Episode: 332 – No Recompense!


Episode: 332 – No Recompense!


Dan talks to Jesse Margolis, founder of Overheard LA about what else: Mike Crivello’s Camera World; It’s a wonderful world of cameras! We attempt to get into the heads of internet trolls, also featuring a bonus White Walker locker room pep talk. Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, Spencer Crittenden, Rob Schrab and Jesse Margolis.


what can you do
122 Chichester
give me the number to plug in please
call game for downtown Los Angeles next to MacArthur Park in the dark all that sweet green icing flowing down some of my cake out in the rain what everybody thinks we’re coming down to try to save Ryder harmontown is once again session
oh yeah
hell yeah
I’ll be at the bar if I’m in town
yo yo yo yo
north south east and west did you mention the directions of the whole thing goes south and they and I know a friend of mine is telling me we’re talking about a mutual friend of ours and it’s like how you doing you talking about he’s he’s all the same age do you know mid-forties and and sizes in this other person is a creative and like and like and can you afford to what you doing I was on that one show but he’s also you know he’s doing this and that and I’m like is it will what is he act like he is he is he scared of the future what is he in the in the
better life team is up so much we’re just talking about our friend and his like situation or whatever that wasn’t there and the kids all grown up and she just got out of jail and but I thought he said jail but the crazy thing is how long the conversation continued identically and you know that’s hundreds of thousands of dollars and how long was she in four years of Jesus all right like so I mean is she going to be able to get that job
until I finally like was like in jail or prison and he’s like why no difference at all if it’s a fucked-up situation as a father he’s fine yeah it sounds like and I had some I had some some of that juicy juicy rice or was that unsaid stuff do you know makes a garlicky rice what’s that kind of pasta dish with tomato kind of sauce is very good that sounds pretty good I have food now the
the the that Holmes and Watson movie with
you got my first 5 minutes is like worth $30 I was I was drunk granted but like I I was like like crying not just from laughing but also like
emotion right leg like they just that there’s this like opening where they where it’s like the origin of Sherlock Holmes meeting Watson and like it’s it’s I can’t even remember the details I just I was like shrieking laughing is the Robert Downey jr. the Will Ferrell opening about about a Sherlock Holmes movie it’s just sex promise is so much I don’t know what happened who knows I didn’t even look at the credit out is that an Adam McKay movie I don’t know if it’s the Gary Sanchez title card but yeah I don’t know of that Circle I don’t even want to focus on what’s good I don’t want it I don’t want to watch the whole thing that that
by they must know that that then something happened there in the stinker I got made but but I do about it I just want I just want to say holy shit best first 5 minutes of the fucking Sherlock Holmes story ever it’s so it’s so that it’s worth like the whatever it cost on Apple TV certainly is a rental rent it for the 399 or whatever it is maybe don’t buy it you’re a millennial you if you’ve got enough problems
remember Vice is article about how I give her see that porn genre the what’s it called detective the rent is due and it’s something that property property brothers or property something properties Lutz or property sorry ladies that work something out like that it was Millennials have a new genre of Turin based on how broke they are because it’s just people it’s like other people either taking advantage of desperate Realtors all fictional prices of it words like tenants that are getting evicted and crushing poverty lame is born
sure talked about me getting into strap-on porn
it was sort of a Russian is a guy it’s really because of the high-definition like it’s girl-on-girl and it’s like it’s like Russian or something in like they but they were a lot of pantyhose and I’m like I have a fetish in that that area but then it’s like they use the pantyhose to like hold in a a strap-on, strap on it’s called it’s called strapless dildo action how does it attack Rose
how does it stay attached with some hoes around the edge of the dildo and not strapped on it’s actually there’s it’s inserted on the other on the hosts I double dildo you’re feeling it as you’re using it so it’s not you know it’s I think it’s more passes the bechdel test as a strap as a as a is a girl on girl like penetrative instrument it’s more like hey this is this isn’t just about pretending there’s a dick here this is like this is about feeling good
oh yeah
hey Rob Rob you got a mysterious package in your lap that it’s a field oh yes it is it is that that could be the exact size of a box from Fred there’s an opening man I’m going to go for it and opening get it yeah well we got a guest tonight so okay if you’re going to do this playing with this is your box that you showed me in the
I guess we should start with our text conversation because you it’s important for me to let people know what an asshole you are
you know it’s that some of you may know that Rob my fiance took a
pretty nice photo of me at a hotel in Pasadena I looking handsome and happy I think the audience would like to know what you’re talking about but that doesn’t matter it’s as bad as a POC I’d given up on a visuals I’ve given up on a lot of things and I had a rare moment of happiness at a hotel in Pasadena and Cody captured it and I was looking very handsome she called me a snack right which is which is a reference used by the boys from Hollywood handbook quite believe we’re going to be on the show next week
I think so and so Cody yeah it was nice and then Rob took the photo and he used it like it is very juvenile you know color marker wave put lipstick and eye makeup and ponytail and a purse on me and and breasts
but the purse was so crudely drawn that he had to write the word person with a arrow pointing to the first and it was using my fingers and couldn’t tell from the lettering a special stylist
show sure you’re using a cintiq tablet with finger in his dumb old man phone probably has the disability settings on Zoom so we can read text from his long-suffering wife
get please continue then what happened
so he made this photo that he put it in any and then he immediately started selling it on a t-shirt
Dan Harmon and his purse t-shirt dollars maybe take a second to go to my Instagram and just see what we’re talking about this and if you want to buy a t-shirt go ahead cuz it’s it’s It’s Goin Down it’s it’s only up for another 24 hours another 24 hours so I deserve a ride to the show tonight
and I said you mocked me online in front of the dozens to three dozen people that follow you
and he said sold 25 shirts
and I said undercut a decade of work for gender equality and he said you’re welcome and he said Cody and Kate he did it I’ll be out front at 7:30 and I said parentheses hearted
he meant to say hearted they not it
what did the Heat at with a fucking shut up stupid so and then he got in the car at 7:30 and with the box and it says it’s from Mike Crivello’s world yes camera shop in Milwaukee celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year and if you know us you know that we love the song that there’s a good great local ad to have a wonderful jingle of the door when you’re thinking camera there’s a world of things to see we got to drive to Legend of the highest quality
people giving you the world but I found found
micro Fellows Road 50th anniversary
my parents worked in the film industry in Milwaukie they were bitten by that I mean my dad like kind of mop floors at this place where they had chemical Vats they would process film and my my mom’s spliced stuff my dad kind of worked his way up to sales and things but or as a play a place called that clingy clingy Communications I think it was called and that’s where my notes are my parents worked and so they would go to my Crivello’s Christmas party this kind of blankets are all this kind of like a film community and I think my parents coming home and going wolf that might Crivello’s world is crazy I was like what do you mean like ice sculptures and there was a live python
I always pictured Mike crivello is like this Robert Evans anyways this is his world is a wonderful world of Cameron Seafood
way back from Atlanta where I was shooting Creepshow which is coming to shatter this fall I stopped home and Milwaukee and went to dinner with my family and I’m on the way my Crivello’s was there and it said I got fucking go to microphallus I walked in talk to chat it up with the with the team they showed me around show me behind the scenes
what is 18 +
is that new one I came home this box was waiting for me from Mike crivello and to bring some Showmanship to this this dead elephant this snog to bring it back to entertain some of these people for once all right what’s log like the British slang for kissing
I’m going to open this box
online podcast okay well we know
fucking expensive man
Carrabba’s having a little difficulty with c i
you’re not even trying don’t want to pressure you or like a blade or something like that it sounds like he doesn’t want that
all right
when you thinking can with there’s a world it seems like
fight with somebody my mom my dad sued my mom for $20,000
are you sure you’re allowed to talk about this in front of him I don’t care I hope they both did I know but my when my parents split up follow that so yeah I’m going to open it a little quicker and I think we can get back to the Christmas I’m going to go take the napkins that sounds like the best possible way things could go
well I could eulogized John Singleton Generation X Legend who’s taken from us way too early today at the age of 51 I guess he had a stroke in April and his family had to make a terrible decision today to to take him off life support and the youngest director ever in the history of the Academy Awards nominated went to the Boyz in the Hood but maybe he was 24 and 23 when you made it I read online 23 also the first African American to be nominated in that category but we don’t see race at harmontown with you we only see youth uses the only thing that matters to us
it’s a sign
Ramekin plastic
what’s the mean out of plastic
what a day and 1%.
