you say I didn’t I did come up with that but then I was like well that’s dumb I do you know where was that to what happened and now we go on a quest I think that makes very linear sense to me an offshoot of harmontown Smith like when you wait what you know it and I know it would you want it to be called like like Smith Smith Smith Smith anise and it is it however I also like Dungeons & Dragons like I want to force it’s like I don’t care what you say
skin even give the show a shot are you saying it’s too late to make that change now why is it too late Turner leader in more slowly make a call on Tuesday announced the name sucking are you saying that we should put that like that flare up in the air for people to give us names for it I did know he’s been out in the butt with the real reason we bring it up is because of the tea things which were going to do regardless of what it’s ends up being called are happening very soon within the next couple weeks September like 15th to start taping for a couple more weeks yeah two weeks
which episode has five nights with two showings I believe so you can sign up for any of those 10 shows the whole night you’re there for two shows two episodes worth of taping all right for a couple hours and we’ll move you move you around at the seats between each episode said it looks like there’s a different crowd every night but and will change shirts and then I bet you’ll be there for two episodes which I think will be good that’s the way we did the original stuff that we don’t we don’t have the information that you need right now also I think it would be weird for me to announce it right now because then if to the extent that you are an adoring fan you you’d have to spend the next five minutes going like white gold let me get my foot in that door before it sells out flattering myself I know but I want you to just enjoy and not have anxiety about like Black Monday or whatever the hell it’s called boxing day or
I don’t know what does a rush for the rest of the Cabbage Patch doll Rush cyber Tuesday at noon right around noon so now you you’re forewarned like right around noon Tuesday when we have the information I’ll tweet like a link to a website where you can you can rush to to reserve seats for the harmonquest for the whole audience is that Rush again I flatter myself but I don’t think we’re going to need more doing yeah I know I don’t think we’re going to need to go get you off the street but I think I do think we’re going
yeah we can do five times of course we can look at them
but we’re at but we’re also using one of those service we’re doing it through a service that I’m sure that it will then go know what you’re saying is I like you now we’ll turn this other valve where tourists are coming interested lobsters for Let’s Make a Deal
I couldn’t get into the Price Is Right but I guess I’ll watch this guy at the same like they can put people can come every every every show to do is just automatically before they figure out that they can make every show you know reserve a ticket for every showed up to take every chance you know the difference between precaution and cuz at the same time we’re going to be like 10% overbooking and all that shit so there’s there’s a bulshit going both ways ain’t there
elevator button in the car so moving on Festival Supreme Jack Black’s Lollapalooza of comedy and music is happening in October harmontown is doing a show Jeff isn’t going to be able to participate but we’re doing a harmontown does anyone have any details about where our ship is for festival Supreme it’s October 10th they gave Jeff found out that I had been booked on a long time ago makes sense all right but I could be wrong about that but double-check that
all right well I’m out of town no matter what fucking time it is
I came down a little hard on Steve on that level so that we can let me a nice good meal should meet Tay brickson
I took the tallest fan of the show we should meet the little the show promoter my brakes when we when we when we do get to get bigger more comfortable Diggs with room to tell like like CreateSpace I would like to put Steve Levy in like a little a little circular research desk sees the internet like the center and then he can just like tell me what my calendar and of about like yeah you say he could be the one to put through tweets from people that are watching live and will have them up on the screen and then I got big plans that’s a great idea going to be fun
I don’t lie I don’t need you you’re an original fan I don’t need you
that’s how I felt about the fucking Pixies look what they did to me it broke up twice
you just Donald Trump’s running mate
death to the picture I love you
you’re making fun of me is that your dick or your thumb
you are a debaser
8/8 laps from the people is really specific haircuts I’m sure
all right one or speaking of music I call it I call it a male and a female backup mailed it to me so I said cool! And then two spaces and in parentheses mail he wrote back an hour later I don’t understand that doesn’t sound anything like my name and it’s spelled differently
you’ve got Kumail
here’s a segment I called and knit picks song lyrics
I like flipping it either gets out that they do use where the lyric do was on I’d say they were with that it is
I’m not I’m not I don’t I don’t get myself a pass so this is why I hold the other musicians to the fire in their feet
pick on lyrics let you know that you and I have both sat around drinking and talking about Billy Joel’s to Tonic in Gin and rhyme you don’t have to run like it’s called The Highwayman by The Highwaymen Highwaymen the supergroup the country western supergroup Waylon Jennings Kris Kristofferson
Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson I think I’m going to guess if he’s the one who’s taking the verse I think he is cuz I think I recognize everybody’s voice yeah yeah so okay so just besides called The Highwayman it’s a country-western supergroup and they eat chickens birds and this is a frustrating thing about about these lyrics is how end I get on board and I’ll walk you through me getting on boards Willie Nelson start said I Was a Highwayman
with sword and Pistol by my side that’s pretty cool
I’ll keep it down if you like
you’re on your own for the route
many a young maid lost her baubles to my trade code but it’s good many a soldier shed his life blood
the bastards have me in the spring of 25 Century you’re talking about that 1925 is what we’ve started hanging the people who ran around the highway with swords I feel like I’m going to go 17 or 18 but he had the rhyme but I am still alive okay so fine good roast
of a Highwayman character that everything it sounds like you’re it for me it doesn’t read literature know it didn’t call it’s just a note that goes to preserve still alive ago since I’m not alive I’m going to go sleep now and that’s that
Santa goes on a cereal box so that I’m a ghost and I love blueberries
sometimes I might I might be ahead of a curve on this side I’m sorry
ghost say I’m a go to Woo’s ghost with Patrick Swayze would have been a terrible terrible movie he would have woken up after getting shot and he would have got I’m a ghost woo and then you never would have met with the Goldbergs to the Poltergeist is in his cups is Jeffy would say he’s a he’s a little drunk I was just saying I sell to screw around a horror New Mexico in Austin for the Mainsail in a Blow chunky killed but I am living still
as Jeff spoiled we’re talking about a Timeless or or is it a series of ghost stepping forward and saying here’s what I was doing
friendship with my my cat my sailor cap in the ghost Anonymous where is stealing water dude, a place called Boulder on the Colorado has no sound but I am still around around around around around in my Chris is going to start great I love this and then and then and then Johnny Cash.
