Episode: 150 – Where My Technochromes At?


Episode: 150 – Where My Technochromes At?


Dan can see more colors than the average person and doesn’t care because colors are dumb. Curtis Armstrong comptrolls. Watch the live video at harmontown.com/live!


good evening
how are you
thank you thank you thank you
and welcome to the nerd milk Joe room
my name is Curtis Armstrong
and I am just for one night your temporary comptroller
and please give a big harmontown Welcome to our mayor is hotter himself
Dan Harmon
he want he wasn’t mad at me remember when I was going to really have to talk about that because I actually heard about that from like other sources
somebody stopped me on the street and in London know here he was here after I came back here Leah who’s not here but usually is here said you have to talk to Dan because he’s upset and he thinks that you don’t like him anymore
I thought I’ve been really clear I just was going to be gone for a few weeks while I really like you
all right I don’t I don’t want to start getting out now that you had to tell me that are you sure you know don’t like me now I’m more sure than ever because I’ve actually been thinking about it what happened was she stopped me it made me think do I really like him
it’s a good opportunity to check in for a few days I had that to mull over and then you you know come again and I can assure you I do maintenance but now this is my my biggest dream which is perfectly conditional love is unconditional love in their home probably David client who’s here again tonight I think maybe he got he got unconditional love cuz he
there’s a very demure you old was maternal love you definitely knew if you had behaved in a way that made you deserving of of Love or as I like to call it not getting it like Blake and so so like you know very much creatively and probably also complicates a lot of my relationships but that’s it’s so it’s so it actually sent the tingle of my spine when you said the count that combination you said it made me think do I really like him and I was like yes this is the dark who Circle that I have to dance on the remote
and then jackpot iron did I learned it
normal people are just like wolf course he likes me I’m a perfectly fine person and if he doesn’t why would I care not me not me how is your how is your daughter my daughter is wonderful and she’s actually working the big Festival is going on as we speak called field day with lots of bands and she’s doing that she’s done with school she loved school and I spent 10 days with her without break it was wonderful I mean you know I thought about you forgot your butt
there sat The Hitchhiker
hitchhiking what you’re doing at this point you’re just sort of orbiting the show
okay alright well we’re not yelling at you usually hitchhikers travel in a line where is you’ve been kind of circling but that’s better than what I’m doing which is I’m just I’m just jerking off
not right now that would be amazing if you could do it with no hands
all right so okay so I just run it let’s let’s talk about our segment music for the art segment
sometimes things exist that aren’t TV or games
I mean I don’t know what do you call it like a few. It’s Abby and Aaron’s Bonnett my lovely wife Erin mcgathy who’s also not here with us she’s spending time with the dogs cuz we were away from them all weekend and Jeff is Jeff is sick but so Aaron I don’t know she’s an artist she’s more than she’s a visual person she sees colors and things and I always are you there there’s a seem pretty pointless I think the point of them originally was that you know where primates and so we need to recognize if an apple was going to kill us if we ate it but now we have we have we have genetic engineering and do all apples are fine they’re they’re injected with with strippers and so why not why not just lower the
the bit value of the of the graphics in the universe we could probably expand our Ram or our CPU I don’t know that I know that’s not how the universe works but I’m just saying like maybe our brains could process more if we were if we just didn’t see color I say oh eggshell instead of white and it’s like that’s why that’s dumb to me it’s dumb when she shows me this like grid thing
it’s like it’s this thing with like a thousand lines in it and she’s like how many how many colors do you see here and like I don’t know like like the usual eight dumb colors and she’s like you know I’m a Tetra tetrachromat where am I where am I at
she’s immensely proud of this which I would equate to being proud of your race which is that
as it seems like a vile quality in a person to be like what is the difference between that and saying like you know I have a very little melanin in my skin
I’m I’m like a snowbank oh so you’re you’re okay great your race is so so so so she can see like like I don’t know more of them that I can she’s enough that you could 28 and she’s like yeah how many shades do you see how my car are we really talking about each individual Shady striation that you can see on this thing and she’s like yeah I mean that’s ridiculous but one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 you’re lying I got some in but there’s probably a couple more but I’ll lowball it and she’s like
and I’m like no I’m not colors are dumb they just go into my house and I just go
cuz they’re dumb you don’t need them
more colors in grade school the rich kids
got going by Crayola metrics those were rich kids they also had a sharpener built into the front of the box
little little little little little born rich parasites his dad didn’t hit him I had to earn every fucking cran in my shity little stepped on box broken chunks of lake is like caveman pigment this is what I had to I had to go out and dig up Clay and ogre and like make ready cuz my parents are like in the yard
there’s red on your pillowcase yeah cuz you guys don’t give me enough water
I got a lot of nosebleeds when I was a kid I thought I was an alien abductee do you believe in Alien Abduction I do I do I really do I think that’s a real possibility
I’m assuming you don’t I did when I was a kid I was like forget it I think it’s I think that’s the thing that you do when you’re a kid cuz it’s a real the fantasy that you’re special. The world is hard for you for a reason maybe the people are coming and getting you and then they’re like you know milk in your prostate and telling you secrets about the environment you’re just drying it so that you can only find out from Cali and it says like go go go back go back to your world but we’re going to keep coming back and giving you nosebleeds and you’re so special
I’m still waiting for you to explain why none of this makes sense I mean it says that when you grow up why do you not believe in that anymore
why I started to learn about things like sleep paralysis which there’s is this is I don’t know if it’s a good documentary of Aaron and I just watched it tonight they’re the guys that made the documentary about The Shining room 237 is that it with a negative that right that’s a really interesting documentary that everybody should watch this one is also very interesting I hesitate to use the word good documentary cuz I don’t know if it’s if it’s like is it a bunch of people talking about their sleep paralysis experience has a very interesting but maybe that’s different from a good documentary shut up shut up right now start talking
first check to see if everyone likes you
to tell when it’s fake I can always tell when it’s fake so the how many people have had sleep paralysis experience is very rarely to everybody it’s it’s very uncommon for it to happen all the time to a few people which is why some people have it every night and they’re they’re they’re living in my car for the strange hellscape where they have no choice but to like make friends with the shadow people give them names and stuff that’s the one with the hat like a shadow because went one of those one of the symptoms of sleep paralysis one of the things that happens is the Intruder this happen to me this is a terrifying takes a lot of people talk about things on their chest
you know what this is what I mean the scientific theory is that when you go into REM sleep start dreaming the scientific explanation for this is that your body releases are your brain releases a chemical to your body or something that keeps it from moving whenever you’d want to move it like when you’re reaching for a big cookie in your dream and so you don’t get out your wife’s eyes out but so it’s like it’s a natural part of REM sleep supposedly to just your body is supposed to not move and cannot move however you’re always supposed to be unconscious and sleeping when that’s happening and sleep paralysis is Win either while waking up or going to sleep you’re not doing it the same thing there’s an overlap where you are awake on your body is completely paralyzed and so then your middle brain starts to panic and then these things is very common things that they happen if people see things on there
just kind of like a graffiti that happens and Flake one of the most common things it’s just this shadowy figure in the room walking toward you and the others like these archetypes like the shadow of the little shadow man in the guy with the hat which is scary and then there’s an evil hag which II that’s the I think I feel like I cuz I saw like a cloaked figure I was like 20 years old I was sleeping at my parents house laundry or something doing laundry for the weekend and I was crashing in my old bedroom and I just happen to me and I woke up and I couldn’t move and this I mean it was it’s so real there was a there was a cloaked black figure in the corner of my bedroom that just rode confidently toward me I could hear every football on the carpet it was like it was it was really really there it was