There’s nothing else in that box like maybe a camera is there a letter look at what keep looking in the park
I’m looking at the happiness that’s happy you could definitely put these in an envelope off Forest
are you go what do you think logo
I think John Singleton yeah that’s what I do
I don’t know why I’ve got to hang up his ass all the time you got a couple of years old explain it to you
okay well
are our first guests at our next guest Internet of of Mirth and and frivolity he’s as the founder of overheard in La which is an Instagram that’s a majorly followed that he he went on to become the founder of many franchise to thingamabobs that’s falling out from that but made himself out of dirt without permission just like somebody I know named Dan Harmon please welcome to Dan Harmon Ave Instagram Jesse Margolis
I’m not that good at introductions I’m sorry Jessie
hello thanks for thanks for creating overheard La that’s that that that’s the username if you want to follow it on Instagram I overheard La it is over here. We’ve got a bunch now but yeah that was the that was the first child I commented today and in the past I got it today cuz I was in the past I have seen one I guess if people have a visceral reaction when they think one is fake like a classic example is your favorite or you just think it’s like a classic overheard La kind of quote I think my all-time favorite is you can’t be vegan in jail I feel like I don’t know if that’s true, and yeah I don’t know if you can
when they’re fake what time does visceral reaction like I feel like my job is to police light like like like that it’s like I believe Joy isn’t like oh this is a hilariously written saying it’s like the joyous and really believing that this was genuinely this was overheard and it’s like lake lake and then and then I guess it like trips a kind of like anger and people or something like it again because I saw one the other day I did yesterday was like it was like a kid a kid on a plane like a four-year-old on a plane or something I was going to text you on the flying up into the sky now it’s saying that everyone is like this is fucking fucking real thing up
people don’t mean it was 10 years ago Jeff said he saw some chill at the airport pinching and zooming a magazine cover
I think I wrote I’m just surprised the plane didn’t shoot up in the air and land like a fucking long dark yeah but there’s a bipedal Jewish Instagram account sitting right here that go either I go through it so we get submissions in a week we are journalists you know I don’t know I don’t know if that means that’s good it was. You have like I’m like obsessed with your phone you have like the Canon of a fucking meme account to a host at a restaurant and then people were like that was a really mean thing to say or something like that and then this will happen a lot like in the comments a person who was involved with the quote which doesn’t surprise me because that’s probably a person that submitted or whatever
he actually in the my the host with my friend and they were kind of razzing me but it was like oh then someone overheard it and it’s like so it’s both true but at the same time it wasn’t it wasn’t like a stranger like taking a shit out of a stranger as that maybe the overheard person is a thought but I think the it kills me cuz obviously when you create something whether it’s you know a giant television show or a podcast on stage or whatever whatever it is you know you care about it when I get to call it a snog
you care about it so I see those comments and I and it’s it’s a little frustrating because that’s the sort of white box you know when people look at that white box for the last couple years that you know those who care enough to follow it or whatever and hopefully they have their own moment of imagination they know the location they’ve met some douchebag like that they’ve been that douchebag whatever it is and yeah they’re going to beat the internet is a place for people to get angry and and you know you apply that you do you see things that probably somebody wrote. That seems too good to be true or something like that or I don’t know what the word is where you Google on Twitter like Google like so basically if anything is too good or it’s just too on point I will do a Google search on a search on Twitter which usually wear a lot of great Comedians and smart people have been you know
on the way for the last Unit 10 years and then go to post something and I’ll do a little browse of the comments I know sometimes we posted stuff and 20 minutes since I’m going to be like that you know obviously someone’s had a similar experience or someone’s tried to get on the account so then we just delete it so I kind of
is there is there is there are their qualities criteria that make for a particularly LAX quote or you know like like some of my own I overheard a gym yeah I mean it’s at the problem with LA is it can be so magical like I don’t know if you’re familiar with Cafe Gratitude the I’m sure you’re there they’ll even let you know you go to and you sort of you don’t have to like you say this Montreal you order your like vegan slop restaurant foods are all kind of you know Sparkle Joy but like yeah very similar to Kendrick Lamar’s album damn you know like humble and love and stuff like that so
you know I mean they’re there specific things were going to just the cocaine in the vegans and the Absurd Obsession like that. That’s the only thing it’s like it’s like it’s like people people believing the same people talking about yogurt you know who did ketamine last night kind of thing so hopefully it’s something that you know is relatable in the in the worst of the best way but isn’t so Trophy and a gla account like the New York account is sometimes you know more interesting because of New York system or forgiving place it’s like you can imagine anything happening in New York you can imagine someone on the street you know trying to give away a Nespresso machine right where is New York’s got the built-in there’s a there’s the blue-collar guys that that you wouldn’t even believe existed in La like you could you could make one up in New York cuz it would be like like oh
use me sir where can I feed my Chihuahua and then and then some guy going
I don’t know I’ve never been to New York at the Humane Society in New York and it was very similar to that but yeah Charter account to do because you know you really want it to be special and there are these troops because they’re true I mean is that the right year maybe 15 you really just as any one might expect I mean you just you’re just doing it I mean you some shit you overheard yourself or not but I started off with me being pretty broke and spending a lot of time at Erewhon which is you know the sort of elevated Whole Foods you know the sort of like daytime nightclub where they sell like $24 you know sprouted you know Siri
yeah I got to go to the fucking terrible but I made me an Instagram account called Finn Jewish and this was like on Instagram was first starting and I don’t really know you know what Instagram was I didn’t I never put my face on social media but I just started sort of using it as an outlet for whatever desperate creative you know so I could do like rush I would you know I had a little like Barista and even out here I would do these Rorschach foam latte interpretations or Emoji book covers and order like 12 likes and you know I was just messing around and I was sitting there one in these two women were talking and they were trying not to offend Lisa who was just obsessed with swag and she like her Pitbull was out of control and decide I was just you know as we’ve all had that moment when you’re just sitting in public in a conversation just would have comes to you and you just sort of you know just enjoy it so I just wrote it down and post it on my account
