Episode: 180 – Your Boobs Are Sick


Episode: 180 – Your Boobs Are Sick


Guest comptroller Rhea Butcher joins your Mayor through the world of politics, gay weddings and mannequin legs. Watch the video at harmontown.com/live. Become a member!


when producing myself anyway a real butcher
yes yes
what is a gentleman help me welcome to the stage Center
and the van of the three hours and Harmon
controlla Rhea butcher
congratulations on your wedding thank you Tim
it is a real thing
I I couldn’t be a stronger supporter of gay marriage I judge straight married Giants me to take me to just hand off The Mantel guy like me to take care of it for a while if I can bolting for a lizard why I don’t know what to do I think it’s better if we inadvertently found out but it makes total sense looking at you that you’re like a huge Back to the Future fan
pick the look you’re like I want to look like Marty McFly a little bit a little bit in a little bit and a little bit of Beth you know he’s like a little bit
of each one and then Lorraine at heart you know my picture on Star performer to tell a story when you came back you have a little story speaking sorry so this morning I was in San Francisco International Airport which is a very small airport and a pair of Uggs and then just like a general airport outfit and she looks very familiar to me no way and then I saw her walking around a little bit more is like maybe
are we on the same plane together she had like a bunch of teenage kids with her too and we got on the same plane and then as I passed her she like turned on on the seat to talk to somebody behind her and I look back and it was in fact Lea Thompson on my foot and I was like oh my God that’s your mother and I did because it was the plane and stuff but then I went to the bathroom was walking back and she was walking towards me and she’s like oh so close
I had a I had a I had a I had a fucking fucking Delta Delta wake week where I vowed I would I would never fly Delta by choice but it was like the festival book the flight flying back I am so sorry but I have not flown coach since the first time I flew first class but I put it on that I really literally have not except for maybe wants to Las Vegas like it was like but but like you know I mean I fucking girl we have a full flight
and I’m so sorry I’m so sorry for your full flavor are you are you going to be okay at every every fucking thing they say is once again we were just a reminder at once again because it’s a subtle fucking techniques to infantilize you they’re always implying is that you’re a fuking idiot once again once again once again once again once again folks once again with you remind you we do have a full flight like talk to me like a normal person and what will be revealed is that your shity business so I got to stop stop stop talking to me like you’re my teacher that I haven’t learned something about your fucking full flight yet
and an n and then I go to my see it says it says 6A and it’s in fucking coach and I might go maybe they’re definition of a full flight leaves a seat open next to me they’re doing one of those things ready and I’m like what the fuck is this guy and then he was on the plane as like you’re fired as I said I said I said you’re fired as he walked by so I think maybe for that reason did Steve did you contact somebody on the did you tell somebody that that I was okay so that’s what the flight attendant comes by and says who’s supposed to be in in 1A cuz we had when we bought that he had had a receipt my boarding pass at 6 but the receipt said what I said yeah and we apologize sir but I’ll pause it right there that’s not
apology we have to stop doing that corporations apologize sir but but it’s your fault I’m just saying you can’t you can’t narrate a theoretical apology I owe you an apology. I’m sorry I spilled that I owe you an apology apology isn’t an acknowledgment and expression of remorse and a commitment to change her without all three of those ingredients of Scientology I’ll take one Delta one of those
we apologize but sometimes we downgrade the aircraft and then sometimes when we do that sometimes this happens that was his apology that was his addressing of it and end if we had caught it on time we could have done something and I said what I don’t what does that mean
I was at what would observe it will suit when they downgrade the craft sometimes this happens in and then we’d sometimes this happens I said I heard you the first what it was but if we had caught it in time what does that mean you have a disease sounds like cancer I think you’re out of Delta cancer catch it in time is it in my responsible for this we apologize for you miles is it to Delta miles do I look like a like a guy to whom those are worse things is my favorite Elton miles
I don’t have any money but I have the equivalent of money in opportunities to interact with Delta a million Delta hours are coming he knows what he’s doing if you ever have a complaint on an airline like they fucking like they have all the control cuz I can’t sit in coach going I’m too rich to be sitting at next to everyone within earshot of me there’s been some kind of mistake I can’t do it I don’t think he’s just like he’s projecting his answers to me in a way that I’m trying to like murmur and go like never said fucking sorry I got to pick up stuff we apologize sir but what I think is very well and end
Amanda is just a big fan of community and
takes a selfie with me on the way out to the flight attendants are like $0.16 a night and I’m like
60 miles south of I can’t stand that goddamn considered a fucking crisis to have an empty seat on the airplane it’s not like they’re not losing money you could fly if everybody didn’t show up fly the fucking empty plane over the ocean and money you fucking car tell you fucking fucking horrible horrible horrible companies and it has like a metal tube that should not be able to stay in the air
there’s monsters on the wings they keep denying it
anyways congratulations on your marriage
I don’t I don’t I don’t know why my street marriage didn’t work
hi I’m I’m a delightful person to be around and travel with
don’t know why if I wait for the last week but I have a feeling she’s probably in the arms of a woman right now if she’s smart Pixar I have a half just because the Golden Globes were tonight and and Annalisa my movie that I executive produced
thank you
I did a hell of a job exactly the prettiest the fuck out of that movie it lost to you know what Eminem’s in your head or whatever
and they did it at the memory Islands but also memory marbles pick a lane
what are the islands made of marbles are they powered by owner
bing bing bong felt a little lazy
First Light by spot I guess on Bing Bong
home by 5 I’m just being better I’m sorry of course we all love Pixar movies it’s just tonight’s not a very good night to to love them I don’t know why everyone have to love them that much they’re doing fine we made it we made a fucking movie about the futility of monogamy and open a garage with Charlie Kaufman
can have a Golden Globe
I don’t want your replies front front row
they’re just getting them vodka off their hands on it keeps flying off my back is a really bad night for you guys haven’t trimmed my beard and it’s like really like like wicking and like I just dropped butterfly on so I’m really sorry I just pretend you’re at SeaWorld and all right
Top Flight last night that that I’m still hasn’t aired yet but we had a we had a young lady would just and I mean just got done with a double mastectomy come up on a stage she wanted to talk about it and all I all I know is she’s like she’s like still on the stuff like that she was like fresh off of the process and was like just sharing her story and all I know as a guy is like I only know like oh it’s so important that women talk about this I totally know that. That’s why I was so excited but it’s like I don’t know if I did a good job or a bad job cuz she was like like that just got done being sick and it wasn’t about me so I couldn’t be like am I doing a good job but I think I did anyway and I was like in the difference of what’s your relationship with your boobs for you the next day and night
I may have done it wrong or maybe it doesn’t revolve around you and she needed sleep Dan she just got operation
but I don’t know is there a connection but you must have more friends than I do that have been through breast cancer I don’t actually really know I mean you’re going to tell me you don’t hang out with Tig Notaro all the time
what year did drive me here home mobile
find out that’s not mine that’s a real thing that exists yeah yeah yeah it’s like a ride-sharing service for other things ya prostitutes and drag queens and people who specializes in body glitter and stuff so don’t like glitter and stuff so a lot of fun and so like they really that they will apparently you know it’s hard to get a cab when you’re in drag so is the is the Discrimination because of the glitter do you think it’s like a cultural discrimination I don’t want that for you know my car I bet there’s 16 people for which is just a practical concern and everyone else it’s probably just do not have an intolerance Bedford but for those people there is fobo mobile
Twitter this is Ryan and was it a pain or anything I just rhyme two words but I guess appropriate at my job is just like this is good that is good for more women to talk about it because because the alternative is kind of it like more Past ending I like like like like we get it now they got like women should talk about because otherwise like it’s at the risk is like people is what is like women being so ashamed that they don’t eat meat or what are or are just like like do I mean what is the risk of women not terrible thing that could happen I think it’s in Towers coming and talking to them by ourselves falling apart
going to tell anybody because my breasts are my I don’t know I mean it that seems like a very fifties thing but but if it was ever anything we can put the blame everything on me Miss more vermin’s benefit maybe it’s like like women need to talk about it because men sexualizing objectify women and there’s like like weird like like we need to lake lake the alternative would be men being like you gross like your your boobs got a god.
