Episode: 250 – I Don’t Want to Ghostsplain


Episode: 250 – I Don’t Want to Ghostsplain


Role playing & Ghostsplaining through our 250th episode! A medical emergency is averted after Jeff gets a nose bleed from laughing. Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Davis, Spencer Crittenden and Steve Levy.


when is German for beautiful Uptown Burbank Hermantown is now in session
supposed to take the game master picture Crittenton
Andrew Bayer apartment town
you very much thank you for coming out so holiday weekend it’s not it’s it’s it we take it for granted we keep filling this place but people over here is Burbank so these these these all these people to keep filling the joint there they’re obviously we can probably do anything
who drove really far like Peppermill la like you come from
that’s a lot how much that you must have left like this morning
yeah who wants to go to Burbank from Minnesota that’s crazy what part of Minnesota you from the Twin Cities which ones
kidding of course
hello. How you doing man of God I’m good just trying to think of what I do have on my mind I’m afraid I don’t have any treatment that I’m that I’m supposed to turn into should have turned it on Friday and I just kind of been one of those weekends where you saw it coming and it was like the 4-day weekends going to be great I wasn’t even allowed to leave the house so it’s really Cody and I were like going to be for days in the house like just sitting in bed and we don’t even have to feel like we’re bad people for doing that because we got a dog that you take care of it it was in there then
Spencer was at Yale
how you doing tonight so so so so we don’t we go into the the veterinarian and with the with the with the Nigel dog and and the doctor comes in he’s taking X-rays and then he’s taking X-rays next day so we say Annalise in this thing well at this point you know I think we should just wait cuz it’s moving this thing and it’s just like this big thing it looks like a tube sock but it looks like them so everything that you would put in there look like a tube sock the you could put you can put gold in there it would look like a tube sock kind of a neat idea
the end he keep but he had this like thing and I still never know I don’t know he just kept going like we would say well he’s panting now and then he has a sick dog just had that like a lilting tone and every sentence begin with you guys and I thought we’d go except so you think we shouldn’t we shouldn’t operate on it what you guys do you know it’s it’s we don’t know I like the 5th time he did that. I said you know you do this thing where you keep saying you guys and like it and there’s this tone and it sits with the message that we’re getting is it when you don’t want any information we’re not doing anything wrong doctor or asking questions and saying words about mad at us we were assuming that the science of caring for a dog since the dog can’t talk like that maybe it might have them collecting some data from us
maybe hey I just want usually in that situation. Maybe this is a bad habit I have maybe I’m a bully maybe I like like when people are making me uncomfortable trying to Spotlight on it and maybe cuz I’m a 6 ft tall fat like Earth sign kind of dude like like maybe maybe I’d get up maybe on like spoiled like maybe like most of the people I’m talking to wouldn’t do that if I was talking to like the rock you know that I wouldn’t I wouldn’t adjust him you know like like like like maybe I need to examine that because it always works cuz usually with the person
no because the very fact of like you’re you’re just pointing out that there seems to be some kind of breakdown is enough to get everybody kind of scrambled and then you reset now you’re recalibrated you’re communicating its human that’s what I usually fine but I was like hey you know you’re doing this thing and it sounds like you don’t want us to talk to you and we don’t know if we’re supposed to say anything and and that’s all if that’s the case that I don’t know and he just kind of blinked right and then he was like well you know it’s always a sick dog and he’s going to my recommendation is at this point we should wait and you guys don’t like me the doctor you like to get another doctor
who is it wasn’t like just hold on hold on I think I said that we trusted in his opinion and will do whatever he thinks we should do or something like that I don’t think it was like sarcastic like yeah give us another doctor to listen to get sick if I keep pissing off like a waiter can spit in your food metaphorically spit in your dog great flapping animal I thought when you said you guys if you guys want you can see another doctor I thought you was saying it like a like a teenager would say it like a like a passive aggressive, but maybe I’ll go eat some worms if you want to go eat somewhere and you know that guy we’re supposed to go to doctor which is why I was like I didn’t know what he was saying was we have several doctors here let me go get another one
you’re fatally out there talking to her. I don’t like saying dispenser like wait what is it me or is it you is it what is it the dog bit him and I was like I don’t think he knows that he sounds passive aggressive I think he’s just stupid in that sense he had an aptitude for treating dogs probably doesn’t a spike in the same brain statistically is an aptitude for like communicating with people we don’t know we don’t know. Is there a certain fields of medicine that like doctors will tell you that my God we’re not people persons or not people people wear it where we want to solve you we don’t want to hang out with you or talk to you we don’t touch you we just wanted to like open you up and look at your inside so I can be like a Savage horrible Primal monster maybe because he’s a veterinarian he thought you might actually be a bear
I do is like an idiot that you guys to prove that you’re actually a person and not a bear it was the veterinarian the coconut like a racism thing like I didn’t really believe I was a bear like beer vibe that a guy who loves dogs and cats and shoots their hails is like I don’t like this guy on a landfill and that’s an enemy of of of the canine of the feline in my book my name is not doctor assholes my name is dr. Ruiz and that was a surprise when did not expect a different doctor to come through the door we need this room are we in our hands and he he he acts like there is but he’s just like like nothing has happened here
so we’re going to do some exploratory surgery on a night so we’re going to go in and we’re going to pull this foreign body out and I’m like okay but what would you say if we told you that the last guy said the exact opposite thing and the guy said I just talked to him I totally disagree with him I have a totally second opinion about Anderson and Ruiz open see you later your $1,700 I’ll see you at the three days from now I should change my dog’s life with a scalpel and just walked out skipping and got it at first but I might part of some of what were they just like I like you know a guy comes out and goes like all we got some veterinarian code for it like we got to we got to we got a
I think I totally inept and love do they call him the Butcher of Burbank and I
he’s a people pleaser and try to start first guy like the Einstein of of of of doggy dog eating shit and I was just like a black man you know like like like when he’s sick is the biggest problem facing veterinarian medicine I think it’s I think it’s the worship of the myths of bedside manner I got to tell you where I think we we we we did your patients that can’t speak I’m sorry I’m getting upset but I’m telling you. I saw I saw a humble myself I stoop I try to do my best no harm I come into the stinky hospital I’m dealing with these little tiny scaled-down disposable patients
I’m still the worst guy at the house he’s trying to save you money like I don’t think this is a big deal you going to talk to her and he loves to charge you for an elective dog surgery good about about yourself best friend so yeah I’m going to be it was this is going to be the world’s is it going to be the end of our me undies relationship because is he going to pull out like a whole thing because then I’ll just eat a lot of fabric and stuff and it looked like you know they think of the dog bury him in that all we knew is that there’s a big thing that soaked up all the barium moving very slowly through him so they spent their lives my dog more than me the but there’s a bunch of grass
you know cows it takes them like three whole stomachs to digest that you can’t digest cellulose unless you’re a dog
dogs and humans are not a deer and a cows that dance for they have different system to digest cellulose if you can get into the cellulose digesting game that’s like like like that you got to make a lot of biological sacrifices you know it’s an elephant poop elephant to the get hungry can eat their own poop is still that much food is a little hard to break so but they said they break down a little bit and you know Greg s maybe Grass at one point was like Jesus Christ what are we made of those the biospheres toilet paper like what if you’re going to eat us fine try try eating his now
and then everyone is like a crazy dog when I was a kid and a bean bag open and ate all the little tiny styrofoam pellets 8 like as much as I could fit inside of a dog
I meant just kept pooping styrofoam poop which is amazing cuz it was like the easiest poop to pick up cuz it was so lightweight
versatile one of my shoes at the shoe like a basketball shoe I have a viral foot liner it came out like you could have put that back in the shoe
which is why I thought it was nice wooden coat at probably 8 to 8 the grass to buy Chase it what is this what is this information why you gain saying mean they already pulled it out what you want me to do about that you want me to go talk to the dog. No more than they do because they studied medicine that I know how to fix when I was talking about people on Twitter this was like you said don’t do that cuz I know more you know I know moss and
