Episode 237: Less Than White


Episode 237: Less Than White


Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff B. Davis, Spencer Crittenden and Tim Talbott.


there we go
welcome on and off I’m Hollywood California Meltdown Comics turn Kelsey theater Hermantown is now in session
don’t be alarmed but I’m not wearing a tie it tonight just because I’m going to get Luke
speaking of loose
bring up Spencer Christian
oh shit, cops down
picking the Titans bring up Mr Dan Harmon the mayor of Hermantown
thank you thank you for coming and I thank you for coming
also I should mention special vocal guest Jello Biafra tonight
not not familiar with his that would I also found it just like I’m not
yeah I mean I think I think our guest tonight is he’s a he’s a writer and a movie but he wrote a movie I was just watching a iTunes it’s the Stanford Prison Experiment it was a feel-good film about that movie end end end to all of thought about that is like enough like I don’t need to Babel too much I don’t have anything that wouldn’t fit within the context of the conversation with him do we do business we have some business to talk about we have some important business I haven’t picked up my gun yet or a normalization on my part apparently I’m normalizing system was going to break into your house you can like oh Jesus Christ I got to run to Burbank to get to that gun star it would be the store
my life I had died Batman security cameras installed all over my house and then and then I was part of some weird license Batman security camera that looks like that they have little bats on it like it’s like the Underoos a security camera and then I was by my mailbox was part of some Los Feliz wide wet Bandits Joe Pesci Daniel Stern mailbox rating where some guys wanted to look at my piles of furniture catalogs really bad today
yes of course I was going to break in before I get my gun so I don’t get to deliciously shoot them
interpret Trump universe is somebody was just like breaking into your house cuz they were poor and needed the money you probably would have to hate like take what you want but now you’re going to feel like you’re under a Under Siege to post Trump Universe I would if it was breaking it I’m going to go are you just pour
like I really really like are you just out of food and money and I’ll wait for a yes you just told everyone everyone to listen to the show how to break into your house
without being shot by the Timbre of your voice is going to matter you better if you better be able to fake a very authentic Latino sounding
you’re not allowed to be offended by that because I’m saying I won’t shoot you if your Latino that’s the opposite of racism it’s Reverse Racism
it’s fantastic you sound white I will fucking pop a cap in you
and yeah and white people don’t act like you don’t sound different when you’re coming through a window
wait wait people come in your window like this
anyways black people come to your window they love Eric Clapton black people
Auntie Tasha
and she nodded
saying that are are are brothers of a of a of a different color are under threat and then opposed to trumpocalypse Universe my gun has been purchased for the sanctity of of guarding my Dan to do
not not So Much from the hoi polloi as from the the the the the the orders of a newfound trash estate you have no desire to go scoop up this gun and take it out to the range and he’s having a bad time he seems to be as badly as I would do very grumpy Indy self-destructing and it should I don’t think the gun will be needed to protect my home because I think that the ice caps will melt I think I should go shopping for a canoe paddle before what would you have to see on Twitter or hearing your news alerts that made you get right into a car and get Brian stelter would have to stay another great Trump
the leader is all the journalists the activist you know the prominent the folks like I’m I’m keeping my eye on certain buoys if I see them go like this I’m like okay the Jaws shark is here
I don’t know I got to go pick up the gun what are we talkin about I got it I’m going to don’t worry kids I’m going to get my gun you just told him a couple million people that you’re currently unarmed at home right now and if you are if you ask for sugar you can go right through the window
you just pick that up you just know if you ask for sugar your white and I will fucking kill you
can you show me the list you told Latino so you can ask for sugar and go to the window the window
if anything I’m trying to say yes and his fucked-up racist point of view
I’m here I really have gone too far tonight
I’m not going to be as fucked up to like what you do you antagonize and you unarchive on your like not about this what about that and I’m like what are you talkin about what are you talkin about and then I try to explain these kids need wisdom
they need to know what color they’re allowed to be at their coming in my window
the answer is less than white
what’s the weather
I mean
I left I left the audience handle that one
I didn’t get the tickets were embarrassing the amount of taxes are $0.01 less than the white and then I went less than a white and then
my white audience was like
we are institutionally racist less than white you know what you going to do
can we see the world where our fragility I was talking we were talking about tonight other right over here it is a thing that I have in common with the people that we would probably assuming most of us liberal would you would you would associate with our so-called enemy on the other side of the political Spectrum the thing we have in common than I have in common thing for myself as like fragility the fact that I experience things not going my way and then I went and bought fucking Hardware that put holes in people because it was like no matter what no matter the Al Gore’s and dangling Chad’s in the whatever is the primaries and all his shit I had the luxury of going like me and then I like something real half of that made me actually think this is going to change my schedule this is going to change how I have to behave next Tuesday I’m going to be held accountable to something and I went by
it’s called fragility. It doesn’t matter how right you are how wrong you are how smart you are a logical you are it’s like it’s a thing as associated with privilege you’ve been privileged you’re more fragile you you you’re going to be more reacting to things that are on a smaller scale than somebody who’s maybe put up with shit that you know that then had to bleed be desensitized to it and realize that but also there’s a pick your battles thing or whatever you would call it and say that’s what we’re learning first-hand all of that talk all that white privilege is all that stuff that I would like I would get offended by it and be like oh wait a minute hold on a second it’s not logical see not a logical about it it’s like a gut reaction you find out what you’re made of the house and it turns out to be glass beautiful Christine fucking sugar glass as soon as something goes wrong with your picture of the Universe I bought a gun I turned into a fucking Sandy Hook truther
in terms of my behavior I was just like I want my yeah we should have a liquid there would have we could have seen somebody’s if that really happened right
I waited we have we waited this long
share with you something now and you already like me it’s too late
I have to stay long enough like 5 minutes I’d be like our right maybe I guess why you’re acting so weird today because I was listening to True Crime podcast of then there was like mention to Sandy Hook and then there was like reference I was like I was probably probably probably also just like the gross like that you don’t want to know about it like most of us but now it’s like interesting it’s like
the magma cooled and the stakes seem so much higher than a different spot and it’s like all these things alike from a true crime perspective Sandy Hook gets mentioned and I started like they start mentioning like is it say I just started today of all days I quit so I was like what was all that business with why were people thinking it was fake and what was going on and as I was going through it I thought it was really interesting to note that like it wasn’t just like you have to be a whack job to to to to think that it was fake but you also excuse me if you have to you also had to be a whack-job who was absolutely convinced that Obama was like Hitler like he was going to he was going to get you he was going to do it I would personally speculate that that absolutely be given the total lack of empirical evidence that Obama was out to get us like I have to be to play this card but I have to assume
little itty bitty racist if you really thought for a moment that he got inaugurated that you’re like shift going down because if you weren’t if you didn’t have that I think it comes down to that I do also think it came down to something other than emails why you were choosing with all your logical fucking things on your speeches that you made it while you’re building this way and that way I know you’re very Salient points about the status quo and how to shake things up and I was thinking
because I think there’s a cool dip City in like like people freaking out and recognizing the distorted shape of myself like seeing people that were so hysterical that were so convinced that they were living in the end times politically that in the very real moment of a two dozen children being massacred that they would actually that that that politics could interfere that greatly with your fundamental human need for empathy that you would actually just screw around it and start actually you would rather just leave it an alternate universe me with every single person that flashed towards
does YouTube videos that are all the first thing that comes up when you Google Sandy Hook I think those clicks aren’t all the result of mental illness I think you have to be pretty mentally ill to like put a lot of arrows and things and freeze frames and do all the things that the people that were presenting the videos but then there’s people that they wanted it to be true and the rhetoric about the occupier and she just wants this and he wants that they were living in this Wizard of Oz when there was a wicked witch and we got just got to get to the Emerald City of the truth then we got everyone’s going to get what they want is that what they’re trying to take away or just going to throw the bucket of water and we got to not really be acknowledged in the fact that I know what they’re doing in the present moment is haranguing the parents of murdered children and it’s like we’re feeling that way right now I am feeling that that way I’m feeling the way they’re feeling that doesn’t mean that I’m as crazy as that it doesn’t mean that I was wrong it’s them but it does mean that we have the
bility to fucking like just abandon all the everything that makes us good and when we get
excited when we get righteous and stuff and I was like looking at my at my reflection that Twisted wreckage and I have no point to any of you that is a plus on top of that get over myself was that what are you telling me I’m not saying that I’m just saying like I don’t know man I watch this documentary was just got Gerald Davis who’s like the guy from the title of it is he’s like a guy with a boyfriend and he’s a black guy that befriended Ku Klux Klan people like for 4 years and years he’s been like I don’t have enough time to talk but you should watch that documentary you find it on Netflix whatever and then sit through it cuz he kind of it’s like there’s a there’s a point like 45 minutes or your kind of like I get it the BB King play good guitar but like like it it’s like a TV. It starts it feels a little bit of a certain point like like for the first half like you things are being repeated over and over again then he goes to Baltimore
there’s a shit is Just Happening like like crazy shit so there’s Millennial activist Millennial black activist sitting down at the table with him after you’ve already watched the whole wide Whimsy of him sitting down with leaders of the KKK and skinheads it take from it what you will and then he goes to Baltimore and its it gets fucking balloon animal like crazy like I could just walk away from the whole thing I will warn you a little sad I mean because it’s like fuck we’re all fucked but but it also it’s like it’s not like like like oh just watch this documentary about how we’re all fucked it’s more like watch the lake. Watch this documentary about Gerald Davis that like it puts so much shit under the microscope I’ve talked enough talked enough it’s my show me cute people
you haven’t begun to talk this is this is your night check one’s a little thing for those of you have been wondering that whether or not the three of us or at the show will never get back to a D&D or Pathfinder roleplaying game we decided not to
we decided Dan’s race monologues were enough freaking people.