that’s a recording according to her she sounds like this is lucky for her or if this is just the new Leslie advance of medicine or technology that that if if that that you can just let that you just basically end up with I think like a nice pair of fake boobs like yeah cuz they take them off and then they put it like like the bags but somebody else told me I had a friend who has a mother who went through this process but maybe it was longer ago and she said yeah they’re just like they’re like mannequin boobs and I would like
why were you like that
my penis to become erect so fast that it made a cartoon diving board
mannequins in films oh man we just don’t put mannequins in film and TV as much as we used to in the 80s what about the top 3 mannequin based films
mannequin is definitely in my top three
well I will check my Kim Cattrall right I’m going to have course I mean yet
damn it I want hot chicks with you Andrew McCarthy is a hot got a high voice. Misiak Taylor’s performance is still Harold and his Progressive
the gay community I’m assuming everyone on her mobile
that would be a serious bummer for actors who are like like like cuz cuz like culture advances so quickly so like then you’re not like there’s actors out there they were like oh I played I like like gay guy number five in the staying and then it’s like 15 years later and it’s late I must feel like like I mean I got conned I got to look like I was I was told that I was doing a great job. And I feel like I’m part of the problem and then and then and then they go to the library and they just sit in the corner and they eat peanuts loudly eat peanuts in the library of 80s style glasses break if you can’t read any of the books in the library or documentary that I was in not yet where they where they tricked me into staying Back to the Future 2 and 3 suck and I kept it in the documentary
fine I was at I was at an airport and I rode down an escalator next to one of the guys that shot that interview and he was like it’s me I think you guys really kept that thing in there huh or he’s like yeah but you know what it’s it’s good it’s good where you’d like but you can just make something true about good for you guys to have a villain in your documentary
cuz I sat in the thing is that I realize that I said come on come on I know that you’re shooting a documentary that doesn’t make us and Gail are going to be in there my heroes Don’t make me say Back to the Future 2 and 3 sucked as a documentary about how great Back to the Future 2 is so they knew what they were doing that people love to hate me and I look great in it too I look I look like fucking Bigfoot
so not that in like now now you’re like well groomed and handsome to tell you it was a bad day if you watch it I look like I look like I look like mac Green Egg like like walked into a fan I don’t I don’t know the fan part added so that doesn’t get offended but the effect of the fan is iJustine
by the way I’m not texting anymore. I realize you’re here and I respect you and just looking at my notes the only thing I saw was Denzel Washington got the Cecil B Demille award and heat during his speech he said he said I want you got you started breaking up like right after he said the song We’ll never know what he was what he meant I said I want to thank my mother for convincing my father to get higher than 25 watt bulbs
because he thought if they were lower wattage we could save money and then he started crying and then he moved on said to Mel Gibson I got blade in which is why I know that Brad Pitt was in on Elisa and then you came and he was hit sitting at the table with the with it with art with our guys there was available for him cuz Charlie left after we lost
where is Charlie’s gone
but he has my beard in The Big Short
yeah that’s my only Siri was oh so like did did did his dad get like I really like his mom said you should get more than 25 watt bulb in his dad’s like does this satisfy you when you got a big spotlight
it’s showtime it’s showtime have said I don’t know if I have a dental impression I thought I’d find out
it’s showtime
you sound like you sound like when you put your mouth on a circle you don’t look like I’m going to sound like him sometimes
okay well I got some gifts Delta girls screaming we’re talking about girl screaming in the in the green room and her room screaming and and and there were girls watching a football game in the airport and Annex I thought there was an ISIS attack like like from age three 2:20 will just treat for it to express happiness but they won’t even differentiate between like there’s a murder happening I was actually really like the way I buy adrenaline I was mad
nnnnn it was like what the fucking football game winning and I just do the same thing I don’t like but they do these horrible sounds to when they’re when they’re watching sports but they for that it’s like it’s like you think there’s a person is about to hurt you like like to I like we’re not that depresses about to get her single attacker
I made I made some of your favorite pulled pork sliders the freaking at the football game right now but when I came to the same conclusion that it’s because girls has girls are socialized to do that it’s because they’re socialized to do so much other shit that repressed that would like when they’re little kids on the playground all they can do is scream at all I can do to affect could use that they got it affects people and it’s like like they like like like men like like that start inheriting a planet where they can just like throw chairs and like getting that is a sport
and yeah and when women are just like I’m going to I’m going to do that thing like it’s my carry power women
what can we do great good luck being married the one I got that dime
I was my foes my I was my fault was it
my wife is a hero
she got away
Fox Pixar Brad Pitt Leonardo he’s the best deck to me wedding Lea Thompson airport Denzel Flight 25 a real the Denzel Washington real to give him his award and what they are like it wasn’t like
getting knocked unconscious
I got back to bed at movie is the best alcoholic movie that I’ve ever seen is not like the whole like Jekyll and Hyde like oh you’re such a terrible person when you’re drunk that’s why you should quit cuz it’s late but I was at the first movie ever saw it was like no I’m great at my job when I’m drunk I still should quit drinking anything for the rest of my life
it got it got to me
I really got to me yeah okay so let’s get to the gift gift portion of the our friend our friend Michael Michael do you want to come up here so you can grab me a couple of gifts where’s the you brought you brought me like they got them back in the The Green Room someone could bring them up at big box out thanks Steve
I knew what it was through the wrapping
and I thought I’d open it out here got to use, quick favor
mic drop by about that
for the podcast it’s a leg shaped object
I know there’s no replacing Old Faithful look on the way to keep kvetching about and like see if there’s a model number or whatever on it and it was Carol Barnhart displays Incorporated and I found their catalogue and I found Old Faithful I found my buy a plastic mannequin legs there’s a whole career making those things apparently someday would it how do you mean Carol or whatever like there’s a whole name
