Episode: 226 – Harmontownunder: Sydney Opera House Night 1


Episode: 226 – Harmontownunder: Sydney Opera House Night 1


Night 1 of Harmontown at the historic Sydney Opera House in Sydney Australia!


maybe some of you will recognize this song
does Nightblade by make a statement
ridiculously beautiful Sydney Opera House in New South Wales Sydney Australia harmontown is now in session
please welcome to the stage Spencer Crittenden
working now and I’m happy how’s everybody doing
thank you Cindy
so kind you’re so kind they’re the kind you know Sydney is the kindest city in Australia did you know that New South Wales in Wales
he looked at a map while I was in the hat store and ask for Dan’s right yes a little bit more than Sydney did you know that they call it from Sydney
let’s talk about you and your kubrow store next to the hotel and they were there were six of them that went into this one so I know it’s not an addict Rings there but they were mounted like the buck stops here but but then it then it goes away and then comes back again Sydney Opera House I know I do not feel bad about this I am very happy to be here but I will say I was narcissistic and naive enough to believe when they said come to a show at the city
I didn’t know they had other rooms
yeah it makes perfect sense now
and I love you guys you’re amazing I’m going to punish you but I did fly out here
who are the different image in my head one that makes no sense really do bring it I got I guess it’s just cultural efficacy they they must be bored down there I don’t know I’m not being aloof from just looked at my notes and a crocodile teeth on the pin the brim of that hat I just don’t know I did I mean I don’t know man it’s it’s a $65 hat that’s all I know 65 Australian dollars are they dollars are they called bumos dollar each, I think they’re called dollarydoos yeah
yeah so you were about to say I got a guy at the Melbourne show in Brisbane a couple nights ago and they were just fighting with each other with each other and focus groups in the backyard or they’re just saying like oh that’s what that was a good joke what did you think of that joke it was okay let’s listen to the next joke I don’t know LED rather discuss this joke
you’re a fuck you
I was more entertained by then that I think they were concerts in the Brisbane show everybody had had a thousand beers and there were two hecklers one guy just kept
which isn’t even an Australian thing it’s a Spielberg thing Bangarang Australian
she was 10 years
yeah he’s like he’s like yeah shut up guy up in the balcony I was we were sitting behind him and he had a shoe off at one point it was like waving his shoe and then drink 11 beers and then he just looked at his shoe and then fill the she would vomit
about you sitting there with a vomit feldshuh and then he realized he has to go clean his shoes so we just pours the vomit out no no he went outside he poured it on the on the on the sidewalk outside and then he proceeded to get in a fight and then then we left and got food and then we came back and I saw the very vomit he poured out I didn’t realize at the time that this was shoe man’s vomit but I pieced together afterwards it was weird that’s why will chlamydia is Guadalupe
that was a sydneysiders vomit no it was a it was a male born in which both of their own different way of Melbourne was like the Hipster City and Brisbane was like Gremlins 2
we got I think
Brisbane is Sydney’s Ipswich from Milwaukee you have to pick on Cudahy town of 200 people where they where they do it all the tanning factories are so it smells like poop when you drive past it so people in Milwaukee love picking on Cudahy cuz it’s like it rolled downhill so this is the first European settlement this is where they first opened the prison Colony for business they are like this is the place let’s send them and then in the 19th century they they they they said okay and you’re not prisoners anymore now you can try to build a society and the Aborigines were like what am I
and then everything’s fine everything’s fine now, knight in shining armor, you old poop
how can we sleep when our Golden Pond is burning you old poop
you had a mammogram until you lost it was On Golden Pond that’s that’s that’s a that’s bringing up baby
beautiful here we’re actually going to be here for a little while spending her vacation and then I’m off to Fiji but when we first when we landed in the airplane we got into the airplane to the to the to the baggage claim we got into the shuttle and the first thing Spencer said having taken that much of Australia was Canada
in a good way
and I think there might have been a little pejorative like I I think it was just at that point it was like okay it’s how so yeah I mean we’ve we’ve flown over and landed in much drier areas but that area specifically was very green very hilly very much like Canada in the summer was great also the architecture to me is very reminiscent of Canada and that it’s just very interesting and I don’t know you know all the buildings with only the second country you have visited outside of the states
can I go to Thailand I’m like it’s like a hot Australia
Russia is like cold China that’s all it is just the last place I’ve been to
there are 250 languages spoken here which I’m sure is the case for any City above a certain level of the population is like 5 million people living here 250 languages come on some of those are fake
are there even 200 that looks like there’s some fucking like in India
I guess that’s true yeah you get into these old as much all ate ancient countries and they have like 25 thousand languages here you’re right you’re right people are weird open up the first paragraph of Wikipedia and I I buy a hat and I’m just I’m glad you guys are very supportive you should be booing by now for sure God knows in Brisbane a bowling ball would have been shot at me that I know and I’ll tell you again if you ever see me announced a game of audience sound effects the time in Brisbane is not their fault like it was my fault like the energy to put into the room and they were just wonderful people at what if but I was just about their language were lined up accent humor to me it wasn’t like punching down I was like I was trying to learn
does your accent is very very difficult to promote from a dialectic standpoint it’s hard to imitate but I came up with the phrase that I have been let it go see if you’re getting better if the phrase that I’ve landed on it at again I know this isn’t how you talk
this isn’t this is a nice day and I know it’s going into you know if I have American tries to do Australian it just like he’s going to go right into a Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins but it is a laser there’s no way that’s a playful wonderful dialectics and it’s out so I’ve been trying to learn it cuz I want to be able to do it so I arrived at this phrase okay
oh I like that
don’t encourage me I think they were plotting to pay off that upset about it anything like that hat made
I bet it’s just me trying to I’m like each word on my boy
so angry he’s not angry that we’re moving on moving on we’re all human beings
all right I want to ask you for like like if you’re the kind of person that finds himself in a hotel room that doesn’t belong to you which rules out most of us like there’s no cat burglars in this room like those people know how to crack one of those fucking safe if you forget your code somebody let those safes and there’s also YouTube video of a of a spider dragging a mouse at the side of a refrigerator
but we’re not going to talk about that I’m going to pretend we’re in a safe place if we don’t have riddled with bites already I know something got me it was a huntsman I know a huntsman was on me
