Episode 343: Poolitics


Episode 343: Poolitics


We Need A Pool Dietician For The Internet, and the milkman is an albino. With special guests Brandon Johnson and Steve Levy! Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, Spencer Crittenden, Brandon Johnson and Steve Levy. This week’s episode is sponsored by MeUndies! Visit www.MeUndies.com and get 15% off your first pair plus free shipping with code HARMONTOWN


welcome y’all to MacArthur Park which is melting in the dark is always super melting cuz it’s hot as
let’s bring out the game Master Spencer Crittenden
I’m going to come a comptroller Audible and bring up Brandon Johnson Brandon to the stage
what’s the capital of basket weave so hot in the summer time
open up the mayor of Hamilton
I rented a cup for my hat and a mop bucket tell your mama last night. All right thank you have you given up on freestyle then or is it he just lost here
do you know I was just happy I think I have a rapping has to do with you know you’ve got something you need to say I thought you were getting to a pretty good Zone there yeah right
I mean you can hear the reaction they were overwhelmed in general it’s a great it’s a great podcast is a lot of what is a lot left to say I could launch now and do one of many segments it will be totally relatable to the people that people are just waiting to gobble up I’m having some by I just saw some some of the decorators proposals and you know it’s a little disappointed to learn that they were photos of just Concepts and not my actual house marquesa mansion going on and then you have a 1 air mattress and there’s no chairs
I’m truly the voice of the Next Generation from from my Blanche whiteness to my six-figure a we can come to my $700,000 a week just for doing nothing to my complaints about my new Gardener is a new my two houses to my my ears and podcasting I mean I just don’t list goes on and on. You have 17 lipizzaner horses in your house not have it in and then you can’t catch it anymore you know you’re very cost-prohibitive
is it is it at all possible that anyone else here has something to complain about the thinks they have the most like righteous like something like righteous indignation complaint right now but something I was a hand when I’m over here in the corner it was that
oor are you albino by any chance
okay would you like to come up or okay come on up
this is a guy with a resonant beef I also hate the side
what was your name again wait don’t tell me Jack’s that herbo
Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin I knew it was cool thank you have you been not too bad this heat wave when you were talking about beep I just we’re living in a world where people complain about a lot of things and I get that and everybody should have the right but everyday I wake up in the center of our solar system is actively trying to murder me what is your physical interaction with albinism how do you say so albinos have the pink eyes is going to be kind of you know triggering but they look like pedophiles know the ones were freaked it look at the the all the movies when the pink I want her so then I have the color in front of my eyes but I have vision problems I’m legally blind and the same amount of sun burning happen
more human being like blue eyes the method pink eyes aren’t human being but I guess I like more and more common color I use you still have worse Vision than that have pink eye the Alpine Sam’s. Thank God album Mystic people have vision problems and they don’t have the pink eye so there are two different things but I wouldn’t have a reason to avoid this. It’s filming cuz I just had a red binder like I’m not going to go up I’m in the corner will that occurs to me now that you’re talking about this
he has guided the languages of biking Minefield cuz I was a regular size but I think I’ve ever actually talk to a person with the with the pink eyes but it’s interested so that’s so weird to learn that they are the they have 20/20 Vision And then you’re wearing contacts or can’t because I have astigmatism to my eyes do this so don’t know it was like a like rain and I know each other and so like we were straight suits and as long as I know what color is soot is it’s great otherwise I’ll walk by and he’ll think I’m racist but I don’t recognize it like like bigger
I’m just doing a character in like show for me like to kind of deal with the world when you see the sign that says like Ash Avenue I see a green thank you I see a green triangle and like two little like green squares like I make the shapes out before I see them because I can see color different you really differentiation really well but not not anything else you’re not allowed to have a driver’s license and so isn’t it that the the albino folk the reason their eyes are pink I assume it’s something to do with it with an extension of this whole problem which is like pigmentation taking taste so if your eyes are pigmented quote on quote
adequately why is it that the eyes are less functional see my brother and sister are both freakishly also album is stick which is pretty much impossible and I they would know better than me cuz they studied it a recessive or dominant trait and according to be happening to like one of you have four kids like he learned that with the peas and not again my mom and dad have my dad is Italian my mom is Irish he’s redhead my dad has a swarthy Italian this is not supposed to happen my brother’s older it happened three times but they know a lot about the Iceman is albino I’m sure this joke get sold every fucking family reunions I’m sorry but I thought they did
skip to cut you off you have your hair is fantastic like you you have like a lot of people to pay a lot of money for is just this like beautiful like silvery absolutely I would like to think that I can’t prove it that the Targaryen chick is wearing my organ
do you have any idea of the Eagles Wyatt is mythically the because when I see in the album Mystic person went with album Mystic features I can’t I can’t avoid thinking about the word Angel which I’m sure is like problematic to the album Mystic Community our friend Victor has been cast as an angel many what is it what it what do you have any idea about that like the origin of like why we portray Angels is like white-haired and on the Bible light like in Revelation with Jesus comes back the first time the very beginning he talks about his hair like dressed in white his feet like burnished bronze its hole like it’ll clothes in white white white white thing so I guess when albinos are going that’s why you don’t think it’s are also getting cannibalized in Africa because they think their magic as well so is there but that’s no way to treat Magic
that is true
yeah but I mean is there a Party City in African genes than in what you mean after they died of natural causes okay because I would eat the part of the albino that you can have whatever you want for you I appreciate your work this is morbid but are there are there are there other like it just raising the Dead are there any other like there’s all sorts of things these people are doing like cocaine and weird African like gunpowder drugs and and making children soldiers I’m not sure what they’re they’re doing they’re all around but I guess they think that they get power from eating albinos if you’re listening and Africa were sorry I think I’m going to help one day step my comptroller power
I think is only one way to prove this Theory
did you happen to hear the episode recently where we had a kind of a shockingly Adept self-effacing Lee neophyte Dermatology goal scientist up here you know he counseled me on my polish skin tags that are out of control and I got to go get them like removed and stuff but I don’t know I was curious about that like they do album Mystic folk I make it sound like Irish fairy don’t worry about it would sound like a fairy what’s the relationship between you like you seem pretty young so you probably wouldn’t know but like like you get fucking shit growing off you like I do I have a little sun spots and stuff like that for him and I don’t go in the sun very often but if you have a right to complain
that you have a hate relationship with the Sun
Ezekiel line of sunburn on my face LOL I can burn about 20 minutes let me do you know numbers on that like they could you hear horror stories of like if I spent an hour-and-a-half in the sun with nothing on like it would be lethal if I’m lucky enough to have a career where I can kind of make my own hours and I know enough about North Hollywood Hollywood shade to run to the right Corners I don’t and also I’m hoping that if every Leo know is a Highlander thing like every albino rabbit is person the dyes I get stronger I don’t want it I don’t want to educate anyone on this
