Episode: 290 – A Turd in a Slipper


Episode: 290 – A Turd in a Slipper


Dan and Jeff discuss airliner pooping and Elon Musk stories. Judd Apatow explains how his casting style has changed over his career. How much self loathing goes into being a show creator? Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, Spencer Crittenden and …


tasting tasting hello
why are there two empty seats for the front row
how many poor come down this and these kids
keep that paper on Zac Zac McKeever on sound on a beach
looking for the Hayward theater in the jumbled or tapestry whatever the fuck this place is called
in the prestigious heroin District of downtown Los Angeles we walking again and it’s always my absolute joy to say the words Prime and town is now in session thank you
everybody reach over and put your right hand in the laugh of the person next to you and get a rabbit around except for church
then give it both hands
and once in awhile the mayor is required let’s give it up for the mayor promised job
thank you wrap I’m thankful for is that
I think you and
all right
yeah sometimes you know what river is Six Degrees of Separation like that Donald Sutherland monologue about how great art is about knowing when to take the drawing away from the child
when people look at a Jackson Pollock and they go I could do that but you could you could start to do it but you keep doing it until you’re fucked it up
pilot trunk fell asleep
genius so you’re feeling less policy or more apology about that wreck feeling like crap and they’re like I’m not sure I’m not sure how comfortable I am as Comptroller of how is thin and well shaving and your haircut like that you’re looking you’re looking like the sexy version of Dan Herman thanks
thanks guys well I mean look I was going to be like all handsome people I don’t care about looks anymore
I’m over it how many abs do you think that you currently have
did I died I think I have two standard ABS that are dripping over my belt and then another to backup retro ABS that are actually my breasts and I’m working on working on reducing them and do maybe a more of a abdominal muscle I haven’t I haven’t I haven’t changed my diet which I do want to say to you know my tribe guys that look like me probably may be some risk of offending so you Russell Crowe
you know I’m sure I’ll eat a sedentary pack of quote-unquote Alphas the quotes are very self-loathing of course actually count as abs
air quotes when we flatter ourselves you could we could hang from a doorway by our air quotes nothing is sincere a tall is ironic but we’re fat and and I would just say to those guys taking myself for a fitness Guru but I will say we always think diet and exercise in like Diet seems like the easier thing as you don’t eat a cheeseburger that’s easier than doing a sit-up and I will say I want to give bad advice for a different genetic cards and stuff but I so far don’t tell Ryan I said this my trainers / if you hear is that
double dapple cleaner
because we’ve removed the Nero we have to be funny or 3 hours ago
but I was like
add you’re like well I definitely don’t want to do two things I don’t want to exercise I don’t want to die it just wouldn’t seem this way the exercise is the easier thing because if you do it you can still eat like shit like I’m still eating like shit like I was just in New York and I was just a blackout drunk I looked at the photo roll and make wet why do the police keep not arresting you are the chicken pictures of urine in the Darkness
what is the temp to do with your diet Dan won’t guess what I didn’t stop at the Albertson’s and get kale on the way home I I followed Fred Flintstone Vapor Trails of Bronco burger cookouts and just wondered into people’s living rooms at 8 turkey off of their table and if you do that you’ll probably die of like bad things but you’ll lose more.
I just thought it was an interesting fact because I never knew never knew it would work that way never tried exercising before in my life I really have a gym class that was where we were culled from the herd do you think I was maybe it was the square dancing thing like give the people that can’t throw a ball a break
let them touch a girl before they become serial killers or or was it fuck these guys that can’t throw a ball and are still going to sail through the fire system I want to prove their Monsters make them touch girls and I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to bust them what they’re actually square dancing in Milwaukee or where would I go yeah but it well yeah there’s a generational thing to do who had square dancing by Applause in there
did you did you go to some confidence or something
everyone have a suit that we did because it could Chilean Cotillion and everybody was at the guys had to look like Louis your damn then the women had to look like Audrey Hepburn and then you there was a woman that had like castanets and she would teach us how to do like the Roomba on the samba and like the moringa and shit like that lately when’s is going to come in handy turns out it did we bully people on a podcast
so it wasn’t choices that made you Superior breeding
it was being raised in Orange County like they made you be fancy privilege
well you are talk about privilege
can we talk about you hating being in first class in airports because your tweets against the mint JetBlue gate I was a JetBlue Lounge that was a lounge in the JetBlue terminal
that you need it very nice about it but this is fucked up I’m up in the lounge like a piece of shit and and u e r a talking shit about being in a first class Lounge
I just got a lot of compliments on that and it made me proud I do like people telling me I enjoyed your tweets
you know Ida is it like you know I will say thank you sometimes I won’t just start getting in a tussle with the 17-year old baggy suit disguise with a pink mustache did you ruin his face you’re a bad writer kid come on
I’m not I’m not great but I can even stay in a tweet that I’m a bad writer without writing badly I know that you don’t know
easy like adding all these syllables the sound like Frasier like that works at JetBlue or just a regular person
now this is a JetBlue tweeted and said that’s not our Lounge
you were right about it you were very because I love JetBlue the only fly back and forth from New York to LA right rarefied I’m sure I don’t know if people find Jetblue coach and if you hate your bad experiences and I don’t know the deed everybody buckle your admirer belts
a lot of oligarchs I’ll say it
I haven’t looked it up yet and but
it sounds appropriate
it will undercut our own position with our politics or hero4 I forgot why I was admirable I don’t care if my feelings about how things should work happens to point to me having to give up some some stuff for example I realized on that plane having had to do it but also I haven’t been allowed to do it which I shouldn’t have that first class people should not be allowed to shit and coach
okay it says you should if you’re in first class and the captain is taking a shit coach can’t come up and take a shit in first class is halfway and buttons that means you’re allowed from from couch to go up in the first and take a little take a little first class poop if the if the beans like the captain is like the food is going down
the captains in the Caboose
dropping a deuce
but I couldn’t answer my phone if nobody can go back down to the lavatory so you’re you are by La by ffh to go up and take a first-class poop
if it if you’re being blocked by the food cart okay so how fast were they that I think like that scene from inception was shot on there where like you know where it turns out most of the movie takes place on one level in that weird playing where there’s like a cafe and there’s like a bunch of briefcases with wheels and I have no idea what you’re talking about her or are you seeing it now without knowing it
the trick isn’t to get to see it to get you to see at the trick is to convince you you’ve seen it I’m taking a poop in the lobby right now and nobody knows that