monsters like pre can we have one podcast Dan when you’re not going on your Moss Rams
it’s like you’re you’re basically your first plant you know it’s like the idea of like well why don’t you baby well what are we doing on the water all the time when we just like being a rock next to the water and then like Splash and we’ll drink that but then we’ll get a lot more sunlight or somebody that but it is that that’s before the Advent cuz then you just limited to like the surface of things and then the big the big staff was capillary action taken advantage of waters slight negative charge which you will see Illustrated when you do dishes and try to pull your plates apart that’s that’s out that’s a whole that’s that that’s how the water if it didn’t have that if it didn’t have that slight charge to it then it couldn’t be drawn up as far basically do you want to a redwood tree is using that set to that slight charge to carry water all the way up probably very wrong about most of this
what is the precursor of went to Community College and took a biology class learned a lot about plans and now knows exactly this much about plants running TV show about going to Community College Norfolk water like it why don’t you piece of shit like you’re just like whatever like all the waters here who cares I told 80% of the earth and what water is it’s a magical a magical magical that’s that’s why I’m trying to get you interested in science if I shouldn’t call think magical you should write a book about Wizards or something and if I wanted to book about Wizards
it has many properties that make life on Earth possible if water was just a little bit different in any way for instance water expand when it freezes so it floats so a planet that goes through an Ice Age the water on top freezes and you get your little tiny bogans underneath the Littlefield little creep creepy fish I think they can keep living my life is it going to let gold little monsters
and that our stars and we come crawling back out we go let’s just let’s do this again I couldn’t do that if your skin drop off some serious science on the Shelf
yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s right I totally went to the to the Rodger Waters concert like this big dick like show me pictures I didn’t even go to the sermon into Rodger Waters I had a childlike like show me a picture when I was fifteen I was like really into the Rodger Waters Pink Floyd it was very important to me in and it but I never actually bothered to see a photo of him cuz this is all free internet Rodger Waters oh let’s see how he looks because I’m not a vain person I don’t live in that world
fry I saw he was probably black
because he was important to me
and I didn’t care I cared enough to think he was black and positively judged him for the color of his skin
but anyways he has a very fit man cuz he’s got to be a hundred and nine and nit-picky that heat so he’s like I mean he’s definitely like not eating what I ate this weekend but it is like a picture of him from the from the state he’s got this big boner in his pants look how big his dick is and look at look at look how hard it gets from his work
are they really as you get into like a very like like like that’s a team wins because also he made that album and it was like oh because they’re about education for psychology like while I’m young I’m going to I got a brick in the wall and then and then he got into his you know Steve Martin’s tweeting a couple of a couple bad jokes on Twitter kind of faces where you’re like kind of like a cat not the sharpest guy I should probably try to hire writers from here like I’m getting to that age where you what you want to start mentoring in comedy and other things like you’re not you know I’m going to be going into your Gandalf the brown phase that I got it was just like going to just start getting into growing basil or something and but at that exact age
the Berlin Wall comes down and Rodger Waters comes out of retirement Swig like let’s do a concert for the wall cuz it’s the wall and he was like you guys get a perfectly I thought he was just out of money and then Trump was like we’re going to build a wall and he was like then
his own dick
and it had to dance or he’s so vain that he puts like a flashlight down there because it’s important maybe that’s like a holdover from 60s rock he’s like what you got to do it everybody does it yeah maybe going to stuff when he’s here people did stuff he might he might be might be an old-school suffer not even thinking about it it’s like you find out
peanut butter on terrorism can you find out how big his dick is
all right
I’ve got a little black book with my poem.
Got a bag got a toothbrush in a cup
all right
that was some stuff I talked about at that weird show we did last week at that freaky Chris Hardwick cult meeting we went to 90% of the crowd with rest of Stormtroopers or meeseeks that was pretty wild
is it is it hit his his he’s a Hardwick I would I would go and if he if he was if he was a soft Wick I would I would listen to him 10% less and if he had no Wicked off nope can’t be present to True okay just a little weird playing penis jokes turned into a negatively residents late Motif for the ladies and the man that support them it wasn’t like there was a bunch of guys going
sorry I hurt you
you’re probably very excited then about that the the fact that the 25th amendment is now going to be invoked because he tweeted a meme with a CNN sang on it oh yeah where all the stove like fucking we’re like know what he talks just stop even saying two guys I really like like Keith Olbermann and stuff they were just going like that Keith Olbermann do I look this is it they tweeted a meme with a CNN and is a wrestler hitting them and we must now for the 700th time we must do something about this man and then just like a couple people treating me like this is just a like a sideshow now like I don’t even want to do this anymore like this thing where we pretend like you can stop the Antichrist like it’s not let’s just enjoy it it’s biblical let’s just enjoy it I think I thinking it’s it’s it’s not a cheery thought but I was thinking today whenever I had the same reaction to that like like we’re going to look back fondly
today like out on these days because he’s not a professional Tyrant the next president’s going to be worse than him he eat he’s a clown it’s going to get worse we’re not going to go okay just know we’re gonna have an awesome president next time it’s going to get sadder and worse but the next people are going to be Pros not not winging it and not being you know like like just crappy you know WWF character Racino got loose on the Paramount lot and and like everyone is chasing I can go and get back here
but Bobo it like is running into soundstages and like turning on cameras and putting on a hat and like getting a two-point rating you know like everyone chasing him or cheering about it’s all going crazy monkey shit you can do that
wake me up at the monkey does even know what it’s doing is running in to edit bazan like pressing buttons that make just like champagne and Coke come out of there by big sliding wall that was hidden from the Robert Evans era and like everyone’s like they noted there too
so so so so if you have more than a 90 IQ plus shoes fascism you could really get some shit done in this country where is he’s just going like only I don’t want to leave me so and his wife like he was as if he was the son of a fucking slumlord with a trust fund a loser they don’t keep trying he was a Democrat he tried to get rich people to like him and rich people are like you’re tacky your gross like you’re creepy I heard you fucked a 13 year old get out of here and then he’s like the allegations and I don’t have those allegations against me
I don’t want the system to work that way but I just think that you shouldn’t have thirteen-year-olds accusing you fucking them so
I didn’t figure it out I don’t know what you want a high society like a big, big rich guy and I want to hang out with the Baldwins in the other than the things in the end they are just he’s just kind of a joke and then he’s just like getting older and older and then he’s like Denny’s and then he’s like who in this world that’s left like whatever just give me what Howard Stern was giving me with the television show is giving there as you know that the PT Barnum like you like he’s like the devil character from Needful Things was like a hillbilly Nazis will do it love you
are you sure about that doesn’t seem like a big fit to me it sounds like a great sitcom people don’t believe me where is it since we’re right for it he’s like okay I’ll try it and if I kill myself
but yeah people are like oh look at it this is it this is a deal-breaker with the wrestling thing that he tweeted cuz it’s bad when people are like cuz it’s violent imagery is promoting violence against journalists like well don’t plan to that but he’s promoting violence against good Photoshop or after effects that was pretty crude and the guy that did it and then everyone is like wow look at the last thing this guy did and it’s like some Nazi shit about how we’re going to see an interview or whatever it is I agree with him on that one
you agree that everyone at CNN to do it but seems like crying now I feel like I actually do any kind of feel like we would he does something crazy then it’s like you kind of feel like it it just kind of like the twitters like I said he’s seeing how I feel like you see a little Spike and people gone like right come on man. Get off at like people that voted for him going like come on you’re embarrassing me but then the more that we go that’s right he’s embarrassing you and technically he’s in violation of political correctness because that’s actual racism if you look it up and then and then the person that was like oh yeah I remember why I bought it for you cuz I feel stupid and barbaric and I’m tired of feeling that way so instead of improving myself I pulled a letter that said I would have to I could put that off for 4 years