this is his people that the come up like behind you at the supermarket and I Could you type in your like if you’re paying with a credit card or a debit card after you type in your code the people that have us a heat sensing like app on their phone or a little add-on to their to the camera phone and it reads the number is cuz you can still see the heat signature for the ones that you push mower which I know is a lie just people in Australia this is how bad the spider problem is they have an app for that like that you can see spider tracks across your dashboard
yeah but we weren’t normal continent wouldn’t have to say that
no one says that in North America I know it says that and we shoot each other every day and I was there
I was reading the matter meaning more than eight
look I mean yeah exactly that’s what I’m saying you start the arithmetic shows in your hiding something
it’s it I’m saying like there’s been gerrymandering or something going on as you guys read to find Spider related death that’s all I’m saying I’m not good at using you of anything I just know I seen these videos there’s a lot of spiders down here and it’s the ones you can’t see the kill you
you have Wednesday
they can just put you to sleep for an afternoon
and I’ll go in your kitchen and make mango, was whatever they could I cappuccino fucking the only reason I never order cappuccinos because all my god damn phone you guys are geniuses thank you
flat white I’m going to say it’s catching on back in the States the flat white I never heard of it until this trip me too but then he said by the weight also it’s catching on back of the states
I can’t wait to get back home in nnnn nnnn have a flat white it didn’t taste all of it because part of my brain won’t be vigilant against spider attack
coffee with milk on top of it don’t go down like a big pile of foam I got a cappuccino so good but then it’s like this big like a baby taking a bath to do with it gets all over your face like a novelty drink a cappuccino they figured it out they took the nonsense Out Boy
it’s a it’s a flip it’s a flip
a flip
according to my dialect chart and I okay all right so so I don’t think you’re going to find probably anywhere you go every time I go outside the United States be at to Canada or here
sometimes the food is wonderful sometimes the food is bad does it really matter very City to city but everywhere outside the United States by virtue of by warrant of the kind of like particular I think capitalist fascistic frenzy that we have there where it’s like you are never more than a corned beef hash order served properly away from prison time like like do you like America takes its capitals in very seriously so it’s Foodservice industry again it’s missing terms of the quality of the food but you better believe the people making the food and bring it to your table they have a little hustle in their muscle that you don’t find when you leave them at the end of that you can that you can go to the restaurant and die of hunger because they’re just not they’re not coming. Just just no urgency at all and there’s food here but but yeah
coming into this place where we’re making food sometimes and kind of waiting like
this is not me complaining if it isn’t me complaining I don’t know if it’s a place it’s there just the restaurant right before we came here is anybody been to the Rock and play Rock pool Rock pool Rock pool bar and grill house it was it was The Little Rascals tried to build an Eyes Wide Shut
and all they had was the materials they just had all the black on it though the formica and the Crystal but none of the weird multi-tiered Labyrinthian Lego village it’s really strange and all of the wait staff they did they expect a sweet person to experience to me was like being pulled over by a cop
play headspace was exactly that stress today angry.
And they were like Brothers comics like they are they were hungry like the date that they found us out they’re coming for our drugs we got to make this look right thing here Jeff we have to do handicap access you do you put a ramp or something you know in America we like big grudgingly like I put a ramp fine give me my subsidy sure they’re much more Progressive than it but it’s like it’s a little confusing as we walk up to the restaurant it just it says disabled access only
and we just paused in our tracks like we’re looking at a restaurant with people are cleaning glasses that just looking at us
and it’s his only and we’re like we just broke only like so you can so you can take that would be like using a handicap stall to go in the door that’s right in front of us yeah I know what they are and the person just watching us
play not going to ask when we finally just like start walking away we’re looking at it we’re waiting for him to go like I know that’s just a formality like the only part but I think it’s serious but it was like the only way to get into this place that we went to sign for the place but the proper entrance didn’t really have the sign it so like we saw what was the actual entrance and we figured out as the entrance because it was 20 stairs that was the only clue that this was the same building we’re trying to enter the video I took
I’m not sure what to do with this up
it isn’t photojournalism here they had a set of rules that I post it on Instagram and we were going back and forth on whether or not the rules were like a joke or serious but either way it’s fucked because if there is serious they’re bullying me and if there and if there are joking they’re bullying me
except then you have to Divine that they’re not actually bullying me they’re just bullying me
don’t look don’t join a conversation
but yeah your put your physical appearance did your hair get more awesome today
thank you thank you. Not on me are you know I don’t know over all those people
play Gravity Top Notch and the Have Nots giving me water they’re giving me like I said it was like being pulled over like my heart was racing in my skin was vibrating and she kept refilling my water and she came around one more time to refill my water I was like no no no I’m good and she didn’t say anything and she just poured me the water and ass she was walking away she was like just in case and I was like I’m I’m out and I walked out Jackie refilled my water and they’re going to violate the simple simple things I was doing or where I was looking at anyone fiercely I was enjoying a single conversation okay so I took I went I went to go to the bathroom in this place
and I when I came back from the bathroom I live in because I was like I can’t believe what I just want through that’s why I came back and then I took my that’s why I shot in portrait mode I’m not an amateur but I I I I recreated the bathroom walk but I don’t know if this will translate or not but this is what you go through to get to the bathroom in this place
well I’m going to go to the bathroom
so you want around this is hope but you got you got to go around the corner and then there’s a really narrow staircase and it’s already like weird like you’re going to an addict and it’s there’s a landing and then you turn and then it’s another narrow staircase on right
no this is where the wedding area is there’s a wedding going on
straining like you’re just going to see a guy blowing a lion or so then you go pass this what is this is a kitchen when it why am I here
but there’s two guys doing their taxes on it or something like that job in like like like Dwayne The Rock Johnson are doing their tax on an oven in the middle of a carpeted vestibule next to a wedding up two flights of narrow stairs and still no bathroom but that’s what they’re like in a hotel Corridor here right yeah and so okay so they can keep going and I’m getting scared so MF like I picked this bathroom male female I don’t know if that’s enough to really think I’m like okay to keep following the MMA fight what is this area okay
services but it’s blocked with a black couch and something trying to get out of there
like like what is that
but then I just wanted what are the other door is electrical cupboard and the old wood w i p hose reel they’re still working on that one.
