Episode: 223 – Charles Manson Shark Tank


Episode: 223 – Charles Manson Shark Tank


Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Davis, Spencer Crittenden and Ptolemy Slocum.


Hollywood California it is my pleasure and duty to announce that harmontown is once again incision
how’s it going buddy
all right we’ll bring out the mirror
a very much so you came here from LAX I can definitely acts I was in Las Vegas I’m an awful awful Gambler I’m by that which is good because that means I won’t I never will develop a problem with having so bad at it that it’s never fun like I just I just do that thing that let you know what are you you lost three times in a row so I’ll bet six times as much and then I’ll break even and like I just keep doing that until $1,000 goes which is 5 minutes late and then I go get another $1,000 out the ATM since you can’t do that and I go okay I’m done gambling
what what what what you get with your game if I can control myself as you know you can like you could sit there like a blackjack and you what you should do is just fucking follow the rules and then you’re just drinking for free sitting at a table with some friends for may possibly hours and hours and you’re up and you’re down and you’re up and you’re down and if you if you stay in your head okay I’m going to lose five hundred bucks maybe look say but the thing is the politan hotel is like $25 minimum tables like I’ve heard from people there that that’s not a great place to gamble and nobody has ever said at a good story of gambling and winning and having fun there
I went and got $25 on the free card and I spend it and I want a hundred
not not to not to be outdone I was but I also want $25 because I got a triple Bazinga on the
on the Big Bang Theory
zynga’s should be more than $25
bazingas important
except now it’s still better why are you playing this thought it would be funny if I lost $1,000 I live in either case I was going to I was going to Tweet Bill prady my friend who runs who I think is still running it I don’t know it’s fun to have friends that are so I didn’t go there so successful that you can kind of like you can kind of an openly hate them but it’s like right now if you could you can say whatever you want and there is a place I was in Death Valley over Thanksgiving there is a gas station mini-mart actually quite a sizable establishment and it is called Eddie world and a logo is a
photograph of a child that I am told is the deceased child of the owners that if after which they named the the mini-mart and it’s really weird
and that’s it I spent a lot of time it is called Death Valley can I get if I try to do it here why you doing why you doing jokes about a about a dead kid because they’re hilarious
I’ll see
I cuz I started I just I was I was coming up with Jingles kind of trying
there’s a world where you don’t have a sandwich at all worlds where we don’t have our son you can come get everything come where we don’t have everything cuz we lost the most important staying in
Eddie’s world
and the world will never be quiet
I think I set a 7 more minutes
are you would have to do whatever man speaking of child death I was in it I was driving through a cemetery and the cemetery had all these weird street names that were all like kind of noble and grout like gravity like heavy was like noble spraying in like Golden Dawn and stuff and I found myself on a street that was called Babyland
I’m at the terrifying realization to the cemetery driving around and like right at the head of baby land was this giant statue of a baby that was kind of like yeah it was clearly I was like nope there’s definitely babies buried on this property
and then I left it was great deal and I think a lot of cemeteries have a baby who I don’t think that’s unique name though on the lighter side of Child Development my I guess you call it my pseudo nephew cuz I’m dating his aunt Ryland to you maybe you follow my Instagram maybe you’ve seen who the president of train Town kids he’s 4 years old and in with the bottom but he was like thinking it was driving and driving which is an exhilarating experience where I was at and how do you feel and he said I feel like I’m five years old
pretty amazing how he wasn’t being glib or I rather like you really didn’t know how funny that was he really was like that’s how to threaten his life in his four-year-old mine like being 5 is is going to have more energy to it I guess he’s right I guess it’s not until you turn like 13 that he start dying right
I-80 East as soon as you can reach the faucet like it’s all downhill
and I think I bought some reproductive hormones from killing your body right because it’s like we’re like mosquitoes like or what good are you and also if you can do that by well no nobody’s getting out alive
how do you say I don’t know why you’re so quiet you enjoy your Death Valley experience look like
it wouldn’t be a bad idea karmically I think I got the Death Valley I was like I was like oh my God this is where I need to come now that Trump got elected to the place is filled with a bunch of people that are like oh this is where I need to be now that Obama got elected guns on their hips like they created their own little world and end end like they click everybody’s from somewhere else know what you can’t nothing is Bored to Death Valley is just like licorice
what’s the hottest place on Earth you would think of somewhere in Africa or the Middle East or something like the kids over to go to the equator like the hottest day of the year people together and watch the temperature needle
if it gets up to 1:36 or whatever it is get that hot in Saudi Arabia or like
I used to think not as that that yes that is the case but then there was some kind of thermometer recalibration or something like they were using that they’re using Chinese Steel in their thermometers over and over in Saudi Arabia right now
we got everything but
prices aren’t just low
these are written down
I’m terribly sorry if I buy for some reason there’s somebody listing that is connected somehow to Eddie and I were you being traumatized by it as I am operating under the assumption that that’s not the case in there for you know where you are as a figure in a textbook to us like Abraham Lincoln whose assassination is no longer tragic it’s hilarious you got shot in the head is so and Dino time goes on a Teddy from the from his picture looked like probably happened a while ago unconformable anyways
who’s going to do that I’m not going to do that but the place is so big like the owners aren’t even there
I bought a lot of candy and Eddie love candy
weather in Lufkin
they’re like scraping the bottom of up up up tastes like I there was this there was a fire in Oakland is terrible tragedy this Warehouse thing we see the video of some people out here might be connected to people I don’t know Cody had a friend who lost two friends in that fire there was there was a video of a guy who was describing like trying to drag his friend out who had broken his ankle that he was trying to drag his friend out of this Inferno and he he’s explaining to the news cameras you know I thought I was like oh my God this guy so brave and vulnerable like who would describe an experience of trying to save his friend and then
it gets so hot and just wanted to feel like I’m smoking he he had no choice but to just let let go and just walk away run away what if you’re out of there I couldn’t he couldn’t drag his friend out had to leave him in there but I didn’t put the guys describing it and he tear up and like like like like like he’s still out there on the 7th but then he said and then I went out and then I watched it all all burned all my stuff all my all my just started talking about all the things that he had in there anyways
weird Bill the story about the friend and then and then he was just like like my pants are in there for almost a week I haven’t watched any news at all so I feel great man I feel like a Mexico city has the most goddamn funds that have been there really a cool music the architectures Wilder’s does dogs everywhere I never once heard a dog bark dog bark they were barking in Spanish they probably didn’t recognize you.
don’t touch nothing in French class like we always have to learn how all the animals like how how
call Puckett Mexico it like this big parking like in the condesa area and there’s a million dogs at a dog walkers have like 40.