visual hallucination it was like I was sensing all of it the proximity the sound of its footsteps and this like a image of I think a female figure they would but kind of cloaked and permanently just marching across the room toward me which is just a coat rack in the dark and that is like there it’s not like oh that looks like something they’re just wanted to put its face in my face and which is even scarier cuz you like why would you want to just scare a person cuz you’re cuz you’re crazy so you as soon as the face got close enough to touch when I finally was able to the whole time you’re trying to scream and you can’t and then it finally went
I like I like both it up and then I just sat there and I was like catching my breath in the adrenaline is I realize that this was all this is not real but I just shouted out mom and then I just kept waiting I thought about saying I’m okay but then I was like let’s see what happens never nothing nothing I just went back to sleep with category but but that was that was the legit textbook to sleep paralysis has never happened never absolutely no related trying but not like that I’m not. That is really bad hair if I go I wake up and I can’t move my body and I panic and then I’m and then I’m suddenly able to move it but like like like not with the Dude is coming at me and I’ve also had like weird like like these things in my mid-twenties where
it’s like my house that I’m sleeping and then I’m awake but I can’t move and then my whole
self but my body’s still in the bed my whole self get start getting thrown around the room banged up against the walls like like like like like somebody’s trying to pull my soul out out of my apartment but if for some reason I can only move it around in the broom it such as such as I can, see that I’m still in bed and then finally I got a certain point manages to get out and I shoot up into the sky at like the speed of sound I’m assuming it’s actually kind of cool and Michael Lee shit I can fly this is going to be amazing I’m going to be kind of hero I can do this at night and I am assuming I won’t be able to get shot or stabbed probably fight crime at least discourage it like as the physics of it
expect to kick it where you like I’m not flying I’ve been racking it upward I can’t lie I’m just I’m just really high up in the sky and you feel them just turned into one of those falling nightmares and you wake up so anyways that was a lot more dramatic than the woman walking towards you
set goodness conditional love keep letting me know when I fuck up
what are your dreams about like a gumdrop tree fuck you
I I had unconditional love you just like a dream like dogs like chasing a rabbit
I have your wife’s like always dreaming so cute
you see the YouTube video of the dog that’s dreaming and it’s doing like it’s like running and on its side and it’s like it’s like it’s it’s running and it looks behind it I got into Sterling like it’s clearly being chased by something it doesn’t like and then it kind of gets up and runs full-speed into a window wall right next to it and then wakes up
the evidence is Cadillac sits there like a dog.
What colors are dumb
you know
I’ll save that for when Spencer’s out here
all right okay well let’s meet a new friend shall we sure I invited somebody is interacting with throughout my career from time to time you know we’re not we don’t hang out ever I think we’re like commissioner Gordon’s to each other but neither of us has Batman but using that to illustrate distance and respect
begrudging functional vigilante respect the system has failed us both and there we are the funniest moment in the that the good Batman movie The Chris the middle Christian Bale why do they keep Ledger one but it’s like fluorescent Lily’s leg like oh no they will the Martin the money is marked or whatever and then there’s that he turned it does look like one of the cops treated that man has hanging out I know he does that all the time cuz he’s like a detective but like it’s just that you weird that he would be like they have hair like that room and they usually windows and things and it’s usually night time and this is like just noon and it’s like
I didn’t looks like I was he just looked at the biggest nerd in that moment I just know waiting for that to look cool and it looks like cuz we’ve seen people under fluorescent light Batman and we’ve never gone like who
will it be we’ve always just at basketball goal like hey can I get a picture man you look really awesome
set a single gunshot from the back
no note by the back of his closet at home tells us the whole story I was introducing this guy apparently this
what are uses is the is the editor of TV Guide magazine but because the world is changing one of the cruel tricks of Fate is that he has a new title which is just not a sexy he is he is still just as important but he is now called the chief content officer
poor guy but he’s awesome and he’s a he’s a he’s a sort of I don’t know he’s met he’s my TV talking buddy it’s it’s Mike Schneider
is there a town called you again.
I think they like it when you sit there yeah that sounds good I know it’s a vivid that you wake up the next day and you’re still not quite sure if it was real or not if it really happened or not you like when you’re at when you’re in your early twenties and like a $50 but it’s like you really need 50 bucks yeah like a lot of ramen noodles and hot and stuff on your leg to your shower in 3 hours shower 3 hours and realize you don’t have 50
the biggest letdown of the day so I had this really weird dream last night and maybe amateur psychologists dream catcher Dan Harmon can help me with this soap so we might dream I’m certainly a contestant on Jeopardy but for some reason they fix old like the Brandon Reitz at Dunkin Donuts so
there’s a new Jeopardy set literally right behind her back is a functioning Dunkin Donuts Branch where they’re actually selling Donuts are on the set during the game show during the donuts at your back is standing up there and Trebek doesn’t give a fuck anymore Trebek is like I’m done with this so the episode is going on and it’s me and two other contestants and he’s talking to us he’s asking us about ourselves but he never gets around to actually asking any questions so halfway through the show so many people in the audience starts screaming out turn back ask a question and he just asked me again about do you know what I do for a living and they still says zero underneath me and meanwhile their make a Donuts in the background and it looks pretty good Corporate America has changed the media escape to a point where although you’re a nice guy and feel fulfilled and know who you are the clock is running out on your life and you’re not achieving anything that’s pretty good
so bitterly today I go when I run into my brother-in-law and the first thing he says out of his mouth is hey they’re opening a new Dunkin Donuts in Encino I don’t know what that mean like the first thing like today it’s falling via its that’s weird it’s bizarre but all week but I had if I had if I had if I dreamt about a Dunkin Donuts and someone mentioned it that would be I would consider that notable I have no evidence of paranormal why the very first thing I brought up on your podcast right now with my Dunkin Donuts free and for some strange reason I’m telling him you’re going to die I’m going to demons and then
but then his girlfriend Santa has his girlfriend set up screaming and she was having a night terror and in her nightmare there was a cat sitting on her chest speaking in gibberish to her boyfriend is trying to put an object on something that makes no sense so it’s in a lot of people make it a big black cat black cat had red eyes and so did the documentary I said I don’t know if I believe that and her and said why
I’m not like I’m cynical skeptic about things for no reason but I then again I take it very seriously if somebody asserts you know like Jeff does that he predicted 911 on his dream you know it’s like I just get really quiet and wait for Kumail to Starpoint point the point in making fun of him he did that and I predicted the Dunkin Donuts in Encino so it’s kind of going to because I feel like that possible and it’s too coincidental that she’s dreaming of a black cat with red eyes but I like I just I was strange about that one is that those two events were happening supposedly at the exact same time which is very weird Aaron said will is in one form or another so it’s only a matter of whether it would make sense that she was having nightmares like that all the time that’s a good point yeah have you heard the stories of the people who actually can
fall asleep and after a couple of weeks of not sleeping they start to actually hallucinate the things that they’re dreaming they’re actually dreaming but they’re awake I do know that I’ve been in that state season record for a couple days without eating as much sleep like your body that was the same way you know you’ve heard this admit probably experienced it I like you your body surprises illness if you’re really bit like your body has the sense of like wow she needs to get her work done at the hospital or whatever for this week is a rough week and you can you feel like you’re maybe going to get sick or you’ve been exposed to all these colds and Stefan you’re not getting sick and you don’t know you’re just like I said and then the weekends and you just because your body