All right
so then you go down the narrow hallway door I don’t know if you can tell how narrow these doors are like the camera at some stuff but I’m also terrified I’m going to get caught like cuz there’s like guys in dinner jackets keep walking by and looking at me but I don’t know if you could see like these doors like they’re really narrow and it is really hide your knobs and they don’t they don’t think they have like this weird purple glow coming out
Minority Report virtual Sex Dungeon like there’s a guy behind each door like you like you can gauge the different fantasy is this guy just came out of like one weird bathroom at that I do know is that was the handicap one but Chris Hardwick and finally. Thank you sir. That I see the world through that lens but
I know a place
I will it will that translate to our audio podcast listeners know but these people paid good money for the show
yeah you better kind of just kind of have to pay when you start that process yeah man yeah
and the food was great
Cody said her pain was good but then halfway through the meal she said she started she’s sheep she could see she was seeing a cloud that wouldn’t go away
I don’t think that’s the restaurant Bob that it was before we were ordering she started to see this thing I’m really concerned about her she’s back at the hotel
and I think guys I didn’t cancel it show her anything I told Steve to check in on her halfway but I got her permission to tell the story we we got we got I mean like like we got to the hotel and then I guess I guess there was some bitty screw up or something I don’t know that I don’t think I don’t know what I’m not going to throw shade in the hotel as the kids would say I don’t know what they did wrong or didn’t do wrong I I just sat in the blob and played cookie collector until the someone handed me the hotel Key hotel is very like she’s she’s the she’s the Civilized Crocodile Dundee 2 hours what’s your name from Crocodile Dundee
she’s our Australian guide she’s our she’s our shed our Point person outlet mall but she I guess she she did some some ranglin at that desk and maybe between that and the niceness of the Australian people in general they upgraded our room so we got the guy came to our door give us Keys me and Cody we went up to a different room it was a fucking pet how it was when it was crazy there was a boardroom in our room there’s a there’s a room and then there’s like two bathrooms and has a bedroom and then there’s like a hallway at
portal straight to Rock Hill restaurant
what’s that gloss over this conference room does boardroom it had a conference table with how many chairs more than a board meeting first thing we thought when we looked at it like we do that we I want that report on my desk we usually have to have it when we when we do our a little role-playing scenario that’s what Cody and I are due again I got her permission if she’s dying tonight and just don’t feel bad for her that she could give me permission to tell it to talk about our sex life of it before having lunch with go back to the hotel and then
Batman costume sometimes when I go to pitch meetings at Amazon cuz they make TV I’m just like I’m always like walking out of there going to like what did they say no to that TV idea because it’s a bad TV idea or because they know I’m a fucking weird sex pain
kutulu always orders way too much toilet paper of it and I’m like like like like just pantyhose in bulk anyways we was like oh let’s do a little role play with the using the boardroom environment cuz we’re not going to have this ever again but it got really confusing because I tried I thought I could improvise my way through this week where I was like I was a human resources guy
but I wasn’t but you were
I was investigating her because someone had filed a complaint that she was dressed too provocatively at work
I know but then she’s like well this is how I dress all the time what’s wrong with this and I was like well a lot of times what happens is guys at the office a little if they get aroused they’ll like. Like try to try to get revenge like by filing a complaint and I’m sorry it’s their word against yours unless he’s getting really cuz she was trying to like where you going with this I got to do you say Jason Ortega and people have filed complaints about your provocative clothing and I was just like I didn’t know how you but you absolutely no doubt her
Urban I’ll be a part of this way that you could jump into this pool and find your way to any Edge that had to do with having sex before we have to go to dinner was as I can look there’s exceptions we can make if I can prove that my dick fits in your position if I can prove that it’s just you as an individual that is arousing and not your outfits
then I can come to your house tonight I’m harder than a diamond right now. This isn’t your fault that your
you are born this way I mean yeah the outfits great but it’s your bits of the way it is on you and then now you’re great at this and so I think I think you’re I think I’m going to file a favorable report who was human restall all over you
that may be the last encounter she ever happens with me is it bad that I can provide specific but like I know that you guys do this fairly elaborate like backstory like role-playing thing so you are doing like improv little senior good are you guys staying in character like I told you guys really good and I don’t want to break like we don’t we don’t tend to be my girlfriend
you’re dressed as a mariachi has to be a high school something like
I grab the towel and then wait I got to buy the first name of the top of her head she was afraid was going to like upset me because it was somebody we were been talking about earlier and that that that she is so she had to like really like we hang a hard left off of an or naturally improvise name because it was you now I’m getting would be complete without
and then I just before I leave the owner of the Sydney Opera House comes out and thanks you for coming
Kevin Sydney
why was that joke that guy’s favorite part of the snow
I guess I’m kind of just kind of funny
that is kind of funny I think you said I agree with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering if I can steal food do you miss meeting apparently I can get out while actually has that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes relate to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film Earth-like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
let’s let’s let’s get to know some of our friends in the segment we do in Australia called asking Australian
I was told if I go off stage that the cameras won’t be able to see me so what who cares like you guys could see me like we’ll just be out here for a second will start in the front cuz he’s like a look at this guy I mean come on
are you willing to come up on stage and we promise we’re not going to when I get to talk about your really red hair
because I cannot make that Ryan Ryan everybody
alright right I just learned from my friend Allie in the front room. Also has really red hair at that what what’s the what’s the word
yeah ring up right now ringer is that like a ginger that your word for change it it’s comes from Like A Rang a Tang

set alarm in Australia heavy redhead population in Australia and let me know that Yes actually neither of my parents, my grandparents have red hair really I just kind of
hi. Are you local you will have to verify his office for us to read to verify the Australian cuz if I said this I wouldn’t an Australian and I’ll give you that it’s at the top and bold-faced right
this most spine is here than people and the ones you can see of the ones that kill you are right more or make them up before you whisper to the next person I’ll be like
stackrox a splasher
pick up the Flash
Traxxas splasher
someone should someone should tame that thing in the Blue Mountains
Frisco popular people apparently I’m living in Wollongong at the moment which is Staff a little bit warm. I love it currently nothing that I pulled out of that because I’m doing my Master’s in teaching
what do you want to catch have a degree in history and 1 in English Lit so either can you verify for me that we are in the states we are fucked historically like I don’t want to be an alarmist but yeah I mean we had this weight like everybody that hair man I don’t care about a party fowl if somebody so much like Hitler that I really I would really love to be wrong I’m fine with that but if I’m right I think it’s important to be right girly earlier than later I think that maybe people should have compared Hitler to Hitler sooner
