Episode: 1 – Achieve Weightlessness (6.16.12)


Episode: 1 – Achieve Weightlessness (6.16.12)


It’s a special night at Harmontown when Mayor Harmon decides the goal is to “achieve weightlessness” and establish Harmontown’s real purpose. One hour, thirty tangents, two emails from Harmon’s big brother and that goal remains unachieved, but a legendary theme park death does finally get its own theme song.


I don’t want to go tonight
God bless you welcome to Hermantown everybody thank you so much for the mayor of harmontown mr. John
thank you
thank you you’re a part of yourself in yourselves
it’s a special it’s a special night at Hermantown
many reasons why it’s a special night is because one of our fans made sashes for us
how do you smart it wasn’t a girl’s I’ll retract your Oz
it was a dude prepare Yerba
Dan Brian like pretending not to know your name
please do not feel obligated to wear these I just came across them and couldn’t resist that’s actually only funny if you realize
I stepped on your joke maker could you please come up here is Jeff with his comptroller sash Jeff Davis is the Comptroller of harmontown
I love it never felt more in control of my life
sorry I didn’t mean to
it’s a curious thing about harmontown as I just I just want to protect the flock and sometimes I’ll hurt them by doing it I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar New York and I was I was very taken with how whiny and passive aggressive Jesus was I really like that musical very much for that reason I had a good role that you see rollettes the manly like protagonist role as a tragic hero in Jesus Christ Superstar with the plural of Jesus is like he’s at he really is like constantly complaining about being Jesus and like I said it’s a big bummer for him and no one understands and he’s at he’s just constantly standing up and had to deal with what I had to deal with
you know what if I vanish right now no one would even care either the cars over there
passive-aggressive savior either the mythical Jesus the archaeological Jesus or rice and Schwarzkopf Bryson truck up Jesus Christ Jesus Jesus about the cool thing about him is that he didn’t even believe in God he just packed a six-shooter and that was enough religion for him you know what a practical man I am ending reference
can we just can we please Center ourselves because that was the day we got our sashes that was reason number one it’s a special night characteristically self-diagnostic. I can say when I say special I don’t mean good when that’s going to be the best harmontown but it’s the most special because I’ve decided because I’m not going to bother to look because I’m lazy that this is our year anniversary that feels like I did
it might have been last week we had to do to harmontown this month because of my firing is that it’s just my body is partly loose change and some people are extra people are gathering it which is fine I have no problem with $10 ticket purchase there’s nothing interesting for me to say I am no wow I am the third act what’s his name I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about
was the guy that died of heroin Lenny Bruce
I’m third-act Lenny Bruce
I’ve been with him the last three shows you started off the show by one time comparing yourself to Michelangelo I’m pretty sure Einstein Middle I hate it when you get it wrong I’m a perfectionist sorry that’s what the shows about no I woke up this morning and I realize I have nothing to do and I stopped at tonight could be a special night that we would not know what we were doing as I stepped on the stage we rarely do I don’t come up with desk bits I don’t have articles that are too crazy to be true
I have a I have a few thoughts and impulses but tonight is about weightlessness and I do just because I’ve lost upwards of 14 pounds on the 4-Hour Body diet how you found a way to make it about you in the middle of a story all heroes meet with a goddess they they they they find themselves at a Nexus 4 film examples of Real Genius
with Val Kilmer
in the middle of the movie right in the middle of the story Val Kilmer as a little catch-up dab on his lip and he’s like listening to the guy that lived in the closet for the first half of Real Genius with Val Kilmer they’re working on a laser project to get there from Mather that I believe
he couldn’t be clearer about his hatred of Pop-Tarts that come back to bite him in the ass
the weirdest thing is it that is in the movie ends with a giant popcorn