And all the dogs are just chilled out having a good time no one’s they’re not jumping and barking and biting and scratching their just as the happiest was well socialize dogs in the world is really great place called a cheap chocolate milk Henderson island of the dolls people just took baby dolls and nail them to trees and it’s the fucking creepy if that ship Barrel Chihuahuas running around everywhere mr. Rannoch has affected your reactions to things like
that you’re describing things that should make you upset yeah it was but you’re on a boat food like rose up next to you and it’s just a guy selling tamales with woman selling fruit and is enchiladas and then does a bunch of bands and I got it look like a thousand bands out there so we hired a mariachi band at Kmart and they’re all just singing along and it was a fucking greatest day of my life
alright well what’s your favorite TV show right now what are you watching the most probably
well the finale tonight but I don’t think I seen two episodes back so no spoilers
everybody promise will it was night just not talk about Westworld at all tonight please welcome our first guest told me
he’s endured that you tried to kill but you can’t tell him to hurt like that.
hi everybody probably second to the British writer character the least-liked character so far I’ve noticed and I do I do feel like I am slightly more palatable than I shouldn’t start with that at least to my wife my wife likes me slightly better than him how did you ever ever ever from Game of Thrones on it and I was on a yacht with Game of Thrones people on all I can think to ask him is what does it feel like to be badass thing but the answer is never satisfied but when are you take a shot
what’s a great lead in about six weeks ago I was standing back where those guys are I See You by the bathroom set I walk past you and so this is like you know it’s 6 weeks later my life is about thirty yards different you know but it’s a big 30 yards and it feels like that you mean you were just some Regular Joe watching the show yeah and now you’re up here let’s go like I love limelites which is more important yeah you’re measuring the what it’s like to go from not being on West world to be on West World by by your music the yardstick using is my shity shut up
I feel like that’s why I thought that was your setup for like what is it was like different for you in terms of like being on the show but if you want to talk about the shooting that show it was fascinating years of fascinating cuz it took two years to shoot one season right there’s a question right there so so so so we have to go back all the way to years ago to what would a lot of us would like to hear is like you going from being a guy who has not been cast on Westworld to lake lake lake what’s the cuz there’s got to be some little breathtaking banana peels stop light this it happened differently story about you getting the roll right I mean yeah you’re looking at your looking at that moment the fact that I’m even here at all because we just had two actors attempt to do that constantly so this was very normal Audition one edition no callback walked into the room I don’t think they had even done in audition for this guy so that
no one understood the script it was weird comments about like msra in the what the fuck are they talking about they don’t even know how to run the audition I was in there is like when I was reading it was like maybe this guy is like has his hands inside someone and so I don’t even think they never done one of those never get a call back didn’t know that much about the show and I was just trying to get a job and what was your relationship with the property where you do are you a fan of the movie I knew the movie I have I still haven’t seen the second I really want to see the sequel futureworld any thoughts future what is even more seventies than West Brom play the seventies and had third act problems until until Jaws at which point all movies stop having third act problems but began to have the unified third eye problem of all ripping off Jaws 4
I like that one because it was successful Tom was everything at the repeat that it is almost as bad as when it was
Forest industry in Hollywood knows people have jumped
watching a movie
strong screen and there’s a gunshot and a cat meows and you’re like what the fuck is that they didn’t have any rules like that was a great example I love the world it starts at that airport if you remember and very elegant very efficient and then the starting in like basically the third act they didn’t they didn’t attempt anything they didn’t have any plan it was just this guy starts running he never stopped and it’s just one long chasing is like what happened because the thing that you have to gain from a from an era where nobody really knows how to end the movie is that every once in a while I mean you you’re sitting there
you you’re on the edge of your seat like because you don’t know what you’re in the hands of a lunatic No Easy Rider just get your motor running Cemetery scene in it easy are you did you break the movie yet but the potential that that is waiting for you at the end of this film is pretty exciting running from Yul Brynner who was programmed to kill you or rather program tonight kill you and had decided to not be programmed that way anymore like if you were having that experience you shouldn’t feel unlike the way you feel when you’re watching Jaws you should feel like what the fuck is half of that I how do I get out of this and I just play dead
Westworld movie in preparation for the series of the NASA what’s Logan’s Run and it’s like it’s amazing how it’s amazing how flimsy the easy it is to take down at Logan’s Run he comes back from the lack of sanctuary the computer that runs all of dystopian life asked him where is sanctuary he says there isn’t one it says bulshit I’m going to read your mind and his mine says there’s no sanctuary and the computer explodes after run out and they see an old man and touch his beard and it’s over
because it was that easy back then to go to foil a oligarchic technocratic Hydra show know they do realize I might have no idea about anything hired the best clearly and I’m used to this not not going to go anywhere or be anything that was just my mentality and it was like it was basically like four lines in a pilot and I didn’t know that people were in it but I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t know what to expect or how much your day when you’re on the set for you to spend it looking at naked actors in a chair
yeah they’re they’re they’re everywhere like they are all not just the chairs everyone laying down unless they have their legs cut off he’s a real person so they’re all like fully naked with with scars it is a real fascinating emotional cocktail to see an attractive naked person that is gassed open because you’re like want to help them and also aroused by it is like Barry it’s difficult
I just haven’t brought to you by Eddie world
any world where the customer probably has a child to me how hard it is to tell a male from a female laying down like ten feet away their glasses are not on I was I was offended by once they like sad I was like no I think we’re offended by your adherence to a binary heteronormative god dammit dook come on tell the truth some some of that shit from Game of Thrones Game of Thrones
yes I know this is all up in about 30 minutes north of here kind of parallel to wear Six Flags is what they did that they do have old like tanks laying around from other Productions and some like original Mad Max E kind of little cars that were like welded on a run was like motorcycles like old stuff so there is stuff laying around but all that I don’t think they have duplicate anything since you have viewing parties are you married to a 2-2 what gender person to a wife yeah I’m married why I from ten feet away you know I know I know who she is laying on the other metals lab and I really couldn’t tell if he was a dude or not
I didn’t I didn’t ask me by like I’m still talking about it it’s not the world’s best kept secret
therapy at like sometimes I sleep at like I think that’s a real dollar something like in the background but they never use like fake like they did all those are real people for the most part still things one of them was my dude I grew up with in Lodi California the small town we grew up like three houses down from each other and our families were likes likes it’s our families and I like once a week you have dinner with them dude named Craig has everyone smells with a special when they put the shots under a pillow he was working on the show which is crazy because we grew up next door to each other naked no he does he does post but what he does is still take a framing and if if it is like still but that’s going thru in like stealing
write me just cuz people can’t be right that was so easily just like split screens I’d like to be like a frame if there is like she knew all those lines but we would do what we would do liquid more for like like like like you see those two shots of him next to Donald Glover it’s like like at see if there’s a clock in the background Sherry’s last Christmas.