hilarious for a little while like Hitler
because he literally look like Charlie Chaplin’s everything is like perfect parallel and then it done first thing you did when he got elected not by a majority but by the German electoral college
Michigan on the armpit of their of the of the of the Rhine where it where it where everyone has 300 votes anyways
what what what’s the where where you guys are strange like Flippy floppies that that that that happened I mean you can just tell hip Progressive liberal person from from a from a kind of bored starchy conservative person just semantics because you depending on where you’re at your Progressive could be secessionist or progressives could be like gun nuts like like what’s happening in the states right now is like I feel like I want to buy a gun and dig a hole in like wait for Trump to try to pry my gun out of my cold dead fingers which doesn’t make it now
yeah and conservative if you go like what what does Republican mean like all these guys love Republic’s so much and it has that it never really made any sense it’s just as pretty but if it’s like a hot button in your like I do but you’re a history teacher respect of the crown
where are where are you
where is where is Australia at right now as this world is shifting into what I would call a factors leading to chapter in the history book nationalist revolutions it’s kind of hard to say to be honest with court between
Italian Prime Minister is like the most smug rich guy you can possibly imagine he’s he’s maybe better than the last night maybe p.m. I meant Tony Abbott
is this like is it more like Crocodile Dundee than I thought like I prime ministers dunk Tony Tony Abbott a Monumental piece of shit but
he didn’t really have the wherewithal to hide it so everyone knew he was a piece of shit where is Temple kind of haunted a bit better so I feel like he’s bringing some people and stuff so yeah he’s probably a lot worse but he comes across as slightly more palatable which is wearing that’s why Donald Trump is it it’s it’s it’s actually it’s either centuries or Millennia payback of fixation on the hero-worship the principal the idea that there’s people that can make a difference it’s as opposed to each individual has to like really create their own world and like like like work practically toward a world we pick this favorite person to speak for us or that that person is going to bring about stuff so we can do what we do best which is not much at all and that’s just that’s just us being good orangutans
did I hear that rock or do you just yell out baking soda when they get excited
baking soda
baking soda remove the odor from your fridge eat
so what did he say what did you say
yeah you can say that was funny when I yelled it out but I didn’t Mumble it so I don’t deserve this I nailed it the first time they all laughed you got gum in your dumb Yankee very good sir good job on that joke
dots connected culturally all right so anyway what are you going to tell kids to do as you’re teaching history and you’re also thinking in your head I have no future to teach you because like it’s grow gills or drown like you just hide that from them I work with kids the more I have faith in the future I always feel like like like
it’s honestly true it’s like when you meet a baby boomer bets when the red flag stop popping up in my head.
That’s when I can take it cuz I’m from a single Generation X I don’t know what they have that’s a baby just an American thing looks like we’re outnumbered ten-to-one on both sides are parents of these huge douchebags that like they have their own Trivial Pursuit Edition like they invented the Beatles in the moon and all this shit like that show what Chuck Woolery I just can’t
and then and then and then my generation was like. I hate my parents that’s enough for me and then but then we had kids and these those are the people that are like they’re like little baby boomers I always said that like they loved they love their parents and they love the president and teamwork and put it started with like to disturb people we can use an iPad better and I was like you’re adorable but there’s something fucking orwellian about your like like like like I know where one orwellian dictator from these kids in a jumpsuit like they’re going to flip like a fucking Othello piece. Talk at you I’ve already said all this stuff what did you tell us a solution
play get a drink and everything is murder getting a drink probably get maybe maybe tomorrow I know it’s murder
be just you can’t you can’t do it that’s the problem I’m touching your eyes I hope that’s okay I kind like they lifted up the super hippie ecologist types they live in like a mud huts and what not and it’s all about saving the planet which sounds amazing but then the more you find out about the sky is that he’s a complete psychopath and he’s like he’s kind of like a low-level wannabe Colts guy wear it like women that like to hang out with him at like you can’t talk to your parents and you can’t talk to anybody live in the city cuz that’s all evil and you have to just live with me and connect to Nature and he said when people yeah man
that’s what I’m sad start with that guy though fuck him
right it’s right world’s shortest O’Henry novel for genocide at last with me
I tried I do have that wasn’t one of the one of the two guys was it wants in her Creek they did the guys that discovered the shape of DNA was one of them one of them is like a cosmic the guy that said that said like our DNA couldn’t have evolved on her if there’s not enough time at Bagley and I don’t know if it’s the same guy has gone on record as saying that stupidity is a disease and we should share it with Eugenics you know like I know some people are just dumb they’re just born dumb and like that’s like any other disability and why don’t we call that from the population if we’re interested in but it’s like fully okay
like like neither of us want to go there a country where my prison colony where it where it where this this recent thing happened I just started feeling even before the election actually what kind of went the way it did I started having this like weird like stupid people I just thought I graduated college so by stupid I must mean something else and I definitely fuck stupid people stupid people because they’re stupid accounts as much as ours or more cuz you know we live in California and our vote counts less than someone who lives in Wyoming and we’re better than Wyoming Wyoming school videos
you hurt yourself I used to tell people Wyoming didn’t exist and no one challenged me my whole Middle School was just lying to people because you know what I’m talking about so it just it all tracks you know what all right as a teacher I’m glad that you’re a good person cuz you really terrified how I know I’d probably be more effective if I just embrace the evil but you know I’m right there a super villain that kills all the dumb people or just take me to the Moon I guess like I’ve been harping about you just do that or just you know fix the education system in America
I would help that sounds hard it is hard I got it all figured out what do you think I should do as it now I’m talking to the history that goes to the to the leader of children the the consumer of my hit podcast and just a general like nice evening guy like what do you think I should do in the face of all this to the Spectrum in my head is ranges from I’m supposed to use my Pulpit to make people think correctly or do to accomplish something on the on the other side I’m supposed to stop thinking about this and give people something to laugh about with my rubber ducky squeaking
like what is the what am I what’s the past like my therapist can’t help me cuz she used to tell me I would come in all upset about Trump logo you know there’s a white nationalist movement happening and if she would go it’s secondhand smoke the internet you’re supposed to get some shrimp one and she was like whoops but anyways you beautiful Crimson biking
honestly if you if your therapist can help you probably come help too much but also there are four lights
if I if you don’t improve by tomorrow you can give it to me then
all right what do you think that I’m turned on again
Jonah. Let’s Joe Rogan.