I would detect backstage but I think the interesting part of the story because then it goes from there it’s like that’s when you start to make people jealous and maybe drosselmeyer from the self-starters in the audience that haven’t started yet because it’s like from there it just like it gets popular and then you franchise it and you like you got like five employees cuz you got theirs overheard London there’s overheard New York and then you also do like he’s branded things with like uber and then what have you like like where you’re actually the stories that start and within two years you’ve got a creative person or like like that is paying their rent in a brand-new fucking way that never existed in like without it it’s like we don’t have to explain labor or be if it’s just like you just created a job for yourself with this with this tool that is also often like it’s a source of dehumanization in
is larger functions like yeah but you can just make your own job like Rob selling T-shirts is making $2 or ridiculing me
I make $2
but I think the interest in a walk to Dollars American Music love to hit it on Instagram and social media but I mean Instagram genuinely save my life yeah it was just a permanent fuck up the friend with potential difference between platforms that didn’t have in mind at all because this is a thing that works on Instagram and as you said backstage it wouldn’t work on Twitter it doesn’t wear much better should on Twitter and Instagram and where it is vastly monetizable nothing’s monetizable on Twitter it’s completely like the presidency that you could be I mean if you’re playing for the big box you can like
but it’s just interesting to me that also totally maybe this is part of it is that if you tweet that you overheard something you’re kind of a you’re almost more of a dick then a gram that likes your rates in a classy guy I like this is a celebration of the city and it’s like which is why that works like what the psychological routing is yeah I don’t know my theory on it on Instagram cuz I’m like what if we don’t over do it cuz it’s certainly not a new idea you know that like the idea of anyone with a brain and you know of red Moleskine journal that they don’t use as you know had that moment in public where someone said something weird and they written it down by the way do you want to drink I sometimes people I’ve had to take like a tiny amount like a symbol like a like a D20
and I grew up rolling dice okay we talked about a backstage on Twitter on Facebook it’s just it’s part of the Maelstrom of whatever it if for some reason doing it on Instagram having it text only having it sort of being thank you I think it’d be a hundred think you’re having it be kind of enshrined as an image where you can geo-tagging you can have details in the caption so you have to sort of double experience for you like you read this thing and then you should go down and go I call you know where was it do I know that place do I know that person do you drop your own overheard in there I reserved about 2% of the account for myself but you know I’m certainly at the beginning I was you know and and I would imagine that some of it is genuinely overheard some of his friends sitting around talking shit and sending it in
I still over her.
Boys like girls like talking to each other about seven each other up or whatever and one of them Nicole was like she’s like so young that’s being set up is still fun the idea of like there’s a saying to our friend Lesley arfin like it’s like I keep telling you it was really funny to just like that I was just listening to them and he’s like yeah but you know what you don’t understand it’s like it’s like it’s not like Rushmore
play Greg Lake real nerds like like like they overheard La I’m going to I’m going to do this and then I got this response from I assume you and it was like
the mind saying I love your stuff obviously one of the IHOP and I’m going to be coming over here and I’ll meet you behind yours and all the other things I can do the burgundy one a long time ago and I was like kind of like rock and roll chicks at the bar and I walk up with this all I heard was so hot because they’re thin and I can certainly understand why people think the account is bullshit because everything kind of becomes bulshit at some point well I don’t think I hope you didn’t get that I don’t know I’m just in terms of the comments and stuff like that and but I mean I was actually have been overheard like I I have stopped somewhere at a cafe spoken what
our way that I thought was authentic but was actually incredibly you know who she and then have like some Coy little cat person write my conversation down obviously I try to keep my face away from the account I think it’s more interesting account if it’s not about a person and have her submit me to me an hour later so what’s the thing you said that you got that isn’t that is really I’m looking for garlic stuffed olives
at will they were too there was one other guy was sitting at Verve vrv verb with a hell yeah and this was early days and these two girls they were like musicians they were cool whatever and they sat next to me at Verve on 3rd Street like right next to me and they start they just sort of like brought themselves you know into my space and in the way that some people in La do and I guess they’re musicians never liked I miss I miss Sweden it’s just how much more authentic there it’s just like people in Europe understand music they just get it and then enlighten me to go to selene’s and really serious and she’s like so what’s your writing process and I would just like to give me the the fucking gold it’s about to come from your deranged brain and she’s like well it sounds stupid but like have you heard of this Instagram account overheard la
what about glitter and it was really funny so she like went home and wrote a song about glitter and I was just like sitting there and I was just like okay and then I posted that sort of like you know that you’re seeing yourself in them with a year ago Loch Lomond Silver Lake and I was whining to my female friend about you know women in LA and how they date the same 12 celebrities and you know this you know naming names and like you know the whole thing and then she just kind of submitted it to me and I was like oh I was like wow I’m like a middle-aged what’s wrong with me something about if I mentioned before I was sitting on a plane with and we’re getting ready to like the passenger still boarding and so they haven’t like close the door yet and there was a older gentleman behind me and he was
gone like on his phone like giving his will
and he’s like a hello my name is James Harden’s Garden when I get to this date I will change the number to give me the seven

I don’t know. There’s a dangerous Airline and so it is I don’t even care I don’t care what airline I affect negatively
check JetBlue New York to LA vice-versa I’ve been taking Delta a lot lately that’s why I’m asking is the one that I I really like the one that’s at me in coach give me a give me a moment okay okay hello boy, why is my seat and then I was like sitting with the you know the holy polloi
the Flats on the fucking Driftwood the Bernie Sanders sits there yeah and I was like excuse me what’s the thing with the guy in the big deal like projecting his voice you like really he knew exactly the kind of social leverage that he had that I was a douchebag who got all the way to his seat before realizing they had fucked him over and so he knew that everything that was being said was being overheard by everyone I was going to have to sit next to for 6 hours wherever it in like so he just fucking it was like me over man it was like I wish you would brought it to our attention sooner you changing my seat to a completely different it was just so weird
I brought it to you earlier like what you would have then you would have kick someone out of first class that you overbooked or is that any signal we would have given you miles Delta miles
so so you had to sit in coach yeah next to a bunch of people who overheard that I’m a fucking asshole the things are better than that one of my phone don’t tell girl my arm hair with these people are both watching Avatar a different times to see the rest of Avatar it’s the only way to avert my eyes from fucking Avatar telling you that hey we just burned three thousand of your dollars I know it’s insane like I never got recompense I never I mean like it’s at the Delta you know what their slogan should be
don’t expect any recompense that’s Delta Airline in the area of whoever smelt it.