he’s their teacher and they’re working on a laser project have to make this laser at in the middle of the movie they make the laser and then Val Kilmer’s eating french fries and he’s got a little doll with a catch up on his lip and the the crazy guy from the basement your yeah you made your laser what do you think it’s for what’s the what do you think of the government going to use that laser for and there’s a shot of Val Kilmer guy and he’s got like a little ketchup on his lip from eating french fries and the 80s needle drop leg swells you know some some some Blazer clad band like kind of hits their Crescendo as we truck on his face and and and then the second half a Real Genius precedes because at the at the Nexus that is the goddess the hero has achieved everything that he could possibly achieve and now he has to figure out what he’s going to do with it I might just going to stand here with ketchup on my way
we’ve been doing a year of harmontown shows we’ve achieved the freedom to do what we want to go to the Moon I’ve got ketchup all over my lips we haven’t done anything so I want to take tonight to really recalibrate figure out what we’re doing we started off with this kind of affecting society that we were going to find a way to come to harmontown we’re going to figure out society’s problems and like go and make our own civilization out there
is there been any tweets or anything that I could grab a drink could you read my brother’s email while we get lots of repeat customers and who has not been here before by Pleasant Park his name is Doug but it goes by various in the same spot of life he was Darth Vader cuz you like darts and his family call him Darth Vader
what was the weather in my favorite part in his development but he was like fifteen and I was ten and he started hanging out at the pool hall down the block from my mom’s place and that he got me to get really into Billiards will they have also like a space machine and a mango and he decided that he was really into Billiards and so he went and got his own billiard cue and that you kind of swivel together so that he could play people in pool and have his own pool cute and he also got a iron on letter sweatshirt that said pool shark
the dragon was like our favorite little local shithole watering hole and start Champions electronic machines it was it was winter time in Los Angeles Chile on the air conditioning is on
and he was a piece of shit that the dark part of absolute happiness and arrogance you have tattoos of darts be cooler about it
I drink and I beat him twice and he fucked off into the night and never talked about me.
Guest reader come up in the first few rows like just show your hands if you feel that maybe you were in high school forensics
if you feel like you have an okay handle and kind of cold reading maybe you weren’t maybe this is the time to try your hand at Publix Bakery
snap the Jap your your sashes is constrictive is the untoward racial tension of your name
Shawn Stockman
can I play Ben
next time exercising for everybody
three music should I be looking up as a song to play for the background of the play something soft like something mellow and cold Reeves
yeah okay what’s your name sir Adam all right hold each other around the final song
Shove it
I think I got the song I don’t know what email this is okay
is you sucking
June 3rd 2012 4:20 a.m.
mom and dad to meet their granddaughter so we’ve had a couple visits I’d let you know once an hour mom mentioned how smart you are I’m not exactly sure the equation but anyhow my daughter’s smart because you read books when you were her age grade school
anyway she said someone put you in the closet with books I hope it wasn’t too scary and I’m proud you made it out of the closet
thank you for my daughter’s brain and thanks for emailing once in a while you’re drooling thick puddle of semen
you know you think if you think about it I’m smarter than you are because I smoke pot and dropped out of high school you didn’t smoke pot and put it around here DPS mom
worried about your liver
I think she’d feel better if you smoke more dope and drank last vodka just a heads up sent from my iPhone
did Adam or Adam Adam
what is that
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no limits is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the black is the film nerdiest Phil married like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Black Cinema with Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
so let’s just focus and become weightless and take a step back I did do my brother proud today and I did get whaling High I’d a really did I clean it cuz I cleaned out my whole house and I found my old bond from when I was twenty-five and I went and I bought some screens and I hate for 13 years I was really high
we are both getting high that’s okay to say right it’s we both have prescriptions okay well what time do not hide and don’t get high so much it makes you feel like you’re going to have a heart attack signed hi Dan
is there a like a refrigerator board what’s the deal
is there a real story really happened other wonderful things happened in that apartment like what time that was living with his girl Dawn wonderful young lady.
