Episode: 144 – Operation Metalbeast


Episode: 144 – Operation Metalbeast


Harmon hates muppets. We meet a guy named Skuta and shortly after, the most intense fan in the show’s history. Watch the video at harmontown.com/live!


Hollywood California meltdown, cuz there is no fee to Hermantown is now in session
please look at this age the mayor of Hermantown harmonious
I was nice did did the Beatles give us give us some music
Titanic Sinclair from Hermantown fans will remember
will remember that Titanic and the Mars Mars Visigoths what’s the yearly stuff the love the lovely Mars Argo and Titanic we’re on our show wind when they release that song that became an unintentional internet sensation because it used the iPhone default ringtone as like a melody and some people were just like I hope you die in fire what’s up
we’ve been Goldbergs in the shower now I’m back baby
Adam come on and get up here and give us a
hello brother
Goldberg came up a press the flesh it a little bit so I don’t really have since makes the heart grow fonder but no presence makes it sounds like a Green Sheet Metal of happiness and sadness sounds like we’re like lives well I’m happy I missed you I thought that you were I thought you were gone you’re a young man maybe you would exit the phase of total masochism at
Frank Jeff with a j a j so what have you been up to I’m not going to bring shame on to that web company associate myself with it which is a self-hating thing to say but they burned me alive I was burned in effigy so that’s why I was in a wrestling based RPG I was getting drunk for Passover I was doing as one does and then it turns out people burned a symbol of me alive to represent how much they want to play Minecraft with you which is weird
so they made out of blacks they made it to represent a guy from a podcast and then they said I didn’t I don’t think I’d be very welcome not a lot of people didn’t attend a Goldberg roast not like a fun comedic roast which only happens when I throw one for myself and I
burn the representation of a guy talks that’s bad so Jesus Christ how you been I’ve been good
I want to know can’t follow you on Twitter did you see the justice
I blacked out of middle line between aggressive well let’s see how tonight goes and then of course I’ve been I’ve been regretful since the day I met you I knew I did it in anger I legitimately wanted to know what point you were making when you said now that everyone’s when Millennials were eight years old they said everyone was going to be in the leneal now that they’re grown up everyone’s 8 years old what do you feel like everyone’s 8 years old and what does that mean that’s not what that wasn’t what I did it we didn’t say everyone we said it was the children were the future or whatever Millennials were children we said they were the future and now that they’re growing up sure enough we’re all eight years old because their thumb sucking team playing Superman
as opposed to awesome sardonic needlessly rebellious Beijing gen-xers
to understand back pain and being outnumbered ten-to-one by the generations before and after us and and who admire people who kill themselves instead of yeah that was weird Justin’s weird last week that was a lot of Izzy Izzy was he going to is he will never ever ever Justin Justin Justin would put a gun in his mouth and his ego would shoot it across the room and that would be that would be I don’t want to I don’t want to lay down the gauntlet though and if you are thinking about it share those thoughts with people you would be surprised how many people get to that point in your life where it’s darker than it is like you know and you’re on the line between sadness and happiness and you’re not busy I know I’m trying to know but it’s a damn thing
give you a whole lot of shit and there are other people going through exactly what you’ve gone through who want to show you the better side of an existence and if you say no to that existence you’re not going to see all the greatness that’s an unfair for you also you should Thomas the hotel is very well that was that was that was very well said but as a guy whose research this because when I was talking to kids sometimes saying like I have these thoughts so I wish I did a lot of Google and as a responsible person dies and the other thing that people should know who have these thoughts
the big mistake the people currently not having those sites make when counseling them is using logic to try to like no one wants to be argued out of these These Feelings they want to be able to share them without repercussions because the brain is the brain if it takes all the processing power that you would use to make really logical arguments and it’s why I even validated to kill yourself what time the tables A + B + C equals it’s not something that’s going to be into it is logically you’re so far is there it is I feel horrible not so bad that a lot of us can’t relate to it because it’s you if you just back into a level of pain that you would have to feel before you were thinking of
not existing as an alternative to it now those thoughts are we all again they move through the species like a cloud and individuals have to bear the burden of them and those people need to find someone that I can trust and talk about them so so so you’ll have so many children and you’ll be so happy but also don’t kill yourself for that reason. Don’t don’t wait for that epiphanies it’s not it’s a wonderful life it’s a shity life but also looks like like they don’t just talk about it goes in in The Muppets continuity Kermit the Frog caused 9/11
there’s a movie about where Kermit the Frog sees what his life would have been like if he was never born and he goes to New York and the World Trade Centers standing in the movie came out in 2002 so by their lot permit at John and I just got back into the swamp and not become a muppet
thank you I do
back is on a high he is back and he needs it man
I’ve got an attitude check it out Friday I don’t you know I don’t want to I don’t want to dwell on it but I don’t understand why does that mean he caused it shows what it would be like if he
okay got it got it I missed the part where I supposed to care about the content of the Muppets and muppets muppets muppets Superman Mickey Mouse
