Episode: 304 – Magic Shinto Hat


Episode: 304 – Magic Shinto Hat


Is Schrab getting too comfortable in his comfy chair, and what is he doing with his microphone?


how to gain how’s things going
where’s my cat Christmas Sheffield England is here tonight so you are how do you make
let me plug in
from downtown Los Angeles ish from MacArthur Park in the prestigious stabbing District Crittenden the station
oh yeah alive no no disappear that’s what everybody wants
I love you little sexy Jazz just for good measure. The mayor of
thank you
god dammit
the texts don’t go out I’m going to the manor rap to your mama’s titty that’s the piece that love put some gravy on it
all right you know where deal that we made if it’s not going or if it’s not working we stop for a nap that’s true. Some of the things that came out not feeling Humanity I don’t know like I’m fine but I don’t I’m not I’m not particularly connected to the Brotherhood of Man this week I’m not like rooting for anybody
Rob’s Rob is taking the stage and sat down
are you staring at Dan robshaw unheralded Rob tribe came out my feeling Humanity especially not the Brotherhood of humanity which is good because that’s a very dangerous cult you should not worry about them I don’t think I am feeling the Brotherhood of humanity I’m being very isolated lately
do you want to do you want to try it and I just found out right now so that you guys are at sympatico yeah what are you what’s the worst thing that you saw this week that made you think the best thing you could do is hide from everyone what was the the worst thing what’s the thing was it what’s what’s a what’s an event or something
bumming me out I mean this is where we’re at people now I was watching vine compilations on YouTube and I got really sad cuz mine’s gone yeah I like Vine was fine was fun it was good that there was some very very very funny things going to you and I had our disagreements as to when and where it should be listened to and and Ohio even if everyone in the room is enjoying it and everyone at the table everywhere the table at the restaurant can’t enjoy you playing of Vine Vine commercial is a microbe do the chef comes out I was trying to make food but if someone’s playing a volume stop making the food and I was hungry but I’d rather
so what’s what’s the burn your boot Harmon like is there anything in particular I think I had a great week or a great we’re going like since the last time I saw like it’s painted Grey
what are you doing you got to fart
can you put the microphone in your ass
what were you now you’re talkin why would I interrupt you come please continue it’s just insane to me what are you doing doing anything why are you so against humanity
what did you listen to my friend talk on his show you putting the microphone under your ass I would have to have something in the chamber to do that and I’m and I’m telling you as a friend I don’t please continue with your story
he’s not send you a farting into the mic but we both heard you dragged the microphone I can’t help that
I think I had a right it’s hard I don’t know where I went sour and think it was relatively recently I where I can work backwards from here and go actually I got really sour just now backstage cuz I was scrolling through Instagram and I was at I went I followed Mark Hamill on Instagram and Mark has the best you should be on the show I would love to have him call jenica look I don’t think Mark Hamill is out there asking how am I driving in terms of like how he’s handling being famous or what is it like like obviously I would maybe I’m projecting a lot to the guy but I see him as a guy who has passed a couple of return threshold into yes I’ll say it a return of a kind of Jedi where he’s like I got my robot hand and I’m throwing down my lightsaber which to a lot of people means picking one up but fuck them and like he’s like yeah I’m liberal and I fucking don’t like the president and you’re following Mark Hamill notluc
walk around fucking Instagram and if it is just like I do. It’s like a magnet it’s like negative stuff is sticky and I just like I want like I like look through his contacts that you know is like if I see Mark Hamill like old just like Jill like Instagram something that’s like just like unapologetically left you know I like lick liberal like like like like just don’t I don’t like this and then like it’ll say like 6,000 comments and I’m like this probably isn’t 6,000 people saying and May the force will be with you like I know what it’s going to be and I just have to click on it and I’m just like
I hate I hate I hate everyone I just hate I hate reality I hate this like fucking like it’s just like stupid just dumb people like one who cared if you really
is he doing the but if you want to see why I was listening to stuhr’s of 63 people out here you’re putting the mic on your butt and you doing a microphone but white and he’s tracking us will never know so it was just make me grumpy. I’m just like just like people like but it’s not those aren’t people it’s like looking in a fish tank at the zoo you like you’re not seeing the fish they’re like moves like both of those are fish
Manatee they were driven to like comment on a on an Instagram of a guy that played Luke Skywalker and Ike I don’t know why I would choose to do that what did you do what did you do did you successfully done what you wanted to do it depends how the fart sound sound like a fart fart is going to be louder than you continually microphone along fabrics and it’s going to be on the world side
but not Humanity’s guide are there fish at the zoo or do you have to go to the store and it’s not a focus but they’re there they had to keep refilling the cages are monkeys our play what the fuk fish zookeeper keeps ordering a cage on Amazon it’s like the description like with iPhone product is just like all animals giraffes hippos fish snakes it’s all models like why would you make a mare snake comes out by to the aquarium
zoo was my favorite Milwaukee Zoo for you said the aquarium house or suffix for house Sprite probably means
Opera House
I miss when Rob was using the microphone to make blood cells
you don’t happen again
did you fart you would have just asking myself on the show your front of your less comfortable chairs I think it was not now that we’ve got your new comfy chairs yet you’re too relaxed I think that use your you’re used to.
your anxieties yeah you feel like you’ve been listening to the show you feel like you’re with my own shit here a little negative I feel like all I do is come out here and complain and my voice gets to that register that nobody likes and I you know I feel like I got to switch it up a bit so that’s why I came out and earlier than that like you’re misinterpreting you know why it is not me I’m just I was just like stretching
I just I glad I wasn’t the idea that you sincerely were like yeah I’m tired of this shit I’m going to change it up and then you catch you changing it up in your eyes is farting into the microphone as long as I’m not cranky like I posted a picture of Tom Kenny and myself from back in the ComedySportz days I think it was like 1993
is it 91 before Scott 91 before this guy do you know and it was a great day because that was the day Tom Kenny gave me this amazing advice about comedy and writing and I use it to the day is great and then like doing comes up to me and he goes this is you and I was like yeah I do I look that much different because this guy is like smiling is good so much hope and his eyes are really is that what I’m projecting and I guess I am I’m projecting this hopeless depressed sad angry pissy pissy Pittsburgh okay okay okay okay I mean I don’t I don’t want that to be mean
I would interpret that I love living in the Shire and he’s like oh I love it when I survey don’t you think it would come back by your news today 90% of Hobbits feel like Gandalf should smile more priests are going to say that I feel like I’m always smiling all the way he is but like I don’t want to go to the Shire here’s the thing into a fireball fights of balrog and says You shall not pass it’s crazy that you were once a cheater you made the dawn come early so that things turned into stone I get it I know I’m pretty cool
part of the book as he was like he was just waiting because like stalled them and then the sun came up I don’t think you made the sun like move faster cuz that would screw up everybody in China now they would be going what the hell is going on middle middle China I think I think he probably slowed time slowed it
what are spit it out spit up I think the perception of the let’s get this straight we got to figure this out I truly believe that story is growing up was just stalling that he’s like we shouldn’t eat in Spencer don’t go anywhere what see the Lord of you know what I’m saying
beards the better times the Rings the better title and we do not edit much the better title we don’t have to edit much Lords of the Ring Lords of the Ring okay okay send it out we did it we can leave fixed it and didn’t have to waste any ink I’ll give you the other Rings you acknowledge that they exist they don’t really play a prominent part in anything should also be called jaw
what I see both jaws and that you will
I thought I had them for a second
is the war over at a specific house in Amityville right
Mission possible
all right all the time
meaningful woman
valuable woman she means more than just her
human woman walking down the street with Richard Gere likes your feet non-binary if you’re a good guy you’re in the foot you’re going to fight videos and stuff.