campers world
can we go back talk to me
how old is slogan for the most fantastic night and you said that’s the correct pronunciation for May in there yeah you said you were born in Kenya I was born on the eclipse of the moon which which is the story I was told but then I went for like two days after the cliff when the moon is at my parents at the Sun during an eclipse the Sun than the Earth can I come both like the reason why the shadow of the earth so yeah I was a full eclipse of the moon which aren’t that rare and then told me was a Greek astronomer Claudius Ptolemy it was a Greek astronomer lived in Egypt Alexander
what would the Greek Empire only jumped and why were they why were they in Kenya and why did they why do they name in you that and what’s with them
well you haven’t attacked my wife
and I’ve gotten over it I’m not thinking about it and it was a guy attack just a woman
I simply would journalist well and for my part I’ve gotten over it
yeah it’s an interesting story and I don’t know how far to go into it but it’s dark really your parents having you is when I found out about a recently yeah so how much time do you want to commit to this thing I’ll try to do the fast version of the Destroyer I was told was that he worked for a an American I should not be telling the story
this is not going well already
I’ll tell the story I was told as a child growing up was that he was building for Life plan for the Kenyan government does America company built a friend last night but getting government it didn’t go well and so we got extradited out of the country and there’s a Kenyan government is horrible and we would they print our lives a couple times and eventually like we escaped and got out went to Cincinnati would want my parents and they because it was so stressful to get out of Kenya then and now it’s one of those couples is going to blame the Kenyan government rating of
I know I’m not working it out
am I guess I have to tell difficult word we also you’re going to attack me along the way you can drive sexual I hope I didn’t lose my wife by the way the robot there are no humans left. Go to Westworld as I kind of Mecca where they could experience a Abu District reincarnation process where you can become like it rise up through the Rose and Crown is in the Guildenstern to the to the to the Mavs to the Anthony Hopkins is to the cycle back through with a sister like a it’s because it’s because they’ve lost all contact with their human roots and then and they and they
go there to just sort of like revive themselves spiritually it’s like their Wailing Wall or there anyways like someone like me it is actually attending the park that you would eventually see that may was also like a yeah that should be in that photo with Anthony Hopkins like when they’re starting Westworld or something but you’d be in the back of the lab coat on that you’d be like a bartender and that you know that’s that’s pointless what is the deal with it with the English guy with a British over acting like screaming guy is coming with you or different show
does he know that he’s not on the same show as everybody else I’m pretty sure I mean I didn’t know he was even on like I only read my scenes I know nothing about the basement
no it’s at the full two years
yep no lie I gave you credit because had you 15 bean soup in the shoulder shrug
how to walk around but yeah you gotta it’s well-known you got a prime that bison like you got a if it doesn’t the coolest thing though like like it was like walking through no spoilers here if you’re listening at Greg I don’t think but like like like like in those rooms like the poker poker game guys Mission goes like whatever and they’ll pick up their cards into the I don’t that shit was like it I do wish I do wish there was a slower version of that show that would watch I would watch 10 episodes where there is no plot and just show us like walk some dude getting off a train and like getting on a horse and riding in One Direction and just see what happened
call Just Called Love Boat meets Downton Abbey meets Deadwood serialized like oh shit this whole Parts go by quickly Here Comes Bill Gates tattoo but the Bill Gates wants to sling guns in a way that breaks his heart I think we all learned in season 3 there was a stroke of Fantasy Island
that we talked about with Paul F Tompkins
goodnight everybody that was my fantasy stairs downstairs like Downton Abbey the servants were the gods the gods lived in the Underworld and they were these polyamorous asexual multi-tech think they were so fucked up like like like like what you’re saying like they’re looking at that you come to Westworld to fuck and murder in a simulation and these people like designs the things and send them back up and like how fucked-up would they be as rightful like had their culture and stuff and we are not like that British guy on the show just comes in like it’s just want to open up a little Mercantile store
like I really want to get into blacksmithing but we go to the park to go to the park and then try to convince people that were visiting that they are robots feel what that like to like go through it because people are that fucked up
like like like like to do people that aren’t getting paid that walking around $5 an hour and he hates me like a non crying what happens if I have no idea for maximum accidentally blowing away somebody that’s another guess they just didn’t realize all my assumption is that it is it is some kind of charge of some kind and it either but I would like the further out you go you’re like volunteering for the potential for physical abuse but they’re still Cardinal rules I can’t leave a mark like like maybe that’s what I’m hearing alluded to it from the show I’m watching the fan but you get punched like what in there
Izzy’s reveals and shit that I’m not talking about but Elly Blake looks I’m not I’m steering clear of spoilers was saying like it seems like the Ed Harris’s character was like going further and further out where it was like once you in the face that make a knock you unconscious like like like like a little bit does the that they have their things going so well and traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually know when this is that but you can still do all
these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life but it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands adventures in Black Cinema what Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
do you want me to go me to tell you that very quick version of the other side of that Canyon store yet oh my God yeah turns out my father was the Bernie Madoff of Kenya
I didn’t find out until 2012 when the information came out that that plant that he was supposedly had built the kindergarten with making payments on it for 30 years to a Brussels company shell company so the entire thing was a scam they scanned the entire country is it in Nigeria what is a scam Nigerians nevermind
oh I know right now I understand yeah me too because they’re exactly like Wikileaks has why am I talking about this
a drone strike on Harmon.
They have the embassy recordings they have the transcripts of luck when he had to go to the Embassy to try to hide so they add like cans Logan
but they have those transcripts look like when he was like how what the the actual American interaction with this guy who is is like a spy operation like it’s like it’s like a might be the key to the entire my name might have it in me a password and write the first I held you sexy laser laser hopscotch
and then when I get to the thing I’m like there’s a password told him yeah I put my hand on it or they realize like it’s inside me some like some kind of Warcraft May kill me to get it out my God we can help him with Mase on it that’s a no I don’t think your scalp has a show I was amazed on it in a little bit like one of those 70s movies where you don’t know how it’s going to
and I’m slightly concerned by the way it doesn’t pull that Scout back out and go like well we should be about in the middle

we’re right by the eyebrow the backside of the eyebrow and visceral your character has to deal in robotic The Blood and Guts and I in my Genius of booking guests like I thought they fit like a tumbler and key it is not right to ask me to the show like 10 minutes before was bring out a Allen and Katrina I won’t use your last name
play World our loss is your gain.