you even like the Muppets
and I’m sick of being told how precious they are prove it prove it prove it it’s been 48 years for a show me again how precious they are I remember the seventies show me why that’s been the case
I remember I remember you didn’t like it back then I liked it back. I’m saying I am I looking at you
why do something
what are you doing The Carrot Top hasn’t done I’ve been reviled for like what do you do what do you do standing there looking weird where’s thing of his angry about
I would never have thought that in a million years I didn’t realize who really hate someone bail for a while I got drunk last night and I was I was I really I really started bashing at Superman and I’ll get back on it I just look like a guerilla marketing ad for Batman versus Superman face cuz I really just saying the same thing that they’re staying in the Superman vs Batman trailer
but I just like I think okay so I’ve been talking to a lot of Superman fans on Twitter and then of course as you know communication leads to understanding and stuff I had any kind of hatred is is it’s it’s you know you just don’t know it’s ignorance you just need to talk to the right people at the right. Sleep in and you know like Superman does seem like as I’ve labeled him a histrionic alien demagogue like he is he’s a crybaby pajama Man From Outer Space today it seems like enjoying involves prostrating yourself in front of an going like Superman
when he crying or this fill out what about us and that’s what what who used to identify with if not Lex Luthor that was bigger than it was you very inspiring story to his backstory origin
during during the bye bye
it was a shot by kryptonite knows of it I didn’t know I got mad for that reason I was like like like America wasn’t even not anti-semitic yet
who did Ford steal the empowerment from from two minds that didn’t like you know they felt like they were at the at the bar for inspiring but I’d rather read a comic book called to Jewish kids make a comic book is about a hysterical pajama man
who is it in light of all the superheroes that we created Iron Man whose Kryptonite is alcoholism and not even because anything bad happened to him he’s just he just loves booze he just loves it and that’s his Kryptonite he’s just like me and I love it I love drinking and technology fucking that’s great that appeals to you for obvious reasons.
Obvious reasons
Superman appeal to you other than a sense of powerlessness in beta male kind of I’m sorry Eric
Erica Erica
I just said that I was I had turned a corner on this I’m sorry for the first guy was beating his wife and it was stronger than you
he was the first to come down against the the gold standard
comes with masculine today like I did not see the video of the guy like maybe I should have people there please send me look at Justice League that sounds good
I like a blur as Lex Luthor no telling what to do I’ve got a lot of residual 90s Superman hatred does not really appropriate the jet Exodus as a dark time for comic books on here are those silly things existed so this gun shot his existence
now we see how how great yeah and how actor dependent the role of Superman in cinema is like you really need somebody that can get away with that boy scout innocence but invulnerability like like like like she has to have a sexuality exuding like an attractive penis from a heteronormative perspective
but like straight guys have to like have to be willing to like Ben Danny like which is so tough like only Chris Pratt has achieved that recently so like his owner. Just trying to see if there was this whole story where he went around saving writers
saving women for being beaten in the face
Lois Lane who’s like this person who she topples tyrants with her typewriter for alliteration good articles to live like that was like part of the invasive dwelling Among Us and he’s part of the fourth estate news like he’s disguised as a human he’s an Alien Parasite I have the girls are those
you bear this rate like in the in the late nineties door he wrote a novel cuz haven’t he was like I am a I’m not really doing anything with Louis it’s much better than I am at this I’m going to have like you put the planet and under yellow sun and try to do it the new John Grisham Scott Clark Kent Superman Derrick
save them from my rap
my very marketable rap that is being catered to in theaters Across the Nation this summer
I don’t have a lot of respect and I just I don’t I feel like Walt Disney was around and made Mickey Mouse and it’s like it comes from his heart and it’s like then these things to get taken over by capitalism and it’s like the crowning Jewel on the toxicity is like like didn’t we change copyright law just because like it didn’t make sense that Mickey Mouse could be owned by people like when does Darth Darth Vader stop being Anakin Skywalker animated figures with you about why they wear gloves and she has the answer for that question animation free all the characters back that because it was black and white all the characters are mostly just black until they put the white gloves on black people books that makes him look more like menstrual
completely head to foot black
at that point, send Kik did I got home if you want if you want
male Calico who is Buddha
Joe is an alcoholic
let me show collectively as just a drunk uncle whose mind is turning the tapioca all right just a simple thing for you while your hands are are white with most characters are black in an animated world with her for a little bit if you can still see their hands
I feel like Kelly but more of a Rachel spin on them
that’s the reason why is because things that move when you’re doing cell based animation they tend to be a different shade different color like like you know it’s Scooby Doo in your watch I’m sure we talked about this last I love that this was my theory is the secret door is lake lake because it’s like on a different Slayer of of of acetate and so it’s like a slightly different color that that like things that are about to move in that shot they tend to be a different shade I thought characters guy thing back in those days. I told nothing
show me a picture what the big question is would we have been like lately.