Do you like jerking off on feet. Okay
what you jerk off on the feet are you done 9 years from now will that be terrible. Feet have right you hate I. I’m just here doing a show until I fucking die yes I really would go on what’s your point about feet I’m happy for you okay
okay so let’s get back to The Hobbit things though their trolls are goblins Hobbits
date know when when they when they turn to Stone trolls I remember those being so I wasn’t paying attention to it he put a spell on him to make them think that there was more time than they thought called speed-time Mind fog Minecraft Fascinations fascination
alright their feet turn to Stone their whole thing’s on bases on faces on oh yeah because they put faces I know how do you say okay okay I hate in jurong faces are they threatening you cuz I’m turning over a new Leaf I hate interrupting you so I’m going to interrupt you anyway okay okay Raiders of the Lost Ark of the Covenant so we can we can we can win the war with the with because whoever owns that wins The Voice Okay so
a Jewish let’s get the box of June power that is super powerful and it’s kind of a direct link to Jesus Christ. Maybe we’re on the wrong side maybe with Jews who we’re going to steal their Death Star in a bacta tank got are onto something to maybe be we are admitting that it’s that it’s just God. He’s not going to read the room but do you open this but I think there’s one guy in that movie that comes up to the diamond comfortable with this Jewish ritual and the guys like
we’re going to do this is going to be uncomfortable with it because it’s going to work really good and we’re going to win the war because of JuJu magic and your wares they should have called the movie did you Magic
wait a minute wait a minute wait right where we’ve got a special task force we got one guy that’s going to track down Mary and we got the fucking the thing that’s going to put it on the other thing and then we’ll know where the thing is and that thing is going to make us win the war because it’s super powerful because it’s connected to God wait a minute God be God yes God how because their Jewish the Hebrews are on to something they’re on to something what religion their religion we don’t have a religion maybe we should get a religion what are you crazy maybe we should just join forces with them why are we doing this
Dodge on the lights then why are we killing everybody to the songs of years ago we we weed in the biplane and then we did the Messerschmitt and the cook and the apple pie cooking and stuff what are we doing here that’s all we got is measured by a box with Moses bones in there then I’ll shoot a laser and melt everybody and weird things that they’re wrapping it should be destroyed and it doesn’t make any sense what are we doing here you can’t put a rock inside of a can of the tank and it blows the rock out never they put the fucking rock in their weight
Bella card what the fuck was I am your shadow-self this watch if you bury it it becomes valuable God doesn’t exist and the shadow you cast with your atheism I’m Bellic I’m the evil version of you I’m a cautionary tale I hold nothing sacred I’m the guy that didn’t give a fuck about the idle I just want to keep it so I’m able to speak the language of the natives speaking so you who were going to put it in a museum have to run from them how ironic I’m the smarmy guy that knows the shit knows how to play the game but I don’t believe in God either do you you’re just an academic you work it at the Museum and then it’s like they sit down and he’s like hey isn’t it great we’re both atheist we both give to schitt’s about people’s culture and what the fuck is the guy who just like I can’t wait and I don’t care if Hitler kill Hitler could take a flying fuck is this weird
play I believe in God I’m going to put on this Pope hat and I’m going to open this thing and then I just thought it was just a fuck yourself
where is that where was that be like when he was closing as well as you believe in God. He really thought I mean he put on the outfit that they’ve got the cameras running deer like going something’s going to happen it was belloc hoping would happen I know the Nazis hope that God’s ghost would come out and go and they go boo for Jews and that the guy to be like hey you open the box I’m like a Genie Genie rules and it’d be like a good child Hitler in the water bill okay whatever you say just give me more goat snacks and
it tracks was not used in the movie Ghost snacks
it was like it’s just we
I’m going to blow it up and blocks like go ahead blowing up you know you want to open this box of bad as I do it just like I never really got I never really got to know if you don’t look at it you’re okay like that’s a little weird scene seriously there’s like a really only if you look on this without Bubba Bubba well I like I I needed that I was like close your eyes I mean nothing much else to do he can’t say I don’t know if it was a deleted scene but it was in the script that thing now can I eat can I say cuz you haven’t said it yet maybe if they fix it then I’ll be famous yeah you can do that but I don’t do that anymore it’s positive Rob the microphone farter
Judaism be something that we were raised and Lutheranism number of religion OK Shinto all right we’re at war with the Shinto’s okay alright I hear that they have a magic hat right that if you put it on it will it end it will kill everybody because their religion is real because it has the power of the Shinto God that religion is real they believe in a God the people that we hailed at the bet if you put this hat on you and you and you look at somebody they’ll melt and everything like that I have it they have
because yes is there a religion and we don’t like what time they won yet we’ve been killing them for a while I’m thinking we find the thing where they do before they do it is on what it on and then let me just back up a reason we don’t like them is because of their face yeah I mean it’s gross and it’s it’s I have a lot of questions about it LOL oh I think he might he might have that perhaps teaching and I don’t know he’s got the Hat Oh you mean you found out about it I thought you were in Amazon
I’m waiting for a mouse
I thought I’d look you you can be passive aggressive if you want I’m I’m saying I think I think the guy at Luli actively addressing archaeologist archaeologist that might have your magic since know how to listen to Brian and Brian he let me take you aside I know it’s Christmastime and I heard about your dad like this coming but like your Christmas bonus early I’m going to have to really write you a check like because it might help with your dad’s Radiology seem like a trap now Lyte look now we’re not Nazis to each other the whole point is to help
or tell on you if you’re okay well I’m gender-fluid boy
naughty style I can’t let my tired right. Can I improve around I’m going to put my two week notice in and quit and now so I don’t give a fuck about your magic hat is a good since you work for a company that thinks it has her magic and this whole thing is stupid
take a breath you’re incredibly important to me I won’t turn you in
I will personally recognized behind closed doors your gender fluidity if you never tell anyone that I did that and what are you hiding it seems like there’s a mighty my approval of you
that’s a lot better be going on here it’s like it’s not even like a DL download everybody fucking knows everybody knows download you download you weird gender-fluid Nazi I already I already quit OK Google look up will you come in Bryan Bryan I’ll give you a raise I’ll give you a raise I forget what you said why are you sticking point with you you going to be the first I didn’t reply right now.
