Episode: 306 – Cholo to Cholo: Crackers Try


Episode: 306 – Cholo to Cholo: Crackers Try


Omar Camacho from the hit YouTube series “Cholos Try” teaches Dan, Spencer and Brandon what it means to be a Cholo. Featuring Dan Harmon, Brandon Johnson, Spencer Crittenden, and Omar Camacho.


ladies and gentlemen the harmontown is now in session how are you
go to Marriott at home make a little noise how are you so far away I was walking to the stage of our King our dungeon master Spencer
that’s enjoying him enjoy your friends and gentleman. Mayor of harmontown Dan Harmon
hello hello hello it’s my podcast show hello hello
hello hello welcome to my podcast show 00 to your mama’s Big Joe podcast show fuck your mama
set a tried different
I don’t know about the applies but if it was for organic you can apply to that’s fine there was a very emotional flashback in my head to our last episode when I was commanding David Cummings from the no-sleep podcast on his graceful delivery but we’re advocating in den den den weaving of the lgbtq kind of Pride week kind of thing and actually I said I said what I had to say and then you were like
but you did this it was like I was so embarrassed I was like
cuz I haven’t seen you in a week and this is the first thing you say to me hey let me ask you a question why did I embarrass you well because I you know this is my problem I realize it but I always view the world I always have a camera on me that is the property of the person that hates me the most in the world is how I choose to view myself and so at this phase of my life that’s like a you know that’s going to be your alrighty kind of like I’m sick and tired of this front progress culture stuff and so for the force like one sound of one man slapping kind of like like like like being I was like us they’re going to love that you know cuz that’s like that’s that’s their impression of it is like that’s why we’re
doing it you know that’s why we’re that’s why we talk about this stuff is because we want we want our little Scooby Snack we want to make people applaud
man I make that camera like a old ass camera with a big tape when I see it that’s just so you know where I’m coming from that awful voice on I do make it like a nice camera yeah I make it like a really shity camera like before you bought it in Van Nuys it was used for porn
this is a thing as the only a take the thing to take endemic to the stand-up community and I was a terrible stand up but I was compatible with that community in one sense which is I think it’s very like a stand-up mentality it it’s like the guy in the back of the room that’s not laughing like he’s the smart one he knows but but for that reason and I’m going to murder this room, but you can never just like confront would scaring you you know I just like so much shame in my spinal column it’s like crazy I’m ashamed Driven Man no no no I need I need to do to have that be true so I can fix it if you can’t don’t tell me know alright
4 shows wait till I’m not have no shame. It’s a 49-year the story and I’ve been alive 45 years so yeah I was four years of the answer your question it will be I will I will be done with this podcast and I will I will Instagram under my new account I don’t know Shane it’ll be like hitting in the comment of a like a picture of a wine label of Cody and I own a restaurant and some island or something I don’t know myself anymore
Cody’s dad happy 70th birthday we spent the four since the last show
Stephen Heller if you do you can you can trace my Instagram you can see his his is a he’s a photographer and we spent is the 70s with him and went to his a sushi place in where the hell are we Burbank I don’t know where we were but I don’t know where he lives. I just followed the number but he was telling the stories about you know he’s visiting his his other daughter and I wrote this down cuz I thought it was such a great quote it was offered so sincerely telling a story about how he got he had like you just had a wild night and he get it goes like so we go to the go to the we go to the concert and and then there’s a bar and you know we’re having a good time I get over served
so you know a lot of this is I like that a lot we are we got the CD case out we’re chopping it up and someone gets me a huge line of cocaine be injected yeah
I love it that you’re kicking it with him at 70 he’s in good shape for 70 you still Rollin see me and him and Cody and they’re like what’s going on like young lady you guys do your uncle and your dad want to I don’t know park the car I don’t know what the same age and that’s a warning shot across my bow
but it’s good good for him that is there 25 years between us I kind of want to like take the age between us and turn it into a dude and and just talked to him this looks kind of like a lump of 25 year old Play-doh like what he be cool I don’t know yeah
I can’t remember cuz I’ve been pretty drunk a lot lately I’ve been over-served in these in these shows a lot so I know I’ve been talking about Fallout 4 I’ve been replaying Fallout 4 but have I talked about the Preston Garvey issue in Fallout 4 I don’t think so he’s a man that you meet early in the game he is he belongs to in the post-apocalyptic Wasteland he he’s he’s part of a a now virtually extinct group of militia men called the Minutemen
and they’re kind of like a date they borrow their culture from Mike’s did the Revolutionary Minutemen and they represent like the hope for the future in this Wasteland he happens to be African-American and yes that is an important part of the story where you looking at
so is it all these characters like Fallout 4 the very very these days I’m sure it’s got lots of awards but he really needs like a special Awards because it has he’s like the way that it handles those kinds of romance you can play as either gender and that’s not me signing off on there being two genders thank you very much
according to this video game apparently you got a salt or pepper.
But you you can you can play as one of two genders and and but it doesn’t it doesn’t like flip all the other genders like which means that basically they’re like okay so you might be gay and playing the game you might be straight you might be a man you might be a woman any combination of all of the above so they had to like they had to create these characters that you hook you you you you encounter and then there are your companions they follow me around and then they they will if you if they really get attached to you they start you know you they start gaining affinity for you and then you’re experiencing that these conversations and within these conversations like they had to keep in mind that this might be a man talking to a man who’s not interested in male male sex like so but on the other eye but it might also simultaneously be a man talking to a woman a straight woman that’s playing it’s like really like the hello Sugar Sugar Man like like when she
when she sees this guy the first time you know just playing Fallout 4 and I’m like female characters that they didn’t have to go like it’s me my name is Piper and I’m a journalist and majored in journalism walked into the sting of like like like every time she she goes like a can I tell you something about my backstory and all the stuff and then there will be a button that says flirt
and then if it internal build to a button that says romance so you can play it however you want but I just think the most interesting thing is because I started playing the game long enough to know all the guys are doing this so here’s the just the amazing thing about that I’m that I’m learning about sexual projection is that the women characters when they say hey can I talk to you at somebody for a second you know we’ve been traveling for a long time and I never knew how to trust anybody but you’re really traveling with you is really made me realize I need to get over my defense mechanisms and and trust people and I just wanted to let you know
I really I really trust you and you’re really special to me I don’t like when it’s when it’s a woman and then there’s the button that comes up that says flirt so you you retroactively go oh she’s hitting on me
that’s what I do I don’t know why I’m telling you I’m not like I like and then but then when when when it’s a guy and it goes like a could I talk to you for a second you know when I first met you I wasn’t sure I thought you were a tub of guts but the universal Brotherhood of Steel needs everything they’ve gotten I just got to say you’ve given this old tin cans filled your new lease on life and what ended the flirt but like what
but it is really fascinating it’s like an actual kind of an educational tool cuz it’s like they had this I mean because the game is in the game is simply saying these are people who are growing fond of you and then it’s up to you to project onto it any of any what you want and I am ashamed to say as a as a modern liberal with that I’m still I haven’t I haven’t I haven’t gone there with a dude yet and yet I have been so Unfaithful in all of the female relationships I just keep I just keep like I’ll max amount until I get all their combat bonuses and then we’ll assign them to a supply line with cattle or something or I’ll like them with what’s your name and and like so there’s no shame about that there was a little bit of time there was a little bit of difficulty with it but it clearly I got over it