but today we’ve actually generated characters were not playing tonight but we went we had we have wait wait we have we have a whole thing coming up it’s going to start it’s going to be a doozy there was a little clerical error the characters we’re old were less than white we’re going to reroll some stats and and make them as much as white
a boy
I want to send somebody called less than white just to see what happens for you for your for your for your career
based in reality because I’m a Generation X foot foot and mouth to ass whole racism is if we have a crucifixion of me just just do it next to the White House that’s all I ask is just above my head like everybody just fucking like spit on my cords at and I just want anybody that works in Washington be like he was racist and I just want that person’s lunch to change
because they’re going to be like she was right fuck
I heard it podcast he got a little tipsy sometimes but it is Christ
I bought a weird hat I saw some things on my shoulder and my neck dresses artoo-detoo to leave a town hall meeting early trick or treat all right so are our next guest is all around screenwriter TV movies like I said his the most recent thing I was watching maybe he’s done more than this recently let’s talk to him and find out please welcome our new friend Tim Talbot
but I got your name right and everything right I got an interview or just I don’t know if I told you that backstage I’m a bad interview but I want to put a pin in like how you got started cuz I think your first job was South Park right like the first yeah like real kind of professional job right a TV movie for MTV
oh yeah you’re a Spencer does it
yeah so like the first real sort of kind of professional for a network job was for South Park yet what I’m talking about it so you don’t know actually what happened was when I first moved out here right out of college I became friends with a lot of people that were people’s assistance and one of them was a woman named Amy Cohen who was George Clooney’s assistant at the time and George was like one of the guys that sent out that the first Spirit of Christmas to everyone right now and so through her I met Matt and Tracy assistant and then just for like a couple years I was like in their group so I was going to other parties and all that kind of stuff and I’m so they never read a word of that you’re clearly confident enough that you didn’t insert any fake like and then I won a talent contest
everyone’s story of like but if you’re paying your rent with writing you’re one of the fortunate ones then people ask about your origin story how did you go from being his whole thing with the Jarvis and everything and the answer is never as satisfying as well I got blown up by my own shrapnel and I had an Awakening of the spirit that was brought by a magical person that was less than white in the cave
we never have that story we don’t we are not able to impart to them that you cope with that pretty well cuz you just told the story that was like I turn by turn. Turn right on a green light and I slipped on a banana peel I actually wanted to be an editor when I moved out here I went to film School in and editing was the only job that I could stand like everything else was just you know you can’t ever write what you exactly what you want to ride with the person behind you over your shoulder there’s a possible like a very much like a tech school so here’s a camera go start making shit and then I found that in the process of making shit it was so frustrating we couldn’t get good actors we couldn’t you know that the cinematography
what you wanted and then you finally get to the point where you have to edit your film and there’s a pile of shit you got to make in the Shinola for me so I became a you got into editing after being asked to be a director in a filmmaker and you should know I just I just prefer the editing part or what part of my whole thing was that I figured out that if I’m going to be a director I have to know the limitations of everyone else’s job so you could ruin everybody else’s movies and you just kind of come to like what you like but with editing for me was just everything about the process up until that point with such a disappointment that I need to be locked in a room and just be like will now make this into something that you were not ashamed to show the people who was Paul and then when I move to California I moved out here with like 20 bucks in my pocket and one friend from college and I might as well stay on the East Coast cuz I couldn’t get my foot in the door anywhere
and then I figured out that the only way I could do without being hired to do it was to write a screenplay. And you know I I just started writing and got ripped off the first screenplay and and and and luckily I also met a trust one kid from New Jersey wanted to be a producer Donald Trump I was not drunk but he basically paid for me to learn how to write so I don’t die before I ever got hired for anything that sounds familiar I mean I feel like I yeah we we we are brush her back stories like I
I can get really specific about my path from Milwaukee to Las Angeles it does involve like a little like a low-rent benefactors who are like like like like there’s like it never is never a satisfying thing to say to a kid who sang how do I get where you are till me and you can never give them a straight answer whether it’s a straight answer to that and I just don’t leave I mean literally the people you know if you if you literally just keep doing I don’t leave where you woke up no I’m saying if you want to be a writer you come to California you keep writing and sooner or later you’re going to get in there’s no there’s no easy path is always a catch-22 to do it for 30 years and then get hit by a bus and died
because I don’t want your blood on my hands at the end of it and I got to a point where I would have been fine doing that and then all of a sudden I got lucky all right anyways but so so we can talk about the early days in South Park later hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering if I can smell food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no limits is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes how the themes related my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest film nerdiest Phil married like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
how do I get to the Stanford Prison Experiment movie
treadmill pretend I’m asking for the first time how accurate is this movie go 85% of those things for years they were trying to make the story and Hollywood in there they’re wonderful way always liked the story wasn’t enough for them they wanted to make it into more and make it into the stakes have to be life-and-death it’s got to be have like huge emotional Stakes you know an earlier draft pick be I was going to do that Leonardo DiCaprio was attacked too that was about a guard at a prisoner that we’re best friends and there’s a girl on the outside and a weird love triangle it’s like what the fuck is this when I first got approached to work on the project I was completely I didn’t believe it I didn’t take any psych classes in college already had knew nothing about it and I’m just like there’s nothing you can do to me it’s going to make me believe after 3 days that you know a classroom with fake bars on the doors of prison I can’t get out of it and it was only when I drove in to sort of the research
with dr. zimbardo that I realize holyshit this is fascinating and this is human this is like a real thing but at the same time it’s like you could say the same DiCaprio it as Howard Hughes in The Aviator and yet but he does have a lot of urine he’s a he’s a he’s the genius who thought of this experiment and it went my favorite line in the movie this isn’t really a spoiler I think this gets to the Crux of why we all learnt heard the phrase Stanford Prison Experiment in high school is but it was like everyone’s arguing about what’s going on they’re sitting there talking about the relationship between two guys once a prisoner was a guard of the does embargo characters sitting back in his hot curl the hair and his Boogie Nights
are you talking about we’re separated by a coin toss and that really was that’s why we continue to refer to the Stanford Prison Experiment it’s not because it was immaculately scientific it’s it is it was if anything totally dramatic and Fantastical it was they didn’t set out I always pictured I was telling you the Green Room every time I heard about the Stanford Prison Experiment which the headline of it that you hear about high school is okay they did this college experiment when they took a group of volunteers they made some of them randomly guards they made some of them randomly prisoners at what happened over time very quickly is that they fell into rolls of abusiveness that that transcended any rules if they were given the guards were abusive to the prisoner the prisoners were abusive to each other everyday abuse abuse abuse abuse It All Happened even though it was all a big game it just happened for real and even as the movie represent it’s it’s spread
word to zimbardo who started acting like the prison Warden started becoming paranoid about one of the escaped prisoners coming back that he himself became part of the experiment because it wasn’t science it was art that it was but it was very valid art that you can refer to a very scientifically when you say yeah but circumstances fuck you up if you’re deprived of your freedom in any way you are you begin to behave like someone that is not free and you start verifying all of these negative expectations of yourself if you are given the privilege and power you start overreacting to threats to it because you think that someone dropping a pencil means that you should go fuck yourself and then you start seeing the merits and coming down hard and drawing a Line in the Sand and it starts with guys going why am I talking so much you’re on the show