this is that important you’re so he was just so hung up on your own shit you brought it up at my doorstep it’s a fascist Empire like I have to report you or I’m guilty of how bad do you want the Magic Hat how important is that to you you how badly I’m telling you I’m willing to forget what you told me about yourself I’m willing to pinch the hose of honesty just enough to extend your career and your Ascension through the fascist ranks like that’s that’s the best gift we can give each other that’s what that’s what we do that’s what we that’s a high-five, so many other people I know where the Hat was the United come to you guys as well that’s what I don’t want you to do I don’t know I have a leather jacket I would like to know who this archaeologist is promising you did not see for 1 minute
well you were in that okay
you want to pinch the hose of honesty
could you give us five minutes no problem
Brian what does that mean that was a metaphor that you brought up and I thought that was that you’re being be elegant I thought you were being a fucking download
sorry sorry sorry I am I thought you guys are done
saying you’re gay not see I’m just saying like like like like you can be honest about the fluidity of with you everything is about magic hat
I’m just tell me your agonizing I’ll get you a hat
I can’t get you that I can tell you where where the where the sexiest male archaeologists know who knows where you’re going to have to find a cyst white male fucking Rocky I was just for this hat stuff item the Americans are this close to flipping like at Wilson will find him we just going to talk to them we all hate Shinto people
it’s either on a razor’s edge here that made it a little
they believe it doesn’t matter right yeah okay well what do you know about it cuz it goes in my file that’s what you’re doing so you get to be at the biggest gain Lots in the world and then feel good about it which is over I look he basically right girls don’t even get me started
I was going like this he stole all of Gustav Klimt art he stole Gustav Klimt my car and calls it that you know like like that except for the microphone cuz I’m from the outside like let’s you be a trans Nazi I’ll be a gay not see why we can’t be trans Nazi Nazi
cuz I won’t tolerate that
I believe in freedom of speech
how to refine my language let’s just keep each other Secrets because otherwise we wouldn’t do each other any good dead see the future in this relationship how about the future
I’ll tell you our future Brian our future is we are the Nazis that deliver the Magic Hat to defeat the Shinto so you don’t and then after we do that come on at the wrap party for World War II now by the ice sculpture leg by the way sometimes I her and we fucking change it we changed it from the inside and I can’t change anything from outside come on just fucking sell out with me make me this deal
are the airplanes ready Bach they just invented it
I I I got to be honest with you I’m not super confident that if I give you the whereabouts of the Magic Hat shouldn’t have had that that you’re going to use this for the right reasons maybe maybe the the other six white male guy should have it you should go trust the one Nazi down the hall that doesn’t share this shame with you you didn’t share shit you never fucking balls by the hair like what do you talk like this is called a fucking friendship you can believe in nazi-style we can each destroy each other let’s do it now let’s move up together I want my pinky Nazi swear I will never tell anybody what about your fluidity you never tell anybody I’m gay if you violate the pink enough to scare you realize what the consequences of that all right how can a man
yeah of course I know what
that’s the most sacred oath of Nazi government another words we have a thing that you can betray a boat and it says it’s his binky if I violate this shit shit we’re worse than a Nazi we’re fucking not to sell out
and a coward like we don’t what’s wrong what’s wrong with being a Nazi
did I did I use that symmetric drift yes well it look for the gestapo and you just admitted that you don’t want your ear at your ass self shaming. Oh okay alright I take off my lightweight tunic and underneath is a leather jacket
I take off my leather jacket and now I’m new to I-5 I’m already knew. I’ve been working out I got a bottle of baby oil when I start putting it on my size I thought if I can put I put a it’s exactly what it looks like. I don’t want to walk Walter go down but I will make sure you go down Saturday maybe open the door you don’t do that it defeats the purpose of a knock-knock Knock-Knock open it doesn’t matter if you need to watch this
a puppy that you are culpable we all have something on each other now

I’m holding you and kissing you
alright then we do it we’re doing it and are we doing it do you want it done
someone give me water and I love this job we should hold my calls on hold. I said hold my calls
3 week oh my God delivered here that I have a box I would like you to thank you Brian
I got in here oh my gosh
go to my grandparents in my ribs like a stylophone spirits of Jessica sucking Old Testament wrapped all my God everything I’ve ever told by my unconscious and truth I chose wrong I chose wrong I was Finding Jay but I shouldn’t have put a Nazi
she was telling me that the goes to think this isn’t cuz you were gay
it’s important to people to clarify that after they see the whole world there like what you don’t hurt anybody by being get you hurt everyone but me or not
when you think of that Spencer I was I was trying to come up with rap lyrics
and what I mean are they works
treasure yeah that’s what you think they really had it all figured out what that hat huh there’s really no need to argue once you have an artifact like that from which to base a religion
went South for the Shinto they lost it and Campbell what do like a religious like a Convention of all the all the other world religions got together and it was in Japan that I want to say Kyoto and
what’s up Robert Barton again I think I heard you incorrectly heard incorrectly this question is rhetorical as you want it to be how old are you so okay what are you doing Mike and you’re going to fart in it someone’s got to clean that after the show at Lake Lily like oh I guess see you know
oh nice guy I’m sorry I’m sorry that’s adorable I started sneezing and yeah he’s crying Rob no matter who died which of you dies first one of you is going to be the first person to speak at the other person’s funeral
I’m at just meet me in the conference I’m just going to play the speechless card I’m going to be like I can’t too important to amazing a guy Carol doesn’t do a little Rift eulogy for each other right now such an amazing guy
going to pour booze on your body and stumble out of the church and people will forgive me cuz that’s what I do I fucken get away with it
I’ll be like Jackie O fucking like
is rust pull down my pants and do somersaults out of the church
Community Church right you’re not going to have like a vegan funeral where they where they shoot arrows made out of that’s why it’s funny that’s why it’s funny
I preached I’ve reached the point of my drawer where I get it I got to be my own judge I can’t I can’t rely on other people at least of all the targets of my what do you think that you’re you’re dead you’re in the Box you’re either in a church or not in the church where we going to be I think I want to do one of those
what are those a it’s freaky to think about it but like you know like those things where you’re at in trees and flowers gravity as like a shrub fluorescent orange acts that marks where the tree should be coming out that you want to speak over your your remains Brad Pitt in order like Brad Pitt or have you ever met Brad Pitt Brad Pitt Catherine Zeta-Jones