I’ve I’ve been yelled at for being in first class and taking a poop in like Platinum class watch forward 10ft and took a poop and then as I was coming out
I fucking dude followed me back to my seat unemployed the airline legally get a little uniform like like which meant he was waiting for me to finish pooping
and this is a scuse me sir you’re not supposed to use the bathroom said well it was you know it’s a blue-collar poop so it doesn’t really matter I didn’t say that I’m a coward
does a platinum blue color poop area but you you didn’t use that you could
it’s it’s just like disguised more like more words to into the turn the coffee pot and then there’s like a bathroom I just passed it I just because I’m used to the geography of like the bathrooms going to be as far as you can walk and then you hang a yo right
and then you do your thing and that but I didn’t know that likes for stockbrokers where like
did that millionaire just put his
on our bill inner toilet
and fill it with whatever fucking high-quality vegan
bakery that he didn’t even have to eat
did I tell you I was in San Francisco and I’m flying back to LA first class and I hit the San Francisco Giants who just won the World Series while we were in the airport so everybody bought everybody a fernet branca and I like anger seemed so I had 90 drinks and I got on the plane sat down and got it I have to borrow I have to barf. We talked about this before I think you mentioned that you and I went back and puked all over my shoes but I didn’t do it in the front confront one because that’s where the people that fly that goddamn thing or going to have to be so I went in the back and I was persona non grata I wish I wish I was a bad guy because it took me 30 minutes to clean the bomber back this type of truck is it is we all know for the everyone’s going to look at me anyway even if it’s not my poop they all look at me but I luckily
for almost in the back laboratory is a very short and I couldn’t get down close enough to the thing to to like 6 so I just basically just leaned my head over
and vomited a gallon of fernet-branca and acres to him all over the whole building
hey what’s up from front like first class champion in here
I like it without that without the blank I thought it was I thought it was funny with the blanket but the desk is very I like ya as this show goes on and going to keep adding drawers
and the opening going to be like The King’s Speech at some point and write a whole thing I’m going to be like The King’s Speech at some point
I hope you know that at the end of this mystery we’re not going to be
surprised that you were the ghost yeah
you’re the only one that was here when our van broke down obviously you’re here with here looking for the gold and using projectors and you’re right that now no one is going to be surprised Weiser letting us know thank you
because I like
I want to freeze them like for there because all the people are always friendly and they’re always look I’m biased and this doesn’t make people good but there’s an overwhelming percentage of JetBlue flight attendant at work and I’m sorry but that makes you a good airline in my book and they know they like me so now I can be the area so it’s just fine and they do the thing where they put the the the cart in front of the thing is the thing and I I got up to use the bathroom and the flight attendants are really nothing they look like and yeah
feels more sincere and honest they like it’s okay he can say it I bet if I was a welder they be like I think you mean he’s shiting
when will never know how funny my bit was going to be introducing Judd Apatow that’s not the best is not the worst but
but then I thought what about the voices we don’t get to hear
and I took it was then that I decided to start using my podcast as a signal boost for the unheard voices of America please welcome Judd Apatow
thank you
maybe they went for you let it out the first part I’m going to have to
this is the whole time you’re on stage
uh-oh how come you get a stand for your microphone there’s one with a power move to have your own sand and danaya to your guests
it’s got there’s one over there but it’s actually now that I know that I donated mine it’s it’s not only did I get to high road but it’s actually better not to have one that’s the thing is stanless
how many pianos are there
a complicated way to hold a microphone
and you know the real irony zero typewriters
no there’s one typewriter
what he is do you got to stand to
and we don’t even want them was right
I hate them I hate Stan’s

I never realize how insulting they are likely go can I hold that for you know
thank you for that was that was so much the drink holder thank you for the drink holder
do you play a little piano job I only know one thing
Pikachu stop that’s like stopping a shave and a haircut and never learning tube it
he just ate but he was improvising I figured that out inverted the first fight
back when he was 8 his mom is like judge no Mom it’s hard tired of you just want on the microphone stand I thought you wanted to save me a whole lot of calories
are you did get him a piece of furniture
you are at your just looking at Victorian Lord over there oh yeah the building have a job that just had something that worries you would like to be famous to do that instead of like like like like like like talking about you as if you’re an inhuman demagogue and like wondering why you asking like what was it like an autograph at Disneyland they will send security over and they will let you cut the lines the rest of the day
you don’t like Tom Hanks goes it’s a security problem if people start asking for autographs on autograph Security will walk you around the rest of the day and let you cut the lines so the next time I went to Disneyland I wore a 40 year old virgin t-shirts
and I did not get asked for an autograph one time I was looking at people’s eyes so you may have a dysmorphia about my level of success in the weirdest distracting policy on their part I like how does that make you feel happy because then died I figured I had a crack the code which is I bring my wife right that’s one person
how do you verify that you have to walk up to somebody that’s an employee there and say hello my name is Judd Apatow
I’m in a real hurry lying I would imagine you but that’s why it’s like it’s like there’s people like going wheelchairs because I’m not saying this but I occasionally on Whose Line Is It Anyway everybody everybody that works at Disneyland is 24 they all are Cedar kids the only took an improv class
so Church my girlfriend and I we went there and we were like way more famous than you because
I swear you’re famous but only in like that room. But they’re going to know who you are but you have to not get the right shirt
I have to wear a portable versus Eastern time in Preston that it’s not us warm cuz it’s there is respect it said can I have a job for saying like it’s almost like lately your your brand is that you can give people movie dangerous like I’m only famous might yell at you if he’s drunk your brand like like that that it would be not only like an invitation for a lot of like kinds of conversations that would make me very anxious place for me to go because I walk up and down the street Sunday’s they was kind of just looking for anyone who makes movies you know they spot you and now they hand you like memory sticks which have a screenplay on
can put a strange memory stick into your computer
you could be anything really that might be anything that might be something awful like a computer and a girl came up and she said mr. Harman I am such an admirer of your work like do you think I can get it can I please like I know this is crazy but I don’t do this thing that you’re telling me is crazy I think I’d like to take it and I sign it and she’s goes and if you could read it that be great and walked away. Do you ever read a stranger screenplay like would you ever just read that I had to
