Episode: 195 – What Did You Do To Norman Lear?


Episode: 195 – What Did You Do To Norman Lear?


The most legendary television writer and producer in all of history Norman Lear joins Harmontown, you’ll never look at birthday candles the same way again. Watch the video at harmontown.com/live! $5 a month gets you access to the live stream, instant downloads and to our video archive.


from Hollywood California at Meltdown Comics the Nerdist murdered email to smell the emergency Hermantown is now in session
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you know what scratch that I forgot he’s not here
I guess it depends just bring that robbed robbed
give me some tires
I need some cards in the Sharpie anybody have a deck of cards
deck of cards I got to come free by 5 I’m going to put my own symbols on and my own royalty no a blank set of cars
images give me a blank set of cards and I will do some table match and I’ll make up my own royalty okay and I’ll make it
you say Dad doesn’t come out until you get some free my v card
I’m not being clear I went to blank the cards and a Sharpie
then go away
how much lead time do you want just just a few juice seconds should I should I fill time is it
history it’s Alexis of audio networks and you get a free a free Maserati
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I was worried 800 action he I you know him as the name of the show that you came to see you ready Rob
Our Guest has a heart out tonight
I have a hard out for you
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table Magic
that’s that’s the card you got now read it
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news news
the news nudes Jeffrey
Jeffrey the news news so now I like the table so nervous about tonight you will lose your doing I’m not nervous at all I know it’s important to you I feel great I feel good I’m so fucking drunk right now
Dan guys I love you have a guest here tonight that like to talk to me
we’re going to talk to him about about of the emerging world of New Media because all media is new to him because he was there at the actual birth of fucking television writing to see it when it was all beginning he’s written on written on it created he’s developed over a hundred shows I don’t even know how many people are 100
some of them are there others all of the family Sanford and Son Good Times Mary Hartman Mary Hartman Fernwood tonight Jefferson The Jeffersons I skipped right over what is one of the guys I mean let’s just bring them out
all of you Millennials have no idea how a fucking awesome this is you have no idea really cool take it away please do not screw this up Dan all right so you have the documentary coming out that’s about you did you have a hand in any of it at all really like harmontown
text Mike I’m sure they’re very reference of you but but in order to make a as it I got a sneak peek at it it’s a very powerful emotional portrait of her so PBS didn’t want anybody to see I mean it’s a rule is a game and and they made sure I saw none of it you know I saw it with it open Sundance it was a it open the festival so that was a great complement to the film and I saw it with my family so I was just wondering how is my wife like it’s my kids I have six kids and they were all the F word what that what did I thinking I have yet to release it.
yeah I mean one of the one of the more powerful emotional things that keeps coming up is about your dad and to me is that I mean you you your career in television before it gets us almost a footnote in an equally amazing just lifetime you describe you you describe yourself in your book of sitting with that Crystal Radio Katie do you want to talk about that for a moment that first experience you do you want to sing about it on the radio said he’s talking about what the fuck are you talking about
why don’t you tell me mister lyrics
my dad went to prison when I was 9 years old and when I was 8 and 1/2 tending toward 9 we made a crystal radio set which one of the best times I can remember having with him and and he was gone and
I’m fully with the little crazy at the headphones and little but they called a cat’s whisker over this little Crystal and if you caught a signal you’re lucky I caught a signal because the signal that I could had a guy by the name of Father Coughlin he was a priest radio show and he was a madman and a vicious anti-semite and anti Roosevelt and like the things he heard beginning in Germany I’m talking about 1931 so
yeah I know that you’re at your cute of nine years old that you’re listening to this at this guy and he hates Jewish people and I also first time I knew anything about anti-Semitism which didn’t it didn’t take me long to realize you know if I was hurting as a result of a father Coughlin these people I didn’t see a lot of at that time in my high school and high school black people
I started to see a lot of them a little bit later and I you know I had an automatic affinity for everybody else suffer even more than we were I thought that was an interesting part of your but I want I want to make mention of we had Civics classes and in those years so we were learn at that tender age about the Declaration of Independence the Bill of Rights the First Amendment all of those guarantees that this country was going to protect all of us and we would have equal protection under the law
that’s a nice ass emotionally even if you might have felt endangered if it weren’t for his classes in public schools anywhere that cut that like they cut the Arts and Music and all those things that that bring us together make us feel as one seem to go first something leads to hang onto is the Pledge of Allegiance what you mentioned in this really stirring patriotic of the America that you belong to at that time in America they hadn’t entered World War II yet you talked about patriotism you talked about being a parade with your grandfather talked about the what it felt like to be proud to be an American back.
something that you mentioned that caught my attention was this is before they had gratuitously added under God to the end of the Pledge of Allegiance when did they add that I could I go to lift it up but I figured you were coming I think we’re 1936 recently your your your whole career and very capably it it’s this this is weird this morality concept that that that some people say has something to do with Christian values which you would not argue with I don’t get the the the impression and it but but what you would argue with is that being shut down people’s throats and unduly influencing elected office in things like that which is why in the eighties when they the Moral Majority started a fight
Pat Robertson Jerry Falwell Jimmy Swaggart all those guys that with building these giant congregations insisting that you were a good American or bad American I mean you were a good Christian or a bath and Christian depending on your political point of view that’s the guy didn’t start people who the American way at the beginning I just did a 60-second television spot with a working guy sitting on a piece of faxing it Factory equipment saying that he’s sitting around the dinner table breakfast talking about all kinds of things she said on radio and television telling you were a good Christian or bad Christian depending on your plate if you agree with them your good Christian well I agreed with them a lot of political stuff so I was a
Christian my wife is a bad one and I got to tell you in my way I know my wife is a hell of a much better person than I am and he whines up saying so there’s got to be something wrong when anybody tells you you are a good or a bad Christian depending on your political point of view that’s not the American way he said you were talking about comedy when you’re in the part where you talking about Jerry Lewis start to talk about the early career which gets pretty fascinating but you stopped while talking about Jerry Lewis and talked about the the way you put it was if you’re if you’re communicating powered I’m paraphrasing you you have a you know what you want you become so popular for making people laugh that you can do whatever you want next you can become you can continue to be a clown or you can you can rise to the papacy and you said that that idea that certainty
