Episode: 197 – Stop Singing And Make A Chair


Episode: 197 – Stop Singing And Make A Chair


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oh yeah
Hollywood California the Sunshine State Tournament down its once again in session
bring up Spencer Crittenden the right off the bat
MMA retirement Channel Dan Harmon
sing it
Drake hype Drake kind people thank you very much all right we got a lot of facts about it’s part of a Time straight all right if you want you can just come back in like 10 minutes okay
I’m trying to look through in like what it would I be mad if Rob interrupts before I bring out Rob like
he might have got bigger Plaza the mayor
call ironic everybody loves Loki more than Thor but they know he’s a good guy is I will take that I’ll take that comparison right to you by Dr Pepper
God damn it it’s all right I’m going to let you get when you don’t talk to me at dinner
or I want it was a big boost and you guys were okay well can we talk about our text message exchange Steve Levy out cuz he has a part in that I’m sorry
clean-shaven with
it looks like Captain America what are the guys that kind of changing in the background that locker room scene in Top Gun
how do you say he’s got some fantastic how do you wax your smooth he’ll what’s happening no I don’t get to see the ship okay so I got a text message from shrub with C couple of them yesterday yesterday 3:26 p.m. Straub says wait what should we should I don’t even remember
should we really should read each Our Own Parts okay
my God. Yeah read your text that you sent me a script for 6 p.m.
this is like like being like this. My phone’s dead I mean I can’t
Douglas Fitness going to do it together
just read it this is the worst
dimensions of a good dinner or we could have had it all planned out I didn’t know you were going to do this just sit here and read your text
call the word alright okay OK Google like like the podcast has become like we’re like the the unearned popular kids and like like like at the lunch table and it’s like we sing at the lunch table means we have a team we’re closing in on our 200th episode we still haven’t figured it out yet
I’ve never been here and there like what the fuck is this what is this like I thought he died. He died where is Chevy Chase wears what’s 3:26 p.m. yesterday just don’t touch it see with your eyes out with your hands I have to use got bad eyesight
hey where is where we starting
play adorable yesterday through this is the worst just had brunch with Chris Pratt kind of a big deal
trap brunch at Soho House holy shit so I let it go
which makes me feel like you didn’t get it oh I got it so then at what was it an hour later what’s the time stamp when I get a text message from Steve Levy some drama this is from Steve
hold on just robbed
where would we text a lot
could you send me so many of this even better than going to see Hamilton this is amazing
if I can. Craft are there three hours after that at 6 p.m. this is from Steve Levy 6:03 p.m. shrub wants me to tell you he had a hit to the Christmas crack
what are you doing I didn’t know you got it so I wanted to make sure
I guess you were trying to get ahold of me I had my phone on do not disturb mode while I was having having a having a meeting with Pratt so then I said
my assistant telling me about your brunch with Chris Pratt doesn’t make it dinner with Chris Pratt
10:08 p.m.
9:14 a.m. so 12 hours later you said that the top and just fucking read it it was a great meeting he’s super friendly and then I said don’t you think it’s possible he was acting
why would he do that
maybe that’s how actors practice
baby making someone think they’re your friend is the act equivalent of catching a fly with chopsticks
have you been an actor this whole time
no and that’s why my friendship is more valuable to you than his
that’s all I wanted to know screen grab
all right that’s it thanks dude you got it
when they remake this on Broadway
I think the more coveted roles of Steve Levy wrote I think he becomes the Hulk ruined it I shouldn’t have never I shouldn’t have thought like oh should read those texts I should be organic say when you go after something that you killed a butterfly all right so I shipped my pants again like I went to Palm Springs with that’s what they’re called
I went to Palm Springs before I came a man El Compadre
I went I was driving there with my lover it’s a two-hour drive and you taking a lover and takes a lover you taking a lover a two-hour ride to Palm Springs
I just it’s it’s a story I mean it’s just
so I thought it’s all right. I took a little hit I grabbed the vape pen in her vape pen is differently configured than mine and I kind of like I took a big full hit and I and then I started coughing and during the cops like each cloth as you know I fart largely and I was like those those feel like hot farts like cuz I coughing like like like horrible horrible coughing in a row that I was like that that was a hot fight
for our route and then and then everything was fine then we went on a 2-hour Drive great time I made her a wonderful birthday present a very talented while you were driving no
no I made she’s a fan of the Karina Longworth podcast you must remember this I made her a half hour episode of you must remember this is It’s her birthday present so we listen to it she loved it and and then and then and then she’s like oh we’re almost to the place we’re about 10 minutes away at this is probably our last chance to stop grab some snacks stopped at Walgreens and got out and remembered
and felt that you weren’t as making birthday presents
they weren’t hot farts they were
the opening credits that Rob was making his ride didn’t know the movie was called hot farts and I don’t know what’s going on back there but I can tell it’s a big deal like I don’t know I don’t know for sure you never know for sure I’m drinking Soylent a lot during the week since so thanks a lot I just want to throw me under the bus but I also don’t like I’m drinking a lot of liquid and then I went back to the restroom area and the restroom was closed it was under Renovations and there was like one of those key code things on the living room so I just I slashed back out and like I I
30 let it rip it’s already it’s already out know they were hot farts man I thought you were still like you didn’t know this isn’t like a like a story about like how it leads up in this let’s celebrate the moment of the shit I’m saying this is like like I coughed and then I was like that was a fart fart to there’s like four of them and I was like if those are all hot farts
why does it smell in the car and if they if they if they weren’t they were something else why doesn’t it smell that they hadn’t forgot about them cuz I wasn’t moving around so I was like like like like I got out at the Walgreens and then felt okay I could feel right okay something happened. You so should your pants
Alan and then really almost died then I had two legs it cuz I was like I shipped my pants and like sat down did you get did you get like I mean you could get like a wet wipes and stuff like that if they hadn’t thought about that but what was I going to do take them into the dumpster or like it was a desert like there’s a stack of rattlesnakes and just like hides behind the rattlesnakes and you can’t sit in the desert man where can you
I didn’t have to shit I shipped my pants I have to remove my pants where you at the underwear you went you went to a wedding you went to a wedding where did you go visit her birthday weekend it was a perfect weekend Earth Day weekend okay
all right and so happy birthday back in the car at 3
I was telling the story and it doesn’t like you’re like wait wait wait wait what happened what happened I’ll be right with you
I thought you were at your back in the car now you know what’s going on I’m just going to sit here in my shit I thought I was like sitting there and it said it was like a while cuz they’re hippies young of the desert lives like up some artisanal Hotel probably have to pay in bark or something on like sitting there and I could I just like I could swear that I look like the Calusa nating and I can feel something dripping down my glad you like I said I wasn’t I didn’t I wouldn’t want to check I didn’t want to just one of those sitting there just sat there and then we got to the bathroom and the room and I just a little Rorschach okay