Alright Allen and Katrina EMTs both of you are married and EMT couple actually we’re just friends were not married three roommates yes
you heard me talk to you as if you were husband and wife sleep all the only time was when we when we talked in the green room before that it was kind of Steve as far as I know but I was like okay well we’ll correct me when you get a chance okay so who’s who’s chips did I meet with my kids you’re just friends with Katrina you’re not married do you know that those were not her kids all right fantastic alright well I mean God you guys are so boring now oh I thought you were married now the marriage had nothing to do with it I just passed it and I could get that wrong somehow okay so anyways but I met you guys and your kids
I’m home you guys had what we met at Stan Lee’s comikaze Expo in line to meet Stanley which I was told was happening because Stanley wanted to meet me you had been told was happening because you were a contest winner I got to meet Stanley at both of us experienced the same thing which isn’t very confusing if you would told me this was how it was going to work I could have opted out later like kind of meeting with stick with him he’s just got to be Stanley he’s got bigger fish to fry they say as far as years old I don’t know how old he is 3 years old and he walks around I mean we pick up patients every day that
30 years old and I can’t walk to the Gurnee what happened I stubbed my toe really and then this is what you’re going to go with when we get to the hospital you stub your toe you know you didn’t you don’t need to go hospital yes I do families walk around and 93 like he’s The Godfather and you’re so you can’t get them he’s doing great but honestly if you guys haven’t met him in one of them soon
but maybe he’s never stopped his child may be Stanley is only 93 because somehow and then he’s going to stub his toe and just shatter like what but anyways we met on which was essentially it was like it was like the Stanley wants to meet you we were brought to the front of an autograph line that that I like at a standard convention thing and then it was like let me introduce you to this is Dan Harmon he has a show called Rick and Morty
I could I didn’t know if you was doing a bit or not if that was like I don’t know if that was like a Stanley standard bed or if he or if he really was like like like like hey maybe I mean maybe it’s on the radio but anyways we do radio TV shows with you guys so you were standing there and I was like I was wondering who the hell are these guys like somebody from a CW Show or something I didn’t know if I was there to do a panel and then and then and then meet admin meet Stanley and then you guys were there at your work has playing right you were with your Green Lantern and I was a flashlight. We did a group as the blue lanterns and my character was a flash that have been recruited by the blue lanterns so you’ll be like that I actually do enjoy a lot of the mantle Lantern mythology I think it I think it shows the perspective of a lot of people
nowadays and how we’re all different and how things balance out and keep each other in check so yeah okay so hope Reece is will power have will power and bring that to bear with hope couldn’t you couldn’t you hope with Will with a strong wealth yes I do is strong will but you can have a strong will and still be like I can do this it sucks I don’t want to get out of bed or to Walmart Eddy Arnold sing in front of me and then it’s like I just don’t know there’s a yellow thing that’s my worst enemy I guess what is the green thing that green thing is like a it’s like a machine gun and I made a green machine gun
I like oh great that’s clever that you thought of a machine gun that that anyways I don’t have shit I don’t intend assassin Assassin’s Creed Jack Skellington versus
graduations by the way yeah it was swear I gave you that new possibly
are you all right tell him I fell asleep now I’m kind of a fan of the lantern situation
they look like they are going to tell me about your opinion like all of these things came from an aspect of human nature That Was Then expanded upon as of what if it’s as like the natural in incarnation of that thing and one of the things that we have is humans is Imagination Tiamat like what if I could just imagine something into two will it into place the color thing that is a currency that it’s using it. They’re just like differences and there’s a lot of card games are based on my colors when have you but that the essence of what would be cool is if I could lift something what I could lift a million that you don’t have an extension of a human traits is Imagination itself and that is a really cool thing to follow like you’re so funny like to celebrate that as a power
NFL Crayola in the ring gives you more imagination or is it the focus your imagination so you meant to be imaginative to use it right because he can just shoot people with green blast of energy until then it works out well for the green shield that protects them against damage so we could just do that the whole time he’s in here and DC suffers from this across the borders and his beautiful is that it’s all over powered that’s why it’s difficult for them to figure out how to make these things human but it is an amazing it’s it’s just an amazing currency to play with the idea of my bigger and better if I read every light green lantern obviously looking all the way there’s a movie like the guy with the green with the bring in the thing
but but but but just make a green Superman but is this
Hunters Point is it about that I never been to be clear I don’t hate Green Lantern you you brought this on and then we talked about it and then we took it like I think it was interesting cuz I don’t think this through enough but you said what you just said the DC characters it’s all like God’s basically you can’t Batman but there’s Marvel characters DC characters are defined by one weakness they all have like a Kryptonite and then Marvel characters are you know they they’re all kind of in one sense or another regular Jose who have one power. Can I date
look at it like in the seventh in the 70’s version right so this their seventies films they’re still to come after that it’s better just like archetypes but these things came at a time in in in our world that is much that is in the past long time ago so the idea of extending a human trait to its maximum was brand-new and had never happened before so they weren’t perceiving how this would need to be modified in the future they were they from a single individual that is a living person to the Godlike power that they were given really expanded people’s imagination and expanded like their experience of the world around them there there was purpose to these things do it it was this big thing and they still gave him that weakness which I think is faster archetype holds up as well or as easily as today so I’m not arguing one against the other but these are fascinating there I think they’re fascinating like tools for storytelling and I think people don’t quite understand like their lineage of where it came from even in the same way that people don’t like 70
who is now cuz they’re not great but they were really fascinating the time when there were no rules are we supposed to look at them through that lens I get to watch a Woody Allen movie I’m like part of my appreciation is he wasn’t famous for being Woody Allen yet this is amazing that he put himself in a movie even though he’s not sexy and he’s laying aside the cast himself as the Romantic lead like that’s hilarious I am looking at it through a cultural like retro lens like I personally have never had to be in an ambulance with it with EMTs by I like the idea that the EMTs that come and get you might also have been caused playing when I say yes. Let’s let’s get into your vacation cuz that’s what I just learned in The Green Room for instance EMTs totally different from paramedics not totally different but different I was that it was synonymous
Steve are alarmingly close to person that got out of high school and wants to work with blood and guts for a living yeah that patient but actually a praise you because it’s a very low paying job go ahead you take it from here thank you for saying so I must look good beyond that yeah it’s true EMTs are basically a it’s considered a certain certificate that you would get in a college set setting But ultimately our schooling and stuff is about six to nine months and there’s even accelerator programs what you doing like to I don’t recommend that to anybody imagine trying to understand all this information in 2 months and really that’s not even I don’t recommend that to the injured
Rite Aid that is that weekend intensive
Scrappy what is why I didn’t do that cuz I my opinion if your life is in my hands the last thing you want to know is I’ve been practicing this for the past couple weeks it’s okay I’ve been doing this for every weekend for the past month you’re good tourniquets splits I don’t know whatever like
leaving Charleston turn the kids breathing for people we actually are a little later
is & Suites bags are able to breathe for them until the paramedics come and can stick tube down her throat and intubate him are there assistance if you want to put it that way we at we assist them and the paramedics been a lot more time in school to get their medical license and basically I just had our job is to stabilize the patient to get them to the hospital in under 10 minutes hopefully and in that time once we get there the nurses and the doctors in the ER take over and they go ahead and make sure that you’re able to revitalize the person call goes out an EMT is worth is the responder on that he likely is the person driving the the paramedics going to be in the passenger seat cuz he’s got to be first to apologize yes
probably gender inequality that are only going to last
but the majan harnessing the power of the high road
I thought you guys were married because I’m not racist
but he has a weakness.