she was in the bathroom like brushing her hair for her LSAT ladies I don’t want to create like a stereotype of my story is there there was a bit of book there too she was printing in the in the bathroom and died and I was a tiny little apartment and I saw her in the bathroom and I said eat something as you said okay and I walked into the kitchen at and I started doing as I do is a little song to myself and it it was a full set of a kind of song is because I was grabbing a little plates of a big plate so I started singing
little food
that’s all I was doing was like I was a choir boy I was just sort of like I like the kind of strange Gregorian single-digit focused on what I was kind of where I was and where my girlfriend was she was in the bathroom doing something and I was just singing the song and my back was to the doorway the kitchenette and as I turned around I saw her but she wanted to listen to the song with Jane Goodall

she was crouch crouch behind the stove j7 because you was trying not to laugh it’s just listening to the stupid song until I turned around and she had to do it at the whole time when I saw her I’m holding a plate and I
feminine on that more like like weird like more Damon Wayans light like senior night like in an 80s movie
it all happened at the center of the universe at the same time because
from my perspective I turn around and it turned out to be my girlfriend who is bright red making like a weird, so I hire it’s as I recovered from my adrenaline shoc what are you doing did she answer to the moment I guess I’d made her laugh so hard she was peeing
this is the part that I swear I have to swear is true and I could I have witnesses to the evidence
laugh so hard I shipped my pants
people hear that story like a why aren’t you married because that’s enough for a whole just just keep on it doesn’t matter I don’t know it’s just like I had just ate all your pants and probably you have a forgettable pet pants pooping service
it doesn’t happen to you
will have one of the weirdest times like always it’s always the story is always after before your before 8 it just happens because it happened so we really have to give children a mark make a note of this thing of children a break on this to every story I just think it’s a fart feels the same as a fart and I just got like those are going to be great
purpose of a why would I ship my pants I’m not sick I didn’t eat a truck full of wheat
I don’t know the opposite of cheese
I work at a bar when I just take it in and I’m out of that guy with the guy of the harvesting is it like inside of a residual wheat accumulation a chronic diarrhea attack each stay away from it came to the apartment and he sought to soak to pair of pajamas and washed and hung over the pajamas anime
the weirdest that be the opening of a Paul Thomas Anderson movie happened it was what happened something that requires diagrams happen pretty crazy a different team apartment different girlfriend watching TV and anything like laser for a computer with the orange sofa in the White Walls that’s that’s the place
go into the kitchen and make string gooseneck and when was MattyB
will you know like you know a big tub of cottage cheese has fanned out canned peaches in a gorgeously a rain is it all the way around the I don’t know I got two rolls his eyes and grits
I know you’re a good girlfriend for making me the cottage cheese and going the extra mile of putting the Peaches on top I know that makes you a good girlfriend is you’re trying to make it extra special and beautiful 4 minutes I love that about you but we had this conversation like 4 times I don’t like the Peaches on the cottage cheese cuz the juice from the page of goes in
to the cottage cheese and makes it running and water it it’s gross and like and I know that you’re a good person for doing that but I just don’t understand how many more times we’re going to have to have
the cottage cheese and peaches conversation that’s a stupid thing to hate
fuckingawesome the ones who took a right. That’s the best
you guys have seen those movies of course we’re Sherlock Holmes is so smart he can beat the shit out of people
you do realize that like like like like like super super duper on Jan Harmon Rob schrab fans on you’re familiar with a thing we do the 1999 call heat vision in shock that the version of it a long time ago I saw Sherlock Holmes it was like this is the best that I was doing like a bit was that he’s likely he can lick me up and gets really smart and he’s so smart he knows how to beat the shit out of him which is not that’s not cuz I’m not really smart
that’s the joke about these their joke is a blockbuster film they made a sequel and I want to see it till I took three guys and charming and he live Robert Downey jr. you love Jude Law’s that was named the title to it because you have a recognizable franchise do something to make the Queen Victoria’s Ali’s I believe that with other movies has three
this is just a regular movie about aliens invading Las Vegas is anyways for media