at the end of my story I shat My Pants Okay. So
can I have one question you’re telling me that you did for hot farts in the car drove to the Walgreens Walmart Walgreens and then you got out of the car realize that you had indeed pooped your pants walked around a little while while you’re trying to sort it out couldn’t get into one restroom didn’t know the cheat codes of the ladies restroom go back to the car sit in the car take another hour send me a few more minute drive back 2 minutes on to the crib but she goes into the check-in paying with bark you’re sitting out in the hot desert car
possibly poop returning print in your legs or you’re having a cat like you’re having a psychosomatic like
it didn’t smell like shit in the car
is it really wasn’t that mean it’s once it’s out of the fucking box the truck but maybe it’s just like I got a big hairy butt and it’s like a lot of stuff can be going on up there
God knows that you couldn’t eat off at right now in the room doesn’t stink
I think the secret is to be a big wide person with a with a giant Canyon for an ass and run a stage like really unceremoniously could leave the show at halfway through and the whole room smells like like poop
but we didn’t connect those. Cuz it smells like poop before he left we thought something else was having it but he had indeed completely emptied his drawers on stage so you can let a little remember when I’ve done that but I have a lot of stories about like farts gone awry
probably has had this before either way tell me what sort of the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers playing on that when I didn’t expect that I think it was more than this but he said that never pass when you get older never pass a bathroom and never trust a fart had to learn that my thirties that I had to stop a bit I be like you know what else is on the menu and then I’ll be right back
you’ve lost the ability to do the last time you should your fan Spencer I think I was like 19 or something it was just a fart gun a ride yeah right outside of a Taco Bell fittingly
hey Jeff what was Sam Elliott ad for for for for for all new Walmart we’ve closed the men’s room because Dan Harmon comes by once in awhile
ladies the pass code 23421
play the Sam Elliott for Walgreens
new segment I want to do is Sam Elliott how she was on the show she was on the show
really you know really not cool
all the Glitters isn’t gold
what is one substance that never tarnishes my mind on that scribes mom was pussy right right right right
Sam Elliott all right not cooling I heard on the radio to don’t normally do and I heard that small business of any kind
I heard an ad for shoes I don’t know Shoemaker is a shoe repair do business-to-business Shoop Shoop Shoop Shoop Shoop is there was a local spot by Ice-T
do your feet suffer from no shoe itis
remember it’s not personal it’s shoe business
come on down to shoe
we got all manner of foot coverings boot Jack flap map canvas tops High backs round around Beulah wedges pumps double pumps nine pumps Neo pumps and the Revolutionary are nine
add shoe fuck you
I guarantee you that way you know. We’re just giving the shit away dr. Peppers looking right at camera 3 over there so during the trip you guys use Waze sometimes have you use the Shaquille O’Neal Waze voice says I don’t know if I can do an impression of him is a s i could beg a guy is into a hazard ahead be careful don’t cause a accident
all right what it was like to be ready about police don’t be Shaqtin A Fool
my favorite they used to have Terry Crews is like a Brooklyn Nine-Nine integration and Terry Crews was the best because you would be like
play just be really need to get in your car and it would just be like yeah yeah
yeah I was but everybody keep your eyes out for a 1998 Toyota Corolla
it’s about child abduction Jack Shack doing an Amber Alert in a child look
I’ll pick it up in post
I haven’t eaten much today
Game of Thrones which we’re all missing tonight thank you for I already saw it last week’s episode spoilers I’m not going to I don’t think I did that last episode I think I really spoiled some stuff for people you say spoiler alert to their supposed to put their fingers in the air
this episode The Night tonight’s but last week I finally have a girlfriend who also like me likes to watch all television and movies with the subtitles on closed caption on what the fuck people are saying you’re from house what
it’s gibberish name start with the same letter in the same Kinect I went to Tom when the Timmy tap42 be dupes
so did you see the scene where there is there at King’s Landing by the way
they’re having the King’s Landing like they see the workplace comedy King’s Landing a boardroom meetings you know he’s kind of
yeah it’s like it’s like this big through the other scenes writes like her little good like like unwilling minions are gathered around the table and the guy the old guy that bearded old old guy with the extra tube YouTube the guy that the guy that in one episode they revealed when everyone’s out of the room he’s he’s only seventeen at 90 they left and he was like
oh wow really pretending to be 90 or 70 that’s cool that’ll come into play no payoff
what’s going on it’s like they cut down to the verbal Kent Keyser Soze like like shot of the feet
do you and everyone we have a serious problem there’s a slam dunk contest in 45 minutes
best the basket will be of course lowered each time around is failed but it’s opponent is 85 and as we all know our champion is a Sharp 90
the anyways is that guy was talking shit about you know Darth zombie man so I can like the mountain it got turned into a guy and he’s doing the old he’s right behind me
yeah yeah put that thing to death like as far as I’m concerned that things I got crazy and Chomp Chomp Chomp and then if you’re watching it with the subtitles like you know for sure what it was about to lick the heat he looks and then there’s a beat and then he farts the care it says and it says on the subtitles parts
and there’s like a little like sound
do you think they do you think they added that they couldn’t they might be things they added another poster do you think I was scripted to actively suppress in community like cuz God bless them but audio Engineers are there
I mean they got to make their own fun I like like and they they will have a track of the entire show if they’ve had times like this and then like oh well going to the bathroom we could play The Scientist like there’s a horse when he’s in like clubs and everything’s are farting like The Wilhelm scream is all lines of dialogue and Anna Anderson said guys I love your craft I love what you do it’s very important to me but everyone can’t be farting all the time and I think this is what they were like like they must have like maybe they said they called George RR Martin did cuz you know we’re having a debate in the next day and he’s like I’m just the brighter I’m working on the books and they’re like there’s a fart noise like I can’t hear you I hope we get more young Hodor I would like a little young teenage Hodor
I guess I I hope that whole storyline for the awkward years yeah I’m all over the Wikipedia and read and stuff things are interesting it’s crazy it seems like it’s leading somewhere where it could be leaving somewhere else could completely like new weird territory that’s like never done before I hope so I already have more eye white animal occupying I don’t
I don’t and I don’t want to hang out in a tree anymore
and I don’t want to watch through Holodeck flashbacks I don’t like look what am I complaining about it’s a good show and it seems like the seasons kind of like he had a meeting with it
like when I get the one I trust good question of the of the of the 19 like places you can cut to hit a Game of Thrones episode like what would be like like what’s the top one for you that you’re at your like leaning in give me a moment to think about that somebody will be those shittiest if you are an actor what’s the number to Buddy’s fancy