hey but I will not I still won’t fucking do it no one’s watching me I know I know the game isn’t going to punish me or reward me in any particular way it’s not going to make my character gay and likes change my weapons that the only thing that’s going to happen is the conclusion of a fucking like algorithm and I still don’t do it shame on me a fucking everyone in the apocalyptic Wasteland value in that Community you my ride till I can’t because you met a dude and you got fell in love and because the way you set your shit up you got to be the president it would be this is why I brought the 7th so this is why it’s important to Preston Garvey is African-American
Ray Preston garvey’s where these male characters who is particularly it’s it’s legitimately like it’s it’s crazy like he when he gets to the peak where it’s time to either hit romance or not if he says hey can I talk to you about something you know something I don’t know what do you want me to do
roller skates
earlier did say something about confronting your fears on stage and we cool
he’s he’s he’s an unmissable
he’s an unmistakably black man but there’s no impression to do of him he’s not like your Brandon I don’t think I don’t think that you know I’m not as it is it is it like like it and and and so that he’s at he’s a gentleman he likes to dress up I don’t want to derail you I just thought maybe
and so he comes up to you when you’re playing this game when you get up to the to the peak levels with him when he’s been in he get in here what he says is he goes can I tell you something you don’t already told you about how I you know it’s really important that you do so creepy about it is that he’s not there is no like hemming and hawing about it I already told you about how when I first met you I wasn’t sure you were a natural leader and then I was inspired by you but there’s one more thing I haven’t told you
before I met you I lost so much hope that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to live anymore I really thought about ending it all I’ve never told anyone that before but I thought about ending it all all the time I’m just before I met you I was really thinking about ending it all and I really wanted to let you know that and then you have four buttons and one says like flirt
like I do and I don’t know like I want even saved my place and just see what that is like is it is it what would do well if you’re in a couple less drinks on me
I don’t know what that button is but then the then one is like hey let’s keep this professional or something like that and then one is like the one I would hit in real life which is like thank you for being honest with me I appreciate how hard that must be because you’re telling what you’re telling me is he can’t you tell anybody about this ultimate so then what happens is with these characters if you it turns out if you don’t friend zone them if you don’t actively friendzone them with the B button if you don’t there’s a button that basically says like fucking chill play but keep it and keep it above the belts and black rock on and I won’t press that either so not only am I codependent Hunter like I had these guys that are like I when I walk through my my my settlement these men who are all
they’re all Chuck saying I can’t can we talk now
courted by them
and then he’s like his whole thing as he goes like pink sheeps sheeps doing it’s on a loop now and here’s the thing it’s like okay he’s first visit now that he’s African-American he’s dressed like a revolutionary Soldier and through no selection of my own he’s working on crops like he like that’s the default that happened so he’s a black man dressed like 1700 Soldier and a tri-corner hat digging in dirt but when I walked by he popped out of the bushes that he’s like cultivating and goes like now is a good time for that talk
Anna Anna Anna Anna he’s asking you to help him out and I already already hurt you and when you press that he says okay cool because I just never told anybody that before
and then and then one of the button says romance so you and then one of the button says keep it professional and I never press it and then one of the button says thank you for sharing that I keep pressing it what am I doing and why don’t I get a different job it’s uncomfortable cuz the spaceman at least it’s a weird mind-fuck there’s also there’s other guys those guys were like George Clooney’s and leg leg armor and like like I don’t know if the if the robots eventually come on to you but but then again the point is they don’t come on to you that they might be there they’re designed to just say I have I trust you and okay that’s it so anyway since it’s a lot of shit going on I want you to rescue this dude because he had to work for the military and he has some beans that he’s growing with his hands may be listened to him next time I see where you at
trying to tell you I listen to every time I’m caught in this crazy flipping hamster wheel like you maybe what if that’s better for just seeing a Lo-Fi version of the simulation that is real life what if my relationship with these people is like is that like I keep hitting the a button on like like well do you do you need approval or do you want to be yourself and then I keep getting this like this Middle Line options around like I appreciate you coming to the show and then they keep hitting this button that’s like a big fan of yours and where are we going to flirt you know that we’re not going to like Max our combat bonuses
anyways I am really enjoying my Fallout 4 bug that’s a rich game the real good game this settlement aspect leg leg like you got to check it out that’s for a different episode I’ll be talking about Fallout 4 for the next six episodes what is this new show me show ya man I like it I like it too he’s like yeah she’s amazing with her first I like I like the construction of the show like I’m a very jaded TV viewer I don’t you know I guess if you know like I really I’m really glad I stuck with it yeah
I’m not done with it yet but I went yeah I like I like I like the very unique combination of giving you what you maybe didn’t know you wanted well at the same time continually going lateral does that like stuff it’s just I’m always lateral I’m going lateral and it gets us is the lateral is predictable or just hate people you know and then there’s stuff that’s like Charles Schulz I’m going to make you love like yours to your heart and then like you’re like okay yeah I can see your pattern their butts in here like this isn’t I don’t I don’t feel like I’m in the hands of the amateurs or old stodgy soggy bottoms
can I watch the show and I feel like I’m at the show now and it wasn’t like at a point where anything that revealed it was just sort of like it was like right at the top of the episode where now they’re into the second like it eration of them having different lives and he’s like a magician let’s leg it is yet what is a different life and not really asking myself what I like that or not and then and then when I started giving it to me and I was like okay I like it but also more importantly the computer people and then the guy with the computer people were saying and attention that they’re paying to the to the logic of the Sci-Fi is really important yeah yeah
thought about psychology in it that’s not just as simple as like I’m Tyler Durden unlike I represent you fucking Booyah side
incredible okay I’ve had made our guests wait long enough he met him at my neighbor Beth’s house her son Tim there’s a lot of Baxter hear that you’re sick you wouldn’t even know Dan had this tree right our neighbor my neighbor best and heard you might remember her kid as the Nutty kid who always did the haunted house every year the haunted maze so you kids grow up fast with the doing this shit for a long time so he’s like 40 now
and he made he made a short film and like all the stuff like that so I was I was just at their house at a barbecue and I met this guy and he told me about this YouTube thing and it’s like you should come to the show and plug that anyway let’s talk to him about it instead of explaining it to you please please welcome my new friend
I did a little bit bumpy
okay yo
Omar Omar is a star a star Omar is the star of a YouTube series of tired of this terminology now cuz it’s okay so you got your YouTube and then you get to your YouTube channels like these people that have a channel called me to take me to Atlanta instead of a. Is that you would think so is it you think it makes me feel better that you don’t know I don’t know why are you I don’t know I’m a white guy and I see I see the little accents that you have to hold a iPhone button down long enough to get and I’m just like that’s Gandalf shitt I don’t even know if I know the name of one which is a tilde right and that’s what makes you say that