the enemy in comedy as well they’re not to put words in your mouth but that Jerry Lewis being an example of somebody who became so certain of himself and his sense of control is Need for control that maybe he can kind of the year is a muscular at the muscular dystrophy Telethon you can watch him at the beginning being the most hilarious
35 years ago or however many I mean he was doing this man I ever met and all but died laughing my partner and I and
and then little by little and he became he knew everything and every hit her he did that Telethon is the Master of Ceremonies and you can see him change over the years and become that figure you know when they split up everybody thought Jerry was going to have a huge huge career where it what was the you going to do without a better and now I guess now tell him about the birthday candle
Jerry Lewis funny moment as I can ever recall please
it was something we were doing that I think that’s the third or fourth Colgate Comedy Hour and the guys were in Chicago so we were there were at The Chez paree in Chicago we were staying at the end I forget the name of the hotel
fanciest hotel in Drake
the Drake do you say Drake the Drake
this is the worst game show I’ve ever met
he it was Joey’s birthday and Eddie and I we were on the same floor and we went to pick him up we were all going out to dinner we’re going to meet Tina and Bobby
and we knocked on his door again this was his birthday and
and so we open the door was pitch dark and and we tiptoed in in the darkness and suddenly there was a scandal I’m in a match list and the man has to match to send it we saw it hit with an erection and I’m sitting naked
with an erection in a baby candle in it
wait didn’t see anything you sent me happy birthday to you happy birthday
Jerry Lewis
Nick the king of the king of birthday of a follow-up question about that
how long do you think he was waiting there for that and it was about to be sitting there a little while with the candle
just so you know just so you guys know November 12th
that’s when it took place know this my birthday
you’re invited Norman spring Bailey I have to go back to say that they were there was never anybody funnier than you wasn’t noticed years and that was hilarious prank among thousand head of hilarious pranks W. You you literally truly loved him I mean you do you know and I used to drive Pacific Palisades and he had a play house next door I mean in the in the back together on Play House aimed at for his son’s Gary and Ronnie
we ready and I used to be behind the bar in the afternoon and we take your 86 years old so you become one of your hearing your I call you from another room and it’s a baby and we just throw things at him and he dad eat do everything you ask him to do one and combined them and to we fell apart I didn’t mean to bring him in a bad light when I brought him up immediately I was I was there was a connection between in politics and in comedy certainty being the enemy and it was curious what you when you when you watch
today’s comedy like as if our country loves its, teodor a very successful country and where and our comedy is very successful and its institutional and to what extent you you very quickly gravitated towards controversy and your comedy you went out of your way when it would you could have easily taken the path most traveled you tended to end up on projects that were causing letters and I know you wanted people to have a dinner with you with your shenanigans I butt
I learned mention my father going away when my father went away my mother was selling all the furniture she would have to get out of the house you can live there and shame anymore and it was like two nights after taking him away and there’s a house is full of people that were looking at the French especially my kills me to see somebody thinking of buying my father’s red leather chair from which he controlled the dial of the radio and suffer like Archie’s all those years later
but somebody buying the stuff I couldn’t bear to start with puts his hand on my shoulder
under those circumstances you looking at a kid in that situation and you’re telling me he’s the man of the house somehow I got a sense of the foolishness of the conditioner that was just
and its own stupid ugly way hilarious
and and I got it and that’s what we wrote out of there wasn’t any subject that we ever dealt with it wasn’t in the neighborhood. They weren’t talking about down the street across the street you know women went through at women went through a man and you know parents and their kids to kids in school during the week when you were doing all the family like I’m some of the more like you know some of the topics you dealt with and that was very controversial for the new compared to what else was going on on the air did you get us like a lot of interference from the network or Studio at the time the date that they have any say on the side like during the week of rehearsals it took me three years to get the show on because ABC who bought it the first time
laugh like hell but wouldn’t put it on there was a pilot at Jean Stapleton and Carroll O’Connor the two leads different young couple I kept thinking I could happily it took 3 years in three do you know three makings
before I got Rob Reiner oh so he wasn’t your little Rob Reiner being hilarious on the floor because he had been raised around kayak years old and you know how to play jacks and because your shoulder 7 years old hanging around his father and his father’s Jewish friend comedians he was talking like this
cuz you said he wasn’t doing impressions of anybody to put in particular he just adopted a comedian’s personality he was he was he was affected their language do you get the ghetto Master Jedi to make a quick commentary about today’s comedy but I’m not going to lead you to that that that whatever who cares but I thought you said somebody who for whom politics and comedy were were both like Inseparable because what you look at today when everything seems decidedly non-controversial in terms of accommodate
he officiated Trey Parker’s wedding
in The Writers room right
but but your your your career touchdown your dad so amazing in your book how U part it out to you you you you even in your book you’re at your ear stirred by this and confused by your relationship with your with your father and is it
I don’t know I got to find a Syrah bryner when was Rod Serling wrote this that’s your dad it is Brianna layer
oh it’s Jerry Lewis as lawyer
is Jerry Lewis’s lawyer thank you
you said you have your six kids isn’t I have six kids and my kids ran from 21 to 68
are you have a job
you’re a daughter that’s 50 years
so we’re still waiting for those people who gives young people planning to have kids is it it’s it’s it’s good to have a 50 years apart right cuz on the the older one doesn’t pick on the little one as much time is left but they’re all they’re all very close…. So your career starts at like like your childhood is sort of like you in your feelings about your dad are so prominent and in the thing that you later reveal after you’ve talked about your exploits for a while and you touch back on it and you and you say in the book there’s a word I haven’t been using that word is fraud like I talked about the trouble at my dad got into I’ve been to your dad’s like sort of inauthenticity was a huge factor in your life that was very confusing to you you love the guy that said so then he goes away
you like let’s let’s put a pin in World War II what you thought possible to interview you and I’m a terrible interviewer and you were impossible to do you have to take just any trunk but it was talk about civil liberties for 6 hours but your ear your writing career I mean you you initially you wanted to be a publicist you wanted to be a run on coal used to give me a quarter I just got a picture of him today from met his granddaughter some place in Maine Where She Went for whatever reason she went to her mother’s grandmother just died
that she was going through all this stuff and she came across some pictures of this Uncle that used to fuck me a quarter
how do you play games what was he putting a recorder for what had you done that without a great broadcast I wanted to go up to the house from work anymore I think that you’re so I can see how did things go at when I remember so I remember sitting on a fire escape with my mother my father and my sister on a hot Summer’s night and the conversation for 20 minutes was whether they can afford to give me a dime or a quarter I can’t remember what that was to go get a pint of ice cream at the drugstore