I can’t stop seeing it
you said you were from Kenya right now
I’m basically like the last guy that deserves to say I’m Canyon
I don’t want to I want to I want to honor your your candor and I I think people will understand this but it’s like I met you guys work in human Plumbing for a living like you show up in people are
Fluor ripped apart people have things knocked off of them people are in various states of biological Chaos on your job is to stabilize it what’s up you shared with me in the Green Room like you like you you guys like among yourselves just as I think you do writers and writers rooms go to some pretty dark places that don’t necessarily have anything to do with the jokes that end up in the Big Bang Theory it was like you guys go to fucking dark Buu Circle you said you got a YouTube video that was like a private you link to a YouTube video take away our Christmas parties are who has the goriest pictures in 2 OZ of Gloria store it’s not so much that we’re like 6 a distant people it’s the fact that that’s how we cope with you have to basically make humor out of some of us are you say somebody’s dark is day or their family’s Darkest Day because you got to be able to come home and be like I’m okay I’m good
okay it gives you control over it is very uncontrollable circumstance that you’re constantly inserting your and say something to
right exactly and otherwise in that I mean loving Deadpool is my favorite character does help you know I also really excited to see me I was consoling Deadpool this morning now I’m here to help you like it when you’re describing like you got this video and it was like this guy that got like ground up or spit part or something and you’re kind of like you might as well have been talking about like architecture
Head Start way I mean that’s how it is it’s a point of why we kind of a do our jobs cuz we were talking about yes this video where the guy was going like 270 miles per hour on his motorcycle and then next part in the video well the store sells hear his head is over there and his legs are split apart like you do wishbones except in the middle are who pants are holding the two feet so you guys have nunchucks
I was I was I had that one in the chamber and but
what’s going to be the easiest fat butt
what if there’s other days that there’s good story so she got she had a really good story that happened not too long ago race track
oh yeah
a race team
RaceTrac we do private race teams not even 3 weeks ago I was out there
usually super boring we lay there or we sit there waiting for something
we later we sit there
I don’t like the structures are only for the clients
fastest route
yeah so we were just sitting there waiting we wait for people to go down on their motorcycles or crash their cars into the different hours which is right yeah so we’re sitting there waiting and like most of the day it was biker down Riders down okay right or pop back up back on his bike let’s go so we hear right or second Rider down okay wait up a second Rider is not moving sorry young shops out of a man’s life
picture of Jojo so
get your mom and she’s lying face-down we’re like oh crap okay well we’re actually at work today yay no it’s a lot of fun but it’s the Wii u r r i s
like okay so we broke up he’s face down or whatever we do our normal roll them over support of their ways Portishead we start taking off his clothes wear special leather cutter start taking his helmet off as taking it helmet off we noticed that he’s doing a weird thing we called guppy breathing so basically it’s
okay okay well okay that obviously means he’s not breathing check pulse is no pulses so it’s just me and my partner me animatic just two of us were like fire departments 15 minutes away
helicopters half an hour away okay well here we go so we could have let his off begin CPR chest compressions reading from the other writer that went down with um fortunately had broke his arm so he is walking up like a flimsy out like guys what do you need I’m ski patrol but I can try to help
his name was Ski Patrol
how do you make Transformers in Spanish
Sea Patrol Sidewinder Wheeljack very rare thing when someone has no heartbeat we hardly ever shock them so we got the shock of them after the third shock we feel down here.
We’re like yes by ourselves just two of us no one probably the most rewarding thing I’ve had in a couple years get him to helicopter by telling him to helicopter he’s fighting us he’s
he’s like fighting us is a good thing that means you’re alive again and wanting to live
my God damn money
you were you wouldn’t be that you would be surprised a lot of people get really upset about us cutting their clothes off trying to save their life is it is it is that is that is that in a Fugue state or are you mean that they actually thought you just cut my hundred dollar pair of pants fuck you what are you going to do that money back for that I mean he had on was multi hundred dollars and he was fighting its way we get a helicopter he still fighting on like leave me alone leave me alone so that was extremely rewarding
actually make a difference for once instead of just taking the person that stub their toe or woke up from a bad dream and a scared to be home, it seems to me that there’s two things that would bring you to this job one is this like altruistic thing that’s like oh my God I love people which is why the story like that is so much more fulfilling for you I got to do the thing that I want to do today which is actually make the paddles and bring somebody from Deadpool alive and if I hadn’t been there they’d be dead and now I feel good going to be a way if it weren’t there then speaks to empathy and the other thing that makes you good at this job is the other thing we’ve seen which is that your sociopath like that you say that you guys can actually somehow like you can deal with that stuff without without going to Not a Human Being I can’t handle looking at their innards right you all 90%
job honestly is transporting patients from One hospital to another that’s 90% of our job 10% is actually going code 3 and having to show up at a going to go three and showing up in an emergency and that 10% probably only another 5% of that is actually Serious injury to a point where this is why I love my job is why do it because yeah we all initially do it because we care about people or we’d like the job we do because as we told you we don’t get paid almost anything right I’m talking about a little bit above minimum wage that it which I was kind of Shock by yeah it’s not a job you going to get rich quick scheme this is what does America need more EMTs we need more specifically paramedics because it again Auntie’s do help but without the paramedics
scope of practice there’s certain things were not allowed to do even if we know how we just if we do it where we’re losing our license money to be made there for by these paramedics schools which correctly when I’m wrong you paid $10,000 to a if you’re an EMT you you pay $10,000 like to wish into a school do some school and there’s there’s barriers between you and being a paramedic that that represent you no money for schools that are now rushing people into paramedic this paramedic will go through two years of school roughly and however if he spend no time on a rig this guy basically it’s been or she this person
this person
this person now has a Reese has to literally on know how to help people without ever actually helping a person in their whole career that they’re squeamish exactly
I can’t handle this
you coming you have Auntie like me who’s been doing this for eight years that take those new Medics and are able to babysit them are no more qualified than exactly
if he could if he could put a bigger wall between paramedic and EMT you like maybe that would help I don’t know the whole thing is I get it you know everybody has to make their money do we have to pay to you got to pay to be in a certain professional matter what profession is like I have the bridge until I want to be an actor there’s still money I got to pay to go to school and do that however point is is just yes it’s those Provisions put in the place where you have to do usually 1000 hours being an EMT before you can even become a paramedic and that’s really important for the safety of the population as well as safety of us and again it’s no it’s not a pity party to say that yeah we would like some more money in this and that but again we do our jobs because we enjoy them however you don’t we have our bad days to even today unfortunately one of my divisions which guys this is really important I bring it up because it’s sad to me but we watched it the other day and sure enough today things went wrong when we go 3.