what’s the weather with the seat of power in the hands of the king and he was hanging out and stuff Thrones conversation if it’s podcast didn’t just your only place on the internet to find out if only we can provide
if wait for it do you have a problem with seat belts
okay that sounded like a lot of big-boobed women that’s in that one do you put how many of those women I don’t know how to measure it but we could see if it’s my applies if I can’t have you I don’t want to give you your privacy but but like like I guess you said yes when I said that you do you have big boobs you can say the same way do you put the seat belt behind you
that’s what I wasn’t there was a dead felt like I felt like there’s 12 women with big boobs in here and four to seven of them drive with the seat belt wrapped behind them because it disturbs their boobs just a thought but I started dating someone with big boobs and I’m I’m an advocate and I and I want you to be safe in the car guy was that dry sitting behind a gift that you’re sacrificing the shoulder strap and you just doing a lap belt really
delusional said it might not be flowing out of the car you’ll just be smashed into the dashboard head first
that’s a bummer it is it is it is it is there anybody is there anybody in like like travel safety whatever that’s called like working on seatbelt psychic and accommodate that you asked
are people currently like working on remedy
I guess leave
oh oh like there’s like I got there it’s that people sell a like yeah is that supposed to use the but that doesn’t work I’m assuming
wait okay so the boobs lift the belt and make it like a break your neck
so look I don’t want to wait make the situation but look about body shaming
like if it’s not getting addressed it’s because you know how is you know like we’ve done a number on women like how many of them are going to write to anybody and say I’ve got a problem with none of them are going to do it cuz I have the same problem with a lap belt
that’s the customer service line when you call on your like Siri like you’re just cuz you just had a near accident or are you lost a friend and you’re like calling and you’re like kind of crying and like and then the guys like to ask you like a question but then you guys like okay I’m just getting this job cuz it’s the same with me in the lap belt and you just hang up and curl up in the corner
SOB yeah well well ladies with big boobs that let it be said here first I am on your side
you’re welcome
I was going to go to really dark place in the house
would you make a shrub
page from a microphone and a little bit of a concept about the way car should be driven and drove it in
you got some big old hanging down flowers you got some big old Brown
keep going into the different kinds of
I don’t know. Don’t make me do a commercial for safety
what else do you got your bosom deserves our respect
Buddy Guy’s teeth Nashville Music when you’re doing and Sam Elliott if I had music anymore
just let me know if you’re going to pimp me to do the ice tea endorsements don’t play a beat cuz I’m not going to rap to it then it’s just going to visit the sound alright Ice-T for man space exploration
we’ve been on this Earth for over 5 trillion years
and we still can’t get off it
it don’t even matter to me personally what’s out there it’s a principle of the thing
got to get my ass off this planet if you feel the same way write your congressman
that’s pretty good
I liked it the beat was fucking me up I like it all right what else is on here. Ok Google, Kenzo I was like I was at
and throughout the week also
what was it you did you talk about of the show yet the fact that you drove in an Uber with a dude who is like full-blown flat earth guy I don’t I don’t think we hold dear have I totally forgot about that there’s still Flat Earth people and they’re just got hers down to talk to you seem like a reasonable rational like sober individual who was articulate what music was playing
this is Ice-T
this guy stick his head in the window for a second
I’m going to the coffee run do you guys have a nice cream truck or something it was a month and a half or two months ago I left down here and I got into a lift people put their ways of our phone if I can it’s like on the dash run suction cups of the window up on their visor or different places where else
are there other places sometimes

and their passengers big titties because so he went and and visuals like this picture isn’t what I was talking about science stuff I need to turn it off but like planets and places like yeah like it’s a science thing I wasn’t talking about it was revealed at one point that he is a flat Earth believer flat-earthers or a name for it and
so he’s like the whole thing is a Lie the Earth is flat and I was like
but OK Google to needed and super fast whenever he was a pleasant guy and I wish I could remember all the details
see that is amazing that was like a fool most people for whatever and I’m like you’re also moon-hoax people walk in a straight line and it goes we don’t know because the polar ice caps are there that does there is there to keep us from falling but this guy hardcore environmentalist that’s the crazy thing to lose that he’s like he would he agree but it liberal
like a tattoo or that are not dry because I think what they believe is that if the polar ice caps melt all the water will fall off the edge of the Marble Madness level that we live on
I asked him about what do you think Ray is gravity if not if not that thrilling iron core known as any he had a good answer but he had an answer and it was Preposterous and lunatic but he laid it out nice and simple he’s the talk like this level-headed turtle turtle camera big big turtle if you believe that we walked on the moon as human beings and we took photos you believe those photos are we good to go see how come you can only see part of that flat disk that’s the photos or not. That’s that’s that’s a good question because the lenses in the cameras are curved
the Beastie Boys video series
you take a lactic acid and I lay down when I was talking to Professor Brian Cox at about we really know what it is because well it’s like space-time as if I get used to space time and gravity curves things in the same way that like if you’re walking out on the curb service like a planet if you and I stood in a straight line along the Equator like a hundred kilometres apart and we walked in both of the compass and we walk due north we would eventually meet we would eventually touch we would think that we were both walking perfectly straight and we were and if you didn’t know that the world was round you would think that there was some weird
a force acting upon you is simple nature of space-time and planning anything like if I could come up with the money where you and I can like do this experiment we drove it a hundred miles apart and just do it
how long does it take down for anything but research
he’ll get on a plane and like meet you at did you ask him what made him like stop believing it or did he never believe I think somebody turned him into this idea that we all been lied to the whole time it’s all been this big bunch of baloney
put in that Miss 4 and we’re who’s with who’s making money off that
because that was the big Globe stay there more than we do really he’s really not hurting anybody unless he thinks the earth flat is hitting children or something is like that unlike the climate change denial that kind of things or whatever the vaccination crap that is it like this that this is a guy who like she has a belief system that is actually incredibly difficult I would think like like you would look at that is like a Beyond like like he has to fucking protect that thing with a quill it would seem to me a logical that ever got through like his force field what he believed in fairies I get a movie you know and the universal logo comes out of
here we go again
that’s why he only goes to DreamWorks movies that kid is sitting on the front right right finally wear clothes Mine at Night