The blog post you put on Tumblr just have to feel and that’s what the Nazis call virtue signaling that’s what I that’s what they tell me I’m doing painting mansplaining for seeing it. I like it has a lot of conviction to it every now and then you’ll run something that is a little bit more susceptible to change so with that when I was reading that it felt like you were more open to changing your perspective on things that’s what I like to see
I should I just open it like an apology Warehouse in just like like give people like handcrafted apologies I think you should.
Dental in time ago when we were both broke we talked about this Michelle before it like we would like page for the rent back and forth depending on who was up or down in the chips at the time and then based on the ship mythological like Greek myth characters like that in a book and all his stuff’s out felt like I think use the 9th that’s in your you know in your knife holder
I know right but you’re good at like like right stomach right things about like the joke in the documentaries that you’re a writer that writes about Gyros & Heros by Nature have to change just the point of a harrowing Journey that you start one when you end something bigger an epiphany junkie and you don’t change it like that you talked about that before so maybe you don’t have to change but yet you have to keep writing stories with Heroes that do cuz that’s the deal that’s that’s the point of art is that it makes sense of suffering and makes you not like gives us a language of change I’m done that’s what I meant
but first a quick game of audience sound effects I think I should have thought of that. That’s why I brought it up because I explained all right well I already forgot your name Ryan
Ryan one more thing have you ever heard of the porn phrase cfnm closed female nude male
I just discovered it and it’s very exciting to me.
It’s a naked dude but the but it’s it’s a very attractive closed women I understand there’s a lot of clothes women in the audience right now
almost don’t remind me almost two thirds
who is responding to him
he’s a good sydneysider
did you have you downloaded Mario run it’s like 15 bucks a walls but that’s fucking crazy. That can’t be funny anymore I should leave so it’ll be fine that’s so fucking stupid goddamn it I want to flip this table
I would I would I have to put it back that’s the problem
really I mean by this is probably just Falls Hope to cling to but I heard someone talking you do now that the FBI has agreed that Russia is definitely hacked the election the thing is like Trump could be tried for treason because he knew and possibly aided and abetted in the health helping a hostile foreign power wage war on our country which is literally the definition of treason so I think that there’s actually a treason case that could be made against them and let Common Sense take its course
I know it’s not going to happen but it needs to happen but like the Medicare likely the people are going to the people that got him elected they’re going to lose their fucking Obamacare it spits its poor white old people with like PTSD from Warriors and stuff that we’re getting Insurance under Obama didn’t understand what that meant they were like fuk Obamacare cuz it was like dog whistle for like black guy care like like they were like there’s a black guy in the white house with that means what’s GoSmart white people would rather hang out with more black people than me. Fucking mad and they overthrew their that look like anyways I’m saying those people are going to get their fucking health benefits they can it wait a minute I think this guy with any human hair
who is Bucking ball caps strategy because he and his hair is in that took it completely out of the picture I can’t be sure. You can’t have all the awards when he took it out of the equation is like this is my life now I think it was smarter than that smarter than that can’t be used I think it was more strategic than that goes like that bad guy like they’ve been wearing that hair for a long time and like like like there’s been fine like we abandoned it about but I that baseball cap was a real signifier to this whole Rust Belt that goes like big does a baseball cap I’m going to wear it indoors and it’s going to have like generic felt letters iron-on do it there’s nothing fancy about it cuz every every every Trump supporter I talk to you it’s like they always comes down to like this anti-intellectual
Revolution Lake it comes down to this like you’ve smart Frasier’s think that you’re so smart but I guess you weren’t smart enough to win and I’m like hey man I’m down for an anti-intellectual Revolution I want to be I want to be dirty and Luddite and fucking isolationist maybe kind of but why is our leader East Coast a trust fund pussy like anyways you guys don’t need to hear this you have your own problems what am I doing this aren’t you
you you already probably have to read about it like the Australian girls that you like theirs
why is the why are you reading about this guy he’s a million miles away if he eat the day he decided to come and groovy 15 hours from from here you guys could be like by the time he got here you could just punch him
I just saw them for five days I have not heard that I haven’t watched any US News sources are I read the papers from a snake bite the dog and then they took the dog in and $6,000 for the for the dog because he will do you get that the best suspect that’s the whole point of the of you know breeding like you want it definitely want that. Damn war dogs
if that’s that’s what that’s what got us to them bringing his newspapers is like that it’s like that thing saved the baby but this one’s Genex now
yeah we don’t want to practice at each other we do we don’t yeah because you can’t Stephen Hawking never brought anybody a newspaper like like
he brought us a new way of thinking of a black hole
Eva, Colonel Chapman said Stephen Hawking sure he can talk to talk a boy and it’s not it’s the best of all time
I’m just kidding I know there’s people that were at the Brisbane show that came here like Carl drink I’m having The Best Time Ever all right good you’re important to me
Trudeau your of your Lifeline you’ve been a godsend to your wonderful like you’re at you’re at all live Alabaster skin Prometheus
he really really needed the show together everything I can’t see and I don’t want to be productive in any way that’s animated likes like Rudolph
young Kris Kringle when he was young but we should we should push it like a hot young Santa
thank you I had a lot but we should let him we should let him relax and then earn his cattle on the Rocks I already forgot your name to Ryan okay I’m bad with names
is a is a quintessential Australian is a quintessential modern Australian Mad Max won’t be a tough guy in a car I will be a teacher at dropping it and some homemade weather balloon that he made out of rabbit pelts and pickle skin
I tried to improve myself like Savage sounding
and the Wikipedia entry for Sydney spiders are all right all right so it’s expensive here but it’s nonetheless rated one of the 10 most livable cities don’t know what livable means and what that means
yeah me too I left Rock pool because I was disgusted with the place and then I went home to the hotel and I put on good burger the Cheez-Its
yeah do you guys have a tear
they’re great get you get you some
alright let’s meet another let’s meet another Australian who ever you are it’s okay for you to disappoint if you can’t follow that
just commit to being yourself
people that’s the sound of people already forgiven you in advance for being a huge letdown
should we base it on something as that I would usually just go go out there I guess but what’s his name Ryan
he is the worst person he really is bad I just don’t have a baby’s brain it runs on glucose so any this is my theory now I’m not a. I was not familiar with that but I think that when you’re learning to do things like Walk and Run and throw a ball and recognize faces and things I think that your your brain is going like I do this part of the brain is really important this part is not so much important I think recognizing names and faces and things just my brain just never I just think I’m like that I just have like a dead spot on my brain like I can’t that’s my excuse. So I just think if you think I’m a bad person cuz you think what Becca is an ass-whole then that’s when I swept it with it I was bullied
I think what you’re saying is that when God was handing out baby glucose here at the back of the line
00 the guy on the left
swirly in the toilet that’s Nathan oh great I’ll be sure to ask him about soccer next time did you ever actually get a swirly I think my brother about swirlies and like trying to give me one maybe this really is right
it’s like I can put someone’s head in the toilet I don’t want anyone into any position physically you leaving what’s going on
I’m going I’m coming up into the stands turning to Peter Finch from network is going to fall down dead and this room is really big lazy Donahue
I look like entertainment to you I’m a human being God damn it why are you raising your hand down there sir
I think that’s what they called your good old-fashioned Sydney pragmatism there there a pragmatic people here it’s important
if you’re keeping track there’s no women in central
the Spencer grab one of these microphones here
funny looking very busy cash I like that thank you
good bit of a break in the energy and they’re all discussing you if they’re going like I seen the ones about Brisbane
I know go to Reddit sorry about anything other than yourself is my advice. So it’s fine that’s your name Kenny we already know that all right what’s what gives
how are you going okay I guess the reason I wanted to come up I wouldn’t have any worries do you have so it’s like it’s like I got married
it’s a good place to get put my fucking mind
but that’s literally it do you want me to just dig in or was me and yeah if you want but like I said one of the other reasons is I went to LA earlier this year and I still want to get showers and I was hoping to do you came from the farthest and then I’ll be like in Australia and then didn’t happen but that’s fine I’m here now that’s why I that’s why we have you up on stage but it would have been weird for everybody in the audience.