I don’t because each of them is a pocket of Darkness Shadow power so in a crack open and I was just a nurse or ask the sun does that split between all the albino people or do you just get all of the deaths worth of value all right you got a stronger gravity when you run into Carolina would you run into like a full-on there’s a delineation between albino and album Mystic when you meet somebody imagine you have like with the with the pink icing and you meet them is there any kind of like the tension between that like I deserve like wait to have you seen the movie Warriors like a rival gang
social anxiety anyway I’ve done a couple photo shoots for like like awareness and things like that and then so we had all kinds of different people and I met them and everything was fine but at the same time I’m just nervous around anybody so but in the back of my mind I was like you know you can drive so fuck you are albino people you’ve met who have passed for album Mystic and take advantage of I’m Italian and it was like a new Scandinavian no I’m just sad
all right we getting fired up we appreciate you being vulnerable with us I wish I could believe me the sun is my enemy too but boy the enemy of my enemy I mean I wish there was something we could do I don’t like all the sun orange Hitler
and from this day forward that makes it matter yeah I hate it I want to put a hat over my pool
you can put it on brella that goes out about it and then I feel like people who make fun and go and why do you want to fool the Cabanas like those like I’m being active I just happen to be actively in the shade or not you’re just hanging out hiding I might build a wall around it and then put a ceiling on the walls and then an air conditioner or pool of the Hearst mansion it’s like he’s getting like pools or like they start outside and then they go inside but only if you’re in the pool like if you’re a burglar you could try to rob the house by but you’d have to go in the pool and then there’s like fools that have always liked pool hallways
that’s so badass I mean lately good for you have an indoor pool and people are swimming or there and it’s like he imagined it’s like it’s like hey come over here like going down the pool hall way to do pool why is there a pool hall in their rooms so you have a pool right here and then you swim down a canal and there’s another Pool over here and he’s got like three pools in one big pool house and it’s the dopest shit that should be a dumbass. But the pool sit-down toilets are kind of like a work-in-progress my opinion usually at work but then if you have diarrhea still there working that out totally trustworthy
it’s a heated pool guard who watches what the people eat before they go in the pool vacuum it’s not going to work but me is it going to be if you are so rich and Technology was so accurate whatever you call it that people could come over to your house and just like hang out in your pool your whole house just had a pool everywhere like every room had a little pool part of it so that it technically you could just swim to any room and just be like a different class of Citizen like I’m one of the aqua people here I am in the charades game by Ed but in any point in that in that water you could shit or piss or puke or drop a fucking anything and it would all just go and just blow it away to the nearest filter like you just crystallized my dream.
the leaves fall and you go out to go in and then you you cannot hibernate and shit everywhere that you just want to live in a very efficient toilet the biggest toilet get the bear anymore note don’t know what the internet is right it’s everybody is expressing how they would like life to be like oh I’d like to be in contact with every human being and I’d like to admit whatever I want but I don’t want to ever touch anything that comes out of me or out of anyone else has the filter on the internet too bad we’re all backed up so now we’re all like knee-deep in the problem you got it cuz they just shit.
how would we elect this pool Edition I’ll do it and I don’t really like I don’t think people should befriend should discuss religion or politics Steve he bring back the ice bucket
you just came up with that gun 1980s misheard pool dietary dietitian
that’s how it happened in the Joker
notice there’s no p in it to make it like a like a
I think he’s like the Phantom of Opera and he likes a half mask bring out the Vodka where is he trying to tempt me into Health like let’s see how long do it take it I don’t want to enable him so I’m leaving it out like like like I’m until he really asked for it and then I just look I’m here to help but Levy screen it like from the rooftops do you want it I hear him coming out here, sit like a explain yourself
half of it is forgetting and half of it is strategy I think
strategy for what what what what’s the what’s the Strategic play here in my car I forget which one it was but you were like you know I think I may have just too much in the beginning and I was like why do you know if I don’t give it to 15 minutes so I can go give you your 20
well I think the danger is more like it’s it’s about before the show if I pre-game before the shower just clocked you know yeah
shit like that Yeardley Smith episode I just I got ya they got might have been the one where you’re like and then I’m like I want to do a good job but then I’m like oh that’s not how you’re going to do a good job you fucked up with Norman Lear and then I’m like I literally amazing Freight of Norman Lear and because he was facing you anytime I jumped in and said something and he couldn’t quite hear it I think he thought I was attacking him yeah well you probably were never I would never attack Norman has a great story I forget which famous actor but it was like that the dick in the hotel room
did he tell us that
yes I’m about a dick in a hotel room
you know who I speaking in Norman Lear cuz you know who was in The Green Room and I guess he was like he couldn’t wait to come out till normally more than he wasn’t out of show do more. I ran into demorge on Hollywood Boulevard like I don’t like 2:30 in the morning or something he was straight sober like I was coming off of a adventure and is trying to be play Spider-Man until about midnight but I just like the corner like like real close to where cinespace used to be in my car and it was like we talked for like it felt like an hour but and then I was just like is it like like deserted Hollywood Boulevard and then I went on my way it’s nice to see him what was the origin of your adventure what did you just come off I met with Joel McHale and Chris McKenna and that’s already a lot of mixes to like you know
really we was dating when I was actively working with my heart has been Community she observes just like McKenna bring out the best and worst in each other and McKenna and I were like a yelling at McHale like like like why do you love your family more than drinking
come out with us like we were just 17 years old or just actively trying to get a man to break up with his family because we wanted to go to the Frolic room and and then we didn’t go to the Frolic room we went we we stumbled into this other place that came before it was dark bar that only had one other guy in it and I will say to this guy’s credit he did the one thing that usually like I’ve never I don’t think I’ve ever heard from the obnoxious drunk third guy at the bar which is he just blatantly sad after listening to us for 20 minutes if you know what I can’t hear you that good and I’m fascinated by what you’re saying so I’m going to move one down so I can eavesdrop that’s quite a compliment right well can’t fault that is where the public place if we wanted privacy we’d leave and it was like what are you doing I have a data scientist oh yeah I’m a flavor chef
it’s rare when your job titles allies the fakeness of it one of those Euros do you want to make it sound a little more realistic but you blew it because literally all Sciences data science all of it
didn’t mean to me he’s running late like just as data input like a he’s like he takes it and he’s drunk he’s trying to live a secret life of Walter Mitty they just wanted to make up a job that the answer was whatever was I don’t know like I don’t know he was eating something that had to do with like it was like data was data but it was he goes and tries different flavors of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and see if they’re good that’s data science like Banks hire him to make numbers bucking dance fever of the status quo lake lake lake lake lake spit would you say he’s like a book cooker behind climate change denial or like
Echo Lake you know is it in politics meets science she’s like I think tanker I know science about it it’s very much not science what he does a cherry pit he actually was getting drunk because he’s ashamed of it when he actually got to the bottom of it and was explaining what he did not like you that was trying to talk out and having a family of myself I’m like Yay who wants to overhear me and then you just be yourself I won’t remember