that’s how much a diamond record ice cream from the drugstore from the drugstore before there was ice cream are you still in high school I will go to the Thrifty drug store and get and get ice cream when I was a kid
your entry into writing your talk about the war has its or we’ll be here all night but you are you come out of the war interested in the world of publicity you end up writing just as if it was as if it was a moving job keep from going broke and you put the audacity of Danny Thomas was what was your first gig that you or was it who was the guy that you called to tell that story really quickly Google this is how how do you break into the business listen to this message I read in variety of the reported that Danny Thomas’s agent was William Morris office I had an idea
Thomas call his office at 12:30 or so hopefully hoping that he would get lunch as secretary on the phone he was at lunch with talking as friends I just spent three days with Danny Thomas I’m riding a big story for the New York Times I’ve got to talk to my few questions I got to file and I’m going to ride in on the plane and file it when I get to she gave me this number
so I called his number and he answered the phone he was alone in the house with the company is the guy’s name Wally top with his name we was going to appear at Sea Rose nightclub very famous nightclub on the Strip the very next night at a Friars Frolic it was a it was a show business so that everybody there would know his material he said and he was looking for something in his you know that went back a few years that they hadn’t heard and I said well this this is brand new they haven’t heard it has to be short I said I said bro this is like you know quarter of 1 I said we will be there and I can be there by 4
Caesar says you say you’re calling from Hollywood I’m in Beverly Hills I’m 20 minutes away what do you mean far but we hadn’t written
he said if you’re not over here by 3 or whatever the hell he’s here we got there he read it he likes it it feels very easily and and he did is the next night and he killed we were in the kitchen at Sierra’s peeking out for a curtain and saw him just
and I got a call the next morning could we be in the Arctic after we write television I said yes we are, how old are you at this time 29-28 World War II voluntarily was he
I know it’s late I know it’s
remind me at 5 to know special lady he was a nightclub, he was a nightclub wreck on tours like nobody else he told long stories and I like the style like Fire graphic or there was nobody else like Danny Thomas he could tell a story for 8 minutes story form so that that audacity which you have this remarkable combination of audacity and acquiescence which I have a question about an in a second where is going to be great
the but it is in those moments like your career beginning like that just because by sheer force of will and through let’s call it dishonesty I mean it’s a negative word but like you were lying to Teddy Thomas agent you lied to him on the phone you were a con artist in that moment and you and your your your phone
how do you reconcile that with this with this already irreconcilable relationship with the spirit of your dad Randy Thomas I wish I had something for him he couldn’t get anywhere else in the world was that was going to be an unforgettable question to ask is one divided a City Plus acquiescence is my suspicion was that it’s actually a surplus of personal security listening to other people our needs and visit a little piece up dinner you are absolutely right I’m thinking about it I lied to the secretaries telling her who I was and I lied to him
but I didn’t really lie to him but I didn’t say yes or no as today I had written it but let’s call it that now I have to make I have to make my peace with that a crime
oh my God I like dropping a chandelier on your stories about your dad make it sound like your dad was just something that you turned out to be very good at
no idea what you I’m at my my my my father was selling fake but he was a scoundrel and so I guess I’m a rascal that’s a good one yeah I guess if my answer is you hadn’t thought about it like likely to have that sort of applies when you’re going like yeah I’m at a gas station that’s why I’ll be I’ll be three hours okay I have to write this thing which is like I’ve done that a lot too and I guess I wonder like for you was writing is it a magical thing that people are born to do or is it a means to an end then you could do anything you want cuz you’re a guy a loaded question
no matter what you answer you sound like
I tried to do what I said you didn’t you didn’t you were that your ass if you have to be a prick
thank God
but yeah if you have Vince Gill again he ruins it for everybody right now
this is so nice he’s really really nice house that work with him
I think my question is is is writing in the blood or is right or is writing a just another thing you can learn to do any juggling or
yeah you’re right it pays attention to life with the country so differently from the another the average person
because I because I spent a lot of years when I wasn’t writing a lot of years when I was going to pay more attention to everything when I was writing and and I’m doing that now. We’re doing a new show this is our city hears we’re doing any show together and when you call me she says hello yeah well I will I’ll give props to it Steve Levy who chewed wanted to kill me down as a kill me I have you up here and Steve Levy went and made it a reality so I could show what about interviewer at is a fantasy but but but here we are and yes this at well you’re doing a thing for Netflix that sounds really interesting you it’s a sort of I don’t know if you’re offended by the word reboot but you’re right near your revisiting I one day at a time when Rita Moreno
Rita Moreno married to Marina oh my God we’re doing a cuban-american version of one day at a time and she is older generation Justina Machado just scraped his daughter and the name of the young actress who plays the granddaughter three generations of Cuban Americans and they’re gorgeous and brilliant
yeah and plus black people like work we saved them
what are you doing right now oh my God I’m so sorry
what are these examples of audacity + acquiescence
what are these examples about Gatsby + aqueous fluid is this it’s it’s briefly touched on in the in the documentary I saw the documentary called Jesus Christ just hit my bumper sticker reads just another version of you that’s the title and that’s what I remember a regular car
bring in the car in between good times and The Jeffersons there’s this anecdote these would be a good times was it was was it literally like the first black family on television sitcom at least it’s kind of like you got this you have that amazing feat which is breaking the syndrome of his people are watching television and they’re being they’re taking their cues of the national psyche is can change with a responsibility to change it and say this is amazing like feet in terms of a writer’s accountability to the public trust and then at the same time there’s a guy on it who catch phrase Dynomite and their conflict therefore on the set is that the documentary touches just on this it can’t be an easy set of Highway cones to to thread the note about
like three black panthers show up or is it come to your office as they want to talk to the garbage man I want to talk to Norman Lear the garbage man and the Storm at your office and say good times has bulshit how do you do you have the schedule they read you the riot act now pause here and anybody listening put yourself in the situation like how acquiescent are you going to be you in that moment you got it like maybe not in that moment like it’s Forrest Gump but you is you tried at that moment as starting it down the road toward the Jeffersons so you’re still listening you’ve already proven that you’re the king of television at that point and people are work barging into your office to call you a garbage man and you listen to them and took their feedback and made another great show that was from another perspective were the Panthers what were they mostly because they were living in the projects because they were downtrodden or