from the camp movies now he’s dead he’s already done the whole alphabet and then I really don’t know you’re going to do in the ground with like tree seeds on your forehead I’m going to I’m going to sit there with I’m going to I’m not going to say anything but I’m going to kneel down right where the tree is up for the bush or whatever is going to come out there with a fork and knife and some vegan salad dressing okay and I’m going to wait for that tree to come out
in front of your mom in front of Cody in front of that’s amazing I’m going to get all that Smart Energy going to be great if you just got you got crushed by a falling piano tomorrow and will happen that you didn’t you didn’t write up by like a pitch meeting about how you want to be on your dick and you slowly died a sudden death for me to not have met the deadline of writing up how I could be so probably put that project off your friends and family get up there who do you expect will be first probably event Nicole Brown from
it seems like she’s a
directions to do I go goddamn died and I’m like
that would be emotional but could be composed of higher hopes for me you know she was a Christian woman that he’ll be in otherwise disposed
decent grammar going to bed sweet mean do you know any bets or like but I don’t think those bits will be funny cuz I’ll be on the outside that’s it was the thing to do would be to like actually think about this but thinking about it is a little it is a little uncomfortable like like I don’t mean necessarily like stop I reject this let’s not talk about it but I’d like like gosh I mean what’s your favorite of like what somebody might say Aguila judging you
I think the I don’t say I think if you can’t come up with a good stuff to say about me after I’m dead like I think I feel like I’ve heard the worst of it through Google autofill lately I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t think Google autofill going to be at my funeral so good and Harmon bad? And people are just cry I would like to think that that that I can make it the 10 years necessary that like it that the only people at my my Memorial would be just people that knew me and I don’t like wouldn’t it wouldn’t be like a thing that people would comment like I felt I felt pretty bad for as much as you can feel bad for a a memory of someone I felt a little bad for Hugh Hefner I thought I thought it was a little awkward and sad that you have to live for so long
long steady if you have never had died at 70 instead of 90 whatever he was that that he would have been like there would have been a 60 Minutes like peace or whatever and it’s like it has nothing to do with whether or not it was right or wrong but it’s just like the timing of it felt so sad to me that we were so awakened and stuffed it Hugh Hefner who we don’t we don’t know I mean all we know is that like Brian Wilson are you know let’s put Michael Jackson in there like I don’t know it’s like that people who do terrible things people who do two who are so visible and so did like our Affair is that then like I don’t did you know it was like the context of him dying was do you like shit this is like like he really died at the exact wrong time you saying that you might die on Grey’s really just a I’ll be like sitting since the Dow Jones value like this would be a perfect time to die
are you worried that you might you might die under a shadow of your own oh no what I’m saying is I don’t think I think I’ll be I’ll be fine I don’t think that I have to worry about what the world would say about a corpse like I will I think I could step outside and get hit by a bus but I believe I’ll make a ghost or a grown man
I’m pretty sure you’re the reason why this topic is happening and like you just like because then you’re going to utilize it you don’t you think you could you ever have a kitten and then like you could roll up a paper ball and throw it and the kitten will just spend 20 minutes being so freaked out by the fucking paper ball it’s like running sideways it’s so funny like that’s adorable the kitten thinks that the paper ball is needs to be attacked and stuff like this is just like me I’m going to fart in the mic when I said I might go that’s farting in the micro Minds me of death let’s talk about Jess and then you’re like blah blah blah what about me you haven’t changed at all what were you trying to accomplish when you were moving that Mike in such a way
you were going to fart in the money well let’s let’s not let’s not let’s let him let’s let him answer was trying I was adjusting the cushion with the mic with my hand and I want my people to respect you and unlike you I bet those days are over with man
you know it’d be funny you guys if when you died you got a service a skydiving service to put your corpse in a parachute that has a time-lapse so it triggered itself to your corpse just kind of like Skydive just somewhere and so people are like oh it’s a skydiver oh wait he’s coming into the city right here under his parachute always he okay we got to help him he’s dead oh no he’s dead for happened and it’s the fuckers this was my plant whole lot like that in the end of the Super Bowl I give it to you so long to figure out if you have like you’re of course you’re in the same as you’re going down and it is the Super Bowl or it’s their Champions League soccer
the soccer are the football winners but a big game on the 50 yard line is so good I guess but that’s why I suggested that the parachute things amazing but then if you’re like oh my final act as I want to I want to disrupt the like the Super Bowl like then it’s like no one would be like oh you’re hacking the Super Bowl you figure it out how to ruin like the same Skydive dentist didn’t you see that footage or whatever
I like sponges idea he just didn’t go high enough okay take the corpse up high or super high throw it out of the ship let it go down in the atmosphere you are a falling star sign
but why did it have to be
you better call Elan and say hey I got some ideas Elan and e-line don’t trip off my idea that was my idea I’ll sue you if you’re still my idea one of my best friends and I will remember that time that I was driving my my very secure does route to get to get back home for the second time and my Tesla said raising suspension based on location because I was in the neighborhood with speed bumps and I was like I love you to Elan amazing car the man can do no wrong what did he smell like apples
the ultimate smell
smells like a bushel of a South African apples
which is a more American than Apples can I be real owls Hugo Hugo he’s my best friend can I just say that I think the internet’s mean to him and that’s not to absolve him of any of anything that anyone has against him but it’s hard with your toe a weird guy in the first place to give him the stock market is being hard on him because he keeps fucking rude and kept it really be green OB be driving a man has to Cliff because it’s fun on the internet like oh you’re the new like a car magnet and you made a completely green car and like oh you got high with Joe Rogan like we should definitely like punished
until you kill yourself like I mean like I don’t like until further notice my first rhetorical question is what does he have to do to get anyone’s approval and my second question is go fuck yourself if he does that like biased I am I am I am in a healthy way very toxified about the the like I need to move into my Gandalf the White the extremely white privileged. Where am I going to get over my approval addiction so that’s painting my my view of everything but in a healthy way like I it makes me all the more like fucking rapidly like a human rights like oriented because I’m like everyone should stop being fucking ashamed like everyone to shop shaming each other that includes everything that you think you’re allowed to shame people
