Episode: 227 – Harmontownunder: Sydney Opera House Night 2


Episode: 227 – Harmontownunder: Sydney Opera House Night 2


Night 2 of Harmontown’s historic performances at the Sydney Opera House has a true opera unfold. Watch at harmontown.com/live. Become a member, we’re independent. Help us make more shows!


from the beautiful Sydney Opera House in Sydney Australia
when I’m coming over in a sexy little underground dungeon called the studio here I’m in town
Spencer Crittenden
what’s good you looking good. Good
hello for the second night Sydney Australia go Port Port capital of the world does the big city in the in the place down there
I did another I did a panel tonight
and it was you can’t ask for your money back I’m not in charge of that
Cricket it’s going to be a bad show when you saying that we’re not going to get a chicken dinner after the show tonight
because I distinctly with you Jokers before the show
what is a bad show you need to lower your bar because here’s the thing that happened last night as you know I’m afraid of the fact that I don’t have an act so I’ll like I’ll do a wrap and the show with a rap because it’s like the end to show that has no I said a rap that about Australia Australia yelling out genitalia and the former who is so committed to not preparing for a show that he can spend a 15-hour flight he’s pretty sure he’ll be rapping about
and he doesn’t have a rhyme rhyme for the name of the continent
what you’re getting and when you come to my show is that corporate full shift blur didn’t decide what you’d be tasting sometimes there for it will be shit sometimes you’ll be tasting shit sometimes it’s a nice what you don’t listen to the beginning of the show I found out that I don’t know I don’t listen to the no
what am I supposed to be too what are you doing back there are you getting in the zone
this conflict is hilarious but we couldn’t hear you back there
hear what’s happening on all I hear is the sound of my last
getting sucked into your hat
anyways I know I don’t I don’t know I didn’t I didn’t hear I know I didn’t hear you tell me that you already told me
scared you came back I thought you were saying their Rowdy tonight you were like there’s what will there’s a lot of people that they seemed fine and in Melbourne a guide vomited in issue and then got in a fight and then
what made you ask what’s a shoe how do you cook it
thank you thank you night 11 Watchers they won’t forget that it’s 9:11
all right
sincerity I’m not going to say the weather is opera house is shaped funny like a porcupine it seems like my girlfriend pointed out and I was like yeah you right I think I did notice at 2 there’s not a lot of there’s a very very gentlemanly sidewalk culture here gentlemen do not not guaranteed see if I can leave here and can’t call in but who’s a whistle
didn’t you not noticed that when you get ready are you guys not proud of that LOL either necking in like kind of intimidation and stuff like stranger to stranger
well that’s crazy yeah
this is a man show juicy nuts and hard cocks in those seats
that’s a harmontown guarantee
I was walking down the road by myself in Brisbane I was it went over to the West End and there was a guy that was honking his horn and he yelled out too so I’m assuming you got a fat ass okay I guess I was wrong all right
I don’t know what yeah what would I say it won’t be the best-case scenario that you guys would all be applied yourself that you’re right we do have no sexual harassment
but even if it was true that you’d be shity I like that it wasn’t working so I can still see where the downtown as I know my way back and I ended up in Kings Cross there was a bunch of bikers over there hanging out in front of the casinos in strip clubs it is a million like Hells Angels looking bikers and they’re the nicest people
I feel like you’re beating me in some kind of traveling contest
call Jeff is way better than you
fight at me
right I invited you and I said yes District a friend I made tonight I want you to meet my friend Josh Thomas
okay I just want you to be happy.
All right it isn’t that you’ve never been in the truck so you don’t know this is me I know some of that but I honestly I’m not making any bones about the fact that I do I’ve not seen a single frame of your work we just mad and I just liked him sitting next to him is also a loop to think that means I don’t like him and I did the panel today and I had a nice time with me and then you thought let’s keep this going and I just don’t know if it’s going to happen so let’s let’s let’s resign ourselves to the not liking each other or no.