just wanted to talk about their big belly ache was why does a guy have to hold down three jobs since occasionally in this episode it’s almost seems like he’s looking for a 40 he’s so hungry to make some money to support his family and why can’t there be an ass one black family on television they didn’t get as far as why can’t they
pissed off that the only family that existed the guy had to hold on for you to use to say hey I’m looking for the garbage man I did go to the window and pull the curtain aside and said look down there we were in the third-floor you see those cans and so we can’t be far from there so they say okay okay okay what where did George is on all the family right
Lionel with line is good friend and they moved in The Jeffersons moved in next door to the bunkers on Esther Rolle played the maid on Maude and
she was just dynamite and her husband and the network said this or showing those two people sent because I mean
I was born in 73 so I was like a little kid growing up on some of your shows and then don’t like the nervous indication of stuff that like I got to watch it all for the very beginning but like those 51 years in this man
well that’s why we drink more than you did
leave the beauty of the shows that it’s first and foremost the writing of an opposite what are the content of the shows with that you have these wonderful casts that I don’t like you don’t see that a lot like the cast of Good Times Jefferson’s all the time I can be acting when I’m also some of the most memorable theme songs in the world like like we all know every word for the rest of our lives and how you selected the seams or like certainly wasn’t involved
they were I mean you eat your shows are all characterized by something that I mean they’re like plays I mean you do you tender we didn’t we did them in front of a live audience like a play they were written to play like a flat we talked about canned laughter and we talked about the cheesiness in the sanitized artifice of it all but then we continue to go to that bat at least I do I always say what I mean we haven’t been doing with Norman Lear did why we don’t we don’t have any right to shit on the multi-cam format until we go back to what you were doing zvi just curious do you have any theories thoughts you bring its streets about why is it that we saw you nail it and then turned our backs so willingly and it was working it was worth
is a business model your shows where hits they were all so they didn’t have to do that daily allowed for a 10-second gaps of listen to the man
they were they were they were place and they were character-driven and they had stories to them and they that you but you you didn’t think so why is it that we went from that to we have now modern family is Seth MacFarlane and don’t worry about it, though what’s his face what’s the name of the show
Carmichael Carmichael I think I might go see a show and then, Kelly said he’s a 27 year old comedian he is the centerpiece of a family of a show they do it live it’s terrific hipster been then there is blanket at rivet show all right well I’ll check it out
dish and Wednesday night were making the first episode of One Day at a Time
so this ability to listen to people who barged into your office and they’re totally you you would be entitled to not listen to the you be entitled to not listen to anybody you clearly didn’t have to come here and listen to my bulshit you you’re still watching other people’s comedy I’m 43 and I’ve already started down the road of total obsolescence cuz I don’t hot what hot wire are you so nice is it what is your problem what are you hiding
here’s a fact
it has taken me
93 years a bunch of months a lot of several weeks a lot of days minutes seconds to get to this fucking second if it’s a chat book English of it is

bedroom it is taken every everybody was a boy taking everybody second a Big Lots just to be looking in this direction at me you remind yourself that up against my 93
living in the moment and inside but that sounds like empathy cuz it sounds like you’re talking about you can sense you you don’t have to remind yourself where is my therapist and I have to remind me that they are people by being in the moment you’re like you’re like you are you are them you are the people that barge into your office and call you a garbage man you are then you are another version of that mean that’s the way I figured it out
no I hate I have sat here you know how many strains of thought your brain than any one moment you can about it to my head but I’ve wondered about these faces and some I can’t see but you know everybody has
put it this way
if you have some sense of creators design of the Enterprise just being a planet
in the universe of which they say they’re also business
can you get your fingers close enough to measure the importance or the impact of any two individuals from
Albert Einstein to anybody sitting here
if you would appreciate that
we all matter and how much would it matter you can
do it may as well be living in the moment
typing test
I don’t I don’t have a most favorite thing in the morning or did you go to send to you has a heart out of a famous person like dies that that is. Do you like you like text like some of your friends and say I love you I just really appreciate you and you just like just like take David Bowie dies and you’re like oh man that’s it hurts me so much and you wanted you want to reach out to your friends and say I really appreciate you I think that I really you know you’re only going to be here for so long and I appreciate you something he does to me every time someone dies it could be a famous person who could be a loved one he text me that he loves me I take it as a criticism of my lifestyle
so I want to know which which one of us is right but I think that’s I think that’s where we’ll give him his freedom
watch for One Day at a Time on Netflix June July July Just One Day at a Time on Netflix another version of you is January is the Netflix thing I mean everything’s a Google away why do we even know why do we do the whole plug-in thing anymore
what to give the kids a chance people off the street now it’s time for
all right Norman Lear the legend the icon is a human being the Sun the Father the writer theater near you and I still on your television
thank you so much
the fellas that has to sit here holding this cannot drink at the same time
text Tamra Mike I will listen to those notes
Megan Irwin
what are you guys talking about rain talking about over there yeah what are you guys talking about I like the coloring of the beard and some other
and I told him that if animals were collecting us he’d be a prize
all right just just sit back down and just don’t leave us all right
unbelievable I like a style I don’t I don’t want him to go I’m sad now that’s a weird Instinct hopefully he’ll come back and we can just expand on that collects people when he has a bunch of heads up as well at 5 anyone can get away with it you have a collectible face
Ryan Gosling you look just like Russell Crowe
but I want to hit the gym I wanted to ask her about the Underoos situation in The Avengers trailer
you don’t know it isn’t this.
he got Norman Lear mixed up with I did not I thought that was your joke no okay anyways I wanted to know if you on the phone by using one of those things you remember
theater was where is Japan by the way because I always make an entrance please it’s where we used to be
gross alright well now we got to figure out what to do for an hour I think we didn’t I think we did a sweep with a guest that was ever had was okay I was pretty cool you were you were crying I know I saw you you were weeping by putting on your beautiful giant tears I’m here I was looking at some Vines though
cuz my feed is sick I had a dream I did some remaining I have a dream Nick Norman Lear man Jefferson’s dream when I was probably like it so hot after it was really hot I was probably like I dreamed that I was Jay and I was getting it on with Selma this is sister and I was Finding ways to be around her when she doesn’t she realize I wasn’t her brother but I was still I was still JJ Walker
but I was talking, cuz it was really good it’s good times that’s Jefferson
I could when I couldn’t wait to correct you
I had good times.