All right
there’s no Airlines so there’s no airlines that people talk about in like have good things to say I guess JetBlue but like we’re going now. I rather better lighting with the last man standing arms when I was coming back on in Delta man man that that was a rough Landing I was I was sitting next to somebody I mean I almost held his hand it was like like bumpy and like it was like somebody was throwing the plane up and then it was coming down
it was it was scary so that’s why I’m thinking like you’re onto something maybe this Delta isn’t as good as
is they were saying cuz like it was as it it was I mean when the when the pilot goes people just hold on. A great landing either for him like the emergency seats were popping out the emergency season here’s something I didn’t know there was an emergency seats until this flight they pop out of the wall and they step they send these emergency seats and they strike
anime trap themselves into the flight worker and a pilot’s going just hang on just hang on I’m wondering what’s going on in the cockpit like I mean hate but it’s a it’s a capitalist Society so all you got to do to take that money and take it over to United then bring your dog and for god sakes if they choose you by Lottery to give your seat to a richer person resist they will beat your fucking ass and physically drag you off the plane of course that United went out of business because if you were up Cookie Company and you suffocated a dog and beat a man senseless and drag them out of your cookie factory in the same fiscal fucking quarter you wouldn’t be allowed to make cookies anymore but it’s an airline preference probably
I think they did
get in there and hit a button like a Tesla take me to fucking Reno
the plains are just going like the others are going to talk loud I think it’s in truck I’ve been dead
we are dead
so anyways like you
it it it it is a mystery in other words like you didn’t even sign typically observed these things it was a mystery why it is that some things work on Instagram and other things work on Twitter and other things working to think it’s like there’s nothing it’s just sort of a
all we know is that one piece of data that I was just works works better and it was very much like it came from the right place and I guess it landed in the right place we know we have a Twitter account no one cares about I’ve seen you throw to pop up and down on Twitter you were on foot I was on Twitter from 2009 to the year that the gunfire rang and then I was like
Asian man know I shouldn’t I can’t I got I got in with you Instagram is actually my only it’s like yell at a fucking turd or whatever but it is a dog means you know like chimken doggo friendly and I unfollowed everyone who wasn’t following me
including wow I like how you following me I mean I will be in about a half an hour I was only while they’re not going to put episode of what
but it really is my only social media Outlet I deleted my Facebook account I deleted my Twitter
I was thinking the other day that Twitter it’s like there’s not really any good outcome because like think about it you like you like someone’s tweet nothing happens you don’t feel great you retweet summer sweet nothing happens you don’t feel great you retweet someone’s tweet and someone else retweets it who cares you retweet someone else’s treating someone responds to it like you get pissed off you delete something good no and retweets it who cares you really sound like a lot of people retweet it’s like okay that feels kind of okay otherwise people respond to us like this sucks I’ve if it goes Super viral
I know every single outcome it’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book this just fuck you on every page
I was thinking about the other day I was thinking that like I have the tendency to like create all these situations that I think will like go well but the the outcome is almost always just going to be bad and like there’s one out of a hundred outcomes that’s that’s that’s good you like is like really cool but I like his never happened in the history of Twitter at least every single fleeting thought that you’ve ever had for twenty years is being slowly catalog on a giant fishing reel to reel tape basement of a capital building that obviously just at any given time might be run by a person decides to search all of this by people who ever called me a shit head and send out the drones at that dance was terrifying to me is like this like when you eat like the the 1930s in Germany when it was like
Slow Burn of like like people were like in its exact March Violets thing where it’s like people eventually going like I think that’s a great Moustache like you’re just like freaking out and there was like this race to like redact and and transpose like people’s attitudes and like back then it was all you had was like a little bit of paperwork to see if you could like pay people to give you a card a membership card in the party that was like free backdated know you you wouldn’t be like a fucking March Violet but now we’re just like I mean that’s that’s what terrifies me I’m just like I’ve said it before it’s like it’s too late like I unplug from all this stuff but I it’s not like I did it too I just did it because I should but now I’m just waiting twenty years to get shot by a firing squad because I spent twenty years before I did that going like
Liberty blah about everything and realizing that Society was not going to continue towards like transparency as currency Trump fucked with her up like Twitter was kind of fine and then Trump happened and then everyone that you sort of like the respected just went fucking crazy on Twitter I mean was it that was it that Trump ruined Twitter or was it the Twitter reaped in on our on us like unlikely just licking it installed itself somewhere between our pituitary gland in our cerebellum and like just changed the way we think and so it is where they were like microblogging instead of like leggings freebasing of fucking give me attention and here’s the thing I have to say and why and then as a byproduct of that the like the
most likely presidential candidate who’d been running for president for 25 years before that just like fell on that bread like like you know bacteria is in a kitchen and just like that that petri dish was just there for him and so it’s like did he ruin Twitter to Twitter ruin us and throw him like a fungus
and I did you don’t have to answer this is what’s this is what’s happened to us at the very least when you’re on Instagram you’re not really seeing a person for who they are and are Bernese mountain dog for who they are but you’re not seeing them for the percent of the time they’re going to be a lot they’re locked and it’s kind of like if I was mature and I think I can become mature cuz I’m 46 now something’s got to give I could see myself by 50 being able to go of course it’s a locked account because there are a coward and they’re not they’re saying that they know that they’re saying that themselves like you you don’t have to say that on Twitter you don’t have to like declare yourself a coward in order to like have a Twitter account that you use to just go fucking gross monster and like like I know you click on the first and second you see an egg and you see like two followers but like it’s on Insta
remove it’s always like a locked it’s always like a person that says I’m a little terrified that you would do which I used to do I would just go to someone’s thing if it wasn’t locked and I was just go through every fucking Instagram for 3 years ago at your dog sucks who cares that you went to Saint Louis did that make you feel as less of a loser you fucking leg like nice cabbage you grow it yourself you must hate you just go through every single picture from their entire life and just sigh and comment on it pretty lucky with withdrawals we don’t have that many trolls but when we do occasionally I lose my mind I’m cuz again I’m not really part of the account but I I run him off but every once in a while so I’m going to be like you know whatever the fuck they say and then inevitably click on their account and it’s very rare that it’s like
I’m a dermatologist here’s my Patagonia I love my beautiful kids and you know we were just spearfishing in Indonesia and I did it’s usually follow ratio of 55 people following them in 5,000 people that they’re following and just one fucking photo of a pancake or something consideration maybe they’re not sure I have this thing in my phone cuz I’m you know someone like you like just terribly reactive it says pause and give constructive feedback and I ignored that every time and I never deposit I never give constructive response to like trolls everyone’s in a while I will drop a bomb on a call for fun but what’s that about is like you know if it’s all in good fun and then you’ll actually see
other people getting involved with starting to get under your skin is it the fake face is annoying because it’s like
it’s really just it’s someone you know treating Instagram like Twitter is that I’m really sorry that I took part in that I learned is that now I understand because I saw people like calling out that one that was like so believable I’m like okay I think this stuff to me I never believed him but maybe you’re here for me and I truly believe that the people that say this is fake this is fake they’re expressing a love your content there they’re so hooked in there I can speak for personally that the the when I did that when I said like someone’s fake the reason I did that has began to be going to be easily you might think you a lot of people it’s just another meme account you’re there they don’t have contacts in there just looking at you know whatever is on Instagram