Berber express my sorrow Sleeping Beauty’s castle you got the carousel then all the horses are white and supposedly because he thought that the kids would fight over the White Horse so you made all the horses why isn’t this silly racist is there a certain time also there was a rumor and I really believe that I remember this when you walking down Main Street in the old days there was there was a curtain up there with little mini swastikas on it that was there but there’s a reason it was a symbol for Unity Walt Disney was into Native American culture and Dad
mission of the color white of the color black with Charlie’s like really extreme part of the color wheel whatever life isn’t the color whatever color and then will you talk to painter people in there like lip like is every color of blacks and other guy I’m fucking get it I hate it I hate the people that look at things make me angry but but yeah I was like that the idea that the white the white horse would be more valuable to children and then connecting that. Feel like to to race that’s that’s also a white dirty gross yellow like with jaundice like I don’t know what this color is Douchebag I don’t know what this thick that Crayola box would be another reason for the kids wanted the white horse
what do I get for evidence of like The Lone Ranger in pop culture and do they want the White Horse Inn they perceived that maybe kids wanted a white horse would have implications that other people would see not knowing is because everyone wanted to have silver thing was just make them on the same color so that the kids aren’t fighting with everybody gets the same horse but it’s a white horse and you are there certain representations and we got Lee characterize different decades different generations to read historical figures we look through this lens of detecting races and what is racism and like some people are like early champions of what we now consider to be a human rights and then some other people are early that cautionary tales and some people are like publicly on the right page because that’s the
but not even the popular front of you but is like publicly what they should be and they do the right thing publicly but then these private things come to light that reveal that really in the fiber of their being they can’t help but look at people that are different than them with some kind of downward gaze and that that that might even been part of what they’re above their public face if they said that what we now call that guy was a champion of blah blah blah Rights was like yeah but that guy thought that those people were animals that guy thought that that was a charity like I was really really compelled by the documentary I just saw to find out you just like would like
okay we had to go for Hayden tracker to be named after you or
I’m sorry sorry is that it is it also sounds like a documentary it if you guys don’t know this if you go to Disneyland every time I love Disneyland I left to go there goes in the morning go get ice cream and then a great photo moment I don’t know this go to frontierland you walk up Main Street there’s a hub for all the World with Mickey Mouse left hand and you look back at what you see is Mickey’s on the on the far side of Walt and walls is pointing and Mickey’s knows is right it is cracked and it looks like a wild things going to giant boner
I know you didn’t if you go there at the new rocket that new rock is kind of beer is the background of the so busy back like totally white background tomorrow night is a little bit broken up by the new rocket ride there and you will see it like some Savvy like Japanese kids like taking a picture and giggling like mad it’s very good
into the Nickelodeon building
as one does when you’re pitching your animated shows that you’re going to get slimed when you go in there LOL
there’s a there’s a Lego SpongeBob in the lobby and never seen that character from the front angle in a two-dimensional medium is represented in a 3D contacts out of made out of Legos and his nose is a stupid
like it has a calf and a head
can I go smooth little it’s a dick it’s a it’s a curved pornstar dick with a with a helmet for 4 as our Anthropologist friend said one out your competitors semen guys come make a smooth brushing up against an erect one at hip level as you do when you exit and enter the Nickelodeon building
just SpongeBob’s nose from the lobby of the Nickelodeon building and blame it on any counter in any public establishment whoever you were do it would go like what are you doing stop it I thought they would get mad they wouldn’t go what is that is that a banana they would go with it

can you put on a face of the interpretation of that way may have may have culminated in that you take drafting class orthographically that you don’t quite know what they’re going to look like when they’re it extruded
I haven’t seen nothing but trouble by Dan Aykroyd has a penis anyways what Sinatra the doctor where I thought you know I grew up the ghetto there with tarot cards it’s like to do the ladies and he was racist to Sammy and I was surprised to hear the story of Frank Sinatra how long that story is and how many times he was the underdog and how hard he had to work to be taken seriously and actually I love Sinatra and I was so excited to say I didn’t like it. I thought that was a real fucking fluff piece on him a so friends and family made and they glossed over with a complete very people I don’t know
he was a great auntie bigotry guy he could eat enough of he wasn’t that he was raised here all the all the threat possible I think the glass is that one moment with Harry Belafonte was disappointed in him for being racist to Sammy for a couple a couple you know Rat Pack in Vegas like he was like that that’s the only time of that documentary I feel like anyone gives him like pulled him to the fire at all like he’s threatened and bullied and he was such a such a great referred to him a friend of his at work so I called him a 24-karat manic depressive you got both ends
Roland’s like I’ve only ever thought he was just like an entitled jackass that was just like Born To The Manor like I didn’t hear the Underdog Story a little bit like how you know he had to go in and the fact that he was in his well this is what I was just talking about you know I can’t stay in his heart or in his mind because there’s a difference there he was politically early on in his life he was absolutely like like like he wanted to make people understand that racism was wrong because it affected Italians and so why should black people be different
