Episode: 282 – The Christmas with No Underwear


Episode: 282 – The Christmas with No Underwear


The show breaks new ground with a cold open ad, Dan introduces the show’s latest lovable sponsored character M.C. Gun Control, we explore Dan’s therapy revelations and Jeff hatches a cunning plan turning himself into a tree. Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff …


Do You Hear What I Hear
I think but I think I hear sleigh bells and the parapet of reindeer last April slow down reindeer I just came up to the chimney because I heard you want to go down that night behind you I can say the same thing to you what the fuck are you doing on my Riverton it’s it’s almost April are you Jeffrey Davis Jeffrey Davis was close enough
well you’re on my nice list plus one whose is that Spencer and Tyrell Crittenden because what can I get at least Across the Threshold text Santa Claus I enjoyed your choo choo and your Legos so you text me I’ll tell you what though and you can you can after I initiated you can come in anytime you want I’ve come back around to my nicest boys with me on Sundays
are you just here doing a Cheesy podcast adverts it’s harmontown first historic and I believe the podcast industry’s first live free roll Andre some people said this is a bad idea no idea by the way this wasn’t the clients idea but less than an Entertainer it’s cold out it’s still chilly I’m naked I’m a child what what are you talking about why they’re the best underwear 3 times softer than cotton sustainable Fabrics
I hope you’re going to tell me that me and he’s has adventurous prints and designs and they’re all limited edition and new patterns are released every few weeks on a rolling basis also after you say yes or no to that tell me what rolling basis means
rolling basis are the four bases of comfort first base micro modal fabric providing sustainable Comfort second base second base is the patterns and designs that me undies come in first base base is a satisfaction guarantee you could fly to Hawaii
me and he’s has a great offer for my listeners for any first-time purchasers when you purchase any meundies you get 20% off and free shipping straight from Santa himself me I needed so sure that you’re going to love their underwear their offer eight one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee if you don’t love me you got a full God damn refund, please. Com
Hermantown is now is in a session that you got a beat for me know now if yeah I think that what we just did was advertising history
Riverbank harmontown the sound specialist with Spencer Crittenden your game master you might recognize recognize him from the recent 10 movies that are playing the role of Santa Claus thank you because it was never who was never supposed to make sense what we were doing cuz you’re performing for nobody my thought was just do it but I like it like that
we can do it cold open I can already be sitting up here and then and then and then the music can play it’s a cold open it with a capital P when we were on Oscar night and we were like I was like I got really excited for a second because we weren’t even over much less seen them much less have Levi and then I ripped the dumb sarcastic thing is like we had we’ve been rehearsing this show a month but like we should just we should force ourselves before each show we should decide or we could do it on stage but there should always be a fake
lick it like a there’s a task to be a fake there an opening our Sarah Huckabee Sanders yeah it’s like it’s happening tonight we just we refer to it or whatever I don’t know are you are you suggesting we like just like think about the show up just a little bit not much. Just enough to make it a leg will Felicia a year which would make it better cuz it would be structurally and enjoy that they’d enjoy that yeah. Enjoy more effort on our part
especially the people that paid for it but no I mean we got here an hour early to talk about business Affairs and so we were here early and we were kind of already warmed up your voice is warmed up nothing like talking about the podcast business to bring with the spirit from your solar plexus up and deer Joyce chakra have a good time but that’s that’s actually true I had an epiphany is therapy in my therapist gave me a fist bump which she doesn’t usually touch me in stuff in the sheets she also kicked my foot like like as she was getting up to schedule next week’s appointment she like kick my foot like that you
she called me she said I was trained send chance to try transforming now and I’m transcending my roll out my native makes me naturally an asshole tell me tell me more about your well Wednesday night I want if my lesbian therapist reached across the table and fist bump me and then give me a little foot see Kik I would say that’s that’s certainly transformational but she’s a married lesbian by the way for those who do Washington Square
they’re having a boy
Rob Tryon hey welcome to meet welcome to you
and I didn’t go wrong at any point it’s it’s a it’s a it’s a wish it was just funny to watch you charged into the Lake Michigan on a Banana Leaf keyboard it’s probably not going to be a boogie board