I got like because what if she’s good and I can I just throw it in the garbage because I felt later like how dare she so I was like man that’s pretty sweaty
Judd how did I like Amell and Emily come to you if the big sick will you pause with him before that well no not at all I went to Atlanta and then I’d like to show the first episode of girls and Geographic who is the manager for Pete Holmes we do Pete Holmes podcast and I said who’s Pete Holmes and
mfi Lafitte house and we don’t you think you can mail and Chris gethard and I think Todd Barry and we met on stage and it was just really weird that over the next few years I produce Chris’s one-man show and and then I’m not working with Pete on crashing and work with Camille the most productive podcast of all time and crazy story about Emily and the coma and all of it and I just don’t know what has a story that good like everyone that anecdote of their life by dark enough to be like makes you have to wonder what if I had one date and then
feels just a little too dark to make jokes about it, and I thought well that seems like a good movie but I didn’t really does anybody really know come out come out
you can only know my horrible impression of him I’ve never heard one of those presents but you want to try to do what you dislike a phrase or a word that you that you get to get you started like free Kumail it’s it’s because of that in and out of a Burger King drive-thru and try to order something as Kemal but you cannot use the word
do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no limits is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through the New Black film how it relates to the culture and sometime about the themes would like to my own life so it’s always a little t and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
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do you have given people opportunities that changed their life I don’t know about that
sing like a changed life but I’m still I’m still working at the Apple Store
this used to be an Apple store but it was pretty much moved up yeah that forward because as we’re discussing backstage your term was the patient zero I was using either of these phrases are going to be flattering to him but Ben Stiller is like that you called them the patient zero I called him at the Lestat been like you’re as near as self-starter and then grabbed you and it was the Ben Stiller show like you were on that where you eat well I was my main job then was I was writing HBO specials for Tom Arnold and iroh
Roseanne’s act with her for a year and I was doing a lot of like special or like a penis
My Sharona only delivering it right remembers that all sounds like a reality comedy piece was called and Tom Arnold The Naked Truth how many people saw one of those oh damn greatness
well, he doesn’t age well but also old people like that was 26 27 years ago what was the shot Chris Farley hitting on Strangers Like with hidden cameras on HP 27 years ago was 1950
two from the Ben Stiller show from here is 1954 yeah I know it’s mr. show was this is the most recent good sketch show and why do you look so good in life where he’s now he’s a old man
I hope he doesn’t do that again it’s been so long and we’re so close to death with he has more hope it did not used to wear suits all the time he used to wear bowling shirts all the time and I’m at the time he went suit every day for the rest of my life only has bespoke shoes and Suits yeah and I went the other way which is about 3 years ago I decided that every day of my life I would wear a black James Perse polo shirt
I just got I just kept wearing Rick and Morty shirts until there were so many people watching at the 20% of the people were Nazis and then
because it’s a good show that’s loved by a lot of really wonderful people and good people on both sides but if I was it was it was it wasn’t because of that I’m being clipped but but but it was because actually I don’t want to look like I’m doing the right thing and that’s it because we eat well and we’re just searching for a shirt that makes us look kind of shity 45 + 50
but let’s rewind just a little bit before been so I didn’t know that so my imagine it was like I was like I think you started like when you were in high school you were at your mom was working at a good deed and did you read the Wikipedia page your mom was I was working at a comedy club I’ll be at my parents got divorced because my parents you saw the restaurant and the guy was the bartender who went on to become like a big manager of the Tim Allen and the, Long Island soak in the aftermath of his terrible divorce my mom was broke was just she was sitting people at a comedy club and so that was made in 1982 or something that that’s how old are you and I was 15 or 14
it’s like there’s this there’s the Mogul that pays it back and then there’s the there there’s also what you started as that kind of like self-starting precocious guy that who threw your mom’s job you were getting like Headliners to come and do your interview show that you did for what is AV club in high school or the high school radio station out of the parking lot and so what happens I went to the CO2, shows all summer and it was like Paul provenza and Jay Leno and people like that and I just need my little teenager I need to meet them how can I mean that I had a friend who used to spend like REM like when they first started for the high school radio station that he’s like maybe you could start to show where you going to be excused to call them and then I would call them and I did was Steve Allen and I show up I didn’t have it I literally brought a boombox
that had a record function and I put like the boom box on the table and press record
so that was the beginning of it and then but that was a podcast and in my head like I wish I could talk to Harold Ramis right right technology that kid would have a podcast but it is there is a there’s an archetype
you’re funny, Dean and the people getting a kick out of like a pretty good person for I just proved I was a great guy like I’ve I’ve I’ve done that for a certain podcast of it I don’t know I don’t know what he’s done for so many that it’s kind of crazy that if he wasn’t also Ben Stiller in there for interesting and different ways it would be an actual frog tongue and just grab the
I have to take something wonderful about a guy that I owe everything to and purposely turned it into the most grotesque benefactor has great taste
so I was like no make it grow some dumb because the Saturday Night Live he was like a writer performer kind of didn’t let him on the show how we got on the show the crazy story which is he made a short film which is a parody of the movie of color of the color of money which is about a version of John Mahoney which was bowling and he played Tom Cruise and John Mahoney played Paul Newman cruise with insane
and so easily makes us feel he waits in the lobby at NBC to end he sees Jon Lovitz and he handed him says will you show some of the Saturday Night Live and he did and then he said we’re going to put it on this weekend and people loved it and then you got to have to be on the show but when he was on the show me he was like I want to make short films no one there wanted him to make short films so he left like he quit Saturday Night Live like in six weeks and he did a show for MTV and then that didn’t go but had some great them online and Elvis Costello unplugged I was with Dana Gould and he had met Ben and we both knew HBO was looking to produce the sketch show and then Ben and I thought of an idea and we sold it like two weeks later and we have known each other for two weeks when the show got sold at him and thought we were Pals
you know how to do anything special it was a mistake and then we picked it for HBO and HBO started a production company and they sold it to be there with the producers to Atwood are on Fox so so Fox had no vetting process of like these are children