this guy is going to do that every eight minutes regardless if Frank Sinatra or Batman we’re not sure we’re going to do this. When he talked about his rise to fame and all of a sudden he’s he’s sitting in the big clubs and Uncle Markie and all the bobby-soxers are out there and in interviews he not mention that I owe fucking paid all those girls in for that it was all pink
comes out screen my fucking mad he is it is it whatever they gave him like every other documentary in book about him is mentioned Bang Bang by the people throw in the thing at the stuff also just very GetGo he was a great political very driven and ambitious guy and then we could a lot like Howard hughes’s very flawed guy but it was he was the unknown comic the guy that wore the that the paper bag in his head and I was going to show The Improv guy is at The Improv in Melrose a weird name. I need the ladies like that I haven’t been getting twister anything which I kind of waterman
who is Drew Carey goes like Marie tell Jeff Hill Levitt Shell Jefferson out the story and so he says this fucking guy at the bar cuz he was doing Carson that I don’t know what you would have been but would have been late seventies early eighties and he’s doing and he has for another divorce and an is some joke about like when it comes to cheating on their wives Snyder doesn’t his way and he’s tired and he’s exhausted and he was hello are you Murray yes this is Frank Sinatra
ring ring ring ring ring hello don’t hang up on me this is Frank Sinatra click 10 minutes goes by phone rings hello
damn you’re about to find out why the time passes as time passes but you think that’s that the phone rang hello and he says Murray this is Merle this is Milton Berle do you recognize my voice and yes melty like that was Frank Sinatra and he’s super super mad right now because he’s going to call you back work on trying to calm him down he’s going to send someone he’s going to send someone to your house to have you fucked up because his kid watches that show and you just made a joke about daddies fucking on the ground and Mommy
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses a lot but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through the New Black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
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I’m confused again
Family Values to be like family values or adultery
just drive a larger circle around whatever it is I hope I hope we don’t find it just like saying you
I’m going to bring me up
is it almost shark jumping breaking of his
so nothing bro said he’s going to send someone to your house and have you fucked up like he’s absolutely capable of doing that because he’s does that like he’s a very very violent man and this is not a fucking drill because he’s going to call you back when we come down and you’re not going to say anything but apologize and you don’t say anything okay he’s like melting was just a joke of work, cuz it’s our job is I know I know but that doesn’t matter right now I’m trying to I’m Hilton bro I haven’t told a joke for 38 years I’m famous for standing there
so you like like I’m just trying to help you out so he’s like us fucking bullshit and take my chances are whatever like a leaf from the movie get out of here on the Road Jack
talk that’s it that wasn’t the deal just because I think about it for a second
it’s just not going to sell sorry I’m so I apologize in the back of my family never happen again
resolution Family Values have gone there nope nope
give me a little hard when the topic at the movie theater or something it’s a laugh and then it’s like a boy
I hope I hope he sees that pattern and tried to trick us space is space and outstanding out
let’s hear the next unit to like 9:15 but Dad never only heard these like you know this is like ice stuff so it was a good start to watch like this as you say I think is very accurate is a friends-and-family produce documentary that that tone but even within that there were the stories of all these things that you would heard them spread out on a timeline like a big long SpongeBob nose
is bringing it back around to you and this I cannot believe so here’s the here’s the thing with here’s the thing that makes it relevant right now in this room is that here was this guy who died at a very young age he was very like he’s putting himself out there about this new topic of racism and I believe these stories are true because why wouldn’t they be like like taking Sammy Davis jr. under his arm and really actually hearing about this emerging thing of that he isn’t, he’s he’s he’s he’s main room and then they all had to live in dark town which is a shanty town outside of Vegas and all the musicians a Count Basie’s man Count Basie you couldn’t fucken go and stay in Vegas and Tanaka said they stay
in the hotels I could you don’t want Sammy Davis me or tell you don’t want Frank Sinatra Eurotel and he completely blow them earlier ownership you still ownership right so this is the this is it Epiphany they are in and I had what we’re watching The Night ugly like anti-white like I thought that it was just sort of like you do you like you make gay jokes and it’s like oh there’s a there’s a gay guy in stage and you make a gay joke and it’s like they kind of like a refreshingly uncomfortable uncomfortable and it’s like the comedy believe the edge is like sort of like it’s it’s it’s it’s hit-and-miss and it’s like yeah blah blah clips of like Dean Martin like like like Sammy Davis jr. touches him as a joke is that he doesn’t want to rat pack with Sammy I love you I love your kids I’ll hang out with you
I’ll play sports with y’all go golfing with you but don’t touch it don’t touch the joke he was angry like a good joke was like you could tell that if the joke was going to make anyone laugh that it was coming from a from a Michael Douglas falling down angry white man place and not from a from a hilarious like we’re all starting to mix together because they they worship Sammy Davis jr. and Frank’s nickname for him was the great Entertainer nobody’s bet he was honored to be on the stage and there’s a lot of stuff we listen to it and whoever singing get shit from the other guys except for Frank nobody fux with Franco is out there but everybody else