all right well I’m spiritual journey you’ve got something when we opened the show with something I just came up with the moment I thought I said Let’s do let’s open the show with the with the ad I will do a me and you still get their money it’s what we did in the beginning was that a middle of the podcast add we don’t all I’m saying is they’re still going to get whatever they paid for it I would have to march yesterday for our lives for the kids that don’t want to get shot to death in schools and I went through my Mandy’s drawer and I was like what’s the right me on these underwear to wear at a March for kids don’t want to get shot to death at school and I had a it’s the one who little peace sign so you know that the much loved ones
I had my where’s the peace sign where’s the peace finger down down down still be wearing still wearing a wake up in a ditch I woke up with a chaste and probably no gun control laws in my mouth again nothing matters yeah I wore my actual gun control Mandy’s they had guns with axes on them for real yeah that’s probably why I didn’t work as you were wearing the right under where the beginning of the show is a great man I did like a what what are we just run through
in the scene OK he gets into ran away it’ll be way better
all right I mean if you want to do it like you I don’t have to switch look at you did a little bit
can I pleasure
haha haha guess it’s a little easier to land on it now that it’s April
it’s a living
the chipmunks out
and I’m unpacking my bag of things to give to everybody trying to go over to the I don’t know what the fuck biondes
WWE underwear like bats
you’ll have to be on these blocked all the bullets they must be the micro modal fiber
open to the sky me and you see how Rob being in the scene just instantly blessed it again sorry that was proving that my past sarcasm was indeed honesty
I think it’s this that’s making it feel sarcastic makes me hard to read ya ya put your hand somewhere else no answering a call from like the 1970s dock to me know there’s no guest tonight and there’s nothing there’s nothing there’s no video you and also and I don’t think I have anything against enough dogs rub is just enough he’s a regular I’m your host against enough today we’re going to be watching Godzilla versus Mothra and we’ll be learning how to make jello
Cuba now has a commercial for Kmart fuel-saving Blaze
ma’am do you know why I pulled you over no I don’t know it’s because you didn’t get these savings at Kmart shirt ripped open look at the size of those big savings over this week at Kmart 20% off all brands of competing grand total of 40% and 5% off of Brands total of 15% off coupon for motorboating put it
put it in your life put it in Kmart
well the Epiphany that I had a therapy was that I
you’re gay
there’s nothing wrong with that everybody in the world no matter how far away they live from anyone else like we’re all like you know we’re all in a crowded Warehouse can’t you can’t move without touching everybody it’s like if you go to anyting where there’s a bunch of the warehouse right your card Warehouse
I really undercutting my Epiphany doesn’t sound that good anymore I’ve been making mistake of because if you if you if you pursue what you want like if you follow your girl like like like whatever that goal is but it can’t be too complicated it can’t be friends since I got to get out of the warehouse because then you’re just going to get irritated because the all you can really do in the in the foreseeable future is like move through a bunch of people but your goal might be like I want to get to the west side of the warehouse I’ve never been over there and end but ultimately the whatever the goal is it all falls under the giant heading of I want to be happy
so therefore be in then you have these good goals so the thing has to be not about the people that you’re like that then there’s all this stuff so you have to it whenever you move through a crowd you you’re constantly having to go give me sorry I know that’s okay it’s alright this is there’s people it’s just a mess you know people are a mess like we we we we we did everyone at Cross purposes in your trying to be polite and graceful and you don’t to be part of the problem and all of that stuff happening and it’s causing you like a lot of anxiety so like my Epiphany was that I I have been
because of maybe like early I was like how it’s this this is the worst part right it’s the part where you have to go like this so what what can I do about that part
which made me feel like I was being in the moment and being like aware
if people who think about their goals are heartless people because then they walk through everybody because they’re going that way but you don’t have to choose between those two things like I was the people who when we shrink back like that and we go I need my goal is I want to be the best person in the world I want to be I want to I want to not step on any toes and for so much stuff to my fucking do this time you know like that we get in those moods like I’m just going to police my fucking leg your drawn back into this like thing and then like you could do a lot of good that way you could even be like you could become a kind of art installation because you could be like