this is the seventh the late 70s early 80s if you didn’t have a spaceship and a quarter of your shit you are off the air so so take it easy on them but it’s a laser
a while back there is a while back but I just thought I like the song that I’ve heard I was listening to it again recently and then my Problem lyric is coming up right at the end
like a bunch of times and never really paid attention to the lyrics As you often do I hear a song a million times but I never knew it that’s why I was actually saying this is my Christmas before Cloud Atlas by the way this talk about how is Tom Hanks my door
a future Rich lady was curious to my disease I talked her into easing my sick son’s disease
explain to me that the human race was a joke I was still Tom Hanks
always be Tom Hanks said I hang said I said I said I’ll find a place to rest my spirit if I can perhaps I may become a Highwayman again
awesome awesome I’m just at the peak of the same guy
or I may simply be a single drop of rain
but I will remain o team
I’ll be back again in a little bit of damn Builder and a Highwayman and a spin a spiritual connection that unites us all but it’s like I may be a drop of rain will me to any drop of rain who is dumb in Chris me I’ve never I’ve never noticed that lyric that is a very disappointing lyrics I got this weird feeling I Was a Highwayman in a past life just so when I die I’ll probably come back as a Highwayman but fuk it you know I meant
and maybe just general Buddhist shit
fight the spaceman is the most cuz you’re seeing stars and fucking planets and shit if you’re ever a drop a rain it’s when you’re flying through space or no there’s no rain in space
call he’s only a drop of rain is so minuscule and even in comparison to the whole of rain in case he’s like a cycle of sold in a cycle of a of a reign of Souls
just keep going like it’s like a water
you know it like it’s kind of one of these what are these people are human beings are a drop of water Soul cycle is like rain and he’s part of all of these souls in these internal Cycles talking about how they used to be Highwaymen but if you are then the whole Saga should be called the drops of rain and I know they should be like one drop of example of a Kind of Rain I was
I was a drop of rain named Ralph from Colorado I slipped ironically unreal rain and fell below
these are all lives in there is pointless has the rain but each drop will remain until the afterlife for possibly a cyclic like karmic traveler goes to maybe I find out maybe I’m nothing maybe that was all pointless maybe I just spaced that I think it’s cool I thought I was dumb until it got resolved where you still remain in or out
I also was a rain in rhyme again and a game because first it was highly a man and again that there was right it’s about it’s about four different like little shapes of loaner you know it’s just because you’re born in a time when when when a man with Integrity wasn’t even if even have the option of being a Cattle Rustler or a Highwayman you know what does it mean that while you’re welding a rivet on the on a damn well you’re built you know something is silly you know exactly like I’m not a cowboy I’m not a Spaceman when I’m a different guys going like you know I was like I was a country-western archetype and then I died but I didn’t die because I’m all done they’re all me and it’s like it’s important to me that that guy be like a guy with with
it’s not a but it’s about a guy’s relationship with the cosmos to Cosmos itself and going like you couldn’t
why not that why is that a different song that’s like something you’d hear in an incense store enough for you that it goes into the hippie cosmological metaphysical at the very end when I can ask you like the elves going across there’s like I’m a person that I am all right how do you turn off your mortality by a fucking bow what the shit is that
thanks Steve and if they do as they got right off the shore they all turned into rain if I was observing my life over Millennia cycling cycling and psychically I might have the thought that shit maybe millions of other people are doing the same thing and that’s also kind of interesting but only worth a passing mention that the song Highwaymen succeeds in doing what it tries to sit on the goal-line a little bit of a goal-line they’re trying to cross this is a giant metaphysical lights thing going on it like I get what they’re going for it but it doesn’t quite succeed and either either way that’s been
it’s a good song though
is Alan will coming or what and he’s not here in the front row that says reserved Allen Wu on it yeah it’s like that fingers like levels the camera frame thing that I’m with you on that song these guys are you guys are working too hard to make sense of something it makes sense I can I say I wrote down this quote you said Spencer what I think is right in saying if it ain’t just so stuck to a song about the archetypes that goes on through.
I think I think they could have been either or and made it better what I think it’s well this is what Spencer said what do I say Spencer said if you’re ever a drop of rain it’s when your flying through space and everyone nodded like yeah that’s fine
that’s true Spencer I think it’s funny that is Johnny Cash’s that what they call clearly wrote their own versus and then they’re like I’m going to be I’m going to be under the driver spaceship I’m not sure about that I don’t know if my guess is that Chris drivers at the wholesale florist or one other person has to be so different Johnny Cash Johnny Cash at the end hopefully people will stop paying attention to lyrics by then but I like the big is a big guy from year to year like like like Johnny Cash went through a heavy period of time where
he’s like the fuck I’m fucking damn it I was worried about it weird the the Sailor One is kind of have fucking a mouthful that I heard of the furlin further I don’t know I don’t know if it was like yeah like an MC thing where they you check came in with it written on their hand in their lives but I was I was a plumber and if this is supposed to be the crap
I found the Peanuts movie to distinguish heard from diarrhea teens or 20s being disappointed when they changed again to a game and I hate with song make it a game yeah like they do Yoda speak like just to make the rain forest look like
end and my love you will have all right so we watch Nightmare on Elm Street 2 this weekend and one and one we watch one cuz it was Craven passing we thought we’d honor him again and he can eat that lyrics before I move on I don’t know or something Lopez’s turquoise
the Bob and Emily and AJ and holy cats Nightmare on Elm Street 2 is super gay and homophobic or how or inaccurate statement it is one of the gayest movies has ever been made V gay is fuck it there is some. Externalized gay things about it because a lot of people taking their shirts off in like doing push-ups together but but the thing that really makes it gay is the gay love those the relationship you guys and then the part where they’re fighting in one that pulled his pants down and the Fight Continues with just one guy’s butt out
herbal is like today it would be looked at as totally Progressive because it is like there’s a there’s a girl in the movie but she’s not she never there’s not an inch of skin outside her arms so she’s my collar bone exposed she started like a regular person and she has a pillow fights or have any friends but the guys have friends that but it’s just from they can all go out for like men are objectified talking about is how one of them
what they do keep talking about because that’s the one where Freddy is inside the kid and so they the whole movie is about a kid it’s about a kid going to being misunderstood by people and going like I don’t know who the writer actually in an interview said yes I was thinking of this as a metaphor for for being young and figuring out that you’re gay but he didn’t expect the director doesn’t take it and then and then double down on it already Monster House that look like one of the first piece of advice he gave me is like he said he said I don’t know if this is maybe I’ve been trying this am I going to be like Bruce Lee like teaching people who knows kung fu
he said every every screenwriters always have a secret you don’t have a secret about the movie like like you try to be trying to be transparent and all your work quickly get your own head on paper and and and be really clear about things and compassionate but then there’s one little exception to that which is like the writer should know something that nobody else knows like like the basketball in Monster House is DJ’s puberty Boyhood bouncing over to the house or something like that I think I think that was me phoning in like headed by a guy okay it’s just puberty I’ll keep it a secret if that writer had that handgun it makes a lot of sense
what does a mortgage and I like who you are as opposed to being a kid kids kids and they take what they want from the grown-ups you know there are communists and parents are are capitalists in the basketball is from, which is going from Boyhood to adult is not viable that should have been the tagline for the movie don’t know what time is it in Friday the 13th Nightmare on Elm Street part 1 the girl is a typical kind of scream Queen she’s being stalked by this Freddy guy