in the Next Room but I’m just lots of stuff we’re family just like super like black power joke’s on them as soon as we get in the lead you guys are going to go first and the crowd cheers from there
get back and forth with certainly Sammy I think was a butt of a lot of that Boy Scout guy he was in total control is actually early on putting himself out there because as an Italian saying like you know when I was young Italians were where maligned and not let in and successful at I don’t I don’t I don’t want to watch a shit roll downhill so how is that guy and then Aaron said call that maybe the people that are at the Forefront of for instance of this is I think the example that we can relate to is 10 years ago who were the feminist how many of them are still in all that has has come up in the last 10 years like when feminism meant just being a fan of women like when it was just
give the girls a hand and maybe give me a kiss lady like like how
the most outspoken like guys like that that beta male quotient was like I’m a rabbit and then Ten Years Later like there aren’t that person that that that you know that personality type that’s like when the shit hits the fan when the rubber meets the road then it’s like wait a minute you know because I like fairness I like ownership I like hierarchy I like I like my Comforts my comfort is now being threatened the thing that changed in between Boy Scout Frank Sinatra sang fuck the world if you’re going to be racist and Frank Sinatra like publicly flogging emotionally a black man on stage for his adoring fan in between there and that the world changes and The Thing That Remains the Same as Frank’s in control and snake fuck you like
TV pieces when he was when he first started out they make it they made him change his name he was working some club and I think it was Frank Diamond he was a had to change his name to any did a couple of gigs is Frank time I meant to get that wrong and he changed his name back is like you like that he was working the club because I can’t tell my mom and my grandma and my family that I changed the family name and he said you’ll never work with the name to Niger cuz no one wants to listen to a Niger record and the Irish word knickers the Italian niggars like that’s what that’s what white people called anybody that was not a like a white Protestant and so he was a time it really fucking proud of that and they said that you’ll never work because Bing Crosby’s like he’s he’s in charge and he’s like Bing Crosby. He went after Bing Crosby and then later had to get gone after by Elvis Edinger that like
ironic cuz I thought the other stuff is apocryphal because of the world in a documentary where they were honest about the fact that I do actually know he got Kennedy elected because he had mob influence and. I was like this seems like an honest thing so maybe if they say the other stuff is apocryphal maybe it’s apocryphal but you’re right it did it was clearly for a kid his mom was like super Alpha like really in charge of the kids make dinner for all the neighborhood kids and he was a little tough guy but he was like the like the mayor of his block when he was a little shrimpy kid because he was just super insurance but he had to be the boss of everything even as a little boy 25 minutes
scooter app where you can you put it at all rap about you
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k o o d a l
change UGA
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when you feel that when you feel at the time in the rap to do a job who laid in there
off to get some scooter
Hooter again
my name is scooter and all these checks he’s writing all these chicks he’s eating all the check is right now these check my voice got these texts
Joe family
old school rap
alright guy
let’s have some data dinner you didn’t listen my family they’ve been ranting me with all all this negativity man and I just drove cross-country cuz I heard some good spirits and some beautiful people some of which I see you tonight and I love some of what the Hamburg Lewis and before for $5 you can subscribe to a podcast to find out what that actually looks like
it’s not it’s not it’s like a one-man Twilight Zone episode time enough at last
don’t know how many people what that’s an episode of Twilight Zone airplane ride and then looks out the window and someone just now is that people do it I thought you told me boy
Frank Sinatra for real for real though for real I was born in the wrong way down the river
play Moses story
tell me the weather tomorrow I’m a bad boy my boys mermaid in love or soprano Opera and she got pregnant and what happened was they brought in an understudy and they were like yo you getting old we only get pregnant
my mom was pregnant with me
looking for destiny in the face
is Seaking mama cat singing
in the theater was firing her did she keep singing I’m having a cesarean she has a cesarean
this is actually a David Lynch film directed by Matthew Barney my mom got laid off and had a cesarean like I said that
comic line in a normal human she had me cut out of her
largest desert
well I’m more of a Macho Man Randy Savage she was ready to go they sewed her up and she was on stage singing as three weeks after having her guts would open and fall out of her and you could you could take away from that your mom’s a twerkaholic didn’t care about your well-being
he was a writer she was a baller
son of an extraordinary woman is a difficult thing as a as a as a as a white male with a with a remarkable mother like a semi aboard, then go back to work
leg let let let it let him let him go up to the plate to a couple strikes others become Oedipus
yo yo yo honey on it was it was applied I know what is the good hair runs in the bloodline is you’re a beautiful woman. Where is she live
my mama is so beautiful how beautiful is she
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find out what kind fucking looks like
he’s like he’s like he’s like Spencer on ketamine
hahaha I was going to say it’s super cool I guess I actually love that Super Sport Factory for high school we lost a couple of really lost a couple of boys in the towers and I was in a classroom watching it but you confused me with you you would do a factory for purple Super Sports