but the bartender was also very interesting 12 years sober and sometimes you run into a bartender who is like like very rock-solid sober and you takes you back a little bit they are there is a certain there’s a Venn diagram of people between sober people and bartenders look like I’m in my sweet spot this is where I could with this is how I stay sober if they’re great bartenders because they were alcoholics once but and they’re never going to be again and they they have empathy for people that are there for the right or wrong reasons they they they have a sharpened stick for wind to cut off Wendover poor when 286 when to call a cab and this guy was talking about like how it was it was 12 years ago when he saw the episode of Cheers in in reruns where that there’s a specific episode of cheers that I remembered as he described it as like oh yeah that episode for sure in the lights go out and seems one of the bar and then he pours one of them
why is it down the part that got me going about cheers and how she was his greatest show and everybody of my generation will tell you I liked and and stuff and he’s like he said something like he’s like yeah I think it was like that was before Norm died
it is a norm died how many episodes of Cheers of you saying is like one or two beers wouldn’t wouldn’t make you a millionaire like they’re magically transforms your fucking life but you just you just like that fucking to watch bars Cape now didn’t know he never tell anyone that he wasn’t going to change his life that’s was funny he didn’t even watch 200 episodes of Cheers he just was like what a fun episode of whatever the fuck that was
I just got militant about cheers for a second about Coach being at a bar with the with the George when it’s right I probably long story short Sudeikis is his nephew George wendt’s nephew we went out to which is why I like Nicolas Cage and change his name it didn’t want that went
the Troubadour which is a square or rectangular shape bar George Wendt was high because of that he and Jason Sudeikis likes it smoked a little weed and normal sat at the exact spot where Norwood said that cheers on the corner of the left side of the bar and people are losing their fucking mind cuz everybody else is hi to Nike
what I just moved here from Cincinnati and he was like sign a sign of people tips it was awesome
on purpose and did that person ask for their kids to be signed
it was a different time
420 Weed beer at Zinburger over the corner
chip going so well I got a new squeeze all right yeah
I know where this is going Cody asked to see a photo of her and you said you didn’t have one what we hadn’t taken pictures of each other also she’s not like a fan of being photographed does she live by Niagara falls asleep yeah but we also want to question her existence how do we do this how do we walk a tightrope how to re-authenticate the fact that you actually have a lot can I actually took a photo of grudgingly she was not thrilled to be taking the pictures but yeah I took I took a couple pictures all right
yeah she’s local how long is this been going on for months are you feeling good you every step of the way through downtown for making out with that one girl that I was just kidding
surely surely surely surely codename I guess surely she could have been a baby dress up some sort of harm and fan like they should have been
he doesn’t know what you look like
you might have hit my a girlfriend that, cuz she was just like Harley Quinn shit last Harley Quinn’s this year was trying to offer up a subject did you see the Harley Quinn trailer no-show and she’s like shit shit oh shit
why the current AP that’s not your mom’s Harley Quinn it’s weird cuz it looks like all the other DC animated shows but it’s just like this makes this one different she’s just like what the fuc and a Joker’s like
there’s something to be said for your mom’s Harley Quinn you know like I tell you I imagine that they’re like like Harley Quinn’s kind of like Deadpool or whatever you can let go crazy with her and leg but then she’s surrounded by all these icons of the DC Universe drawn in that same style it but she’s the only one of them just like Fiddlesticks no sweat My Pet Sounds like Harley Quinn Harley Quinn Harley Quinn having a stroke and nobody’s helping

nobody likes I don’t have deep sleep sleep only guy I knew up here play The Giver going out into the cosplay Universe now I got a I got this is like not this is not a cool believe these days because you’re supposed to be I don’t know I don’t even want to label it but I think that cosplay is look really good when you look something like the character obviously anyone could be any character all the time but like I’ve always wanted to like you know find someone I look like and I don’t look like very much of anything who would you go if you had to like get Styles as a cosplay character are you
whatever you want to look exactly like that person who would it be there’s this guy’s husband in an anime that I look kind of like he’s like just this big fat guy he’s like he’s like giant skinny but he’s just like a big giant guy and in it I feel like I can’t remember his name she’s generally called husband the woman’s called teacher and her husband is very generic the costume so like I don’t think I think they just think I was a big fat guy but if if they eat like it’s a Perfection do you think someone else is a husband from the same I hope so or beard cut your hair and be the plum
guy from the original lion Voltron and these days you could go as fast or it’s great not you like me it’s like a it’s a great cosplay for people who want to look like they’re there characters your Thor yeah I can barely sit down call Grandpa just died
where can I make Harley Quinn work hardly
cosplay cosplay girl
like really knock it out of the parking garage on the main drag of a Comic-Con and people would freak the fuck out and take photos with you or you can just be like a real deep track that only a couple people trip to what I can’t go with zigzag but like what’s his name don’t know what that is but he’s a philosopher guy going to stay in on it and it’s the stains in a different spot he told a great story this is the night we were walking from the boat back to the hotel you’re telling it a damned you reminded Adam DeVine how you first met at least twice a guy
there’s a password versions there’s a guy that it was at this party and he kept asking me questions about New Zealand and I was like I kept going like that I don’t know I’m not sure I know to call me we got card never been to New Zealand okay real funny you’ve been to New Zealand and like I want to have it and he got his face melted into humiliation and rage and like all kinds of things and they pointed his finger over to where the Workaholics guys were all standing and giggling and said
I kind of got two-thirds of the Workaholics back this Comic-Con on accident because Justin and I somehow let everybody over to the Hilton under the auspices of another we got to the Hilton at it was like everyone with a room here cuz we’re going to bed
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss go in a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no one but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes out the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little t and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like you’re always in good hands
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I didn’t mean to get them back and it certainly wasn’t as art to another boat with the Game of Thrones Game of Thrones people this year I was being a water jug and not being onstage last week that was fun I remember when you put the Hat on it
grow up I just I’m a delicate artist I think that episode that the people that don’t subscribe to our lives will be lost to time but if you if you saw what I did with just found objects
hi Brendan how’s it going in the Rick and Morty writers room in your opinion
every Jamie to kill Dan
Solaris Jeff holder killed a man before you is hilarious
how is how is Rick and Morty sorry
everyday is amazing is amazing it’s a great group I’m proud of doctors I might Beetle Bailey on my own Army of life we really have to stop talking about
goofy shirt and work now I mean I don’t think
Mr A&W he’s a he’s a focus addicts
he can’t get enough Focus I think these are high-concept bits he’s she’s going to she’s going to die of focus inhalation
every plant got to get water species of plant is a viable upstage the audience reacting differently I was moving a second to try to steal some and then the whole plan or took me like 20 minutes and then it was gone is there any correlation between albinism album Mystic mist and alcohol intolerance well I don’t know why all I know is that some people say they’re functioning alcoholic I’d like to say that I’m a thriving alcoholic bottle water it’s a bottle of Club is over I agree and who knows what’ll be the next escalation if God wanted me to drink water he wouldn’t have made my body 80% of it you see your beautiful butterflies and you’re mixing your own beverage to drink