and she says I have this idea like watch me sleep and then I’ll then wake me up and I’m going to try to grab Freddy that whole thing is played out in this movie as well but he goes to the guy’s house like the guy Clark crawls in the window of a another hunky guys bedroom and like wakes him up and he’s wearing like this midriff shirt and he’s like what’s going on Taylor and it’s like listen I really need to talk to you really like in the movie she just doesn’t that that’s not who he takes his problems too and he tells him like I want you to wake me up with this
I love him and they’re not currently calling each other back or anything like that like there was a lot of stuff in the 80s it was like oh you know your guys like bullying each other for being like calling each other homo while they beat him up at them in that same seeing if I go the water is like listening off of my packs like it is that they act like that’s that’s kind of like on the sleeve on the rolled up fluorescent sleeve like this is from your leftover a Highwayman aggression has been taking out on me now
I feel like I feel like you’re being some sort of weird Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Rage on me right now and I don’t I don’t know he’s a really good one that’s where their dream Warrior each have a dream power to the only thing I know but I’ve never seen Don Dokken did the soundtrack for it was all Dokken songs I don’t know who that is he was a rock and roll yeah we’ll also do yourself a favor and load up the Fat Boys Freddy Krueger video when the fat boys are running around the house that they’re being chased by Friday but they’re still find time for donuts play my name is Freddy Krueger in a beard
he doesn’t have like a bridge I don’t think Freddie shows up in the Will Smith won in the Yoda talk words that rhyme Freddy alright Pico and evil I like when they have like wraps at the end of like recap the whole movie where you like who’s that cuz I just saw the movie you don’t need a recap it is it for people to come in at the credits for the credit to the very happy if there was a wrap at the end of every movie I know I loved it to let me feel bad for the rapper like I feel like like it wasn’t his idea to like rap about ghostbusting
like he’s like in front of the microphone like like seeing the ghost of his dad like shaking his head cuz he’s lying
you know what it is Dad’s like
boy you used to rap about selling cocaine
yeah not running lizards with tasers and lasers
razors was right there only thing that’s in Star Trek Star Trek was rapping about Star Trek. Okay new segment it’s called sperm count questions
prayer about you hear it a lot but what do you do when he got your sperm and it being counted firm count?
yeah yeah because yeah
then this is not a note but sometimes you give me a look like you want me to kill the music you give me that kind of like I do I want you to go I thought you were saying I only asked
are you guys I’m always amazed at what you know when to cut the music out right questions or do you have spoke up I have sperm count what’s a good number 88
80 81 82 83 84 queso here’s the thing about sperm count here’s the Siri okay so I come sperm I do you take you take a needle in you and then you’re like you’re at your you have some like sample size like a cubic cubic Micron or whatever the fuck it is a nuclear you go in and you know I’m not doing it as far as I understand it the seat of the idea is that what it is is a it’s a it’s like a ratio to amount of fluid right I would assume so shit in the jacket I would think it’s like this for him and not the semen what is his gesture
can you get a perm sorry
firm ground and hurt
the same thing happens in Nightmare on Elm Street part 2 there’s this whole scene in Biology class I just spent 20 minutes. I could forget how do you spell it so you have like the sample and then they have like I use real eggs or not but what they count is how many make it to the egg weight really like how many viable sperm make it through and tell me about it so you have like a smaller, because less would make it where is the egg that they’re using in the counting
it’s the same lady for all hits one lady in a window in her inner like over at 1 I think they put they put they put semen and then they come it will be back in 6 hours Gloria and she’s okay she puts out of headphones
I Was a Highwayman seriously come on there’s right now this is this raises 90 more question how do you count these but your actual viable eggs and creating a situation where the sperm would find out how much like the active sperm you have versus bulshit deadbeat never going to make
erase all of my questions about sperm count have to do with how they do it so I mean that’s an interesting but it doesn’t look up Michael North Moore Street

look up the sperm in town how’s it going I was going to Google it
no sperm motility so get lazy and so how they measure it is just like literally watched them move and if it’s a guy and they don’t care what direction they go okay so so so let’s say I come
I do a money is in my car
under a microscope slide with a picture of a red head on it
can you put it under the microscope and now you see well you’re going to see like a random number of of sperm they out they have to like they do they have a set number so is a sperm count is the amount of spermatozoa Peru density yeah I will sacrifice your gone
don’t know Porta with firm and the price is going to be the worst what’s your name mine’s will okay and so they actually major several things but one thing is sperm count which is the number of sperm per volume okay tell me they talked about moving all right so sperm count morphology also what is that which is how many look defective I mean actually look odd like two minutes. Do you want it to make it to the egg care about anything but sperm count sperm like I like the volume is that so that’s percent volume so so the thing is like like like
ladies cover your ears it’s not like my balls have a bunch of coming up and I’d like including the sperm and then it’s like a battle without like it’s like a it’s like my my my balls are making sperm cells the liquid is that that makes up the majority of his semen in from someplace out of the seminal vesicle don’t forget the Cowper’s Gland what about the vas deferens that deference
volume are they taking when you come
is there a joke that said there’s a vast difference between sperm and semen you just did you just buy the first time vape pen take a measured amount and then count them sorry ladies the fucking cloudy wide the fucking like it’s like there’s like it looks like the Earth in there it looks like there’s like North America and Australia I mean how do you do you know our friend who go in there and like to donate sperm all the times of denum may have countless children at that we have no idea how terrifying
counter counter I counter while you put your sperm
back in there like this is just water off too much come back when you have a jerk off all fucking day long and bring me some actual like come we can’t do anything with all right so they’re kind of goes to my point I guess they’re like the idea of this is not at this is an organic like I still don’t I don’t understand this idea that you can sign not like one constant thanks on the solution there’s some stuff that sperm that swimming sperm and some stuff that supports it but sometimes okay they measure a set amount of all your question
please search simmer down so I so I think I’m starting to get this what I’m deducing from this is that when you forgive me ladies just well be with you in one moment when you come like you’re coming like a random amount of fluid like like like like like sometimes you know it’s like you know it’s like a little bit and sometimes it’s a lot sometimes it’s just dust
I can’t use this come back and so I’m assuming we’re going to table that comment until a little later and so I’m assuming like that that what that means is that the amount of fluid that comes out of your weiner when you have an orgasm it has nothing to do it that’s like just a that’s just fluid that your sperm count even on a bad day or a bad bad day meeting like less fluid coming out of your weiner like during an orgasm that that would have the same sperm count as Wednesday when you’re like look at all that but it’s like same sprint Still Still threes Reaper dinner can I drop so can I ask you a question why are you going in regularly to know I’m asking is because I’m curious about how they count sperm know this is not as there’s nothing personal about taking this long I just want to know how they count
if you go to the gym today
you’ve gone in and tried multiple times but the way that you started talking about it sounded like like Mario stuff about it I don’t I don’t I don’t see any question is whether or when it’s still the same number of sperm and it’s just more liquid or is it the same density hence more sperm on better days so I couldn’t read it just mathematically yeah it should just average out to the point that they could do science and determine what’s good or bad task whenever he ejaculates and it but but it always happens with a random amount of fluid and that that sample of sperm might be lazy weirdos first and when they’re counting on they’re not worried about that don’t go like well you got a very high sperm count but they all look like Gregg Allman