they shouldn’t have a network showing suddenly I’m the executive producer from like it just writing jokes like after like we’re on it Garofalo and you dig our friend do you know stama topple this was it was it was on it and and Robin Cullen and it was all done with like it you know we were so naive we didn’t know that there was a thing called
then I just sat down in like 5 minutes just when will Bob and andyr funny and Janine’s funny all right but we didn’t know that in town was Jack Black and Will Ferrell in all these people we just thought that we love and he just didn’t know he could and then back then we were processed how old how old are you in that first kickoff 24 what that’s crazy when I
blogged your 58 it’s something that I learned early on like I I I was dating you probably know Tracy Caskey I was thinking like I remember kvetching about something at probably that age and is it like a drama queen like you like about this imagine like fraud complex you have an industry-first
born with these parents that you know they were the the rest of us have these stories about being in our pajamas and running out of the parties and be a like oh and here’s this little sociopath let’s all pay attention to the most funniest guy in the Midwest and Ben Stiller’s the son of these legendary hilarious amazing party animal comedy people who are never going to be outshone no matter what is pajamas look like and I think that we owe that what Ben Stiller being so unsatisfied being so unable to just go and nailed it do 13 episodes of the show with you that won an Emmy after effect cancel in me it makes him it made him at least at that time like he is just always like oh that person’s funny
who do you say is funny like if I hear someone’s funny I just go will fuck that person I’ll figure out why later but I feel like Big Ben would hear someone eat them like I help them well it was nice or Owen Wilson When We Were cast into the cable guy and you could just see it was like a comedy falling in love you know we saw a little piece of bottle rocket and we just lost our mind like we thought the movie with make $200 with a bunch of people over the years we started off by saying i r r version casting is just taking the four people that we know now that you get the pick of the litter at like how does that work for you now how does it work now
sometimes I have a lot of energy for Cathy when we did Freaks and Geeks we said let’s get real kids and work better with real kids so me and Paul and Jake hasn’t open calls and no one at noon in Vancouver anyone can come read for us and 1,000 people would show up in Chicago and that way and then other projects you’re just tired and you just realized I know I’m not going to look at that many people but this one seems Seems good for when you look at Freaks and Geeks in the fact that that was in terms of the Lestat Factor the patient zero that you acknowledge that you feel proud of that but you did that every single person in Freaks and Geeks went on to become an entire you know cottage industry of that that actually doesn’t usually happen and that that means that you
picked up that Ben Stiller habit yeah I mean it’s so weird now when you really look at it and how deep into the show and it’s a whole nother level at the people who are discovering people then we didn’t even
we’re just going to hire great kids we’re not going to go I need a blonde for this I need a tall guy with his attitude just who of every kid that you could show us as great and we will rewrite the ball will rewrite the script to Taylor to these people you can find amazing people but also I felt terrible about the fact that I knew the shows going to get canceled and all these kids had like four go on College and 9th and I really you know that was the time when it was way more young Stars robbing liquor stores of things and I thought I need to not allow that to happen my Jewish codependency kicked in and wanted to keep the team together but I was also afraid for their their lives right slide over to YouTube and get robbed a Google which which which I think is going to play the other one in the movie about the other person
what’s more likely
answer my question
I just about died I mean I’ll facilitate this in anyway I can LOL I’ll play Judd in a movie that’s a little darker where the people don’t know you started my acting career you and yeah yeah I kind of really they say it like like really an n n n i I can’t remember if it was in the car if it’s just like in my memory was like I felt really bad because I I said to Adam Sandler’s character is it was it AIDS or cancer and then he he went like Jesus fucking Christ are you done being funny
in the Ghostbusters reboot Freaks and Geeks and then that precede Larry Sanders show right like $90 and you get 5 hours of this the whole time I would think I would trick myself into thinking I was still at Larry Sanders and this is just a scene about some of their kids and I thought if I just write this the way you carry would approach Sanders it’ll be right and they did to that was like my little private
I don’t know a couple years ago and it looks to me like in well you guys were developing it that the idea would have been that it would have been this kind of noises off hybrid that it was going to be very busy there was a formula of there that we were going to be rooted in the talk show and it was going to be stories we’re going to threaten to derail the show is retold it and that it clearly evolved into a thing or like we definitely didn’t care if we ever saw was happening I stated that was just like a weird Mills at that sometimes collapsed and everything is just described like that was that an evolution of my accurate
and it was some sort of problem with Little Richard his little The Little Richard was mad about something any was watching a producer trying to like calm down Little Richard and I think that he realize that this is a whole emotional World hosts that everyone is trying to figure out what he wants and there’s a there’s all these relationships between the the back room that through the back of a talk to you could explore just the entire Human Condition and I think Gary was fascinated by his own problems with wanting to be successful and famous it’s that he hated his own Eagle maniacal Tendencies it was enough it could have been a black box theater show that never that one of the sets you could broken down the set of the talk show
his office and it was the kitchenette and because it was like and it was it was just this crazy self-loathing like like weird spiraling portrait of this the kind of guy that’s good at this job and there’s nothing that will make him happy to the destruction of most of his relationships and it just never works till finally he’s pushed off his own show by the younger guy know no Larry Sanders thought it was scary Shandling Show streaming on HBO Go on he was mad about Lucille not doing his sisters will
do you recall a point in some season of that show the way that I cuz I think about Rick and Morty thank you you have daughters I’m sure you’re familiar
did that stop it stop it
I got to stop touching children I’ve got a story can we go into a segment called Elon Musk story was the yes we can in a second in a second where this template that you decided on where you’re like you know we had this whole idea of the show and was there a frustration or a breakdown or an epiphany where someone or some faction or some people said we don’t even have to ever see the talk show in order for this to be a good show the wife he wished he had so we have is like a professional the Kathryn harrold like smart woman and it was almost like what would a relationship look like if I was saying
and and and never played the way that they needed to because that wasn’t the kind of person I dated in real life and that we did have a conversation once about Larry should be single because I don’t think this is truthful what you’re trying to do with your wife and there was also some good episodes and they were great but as soon as you made him date I think that was the moment where it became more about his you know his personal life and how frustrated he wasn’t more truthful I think that voice and just like not being able to handle it and I can’t handle it