what did you what was your process like when you get in the shop like I want to hear about that like like how do you have to do to write the screenplay well I had to do a lot I got all of you know we had you know right and he was open to us so I got to talk to him whenever I needed to I interviewed him and his wife together and separately he sent me all the original paperwork from the experiment the date they documented everything I mean everybody that’s one another so much happened in those six days that you can’t put it all in a movie but one of the things they did is they had a standard set of questions they asked all the prisoners every day and you can just see them in a truth when you read this. It’s fascinating that they are being dehumanized and even there’s a bit in the movie where they’re asked to write a letter home after two days and half of the kids sign their number and not their name because it’s been drilled into them so much over the priest that the previous couple of days because they thought they would get review about get their mail be gone through and they would get in trouble for not doing that
because they were not allowed to seal the envelopes they had to hand them back so they were going to be red they knew I had my number just in case the first couple of days really started to work on them when you’re referred to as a number and not a name over and over again and you’re sleep deprived and you have to like rattle off your number a thousand times a day it was just easier and became sort of are you working tomorrow what’s his look back on this and what’s it like having this re-hash through well the good thing about him is that he absolutely one hundred percent owns it you know he’s like I realize I fucked up I fucked up I’m making myself part of the experiment and it really took you know I mean if you seen the movie took someone from the outside coming in to really say hey you guys are totally fucking up here you have to stop this cuz nobody else thought they just saw a really cool
real study it’s we’re getting real information and and didn’t realize that they were hurting people in the process now wait a minute I forgot about a meeting that was at my house so I have to watch the end of the movie I haven’t I haven’t got to the third act yet the story we here in high school is the experiment got out of control but much like Frankenstein’s experiment with mythical the the things that made it a disaster is the valuable thing about it I mean he doesn’t Bartow does he look at it as like yeah that thing I did that was like groundbreaking or is the whole thing as a cautionary tale and a kharian tragedy I think it’s closer to that I think that’s one of the things is that when you first start reading about it not talking to him directly it’s got its own life out there he’s got his own like media life and and and the media and and reporters and stuff had built enough to be this guy that designed this experiment to generate that response
the actual fact was he didn’t expect anything from this this was no different than any other experiment that they’ve been doing it Stanford other than the fact that it was a 24-hour day experiment that was going to go for to get a data do you think he thought he was going to get there’s a clear point in your narrative where it’s like oh shit this is us get big but what kind of data in his mind like I think part of the Navy was one of the were one of the people that funded the experiment and they wanted to know what you know kind of Mental effects incarceration would have on people like in submarines how are they going to measure it though like when they’re going to have them recite the alphabet at the end of each day and it would take a lot of the daily questions that they had to answer okay you know how much did he go in with the did he have like a sociological point to prove going in like he was he what he thought he might be able to give me the 7Up documentaries is at 7 at seven and up

you watch the beginning that you kind of feel like he was going and trying to prove class things then it turns into something very different did you think he came in with the sociological point of view on this or you really just said let’s just get rid of unadulterated data I think he just basically wanted to to see what you know basically what he learned from it I think it’s what he was looking for which is how the environment can change people you know who constantly says you know the whole idea about like prisons is there are no bad apples are just bad barrels with all these kids were inherently good they were all screen to be like all American you know what normal kids throw away in the movie is it was that was that just a sort of was that the 16th of 1971
tell you except that this took place in August of 71 so that might have been a good representation of the student body not all of them some of them are the summer so a lot of kids that were still there for the summer came in and interviewed in and they interviewed quite a few people to find the 24th or whatever you the faces that we see on screen and the ethnic spectrum that they represent is that that’s accurate okay so there was there wasn’t one to like one of the well obviously Carla Prescott the guy that they brought in to advise was a black man who was in prison for 17 years before the right and then one of the one of them Bartos assistant the grass suits with also black guy but do you know the real
story is that the experiment got out of control but what I’ve always felt about hearing that because I’ve probably referred to the Stanford Prison Experiment a thousand times and twenty years when talking about politics or anything but talking about particularly fascism is like will you it’s a successful experiment not from a scientific perspective but from the fact that someone wants did this thing and it didn’t changed the way that experimentation to be done in college is now I’m literally it’s like they didn’t have ethics committees back then you know so ethically this thing was one thing like the whole that the Department of Justice or somebody is some government agency review this whole thing
that’s there’s an unspoken supposition there that the information that came out of this experience was completely not valuable at all to Future Generations it was just that they found the methods in which they did this we’re harmful but if there is there a way to do that properly like that without hurting the the other subjects it doesn’t seem like probably not right but they didn’t know that at the time we get across this it’s like he set up a situation he thought that the glibness of it the the thing that I always pictured was like this like like you said Jeff you said like a set of an Elvis number where it’s like it’s like you pictured Stanford like shelling out for fake prison cell and what it was for tears of dudes
hallway of Stanford College on summer break a couple of offices they carved the doors at put bars in the doors and but some people are in charge with the doors were unlocked and when they weren’t and they had burlap sack that were like dresses there was a there was a deliberate attempt to feminize which in 1971 was the equivalent of is it was in Bartow actually laying it outside someone questions and I was like yes remove everything that they are you know there’s an unspoken thing they’re going waist deep into this thing and himself becoming infected by at the common the warden what is the losing his mind to the same extent did Sigmund Freud injecting cocaine into his own arm like did yield some shit I mean this is important import know it’s definitely important it just again now ethically they would not you would not get this past any college ethics board but it’s like
being looked at like a good at conducting Stanford Prison Experiment we’re not getting accurate data right we’re not we don’t want to become really really good at making sure no one gets hurt during the Stanford Prison Experiment we want to see if you conduct one you become fucking Hitler overnight if you are if you put yourself in the position of judging what you’re measuring and if the people Everyone is intoxicated instantly by fascism by by hierarchical thinking and and like answering to a higher calling in different ways I’m here for my $15 a day he’s looking at it like I’m going to publish a paper on this he’s not even sure what he’s drinking by the time he’s drunk on it he’s seeing images of students punching other students and he’s thinking
I made this happen and it’s a lot of thing and so again the paranoia comes in where when like the the family members come to visit he’s terrified one of them is going to work it out you know it to the point where there’s a really great seeing that Billy crudup who plays in the movie handles
no hear. Out Monica one thing I will say about Billy crudup is he has a like the sort of like a monologue at the end of the movie where he pulls the plug we shot everything else before that so all these kids have been working together for two-and-a-half weeks and he walked in on his first day and delivered like his last scene in the movie and it was like holy shit that’s good where you going to set the whole time I was a writer on Chicago Fire for a couple years and we were I was shooting an episode at the same time so I was going back and forth between here in Chicago is it true that the experiment the Chicago Fire raining a lot of fires in Chicago absolute power corrupts absolutely I would have to look at it because you you’ve got a bigger career than that we can talk about what what it was like to you’re at South Park from the beginning your child