we get to know that you’re an Australian or anything that I hate you I like you. You said you hated me a genius
I’m like bulletproof but if you hate me because I’m not talented then I have to figure out a way that you can get away with a lot more ways than just those two to hate you so many ways. Calendar genius at all
I mean race for one people hate people for race all the time the fact that you would think it should be filled with Juicy balls Cox
do you think I should be hated for that just promise
I also like to see, if you want to make an advocate on what you’re going to have to break 51% of the population
you have to hate women to live game
so shall it be written don’t worry everybody all right so I take it seriously she’s a girl she wouldn’t lie she was like I actually and I guess what I did as I ran it through my perception is like I didn’t I didn’t have any moment since I landed on this continent I haven’t I haven’t met a prick I haven’t met a passive aggressive person I haven’t met like anything that needs my definition of a bad person and especially includes I haven’t I haven’t felt like like I was in a pissing contest with any men that I hadn’t met like I do I just feel that way all the time like hello I’m sorry for existing I’m a slug I’m disgusting I smelled so I wasted your time please leave me alone
show me how good they are slugs do wheel of slugs and slug pile you can sit in and observe the moisture in a room so my feet feel better like I felt like this is huge and now look of a thing called The Tall poppy syndrome
center cut to the chase. I know you don’t want to stand out right
cuz I do not feel that like. I think what you said in the States now
is it was a twin
play Kodak
imma give you my dreams coming true but you have to correct me when I get this incredibly wrong openly gay man in a time when it was not okay to be gay
juicy cock.
I’m not sure if Errol Flynn was a hustler
he can fence so he is he’s a pirate uses Robin Hood pirates use archery
I know I would guess I would like to know why do you know this boy I know we didn’t but he lives in Los Angeles and lie comes out to a visit we hung out
you sir I have a couple questions about pocket squares I would like to ask you
he said that he was being honest about why he why you left England and went to New York and he said he said in he said in England people will hold you back in fear that when you get to the top you will have forgotten them but in America people will raise you up knowing you’ll be there to lend them a hand when you get there
I hear that the tall poppy thing is I got guts like it’s fucking that guy he’s East shinier than me so they don’t want you to rise up the same way
if you live in a town where most people make the most money lifting things with their physical arms and New York is one of those
there’s going to be more antipathy or disconnect between the idea of the type that like the idea that if you live in Milwaukee and you don’t believe that living in warm weather will kill you why are you living in Milwaukee you and your huge can you give your brain has to make certain justifications that I’m not saying those are false because it is fucked up to live in Los Angeles is a million batteries in to live there but yeah I don’t know there’s a Harrison Bergeron kind of like yeah I like discouragement of exceptionality the puppy thing we’re talking about that’s a culture where it’s like very wisely fuck this person who who is this person that keeps obsessing about how good it can get how close to the Sun they can get they seem like trouble let’s get him out of here that seems like a wise social policy but one that would never
I feel that way all the time like I said it says like your pretentious your your what are you doing get your head out of your ass why would you like would you rather would you want me to send you all my God
we’ll be right back to be in an opera member to that question with a question but I’ll keep the ball in my courting like I I just I just called you want to know who’s pitching their distinctions like is there different ways to be gay is there different ways to be gay there’s different ways to be gay
18 can you be a gay person that hates anal sex you can be right you can love oral sex and hate anal sex and be a gay guy like right yeah
I need to know if you answer my question cuz I need to know where you can be anything you want to do
you can like I just I need you don’t want to do anything
I don’t have money. You can you go license complaint that’s what’s so good about technology is now you got to discuss it? Me please
I figured it out I’ve been thinking through it I asked him some questions that were that made me think I don’t like fun
hang decorations
I was considering you and your you and your gay lover are getting in the shower.
first thing in the morning if you want to be your big dick is
we’re going to win a fucking mer Tony for the amazing
I think I was before you brought up the shower
I was just thinking like a little dick I’m overthinking it was just like a little dick because I have died I want to cuddle with a smaller of it like like like I want to be at Petra sexual if you can be a vagina
which is like each other up and look what a hard about this I should think I should think
what does premium version of Beat It would be like oh I should I’m like a baby man when you’re gay
like I’m a baby man you could do like, baby man. I swear you like a baby man because I definitely want to hang it up and go like this is gigantic and I’m not be jealous of it
misogyny and ends and gayness are like I thought they were like but you can go backwards you can just click the person that’s a narcissist that reflects itself and misogyny if I’m straight it could actually the solution could be being gay could be a long-winded the way that I want to be the one with the big dick I want to have a cup of coffee I just want to be
yeah I get to be a lot happier if I like a self-esteem thing
because I wrote it to me when I had the exact same answer as you but you wasn’t thinking about the mechanics
if I go through an entire spiritual journey I’ll come around to wanting the same things I do as a row straight guy I should learn to take out to read the room they they ended the bet they’re like great you did it who who that who you are and they’re just as incredible
like like like the color is like I would like a sunset
orange I don’t know what’s going on man I guess you got lost and I was talking about.