what do you call this instrument you put it on the Wardrobe
come on Harley Quinn
politician was amazing so amazing that it didn’t even know it was like at the high-water Mark yeah I made it I was like for Brandon the sound system is someone said pull dietitian and disease repeat repeating it wrong and you’re like you’re bringing us up to a new level
politician there was good and cheese are my specialty
don’t you try to sabotage because you’re jealous where’s the
pero to get it oh you got it
I do but I knock everything over so where is that Easter
that’s what you when you’re in a family unit where it’s like the after-school specials they pour the bottles down the sink triumphantly is somewhere where we can have it just in case we change your mind we’re at we’re a proud tribe milwaukeeans you would like it there I believe I love the Midwest specially in the winter why cuz it’s cold and dark oh okay I’m fine with both of those things I didn’t know it was dark about the history of people studying intelligence and the all the problems of cause throughout history and talk talking about the Eugenics craze that
thanks I feel I don’t know what that was about this recently it’s really upsetting
are we talking about the same thing yeah yeah yeah the last two episode they brought out they’ve been like really diving in Destiny the oldest guy invented it he’s a Nazi like it’s you’re not talking about that like it’s it’s that the distinct Lakes to Nazism like both of those episodes like Dad was like these are Nazis were so I can decide but that’s that’s all the time they spent the whole that all it is is these are Nazis you say that what it may be I don’t have access but I got the impression that there that they might have been more being more cautious than they needed to be a Godwin’s law kind of thing like where they’re like if we say Nazi Hitler
every single time we evoke Eugenics like we’re going to miss an opportunity to provoke thought about the root of this shit for the root of it does not speak well there is at the root of it and I hate to put this fucking arrow in the worst people in the world quiver but Eugenics was a crazy in America like like like yeah they swept through us like right around the connect for America or is it or is it so hot buttons that that people stop listening and that might otherwise actually think about what he’s supposed to Radiolab
no I just I I really made me uncomfortable because it’s like you can you can have a bit more context like very interesting stuff they’re discussing but like at the end of the recent one they’re like you know some countries might say it’s my birthday standards and if you don’t like that doesn’t that make you the real racist and then like he literally said that that contacts or something like that yeah I was really interesting stuff. Yeah I will I will I’d rather have my needle as sensitive as yours from a friend of mine getting number II I’ve achieved like a sort of fetish now for non divisiveness which is another way of saying like I listen to these guys the the guys that host stuff they don’t want you to know and I particularly fetishize their crazy like almost obsessive and highly-skilled ability
me to go into areas that that traditionally are just like if your decision is to be non divisive then you wouldn’t bother to talk about any of this stuff in this area but because their conspiracy theory kind of podcast they constantly have to go to these areas but they clearly like Pride themselves and have said as much at a certain point after I noticed it and then they said it went better than okay so this is wasn’t hallucinating this you guys are like Humanities political frailties good bad dark light as like a souffle that they’re not going to collapse by stomping around it and they kind of like they have a gift for language that doesn’t presuppose particularly anything as they explain things like MK Ultra and and all the stuff that you think would be pissed student with laser lines of stuff and I don’t want to be that person or rather I couldn’t
Barbie that person so like I wouldn’t I don’t think the good version of me makes that our goal but I at the same time I listen to these guys on the way to work now and they kind of the kind of bring me this Dallas to keep peace because they’re so smart and they’re so interested in such Fringe shit and yet they clearly not because they’re secretly on the side of the scum of the earth and don’t want to lose those ratings but because they have some academic belief that proper black exploration of stuff shouldn’t necessarily ruffle anyone’s feathers that and if they’re just they just want to state things in some weird Jedi way that like that doesn’t necessarily feel like a bad person even like they just kind of like that that’s my chicks right now it’s probably a dangerous Kik I should be yeah I think I want to do offend people that are Nazis as part of like why were in the problem we’re having either I don’t think that that’s really bad for
yes but there is this part of it all do that you do get to take a break
you’re like you don’t have to be engaging in this bag I think where you can objectively just watch something just to tune the fuck out for a second cuz it’s been pretty I think we all can agree that it’s been like an onslaught for two years so I think you more than two years the bike 3 so I do think I do think you can watch something it be Nazi heavy industry like for a second, just want to watch this thing you know you like we absolutely divisive fucking sword like the only thing that I’m taking it from the news and it should be noted that I’m trying to actively avoid news so the shit that gets to me is fucking gravity-fed and it’s coming through tons of gravel and light Lake like it’s it’s it seems uncanny to me that he is absolutely I agree with
what’s as fuk Newt Gingrich use observation that I read about I know your breasts like you agree with whom I agree with observation that what Trump is doing right now strategically is he’s absolutely has to attempt to Define everyone left of fascist as an artist as socialist he he’s he’s he’s he’s looking at the numbers and he’s going like I need to double-down on all of the race talk and all of the immigration talk good for the base but also would I need to generally do to people out there who are dangerously trying to walk the tightrope he’s basically looking at them as people who are trying to win some kind of like balance game cuz there’s an and he’s shouting in their ear like so your socialist so your socialist like in trying to remove from their heads like he’s trying to he wants the next election to be about a boy.
just really boy I would hate to have my home taken away by people of color so I mean I’m not that Democratic head for a while there wasn’t there a little bit of a push to like wake people of color up to the fact that Democrats had never actually had their back you know that cynical kind of thing where where there was like that Push It Go like hey what you do look what these people have never taken care of you and all the stuff in that feels like that has been jettisoned cuz the numbers just never turned around so now he’s like he’s condensing all of his strategy on this idea of like he wants you to think that in the game of Coke vs. Pepsi that Pepsi definitively means Alexandria Cortez gets all of your pants like whether you like he he needs you to be thinking about that like like the same way that you pound homework but her emails you know Benghazi and all that stuff you just pound home
all for the hillbillies that that stuff is to try to scramble the signal of people who might otherwise be tempted to eat a sandwich take a breath and vote their conscience and it took convince them that they are in a war between between like crazy and what I had yesterday and I do I totally agree with people should be vigilant but also I’m getting to the point where I understand the people probably or suffering something to eat but that’s why I mean that’s why I understand what you’re saying is like nothing really important context in a world where there are white nationalists who are pointing to what they call science to justify their race science and it’s like it’s an impressive analog that that’s what we did for manifest destiny that’s how we justify the westward expansion in the Trail of Tears that followed and then like that like Nazis literally looked at that they’re like well we’re more white than you so you must be onto something and like it is