I was there for season 5 and 6 o
those are the worst seasons ever what it sounded like the way you’re describing like being friends of George Clooney and all that stuff that you were there on the very ground floor but but like what was it like in those days is it like like it were you full-time staff writer so the way that they work by the time I got in there that their process had gotten to a point where basically Trey Parker was writing and directing every episode and so they bring like on a writers retreat at the beginning of the Season that you know like we went up to Whistler and wietzke half a day and then sit in a room and you know your your only real job was to be attentive to the median like what’s going on in society ball stuff and then all of a sudden we have like five or six ideas for shows and we come back to LA and in order to get the show done on time they had to generate Eight Pages of script a day and so Trey will go off and start the scripts and then whenever he got stuck you call the writers in and we just sit around you know you coming they buy you lunch you sit around a big table with some
funniest people you’ve ever met and you will laugh until your face wants to fall off and hopefully you throw something out that ends up in the show and then you know two days later it’s on television show me with no we have been friends and damn good friends that work on that show throughout the year is who is there and back in those days that we might know well Trey Parker Matt Stone never heard of them Kyle McCulloch David Goodman Glasgow Phillips pack pack pack know she was sick for I work with her for two weeks at a time so like almost everybody in the LA know somebody that worked on South Park at some point today that is the legend is that the Q U there’s almost a feeling of
guilt at how much Trey Parker is like he calls you in a room and then you guys talk and then you laugh and laugh and then he at some point he leaves the room and then he writes are there you know 20 hours a day and we come in for 2 hours and laugh it up and leave with a dream job and I have to say that when you first walk into that I’m not necessarily a first and foremost a comedy writer you know so they just thought it was funny I’m so that first day I’m sitting in there and a half the staff are actors as well so they were they get up and they act out their character stuff and I’m like I’m not that at all and I sat there for probably the first hour of the first meeting just going like
what am I doing here how did this happen and I realize that if you don’t open your mouth and say something then he’s going to fire your ass so I threw something out and it got a huge laughing cuz this is the first time I’ve heard cuz I’ve heard about those Retreats and I always imagined them with the sense of dread because they sounded like auditions like you went on the retreat and then some people that that was vodka don’t worry about it some people that go on these worry about it at the time of their life some people going on the retreat get the job some people don’t that was earlier on earlier it was more of an audition Thing by the time I was there that was just came in the middle of the season so I worked on three episodes then went on a retreat work on six episodes then went on another Retreat and work on another six voluminous amount of their season on the retreat whenever he died
weeks before the season starts so it’s relatively topical as a staff writer get your name on a script with a that you got to know
that was later down the road or my name is on every episode at work on as a staff writer at the end so that’s more than almost every other television show staff writers don’t even get to say yes or no you don’t you don’t just get that you feel very responsible for that you got a lot of a lot of stuff done on a conversation between myself and Matt Stone about the Star Wars special edition’s that we just fucking hated them so much and ET was coming out that the walkie-talkie when we came up with the idea that I had to break into lucasfilm Skywalker sound the print of Raiders of the Lost artifact
free hat
that was one of the only other one that I can claim any responsibility for is the one where Kenny dies for real I just thought what would happen if we just kill them like the movie version of Bryan song that was on so we just took that made it into this hole like oh my God our friend is going to die but you probably were gone by the time they had to be absolutely relevance Manpower because there’s like always been very few people working in the show relative to hand and the speed with which their work and how incredibly funny and Ed like like like just like
alienated like like like fuck this thing like like how many of us in this room have like been swirling around some thought in her head about some piece of pop culture or politics or something and then we get this like decidedly kind of admittedly maybe libertarian view from from from South Park but it kind of like pushes us over into how to feel about something because it’s done with this like Grace and humor and the great thing about those guys and what was really intoxicating working with them as they they have no power for bulshit or hypocrisy so if they see something they have a point if you want it and they just come out and say it was for corruption so long ago a wonderful place where they can do whatever they want and they’ve been able to because they were successful with the shell right from the beginning that cuz I only ever died at some point not exist and will probably outlive me but but
the way I eat there will be a day maybe when it’s like gone and done and then there’s going to be eulogies for it like there was for fucking whatever the hell that gossip rag was all of a sudden we found out that it was important to what the fuck was like I feel spoiled in the meantime cuz I’ve only ever just like randomly run back into it like an old lover in the end is always astounded at how still fucking funny it is like you just want to register it still this funny it’s 48 years old is Dempsey realized I thought I saw that ended the crescendoed in the divorce the moving away the
yeah but I mean it’s it’s that I’ve always been a standby never ever Cartman is probably one of the most important television characters in is right up there with her always reference him at the sit in the same breath is Archie Bunker when you talk about like the importance of this ID character yeah I don’t know whether you got Cartman wrong when it when it when they got Cartman right that it made it pretty special because it made it really really bad like really really horrible apartment basically killed someone’s parents and fed them to a make chili but that a lot of people that weren’t his tears at the end like all this Sweet Misery of your team
if I never thought that was all that judge Chevy Chase’s character on community table bridge. This is like that was all I was ever do is with ripping off Cartman it was just the idea was like the voice of that petty child within you but that includes talking to God like God is somebody that’s going to ground you make you take a timeout you don’t want we have a word for someone that responds to God saying that with fuck you that word is sometimes hero like like like like Mystic on a Mythic level to say fuck you too mortality to say fuck you to the way you got out of bed in the morning and you know it’s often the face of privilege and oppression and bigotry but it’s that every once in awhile it’s like yeah don’t go gentle into that good night because he’s safely in the package of a reprehensible troll but we get to like sap some of that talks and just enough to dab on our tongue and a little bit cuz it’s like
we’ve been learning that at all. I don’t know if you heard me babbling there’s a ton of that Daryl Davis documentary have you seen that I saw it like a news piece on him. I haven’t seen the whole life to this sort of like track to believe that it’s like you don’t want these people
in the shadows you want them as much as it pains us if you don’t like what good comes from them hiding its that they’re there is that they’re as bad as they are and they’re twice as bad because whatever but hurt fucking whatever birthday party that have been invited to whatever they’re fucking crank at about like sorry but like the better to talk to him at Denny’s and and and he has this like collection of KKK robes that are the Coleman 8 those slow erosion through friendship one on one of him sitting down with a dude who says he wants all this and that to be this in that way and being friendly to them and at the end because of Friendship with him is completely incalculable to that philosophy
day of or maybe they just outgrow it that would be an argument against what he’s doing but he said like they eventually like leave that give him his robes they don’t outgrow it all away this past year was developing a TV show that was about a guy that has to infiltrate a white supremacist organization and doing a lot of research into that you come to realize that a lot of those people like they don’t hate you because you’re different color they hate you because I don’t know you but you know and when people indoctrinate people interviews hate groups they basically are saying it’s not your fault that your poor broken stupid it’s their fault so it by Shifting the blame I mean half the people that are are are white supremacist just don’t know any better they’ve either been raised in that culture
not literally.