all right I think it’s hilarious that your friend is still up here I am to North Point. But I don’t want to believe I don’t want to believe I think it’s funny and I think it’s funny that he’s up here. That’s what happens that’s what happened to take a genius to turn into the into the dunes of the Australian Dunes Spencer used to catch seagulls
bitstrip edit sure I know the answer we were we went to the aquarium today because I love fish and forgot I hate people at some point was talking to the group and I was just like lost and like them but by the time I came into the conversation Spencer was explaining that during his Wayward Youth and where were you Simi Valley is it is it where’s the second one more part to the beach in your Youth and people’s imaginations you would do if you if you don’t mind right so you go to the beach you can go lay down
I didn’t always have this beard and without a beard it makes a lot more sense
I don’t think you’re there to reclaim the streets.
Release the Kraken all right what you do is you you bury you bury you get someone to cover it will you could do it yourself you you cover your legs and stomach and most your chest in the sand such they are buried beneath the sand up to your neck will know I said the parts who covered the legs in the stomach
you’re at your upper chest your head in your arms stay over the sand but you have a towel a beach towel covering the whole lot so for all intents and purposes it looks like someone put someone’s head underneath a beach towel into the end,
open been picked to tell if I used to catch seagulls as a teenager picture is is used to measure 3/4 cup
you have a towel covering it looks like the vinyl corner
again I eat Jesse this is what your di clarifying the situation knees dick stomach may be right under my tits do you know that’s where I understand understand under the towel
Jesus Christ
okay so look see see this you see this part with all of this that you see is under a towel because beach towels are very large they can cover this whole area OK Google, someone like a brother or friend to put food out on the towel and scatter around you know because it’s very suspicious especially to see seagulls I did it all the time so yeah with the food in place you just wait and then you know you hear them squawking and you here in flapping around don’t yell at me I have a question okay
is your head above the towel
I’m not going to answer that because he may be part of it fun with you they don’t regard ahead as a threat
the pun is catching a single time. Gaslighting
what is physically and mentally circumscribing it I think we all have the visual now I don’t think dance
and there may be a problem with Society
where is this damn goes up to here not my chest do you see this is a check okay but is the I have questions I know you think I’m doing a bit but I swear a magic towel fitting
okay half and half you make a little gravy into it and do it
your friend has put chips around your head
stupid did you think about the shower when you sound like I want to watch a new blender
all right printer
that was so awesome I’m not even going to bother to describe that to the listeners yeah $5 a month Spencer returned to his one
you got bits of food you got like french fries and hearing the seagulls come in because my eyes are covered I don’t see what’s happening I mean without question that goes without saying so I’m doing that it’s a Feeding Frenzy there’s any sensory gift in the most dangerous game of all
confused slightly domesticated Urban blight parasite so they’re coming in you feel I’m getting up on your chest and or body and you get there they got to get like right on your head area just because that’s the center of your your bear trap actions so I know it’s something’s up because again there’s like a giant lump under a towel and there’s stupid but it looks weird and they know that so okay so you’re going to like this is how I die or is this the first day of the rest of my life
let’s potato chips on a decorative Mound yet cuz you just send me a circular pattern and a bunch of other humans are kind of in the middle distance or functional game of hacky sack as they clearly are more invested in the town
so so they’re getting up on my face and I’m I’m I’m waiting for my moment and then I ate you know I do what I did and then he do you use the towel as a crude net and then you just try and grab as many as you can
you can fly away
no it’s just for fun
I mean do you do you keep them as pets do you let them go
I believe that I mean I never saw the main door anything like you while you were doing it right then once you were successful in my grasp it became this whole big animal rights issue after the experience you had I probably caught about five seagulls this way it’s it takes a lot to cry or did you did you invent this or did the guy that
alaga album
there’s no way it’s like I’m going to tell my little brother crowd around collecting money
cannot be understated
there’s no there is no overstating the throngs of people yeah it was hard to hear the seagulls seagulls catching business so so one time I got one and yeah I caught it and he was flapping around you know and I like them by his body so we couldn’t flap away and he’s starting to like at a cat me she’s biting at me and he and he tries to pack he’s tries to pack my eye out he goes whoop bam with his with his beak right at my eye and at the last second