very tractable thing that started in America is back in America arguably never left America and they’re just leaving that out in a perfect contents to bring that up because a big part of their unit is it is problematic what these what these IQ generalities are doing and they do a great job of expressing like the people like for instance black people can’t get their IQ test in the public school system because of this court case which is just this weird thing because the IQ test was used to put black people in special ed when they didn’t deserve it and like so they do a good job of talking about the bad elements and even when they’re talking about these last two episodes they were it’s just like to me it’s like it seems doubly important to explain like the stroke of context of where is developed and they did that just a tiny tiny bit and I would just like to see you understand I can picture them sitting in a room and got today overtly or do we or do we put one spark plug next to it
I don’t know what spark plugs work
play make it a wire if they wanted to connect them and do we put one diode next to another and likes hope the end The Listener like form as it as an editor as a Storyteller as a producer I would make an argument it’s what it’s like like we have this weird Instinct if you’re if you’re at all left of anything you you you kind of tend to come equipped with this like self-policing and Brian exploitable thing or you’re like oh was I get into Political oh did I accidentally like soap box to die as they like the other side doesn’t have that I need to have it it it it it I don’t know man it’s like a research like the the back in my day when I was a kid and it was like when I wasn’t participating in any of the ship but there were
is whole push of like the date date date date they used essentially the same trick on an atomic level which was like accusing the left of controlling the media accusing the media of having a liberal bias and people who go into journalism are number one typically probably in their personal lives probably big fans of freedom of speech probably big fans of of of of approaching things practically probably big fans of like like Society but you didn’t shut off early you know as much as they would deny it and not wanted to be a thing it’s probably true that if you major in journalism in college is increased chance of your personal politics being liberal however like you is also an increased chance of you having a fucking huge power to like put that aside probably too much so in a gray Floyd and throughout our history the right has that strategy they they drill down on it they know that they can accuse the left of being unfair and the left will hear the word unfair and just freeze like a rat
and then I’ll just do whatever they want like well everyone’s Frozen cuz it’s like you just called timeout in the game of duck duck goose and then you just say you’re a goose I don’t know yeah I don’t know what to talk about. I don’t have anal warts talk about anal or Mikhail own a steakhouse I was going to ask that we are done with the steakhouse the Russo brothers are clearly sending me a message message received I’m sorry that I wasn’t more respectful I should have taken some of the Statue of David clip huh that really when I saw the people are like Community movie and when I saw the actual clip I was like that’s not what that portends you’re just not yet they’re leaving what you want to be there
I was just sick Bay and then I was right but I’m always right cuz I’m a genius and no one can make me not smart but I used to have to say thank you for the movie made cuz he’s got this huge deal and he’s like the fast furious guy I mean it’s like the Russo Brothers being bored and successful is the greatest thing that can happen for it what is there any theme to The his name on it as a big Mike Ditka in Chicago or you can take us to be very good there is the soup I imagined it all but I did the place that I can and Mikhail was God damn amazing it’s a Hollywood and Vine over there a little hard to find a GPS
Sharon the Pantages thick cut bacon sorry Robert Rob like if you want to judge
DC foodie culture great place to walk in to take a photo and like put on your blog and go look at this fucking shit but if you want have delicious food and take a date and impress the hell out of them it is a fantastic place like so over-the-top like the steak knives look like throwing knives they’re made of one piece of metal and I was like I thought I was just an integral handle or through Tang
I’ve been watching a lot of 4400 fire yeah
this blade will keep with cheetah every time I see him going to giggle and like I kind of peed my pants attorney but it kills like the store like to have lotions and what not I have to take a picture of it and send it to people go to the store with key it’s like chopped but chop took their name because it is too many contestants are nicer and help each other after each other for spaceship fire is just the fucking greatest doesn’t mean anything. Wanted to watch politics and not wanting to turn on the news just watching people just a hammer metal and go this is all I want I have Asperger’s I want to make a sword
another buffer that urge I recommend is 35 mg of Hoarders to Shark Tank
I can be like before I pitch you this thing that takes tops off of cans
I have battled blood cancer for 14 months and then fucking bitch was the invention that they came up with what they were in the hospital they just passed we can talk about reality TV for the rest of the last thing I wanted but so sharp that their steak knife and took a picture of what it was like I don’t know I don’t know you have to go there but there’s nothing you can eat there, ballistics dummy in there and do a fucking bunch of kill test side because Mikhail knows the people there like I was caught I was like these knives are amazing and he’s like whatever
except the size of a watermelon seven dollars each to make yeah they charge you if you take lady called the police in your purse and leave and yes I’m implying that only women steal
you’re welcome playing in
it’s time to even though
that joke you just said we’ll keep your career because I wanted to order them on Amazon or whatever foolish me these fuckers are custom-made by a dwarf in the volcanic planet of his face to you and there I think they said they’re sick which would make sense because they were like they’re they’re like to do you have problems with people I get the numbers mixed up cuz they might have to also said there’s only a hundred of them in existence something else but sometimes people steal them and they simply call the police and get the knife back because it’s grand larceny like if you really want them I think they’ll sell you the song to you at like full price and then we’ll only have five hundred ninety-nine of them yeah they have like pressing stuff and that’s what I
I’m a big food lover guy give me a food Instagram and then I stopped at the house is furnished and ready like let’s build a backyard Forge and look at arms like a forged in Fire and Fire
in the backyard I’m pretty sure if you give me a fucking cold for a gel fucking lay it down right now I know no man you got to keep that heat up but is it a Warframe you don’t you ever want to get through the woods ever heard that idea never going to burn through if you can do that if you got loads of time to our never works out on a fucking hug everybody on that you can you tell me about the other night on the recommendation of a of a hoarders addict whose 10 seasons of big they texted somebody and they gave us the top for Hulu recommendations like number one was like this so much poop and pee being stored
yeah and I know I’ve seen a million horses where there’s like it’s like a rubber glove watching it cuz it’s like full-blown but I just it was it was it was it was a woman who had me to it and there was a woman with live with her mom or my aunt when she moved in with her her mom was a hoarder and her mom was kind of like it it is whatever I’m not going to like the poop one forgot if there’s a break moment Hoarders where the person is he has to like they have to like they make or break like they’re either willing to like they just they kind of like Bill, they’ll come up with something and like this woman was like cuz they kept saying to her like you know you know there’s poop
pee everywhere here and she’s like yeah I know it’s but it and it’s also it’s like musty and I’m like no musty is a good thing you say when there’s not poop and pee everywhere but it still smells as though it was like these these water jugs I was like it was like I guess just exchanged if I can get water from Albertsons and you drink and then you pee and poop and whatever’s left of those who it was it was voluminous it was crazy it was just like piles of these individual canisters are but they kept warning her they’re like like like this is this is septic conditions and you can’t know stuff in like usually you expect the person to be in denial about the danger of the conditions and she was into my about that and then they started the cleaning process it and then after and then there is like the chyron it said 44 days into the cleaning process like whatever her name is she has a meeting with the people in the backyard and she goes like look guys like all I’m telling you is I get it you’re cleaning out the