No it’s until I’m telling you it’s it’s it’s literally energy is being generated right now in this room which I prefer to pass on that hot front meeting that cold front that hurricane watch this documentary because that what you’re talking about someone else’s like what the fuck are we doing in the documentary who’s like a black dude who’s his age and they’re neither of them are heroes or villains but he’s like look you’re one thing he says is your deal going to retail level I’m dealing to wholesale level I don’t fucking care whether you made a friend with a racist yesterday for him great I want this shit it illegal there are no villains in the story but one thing that indoors because
he got he goes to Baltimore and he’s talking to Millennial black activist who are fucking like they’re on point they’re they’re you do not want to be going talking down to them there like they’ve been arrested a thousand times maced a thousand times there in the trenches if we’re going to if we’re going to Grant Veterans of Iraq and things that we’re going to say that when those people speak that we owe it to them to not you know shit on them and dismiss them then we definitely have to extend that to activists who work in urban environments where you’re on the front lines and and these guys are smart and they’re absolutely bewildered by this old baby boomer guy who’s going like I got this i got this clan from the I got this Confederate flag and I got and they’re like
what the fuck are you talkin about how long have you been doing this at exactly 50 years I’ve known racist dudes from Memphis to to give you their robes when they got tired of being racist like this seems like a fetish
and if they try they both to try them both sides I think that I think that what you see is it Gerald Davis is like the word fetish is not he’s like he’s in his comfort zone when he’s laying back and he’s expressing this unbelievable amount of acquiescence but then they’re calling him out and going like that’s your comfort zone that’s you a crewing this collection of shit in your garage we’re out here nameless faceless taking you know it says done two times. Then an older dude baby boomer I don’t know if that’s accurate older black dude who’s like those guys protector Mentor those guys both get up they can’t take the interview anymore if they are like they they don’t yell they don’t shout but it breaks down they get up and they leave that guy comes over he’s got a Gray beard he he’s the same generation as this guy he’s Urban and he is like there
he’s been like proud of those guys and like he tries like I can’t shake your hand as I did but then he that’s the guy that like almost Spyros Fizzies like get the fuck out of here and don’t come back by the end of the conversation and doesn’t want to hear Darrell side of it because it’s too offensive the thing that I walked away from it from was like this weird thing why am I dumb I don’t know but but but but the most pronounced about it was the fact that like those young guys who are so smart and so cool and they had they given so much what are the things he got them to say and I don’t mean got them to stay the way you get Donald Trump to say that microwaves are cameras I mean
I mean he took the conversation down a river that afforded us of this Glimpse around this curve of trees one of the things he got them to say was that they didn’t believe that white supremacist could change now that’s a very very interesting thing to admit to yourself because it puts you firmly on on the side of a line in a world that we’re either going to fix save abandoned tear up fighting each other it puts you on the side as much as just as you are in as righteous as you are and as right as you may be but it puts you firmly on the side of of a war between people who think that we can do better and people who are like fuck it were fighting. They said that and you know they they said no I don’t think they can change I sit I don’t I don’t know if they really didn’t give them a slide rule in 20 minutes to answer his question I think maybe they would have
over 20 minutes like people don’t change it to the actions that you’re taking people changed from blah blah fish rots from the head or whatever but but in that moment they’re like no they don’t you can’t change them they don’t change them in so now it’s like and he says course he’s aggravating him by saying it was like well you sound like Donald Trump and then one of the guys goes like I hope Donald Trump gets elected because it’s like the wolf versus the fox out of those like I know what Donald Trump stands for I’m not voting anyway and all this shit in your like Fox this is like the end of the documentary Donald Trump selected you have no idea where the fucking your head is spinning you like who wins who loses what is happening you just feel like you’re being flushed down a toilet like spiritually because you just like oh we’re all good people
when we look in the mirror but we’re all fucking do like insane and we’re going to rip our faces off in the mirror and we’re just going to wake up in an octopus creatures can you go fails
Android human the simulation octopus 179
when given
five different colors of chimp
you fuck up that seems like an unfair test upon anybody of anything other than what’s actually being tested like their inherent fucking until like yeah I mean yes I agree it’s unfair but we come from of ethology is primates were like oh you’re supposed to know the score god supposed to come down tell you don’t eat the apple and then I’ll pay your rent
I know if anything goes wrong you just blame women and you know like lately we’re supposed to get a spreadsheet at the beginning of the test while maybe everybody else feels gasl it’s in the sense that they didn’t know what the test was with the chapter in Genesis when God comes back down after Eve with Ben says I told him don’t eat the apple I can’t remember I don’t know but anyway it’s a metaphor for
Tim just answer Dan’s question
you really are the worst interviewee of all time
he just sit there and don’t answer shit you think working at Southpark is for their first three episodes and say nothing else on the line with a shit I’ve gone through it Stanford
Monster House
Monster House
do you have any idea of Monster House is actually my roommate from college was one of the animators on it
I thought I thought I thought that that that was going to be a live action scrap for me wrote it it wasn’t it wasn’t like which is why it’s actually I made quite a bit of money on that movie because it was written under live-action rules so every time they go to Blu-ray in Singapore or something I get a check that’s like they said oh this is a w g a
it didn’t even some prestigious like some writing award like some sort of like
named after famous writer who discovered salt
he wrote salt right when he invented the invented wearing a striped red-and-white shirt and hiding and large we actually you know I mean I wrote this movie back in 2004 it took forever to get made because the company we rented for went out of business and we found out they barred over $1000000 against our script so our producer wonderful guy named Brent Emory literally spent seven years chasing down 81 different chain of title issues and selling out with everyone so they would get some of their money back if we made the movie and then it was like all the sudden I got a call in June like I think we’re making this movie and then in August we were shooting it in November we got into Sundance and it premiered in January 3rd for best bloobity blue and a blue a blue in some guy’s name
Miriam or whatever I met was set up by his family I think to honor independent screenwriting or whatever but it’s the one screenwriting award they do every year at 7 so that was pretty unexpected
where’s my Waldo salt did you take it to Sundance hey Spencer you even have a quiet over there no
let’s bring it back to the Stanford Prison for a moment if you if you had your pick on you couldn’t live with what do you think you would have been better or worse at being the guards are being a prisoner I’m sure I would be a kick-ass card I mean that’s just my nature I you know I can be Petty and mean and that means you’ll be at worst the worst person of the Guard here’s the thing is like and turn into such an evil fucking person if given the opportunity and they’re having no repercussions and to that event or to that extent I think the film works it’s funny that you know I’ve never see I’ve never seen a movie or anything I’d written in front of a huge audience before and it Sundance we had like 1,200 people at the first screening and there’s a title card that comes up that they just says
play to and everything that happened in the first day was so like everybody like holy shit that’s like the air got sucked out of the room and it was like one of the most like the hair stood up on the back of my neck has like oh my God like this movie just got a reaction and I had something to do with that recording my girlfriend today at day for what day for and a check the progress indicator and that’s like part of the point is there the answer to that question is yes correct the people who are if you’re made a guard by an institution Garden quotes meaning of a district manager if you’re told that you’re in charge of whether or not racism ends because you’re the race that ends racism if you’re told that you’re the the employee of the month if you’re if you’re in charge of this parking
you’re in charge of anything any power that you’re given by an institution it seeps into the cracks of your soul and you eat you have two choices you take on that role and actually surrender part of your empathy and individuality in favor of serving that role better that’s the important thing is that the guys that early on who started as a joke because putting on the uniforms reminded them of Cool Hand Luke one guy goes I’m going to do my impression of a character from Cool Hand Luke and then he comes out and he knows what to say.