is it like a puppy mill like we’re going to make you really know a lot of things but we do know or like a couple of them and like what we do know is do this shit like that you know nothing you really don’t any way to channel the fury into one or two Pursuits yes start jumping down on him all the way to sniffing around to the back
one behind me
where is violet an orderly fashion produced the Defensive Rookie of the Year in the NFL actual like going to click cultural thing like a factory or water cooled Magnet School in Roseville Auto program gone awry

are you testing my shanetta clay your hotel to all the cards and then you just made well I’m not to take 90 degree choices that we finally we finally received funding for operation Metal Beast
you know like an army barracks and that you heard like Bud Clippers cover for a while like to see a lot of things have like where the future was going to go if I want a One Direction bad and crazy thing and got crazy addicted to drugs and alcohol which ones marijuana and alcohol marijuana rules to the alcohol when you’re not powerful or skilled and you want to be powerful and skilled at your photos of your knowledge of your mind being so talented that you had to be ripped from her womb so that you can get back to work I just my take on it is that I don’t think it’s him it’s all just think everybody should be afforded some truth
be patient and only care about like a couple fucking things keep your family fucking close you when you get here so it’s fake family has finally got it all right. Are you going to are you living in La now are you going to be coming back with your Gibson years as well
pictures matching your toast
how do you really know someone and you don’t know anyone else but that person that you’re focusing your knowledge on what are you
I understand and passionate what is it
your friend still married
the Dow is the most forgiving and beautiful and wonderful and understanding person
Buckingham burglars that button
it’s an old reference you can actually download Space Age on the Apple starts like 5 bucks you can play this whole game time blues Macy’s LaserDisc video games back then Dragon’s Lair in space whose incredible we thought that was going to be like
is there still here
I feel like we should bring a couple guys have any bring our friends that we got to get we got to get the show on the road we saw this one
one of one of for real and it’s so lame but I’m going to give a voice to a lot of people here what you do here is so cool and powerful and chill and just opens up a lot of like Avenue
I just like thanks thanks for having this cuz like I listen to the podcast and it let me know the LA has some stuff that I like what I want to do that isn’t like the crazy like are you you know Jeff Spielberg are you like Bob Tarantino you know now that we can all make movies and put it on YouTube it’s actually not the place you need to come because there’s soundstages the plate and reason to come now is because of the bumper crop of creative people who are all sitting around for their wheels you can form your own communities you can do it you can do new things you can form a new industry
did finest no genuflecting
listen listen here we were here cuz he’s right and I love you guys and I’m going to bounce much love I love you
make a sky game playing that Yokai
alright alright Twitter App State UTA
UTA crime so you remember it the next day
to get out like mid Sinatra
but I did get like several like heroin to the face and it’s fine it’s only thought he was a character characters self exit because otherwise the alternative is like cattle prods and stuff like we kind of time. Sorry I did not mean that you were been lingering like a
I just seen the whole show up here.
Giants score
do you want make
Chevy together I got my scooter in the rear
Captain I’ve surveyed song lyrics
pop it on the 80 I don’t know if Ahmed was more modern and I got my red ribbon on my van
I feel like we’re living in a strange vacuum after Dave Klein. Have to say when he brought he manages that guy but but if he didn’t like me that’s my brother
what’s that makes me kind of enamored with a man of the affection my brother is so passionate mythical that he has a goddess for a mom and but I really it is lately cuz there’s more there than you dancing to the headband is sure to be a lot about yourself and you even then I’m sure this stuff that you have to hide about yourself I hide behind a mobile disco clapboard I don’t think that that was ever expected of them like you thinking La if you’re not making a movie you’re probably phoning it in but whoever made this platform wasn’t fucking around a lot about the limits of scooters physical endurance
Straight No Chaser your friends Spencer Crittenden shower
tough act to follow boys
ice cream qta that would have existed had you been Superman and Superman 4 Quest for Peace had been attacked on the Reddit Thread about this episode and someone pulled up a picture of him with his family from the past it’s creepy man it’s a creepy world bility to see that yeah I mean the Moon
right yeah it’s just you come up 5 seconds later your whole ZabaSearch is up there on Reddit ZabaSearch is a great website for pervs and Stocker so you’re one stop cyberbullying shop ZabaSearch
what is the thing that used to to humiliate that Star Wars kid was that either the shared way before YouTube there was like was I know is I like Napster or when the more I remember what happened with that kid I thought I ate I just like weird phenomenon that was everybody’s listening everybody’s watching and we’re still
I don’t know if it’ll ever stop we’re still so fascinated with the minutiae because these things pop up that out of context in like like brought to the fore now I’m thinking of the Africa a joke lady that phenomenon happened has she was like tweeting and she made this like dumb bad joke because she’s not a comedian and by the time she landed in Africa she was literally world-famous and definitely fired and definitely leg and absolutely no judgment why judgment why outside of that like this phenomenon happen it becomes a bigger story like we have the power now to destroy human life lately outside of referendum outside of like Criminal Courts outside like we could really had that power but it was like Broadcast News would occasionally Grey’s across an individual human life is like oh you are the Nightly News and it was like