pull over please pull over to the left lights and Sirens because today it was pull over to the left me that’s important
right because we drive think you’re getting my backwards to the right to the right side of the road because Unfortunately today a SUV went head-on with one of my division grapes and we had to fly out our paramedic and they were already on it that said CO3 going to a scene and unfortunately they had to be flown out to a Trauma Center so that also means the scene they are going to they had to took longer for them to get there because they have you out in a second ambulance along with an ambulance to the accident if you have a horrible joke pictures of that paramedic at the party
that’s going to be up to the paramedic like to personal understand whenever we show pictures we make sure where is there for most of that because of HIPAA laws. We don’t stay names we don’t take pictures of the person’s face and stuff like that or are you buying
the playoffs
you can see actually I did take me to lightning capital of the world
dick injuries are a common for me
it’s about your own personal injury so you guys are like like if you if you are the way you are and you’re in your able to be comfortable with other people’s injuries does that make you a little bit like a super person like if you’re working on a band saw and you lose your pinky are you less dizzy actually knock on wood I’ve never broken a bone in my body and as far as injuries go oh yeah I look at myself and I say you know hey you know pains going to come things happen but if you’re telling me yeah if I ban saw my hand on scream like a little girl
for a little boy
non-stop screaming like a baby
but what about your kids you have two kids right I have 3 total 3 total kill one of each
this is true I’m going to actually need to go back over that night after I told him that if he answered kind of religious fallen on their face or Landers blood and everything is actually the first time that I’ve ever had to do anything that was medically induced help was my first child may be in the wonderful father I am I was counting change on the bed and he got a hold of a quarter when I walked out of the room and swallow the quarter partially and I had to do back to Reston, the Heimlich maneuver while he’s actively vomiting everywhere be happy is as if he’s vomiting there’s three are way before we had to go to the hospital so holy smokes very thankful for that and
that’s the only thing I’ve done so far star burns my studio we had do you know and I had lunch with CC for a head accountant says pleasant Mormon fellow who is that we had hired who it to to to to turn our business around 4 I said and we were we were talking to him about you know what we should do we should get health benefits for all the everybody and it’s so great that you’re here and thank you so much and it and then he started choking on his skirt steak that he was eating
I was like I was like an out-of-body experience but with it where you don’t like I wasn’t you I was looking at myself doing nothing we did in the seventies it seem like it was a movement to teach people about the Heimlich you know there was like a big movement cuz it’s like
verbally and part to me when I said I cuz I know that general area is I know I shouldn’t sit there but but but but like like like crap out of the booth do you know and I were still sitting we were so slow and reacting with the bartender at Little Dom’s made it all the way around the bar and said are you okay as he finally barfed up a little piece of steak under the floor
I meant I just looked but I was like that’s the day I learned I’m a fucking horrible I like I’m just like ugly guy I got to change something but I I won’t right I got my only want to be I want to just like I didn’t I didn’t do anything but that’s like this is the what the Marvel universe is right
I think it’s 100% weaknesses but one one gender power and then I’ll just bring like I don’t know what to tell you
if they if they have a Story collection dangle in front of them and then snatched away I’ll just be like go or I take it easy on high school and corn dog in my throat and I just I just sat there and I’m done and I can’t breathe and you can’t swallow it’s not coming back. There’s no way to get a hand on it and my friend Brandon Morgan we called Bam Bam cuz he was just really strong
you got it done
who is Bam Bam
I was little I was like 5 foot for when I was a freshman in high school when should I call it was it was a piece of garbage and everything on the on the path just like Bam Bam has always been their everything was broken who just close the door all the way he could touch of his side was off
where to get in and out of that side of the car like the General Lee that you had a phone
well Alan at Katrina’s thank you so much for sharing your your lives with us so you’re living together and
there’s a will they won’t they going on there but it’s not the living situation comes down to California prices yeah I was trying to do the green room and I became kind of ashamed of myself cuz I’m like you guys watching Westworld in like your answer was like I had so much to do with like well once a year when HBO is is has a package for $10 less likely so it’s like you guys are living hand-to-mouth and you’re dumb and you’re just showing up whenever everybody else whose leg you know we should pay teachers or we should pay more
I like like like I don’t know maybe we can have some harmontown scholarship to make sure you guys make it to the paramedic level where I’m sure it’s like $80 an hour or figure it out to the Big Bang Theory slot machine then you guys need to like it up there because somebody stole your glass that that James made it look like what we should do kickstarter’s we’re just people that when they see that
Switched at Birth and the right if I stop by around you around you something of that nature is because when you start spelling words in the right direction alright well it’s at 7 so if you guys don’t mind saying saying goodbye does it say let’s think of Katrina and
the back of the holding tank
not very good at running the show
is more people I wanted to meet is can’t believe we missed 911 when we had a Macy’s at her sad yeah yeah that was a missed opportunity to Cody and I and like I was getting so cranky and like I was out of them going to miss the show and I’m so pissed fucking TSA fucking TSA is fucking assholes like look at him like like blah blah but it turns out like we were slow down cuz both Cody and I were carrying knives
from Death Valley that I bought I bought I bought I bought at a store or a knife that’s at Cody and a knife that’s a Dan and we had him in our blooded and they got both of us we had flown from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with those knives so congratulations Las Vegas TSA you went from being my least favorite people too cuz I don’t want to be in a plane with if you can get on there with a night I didn’t know I had the knife knives anyways can but I mean come on it’s all terrible bucks at a gift store and you know I don’t know I just like like we were late for we weren’t late but I’m lazy I don’t want to fill out a form of junk mail I’m sure from the TSA ask about our condo deals
what were you going to say you
play with it was this big and I had a wolf on it it’s really cute when you can if it’s precious you can have it mailed

well here at like this I could solve
I don’t have $10,000 in my pocket I have you could have bought them in a Big Mac
do they have an ATM here
the other people I wanted it.