4 tails
come again
hey you forgot your drink you forgot it
that’s cute as a liquor huh yeah man is a handsome young man
I thought I thought
are we connecting dots right now have a baby with a with a woman and raise it with a man
why isn’t it’s just I think it’s cuz he was thinking that sometimes he comes a lot and sometimes it comes a little and he’s like probably would have popped in my head just today when I jerked off yet and I was like oh that’s good though I was like I feel good I wonder if it feels better when there’s were liquid that comes out or when there’s more sperm coming out A variation of the sperm because there’s a sperm count and they likely the internet that’s why I said if you take longer there’s more that comes out is it like your body like sort of like he knew he worked hard for this
Kevin Moore it’s weird it’s so weird why I apologize to his one of his big series the people know him for is that you would penis as a as a head on it because it’s so plunger it’s supposed to like yo pull back you like the previous competitors I don’t think that does not happen I don’t think when I have sex has more sperm in my penis how do you say give another guy that just fucked her right before me getting it and remove his stuff into your penis
how do you cook and then mine
that would be amazing if that’s great I am
so his thing is that they had scraped takes out all the other and it’s just like you know like what like creating suction on the way out cuz this fighting is pulling back I don’t I don’t I don’t animals probably had that and then it is less and less but it’s probably a remnant of that could be who knows I mean I think what’s interesting is actually like going to be important thing about anthropology is not proving things but actually he’s actually coming up a crazy theories because like we are basing all of our understanding of Humanity on cray TV series that regularly get disproved like in 1995 we found out a bunch of shit that they’re still teaching in high school that’s based on 50s understanding of anthropology it all fell apart 95 but they still teach the same thing which is basically that we were apes and trees and that we that that there was some kind of climatic change that put us onto the Plains and it is Savannah environment that’s why we started walking up right now.
that’s been proven false I mean it’s been proven very very unlikely if not that’s not actually true and false tantalizing like the food that we ate at certain times and revolutionary anyways but but but but so you were never going to know anything because we get where you’re digging trying to dig up our own bones and like figure out like where at what point did we stop being monkeys and start being these amazing the specimens it was that it was an actual I was I was playing the mad that Mad Max video game all day today and you like to read about it yeah well thank you it was it mean it was an actual just like my dogs are going insane
but you know before that movie Fury Road kind of stuff in it to like the title and they don’t know what they’re just having a dog bark and then have to leave our dog growl and having like two different kinds of barks cuz you’re using the different kinds of parts to find the minds that you have to diffuse something like like like or something who knows the picture of a cat’s butt in any regular could dogs are just like because if there was if there was a video game but you didn’t know what video games were and you just always have you heard some guy in your house going on like
happy birthday
you’d also do the dog equivalent of the human equivalent of what the dogs are doing which is like not bark what you’d like grabbed a butcher knife or they like Harvey already like he freaked out when he sees dogs then he sees the dog in the Mad Max car like barking at the box and he’s just freaking out and but that over time they got used to it so I think it’s very dark but understands like they started to figure out it was a recording because that’s why they don’t react every time music comes on there not like we’re back in the house you ever notice that animals don’t freak out as much as they should about like TV and music like when it’s playing like given how fucking freak out a raccoon a block away like scratch Runners at ghost in your closet
you know it you seen it don’t act all scientific
do you think your dog when it sees a dog on TV is like oh that’s that’s a dog
why does the dog barking sounds didn’t watch TV Harvey watch his TV if he sees a dog or Danny DeVito he like freaked out
and that’s not a joke like a Danny DeVito like lately late late always sunny at but then it was The Rainmaker movie the key art was walking next to Matt Damon with a briefcase and he’s like
try to see if in the penguin makeup if he still Parks he doesn’t think that he’s looking through a Magic Window always changing
he’s probably just reacting to buy simple stimulus like the sound of something and he realized that’s only sound is no smell to that I could not connect to smell is a big way I’m smelling something but where’s the visual like I would guess it is very simple little stimuli maybe because I think it is I mean you could say that about anything honestly with any with any animal including us but the thing is like he sees the dog on the screen and then forget about barking like like like just like watching like a cartoon wear like a dog love cereal late late like in the. I look like a cartoon dog walking on its hind legs shrubs. By the way does this with the Family Guy the fucking that dog like like his dog like recognize it as a dog and start freaking out it’s a coffee mug it doesn’t even look like a dog expression of the idea of a dog and the dog eats it.
is we made them what do you call a canis familiaris
that’s all dogs that are bounced around when you’re on on familiar terms with them they’re going to walk them down the road they barked a car is moving cuz they want to hurt like moving things next to you they want to they want to move things on every time I hear about protection so we bred them to very to do very specific tasks and now Harvey is a Golden Retriever and a poodle
I have a guy on the side like I was looking at a little dog and I was like it’s it’s it’s it has like little tiny it’s stunted legs and wait wait what’s the what do you what are you what are you
but you every dog has like I said what do you think these things are for like they’re going back to the way what was their what was their purpose and it was a friend of like Ridley’s or something and he was just talking to and I was just sitting on his dog about the dog breed think it was kind of defensive like I guess you stopped for like I was accusing him of that Eugenics are the wiener dogs do they call those in like a like a giant dogs those have been we have made as extreme by breeding those just for luck I want to read to be like naturally it was a much more effective like Healthy dog and now he’s taken that dog and made it made way less
and Shar Peis are just seen a riddle that has like the alcohol to save people in the snow Saint Bernard Snoop Dogg you know they sold those
they sell those barrels to their necks I think weiner dogs chase rats I think that’s why they were bred Terriers and they have a heavy heavy like relative the dog you just like Mary diagnosable OCD the Terriers a Jack Russell in particular Lake because there’s such good road dogs they said they’ve bred now they read it it’s it’s like they’re obsessed with detailed are obsessed with holes electrical outlets corners of the coffee table if they start licking your face they can’t stop you know lately my friend has a Jack Russell terrier and it’s like do we live in a house full of ghosts because I started hearing something at all times and trying to burrow through the wall I guess he’s just a burrower
Thunder song
Danny DeVito who’s like a fucking
or maybe just bring him to me like maybe he
he’s in Hollywood maybe he wanted some point
I’m so sorry sir
let me call you in a over
it’s a Goldendoodle I understand
and I hope you don’t take this personally but I am I leading the charge and legislation against these animals
just a side note here about him would confirm that you’re so lucky
Nightmare on Elm Street 2 you coming in loaded for bear like you want to win these arguments as opposed to cuz I was like I was I was playing Mad Max I was when I was going to say is I was just like I am like getting into the game. It’s like you’re right you know that you did a lot of like our compact so it’s kind of like 6 I went I bothered to go outside to play fetch with the dogs and it was like oh shitt what a lovely day
what wasn’t a lovely day
I mean meteorite meteorological it was a lovely day it was like 79 degrees is it going to be a beautiful day
I can’t see any of that