I think after a while after a certain amount of sleep deprivation kids try this the you can actually just like sleep for 20 minutes at a time and I don’t know what it’s like there’s no way you got enough sleep but your body is just now on the Atkins diet of sleep where it’s like a little nibble a ham give me just give me something I don’t need a Snickers bar I don’t need to sleep for 8 hours but I get it you’re an asshole give me a give me a little Barry from the weird shit on it lately you just and then it like like I would like fall asleep in like right right writers rooms and then like like I’m still asleep but my eyes are open and I’m just saying something like I’ll just take the little be like well what if what if an he’s jealous of Beretta and so she does this and then I’ll go yeah about Minecraft
there’s something else that sounded like like from other part of my brain and I never want to get this weird look on their face and I’ll get embarrassed and I’ll go take a nap in my office sounds healthy
again I can tell when it’s lies not interested thank you very much for saying that all of her Twitter to thank you
enough leave their standing up on the backhoe no don’t everybody stand up I thought that I thought that might work. If I’m standing I was happening behind them from the back like a real standing oh I got when I when I wrote those Oscars that Hugh Jackman hosted and then heading here it was like Morgan Freeman
so by the way National Treasure Curtis Armstrong National Treasurer Curtis Armstrong that was very nice of you thank you know he don’t get me started
the K-12 dude the K-12 dude yeah
I get a lot of tweets from youngsters now that are watching better off dead because they because you became a friend of the show I can’t. They said they’d never seen it but I’m really proud of because that movie does holed up in his awesome and it’s like nice to see somebody got it I just rented this I would never would have and it’s so amazing I really like the way I assumed but what would the gas everybody get lots of sleep
all right well let you at let’s talk about the Golden Age of Television which which which which is true because TV is higher quality than the big international business or just churning out these like giant movies and like to look at Disney and Warner Brothers in the majority of the big DC or Marvel franchise kind of focusing on or also some pics are in the future but really what the movies now are so all the other stuff instead of domestic culture and then exporting it to other countries of Television where they could still be that cultural like this is an American show I know that going in the move movies are like the American audiences like a fraction of the box office that they even care about did they release the new Avengers movie in China before here or it was it was it was like America was like the last
and you know what’s interesting to is now they’re they’re having to sort of their certain things they won’t do in somebody’s big movies now because China is such a large percentage of the box office so the iceberg in terms of like the effective if you’re if you’re making a movie for Aiden Tire planet and you need it to be this big crazy movie obviously a byproduct of that I mean when you get really good and it really hasn’t it’s amazing we can do anything now until the point where I was watching Mad Max I was no idea everyone that keeps watch the walking out of Mad Max is all saying the same thing they’re all going I don’t know how they did that and I literally mean I don’t know how they did that I don’t know if that was a practical car flipping through the air or maybe the tire was CG with the car wasn’t there I know something about that all right which are usually don’t but I happen to know something about that because of Genevieve Pearson okay who you know Yeah Yeahs Genevieve we love Genevieve King Of The Nerds and she did some research on it every
every car affect is practical
they may have layered stuff over it but all practice all of the car stuff is practical there are other things that are Siege is CGI but a vast amount of that movie was actual practical and the guitar guy like it to me I don’t know but it doesn’t look like a CGI movie to me even if the parts where I know it has to be it’s really there are moments of that movie that I thought were just beautiful just beautiful to look at her entourage on the other hand all CG
including the script
where are you
I don’t know where I mean I don’t know where those three booze were coming from like I have never seen a frame of Entourage and I’m fine I told that to somebody they said actually it kind of things can I studied me for a second and then it was a molding over their head and they said like I think it’s like trickling in through the water table to you lately it’s whatever reason if you live in this culture you sort of just know what’s going on on the show of credible and with the exception of your odd Mad Max or two there they’re all kind of dumb where is TVB until we get
it’s cheaper now and it’s lower steaks it’s getting like really you know good he said there’s lots of shity shows but it’s like there’s so many that there’s there’s something for everybody and rice and it’s all kinds of music stuff happening so no one can argue that Breaking Bad wasn’t a great show or someone can I’m sure who who is that person Rodger Rodger Rodger Rodger
like I said as he probably doesn’t like 5 years and slowly spiral the character it is beautiful spoilers but the butt so here’s me and it’s not just that I’m a sitcom guy I don’t think any of this is my
aversion to see realization is my view of cereal as Asian as a crutch as bad craftsmanship is that a is that now officially a hang up that I have ready to let that go
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses a lot but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
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what what what is it specifically about the sterilization just as it was like there’s a sense of craftsmanship nobody has ever made a rude they will pick up a rubix cube in like like like like because it was in the headlines that week it was also the attempt was for timelessness and the attempt was for perfect modularity usually and then when it’s always that shark jumping thing the or the actual etymology of shark jumping being from serialization will it show starts at 7 to get desperate they start saying to be continued and I guess that’s the association I make it’s like it’s like it’s like you’re starting to feel like when when the internet really started to threaten TV that’s when we saw TV start to do black really quickly with all this like what I regard as a dirty trick on the audience to like like like you know throw some weird nonsensical thing at
end of an episode and then go home now what are you going to watch next week and it it feels like you’re holding them hostage is that the same as Breaking Bad which is like you know it’s it’s what I’ve always you know people heard me rant about everything I’ve ever ranted about that makes sense to me Breaking Bad broke that rule and did it well I mean I think the difference is now that because of the way we know watch TV it’s it’s you you can watch it back to back and go back in the day before DVR is before streaming you missed episodes no one watched her run of any series because you might be out one week you might miss a couple episodes so they had to be kind of self-contained so you could jump in and out and now you don’t have to do that most shows if you really like to show you are going to watch every episode so in a way that kawanna sort of get to know these characters and who want to go on this journey with with these people so even though the all the shows that are sterilized
Shonda Rhimes is making a meal of billions out of out of civilization Dick Wolf who suddenly has four shows on the air this fall all those shows are actually still self-contained they all take place in Chicago so if the electric fire then you got one if you like me to be like too much more like the cereal style of you I’ll pick pick whichever cereal you like picking up to actively making TV or do you think he’s like in a glass coffin
has anyone ever seen him under Mount Rushmore pumping fluid into strips coming out I think it’s just some young Rider comes in and smears. Some of the embalming fluid on his on his face like War painting
how many charges out on a horse to a typewriter and creates a new law and order
I’m still saying Dick Wolf is a very valuable player in the television industry he’s there is a contribution there I just think it’s worth spiritual and ritualistic probably make a lot of money he is out there he’s see it all he’s he’s kind of the master of it all and I’m not you’re not going to get me to love to to Dick Wolf several occasions
how much is it is his name though cuz it’s like perfectly that he hung himself while masturbating a visceral it’s like I might drop it’s a Dick Wolf
it’s a timucua before he picks you
but it’s so still looks like a name but you’re getting all those ingredients it is a pretty strong right strong you subliminal I just watched a strong show reacts to the Moon by breach the verdict is it’s me and it’s a hang-up of mine for a bad reason in childhood I was I was watching television that was produced by people that were much like the people producing features today they were afraid to engage the audience too much narratively because it was raining poison craftsmanship that’s that’s corporate just manufacturing and I grew up in that world but that’s like me saying like I don’t know is it me or is Lucky Charms better than filet mignon come on don’t be a dope
because back when we were growing up those those serialized episodes were pretty pretty cheesy pretty bad so next week weather. Gordon jump actually is molesting Dudley they were they were they were previously had cultural advocacy and now you’re watching them wheeze and cough and liked it said to tell you that it is the Dudley and was a Dudley and Arnold both got locked inside a car on the Knight Rider set. They were visiting Knight Rider