I mean I grabbed you by the Scruff of your the vast majority I think I think you’ve got traded a 90% real I love it and I was an ass. I didn’t even think about it until after I click that was like I thought that it was like hoping something like like like you have a beautiful tomato garden I’m like I don’t even know what I was thinking there is one that’s like there’s no doubt that someone has sent something in and you know I’ve literally asked him if I go where’d you hear that in there like in my mind I mean like I was like that doesn’t working today we got you know something really funny from Detroit you know and I’m like well it’s really funny like that’s good content do we do not post it because you know how honorable meme account people are I’m sure like
the other meme account people that are like 23 year old like you know like
you know whatever something smart you would say fill in the blank has no Scruples and they troll Instagram and made you know grab content from this person and that person and repurpose it is around and we try to have integrity you know in this ridiculous you know mini mall that were in a Content but yeah I’m sure we’ve been tricked you know I’m sure like something from season 7 episode 5 of The Mindy show got on there and then we deleted it quickly but yeah I appreciate your respect and type it all up make it a perfect crafted to eat or whatever or caption to Instagram thing whatever and then I’m just to be safe I’m going to I’m going to Google that I want to type it and as his reports of Twitter Google or Google
and it’s already been done a thousand times and took what time do hanging fruit like whatever and I just wrote something and I don’t listen to Jim Gaffigan fuck you when I have when I have an idea like that sometime early in your happiness lately I’ve just been starting out I’ll go Twitter Google and then instead of just posting my joke I’ll just post a screenshot of the whole certainty have like a bunch of people’s half-assed attempts at the same kind of area around that makes me feel so much better because I don’t know if I could have done a better job than this but it definitely wasn’t good and neither of these people so just look at that instead you go by like that yeah we get the same submission like probably three four times a week for the last three years and I’m just always
is it just one that you can go in New York for the last three years you and your writing team standings at the same exact way we’ve been on postable submission that we’ve never posted that is the stupidest shit ever that everyone and it’s his face we going up to you know that I park around there like you need to be validated it’s like you know we also get it I mean I haven’t been do without I every time so it’s a do you need validation like I’ve been here 25 years and I am I don’t I’ve blocked out if how many times I might have
got to get no sleep for the first two years like I I’ve convinced myself I never I never did go like get out of work play like respond so I can do I need validation while I can I get some more intelligent version of that where you expand on the validation you need a horrible experience is that you do have a bunch of people at any given time like how many improv buddies are sitting at the table three tables from you or like actually quite witty and like dry and like kind of Performing almost like my Starbucks in Van Nuys one foot in and one foot out of themselves like because they’re they’re just funny people and they’re kind of like that’s why I would buy that like I overheard quotes are marginally like moron
believable than an average because they’re for you put you could be listening to just like a group of her son and then you and then you have the whole parenting part like you like you have the absurdity of you know children raising children with you know with phones and iPads and like no one of the best ones we ever had was like two kids a Pan Pacific Park and it was like you to go hide and text me when you’re ready if you know it’s terrible, why wouldn’t that happened and I didn’t like her better than counting text me when you’re ready fuk up I should have made a list of my my favorite one but I did not you didn’t bring a list of like hit the gym, like I can just real you know your little head
go to your phone in Texas when you have a good one
is there a while I don’t want to distract you with this question but so I’m on Instagram bro up I just meant for you to ask the question but to me that’s my threesome you know that is a good one that was sort of verified Leo and the people that got over her like Road in the saying like
I was sent a bar one time and there was these three well-dressed like me kind of checks and they were having a drink cuz they have 3 jobs and they were just talking to the shooting at Bridge and joins them what a Jay like since you just like you just destroyed my ass off about it because I just clocked out but I fucking just did 30 minutes with Anthony
she never gets at 1
he only puts it into
all right well it’s the account like that is that is more than worthy over her long time ago was the amount of coke he gave me did not equal the amount of had I gave him you got to do it because you like it I don’t know what recompense means but there’s probably a joke about a recompense in head
you know what if you’re going to be that honest you’re welcome to say it. It said you handled that algorithm over putting yourself out of business Secret Sauce about it it’s like a T-Pain was like an Auto-Tune
by the way we got to be right now it’s like he went on those look like yeah those Picasso guys in the van Gogh guys that make the scribble dues and it looks like a kid drew it and it but they can all like that actually they could like Benjamin Franklin if they wanted right it was a very very Teriyaki if you want anybody he was but he dominated that Masked Singer first thing is like nobody knew it was him and he’s like that’s not crazy I just can’t believe that you like I felt good that you fought over hell and now that you watch The Masked Singer and I don’t follow his I love D patient follow his live tweeting of Game of Thrones no no fucking poetry
just for Sunday night and he’s just a big Rick and Morty fan like like like Beyond like oh Chance the Rapper likes Rick and Morty it’s like T-Pain fucking like for his birthday his wife like made him a Rick and Morty cake like he’s like he’s really in the Rick and Morty and I’m always trying to get wiscansin swag from him cuz I’m from Wisconsin they only had one like run all that stuff and then they stop selling the place I love T-Pain Instagram the thing happening right now is
I can’t see anything but does anyone for me with his Game of Thrones oh yeah screaming in our LA Live tweeting now cuz you’re watching the show that you got to get him interact with Twitter when I’m I don’t know I don’t know what life treating is are you know how to do that but I will go back and I will watch it and I will watch his reactions to Game of Thrones guided is fucking amazing I mean that was the big that was the Tweet about the most is a Game of Thrones tweet which is like it was a live tree or watching Game of Thrones said Somebody’s tweet went kind of viral whatever you I don’t know. The ratio hit that Gap whatever you say someone tweeted while they’re watching Game of Thrones which is like Ohio
Gladiator Arena
would have liked it is just represents for me as of the added leave you this a role player like it’s like who who would have ever thought that I mean that such a great byproduct of all the shity things that were like the world is indefectible dragons and stuff like the whole world people are just like I mean yes bring your bring your friend zone Antics to to D&D
all right when I watch Game of Thrones last night I’m 4 episodes behind and I have a party
they’re after and it just killed another horse Jerry
it’s not that’s not the point I rode that horse so it died
my skeleton horse so is property now maybe we should build a wall sorry continue okay
yeah Nick break up into factions or like I’m going to be a district White Walker Vine will call you and get one of the weird priest
recover what pizza Walker okay cool cousin
how to make a babies eyes blue with my icicle finger
how come Steve always gets to make babies eyes blue with his icicle finger
write hashtag that you might want to use when you’re celebrating the bit that I encountered whitewash from MADtv that Dan’s going to do on his audition is is the coach of the pregame pep talk for the White Walker in this is the coach of the white walkers
did you find out you find out in the sketches catch kind of lays it all out there for you
I don’t know if they could have made that show starting this year and just named
you know the all white cast and then the White Walkers and they disappear whites White Privilege but Wight shocking her resident at got another with the walls and the whites and load walking stop arguing about whether or not the right thing
Weight Watcher code
Weight Watcher coach at halftime
oh gentleman
where do I start
we came here
to enslave humanity and bind it in a magical Frost I don’t know if that’s true
yardage thought about yardage
I don’t think you understand who you are
I’m seeing you white
but I haven’t seen a single one of you walk
you may think that you walked from wildling territories Winterfell you may think that you walked across ice and falling through it you may think that you’ve risen that you’ve screamed and run full speed at your former friends confusing them taking advantage of their mortal familiarities as you get into their rib cage has swelling our ranks