time is it till that you hid it in a Fallout 4 if you want to do console commands you went to like you can use it to raise the the graphic budget of your settlements but so you do me to does this that they do all kinds of shit and one of the things they do is a recurring like series cholos try yeah definitely man it’s put together real quick I think you know cuz it just happened so divinely that you know we’ve got all this recognition you know cuz we want to see cholos try stuff and sorry I don’t want to get too familiar with that word cuz that’s the one thing I wanted to ask you first let’s define cholo I looked it up in the on the phone on the way here one definition has that I kind of would have guessed because it’s just my white guilt kind of like it it sounds like a lizard there’s a definition that sort of like derogatory whatever like
can I get the definition that I would have guessed maybe but then there was then there was all this shit about mestizo like like like people with different blood and all the stuff that goes deep man it goes very very busy man but now I mean now there’s a modern era misrepresented as a negative things so that’s what you know the do you know profiles what a gangster is a cholo you know what I’m saying so I can use it in that context but if I work I have to be a very trusted white guy in a bar still likes to refer to somebody in the third person is cholo like like like in front of someone of Mexican descent likely they would be like they would bristle like like like cuz it’s not it’s not it’s not it’s an innocent phrase it’s like it’s it’s got like is not get thrown out a lot you know I mean but then there’s the traditional kind of like
taking it making it back actually wanted to read the definition but I mean what it is you know that’s the one that I would have guessed is an informal defensive a lower class Mexican especially in an urban area
I’m at the Holiday it says a Latin American with Indian blood semicolon a mestizo but I was like okay and then you ask a teenage boy especially in a Mexican American Community who is a member of a street gang that you know that’s what it is in your boy is a teenage boy eats the new 13 Tattoos restaurant fast food nation how much do you do that and how much are you like I’m an actor and I want to own my I don’t want to be like a sell-out and like
say please absorbed me what’s your relationship with that word that you know it’s it’s kind of a fucked-up sometimes that you got to type faster than the industry you know I’m saying a playlist Thug Road Show Low or prisoner or whatever your name so the media procedures is that you know that’s a lot of times we get those rolls yeah but before me jumping into the industry for I got exposed to like you know doing extra stuff and then you know lead roles and so small shed and future should have whatever you know I grew up in the ghetto mad man from East LA was raised in South Central and I grew up in Compton man so I was like I got I got all of that shit out of early age I used to tag you shit if you if you if you YouTube cholos try I want you to get this this guy is that he’s the Paul Rudd of the cholos like intimidating
tattoos with scar Equus car in prison I mean I don’t know what to be honest with you I’ll be right there I don’t know man I don’t even know if that day is my friend officer I’ll be honest with you I thought that was a lady was it a dude right now I don’t know nothing is the xolos again using that phrase in the context of provided not not like I’m all excited to call Pete to dehumanize people one of the cholos is this guy who has a fucking Omar from The Wire scar visit it is it exact real cuz it looks cinematic it looks like a lion tried to kill him with his middle finger and he closed his eyes at just the right time so he has like a fucking thing going down
I had that continues in a slightly offset way down his cheek does he have a story for that Scar and it’s a tad you know it’s a lot of people to think of something that’s for reals for reals but it’s it’s at I mean on Alex about the Lion King Scar don’t know what’s up with that movie I guess you like the score right there and then you know he went all out with it damn I can’t believe you got me impugning a cholo cholo ship gets a tattoo huh what a poser
now he I mean what is it with the the so you really can’t answer that cuz I thought I thought there was something that you said in one of the things that I saw someone referred otherwise I wouldn’t cuz I’d be afraid to be offensive to do it if someone referred to his tats and the other and one of the other guys with tattoos that they that they were prison tattoos in pineapple
that’s why I got that type of pineapple he was trying to find out there you know the saying a bunch together by a YouTube producers like hair like now watch Mean Girls and tell us what you think you like they’re not you’re not like hey it’s good to see you again that was just you know I guess flight it on for like a week or something I don’t know cuz I got hit up with that shit last minute to try on cholos try hipster fashion which I thought was really interesting because because it was like based on like certain shit that I couldn’t like cuz fashion in general I can’t I’m like what like like and so like like seeing a guy whose leg who’s the comfort zone is like with the the button the top button thing with the flannel and then
then you put that guy in a pretty much the same shirt but all the buttons on the sleeves or short he’s like
Dexter and yeah man
look like a Poindexter to me that I thought that I was but that was part of the like the whole threat like you said he like a like when you see a dude he’s got the sandals and socks in the sudden water all the way up and your normal with that on it is it is it is it is there anything alike Like A Cholo cold. I feel so dumb that I’ve had since moving to La where it’s like some of that stuff is like I dare you to fucking like think less of me like like like do it like in like fashion choices like where it’s like whether it’s like a price tag hanging off of things are like something like leak leak leak doing things wrong on purpose is as like a red flag to a 2-2 to a to a white bull that looks like it’s like like like why don’t ya come come come at me kind of thing like please make the mistake of like of saying that I shouldn’t be wearing this after Labor Day
lingerie fuck with me you don’t pose no threat in that kind of shoes you can wear whatever the fuck you want you know me just don’t catch me wearing that shitt I don’t wear that type stuff man I don’t know I got to breathe man and literally when I fucking try that stuff on bro literally I feel like kicking my own ass down I swear to God I do it is just a different kind of t-shirt and that leg like nobody for what they catch a felony for that shit fuck kind of trans you going to let you know I’m saying like I’m up in the late 80s in the 90s and I’m saying mm always wear that 501 shit you know I’m saying black white solid tyt whatever you don’t stand Dickies and all that shit but I feel like these dudes adopted some of that from us you know what I mean cuz you know what the flannels you don’t need to do is wear flannel
are these cats I don’t know maybe they make fluffy like me mad but they they got him they always wear that should tide dude it’s like can you even been can you climb up the stairs something I do you know I’m saying I think it’s underneath this I am all send you and muscle like I’m I need to keep warm, you in the wrong City though the cholos try hipster fashion to do the watching Mean Girls and getting it she’s now she’s realizing that it’s not about that it’s about this okay and I was like what is your favorite
I will basically the fact that the chick is from Africa right and she comes over just that my favorite part was the
the other the food fight a lot of back and high school man I started a couple food fights and should last a couple chicken patties and shit that somebody brought back flashbacks and I like that it was cool you know how to watch Netflix and chill dance plane that business but you guys surf ballroom dance but the stuff is getting more interesting is like the stuff you watch Speedy Gonzales oh. That’s like the most racist shit ever
he said such Charisma is what what what I can’t remember which guy it is but it’s like in the intro to the videos I can watch Speedy Gonzales I used to watch it when I was a kid Speedy was she who is my homie but now I’m an adult and I know what racism is
so it might be different I don’t know how do we know if they’re still making a speedy, I’m really curious to see what they come out with and you know that you know how it is in the game mad you know he hears about it you know where in advance so I don’t know if it might be an extra thing or or even hotter to the fact that is just so you know that’s what it was we were like it’s the YouTube video but it’s like the place where it’s left is the same place that after maybe two years of me trying to be woke and like figure it out like as a writer as a TV writer has influence over people with my my mini hit shows.