V is a second offset very short. Of time like I was very close it opens its it’s big and I can see down its throat and I got Little Tikes cars up here and then down here above and below my eye to prove that this was a dangerous because that could pack an eye out but didn’t and I swear to God it was just because I like Jesus or something that I did have my I passed out that day because if I had an eyepatch and a beard holyshit look up
if you have a nice hat if you would laugh at you and Lee should really be a great time at movies at the seagulls have a bigger or smaller because
the only real big universe it’s possible the devil was responsible because it left him without an eye patch right in your universe is just he wants me to look less prediction do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss go in a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no one misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes the things would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like ever

you’re always in good hands adventures in Black Cinema with Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
but so he’s been packing around I mean the story kind of trails off here but then I thought I stuck my finger in his mouth so he can’t like fighter pack and at that point like kids were coming up and wanted to pet M&P for getting mad and say you shouldn’t do that and I and then eventually it just let it go because it’s like you know she doesn’t want to be there I don’t know what to do with it
oh you know my parents told me that their family members did it that’s how I got the idea because one of them would
ring around their foot in like kind of fly it around for a while
that’s right but you really do that
yeah I know I’m normal
some weirdo
but yeah so people are patent and I’ll let it go it was great but after that it was just I mean it was very scary my I was almost packed out like it should have been pecked out by all accounts because he was trying to bite back at me a story for you that Sam Elliott was doing a voice over for a beer and say kids Sam Elliott’s else Eagle catching but I like your Sam Elliott impression
what would you like a beer that says that they’re using seagull catching the way that a beer 2017 seagull catching competition
this here is in Australia Bondi Beach
but they don’t have a bunch of those greasy a side business
Buckeye business and then they just look like a raccoon
can you tell me who Sam Elliott is
give me see you keep listing things that he’s in that I’m going to keep
I tried them better, I was struggling with the material that was a heart that is a terrible movie with a human arm hanging out of its mouth brought it on the site they let him out and guess what the frog just fucked up
when do the night she was and the third act problem
just went and you kind of see why he always has a message he’s got kind of weird lip that hangs down real far like that there’s a tombstone with Kurt Russell and Elliot in it I have your I’m going to do what I say the Fairly okay impression of Sam Elliott in the movie frogs
I don’t think we’re going to see any of them again not alive anyway
find a restaurant trap has the trailer
if it’s if it’s the animal but if it is coming to a theater near you
is coming I thought it was going to be the birds amphibians
printer what would your tactic be to catch a wild frog they always come out in the rain
easy to catch
play who is Rich Italian and her family was supposedly in the for real and Uncle Vinny Uncle Vince and he was a real lunatic and he the property manager in apartment building he slept with a 357 under his pillow loaded and when he would see pigeons in his backyard of the breadth of at the apartment complex he would catch them in a pillowcase tie them in a knot and throw it in the pool
where is Dallas getting back to Australian politics
charge it before I only have so much more that I couldn’t Google is there a president where is right and it’s okay but there’s a prime minister but then there’s something else
I think he was asking me
my account of the country I guess
like they’re there their Federal there they’re Australia why do they their offices are not just got these offices aren’t state-level there there there we have like we have Donald Trump she’s a woman
I learned they were still
I’m going to spend and I’m not going to argue with you yeah I know but the Reds been like so we’re not going to pretend like you’re a conferring upon us and I looking at each other’s eyes all I can see is black but you can see my eyes off each other Brisbane is racist
you left your yeah
oh shit wasn’t a cigarette when we landed on its which everyone that looks like there is still too much because I like it there we filled the theater there it was fucking weird and Rowdy but I was too busy answering the question before you finished
do anything to regain control with you arguing with them
you believe it’s illegal
when is gay marriage legal here I didn’t think so you can get arrested just for getting married in prison cells of gay men
no no don’t do that married and then they became romantic the idea that you’d slip off into the woods with a priest who would say you too in this Forest Clearing among your friends like you’re this is official it’s that’s what marriage became like a sacred thing that was about two people like being into each other and it’s funny it’s funny what happened come on