what what else do you have on your list I don’t have a check in with you cuz we don’t see you anymore so like what’s what’s been going on your show is doing well everyone loves it and like you you were you shooting in movies now in all kinds of places and I don’t know just
that was the one that I was
really truly very very nervous about and very very excited like usual but it’s not tiny either I think there may be annoyed that I put you know it’s the X-Files does Animal Control Officers but it was crazy cuz I honestly I found out two months before I did it and I was like I didn’t tell anybody I didn’t watch a single episode cuz I was freaked out and then when I landed I I was like fine I was at work and it seems as if I’m going to be nervous and then went to pick me up to give me a folder and it said Kumail nanjiani X-Files welcome folder and it was Mulder’s like I want to believe poster but instead of I want to believe it was Monday and that’s
call Natalie Isaac Emily I’m freaking out a little bit right now you need to talk me down but it was a single episode cuz I didn’t want like start freaking out I just wanted to be at the show you were going to be on in your head and not like back in the dream I never dared dream coming true you know I wouldn’t even had that, I would have been like I should watch every episode twice so that I really know the tone of the show and then I’d be like
I know the show super well so that wasn’t the end of be cool around them like a nice to meet you do you get to work clothes
if I didn’t just talked to 158
wow I very rarely I have this moment I want a didn’t just meet I had a scene with them at a couple things with ball at scenes with them
it’s not only talk about without getting teary-eyed
so I have this moment where I was like I didn’t cuz I was talking to you know Jelena and send David Duchovny and I kind of like you know I was with them for 3 days and then it was during one of the scenes I was like looking to Mulder and Scully now like I didn’t just talked to David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson I talked to Mulder and Scully end the end the end the sexual tension great no idea I could be like so I’m a I’m a failure as a fan cuz I don’t even know the details late is Chris Carter running it and a lot of the old is he again but he just was at home you know
is the episode was written and directed by my favorite house right now with your big ass ass man I just listen to the podcast probably everybody knows his arm as a podcast called The X-Files files though he talks to like best case scenario you start a podcast about something you love because you’re right now or because you have that podcast or mixture of both or just one more time they clearly were like it’ll mean so much to this guy
and it does I thinking as a producer I’d be like well this guy’s not going to complain if we go over time oh yeah I was like I’m here what you guys need the food whatever you want on the other actors are busy
for having me go back to what you said earlier you say sometimes you walk away from having shot something you go nailed it or sucks that you have and I have zero set timer overblown I remember every single moment I just was like I don’t know if I’m good in their store it was hot cuz it’s also outside of my like I don’t I haven’t done sci-fi horror stuff got heavy lifting the gym at 11 motional rain stuff to go through as a pretty he wasn’t like a fully easy like it was kind of hard like there was I had to like do stuff today just like crack wise so it was so much and that’s why it’s hard to know like I don’t know how do you get there and you work in a really really hard then it’s just noise that you’re making and
can I
do you know Alan or why did you guys do
is that going to show the bathroom you guys
yeah yeah you know I mean is that what ya when do you get Applause for that do you remember it doesn’t even remember being potty-trained is that is that a memory his own shit and I was a huge Family schedule
smoking hash browns I guess mom came in and I saw him what age are we talkin I don’t know if she ever says she put him on the toilet and then when she came back he had done his business and he was like he was bent over and just like pulling out and eating it like like I do I poop too much that I should put too much for you say that you can just be like no new taxes and if it was better there shouldn’t be new taxes do you take me to kid being guilty about boobies or and he’s starving by Blackjack pay me more food
this is about what you know I mean no no no worries I think it’s sort of like discredited by his the people that came after him which and I think a little too much because it’s not like we all question Ben Franklin we talked about electricity like Freud was the first guy to go what if your brain is complicated and before that it was just like you’re a lady you should lay down if you’re hysterical her ass is making you crazy and Freud would like know what if there’s like a bunch of shit in your brain that you don’t even understand why why why we should we take shifts on him because he also said we all want to fuck are mods out of that but anyways that was my defense segments of other mammals they just think that you don’t Dearborn and they start walking and and and kids are like you know where put were born conscious and we may not be bored moral but we’re born conscious and sentient and then like the first
that happens is you make something you make something that’s not you but you made it came out of you and like so it and so things Can Happen video Freud’s theory was that things are happening formatively to you depending on the attitudes in their world for the thing you made and your life and then the other things at the things you put in your mouth isn’t it you know that’s all you can do people react to that how do you feel about that and do you make a duty and you should have heard those phrases the anal fixation in the oral fixation and stuff but anyways. That makes sense like the the penis plunger I don’t doubt it but it’s so specific but we have our episode title
simple things make sense to me like oh yeah that like your mom’s the first person who your first woman you meet your dad’s the first man you meet like you can’t really argue with the Simplicity of that you can you can argue about neuroplasticity and whether or not you still have a chance cuz I overcome you that your your your nurture with your aunt and your nature but fight like it but it’s still like like like simple shit like makes sense to me I keep take a shit shit on your hand in the crib I think you’re like probably I’m sure we all ate it I don’t shoot it at some point you just didn’t get caught and didn’t do it at like like like a weird cartoon like cartoon like like like a fish bone comes out
this guy took it to a papaya place
has he deserves the shame that he probably still lives with how is He adjusted as you’re going up into a happy healthy human being who are like I think they’re like yeah look at X-rays and they’re in charge of whether or not you get over or under irradiated when you’re so someone out there is like doesn’t know that the guy at the button once ate his own shadow
do you remember when you I don’t remember any memories of potty training
are you are you okay do you want to talk about your poopy I may or may not have a kidney stone so I’ve been drinking water. I was going to ask him for notes you know
yeah Spencer health coverage is it that is terrible pain in his gut and he was afraid to go to the emergency room because yeah cuz you hear horror stories that’s like I broke my foot and they charged me $20,000 you know I don’t know if I went know I went to the doctor they said I had a kidney stone but you know who knows what they know
how did they figure out that you are the kidneys because if they touched my appendix and it didn’t explode like it exploded in my body I didn’t have an appendix problem and you know your intestine infection so those are the things that can happen in your bladder
so yeah you can form but so can stalactites
70% of the wages for the same job
maternity leave star shaped bone fragments in Burger King in weapon diameter of a drinking straw cocktails draw like a little tiny cocktails are fucking tiny a ninja star the size of a marble can’t can I please right now so this out there to the Aether that the guy that did the song put music to that right now I don’t know if there was any meter to that I was really impressed when we talked about Miss misogyny infil’a Janine and I was a delightful idea to use when you I just realized
defile the fill in philanthropy that it’s like oh it’s the same as the fill it’s the 5-mile like that the end of people who fuck different things file Phil Philadelphia if I fill fill anthropy versus missing therapy and then misogyny there is no phylogeny not even possible as far as I know the best you can do is get along with him at work would be that you you like the Chinese and then I’ll ask into a hella hella hella I like those Chinese I don’t like to miss that show that’s not ringing any bells for me about Jesus Christ were drunk okay