Full House everything’s going to go I’m just telling you like you keep throwing away all this food that I have cuz you telling me like he probably has poop in it and I’m just telling you I’m like I need to I need to eat something from that house she’s the poop and they were like figure that what are you saying that you were like a junkie and that you do you need one final Blaze of Glory before the intervention like you want to eat potentially contaminated and she was just sort of like saying yeah that’s that’s what it is I want to eat food that might have shit in it like she was it was not any hero I’ve ever worked
we were you’re like you’re like clinging to anything that you’re willing to fucking lay just want a little nibble it everywhere and then there’s people like you like telling her that it seems like a ladder seasons of Hoarders what they’ve done now is they they didn’t want to lose viewers who tuned in for the bullying which I don’t like I don’t like watching people come into the hoarders play some Alicia it’s like what the fuc job did you sign up for you asphalt I like that I’d like the like the people that are like clinically trained like they come in the driveway okay alright so what’s going on with the mouse skeletons you know like valuable to you yeah yeah I know I got to keep those otherwise you never know like is that at the end it’s like these people are obviously needed help if you want to help them I just got finish eyes that like I like to judge the judges on my end it but now what they’ve done in the latter seasons of Hoarders now
broken into this like Ghost Hunters kind of a story Beast right where I like still have extreme cleaning experts spend the night in the house and so they do night vision like Blair Witch that live next to me
never cleaned anything just extremely this old lady has been crushed but they’re like cutting back and forth between that and the people that I like I like I’m inspired by the idea that you know like I have I have relations to that breed of dysfunction like I but for the grace of God you know I have a place that you can see the floor in and I’ve been in places where it’s like the idiot I just I am endlessly fascinated by the ways that you can be in pain and crazy and the different definitions between total compulsion that you can pull out of and how you pull those people out of it and stuff and I like Blake and for me personally as a guy who is cheese a lot for hygiene and stuff like that I I find it tremendously I go to that I’d like going that well and I really never met anybody that wanted to watch hoarders as much as I do so I just never get to see it that much
I understand the word want to go watch it but I’m like I love that I love watching kind to people who are like have degrees in the amount of pain you have to have in order to get this bad and who who who in watching them like just just be chill about it and try to reach the person than watching the person confront their wall like a few and I couldn’t really like keep going because I think I saw a few where the person felt tortured by having the Clutter removed and it was like it was hurtful for them because they’re there their they’re losing yeah I stack of newspapers are never going to look at covered and rat droppings but losing that was like having something ripped out of the outcome isn’t always the same it’s like a it’s sometimes it’s like okay we get it you shit
peed in your house so much that it would cost more to clean it than to tear it down your worst nightmare has arrived like we don’t even want to like sort through it goodbye you’re you’re going to live with your Aunt Stephanie now I thought you were going to talk about poop Mountain the hoarders if you don’t the poop Mountain at that’s what that’s why I started gagging episode of talking about that had poop up to their they were storing it they decided to stop flushing it they were they were they were they just left the poop in the toilet and it and there’s a picture online just look up horse poop literally is the horde of poop there’s a cousin of the show there’s an episode of Hoarders that I saw a long time ago where the prison had like cats in the basement in cages and and I was laying
play there’s a and I can’t judge these people cuz what do I like but like apparently there’s a huge audience people are like more of the animals and there’s like a whole animal hoarders show or it’s just like mainlining that drug like people who is dark Willie clay clay clay identifying with the hoarder of all those title know I don’t know and it’s hard. I’d be hard-pressed to tell you what I’m doing watching it you know how much of it is me punching down and how much of it is me you know I don’t place like your old Wilcox place you weren’t a hoarder you were just messy and Isaac guy that you know if the neighbor had a plumbing problem. I remember the shame of somebody knocking on my door and being like fuk well who’s this like you know in like just calling to the people because they can’t come in here they’re going to call something they’re going to call the city I remember like a Domino’s Pizza
wherever like a plumber coming in because someone in the neighboring apartment had something wrong with their plumbing and they needed to come to my place to look at my pipes and I had like it’s like not actual shit but the shit in the sink like cardboard just garbage in the sink light sink was just full of like just like not even just dirty dishes but just like I wasn’t allowed to go in the board and shit like in my sink and like I remember the sound of the plumber just what the fuck and it’s like I ate it yeah it’s like that’s part of what’s interesting to me is like like well I kept doing it like I mentioned that you have this this expansive and then whatever is wrong with me I’m graced with a circuit board that an output port on it that that that connects to a money machine I and I and I think that’s part of it too is my guilt like why I’m fascinated with the neurodiverse community is because I feel a little guilty sometimes it’s like wow why did I get a fucking
do like scratch off ticket that’s like you when you’re gross you you don’t have to work for a living and everyone like one micron to the side of me or one lithium drip different from me is like I have to live under a bridge in the pit police are going to shoot me like and unlike like yeah I’m kind of like you know I do it’s just morbid Fascination I guess like I maybe I’m looking for maybe I want to know that they also make bad choices bad choice restoring the poop and pizza boxes and independent pantyhose and fucking shit like me or Rob into your apartment but I was not allowed to go into the bedroom because that that there was always the
for the mannequin legs were in like yeah I like and Jeffrey Dahmer famously before he started eating people like a mannequin in the window that he hit all night in the store so we could steal the mannequin because he was like thinking to himself like it’s only if I had a mannequin baby I want to hurt people I like it was like there’s no open joke with you guys is like a serial killers layer and I’m like yeah that’s what separates me and his family tree of of of monsters and maybe that’s why I’m a prison advocacy and stuff. That I do anything about it but I’m like how do we how do we treat our worst people like that that that documentary about the Pervert park or whatever words like every single person in there was abused as a child and other of the the the the further by the grace of fucking chaos by the random throes of dice like my being knee-deep in all this garbage and hating my

dolphin being ready to like whatever like it resulted in me being able to get in a bigger apartment and then it and then hire a housekeeper and so that I had a person coming over every week like you get to a point where you can afford to hire someone to comes over every week they do your laundry they wash your dishes they want the Swiffer your floor like you’re you’re done you can be as much as you want and that’s what it’s like a video game versus get what you get that upgrade and your fucking done like I’m not tested anymore about what kind of Filth I would live in if it was up to me to clean up after myself for the opportunity was that you are hoarding opportunity and hoarding opportunity at the time of hotels you traveling The Tavern at shaved everybody started the sense that way better.