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually no limits is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes out the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like a verb you’re always in good hands
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you have to actually open your mind a bit to get that closed-minded lately cuz that’s not like he had to one day so I had to say to have some people who believe the Earth is flat and it he had to be like to do there has to be some story where he’s like yeah but fuck those people and then some spider bit him or something and he was like maybe not fuck those people I delivered one of their flat babies in the in an elevator but it’s human bite like a dish of something happened to him where he was like maybe the Earth is flat when I got to my destination I didn’t get out of the car we talk for maybe five eight minutes we have to keep track of his leg looked like I’d love to keep the meter running
I take that back you’re not a lunatic like but this this is a lunatic idea for me and that is that you have been fed a bunch of lies and I got a bunch of white how do you spell exactly how old was this Lyft or Uber people are so there you go
using are you using Google Maps or Waze rangos I’m using I’m using voice how do you say
if you can’t that’s what about what about you could go to the beach and see the ocean and you can see it curving just with your own Naked Eyes to see the wolven so is anything like you could just say I’m glad you guys could hang out how come everything seems so flat like the answer is just that I would just say I get that but if you could see a curving like I don’t know but I can see it flattering and the answer is well it’s a matter of scale and it’s a different should happen I want to I wish I want to get in there man I want to be I want to be one
how to be a doomsday prepper and a flat earther and everything else I go to the Eiffel Tower at night he has all the stuff that it was crazy clouds my biggest my biggest regret about this whole thing is that right when you get out of the car is like why didn’t invite him on harmontown cuz it would have been awesome
where you at Markham you would question about the man and there’s no need you wouldn’t you could come up with would lie answers for anything and not you know have to pick sample okay we’ll just Spencer ba
is Halo how come there are holes because it spins
it keeps the shape that way when you
you’re trying to ask hard-hitting I don’t really know anything in common day that I can point that that that that is because of the government
see it’s easy you can just say anyting or something you can’t go out and just prove it this is true but I believe and I don’t have a Sasquatch you want something else that’s how come we haven’t found the skeletons because they’ve been hiding them
who is they the Sasquatches why are they hiding them because that’s literally all they do is hide and hide things
play Heights skeletons they hide the skeletons are in the beach
why the beach because people think they’re whalebones it’s fucking easy you just say anyting Spencer
what time Spencer pretend he’s someone who’s who who believes in the electoral system of the United States
how come how come if I live in New York where 9/11 happen my vote counts for way less than if I live in Wyoming because every state gets to determine that how come how come we can’t just use the technology to pick the president now you just have to vote to make that happen
that’s the biggest argument about the Electoral College it’s like oh it’s broken and fucking vote for an assholes it’s stupid because that’s what it takes for fathers wanted to be a president that’s true if anyone was President disaster could happen they just pick some douchebag from a reality show in Pizza commercials
I mean God mob rule can’t happen or else
I love it I live what’s happening it’s really shity flower that was always coming along
as if it was always going to continue and there was no way for it to ever change but what is you know that this is going to make things better but at least I just lay here though we’re still got that legislature track that’s what they realized I think that if they lose the nomination they can still win back legislation in ya alright alright alright I really don’t have a lot more if that’s that’s getting scary what’s going on in Venezuela I don’t know okay
Sims 4 Sims Rock what do you think is going on in Venezuela horrible apocalyptic economic and health collapse like I died. Just like a steak that’s what they want you to think
follow the money yeah I don’t know I don’t know what’s going on but I don’t think there is anybody here legitimately into my. Don’t come up here because you want to Beyonce there’s anybody here like into something like Flat Earth hollow Earth Chemtrails like stuff like that like I’m really is a firm believer in the mass flow air masks
you believe in nice ass you believe to get a nice tight ass if I squint real hard I can be into Bigfoot Bigfoot like okay maybe medium size for tomorrow
I’m proud of you guys for not volunteering thank you for asking though
but also I have nothing to talk about so thank you for trying that
barrel full of content in and nothing comes out so you go lower okay here’s a scraping the bottom of the barrel brought to you by shrubs mama’s pussy
so gross when you want someone’s mama’s pussy you need more than the worst you need the best
and if you can’t get that go to schraub Mama
what are we doing
I agree but at the same time
all right we’re still in the segment called scraping the bottom of the barrel this is a subsection of that called things I could easily look up and have the answer to in 1 minute but decided to write down and then ask onstage all right how many got
what start with number one
this is this is the message that bottom of the bottom of the barrel
what it what it what it what it what it what is the word surcharge come from
I don’t know because if you say service charge I’m going to ask you why is it not what you are because I want to go to the get to the bottom of the same as it’s a circus a charger out of the bottom after all the things are totally what’s the service is the lady I charge too much at once Latin countries reaction to hate him I hate him so much
you can’t use that your phone is dead you’re not allowed to use that as a bailout mechanism stop it
that text message thing really got under your damn do we let you know about this Chris Pratt meeting or what was going on there is it going to be a Lego
obviously it was just like Chris Pratt was like what’s taking so long with the Lego Movie you know what’s going on why don’t you go eat with trap and then he’s like
it’s more cantaloupe
at this time and he’s like okay
cuz I can’t hear the sound of you over the 800 million movies I should be doing right now
like if each of my packs did one movie there be two movies but
oh wow well I tell it to talk to me about Legos like tell me any like wow they snap together and another cantaloupe
can I cut then I called Legos
companies called Lego so
it sounds like he had brunch with one that doesn’t make a friendship that was my point he’s not friends with him the sister brunch I think I think you’re terrified that maybe one day he will find somebody cooler than you in order for me to be terrified of that at there’d have to be something terrifying happening
leasing agent capable of finding somebody cooler than you
I’m just yes I am
yes I am so is it like sir sir like surreptitious know it like like like it like
oh on top of like most biggest under the table unless I can get drunk. I asked I should have looked it up but I’m glad I asked that’s it that’s a great okay I have no more of those all right now and we got about an hour and 50 minutes left
I also heard that the
speaking of the French in then end us using the language that the expression that’s the ticket but yeah that’s the ticket it comes from a bastardization if that’s a ticket French the way you did
and Is it etiquette based on the word ticket interrupted you take no no