Barney Miller pilot do you watch the Barney Miller highlight of his wife lives they got their work is there anything like loves his wife and then he goes to work with these this like a group of a one-act play but it is it’s it’s a favor in the weird connection there is that the Dick Van Dyke Show always struggled with that to which was the first thing Gary Shanley brought up in the one encounter I’ve ever had with him which was right before we lost him and I haven’t been able to watch you your documentary on him cuz I just landed so maybe it’s a dumb reason maybe it’s because
if he was just met a guy and it in and I and Sarah Silverman bless her heart someone who was smart enough to recognize that I was she couldn’t work with me and yet still would invite me to her room. Parties and you know it’s a brace that she’s nice and she knew you want to meet Gary Shandling it was like yeah but I do that this is a really big dragging it out like them and you don’t know him it doesn’t matter how this turns out for him and a show called
I’d like to think it’s cuz it was a 2-2 inside to meta G’s and they still giving
and I was like I was like what I wanted to hear from him because his Showtime show not submitted it’s like she was always the guy where the painting was part of the frame but he loves that you’re being real with him and that you’re you’re showing him your pain and that’s why he wanted to talk to you because he he really couldn’t handle the bullshit I’m all fucked up right now he’s like let’s go let’s go let’s go I never even knew what was he at work. He worked on that show TV so it’s not TV Fucking Dick Van Dyke worked on my impression is fading I turned to mail
it’s about that about that the wear and is I like my shit saw where it’s supposed to be
able to watch that because that was a celebrity death that buckled my friends probably loved it you ghoul
Elon Musk start
start first who’s going first let’s start with them then you got the first Elon Musk
I don’t know if you was trying to throw a party but he throws a terrible parties
shut up retard you’re up
Elon Musk have the card and he was just like a mystery scientist guy I was at an Oscar party and I was talking to him I didn’t really like know the significance of them you just seem like at all strange very smart man and and I’m a little drunk and I don’t know he was in whatever space he lives in and just do the regular space and I was and he said I’m trying to invent a rocket ship that will go to Mars and back and then I said to him there’s no way you’ll figure that out before you’re dead
reminds me of did you ever work with Elon Musk
I mean hot fucking them
wait wait wait with Shams Island never work the same time I don’t know I love love love them Bill Clinton which is that said that he wrote on everything and I who was currently the president only when he was meeting him and and it was some fundraiser who knows what and in the president does his leg whole line of things and you shaking his hip hop god dammit
I’m only going to give you this it was a party that there’s a house party in like Bellaire Beverly Hills and someone said I think the president’s coming by and it was like no he’s fucking that and then Bill Clinton shows up at a house party
Bellaire party and be Sam Simon and it and and be in here that the president’s coming by and it’s not your house that’s a lot of people just take it from there because you’ll have everything else right president comes by and it’s complicated situation with remember who helped create The Simpsons
what’s Camille there too
call Andy Pandy wait are you Bernie fight for
you’re kind of in the same impression category you learn to categorize things
talking so Bill Clinton goes I love The Simpsons and then and then like somebody comes up like there’s some kind of like like like like like meet a guy comes up and goes like you got to you got to go to the thing and then the other thing you got to do is even more needing to be done than that and Bill Clinton like
should I just helped to set up a blind I know I know I know Sam’s punchline but there’s nothing that happens in the white house that doesn’t need my looking at and I have to sign everything I have to look and sign off and and put a signature on everything and ants and tell me about it
my favorite story is he a season 2 of and we talked about this I think you have told it yeah
he sees he goes into The Grotto season a little blonde girl at the Playboy Mansion he sees a little young blonde girl getting fucked in the butt by a giant black female football player and he’s watching and everyone’s just taking it like it’s not no big deal and he lights up a cigarette and he’s watching it and security runs in with the ear pieces in the ear monitors they right in the kisser you can’t smoke in here
and then if Shrek tell the story eight times in the show 30 minutes later he’s outside The Grotto the girl comes out naked rubbing her but like kind of in pain and she goes
what was the name of this club again and I asked him like what was her reading like like cuz I want to call my friends up or fucked this place like get me the meeting was kind of like who needs this
start a third Act of this is like sort of like
I told you back that cuz I was I was like

what do you want talk about you like what does that mean and and because it circles these areas of like the pride complex we’ve dealt with that’s the road of Trials and we don’t need to be hooked up to a polygraph and I can ask you a thousand times do you have a fraud complex and you can either say yes or no one will never really understand like like do you really like do you look in the mirror when you go home at night and go to a bat out who are you kidding I think we’ve had this conversation with my psychic yesterday honestly it’s hard to know I guess I was
but there was this psychic we were talking to cuz we was just wrong about everything but really confident you know she’s like you and your wife for what what was debralee but the woman was like the classic cars classic cars like your mom is not doing well just big swings at like really terrible things happening you know that she told me you were in Katrina
but I store you’ve you seen your share of storms but you did say you thought about killing yourself right right
is a real swings Chris for real oh yeah and there’s a prude antagonist psychics interest is like read fortunes like that you’re going to it’s in the way that you use it
Subway sick was she close to you and if you’re in a good mood they kind of say things that support. And if you’re in a bad mood they’re like you you having a hard time or I’d like I gave off the terrible vibe that you just trouble she didn’t she wasn’t a big appetite
This is 40 isn’t isn’t timetable yet it is like digging movies are you in England in a big way you are pretty anti-british in there you know who you really worked at the Russell Brand’s in the English people and it doesn’t explode the whole thing one time I was on a road trip and I was like fun
but I thought it would be in the cult experience I didn’t know what number is she was like will your you want to do this but you want to do that was it was actually the opposite of what you’re describing like no it like tiny little weed wackers waves that couldn’t help with the Acura is like you couldn’t you’re conflicted about something related to your life
take your good AA aa10 removed because you actually are engaging in a self inventory that could be beneficial it could be a form of therapy but then at the end of it was like it just turned into like this is like you know and you know you’ve turned your back on Christ and he just needs to adjust everything. Christian and I’m like wow how do you know thanks for coming
how do you know I’m not Muslim and aren’t you a witch
how are you even on this when I was like 10 years old I got my palm read.
