Episode: 221 – It Happened In Silverlake


Episode: 221 – It Happened In Silverlake


In the wake of an upsetting election and racial tension, Harmontown welcomes the Avenger’s Elizabeth Olsen, Rick and Morty’s Brandon Johnson and our first musical guest ever Babes to suss it all out. Ha-ha-ha ha-ha ha ha-ha.


let’s hear for babes everybody Bass
nothing is perfect and everybody is Hermantown is now in session
BB gun baby keep rocking
the mayor of harmontown Dan Harmon
I like it prints.
70 years old song
you couldn’t
Spencer normally 12 we have Spencer late we have a band of four people I noticed that too
prisoners now it’s sitting over here at 10 to mail not Gianni territory and yeah I feel like I get where he was coming from now sitting on the side of the stage I just feel like I’m together and we got to talk to Dan over here or even Harmon status in New York for those be around New York show Spencer did a great job we were Jeff list and Spencer List It Up
it was a squeaker out of 23 political predictions I’ve been wrong about starting with will never see a black president in my lifetime I got that I was there I really said that before first it was going to be really tight but then towards the end we were talked into that did that it was in the bag for Hillary and I don’t even like putting that out there I kind of believe in the words you say like can manifest themselves and somebody like they can even create things I do believe that it was increasing possibility all the time and I was in London during the week and a half before the brexit vote and depending on you
it’s happening permeating tonight is a theme I’m sure scary most promising most exciting to me is the cultural not ramifications if it’s a cultural thing that’s happening of which I think this election is a symptom because it’s a real thing that we have to deal with on our sidewalks and things and in conversations with each other the people with actual human hearts and brains that we touch and whose breath we can smell and end who are renting property to or from us and and who we buy and sell bread to I haven’t been into the market and
I don’t know how Commerce worksite gay people to count my filthy money but the human beings are neighbors and things and our backs week we know that our friend Kumail hadn’t had an incident in a bar is like like douches that like they got drunk and they were like it turns out later with us afterward of the story the bartender was filling them in it saying that they have right meeting’s over at this certain bar that I I guess I won’t name cuz I’m not sure whether it’s a good thing what I’ve been doing my name and the bar but but that they have meetings in the back room and had this is a fire close by and that that guy been one of those two guys have been there before and then you kind of like Clockwork Orange where it’s like holyshit the fabric of society is changing
see that the story was the chameleon Thomas middleditch were hanging out at bar that you guys have been drinking for a couple hours came up to them it said like Hey we’re big fans and I disagree with what you say on Twitter about Trump and then they said let’s not talk about politics
if that’s going to happen
right term for people that have been cuckolded by a man just like a beta male I think it’s more of a beta male think they really focus on the sex life of other people cello who is a cuckold who is very Alpha
I got no beef with a guy that’s so low status he can suck another man’s penis while that man fucks his wife like I think that guy’s pretty fucking intimidating
add chicken flavor and he’s like not not somebody who’s like
what can cause you’re not supposed to want to do that if I got stuck in your wife that’s the last thing he’s he’s amazing comedy show last night we’re done but we stayed at Rancho Santa Fe which is quite rich and white and I went to have breakfast or lunch yesterday and there was a woman that came in and she was like very Orange County like you know just picture of a wealthy Orange County middle-aged woman who is pretending to be 19 9 people I was reading my book so I have to stop at a bar in silence
and here I am reading
the bar or at a restaurant and I expect graveyard silent for just me and got this guy’s a fucking piece of shit
I can dig it
the first 45 minutes I was talking to other people and they’re talking about grapes and wines and then but it’s just short for America
and I was when you pass the orange curtain when you get down into good and proper Orange County gets Trump stickers and Ford F-150 and all that jazz but then they all about politics about the election they’re all Hillary people they sounded like they were going to but then I heard and an interception happened
how do you spell why do you assume I was talking about an African-American
I want you to take away from us I feel I feel that I’m not Camilla Brown and I didn’t get poked in my chest by some you know some all right where does I just feel like that was the first time I’ve ever heard like a bunch of somebody feel that comfortable to yell and also strangely righteous indignation when I crank it
keeping with that I invited random people that I came across all white males if I have anything to do with it it’s about moving forward into like I don’t care if you’re listening to this and you’re offended by a straight white dude saying we need to erase the lines and solitary is not going to get cigarettes I’m not telling you not to see lines and I’m going to I’m going to express that where I’m at and how I’m going to move forward the best way I think I can help and use my I statements I am certainly not here to tell ticular lie especially the last person I want to tell her not to see things in life is the black women in our family tonight because I feel that was an astounding almost absurd story like like the if you looked at the statistics
you were looking at lines and now they broke down that was a that was a bummer lined up and they she’s a woman and I am a woman and there’s a million reasons
40% of the women vote for Trump with our primate mind the message from those spreadsheets for the selection from everything the thing that’s going to keep me saying thank God it may be in a very Twisted horrible balloon animal way but Martin Luther King finally just actually became his dream is actually becoming a little bit true because I can’t I cannot look at anybody anymore to think about anybody but he said any group that they belong to and assume anything about them I think those that election like you like it you can now say that you have more in common with a person you haven’t met yet than some of the people you’ve met you can now say that you have more and more important things in common with people who have superficial things that in common with you and I don’t want to speak for my
people that are shaped like me but before that Tuesday I was walking around thinking that like the idea that biology didn’t matter race gender to name a few bio lines ways of a million of them know the things that just make us different like in the goo that makes up our body I always looked at it like broccoli Kelsey really hard to commit to like like like not the First Choice like when I am secretly thinking about what I’d rather do like kind of difficult worth it will make everything better so hard to do and no one else is going to do it anyway and after Tuesday like I swear it’s not hyperbole it was just like the one good thing for me was I was like holy shit no the idea that that you can’t tell what people are thinking or feeling or where they’re coming from by looking at them is not like broccoli it’s like air it
possible now to not be in that mindset it’s absolutely vital and it’s relatively empty we have to fill it with something meaningful I should have stopped it just went from being like oh you should really do that okay I will and walk around like that monkey guy who clearly was yelling at himself before you did
already we have to fucking World Wrestling Federation wrapped up in our brains because we’re surrounded by it anyway so what like like the big question becomes
how do we how do we stop being surprised by shit how do we eat that’s my therapist if I stopped expressing yourself with like Dan you keep going like this and you keep your voice keeps going up in the air cuz I can’t believe it and you hear that story about Camille and the Twitter is like when you reach weed stuff which you should do believe this and that for the last twenty years has been enough like that has been a hard definition of the guillotine has been our definition of like just like in transparency of rule of law socially cuz there are no laws against like you know having weird feelings about you ate three bananas now you’re a womanizer you can have like
ideas that are for Supreme Court justice has them bananas illegal illegal and so we have up until now had the luxury of going can you believe this person feels this way now I see it’s like oh you got to believe it you got to you got to believe it which in coming with that is like then if you’re going like this you’re the sucker would you believe can you believe this guy’s mugging be going to fire Steven Seagal I’m 43 he was really rude badass.