Is it etiquette based on the word ticket because they like would put up manners signs like up at places and they be tickets that he may think if you just a big loop
Civil War land Civil War Iron Man Civil War find out why he’s calling him Underoos Civil War man in the movie
drive to go of the like like like like sort of your a solid yeah where is lake lake lake lake. You went to see Civil War and India liked it and you’re a big Marvel guy and like you just kind of here over here one of these come out
all right all right I got a civil war movie what it would have been answer then no spoilers movie
but they’re probably already spoilers to have right I mean they’re just they’re just superheroes there they super in the beginning they say stay relatively super and any any actually it’s Spider-Man
and I’m sorry I missed it while the car was driving by I heard Underoos that’s weird just by everybody’s I’m so embarrassed I had to change my phone name in the front and he’s hung up on the Andrew staying the toys while Black Panthers running through the garage right what to do when were they were playing with a toy you know when they’re running through the garage black panther it’s in the trailer so I’m assuming that scene is still in the movie right okay so Black Panther in Captain America running through the garage and then there’s like a family in a minivan or whatever the mom and dad were talking or something like that
the top of it will but what but Rob why wouldn’t there be toys in the universe where they people actually existed when they I guess they have firefighters wait to firefighter toys this is how are you saying you’re you’re saying that because we don’t have fire fighter action figures which we do that the army men I know that’s the meta concept of like I do if there’s a in a sequel like like like the real world and then they have the toys is the merchandising
I don’t remember ever seeing that it happens like every fucking like name to I don’t know man like it
I can’t okay I mean I know I can name one better there be like a five minute Gap and everyone to get up and leave
it’s been so good movie Civil War because he generally has the most like straightforward logic like Iron Man is a little bit more selfish you know he’s out for a lot more his own agenda everything the first time I saw a Civil War I saw in this thing of 40 acts 40 acts like they’re trying to do like they have the Dolby Atmos and all that kind of stuff but in this they have chairs that literally like move with the movie like all the way around. Just like just a little bit what where was it up and down know where was the place
the Regal Cinema but it’s it’s
when does Jade are what
shut up no I’m not even showed this is how you saw the movie or what are you that’s how I saw the movie human beings. How about not knocking my ass like it’s a punch in the back by another human being by that chair all mechanical you don’t really mean exactly like that it’s actually kidney throttling you like is it is it really literally
a character that was getting punched or is it like we’re going off a cliff or something exploded
I wish you can tell there is no no
it’s a Disney movie so okay and man made his suit for him that’s what I’m saying I don’t know now he’s calling him out by the under that sounds like if I gave you a T-shirt and I was like
yes but that’s your teacher you put that on me so you can insult me with it it’s terrible terrible is a product calling it under under was is a product that was in the late seventies that would have liked Spider-Man’s symbol on it and Batman symbol on it and he’s calling them under roof right that’s Iron Man stuff he gives everyone in it at one point he calls you dude I fucken know that he is referencing a thing that went out of style like decades ago that’s how long the Spider-Man Spider-Man you thinking that he’s time referencing Spider-Man like his own like Brandon his brand of Underoos
call Underoos Arbor Spider-Man underwear long johns on your chest and your old lady rage hey tights hey man is wearing tights Hangouts holy it’s like that but it’s not a rasic Captain America and you’re just connecting it. That they’re not connecting for that reason doesn’t make sense what does are you going to are you going to go see it in the theater sing do you want to do want to go watch it with me if you take the the seat that punches you in the kidney really right now in AMC Prime because it’s really comfy seats and then like they have that do delivery overnight
does Amazon Prime
hey you know the guys have directed that movie I used to drink my show Community represented
Community reference in Civil War is Jimmy Dean Jimmy rashes and yeah he is the reference to Stars kid
deliver my Underoos are t-shirt and briefs
the leggings there’s no armies that no gloves with no hood there’s t-shirt and briefs and it’s sometimes it’s a Wonder Woman Batman Spider-Man was the popular one doesn’t make sense Underoos I’m sorry doesn’t make sense I will say it was a weird area but I also can’t say I can put my money where my mouth is as far as what Tony Stark should yell out when calling to Spider-Man
it’s under the cover of his comic book that apparently I probably exist in this universe to question his name is Tony Stark made his Duty custom made and there’s a part where he’s talking about like the goggles that he that he wears in like they’re really like they really obscure your vision but because his senses are heightened actually help you better believe Tony Stark made them so that they adjust to that I sent the stuff himself so Peter Parker in this version of the Marvel universe is getting bit by a radioactive spider also is so smart that he can make web shooters and that’s what actually what makes the relationship really work well in the because they’re both geniuses
got bit by a spider
is it his real name
you got bit by a spider and all the powers of a spider are you going to crawl up walls she’s super strong he can be telepathic. Spider-Man Spider-Man is coming a typical spider sheds
I’m connecting this. Do that spider that bit me and as such I’m going to use my previously untapped ability to create military-grade weapon repeat the comic book it was fine but I really I’m just saying like I thought that was what is likely in this world where the movie industry takes, quit properties that we love and kind of like demystifies them in like a jerk yourself off for making everything real little box that’s not just a magical, that’s why you were made of stone and she can strip as well it’s like one of those rare instances of yo the decision to make Peter Parker just a few pretty mess and have him have like a mutated any shooting like fucking shit out of his wrists I thought it was both come from the movies I believe right there. What’s his name
that’s what I’m doing I thought that was a cool instant I wasn’t like jumping up and going
yeah I do like weird like like the stuff with the tensile strength of steel that you could shoot like the idea that a kid could do that and then also that’s the kid that got bit by a radioactive spider is it true that dude out of his feet to be built a machine for express that is your favorite who’s your favorite
sorry I missed tag hotmart
I messed I just asked him
all better
come on baby Spider-Man got bit by a spider that doesn’t actually create silk do else do all spiders have been so probably I’m saying that I’m not going to keep it I thought it was a clean nice simplification to see why don’t you get all the powers from a spider bite not have to have one in comic books in that age of comic books it was like fine it was like like that’s the point of comic books has two legs like punk rock to be like like okay and then he made these things and he doesn’t think he’s seeing Spider-Man has been the first time I’ve ever met in person closing in person so Tony Stark is aware of a product called under his but didn’t know that Spiderman was one of the Lions and the 70’s has a slightly alternate universe
you’re like the superheroes this is the first time they’ve ever existed but like the all like the products and things that we like know and care about still like him happened just without like branding of those characters