Mary Hartman Mary Hartman like we didn’t even scratch the surface which by the way I’ve seen like half of them episode like back in reruns when I was a kid like to really watch Fernwood tonight which I haven’t seen enough of tonight’s television I mean Taco Bell man Taco Bell man like a man think out-of-the-box man Taco Bell about that shit man Mary Hartman let’s Taco Bell’s let it Let me give me get my list Taco Bell about it let’s Taco Bell about Del Taco Taco Bell about it the weekend Taco Bell about it this Taco Bell about it
Taco Bell about it for $5 on the back of an envelope he’s probably still here and now knows for sure we’re stupid
he might have come back
well a lot about you I don’t want to I don’t want to I don’t want to ruin what could have been a great historical segment for harmontown but towards the end he farted and it was kind of like some oh no what if I go past that which I could kindly do it that was like I wanted I wanted to talk about World War II a lot and it’s a weird awesome Third Dimension but you know we had that was one of the worst sitcoms by the way but we can talk about that stuff without asking him questions. That’s why I’m a bad interview because really I just want to talk about stuff and I try to just yeah you know but really I get to talk about
he listened to the buck he listen to the park
or somebody else if I took like 6 days
yeah I think probably less well we’ll never know now cuz I fucked up the interview you did a good interview at you did a very good interview. I think that wasn’t fishing for that nice 20lb compliment
did you get the EZ good Harmon all right now what is going on and what you I am fun what are you talking about what did you why did you send me a clipping of a of a of a comment like what what do you do when you still reading Reddit threads about Community for just said some of the worst parts of community were my fault were you in a community subreddit
know where where were you what were you I just typed my name into
I don’t care about everything else is that I’m just looking up a mean man the word what’s the what’s the what’s the best case scenario typing in your name and she’s so fucking hot so hot if you’re not going to take my question seriously though there’s nothing but pain there like we as humans we seek out pain you know we do you know you do you have something that goes on the air wind Lego 2 comes out I’m going to be taking for the one and it is only going to be one bad review of that directed the highest rated episode of season 6
I didn’t know that what is it the last one he’s leaving it back in your room the last one the last episode what was that paintball paintball
okay alright well a lot of people are probably wondering oh so the first half of the show is the show and then the second half is just talking about the show how the show is going to do some improv all right let’s do some improv what’s a what’s a controversial topic I think you guys should do like a 70 sitcom but if you should do like I do
Rockford Files
Rockford Files
the year is 2014
Lego Movie just came out
it all goes downhill from here
that sounds like someone at the door bell
I don’t get it but
okay Jeremiah
help me God, please help me so much
tell me my wings fell off I can’t get home I got to go help me please this is terrifying help me please Rockford Files please I can’t get home Rockford Files please help me I left a message on your machine but nobody answers I had your message now if I do Rockford Files then you know I’m a straight dealer but you know I’m Swift to Justice if someone hurts the people I love cooking on your stove sir I’m so cold I’m so cold without my big old Mothman wings please sir can I have some of that soup cooking on your stove some soup
sweetheart just a little nibble on the suit please wrap all day making soup so I can serve dirty moth people
I’m not that dirty should I wait in the living room
can you send a book
oh you’re being ready I’m going to wait in the living room okay I’m going to raise the living I was trying to be racist but quietly as I already had to hear that living room that’s out of the bag I don’t like dirty mop people in my house I’m a racist you know something I’ma races 1970s housewife yeah if you had a shower or towel I would clean off this dirty mop person that you see before you
if you carried me a shower okay I have a shower I take which way do the showers mobile home
guess where we’re going to climb up this is why every time we talked
my people eat you Circle the light of my boredom I was lying about the wings I flew that fucking out of their mouth
honey why do why did I take all that time cross stitching that little thing of that we will have it by Nomas he’s
I’m a racist housewife
well we still have our soup
meanwhile in space
boom boom
hello hello Commander
hey Bob
you looking very fit this morning so dark t-shirt swimming I should get one of those where you get that from Navy Navy Old Navy, maybe I’ll have a seat here I want to just go over your report
so you said you didn’t see a meteor yesterday
I merely stated what I was told was to be sad
by my superiors
can I ask you a question
have you ever seen this
how do you say this before have you ever seen this have you seen this before commander commander if you seen this before I am assuming you’re still have eyes podcast alert rabbits holding a picture of a person
have you seen this person before
it’s got big eyes and mouth
that’s a meteor not a person exactly
you passed the first test I’m going to be more down-to-earth you’re going to meet up with Jim Rockford who’s going to help you out with the shower case energized closure
gbh motherfuking stupid piece of shit
pH of California Pacific Highway
can you put down the road a piece of shit you fat fuk get on a beach a piece of shit
Kleenex engaged
I hate being from space
and being fat I hate myself
I have body dysmorphia
I am chained by self-esteem I am bound to society’s definitions of beauty
they do not compute
with my big synthetic bones
must eat feelings feelings car
feelings not eating need more feelings manhole cover in manhole cover at cop car
you must eat police like feeling
must find family in Swedish
going back for now tiny driver’s license because I got bigger when I ate everything
family at the 1-800
how do you say you coming up with your earlier I haven’t had lunch yet honey is that you coming up the steps and heavier and bigger than normal
mommy what happened to my son
ripping top of house off in a talking dog
dog’s ability to talk and lost on me
you are delicious
we have a special weapon that can neutralize you and moments unless you stand out at
tattoo 5 weeks later at the Oval Office I can’t believe that big monster fell for it I said we never had a special powers forever but you’re really good at what you do thank you thank you thank you for cutting the lamb chops to make you sound sarcastic
I have a question about my my my job I was talking to Madam president over there miserable as president yeah the gender stereotype
as secretary of state by state we need country so if I’m Secretary of it why am I not in charge of everything you’re in charge now okay I’m sarcastic Secretary of the country that the president
what you mean what I didn’t hear you what would you say if you didn’t hear me
I think you say if you didn’t
you say a different word I was talking about microphone you were mumbling you were looking away feeling I wasn’t mumbling then I did hear you cut to Jim Rockford’s Apartments
so you say that somebody stole your shower met him
I’m sorry that was foolish of me to assume that only want to be with a woman I didn’t realize you were you both had your own shower stall
do you live together because this is the third shower except that I’ve got this week and I’m really in trouble I’ve got some gum in my hair
okay skills mean the refrigerator in the freezer and I take an ice cube and I freeze the gum and it’s easier to get out
meanwhile I’m snooping around and I find a shoebox full of Polaroids and I gasped upon seeing Polaroid’s depicting Ice Cube’s being applied to hair with chewing gum in it
happy get out of there comes right out what do you mean there’s something I have to talk to you about in the parking
oh my God my hair is been locked down
my hair now thanks to you you suck
fucking asshole
I’m a night at my best date
this gum is never going to come out of my hair you’ve always wanted me to lose Dan
lockdown removed
kill you both but it seems like you guys have a lot of things to work out I know it was you writing on Reddit
I can’t go near the internet and type my name in and you’re still doing that it’s insane like it’s just crazy to me like I had to turn my back on that world a long time ago it’s sad I’m catching up with you
all right so that episode of to be continued like they didn’t know they’re so

and also with the president United States finds out what happened and who came from The Dukes of Hazzard check out J are you and it’s going to be all crazy when he meets Mork & Mindy television show that you’re going to watch
hi buddy how are y’all doing
all right you look very smart your blue blazer right now okay I believe it I lost a button
her name is Rosario
when’s the last time you were at a wedding
I don’t know if I receive a lot of lot of lot of choices you can you can make when you’re doing your wedding where you going to do it what time are you going to spend
here’s something that’s free to do for me when I come to your wedding do a fucking mic check mic check on your wedding God damn it I can’t hear a fucking thing from back here
Jesus Christ how many weddings you go to where it’s like it’s like fucking windy or there’s a train happening in the fucking Pastor or whoever is a good say in a wedding like Mike brother
it looked like something father
I wish my schedule is so mostly it’s just like a friend of a friend it’s not like it’s going to go to actual wedding
Mike Tackett I’m on board with that all the way hey where you at a wedding last night is that why you sent me this drunken text
play Ray Stevens.