here’s what I’m going to do because of the situation and I stick my thumb in my mouth and like blow on it and like like like but this is the part where I can’t bring it home but I’m just saying like now I understand like

the people that I like are the people that
they don’t they don’t shrink back that far to the point where they’re just doing what everyone’s doing which is going I hope nobody hates me because if we all do that well maybe arguably that would be Utopia but like
I think we
I want to like follow this Meandering. Of I want to be happy and get better having accepted that any path takes you across everybody I want to get better at say excuse me in I’m sorry and you’re forgiven and oh no problem and excuse me you know I didn’t see that
it’s the like when you’re when you’re trying to navigate through that crowd and you’re and you’re trying really hard not to bump into anybody not to interact and not to step on anybody’s toes but also you don’t want to touch somebody people that’s what’s making you not happy or miserable and you should just learn to kind of like be okay being touched her or like singer it and you don’t even though I’m using as a model and saying like first of all no wrong answers except for each individual so let’s say that you don’t like the looks of that that’s like you’re sure there’s some people that go to a concert because they genuinely want to like fucking life rub up against people or even be punched by them or risk that back like there’s there’s just and then there is cereal Predators who would flock to these situations of a crowd because they can grow up you and pretend they’re not not their fault sir there is there’s no value to this
situation like there’s no good and evil observable is a zoom in on the individual are you within this rising sea of people that you can’t escape
are you going to Define your entire life by the moment-to-moment like
oh that guy wouldn’t have done that if you had any respect for me and I know I just heard that person more than I should have and I should lay out of the emotional and physical emotional interactions or are simply physical interactions I’m talking about I’m talking about down in the encounter to encounter level of your human existence and then not pulling back to the size of a planet so that you become a nihilist to go to the slaughter give me more bacon and if you pull back to a resolution that’s like one person’s anxiety about every encounter they have to have as they move through life as one corpuscle in a stream of them or one cockroach in the nest of them or one of like like a good pick whatever beautiful or disgusting thing you want to say we are part of a biomass so if you pulled back
a couple of those human units not a thousand not a million but just like 10 or something like the amount of energy it takes to decide that you want to leave a party because it is you don’t like it like that I’d have to like I might be so intense on leaving this party that I’m going to end up hurting just like you you just charge out you could charge out the door metaphorically you could like knock over, tables not to mention step on someone’s toes without apologizing and or an end then like we even got imagine like the Irish goodbye factor of like I didn’t even Susan was upstairs taking a shit when I left and I don’t lie to me and not be lying out the door is yeah I’ve always considered it as a dichotomy between the binary choice between total self-interest and
altruism but it was that was not true it was a binary choice between living a life of total self paralyzing anxiety and knowing who the fuck I am right like because this is easy but being anxious going everybody hates me everybody loves me I hope I don’t do that it’s like I’m like that’s my excuse to like do nothing and go nowhere so I can put that into play like snow
I just thought of it like Friday
but how about this can you put it into Play Can’t can you like activate that part of you when I opened the show with a Christmas Dad from you unofficially with my therapist this week he found out she was my therapist therapist now I hope not so funny that therapist like somehow like you did like a fucking Inception thing or no not exceptional LED them to their there’s I guess my Hippocratic Oath
everybody has a price and you fade so much of a she’s the snagit Gathering shyt I was drunk or is it so healthy… And then they be like well I think it’s similar to what you’re saying if I’m hearing your ID and it’s like cuz I was like I’ve been telling her about like what I’m going through good creatively and how I’m just like I wake up every morning guy it’s over with and I’m done I’m tired and it’s just sad and I just I don’t have the juice anymore and it’s not fun and and she says it’s like if I’m at Kate’s been out of town all week so I’ve been really kind of photo just like phoning in my life and sleeping all day and eating like shit and I just have like the voices in my head or just being very the critical mind you