the whole group of people making mannequin leg apparently branding I think it was ringing and I was like kind of relieved that no one picked up cuz it’s like it here we go again this conversation but I would have had it I would have been like side to side what is 197 be available and I’ll take two straight but now they’re gone they’re gone I did not receive any pay first and then I found a phone number and it was like a place in El Monte and I was like oh do you have like I don’t I don’t know what the part number is and it’s like oh well as it MN – 189 color looks like
that’s how you got that mannequin leg shit you can just okay
I had to go to a physical place right now I can’t talk about that I’ve been trying trying to get a replacement leg, with a whip with toe articulate not articulation but you know a good toast with toes we went to the swap meet can but I mean that with the pills weren’t separate and there’s a lot of the caveat sand in Manakin work like you go to you go to a mannequin thing you’re like all want a leg and they’re like we got legs they’re just attach to mannequins you don’t have legs I know I’ve seen legs in the air like we got legs but they’re just for sandals and shoes like they don’t have what they don’t have articulation and then it was just a weird weird situation they took me up to the the mannequin graveyard which is where prop prop buyers for horror movies come and pick up like shity ratty creepy-looking mannequins
cuz that’s a good half of the business apparently a mannequin’s is simply props for horror movies specifically not horror movies like that probably represent 75% of all Manic and uses but yeah I mean horror horror films use all sorts of these mannequins there is all these guys are fabricating mannequins and I was like this seems easy you can just make me one right there like will not so fast Junior and I have to go to a back office and meet someone’s dog and likes in front of erotic PDF for the first AK-47 going down an aisle the area I when I masturbate I rub a mannequin leg with Hosiery on it I might nibble
1983 Carol Barnhart display model apparently I don’t know which is vintage what it would have done
I fuck my mom died all my dad
Lucky Patcher going
my brother was visiting
what it was a vintage thing and it was a nice for it and I am grateful. I thought you would laugh at that I didn’t try to make it.
nothing’s going to stop you now
I mean when I saw it I was like it’s probably not as cool as the Vintage one but I mean it didn’t I mean it didn’t look terrible if you have an opportunity to buy a mannequin part like just just go for it I mean what’s the worst that could happen but that could be the most joyful one absolutely cuz I already tried to fix people for the first two and be honest with each other with our brothers in Lakes lavish lavish the YouTube site YouTube channel yeah that’s my spot
yeah I meet you at your house referencing you’re weird
where are you saying that you also. I didn’t realize that that’s nice so you brought beer in the fridge where beer goes are you are you a beer cruising really enjoy your drink why do stopped because I got too good at it
because I nailed it did you have like blackouts and let you were like really good at comfortable puking I was just like this is a problem Steve
she just grabbed it and ran out like the Phantom of the Opera
and I take the leg with me
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out while actually. But you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through the New Black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like a verb you’re always in good hands
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I’m a I’m a little jealous in some respects of people that that that they can I get the time too much like Denzel in Flight like I could just keep doing it forever and I will I will eventually die because I won’t I don’t I don’t so far I don’t like a blackout while drinking but I won’t wake up in like blood or like I don’t I don’t typically like like like like have like like super bad stories happened to me and stuff which means I can keep doing it but I’m like I can tell him slowly rotting my brain away likely cuz I’m just like so able to drink all the time but you know it’s a medication for sickness called you people this is like like like like super smart juice for you
what else is going on what what’s the deal with this beer huh was brought in the carbonation that out I don’t suppose you have an opener shit he’s got one
how do you later people do the lighter thing I’ve been a hard man I mean where I’ve never been able to do what Hopi succeeds am I right you make sure is there a camera and be hired for this camera Izzy Izzy Izzy on it with the red light yet
like you really you want it there as firm as possible and then you just
call Jeff

but I don’t I really don’t know what you did what what is forever that downward angle yet shove it in hard there
that was close I heard something but I think that’s just cuz you bottled it I didn’t mean he’s bad at bottle I got it I just meant like it’s probably know it’s really hard but
one more
it hurts
what’s the thing man
yes what
Amanda Beyer
you can show me then you do it
I’m a big boy show me
play the podcast are failing to open a bottle
okay okay I mean you all right
do the thumbs part of it that’s the fulcrum
call Crump
oh my God it was the phone the whole time that’s why it hurts
I’m going to ask
all right thank you Michael do want to talk about this beer you brew it yourself
you said it’s a sign he was sort of like Asahi that is really light beer they have a Japanese beer that they make that’s dark my buddy went to visit and they brought some back so for New Year’s this my New Year’s beer is the darker version called so Valley Valley Asahi call Asahi white how is it like a sauce
what did you do to make it like a sausage
let’s move past it’s a it’s a clone how do you clone an Asahi by taste I mean any any beer you can you can figure out what’s in it by taste so it’s not a clone it’s it’s a it’s a like we tried to reinterpret the complete recipe though like you could be like well this is wrong because of this if you’re just making up a recipe for a more engaging all right so it was a
why do you bump it on the podium time and place so it’s yours okay
and this place
I don’t know Tyler and a Terrace I’m into it I like learning
well it’s yummy
I guess the joke was that he drugged me you know a lot of people
yeah it was it was a farmer to call Ed to call probably 11 places to find overall so this is a good celebration of my 43rd birthday which was January 3rd we didn’t thank you very much my call thank you for the I will think about you while I’m using it
well I mean it’s Los Angeles
I never name the legs but if you Sophie great choice
you got you got some Algonquin round table with to you so it was spring 2016 you had a real burner in there I really like like like like fruit flies like a banana kind of just like just like that was fast like your word play
thank you it’s a skill I don’t know I don’t have my craft and by the way I invited Cameron to do this first and then she donated her wife but it was only because you were in the Army Quest Joe and I’m going to go home and tell her that
all right so for our next segment
did Ridley ever show up now he’s beat he’s a piece of shit stranded me here and I know it’s not good hope so I’m making a murderer what’s he saying what’s he saying about this show Jesus Christ do people not know that cops are bad sometimes like why is that still shocking but that shit crazy neighborhood to kill a bunch of black people like not yet not funny it’s something that happened is horrifying but that was the seventies those black people were scary
we didn’t know what they were going to do