looking like Doc and shit on back to the future I like what the fuck is going on
pocket where they end right in the end of the day you want to put the closest Speedy Gonzales he’s going arriba arriba one person notes we never sing La Cucaracha for anything there’s no there’s no occasion there’s no it’s his boy these boys like lazy it’s not it’s not just Speedy it’s they made Slowpoke Slowpoke Rodriguez so like and then in the end of it it’s like you’re like they make the movie I think it’s you saying this you like they make the movie look at you know like I’m not saying don’t make the movie but like he’s probably involves Mexican people stuff which is like we are coming around this wisdom but it’s like this thing that you don’t have to have any answer to this either cuz it keeps struggling with his we have this like like we’re like we will use this word culture and then was so that half the time we’re like we treat culture like it’s like a butterfly in a museum or some
you’re like a flake like oh my God this thing’s going to die out or you going to stay true to this thing and all that stuff but then like you could be a villain and stay true to your culture like like like what is it what has exhibited bite you yeah this show saying I like let’s go skydiving like it doesn’t mean the only white people skydive that Mexican people never Skydive but it’s like you’re worth cholos Were Striking a silhouette here yeah yeah let’s go skydiving let’s go golfing let’s go let’s go surfing but it’s like it doesn’t like my Asperger brain like can’t fucking it’s like what is my it’s like it’s like are we are we all supposed to be a like or are we all supposed to like like represent
you do an n in doing the shit right and getting it right and saying the truth you know because I mean the reason why we saw that now as a as soon as fuck is because you know we saw it as an we see it as an adult but as kids we don’t see that you don’t I’m saying and the people who are writing these cartoons and coming up with these cartoons are pretty much generating those stereotypes like all these fools all they do is fucking work in the warehouse and all this and that is that is that is what it is you know there’s people out there trying to break from that you know I’m saying we don’t just all working this fucking Warehouse I work in the office do it I’m cool I’m chilling clerical work call me I’m boring here so I got right so you know what I mean so I’m doing my thing but I’m not going to let my people should go in vain you don’t mean what they came here to do but see that’s that’s was projected at that time you know I’m saying as as as

Ariel type that maybe is why you’re having that that little flash stuff cuz it’s not as a white person is that there is shit to learn about like the idea that that without perceiving it that I that I never I never knew that I was making his active Choice which is what somebody else might have to do and then wake up in the morning and I was actually without making the choice that I was actually thinking of myself as default vanilla mainstream Morrow with right now is late is is like white people going like I don’t do anything wrong what’s going on around you get your who am I what the fuck am I answer then we get into these like I think the the the evil versions of me are people that are equally confused but there
Fusion generates like this is anger and frustration where they’re just like what the fuck are we supposed to do what is writer who is researching like Henry Ford in that era and he told me this anecdote about Henry Ford and his factories like he had this thing called like American there something and he would encourage all of his workers that were from all over the world he would say if you’re going to dress like you’re polish like like for real if it’s a service or imagined it being like some kind of like steamed Friday Taco Tuesday or something what do the ceremony like whatever you are if you’re polish like where your most polish outfit if you’re Mexican when he was Mexican outfit and so on the factory
floor where they had a literal giant Melting Pot for the all of these prideful grateful workers who were part of this new experiment called America would like wearing their polish outfits with climb into this we would walk into this like melting plastic and then they would take off they would their polish clothes and put on a suit and tie or like like it and then it would come out the other side of the big is a click here you are and it was like this is like to me that absolutely encapsulate the the like the big the big fucking question cuz when you hear that you you immediately go that sounds problematic as far as management and then you go also there’s a there’s an asterisk yeah but the bad guys are constantly encouraging us to hold on to the differences to this is this thing of like all the bad guy women do this men do that
that’s like a the pickup seem like a separating us is how you keep us powerless by Ryan will see I want to know who are the bad guys were talking about a blessed last as I get richer and richer going to just want to sneak out quietly hostile Baby Bones feel about the stuff that you do
the proud man let me ask you this question. Do you care are you out just making content for conscience sake which is also dope an artist you know yeah you got to care about what your people think because otherwise what are you doing it for you know I’m saying as opposed to doing it for yourself which is another thing but like once you’ve done Dad passed that level is like it’s what you’re doing really worth it rise and making an impact as if you know send us reading a message sending a message or something you normally do people say to you like when you bump into people you can recognize I’m sure even at the Taco stands bro. As long as you want to text me yet aren’t you going to do for the videos Turtle videos
in the natural you like me and my natural element in shape
night if it was the one thing that that that you were made to try through the zoo the show that you actually stuck with you in the answer was sushi sushi yes yes yes Compton bro I’ll tell you that but yeah that was one of the main things that really stuck with me man I was really really really skeptical for a long time because that shitt I don’t know why it does sound that sounds like those bad sounds like the Pinnacle of like rich people abusing themselves for no reason like I eat this seaweed like with raw fish are you racist or nothing like that dispense I was on the phone that’s all I
his people would think I love to eat tacos which I do but I assumed that it was just a Asian Cuisine Asian people I work for Korean do one time and he brought us some and I think they were California rolls they had no you know rob you know what I mean if we just got barbecue though I can’t believe you brought you Sushi Umi Japanese food and it was warm and look like it was cooked and look like you know what I eat like whatever and then I’m waiting I’m sorry I was feeling all right or help yourself all right is that vodka but I thought I helped myself to some little.