the critical mine is like just like I don’t want to overload and and so she was like saying that like the critical mind is is it goes back to being like the lizard brain in your head where it’s like saying stay in your cave stay away from the unknown keep your belly full don’t take any chances risk-averse exactly don’t do any of that because it’s because it’s it it and it makes you survive the biological fed has set the interest rates Higher Ground to speak and then like add like that you like that sounds like ancient do you know primitive instincts already in her head then add on top of like trying to to being socially domesticated and all that and voices of your parents and teachers capitalism so she was like
do you like sayings like could you be a friend that voice in your head you know could you befriend it because really that threat that voice in your head is a friend is somebody who cares about you that’s only trying to protect you like when they say when it when it’s like don’t don’t dream too big don’t dream too big or year you do like why why is that voice telling you that because it doesn’t want your heart to get broken but in order to to achieve what you really want to do you have to risk right at and an end and so will you do if you could
have a conversation with that voice in your head and say Hey listen thank you I’m sorry I was so angry about trying to push you away I should embrace you I know you’re I was just trying to help
Bruce Willis know you’re trying to look out for me cuz sometimes I got to run over the glass don’t you think Bruce Willis is your critical voice maybe you should take seriously yeah no no I said I said I mean a Bruce Willis is my critical voice I would be like I was going to go down buddy yeah
what do you want me to do just sit here and watch it happen no I don’t I don’t want to sit there I want you to hold tight can’t wait for the police
it’s a Hudson Hawk trailer hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering if I can soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest film dirtiest film nerves like ever you’re always in good hands
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well I bet I was trying to be pointed in that the critical voice that doesn’t it’s it’s not always the Noid from that that’s the thing is like I think that’s what we’re afraid of running as late like oh we haven’t made critical voices actually it’s not ugly booger man from a car lot commercial it’s like I hate high or low prices or whatever it’s more like the guy this is from Bolivia haven’t seen it watch the early Robert zemeckis film starring Kurt Russell used cars they do a commercial in it in the big guy has to play high prices
how does he play it
Eddie Trotta remember he was looking like a Fruit of the Loom guy I can’t remember what the costume was we had like come out and then like they did like a squid effects like like like high prices fuck you and they like they blow him up with a shotgun or whatever and it’s all like squibs and blood and stuff in your you know it’s like these guys are under dogs like their there they’re too effective
at selling used cars the two effective
so yeah so I mean putting it that way like befriending the critical minded and realizing that it’s it it’s actually something that doesn’t hate you and doesn’t want you to fail is just trying to protect you and so if when that voice or that that attitude is in your head she’s a get into the habit of saying thank you I understand
go find your list this is going to be nice but this and usually I would like pay attention to do you like not run out into traffic you know not eat bad food or it’s time to get out of bed or whatever but this is a time where I need to risk being hurt I think the pain is worth it so I’m going to need you to just trust me on this one and then and if it in the voice you know we if you know it well enough we’ll go okay
I’m here if you need me you know it’s just that beautiful I love them and it and it really it is started thinking of it that way it really started kind of reprogramming the whole idea like I used to draw a lot but I don’t drive anymore because the reason I don’t draw as I think I’m mad at it now stupid shit you always draw but I need to befriend that voice and say well let’s just try it for a bit or watch me or if I failed it guess what you’re right. Tell me how to make it better you know like say like if it’s like oh you’re your cross hatching bad or you’re just you’re okay well that’s something I will concentrate on instead of just like going it’s over with don’t even try because that’s that’s what it what the lizard brain is trying to do it’s like
Ferris wheel a lot of times we could program to go like you got to you got to you got to punch that know you can’t voice in the face and you’re an ass like that actually could be the that lizard like to the extent that it wants you mitigated IE like that’s what I that’s what she does because it loves them wants to keep them in a certain area like a certain path and so getting mad at it actually is part of its function where is if if you were a sheep and you wanted to get off maybe supersede of sheepdogs Authority because maybe you’re a sheep that wants to hurt to go in a different direction the actual practical thing to do would be to not like tangle with the Sheepdog but to like go around behind it and bid a good day and be nice to it and you want me to go over here