why are police income the farthest tonight so that’s fine
what’s this what’s this what’s this presume you do
what’s the premise manifest in your daily life or I mean I’ve gotten better with it since like working in retail because you learned to pretend that the people actually people they’re all just host in their on their Loop that it’s like they want something and then you have to have some exchange with them and stuff and it’s important
actually that’s pretty apps I’m doing my cycle working right time do you like a drink while with Sprint the trumpets go ahead
find its final album
I got through here fine it’s just that it’s the only thing that’s fine it’s not just saying what you’re a beer guy
he loved him you would give me a Negroni on the strip
hey I’m alright if he’s going to coach a beer and a
thank you Beth
all right I got you. It’s not it’s not a competition, so it will tell us more what would you like to know what was walking to the crowd looking for somebody you would like you want to come on so that you feel like you could like gain from this experience feeling happened be its own reward or punishment I realized earlier this year this is actually off. I went to see the show and everything I was like listening to Grandma’s virginity podcast and listening to Johnson and Ryan talking about writing and then it suddenly dawned on me that I want to be a fuking right up so I like the one like Physics degree later
working in retail and everything I’ve finally realized what I want to do and
it’s sort of like and I realized like having I cannot count how many times I’ve Marathon Community and everything so I realized that after all this time you’ll probably the closest thing I have to like an idle so the thing like the north northern don’t fucking do that it’s not this is not a hero-worship thing this is just like I really fucking
you really got in between me and I can read these days means what sort of want to do it so when you get a Physics degree you end up doing like the whole gamut you don’t like after all that shit so fun
hi I’m into physics I just have a terrible brain for math like I’m really not a numbers guy but I do you say I love shows about physics in about Quantum Theory and all that jazz going to start talking about anything like like
hahaha hahaha
turn on mr. Dennis writing alive ice cream playing right now
watching the documentaries and stuff from festival today or did MC MC
Ice Cube
I mean
you ain’t read any of this was a podcast or something I don’t know I don’t know if we’re going to edit it out of the audio for an hour and a green physics because he warned enjoy it
I got a I got very very lucky I met a professor Brian Cox the other day the very Charming English of the university and it looks similar

he invited me to come out and go look at the Large Hadron Collider which should be fun
very culturally sensitive knot hack script
Sesame candy McDonald’s
I guess I got a screw this up. What else could it possibly be implying that I’m a bad writer I did a bad. I already painted myself into a corner I structurally this type of whichever doesn’t work if the person is being boring no work they were just wondering how I popsicle I like to think that I was like like you know what’s the weather like Jesus why can’t you say like bigger
all right so can I see you got your degree in physics in your dream if you want to look at the theoretical particle physicist like I think people up when I’m doing something else that I want to do people say what are you doing with your life I’m like I have a degree in 40 Grand so I don’t know
all of my friends that have made it we have one thing in common than any of us way more friends of mine none of them has a degree that’s because they’re smarter than me and that’s why that’s successful
no it will tend to buy an outside force okay thanks
I went to school I started as a business major I took it I suck at math
and then I went to journalist because I was in a mess with them and put them by the end of the degree I just sneaked in the classes I wasn’t allowed to be in to go to school for free cuz I was too late and we don’t need you to take the test and I got the paper at the end so now if you want it to be a film writer TV writer novelist tvtvtv my life the thing that’s probably been said to me the most is like get up the fucking TV you like stop watching TV or some shit like that so it’s like what
show me
yeah we can perform at
I don’t know what’s the weather have you tried writing and are you working on Sunday I like I like I like on the planning stage of many things and then I finish an actual like it was attempted to be like at pilot episode but it turned out more like a short film comedy something but I’m riding when I have time and enjoy it when working acting here but is there a big black TV writing thing like I was watching I was watching Australian wanted to talk I’m in front of the camera there’s like four cooks and they’re like now I’m making marzipan with grapes
I don’t think they know I thought but yeah I know that stuff’s great but you know I love Food Network yeah yeah you know I’m not paying attention to myself 90% of the time so that I am doing all right
I’ve written myself into a corner here I got that Professor just made a Fireball by letting his pipe or something and then take me away from here
magical reality
oh I know how to get out of this I know how to do this when I’ve seen this done before another starts to reach for the hand then recoils
the oops sorry the professor’s hand is a robot hand bedroom
no real-world Kenny bolts
it was a prank
sits up next time do a little undercut
baking soda
Jesus Christ
this is getting kind of flashy
dead right now who do you who you’re casting a what actor is the professor in your mind right now
he’s a professor Age Now isn’t it he’s got gray hair and everything
I need to put in pouting in one of the action lines
I should put it in the actual life but you need to put in Pounding I put a little pound a little a little about you love the big difference culturally Instagram here. He was so excited about something that happened with the thing that I should know about cuz I’m a good person with the gas line thing or whatever he was like thank you thank you so much thank you thank you thank you everybody thank you so much thank you I just wanted to kiss him the whole time so I just want to bring them breakfast and see him get happy and
new comedy guy you can write comedy to drama comedy
this is going to be audio is really going to be jarring when people listen to this
I don’t know what to do with a giant Lantern making
is there a is there a Niger to hear an inspiring Raider 10e like is there anything you can think of not to put you on the spot is there anything I could like show you or help you know like something that like I don’t know some peace how do I get a job to you what are you always wonder about Dan where do you get it how does it happen how do you keep your hair so soft and manageable I don’t know if you want a real answer I guess like you know where the concept for a comedy TV show to be running over like multiple Seasons it always feels they’re like like coming up with the concept that doesn’t feel so Triton hacky like the idea of like people coming together and having like real human experiences masvidal this like faucet cool shit going on in front of that but it doesn’t matter
big legs that point of TV is not to be original the point of TV is to is to placate is to is to give people comfort you know it’s like tater tots you don’t want to like reinvent the tater tot I we call them potato gems but that’s fine