When you’re in your late 40s you going to have an injury to your right ear I’m going to give me give me this damn back
Lions does it’s fucking impossible
and the psychic implied that we were about to go on vacation to Hawaii and she was like I’m seeing I don’t know I’m seeing some windy roads and I love you like I’m going to die on the vacation and so we went and hid in the room for 10 days like dangerous roads we got scared but we proved her I don’t know if he proves are correct or not correct because you have died two months later read my hands are you going to live
forever but what about my fucking here
we’re going to live forever but you’re going to lose your brother’s going to take your ear he’s a giant Ox yeah I’ve been told I’m going to have 3 children I think that ship has sailed nothing’s ever
accurate about the are you what is it looks respect our guest and give them what it would type it like that
how funny I thought we were I thought we were talking about when is enough enough yeah I know what do you have fantasies of retirement well and asking about whether or not he’s allowed to retire yet
retiring would you think then why do you still do it because
it is always been for the money and I hate everyone and they’ve always hated me and I arrived alone and I’m leaving likewise and and and they’ve been hurtful and they’re going to miss me when I’m gone
and I intend to prove it I just test drove a Tesla it yesterday at Sunday I had to cut you off for a second look because your your identity is based on your output like you want to be liked and and to be in the mix but you’re going to fuck
can you tell me how much money have you made
well I am I allowed to count the money I’m going to make yeah but you have $10 are you like do you like a Ryan Murphy deal yes
probably judge you and I are just meant I can guarantee you haven’t known Dan for a long long long time he’s never going to retire because his identity is to built into the work Huey you want to create and you want people to like the things that you could have a movie coming out to the park at I moved to Montana I’ll be happy just moving to the hills and completely season like he’s very resonant thing has been made to feel like I’m going to go to a cabin in Montana is just becomes this Mantra then like the season ends with
Wyatt is like I don’t make the mistake of thinking that I don’t love attention that I don’t need to feel the admiration of strangers and all the stuff like I I’m pretty confident that I mean it when I say I would love to wake up one morning and asked myself the question what do I want to do all the work done I have a deadline not have a Bond movies like the kind of it that did that got you your start and the kind of niggerish Robert ID Channel 101 it was like happiest times of Our Lives when we were in our twenties and we made these dumb things and make them now you put them on Instagram and just like 40 Nazis go stop talking about politics I don’t
it’s like it’s like a fulfillment like I’ll make a little song and I’ll go like that feels nice I think that’s the expression on my dad’s face when he works on stained glass he’s like my dad doesn’t go I can’t stand not working on VHS duplication anymore my dad doesn’t have to be good or bad or lying or on it in order to be like I’d prefer working on stained glass he’s really bad at it like I hope my dad he makes terrible speaking class is he a fan of the show she probably provided tutelage in making stained glass better than he’s made an accident okay well alright
it’s getting the reason you ground is because the job is poorly constructed it’s not because it was like a low blow. How about you and I are you going to be the kind of person that wants to retire soon or you can work twerk are smaller are less pressure and more fun I was really enjoyable to you to work on the documentary I made a documentary about the Avett Brothers and about Darryl Strawberry’s my good and I find that I’m getting more and more joy out of the things I don’t get paid for and even able to find some
or you don’t like your what is your relationship with people’s opinion of you is like oh fuck them that’s the healthiest I can get even the ones who like you no no no no no I just mean like I like it’s it’s it’s like oh that relationship can hurt me so you’re about to tell me how to get a relationship where you actually it’s okay for them to say fuck you just have to dial you straightway fucking privileged piece of shit because you’re a piece of shit and you’re allowed to leave
happening at this some people love it and it’s some people but is it ever going to make this guy a good person or a bad person a lot of what happened I just called you a bad person I want I want that to go on record
you a bad person wasn’t in the area of being a good person but you were focusing on your own ego and your own success and not helping anybody somebody came up and said like hey can you help me open this soda I’d be like how is that going to make television good you better fucking figure it out cuz I’m going to be controlling TV one day you’re going to be open and sodas our breed are you a are you a are you a more likable person write like you’re like lately there’s self-abusive inflate loathing with authenticity and so they’re like I like him cuz he hates himself
that gives me a break from hitting myself it’s terrible we’re all in healthy that’s true cuz I remember I was working a terrible notes and I said to the guy I said I’m not doing any of them what happens now
and then we got canceled, glad we got canceled and I made this pilot with the great Dave Herman you know from Office Space and then King of the Hill and that you had a beard he played a parole officer and the head of the network said I want you to read we are three days into shooting the pilot I want you to reach you and everything cuz I don’t like the beard is only villains and Pirates have beards
and so then the head of the production company came to me and said you could you do this will you read shoot everything you’ve done but we have been like improvising for 3 days that you couldn’t really recreate what had happened and he looked better have a great guy and I said I don’t think I can do it like I don’t think that it will be better without the beard and she said if you don’t shave the beard there’s no chance to show get picked up I like really like she will hold that against me like she begged me to make a show but you hold it against me and not pick it up because of the beer and she said yeah well I’m not even the beard and then they didn’t pick up your like I can’t do it and I was like
he was like remember there’s like a bus that had all this like sexy signs on it and he was just running away from this the bus with the perfume ad on the side and we shot that and then we shot this speed-dating sequence and the studio saw it and then someone from the studio in the middle of the day called and said shut the movie Down
and they said neither Steve looks like a serial killer and I’m Paul Rudd looks fat and the your lighting it like an indie but it also felt like
you really understand that this style of what we were doing it for the first time in my career I went okay I’m going to listen to everything I say because someone said to me when you would you tell people there. You’re stupid you’re calling them stupid and then if they make it their mission to destroy you the docks their reaction is all the Master Class by the way you just listen to the notes just maybe there’s a way to do the notes and so she’s a quality he looks like a serial killer and I said well you could use it all the time I see but we probably could make that maybe like a running gag that I couldn’t tell him he’s looking like a serial killer
I mean don’t address the note you make the note part of the joke is a turd in the slipper with a turd in the slipper with Tracy means like you like you put your foot in his it is slippery with a turd in it and it’s a joke that feels good but it’s not right
but other than that she has not called turn the slipper and quince
but that I couldn’t I couldn’t make small Redskin here because I wanted run to be to be fat you know like you know he was always so cute looks like it’s falling apart and I said I’m going to make Paul lose weight is the lady and then I realized I could do this didn’t even make sense shutting us down like she could have just called and said he’d keep an eye on these three things they did an email I’ll come in and it’s like