what what what Sushi did you like that man and I was really open-minded to it and I tried it and I all cuz it’s pretty good I guess I’ll give it a try next time I went out you know I’m saying I have me a little Sushi date or what not and I like that shrimp tempura stuff oh yeah yeah yeah it is because I make a little Pace call when I call crack sauce it’s very addicting man is basically low sodium soy sauce with sriracha sauce and I did my sushi roll in it tell ya it up dude yeah it explodes in my mouth dude no homo but it is like a party in my mouth man and I’m like oh damn girl where you been at on my life
what’s your dream gig as an actor like can you point it anything that anybody else is doing or like a kind of movie that you’d like to be in and it doesn’t have to be realistic and whatever don’t feel like this is your fantasy like what would you like to be doing as an actor in my time for a my life and I would like to be of anything somehow reincarnated to Antonio Banderas fucking career man has a shet man you know I respect his work and all that he did a lot of good stuff that’s mine and I always thought he was a good actor you know and you know somewhere along those lines you know he he never really played the cholo homie roll a delivery and Blue Diamond Phillips you know which is a very well-known and respected actors playing
imagine if she was sitting here should go yeah but there’s also this other that the Latin lover thing is like the other way of like it’s like there’s two ways of like a pressing African-American like like like people Brandon I’ll explain it to you doesn’t mean no harm and like that and then there’s the sudden started out kind of like a careful and someone’s someone’s rolling up is like is like why is Eddie Murphy
I’ve never tried to take that away whatever that word was big dick fuck yeah so neither of you like a few people do we just tolerate it don’t we like a mandingo say like that that idea of sexualizing a less than privileged class like awesome but at the same time it’s like if you’re if you’re into the hobby of problematization
pictures you take you out of the girls like you can like Trace how it actually like that but like it but why am I sitting on your dream you want to be where he’s like seducing white honey he’s like with a rose in his teeth basic Spanish. Sorry racist nationalist questions about Latin X culture if it’s a if you see a Spanish guys you guys get in a fight it’s a joke or such a question cuz you know it
it’s a yes or no answer you know I’m saying because it all depends on the person who it is you know I wrote the wrong with homies that they’re active and whatever and we’re going to Hollywood Boulevard just chilling and keeping out the honey but this what you been up to do that’s who’s mad dog in this food like a fucking looking at 4 and they want to start some shit I’m like dog do you know that we are going to Hollywood Boulevard and shit you know so sometimes it can happen if you if you know you’re not you’re not with the right people you know
I think that okay so I want to dig into this this fantasy like like maybe we can let’s let’s let’s do the movie where year the year that you just kind of like if you were a Bandera’s type like what kind of what’s your what’s your what is your favorite not your favorite movie I hate when people ask me that what’s the movie that you really like to think that you would be like man I was in that movie I’d be so excited maybe something like Carlito’s Way Scarface and Brado in Africa was in that a while back you know I mean you know like how you say Trejo
what is that new Latin X I just learned that I was so excited about it cuz it’s cool so you know how there’s like Latino or Latina I think Latin axes just trying to do both of those people do it gender identifications kind of it’s just like it’s like this a kind of like Latin people like like like saying oh so you’re like you’re like a land next comedian or something like that you’re just in that Community like that’s how people use I think we’ll Brenda do you want to okay
is it true that Malcolm X was developing cuz there was Malcolm on Malcolm oh yeah
Malcolm and representation but like I want to write this movie for you okay so let’s see I’m trying to figure out how to do it like I don’t want to put you in the spot but okay let’s do it let’s do like a radio play let’s come up with a name for your character it doesn’t have to be crazy do you want to name them or we can I could name a man about
Toko Toko Toko Toko 3080
yeah tell her that I can say otherwise I eat because if I’m writing it like today though but it could be so far in the future that got thrown back so it’s more Savage like I just as long as it cuz otherwise I just don’t want to be out of bounds with 2018 Los Angeles you know what Echo Park with the area Coco he’s he’s just getting out of the joint you mentioned Carlito’s Way you did not belong in the joint
he went to the joint for the best reason you could go to the giant being a gentleman definition of his homies definitely always happens they did The Honorable thing in a dishonorable world is now getting out Telco but what are we to Carlito derivative so like we’re going to change something up here all right by Togos getting out I will can I be I don’t want to be I don’t want to do you want to be my rich white lawyer emailed me and asked me to visit you in prison is like a cold open OK Google open a purple lowrider lowrider well it’s been OK Google
and I won’t work for nobody but you are just a love machine see you is that you rich my lawyer and I can’t figure out this mashugana
vehicle I didn’t blow ride high right I don’t know what was it you told me to take care of it I take care of it like your new school, you’ve been in a little while before you know what it is it’s a female. Got to play with it but to drive one is another matter okay well now you take the keys finally can you drive still you’ve been in there so long oh yeah man even though I know it’s all good I still got Alexander’s enough now to co you told me when I picked you up not to talk to you about another job
well you know my name is tacos I don’t ever know it’s Tokyo it’s been too long. Roads cheesy all the hydraulic work your people do you think this would be an easier ride what what kind of hydraulic you’ll see has man
I just look hella cool if I seem anxious it’s only because it’s been rough since you’ve been in and I’ve got some real mishegoss to to discuss with you back at the at the at the cafe what is it well maybe we should move into the next scene we don’t want to let you know there’s been some changes to Los Angeles since you went in so what is it now Rich my lawyer that I got to worry about man cuz I’m looking about the guns I left them right here in the staff so they cool right here what’s up
fhi order a rich white boy don’t look at me like that what’s up drive-thru person was happy when did you get out, call just 5 minutes ago what you got to eat up in this month we got eggs and ham and pea pods. All they had was tacos and went to you got some I can we got all that we have a new Chef we’re doing different things anyway I don’t want to stay too long
what can I get you to drink the orange juice I would like a gluten-free arugula salad
okay we’ll bring you something without gluten anyway Charro in a bag full
I never change on me I just watching just a love machine that you’re a listen when you fought your father passed away while you were behind bars which I hope it’s not a little bit don’t even worry about all that rich white lawyer okay keister, like a jalapeno and cross the border I told Coco we in the legal profession refer to a we have a saying do not keister things it is it’s not it’s it’s it’s not becoming of the legal profession oh well then are you ready to
some of this stuff up across the border put it in my in my butthole
I feel like you’ve mistaken me for having a problem with the language you said you came and got me out because you said you needed some help right so you came and got me out cuz I need your help to right so now you got to do this for me right this is the only way we’re going to be able to pass this stuff with you all right I’ll make you a deal you do one more job for me and I hope you one more job for you
I believe First yes all right so I’m putting one in my buthole all up in your dog jalapenos or Olive in you all up in you like a hot-air all this time
okay alright I am the one who will be inserting I’m a doctor said you were on your way and here you are, put these bags and rich white lawyers asshole for you like you commissioned me to do talk that shitt
free free free fall asleep this isn’t supposed to happen to you I used to be your surgeon and his father
about you good outside the doctor’s office
it doesn’t feel so bad like a duck but you good okay well okay now I’ll go to so now you want me to go to Mexico so now we’re going to cross the border because he then I got to fuck with me to see me with a rich white lawyer right all right so let’s do this ready I get the impression that I command a lot of respect from society respect okay yeah well here we go George Lucas wife to the Mexican border
I’m just a love machine and I want my hair to your beautiful
and we will not be bringing back any agriculture with him
okay hey how’s it going can you guys get out of the vehicle
it’s just like we’re well I’m only going to do the normal things to do which may include that but I happen to be a lawyer right I don’t think there’s any reason for this to happen all you have also a Jerky Boy it’s a series of prank calls from the 90s please step out of the vehicle rich white lawyer whatever you do enjoy that shit play the part enjoy that shit cuz that’s what he wants you to do
can you open your assholes sir
you smile for the camera
got to prison
rich rich white lawyers now in orange coveralls he’s in he’s in he’s in a prison cell ready homie or homey come through man just looked are you told Cole I don’t want to be racist I did I take the fall I miss motherfuking selling local food okay besides I’ve got to get the tenant sorry about that I don’t want to throw like a quarterback
come back that’s a nice you know that’s terrible to ask a question but what if I refuse to do this then
you just going to be taking her on up your eyes your whole life okay what you got to do fields and that that’ll get me out of prison
okay well I’d like to be out of prison cuz 9 times out of 10 you’re going to get what you going
okay I will survive it this may be okay okay well I’m going to do it I’m ready to be a shank Shield okay put me in front of you here we go prison time to go wait man was that bad yeah that’s that’s what that’s that’s really bad okay well I can’t you do the ice cream here is not gluten-free or did they not send you the memo. That’s that’s not really an ice cream my boy though it is that sperm is that what is that what where we’re going with it is a human semen that is what you mean
Peyton is yogurt I’m distracted by the I’m going to be I’m a human shield man I want to let you know right now rich white lawyer your your run
has been cool but I think it’s it’s it’s time for lights-out dog damn
lights out like just for tonight or for the whole time for the whole no one stabbed this man he’s chock-full of semen and he could blow up at any moment I’m bulletproof I’m running I’m no don’t just walk out of prison a lawyer fuck you the photos friend I’m tired of trusting your culture what happened to your lawyer and see what my treachery outside in the number one Arnold the rich white lawyer getting in my waiting boat made out of blue jeans we meet you I’m not your essay
I need somebody to your people with the same story I can’t hear you over the sound of me put a setting up boundaries Rich my lawyer I am escaping from prison by myself in a blue jean boat I am now the protagonist I’ve had it I’ve had it I’m in Manhattan now and now I’m in Manhattan beer I had Brandon rich white lawyers over here being a hard time prison you won’t budge manufacture them you can have them dog
for free well nothing’s ever free for free just give me a commissary in Spanish let’s roll out on this last Manhattan scene and take it home by Michael McDonald well take it in in the in the seem just a bit I didn’t get your name Mister
Toko Toko you’re making my suit
yeah. If you want to call it that
yeah I mean so it’s going to be a delicious tonight my boy
remember you was trying to run from me.