I didn’t retweet it because it sounds like I like those Chinese it’s distracting for that reason and it’s like if I ruined retweeted it the wrong kind of people would have liked come out of the woodwork caring it out of context original I don’t listen to get you confused with everyone else but
but it came out great you should listen to it it’s a great song that’s a go-to for me I’ve used that phrase a lot to look at that that’s my that’s my ironic is that I don’t get the joke is there in the where your weiner should be that’s the joke
I ain’t your right I’m in a bad mood I don’t I don’t like you guys are doing great then thank you sir I said I didn’t like it
you are doing great but you little on edge tonight
how do you say during a lovely day
well as it having played an edgy video game all afternoon at that could make your mood a little yeah my phone says when I’m playing in after the video game thing but she says from the description of what you’re doing when you’re playing video games what you do when you’re at work it sounds like you’re not taking a break from work so much as you are feeding an addiction to a heightened state of nervous miss your nervous system you need to meditate and calm down and I have found at that works I like but I don’t want to the way I don’t want to take a shower in a second I know you don’t want to do things that are good for you when you’re like an addicted state I’m coming home from work and I’m like I don’t want to think about anything but I definitely my nervous systems at a six instead of a zero so it goes to 9 the 10 is a cooking show
best if I just keep talking they’ll think it’s exhausting reference no one will ever know somebody cooking shows by the time I get to the bottom of the Earth
I got your laugh I’m out of town
the but I didn’t stop down and explain that and now I forgot what I was saying one thing right now I’m like helping a guy out the script and moved in and there’s a lot of jobs when is it when you relax what do you do is I play video games and she’s like what kind of video games like like and I said well I complain Witcher 3 right now and she says what what is it what is it what it was that like to come by your side quests and then you could have did a thing as if we were living in a wouldn’t know which of those you just described it was
the break you were taking it all sounds like you may be like actually just feeding a you know you’re amped up and then you like you want to stay there do you do something you said real quick you meditated I do not know what is that like breathing but I’m purpose
the first time that’s ever been asked to anyone I can retire as a guru now
HD dizi I just pray that you’re focusing your mind on the same thing your body is always focused. So they can have the same page you take if you just keep breathing and try to stop thinking about things but you also don’t punish yourself for thinking about things your mind is all warmed up get your nervous system down to a zero level so that everything that’s happening is happening for the first time like as far as your body is concerned that way if something frustrating happens to you that’s like a level of three frustration and you had a zero where did you learn that, meditation

where did where did you learn to meditation it was there a teacher
what level are you is this a 06
only partially judge but I went and saw the three wrote it I might have mentioned that we talked about in the show before when I drove home disappointed that people weren’t trying to ran me off the road and all they had was supposed to be like behind the wheel that was it was 2 hours of of wheels and exhaust and Flame I was just drive home is so peaceful and I was like it didn’t make any sense I miss the top of that what that’s from you playing what’s happening on the light is red and it was like it was it was it was strange that the shake yourself out a little bit of that thing that you just been immersed into so I can imagine it will you play video game you play at 4 for 6 hours sometimes like that would I can’t see how that would not affect yeah I don’t know what I’m getting out of it
break that I need a break I think it’s what we need to recognize that you’re going into a different room like your ear shutting out your real life but that’s different from taking a break filling your your your energy like you’re you’re just you just you just you just putting an ice pack I don’t know like what the metaphor would be like you’re you’re just like you just disconnect know if I’m working a lot then I can’t really play an intense video game which means it’s come from the same like reservoir of energy or whatever it is so when I’m like working a lot I just play very repetitive video games that require no skill or concentration but then when I’m not working they don’t play like Witcher or metal gear or something you don’t you don’t like go and sit in the chair and put your hands on your laps and stare stare forward and just like take for 4 second deep breaths and let him out for like like like because it doesn’t feel
you could ever liquid feels like that would be that would make you worse at your job or worse it can make you better write definitely make you better check Twitter or something I totally do that definitely always relaxes me I’m definitely going there for relaxation
give me the number to Brighthouse
have we forgotten somebody forgot the guests that we had tonight but in my defense they were not here when I took the stage so I kind of forgot them but they’re right here at the merge there’s two of them so I would I would gladly go back to have them come out cute he’s getting there there’s people here he’s welcome David Horowitz and is Shawn Pearlman
me at the more we take them off or just talk
I’ll read the minute I turn down the street about cuz you weren’t here but here it just allows me to not feel as bad as I should for forgetting to bring you up where at where at where at as mad as a positive neutral on a 2-0 of my relationship to them right my nervous system that has six didn’t help or hurt yours nervous I did want to read so much Ron perlman’s tweets but it’s funny though so we can find a s h a w n Perlman as Pearl is an oyster Pearl and man
and also what I tweet so special to you but he’s one of them was like I really into religious text recently like this when I got it to him for my priest that you up
I think that’ll work really just text and also a little anti-catholic play Glee Glee Glee cast version in there too
I don’t want to delete it now so we’re open to the cuties yeah here on Farrell audio that’s here for Justin Marshall
what are the Little Cuties do the Little Cuties my question answer mine first
okay well they they do not behave like adults a lot of the time yet so maybe if they wear wear down shirts they also come to the show on a giant cocktail of cold medicine
maybe you are eating habits on super results one time I ate Sean’s three-week-old birthday cake for dinner that’s just like the kind that’s so many mistakes anymore
cake for dinner 3 weeks old my birthday it’s his birthday it’s my birthday cake laughing part of that story is made up can’t because that’s like we had dinner in Wheatley cuz I have a studio we talked about that idea but like I want we want to make it to do a cartoon so we can talk about it when I bring it up what do you guys talk about the podcast we have a lot of regrets as two men we talked about being we’re both 32 years of age were both trying maybe you’ll actually before it sold for tonight. It’s like we can’t get away with quite as much anymore feel like little babies but we’re not people expect more of us so we’re just trying
a better human beings and so invite people on who may or may not be grown up and then we sort of asked them are you an adult or a little cutie deposit to the group episodes to do you actually solidify the definition of Little Cuties so if you which I realized three episodes that I wasn’t smart enough to do so we just got into a big fight I was like a stand up for each other. Yeah yeah that’s a big fight and I just had like this big long drawn-out thing in the back of like a brewery where there’s a stand-up show and and we realized like this isn’t worth it it’s not worth it to fight about a real a real fight like a real emotional like
how long have you guys known each other seven or eight years and we’ve been coming on married for six right you been called in the past and are you little cutie a friend of mine used to kind of make fun of me a little bit early but I used to anytime I would show it to a party in like a sweater or button down shirt or just anything that kind of was me trying to look a little bit older acting a bit older she would just look at me go look at you you look cute in your little sweater over my God knows what does that mean what what I’m not allowed to be in such a little cutie and I realized I know I can’t I’m like wearing the disguise of an adult but that money for a while that you might be a successful 65 75 85 year old gentleman that you know was like loads of