six months of a 92 I think I couldn’t think of a name of the guy is famous for not getting mugged maybe I remember the exact order of the the five stages of grief but do you know which Spencer or Dan that you know which one you’re in right now doesn’t apply or I’m on the way to accept it because we need to do more than grief if our friend is getting harassed in a bar we don’t have to go grab our muskets we don’t have to go because we don’t know those guys represent the alt right we don’t know what the alt-right is we don’t know what just we have to put the straightener Back Square our shoulders take a deep breath and go this is happening like like there are skinheads there are angry people there are people you can’t every person that is walking toward you has either Dynamite or
holding or putting being a good thing I got the option of dynamite on your head cuz you need to think every person that you encounter is good to cook could be explosive oranges or a monster but very likely something incredibly sloppy and unpredictable in between that is going to require very very like in the moment negotiation and also though before you enter that chaotic World an agreement about how we behave for instance when I’ve seen some some pictograms about that we’re big posted that I thought were kind of kools like what do you do when you when you see a dude bullying a Muslim woman on a subway and I’d like shows you in picture guess what you should do what you should do is walk up to the Muslim women start hanging out with her as if the guy doesn’t exist as if you’ve known her for 20 years
probably better than going like
I got sidetracked by that punished like well I
that’s why I want to talk to people who don’t know how it’s like I feel like you’re bragging
I don’t think it’s going to keep being a hypothetical that you’re going to run into a lot I’m going to need powerful friends Jeff powerful powerful friends
call Universe you know her is the red sorceress
yeah the obvious jokes to make is like could you use your signature Marvel power to to undo that election but I but I’ve seen two movies now and I can’t figure out what your signature power is its it seems like you can do anything to anyone but it involves red light
and I think at some point there’s I got to manipulate time I think in the valleys and I, I was hoping they don’t do this much serious like when you’re in a movie like that where you’re shooting guy goes and everything’s like we did one take now we’re going to he’s going to give you an adjustment like what is he is he how much moving like me
at least you told me that and I he he would physically ask me to do different physical things and demonstrate it for me and the russos don’t do that they don’t understand they’re like I don’t know what to do with you and figure it out with your choreographer frivolous
I’m going to go on to ask you what’s it like to wear so much makeup right now and I was I was going to eventually like I did invite you on cuz we were at we’re doing a project together and and and weep so you were one of the first people I saw it you know like going through something and I’m not even allowed to pretend I understand because that’s just part of the problem and blah blah blah and that makes me more mad makes me want to do things and that’s what the problem is because we just elected a guy that wants to be manly and do things and it’s not being able to manage making me angry and my five my therapist has verified that is every every couple right now that’s coming through it’s like it’s a woman with a what as a Star Wars fan I would call a carbon scoring feeling the panel over let’s face it a hundred and eighty years
and then you just get the lights off of the throne and buggy and penis slimy when you got you anyways we’ll wait what was I talking about
we were talking about like I mean I don’t know if I represented feminine respond back about 85 closed red and I can’t vote and handed it in cuz I was so scared to trust the mail service and I was in Mexico City and so that was really interesting and I was talking
I got one of our Margarita right now they’re like yeah let’s fucking build a wall so no one from America can come in like that’s going to have to make now but I had a friend when I was staying in a really emotionally on Wednesday morning I was like how can there be so many races and xenophobic people and sexism and I have one sewing educator education system is he said you know I don’t like my president I didn’t vote for him but they’re a lot of people in my country who did a lot of people make $2 an hour and when he first told me that was part of the problem for saying that and then he said you know I don’t blame the guy who makes $2 an hour for voting for our president cuz he actually bought his boat and gave him a refrigerator and I don’t think he’s stupid I don’t think it’s ignorant and I’m not saying we’re in the same situation measure things in refrigerators
they’re coming along down there. They didn’t think about like how am I part of the problem by just naturally assuming that all these people are this this there’s nothing and because I have a vagina or E and betrayal
just ask the blacks that’s what I came here tonight to do it racelines how are you that’s what I’m trying to figure out he’s like okay so yeah it’s like and there’s lines behind lines behind my eyes cuz when I hear that story about Kumail at the bar I’m like oh bullies way I know what a bully is like and then that means I need to do this and this and that I know those two guys I know I know I know five things about them all of which totaled make them douchebags and they needed to be dealt with in that moment the way that they were dealt with and it we would be foolish to not ask ourselves at this point there’s two things to think about for me one is how do I deal with anxiety like in a healthy way which Emily Gordon Camille’s wife like posting some stuff is but a lot of great things online and people going like you got filled with this shit right now it’s a
the consensus seems to be it’s a great time to go volunteer for stuff which sounds like a fucking blasting you want to do it myself like go to 826 LA and see what I can do to help like that somehow that’ll lead to some kind of relief in a healthy way but the other thing is that I can’t ignore is like are we supposed to get ready for some fucking fisticuffs salad tonight at the restaurant because I can’t I got to stop eating Doritos cuz there’s Nazis
and I would be I would be very foolish to be like living. How many they just need a hug
I actually I don’t understand fighting violence with violence I just never understood that so somehow I don’t I mean you know what I think kudos to say I think I’d stand I’d stand straight up with that person and get him to back down I think there is a version of that that doesn’t have to be violent and confrontational but I you and I talked to have talked a lot about the idea of lines and divides and trying to figure out you know people are so scared to say how they felt and it’s because the people who have the privilege to on social media have a lot of followers or to be on a podcast or to be on whatever and Adams in Facebook and you just see what you want to see and I don’t understand how that’s ever going to change anything
if you if you like one side of the other year old and listen to that one side
is a parakeet surprises a mirror in his cage like weird we are why why why are people chanting for Hulk Hogan shocked that someone is into the Iron Sheik at the same event like we are