hey you think you met you go and fuck the priest in the woods
yeah but you act like it by three at true love that is something other than it has something to do with anything other than like the government’s is it is like it’s kind of ironic isn’t it because he truly is a government I just got swept up in the gay marriage and divorce I don’t think
I think you reacted wrong
I’m not going to understand I can connect those dots but you’re making hander difficult and that makes you the bad people I’m going to stick with that the thing like it’s not romantic is it could the contribute exactly about waking up next to someone in there selling some legal documents equal to you and that’s important
by your girlfriend
what a beautiful life
call the goddamn trigger the texting is not playing because I never discussed that you guys talked about or is it so that you guys never talked about I feel like I’m being bored that’s all I can do
bill being bullied the woman that you love is sitting in front of a thousand people saying why won’t you keep me forever and you’re saying cuz you’re a witch
mother’s milk or the male brings the smoothest rock you can find after the female Penguins outside the penguin cage at the at the what Jeff goes the fish prison
Penguins play the fucking fishtails and I going to fucking fishtail
fucking getting the fuck
take a look at you like perverse fucking cynical douchebag and a lot of those tanks are pretty small there’s some pretty big size
I never heard of them you know
I can get some excitement video that I took at the aquarium cuz it was like it was the strangest thing that one of the big tanks like the the big giant Wild Bunch of fish floating staircases and then there was this middle-aged guy I’m going to put a bit like let’s say sixty to sixty-five he’s a tourist from some Asian country and being racist by saying that he was Asian. He had a baseball cap on a windbreaker like kind of see middle class 65 year old guy and his equally aged wife like a precious thing and then they exchanged words that were in their native language Etta is too dark I don’t I’m not going to speculate what the Thousand Asian countries they were from Maggie Maggie says that there is a keep calling them Asian
but to me it is important that there was a certain it was a certain kind of thing happen again so it is important that they exchanged words and they had like shopping bags at a very touristy and we’re in front of this like what it what is the problem there is that is that I thought it was stumbling into the realization that there was an Asian stereotype about shopping bags
and I got mad at them even though I projected that
few people that’s the first thought you had racist okay there if they were reacting to something other than me in my race which day
what do I do when one one day the exchanged words with him and then like he went up to the giant fish tank and then she hung behind with her camera and and he raised his hands like this like facing her like he’s like gesturing like the Fisher behind and she and then she’s the whole time they’re speaking a language I speak but she’s like going up to him and she’s like my girlfriend and I started watching it and we didn’t exchange a word we didn’t even really look at each other cuz it was like we’re just watching them and then we started to get in the moment of them being so out of the moment that they were in the moment because she had so many opinions about how you’re supposed to hold your arms when you pose in front of a wall of fish and she there was no toxicity between them that we could tell I mean we don’t know
least healthy relationship in all over that or it could be the most healthy there’s no way of telling we’re just watching two people and they were like connected by some weird perpetually dissatisfied Tela Tela thought it was weird that she just kept making him and they play like John Williams music but you’re going through the aquarium like this they want to let you know Fisher Majestic because otherwise they play a lot of music that’s like sweeping strings and like Shawshank Redemption but after sweeping music to fish school together like doing this weird thing it was like and then we were like holding each other cuz it was so weirdly adorable and frightening like and then I took out my
Cameron I still got that this perfect like there was this orchestral score going in and and she and then you finally realize she hasn’t taken a single picture she’s been like a just in his arm and he’s never asked you any questions and he’s just waiting patiently like he’s not stoked but he’s not ever getting mad he’s just like she wants this picture and she’s just like kept adjusting him and then she took one picture I was like 7 Minutes went by and I think she only ever took one picture and then they said they gathered their stuff that I walked away and I kind of went a little bit and held my my girlfriend was it was I wanted to show the video so you got to do got to do you wish you were with and I’ll take it to the stylist brother I know how long have you been together
why are you so surprised
I think it was a simple observation
male couple can you have to Josh’s we don’t notice the simple things