because fuck it and then they looked at the clock what if he went over there
NVC Synergy Home by three Productions
it was so ridiculous because Arnold got visited Knight Rider talk to Knight Rider which they’ve they’ve made tactic they maintained within the fabric of the show that night riders in it is an actual Talking car kit it was a different car that he get locked in the car that’s not even possible
and then two crew hands like walk up and and go to the same reaction as they did The Dudley getting molested. All right anyways Rudi’s
remember there was the sitcom template where there was always the episode where someone got trapped in something at the end they were possibly working to Daiso on Punky Brewster her friend member got caught stuck in the refrigerator yet course well remember the Three’s Company episodes where they’re stuck in that freezer and they they could have died so it was like it was like number 72 on the list of like sitcom trip that everyone had to do at some point it was a simpler World The Incredible Hulk won an Emmy for best dramatic series
simpler time I think she got an Emmy for best actress in a dramatic series for Bionic Woman
I’m a fan absolutely
I think at that friend of his he made me get stopped after the pilot cuz of that friend to his throne by his performance style and lawyers are listening they’re probably a fan because it’s just because he was like a professional actor I just got to see what he’s supposed to be like
something I don’t know something about it but other people I said actually he’ll become your favorite character and yeah I mean I think of all the other comic book adaptations right now to me the flash is really at me like they killed it at season 1
I need sensitive really great job it’s a lot of fun it’s so accessible actually watch it with my five-year-old my five year old loves it now there there I don’t know if I’m dad of the year or not because there is some death of his show and it’s their times where I’m like wondering if I’m just entering this kid but he enjoys it so
So what at what are the what are the Flash’s limitations that seems like a pretty extreme super power to just be able to do everything faster than everybody else like that’s that’s why I’m so what does it what does sometimes stick their arm out while you wait and that’s like his Kryptonite is is it is it pays a patient closed there’s there’s a lot of Arizona is a lot a lot of bad he’s out there there’s the reverse-flash you know there’s a lot I do what is it what did he do

that would be great if there was a flash there’s a flash villain that was in the comic book world it was called the she’s not a big fan of the character that the tortoise the turtle is Detroit as he was he was the world’s lowest criminal rate Nemesis to flash because as it is described he would he’s so slow that flash would get to the scene of the crime investigated and leave before the turtle ever got there
that’s pretty slow
is that actually he’s not a criminal.
The time-space Continuum on who haven’t done anything yet what is it what is it what’s that mean to be reverse flash will sell the character the other guy from Ed whose name is escaping me right now Tom Cavanagh spoilers by the way cuz I’m realizing
I know exactly where we’re at and what he is okay alright fine
play work and how you tell him I’m behind right now so unfortunately we’re missing tonight too so I might be a couple episodes behind the controversy about Game of Thrones Lake Greg Lake I guess it’s just an Evidence about the show was so Flawless for so long and everybody’s eyes and I was just like it’s like it’s like there’s like two lobes to the controversy as far as I can understand it is starting their departing from the books yet more and more and more but I thought I heard something of their plan was to actually depart from them to it to an extent that it would be okay to coexist and you kind of have to accept what you guys think I mean are you guys cool with them going in a different direction the books
girls caught up to the books anyway right so wouldn’t they have to it’s like certain that’s the thing to its he’s racing to finish the next book but then you know it at some point about walking dead as well is that the treat is they do sort of honor the comics but at the same time they’ve gone in a different direction they’ve they’ve created new characters they could have taken things from the comics and Sir switch them around change the time time table but it’s still it’s it’s enjoyable for both and then up through to have two different sort of pass for 4/4 at yeah that the genre country
is really specific thing of like the brutality of the reason why it was so controversial is because also it wasn’t in the book so that kind of the definition of gratuitous is liquid science is a wedding nice to or who it was it was like her third wedding night bag yeah Ramsey cool name bad guy is not a great like consensual kind of what what a night does a shot of him ripping open the back of a dress and then the rest is played on her terrified face which is all the more brutal and also it’s like it’s like yeah it’s like the rest of the show is just like
fraction of people everybody actually ever have sex in Game of Thrones everyone is someone always walking in
but I said so so so it wasn’t in the book okay and then isn’t one of arguments like what we already knew Ramsey was bad why are we doing this year the hot-button is likely the emerging feminism of stuff and I don’t want to take that stuff lately or just missed it for for dumb reasons but but I will say I feel like the whole Game of Thrones series did not a guy that read the books like when I watch the show I feel like those two sisters are Arya and Sansa that the whole series is like it’s like the whole point of that show is I’m waiting for the two of them to enter the same room again after all these years because one of them in the beginning of the show is just as standard like I’m the princess archetype my value is in learning to sew and I’m going to get married off and I’m a diplomat and I’m going to learn how to how to consolidate power for my family because I’m I’m pretty and above all the other girl is like I want to shoot arrows you’re not allowed to shoot arrows and it’s like okay
we know these archetypes we resonate with them and then they end then there’s none of the girls in particular they’re separated and now we’re just watching them like Ari has now become like this weird Ninja Assassin that’s like learning how to like Bender mind so she can poison people or whatever and like and Sansa is like is is is no less a hero and a bit but by virtue of the tragedy that has befallen her it’s like it’s to its League of the darkest versions of their little fantasies that we were watching them in the before their lives went to hell and end so for that one reason I was at when I know you don’t want
you’re batshit that happens the size of a better like I need maybe that’s the point or other that I don’t know what I mean I think I think the thing is you’re right it’s a very delicate topic especially right now in society and in the world in you have to be prepared to either justify a door or be cognizant that this is going to create a controversy and you better have sort of your explanation ready you better be ready to sort of explain it and and sometimes I’m surprised when networks are producers are caught off guard by controversy when you can start going to see you tomorrow away and in this age of social media anything can become a controversy so you always have to be ready to explain yourself and and you justify the the the direction that you go on a show so that’s where I kind of sort of still don’t understand is when people aren’t ready to have they had they had a response
hello neighbor Game of Thrones or anything if they said they’d come out and said you know what if we we apologize if we have offended people that you know this that that wasn’t the that the purpose of the storyline to see how did the usual sort of explanation and end so thank you Curtis I was just I was just wondering something because I might be wrong cuz I’m way behind I’m still in the books but my question is my question is that the problem with this particular case was that it actually incorrect I know I will be instantly correct it then it was something that in the books did not happen to that character or something that was imposed on the character is that correct
so that was the reason for the controversy wasn’t the fact that it was a rave or how how visually brutal it was it was that they arbitrarily took another character and gave the rape to this car has all the above it was sort of just you know that the perfect storm of this this was going to incite some some concern out there and especially the media as you know Dan but actually the word for the other side is that looks like what are we getting high on over watching this show so it looks like I’m trying to avoid spoilers started speaking of very general things but there’s a there’s a point when it it looks like Peter Dinklage might might die and that’s not a spoiler it just look at just see it just like he’s in he’s in a tough physical spot
and I found myself going like you know what this could be it I got it and that’s that’s that’s what makes it shows how amazing that’s what made Breaking Bad really interesting to take the brutality of the randomness the chaos it’s like holy shit like I don’t know I mean that’s what it shows for a season ends in one of the biggest like what the frex in the
you killed Michael Thrones CD chess game
Hershey’s literally 5 minutes earlier told him that you gave him the Game of Thrones speech remember just like I feel going to play this game of thrones I suggest you be very careful he’s like okay I will be careful.