I could tell you kind of crazy going to you look kind of like a sheet but but your first I’ve ever been up there in years I was wondering how it is that Jeremy over there and you just kind of like you’re not and he’s with the critical threshold Guardians Can Be Tamed by assimilation there’s like on a pseudo-scientific level or whatever I think that you’re what you’re talking about is the survival mechanism associated with firefly which is associated with heightened state of emotion states of panic think that when you engage in an emotional angry traumatic way to those feelings on an emotional level like you would if someone is telling you your shit everything it gets you into a more emotional state which is more prone to that part of your brain where is what you’re describing is a very rational as the other part of your mind the societal kind of control part your mind that’s that’s not at all it’s divorced from that that lizard sounds like you’re intentionally not trying to channel those Pathways that reinforce what about the negative stuff is saying and you’re here instead choosing Pathways that take you away
from that we do you say your reprogramming I think what you’re doing it sounds like he is actively reprogramming the way you’re thinking simple idea is that befriend the part of you that argues with yourself cuz you hate yourself when you get over whatever because the critical mind is like going through every little piece of your life every second of your life going you did that wrong fucked up what and who you’re going to wear that and what’s that on there sounds like a plan when you do is it one of my checks or whatever but but yeah but the reality is is those those voices and run Reddit are your biggest fans otherwise they wouldn’t be going around paying attention to every second of your life a lot of us in it will just be here for me we were I mean we’re Rockwell monkey dogs when we come out of our mothers and we’re just eating food and rolling around
dresser bathe unless somebody went no stop it you know and so you’re you learn how to become up of the Civilized human being by being told no stop at Robbie know now stop it no do you have to do that and it’s like you hear that voice over and over and over again and that was this program did your head still into adulthood I hear my mom’s voice going know you’re lazy stopped and this is this is just her way of saying I’m worried you’re that voice when you’re doing something has nothing to do with the things that she was in charge of keeping you from falling down stairs walking to the street touching hot stuffs like like it’s not your fault that that’s any more toxic shame when it’s like misappropriated very much like like when Lolly is barking at a skateboard that goes by I’ve learned to what is this thing I learned
if I clap my hands she’ll like go like like the seals like Flinch until stop barking and so like if I so now whenever she does anything bad like I’ll clap my hands not even hard and I’ll be on the other side of the room and she knows that that’s time to stop to get out with so I’m her critical mine now every time she thinks she’s doing something that she’s going to be in her head thinking like and if she wanted to succeed as an animal she would learn to the friend that critical mind perhaps fetch its balls once in awhile and then one fateful day eat its throat in its sleep and go and it’s a size of your ad you’re reacting like I like I said something bad about animal
alright okay not right the boots of the Buddhas
did you ever hear the story of the Christmas without underwear
that there’s an old story about it
hello little children
there’ll be no underwear for Christmas this year
is I’m sorry just say underwear is made out of cotton not even close to micro modal yeah so no Christmas this time now my balls are rubbing up against this not diamond shaped couch
500 years later
and that was a story about the Christmas with no underwear
could they have won
Brianna there’s a Buddhist Parable I don’t know of what I speak it comes to me courtesy of my therapist it’s the thing that you’re talking about we talk about befriending the critical mine is also like the you know it’s there was this goddess named Mara I think who at some point where the Buddha was doing his thing on the tree which was like ignoring everything and then there was like Temptations and things in there was a guy that was particularly like kind of you know try to get in his head and
the phrase I see you Mara like you don’t have to be like go fuck yourself die by fire or whatever like you just like you actually acknowledge you feed the troll sometimes we all the time I just got to like yeah I’d my my my erstwhile trainer Dave client set of people who troll like something I thought was kind of profound which was actually even those people they’re just trying to connect with you which is different from from giving them credit for doing anything smarter funnier cool you can still like look down and then I got you’re a dumb piece of shit that that’s what that is choosing this method to try in some ways to connect with me like there’s absolutely no like they might be lost as soon as ISM and Blake all this shit but like it got to admit they’re like still there isn’t exactly