he has a great family picture
I think you can you come stay the night with my penis to me and you and any other cute boy
any of that okay next time I ask an Australian segments that would have been at least a woman another woman
how do you calculate the credit cards with your friend Jeff I brought a celebrity
four seasons of Australian television found more on the idea of the the Robin Hood but done as a 70s like movie like things I like but like in the hood looking thing like bi men of respect was like Macbeth but gangsters like doing like a Robin Hood saying with their in the seventies that be cool
you just seem a bit do you love have friends okay
when they get married I’m going to be the priest but I’m going to get the whole to be old-fashioned way we can give you that at all nobody gets me I thought I could come down here but joking about that please I don’t know what really happened showrunners that this sentence I quite like I’m not a thief. I was talking about history on the planet I was like my beard was text I was like I was explaining ship to the planet about itself
but it’s about that time is past I wanted to ask you about Australia as you guys are fortune cookies advice
your Fortune Cookie Chinese writing fortune cookie story read your fortune cookie story
I’d love to hear your fortune cookie story is not a great story but if I tell you we are restricted by the subject matter. I just remember that going forward people on 2nd Division and now I want some company just the same lucky numbers, like 12 people on the lotto oh my goodness just cuz one company with a million dollars
Chicago Fortune Cookie Company won the lottery or the fortune cookie come in when do they have to split the pie 12 ways I felt so sorry I didn’t figure out with me can we be less combative and masculine and figure out how to bring a woman up here so that we can discuss our cap to the fairer sex and thereby achieving equality how do you take a woman
favorite woman you feel like a divining Rod to go out there in like five women on the Galveston so rejected a guy that wanted to come up yesterday and that argument could be made that that doesn’t pan out
it’s like Styrofoam peanuts it’s like living there might be somebody whose hair is smoldering and you’re like you want to come over I’m not sure what their hair is smoldering you got what happened. Do you usually use to pick I V8
Best Buy for their dicks
whoever I just go with whoever can be lured by potato chip crumbs arranged in a blanket hanging fruit usually do is I’ll say something gimmicky like oh who is been a lot of pain tonight some of the handle shoot up except when we when we go out of Los Angeles what happens is people are here and they’re excited I’m in Vegas I sent my check but I really wanted to be on stage stage but then the answer is the ball if she doesn’t want to come up it is the reason you’re bringing you want that I would love to come on we promise we won’t hurt
It’s a Wonderful World
I want to know that the first thing I want to do
I want to know from you is like cuz you’re obliged to be here do you do you like it
working here in generally or you suck
thank you so much for coming up here oh wait we promise in advance that you will not
going to train your actually working until you come and have a drink with me know if you weren’t working would you want one or are you at Sunday and I will be gone I don’t want to be presumptuous and I don’t know what the rules
yeah I’m holding your vocation accountable are but if I order you to have a drink on stage doesn’t that don’t do that if your if your prime directive is to protect the show Princess then you have to have a drink I need to be protected protected from the season
I want to get a woman fired tonight Dan is the mayor of harmontown actually has this is like a sovereign little Nation up here and there’s no jurisdiction that that your boss can really affect
what happened
beautiful woman
text Pam are you from Adelaide
sorry. What is your official what’s your job title here Pam I haven’t seen you do you love me and I know about it it is it is it a government job or is it private do you get your paycheck for argue might be volunteer for all I know I don’t
how many Americans get paid in the theater is probably like an intern theater we just left here and we love the versatility of the open house the Australian Ballet tonight but I got some
don’t laugh because I was saying exactly that
we had no idea what this was about tonight and we just said okay we’ll keep an open mind about it
that’s all I got to ask it open
special occasion I thought it was pretty good performing actually thank you so much I thought so too but I thought it would be weird to say that
is there anything special about Australian butter
my girlfriend’s mom who I’m I’m happy if you proved she’s nuts. She said she was in Australia and the butter
American fab five very okay with it you milk sucks sucks your cream is not clean it’s I don’t know what it is bring the homecoming on cool plastic tub screen comes from the fridge and it’s delicious but you don’t drink cream as a beverage clean as a beverage no one in the wild have
I asked him I asked him to I think it’s great that you’re coming from your country to any other country literally any in a while eating a chocolate but you think are chocolate is crap is at the most.