the Camel Crush mint a devastating moves like a weird celebrity ordered at a person who’s in movies like believe this so their opinions cuz I believe it and I think that’s like a egocentric thing and that’s kind of what Hollywood did and what we were talking about when I brought out the other day you said you was going to look at Jay-Z and be like Oh Jay-Z’s president I have so much in common with Jay-Z I’m going to vote for Hillary now like
is it
you got 99 problems and a bitch not being in the White House is one of them
put on a new version of his
example kind of like blurs lines for me because I get scared and white and like what again I don’t looks like there is so it’s like I can’t fucking blanks plain anything to eat in lake lake lake
if I’m if I’m working in a lot coming off of my half clothes Factory job and going to Pizza Hut cuz it’s the fanciest restaurant in town and it’s payday and I’m like eating with a knife and fork cuz cuz pizzas fancy food for me cuz I live in in in Podunk I’m Taking Liberties receptive to this is Robert Downey jr. on it saying like look we have to talk tomorrow you have a choice to make and the power is in your hands and it doesn’t really matter I’m like kind of like met a version of that thing but I’m just saying like that the bottom line of that message isn’t oh look what I’m doing or I’m making you aware of something everybody knows the elections coming
everybody everybody that cares about voting because they feel something at stake for them because they’re not hopelessly disenfranchised is going to vote because it actually about them and like they feel that land and so a person saying like look at me you got to vote and you got about right like if I was the slightest bit inclined to like you do not believe in the elitist you know like the liberal King’s Landing that they go dead so it’s at but it’s probably doing the bass you know somewhere else I know we got on the topic a stupid the
Randy Johnson
the only guy who was always better dressed than me
I’m glad you all made it I think I haven’t enjoyed anything anymore right now judging nailer if I like having a lunch like I can’t be enjoying the food I’m eating dinner and I but then someone will go like I’m just waiting for somebody to go to make that joke about Hillary or whatever their responses that’s not either that’s funny that’s not funny
this President almost got me to say retarded
Brandon where you at right now what it would say hi Brandon it’s like if you if you were a Native American and you you looked over and you were like I noticed was that your motherfukers what is shooting at me and trying to steal my man no more
what is going on out there it look like white people mad at each other
this is the greatest freshly because the weird shit is there were no shootings two to three weeks y’all have Native American black people we we we started hitting a lighter shade of brown so it is been amazing to watch it is like it’s like a super bowl or a baseball game yo you really think that it would you do would you speculate that that that that is a symptom of any kind of solidarity like the idea that will relieve stress
let me let me tell you this ship for yours like it’s almost like if a black kid was laying in a pool of blood and shit and then a bunch of people video taped up happening and they were like 5 minutes like amazing are you saying that you think like that’s like the Chicago PD
that was less inclined to start shooting people that they knew were black American citizens upper Matic I see troops on either side fucking each other up over some shit that I’m not really a part of I’m a get fucked over either way why people want they come together after this Republican Democrats yet
call Mike you’ll be all right
you and you might get grandfathered into a shooting
be careful everybody is out there kicking it right now
country in the world and then all the sudden just as you were about to get that last drink and I’ve been there I’ll be there every time I try to order it I can’t get this to the handbook of how you can make it through this shit
I don’t know what you going to do you have to bring your kids clothes I Don’t Panic it’s a long fucking understand this motherfucker got about 2 years really send those last two years you know we are
stop playing pictures about the Shih Tzu act like you in Mogadishu like motherfukers ran up on your house in the truck so that I can get out
where I come from where Mexicans come from were Asian from motherfukers djon election season
book I am I beautiful
I don’t want to just cleared those bars as I can as a society I’d like to avoid getting as low as comparing ourselves to an election where people are getting killed instead of voting I’m but but you to your point we are pussies all of us back up cuz we live in Hoovervilles
I want him to hear us singing
I thought it was from Horton Hears a Who and I nobody reads that one that’s sexy is the apocalypse
all the films didn’t I like Masterpiece Masterpiece fucking watching that shit is 6 hours and fireworks and dancing bonus DVD now the French scenes in it are you trying to make me kill myself in pictures he has nothing to do with what you’re saying and I can’t I was like my OCD like I missed you earlier for work and end like he had slept through the election results in his and he assumed that Hillary got elected and said he’s lacing his his blue laces Navy with with the usual
graded resigned numb determination time to go back into the demilitarized zone and fight a war that can’t be won and then his wife comes in with some orange juice and do the nnn some pancakes and she goes like you seem a little glum and he’s like yeah another day another another what are you talkin about we elected some email lady no honey we’re racist now shut up the whole country
against to name them
make a country music so I don’t have to represent racism while trying to do your job and police in the public every man woman and child in the country so my job is to serve and protect the racist the racist dude walks past a black kid who is helping his friend move and is holding a TV
and that’s a crime and he has like need help with that
over to the car at a low profile and helping my friend move you were helping your friend move you thought I was robbing someone yeah
but we’re building a wall
like I’m at your you just became the smallest racist fish to fry a I have like like racism is is is is is my life now it’s like it should be it’s Christmas hey traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no one misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the theme to like to my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blackstone, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
on I don’t know if you watch SNL last night there’s phone it was the funniest it was in a way was David Chappelle and Chris Rock there in a room filled with white people screaming at the television find out that Hillary was losing and they’re like oh my God I can’t believe there’s so many races in this country and they’re just like ya n like because of the selection there was all sexual assault and that’s what we do when you hear that. Like raping clowns you should probably Park your fucking ears when you hear that there’s so many other people start coming up if you were down on the ground if you’re fucking suffering if your woman if you’re handicapped
handicap people right now in a second and keep it up man
we’re not trip out about this yet so don’t you be tripped out about the shit just fucking work
it’s not a joke is a real fucking think it’s not a popular topic it won’t get you a winning any popularity contests to get vbox and one side is completely ignored them and then you go build a big pussy and keeps all the dick underneath it
impeach Trump by the way