if I can do this without going back to me as a guy in the lobby of the standards by Rachel Schwimmer
I got the I got to check a picture of a I don’t think you were sober I got that too and I thought I missed something and I was an accidental and yeah that’s about it I asked him if he was he was he was pulling a side a Velvet Rope so I could go to my sweet
and he was biracial sweater can gross
sounds like a sitcom to me by Rachel Shaw I didn’t know I texted voice message to you is that I got I got that check
I got to pick up Derek he just did well how’s the weather
cuz I’m just like
no I just had a late twenties you start crying at the at the dad toast at the reception and then you move into the dad plus the brother toast and then you move into just all the toast and then you and then you start crying during the ceremony and then you just cry when you walk into a wedding I just try the whole time now
that’s nice
hey if you’re catching two people at a moment of bliss you cry or tomorrow by and large and large now
the new II
demurrage what have you been reading about the situation in Japan I know where I heard A kid got eaten
and he didn’t even deserve it by a cop over by a Kappa Japanese river monster real child lost its life loved its life
for the child that was excited about
he didn’t make the March cry
guest of make the words cry stay at
Little Swimmers downtown Standard Hotel
go to swim by Rachel Schwimmer a donkey Classic Hotel house where you showed just Steely Reserve at all so emotional critical moments and stuff by the house
the brown house for you
which is the second half of that the two Australian movie about the same character and then the second one the last sort of monologue at the kid gives you what you serve after he’s grown up it’s just it’s just Rex everything I’m like that with the end of Wrath of Khan
Doc Hollywood I cry everything I saw somebody on the plane watching glory and I cried like just looking over as I saw the glory was on tonight
a bunch a bunch of them that guy just made a sound that sounded like the word Taco but it reminded me of pornhubpornhu Under Fire here we go. Let’s do our race important segment
yeah or nah Griffey is emerging as so is race all right
oh boy PornHub I don’t even know what they were doing was as there was a page that Spencer was here he could explain it cuz it was it you or it was it in Spencer you did it can you would you remember what the context is Steve Levy
do you want to come explain it Steve Levy responsible
hello it was they were putting emojis after the categories they picked on and that’s what I’m trying to do like create a secret code or sayings like your emojis for a categories right so they were saying like your friend about porn like like you can use these emojis to you mean these code phrases is that what it was I thought they were doing it on their website is like a like on their mobile
folding stairs and I shall remember whatever it was whatever the context it was like their Emoji for Latina which is a category of porn because fetish the it was a taco no valid valid outraged person as I’m sure I’m sure it’s them sure it’s nothing wrong because it’s the it’s the it’s the key of A normative ization Jamboree vacation you don’t have to say something all the time if you don’t
which is why you’re going to get invoiced if there’s
oh my God he doesn’t he doesn’t behave yourself for a second so you know a guy in like into a larger a hole larger issue which I think is a good thing I think it’s great that now these conversations are being boring because it’s furthering the normalization of foreign being outraged about the minutiae of pouring like 10 years ago an adolescent or young adult like Latin person and their Tumblr blog they wouldn’t let you know they wouldn’t be afraid to say oh this is an offensive thing because they simultaneously copping to awareness of pouring in the, to be like who was born much
there’s a little silver lining in there alright so it’s you text PornHub an emoji and they send you a video so that you don’t have to search for a Taco Bell send you a video that they think you’re right later racial is a yin and yang sign
lesbian is a scissor cream pies a cake with cream in the middle
that is like a Montessori sort of corn exercise big dick is the eggplants
squirting is the little what are some of the more specific one
so not that I care
yeah saving your battery out on good luck
got to save that battery they’re leaving I have a cup of milk refreshing poren which I keep I keep beating that drum thing guess what the Cherry is that two cherries guess what that stands for I went with the one that is fruit salad
small tips to cherries yeah yeah let’s all problems with the Hoochie Jester old school at regi stickers with the knob and the red button
solo male
that’s that’s that’s all for now what you’re looking at
hey Bob here’s some solo male porn for you
all the other cities are flags like country of origin
not not this Japanese is in sushi
I’ll come on no I’m serious
where’s my tattoos
I can’t I was slow on that one
how do you say I just realized but you can flow chart to that now so imagine being in whatever that think tank is if maybe they initially go flag like as at the Easy Choice and then they’re like oh is that there’s no way they’re going to use the Mexican flag what would a Colombian say
I just thought for a second like I was there must be a million dollars that that girl over there would agree they made a mistake but but the good but the good news is I just thought you don’t have to beat a dead horse but I just I like that today’s young person aging complaints and a hashtag and then all the stuff I like porn being added to that it represents to me you have no horse in the other race to me it represent porn being closer to the front door and in our living rooms and being talked about I like it
talk about talk about porn talk about it you understand talk about poor talk about it give your neighbor a go over at night no don’t give your neighbor and teach people to what the heck it is what it is and what sexuality is and when you know that stuff in Georgia teach people yeah we need to teach people the only wish I was still in the black market like saying would you wear that you’re entrusting sax awareness to snow hard working but maybe not the other. There’s no regulation and there’s no exactly that’s my point exactly we finally agree about porn
what what do you want for it to become Dan what what what what what would be your dream shooter of twenty years of like cosplay the way we talk about lately the way we compartmentalize our Fantasy Life for my reality and are comfortable with it so that people don’t get hurt like like you know that we were having conversations now about like young women that the dress up is poison ivy to go to Comic-Con you know you know you’re not allowed to just they’re not saying you’re allowed to objectify them just because they’re dressed that way it says there is like a conversation started to happen but it doesn’t have anything to do with as it did 20 years ago oh why are you dressed like poison ivy if you don’t want blah blah blah to happen so it’s like I what I want for porn which is an industry that has been for a long time you know like just Rife with suicide and drug abuse and
end of the disease and like just sad stories exploitation and things like that like the more you talk to people who are younger generation is coming into it that has a little a few less cathexis he’s like there if you’re seeing a little more impossibly mental health within a foreign World maybe and a but we think we need what I would like to see is purported to be just on the other side of a curtain where you know you don’t you don’t need it to be ever-present and visible but it’s like it’s also at the same time with the accountable to the same rules that a normal life is it just on the other side of a curtain such a fucking lie because of the year of the conversations with people who are your likes it you look like like Orr worship of movies and television and and and stuff like it has like the dark side to it where we think that are real