taste a bit like that and if I don’t know cuz I’m back out probably full of more hormones and chemicals and crap and some of them difference does the tab seagulls like we all had a great time and then we went home
no you’re you’re you’re the Big Bad Wolf
but then you had a good day also had a dick who would you want to have a big a day
I think it depends on the relationship
bold stance Pam really thought about it
if you were instantly a man how big would you want your dick to be easily concealable
this is my new favorite show
does it really matter to you so you don’t have to answer if you’re all right
whisper is
I’m sorry I’m right all the time I can’t help it. Have to take long expectant pause the arbitration what’s the point why not like you can say to a woman if you are instantly a man pick a dick size but when I just say to a guy pick a dick size cuz I am
I’ve gotten sent him to focus on her needs
that’s what I’ve got
I got the big modern deck of called a reason to go down on her
and I think I got I got but but but you know knowing what I know and learning what I’ve learned I guess who I’d like to have a medium sized dick
what’s the normal tonight and I don’t know what that is because every time there’s a conversation about dick size I mentally flea I’ve never measured it all guys have a story in the states about like the time they tried to measure it like do I start with the balls I was I’ve never been had that had the balls to take a ruler near my groin I’m afraid to see the heart number saying is I want to see
from from the from the front of the balls this is the person that we need a woman I want to know if we mean from the from the from the top of the abdomen like welcome to the show
Switzer pain
it’s a wrap a piece of shit
fun facts about your nose that but like if it is even impressively long flaccid dick that I feel Superior to you

cuz you give some weird thing going on you like an elephant man look at your man that’s why does the top of my I’m not going to I’m not going to start with room to Josh’s left arm you draw what you were saying it
it’s an idea that we going to be going to stay in Australia and start pitching shows
okay what I’m going to do Pam just to tell you my technique is imagine being his wrist
I’m going to make a mark As read like you have to be so mentally don’t tickle me mean
mankind is considered right down the middle of trying to really mean
what am I going to come after it
forgetting a woman suspect
I hope I hope Matt has got the title of it the title of this episode I won’t be perfect
tell test at this current time
well that’s okay
I hope I believe that good life Pokemon
those are both too high
I don’t want to waste my time right now
you mean because I want people to tell me it’s my estimates too big because I don’t make me feel better. Is that what you mean cuz I want I want to be honest and true it to Big out of like talking it’s like would have cost that this day cuz I’m is big
all right. Both of these
all right now I’m going to roll up my sleeves and I’m going to have Spencer and Josh their ideal clitoris size
now are you happy now
you tell us what you on a woman’s perspective on
she said no and I got a ring
can you from Brisbane
you just upset cuz I kept trying to tell me
I’ll take it to it then
are you is it Louise
but you wanted if you told him he should lose weight did you lose weight she said she said no she said take care of yourself that was implied she’s at she’s a she’s a Gold Star Family let’s give her service account
it was awesome
so it’s like
I’d like to see more racial representation
Oklahoma white people into honorary Asians Louise I will say that it didn’t apply because you were one of two women that came up
The Phantom of the Opera
I thought that was a really good inspired choice on Joshua Parker
Community look at him and go let’s talk about dicks baby like I don’t know where comedians who can’t wait to get a joke in there so we’re not really giving Pam full like time to a yes
I heard that the race for the high road possible career
he quit after a couple of years and that he did acting for a while I mean Betty dude what a lot of talk about something about her husband
that’s why I asked, when she moved here you moved here because of your man but when you came to send me a very happy to move to see that I think I can get this up to some Higher Ground
Steve Irwin’s Widow
that’s not true Russell Crowe zebras white
well that’s an interesting what makes it back to the States I don’t think Lonnie here we say anything I didn’t hear you describe an action be Aaron’s Widow
I think it’s disgusting
I’m thinking about it. It was a real thing that’s funny that you think because she’s a woman that is just when you bring some we can solve this problem what do you think of these hotel rooms where is the the
where you have to have your key in a slat in order for the fucking power to be on is that green or is that bullshit
how to say that my hotel so I’ve had that but it’s something you just got to get used to it for the benefit of energy-saving or something or other reasonable restaurant if you were in a room and there was two doors and Metal
but I have a question I think that passport fast is staying in hotels like like like if I leave my passport on the end table passport anywhere what do you think it was going to do with it if we have court fees is as gaining by stealing a passport it doesn’t make fake a fake passports can’t be good for someone to have your passport what is a passport valuable to a stranger