what does Osteo we’re all lazy where I’m at where none of us are out there doing fucking mental crunches like trying to figure out a bit good people I’ve only gotten to the point where I’m like I just like oh I was wrong about everything my entire life that’s possible even when you’re a genius so what hope do we have four more on Zoe. How are they going to flip when am I going to like is there going to be an obelisk outside of trailer park in like everyone that caused this problem is going to be like here this high-pitched whine and touch it and then throw a fucking spray spray spray spray paint hair that turns into a factory I want you to never stop being a Kubrick movie think we’re going to do or what we’re wearing a civil war culturally we believe me there’s just as many dumb people on both sides like that laziness is like a dumbass I was like at this point we’re at this like it
Pastor something an impasse has don’t get they don’t just sit there like we used to think we’re at an impasse but we were really it was like the reign of the bipartisan system which I used to sit there and scoff at but we didn’t know how good we had it was like I want my corrupt bureaucracy back I want my like I want my fucking transparent collusion between two corporations that just rigged debates and fucking just hang out back like I was like okay so that system wasn’t working for other people so I’m guilty of these crimes right but then again I didn’t hear it my fucking money I work for it and say okay now it’s not a Republican
somebody one of our fans go online make better remix
that was like my evm going to be
hey do miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no one misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes out the themes related my own life but is always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like you’re always in good hands
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they are yeah that’s what that it’s not an impasse that’s the thing okay so here’s why you kids would have went with Grandpa and grandpa that made Rick and Morty and it’s always such a bummer why is he such a cock bike
wait what are you doing why you talk about politics what do you make this great cartoon that do they go it speaks to to to the to the very heart of my all right or or berniecrats or Hillary loving or from Plumbing ask yeah because I’m a genius and it’s called resident storytelling and Timeless character craftsmanship end and and Justin Reynolds coattails and it’s there’s a delicate recipes on a lot of a lot of the background looks like balls and vaginas I’m sure that’s not true first of all I’m sure I don’t remember but I don’t think I was like I’m laughing minute when I was not political II but I was probably just gross or something I was probably just going like is it me or bananas or something that sounds fun I couldn’t risk for the thing I didn’t want to like but like like
the banana is the atheist worst nightmare Google it
there are the lake we are all bummed out of politics this is why you’re doing that why you’re thinking that I understand this because you’re you’re younger than me and I’m not implying that it when you get older you no more I’m saying like I’ve lived longer so if you lived longer so imagine like you’re listening to a 10-minute song okay and so and your you walk into the room and it’s been playing for 8 minutes but now you’re hearing your first minute of it if if the people that have been in that room longer are saying I think this song is ending listening to them they have gotten more of a feel for it it doesn’t so much like oh you’re so much smarter your IQ keeps growing this doesn’t happen between do the dangling Chad’s in the
Russian arguments in the gays in the military of the Republic never had and just out-and-out like we’re we’re we’re having a little bit of a problem here that has really actually nothing to do with what we used to call politics because that word has four forty-four years has it to me has meant the boring thing the grown-up thing that put the part of the scan part of the thing but politics now it’s like actually like I mean there’s only once this stops being the case where everyone’s like all freaked out like it’s going to be like going to be wearing a jumpsuit some stuff then we’re going to be like walking in like stainless steel Honeycombs like other the Deep beneath a MARTA station and they’re going to be being too I’m not making it sound cool
when are we going to get to Mars because in debt because of his age who ever comes after Trump is going to be like is going to win by a posing gravity like as a are you talking about how does gravity if you want to get to space
can’t you see how stupid that is a meme of a gorilla going I want to go into space I think I’ll stay that nothing ever
miss you
because because the world will be in Ocean and I won’t do that will do that will be okay when we were you’re always talking about I see if you’re if you’re poor
if you believe in yourself you should be able to fly
well technically no egg head
you fucking sell-out you traitor
I know it I haven’t checked my shirt yet but you got that fucking Jurassic Park vibe
which character which character
Google the stegosaurus
you better wake up motherfuker
did you see that fucking
only ship in a bottle did you see that in our a video that it was like
yeah I see it it’s over like that over like me and you do what you got to do so for activism that video is like what’s playing on a TV in the background and RoboCop to Crazy the craziest thing about that video to me when those guys like there’s a there’s a new school and shoots like 20 people and then their response is well I’ll tell you this much if the teachers had guns they would have said they would only be 10 okay alright well for a second there without nuts
there’s almost an honesty there like I don’t know if they believe it or not but their message is transparent they’re going 20 kids got shot so everyone should have a gun there is no hidden agenda that video they’re saying they’re pretending that they think that because police can’t quell just ruption enough on their own without causing more of it that if there’s any psychos out there with their ears on you might want to just start DIY in it that might actually work that’s the unspoken application is like you should you should jump in because the government hands are tied they’re cut doubt man like like they’re still going to have they got to do these Miranda’s and all these things and well and then if that meant they poked some of the stick if they’re wearing a badge then there’s more protests it’s like it’s crazy so you know the end it was like now more than ever you got to just like you got a fucking so what they’re saying to their base like if you’re out of your God
damn mind and you top off it could be the solution and they know that that’s not true they know that that person will go to prison and they know there will be even more disruption and embroilment and Civil War and stuff and they almost 6 months from going okay now I’m putting this off for 60 years we’re finally going to like put one foot on each dolphin here and we’re going to start being actively marketing to Liberal as well cuz they’re going to be there going to be another video coming up man it’s open season on you motherfukers keeps like you can’t go to a protest these days without worrying about who’s going to show you in my rights
well they already did that you bought a gun there he did it to me it’s not white male endurance
I’m I’m I’m I’m like that little mercury thing that explodes when something gets a little too hot and too cuz there’s a fire but you’re going to have to wait till someone shoots man but you’re going to get it to come on your doorstep with a burning Pitchfork on fire. Oh my God a real the real problem on your hands was Eli Whitney you can bind fire and the Pittsburgh you get a flaming Trident ultimate angry mob facilitating the same time you might be the most terrifying individual
what is the right turn onto Dolphins the way you express your frustration with the ruling class or a monster is a flaming shark
they’re probably not a redneck you might be like I don’t know you might be from Mount Olympus but did you notice that jump the shark that invention angry mobs they just stopped the Flaming Trident used angry mobbery like because angry mob she said they went from the best deal and if you’re going to wait until somebody comes up at your place with a weapon to take your dog or a chicken or something and then you’re going to pick up your gun like Woody Allen’s going to fly apart cuz you don’t know how to use it if you’ve never done you have to come already field stripped it and cleaned it and put it back together when I don’t know how to do is get the little rockets inside the flippy thing I can’t
I can get one in and then I’m like really just exist yet to push this hard it’s pretty sure I’m pretty sure you can go and you can go on Google and type in how to put rockets in Glenview beds and you’ll I’m scared to load the magazine cuz they’re all so there’s like that’s you know now you’re actually loading a gun in your house I haven’t gotten that far yet I just put a buzz like I wonder if I need to get those people bad boys ready for the revolution
now look man I don’t know what to tell you I’m not a role model
I got two dogs and a girlfriend and I live in a big house on a hill with a lot of fresh water in it
I got a gun