we need we need that we need this thing to absolutely become a sinking ship and watch the whole thing consume its up because if he gets busted for one of those 90 rape trials are coming up the guy that looks like Eisenhower who hates gay people more than anybody goes out of the office and it’s for real then was it when River 8 years ago as I like I said at the top of Shanghai truly am 43 years old group of the seventies I really truly believe we didn’t have it it wouldn’t have happened I was just totally surprised me that we about got elected and so my first thought was a lot of like white Liberals are like like is he going to get it
we’re talking about that right now Trump gets elected again your first. Cuz you didn’t see it coming is he to get assassinated
biking pants what to do

articles about him did you see the thing about he now is he wants to do things a little different he doesn’t want to spend very much time in the white house it’s almost adorable
it starts to make you think like what if he did whatever he’s going to leave Rudy Giuliani we just call it not what it really is and then we don’t have to talk on the same reality is everybody else and that’s like where we’re at as a
probably not at all lizard people
I mean sometimes you need a little son 911 that are audio
straight up every day every clinician I’ve I texted I cuz I’ve done this before I’ve seen people on a monitor and I texted doctors that were in the area and said is he yes it’s like there’s a phenomenon where the werewolf around the list to sundown hours off and just confusion and some agitation for a very brave motion
are the teeth are doing a whole thing of the day like
Trump’s Flavor Flav like he was like
Square Lake and no one’s no one’s getting a guillotine when he talks because he’s not running for anyting fucking like it was Michael Douglas’s the game the Michael Douglas movie the game when it’s like at the end of the party as I go you were there and you were there
Secretary of Transportation Chris Christie
stepped on my joke what do you kiss
I connect to the doctor transportation and Chris Christie I bet nobody’s nobody’s thought of that
what’s now and I’m sucker Terry of garlic Count Dracula
Gina hated he get rid of it
cereal girl it’s important it’s important I’m not going to be jaded about that anymore I still maintain stop yelling at people on Twitter about how they voted for some bat person or whatever people want to be mean about it three hundred million people in this country and like a fraction of the vote every 4 years and every every time we do this ritual wear when it’s a squeaker like we we Compare the numbers the market and then we look or when you voted for harambe
impressed that they that they wanted to express themselves and be counted remember every four-year is how fucked-up the Electoral colleges but if we never met about 9 years in between change it change it and hot like we should be concerned with those we stood by while evil triumphs you know that party we got to find out who had it so good that they didn’t care was going to be bad but who had it so bad they didn’t carry was going to be good
you know I blame I feel like the baby is very low
I didn’t do you remember you were going to say cuz I just remembered we can attack like right now attacking any group of anything isn’t isn’t actually helping on it which is like you’re like I was watching this is the numbers and looking at the statistics and at one point I swear to God there was a thought is it briefly just it’s just that you know how like Big Lots are just going in the Embers that come out of the campfire they mostly just disappear when they’re two inches from the fire and then others caused huge Fires for one moment like a little there’s a little spark in my head
immigrants that work voting I was like you fuckers
it would help if it was that from you
and you don’t get enough time to vote like what do we get in California an hour like sometimes you need yeah that’s I guess I haven’t been told that for my employer
I think we should move with the the day we all vote to Christmas Eve
obviously ain’t saying that it’s not a holiday that makes no fucken sense at all. It’s like a big part of the civil rights movement and we got rid of it in the swing states where Trump won
now it’s back yeah Trump one I fix what the hell happened I got a tank top just made a weird sound and walked away
is that one of the Babe statistically speaking 30% of Los Angeles voted for Trump I think it was the bass player of the Babe hey babe just sitting over there I wanted to say hello to the game
are you at your Mike’s hunt
show me hotter than Mike’s they’re hot
you’re hot. Wait all right
vocal effects
what’s your what’s your name
now you guys have been pretty I can that I’m lying about you being huge Gary Johnson supporter so are you guys
that’s rock and roll trees in Wyoming or Montana
play pop it for the Sex Pistols Wednesday morning I went and got a coffee and a bunch of glum hipsters and Silverlake we’re all looking bummed out while they were ordering $11,000 quiches in a croissant just to interject you officially no longer know that those guys aren’t Nazis
in Silverlake
all the Liberals that just for you thought it was safe to have artisanal yogurt
I’m tired of letting you hate me Brandon from the morgue
I’m not going to be home or do we don’t reproduce Barista check on the bright side at least like a golden age that people think like
explain it
I want to go back to the cave
but there’s a lot of passion and that’s why I said go ahead Brandon what’s your name
be more informed than that the hip-hop Pandora channel
yeah that’s really not racist
you can download an entire ride home that went with the cam woke
well it wasn’t really waiting for your take on hip-hop and having transformed but the days of the true golden age of hip-hop
the early years do you know when you can ride about peas and carrots right was very very slow
what like what more of a kind of a bass-heavy but it could have R&B, hits
at least I had multiple times Cummins music
have you ever had a sandwich on some bread and realized that you were in bed and the crumbs go down to Superman’s out and you have to fight those super Mouse hahaha hahaha hahaha
diarrhea from Big Fish
but have you ever laugh did a song have you ever brought your mama a long desk to the dream
that we could have if we only believed in staff
but yes I do didn’t know what to say
you just decided to lay it down
Reaganomics made rap better a lot and we had straps than women who were doing a lot of aerobics pantyhose
call my brother Johnny Cash album instead of a real rap song rap
we know we got it
that makes bialigy work if you know what I mean even though I pronounce weird
I can please no
this is what I really do
think about it haha
where am I
so today
and if you listen closely you’ve heard me say hahaha
how does it feel wheelchair people to be boxed in
to control it and you got a heart then you still on the air with me up in heaven because you’re dead
haha haha haha Riverboat Riverboat take me
babe that was awesome
Wreck-It Ralph
what when the listings don’t know is that Spencer and Lizzy were doing a dance the entire time then we can make an album of harmontown songs
actually actually I recorded hahaha with somebody already so we can we have to go through legal but I’m sure cash it would be down
2 Chainz Usher they were like 14 people in the pool so
Tim Brando you couldn’t see what you’re doing the other double-time fast rap
I said come on my show and rap like we used to in the 80s before it got hurtful and angry and for talented people
I thought it was just me and kick line and peas and carrots and pretty sure pretty sure we know if you have an apology I didn’t mean you weren’t talented that’s ridiculous I didn’t mean that I meant I’m not talented enough to rap fast we have the Sugar Hill Gang coming on next week so you can apologize.