they were they were they were making disco is predictable and I’m not I’m not I’m not saying we should have bombed them
it was I didn’t know that you told me that cuz I was like are you sure you said Firebaugh they firebombed because they thought there was some black panthers in that neighborhood that I know which I mean why would that make it okay with that in the reason that conversation came up and of course is because of these dudes least talk about the pill that list
Twitter that they they they they updated their list of have you probably I tweeted it and are expensive. And I retweeted it I told Spencer about it and then I did before while I was still talking about it’s been so I really got in there under the under the buzzer
the last thing I said was they wanted the American Girl doll Molly to come back
where is that at the place I really want the Walmart one which is like adorable kind of but then you’re mad that Whip and mayonnaise like right above each other I’m from Ohio and so I can completely understand that because sometimes you want the zip of America Web
sometimes you simply want mayonnaise understand. I understand scared that they’re going to ask for too much good thing it says Miracle right of the jar I don’t I don’t think we should be cracking is open that often has Ohio they couldn’t I couldn’t quell a civil war between them on that topic I like guys guys guys bigger fish give us some give us a final my favorite is definitely just the word aprons for in
that they’re making mayonnaise cookies
I just I mean I guess they must have multiple people riding the list because it is they have like hot dogs and they have brats and then they have markers and then later on they have paper and chisel tip markers it’s just it’s weird that sounds like we’re going to have a science fair queen size bed sheets twin size bed sheets pillow cases I don’t know what they’re trying to get White Queen site that seems to specific I also want tampons and and unlike a lot of 100 cigarettes so I’m going to tampons makes a lot of sense why I didn’t know they were allowed to have girlfriends are defending themselves from it or anyting
allergies like to go to a meeting tampons 100 somebody was like what can we at least alphabetize this and they’re like hey what the fuck do you think we’re trying to get away from around here okay Steve point taken will get Miracle Whip and mayonnaise cleaner is on this list of what is that a priority to anyone and ever
like they’re roughing it right my favorite one is throw rugs for doorways for doorways size. Any and all size
is ice scrapers was that mean ice scrapers
I guess it’s just a shopping list they probably didn’t proofread it but they’re not doing anything scrapers spelled with two P’s how does that person think you spell Scrapper with three piece
Scrappers just a thing it’s not a word you spell
spell the word used by people that write it down
you got here isn’t through making of a murderer yet
sorry I stopped at all my little thanks for holding up the show everybody
can’t can’t can’t talk about it a little old spoiler allergist
well it’s fucked at Petaling Jaya fucking crazy but it death of the salesman he dies
that I can tell you
how does he die of too many sales
Biore overheat overzealous got their self everything and then he said there’s nothing left to himself and then the lights go down in a gunshot and a cash register
and then you hear God saying just what I wanted
but if you stay until after the credits God returns it and then he’s like it’s like fire in the sky is like naked sucking its own
unless someone comes by and says I got you okay and he goes yeah and then go get here have some soup and he’s like what is soup in there like it’s it’s soup from a story like what is the store it’s the place where you get product salesman I like this job sales man I will be upstairs bad more credits
add that but that if you stay long enough he’s like he’s getting out of dalesman school and another good job I was home but he’s I get the beer out of the fridge and you hear an Austrian voice thing
any turns in Sam Jackson’s in his kitchen in it
you just got started motherfuker
how many hands in the lists and he’s like ice Scrappers the hell that’s right that’s right mother fucken Samuel Jackson
it’s fine it’s on my on my way to guilt pack that the alternator for a black racist if you’re crazy races like black accent I’m not going to do that sound like
beautiful driving home in there and they’re like
you say that honey but didn’t you notice that he can’t even do very well I mean the man sounds like you did a good impression of him how he what he just made him say he made him sound like a planchette do you want to stop at Arby’s while we blast we we could do Friday I figure we can do Thursday tonight is tonight Thursday we just saw Hermantown
every diet is Thursday in the sky
throw a crowbar at it
I am Miracle Whip
I will make you a species Tangy forever
no more mayonnaise
I don’t know why I’m looking at my phone cuz I’m kind of scared I went through a list of things to talk about I think I don’t think I have any lesbian questions left the Merritt what was the wedding like like how is the process is this the defensive how’s the process of planning a wedding together and Becca
in October in Chicago it’s called The Hideout and then we got married there are you guys both from Chicago from Akron Ohio to stand up here and sweat and try to get away with things
there’s my final lesbian question do you ever wish that I saw you as something other than a lesbian I’m a lesbian first and everything
I am nothing if not a lesbian
you showed me in the back you have a you have a t-shirt you got any gas stations that zero two lesbian in 60 Seconds
it’s not a bald spot it’s a solar panel for a lesbian machine
I like that one was mihalik just chocoholic of my motorcycle please help her now
that’s funny all right
hello how are you
oh I see so is live right now you should watch it and harmonquest come to it in the spring
I don’t I don’t know I’m I’m awful sorry about that I’m always the last person to know when there’s like a regional chicanery I I believe that’s just because the old Studios yeah oh that Universal the top of this and Sony was at the top of the the Yahoo thing a lot of people got mad at Yahoo but you should not have that’s so nice if that is why you couldn’t watch when did you play everywhere because they have these really really really old school deals carved out for like different parts of the planet and stuff is going back till like the history of the Studio’s I don’t I don’t know why they don’t want to change that I was like really I was so excited when Yahoo thing was happening cuz I was like oh my God we’re going to just be able to count clicks and just fucking get an honest number of how many people like the show and I was like oh no it’s like three frustrating but I didn’t know she was the same way or if it is or whatever but but
please Democrats are doing
going to be going to build a wall around at the thing Donald Trump stuff
looks like Bernie Sanders and Hillary are tied in the whatever the things that other people care about the elections probably the latest data is is like there cuz you know she’s feeling the Bern she should be
not yeah I don’t know I have only boring thoughts about politics like the fact that if there’s like a neck and next thing going on in the Democratic party cuz if he’s running as a Democrat so is she ate and then Trump is he running his room he’s running as a republican yeah the Republicans have like made him like do sign promises and do pinky swears that he’s going to abide by all Republican in Doctrine and stuff is really ridiculous how I don’t think I don’t know if they’ve done that before because it’s been kind of funny the kinds of things that they’re trying to control Donald Trump with