I got a hammer in case of nailed you just you just told her however many people listen to a podcast that you don’t know how to load it so it’s not really I don’t know what kind of security level you think you’re right now maybe I’m all the way she passed into the world when I’m setting traps maybe I’m like playing like lame lame lame wounded duck or whenever you come to be fired a weapon before he fired again I feel like when I was a kid camping trip or something how much freshwater
if you don’t need a gun if you want to take my water and I just want to ask how much a freshwater do you have on your phone I have a gigantic pyramid of of bottles of water as soon as I know Frank Waters I got all the water and now that I got the care I swear I thought I saw a puddy tat I thought I thought I thought I saw
Google is a great….
I saw the spark plugs guy or whatever you call him now the Nestle Mobile Oil guy whatever the fucking Ministry of drinkables. And and I was watching them on the camera like Phil Spector just like playing with my God I just watching him
if you had kind of a Cuban vibe
and I swear it was like he came up and then I thought you’d left with water took my water I said they take it now he might take empty ones he was like it was a it was a heavy like he was like this water I brought up I don’t I don’t know what happened I don’t know why I should maybe he brought too many sounds like all I got to take this back I got to remember to forget how many months I’ve got 9,000 things of water in my place your dude-ness Lie by the way you know if you’re interested in your consumer dollars advocating he’s like his boy we’re we’re still at that stage
Atlanta Perimeter collapsing into a fucking like murder van is going to drive
if it was 1999 and you thought the way you spent your water dollar would influence the totally fair capitalistic biosphere guy like he’s on record as saying an interview is like yeah I don’t get it I don’t understand why water is considered a natural resource that doesn’t make any sense it’s a product everybody looks like a candy bar
they all know they’re also like they’re trying to buy up all this water that’s like cheap that’s like reservoirs and stuff and they’re getting these crazy deals for it and they’re just they’re going to profit off of it but the water they’re buying is so cheap it’s like you could start a Kickstarter and by the water for like cheaper than them except you know we’re not corporations so we don’t have access to these markets but it’s like we could buy that water that we don’t want necessarily to buy from us but you know they won’t let us do it
it’s fucked up going to put all your money into Arrowhead there a Native American tribe
that makes their own water out of a dab rig
they also make soft
I’m so glad I didn’t think of that cuz I would have said it
what is a showing coming here Sam Elliott’s commercial for the full equation to Arrowhead water
Andrew Jackson that we can’t be wrong
if it’s just general water advertising on the Trail of Tears but we made a delightful history is written by the winners and there’s not afraid of anyone who is a Mike I’m sorry like
shouldn’t be a numbers game like you know like what’s offensively no it shouldn’t be like oh that group isn’t like going to Million Man March I so I thought I’d stop putting that represent don’t think your current baby boomer are you you still know
just hear those sleigh bells jingling ring ding ding a ling to I stuck to his bottle and spin the bottle

show me bring up for a spring up two of her friends so we can know ya let’s bring up obligate and Kelly fontecchio Valley and Abed
hey but it won’t look at the zoo in real out bed too it’s a double whammy cloud cloud on Ice contact you and I was like I’ve never said your last name thank you you said it correctly we both have unpronounceable names
okay we didn’t mention that moment cluding now with your fuzzy Simpsons bag there and that is my favorite part is there unshaved legs pillow
I guess when you pass out at parties you need that cuz then you can just use a pillow that isn’t there, but never a pillow dirty but you didn’t care it was Ron Ron Hasler oh my God that’s a buffalo’s back or something like that story keep coming up
I’ll tell you why by telling you the story you it was a Halloween party or a wizard party and you and everyone else like Moons and stars and Wands and Justin we just went to a thrift store and found random shit and he was The Wizard of cell phone technology and I was The Wizard of the past or something I have an Indian outfit I mean the Native American people are getting kind of nine people were tired we’re just a bunch of out of shape Wizards like sitting in this kind of like main area of foreign wizard wizard man I had a great time with all of our Nana has warned some point so many guys like all right I’m going to keep talking to you like this because I don’t want to make a big deal out of it but I want you to at some point
look over to the other room where where I bed is sitting in a director chair like next to our friend Rod haslar who is also sitting in the director’s chair only like at that point like Rod is like like watch I was talking to Ron and Rod excuse me but he keeps his head keeps like like as old as you were talking to somebody and you and they were and they went like that
it was slightly awake like when you I mean you would do it at some point he’s a bad listener over there don’t make a big deal and I looked over and ride was completely, there was more like there was no mistaking this man for a conscious like to work stories and if my head was just dangling over the arm of the chair and end and we are and as we were all watching you and then it is certain point you you reacted to him as if he had like interrupted you or something I know you’re kind of like a good point that allowed you to to to well that’s a different matter
listening but he’s slightly zoned out like I think maybe he snored or something like that
how could you know what is a Weekend at Bernie’s like I was talking about we work together the time on mansour’s and I was saying stuff like did you people at work like me and am I annoying and I think like I was trying to get validation that people like me at work so I was like confused cuz they treated me weird there so I’m like and I think he phased out at a certain point in his house so passionate about what I was talking about that I didn’t notice he passed out so you guys saw that you saw me I mean he was awake two seconds ago and I was 2 seconds I fell asleep while thank you for saying the words pass out so that we can all remember to mock you for that same thing for like 11 years ago we were watching you for 45 minutes like when it wasn’t a window we got a good planet Earth
you can’t hide your head down and you were making a point about Ben Folds by or something and sit with him record whatever Eddie and he was he’s in heaven right now man I’m so embarrassed that mean cuz the weird thing is later when you guys said you were watching the whole time I was like I can’t remember if I did talk to him but overall it was the end of a very long drunk and party so everybody gets a pass on that one but it sounds like it was almost like watching as a super hero like like like like weird wording is treatment in this is character in The Signet Mike McMahon and I are talking about and like we’re talking about the character and they’re like oh he’s a character that’s kind of deluded himself and
we we he was fine between that and living a lie and I think the difference is we are you making other people lie and if they say that you’re lying to you get mad at them and I was like I was at I think that we would all admit if the stakes weren’t so high that there is this half of our president or 25% that was like lately we kind of Marvel at his absolute fucking like a dead nerve leg just like the idea of a funny and almost cool from a writer’s perspective a character that if you said can you pass the salt they would say yes I will do the best job of passing salt than of any one that ever passed you salt the best
narcissist if you could just like suck that little bit of juice that like like so bad cuz it’s called like no no no I was just I was a related thing oh I see I’m just saying all of us have maybe blind spots or I’m not going to try to universalize it I’m saying like you you could talk to a guy who is like catatonic it’s like we’re making fun of you for it but like also like I’m trying to learn that from this like this like get a troglodyte that weave weave weave weave
celebrate our demise as it as a culture that you presented to president how come you do what you watch like Huckabee like get away with it or not get away with it like he’s even see like Huckabee on Twitter trying to like all right I guess I guess the markets Prime for an old man to be running in here between my dance planning your business and you being a bit during it it’s like where it with the audience is like we’ve it’s a black hole we’re going to die I’m going to be happening
went off really well or good turnout in there I guess was Rich Fulcher last month and this month Martin Olsen who you might know from Adventure Time or daylight for ulcer to go sit with him before where he was your dad and I’m asking for a date and then he beat the shit out of me to Mickey’s House in Toontown Mickey Mouse for the first time with my girlfriend and waiting in line there at this is awesome cartoons of the old vintage looking and Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse things and that’s how she made those things that it a bunch of designs are there was a whole team of people that got beautifully-designed it’s like some of the coolest animation him I’ve seen in a very long time it’s like these you know it’s her when you saw it or you would have never seen clips of stuff that you post it online and then I’m watching it with church.