what you just said
don’t push me cuz I’m close to the edge is that ate the whole refrain was about them getting close to talk to you into your car and you start the ignition and press the gas pedal and you start to go far there was like what you haven’t gone far yet and you start to pull out what you’ve never been doing well I mean I mean she was beautiful though of course she was allowed to wrap
only way to listening to her doing that you’re like oh she is like that’s like a YouTube kid taking up a butter container and tapping it and turn it around while they do a experimental style like like like that Blondie trying her hand at this thing from the streets
she had Fab Five Freddy and it might
Blondie’s child is here tonight I thought it was just complaining as her son that she was in
17 hour labor
so am I coming out
I think that little piece of music and I’m I’m only half joking I was I was there making a joke but at that moment where we all laughed and clapped about doing that thing did we do it because we’re sad yes and did it make us feel a lot better absolutely like that I just think that will sign we did talk about the singer was at least musical be better at least of course we’ve all heard that about comedy remember Jon Stewart during the Bush Administration let’s talk about that for a second like I mean like are we just turning that on like a faucet cuz for me that feels deeper like back then I didn’t I knew that we were in a war with Iraq that I didn’t believe in and that shit was being told to me that I was also like not into Al Gore I didn’t think it was robbed and I didn’t care like I was I was like I thought all that shit was for Chumps is that just a part of being young like like like where your leg foot
call system and you don’t give a shit about it until you own a house and you’re like I’m paying taxes on this so I want those motherfuckers not to park right there so I want to pass a law to get to the motherfuking other park right there I just part of getting older as you don’t I don’t know you become Republican with every fucking Pebble in that in that path I think in LA with distorted vision of it because you can shoot from lower-middle-class to the equivalent of upper-class and the whole time retain your visit Democratic version of don’t park in front of my house maybe it’s a cigarette tax or it’s something else but everybody is really this is what we saw is like we didn’t know enough about each other we known each other so if we’d known more about each other we might have respected rights of other people little bit more and I think that part of it is 8 cuz of your kid of course you don’t know shitt but we kind of have to look at ourselves and say
we should have checked in on those people once it started closing the factory it doesn’t mean that we owe them anything but we might have wanted to check out fellow American little bit more weight weaving those comes cuz I want to really respect the people I think Spencer’s one of them and I think I’ve been really a very expressive dispensary but it’s like like I watch Woody retweets and stuff and I’m like Spencer’s on point and he’s like fucking mad lately he’s not he’s sick and tired of the correct me if I’m wrong you’re sick and tired of the philosophy of like like we shouldn’t have ignored them you know they have needs to don’t forget to tolerate the Intolerable. Sorry I don’t forget to get tolerance for the intolerant you’re a little sick of that it like I mean we we’ve had poles we did pose before this election half of respondents in these
have a trump supporters were like black people are more lazy more violent than white people a third of Clinton supporters bought that so it’s just like if you asked what their beliefs are their beliefs are racist then they believe in people who they think can help but they’re not going to help I’m there not going to help them they’re only going to help them if they think that you think I’m going to races that blacks are the black thing about being lazy comes from the old slow rapping back from the 80s
it certainly isn’t how we met each other
so high
I just I think it’s part it’s all everyone’s you know you kind of touch on it sometimes but it’s like the word intersectionality gets at that there’s this overarching oppressive system that tells white people that are taking their jobs are causing the problems it tells men that women are you know not Siri is it tells us poor or rich people that poor people are to be feared and it keeps us all complicit in kind of ignoring in a quality that happens in ignoring that it’s real and ignoring that it’s dangerous apathy is why half of the eligible voters stayed home I mean I think if they were more open to the real plight of people who would take me to Hitler we have to get out there if you racist but the way you acting the way you make decisions and policy choices is playing into the system that affects us all in it affect you and it makes it so you can’t get what you want and it makes it so I can’t get what I want and it kills people
I think when you’re at a drive-through this is unrelated I’m just so hungry to drive through like you’re the position that you’ve been placed before you start communicating with the other person has a huge impact on every aspect that has the same language is everything we’re all in the same business it’s McDonald’s we all know one person wants a burger and how much it should cut and yet so much breakdown because of the position you’ve been placed in the filter you’re being placed in their side of it so like I don’t know how to do this I don’t know what the Practical aspect of this is but I know that we are I know that we can’t wait for 300 million people to stop being fucking moron because the average IQ is a hundred and if we don’t start if we don’t start being comfortable with the idea that most of the people you made most of the people you love most of the people that if you’re in this city U-Haul
one day worship you like like they’re dumped Saturday. 2
that’s how we got here we’re all smarter than termites giraffes baboons rocks because of the selection like they didn’t come any closer to respected my life
talking to a person and you shoot you start to hear them like bubble up or you start to feel yourself bubbling up like
can you identify the speaker between you can you identify that you’re at this drive-thru can you because in real life getting out of your car accelerated makes it a horrible GM’s Eclipse was so bad and you feel like like there is something between you that can’t change instead of focusing on the wall or even trying to talk over it

is there a position that both people can take relative to what you’re trying to do because what if one of those people talking over the wall are talking about something over there like a giant Anthony Hopkins created a windmill machine that’s going to create a canyon through the episode you’re missing tonight
have to get over your differences because that person the differences might be
fucking racist and that and that when they look at you they think that you’re a worthless person and that a good goes back again to like I think the ladies learned this time around and Brandon’s point is like yeah welcome to the fucking party music is amazing you’re going to love the music
I got a big fat Taste of holy shit for real not in a Facebook police of a way not in a not in any kind of like Kelly doesn’t like you with a knot in a I’m not hanging out with him wait not in any way this defeatable by any of that shit in a very real way someone you might be talking to might be fucking just like looking at you and thinking that’s a vagina that’s a black person that’s a white person that’s a union person people
are electric absolutely vile and may need to come down and maybe a huge huge problem but but like how will you ever like yeah that’s the big question is like oh well let’s be better than a two aunts with a difference between each other and like do this ritual where we rotate 90 degrees and we don’t we’ll get back to that wall that was fucking even more visible this way it’s right there we can go to see how long it is and where it came from the most important thing being like Oh are we are we in our weed control in ourselves are we letting these walls cuz who put them there if that’s what you have to have to reveal that stuff to people and it
is this Gap the disconnect because whenever I’m coming from a place it’s it’s from trying to help people and it’s not always coming through but it’s like but my understanding that I don’t say is that you’re you’re focusing on issues of race is distracting you from the real problems that are affecting his off and as long as people ignore that ignore that disconnect we’re not going to be on the same page but we have to say like no your problems are valid and they’re real and they’re part of this thing that I acknowledge and it’s valid and it’s and it’s explainable by the system that also acknowledges that racism is a real thing that you should also acknowledge exists in the world
and I’m not saying you’re racist you know it’s not like I don’t know you’ll know you’re on it you’re on it because that’s what I’ve been doing wrong aren’t you guys were always saying
hahaha you probably shouldn’t assume that person and it’s a country and it’s typing it starts with our shity education system and we go to I spent a lot time in Appalachia I don’t know if anyone else has but like but they don’t have money to even tear down buildings that that they don’t know what to do with and then that means Mountain clearing believe that global warming is happening so like that’s true and green energies good yet they’re huge industries that have relied on
Mining and disturb the mining business and they now are losing jobs coal mining coal mining businesses have been like almost fully shut down and I mean not fully but they’re losing jobs and then you lose jobs and then no one wants to be a teacher and gets paid no one can create a business is nothing to go out to a restaurant nose and give their money there and then. And then now they’re all past people have drug issues all over the country no one pays attention to it no tax revenue has all the problems in the world he said he said he said how’s everybody doing tonight go to section c different than the concert yes and I don’t know if he’s going to fix their problems but it’s really fucking see if there is no alternative jobs for a lot of people who work in Industries like that and I just I just
there’s a way that we can go into areas and not have a political agenda and just understand okay so you have a father or grandfather who’s been so angry for whatever reason they don’t have an education generation let’s figure out how to serve you better let’s figure out an education system that it’s better for you and then maybe we can even figure out a way for you to express yourself on school so you can talk about all this weird shit happening in your head or what AJ said to you or whatever make you make your kids less into multicam you want to hear other people laughing it’s okay to just laugh at what you want to laugh at.