We were like holy shit and we were like shirts and where like freaking out and then we just like sat there and waited for the next season we were like holy shit and it happened a thousand times in that show since then and so that would be that’s the only time that I’m neither defending or nor nor nor nor attacking because of the sensitivity of the issue and it’s late like I don’t want to I don’t want to mansplain about any of that stuff I don’t want to stay on the TV like consumer side of this thing and not I’m not it was none of my business in the gender side the other thing to consider is just like you do it in like fruits brutality we can’t buy that argument Oscar the Grouch is as bad as it should get cuz he’s like if you if you if you want if you want to freak people out Oscar’s going to like lunge a big bridge through it every once in awhile
blood everywhere the series finale of Sesame Street
Fade to Black Spencer Crittenden and
is that I walked in with a bat is that ever a paper bag it says Hannah on it and Sharpie it’s not an emergency. The little bag for her okay good I thought I’d use Spencer’s sit down time is that it does it say Hannah I guess that’s okay all right there goes to Marissa and then we have like a whole congregation I know people’s names that’s the backpack
I have this idea where you can sell cocaine out of the bowling alley by putting it in the shoes
and this is very similar to that whole methodology
what TV shows are you watching Spencer oh you know just got caught up
yeah Game of Thrones you know okay okay this is not spoilers The you know it’s been said that obsidian can kill those white walkers and they revealed arrowheads made of obsidian and a spoiler alert sometimes the white walkers watch things they just stand there watching stuff happening why can’t they just shoot him in the fucking face with obsidian arrows would be over it all be getting no more game you mean like that the leaders and their assholes I don’t know when I saw those obsidian arrowheads I was like what the fuck are you idiots doing if you didn’t show the arrowheads I wouldn’t have this question my brain
okay sorry
I know but I mean there’s only a limited supply of white walkers there’s not infinit of them you could just four arrows done okay sorry everybody bum and everybody out with obsidian
all I’ve been thinking about you guys just this Minecraft Minecraft blood magic
those are put into the new gaskets
911 there’s nothing there is no hidden Lair do it we do they cheer at 9:11 cuz we’ve trained them to and our goal is just to be bad people like all right so alright alright alright Silicon Valley by the way you’re having a great second season if you guys aren’t I I need to I need to hear that before I before I dive in because like Camille is a very good friend of the show and it’s like if I have like a what if I hated you are you are not he like his parts are better this season I think he’s always perfect come back to mail and dreamy
what are you guys thinking about this season of Orphan Black
oh my God I love that
you love you love or Black Orphan Black it’s a great show it’s going it’s really getting into the weeds though so if it’s so I feel like the last not this past Saturday’s episode of the week before but I felt like they’re getting back on track so fingers crossed I feel like you know I mean I mean it’s worth for good I think but I feel like maybe now they’re getting back on track more Allison Allison this season’s more Helena and Helena. My favorite oh my God
I’m sorry but I love Tatiana Maslany I think it’s good with olive oil. Just a little salt for the whole table
so are you married to a lady yes see how modern I am bugging you
I thought I was getting dressed a couple days ago of all straight marriages are gross people I’ve never heard I’ve never seen a gay couple and I’m not talking about the bugs like this because they’re good looking people I’m saying I’ve never seen a gay couple and gone like a constantly likes to Universal CityWalk is just a fucking parade of shitbags
they’re all straight married couples I mean what are we protecting all right anyways that was my culture so I think that’s a big city walk if you actually
but did you see that documentary with George Takei in is his husband is the best though I’m not saying they’re adorable as human beings to dehumanize their marriage is adorable yes it was adorable that’s racist
adorbs your wife and she’s like she’s like like I was going to die like washing dishes but then I started to the spiraling until I accepted his reaction the protein on a plate and she’s just cleaning her own plate that was that’s what you guys decide she’s a graphic designer so she’s and
and I just wanted to put her in a position where you guys are at a sweet married couple and you’re coming up behind her since you’re going to be late you’re spending more time what is that do you ever come up behind her and put your hands over her eyes and then and then sweetly whisper in her ear is used $0.90 tingling
ask Owen by Dan Harmon I really really want to make this happen that out to me but then there were Michael Schneider’s across the country who actually tweeted back at you and thanking you I guess I don’t know
I think it’s how you should open all of your columns anything that you right you should say is just now you said something about exactly whatever panel and moderate from here on out at Comic-Con that’s all I’ll start playing Another Game of Thrones last night
and the fans are abuzz
okay alright alright alright alright I was actually bringing up your bike cuz I was just curious like okay so she’s a graphic designer I was assuming she’s kind of a TV buff or or maybe not I don’t know what is it together but the problem is we fall asleep in front of the TV at different times so then we can actually ever delete anything on the DVR cuz I got to watch all that episode she didn’t and then she watched something I didn’t and I’m so we were never actually deleting anything I don’t have a point to that story it’s just it’s just reality folks are you don’t seem like a very judgmental I’m not a Critic so that that helps I don’t have to critique should know for the most part. I mean it’s if it if if I had a bad run-in with someone then it kind of does maybe Cloud a little bit my viewing pleasure
they’re clapping but they’re not chant that has Vince Gilligan was like he cheated for a waiter at a at a luncheon exactly as you know why does the best TV writer have to also be the nicest and fucked up everything for everybody right before Vince Gilligan like Bravo Pops in his legs Mister Congeniality like it was there was a myth that you could perpetuate you could go like look I’m too I’m too talented to be nice but now he’s just like
how do you make sweet Turkish TV that was amazing about this guy
yeah you introduced me to Vince Gilligan which is like the biggest favor I think anyone’s ever done me cuz he never did get my finder’s fee you don’t consider this a reward talking about grilling you about your marriage off book for his prospector character and was so like determined to do a good professional job as an actor it was it was it was awesome like he was like I don’t know I just didn’t have to give a shit you could have rolled in there in a diaper and been like so much shit out of this
I’m going to give you a lemonade cuz I’m not going to learn anything about going to learn your TV but he came in dressed in the cowboy and was like
what day is the show runner who nailed it of course was Mitch hurwitz
yeah he’s amazing him back on here you got more coogler
alright what’s up what you wish to bring out George Brown