disease that they’re going like I wish I had an effect on you just like kind of kind of uplifting it it is because whenever you hear that critical mind voice in your head and whatever form it is your first instinct is to go shut up leave me alone go away and a way to deal with it and it never works it always comes back but it ain’t no way to deal with it is to when it when it goes in a piece of shit why are you why aren’t you working right now is if you would just like to say
okay hold on why are you saying that’s me I working off a lot but why why Ronnie job do you want me to have as many as it takes What It Wants what do you want what would make you happy what would make you critical mind stop like saying that to me by the way it’s my jeans at illusion I hear you that’s amazing that it means an illusion like the software animation software the illusion software
it makes me how to make stuff that isn’t real yeah I guess sorry I slept through the whole thing but I don’t know why I would you use her tomorrow and I just shot a grand at church but if anybody would know in the building movie her and she was like yeah
oh you do
I see I see I see you illusion yeah that actually makes it more profound instead of creating like just another like crazy lady character and talk about like photographing the March
bring up Church shorts T-shirts if you’re a Starbucks person from Colombia to charge because they don’t know how to say hello hello with the with the the course the terms of service agreement that all guests check which is to it anytime you may say a word or syllable that makes me watch into a sputtering rant about how I’m not racist but we were and I kind of I just I thought it was I don’t know I don’t know how to tear you up I’m not a good tear but cuz I don’t want to make you feel pretentious and say like church on to talk about how found the imagery you captured was actually just like I thought it was cool you talking about how it was sort of like ducks in a barrel
go from there well yeah I mean what I noticed and what was making me so emotional I mean aside from just what was actually happening which is seeing so many kids and even really really little kids marching and angry and thoughtfully expressing that anger and having these brilliant signs that I just I could I could not stop crying you guys walk past me at a certain point I stopped and just stood there and let the crowd kind of like move toward me and around me cuz that’s the best way to see everything cuz if you keep just marching with the crowd as a photographer you’re surrounded by the same 20 people as you move down the street so for me I I I stopped at some point and it just seemed like the right place to stop but
all the other protests that I’ve photographed if you look at all those photos together would look like they could be any protest because you see a lot of the same signs because there’s so much intersectionality with all of these issues are so many issues happening at the same time and so you’re seeing the same things all the time so what does John 3:19 he also didn’t sorry I was at those but I was trying to interject very good to have final numbers but the thing that’s the only number I know so far but
because I point was that this was the the only protest that for me in pictures you know exactly what it is and it’s completely on one topic there’s nothing else being talked about and you can see that in just the images even if you let steak partisan politics aside and people say that I hate the
the grp or I’m a total liberal or like I’m Auntie or pro-nra if you just look at that the children that were there the Expressions on their faces were different than other protests looks scared and pissed off and not like what if like I’m trying to picture myself if I were
13 14 16 18 I was still in school what side would I fall on and what how angry would I be in which direction I might have been big pro-second Amendment guy I might have been the truck the second amendment. I don’t know but we watching kids look fucking miserable and look really the do it there’s a couple on Church’s Instagram does that last one I’m going to sign the girl might just been tired she might just be a kid that was tired of being in the March but there’s a picture of her looking right at the camera and she just looks fucking sad and I look at those photos and I just start crying because
I put myself in those little shoes and
I don’t give a fuck what you think about gun rights or gun legislation or whatever hit a bunch of fucking kids are afraid to go to school and I have it nice that’s fucking 8 then I got friends that are in a can of children are going to school and let’s not make it about politics or make it about Trump or make it about Paul Ryan is a sorry I meant to say