a person who has volunteered the DC Comics exist in the well yeah because there’s that because there’s the joke of verse of the Tobey Maguire movie when she says while you’re not Superman right you’re not the the what’s your favorite who’s your favorite guy Tony Stark
put words in my mouth I mean like honestly Iron Man is the most fun to watch I think but Captain America has the best movies why is the why why do you think it is so if you look at Batman as folklore like he’s a guy was born rich he had tragedy befall him he is a philanthropist he’s a Playboy is a billionaire he uses his money to make a bunch of chairs like the obvious parallels Ironman like that’s the Big Thing Marvel like even though he’s not the most super what it what do you use do you have you thought about that to you do you think what why do you think why do we like the superhero characters that we like in America what would you say okay if you haven’t thought about it especially cuz like a lot of people like Batman the best and Iron Man is obviously like a very light close equivalent but I think they’re one of them
do I like that the people like Batman better is cuz he’s like a lot darker and like has a lot more like Intrigue in his past Super superheroes like the superhero got invented but then we settled into while I like I like this but we can’t we can’t have a victim that what was the head of getting your pH it nobody even laughed because they’re like yes everyone you date is a victim and I was getting her master had her Masters was getting a Ph.D media studies and she deactivated me into this concept of American mythology being having this really specific slant on hero mythology where we live we can’t decide between the outlaw hero in the righteous hero so in Deadwood that’s where in June and took the Olie character I can’t remember my brain is Swiss cheese cuz I’m more of an outlaw hero
we we need are we love we love our Han Solo with our like we looks like caviar on the cracker like we want to sell it but so what I can’t figure out is is is that is that why we love and, mythology sure we live the fantasy of a guy getting really so mad he could turn green and then he can fucking do all this shit that we want to do at the bank I can make a good Holcomb good movie out of it because you think it passes hands thoroughly Studios and things we like we like rich people because we don’t want to be a socialist for God say like wait what you want to be like Rich dudes that are Playboy’s but then that also decide what am I doing with my life I’m good I should be out there fighting for truth and Justice and they use all their money to make like like stuffing and beat people up so we can because we don’t want to let go of the American dream which is it one day we’re going to be Bruce Wayne is still putting someone above you like a god I figure but it’s also saying
we don’t want to have a switch when we we we do fantasy fulfillment we don’t we don’t we don’t imagine ourselves as John Henry it like a guy likes I want to race a steam engine and then die trying
I Like it Like That by guy get ahold of Jesus Christ woke up one morning said I’m going to borrow my t-shirts. But it’s like it’s like that because his parents that killed in the alley and that’s my man is what it is they have to be rich because not only does that make it feasible for them to do the things that they do but also we have a fixation on our country were like we don’t want to fetishize the poor we want to believe we going to give up on the idea that weird weird child to become rich capitalism works his parents got killed from malnutrition
and he decided to put a trash can lid on his chest and grab a heavy object I’m go out and fight the real Injustice property we would all be like no that’s terrorism that’s how it sounds like a Bernie Sanders campaign commercial
I got ahold of Bernie shirt that I plan to my why do you think people like Batman or Ironman
what do they that’s what he said just know you never said that bend over to put words in your mouth but especially like the comic book version of Batman because the comic book version at least up until recently was more interesting the version of Batman than the comic book version by Iron Man cuz he was just kind of a rich guy and she didn’t have like Iron Man was like waiting in the wings I always love them I love them before and then I swear to God I swear to God he was my Pixies he was casted it was like holy shit if it is also like a taco inside it was like we were rooting for Robert Downey jr. in a perfectly cooked at something something with the word Coco in front of it
and was like he was handed through different Studios and television shows and medium and he just kept them during them because all he really does is it while I made the things that kept accruing as that myth was handed the three different studios are the things that pop for us like like like it was weird that the Batmobile was part of this mythology and not part of that and like but whatever sticks its sticks and then I don’t care I’m boring myself
Batman’s older he’s more like Paul Bunyan he’s closer to being folklore and mythology Iron Man is like a straight handoff from from a comic book Property 2 cinematic property where they nailed it and I weren’t really into it with these Marvel’s Batman are there any like awesome like women like superheroes at the bet you now question running around out there just aren’t any women superheroes
wonder wonder woman obviously a woman that that the cinnamon flavor was so power of a different hotel in order to defend supervillains right but she like she got the powers because she was the Hulk’s cousin I think she got into a horrible car accident and she could only live because Bruce Banner was the one who had the correct blood type so we donated his blood and she she got the powers and then was she she she
which is okay with pink Ultra
but she was she was already a lawyer before this happened when she picked up that you go to the past the bar as the house
if it’s not already comic book line I would love that
alright well I’m going to try to sew been anything you’re plugging you going to do a tap-dance especially coming up for actually working on my my thesis projects for school I need to plug those that’s the short film it so I’m making a it’s a modern-day Western these two guys like who like like idolize Western
pull up a train robbery in the modern technology except it’s in the way
Ben also
did you notice have been around his wrist I was going to ask when you have a series of it but it was too late now you have a lot of like what we look like band bracelets
when my brother speculate about it I think he’s so young that he’s he’s been to that many places in the last week
not a scissors convention that’s for sure
shots fired
all right well
what what I was going to suggest as like cuz I was zeroing in like what if we created a cuz I figure if a guy is a billionaire and then he has like technology and he uses it to fight crime bit by something you’re on the way
if it gets hit by something we could create a new superhero mythologies and cash in but also that’s just I mean that’s just me trying to fill I Got Game of Thrones to watch we could cut it early
did you know the only book I ever read cover-to-cover scud
Dan did you ever read the scud to cover to cover what was what was the deal with that bad guy in the beginning whatever happens to him he doesn’t really come back yeah he came back in the last what happens got his legs cut off why
sucks with Ben Ben Franklin comic series
you guys follow the Vine account what is it amazing talent amazing talents these Vines anybody seen it. I can’t believe the amount of people that this planet is generating that are falling it and it’s amazing like it’s Heaven it’s a Vine is amazing I fully support it you could swipe through and it’s just people getting hit with things and falling I don’t like the I don’t like we don’t like the yellow if it looks like they really got hurt but I don’t like when they actually get hurt like when I was at USC in the book younger like I got the cobblestones at USC and she’s really moving she got to be somewhere and she just hit the ground like a mousetrap closer