cookies here I saw him here all right
what’s Mike Schneider from TV Guide magazine he’s the chief content officer
you want to weigh in on the state of television
no yes I don’t know what else to say it’s changing and its chain and I think that
the audience is disordered dictating the format right now it’s still finding its place of still grounding itself but steaks and it’s just the audience is responding to what it wants and everybody else is trying to keep up a topic algorithmic versus development chart of Kevin Spacey fans also like political Thrillers and also like what’s-her-name like a symbol to show
are based on an algorithm but they they they they skip that whole thing of like I was a writer comes up with an idea and then the suit like you know helps him get his his whatever ostensibly suits no more than writers about making TV which is the dumbest idea ever that’s like doesn’t make any sense but I’m worried I’d like Yahoo knew that knew what community was worth before they bought it that was where I thought they turn a profit on community because I paid a lot of money for it so how would you make that back I think I don’t think their intention was to turn a huge profit I think their intention was to draw big numbers and they knew that those numbers would be big because they they already knew I had a conversation with it where they revealed that they already knew you have they shown you any number needed for the show air but not right now and then everything is Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park
a graft out a bell curve like they they the unique impressions the potential and blah blah blah it’s just it’s just going according to plan their like NASA technicians but they were never worried about Tuesday night just like this caveman and they’re like Silicon Valley people that are just like making like melt things with their eyes and they catch it done for a living and then there’s like you can trash that with this like these orange people that lately
so I don’t think a female leads going to work why don’t wear it why don’t you think the what are you who are you where did you go to school what is the seminar did you attend what’s why are you Jacob
mr. Hollywood
I have three posters on the wall behind me what is there a show at work done which is a piece of shit one is for classic TV that I didn’t work on the others for like some French the French title so it looks like I am smart and I’ve never seen it so badly for sure like of anonymity and then and also been praised because they were forced into that Network and they’re a lot of those shows that would have last a lot longer if they’ve been on now because they have that rabid fan base but it just was like around 5 I talk to people about that show when it was it was it would they was with the last like 10 years now if it was on today and who knows I bring back everything so maybe one day they’ll bring that up so right after an all new Fuller house
I can’t believe the Full House thing is happening and then it was announced that they were going to do Full House and then a couple weeks later the new headlight was Dave Coulier signs on to do you close that deal first Full House Fan but you don’t do it without the cools
are you going to have to wiggle exact Efron doing Bullwinkle impressions for the for the 32 year-old girls unattainable first but now they were all they’re all pretty much on it was funny just taping our third episode wouldn’t Allison Brees contract close it
all right so will you will you stay and play Shadowrun I know it’s probably your favorite part of the podcast
it’s a nice should I would like you to I only got when I got to do it Curtis Curtis was a nuke newcomer and it was once knew so experienced I’m almost cynical about the world
give me the phone it in tonight I’ll probably but that’s okay I just got a bunch of nonsense on its side Spencer I mean it’s like we’re all drunk and I’m going to mess this up horribly Play Just Like improvised storytelling and I did turn based format with Spencer is the only one can actually say what happens but you eat the rest of us when it’s our turn can say what we want to try to do that’s probably a good. Pretty good explanation
so do we we got we got it we got a doctor you’re playing the doctor right I guess I am but I didn’t you went on to another story I don’t know if doctor friend is still in the store right now you tell me a story by dr. friends till midnight cowboy so I wonder if we should just have Schneider play mercy O’Donnell or
I had a little I had a discount because Aaron Aaron’s Aaron’s Aaron’s like text me during the show sometimes when she’s not doing it she can watch it live and
I don’t know if she’s that was just that you always you always have a girl come up to play mercy and we got more of those conversations my point of view was like well yeah but like we don’t have a lot of women up here and then it’s like it’s not it’s not because only a woman can play the characters just because like they make up half the planet and then we don’t have any up here and then there’s a good character that’s old lady got it’s hard to be a white knight these days
that’s what I’ve learned that to the new that’s the phrase for what I do, I’m always white knighting that’s my thing white knighting man but it’s not it’s not it’s not it’s not it’s it’s the it’s the I’m just doing it to try to trick people into liking me like you’re trying to get laid there just trying to do what they think make people like them not be racist or sexist or anything like my might have to just give up I don’t know what else is in it for me anymore I’m just going to roll over and die
I heard your brains
weird young hologram brains I don’t know
get out of our way fatty
old fat man with your dumb
70s Concepts glasses
look up first of all like I was searching for the word glasses while touching them
second of all come on
supposed to be safe here
alright so wait till we go to Mercy we got a knife blade we got ahold of her and we got a we got a doctor what is it I mean with the Jeffs character fine why haven’t you have a Girl by Jeff character We Got Annie we got real life handy while you’ve got your big moment in the spotlight
I don’t think that’s a good enough reason
you seemed kind of beleaguered by I don’t blame you
people feel like I should have been talkin
that sounds like a mandate all my bad I have this all behind people that’s not that’s not that’s crazy
I sure was alright it one of these days to the Moon Adam Goldberg in The Green Room which is not allowed in that he wrote a knock though which if you knock on the green room door what does that mean and like a vampire answers The Green Room
I know I enjoyed I enjoyed his knock though it was it was pleasurable to me for the AV club yeah I’m away my assistant is so fired
what’s up I mean should I get is Dustin going to do music or Mike going to do it acapella are you guys is that even what you guys are right now you need help with anything is that okay yeah I forgot
okay we’ll have Andy play I can’t remember God damn jump Eve Liberty
no I just thought it was conditional love lap it up like the finale egg
seriously like the whole thing and then it’s like literally this whole scene about what we’re about what we were talking about and like that button of Andrea saying like like it was like did you eat what do you think about the cuz I was I was it was like 3 in the morning we were about to shoot the last scene and I’ve been up all night and I got I wrote the scene in Annie enters the study room and Jeff is standing there and the curse has been blinking there forever and I wrote like four different versions like I wrote like truly raunchy like the joke is how horny they are for each other seeing you tonight then I erased it and I wrote like like why are we still forcing this we’re not into this is very urgent that I just like all erase the curse is still blinking and I had are in an instant message and I said what do I do how do I what do I do here and Erin said to have you ever seen Drop Dead Fred