I got you all right well no actual something in your dinner tonight
that yogurt
that was Coco the movie that is about a Choco getting exam
I don’t do that I don’t make everybody do a movie know that was available at put upon you and thank you for doing that it’s all good man it was a dope ass movie man is going to be a sequel to the shit could use another pass
be a little linear I’m a story guy myself like I didn’t I didn’t pick up on enough curvature but yeah I wanted to see him eating semen earlier
I think that could have been nice thread throughout it was too expensive and you got food clearly he never wants to use his law degree to get out of this situation or just practice law to get Toco free around all the anti-semitic issues to Tuco is the story the story of rich white lawyer so it’s like it’s like a reverse rise of Taj I didn’t see Van Wilder or Van Wilder to the rise of Taj so I don’t really I feel like I can I can figure out those movies for the posters I really did it
yeah he did come say he achieve New Heights that van never could have even dreamed of are you saying always share what happened I don’t know you guys are at least cholo wish the whitest I guess movie that you like like example 27 Dresses
if that’s the answer you can say it cuz then we’ll talk about 27 dresses for like 20 minutes within the next 5 Seconds of white chicks white chicks be
lock out with die hard and space guy The Notebook I guess that counts the know what is a kind of cried a little bit of The Notebook watch a movie tonight cuz you’re going to cry. Oh yeah man you got to cry. Have you noticed that will make you cry like father son stuff or is it like underdogs stuff for like stuff gets to me bro on the real shit because it’s you know what movies is it is mad you know movies reflect on how you live sometimes your life and I’m saying if you portray your life in the movie fashion you doing this shit all wrong but if you watch a film
and you can relate to it and it hits home don’t save your heart like with something you might have been through or something or you know what whatever it is you’ve gone through fucked-up relationships or whatever your loss of loved one whatever man whatever the dramatization is within that film that got to you you know it’s just like that bad that really hits home and that gets me mad and like I’m a big movie buff you know and sometimes like I’ll I’ll I’ll just be in my zone keeping these movies out man and I’m trying to think I think it might have been bringing that up to score culturefly
I think it was like trying to end a Coke I started fucking losing it but and it was unexpected the beginning is like this more complicated than what the fuck the fuck are you talking about you going to be a skeleton by morning but on Tuesday if no one has your picture on a bench
simple actually like was a very profound and like I was I was like I was like fucking like sobbing I can’t actually remember why I was crying and my girlfriend will just fucking like she’ll she’ll just sobbed like a cartoon at anything like anything that’s like like it has to be sincerely done but I’m just saying like rice and sausage party and she was like I was like you know if I had it my way you’d be crying right now like in a real sincere way like Cody will like like like she’ll actually like unpredictably like she’ll actually be like sobbing did you see he didn’t see there’s no way you saw did you see a ghost story with Casey Affleck he’s wearing a sheet the whole movie and then you got to watch a girl eating a pot of so weird
but that’s a lot of catching up to do is just a dude who he’s like he dies and then get the gimmick of the movies that he’s just under a sheet like Charlie Brown like like like like the whole movie and it’s like it’s like wait in the movie waits for you to get over that and this is corny but he’s just hanging out in the background is in a sheet and then like there’s a scene where his girlfriend like it you just he’s just watching her and she eats this pie that somebody gave her she’s alone and it’s like the camera doesn’t cut and then you just watch her eat a fucking pie because she’s like binging but then and then I think she goes and puked it up like it’s just it’s like 2 minutes like and people who don’t like the movie they’re like they like they immediately leap to the ceiling I don’t want to watch somebody eat a pie
I don’t fault those people I’m not saying those people you don’t get it man and then I was like why is Cody crying and then we pause the movie and that’s my girlfriend she’s going to guys name like family for the same look different but same same but I started thinking about what for the first time in my life I started thinking about instead of thinking about how sad it would be to die as in like a bump that would be to not be able to live life because of the like oh my God what if you had to watch you’re the person that you loved cope with your other movies about that like like
like I was never affected me like I never I watch as a Niger like a grown up shit like I don’t I don’t know this like hipster thing got to me it’s like Casey Affleck said she may be at disarm me the shortest Cole hearted wholehearted Die Young I know love doesn’t make us some drinks and then crying about it and then I was like maybe we’ll figure it out while she’s making drinks
it’s been several years now I still think about that scene from that movie when I think about death that’s my new that it’s the director of that movie knew they had accomplished that would they be proud ashamed I don’t know I don’t know why I’m sure they would have been proud man this is only the Chosen Few that can catch it so what would you as an actor would you really like to be like you’d like to play a game like would that be your Ultimate Fantasy is it is knowing that you did something that somebody somebody out there even if it’s one person because of your performance they hit it like a fucked up their whole brain it changed their whole life like that would be the brass ring right well that will fuck me of somebody else’s she like that but if I have changed then you know I’ve served my purpose in life
you know but yeah I like that that’ll be that’ll be dope man likes that’s what that’s actually what I really strive for and live for you know a lot of the times what I do with my music you know produced man drop a beat. Why why are you kidding I love all kind of music

how is that real like I don’t understand that all the more is she saying like this that’s a that’s a genuine Xolo saying if I can use that word outside the context of the title of your show like what didn’t you like play Latin X Los Angeles dudes like being in so fucking big in the Morrissey that you’re not familiar with that stereotype not to be honest with you, I’m not familiar with the stereotype I think there’s a band called Morsi ain’t there a lot of guys like them but I think there’s like a rockabilly crossover so it’s low riders rockabilly fifties time I’m going to be gone but a lot of people are Morrissey fan type
Morrissey from Impressions like I know Dana Gould impression of Morrison
he’s like he couldn’t have more white I think it is any literally British is that he’s not it’s like that’s what it’s kind of just funny as it’s December evening the Night Before Christmas Is Here by Dan I think
hey we’re going to take Dan backstage and have our cello experts work was then watch out for the new cholo dance like what would we do to to make Dan an not Tupac Matt anything you’ve seen before he’s on a typewriter okay now you go okay
alright I’ll see realize your ass for Netflix series killer I ate tacos at home and I’ll tell you one story over 10 episodes make everyone watch it there you go
do you realize that should bro I realized officially a motherfuking thug yes yesterday as hell yeah yeah call Dave me to fucking tire shop we got to start a fight you though with a
Oh no you’re not you’re going to fall all right well I get three strikes at least don’t I or are we playing baseball now to set up an for this one right well whatever you knew you were going to even tell me what’s on 121
give me another of the brisket sandwich and I’ve got a cholo friend coming by I’m a little bit. What’s up Mommy yay it’s about this new fine and that’s right it’s and you throwing up gang signs though that seems like is that like that seems like a Paul Rodriguez bit from Mike