I know this is a business the thing that Callie worked on which it’s it’s like like old vintage black-and-white Disney meets like Ren and Stimpy meets like The Triplets of Belleville like it’s a really cool it’s so background team especially are like super super amazing I suppose I am a young Burbank hipster
you just described me and Spencer
the beard really does that sell that should I come to whatever your shows, but you just now telling me
the egotistical saying it’s called what about me because about us going well what about me so every time someone ends a sentence with important to the birth of the show is that I was frustrated with Hollywood and I wanted to write and get people to see my comedy so I was like I’ll just do a show and my friend who does great music true variety show there is
what’s the most frustrating thing about Hollywood for you as well as a lot of things but mainly like I’ve pitched and I’ve
Rick and Morty he works on the commercial episode back that I think I’m as good as is Johnny to two tones over there who’s he’s like you know I’ve watched career just really out of control and I’m like I don’t know he might be here I mean but look I have you know I feel like I can do that so I’m like let me just do a show where I can do that are you on a Statin I just asked you cuz I’m going to start a beef between you and Johnny Pemberton or whoever it is you’re going to ask you to tell me who it is that you do think you’re you could please don’t
on the fence guy like you know like the do some
who guessed I was once a week besides Mark Nelson Wheels have Mike McCafferty of 101 Fame and Star Trek podcast on the fair Auto Network and also we will be having Becky Garcia who’s an adult swim right after she died I screwed up and double booked myself in the show because you can’t you can say Johnny two tone so I can do what he can do and we can’t have you we can’t make you say hey I mean Vince Vaughn like I’m so I’m asking you what are you what are you doing in the show that you’re like fucking come see me do my thing God damn it I’m sure the show I just kind of right stuff and I acting stuff but I don’t give myself the main part because I like to be on the sides and I like other people do crazy part
it’s fun. There’s a sort of script rights but he kind of just went off the rails and future really bright eyes a little more action than I wrote so that was a great experience cuz I like working with him at the same time I saw a 1994 I think for the first time, he says of the show he did have the date wrong but it was called modern problems and science or something like that and it was him and a couple of the guys they would just get a fiery that they would have two different schools of scientific thought they would prove or disprove that theory and his with Russian literature and he said he didn’t didn’t know they had never read any Russian literature but committed to it so fucking hard that it was like what I wash it cuz that’s the funniest and problem ever since I met him because I was a stand-in on crossballs hosted by Chris Tallman
heard about me being quite a I just was talking the whole time and Matt besser told me to shut up and it was like really crazy like experience and everyone supposed to like really guy that was my stand and everyone said you were weird translate to a podcast but remember the party one time you can do impressions of people but not verbally you can just do visual impressions of you.
and I do mean to do it for a second hold on to Ted Knight Mary doing tonight to know Mary the person
what are you doing there for me get to work
because she’s a character you know a character it’s easier to do Google acting with a bed and you’ll see young Jeff in the end the end they all turn on all lights.
Rob’s house in the Rob just don’t see that why you saying that to him
how bad what are you doing now that’s more like really I bet you and me and Kate are going to go to the restaurant we’re going to learn about Doctor Who my favorite show and you’re going to like it
taking a shit do I know but that was I was being I was on I was on camera was nervous and Rod made me nervous cuz he was sitting there like just judging me with his eyes being like you better be funny and so yeah that was awkward can you just Spencer hey guys we’re going to get move things along we gotta get move things along guys
I couldn’t tell who did what they thought was amazing how’s it going she lives with me oh yeah we’re roommates there’s a dispenser a happy roommate has probably ever
yeah I know I hope my old roommates aren’t listening but really you are at least as I spend most of my life thinking I’m a terrible roommate. Do you have the most adorable cat that I get to like vicariously she’s got a little short Stumpy legs and she’s super timid and I just can’t has its own comedy show she did tell me what are the what are the one about meow
it’s me I might have black eyes and a broken nose right still do the plans with a broken nose by the way where is yeah it’s such a healer healer Jeff you really knows how to heal but I didn’t finish it I’ll post it online but I do like so the people that are in the area or at when’s the show what’s it called what are the tickets cost and time to buy tickets it’s this Thursday on July 6th so after July 4th, what about me what about me with Callie and Robin with him
it’s also like a surprise it’s like I like I I play music and I’m so sorry you’re so it’s also and I let him kind of run off the rails when I get to the you know when I eventually come on
Trey Songz you are you’re a big daddy rabbit family know that about your eyes brighter for Kelly and I bet everybody think everybody got their shower thanks guys go to harmontown Castle what about me I think it’s absolutely fantastic Shih Tzu. Cam I have a cute little Blake Jolly looking things I’m not an artist I don’t know kind of loneliness isn’t a good
vomiting a lot of crying if it’s very good very good I wonder if we have time just for a couple of Twitter questions here I hope we have time somebody has a really interesting question he said if you had $1,000 how much would you regret your life decisions
and Isaac is that a joke what do you mean if I was at Ya fuck oh my God it was really because I was like if I if I hadn’t been as Lucky in my life like how much torture would I be inflicting on myself for every fucking thing that I’ve ever done and it’s like the fact that I have more than $1,000 isn’t the result of smart choices nor should I or should I be patting myself on the back for the choices I made like it’s kind of two different things it’s like two different graphs like oh money got made but then also mental illness was explored
and only because I don’t have bad consequences to blame on who I am am I able to say others are two different things so if you’re broke in your nuts go easy on yourself
9/11 everything that we do you I spent with you wonder what you want to do not summon a character sheets will be right back brake for a pre-recorded ad during which the people that are in this space and the people that paid $5 a month to watch get a secret segment tap
can you do
Kyosho I can show everybody can we try and we’re back no no no
I can show not back yet I’ll show people that you know that lady that has segments didn’t get cut out and any plebeians listen to it even though it was like bonus figure out how to do it right by the time that we actually make these segments worthwhile I put leave it you know there was that lady she’s like I can’t remember where she is at her she is remember her she was at Twitter a little while ago cuz she was like bragging about how we’re spending less than what is that they give you an iPad to try you know
Lake like nothing against her and where is you know where in Layton now we’re not we’re not going to judge women especially in politics for the Alexa but but I’m just saying like you know you’d throw that he’s a winter color but I have a type
okay well boy we’re back and man oh man you should really pay $5 a month
what’s get speed
oh oh let’s pray Steve leave you up here
is people sitting on the floor did they pay less for their tickets