there shouldn’t be any exceptions to that I’m tired of you know we’ve been on a big roller coaster ride and for my money I’ve been like you know I started here in a fucking blue Badoo Badoo and I kind of like you know what I was thinking back to the beginning of the podcast when I was like this boner that like you do was like good democracy doesn’t matter and you shouldn’t vote and stuff like I’ve changed a lot of ways in him change back in a lot of ways like the one thing that’s come around full circle is I’m kind of like fuck everybody stop telling me to tie my shoes go fuck yourself like I got to get out of here and and and I and I would never ever ever hurt a person that that that that wanted to just be who they were like I don’t I don’t want anybody to feel pain you’re still a boner. I know that’s what I’m saying like like I know if that’s the new definition of boner on my good because it like I spent too much time in the deprivation tank up like stinking that that could be the definition of a good person cuz it can
if you are kind of like across the board in favor of everybody being happy sooner or later you’re going to fuck you have to accept that’s going to piss a good 70% of people off and if you’re not adult enough to handle 70% of people like being pissed at you then you shouldn’t be bandying about this concept of this that the supposed position you have like like you got a nut up pardon the expression because some people need to some people that don’t have nuts or want nuts like a garden netting up and legs like teaching me lessons and being like yeah you going to fucking lay it gets bad like you got a handle like like this idea that you don’t give a fuck what people think because that way you can have self-esteem and you’ll inspire people to go oh yeah etcetera get your your your Global Q right now to pay $10 on a Monday night I think that’s that’s what the Metra call use
20 out of
set volume to 80 billion in 2018 I think that Fame is a really really like it’s it’s a dangerous thing I think that if you have no money and you can become famous like that’s a smart park or move you could like jump from from zero Fame and zero money up to fame and zero money and then with the right twisting in the right circumstances you could leap from Fame and no money to some money and then my advice is grab that money that and don’t fucking use too much Fame as your bark or point because visibility means you’re you’re like hanging out there and it’s fun right now I’m not I’m trying I’m not I’m not I don’t want to be like like Aaron Sorkin and
you don’t like my predecessors and be like I’m saying is a 45 year old dude like spent like 30 years being like hey look at me look at me look at me and I want to spend my life online and I want everybody to know what’s going on with me and no no no harm can come of that if I just commit to that and all the stuff I’m just saying like like we’ve arrived at the world where like there’s so much Fame to go around and it’s it’s so like it’s like Kelly helium or some gas that just sort of like you could become you could be famous for 30 minutes you can be famous for 20 years you can be you can be this famous bat famous it since I like it but it all have one thing in common which is that it’s like it’s like it’s like the ratio of safety that it provides to risk that it creates has gone way into if I was your broker and I was like don’t buy a Fein cell cell because it’ll make you could destroy you more than it could
is there a ratio for you that like that like if you could achieve a certain amount of wealth that you can retire on
/ or X the love of strangers like I got home Porton is the same for you I don’t think you’ve ever wanted Fame because I was like I did I was like I was like there’s no question about it that I’m not I’m not a victim of anything like I absolutely engineered everyday of my life I was like how can I be visible how can I make people know my name like I I branded myself I I am every bit responsible for I’d like every fucking outside put nothing but energy into the idea of people knowing who I am knowing what I am I I will even go so far as to say he like I even like added in these elements of like he’s drunk and he’s cantankerous and he’s like really the tortured genius and like I said I wish that I could have controlled it every fucking micro bit of it but it’s all ingredients that I aimed at a called
and set a temperature that I was like called fame or called called called attention or by michaux run around on an NBC sitcom you can’t fire me quietly called like you can’t like you I’m Colonel Sanders so whether you like me or not my head’s on a bucket and in the end is like like like that’s called tenure that’s as close as we get to know you can’t just be
Colonel Sanders wasn’t a colonel yeah and I’m not the the whatever the fuck we thought I was I am a guy that was like look at me which is it which is anybody that’s like into me is like yeah that’s why I like you you’re not you’ve never pretended to be higher than us you want your name to be in Alabama and like you want to be Everlasting if I can then that way like that no matter whether they likes you or not you have for legacy just for tenure for a job security like what was just walked in here tonight we don’t know
what we do know is he alive is he dead is he in a Admiral Pike like saying like Dick Wolf TV shows is named Tom Clancy gay like what you do is that what you want also have a different name other than the thing like can I can I eat so that I can stop when I when I get on Google can I stop being reminded that these are questions I probably maybe know the answer to that I’ve known you for a long time maybe not maybe maybe we never talked about this is it important to you that to walk in the street and feel love or just a tent or AR-10 cheating or 32 I thought no it’s not it’s not working anymore I got so good it was so nourishing wonderful you talk about now cuz you keep repeating that you want to retire and go away and disappear do you think that you’ve achieved what you wanted out of that
kids because you can’t be 70 and be like how did I do today that’s not what we want from you right now I don’t see any version of you that when you’re 70 that’s not going to still want to Norman Lear who was maybe for me the most intimidating guess we ever had in the shower because he was well into his eighties and he was fit and spry and grizzly and showed no signs of of wanting to not keep making television and stuff like that look like he was just one of those guys that like you you’re saying I would like to just like we’re tired now but like I can’t see out but I meant I retire from the from the part from the visibility thing retire from the public from the what does that mean
I mean like stop doing your podcast stop stop doing like you know it’s like I don’t do interviews I don’t want you to like use you no like me is about talking like like not doing harmontown anymore which is fine with me that I Can’t Believe It’s Gone on this long but like I said I would you miss lady I would love and all due respect I don’t know what version of Beat It doesn’t want to walk out on stage and find out that 63 strangers are happy to see you I’m sure I’m sure I would miss it but it’s also like it’s not unachievable like when you stop doing it once a week is a regular thing that you have it’s it’s it’s Los Angeles I guess if it’s still worth anything and you really missed it you can always go like
I’m going to do I’m going to stand on stage next Wednesday and answer questions about writing please don’t ask can I have a job I won’t be able to give you one of your mama so hard that took her to the West talk to you and I forget the other direction.