at bookstores everywhere they have to call 911 by pnau is the best I don’t know how to act like I get a Vine from Strava and it’s always some crazy I swiped her if I swipe in different directions to get different results but I don’t know what’s happening I feel like I’m in a Dungeon Crawler lake lake lake game where I’m just like swiping and then like go I don’t like how come and I don’t understand why if the account is like a Latino people be like it’s happening but but but like that account I guess maybe got popular in the most like people we need to aggregate I don’t know but I just don’t know what I’m following and what I’m browsing but I know I love
Vine but I do but the weird thing is like most of them are comedic we based most of them were based on the 6-second kind of orgasm of like you’re watching something and then something’s going to happen but then it’s like a certain percentage of them are like it there’s this one that’s like I think it’s called amazing talent or something like that and it’s just mostly just teenage girls singing But as there’s no irony there a Bass you keep waiting for a basketball the fly on her own because you’re in this Vine traumatic stress disorder load and you’re like wait wait wait but it’s just a girl singing kind of well for 6 seconds like like like oh she sings so well but then it’s like they just keep popping up and it’s like I realized today I think I think about 40% of the public sings well and I don’t think it’s I don’t think
can call it a talent anymore
I died I think it’s I think it’s just like being double-jointed or or or people like me who like the smell of skunk like I think there’s like 40% of us can carry you to do you say I don’t know if you should. I don’t know if you should think of it is
I just worry I just worried cuz they said that they’re usually singing another person’s song and they’re not playing an instrument and I just worried about these young ladies I believe that that I think we should do that you should like make make a chair
if you’re listening to me out there like I’m just worried want you to bury your dreams and start making him work hairs
make a timer to chair and stop being such a singer vine do you watch it immediately do you watch it at all
okay all right so when you don’t respond I shouldn’t send it again
buying a palooza yeah yeah yeah okay you don’t have to but I thought you guys are getting closer before our very eyes I feel like it’s like you keep back I think you guys are it’s it’s it’s fake to pretend that you guys don’t really love each other and I have
doing it you know I keep him around because he’s confusing like to me like I’m going like what is he doing what does he mean you guys were youngsters know I used to I used to know we were like the two musketeers with and then we run like like but now we’re really old I think our brains are dying and I’m just like where I feel like we’re both are just like the rocky the rocking chairs of life and it’s getting really funny but
used I think I’m not putting on a character when I’m like what are you talkin about what did you do that but he changed and that’s how he’s always been this weird always I don’t call it weird I wouldn’t I wouldn’t call it weird if there’s always some prolonged she would Macrobid going on I thought if that’s always been the case since I’ve known you guys I don’t know man you wouldn’t want to live in a full keg
I’m just trying to express I’m saying like what you see what you’ve lost something inside yourself that you forgot how to translate Rob’s you know unique qualities into until it’s important to you
missy is it to change then I’m died I never doubted that yeah you know I’m sure it’s all right we’ve got very old Europe Edie’s like talking lately that’s all foreign languages but then another old guy that comes out the back I know you guys like me out
you know I always think I could be us like one day I put my will together finally like I finally put together and I put an end in like you came out of that house and we’re going through any and he goes and so if you’re like on life support your good and and something God forbid happens to Kate who do you want to be in charge of pulling the plug on on you if if if if that happens and I said and I said I said Dan Harmon and Caicos what the fuck

I mean you get first dibs Dans Dans in charge and I didn’t know I and I said that to her with the lawyer paying a lot of money to do this like it’s just going to be really funny
ask her if she’s going to be like
he is going to make Steve leaving come over and do it
that’s okay
on vacation when it happens Araceli they took Delight in the Heimlich, are we going to pull the plug or not I don’t know yet let’s say I did it already would you be upset
the guy in charge of the plaque was a Rick and Morty fan and I we were taking pictures of when I said we were taking pictures of me pretending to pull the plug on them
I didn’t know if you plugged it back in it would just turn back on a it reboots and I didn’t have the password and just what is the heart and lung machine is it too late to make an addendum to to your will and Save in case but it has to be an actual plug into a wall that I want to put yes that’s going to be my living will is like if you’re going to put me on Lexapro and I want an actual plug wire a pancake
are you could do it yeah it was that we don’t waste time thinking about like the terms of the terms of your actual like like like like a Doomsday Clock and make it just characterize it as if like as you switch Dan Harmon to off the world goes to shed to like you know there’s like sunshine and cows and then it like there’s like a midnight point in the middle is it goes for my Honda of picturing when I’m picturing do you know devils and Sauron and stuff in the thing is I can’t Herman off and it’s like okay here we go
I got to wait we we voluntarily enter a world of Darkness will then I don’t I don’t think so well you would probably have to have been there I know you probably would know it’s not something you can knock out Steve did you did you make me a little Steve okay Spencer and it was under a under Levy not harm and so I’m just wondering if you made the will and it was like under leaving on Harmon Vigilant these kids
does he have a power of attorney over you as he does use I bet he does
I just wished I don’t have and he just disappear in your like all my money is gone Steve
but that would be if Steve Levy cleaned me out and disappeared tomorrow I would that’s money well spent
you got you got the go-ahead buddy I always thought I told supposed to but I’ve said that you many times right like acting as My Assistant like I took like whatever you think it like cash or Kenny trash so many words but I want to change it in Bethel for God’s sake don’t notice then it’s fine that you deserve it or something
cuz I could die any minute take my money
I thought you but I might get here I’m kind of like Batman or Ironman
will you kindly love Iron Man you keep bringing that up you like you you you would you identify with the Tony Stark character images of my own discomfort
comic strip light sound effects Luther
the hammer right the hammer man no hammer what’s his name Hammer probably his problem is that people steal his suits and he’s like oh no that’s my whole deal cuz I really I really do that character
crazy know you owe me because Lex Luthor hate Superman like Iron Man doesn’t hate anybody who would you cast Rob as if you had to cast him as a DC or Marvel getting an Aquaman vibe from him I feel like I’m at Spencer for sure like Tron
famous how do I make a good black panther
are they political weight why is he black panther I don’t know I don’t know that’s why I haven’t gone cuz I don’t see you in that shrub looks like Professor Xavier
I mean looks like it’s got the eyebrows
how do you cast a Primus
Dave got OJ White Walls Thor right I mean Sabertooth physical looks like a tribe is like a villain like he’s like mr.