real quick to a Heather and Andrew Gray my ex girlfriends parents were here from Scotland and Heather and Andrew hello I think we owe you an apology cuz we went to their house was still with Erin when he wouldn’t would propose to Erin mcgathy it was he had the ring in his pocket while we were at their house and we proceeded to drink all of their scotch or whiskey so I hope we can give him some back but I fuked up I’m not signed into our slack because I got a new tune 10.5 inch iPad like a douche but I don’t have a car
in the world is ending and I can do what I want
and I create jobs
hi Spencer do you want to know if you want to kick this off and go and give us a little recap yeah I guess I always am I feel like maybe I don’t know
should I not I’m just thinking that there’s a trend where I read this world and occupied I think we’re playing into that probe if I start right now thank you you know you want to put your little fidget spinner down for a minute when we know now that is a solution will what’s new in Steve’s World leaving you look the rates going on you look fantastic in a nice nice winter a pink I do now I guess it’s tucked into your shorts oh no it’s not it’s not what happened long day
we had a long week at holiday weekend just beginning yeah yeah. For me it doesn’t feel like Steve always works Spencer actually he covered for me all day Friday and I love him for that thank you great Steve always works unless he doesn’t have my character sheet multitask between that in the slack to look at the PDF of of the spell sheet and you know everyone smile I pass this photo of levian get a boner but
that’s just going to have to be like a little handicap that I have a different ability that woman or the or the the edited Steve Levy one for sure the levy one because
has my heart I’ll be like if it has like a it’s like she was the only reason I ever photo is cuz she was like she was bragging about the savings that we’ve made by not not not caring enough about as much about the UN and Steve which photo of Dan do you think would be the easiest to masturbate to
probably that one with his balls every every group text like like no matter what anybody says as I got like a hair-trigger you’re going to get the monkey with his evil monkey really embarrassing cuz I could have seen that Cody and then occasionally me a picture of Dan with his balls out that we can spend a weekend we got worse Steven did looking at my genitals and like Cody I’ll take pictures of me and hotel rooms and stuff and I had there was a hotel and it had like it was like I don’t know why would have this but it was like I think they were another thing you put on your door knob tell room
I suppose you can you could just text somebody you could just send that photo to somebody and you be tricking them into seeing it but it’s like funny or to be like hey Steve I need those tax forms we have you seen the figure in the middle of the desert and some random bar and Cody and is texting me in the sky with Dan and she’s like to do this thing and listen to send you some stuff that I need help on and then just this picture of that kind of backfired because there was like this like conservative misogynistic guy who commented on us like laughing and talking to this horrible conversation
we have a sexual harassment at work she like like like every time you obviously missed the meeting also sent it to me so she’s not doesn’t work with me security like yeah it would be funny if you sent that picture to Lil Uzi
by the way it was a pre-emptive sexual harassment seminar a lot of companies have them yeah we were overdue probably right on time because we’re so
additional educational thing to equip all of our employees with the knowledge they need to make a safe environment right has 45 minutes to make your next dick joke in front of everybody that works at a company that does knows that those days are the days that everyone is the grossest cuz everybody has like those comradery and then you know I’m above it I’m I’m speak because then I have a separate meeting where the lawyer comes in and goes out
number of ways you can get sued and for how much money am I missed before I started talking to these people but now I’m like wide awake or wide awoke 5-hour Energy like
I spent are you ready to go yeah sure are you going to do are you ready to rock are you should say that image to your photo stream yeah login to slack that way
I I needed to get into slack for the spell loadouts I had this in my photo roll got it
you look nice tonight you should wear my sweaters
is straight up her ass again at the definition of a rapper it sounds like a good one of these you learn to the seminar did someone in this room could make the case that like yeah you could go to a lawyer and you could say I watch the conversation between Dan and Steve that made me on feel unsafe and a harmontown show you could pick you might find the right lawyer
I wouldn’t put that out there all right
all right last
the last time on harmontown you guys were in the tech came to help because they had to ask for your Aid and you showed up and punch the kid movie with possessed by multiple entities
this is why you want that what happened was you left and you went and checked out some burned-out buildings finding some buried corpses then you went to the church and talked to the church prior he was all weird and you’re a chemist and it was tom-toms the bad guy and you weren’t buying it but Jeff was buying it and diarrhea Junior was there
the end
we’re like where our third chapter in and because we did this the last time it is in a tent in the summer at a at a festival and we’re already into the whole thing that like I’m like oh yeah what did we do and I remember we went to the fryer and but then like so where are we back to Tom’s house we tried to take his door down eight times but we couldn’t do it because they’re all so yeah I forgot about that music
bloody Jeff tried to burn the door down and then they started throwing rocks from the second floor and everybody took damage all right side of the how you’re outside I’m at the back door if you have tried to burn it down and then Steve put the water or he put his water skin on it to put the fire out and tried to kick it down kick down a door and then you guys tried to kick down the door and they’re throwing stuff at you for a combat situation right now combat situation
you’re in the back of the house right right you got Carlos Carlos Carlos come back out to the front of the house we’re getting rocks thrown at us and I need your help okay
I want to climb climb to the to the window I got to get my
I should wait to see you guys gets his snake
which eighties wrestler Dan I’m sorry I didn’t the snake man I don’t know I wasn’t part of that filter Jake The Snake well how invented
show me just say that I’m doing load out one just to keep things simple cuz I keep fucking up with my why didn’t you know yeah we have been using and we still okay it’s no it’s important this is stablished that you climb up the
the house you’re on the second floor window who is Eve you did you I climbed into the house cuz we couldn’t open the door he finally putting out the fire right I sent to try to burn the door down I just want to know did he do that in the front where were you in relation to my story will you came around your return happened first you came around at the front door then Steve climbs the wall
say to to Carlos this door is probably about to give in kick those door. You’re stronger than I am
meet of shit I expect you are you are all right
silver flame guide my foot
the guides that directly into the door you kick it and nothing happened I don’t know if it is it weakening at all can we tell that it’s maybe get your giving in a little bit I know your your attempts have made it seem like this door is made out of iron or some shit even though you can tell it’s not
alright I I I I use my sheleighly because I have a 6 so I I just give it a full how do I shoot a fireball through my domain and I shoot fire through my sheleighly at the door you shoot a fire bolt you can shoot all sorts of things that I ask is two places I should have magical like actual flame at the door. Where is the thing you could do that could be the answer I just want to make sure you shoot it it starts burning it’s burning and now Steve’s on the second floor so it’s not going to put itself out with water but again it will take a while because fire is not you know it’s a thick door it takes a while to burn
I step back after that and so I am out of rock the doors on fire how about yours yeah