haha you say he’s burning up in the air with his with his jetpack wait let me ask you a question about that the guy that did that he didn’t burn up in the atmosphere and he had like it’ll burn up if you want to be best to assign ever what what did I say about this better not be a suicide
I’m just visiting the atmosphere
I’m going to colonize the Stratosphere in firecrackers what what do you have 5,000 GoPros around happy New Year YOLO a I support the trans Community it be a lot of inside jokes that we didn’t we wouldn’t get it. Like like like
I was going well this isn’t going to be very he is going to be expensive because they just be shot because people are dying every second sorry kids calling like payloads of corpses up and throwing them at the early or no maybe it would be easier is if we shot them in and they fell down but they did so we would have to really pay so I’m just be shooting dead people up into the sky to fall down and then you could control it like okay friends and family do your funeral service we got it locked and loaded in Portland
government approval rating goes under like 30% everybody gets shot up into space and we all get to watch them in the night sky just descend like like like meteorites
The Purge of Congress every two years we send all of the government up to a summit square square like good luck better come back down with a functional budget we’d love to bring you back down with us to be able to afford to bring you back down alive time to learn that fucking lifestyle or you’ll get to wear your little outfits in like be a lawmaker and you don’t get parking tickets and they all go up but not good enough Midnight’s coming in for the people cuz it’s a new beginning and it’s raining Sparkle people hallelujah
I mean they were probably all 85 like I got a raise I had at the end of lawmakers right so they’re like just like it is like oh my God they live longer than the port for people that they are legislative all the sparkly now they would want to live that’s like a Logan’s Run but like healthy you know it’s not like you get killed at 30 minutes like 85 can you email the iron in your blood might like Guardians amino acids my bike start a new civilization somewhere or they totally disintegrated
tonight I want to believe we wait you’re pitching here if I go up to the space station at night and they just dropped me out of this page out of the atoms in your body won’t disappear of the FBI of conservation of energy and atoms and things will still exist and be dispersed somewhere for us to we don’t we all breathe Julius Caesar every for brats or whatever you know that stuff for its I go every every every breath every breath has like one atom of Julius Caesar in it or whatever and you’re mixing that with the safety of senators
they’re like I got an idea what if I told everybody what to do I think that’s a great idea I think here’s the rules and we should like make them brutal
believe me
oh Jesus there’s a TV but what are you eating potato who you eating plantains are they did look like potatoes or potatoes
Fantasia bananas and potatoes are these hoods you want to look like a thug you want to take it off just tell me what I don’t know is cold and the peripheral vision I find when I wear a hood like which I haven’t done since I lived in Milwaukee cuz it was cold then I’m like I can’t see on either side of me it’s like how you train a hawk we were you having a bad hair day or like what it was when I just called backstage it rolls downhill Lego
okay I’ll tell you I love you I love you had bad Hair Days talking all right cuz she dropped it the Legos at my neck and she’s not like the haircut but then she showed me a photo of the back of a Lego and it was like I see what she’s doing and then I so in love that you’re like you like you like being teased like you like you like I like it when she calls me a Lego never married fuck
did we lose Jeff character sheet
that’s the one that holds the character sheets
does that mean we lost just character she now he’s got it well then everything’s going according to plan
sorry what was the confusion
nevermind it was not your fault and so we didn’t clearly that’s not marked the Mets playing this Spider-Man games new Spider-Man game platform is not on Steam no steam DS4 I heard it’s good. Is that like like if you were going to try to track it that it would be like oh it’s it’s Arkham City but Spider-Man but that’s not that’s that’s good like that shadow Shadow of Mordor if I can what it’s like it’s like yeah I was like game engine or it’s like Grand Theft Auto but I’m Spider-Man which is like anybody’s ever won
I want to start a sling some some webs
I’m bringing back sexy friends we got David Duchovny and could be Big Rob schrab and she’s leaving at Ed Herman and what’s your name Spencer play some totally uneditable of the DND
I did enjoy all those ads we just heard
well what happened last time you guys
cheaper than ever that you prepare you want to expand your Investment Portfolio but you don’t want to do it not on your cell phone to it recruited is here to be a reverse LinkedIn for you
yeah okay so now you guys left the town you got reassigned you were reassigned from the town you were looking for patchin’s just on your own time and you got reassigned you got sent on your way to this new place where shit was going down it was a mining town in the mining town was like going on strike you were there to like investigate clear the log jams you know as you are want to do and on your way there was demons oh boy. Well I guess it was there was Colts you found a Colt you found a different call you help the different cult summon a demon the demon was summoned and you continue to help some of the demon and then you kind of fight at the demon a little bit
ineffectual a the demon was strong maybe even very incredibly strong but that’s the situation you found yourselves in what will happen who will win who will not
demon queen I don’t know Saturday everybody and he’s given up and he’s just like you guys are in a cave and tell me what you want and I’ll tell you
does sneak and he’s like yeah what’s your agility and we’re like we don’t know he’s like fuck you try to call me when you can keep a plan to take Carlos why don’t you put a sock in it cuz I’ll tell you I’ll tell you who has given us the fire like her you know I hated it I know when I’m not wanted I got to go back home this is bulshit you guys were all talking shit about me I can never do anything right fuck off take this and this and you keep these stupid things good by stay stay stay all my God I love that he’s pretending he’s characters leaving my character is saying stay
my character wants your character to not leave
stay please stay Iowa my my character is nicer
okay I do what was necessary to make him stay.
Which is pretty accurate really a metaphor it’s like that’s exactly my Charisma inclusive plans I can talk to anybody
say I’m a time I went to church of the silver flame stay what are you doing is there a demon about to kill us when I try to focus on the the the inherent parallel going on right now and I examine this is what’s going on I don’t know what Steve was doing last but Rob walking away and leaving the circle is like making the circle which has been distorted and messed up kind of tight and more around the demon he’s kind of half in and half out of it so it’s kind of hold them fast means like oh no this is bad but being like a 25 foot tall demon he can still lash out in the tack and stuff so it’s not a solved problem
but that’s making it harder for the demon I got to yeah because Steven Rob help summon the demon they were one of like about the seven to eight people that stood in the summoning Circle to summon the demon so when they left their place is it had an effect on the ritual is what your cleaning that’s happened to this point has occurred what you can’t I mean you can but then I will during the next blackout hear about it and then I’ll be like what the fuck did it do it do we know about how many HP the the demon has right now it looks like it has all of it all of it how much of his body is through the circle about half but like a diagonal half but mostly the upper
I’m Lakeland walking away. That was a mistake you didn’t help some of the demon so I wasn’t helping anyway so it doesn’t change it but you are you’re farther away from it which is good because it’s it has a Long Reach
you know I’ll be in combat like turn mode right now technically
Jacquie Lee we always are and whose turn is it how about it’s yours
his name is Cornelius kind of thing you’re supposed to do then let’s find out if you so mad I try you all right why you shaving my my and I’m saying like it’s not like wait to see if it’s nearly as you are doubting my abilities so I can fire ants don’t use real fire because he’s a real pain in the butt but I also like spicy food he loves that she he loves