Yeah Ty Steve Center
and I was making her way in the world
you can then you go you go high
what’s a Mike Sherman Capote on the clock to Cambridge for high-grade entertainment I want to I want to I don’t want to
hey Iron Man
I think did you check out what’s going on in Vine bring it up on the screen computer
check this one out
does Donald Trump enhance enhance Mar
back up a bit you enhance too much
Iron Man take a look at that oh my God it’s it’s due nomitron do nomitron
is on Vine
get your phone out we got to get more hits than he does I’m more like I’m not going to just stole a villains name from an upcoming episode of Rick and Morty
I just stole it
but I think I I think I wrote it so I know you’re going to steal it but I don’t remember okay we’ll have to haul of Justice
hey Batman I’m Batman
what what’s up lately
doesn’t seem to be a lot of crime happening you start by trying to take back the night in your hometown and then at some point you decide to move into a Hall of Justice yeah then suddenly your character takes on a strange weird comic relief quality innocence and guilt and Justice and get things and now I just hang out with Aquaman
seven corner pocket I just came to see if you were up for you forever and head on the wall
I can’t believe you would think of coming into the Hall of Justice you know I like it I like it I like it when the villains come to us
it’s like 8:24 we don’t have to go out later I’m I’m out of shorts why did you kill your butler Alfred
awkward awkward twice but you you started over okay and I became Batman as far as I know you called me I find a river and take it to an ocean that could help you chase that guy
meanwhile out
getting in my car Barracuda drive that shit
like I said Slow Alfred send the Alfred
oh shit
all right all right okay I think I think I know how to do this
go go Batman bat
don’t hang up to the Hall of Justice Batman River below they give each other the Justice League salute as they head to class
I’m going to trans house
what’s a riding a bike
I’m in taco man
let me in October
hey what’s up man what are we got going on here huh man you know who I don’t like Batman is parents they sucked
a long time ago get over it my parents died yeah you’ll see me talking about where’s the bong is sitting on a man I just a small couch into a bomb
Oh man
cause this is this is the new Cyber Weedman
it’s over Gotham
I can’t remember where I was going with
where was that prime rib
falling rip I was back at the other scene
you’re going to go get Jim nomitron
okay love you
the lives of the innocent are the price of the war a prime stucco
gave you the best years of my life and if I listen to Ghost I never get anything done
you wouldn’t get it I can’t hear you over the sound of me avenging your death
Stark make calzones
will do at your superhero
tell me all the time
I know you know I’m here what’s up
who is it
I’m Batman I don’t know you
I don’t know Batman what you’ve heard about me all your friends about me
don’t High Road me Batman watching TV watching TV
a well-placed gel spray shaped like a bat for no reason
few steps back press the X key I think
the door opener
I didn’t hurt your dog to put him to sleep I mean I’m being made him go asleep
oh hell no, you should have stopped resisting why did you do that to me
I’m putting this on Vine
bat bat bat bat
batshit batarangs Batman
Loop a boomerang it was Instagram
I shot the Rings at you right
I’m not denying it
you killed my dog
you’re under arrest
Filipino badge either get dressed up like a countdown I’m a Batman kill me more than a T-shirt and briefs so I would not call him an under rule that doesn’t that you’re going to confuse him because he’s wearing more than just a T-shirt and briefs it would be confusing to call him Underoos
don’t do that don’t confuse the police they got plenty of things to do meanwhile back at Ron’s house
hey do you want to ride white bikes around who are you talking to a man who are you talking to
I’m right next to you
they’re in the fridge we’re standing right in front of them
that’s why I like you
can I have some orange slices yeah man I’m good
hey don’t answer that I already did. Hello sorry hello Don’t Bogart the orange slices hello
hey are you there
what are you doing
hello I didn’t know it was Batman I don’t think I can hear people
it’s Batman do you have a fish tank yes why would I say that I’m hanging out with
just kicked my fish everybody who killed were all hanging out up here having a good old time is that a ghost
I got to get Justice
I’m sorry
sorry I I’m sorry I transgressed
I made a mistake I put myself above the law I feel bad I acknowledge I did that I’m going to think better of it in the future
I’m leaving
bat bat bat
who’s in it I think it’d Hispanic though, I mean that’s innocent people I protect can’t do anything for me it’s my job to do something for them
not powerful enough only Rich enough
I just turned around backwards in Fall backwards spreading my arms in a bat shape
what is he doing at the end of Birdman weird
god dammit Jeep is designed to automatically make me lands like a hero
I thought I would kill myself if it’s weird to see him during the day
ladies ladies it’s weird if I can hear you
Bruce Wayne
so I can persuade my house in the city I’m the guy that has equipment essential to making Batman yeah yeah I wasn’t a poor person with fucking military equipment that just the poor because corruption and lies and every darkest snap your neck
or maybe you don’t recognize me Batman
nice to meet you
I didn’t even have an s on the end of it right added a gratuitous the villain is so reptilian that words with out as soon as still I was bitten by a radioactive spider in turned into a snake
what did you base that I don’t know it’s all fucked up what can you climb walls are you sure you’re not a spider Megan Lee decided to opt for a snake and now I think I’m pretty excited Slither about I got kind of go around a tree went to pick up a tree I will watch this human being
I was just taking a shit out of you guys fucking around I don’t know I’m not a snake
how do you recognize me
you’re too dude
you’re the only guy that gave me the business and high school have been following you around for your entire career you knew I was Batman every time you saw a shadow that wasn’t yours
one of the Shadows with my
they called me
hot farts
because you guys mind if I just
what what I just asked my car I got to pull out you guys there
the real quick I’m just going to go I just I’m getting late you know but you can continue this I can’t continue what we’re friends left you can continue getting there a few how about I take your car
I’m going to take your fucking car. You know what I think I think you’re a criminal
I’m a vigilante I think you’re a criminal step back step the fuck back taking your car give me the keys
I use bad equipment if you’re lucky I’ll leave it somewhere
where is the
what is this you don’t have to put the key and you just keep your fingers out of my face so it’s the button you just press the button you don’t have to pick a lane is it a Batmobile or a car it took my car it’s not a Batmobile why is there a g if there’s a power button the fuck are you people at Henry Ford motherfuker just press the button a golf cart
maybe you should steal someone else’s car taking this damn it
you’re going to hit the mailbox I can’t hear you I’m a I’m a block away
you really laugh
are you fucking kidding me
she hates me I was an undercover cop
yeah well if you didn’t have fun
that’s not our fault
tried everybody
apparent Spencer Crittenden
I paid for it I’m just


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