yeah yeah I’m having a great time
what time is it is it yeah it’s my turn all right Tom felt tries to stab it’s Steve Levy with a knife while he missing he drops the knife out the window nice
now it’s a dancer news is is is diarrhea Junior close enough even though he’s up there I just want to do one of these things like be a good cleric and do that like busting where I like sending energy Channel out with that make Lake Buffs everybody in my which which one channel energy at the heal spell deflection or no is it good or is that just means you haven’t known her that I can get to it I thought I had a thing where I could like I’m sorry I had I really got drunk and let you know I got all riled up because of that yeah
who is David you know he’s so defensive about that fucking story is just like just accepted you talk to guy to sleep
I mean that he voted for Jill Stein I bet it did
and if we don’t know that I really did not but if you did it’s fine I don’t care I don’t have any
any incidents
throw me the holy water holy water
I don’t have a senior it was like oh well alright I thought I had to say what’s your dexterity it’s pretty high like it’s 12 really yeah that is clarix go you know we don’t we don’t spend a lot of time with the gym and so sorry what you don’t have the throat Steve has the Holy One I do you have it yeah it’s in a bottle so you’re right that’s a jar because Dan would have
is it my turn
all right so I’m going to
because the door is on fire is there a window we can just go in and not deal with this crazy ass door
you can climb to the window I climb through I’m just going to kick the Flaming door okay
around 5 alright taking the Flaming door
that’s just a limo we’ve been reduced to their cheering that we didn’t want to think right you were the family that lived here like they haven’t really technically done anything to deserve this yet
we don’t know that all right we don’t know that but that’s when you show me chicken mixed exactly
okay see you kick in the door and it flies off its hinges it lands on the ground smoldering firing
you not be a piece of shit I see Tom is Tom there no he’s upstairs upstairs all right
I go into the their kids bedroom all right well tom-toms if you want to make a gif
Tom’s Tom’s in the in the window he’s like your your kind of outside the house and he’s on the inside of the house so I can climb into the hell you’re on outside the house he’s like threatening like you was trying to stab you or I want to do a move where I like jump to the window and kick him and I’ll write you jump through the window and you try to take him but you just jump in the window
now you’re inside but you know your Kik missed any like worlds around he’s like all right Jeff Stern now you do that is it is a door open Steve is is kind of like the landing of the house is not a room that’s just kind of open so that’s why you’re both standing in that and then there’s to close bedroom doors do I know which one Tom is in Wicked whatever you know which one was the kids room cuz you were there okay you do that it’s my turn by the kid will you see the kid he’s he’s you still belted to the bed doesn’t seem awake though Tom is in the car is at the end of my action what are you looking for Tom he’s with Steve he’s on the lamp
it hits him right in the eye
you see you see the wait what kind of wait what is what is the holy water in
and I swear I had a 5 gallon drum of it somewhere but you had only water but you used it and I think you marked it off of your sheet but you don’t have the current size tunic all back though sorry everybody right cuz the spark
I know what I know. He’s like I’m sure that you was emo it’s blessed doesn’t you know steam like a vampires or whatever you know and by the way I can guy that we talked to the fire had shit all over his face I’m not saying that makes you a bad person but he was like paranoid and crazy and also you did throw holy water at them the fryer yeah I kind of see this is what I do I alienate
that was so much fun go back and listen to know ya will knock them over the only wanted the force of the holy water knocked him over fall down I just spilled my drink some blood all over my suit. I’m sorry and we spent the episode talking about
yeah you know he talked to a guy was asleep I get on top up and try to subdue him I got to I got to take some rope out and try to like buying them will you go to do that but you get in his space so you’re kind of like threatening me know he just started crying he doesn’t try and fight or anything anymore he just starts crying okay

is it it was turned in so I only know this guy’s name is Tom of what’s the town’s name Roan Roan
you have many enemies we might be your only friends you must tell us the truth
he’s just crying he’s like whatever just leave me alone
that never works yeah you look around
so that I spent my spare time I turned that I you can still do some okay I just want to know what if I casting out kind of abilities or no is heat damaged to the point where I like can I like like like like maybe I can get in this guy’s good graces with like just to make him understand that the where where civil servants you know like if I were to go if I were to just
you know when where’s the McKay
what is it cool if I just use that channel thing and I just go cuz I just heal him yeah
he’s not he’s not damaged yeah he feels he’ll do I got hey man you all right what are you doing look there’s something crazy going on in this town like everybody’s yeah there’s a fucking nightmare church that’s bursting into people’s houses and not healing sick people is this not the first time this has happened to you know this is the second time you’ve been here this evening is that feeling when your trail of Clues leads back to you
Denver first so better than a kid doing the kid is in the room he’s in the bedroom is he is he is he still seemed does he still seem evil or are you asking the you we tried holy water on the kid before write the damn mess with it and I mopped his brow with that was a thing and it kind of didn’t do much damage to him
sister finally can damage the kids all that into the room where the kid is all right the kids seems asleep
does he does he looks does he seem sick he seems asleep he doesn’t he doesn’t seem healthy is a wife whose wife attend so we just hit the kid in the island holy water and he’s now is sleep no just hit the Tom and I with one more I want to take my glass jar of holy water will hurt the kid all right
isn’t he the one that’s like sort of possess
he got to experience points for the refrigerator
Jeff Jeff Jeff
who does Jackie Chan have
I don’t know how Holy Water Works I’ve never used it for anything like this before we should hold him down and chain him to the vet and then make him drink the holy why I think he’s already built exotic can you all right are you calling out to me but I come in here and help me pull this kids go to the kids I pried open pouring a definite throat
all right all right that happens
we wait with wild expectation hoodie with the results you should close his mouth and make him start shooting out of his body
steam start shooting out of his body and you feel a sharp terrible pain in your what do you call ankles
you forgot angles
all right you wrong I know it feels so we didn’t have a 20 on the wife yeah a nice shoots out and stabs you in the legs always takes three damaged you always look for the wife
they’ve got to get a ticket a homestead instinctive cuz I don’t fucking like I’ll take you out like like like Rambo how much damage did I take you take three… The demon spawn child starts thrashing and in the end and sizzling and frothing madly and spasming all over the place you see you see a black spear in a rep from its mouth that says it’s all weird it looks like a like a flat dark colored ghost silhouette kind of shadowy thing and right after that happens you see the ghost kid kind of burst out of it starts like its wailing on them on the demon it’s like punch in at the demon and they’re just kind of wrestling on the floor these two immaterial creatures from earlier I was in the past so Archer is fighting a demon ghost that they’re both emanating from a cliff
I’m being emanated but yes fighting physically out in the room are we out the production values are great