but now you can just go from the airport fucking around to the cover of Time magazine in a bad way in the span of a three-hour span nnnnn it’s it’s it’s equal parts scary and kind of invigorating because also like this is the same thing we were finding out like it’s not like cops are all the sudden going insane it’s like clearly they there’s been has been a high-pressure job for a while and some ships with swept under the carpet and lay lake individual instances are becoming like every Everybody in the camera at all times of taste buds taste all fucked up or I guess my hope is that we can kind of aggregate that until like some common sense stuff about
like for instance force people to be serious about what they say and what they do let me know if you see politicians who are older maybe this is why but they’re behind the curve and you have them telling stories are there Renditions of things because they’re used to being caught up to visit going to get vetted maybe your two years later and now it’s happening at Hillary when she was talking about that plane landing and I’m like oh my God but jokes that I made when I was in my twenties and the guy is taking over The Daily Show so we saw that phenomenon was like he was because Jon Stewart is for better for worse than a senator and and he’s retiring and the guy taking his place needed to be vetted and he was vetted by the internet and there’s a public record of him growing as a comedian including all of his Jew jokes of his besides
and stuff like in experimenting with trying to be funny and so politician holy shit man like the next the next generation of like people trying to be senators and presidents you going to be able to go back again like I want to think of it as a good thing but my concern is it is just going to enter a new like Elizabeth and kind of Victorian I don’t know anything about his Prudence will rain and that that will not that will not free us the people have the choice to make right now quiz Hillary ever go up and probably she’ll she’ll be the only nominally right that is it be no secrets no Mysteries all of your warts and pimples and flies are going to be so much a matter of public record for your entire existence that maybe maybe there’s a possible
play superhuman like Barack Obama who like like he like the thing that was significant about him to me was his ability to withstand all of that shit that became a kind of hero’s journey in and of itself as I started rooting for the dentist looks like we chat we evolved in that direction that these people continue to like you pull them out of their mother’s womb untimely or not barcode this is already my perception of part of the political career path like there are pulled out of a wound a different hospital that people are born out of a system like he’s good he’s at he’s at he’s at he’s like he’s he’s now in his mind he curled up in his mother’s brass going
play Archie’s going like his hair white bring two pairs of glasses on stage what is my point when I was a Communications major in college my professor kids so be excited with technology comes we keep trying to figure out is this good technology or bad technology MP3 direct broadcast satellite internet YouTube bad if we put scooter to work apparently trying to kill me who does not become bartender I love that the truth to come out and I just worry that it represents the new a new agenda for allies to get more Games of Throne he’s I think I think
two people that like when you’re when you first get on Twitter and you have fire followers you make poopy jokes and then he drove you don’t give a shit head like you’re like you I almost had you cross the threshold amount of followers you already have to start sanding the edges down and then trimming like major the corners off
take me to decide what what stick you are cuz it’s not like I’m just like some bland vanilla person but I did have to pick which fucking specific stick I was wrong thing made the right decision afterwards if I posted a video for like 10 seconds against everything I believe in I want to adjust Music Festival call StageCoach country music is on the same Fairgrounds I despise Music Festival cuz it’s a bunch of douchebags and it’s dirt everywhere some horrible pizza and it was great cuz I know a girl that loves it was very fun everybody every girl there unanimously in short shorts would seems like something that I’d be all for it but it was like they’re all young and just like it was just what bothered me it was 100% white people inside that you can’t have a festival right now
make it rain tomorrow
why don’t you just have it all white they have recycle bin landfill bin compost bin security guard lazily on some hay bales next to those doing nothing he has got you two girls wearing the same outfit white short shorts and one girl was holding the other girls hair back as weather goes vomiting and I thought quite cleverly into the compost bin. That was nice
that’s good right now I don’t feel like I accomplished process right I would assume I’m actually actually I don’t know cornfield you text me back nothing happening later on you for holding me back, cuz that would be hilarious and I would assume and then I would win a Pulitzer Prize
filming her ass
and you’re calling out spread your legs
I’m 49 years old and 41 time to vomit since you vomit she hurls twice in the 6-second span she does a little twerking booty shake
it is really funny so I put it on why am I a good friend or a good person hold her friends hair back when she’s puking a great person make sure it’s in the compost bin hashtag booty shake
it was up for fucking 5 seconds and I hate mail invasive creepy asshole I take that down at the end of your shot and you showed it to me but you successfully just frame her ass capacity for truth bringing but other than encouraging lies I just called who let the people were telling me stories so starting politics you have people running for office we can have these anecdotes how many Romney had an attitude when she talked about a very clear memory of some sort of convention with his father and his father’s holding