how do I find that funny I will if it is you have to get specific when they laugh at all glued to a pie fight that happened on the following a liver getting scared so I mean isn’t the basic fact that if he’s running as a Republican and there’s nobody even close to him and they’re all terrified of him now and now we have these two people going to be another one of those things but but Sanders has said that he won’t he won’t split the ticket right he’ll he’ll back out yeah I know Mom has not been endorsing either candidate I mean I don’t think the people who like Bernie Sanders are like oh it’s Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump for me so when neither one of them loses they’ll switch over and it’ll it’ll it’ll it’ll just it’ll be great
it’s Bernie Sanders or if that’s what they don’t both run and Hillary’s general election to go off like seriously do they Bernie Sanders is Ralph Nader Democratic runners in Independence about I don’t think that’s going to happen but if it did that be a possible thing but I don’t think that’s likely either way but I mean everyone’s talking about that you know him presenting a strong challenge to Hillary is only going to make her seem more you know of a better candidate because she’s actually fighting against the real competition boring political thoughts
this guy is this this killer man is still running
hiding behind his shoulder is everyone’s going to be like oh great we got rid of Donald Trump now we have Ted fucking crews are you kidding me I mean he go with us I mean this is a reference no and gets but like transmetropolitan like they had these point of the back of a comic book store after all
Tyler like he’s he doesn’t he was a political candidate who is like invented by an institution he doesn’t have a past he doesn’t believe in anything like a hawk in the debates he gets a lot of steam in a tension force and I’m going to dismantle journalism you get it fucking up laws for talking about he’s going to destroy the freedom of the press like it’s fucking insane like I don’t Donald Trump is like I’m going to fuck my daughter but it’s not like I’m going to fuck my daughter and no one can talk about it ever like he’s just a raging asshole but raising our leaders platform to be fair
can’t be both following are not following politics that’s one of the central planks is fucking his daughter if I left my daughter and every home he’s going to take his daughter to the every home and fuck her okay sorry everybody but I got up track I feel like I told believes that he’s like doing good stuff and might actually deep down have real principles at heart but I don’t think Ted Cruz is displayed anything other than baseless desire for power and utter lack of principles
Warren political job anywhere near you or people you cared about
he looks like yeah I’ve talked about it he looks like he does bad stuff to kids
so he has a comb over and a patchy beard again I talked about this before I also made passing reference to the fact that it looks like a child molester know when someone looks like a child molester
the real it’s like it’s like my version of K2
mostly it’s just paste have looks like you might be right about that community
political political socks you care about politics
I want Hillary to but I feel like it’s crazy that I’m 16 and I’m like scared to say that because so many people are like Francisco real life just said Hillary like not even talking about her and all the whole room was like
amazing to me that there’s a female candidate and I mean is it I mean like like is it just that she’s a woman I mean it is that I think she’s capable choices in the government but also like hey my family wasn’t always on board right now I talk to him about having to the best of us Hillary well it’s I mean well but keep going on cuz I don’t really know anything I like salt sell me on her I’m not and I’m not unsold on her but I just like now’s your chance you got to pull pit. It’s 911
trying to do it
well as we all know
things you should never forget
and behind 911 and right now I don’t know I just know I’m kidding it’s a it’s a joke.
She keeps trying to lower it

what does America and it’s 2016 and it’s time to have a female president and I think she’s more than qualified to do the job she could be better but every candidate could always be better you know so that’s how I feel about that was me on up to the carpet and it to explain any of it I won’t have anything to back it up but I might be a reflective of all of America in that regard like cuz I like research any of the shed but it just seems like she’s a little like she’s like she’s she’s very effective and a little like like like she’s she’s she seems like she’s on the right side of life lasts nests like she’s very she’s Beauty she’s a little kind of conservatively that’s why I
what are you doing I’m tired I just want
do you think that’ll change the national psyche and a fundamental level obviously been do a Donald Trump everything but I do think that on a long enough timeline like something that Chris Rock actually said in a rolling stone interview like affected me a lot and that he was talking about his kids and he was like my kids are growing up knowing from the time that they were children that a black man has been the president of his country and the other one don’t think the way that we think in this room because we were kids with and so that is just in their brains and that’s how they’re going through the world so I think that it as children for boys and girls and everyone on the gender Spectrum to see a woman in the white house would be ineffective change for this country to see women as equals I can do the same jobs as men
I was certain it would it would put a woman I got that no matter what it’s like where I took us years to to realize that Jimmy Carter wasn’t a pariah because it was just put in our head yeah it was a bad president when you spent his term handcuffed and like what we couldn’t do anything and unlike the most important thing though is personality cuz I’m too jaded like I just I just feel like we’re electing like a person is going to speak for the country holiday party walking around and in newspapers and say I like Blake I don’t really believe in at the system enough to think that the president has more of a job than that but that’s the thing is like when you look at that job description look what JFK did look what look what Rose
the other ones not the not the the guy with the pith helmet the guy in the wheelchair there’s a dick you know you can create a whole National psyche so if she was like elected and then she was like walking around and she was kind of badass just to check out of swagger I do think that would be that would be good beneficial for everybody whether they realize they’re benefiting from it or not I just I’m not I don’t know if I don’t know if I talk like a fucking game show host he’s amazing I got it just like I like listening to his fucking soothing voice and his lack of
I just I want to not care about politics and it was just me that every time that guy open his fucking mouth he was like I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry that I did I did I did my sisters retarded
you did the deal with it she gave me a pass she she she she looked into my eyes and she said no.