is their choice to make it seem catastrophic and so their language is catastrophic and so you inherit that and then you go will then Defiance is the only horse that is why it’s worse like breathing and going what’s the note behind the note and let them be hysterical actually this is this is as most notes Defiance has to prove that that serves of your ego It Go like actually you guys think it’s hard to make him in any way you can return your ego in your body like so hard because when they give you the notes what you’re thinking is
I need to hit it because it because that’s a link to the pre supposition that you didn’t you don’t know what you’re doing because if you really confidence isn’t actually dumbshit’s and I are you sure this should be
isn’t it kind of like do you want us to engage in the humiliating ritual of changing it for you the reason why I’m also that confident is not I’m not I but but I just realize I don’t know if maybe was that moment that coincide with you
a relationship that you’re in your personal life a daughter born or a wife married that you’re like I got to stop making Bridges out of firewood position which is the show or even a scene or anything going wrong I would just lose my shit and my wife would always make fun of me and and just you know just be like a nightmare on the side Nightmare on the side like mock me you don’t melt down on the side what will you do and she just so
laugh at me for the fact that I would go to 10 on things that were that important and and I made a connection at one point I was going to try and fight I wanted to direct the pilot that we did with Dave Herman I couldn’t get them to let me directed they they said no and I was just losing my shit and I realize I was treating the head of the network like my mother and that I was looking to their to head to the network and fox like my mom and dad getting divorced and then I had the energy of like a fourteen-year-old fucking flipping out with them and I’m like this isn’t what’s happening I’ve different energy than was actually going wrong here and I would like my mother I made a choice to find people who understood what I do and that I wouldn’t be in fights if I really spend more time with what executive
that’s the joke and ever since I’ve done that it’s all easier but you have to give the really ever met Larry gelbart and neighbors the one with John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd and he said he went out to dinner with the director and the director wasn’t funny but he didn’t do anything about it he’s just like he wasn’t funny and then he said he realized I don’t have the right team around me the whole thing is screwed and so that’s what I tried to do slow down and go who really understands me but but that guy that melts down that that’s what he’s trying to do is try he’s trying to make the he’s going this isn’t right you’re not right you don’t get me this email is you being a person that can’t
work with me so we have these stories where oh okay and then I Rose and I breathed and I became a better collaborator but then you just undercut it right there because it’s like no that’s just as true to its chemistry how are you ever going to make anything work you didn’t know you were allowed to not cast your friends Ben Stiller show that sketch show like I said let’s let’s have Seth Rogen be the lead of Undeclared either he started laughing like it was so ridiculous and point you realize like all this energy I put into my meltdown it’s not activating anyting better it is making me sick and is there any way to just not do it only cuz it’s it’s exhausting at some point because I’m not like you got you guys have things that go on will you have a hundred people that work
you know what you underneath you like you’re making a you could have fooled me with what you’re pushing the sports drink backstage drink company like
how is the Famous Jett between you and me why is that even here a few that are reliant upon you how much does that way into your daily decision-making at all or not a bit well it depends on the project is sometimes you’re working with people and you a big break like so if I fuck this up Amy Schumer is screwed
I think about it but it’s a kids because I just think I’m going to make my children a laughingstock around the world and your people to make up the apartment all these like grips and it happened to his phone all this stuff television industry there was a big job about that and also it’s not always true that every day that Sony came to a table read Community with your shity crazy Dungeons & Dragons that’s why I kept saying to them you know you can always fire me and all these guys
it it it kind of like it it it sometimes that fraud complex goes I’m actually I need to get out of here to save people hauling table and weird but everyone in Show Business is in the circus so if this isn’t like feeling working at Ford for 25 years and The Show Goes Down And they never get a job again they all just jump on another fucking Hulu show Kevin Spacey gets Kevin Spacey to end the house of House of Cards just dies
probably a hundred and fifty people that said fuck I just got hired like I I thought I had a choice
he sucks it’s that’s awful but you know only shows are like Eight Episodes are 10 episodes and there’s so much demand for cruise for shows that they come to the biggest part of it I mean you’ll get screwed is like certain actors or actresses they can only work on that show you know they’re certain people on Roseanne Hugo this is where they’re going to score in this show you know my question wasn’t so much about the grand picture of Laurie Metcalf being out of a job it’s the fact that when you’re writing an episode fighting with the network fighting with the studio having your own little like tug-of-war how much do you think about the fact that you’re that you’re in charge of a lot of people think about it in the sense that there’s a big crew and I know but I really think I’d like to work well for them so that they all feel respected if anything goes it gets weird they can come to me
and it will be dealt with in that like we’re like a happy but that’s not that’s not a big burden on you as you’re doing the Creator who who are nightmare it requires more energy how much time is set screws like shows have you been on where it was a fucking nightmare cuz I got to work in comedy where everybody is nice and only maybe one or two times people were shity but that’s like really rare like ugly I haven’t had a lot of those shity in the yelling at the crew and yelling at the dolly grip that they missed the mark they could do see that like somebody who he has so obsessive doing a good job they’re mean to people around them but I think everyone has bad days were they do that are you do you think you’re good at cultivating at like an environment of happiness and fun and grooving at least one person
I am not funny. Like like I don’t know how you are like you know when you when you’re working on episodes in your onset I am so nervous that the day is not going well that my main fall is I need to figure out a way to seem like I’m in an okay mood for everyone around me cuz what’s in my head is so I’m totally fixated on what they’re doing that and then I overtime over a couple of Seasons I actively notice because I love being in the edit day and I and I love being in the writers room and then I would sometimes go to the set where they’re shooting the things that you wrote The Writers room that you labor and then is that you’re going to have to edit and what I would notice is that me on the set was like you might as well throw a bucket of chicken bones in the air and and adjust the set the way the chicken bones in five big because because it was basically like
he is sometimes the chicken bones are going to be right to his right eye is like like outside of stinks for communicate with the dice agree with added to a point when the show is going well you were shooting crashing right now we have great directors I don’t feel like when I sit on the set it is essential to what’s happening and I’m always thrilled when an episode comes in an incredible and I can go I was not there for one second you know it has like he’s got his ass clap to this director’s chair it’s like we’re burning money here he could be on developing something to the Amish Kaminski and Lincoln
why are they always admired where are they always from the sum which are we from from my money holds up I hate this question we’ve connected with you you’re at you’re at the top of the tornado which means you’re either going to be flung off and be a cautionary tale of the velocity of a human body or or end up somewhere random I guess what is the best part of the