scientist that guy’s good
more importantly nothing happens he’s now in charge everyone that’s watching is going like well and then the shift changes and they go yeah we did some fucked-up shit today and nothing happened don’t you think that’s part of what it is you are famous do you hate being told what to do it let’s say that you were subject between 18 and 22 and Melissa that you didn’t found out you were the guard you don’t like being told what to do you probably are so you don’t like to do cuz you’re sure that’s part of your job description what do you think you would be as a guard I would be like I would posture as a but I would be eclipsed by some guy who went fascistic I would be eclipsed by the guy who jumped into the role the first Spencer you’re so neutral like I can’t picture you being turning into a shity dominated prisoner or a fascistic bully guards
but there’s no response makes me think I don’t want you as my guard but there’s an important thing here that you’re getting too which is that there are white what I just
there is a complex subject there’s a way to be a prisoner as well and have you have these narcissistic Tendencies are things there’s like as a prisoner I would ask them if you would rather be a prison guard they don’t necessarily everyone wanted to be a prisoner you can just just sleep You Can Be Cool Hand Luke three Hots and a cot you’re always racist but the truth is always on your stockings prison time
is there such thing as I’ve been diddling his prisoner you don’t have any power we live in fear of being bad people to have nobody wanted to be a guard but then the people that Excel it being guards are exhibiting the same personalities of the people who are rallying the prisoners and that’s when the Bardo says these guys are swappable with a coin toss that means in every Revolution and every third world country when you have like gorillas coming down from up front from the hills and liberating the poor than one of them becomes a dictator and then you have the NSA interfering and I said they could all these people are handing you power handling rules Appliance in certain people you know cuz it’s part of what this showed as well as you know what happened at Abu ghraib is also what happened in Nazi Germany is that if you’re in a situation where you feel you have zero power and there’s nothing you can do to change it like the oppressed the people that are guess you are so massively in power you know some people just it’s the normalization that’s that’s happening now
Eastern Front would willfully were corralled into a giant sand pit and they knew they were going to be killed and they did it meekly and mildly and then I think because that’s what Society told him as their role did you leave the subject go to the film see the film are they still don’t know I know I know I was very happy that his wife saw the movie right before we went to Saint Anthony came to Sundance and spoken did all that stuff but I was very happy because it’s really weird telling somebody’s story and trying to get it right and and making sure not to also let him off the hook you know we ate or dramatic effect in reality you have gotten so I can’t tell you in reality it ended a little bit differently than it does in the movie because that woman with the triangle of woman comes back lit Leo DiCaprio comes out of skylight
California man really hot button right now but it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s the elephant in the room which is really interesting is that prisons they were all dudes dudes running it is there that the whole movie is all dude dudes dealing with dude issues to the point where they’re talking about stripping dudes of there dude nased their individuality and they’re using it’s synonymous with the phrase feminization put them in dresses when you get to the third I call him call them she called him her call them you know it is it legal to reduce them of their individuality their individuality 1971 so like Z now you got to 2017 Casual Friday and somebody says to Becky and marketing like you should wear a short skirt or something it’s like there’s no bars on the Windows there’s no I think this was a hallway at Stanford College none of these kids during this entire story
ever accidentally started believing they were in prison they what that what happened was they were the they were subjected long enough to deprivation of this is an enhancement of that that their behavior changed and it can happen in a hallway that can happen it it was cubicles around you that’s one of the great things about the way Kyle Alvarez directed the movie End on I thought he had a really good idea which was when you first get introduced to the prison it’s all shown in a master shot so you see it’s a fucking hallway in three classrooms in a closet used to the whole during the process the movie the lens is closed down and down and down to the point where when things are really going to shity you’re in close on people and there’s a lot of diffusion so it makes it feel like it makes you feel claustrophobic and then when somebody comes in and ends at you cut back to that Master you realized that the place hasn’t changed the situation is
psychology class for something and super fascinating and we all know about that we say these words but did anybody emerge from that guard or prisoner in like fuck this shit I walking out of here like that it did anybody like Flex up and go directly asked to be let out nobody did it because the The Rules From Above Down kept them feeling like it’s this is one of the things that zimbardo and Stanley Milgram have done a lot of different experiments one of your staff comes to mind is Stanley milgram’s experiment where you put an ad in the paper for like a secretary and rented an office in a high-rise in New York and hired two people to be plants basically in the office so when the woman was coming to interview for the office these two people were told to stay still and don’t react the woman would sit down and they start pumping smoke into the room and because the other two people wouldn’t react to it the third
nine out of 10 times wouldn’t react to it on fire defined by what everyone is reacting to I feel like I wait wait too long I told the story about going out to lunch with my friend Dino and our new CFO at my studio and he started choking on a piece of hanger steak and I was very disappointed with my reaction time I was like waiting for what Bruce Willis to come in I don’t know man but I’m afraid to find out what I’m made of that why I bought a gun when Trump got elected I don’t want to know what I’m made of because the answer is nothing I made him nothing what are you what am I John Claude Van Damme animated anyting but didn’t before I’m sure I got pulled over on a hit-and-run a sign and I got picked up on a Saturday morning and spent all weekend in jail at
Whittier and Whittier California not proud of it but I got in the car and put in jail and I was in the jail like probably like six or seven or eight cells are they left me in my they put me in the the tank with the drunk tank by three to a cell so that one guy in the floor and I would have to deal with the drunk that we let in every night or the both nights and what was amazing was I was a college kid I was the only white guy in there and I was treated as shity as they were and it was instantly not a person and I change the way I talked the way I made eye contact with the with the with the officers there you’re instantly told that you’re a piece of shit and when you leave there you still think so you don’t leave then I’m going to walk home now I got out of here finally after being treated like garbage and I’m going to ruin it wasn’t Syria
it was it was California but yeah what are yours only nominally California call time is it I was surprised how instantly I felt like completely not in any sort of power and initially not an equal with anybody there you’re you’re a scumbag and your dirt and I felt like that for days afterwards and just imagine that for 30 years it doesn’t pass and you when you leave there you’re not better you’re you’re psychologically like a little dizzy and fucked up and and and probably a lot worse if you you know I had to go through actual ship I was just in a in a fucking drunk tank 52 hours it was a nightmare I was thinking about the Stanford
when they’re they loved it what part of it is also boredom they’re doing a tower ships where they have nothing to do except it well and they are sitting this room or we can bring these guys out and make them do jumping jacks and push them around and harassment stuff and I just love having a bit like at the shit job is noisy it smells like crap it’s at the food is garbage that they’re not happy they don’t like their lives they wanted to be in the Secret Service with the FBI and they didn’t hear what they said it’s a fucking bummer and they do take a little bit of just human Glee in knowing that they fucked you around more than they got fucked around that day and I was a sophomore at USC at the time I was dealing with everything going like the rest of the guys in there the only people that were nice to me with a cholo gang Bangerz know who fucking looked after me and fucking like a nickname me Hollywood
I when I got you’ll go far in prison with a nickname like I got handcuffs ankles and wrists to the courthouse to walk down the street and we get in there and it’s a bunch of dudes are coming from County and it’s some guys are going away for attempted murder some guys are going to wait for like small terrorists terrorists threaten to kill somebody in front of police officer never going to go away for twenty years some guy 6 months and everybody was going to call the vet around all that you guys walking a little bit like a man you going to get love. Where are you at did you get 60 you got six years you’ll be out in two and a half Holmes enough of you going to be with my homie and she know that I know this fucking guy he’s my cousin and if they were all going around and telling everybody it’s going to be okay if you’re going to be looked after there like I got to make sure you talk to my friend so and so and I haven’t walked up to the courthouse judge with the oldest dude in there like with the chairs