I don’t know. I just know you got arthritis you a g homie you throwing up gang signs dog whenever whenever whenever regardless of the culture has a lot of a lot of guys have that thing where you grip the hand and do that thing I was worried about my fingernail links if you’re a real man’s man you’re not necessarily manicured and then I’m always worried about taking into this guy’s soft tissues with my fucking gross fingernails oh yeah you got it you got to have nice I mean you got to have a nice ass fucking manicured fingernails or whatever as long as it ain’t going to spank me bro you to come out with a pill by now just make these things stop growing
yeah yeah but I think if you can’t do it without the film and just lazy as fuck what about you into like hunched over and you got to say it is like 10 the longest toenails me it’s like fucking insane like I was like what am I doing wrong or is it a straight razor nail clippers that use
you can get that done go get they had Chinese foot massage or whatever and the one guy was like like I won’t get like a professional back rub or anything I would never I would never availed myself of a sex worker other men would would would would think oh you’re my bitch now I just make it all into like what they have they’ve got a metric they know how much acne I have on my back like they think I’ve seen every back so now they’re going to be like comparing yeah I got a lot of shit to work so I got to do is a bunch of times I wish I could just go into a place
I just feel like I do my feet that would be the crate that would be crazy or you don’t have to talk to him like that
let me explain why I’m here
and they were doing
like they would yell at me and I can go with Kody you do this all the time I don’t know Jeff does in Downtown LA man you got to be careful if you go do that for which one you go to cuz I heard in Downtown LA do my feet could mean something else I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know that way so you can have something to do your nails are you can go to a doctor and he’s got to cut your nails out and shit I don’t have claws my boy but I don’t think I don’t get any of those problems because I have the one problem which is that they grow at 1 in a day so there is no growing there’s no doubt there have one problem alone which is just
her feet like they never cut through your shoes yeah yeah they are constantly running up against the the fucking like physics of our world and I are the only I I go down to get the food at the door and and if I’m not wearing socks and I’m like I’m just like don’t look down like you know like my toenails licks licks like a dog’s feet oh yeah they grow very quickly by my definition or you got to keep away a certain length of everything because otherwise you know you’re going to fucking step on it I mean or poke through it or Shrink that shit or the only thing that doesn’t have to do with vanity like oh it looks gross it’s Unbecoming you look like a Monster who wants to look like a monster
Baystate we come here to celebrate but the one thing is like you the the bed sheets and then you’re like you you like move your weight around in your naked should be the best moment of your life naked like fucking like love my life going to play some Fallout 4 like and you just like your you get this weird reminder that you have a monster toenail clippers drags along your thousand thread-count sheet and like makes a sound or something again like I’m a monster I’m a monster by yourself having to buy sheets constantly way I just I feel like I just feel like John Merrick that’s great what you should do one of the X-Men then bro was for his time I guess you probably was like if tomorrow I really appreciate it.
what was what like I like she don’t mind it will Penney careers yeah man she’s offered she says like all women do they go like what’s go get a pedicure everybody but me is I always like what’s going to take you to get a pedicure but I cooked your shit up like at night you don’t sound like her do it that would be the last Bingo slot I ever like my job if I ever had the confidence to put my toenail sexual as I was like yes I’m so comfortable like like Cody has reduced my shame a lot but I can’t picture myself ever being like that saying where you clip my toenails get hate mail what are my most embarrassing moments I still remember it was like I was like got to be twenty years ago now first girlfriends when I moved to LA
I was unemployed and she was very employed and I was staying at her apartment and I’ll just I’ll never forget the phone call like cuz I would stay at her place and then I would like eventually she’d go to work at 8 in the morning and then I’d fucking lounge around and watch GoBots and smoke a bowl and then like fucking head back to my apartment and think about like GoBots or whatever the fuck my day job what I thought my job was and and then one and then her like calling me cuz we didn’t have texted anything back then and just end the end of her being like did you clip your toenails at my place this morning and we going yeah it’s like it you do it did you do it on a paper plate like on the couch like while you were watching TV because you get the idea you forgot and I was still to this day I’m just like you fucking go or can you imagine how could she
ever touch my penis again
I did it to my roommate and I’d cut them in the fucking shower and it has been like Hulk growth and there were like long and discolored and like old slave toes I left just a fucked-up pile and the look on this dude’s face it girl it was those it’s good he looked at me was it was like why would you do this to me
butterfly what race is this guy what how old is he I’m picturing way. Haha haha I wish I wish this was lovable I’m not a traditional man’s man William would you do this
he took it rough I will tell you that the dude is a s’more on my Adam Levine side so you rooming with Aquaman deserve that shit in retrospect
I’ll tell you this real quick I did this to him I regret that shit but I will tell you that
in retrospect retrospect yes he did deserve it because if you will you will love this story
grew up together what were you fucking mad at me for it is like I’m not talking about that shit you can get the fuck out and Anthony Michael Hall read my treatment today and you’re just my black friend and there’s no role for you, so he’s like it’s not bullshittin I called the police so you should dump all your weed too when I was like motherfuker you trying to make me get rid of my weed for some bullshit for some toe nails right and victim gave her some weed so he’s got his gun shaped bong right worst idea ever shave balm and you just called the police and maybe you should get that gun shaped call the police he called the police so I wipe all my fingerprints off the gun safe
and then I deposited in the living room of our house right and all boys like the cops leave and he sees they never come in the house but he sees that I have done this to him and it looks at me because how could you do that to me they were going to bust me for the bong
you called the cops
Google fucking Patty wagon for some bullshit from dump my weed need to get your ball now bomb guns back to your story hashtag not all white roommates
you know I would not do you like that thank you so much you just when you get out of the phone I heard white shower how did how how weight maybe that is the best place to do it is it wait what did the what did I miss this big you’re much more of the Paul Giamatti time where did where where is the idea of how do you clip your fucking toenails as a guy shower I’ve never even heard of this gets worse to be triggering I just don’t want to be a monster and I have these fucking horrible
if there’s got to be a way to become rich enough there’s going to be a thing from Sky Mall or you just put your foot inside a little thing that’s like a Robocop stock and it just goes like this
looking for awesome and wake up Toby or something and you pull it out
I didn’t like the other people I don’t know how to help me with the motherfukers no more I’m 6 ft tall I have a prodigious belly belly saying what do you call it a belly you get this little thing from Target it is it the idea is you going to be going to bend over I feel my intestines like squishing like it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts I’m like a reporting myself am I going to hurt I can’t be down for so long I can’t do it 10 times 3 times and I don’t know if this is the biggest thing in my life is
if we could if we could figure this out or luckily then just got to get over that shit cuz you know you can’t get over this shit before you unfortunately there’s no I mean not that I know of I don’t know anywhere else in the world where they got that shit that I’m pretty sure they do but I’ll have you been exposed to it
I’ll be down to get a pedicure man you just got to do it here’s the other thing is you doing that shit like