I’m going to grind it reacts I can do I still have a chance at Paul Bunyan’s diet in educating young people that’s in Hillary Clinton solve any fucking system in our in our country and I’m super proud of the amazing like if we choose to volunteer in La overflowing but when we were talking about this and it’s like I don’t know
dumbest thing I’ve ever said of the smartest thing but it’s like oh but it’s like oh what if it was actually privileged what if you could for instance would have you who I know you would be allowed to walk into a steel mill and nobody’s going to be like hey who let Scarlet witch in 3D and I don’t mind stealing bread
my ex-boyfriend’s family was from or is from Kentucky or almond in West Virginia and I was going to these places where I know at first everyone who’s working in these in these mines de stijl with the cameras are already assuming that you’re coming in to make them look like that are really defensive you’re going to make us look stupid in this movie hackers comes in I pitch my fucking show it’s a good idea it’s about a guy who Minds time
fucking tell me that’s not a good idea
second big city faget can I get back to work sorry I didn’t notice you were handicapped
I went to Morgantown West Virginia that we will go to like rural areas but we’re usually around where the college’s I was intended lean a little bit more liberal but I’m out of town you’re in straight-up red-state like a real stuff and some of the coolest nicest funny as happy as people you’ll ever meet you out to do exercise they have these in my mind educated beliefs and trying to be patient and listen and all you can hear on the other end is a or shit out of luck right now they don’t have a lot to hold onto and that’s all you can think about it don’t you can’t then label it as as stupid or ignorant it’s
I can’t be like all that’s what all of our passion into the detailing part of the country because every black woman that’s not listening to this package cuz I have zero black women
Brandon which showed that footage of 13 black women watching Dance on I thought you just be like okay it was a terrible strategy for the Democrats to ignore what would be really uncharismatic rightfully so uncharismatic to be a hard thing to be trying to get the Democratic vote and it ended and to be honest and practical if you were really also simultaneously in addition to trying to get the Democratic vote also trying to be honest and declare it an agenda for change
you’re just shooting yourself in the foot standing up behind any Podium during that campaign and guy and hunky
is Bruce Springsteen Factory whiteness produced and it’s like oh because those guys are fiscal conservatives which means they’ll never get they’ll never win democratically they have to attach that could boost to a train with an engine which is a lot of people who are scared of gay people scared of culture scared of that’s working with a welding torch in their hand is a moron who hates gay people who’s going to vote for George Bush or is living in a district it’s going to go read anyway so fuck them and also what I’d lose 10 black vote even bothering to throw one of those Joe the plumber fucking aside during any visit to anything cuz fuck that guy so whatever
this is why these line that they have they have sucked us into a World Wrestling like franchise they have told us there are good guys there a bad guy doesn’t really matter who lives like I just linked to all kinds of visceral stuck there’s an Iron Sheik and that’s got all kinds of symbolic value but we all know we all celebrate on CNN and Fox News and in our living room we all know that they don’t actually represent those things we all know that Donald Trump for instance does not work as a janitor he just not weld anything I want I don’t mean to get fucken controversial but we all know that politicians put on the show their professional wrestlers their symbol we are like I don’t expect Bill Clinton to say I believe women are the few
and then go off and fondled fondle them he’s a politician he has to wear that Blazer that comes with fun playing women like we make allowances for these performers because we accepted their engaged and chicanery we accept that we’re idiots we sit there and we cheer for symbols we leave we punish them for becoming real we find photos of them smoking joints in college and if that’s not culturally right at that time let me go caught you you weren’t Hulk Hogan your name was Terry like that you can’t be a wrestler anymore you didn’t come out of your mother’s womb and grab a lion and then we wonder why don’t we sit in this franchise but then the mind blower is when do it when people who go to professional wrestling and who they could get to like fucking
get some of their feelings out by yelling at red guy vs blue guy in a ring they get to leave that venue get in their cars go home and decide how to watch television how to order Popcorn do you order Popcorn again how to interact with your favorite thanks the reality that we’re leaving and when you’re through the metaphor I’m talking about is they won’t we don’t know they’re never going to let us out we have to we have to leave the venue and it’s not a physical can you but they won’t they have it built around all of our Lives we sleep and dreaming it we some people here tonight I guarantee you because that election was so
volatile so just it was such an event there are people here tonight who for here wrist boyfriends or girlfriends that are now their boyfriends or girlfriends because they broke up with someone that I got you two act like they’re I probably got about twenty people here tonight I like have like got in a fight and like ended relationship the people in the wrestling ring and they’re not shrivel up and they write books and they they don’t sell and they’re sad they make you work place them in the movie and don’t even be mad at them they’re just clown we we just need to like like like like that’s all I’m waking up to you is like holy shit man cuz like like like like how do we get out of there and you get out of there like the moment you go it’s not real it’s not real and I’m not saying don’t vote vote for this crazy person right in your friends all over
oh man I just like like we got nothing but time now to go okay so that happened that’s like an ice pick that goes down in the middle of this block it it’s like fragmented and now it’s all laid bare that sucks all the shit be very careful as we pick up each chunk or if we clean up all this stuff are we going to do so under the religion that got us here which is the religion of division the religion of the demographics that we found out can’t even predict pole if they were going to have any functions like they certainly never applied to who’s going to give you a cup of sugar like we knew that that was what I was worried about Oh I thought that black guy was going to stab me according to CNN but then help me change my tire out of my check
horrible horrible
I got a job out of my what am I what am I learned since I saw you guys nothing I ever think for the Glee is going to happen but none of my predictions ever comes through we can’t keep expressing ourselves about Injustice that were reading about a Facebook in the Walmarts the guy snatching his head scarves off and saying you can’t you should hang yourself with it we won’t stop if we just fit we should retweet it the reach week won’t stop it it’s all it it we it’s like it’s like it’s fun Andy Kaufman knew that like a boo is like Worth to last like it’s it is but it’s that doesn’t mean don’t talk about it don’t go numb I’m not telling you what to do
don’t go numb stop being surprised figure out what the fuck to do like communicate with each other be honest about like if you perceive any division between you and another person that has nothing to do with what you know about them as an individual