what would happen if I can imagine being a kid going to the mall now going to a movie theater like it’s fucking crazy we shouldn’t make celebrities out of Emma Gonzales for being the first cool chick to get up and say it but you’re awesome stuff I think it’s dangerous or things like to hear that puts her in a bad situation but I think that you should go around and look at Church’s photos and look at the kids that were marching that day the scared they’re good friends are dying they scared they really are and my nephews were going to March and then my sister text me on Friday night and she said that my my nephew’s that kind of had a little bit of a panic attack about it that they wanted so much to be a part of it but that they were really scared to go to the March and so she said you know you don’t have to go let’s write letters to a Representatives why don’t you why don’t you call will call her representatives and you can get on the phone and you can leave a message you can read your letter and leave a message but like kids are genuinely panicked and that’s kind of one of the things that seeing that
at the March looking into their faces and seeing how seriously I mean I watched it very unlike for 5 year old kids like who seem to very much understand what was going on and have really real feelings about it so there’s all these accusations floating around like they couldn’t possibly understand and they’re too young to get it and they’re just parroting their parents abused or they’re being manipulated or whatever but like you know what go to one of these marshes and look at them and say it to their face because they seem to understand I’m sure there’s plenty of whatever you believe discuss this more like I said, he was on her photos in my photos of Spencer holding a sign with a lot of hate I don’t even want to eat like a look at the relationship between the parents and the children of the imagery look at look at the mothers with the daughters on their shoulders and go ahead and start from the point
assumption that this little girl doesn’t have any fucking idea what a gun is and understand how much more sad this becomes because it’s a photograph of a relationship between a mother and daughter but they do think the kids are now having to learn like the cold war where they had to do Duck and Cover the drills because of Doomsday like nuclear warfare they now I have to go have quiet anybody with that kind of critical voice of like of like like do the kids they don’t know how could you make this their problem it’s just like a week we definitely got to the point where that view is that argument is because that’s exactly everyone’s argument like and I know it. That was the really effective like kind of somber mood is not a lot of the signs and stuff is it like the theme was whether it was apparent that made a sign for a kid or the kid that made a sign for themselves like the overwhelming scene was like
I shouldn’t have to be involved with us I don’t this shouldn’t be it shouldn’t have come to this that I shouldn’t be a voice in this conversation we should we should have all been on the same page about me a long time ago I’d like like yeah that’s a little girl and I watched her for a while I have a bunch of pictures of her and a little bit of a video that I posted of her with her little friend to her and her mother had a sign that you said save her and was pointing down cuz she knew that I would be at her feet most of the time which is what caught my eye maybe start watching this little girl then her and her friend were like watching these older kids standing on a barricade and they were you know chanting like this is what democracy looks like and we call BS and all this and it one point these two little girls and one this one girl just had such a look of concern like she was looking around like isn’t this obvious yeah yeah like you’re trying to look at all these people and they were chanting
vote them out vote them out and she was staring at them and then at one point she just started both them out yeah both them out like she had like a realization of like yeah that’s what we do and yes vote them out she was stomping her little feet and I just burst into tears she looks like one of those photos I forgot the photographer that took photos of the Great Depression of a little kids girl covered in dirt and the scared look on her face and she looks absolutely concerned like like scared miserable and she liked the bit this isn’t a drill
this is an actual shit and if you want to say other parents are brainwashing them fuck you could just imagine like your 5 you’d play the silent game it’s been explained to you what it’s about your going to go when you’re going to hide and you’re going to stay quiet for as long as the drill and then you’re going to get a little treat if you stay quiet the whole time and then going to the March and put it into context what is actually like this is the silent this is what the silent game is about this is what everybody’s yelling about the pictures of rifles and violence violence violence start screaming this little girl stomping that video you took this is we’re sitting at the right way that’s a good cry and crazy you guys seem like you need
a safer place
MC gun control is that you
the county little cheddar mac with a million and then spray for Christmas
what type of gun control are you on that can’t be about that that’s how we got to where we’re at you understand and control it’s not about
Zendaya and propaganda straight to the dentist and that that is