they’re called argentinians
Joel McHale plays a guy that goes back to college because he lost his stick and everybody was like what did Seinfeld write this and it show like it’s like that silly but going out to boldly go where no man has gone before that’s a terrible idea what do you mean you’re going to
the idea is to get people involved for at least 4 I mean this isn’t the only job TV has but the idea is to get people in
good job
bless you sir I dislike them Terrence coming down like that
he said just like he just likes it who would like the only thing he likes it was all downhill from there
you know how it’s getting hot when it’s raining like people are in a weirder
invocation Leanne like everybody who’s anywhere they all have to get out of the rain so then looks like oh then cuz every once in awhile like it’s raining and you’re stuck with a bunch of people like that you don’t know her like that was what happened and it’s like that person might look like a reindeer from some different Walk of Life they might be liberal with a big Allen your liberal with a small element of your life both sides of the political Spectrum have different genders and there’s at least 50 non-gendered the rain made something happen the rain is the idea that’s just it the rain could be so it’s the future and so everybody’s
Starships may have to go do stuff that’s a contrivance rain is a contrivance got you to the guide happen like you can have one coincidence in your story is your foot this is for TV writing you just got to put something stupid that made a bunch of people have to be together kind of forever like like mostly forever for a hundred episodes or so also this is really old fashion style craftsmanship like TV now is like I’ll just take a shity 90-minute direct-to-video movie break it up in the 10 chapters and bro Man episode one man episode 2
episode 3 all at the Cobra story ain’t what it seems
Cobra Escape episode 5 mixed blessings
episode 6 a most unusual Power episode 7 episode 8 shark jump
episode 9 bat cleanup episode serialized real write a movie and no one wants me to go on a ride so I can cover man in my opinion TV is supposed to be like crack it’s like a each rock is an individual Rock like you should be able to grab any Rock in any order and it would get you high and you want to smoke all the crack rocks
and you’ll even if you leave your then told they come in a certain order you’ll go like yeah I’m a crackhead I’ll go meet you sure if there’s a number one on one of the trolls under the couch to five of the seven I’m still going to smoke the crack its beliefs the cracks can do to not stuck with me and I’m like what the hell why is Gillian Anderson where did she go when’s this is her dream now but I love the fall of you seen the fall
but like like a good a good sitcom a good TV show is a the my opinion is a necklace made of crack rocks cuz it’s like you you provide the order you provide maybe you do put a big hunk and rock right in the middle of you say I like smoke from left to right as you would but there’s a string connecting all of them you can wear it you can tell your friends about it a party to go ahead what’s the website you got around your neck for me
so anyway so there’s no such thing as a bad idea the worst kind of idea that you can have is is the thing where you start thinking like like oh this sounds like TV this will make a good TV show that you’re going to do that by default because you love TV you want to write the TV you’re going to always second-guess yourself and be like like like you’re going to always be filtering things through like oh and then it’ll be like a TV show if I did it like this the the way that you make good stuff is by restraining that you have to like force your TV loving structure craving self-loathing nothing inside my head deserves to be on television brain you have to actively force it into the non-televised of a round got like what is the memory that I have theirs so fucked up it cannot be if it doesn’t go near that’s too boring or it’s too pornographic or it’s too bloody or it’s too sad at it like like words just to like like like like personal to me
doesn’t make them a check and try as hard as you can to not let that get filtered through that the other part of your brain which everyone has any way remarkable part of your brain like turns it into like a shadow that but the person that it wasn’t like I’m going to try to make it look like Gilligan’s Island who knows what they were saying Sherwood Shores right and he made TV I want to make sure that people will really have to watch like he would do anything you didn’t care about the rules have been many many attempts did Gilligan’s Island to make shows about a group of people stranded on a desert island
are they have all sucked this is the part where Kenny as you get older especially if you drink a fifth of vodka toilet flapper you don’t have to replace the toilet flapper every once in a while you go to the hardware store maybe your parents did Millennials in here when you can’t replace it
you’ve ever wrote it you’re after I turn 40 I was like one day I was in a movie theater and it was like eating popcorn while going those Muppets are funny
this is pathetic all scenario believe me and he’s dead
no I’m saying you can’t keep
if you can’t make phones after Steve Jobs and make them right you can’t make no Muppets
I’m like what’s going on over there I got drop it down my breathing tube
he is more vodka
I think the highwomen go try one big hug for a series of very strong hugs anyways if the chew very carefully now there’s an episode of podcast
all right all right what else can I give you a packet and Raikou
when are you going to be leaving everybody
he leaving he’s like every 45 minutes he’s got abs on his face
oh my God please Templeton Twins doing on here what you call a story Circle so it’s definitely there could definitely be Trade Secrets could definitely be like a like a like a like a like a doctor strange treatment we find out that you’re stealing them from him we were doing a show in the states and yeah I had the laptop out and then I clicked on a thing and there was a file name that a huge Doctor Strange fan recognized as a character from that Universe went to the that that’s how it leaked that I did no work A Doctor Strange at all otherwise I would have helped them at all I went in there and I was like all right all right
it is three numbers are your three always is for a writer alright you prove that you suck cuz you cuz you’re worried about that so if you if you if you sit and you try to prove that you’re good when will your right you’ll write nothing if you try to prove that you’ll suck what will you write you all right everything then I go right the first thing you do more than the guy whose goal was to write something good just that it’s a dramatic rendition of Scooby-Doo
Satan interior poopy doo poopy doo is making tea a wizard steals it poopy do chases him don’t now start at the top and go poopy doo is making
chamomile wizard carefully Steals on a Razor scooter these changes are not going to help you if that’s what you think but guess what happens then you got to you got to hit exterior Streets of San Francisco car he picks up
his stolen tea and looks at the camera poopy doo
that’s a wrap