cops in the whole thing is old school heart that I know and he walked up and he goes listen to me like you’re a good kid like what are you doing here didn’t pay a fine like I knocked over a sign and didn’t have the money to pay for the thing I had a bench warrant and I didn’t pay the fine go ahead is Judge fucking hate you man like he’s an asshole but he hates me he hates everybody but we’re going to go see this guy were handcuffed together to help me cuz you don’t stay shut unless he talks to you and if you don’t say anything but the answer to his fucking question and if he asked you anything else say is you’re missing your fucking second baby second year at school and you’re a good kid and you shouldn’t be and you don’t belong here
and when I when he stood up to get his thing I had to stand up and when I had this place and I got back down to all my cool got back down and they kicked me out lately with Jeff Davis and I know everyone thinks I’m making up these fucking storage
I don’t care if you do because it happened that I am I die I will cry thinking about it they were like 15 20 20 two guys in there did the toughest guy in there was sleeping at the pill he had the only roll of toilet paper and that was his pillow so no one had toilet paper
everyone else being really nice to each other there on the county Blues an orange and when they call my name Jeff Davis the fucking guy’s name that they went
we are going to County and I know that. That means you got a lot of homes that means you got left and the cops outside look at my fucking beat my ass in the parking lot
so it’s a story about me being the coolest guy in the world
so I can make myself a trach
I can’t believe I have a story I haven’t told Michelle already
you told that story mode
we have 500 episodes it’s fine it’s fine but Tim is a screenplay movie I was going to see a movie but I didn’t want the director to be like send me a rabbit’s head or something and whatever they directors do when you call it the right there’s a point in there where there’s a there’s a tension paid to breaking up a solidarity within the ranks and when we talked about like do the guards are pieces of shit in the prisoners have all the solidarity it’s it’s not even it’s like my new eye on that is like yeah but you can also put divisive energy into a population if if you had been in a situation if you had been in a cursory to environment in which the administrative powers that be felt threatened there might have been a
a system in place in which you were more pitted against your fellow inmates because they had already perceived a threat and put energy into it which they can easily do in the most subtle of ways drive a wedge between everybody give them less toilet paper for pillows gives them or give them one roll and give this guy spaghetti and give that guy not spaghetti and it’s something that they do very readily to in order to quell the potential so I know I’m going to sound like a fucking weird apologist for the man or whatever but I’m actually looks like now I’m looking at that and going like instead of hearing that is like those fucking guards and like thinking you know those guards probably living in an environment that’s like as close as you can get to having an incarcerated group and then they’re in charge of guarding it which is why they’re so bitter when those guys start getting happy and upgrading it’s because
there’s been a tension actually deliberately put down until like making sure that for in an environment has created where somebody wants to beat you up like like like because you’re just in the same cell as them or their you know what I mean what am I little minut situation it was a police station and the people that were there were probably going to the county and then a lot of them were going to be the county for a while then probably go to federal prison and then you have to come back to account and then back to a jail and there are going to be in there for a long time but they told me like this is as good as going to get and they warned me about what happens at the other station like here is when you don’t take a shit and here’s where you put things that you care about not losing and and here is like and they all told me like you do the thing that you like you’re going to have to call her up with the whites white power dudes and all that shit and I was just like my stomach was just liquid the entire time because
the good thing was that I was vegetarian just become vegetarian and bologna and cheese sandwiches they gave I gave them on My Bologna to give me all the cheese out of
I had a kick at the fact that it didn’t have to be scientifically accurate the fact that the less a cautionary tale about science and how to get date and all the stuff the fact of what it really means is that you can be in the Stanford Prison Experiment and there can be no bars around you you can be in a three-piece suit you can have a big mustache you can be the star of your own biopic and you can be in the Stanford Prison Experiment you whenever you are told which is every minute of every day by Red by commenters by every that you’re told by your the ghost of your mother that you have a role and you’re in an argument you’re a libtard you’re a wing nut you’re a right rate we left we need I’m policing I’m an apologist on the thing and I’m going to I’m engaging with another human being and as I found out

like like leaving a buying my fucking gun like a maniac and looking through Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists like I’ve had a plan this whole podcast to bring this message to walk out of here knowing that you’re already in a prison I mean you can’t just walk out of life you can’t walk out of America specially not now you might not be let back in like we’re all we’re in an environment and the environment is being run and I’m not saying that means let’s go through a garbage can throw away that won’t do any good means that if you know if you remind yourself that you’re in an environment that you’re in cased in something you’ll you might you might maintain your empathy those guys that knew the system that were saying Hollywood here’s the thing the judge does this does that like they were they were wearing a mask they were saying like we’re in this system the system is a system like the real life exist outside of it now while you’re in here don’t fuck with that guy
put paper try the soup instead of the salad you’re going to be fine this solidarity is empathy possible because everything has been removed from them except that there’s been not an undue amount of like divisive energy placed on it hopefully we can withstand that to you looking at another human being digitally or whatever you have that temptation to go animal because you filled as I have been with that fucking outrage where you’re like I know what I’m about and I know what I’m up against and I’m going to tell this piece of fucking 15 year old Canadian shit how politics works on Twitter like it it didn’t offend you shut the fuk up
I’m doing I think you would have done lady
it’s at a gun store it’s a gun store but I own it
did you feel like a prisoner but you’re acting like a guard and that’s the whole point like they were all given the microphone I took it with a lifetime of talent
did they give them to get them to get them Aviator
is that the title of the show
forget to give them a V8 or glasses and everything fantasy like prison guards don’t necessarily always wear aviators sunglasses but it’s like it’s like when you can’t see behind someone’s eyes or empathy just to remove Humanity from the entire to take advantage of that thing that Howie Mandel turned into a game show the prisoner’s dilemma that it is that you take a suspect you want them to rat on each other you use separate them you make sure they can’t see and touch each other as you say to one the other one says you did it now what will you do will you will you your empathy is put to the test like will you bother to walk as a lamb to the slaughter well this other piece of shit that you don’t know that I can tell you about is telling you that you’re the one that did it or when you do the sensible thing to protect yourself and just tell me that that other person is a bad person and that’s the fuck
internet 8 / 8 billion people into individual cells we cannot see or touch each other and we are being told by headlines and and clickbait like that that that we don’t understand each other and that we are going to fuck each other over but also bring it back to like a person environment with the internet there’s no accountability which is again how I have a grape and it’s like you put a bunch of people that don’t have the proper training in a position of authority without any supervision and I have no no no no outside contact like there’s absolutely it’s a free-for-all right at party rooms that you probably can’t talk about like what what you didn’t you
no I haven’t been in rooms I was actually on the set of the last
but I was also on the set of Rogue one and they said the set of The Last Jedi is a piece of shit
so either you if I can write on them but I don’t know how that was going to Star Wars set the cool thing is I went over there when they were prepping for The Last Jedi or episode 8 or whatever they’re calling it and I rather be a guard
so easy it’s so easy to meet me at 3 word great
sorry you’re okay Dan well it was nice speaking with you just a funny thing in the show you said three sentences
the living
what kind of food do they get in the are in the Stanford experiment that revolted in one that acquiesced and so they gave them like a special meals were outside I mean they were constantly like if using things against other person Instant need that they hadn’t of experiment hadn’t predicted which was that the prisoners would go to band together and resolve them soup and not used to people and put them in different race and gender and everything else that divides us to talk so fucking rarely about income bracket