I just cradling Tom on the landing is going it’s going to be cool man sometimes you know life doesn’t it you just come back in the morning or something or not burst down the door or not like the house on fire guys put the house out I think there’s a burning door downstairs you smell smoke real bad I’ll take care of that but before I do I want to see there’s no offense but I don’t get the impression from where you live that you haven’t made mistakes in your life
you’re right every citizen should live a perfect life in order to not be murdered by the state
I don’t I don’t I don’t come to where you want to do I do
you do that twice at night apparently you’re not even I’m agreeing with you okay well where is your water what their water to put out the fire in your house I started in the way it’s Noel it’s in the west we live on a farm you have any people that can go get some my wife is there a bucket of yeah I know there’s a bucket all right we’ll come with me I don’t want you running around like there’s a plan he grabs the bucket of runs outside
I assume you’re following him yeah he just doesn’t normally it starts either throws the bucket of water he puts out the fire
my man my I hollered down I said hey we got to ghost fight up here and a lady is cut my ankles for underneath the bed so you’re doing it all in a house they are fire
and there’s like a Voltron split screen
we’re all working together haunted son who’s the best Church in the world will sell you later my head upstairs by the way we poured holy water down his kids mouth the mom is angry she is underneath the bed she just like this in the ankles every day if there’s a ghost fighting what we think is the spirit of the Dead Brother Archer and they’re duking it out something on the Mortal plane right now when I think we should help
the good ghost
are you bleeding from your ankle yeah I took three damaged I might need a Good Very
wait do you yeah I ate some good berries do I see Bonnie know you don’t say anything under the bed how much healing do I take from the Goodberry’s. He gives you want to help so it’s up to you how many you want to eat then you game 3 help but if it were underneath a bed
I don’t know I don’t really like her style seriously we need to have to keep lady out from under the bed
I look under the bed for the lady all right we’ll grab that action like 5 feet away and I look to see if she’s under there yeah she’s under there she’s crouched up like a like a big green tarantulas and I loaded
not hard just like you do like what’s your attack bonus on the slingshot do you see that + 4 in the face
alright what’s the weather in Rocklin
all right that happens
alright guys I think I have it under control
would you like a perception check on her like a sensor motorbike she evil or is she being a mother
home is being conveyed she has a knife under the bed doing the best she can with what she’s got
she seems normal I take it back now I want to go to the kid diplomacy have gone out the window a long time ago maybe one night if I take out my water skin I try to give the kid some water and and and some trail rations will the kids the kids are you do you need anyting
do I get his turn yeah you get his turn
he’s got he’s she’s your concerned one get that mad at tissue
Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood
how is your research about it with that guy that made cave concert if he had you cornered and he had a couple of guys and then all of a sudden like you all of your friends from jail Hollywood guys and it’s just like nine dudes and I like swing like Pirates Into The Fray
I know this is like oh oh Dan just same old Danny doesn’t know how to play Pathfinder but I could have sworn like I’m a cleric a little too there’s an evil Beast you here in front of me in the form of this like black silhouette ghost like I don’t have any like standard like just in a D&D in the 80s it was just so I don’t have anything like that right now you’ll get that next level but for now I guess I’ll just wait ghost
you do that
the white ghost is going. I guess it’s a white ghost the ghost the ghost of color
maybe it’s the ghost of of of white Rowan maybe the whole belt
could be
alright you root for the kid
when you come on you believe in Archer
all right
no one else do something okay for him you don’t know it’s hard to tell by looking at it they just look they look ghostly I mean Channel Smite is a feat which I hope does not fail me now use Channel energy to deal extra damage to Undead on a tax so basically like if I could just do a standard attack made might as well do something attacked the clearly the more evil of the two guys I know who Archer is I don’t want to attack what do you attack with of course going to use my morning star plus two
did hits and I’m using that channel Smite so I’m going like in the name of her
I can’t find my dice
bag of dice
dealing 10 damage
are Morningstar phases through the incorporeal body of the demon Spirit but you can see the white energy of the silver flame that emanates from your weapon disbursed the demon creature as it slices through its Miss Lee body
you get the sense that the ghost kid took most of the work
but you don’t let that bother you because of me who wins the win I think you did it and he did do it nice Bulls-Eye on that housewife
how is she cut my ankles I was scared you know how is she was the worst I didn’t know you’re still as she is still under the bed where the A-Team
Tulsa results on fire kid no longer haunted I’m talking about a good church
passes out
what’s happening with the guy with archers did the ghost of Archer did The Good The Good Spirit the ghost kid looks at you like in a in a regarding way it’s like wow
people huh Archer what’s going on in this town Archer doesn’t really talk but it kind of walks backwards and phases out of the wall and you can kind of see it outside the window is going to the towards the towards the graveyard at the end of the city at the edge of the forest but what are Heroes Fighter thing in the end of the day alright
vacu going to be
lay down his backpack McKeever back the other day jay with the mostest
oh yeah
Tiger Tiger rap
I’m getting higher and higher I went to the sun said to the Moon I’m going to
monogamist I come by and sings
Children sing so I took some gold and some silver
and I waited but nothing happened I’m a bad Alchemist
got a lot to learn about alchemy
I just put two metals in a soul they won’t do anything if they did also me wouldn’t be called off, it would be called what normally happens
how we learn
so I went to burn some books
about alchemy cuz I was still not thinking right about how it works of thought if I could make a call to me to have less information that’s relatively I would be more of an alchemist
it was misguided thinking
stinking thinking it wasn’t like Legend
just slaves and created great that are haunted by a white America today struggle with integrity.
We played gunge and we did it pretty nicely
I’m real proud of myself when you say self you probably going to run it with shells but there’s almost no other word that you’re going to come up with mouth South yo I’m going to take a tooth put it in a booth
and it’s going to shoot Lincoln
Eminem I miss you, knew I heard my name and coming in again
I sound like other things and when I ring a ling I Suck My Ding-A-Ling I got a guy to Rodger Waters size dick
I can suck on it
by bringing it to my lips to hit tonight
Rodger Waters Sample about his dick like you do a Pink Floyd like this like that make cement
does he need you playing
British government issues you don’t understand when you’re 15 but they sound cool
you want his
government of England in the city
is confusing to you
what’s the general idea is disenfranchisement my name is
John Johnson
it has been the hit and miss but it’s like a river this maybe it’s made a pissed but it’s still a river
try to fish in it
and if you catch a fish
no it lives in pissed on YouTube
home and you took it up and you eat it up and then you get 7Up to wash it down but then you got diabetes
verge of becoming a Hermit and everybody
I think we did it
frigid River brought me napkins and tissues for my bleeding nose Steve Levy everybody
Ali project real bad day because he knows show what about me Spencer Crittenden is your game master in French
thank you Chris Sarah Zach everybody’s church and said she can’t be here tonight, Jeff Davis
drive fast and take chances


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