crying just Brave the lack of Charisma that is well I think is it possible that the way we were talking to each other right now has something to do with the fact that you’re a barista and I’m a customer because I don’t I didn’t buy a ticket to that I just want my coffee bitch bad example
yeah that wasn’t Dan give us leadership tell us what to think I’m failing man that killed Leonard Leonard Cohen Prince and Bowie which is great I think it was good though Leonard Cohen in heaven with Princess and Bowie now jamming out but it’s awful cuz their styles are so incompatible
so maybe maybe this is a crack in that
it goes like this was that quote was tight as fuck
I guess that the fourth the fifth the minor fall the major lift the baffled King composing the hook
we’ve been moving up we’ve been moving to the east side apartment in the sky when you get on Twitter I think we’re Gregorian chant that and someone tries to troll You by saying you’re a piece of fucking shit fuck you you shouldn’t say that tell them fuck you because I don’t think that they came there to connect with you I think I think they came there to feel like do that and they should just get that back and it shouldn’t like like you shouldn’t also added put a corkscrew in the pillow case and be like Sprite
you should just be like you poop face poop face like don’t be afraid of your mission to prove that they can’t hurt you don’t don’t don’t like like our enemy is going to be dishonesty moving forward that’s what those guys who pokes to mail in the chest has can you get when you need booze and present it to walk up to somebody and say I don’t like your politics you chanted likes everything that’s why I said was a lot to do with a lot so they’re in their own hell and like like we’re going to be fighting dishonesty don’t
frankly don’t trust your friend just because they’re spouting some shit that suggests that their liberal
actually have a conversation with secret just find a Russian to go through your friends emails and find out exactly best friends we’ve been pretty much resigned to the idea that we were liberal and we hate racism and xenophobia is bad but but you use the n-word a lot when your freestyle
yes I do do you are you guys do you want my permission I can’t give you my permission to have that conversation with you and you can give out the room and get that permission from yourself or your friend your black friend
I just told you don’t you understand
I’m guessing that you were a Hillary supporter right hardcore with my community of friends and family what do you think the future for like the next time a woman runs for president is because our country is more sexist and racist in lots of ways that we let free black people vote before women before the massaging is a huge huge thing here like
I don’t know if it’s not my place to say but I feel that there was a huge Auntie women thing going on in this whole thing but we certainly will go Kicking and Screaming into letting a woman run our country entire election came down to like three perverts like it was just a conversation about like grabbing Pussy Bill having this affair and then Anthony Weiner showed up and and it was just all about three men in power who like who was the worst evil of sexually offending women I just thought that was so weird and that was two weeks before I left before we voted was just strange I personally am from La I feel very lucky with like what I’ve been able to do it and I’ve I don’t feel it as as me like not like I can’t speak for other people I don’t feel that
I see racism more than I see sexism in my life but I mean I don’t I don’t know what that means
with me I’d I don’t I’m not just my personal experience and I’m sure every single person here has like a thousand personal experiences oh like oh because we sleep with them
like I was like like they sleep with you to that they were also sleeping with me I’m talking about like it’s this irony that we always point to her like me yes like we’re so misogynist that we in the list of amendments when you look at the history of our constitution of the virus that is our country that we hope infects the planet and the universe because it’s that or Putin am I read that the it is sequence of DNA when you backtrack through it cuz it’s there’s a paper trail we we we got woke
about the idea that some people aren’t animals before we decided women should participate in the election and we were married to them before that we were married to the so like I that’s that is the crazy thing to me which also is an uplifting thing because it further suggests these lines there’s so much deeper than you would ever that you can’t see the right one so when you focus on the ones you can see and people will use the the ones you can see is a distraction from the ones you can’t and it’s like we are 8 billion strong like we we have we’ve come to the point where we are elbow-to-elbow competing for oxygen with each other which is supposed to be a crisis so some of us are all thinking about I think instinctively like rat how do I get rid of the wrong one how do I get some space how do I get the brown ones back out of here and maybe that gimmick worked we were trying to build things but they got to go like I need some space
insects are rats to the idea is not even like we experience it regularly where we’re like I can’t get into the Starbucks overpopulation it’s a shower it’s a Starbucks need to get a shit together the eight billion people going like this and being like Hi how are you hi nice to meet you. Remember you from the Marvel movie I hate how are you bringing in to see if there were all rubbing up against each other that is an invitation to like go granular we keep looking at it was like man more than now more than ever we really need to categorize yourself there’s so many people were so squished together we got to figure out how do you know Frances probably everyone’s like scared of globalization I’ve been scared of the other everyone’s scared of anyone coming in
isolationism empty Factory everybody’s starting to go which is Mo total cool like a billiard table and stuff too and yeah I got you man bomb stick and everybody’s like World War 1 scarier than World War II and that’s that like a lot of that ships leaving me out but however here’s the thing America during World War II because it was so
historically wounded by World War 1 like
and that Linda like this rugged sad lonely angry like they kind of hunched over dude who was like look Nazi schmutzy all I see is a bunch of boats innovage against you want some metal he wants cash only I don’t know you might take over the world they’re built and we were at that moment in my opinion just is a student of history is like like I love that I love that America I love that poor wounded child that just want to make money and prop it up both sides of a huge Jennifer Macintosh
oceans meant something that big before it went on to invent those oceans not meaning anything but with all of its Innovation and all of its greed all of a self-indulgent we are at we are a genius self-indulgent child locked in his bedroom like so tired of the yelling and then and then getting getting roped into more of it and then we go at it at our puberty at World War II we go what what’s in it for us because we were tired of being like like like we we got the right idea the whole time and you guys are just fucking around with the staff that we got dragged into this before they give me some money give me some money I don’t we jump in and do your thing and then we go out of here
they’re overhead was 0 and their profit was 1000 per cent because they were Nazis maybe we should bring this back overseas everything went to shit that’s it that’s a fucking Alex Jones tangent that I don’t want to