you’re the privilege giant underclass of people of all shapes and sizes that are all poor which is the only thing that matters at so it’s very obvious what do they do when they feel like at any moment like everybody might go they wouldn’t be able to do much but not that I’m advocating for that and I don’t know what that would look like I got all of us using toilet paper for pillows at the same time just try it but okay so Star Wars you’re on the site and it is interesting that lightsabers create a no what does that mean it means like the other two versions of it there’s one that’s like an exterior version that they use like a full-sized one like out in the world or whatever what do you mean
one said they had a full size truck
play from the outside in
why would they even do that I would fire that line producer that shit was not the exterior but the interior so if you walk up basically the ramp of the Millennium Falcon and then you’re on your in the Millennium Falcon the whole the whole thing and into the cockpit and all that stuff like they can just pay for that whole thing with like six seasons of a workplace comedy
should have called called Millennium apparently cost
it cost a shit ton of money because they went back in like when they made the original Millennium Falcon half the stuff we’re all old airplane parts and stuff like that and none of that existed anymore so they had to go in like 3D print from reference photo I mean you know if you watch Force awakens I mean there are shots where you walk through the whole thing and that’s there that’s what I’m saying I’m saying like it’s like there’s nothing but walking and talking in the Falcon
what’s your app it you can’t you you can’t say anything about where Star Wars is that only Mike read to the table I’m 44 I saw a phantom menace I started crying I got over it I started laughing I was like is this a Halo I think I’d let you know I said I said it’s a point where they went in the water and the jabubu planet right
I just went I just went by just sitting there just Rob and I went oh my God is the worst movie ever in traffic like
he didn’t mean we’re in a movie theater he meant like the same team everything we’ve been waiting for this moment her entire life I started weeping during the 20th Century Fox logo at the beginning of phantom menace I had been waiting for that moment my entire life that’s not an exaggeration I had been waiting for that moment of my entire life I couldn’t see Santa minutes cuz I was in jail motherfuker
are you all seem to have a problem understanding simple communication
may I see a couple of you a black a couple you await you all need to understand that you are animals
I’m going to give the white people free lasagna
did John Garfield now
people got ask do you hate me
now trying to Rally them
they’ve been divided stand up again see if it still work
are you all seem to have misunderstood what I said earlier
some of y’all seem to be doing some titty thinking
need to get some spaghetti on Wednesday
well you can dangle your dicks in the pudding sauce Thursday I don’t think I’d be very good guard
be entertaining
strip club. It’s okay
Monster High Monster High open up the top of the tongue
black woman’s feet
you make a bad. You make a bad Warden we found that out and make it bad to make a bad Appalachian I’m bad I’m bad at everything like but here’s the thing I didn’t ask I don’t need your bullshit
I’m not a populist. If you need to go to prison and jail and come back with a nickname and then people just chances on site when they see you what what do you think your nickname would be
I must say that in the thickest Boston accent
I just I just resemble of person that should be called Chowder
there has to be a monster house rent no no he’s the black guy character chowder I’m like he said one of the three main characters from your movie as there’s an easy way to know it’s like he’s live sad fat guy in the movie and you having not seen the movie you said the same thing I did you name the sad fat guy from your heart have no ill-will against you if you come in my window tonight
unless I’m seeing wrong you’re dead
it would be a wicked retarded move
to trespass no offense to the actual Wicked retarded
isn’t isn’t isn’t your sister retarded
I do my sister’s institutionalized in Madison what are you going to bring it down Jeff
pretty fucked-up drag my sister I want to we don’t listen to him and Jeff are you going to see if Dan for the next five or so minutes before we finish this show it’s just still mad about and people chanting Hollywood so he’s going to he’s going to try everything I can to try to salvage some sort of dignity out of this whole thing and he’s going to bring you down with that ship that’s fine thank you team I feel like what you just said Hollywood Jeff was stimulated level we didn’t realize
a large
what’s the what’s the script as it was on The Blacklist balls out for the thank you that I wrote with another guy named Malcolm Spellman under the pseudonym of the rowboat rd8000 we wrote the script was during the writers strike the last one and we just wear like fucking let’s write what we want to write not anything for anyone in particular and we finished it we brought it to our representatives and they were like no fucking way we’re not taking this trip that it’s too expensive and literally like nobody would take it out I had a couple of friends that we were commiserating with him just to see what happens so it’s up yet so I created a website that looks like it was created by a differently-abled robot and and had some friends over screenwriters to give us like a blur but they liked it and all of a sudden just took off and as of like last week has been downloaded almost 200
a thousand times more which is insane yeah that’s the only the only script so far that’s ever gotten on The Blacklist without ever being sent out people read it afterwards but it never officially went out for anyone to really buy it like what’s Jerry Lewis’s one of the
The Blacklist podcast we did we did a staged reading of it and recorded that actually it’s like oh well yeah this is so that was kind of weird hands and I’ve never actually gone to anything and seen anything I have my studio has optioned a script that was number one on The Blacklist I know that I can repeat that two people but that’s not how it brought them in The Blacklist yet again it’s one of those things it’s just a bit of a popularity contest when it first started out it was literally The Sky Franklin Leonard just asked his friends what were their favorite movie script that they dread and he put them all together in the midwest out of it and then now it’s become the sort of other entity but you know it up pretty high on The Blacklist without ever our whole thing was like this is a fucking balls out comedy you got to send it to everybody you send it to the entire town in like 5% are going to love it and they couldn’t send it to anybody
you know it’s you should read it
you think describing the conceit will just make it sound through in this sounds stupid again the whole idea was to just like we just were like to fuck it about every rule of screenwriting while adhering to every rule of screenwriting so it’s it’s basically it’s about a guy who you know has been leading his life the way Society tells him to which is you know if I do if I keep my head down and do good work I’ll get you know the white picket fence in the house and the wife and the two kids and he comes to a point where he realizes that like nothing in his life is going his way to get struck by lightning has a moment where he realizes there is nothing after life but the reality is it’s actually like the circle of light opens up behind him he’s just too dumb to look around and I’m going to make a list of things I want that girl that car in that job and if he got hit by lightning because you realize there’s no point to anything there’s no point and just starts doing whatever is necessary to to get what he wants and then realized
he’s president of United States
the last me to got close to show Closer now that we are at these calories in if they if they react loudly enough we just end the show like
Central Park versus prisoner prisoner
all right well we make all the guests do a rap
we don’t really eat another yeah yeah yeah yeah
Stanford rap I’m a guy
I got a nightstick I got sunglasses going to lock you all up and Patrol your ass is going to tell you to recite your numbers I’m going to go through you like I go through Tumblr at night and look for bad reviews of my script
my name is Scott number 72 we don’t have names like you I mean we don’t have names, like you
my name is Scott number 72 I got up this morning what did I do I brush my teeth and I ate some bead I went out the door and I hung up a reef because the date of this rapid December 15th I went I went to the mailbox and I pulled out the mail and I pulled out some stocks stocks weren’t on my feet where they go so I went down the street and started to mow a lawn and then and then I spend the night
MC Tim Talbot no
taking my time to harvest time
I can’t pretend Talbot
you have no power your animals
where is Chicago next week after that will be our last show at meltdown Steve is making a note nose making a face like that the more I think right
April 1st hermit challenges as you guys don’t have it has a meltdown at the castle at starburns which isn’t even more fun if you haven’t been before I left
yes you have to drive to Burbank
Christmas photos
you’re my air Jack Hartmann everybody
oh I’m sorry I forgot to mention my name
new motherfuker
human you deserve left
alright I can’t stay mad at you
get back to yourself for all of you
printer April 1st we’re coming to Chicago April 1st all right get out of here


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