life is like not a thing that’s worth living because we’re not Robert Downey jr. in a in a robot armor suit like like it’s like we need to be nice to be able to recognize like that’s mythology and that we use that 218 ourselves during this very important life that that is happening right here this very entertaining even though maybe my podcast is 2 hours long and has no structure to it
I’m advocating for the right to be boring and yes I have an agenda or something I didn’t know I was into
Wilma Flintstone
you did send me that vine
yes you did Wilma and Betty Rubble pretty good did you people cosplay as a Betty Rubble and Wilma Flintstone
same same deal yeah I’ll be taking that out when I get home from
Thelma from Good Times Thelma Thelma from The Jeffersons
I meant two girls in a school like I do is it Smith is what one of the one of the East Coast colleges at large I was afraid large like lesbian Community there at that school large lesbians are the community is large
take both and verified that the school are based on or Scooby-Doo or the one school is the Shaggy cuz of people that get high and one is the the family because that everybody there is a lesbian and it is
Vassar Shaggy
Freddy’s Princeton
but I’m at least two girls at a bar in that tethering Southampton Northampton whatever that is in Massachusetts and there was two girls sitting there and they were dressed exactly like Daphne and Velma
and they were exactly what they were in the same would like totally not ironically that was just too gross anyway
I think I’ve grown to accept Daphne like
in my old age but isn’t she right in your wheelhouse isn’t she think so but like I didn’t like I mean I really didn’t watch those watch that show and I really was quite taken with Velma and you know it was a I really liked her and so she kind of distracted it’s the Mary and Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island complexes like ginger was a redhead then she supposed to push your buttons but it’s like when it’s when it’s so good it’s like Marianne had to mention so you know you kind of like well then it’s like it’s a trick it’s a it’s like oh you’re like oh she’s she’s not the Glamorous movie star she’s got pigtails
Eleanor Lake Lanier like you get you get mad at Ginger like suck you beautiful I hate you pressing things to Sherwood Sherwood Schwartz do you think that he was like fuck that but maybe yeah I’m serious like would would would you ever catch Norman Lear you like like just talking shit about hacks and stuff or is he just looks so lost key later Jerry Lewis but he’s like he was funny that he’s not going to last this shit and it wasn’t funny anymore can I tell a story about that I learned from from that book hit him and his partner last name Emerson he’s at he’s never mentioned him up here at
look great. They were working on this for Martin Lewis from their first paycheck was they were splitting 700 bucks which was a big deal to them it was a lot of money it was a windfall and then by the time they were done like three seasons that show they were making like 10,000 and episode or something to eat with a big deal so and then they there was a full-page ad that was taken out by the producers of the show that just said you know you guys were the unsung heroes of Comedy for a long time we just wanted to acknowledge surprising variety or whatever existed then you guys are great and mention them by name and said like hey leer and everson’s like you guys are you guys are great you’ve been right in great, thank you for writing for Martin and Lewis all the time and all the stuff that was like a month later like Jerry Lewis
like unceremonious Lee fired fired them and Lear points out in the in the book that ate all of his million interviews and books and documentaries and things Louis has never acknowledged that anything has ever been written for him so there’s a. Connection there to where it’s like who’s that with it today so they click the society started saying like oh these guys right for you and then they got another got fired those are the greatest physical comedians of all time then when he’s writer-director-producer actor everything they’re garbage a real I mean it’s just a funny scene or two but I like look if I see a talk show a late night talk show and it’s like 10 the vice president of the United States and we’re going to play tug-of-war is that comedy I wanted to ask
someone who has spent his career like I wanted to cuz I just wanted to know and thank you cuz it makes me angry I don’t like institutional apple on the desk fucking fun is funny I was so intimidated by just his Aura impressive than the fact that he’s also doesn’t really magnanimous and ice is really laid-back
you took it in stride that was this whole thing that happened earlier was an amazing moment for me I got to get to it this afternoon so I can just be around it but it’s just you have to understand that that guy owes me ten bucks and he’s like Haskell Wexler and these guys who are politically active and I would say it instead maybe somebody else would have done if I created the sitcom at the political Venture the political system is not just selling so but it was saying this is what’s going on in the world right now all things race and it’s split in half the refrigerator breaks down they don’t have any food or something Meatheads left in charge and Archie happens to be there and it Ron Glass comes in as
the repairman and there’s two different persons who won he has a gigantic a pro and a switchblade it is a biggest thing you ever seen Justin Apple Archie guy I was with whatever and then meet had tell his version of the story and it’s a totally different thing and it’s hilarious from minute one all the way through to the end but even as like a kid washing the stuff and I for like that I would just go cheese Chrysler dealer regular use of the n-word in both of the family and The Jeffersons on a lake lake lake you know it’s like it was just all kinds of conversations about the actual thing my my my grandpa was a World War II vet lied about his age to purchase so he could be in the war so it’s like you don’t even want to call anyone from the greatest Generation a conservative or a liberal because it’s like those words have been so polluted it cuz it’s like what else could you be if you were
like like like I don’t have fault my grandfather being held by our modern definition a little more like like not the most open-minded dude in the world and one of my uncles his son is only son was a total hippie like I was a very analogous of the Meathead thinking is a going on in every house and every every city and they would watch all in the family together I would watch them watch it I was just a little kid and all I knew was that my grandpa didn’t really like my uncle that much but they both like this show and that one guy would talk and he would say like the n-word and stuff in the garden faget in queer and and then it turns laughing was like the old guy with Talk of the old guy in my living was like it was like why why did we turn our backs on that I remember how the regen is one episode of Sammy Davis jr. comes on and it is with it
Michael says he’s black and Jewish a two-time loser and the audience shrieked with its really really amazing it was wait wait wait when that show started it wasn’t a ratings hit overnight it was a it won Emmys immediately but it wasn’t a ratings hit the Imagine liberals were mad because there was a lovable bigot on TV and they kept using that phrase lovable bigot and then like there’s there’s footage in a Carroll O’Connor you really like walk away with suit so much respect for his he was so passionate about that role and is Norman points out Carroll O’Connor was he was fucking out there the word showrunner didn’t exist back then