was in Kansas when there’s tornado suck the movie ended up sitting in Hawaii happily married so far so good you’re doing alright you started like scrapping and wanting and you’ve been transparent about it like there’s a hundred and ninety people in here some of them are surely bad people some of them are good people a lot of them is you guys are all good people. Is there any way to like like like like after all of these Decades of you with these these roller coasters like I had it it’s dumb it’s like well what is it you do
but you know what is the advice Dan Harmon so he’s not so freaked out right now. Well I think you know the one thing that I got out of being around Gary was because I never thought about any of the things that you talked about before meeting him from a personal place you’re trying to learn who you are through your creativity you know he was a guy who didn’t say he wasn’t really part of the system like he made these shows but he didn’t seem like he was apart of Show Business and he was almost like an independent filmmaker in doing his TV shows and I think there’s a lot to be said for
caring that passionately about whatever you’re doing and being willing to dig deep and then if you have something to say people might connect to it that you can’t really succeed if you’re just trying to be a cog in the machine really trying to figure out what do you want to express to other people and I ate a look for me I in a very simple way I think I’m over and over just trying to say you know stupid asshole try to be nicer try to grow and that every movie is like a fuking idiot trying to be less of a fuking idiot you know a meeting at the end of the story of my life it’s just another version of that and that’s what it is a common theme that no matter how hard you try to get away from landing on it again
what are you saying do you have any dealing with being brilliant Total Community in Rick and Morty like it’s so easy for it to come around to control for control or are we walking up are we just like going back to a golf swing that is basically like killing our shoulder lately are we supposed to be different than what happened to you that you were obsessed with the idea of control
this is a whole different show
but I’ve never heard anyone talk about that as a theme but I’m fascinated by how it works loyal freak I feel like KontrolFreeks worried about not having control and I find myself waking up every day and going I’m a I’m terrified I’m going to be a control freak but we don’t have to get to think how you carry it like I’m sure there’s no difference between how I’m controlling things now you’re controlling her acting around the office heater in this new age where it’s like oh I like it has any of this to come cash inable like like the common man or lady
you can be common Spanish like Can it can they say you’re all right you did it but but not mean you did it like you made three branded content videos that one Chloe it doesn’t like no because you did all that stuff all right you’re not gross anymore like you’re not like like touch your hand in square dancing like like like I wouldn’t isn’t that nice not saying I date you but I wouldn’t like I wouldn’t I wouldn’t go to the cafeteria and and and and say I can’t believe I had to Fayed credit required touching that person can you can you can you ever take the journey that would like to do that can you be less gross by making shit
I know nothing
I think you hate yourself in a different way than I hate myself
it’s not I wasn’t even I was just kidding
come back sometime tonight, self-loathing goes into being a great Bike Show created by living in a part of what you make you do I think I got lucky you don’t see my career in two phases which is I had all these shows canceled and I felt like they were good movies that you do well I Cable Guy and heavy weights and I like and I was like I think I met a sink with the world like the things that I like I think they are good but I don’t think I guess I’m never going to transcend and connect with the audience and then I was like it up to me Paul feig and we worked on Freaks and Geeks and then when that was over I had a very visceral sense that something magical had happened like this is weird like this came out exactly the way we wanted to do it before the public reacted or was it connected from the reaction of the audience it was just a personal feeling like
for me this is as good as I can do and I think it works perfectly the way we wanted it to and as a result I’m going to look at the rest of my career as like an aftermath and so like he was almost like a trick on myself like I did it once so I could take all that pressure off of myself and just try a bunch of shit because I really only wants to prove to myself ones that I knew what I was doing and that everything else can be an experiment
so identify the top of your appetite hour
now that didn’t work
does that make any sense the connection of Apatow and then work out a little too much into it Epiphany you know Joel like he had a love-hate relationship with it because of what it represented in his life and so he kind of you you got lucky enough to sounds like you were in the edit band Freaks and Geeks in your like you know what if I think it’s going to get better than this I may be right I may be wrong but one thing’s for certain I have unreasonable expectations if I go there for like I expect to be this happy about something you’ve made like you’re dumb and that doesn’t mean you’re not going to and it doesn’t mean you you are
it’s like it’s it’s that it is that a toning with like good enough is good enough or just not even good enough just I’m giving myself two and I’m being as creative as I can be and I have the courage to put that out there and we will see what it is like I’m not holding back I’m not trying to upset how people going to feel about it cuz you’re not you’re not letting yourself be two finite sorry that happens a lot I’m hitting but you find your like you’re you’re taking the pressure off yourself and you’re not letting yourself be defined by your work so in that sense it’s not about your ego it’s really just about focusing on the thing that you’re doing. Can you get to that place right
that other party was like I’m gross you know you want your window we carry weapons
I’m going to try to be in the flow on whatever this creative expression is and put it out there and whatever whatever happened happened what do you like that show Mighty Mouse hey did you know the guy that created it wants you to think that she’s a good person. And that conversation I’m what I’m very prepared to tell you is that I enjoyed Mighty Mouse episode 3 yesterday that I think the lesson I just learned tonight and it was embarrassing for you he just joined unless you have some
wound you’re talented like overcompensate for it so the real question is it a certain age could you go I can find a different fuel than this weird in our activities help from a different place yeah yeah I mean metaphors there would be it could include like Aerospace or it’s like it takes a different form of propulsion to get your a bad rocket like a flying on bucking diesel to the Moon as mellow as you
what could he learn from you how to be in your way
every seats filled in here cuz of my mania go ahead you can tell him go ahead tell him
what would it take to make me might just saying, fuckdown motherfuker I’m not the one
you definitely done too much show like in free crazy Prime crazy or post crazy that’s it like right at the tip of the Apple Tower like I am I feel like my therapist said to me she goes cuz she cuz I described how the Georgia 70 episodes whatever so next is happiness huh and I for sure pretty cool right
should be interesting but so what’s that about because you’re an archetype and about half of you that’s true you now you become happy and now you just actually just Grody randomly a lot of age and you just die with a smile on your face or or was it look of shock cuz maybe it’s a bust
but but but the other half to the point where you can flip a coin and she’s very convincing I don’t know if maybe she’s bullshittin go to step but she’s like she’s like half of you now you die now you put on slippers as she said and you drink yourself to death
because you don’t know how to process happiness and I was like all right
going to be going to be going to be at risk what is your job
thank you so much Hayward theater
Dynasty typewriter
hurricane Irma. For Judd Apatow
thank you Jen
Spencer Crittenden
Church Chris Sarah Levy Bryan Utah
no I’ve never buddy also all of you for coming out and seeing if my great downtown and the red capital of Los Angeles California Zephyr came and put some beach time


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