and I said no I haven’t actually haven’t seen it and it seems like it’s a very there’s a very sweet kiss at the end of Drop Dead Fred she has to kiss Drop Dead Fred goodbye that’s not a sexual kiss not not necessarily and unromantic kiss but it’s not it’s not it’s not it’s not she’s they’re not matching on each other as the kids said in 1982 by like it was it was love what what what did you think
read about it just because they want to see the ocean
fantasy he was right that she was wearing the same outfit like he was coming back to that like that was used to shoot that way
the truth comes out alright final scene of the season with some nice sweet advice pulled from a silly movie that I hadn’t seen
crunchy, yeah
because women can’t be Raiders but they can be muses
take a look at up after Albert Brooks movie
they were both in it
all right I mean I guess that’s that’s that’s it we got it what else could I possibly do to slow down the show I can’t we wear the same thing right but it is either that’s the costume in question sort of
you’re so impressed you’re all just silent it’s amazing I mean
I like 4 hours for the Truffle on tonight I don’t know
for those of you who are watching a video feed Aunt Andy just threw her cane
in anger because no one applauded her outside
they weren’t going to do it up now okay now that’s horrible that’s a toxic
that was terrible that was like that little tiny bird that comes out of my dog when I make him poop don’t like you can’t either crate training interview better pretend to pee if nothing else then you can come back in and eat and he’s like a little drop comes out
all right
is there a Mike are you having a good time back in 2 minutes
you’re very quickly city of that nervousness will give way to frustration and boredom if you get confused just kind of withdraw you don’t have to really dig in deeper and try and understand any of that stuff so there you go
it’s time for a new episode of
is there a guest that we have to get credit for that yeah this one is just a tweet that Jeff Davis sent
alright is there a where’s the Q
alright harmontown Shadowrun recap Now Eve had an eagle flap tear gas out Mercy was composed but cried Nightblade bake the guards brains Dixwell ave average size
that’s that’s it
I baked a brain yeah I mean realistically someone broke a window so that your gas could leave and then you tase someone so hard as brain melted
all right there where like in a room in those kind of Hospital you’re in the hospital of a of a brain plus limited you’re in the CB toward you snuck in there using using lies and subterfuge to try and infiltrate this place you’re looking for Secrets stolen data or I don’t know if it’s the secret data that you’re trying to steal for your employer anything are we all in the same room yeah you’re on the same room there’s two guards knocked out on the floor there unconscious or the old does a guard
you know what I just started taking off of guards one of the guards pants

do my aunt live I’m a man of action not I’m not going to explain myself
and since we’re in a hospital and I’m a doctor I’m going to stay in my clothes and just pretend like I’m a doctor in this hospital is that okay and compare them to the sizes of the indisposed guards to see who might fit in their clothes better one of the guards is human-sized that’s the only guard is closed haven’t been removed
human size clothes on and
we feel really good they absolutely do
it’s hard to guard since you kind of have the psychic abilities they almost Manute on me
that’s quite true I’ll get dressed up as the other guy that happens to suits of guard Globes
well now we need to plan
you have normal people clothes on while there aren’t any more cards you know that could be an Avenue to explore
how do you spell casting to create a uniform for myself sorry
what’s your psychically scope out the outside area and see if we’re going to land the land mental mental waves mental planning sort of active source to scope and see if there are any guards in the vicinity was it like a detect detect humans kind of spell provided they get provided the guards are human yes anywhere nearby or in the outside Hall except for the one that you will you can’t detect it cuz it’s dead but you detect humans not in this Hall but then the next Hall over if there’s all sorts of them with weaker or has some of them are sick and damaged until they have cyber where’s in certain ailments that are causing their spirits to look differently colored the North
to your senses
this would suggest to me that they open up to a patient’s it would subjects that the chips might also be in this room is this possible that they’re being tested on them you don’t know anything about that yes like remember you saying didn’t lie scope the place out and there’s like some computer room like a room on the top floor of the building that someone found a butterfly be right on Baldwin
I mean geez I’m not really a thinking man it’s it’s not that the guy playing me is stupid it’s the guy playing music from the role playing and the character me I’m just an idiot and a little drunk
I deserve accolades not not for anyone to think I’m a bad bad player I think we just got to find like records room and I guess I would start up with that security here is detailed enough to have a map inside the building maps of the fight may I use my vision Zoom look through the building to find the security room the vision Zoom is like a magnifying kind of thing it can’t see through stuff but like you could see like okay so if I leave looking for it I’ll lose my visions and I’ll be in the hallway and I can see it right at the end of the hallway there yes but it’s not well
I mean let me look you head out into the hallway using your vision zoom and you only see a hallway leading to the
I can’t no good the bb-8 award
yeah you look around and you locate a small a small plaque that has an S as a virtual read out of the map of the place and you can see all the offices with listings for all the employees and there’s an office that still lists Baldwin Brown
now we’re getting somewhere
big there it’s going to be quite some ways you trace your way through the map and you’re going to at least have to go down some stairs they’re located by the central cafeteria area
well meta me and me and mercy will go with you and if she’s with guards you know she should be safer
how do I look like an interloper you guys are on your own I’m a bad leader of the doctor with the guards who have been redressed yeah is that possible to keep an eye on them so they wake and possibly leave the I would like to follow them if I have to leave you with the with the with the guards were on the ground should I meet with the guard yes
if it’s what I usually do I wind up waiting in the car but at least I’m in the room this time remember so, why don’t we just make sure they don’t wake up for a long time I close again their bodies which I don’t know what I don’t want anyone to feel left out and put you in a wheelchair I’m the doctor and we could be walking down like I got my I got my I’ve got my my file here and we’re on our way to l’opossum you know I love it okay I will just it will just kind of escort you
well otherwise I’d be the only one looking like a weirdo walking.