what do you describing it was already crossed off my parents writer and that I should show you the question we were allowed to ask a question is it true that you would say 300 I don’t even know that I need to ask but what does a regular part of your parents a writer is accepting money from the NRA is what you just said it was going to go to the yellow Okay bye so that’s what you owe me $500,000
that was what are you doing you were looking at irrigating are rapper but then holy faak yeah you are part of the problem I can look when we booked him into it said gun control issues as I look at gun control like I don’t I don’t like Blake late until we’re innocent gun control like I think that your kind of one of those liberal Elites the picture you hear the name MC gun control ya wants to ban guns yeah I know he wants he wants the timing with trigger relax what I mean come on people who act like this issue is complicated I should have known I should have known even I just wanted to get into the game in like
help people you know and I was off-line really is rap about gun control wearing a snitch then whatever you coming to the whatever you experienced during once you’re aware than we would hope I would think that the reason we want what we wanted because more people want it so so look I was shocked about that you said he paid by the question and I didn’t get a good answer tell you I said that crossed it out but I want his parents had a writer where they requested money from the NRA I think three $370,000 on her he was trying to argue the point that he was only allowed to talk of a certain bullet points
I’m headed to make all the right areas in the Bendy wire tomorrow I want to just if I seem to be the attraction of the century if I’m a step I may I assume that my voice is something you’d want to hear am I correct in that the question I asked you just getting a simple yes or no answer do not receive money from the NRA at any point in the last year now
so you did not not receive $375,000 from the gun lobby is it awareness-raising organization they have that day that money came from the NRA they did not go to guns Santeria is an awareness organization that’s why their tax-exempt are you just talking about the NRA again is it that is a fact the NRA is tax exempt because they are raising awareness and I’m in favor of gun control on a true and then the thing that you said I got back
that’s why I came back I got new shoes I got that
yeah I let her know that you heard or not you’re actually around yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
best and I go to miss the same lie on my book and to get your message really I’m about to see if you suffer or you or any member of your family is suffering from Memphis in Leoma talked to her lawyers alright we’re back we’re back with Don Lemon and time you’ve you’ve jokingly cut to a commercial but then the fact that you actually did a joke commercial like it would have been the perfect place every biting commentary
meet me there ain’t no angel miss a life I am living at diseases
yeah other than triggers a gun control and IMC trigger guard
I think God whatever I want you guard cucard my my dog from 10 until 4 on Thursday cuz I’ve got some shit and sassy and I’m glad you did that but that’s exactly what I’m talking about yeah I know things are going to change how to change a laughing laughing but things are going to change and then you going to wonder what happened
things are changing the time and it’s not really but y’all just raising awareness and got control by guns a hundred forty million people worldwide everyday
I like to know what is a what is a 40 million assault rifles thirty thousand of them with high-capacity magazines these are weapons that are top of the line like they are good at killing people. We have to cut to commercial okay here we go bezel book.com helps you get mesothelioma get yourself some mesothelioma find the mesothelioma that’s right for you ask your doctor if you have me
basophilia in terms of of of Mama see alone but her silhouette on the bus from now on call me from the Cuban out about for 45 minutes
oh yeah there’s an empty chair we think Trump might have sat in it or we’ll sit in it sometime this will be 8 hours of love a static image of video to make stabs one sided shape that’s good cuz if it didn’t have a it would be like
we actually do dimensional we actually have enough time to play one of your TracFone can we play your new hit up on 285 you’re a likely enough time so it looks today at 2
are you going to some gun control kind of stand up and still Rhymes are you broke your ankle and then the rest of the recording is just a live transcript of the hospital
yep I heard you want to go to do a guess at the price to to be on any Reading part of which is real audio from a hospital trip but then we could take out the challenge that was adopted to listen to the track can we get a bead on
911 911 set an alarm the clock is making app
it’s 9:11 right now but the Hammer of the lever and go out the dog at the Pharaohs and the chambers and then on Monday and Tuesday they call me mr. something different cuz I am see so they drop the mister and call me and see and Friday I do yoga and they call me like now


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