where I’m standing you ain’t done yet
my skin is blue
I have a crown of ice I ride a skeleton horse
and right now I’d like to roll over and die
I wish I could go to Dorne and drink a wine cooler
you call what you’re doing out there white walking
I don’t know what let’s just quit right now we just got too late let’s wait walk back to the South let’s just hang out and fucking do whatever we want roll around in the snow will let will let Peter Dinklage and then the lady from Terminator for they can consult with their hands and their teams make their fire water in their fucking dragon eggs museums
or you can or you can suck it up
and get cold
now what’s it going to be
excuse me come on Jeffy I did the best I could I know sarcasm like I didn’t know shut up
just give us a stinger give us a good one
can we find your submission
yeah yeah yeah yeah what’s your Instagram like my Walker 85 Daniel
yeah that’s all I can’t remember it it’s not good I mean I’m just going to keep yelling at me but I have the Chuck-E-Cheese of wireless carrier Sprint the signals no good here sorry that was which we’re not here to talk about but we only did it 11 Instagram is coming back we launched a local newspaper we made about twelve thousand of them and they were in like 50 locations picture of a down-to-earth you know like blue collar spots like Intelligentsia

Erewhon and Verve coffee things like that but you know it’s sort of like instagrammable on the outside with you know it’s my comedy writers on the inside we had a millennial weather report with Earth’s current mood we had like a comic strips with your Instagram artists were never going to touch the onion it’s going to one of the greatest songs ever was heard of half satire and 1/2 editorial we had on you and it would be a good the T-Pain song
the main thing attached
yeah we had a vegan go to animal the nose to tail spot on Fairfax so it would you like to tell us what that is is like the entire town but for why people is the appeal of it that you were somehow being like more Tastefully carnivorous because you’re actually eating the entire animal is that is that a thing of conscious like you know if you’re you know if you’re a hunter and you eat something like you’re making the most of the animal you’re not letting any of them go to waste it like is are they like do they come over and go welcome to nose-to-tail do you know how it works here who’s better already but I think it’s sweet bread volume of the offerings the whole animal creatively but the answer to do a review so you know
it’s it’s fine we’re not going to New York I will looking forward to your white walker advice column that was the most recent project musical finger you’ve got to be careful not to kill the baby
I mean you want to kill it
to the extent that it becomes a white walker
did you know that it’s white walkers the white walkers is like the color white and Walker and then the button the the people that are in charge like the Rob drop looking guys that are in charge of all those there by the way did the the main guy does not his like weird priest Horsemen but but the main guy have seen head I think they look like a crew of meth heads who listen to Blink 182 and like live in Santa Clarita like they live long coats and electrical tape like Matrix gowns on I think you recently passed away but he was looking up Twisted Firestarter like that guy kind of sort of looks like that guy Mortals and that I’m like I I’m not I don’t know what happens Jon Snow just destroy sounds his ass and it’s like.
find your submission heard that like Aria wait wait what’s your name are re are you I heard I heard that an early event is
witness to her coming of age
yeah my friend screamed when that happened. He’s a 49 year-old writer successful screenwriter and we were watching a group of like 15 and she sort of you know started to take her pants off and I did like just one little shot of the top eighth of her butt and he was like I loved you since you were living rooms full of people with white wine and silence and you just hear crackling fireplace in your head and patting and then 148 year old person goes like this happening
cuz I don’t know how I would process I didn’t deserve to be raised her but you haven’t seen the actual scene but he’s not I don’t want to I don’t want to take Cody’s Cody’s and Cody and I are both like gung-ho about something to eat it probably won’t happen at all just like and so Cody and I are both there at any given time or not like Thrones let’s do it live series and it’s about all these like cataclysmic events like coming you know I just had some of the worst thing of all time as well now that I quit like I feel like a lot of the great actors you know already dead like you know Tywin Lannister Charles Dance was amazing the Terrell grandmother was amazing.
season one was the greatest actor ever and now he just would have liked walks around and he’s like where is my accent and how do I check on things I guess it sort of like like David Mamet movies where it’s like well who cares if Campbell Scott like is like to do that thing where you stare straight ahead and read all of my dialogue every word matters you moved your eyebrows once go more Campbell s Scott and he kind of like has his wheelhouse of like actors that cuz I feel like when I watch Game of Thrones I’m like I don’t care if they if they have their script out you know they’re doing like a table that I mean it’s one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen but it’s also like one of those cultural moments now where you’re actually like I walked into work and one of my colleagues had
I watched it you know she’s a big fan I’m like what the fuck you doing like there’s no spoiler alert I’m here like everyone’s freaking out because
killed and it reminds me of Robb Stark’s ghost kills ghost dog but The Sopranos are going to look like when will there be epic television like this where everyone sort of on board and I’m watching truck is the only other thing that every year it was sort of like the streak of and it was like what’s the secret over there which executive is bringing the magic and there but now I think we can truly say you’re not going to be the end of his HBO era of prestige television because of the AT&T buying everything in like they’re going to merge HBO with like a bunch of shit and just call it HBO and that’s what my old boss Bob Greenblatt going to be in charge of and I don’t I just want to see that there’s no longer going to be this like weird little cottage where they they they would
by these things where they like that sounds like a crazy idea but if you invested a bunch of money and it was a bit like a weird world to build like when are we ever going to see any of these crazy like Rob Schneider daughter shutter maybe that’s the new thing I’m sure that’s the business World In His Dark Materials and they’re doing dead would like to 3 years from now it’s going to be over like the Deadwood movie and it’s like it’s kind of it and it said I don’t know 20 30 years what it what is it like HBO making this amazing like like this this this stuff for like they’re only in that just when you think they’re going to zigzag kind of thing or there and let you know they don’t they don’t go like will we love Mafia stories
he knows things they just like obviously they’re that they did they have like they had like this taste over there where they’re like as long as you create a world for me that I’m interested in one of you immersed in and like what it what other network is ever going to provide that environment for some of the craziest like writers TV
anyways all right moving on getting into the leg of the show where I’m too drunk to be entertaining not the first two-thirds of the show or entertaining such as you want to hit us with another great over here. Like quote Oh yeah oh wait you can’t cuz the phones don’t work there I’ll give you one
I’m late I’m late for my Coke class yeah that was close to his one was like don’t they pull over the truck could be bored I feel like I usually related but like you vape on the checkerboard
people I don’t know and I don’t want to offend anybody that is one of these people cuz obviously they outnumber me but like like what’s with the the the places where people go and they open their laptops and they just sit there and they write screenplays like with people around you as well my friend who’s Allen love is actually the one who convinced me to start the account and it is written such Incredible movies is 21 and here comes the boom with the Kevin James but the way I don’t have to be a broom to I’m a tire
is his name boom I think so I don’t know
I’ll look it up
like who am I speaking very quietly right now makes me think you’re getting ready to check Jack scared of it will your boom has a problem but he has obviously been successful and worked his ass off for twenty years and built a career but he’s still alive
what’s it look like like you’re like you’re like a Bill Hader character now he’s always got his boom in the shot
yeah way to do vampire vampire that doesn’t have a shadow gargoyle Hobgoblin
I don’t think ghost cast a shadow ghost catcher ghost catcher biggest monster