successful man and people still go see who you both might be like you might have you might need to turn a Little Cuties which is one of the greatest things that you might be it might you might be somebody else which is the kind of thing we’re going for it which is inside job of those through the aesthetic of like the Muppet Babies watching us to Mischief but our Mischief is like not know how to text a girl back or like you know freaking out over the material before we talked about your material on the show but I don’t understand the format is that are you guys in front of a microphone
Meredith is Alive podcast and it’s gone was the stop talking so cute
format is because we’re not super locked into an everyone have 12 episodes you got a couple of guests we just kind of have a free-flowing interview with that with a guess we bring on in the first 20 or so minutes we we get to know where I guess we get to see you like what kind of behavior makes up their life if they consider themselves and adults you know what kind of behavior they exhibit if we have some arbitrary like do you live alone or do you have a long-term partner do you have a stable employment only one person has identified as an adult but he’s very kind of really great you’re anxious a weird like us right he’s like that I got everything under control or a little cutie
I don’t know if I was committing myself to that term damn I feel good
I like a big fat Mountain at its
we forgot do I ingest I suggest you add that cuz I can search for like an adult and think of myself as like a kid when I’m not paying attention you know like I see a couple kids and I’m like oh check out those kids I’m 27 do you know we’re not both kids together you’re 14 what kind of how old is a kid in your mind that like if your Steve said I’m looking at a kid how old is that kid for 8:14 like we’re on the same level
then you are a little cutie and I didn’t well that’s what I’m not paying attention but otherwise it’s just feel like yeah it’s not like I’m I mean I’m not going around my life like being being childish I’m not I’m not super up on how well you know how a mortgage is work or what a credit limit is you know stuff like that it happens to be 750 500 man yeah it’s I don’t think it is anymore but it was a commercial I saw
little cute little cute in your low credit scores
like me do you want to remain Little Cuties are you are you asking the universe as whether or not this was that kind of situation we hope that there is like in Ark to are podcasts that overtime will become what we know it will graduate as adults in the Latin the final episode with already made strides employed man and beaten down a wonderful relationship I bought shoes you’ve lost a bad radio but they’re like Jews one person agrees and we’re trying to I was the I think that you know that you here’s my prediction Sean stays little cutie all the way through you turn into the Walter Matthau in this I had a couple issues are always because always in a fight
way to add on one little cutie aspect of yourself to deny yourself of your adulthood I think I’ll just a brighter color my hair starts going and then all bets are off a new category in a mountain of debts secret menu realm the little TV should come back next week or something so we can have them a little later and work and work you do for a longer time with us because we existed until it was time to start playing in the end we’ll get out of here I’ll let you know if I do not I want to listen to Little Cuties at I like the premise of yeah you can start listening to it will have a Little Cuties on the next week or something what are you everyone what about you I would say probably
I’m kind of an eternal when I was 4 I felt 4141 now I feel 40 if what if I live to be 90 I will I will be at 40 Amarillo 40 like an adult must have known you were this the whole time that makes so much sense of what we talked about this stunning stunning I was a little cutie when I was a kid
all right I’m working and I spend a little cuties each other to their room and put it towards back out
sorry I’ll make it up to you
they’re easy to abuse cuz they’re Little Cuties tomorrow’s Brown get back on it was
sorry about that to barge I’m all apologies tonight that’s the title of the podcast the morning when I was in high school things that we loved to freak out about was that Highwayman song you guys are never seen the video of them one of them is the official video with it was a video they made in the style of Iron Maiden The Trooper so black-and-white Conestoga wagon freaked out when they took the clouds and isolate them somehow and turn them upside down and it’s time lapse them so they’re turning his face appears in space
Thayer’s face man it’s like a solid gold produced high performance I think I want one of those like country some country hit my summer special for episodes and there’s one I think it just looks like they’re standing there and everything’s green screen and then when it gets the cash all the windows turn to space and he’s wearing a long coat and then they put like Chrome on it or something and he’s just kind of he doesn’t he’s the only one who doesn’t move so when you’re saying I fly a Starship only his cheeks are kind of vibrator you can stand on it
are you a little about me ask you female in the choosing of a helper you can you can be someone who’s presenting his female you can be having a female day you can you can you can have an inner chromosome but I’m not going to pick you up you look a good dude because we had too many anybody that hasn’t been up here before that’s that’s that’s feeling feminine what is Marissa
I’m just handing me
and I believe you’ll be playing at Aaron mcgathys character Mercy O’Donnell because we have the original doctor friend here and we certainly have our horta garden Dr Fred how many times he had them have you explained your character but never played that makes sense I don’t think so I mean you might have thank you
oh I think someone thanks for coming up Marissa so best behavior guys let’s really nauseous role-playing out of the park for a Talon we was here observing is going to direct harmonquest so he’s he’s like where would I put the camera and what is the show I already warned it’s a mess so don’t come to the Harmon quite as harmontown show and think that it’s what we do but I also I also think we could knock it out of the park we play this game for a half-hour every show but we only play it for 45 seconds and then the end of the show I was just in the green room with Spencer he was describing what happened last time I was like I don’t remember any of that about the mp3s and stuff for like like I don’t have to like really listen to his recap Spencer you ready for a great great thank you for helping
alright this one’s done by Chris Mueller and he didn’t even rhyme all right I’ll just do it seemed the failures beset by his team their briefcase was empty his conscious wait half the emergency couldn’t even sit while remaining unseen so the gang metal old Hank Salon to put on an old 70s band on that’s my fault but the Jukebox was vapid an old Hank was rapid to suggest an adventure that might not be can on so are out of me for the help of some math much gifted progeny with their persistent assistance at Hank’s grade insistent they’d have a song that would say open sesame thank you
then help me out that account catch y’all up I would like to I would like to go for Content over over style recap is all in Portuguese listening to these recap more intently than me because I was drunk last week as it when I played and now drink this weekend of my drunk guy we do we have to come up with a song that that crack the code what yeah I got doesn’t ring any bells well you know what’s going on Marissa
looking at the end okay oh yeah alright you’re standing in the cademy of the gifted art students in front of several small creepy looking children you’ve just shown them what you got for you know no reason and with no introduction
really like saying that I was out here for this. It was a blackout straight black and get my notes and all I wrote down was
troll magnet that’s all I have
Alexander remember that the very end there was a vagina mesh commercial or something or will that was two episodes ago I turned down a cooking show for this
didn’t know it was going to be one one guy cooking One camera easy to travel the world
Is that real or a reference to the most nervous thing possible
that’s where we stand and what do we need we’re in the Academy of gifted art students ask them for help to learn how to how to get perfect pitch so you can break the musical locks okay let’s ask him
all right go ahead hate so what do we need to do to break this lock oh I don’t know what you’re talkin about but if you want to learn how to sing will really put you through the wringer all right so I have a guy have a question for the game thank you really exist right we just came to the academy because we assume going on an MP3 Mission which was made up by somebody that we were going to have to sing eventually so we came to the academy to learn how to say yeah the locks exist but there is no they’re locking the cargo which you’re not need these back all right okay that’s Rings sort of the Bell whippersnappers have nothing hardcore seasoned salt a group of shadowrunners anything of the week all right training montage right
the power alright you learn how to sing
check your pictures perfect
kids thank you
thank you thank you.