however we should go to the Moon
it sounded like it was a good enough and when I leave I clean the hotel almost completely before I leave at but I’ve seen you check into a hotel instantly there’s just debris everywhere like your suitcase explodes into a cataclysm of Underpants and socks and shoes and like I don’t know if you’re going back to when me and my Kathy were together or if that’s cuz I am solo like that but me and put gas you were like cheap keymaster and get keeper of we would just somehow just we both were like the party favors we would check into a hotel in Scotland and we just got there and I would knock on your door and there was just there was not a single bit of floor that was not covered in suitcase material like whatever you would pack it was just everybody I don’t know how you how you got there
quickly it looked like you were sitting there but just in a hurry just sitting there but in a hurry
I mean I for my eyes like what I do when you’re alone in the hotel I would like if you ever check into a hotel alone is it the same way or if I’m in a hotel alone I throw my duffel bag down like I’m on a journey into darkness if I’m alone thanks. So I’ll put that I’m actually ironically probably a lot cleaner because I’ll just put the bag down and there’s been trips where I feel like I have three days in New York time to head back to LA I guess I never ends up to this bag pretty sure just like I didn’t didn’t sleep that much never liked the bed spreads perfectly clean you could bounce a quarter off at cuz I slept half on the floor of my head which behind the alarm clock
I like New York
there’s a drawing-room on every corner yeah I love the idea that for 3 Days say put the do not disturb on the whole time because I don’t really make that much of a mess I don’t need a new towels every moment like I could use the same time for 3 days and that it’ll be alright I could sleep in the same bed on the same way but I do like the idea that if you’re in the event that I’ve ever had to stay at a hotel for like a couple weeks the idea that you can take that do not disturb thing off go out and have lunch and come back in here in a brand new place I love that timing is never worked out for me ever write God never leaving as I like yeah I never want to be out for an hour and a half to be have someone come in and do the do
Fields pretentious to me
the tip of a dollar bill
there’s your new Hoarders episode it’s like a big Rich monster explode
the best of Canada because you the moment you get to Canada you’re instantly have 4 lb of coins in your pocket because they love metal money there and I think that the housekeepers there must just love it because you just like this and it’s like $30 of coins on the moon
all right it’s all over next segment we try to run a tight ship here
it’s 9:30 it’s time for
Spencer what’s what’s what’s what’s going on with you what’s going on
find a Jack and restaurant
best time to learn about and we’re going to learn about Spencer
that’s right
different genders
but I’m non-binary and armed services because I’m probably a really good soldier if I’m capable of patriotism in a country that does nothing but judge me you should fucking let me polish your Torpedoes and sort your bullets
I’m MC sort your boy
what’s up guys I don’t know nothing
checking in with Spencer and Spencer is a cornucopia everybody
harmonquest is we’re going to announce harmonquest tomorrow
that’s a bit Insider info that’s coming that’s going live tomorrow is going to be released eventually 9 a.m. Pacific tomorrow it’s a real Easter
yeah I know I’ve seen the antibiotics. I’ve not even all of them but it’s like amazing like just the the team you know it’s just a testament to you get that rare opportunity to keep a team on board the same people have to do the same thing again and they get to improve in their own ways and it’s just it’s just streamlined and amazing when I bumped into when I go to starboard and then I bumped into like Dominic who are some of the animators and whatever that they’re all just like they have a giant smile on my face which it doesn’t seem like they’re going into the coal mines to go do a hard job they think they’re really happy about it that’s what makes me feel good as a generally does seem like people are excited about the show they like the show and they like working on it like you know I’ve never really made a show out side quest so I don’t I don’t know if that’s normal not normal but it definitely feels you know cool it is extraordinary my fiance
you know sheep she ain’t she had a show before but she was working with a partner so she just finished wrapping her 10 episodes thing for quibi and it was remarkable going to the wrap party and I’ve seen the same thing with your leadership that people are just so grateful to have Clarity and vision at the top and you know Cody will sometimes say to me like well you’ve done this more than me what do you think and I’ll go no we’re not all I’ve done more than you is what you’ve done but so differently that we’re not I don’t have more experience than you anymore like like watch Kodi
confront certain situations politically creatively where it’s like you’re in post and then somebody’s like they’ve got notes in someone else’s got notes and the way that people handle things and stuff and like my only experience is in the sort of like this kind of thing or am I like yeah you know I got to nip that in the bud I’m going to have to tell Ralph that he’s not allowed to be in the edit pay any more of this is very like like cut-and-dry I like we know not to be too hyperbolic but there’s almost mafioso kind of thing where it’s like we’re at War and this is an army the war is with lack of entertainment and we’re an army and I’m the general I’ve come to learn all too late that it is that is not the right way to get things done there’s way more likes being a hub of a wheel we’ve actually are dealing with more shit not less shit you’re not MacArthur at the top like someone can be turned into dust for questioning where you park your car
it’s like you’re in the middle of it getting paid the most and so there’s a bunch of people like worrying about shit and you radiate outward calm and Leadership and stuff like that I’ve seen Cody do it and seen you do it and it translates into dollars and cents being saved and you should be very proud of yourself you are great showrunner it’s a real skill it’s not a it’s just something that just you’re just good at I was very lucky David Arline producers very good and also we have Dominic who Jeff mentioned he’s like this big-time guy from Simpsons and King of the Hill and stuff so we had a lot of crazy people recognize podcast thing and some of your I won’t say employees but like sitting in some of your crew and like animators and directors and when that they they looked over and like
but the guy from the TV I forget her name I forget to one of the animator she’s at she’s like maybe she was mad at her but she’s like like Rosie I remember I’m sorry I’m bad with names but she she was like she look like she couldn’t have been happier to be on the job on that thing this so that has that has to be a trickle-down thing from the top of people like liking the show up for work and at being proud of what they’re creating yeah it’s really cool this season we got who we got we got Matt Gourley we got Kate micucci we got tiny Newsome we got Reggie Watts we got Joel Kim booster we got Jared Logan we got Darcy card and we got Jess Mackenna we got Carl tart and we got Tom Kenny and they don’t have to really nail it just the legal thing yeah I was like a legal
I don’t think that was by Design right but said she know we wanted to get Matt Gourley because he obviously did a gray skeleton lawyer on harmontown right but he couldn’t make it for that episode last night was one of the most high school really was like it was I just saw her recently in like that was outstanding these green or black has his Great Dane he he really feels like it escalates like towards the end he really he’s screaming in the end of the episode and it’s like man what a great Icees now is anybody
yeah it’s like he sings like a soul singer like he’s like Otis Redding or Sam Cooke and he he has a giant banisters three women by a backup vocalist a great there’s a bunch of horns they’ll have Captain’s hats on and he just screams for a living and never loses his voice like he like SpongeBob doing Soul music is very excited that he’s going to be standing outside the gates of the rest of the bridge down behind them is there a character on the chessboard of LA right now having dinner I just ran into him and hit him and he’ll tell his wife was awesome also in the just like sitting next to them and they said he has his ability to really make you happy and I like it doesn’t seem like a put on he’s just he just has childlike Glee at all times second-guess his glow and go like well that must come at the cost of being disingenuous
somehow or like you’re you’re you’re you’re so on I don’t think he’s ever been on the show as a
if you’re not too busy with your girlfriend is going to come back and Tom Kenny on in respect to some religion like are the are the Gandalf and Saruman of fully adult son who is it’s so weird to like look at like calling people the people that you admired when you were a kid and then you’re like McKinney and I are both the same
puffiness where the same age I really like you like hanging out with the guys at the light and like I ran into him in San Diego and then Fred then went to see Tom Kenny at the farmers market and Scott Thompson’s walking. I said I would be falling over there I guess it’s like whose live anyway thing and that’s where Kevin McDonald lives Kevin came to the show we brought them on stage and I sat in the green with with him and I just hugged him and he instantly just hugs you back and he’s like he’s everything you want out of Kevin McDonald he’s just a little love bug it’s really good there’s only the only maybe like they didn’t either of us one time whatever they all definitely