It looks like I can forward you some documents do you need those medical records Ford yes yes
did I sound sarcastic. I got really excited about you. I got really excited too I did this
is there a music you know there’s no music guy Dustin’s getting high just like I know there’s none
and then documents you print some out there really convincing looking to your eyes
I wish I could whistles are you do that
these are some uses of smart-looking doxxed
you know it
what I do
everybody take a document
even the doctor all right let’s go let’s head for the head for the all right you do that you charge out into the hallway and down down the hallway and through a door as you as you open the door you hear the sounds behind you a five or six guards shuffling into the hallway they’re just kind of looking around but they don’t seem bothered by your official-looking presents you cross out of the hallway and into the cafeteria area you see all sorts of delicious salads real salads not the fake shit
but you’re only distracted momentarily you get to the elevator which is next to the stairwell that I mentioned earlier
I press the button which one do you guys want to help me pick a button
Which floor was Baldwin on down down
you say that you say down all right you want to present you press it
alright the elevator around
we’re fucking nailing this
I think I’ve been a lot of Shadow runs and it’s like this is talking butter
what celebrities are they stayed quiet moment the elevator as I get there let’s get to know each other out where’d you learn to forge documents like that
use a practice you’re looking really sharp in that I thought guards out I used to work in law enforcement
it’s part of my dark past
I’m good I’m good just stirring your loins to be back in the medical establishment I’m back where I need to be thank you why do you fall from grace
that’s alright it’s nothing I want to talk I’m sorry talk about right now sorry
if I summon some butterflies with me I’ll shut up
the fuc
in case you didn’t know
Saved by the Bell
the door opens into a large reception like area with no windows it seems like you may be underground or something it is a reception area so there’s a nice reception is seated at the desk her brown hair in a sharp sharp sharp stylish future Style
it looks crazy but normal for you guys
he looks up at you expectedly she doesn’t say anything though Mercy you usually the tricky talk or who you’ll see by these documents were supposed to be here he looks of the documents and inspects them thoroughly she’s like this is great I was just saying that the elevator
is amazing but she glances over at Florida gardens like that guy
very, very stoically I reach inside and pulled out my identification that says Frank Douglas security guard and provide this to her I work mostly on the ground floor and looking for trouble some people in the army
okay here you do this you do this here this is correct use your patented convincing skills and spin spin a little something all right we’re supposed to be here
so shut up
yeah we’re just going to keep going so thanks a lot okay
you push pastor
security guards and ID that shows he works at the different location to Burnt Bridge to Nowhere Man excuse me I’m Doctor friend
and this is my patient and he’s in serious condition and needs help and we need to get the doctor Brown’s office you’re going to let us go and that’s the end mall right ear the doctor
she lets you go through the door into the Next Room
midnight I can’t I don’t read people that well you’re in a large circular circular there’s a central kind of also circular area looks like it’s may be some sort of Shafter who knows what but doors are on the outside of this room kind of radiating off like spokes all over the place you smell formaldehyde and other unsavory smells all over the place it’s heavy in the air down here must not get too much ventilation down here something’s making it smell shity
you see fat six doors excluding the one you came through to the waiting area
just look for Baldwin Browns door
there’s one that says 207 that’s the number of Baldwin Brown’s office
for those just listening Portland were just throwing a nice cane this is like it’s a low-budget mic drop
Antioch I’ll stand guard in case anybody you know that receptionist stuff didn’t really work you know I was just a purr
did anybody comes through here they won’t get much further I’ll tell you that for nothing but just as you were saying that you hear the chirp chirp chirp in of your comlink making some noises if you receiving some sort of call from an encrypted line
hey remember me
it’s Baldwin Baldwin Brown got me my latest job
yeah yeah yeah wait what
but you delivered me to a new employer know I’m still alive that’s great it’s better than not being that you’re right
anyway it is, it has come to my attention that you were you’re going after some of my research it seems my employer has hired you to steal that research from me for their benefit
if you say so
I mean I’m not looking to start anything here I’m just saying you know I really don’t want them to have it they didn’t earn it is dangerous if they have it blah blah blah the world’s going to end all sorts of shit please don’t deliver it to them listen Baldwin if there’s a place we can meet and discuss why we shouldn’t do our jobs when you’re doing your job and everyone in the world does their job we can maybe we could make up a new job where you pay us to not do our jobs it’s also there’s a vast American tradition in that it’s
Cubs subsidy you know if I had an uncle who had a friend literally his job was to not grow corn
procedure in the eighties were the old days before the pocket clips
I think when there was corn
now you see a salad you fucking freak out you know but back then it was corn everywhere but so close to our objective we’re going to follow through on it cuz dumb to get this far and then we’ll let’s meet somewhere let’s meet somewhere I’m under tight surveillance I mean I’m not I’m not under you know I’m not allowed to leave the building I can’t escape physically so I’m kind of stuck here.
anyway I’m sending one of my associates to your location maybe we can make a drop if you’re willing to break it up break it up break it doesn’t work when it’s been 30 years since that’s been a valid at any store
well that you don’t I’m going to put you on the phone with Mercy you don’t Mercy shit I’m just I’m just the hood you know I’m just like a muscle I don’t ever put you on the phone with mercy and she’s like she’s like the Diplomat talker in the hello hey
Baldwin Brown remember me
call Duane Brown know I doubt but
well that’s okay you don’t need to know who I am
I don’t think you’re allowed to just say you found him I heard I heard you will know there’s this door it’s got all sorts of crazy locks it looks like it has some sort of biometric scanner on it that needs some sort of important authorized data to let someone through access to these sorts of things security guard clothes don’t we have something honest it’s like a doesn’t seem to be reacting to the thing it seems like if I use Smart links sunglasses is there a way to tap into the system may be back daughter and find the code from inside don’t think you do I have a lock picking that won’t work note I have I have computer software Hardware
let me know very low ratings computer shit
like the fucking point
you hear a voice over your comlinks been all like hey guys did you say you needed a hacking
you didn’t invite me into the Uber god dammit
left him where the worst show ever
how can I send it over for him I mean I can I do this remote I’ve been watching you guys you set up like five vibration sensors you broke a window that’s like where there’s any way let me work on this door it’ll take a couple minutes I keep talking about I was good Baldwin you still there oh yeah why did you just stop talking for like 30 seconds
sorry about that so where you calling from again I mean I’m in my office they don’t let me leave you put me here I don’t I mean this doesn’t seem like the important part of why I called it’s important this research that’s my life’s work they didn’t earn it they’re trying to trying to turn it to make money’s I’m trying to help people do you get it I don’t I don’t have money they don’t even pay me like I don’t even think that’s legal by their standards but they don’t I mean I could owe you guys but I don’t have the money’s
things to do like what’s the big deal what do these things do and what’s the big deal
it’s research that mean you guys wouldn’t understand it has to do with reversing the effects of BTL chip brain degradation, Lincoln I’m listening and can I apply my Annalise cruise to send out some sense of having it so he’s being unfortunately it doesn’t work over electronic communication what if what if we paid you
yeah I mean sure now you’re now you’re on our payroll week I could be do you guys have payroll we have some cool guards outfits also you have to access a digital W-9 for yourself
hey it sounds fine don’t rush or anything we don’t want you to do a less-than-perfect job so take your time on the door hey man it’s done it’s been done
alright I open the door you open the door you see in antique-style offices Scott old what do you call it unfinished Indy finishing I don’t know what’s that thing where the finishing is going away would hold an old desk gold tarnish desk with a key lock one of these old style throwback he’s in it
key locks rather dramatic key in the lock in the office it looks like most of the stuff has been moved out recently you are picking that lock
you going to ask me what my lock-picking is No it should be like I have a crowbar
I do I have a crowbar can I use the Crowbar I really rather use a lockpick it’s Ranger in leaving
you know just the right no it’s just it’s cooler to pick a lock
if it fails will proviron
Mercy keep on talking clock
yeah it’s picked okay open it I open it you open it and you see you see free data chips
I grabbed them you do that they’re in your grasp you’ve obtained what might be the secret research
well yeah but also we have to do something I can get that get supplies I know you guys will deposits in the pot pocket
but do not posses going to be in my pocket bitch who’s that Jesse yellow men
are you on the phone know he’s in the hospital with you guys he snuck in near you guys without watching like the ninjas of a cat I can’t talk he’s got the ninjas of a cat
you got to give me those data chips the easy way or the hard way is bitch ass Nick’s Wolverine claws pop out of his knuckles
all right that’s that’s been harmontown for for this week I’ll take this Mike Schneider for TV Guide magazine
special guest comptroller Curtis Armstrong a need two more expensive in the back room there Justin Marshall are producers Jack McKeever on audio
and Sarah Hill doing all the video streaming duties thank you very much and I will see you next week. Hopefully Jeff will be back and hopefully Curtis will be back and hopefully you guys can come back anytime you want
God bless you


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