We would see Three Stooges level status on that be
yeah when it was fun plumbers you ever hired all right see you later send you a check I felt like it’s felt like seven so at what do we what do we use this new power that we might live with that we are clearly one of the vocal groups in town how do we use this to our advantage of shadowrunners that’s what we going to go on this mission that we that we took on and then I explained what the mission is via Spencer Spencer’s voice all right so Hanks last and you were there Hank he was explaining that the Jukebox is all fucked up cuz he doesn’t have any of that old style MP3 in self he knew he knew that in the storage facility there is under lock and key musical lock and key all them P3 the files that you could you could ever ask for
how far away are we from the storage facility not far she’ll be cold enough to call an Uber or close enough to walk I think we should get an Uber anyway I mean it’s a hot day if you can’t that’s right I hope you’re ready to go downtown. That’s right I’m sorry five of us can you take 500 driver from Cameron’s going to take us to drive like Fury all right
hope you will enjoy clips from Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Allison we learn how to sing tell me to get you what you want these MP3 is just to make your jukebox the best jukebox in the world or is there is there is there a is there an ulterior motive when we have good music let let me tell you okay the customers are going to start rolling in your jukebox now to open this thing up and get the MP3 did not do that we’re going to go to the storage facility why do we why do we come in.
how far are we from the storage facility wiping us to the fact that you’re outside of StorQuest okay the storage facility me Mahna Mahna Mahna do you guys want to hang out when I get back up again Somewhere Over the Rainbow River
keep buying stuff outside StorQuest storage facility storage facility here in Yorktown
wow that was a messed up. Can you remember that it was touch and go
telecast metaphors
okay so let’s go to StorQuest area but we need to break the code request has cameras barbed wire that’s it
well I would but I think we need to sing to open this lock is not what he said right now you just said that the customer facing entrance
where to get into the storage facility Define imagine where that all them MP3’s are being so we’re all listening to you on our on our comms the code is blue if you say blue bird will like the place up if you walk to the door and open it there’s a guy behind a counter he’s not paying attention oh oh I hear there’s some
funky fries in this building got any info on that. Just checking in to suggest that perhaps that’s enough already shut.
I know no back seat no back seat face I get one of those
yeah let me tell you about music you ever heard of Freddy Franks oh man let me tell you I got I got his his latest data chip while you’re my hands and do what you what you doing oh no come back how you say to mail don’t do this for me. I’m telling you do you keep doing it this movement she’s crawling will trade him crawling and I don’t need to infiltrate into a 7-Eleven
the area while this is going on, Texas and get my potential to dig into type of way to see if there is a digital log that might tell us where the manifestos I’m sure what time is it in Weston just don’t thank you you find some public records but nothing specific nothing that says anything about the kind of cargo light unit might have stored it’s not so that they keep track of but the guy he’s behind the counter and he’s looking he’s looking down Discounters he’s like I’m seeing there’s like is there someone crawling right underneath
Walmart I go in
yeah I can I can I I I
stun baton on this guy I just got to spend but time I’m sorry
and are sunken eyes
I saw you shooting in with the stun gun after you’ve killed him I chose that’s going to work electricity in the chest and acrobatics launcher jump into a combat roll stand up and do absolutely nothing
alright I can’t I have a code of honor I can’t fight someone who hasn’t hurt me first is true so I do nothing to the corpse alright and this guy yet you guys you guys simultaneously stun batons and stun gun in the heart
he goes down real hard
what’s the Million Dollar Baby situation I haven’t seen that movie but it’s not it’s not Wizard of Oz by Morgan Freeman gets what he deserves which is a better screen time
all right so we got this guy down with smooth smooth smooth. Let’s find This MP3 door all right. Your friend is he does he will it we’ll figure it out yeah
guys he’s dead for no reason
a man’s life matter of public facility walk through the door now you’re in the actual store at we are locked into this door
what do you have
directions to Stillwater
it’s a commercial public Enterprise you walk into other people’s storage on Foster and you could crawl under that you have a warrant I don’t know what that’s using my power to detect enemies I am serving the area to see if there’s any threat but also being a pretty cool guy know that there is none
I just want to be part of the team I try and give the guy first aid well he’s dead
I want you all to stand here and look at his face for 30 seconds before we go in, look at his Facebook
mp3 mp3
what does leopards do not find any mysterious I know there’s nothing that says there’s a 33 to the storage unit but there’s got to be a mysterious one that that that that that right like I’ve only painted a specific lock or before the computer records I am looking for anything that seems to be obscured in his description anything that might be a positive post ranch style by the way have you been a pretty dog and I said his face for 30 seconds I can tell you that he was guilty of a pretty crime I would have done something terrible to a child or a preteen in
wow I didn’t know you was heated as he was going to be in to do your prorate a friend of mine I’ve looked at Fulton to run this is no I’m not I want to say I’m not too much
it’s almost like you’re forcing us to accept you’re not for a right but we don’t have anything to say about it that he was 82
rate different very forceful about this argument we didn’t know whatever that’s what people like you don’t understand
making a choice are you at are you in the
right now it’s the wrong anyway let’s talk anyway I’m in the system
what does f t r a for the record anything you would like to know you could possibly know so if you are worried about the possibilities of his clothes I could tell you what he may be able to do in the future but otherwise looking at the system I can tell you that most of this data and it was put together by someone working part-time who was going through an extension school and so the information is not complete because this is not their first priority college career
it’s all so different and it’ll be in a different room and different people and we’ll figure it out
thank you Marissa thank you
who am I from The Little Cuties
the song team will scooter Michael
are Jeff Davis give me the Dan Harmon
take it on the periodic table audio team everybody here in downtown, cuz again
drive fast take chances we love you dearly
thank you
or maybe sometime


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