the the there is hope there is hope we don’t have to repeat history we don’t have to do it we are living in the exact circumstances there’s like a little bit of world war building up fascism is on the rise globally America has always been in
stories while because we learn from American history books but where the hell are we here we have a certain position I think Portugal going to come back good and strong we we might be the ones this time
to say I see more profit in the floor
I don’t think I think I think will work if he if you draw a line from the beginning of Empires II now Empires get big and they Decline and they died really ignominious death and someone else takes over
absolutely I would like to see your math on that one
no it’s a new age sir
little details that can be different like like we we might be able to be counted on his being with self-control you acknowledged that the pattern is that things get bigger than they fart like that’s not a brave to point up. It seems like we can get together easier it’s not it’s not as easy to say oh oh look America showing all the signs of a big Global Empire that’s doesn’t like it doesn’t have to just be resigned to certainly not but like
I don’t think any empire ever thought they were resigning to a fate I think they always thought that it was going to last A Thousand Years or or ten thousand years trying to go inside my people keep saying it’s not we don’t even know the empires that were describing like we’re adjusting for inflation a guy like well it’s been three hundred years for America like you were supposed to become a planet by now and it’s supposed to be the planet that burns up into a cinder because that was a shity Empire and it turns out the bees were reading the history books
I don’t you have like one picture and just Michael Jackson that’s our whole species
think of the book is even bucket just like a series of like things that emulate a thorax wait’ll I know what you meant when you read it it’s like a Michael Jackson only Jodie Foster could translate it but she’s gone
because we didn’t believe in ourselves is what I think we need to do Jodie Foster’s dead
we’re all good just Daddy’s now and I have to be an optimist to start trying to organize your little corner of the world for the right because if you’re a pessimist follow that all the way through oh yeah the world’s but it’s the wild wet any minute now I might turn out to be a robot a guy off I’ll find out when I get a bullet in my head like they’re for obviously then don’t die a douche like go down swinging if he’s going to kill you to buy for and later I’m going to I’m going to learn how to lift it
but but I’m hoping that when they get there I’m going to go guys look look what I can do they call me Barbie Barbie to buy show me to your ammo dump let me show you what I can do when I got some real resources how do you connect when you find a masseuse with you you just ground your barbed wire and your two by four how do you connect the wire on to the end of the two-by-four while he’s messing you Dan Harmon sink into the wood as you wrap it around you just have to wear really thick gloves the trick isn’t to figure out how to attach barbed wire to Wood is effective because it’ll go through anything you hand it that’s why you need you need to work with baseball gloves
you have your going to find a couple baseball gloves everything that you guys need to know about my political beliefs as of this election can be heard in the Mike and the Mechanics Silent Running go home and listen to it pledge allegiance to the flag get done good song
you know her
I think he’s going to be a lot of tension of these people have been a handicapped person that I’ve been as a big job tonight but I guess I guess I guess walks a lot can talk for a friend his name is Sylvan Beach from Parris met him today he reminded me of today as they want today is the one-year anniversary of the Paris attacks and he’s not traveling the states by himself right now cruising around in that you couldn’t have picked a more fun week and I’ll be
there’s like white neighborhood or not why there’s like rate racial nationalism like popping up all over the glory is it in France
because all of us in America are going Francis fancy they never go Nazi General wait for them to express their racism in one year so I guess so it’s getting pretty weird and I guess we should we feel I mean from the social media today like I
I guess yeah we weren’t expecting that results from the US and then it’s kind of scare everybody cuz everybody is like a we shouldn’t like to do that next year but I don’t think we’re going to elect somebody to eat that is as may be obviously racist then you’re free we have different code so you cannot say the same things but doesn’t mean that the people don’t really think the same so and it’s yeah I think it’s pretty much the same as you don’t know or like real but then you’re yeah
realize what’s going on where we’re living in this world like I don’t know how old you are but all of us really I’m always talking about 25 + 45 like all of us can be grouped into one group of people who all of the kind of shit that we’re thinking about right now all of us thought of it as something from history books like we all watch we all looked at pictures of it and there’s something a little exciting about that the first mostly straight white dudes who love sliders which it cuz it’s like we’re at
negative I hope that your your experience with America that that you’re traveling on this trip has been a positive one another not a horribly depressing one there’s one guy scared to not bring him up cuz like I’ve seen his tweets he’s like calling out
is it good it wasn’t but it is now
hey how are you how’s it gone wearing a spacesuit okay well I mean is there is there a sound bite that goes with it or could it just be a photo out okay do you have anything to tell us what the future don’t use my mic I need to control everything is great okay alright alright BJ
what is interesting is that man cameltoe I’ve ever seen
tell us BJ’s silver camel toe cuz I don’t have the solutions there was there was a kid or kids to me 43 what you had a human part you wanted to start a your own political party where are you are you okay
I thought I saw some tweets from him like several others like I’m starting a human party I’ll come to the show I’ll talk about it when you want to bring him up he’s been so quiet he won’t come unless you respond to their tweets forgiven for being shity I said we read about the babe That Funky Music and we may be seeing our way out of this thing yeah of course Florida
we’re not going to vote our way out of a show
boo I hope that’s not the message you. I don’t know
I haven’t got a kind of a funky Leonard Cohen rap going on here right now
yeah yeah
actually you know why rat sunshine
comes to farm night time
or is it the other way around the time goes round
Lizzy Caplan
sun shine brightly I do this your nightly almost what’s up
I’ll go I’ll go as free as I can be I don’t like to do this better dressed than me but y’all took the time for all of us to put the best suit on video the best purple you’ve a BB recruiting recruiting people better than you
yo Navy Blues way to go yo where do I begin in my man is over there and how do you wear a linen suit and get the wrinkles on it I got a bee in my Bonnet nicely done
on my shoulder it makes me my name is Mister bitch
which equation
take me to coming to Hermantown everybody.
is there a Brandon Johnson
find Jeff Davis
3 V underground in Overtown
what’s the weather this week
it’s all here we’ll figure it out we’re converting on podcast to a solution space podcast
fresh pasta take a snuggle bunny
how do you make


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