what’s the the the anyways that’s it we started this conversation and I said I don’t like her personality personality is the chasm vagina that’s what you don’t like but like we’re ending the conversation that way because you know I would love a woman president I just I just ate like I hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt
I’m going to see what this more bubbly and had two pot pies I made this October look like why are you fucking insane like yeah but it’s like you know like have have a woman is like we will it will eventually put on a coin that’s why I know that when we call like old old iron fucking button like
Ohio to get away from those like like like like like like dichotomies and stuff it was like oh we had a fucking like bad ass like like ruler that issue to listen to a world like like I like exploring space in like like reducing our prison population and that I’d likely get turned around and that it would be great to have a just as with a ship to have a woman at the front of that going like this like those ships with a lesbian t-shirt on
Hillary Hillary’s playing at the I’m up here in fully admit I have no fucking nothing I got you cuz I’m just kind of disgusted by the whole thing I do every time I start getting into politics I always I get ripped I just like to spend the first five minutes I might this is so gross so gross new plague like I I just want like I’m an anarchist like I just want I want that guy that landed the helicopter on the Congress lawn to do the mailman with all the letters I want him to be president and I want I want that guy that said that you know that lesson guy that says like like a vote for me and I will make campaign for food I’ll call for campaign reform and then quit like whoever is my vice president can take over and you can you can impeach him if you want but there will be a mandate is 85% of the country including conservatives it’s a bipartisan issue is that like everyone want camp
performing I just can’t imagine even I will I will honestly say it’s more important than global warming campaign reform because it encompasses everything because we are where the where it’s still so far the biggest country in the world like like like doing the biggest making the biggest effects on the world we have the biggest chance of getting China to stop the pumping if I can smoke into the sky and what if we can’t get our get together unless we stop you’re mingling capitalism with politics it just has no place in it it’s insane it’s like like like the idea that in order to run for president you have to have billions of dollars it’s like walking we’re so fat because of that and all we have to do is pass with Oobleck one larbs you sound like
I’m jaded here
he used to be like it illegal to spend money on a campaign I think like back in George Washington’s day like I think you really couldn’t spend money making the case that you should be president to the point is gone today it’s just a standard thing to think about that you know now citizens united Jesus Christ I mean so much more fucked up also whatever The Hollies antitrust laws they made us learn about in high school what the fuck is running fucking Time Magazine birds or something like that what those companies merged what the fuck you look goddamn but not believe what the fuck I already got too big and people panic that I had to break them up like he had now we have businesses that are too big to fail so we got to keep them we got to keep them around to get to keep them not failing
I see that the opposite of busting a trust that’s what that’s when I get boring cuz it’s like everyone said it before they were all going to likely cuz they think that’s the big short like takes that dark turn of the guys that like they knew they knew the whole time we were asking myself that they were stupid or if they were stupid but they were evil and they were just confident in the government they would bail them out and make poor people pay for everything I can eat a dick
I’m so mad I’m going to eat a dick Old Iron Butt
I’m going to put a I’m going to put a going to put a welder at work and it’s at the chancellor of Germany said to said to the UN and then and then Hillary said what you said back is yeah yeah that’s what I’m saying but he wouldn’t go home and his wife cuz you’d be like that so hard welding today
dad hit me so I need to see his wife’s face and it’ll be like you look like the president
just just make me a sandwich
did you guys reactions
who is Miracle Whip this time special night
I let you guys really disapprove of that welder
Canada’s doing man we got it figured out what you just stayed north of a successful country and trucking.
fucking truck to you
farm party will fight over everything
I get up here Canada if you want if you want
Canada Express entry
you guys talk about can’t I like that by parties that sounds good how does the voting work
apologies people don’t like anyone named Adam but that’s what’s happening with the first name ever anyone could ever have it’s the one guy
person sorry totally different individual like representative Senator the senator would go off to Washington and then all the senators from the individual parties we get together and talk to everybody and be like hey here’s what our party believes and there would be all the different parties in like the funked-up thing as matching it was like a Texas party cuz we have the quote the Quebec party and they all did it comes and tons of both the party and they control like a third of it and then there’s like the conservative party which is like way more left-wing than your guys’s like left-wing party we hate them and then we have are like left-wing party which is doing okay now in the middle party which is like it happened and everyone gets elected to get a certain number of seats and then they divided up
and whoever has the most gets to run the place and nobody leaves a tip
really yeah 15% minutes pretty standard
what you tipping as I thought I thought you didn’t ship it I thought shipping was a customer in Canada and that and that’s why I like waiters and bartenders like they complain about Canadians took any detours tipping in Canada where is all over the place to get real confusing. I really thought that I don’t know and I also wouldn’t be surprised if you said in this fucking what do you call him procedurals what it what are your territories because I thought I did I get that from
yeah when I went to hear about trying to give people money and there were like we don’t do that here and it was really confusing and I like them or something it’s included like their boss is like don’t don’t take tips we’re going to pay you more and it like there’s there’s a big argument what’s that guy Adam explains different Adam and he has a thing we’re Adam schiff’s on data ruins everything apologize and well would you it will you do it for us say it say the word about
about are you faking are you thinking
working television
you say it properly house
house chicken
let me tell you what that’s about. There’s about on the East Coast that’s over one sounds more Irish and that’s where everyone’s hell yeah that’s it’s a newfoundlander which is obviously a my homeland was constantly everybody talks like we’ll let the fire go people to ya at that particular time that the murder weapon was
for you that was insane. Fuck you guys like we’re conscious of your spoilers but that’s like like like what is happening do I get half and it’s it’s been in the news and stuff so we have like cuz everyone starts talking about how did you get to like read all the extra said it’s fun the members of south of the West Memphis Three is like a miscarriage of Justice
second screen experience did the air conditioning in Taylor lake lake lake lake change this thing I’m trying to watch the Netflix challenge of the states at the time of the great that when you’re watching something like that like I think that that would ever stick your head up your ass arm and I’m talking about the no no no I I wanted to get back to that character at the at that point in time we had noticed that you do at the blood was coming out of a decapitated head and soul
he decided at that at that particular time to do go and investigate behind the barn behind the barn
corporal Langer hanger we saw the rest of the body and there was blood all over de place in capitated there’s no blood vials actually thing they kind of like diluted and then it got really it’s a poor people Akcent actually like this resetter Lake Region V premiums and they were like oh you smell like cabbage but the Irish for the longest time a shity people and they had like a poor people accident and that was like the like the getaways the language that was floating around so that’s where