is the guy who’s the guy that was tweeting the is that he’s here I saw him put up a sign towards the front of the stage
are you hello I don’t think you I can’t do the gentleman and a kilt in the T-shirt handing out gifts to
attractive I am to listen to Just hot of the goddamn pistol
what’s your name Sir John Ross will you bring for me
play no no no I’m fine you can use it better than me alright if you’re not giving a dispenser
nobody’s going to be alright
if you just got a kilt on
which cameras on baby I love you love you so much my beautiful wife had her got me here and my son dartanian this is for you are you are you in the agency with his dad this is going to get weird so if you will see if we get to that how do you want me to do this Dan what’s that you seem very prepared for what’s about to happen.
all right I’ve never done anything like this before in my life I would give you all there’s about a fifty-fifty chance I throw up on you people okay, I don’t have a script I’m trying to know I’m not a old actor I live in Washington getting here was insane I blow just for this because you finally told me give it a shot and hold on I’ve got Poland
starter this shirt is going to be on there it’s very important what I’m doing I guess I still need the mic though
okay the show has become my characters Charles Manson’s Shark Tank let me see how do I follow the traditional
Snow White show is beautiful you’re beautiful I love you for how you show us all your soul and we see how wonderful person you are I love him for his logic I love your I love you for keeping ship going but yeah and everybody that knows everybody who knows me is now saying fuck he’s going to 701 rulon sorry guys I can’t stop Jesus Christ is a compliment to one negative
I’m saving it for tonight I really would I bet
I was not uncomfortable until just now
God I’m still here
I’m sitting over there and I’ll just go do my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God my dreams die oh my god do you want me to go but he cares about you on the show but I love your show.
You call that not me
you’re right you I distracted you right there should not have been a Jell-O No no no
when are you going to get back and Joe on the journey I over and over and none of them are like that. Oh my God
like fuk about 20 minutes ago and I’m thinking oh my God great and they bring the paramedics out and I’m like I can’t compete with a paramedic and if you want to know in case anyone else is interested in this kind of thing you can just tweeted us this is what happened so he tweeted
and now he’s here
he treated and I would try the adverb of police out of the defensive adverb incessantly you tweeted incessantly
you’ll never come back even see hostile
going to kill all of us
list of things I need for Dad at the end I’m sorry human party on Facebook human party on Facebook I’m starting a new political party of political third party troll to your platform is it needs to be a third-party okay continue that’s all right
these are the things we’re going to go do. If it’s sitting over there now it’s all gone Dan what I need
I go again is I am these are the things were going to go these are they at the platform I’ve given him because he and I are discussing it seriously but here’s the key
personality we have for a long time even before Trump my friends have been sick of hearing it better for 20-years 20-years I’ve been a socialist Democrat I believe these things I am really doing this because
you know my son is 17 and I would say he’s ashamed of me he’s known my entire life that I’ve wanted to fix this country
I’d love that guy. It won’t happen again just was kind of questioning whether this was serious because I sounded like a dork you know what he’s like what’s his going to be it is series here’s what I need you for it in is
I am going to tell Stars I’m going to start Twitter words with stars you were my first Domino Twitter my concept with Twitter Wars okay let’s hope that one of these Twitter Wars do we live in the ultra-liberal Stars think that something’s be accomplished by them getting likes on their tweets are by them throwing a dinner for someone should and I’ve got a list of it to you then
no don’t do it
number one
holiday electroformed up here is your son being embarrassed or hating you what would happen
getting that tonight or Social Democrat I want to fix the world my son is just heard about this person Tire life and you know what it’s like I said I had to get a normal job I work at union job I work Check to Check Disk everybody
oh my God
all right so what is the what is the Twitter Wars
I’m supposed to energize the celebrities by Sheraton
taste that go great together. Absolutely
begin to your good
Memphis training cuz your music through all right I’ll try the first thing everybody has more popular than then no no it’s fine
what the problem is is he started either put up or shut the fuk up I’m going to go with these people Bill Maher’s I next shot
no no no no no no we just did number one just remember you’re going to hear it all the time set of the people elected Trump 26% 47 % of the motherfukers all stay home then just don’t care but then a bit every day I’m afraid to ask what we’re going to do I’m going to get all the snow.
we need to know I need us to get through this
no they don’t. We’re making it happen until you stop making it happen we got to keep it going
okay if it going I love you you was me and you to say more work by subway
okay I feel like I’m alright alright alright look at this point I think we have some ideas your platform you’re a third-party you’re coming you’re going to fix everything everyone all right
you know the South Park sketch these Underpants Gnomes there like Step 1 collect Underpants Step 2 Step 3 profit
here are the steps to involves create a third-party infiltrate the two party system which by the way the two parties control the electoral system and the the voting system so if you wanted to make butter taste you actually have to have to join the parties because those are the people who vote on the voting was so you literally could not affect voting reform if you were a third-party you’d have to join the Republicans and the Democrats and get both of those parties to change their voting and you need to do that before you can have as a viable third party in the first place so I feel like even all policies are what I consider standard social policies that are very helpful and very good but without any of that and that’s like asking like that’s like saying okay. This plan delivery stuff all I have to do is fly and then I could deliver all these packages will be easy but that’s really hard and that
in our Twitter interaction and today there has been not it’s been completely glossed over in a way that I think we have to you know come to terms with before we can really go forward because I think we can all agree that it’s important to make the world better to be done through the Senate if I can get 40 60 and if some of those seats are famous people 46 Congress at 4 to 6 right 2016 something about that was better than you
this is what I’m counting on
will be listen to Saturday just because they’re Stars we will be able to disrupt the Senate because it said it’s the key to what Bernie did wrong and I love Bernie and I hate Bernie he took my plan and wrote it you can’t do it you’re right you’re right about you can’t do it on a presidential basis but the Senate is a place because of the way the same at work bored as six seats could stop everything till we get that so how many votes does it take to get one seat like how many people would it take to vote a senate seat now this is a great part it has to happen on 20th at the fuk up I don’t know where you got that
thank you Dan thank you go through this whole thing has been a long show of crazy people were a lot of the stage where would we stop writing it right thing about this then because this is what we’ve been fighting about him and I know you’re one of the people Dan that I can’t take you because I love you too much but you’re at his brother point you hate what’s going on as much as me where it’s time for people in your position to put up or shut up to either get the fuck out of it or get into it and only be killing people on my list is work part-time for a couple years you can still tour you will still douche
and you can still be a senator you can do it and it will listen to it
he wants Natalie Portman to be a senator or something something like that
fastest route from me to ockerman