what if there’s like a boom operator but he gets like I like being invisible man he becomes a boom operator so you can put that he wants to because I could get the best audio in the world that could be an episode of Rick and Morty Morty writers room like we were we were picking apart like how invisibility Tech would work and what it would require years ago I met a guy who is in the military and he said that like there is some military briefing we’re like some guy like was walking around wearing an invisibility suit and you could kind of see but like you mostly could a tenderizer people didn’t even notice it was in the room and they’re like this the new tech gentleman or whatever the fuck remind conclusion was like if you it’s like it’s like forget about me it’s funny how in the 80s like we kind of went by a logical with it and that’s where you got the Trope of like oh you have to be naked like
otherwise you just going to be like because it was like we went it’s funny how like our Consciousness would like sci-fi like procedural I’m certain wines like in the 80s were like an invisible person would have to be would have to be like oh your skin is invisible and then like so that means you if you are wearing a sports bra it would just be a floating sports bra and then you take it off and then we would make these movies about like oh no I’m naked and I’m but we are now more like like I think we were talking today about like what locate what if Rick had an invisibility belt like what would it would be a belt like he would have designed it to be like easy to just says like weird as like it’s like a cloud of the continuous surfaces you know so if you’re holding a coffee cup and do you activate the Bell like the coffee couple disappear because for the same reason your shirt does in your hair does and your fingernails and your everything because it’s like it scans the
this isn’t like this. The cop doesn’t have to worry about and I could wear a little bell the Little Bill and then Rick picks it up what do you not need the belt anymore
if it was the right, you actually I mean that’s well you didn’t break the coffee can you get a nice hot cup of coffee and your invisible pants stay up and makes more sense than having like a builder on yourself I don’t know what the fucking problem is over there
but it’s kind of like a giddy like a cloud of itself around your surfaces and that like a subatomic cameras and the photoreceptors and projectors that that that like we’re taking in information from all the light that hid it from every conceivable angle in real time and then simultaneously weird like having a relationship with anything in any variation of like behind it and then I asked a question like what what if you back up against the wall wouldn’t you then projector Shadow under your service but then I was like nah I’m thinking macroscopically like if you if they’re subatomic like Nano cameras I don’t know if you can go subatomic with your Nano but hey what you doing but if it’s like that then it’s like you could push up against the wall and still till I catch something that’s like the size of an electron or like somewhat bigger they’re still good
football field worth of distance between it and even a service you’re touching maybe and then the light level that it was you know intercepting so then it is going to make these calculations like a spotlight on the front of me then I’m going to take information from between this camera on the back and then I’m going to like it’s basically like the whole thing’s job obviously it sounds kind of dumb to say that but it’s like the whole thing’s job is just to airbrush you out of of of an exhibit is it safe to take in all available data which I do believe is possible it’s just a matter of fire saying and a i and stuff that you would be able to have a cloud of Technology around you that was making calculations fast enough to Simply adjust for what for all leak coming out at it and projecting layout where do you need like a tremendous amount of power probably 2:00 cuz it’s not to be Powered By the Light it would be like a battery that would be running out cuz I’m bringing the world
finding out like a bazillion light waves out that we’re like being compensated for you to where it would go past you so it just bends the light around you and then puts it back at the right exact angle right after it clears your body so then it’s the same beam of light that would go and hit you and reflect off showing the visual picture and that beam of light hits the hits the wall behind you and then vice versa the back way in the military I know that like the that that poor young lady that wound up in the water tank at the Cecil Hotel like that part of that miss you know the conspiracy theories about that is that something there’s some like like two degrees of separation between her and like
invisibility technology the red-handed podcast doctor said about her after they are hurt their appearance here while they were in LA and end it was that that’s what she’s in the elevator and she’s like interacting with things that aren’t there because she stumbled to close to cloaking Tech I’m laughing because it’s a terrible desecration of a human being’s death so I’d have these like weird Captain America see if her parents going but still kind of bummed out a scene in the elevator and Captain America have you seen the security camera footage of the of the Elisa Lam disappeared from the hotel and then
that’s fair as Cold Case murder mysteries weight in yes what did he say she she bet that she was off her meds and and that she may have even found some stuff like maybe took some e or something but like in any case was off her meds and was experiencing an Den she would that she was in a suicidal State and like kind of found her way up to the highest point and it just kind of went with it you know but she was just on a trip and kind of found this like ladder going up to this thing and went into this thing and it was water and it was nice and she just kind of
don’t doubt an accident like that does it again
it’s not it’s usually not as simple as that our judgment usually more simple than it seems he’s going to come on the show now Ryan Crown is Ryan Krause we we have confirmation that he doesn’t mind being called that but I think we may be other people mind him being called back so yeah we’ll start calling him to open mike Eagle today and I know he’s at your your taper you guys made a few rapping he was something that’s going to drop soon so we want to come back on the Shelf with references it’s like a rapping on that now I’m going
he said it was quite high and then he said yeah he’s pretty pretty pretty dark place a ridiculous Nicholas shaped joint like that look like a sushi hand roll and I was like the only thing I remember is is crying and my God damn what’s going on tell me what you want what do you want I want black people to like me
why go ahead remember so I’m not looking forward to that track because I’m sure the reason isn’t he awesome I say we do a double whammy we play that track when he comes in the show and we have Rob drawing of you cuz I work up on the Jumbotron everyone everyone grab your candy, I don’t want to say I’m on fire opal
all right Jessie Margolis what’s so what’s the worst city to overhear things in right now you’ve spawned overheard New York overheard London overheard Dubai
no not over nearby what’s the what’s the what are the worst one you don’t have to answer I don’t know I’m Milwaukee I would imagine Milwaukee would be challenged in the Moorestown New Jersey
producer for Morristown
is he leaving are you from Morristown
you like the cat food fancy
lady stupid are you from Morristown New Jersey
Montville that’s not what you said. I’m going across the street to this pub and restaurant which is by the theater and the people are servers were lovely and they’re very nice and very polite they had little Uniforms on and then they stay so do you want to come out with us we’re going to go to the bar we went to the bar and
so there’s like a all these girls that were there with a waitress’s that’s a nice little Pub they got into their street clothes and took us to this really hilarious dive bar that was like this Frozen in 1991 and I didn’t turn the electric slide to Ice Ice Baby was fucking weird and it was really good and that Ryan Stiles is there and this girl was coming on to him again she’s very very attractive younger guy like way more than half his age and weight less than half his age and her fiance who is this English young guy who is very charming and nice and they were engaged but she is so overtly trying to nail Ryan and we’re going to the bar and she’s like a hanging on him a proper positioning and basically and and I like like saying to like they’re like what is she doing and
walking into swearing and it’s really cool Jersey is great and and this is what I over here she comes back in like Ryan I told her like no like I’m married or whatever and you know I showed him the chart of the ring and I overhear her single The fuk with you guys
you did tell us a damn
is it going to stop me earlier and I didn’t want it to be hard to do overheard a quiet place
a quiet place
cuz if they talk the gate 8 by monster and a quiet place but the person that’s overhearing it could be quietly typing into the Instagram account
or if the account is just owned by the things that are eating people there just is not even like funny stuff they’re just like it’s just people going like overheard baby baby spitting overheard sound of a foam padded booby-hatch in a lean-to cabin surrounded by Christmas lights
watch the movie be a fan you got the there’s my overheard when it’s true for the record by the countdown Harmon you up on January 19th 2018 of a dark day I could hook you up with Nerds but it’s not like Rushmore okay they’re losers but the Great Movie Ride soundtrack.