didn’t matter that much like this guy was on TV playing this character says like liberals were mad that he was a lovable bigot and bigots were mad because it was clearly making fun of them etcetera is like it was easy to look at it as a no-win situation but it’s also was an all-win situations like right I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him and for my parents sticking me in front of a really strict about something about watching TV and when you can watch it how many hours and stuff but if they heard the TV on and they yelled out the more I said they would let me watch whatever it was and because he knew that it was complex Jet Magazine reading a magazine or come out and it would be interested in it and they would mention writing on one of his sitcoms or shows or something in at whatever call Paul Mooney I think he hired him to write with several shows and stuff and people we had records of but nobody else talked about it outside of that her new you know and
you go see that that guy if he’s it’s just
it’s insane at every level of him taking you know just taking situation to put him out in the mechanics are sound in the in the jokes are tight and you’re laughing the whole time but there is so much going on Maude with Bea Arthur just attacking these ideas of in the height of the above the power woman’s movement just everything with that is to be that how you deal with menopause and how you move these things in and out of a storyline I make people laugh but also make them walk away by understanding what’s going on if you don’t get the sense that there’s like juice last after I do that at all comfort comfort with silence you can hear people clearing their throat deep episode they didn’t know if it was if it was something I was and it was back then it wasn’t like yeah let’s do a special episode when it was like every step of the way it was always like that don’t do that don’t do that don’t do this and he always had to say
all the family are mean because it’s that the sets were just like like like plays Community Theater sets that they were really like Sanford and Son and all the family that really separates the writing is so funny on the shows that they work like satellite radio comedy stations play giant section of All in the Family or a Sanford and Son and it’s probably like Vaudeville it really good writing and every weekend like it’s if it’s character-driven plays really really crazy Jefferson’s was it was same setup as any other sitcom I could turn on tv anywhere else and watch what the people steering stirring a drink or black and for me it was insane and a buffoon that was a neighbor was the guy Bentley arrangement
multiracial couple right when he grabs his mom and she used to do it earlier and he was laughing cuz this is like the guy in the room but it’s buying by Design and buy in 10 stuff and like set up kids and go
like where you did that delicious come on and you use saw the shift has black leading characters or is it what’s it like in New York there so many there were so many channels they need to programming and so they would just fill up blocks with everything and so you can see everything on any given day and you could essentially binge-watch as a kid cuz you’re around in the Summers and it’s just nonstop Bob Newhart the old by me or show etcetera etcetera to have funny you know and so you’re just getting blasted with you I learned immediately I think so but if you see Norman lear’s name on something you can watch it because it’s it’s going to be complex is going to be important and he’s doing stuff that’s not like I said there were these people were shot in Chicago
do we have any kind of movement has to be successful in which the thing that shaking the glass threatening to break it and makes her buddy back up in a rhetoric of convergence behind it which is a thing that sort of makes everybody they can people go around it and it just kind of shut that guy and will advance you a little bit and you have the rattle of box and you have to move it and any his shows specifically I think you get it is likely to see about a curious thing and you get both of those elements for topic it can be aggressive politically and controversy or whatever this so now the playing field is another TV person told me when you watch All In The Family the secret to keeping that thing going was that if you actually watch it through a political ends meet head was always wrong up politically and so is Archie but they’re Meathead was always right about Archie and Archie was always right about Meathead because that was that
that’s what makes it like you can just do that for a hundred episodes that because it’s never preachy certainty being the enemy in politics and comedy and religion and everything is the enemy and even in that shower I think it’s an audience you are often wrong about Edith and then they take the latter half of that series to prove to you that there was so much more going on in there there every episode and if she stops and she screams at him she was not this time not now not and if you watch those episode you just your heart stops dead and she has can put up with somebody like Archie like it’s she’s not just a dummy she’s really really great it sounds like it’s aggressive preaching but watched you haven’t seen any episodes are any of these things just watch these shows and you’re the Great Clips won’t be entertained it’s so funny and it will last forever like in the annals of Comedy is she asked
Do You Love Me Jesus Christ either she’s the
she’s the straight man like she’s at she’s a protagonist in that thing it’s really really great
Jean Stapleton right oh my god did the cast The acting fucking amazing out of that context in real life
the most brilliant performers artist in the world
he’s not he’s not like a Stapleton like there’s people all right sorry I didn’t really Fart I know I know I’m sorry all right well what are we learned tonight
I think a whole lot how about being the career that guy has and will continue to show me right and you work with him and kind of as what what capacity
will you come up and do things if you want to I was going to say his and he looks like a million bucks and he’s easygoing and he’s not a cantankerous old grout she’s she’s very nice how did you hook up with him I had a agent, and I interviewed for it and I got I got an idea earlier so I can still smile and be so like completely
like open-hearted like open-minded about sounds really fun
I just want to I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment we didn’t get into the biological the age of feel like a morning show like what’s your secret kind of thing but but like like what it was that much she’s not a big drinker glass of red wine
he represents him so he can partial credit to his writing partners dexedrine and counters for the if I wanted to ask him about an adderal and they like what his what is cuz he mentioned in the book or they could just in passing you know I actually don’t know I’ve only worked with him for about a little over a year so I’m probably one of the newest people on his team would Norman lear’s porn Emoji be
is it like is it like if I was sending a text to my friend and I was like this clip is amazing and I was saying that they play
all right well it’s a traditional do do a rap
Zack drop that beat can we do whatever you like he touches anything you don’t want to
Starship Scout ya-ya-ya hand foot
but your mama inside and out but your mama till she got the gout less rich food get your mama cuz she’s in the mood that’s consensual that makes it good mood to fuck your mama
call Verna.
Stipple liberal viewpoints are views about your mama’s so much
Tuesday East Side yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
being dumb and Gretel burn on the grill until she had her fill and I was able to compartmentalize it
cuz I have
Anna pocket so great she loves my focus in my ability to focus.
but you take the good with the bad
good times
good times good times good rhymes
all night
I went out in the hall and a tenement building
Harry Potter next time I make a song a little longer
West Coast
chocolate Pokemons I got them all to Niagara Falls and said help me
your mama all right everybody
take it to yummy
thank you so much
Damaris Brown
Harry Foster making a smooth beat for 11 make its offense
on Jeff Davis one more time even though he’s left the building Norman Lear
credit card for that


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