you just said you’re not going I’m not going to run into this time
sorry Autumn is on tour right now he committed 20%
keep it down for a moment I have drinks you can get me to Clooney but I just didn’t want to jump too far. OK Google yeah well so here I mean you know you know that I know that but I’m not playing through a holiday party invite me so I don’t know where I’d be though it would be very hypocritical of me to decry narcissism but you clearly you don’t care about the I have the pulpit you have an opportunity to connect with these people I’ve given you their time and you’re all we’ve heard so far is your says that you’re hoping to get as many famous people as possible to build up to something but go ahead
seems a little bit like you’ve learned I learned what to do by watching Trump would you do whatever you say baby is they’re all going to say I’m reacting to Trump has decided to run but I don’t think I wish you was in the case but our society is a cult of personality and you know it as well as anybody put you and your but maybe that’s the problem it’s a problem it but it’s going to get used one more time until my friends the cult of personality is a loaded gun in the middle the table sure they are going to remind me why it has to be 2018 because we got flipped the Senate what we’re going to flip the Senate wait okay hold on I think what you have is this is a big conversation because we are in this post fact world and it’s like
Democrats have to decide are we going to be post-truth are we going to be truth truth and so I think what you’re talking about is valuable but I would say that my trepidation is that Republicans in the GOP are bathed in lies in their bathing dishonesty and that’s that’s their wheelhouse so the idea that we’re going to be able to fight on that level strikes me is kind of I don’t know it’s just cuz we’re noobs and they’re like you know there’s a mop kind of it just seems like a heart that is unfair we have the truth on our side so like we could bring that to Bear but like I don’t know that playing their tricks is like and that’s a question I’ve had with myself because it might be that that’s the answer but I feel like we’ve lost him for them if we look like beans that were in my personal opinion that’s the problem with the bipartisan system isn’t the Democrats have already become that they always every four years they always go oh you know what the Republicans did anyway
you’re wearing a kilt because I say we just now let’s split what what’s so you drove from Washington are you flew from Washington yeah okay so
the plane ticket cost maybe we no no no no. No no I mean it was too much for me but no do if people would just go to the Facebook there’s more about it a human party on Facebook so I spent it’s it’s a real thing
you aren’t worried about Natalie Portman’s very notable stance on Israel she loves her hawkish foreign policy Amy Adams
Humanity it’s almost like a carnival. Is that I’ve known you for many years
Okay the reason all this is because these people your audience they love to support crowdfunding the only way I can do this is through crowdfunding dreams happen on your show through crowdfunding and I will never compete with money I can only do this if my crowdfund hit otherwise I have to go back to my normal job. It’s not ready yet. Cuz they say to be ready for it came out here is your problem and then I’m going to have the date set and then that’s what I’m driving to the party they say you need to have your money lined up before you start your crowd so you’re not supposed to start too early
I’m actually not much to destroy your dream
but I do think that you don’t like something it’s called The Cult of Personality it’s a fact of life like a loaded gun and they’re going to use if we don’t put that please use this people are worse than 218 they’re going over looking for is a humankind is an answer to problems not using the problems that 5 list of that the answers that 5 live yours on this
I feel like you’re using poison I am for health I am and I
play putting my money where my mouth is what if we were able to use the current Creek community stuff call ourselves Democrats but like like we’re Blue Shield care about like like weekly week in a blah blah to two people we should call it like something that everyone can access like the human party alright well anyways I’m not going to bout to do that next episode but
where’s the keys to ockerman okay take a note starting small cuz I have very little confidence in myself I don’t think I can get Clooney yet
who who should I mention because that’s my problem is I don’t know no damn it man has to be behind the scenes Dan has to be the man right now I want to run
I want to hide I went on a donkey on a cover oh my God but I know mocked and ridiculed and I think that I’m fucking crazy right now or like like I feel like there’s Nazis taking over the yeah about it I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t have seen written on your giant pads everything I’ve seen I don’t sit at the key I don’t see anything they disagree with what we need to election reform we definitely live with someone if they’re but what if they are Listen to If there are people that are listen to stars that lie it will happen people will watch C-SPAN to see what happens when we when we’re on the floor
stop the watch if they see that for my God you got a guy from Westworld you can ask him if you want to run
start with a friendship with him Anthony Hopkins
Facebook University on Facebook
do you know who got bumped the Harmon who is here remember her from many many episodes ago you got bumped texted that you were here at remember no relation to this amazing where can people see that comic that you made about coming to her house
is Miranda Herman that calm and harmontown the, cuz I’m there and I have I have copies of the themes for when we met you were an aspiring artist right you want to do you talked about
Once Upon a Time
I didn’t make that possible your you’re you you’re talented right like yeah, a lot of people listen to harmontown I didn’t I got Natalie Portman on speed dial that’s on him
Kevin Bacon
I had to change my icon pass
because of of of Cameron Diaz
I appeared on harmontown with Steve Agee who appeared alongside Kevin Bacon and super I think that but I’m moving here like within the month cartoon
what is your cartoon that you are a cartoon interesting your ear Coon has been breached sinusitis and stuff
but, it’s me that Jane may have posted of one of your little harmontown, cuz you’re a very cute butt that James has the official like like she’s like coordinating all of the fandom on Facebook and you know having suicidal ideologies and then like he was off the grid and then like but Jane like I’m hearing this all third hand cuz I can’t get it
I can’t get involved too busy running for Senate coordinating and I don’t know just like there’s a little family that’s like ancillary Ali related to harmontown it doesn’t even have to have to do with whether I’m a good or a bad person so we all like Cheetos and we’re good people like she doesn’t have to be good for you
I like that Leo doesn’t have to be that I don’t I don’t I don’t have to if I if I if I join that Facebook group for instance within 2 weeks it would be decimated still mad about season 4 and then that the maypole doesn’t have to be me
yeah I mean I ate when I respond to that
and I didn’t really know about that and Jane like immediately like reach out to me and she was like super sweet and she wrote me this very nice message itself like think about you. And she got me like it so is that like I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t know cuz when I when I was like I was like my lifeline like years ago like I really felt like they were only like a few of us listening I didn’t realize there were so many people who listen to the show
I mean yeah I was super depressed and we loved it. Horwitz using people at our audience like that’s that’s the story we hear over and over again it’s like that that thing of like
smiling and being happy in and clean and bright and shiny doesn’t make you a good person that doesn’t mean that your life is on the right track but it’s also at the same time it’s nice to see somebody like that was down in the roller coaster BB up on it I don’t know I’m drunk in the show’s over right now it’s a party party Harmon party
I have a dream I am happy to try to ask John Rothwell
I rather buddy to drive fast, Kansas pullover


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