all right it goes it get at Rush’s it’s in a rage oboy Cornelius don’t fucking play being summoned from another plane it makes them all crazy and such for every monster it’s really fucked up or they like the dominant life-form are these planes like functional like the material plane or they just planes where there’s like ghost ants like like I always imagined it just being like swirling monsters in space but it probably is something more logic I would have some of the snake from a plane but does Jay-Z spend all right that the ant bites them it doesn’t seem like it hurts very bad if I sit for 3D image
look like it’s better than no damage
glass in margin Cornelius relocate he makes us to relocate hey guys this is guy get well
pretend to be a cop so that my role is a Kingpin can be bolstered vinegar rolling out here are you because I call you 90 moves they happening you should go I would like to wait wait what I’d like to wait wait for what year awesome jokes to land and hurting my feelings demon I don’t think was a mistake I am stepping back and I’m I’m like we should have done this I don’t remember doing it yeah you didn’t actually you you hated it but I’ll be frank and say I don’t remember not doing it so I should Cop 2 mi but you’re saying that we are wasting a turn and not doing anything while I want to be
while this is happening I’m going through everything I can to make sure you’re saying I passed during a during this fight think Rob’s the toughest guy I thought you were dad is the monster

I didn’t say Spencer Hey guys
can I am going to take my Elvish blade and I’m going to run in a circle or the coldest are and just again like
place all the cultists I run in a circle alright well you can only attack one at a time maybe 2 okay let’s do it
we’re doing it I just feel like we do everything wrong
what are we doing I’m just trying to be proactive. I can’t just sit around
also I partially caused this problem yeah there’s six more but that one he’s on the ground bleeding existing within the 5 Seconds most of this action is taking place with him is when we chop down coultas it certainly helps you asked that before
Charter always the order should be you’re describing a conscience you ask that questions and then then then you chop them I did dismember this leg but was it good is it is the Gateway closing no
it is between the Gateway looks as close as they can get around a demon you know like it’s gets screwed tight tribe you got anyting yeah I’m like over the hill out of eye shadow wow and I’m like walking down and stomping my feet I know and I know you’re okay
Jerry Jerry Jerry I don’t want to do this anymore I don’t like how you talk to people but I can’t I’m not that old are you I’m not touching call me I’m not touching you
just stop and just fucking relax for a second like I don’t I’m as bad at this as you are at what you do
you don’t have to talk to people like that okay I’m sorry I have to talk to people acknowledge my offense I’m remorseful and I’m committed to change
you really bad but I I did that I feel bad about it and I won’t do it again. The strongest you will that’s that that’s not give you permission
to hurt people’s feelings be being sensitive but you know what every day every day we go on these Adventures everyday I wake up and I hope that you won’t be there
oh I know that’s I’m sorry I that’s not that’s not bad The Bad The Bad friendship is bad movie I’m not good at at at leadership they sent me on a mission like I’m bad at this I’m like constantly ashamed and like I actually I have to say when I met you like you’re a shambling mound and I was like so am I like and I was like I like I know I roll my eyes sometimes at the stuff you do but like I’m glad you’re here if you left I would be like okay so what am I supposed to do tear my own skin apart so I like I need to be a better friend to you
because I need to forgive myself I guess like I don’t know man I’m bad at this like I don’t want you to leave I don’t want I want you to stay an adventure with us and I I I I find myself for some reason it’s alright
okay nice yeah he’s a shambling mound we’ll just know I mean like the emotionality is good to me yeah I know that’s the beauty of okay but if I didn’t know it felt good I’ll do it then I’ll do it forever is there a penalty if I do it if it feels good but there’s not a penalty no yeah yeah but I keep doing it I’m hugging you I’m hugging you a lot I love you but I am you I’m connected to you like I don’t want you to be sad your sadness though I don’t want you to reject your sadness like I feel what you’re feeling I get it I understand I’m crying with you right now like I don’t lie don’t get it and I think we go in these adventures and it feels like 5 minutes for the next I don’t know
what I was doing
like I’m always like casually being like I feel like I’m being told like I’m waking up and going why is there a dead kid in front of me is like what if we do it when we burn that house down and feels like I’m stumbling through life trying to figure something out I feel like a poser like I like I’m like oh I should be good at D&D and I’m not like it’s most important to me that you stick around I don’t have any friends that’s wrong on one count buddy you got one friend you got one friend I believe you don’t have any others
like I definitely get that but you got you got one friend who is a shambling talking mound of friendship that’s not I will look at it this way if you can’t if you can’t get fired from this way you you got you got job security that my friends your business you can’t I like I like that you’re honest I like that you feel things makes me want to be respectful to you you make me want to be a better non shambling Mound
I would like to come back but I don’t have anywhere to go
yeah I am in either I don’t want to go but I do want to go back to the church like I want to
Siri like squatting I mean it was like I mean what do you mean we work for the church I are you here yeah we work on the church WIll presumably the fight ended and he’s either alive or dead as a result
we work for the Church of the silver flame but like I are you saying that you’re not beholden to go back to the church okay yeah Chad you know what yeah I’m like not digging the church Vibe like I believe in the silver flame but the church
like I don’t break their hierarchy did you just give the Church of the flame of Summer’s down fractions is that going to be a problem
are you giving my thumbs down thumbs down that emotion Dad I just finished telling this Chamblee motherfuker that I love you that him and I love you I love you I love you I love you where’s that fucking thumbs down because you guys are actually the one that keeps getting as in huge amounts of trouble date does random bucking CJ getting his down
am I there Spence well okay so you’re you’re fighting the Demon right I guess yeah well like you witness a Cavalry arrived and it’s that’s how you know them as the fourth Cavalry of the church militant it’s a faction of the the members of the church who saved people from able to humans and they actually just kind of make quick work of the call and the demons because they’re highly trained at this is exactly what they do and they may just kind of high five you and it may give you stuff and then they send you on your way then you can you catch back up over flame swan
hey Gary
from the inside but make an agreement wasn’t supposed to be leading either that was just what was going to happen or going to leave we have no offense to create weird Princess and the Pea situations that guide us in. Can we all kind of a promise
till all are one
it was good
well DJ’s back their journey and then I look like together now but wait it’s for us it’s not for the for the church is praised for what we believe in ya and I know it’s it’s a less powerful conviction given that really it’s not the church’s fault that we’re constantly drunk and forgetting everything we did but I do think it’s like you can do the right things for the wrong reasons
like I think that we were doing the wrong things for the right reasons no full-time and maybe this is unhealthy thinking if we start doing Adventures that we that are based on our own agenda that we might remember him better hay hay Cornelius he disappeared like minutes ago
you give someone an ant little then just hang out
sorry I don’t mean to I never saw that before and I date look am I a bad person for stealing that you would have watched you can I ask you a question