sorry you’re not loud but not too many boys okay I’ll ask that guy but he’ll keep his seat
I’m back
being racist to you know anything right today
I’m safeguarded from this if you internally have those compartments I’m just like I succeeded right of your a good boomerang thrower what it’s the guy so you may have to come inside and come back and if you do
if you made a boomerang or was it was it was it was a Leading Edge of it was like razor blades it could go straight through a thing
Goldfinger topic
you sophisticated people you deserve better have you downloaded Mario run
what’s all this shit
you’re going to kill someone who grew up among Aboriginal Elders in central Queensland to throw hold vertically with rounded side facing you throw with a flicking action 30 degrees to the oncoming wind
made it made in Australia on the oncoming wind and don’t come back
I say it’s well they said
your girlfriend finds out about this guy
damn you you don’t have to have an opinion but you’re welcome to have one if I were to have a baby with micro by my girlfriend Cody should we name her forensics Heller or Cody’s baby
we love we love Forensic Files the last name would be Harmon let’s just say that Cody by I want to change or it’s very similar to somebody else’s you could have paid money putting up stupid about it so Cody’s baby very good to you. Take him out apparently
our history teacher last night so we went with the how old is the oldest kids you teaching so would you if you had every reason to turn your back on it cuz you’re there with them is that the secret if we knew that we would wouldn’t be afraid of him
which is not reach is not letting how to fix computers and stuff it’s using technology for the time I felt like you’re dealing with like pain into misery but every time my husband
might be acting like we don’t want them to come up and talk about how terrible things are I think we we we hope for like Silver Linings and things are so the terrible thing that happened is she was provided music if you want to go if you don’t feel comfortable you can definitely make you uncomfortable
no SS in includes everything including experience
Josh and I are going to this is how we’re going to do you work in the theater cuz you love it you’ve seen shows here either shows you haven’t seen here is there is there a theatrical performance that Josh and Jeff and I can do that would like to fill your fantasies like what hasn’t shown here or whether it’s because you can either pick something new or
I don’t imagine be performing at imagine what you’d like to see and then I’ll ruin it
Shakespeare okay John educated
I will clear that.
I just know that I do they’re going to throw the mad at me before you guys
well we got anything you like the pandas I made happen when he found her she was just over there in the Darkness
but now I need anything you would like to see you don’t have to do anything specific
what’s your what’s your favorite Shakespeare production because yeah I know I don’t know anything about a car
we’ll do our version of Othello we don’t have tomorrow to ask elevator pitch
minimal no don’t. OK Google I want paper
Observe and Report everybody
my beautiful wife
if I pay you are my wife
that’s true can be possibly but y’all go don’t be an asshole infection up for me
I can do sex with you because I’m the wife of fat guy the wife of that guy a pittance of phrasing
I want to solve what’s in the oven will have them now I will not the moon be of the sun yeah if you stop it
text me if I’m loving it soon. I was doing a different scene. I didn’t take I didn’t take him from
put on
I know
ateneo’s properly
yeah okay
how many American Car China Moon
the new is new to me.
he talked about his hi hi guys do the master approach
printed with the spilled beer Pamela I can’t believe it’s T-Pain
but I was pushed to the periphery of My Own Story
what does the Moana I hope I did not break your iPhone
okay it’s all good it’s all good
the choice mask my iPhone
I thought his pants
also I think I’m kind of a black guy as well
play it’s all for being a woman
I am here to permits to myself to do to your bond which has to be from Love
where is the recipient of my giant hard-on
cushioned the blow with my birthday who was born from vagina
try not to take my game
the gods send a man can only control of the show with musical notes
it’s so pretty sad about my phone actually
victim-blaming I mean it’s okay oh my God
a family man
the Australian Commonwealth is entitled to their rap
the rhymes for the word Australia you won’t believe
if the planet was a fall Australian be smaller Straley yo-yo Australia genitalia I’ll never fail you
I assume Buck New Zealand weird to you I assumed I assumed Australia’s like a big piece of toast with peanut butter on it and chocolate to your mama’s so hard she said that how do you do I said hello how are you going and that’s what they say to hear about your mama
slowing down to fuck are you even harder I thought you so hard they called my dick a yarder too long I fucked her for a song with Madan Billabong
I thought your mama
the wonderful
coming up on Saturday
the woman of the hour Pam
for Christmas
thank you so much we really enjoyed our stay here with our wonderful country can’t wait to come back over here in the Sydney Opera House Alice Archer manager just in Mars Hill on sound director technological wizard we love you


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