like each other and they fully and he’s sober now for like a thing like seven eight years and was arrested there with the rest of these Dave Foley kind of remembering where he was been in the in the world before towards great thank you sir. I will say it’s Dave and Scott are look like when you look at their faces I don’t know if Scott Thompson like drinks a lot but like
that face app thing that was going around where it’s like all it does is just like eating it doesn’t like those guys both they just it’s like okay clearly you’re older but at the same time like that none of the bad things that simply just adding like lines of Distinction you haven’t dated the same shape they they they still have a weird kind of childlike chipped aerobic kind of thing going on if that’s I think it’s important I heard that Apple’s the Russians yeah we’ll be diving into my pool thank you so much everybody for your constructive criticism about my body from the people that think I skipped leg day to the people that think that my legs are great and I need to work on my upper body to the people that just want to say I look like a caramel apple so I’m just going like
like I don’t want to say what you should say but what I would say to you if I was your age I was following you and you were like here’s me jumping in the pool and I had anything to say I’m pretty sure I would either say Hey you look fucking great like I love you or I’d shut the fuk up I just think it’s a but I think it’s amazing like all the people that are like you need if I can work on your thighs and your legs are they staying like you click on every single one of their names not that I’ve done this
always a locked account always because they’re so proud of physical it like like like Beauty and they leave they’re so focused on it that they love their life and they can’t wait to celebrate the shape of their body and they they they just that’s why they have a locked account and they just go and comment about other people’s Pages your legs are too skinny
you know what every bit of carbon dioxide that you exhale it turns into fucking oxygen through me I’m a plant apparently or a drunk mammal is running the things to send me a caramel apple
I may be a caramel apple look I did notice it too and you look a little it’s a little odd I think it might be a little bit of field of you thing like I definitely like I’m not dieting drinking whatever I want but still working out and like lifting and stuff like that plus just like but surprisingly we were the pool playing pool Sports where we took some of their dogs like tennis ball like a little like chew toys and we were just pitching it around and your hand-eye coordination is fantastically like like you’re like baseball players like mitt on your phone in a pool but if you try to do it on land and build a bully
I saw a really fun about it like it’s really good I I like ass like my offer of my upper body is put on Pink right now from 10 minutes of my sunscreen wearing off I didn’t realize it was a heat lamp above me I was just reading it cuz it’s the only place to get away from my family who I love hearing from you it’s any kind of kind of everything radiation or anything like that
algorithm the same as mine are you get that Fox news story about the British girl that was snorkeling in Cuba and no click at your peril it’s crazy how she lived just a photo of I’ve never it’s a it’s just a British girl who’s fair-skinned who was down in Cuba and she swears she put on a million she knew she was fair-skinned and put on all the sunscreens it’s like your instinct for victim-blaming like kicks in but it’s like she’s in her parents are like I’m telling you I know teenagers don’t listen but we kept saying put on sunscreen and she kept doing it and she snorkeled for an hour and like you just described my worst fears. She’s get she’s getting on the plane to go back to England and she said it felt like they were water balloons on my back because in fact there were water balloons on her back
you can’t imagine it to extremely late like like like like whatever you could conjure in your height imagine like water balloons on a person’s back at the sorry I mean bless her heart like she’s viral because she did have bothered you a Facebook post you think like an adolescent girl would be inherently ashamed because something went wrong with the way she looks or whatever and but she’s like the reason she’s viral and then ends up on Fox News is because she felt like the tone of her post was like she really wanted to make sure this didn’t happen to anybody else’s life like actually just really be careful cuz it’s subject cuz he went out of this warming up and like there’s no ozone layer anymore
she’s precious she may be permanently block whatever she’s not going to be anything that is healing okay I was born here when I was eight I moved to North East Washington right under Canada to buy Idaho so I was pretty drunk in the club cover or we grow up like it was 92 when we move so we had those big earthquakes and my parents are kind of like we grew up here and fuck it, the beach was always out of the question for you I’ll do like 10 minutes with a hundred proof on and lay out there and be like yes or you I was 4 hours from The Gorge great shows six months and it was dark at 4 p.m. and every else was sad for some reason which I don’t understand and it was great and it was a great place to be a God I can’t wear velvet in LA
there’s no way cuz he can’t hold tell me about it baby I wear suits I have 17 suits and don’t ever get out of the closet cuz it’s too hot I very similar have a closet full of them in yet I have to wait till I traveling right but I’m going to Sweet and I can bring all my cool shirt always amazing suits amazing him go way back she’s she knows a bunch of people and she’s like I punched above my weight and we came here for the first time and ran it comes out he was constantly when you were sick with your throat and what are what are you doing how do you know him and I’m not jealous or anything cuz if they were lovers once I’d be fine with it but you don’t have to wait my cock
I finally met your wife is so wonderful if she’s great that’s what I’m going to say we work on a taxicab confessions and it was a nightmare and we were in South Padre and we were drivers so it was a fun than him not me yeah I didn’t drive I didn’t drive cuz I was like it sort of MTV young sort of hip like dudes Saturday to be a show or they just chirp about their lives
he was a pain in the back that channel inspired it was like a taxi boat confessions videos of people getting into a boat to go across a lake and then the boat
Carol going across the lake to sleep with a married woman cuz that’s part of the joke and then the other part of the joke is it’s just a lake so you have no time to correct that there was really no way to go TV wasn’t Cutting Room floor anyways guys wow and then he’s an amazing singer and his band is amazing it’s Brothers going to have a bath with a backhoe
I got sick of talking to people of your favorite movie to close the show okay what’s your name movie that would be Boogie Nights Boogie Nights all right give us some string of unrelated beats this isn’t going to work but thank you brother beats everybody
Burt Reynolds character and I noticed you have a big dick
that chick with the roller skating yes I do okay you did great thank you shouldn’t be a busboy anymore you should be in porn okay I see my Name In Lights what is it it says
call ovie next song
so this is Zach to write his name is John Chito and I can’t find a look I’m going to have a runner and it’s going to be in the book of the runners whenever my name is Julia
I am kind of a whore I wish I had my kid but I don’t show up you broke it over here I’m going to show you how to twerk with your nostrils you have to text me when it goes down your throat how about a flat how about a pole
Philip Michael Thomas is a house I’d like to talk to you in the driveway by my Camaro to the Michael Thomas Philip Michael Thomas Philip Seymour Hoffman
it’s not the heat it’s the humidity I know
all right I’ll pull up Seymour Hoffman can you come out to the driveway
what’s up Johnny it looks really cool what are you doing with your hand I want to kiss you I love you come on Johnny get back inside
I just don’t care
Miami Vice
William H Macy is the name of the game about to blow my brains out all over the frame Happy New Year’s Eve is coming around it’s going to change the video and the sound is speaking it more duplicatable and pornography is readable by the consumer and not in the theater everything’s rental both and no one’s going to eat her for longer than 2 minutes cuz you can fast-forward oh shit onofre Reynolds is going down
no story anymore get in the limo I just looking to do the hardest I want to be an artist and I’d have no control over my own artists from all the girls getting pissed going to stomp on a guy’s face cuz he was a dick everyone’s doing drugs everyone is doing drugs everyone is doing
firecrackers in the mirror everything’s going to be fine now that I have a bucket bogeyman afternoon when you’re out but I know you don’t want to go out then man I want to make sure it’s under the Cabana and I don’t want to wait until the sun goes down he wants to go around.
20 crackers around probably got a scholarship to MIT
PornHub is coming oh no ornhub is coming in my pool
doing the final ride
play by Brandon Johnson for no other reason for the boy who destroyed it trying to get that long so come and get me
Steve Levy
Brandon Johnson
Drive fast take chances
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