g style now now I can go back and change the tea and if I do that after I finish the first scene then I go to the second scene and it’s like I realize o Streets of San Francisco wait I should like that this sucks I should Spade in on San Francisco this whole scenes going to get cut or changed so dramatically all of my thought about what kind of tea it should be I know how the Wizards feels it is going to all of that time is just going to be wasted basically so even though it’s totally counterintuitive because you’re a perfectionist you want to always when you sit down to your document you’re working progress you want to stand I always do it do as I say not as I do I’ve never followed this fucking advice in my goddamn life
start at the don’t start at the top of the document will this is my how to receive notes
so you’re going to be with your going to be collaborating going to be developed
tax breaks in Atlanta what are you what are you what are you doing
exactly yes and you might you know it’s a car to a no title three weeks earlier
and then if I can even get to use this scene he is move it down to a two or three weeks earlier oh shit man
this shit is hot on The Blacklist all the way through before you start second-guessing it because you’ll make discoveries along the way and I guess the third thing is like what the fuc
don’t look up
what is the third thing is you know if you’re working in advertising and somebody saying I want you to write me the best Pepsi commercial in the world like and you have to be going through a divorce or a custody battle with children like that’s all you can think about is like how much it hurts to like lose we talkin about something as if it’s a commodity even though it’s your child and you feel you hate yourself for your Vigilant against the Justice you got to put that into your Pepsi commercial or your bad Pepsi commercial writer and no one’s going to buy Pepsi from your commercial he can you get you or you just got to go to tell Pepsi I can’t right this commercial right now it’s all an autobiography it’s all it’s all personal but you know that’s what that means it doesn’t mean oh you know what people are really interested in those your life is an oceanographer they don’t give a fuck but they did say they want to feel since you’re writing they want you to
I wanted to read something by somebody who was trying to make a TV show they could write their own shit and do it they be like in speed in on some fucking asshole trying to write a script like they are counting on you two to lower that compartment between Kenny the physicist and can either write or not if you for you to stop being a physicist to start being a writer this shit is dumb like a literate scan by final draft and right use the software you need to be like at write a shity drafted just be like fade-in and fucking what physics fucking bug bumming me out I don’t know maybe your voice be different but but but surprisingly not there’s something is something when you get really honest with yourself there’s something about your life that you’ve where you’ve come from like like that that is just your map of the cosmos don’t you’re not trying to tell other people what to think or or prove that you’re interesting or cool or that or that you or that you like them or that they should like you
you like pretend your goal is some alien came down and put a laser gun to your head and said you have to show me in the next day with a document like how you saw the world. Like leg or I’m going to blow your brains out with this alien gun it’s going to hurt extra bad so I can be a painless death surprisingly come and see him in my dreams
yeah I just did you just your goal is to like is to just is to just say I was here this is what this is what happened to me the more brutally honest you are the more you’ll get close to being like Woody Allen Lena Dunham or something like they don’t moralize they they believe they’re narcissistic and way they look at their shit maybe this is what I had for breakfast and then this is who I slept with and this is what I saw it as I was sleeping with them and then and then these people are geniuses when they do it right though that’s really would like one of the things I really loved about great minds like like you’re going through what you are at the at the time that I was being done you could see all that boring I may be like random people on YouTube Just stumbling across it might not be people who are religious like harmontown listen to this will do like some of the little leg pics you have in a little things you mentioned like I don’t call back to things about yourself that you’ll like being honest about nothing that’s what people really love about you riding bike you just come through this is my little bag of tricks you could be yours too cuz it’ll be different when you do it like
awesome Mentor he said remember my name and stop drinking
as our old friends have Chris Chris Chris
and please for the love of God will you to have a cup of coffee
text my wife
high road and come the low road
we all pay a huge price tag for where we are like like like life comes with a price and then as an artist we get to cash in on that our job is to show the world like how what what we went through to make us that’s that that’s the beauty of our
I try I try it I tried as hard as I could to not be distracted
I know it was funny because it was I got is that there’s that have you ever tried to put ice in a glass in like 3 minutes. I drank it cuz I’m a conservationist another word for tickets cost committal answer I feel like it went pretty good
I I I think it went great until the power I came up and that’s just my thing right beside like five or six of government we don’t know if somebody is watching the show they don’t exist in Sydney tomorrow night I will get to dress up a dress for ladies night tomorrow night will enforce that, but will make people understand what’s the difference between you and a few minutes since we said we have to answer emails
just here to increase the danger of this my iPad is at 3% so we have to fucking get this right
we’re going to talk about that he had to wait a minute this isn’t a Mike
that that that wasn’t my
expensive off of Spencer’s deep bag of beet
battery fans already get the key baby that’s going
alright Energizer
Australian tralia Australia I’m here to tell you it’s an island that’s filled with
starting over
Australia everybody’s better than me hinder we’ve been over that not trying to plunder since you threw my rap I’m done with that crap I’m going to flow from the do it like that like this and like that over there your mama so hard I ruined her hair she had to get it cut the next day she did a thing with layers in the bangs were okay
then she want some Rim glasses eyeglasses have rims start
land down under Sydney not the capital
cameras and Cameron
people give me a second give me a second
give me a second when I get out it’s in such a good place to use the word people again
take me to country country has the most but there’s only one
it’s the opposite of landlocked that means the opposite of Germany in the future I send you on your way I bet your mom is so hard her curds turned away
dangerous poisonous spiders I’m not done with it I don’t want to see nothing with eight legs I thought your mom was so hot she had to beg for more she said give me some vitamin D do you know that’s what I need to the age to the Armon I thought your mama twice talk to her again
thank you for coming to Hermantown everybody thank you for having them
what time do they show tomorrow night
Ryan Ryan the ringer
secret menu
I’m a cop, Jeff Davis your man forces Dan Harmon
let’s all go to the bar together and continue the challenge
drive fast take chances we love you music


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