half the episode was that I’m just plain that over and over again and then going what’s the timeline and doing graphic another okay here’s another Channel we can’t get everybody directly but there’s this internet thing and there’s this information is traveling faster and there’s a way people read information is not news agencies anymore by their normal sort of a cords now they just want to click that’s why he was there. They would it likely to JFK beatniks and it was just sort of like that new technology and understanding it and like Nixon refused make up for the first service and sweat and look who I lay it on me I give me all the stage makeup
but yeah and so will Obama you’ve got like okay so you’re good at having even Dan Harmon respect you you you you you can’t even like he’s bulletproof like from from all of yous you know there’s no stories there’s no there’s no end and then it’s like your president for eight years and it’s like Cortana wasn’t closed and the other the district attorney general is lick lick lick lick Waging War on pot dispensaries while the pot is becoming increasingly like horseshit political matters to me this president has no different from fucking anybody that came before him it was another fucking present something snaps for we have a choice between having a human being as a civil servant of this guy walks with a limp and hates Malaysians and smoke pot
a dad that had a bad day bad divorce and like I said I would like you but but but but blah blah blah blah blah of of of of of
what’s the date of the country where the president’s the president’s he was in the celebrity office that used to be his kind of a kind of a very the opposition the group and power the group not in power actually respected the presidents and there was a there was a point when the League of Women Voters and then I think this is the 70s who used to always moderate all the debate retired from the process and issued a statement that should be in blaze it on tablets and thrown down upon us as we dance naked around golden calves but instead because it wasn’t written by God it was written by the League of Women Voters is forgotten but they in a paragraph fuck it just like summed up they said we are not moderating debates anymore I’m not courting the
I’ll look it up look what they said when they retired from the thing they said that they will paraphrase them for my own purposes and say they said we are tired of participating in a bipartisan sham we are parked tired of participating in the fucking light likes this is all bullshit and we are not doing this anymore and then like like like like The Comedy Central roast was taken over by Comedy Central I assume because the Friars had a problem with it For Better or For Worse so you’d like that ever was just like okay it’s just like lately there is a big big big big to tell you to change why would you ever change the reason you changed because you’re losing you to look at the team above you and going to shake things up but like the people that pop always the Empire’s like always
because they don’t fucking figure it out why why can’t you just figure it out what did you look at your own bullshit and go like look at this old mailman landing on the helicopter that is why is money involved in government that doesn’t make any sense the great King’s Landing money you like runs everything but why the fuck are civil servants like really good controlling the Free World that’s like a complete like it is it if you just think about that with common sense for a second everything says campaign reform campaign reform campaign reform and everyone in charge of everything it would ever change that is already like lining their pockets that will never change the fucking got no goddamn flying bicycle and he called the government said I’m, I’m coming in and heat mostly thought he’d be shot down because he thought it might happen and if that happens maybe that will be a life well spent as an American and he landed on the
he conquers his lawn and no nnn because he got through safely CNN is just so how much more money do we spend on missile defense View
dollars on menopause I mean that guy could have been loaded with I agree I think only three Isis people could be on that copter
it’s the left and the right those are your margins get back to work cocksuckers
sorry if you’re at Cox Eye Care that does a Honda Motors
how about
mail to people which is a government agency which is never taken any of your taxes that runs on its own money which is why they sold the stamp they figure it out self-sufficiency in an age when the FCC couldn’t give up your fucking power enough to go away when they would have been Grace would have demanded it like this guy is it Legacy he should be a national hero in Europe they celebrate the lives of people who tried to blow up the government through cool that way they have they have they have maturity on their side they can handle it we can’t even fucking like we fire Bill Maher for calling the terrorist not cowards and then we yell at him for being an islamophobe 10 years later we don’t know what we’re doing except that we’re scared we’re scared to talk Ron I was scared to be rocks this fucking guy is 70 years old and set in his Manifesto video absolutely establish that he was perfectly sane you fucking Joan of Arc saying like I just don’t want to have spent my life in this great country watching it fall apart I just want to do something as they enter the Twilight
my life that I think might make a difference so I am a mailman so I’m making this male vehicle and I write a letter to eat and we can head we can’t handle the fact that we should have been better able to shoot him down
Bach if they’re goddamn house of Congress has defended fuck you got an important building at my fucking idiot
why do fucking like them balls if you want to kill that it is over there that’s the worst place to buy how many people are powerful and work for no money hoe where will we find another one of those.
you know you play with us
good at was good how is he going to be Mercy or the doctor would you would you like to be held with a K yeah I’ll do the doctor is trying to distract you with what they’ve done in the past I don’t know you had you had your mom and Adam
Kleine. If I can do this all your gender of a for a while okay let’s get some new blood the name would come up at least everybody
I guess if you would said I am Hitler
it’ll be a game of hide and you want to pass down the character sheets please
Alyssa what’s what’s your what’s your backstory
I’m a figure this out right as a pile of folders
Regular Show


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