cuz Nicole’s a lot younger it’s just late it’s like no you don’t understand nerds not nerds like a Billionaire’s Avengers text I don’t know I mean look in there a big gap between Geeks and nerds nerds are nerds can look like anything but like it’s about their fascination with specific topics that makes him socially unrelatable and then like Geeks are like more like their IQ can 10 be in any range but they’re physically there’s something wrong or is that they could stay like that and mannerisms or whatever like they have a lizard for a patch or something
dork probably like just a young nerd
like a puppy nerve change the way I don’t know why I’m I mean now it’s like like what you’re a daughter I just feel like there was a vice article about this in 2013 that we know about ya know house says like Geeks or nerds are good at something we’re like meat Geeks or nerds
when I was growing up they said a dork was a whale’s penis you guys hear about that a lot a dork a dork you’re a dork a whale’s penis and it was just any penis I didn’t hear like specifically like if it was a whale penis or a donkey penis it was just just just a penis is what I thought I’d like if you call somebody a dork you’re basically calling him a peanut dick is when I put a rated R animated film Heavy Metal the guy refers to his dork maybe that’s what he’s going to push for us he may Parker
I think that was the defining lot of my childhood I want to hear about your come gutters what the what what what what what is a reference to these make muscles down here like kind of like if you’re fucking ripped because we’ve gone beyond six packs that’s not enough as I come get her chair like it kind of angular like muscles is like late late little igloos come winter
what I hate about that phrase is that it makes you picture watery come
like old gum
just flowing down the gutter it’s gross come doesn’t by the way served piping hot it’s not fucking it’s not glamorous but at least it’s indicative of a moment I’ve been laying somewhere for 5 to 10 minutes and then whose is it your own the jerk off laying on your back like a freak
hey then I guess it’s just a picture of Brad Pitt in the 90s with Tom all over him and it like a dude like sleeping in the metric lie down each side of his picture that Brad Pitt, his own torso and then it’s like the grossest way to describe something and they’re succeeding something beautiful and they got a fuk it up with their Dude. Sweet come gutters
yeah man I’ll take another sandwich, River Falls
that’s right after that movie is when he started eating and everything
but yeah a reminder every movie I can understand why people are keep your characters in business what everyone eats not everyone is coming gutters
you’re not going to be 27 forever bride
and I don’t know what the fuck do I live do I learn the meaning of the word worthwhile recently it did the Ernest Ernest will split screen me doing my Brad Pitt impression with the clip from 12 Monkeys and fucking cuz you need all 12 Monkeys
double back and rent it to pretty fun movie this is what overcome sounds like right now
all right well Podcast Addict sex with the word problematic mean I mean like I think I just like any other couples Crossing like did you say that you have like two different the ethnic backgrounds represented by a multicolored but yes do they go to a to a place that would get one of them fired if they tweeted
you know I hope you know that I would hope so too but if they if they if that’s not where their heart or their loins are going but I fear I read these articles probably advise about how Millennials are having less sex than its refinery29 your reading but yeah but yeah but I think it I think it is because they’re terrified because they’re they’re like why on God’s Earth would I exchange bodily fluids with another human being they could end up like ruining my life I don’t know if that’s it I’m going to start having sex in the sort of 90s when you know nobody I mean I guess try to do but like AIDS to end like
you know I remember being at college and then we talked about this many times at UC Santa Barbara and I had like in 03 summer or for Summers I’ve never had anything like that and hadn’t sends but I was you know what a neurotic Jew and I was just terrified and I drove home to LA and set my parents down was like you know I think I just got AIDS
so that was scary I was scared of sex because of that
I don’t think people now or are you scared of it for those reasons I think they’re I think they’re getting stimulation from a lot of places ever the definition of taboo is a good news would be that the definition of taboo is now more readily available than ever because I ice personally believe that the human sexual kind of Oregon that is the brain it only really needs a boundary to cross in order to get it it is like if there is a place to go that you’re not supposed to go the human brain in a sexual like mode is going to want to head toward the dark corners of the room and explore boundaries and things and I find myself wondering like
do does today’s 25 year old when they they they do their hologram dating or whatever they do they swipe left and they swipe diagonally and then they they end up in a relationship where they’re having sex like do they eat when they’re actually having sex did they then today then go a little animalistic you know did they conjure situation anybody out there by a plus it’s alright I need you to fix a DeLorean
is it possible to have the sample data that compartmentalization when you like look I’m an activist I believe in like all of these rights and things in these micro aggressions and depressions and things in life that we have to Be watchful and aware of all these little ways that were hurting each other but that with a partner to like throw it all away for the sake of like these genuine like kind of ruts where you’re lying let’s let me see lions and just you know he was a specie lion
I can’t even risk like examples because I feel like it would be if you told me yeah but in the bedroom there they’re going nuts like I’m great I’m glad for them I don’t know obviously but I think the it’s it’s more that you know I saw an article recently where is like 2% like 80% of all tweets come from 2% of people wow a billionaire billionaire class millionaire class but I think a lot of the stuff is exaggerated I think there’s no fear of the Public Square and the flogging and all that but people are actually quite quite normal video games or Instagram and and that kind of
back or social currency if I think what the fuck is going on over here what’s going on can I get you something
all of my business what are you doing I’m trying to get over here I’m not bothering you on lunch meat on the bother. What is he saying to you what was he saying what the fuck is going on did you thought I was talking about you yeah well that’s weird how she rolls uphill
downhill that’s weird
sorry Jessie
all right so look it so
but you know what we should have we don’t have to figure it out tonight but we do what we do need in the show is like a kind of the Mickey Mouse Club kind of saying where it’s like it’s time to say goodbye I kind of think we’re here cuz it’s like how often do we just like half the yeah like no no
anybody we can make makeup a little Mickey Mouse like show under no damn right we’re going to have her thank you Sergio wow this is a research headed to take me to ask you did you want to
a guideline but I can play a simple Melody with a just play us like a like a hundred hundred 20 beats per minute like maybe four chords
coming June ending
harmontown we’re sorry we weren’t intending to do a little bit it’s only if we don’t write it beforehand we make it up as we go it’s two hours of talking you know we’re walking to the edge of Extinction
sorry I will make sure he has the rights to that theme song over her Times newspaper neighbor Hood America, Jeff Davis your man everybody
thank you
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