a lot of it comes from that doesn’t change the fact that that accents are there they’re like genealogical like they like definitely for sure Wisconsin for sure affect Wisconsin fact that it’s a it’s a it’s like a it’s a it’s a it’s it has to do with the earliest settlers to that area coming through the North and coming down there but they were but they were coming from like I believe it’s like it when you here and you compare it to like like Norwegian accent and stuff it’s like it has something to do with that I don’t fucking know I don’t know but I have opinions and I’m like Doug shouting you’re down I don’t know okay
I can’t afford to talk cool
from now on that’s a boat
club and then you just all sit around talking about Lumber and then she’ll I can’t afford the letter U I sold it I sold it for a week is it in for a candidate questions what does candidate think about lesbians we’re all over gay rights and gay marriage to her like you mean it okay I really appreciate your support I do have to say one thing though he was framed for Lilith by the way I appreciate it
come on I’m sorry
wait wait yes not in the real Bible
the other the Torah this is a super old story Adam had a first wife before Eve and she came down and she was all like the aggressive for me and Jocelyn get the fuck out let’s make a new one and so that’s the story the Christians know but there’s like like Lilith Fair quarts is based off this idea that there was an uppity woman who who didn’t do what you was home wait what but was there wasn’t there I told Hawk referral you know there’s a lot of Apocrypha aren’t there
okay love midrash that have been like filed away like the
pulling up
I won’t spoil the ending for boil it for me what was the other thing was it that there was a female disciple or was it just that Mary had like more of an active was actually just left. And then there was a baby and then Tom Hanks
I remember that one
in Canada we believe all of these things more left side we had a soul that was kind of Ted Cruz because he’s in Canada by the way sorry and we just had a big election where we elected a reality TV star is very funny and so we should wake up
I really like who’s a charismatic reality TV star was kind of like Lefty
Anthony Bourdain from Shark Tank what’s that guy Robert
no no no the liberal one
Robert Dvorak or whatever his name is he called in all sorts of shit and Mabel bunch of enemies but then after that his son came out and did a bunch of you know blah blah blah I don’t care and get a really famous video of him being famous for what he’s talking about our prime minister oh okay sorry so he created Doonesbury I think like like I was kidding when you when I got jingoistic about Canada cuz I’m not feeling particularly not because it’s just eight years is on far back as I can remember
I think but I think it is like since his election which was in a kind of exciting thing that made you feel like politics could be part of a story again that whole national Safety thing and then it just like turning back into the Jimmy Carter thing or just like I was so we’re just going to watch people they love fucking lying and they like they think it’s all a game and their job is to win and everybody’s just like like like blames everybody else yeah it’s like it’s it’s definitely bad I’m not blaming you sorry I’m just saying it’s like well it’s this thing all right here’s all societies problem we don’t have a fucking when you get those freemium games currency of the way they get use a guy like you needs splooge has to
temperature temperature by more seeds and the Blue Jays you can like there’s always a secondary currency though there’s always like Mana points or something like that and it’s like it is because if there was just smooches and that’s all that mattered there’s inevitably going to be a way to cheat the system like like the system is not going to keep working unless there’s some kind of like secondary value system and obviously what it needs to be is like a fucking like actual cultural one like we actually need to understand and in some way we we need to understand it there’s like that the money is like poker chips that make the casino run but the there’s something larger like the electricity which is like human life if you could just make electricity that’s more valuable to Las Vegas than any of your money or try to get there like or we can make the cowboy on the sign like have more lassos now
we don’t have like it’s late and you can’t use the word religion because it turns people off because religion has been co-opted by a bunch of fucking capitalists and like but it’s like that is the problem is that that America infected the whole planet with this is like this because we’re so good at like we were just like no class systems no Kings no no family history fuck it like like like like it’s just like money money money money will be the biggest it’ll be the hotel lobby of the world and everybody can come in and looks like if you’re Irish you’re a piece of shit until you know how to make something like soap that we can use or Lucky Charms and then we’ll use one of your valuable time you can you can be rich and you can be merry and you can be president and fuck it and it does nothing matters and it’s like the American dream that that’s her that that that that that that that ever actually existed that was the dream that was the idea was egalitarianism through capitalism meritocracy
part of the money and then I’ll give you interest in someone said hey what is a tornado comes through or what am I got some money that doesn’t seem very fair what why don’t you sue me hook what what do you mean suet well suing is a new form of law that means you could just take all of someone’s money will who can sue anyone can sue anyone but if you’re busy but if you can sue anyone and if you can also gets to it and it won’t matter whose lawyers you have a right to counsel how does that work well if you’re poor you get what I’m saying to you is your Fox and if you’re rich you can give him like you could decapitate of what I’m taking that stance
I think OJ done it I got a I got a hunch and I’m just going with it it’s it’s it’s everyday every problem we have stems from its not the capitalism is inherently evil it’s that it was never designed it was never meant to be unmitigated that’s the reason it sprang up and is useful is because it’s not a bad thing by Nature it is a it’s about efficiency it’s about getting more shit done per minute it’s about it is about it at. It doesn’t hold an enormous potential to equivalent equivalent to what the fuck of the word vacate mean like whatever it does have an enormous potential to even everybody out and especially in a world where it where Lily weight will I okay it divine right of kings were done with that and I was just like poker chips
passed it it’s all the more necessary all the word necessary in a world where that is the only thing that’s important that there be another more important thing it has to be otherwise it’s like how much does a bullet cost and how much is the black kid going to do at 8 if we if we would like to pursue his like presumption of innocence or we protect him like how much money is not going to cost like like everything turned into money and then people actually fucking like start suffering and we have to like I don’t know why you can’t just come out and you saw somebody that needed help when you’re on your way to a meeting when you had to make a bunch of money I know that there’s working backwards from the goal I know that there’s a world where you could stop your car get out and be like excited cuz you haven’t seen someone in need in so long that it’s like fucking bubble wrap it’s like a it’s like a good thing you get to do that’s fun like that on you and it’s something you get to brag about when you get to the meeting that you have to reschedule
that meeting just became worthless because this opportunity to have it for you I’m not talking about all of us suddenly becoming good people I’m talking about the fact that we look at goodness as being with weird thing like advertising we have to tolerate is how we have to force ourselves to do I’m trying not to switching that way because we all know that once we are forced to do good shit for other people much like showering we’re always happy we did it after I just hard to pick off your pants and get into a fucking cold water than in your Asperger’s Asperger’s shut up I’m rich I can say whatever I want to see that’s the problem the the I know that there’s a currency to that instead of it always feels like like like like you were saying like stupid people incur a loss and rich people are smart smart or not