pick a lane person whose opinion I value to fight a troll will it if we’re relinquishing our allegiance to the church to keep your voice down a group named like like horse friends or super squad or something I don’t think that much of a fuck about us they have no reason to care about anything I’m going to see to them how do I clear my Independence they’ll stay like but what we can do is decide that we’re not we’re not working for them anymore the silver flame didn’t say make this church and have this church be in charge of me the silver flame is a real thing cuz it actually talk
yeah I believe it does is I believe in the myth of the silver flame and I’m using the word Miss in the camp billion phrase and Campbell is a thing I’ll tell you about later or I believe the story I believe the silver flame is real like Carlos is talking because I think this is going to go somewhere pretty big and important for that are for where we’re headed
do I have a second level spell in me so sure
which gives you who’s Al from happy and it gives you a plus-4 on wisdom right now could be good
play do not pollute like that’s a reference to the thing
okay so I then I continued babbling and I know it sounds wiser Yahweh why’s it like for Weiser Allegiance with the church like I don’t know man like I think they sent us out here on what we call a fuck run
checking out Al’s wisdom eating and working right now
I can’t believe I passed out when you came up with
I’d say it’s a working you agreed we weren’t a fucking fuck run the truth is the reason why I joined the church was was personal and I liked it it had to do with the purification and that the silver flame represents the idea that that there is an empirical difference between good and bad and that end in puritan pure and that it’s not it’s not based on like people’s the subjective opinions that there is a truth out there and I deal that we should strive for and God bless the church but like I don’t I don’t think you can organise something to that to the level that are churches organized us and an n and B without Corruption of that thing I’m saying actually honestly I’m an alcoholic and I got my I’m a bad cleric like they got they had me in the library and like they be strategically like designed it to the
was a certain distance from the break room theme you they knew about my drink so what’s what’s your what’s your pitch and so that means they didn’t care if we lived or died I’m saying to you guys as a person with a swiss-cheese brain who can’t I can’t I’m from one moment to the next I can’t remember what we were doing Mike it’s bad like I think we should we should be Renegades it would suit us better so we shouldn’t go to the mining town
we should have the mining town come to us I guess there’s really nothing we can accomplish if we continue to not be able to remember what we did
from one moment to the next
as a good point maybe we should try guys sunflower I left the cult oh no I don’t exist must be nice
sorry there was a spiritual maybe once a week. I don’t know I mean I know that I
the demon like I felt like that was like a warning sign like when you wake up and you’re like I was some of the demon in the like like I don’t know when we did like I honestly you guys know that I’m a gnome Druid and you also know that I have improv gigs come up once in awhile so I can’t always be here to cast out with some people in and 7 amps like I said sometimes I have to go do the next sing dick jokes like in Rochester New York he’s not here don’t don’t remember him she didn’t remember he was a known
don’t remember he had tour dates don’t remember a lot
alright anyways you’re saying let’s let’s keep it simple
trying to just go with the I am going what are we doing we summoned a demon we didn’t do no wrong I feel like I’ve said this before but I don’t I want to be I want to be productive about it and go guys were doing this wrong
she went and what are you running around in the circle and you’re cutting people’s legs I’m trying to live up to your greatness you rescued me from a little town I don’t know what I’m doing it’s horrifying yes you are still have a plus-4 in Worcester my dad pitch
walkaway let’s start a potato farm
not kidding
bad pitch but not kidding like just throwing it out between the four of us make those lines in the dirt Elemental master I can like roast them I can bake them I can do whatever you want like I can cook a potato try it that’s my pitch beat it or matches at what was the worst case scenario somebody some evil weirdos come try to see if my potatoes look how long we spent getting patches gym what was Patton’s response you know what guys are gross you know gone you know what the first thing we need to do is we get like like a painter to paint her portrait and and put out calendars of our potato farm business doesn’t first thing we should do
I know a guy who paints really well good likenesses and we’ll just get like you know a group shot painted and then we’ll just put like a bunch of months after it
np8 and having something to eat in the end of the day and where am I going to need a name this is Tater celebrate can you celebrate the potato celebrate
we don’t need a name before we leave for the calendar is the is the most lateral for my call my adventure the one that you don’t know the match the Mast the master potatoes to make mashed potatoes the hash the ringing the East you go east to walk away from this one well I mean you are dumb we’re going to start
you should apologize to that guy who cut his leg off and then walked away if you guys do I’m at least you owe him that much he’s probably has walked far.
He died. Killed by the church that came in it
don’t me I’m playing I don’t know how your people work I’m walking East
I follow Carlos and I take out my folding shovel them
I hear I hear the clicks of a folding shovel behind me and it’s not the first time
I don’t like if this is how it ends so be it
no no I’m ready for potato farming might my dad literally buried me alive. I hear the sound of a water skin on my then poison me then Mom
hey I have a question are there a lot of trees okay can’t do that then I’m going to just walk can’t you what I was going to do some kind of do we have a potato the way you plant potatoes in her mind as you leave one out and went to the eyes grow on it and you
oh shoot we haven’t we have a quest Quest To Go legit to go to check out of the game we’re going to start a farm started Farm should start a potato farm
no wrong answers it’s that’s a placeholder it’s ignoring answers
potato potato potato potato before me before I love fruits Roots the Roots
the routes routes routes route route route route route route to Fresh potatoes the rest to remover I feel like I feel a knot we’re already doing this thing we could come up with the name later tater haters don’t hate the Tater potato till till the
we don’t need no damn that’s not something that makes a potato field it’s not where it we’re not a property
how much gold do you need
I can’t do the Armenians come on gold pieces of silver pieces who made you God
hash brown tag hashtag Adventure Groton
say what
Pedro’s all day I would be like Millennial bad potatoes people be like what bad potatoes potatoes like you’re talking about it but okay that’s about comes in Mike wants to do an article really obviously we’re not just like shaving anybody were potatoes so we’re such sluts about potatoes we want you to think you should be a potato in the word back and they’ll be like yeah and will be like yeah I have some potatoes and I’ll be like these are good but you know we’ll be fine
Bud Bud Light lab
potatoes meat
genuinely organic Millennial people if your be like have you had potatoes maybe now I need already hear the best potatoes I like potatoes Maybe
maybe the virus mean that’s the thing like hey man we don’t fucking care you don’t trust us we’re just here if I can help you out it’s your internet
you know I hate where all the shit a purple worm oh we’re going to come up with a name I think it’s great I think I think that like I want to be an agriculture we could just make a peaceful existence and demons didn’t attack us there was no like a like a like a awful things on the horizon that at all times and I are walking down the road like these people are passing they’re like wearing rags and there are going like this like you think they’re doing it on a loop because there are four back on her above their head doesn’t mean that they’re not living breathing people they’re like there hoeing potatoes and shit
thank you for coming to Hermantown everybody will they make potatoes
will they still have to save the world to Mabel let’s give it up for Steve Levy everybody
the one and only Rob tribe
Spencer Crittenden Museum Gamemaster
I’m Jeffrey, tell your marriage and Herman’s thank you so much for coming
you going to be exact
thank you for coming we love you


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