don’t get it did take your girl man fucking don’t get your shaved and hooked up and shit you know I’m saying you might leave with a happy ending yeah yeah I feel like this is a YouTube show that’s a very good concept but isn’t that America crackers try that’s what that’s that’s what that’s that’s the beginning of the country isn’t it a try crackers and she that’s why they always suck me know how about Saltines or you how are you going to expand the brand we’re going to go gangbang on motherfuking
try it. God damn it we haven’t gained bang out there in Dubai we haven’t got home sorry I didn’t hear the rest of it okay
not what I’ve done something we’ve all done something are you guys trying to expand like a TV show on Netflix with the success of the short film that we just you know put out at my nose Hermanos at Hermanos
catalano’s where can we see it it’s on YouTube it’s called Hermanos basically means brothers and inspect and it’s right now it’s like a surpass 305 play maybe I’m sorry 3 million point five interviews which to me is very successful as a lot of people can give me good feedback and reviews people with us also mentioned you know that she should be on Netflix or what not and I I don’t disagree you know I have to go back and do the load out right answers everybody
hahaha how did you guys put Hermanos together like how you put that crew together mostly people from Los Angeles or people from all over La the greater LA area you know I’m from Compton you know so you have proof that you always rolled with or did you find people in a via this person or stuff you’d worked on before you know that’s what I can to find out I’m a hustler man you don’t even I networked with a lot of people I talk to a lot of people I’m a humble dude you know it doesn’t really matter what it is that you do or what you can do for me I just chop it up with you bright and then once you get to know him you know once they open those up those doors and a ninja tight with that with that person then you start to really networking collab you know so I try not to put all my eggs in one basket you don’t I mean it’s already have that like you would already been trying to make this movie it was it was brought to my attention and I feel so blessed
and I’m very thankful that it did because of the you know relationship bond that I built with this independent company is it with the right here and he’s fucking lights as bright as fuck I’m saying a lot of stuff man it’s up it’s something that I like I said it before it’s it’s like divine intervention almost because it follows try almost didn’t happen you know and because it did happen the way they did it happen it’s a is broken a lot of stereotypes we will pretty much cholo has been came a household name you don’t I mean Sunday you know what we’re doing what we’re doing with the try stuff we’re doing films you know we’re doing TV I prove I produce music engineer music you know so you’re okay
I listen to everything my everything even the ship that anybody else might not like yeah I listen to everything cuz I’m trying to find that new sound as a producer of Hip Hop have you heard anything that I’ve done yes I yes I have Dan why you
what do you think hey I think you need to be on wild’n out or something man indeed you have have you on there so I can get these freestyles cracking with these fools and battle of my old man okay running is Izzy battles I think his Bat already I think he might be battling me I have to I have to lose its the score
oh shit, like print him oh
vagina have you ever fallen asleep on a muster Cloud at dance with the purple bear
I didn’t I didn’t wait I didn’t even hear it he’s already know why you burning me so fast why you rapping so fast you can’t go past how to do on my free Styles in the voice of Prince I would that make any sense give me now John Mayer run where he was like yeah he was like truly like he was unafraid and in like expressing his fear of being John Mayer that I really like that it was feeling it and you were sending it to my love that shit man never felt any better
right now is anything hot produced for myself you know I may introduce for myself might as well so fucking god dammit
if we go now yeah oh Marco, Brandon that’s the man yeah and we getting down right here on motherfuking harmontown yeah this is how I feel pick it up or not sold 61 * 2 * 3 * 4 maybe 4 I’m going to kick your motherfuking ass suck my dick and I don’t give a shit you still at Rick your fucking dick your fucking prick
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah tell her I’ll try baby big talk from the West Coast just a little something just a little something just a little something on the beatbox to yeah I got a little something I may or may not have gone to an all-black middle school if you tell me a name I can add sir and a lot to it and give you a wrapping name in magic marker on any Locker raised around the tag and culture are Sharpies and markers were they were Contraband you ever heard of streaks
streaks like naked people little pens that she’s a little thick pans like Magnum markers and shit and this is basically paintbase so you know I miss you peepee Penn middle school early High School I used to be on the walls heading up everywhere my name is freeway spray paint in the shed is just a little high did not come back and yeah yeah I can buy a fucking masks practical fucking spray candy spray paint or whatever you know I did it on the strength and we still hit a big ass fucking balls on the side of the freeway you know and I will get fucking laid off that yeah I get lightheaded for real I had to take breaks cuz nobody else makes art in a way to get some stoned at the same time
going to see if you see a cholo tonight don’t get scared cuz it might be humble yeah ask him what they what they want and what kind of strain they like to smoke
what kind of what kind of drink what kind of fucking fucking look all gangbang the fuck out and I just work regular day jobs fine with me I don’t know they might be your best friend all I know that that’s the Homie by a so I don’t know what you’re moving too fast for me with Leon at the homie but yeah so you got the Home Group by azza
Bethel Home Group clowner got the higher sex
sorry sorry everybody sorry I don’t know nothing we do like a real it’s either that or a cholos try D&D real quick I’m driving. I hope that’s even better lol, well alright no no no I don’t I don’t think it’s as you’re overweight we don’t rush D&D in and then horror it out like this do it’s all whatever I don’t want it I don’t want I wanted to Quest season 3 got picked up by yeah we don’t congratulate thank you sir thank you thank you the committee to The Gangsta Nation and I’m saying
as our connection Stone Cold Viking hard-ass professional rapping
are you going to track or what we’ll throw it all we got yeah we got the music where they can make at the track it’s going to be a real beat will throw it to each other
yeah I’m feeling that she rap names
happy Dan in the House Ocean happy claim my name
happy dance Happy Dance
we got MC beer
oh damn then you already know what it is yeah give it to him happy Dan
yeah just go with it. Oh yeah man damn
board game seabeard
Pollo Loco in the building
I raised your children the hell yeah music and then pick them up in the mix
going to prison in shit but I don’t want to leave them that route cuz I ain’t about that chasing clouds I keep that shit real that’s how I feel because I’m a real that’s how I fucking grew up in the ghetto around the motherfuking bunch of mother fucking fools disrespecting being Skeptics but now I made it in their hectic happy Dan and Steve beard
cbr2 do it once more yeah I’ll pour it all right you can wrap some more alright more rhymes with ya be a little vagrant
I like to be flagrant hey Brandon what’s happening
did you hear my boyfriend over here wrapping I heard your boys are was wrapping her than happy to be your victim number one up in the motherfuking here till like I’m Sonic motherfuking hit this microphone
OSHA beard in the house apparently his music doesn’t exist anymore
I guess we’ll just go home the show like that because that’s just fine entertainment for people game Spencer thank you
oh man
Omar Camacho Camacho Gul panra West Coast you don’t send my artist name purple life Hermanos cholos try that’s all I got to say for the night you already know
yeah I go by Dan Harmon Google autofill Dan Harmon Chevy Chase Feud
Dan Hartman alright naughty rent Dan Hartman Rick and Morty season 4 hold up Dan Harmon a horrible piece of cherry drink that we’ve been here at the dynasty typewriter downtown LA Make Some Noise will see you at church
cheers everybody cheers when y’all drive safe and have a good night


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