have to be talking about money you can talk about like it likely getting upset and all this shit like like stupidity is like lost and they and you try to act like you you like if there was a way to gain in a way that you could measure somehow from helping other people it would be it would turn around so quick cuz it’s cuz the market would fucking flood and there wouldn’t be so many homeless people that you would have to feel like you were doing nothing and wasting your time and and becoming homeless Yourself by helping them that’s the fear that’s all we know we’re not we’re not like this we don’t want to not care where you are forcing yourself or like emotionally anorexic for controlling our fucking spirituality really starving ourselves because we are scared lately that if we spend time helping somebody that they’re going to suck our time and our money away and we’re going to become just like them and that and that is like this is like the weed so we got to figure out how to flip that system so that you can be a video game and it will never get it whenever you might not be monkeys were never going to not want to gain we just have to figure out
True Value on that China in a China has been doing that they started their murder Vance was like meow meow means he has a good citizen game or some shit I mean it’s more like fascism but okay that’s fascist I think anyway I just like his this game where you get points for being a good citizen and it’s like all fun and games except in 5 years it becomes mandatory for all citizens so everyone’s going to be required to be all like oh I you know I prayed to mouth that’s racist right now anyway lake or or if you’re friends with people who say bad stuff about the government you’ll you’ll be docked points so you got to unfriend your buddies on Facebook when they’re taking anti party line and that’s that’s like an evil version of what you’re talk
Belvedere could maybe be a game that’s more just about like Karma points or something or talk about points man stop talking appointment money is money people that they’re wrong laydari have a conversation and you don’t have to just do you know to just tell people have you ever talk about movies with a Canadian it’s fucking calling it’s like I was like will you take it easy it’s like I can either like or not like Godzilla and so can use if I can stop yelling at me are great so it’s like medicine but you’re terrible at talking about Andrew Taco Bell’s have french fries where is Americans are obviously the greatest gift is for not generalizing
no I think you’re talking about points in like a system of rewards are like a human brain operates that’s why money works that fucking like prizes getting a jackpot getting a fucking like winning point something up like like like they have there that there was this thing on NPR there’s like there was this medicine that helps you get over it was a Parkinson’s or I could get older, but that’s what was happening until a couple people like actually got really fucked up by this dopamine causes you to make you really really susceptible to gambling addiction it could be I don’t know the dopamine aspect of it because when they found out that is happening is like why are these people on this medicine becoming like gamblers like
so it’s just fucking like three cherries come up in a little reward comes out and it’s like what what happens when your brain is dopamine Spike and that’s why that’s what has driven our entire species because we like we experiment and then we something happens that benefits us and we get a fucking little baby orgasm about it and it like Mark set and then we end up so that’s how we get addicted to drugs that’s how we did it we were always chasing that that that Spy Kids do it that that causes of racism that causes like like like our capacity for categorization and solving problem I figured it out all of the people that made me have a bad day yesterday when I dived or whatever the lord it’s it it’s good and bad but it’s like it’s as powerful engine that we run on so I think you can write software on top of that machine language that maybe you maybe it’s a point system maybe that’s bad maybe there’s a way to get Beyond a point system but the I think the biological fact is that our brains do run on that engine like we do
run I’d like figuring out puzzles and getting rewarded for the point when someone says this is worth appoint someone else is going to go how can I make money off of how can I how can I get rid of what if I gave away all my points and then I stop feeling like a piece of shit that would be a better system if it was just like getting rid of stuff made everyone around you feel good and then as a result of that you felt better. There was a way to create a system by which we could all to hit the Tipping Point of understanding that as in the video games where we have points of the new with you spend them on like upgrading things at the upgrades weren’t just for you the upgrades are actually your contribution to society.
we we we we we better quick
down here
running costs like a like a buck and a half more and they must be a nightmare to buy magazines in Canada right like 25 bucks for a fucking people using people by people
magic cards cost five bucks a booster pack that sucks did you just try to take Buster pack did everything cost more alright well let’s think of prime minister Adam for her to come by
all right
so what do you think of Jim George isn’t back there right is he
thank you I know that means you love me
but I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. But we should we should do is go out in the street and like grab people that we really really like and just make them be president that would be the way to do it cuz it’s a good job that’s like like like like it’s a civil servant and I like the kind of runs itself that you get to be king and get blow jobs but I don’t want to praise it
maybe we should we should we should talk about what we learned in the form of a form of a nice slow rap
you take off your headphones does that mean you’re okay he needs a minute what did you hold up Levy a cup okay yeah you need a hype man for your rapid like yeah yeah
Steve leaving you need a box to turn
we’re going to be in Miami next week so no show here right night next week okay we’re going to be in Miami at at something con magic magic city con Magic City con it’s theirs kinds of those Gates
the jobs that the objective is to get more kinds and less Gates
Jerry ever ever wonder what would have happened if the Watergate had happened at like a Marriott
we’re at four seasons are there of that if a president got caught embezzling and it would be called like in bezel Four Seasons That’s the kind of stuff me and Steven Wright think about
in 1980 who’s your who’s your favorite stand-up well honestly this is going to be so cliche but Ellen DeGeneres I wouldn’t have it any other way to go and see her a lot
and watched it like this is great right should we take the Island’s concert parking and fun and funny and I was before she became a kind of controversy / progress / whatever you just had regular people talk to them cuz I was at she would have liked fireman in like dentist and stuff she was still working on it you got beats Rick and Morty
a week last yeah there’s that you can still buy shit there or just donate $10 and $10 deduction just made I think nine original artworks that you can do is want to buy it $10 gets you a tits for AIDS which is bad and not forays against answer each $10 get you insured into a thing where you you have a chance of being a voice on Rick and Morty down and I’ll hang out with you too.
what what a night together for Dan Harmon is going to do a slow rap and ready
yo yo yo yo yo yo left to right the fuck your mama so hard she took her shoes but her father had I roll around with her in bed and we we slept till noon and we woke up and watch Netflix we had a great time and we ate some Chex Mix
I went downstairs I got a scared I heard a sound that was a sound somebody was around I wanted to look like a man so I went down I said nobody’s here but I didn’t look around that much
I just wanted your mama to think I did truth is I was scared went back up to bed roll around her. Another sound instead got scared again should I call 911 no don’t worry about that at my manhood has just begun I went back downstairs
looked around again
it looks more around open doors fast and said I’ve got a gun which wasn’t true but what you’re going to do when you’re in the suburbs and you don’t have a gun and somebody might be in your house
y’all y’all y’all y’all y’all y’all y’all y’all y’all y’all y’all come crawling like a motherfuker
she said his mother is literally a mother she’s able to fuck your mother just like my sexuality is united with then be an antique is God and so do we take off their clothes and then we can come in
Jacob on the beach roll around photo I heard another sound
went into the woods went to the store bought some goods and services through capitalism it did pregnate a new evil with Chisholm
fuck your mama with it I came on her head I squeezed your tit
oh you did that. Did you do the Run DMC thing where you at 10 at the same time I was me all right. Okay
all right
thank you very much for coming to Hermantown
go get married if your gay take it over here straight donate to AIDS will be in Miami next week Magic City Comic Con the audio maniac
thank you Michael for your beer and your leg and I guess
and I


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