I haven’t seen it and I don’t want to see that I am going to write a movie it’s a prequel to the Die Hard with ology and thank you thank you he’s joking but your applies will make it actually happen it’s called not to tell me
I just think security oh, it turns into a skyscraper a cop and a terrorist
right at the end my wife’s Leaving Me Maybe starting to shooting glass later that was my Alan Rickman
that was bad. It sounded a lot like a toothless retarded Sean Connery something happened
do I give you someone else I heard Christopher Walken
merging into Bill Clinton
it’s not clear what the inflation is
Jim can you give me give me give me some spinach, I’ll stab you in Spanish
why are you a writer
if replays were free to have a major addict of the Tumblr blog about me
call having changed there’s a block there’s a Blog about me
and it’s about you too and our relationship everything we do together every every ice cream we get every every tight we fly every Instagram
is chronicled on this everybody Every Breath You Take maintains a Blog isn’t here it doesn’t get back to them right away but they’ll it’ll be the death of it but I can’t think of a cooler thing every single person in the world should have a Tumblr blog about with everything and then 30 seconds later it’s like that it is a tumbler entry is what I’m going to do when this stops I met your overly obsessive about reading the comments sections in reviews of your show or things you do it without I think it’s just Insanity site to go read the comments section of anything cuz it’s always a bunch of dicks like that that’s right, Sergeant Ali not good fans good good review or is it people that have some weird accent
Duval’s in some sort of weird conversation with my girlfriend
not speaking of Chevy Chase have a voicemail
I just did Sheri do that Paca Paca
you’re going to become him
I want to write a book about just called conversations in a trailer with Chevy Chase where I tried to convince myself I wasn’t my girlfriend got a Facebook message I think from a couple girls who tracked her down she used to be a camp counselor for kids and stuff and they just heard her podcast and they were they just wanted to write her a letter and say we’re juniors in college now and you’re very inspiring and Charming it’s great that you’re doing this thing I was Stephen all about Hanky Panky totally unlike the left and right things and stuff
hope you’re losing it I’m not on it anymore
the movie perfect
give me a real reptilian monster and in keeping with the scientific laws of the current who wants to do your Godzilla movie you retarded you fixed Godzilla you’re a genius
goddamnit some chick she knew that her made her feel good
it didn’t matter to you to make them go off because I’m not discovered that there was a dedicated to the Daily the quotidian shut the den.
heart gone
we’re having a conversation with me and my car tags are 2 oz and it was just looking to see a big smile going to be the next 72 hours in my life from every picture that you’ve ever posted or anyone’s ever posted of you and it’s a big love Fasteners none of the negativity that goes along with being the bottom of the YouTube eggs
oh he’s ate his hair everywhere his hair all over
where can we get a cameraman here maybe we’ll will take some after pics for my new diet should have been taking pictures of you all all aligned and have like to seen it like this like timeline of you know that we both look
I mean it’s it’s amazing
notably bigger than you are right now they coming to see what’s so important about harmontown others just like the quiet and the like that
reminder Japan
humans seem to be directionless and weightless they seem to have met with their goddess of the cancer assuming that you guys hero’s journey so we can’t. How can we know Jeff we have to figure it out ourselves let’s all right now we have to Grapple with we have to decide tonight what we’re going to do from now on and then we have to pay the heavy price for that I am assuming in attendance numbers
say that again for a long time is very intellectual guy very emotional internally and very rewarding to be a friend of Dan’s also I think that your fans of other things he’s made to take my of down talking about you characters on community they’re all Dan like I told her all versions of himself and I think that gives a lot to people and I think coming here and sitting here at the stupid Sash and drinking vodka and talking about your butt feeling all those things about himself
that goes without saying
what kind of knife or the podcast Adam there’s another email for my brother that came a week earlier than that one we just give this one a quick read the subject line is again you sucking
whatever music
you sucking 4:38 a.m. is this the same day or just on there and it’s $0.01 on 420 so I think it was like a theme going with some different emotional and I don’t have any fucking any of my life
hey fucker
I think you’d be a millionaire if you wrote for a video game franchise with a likeable but girl protagonist butt Groff sorry investigate
and when you’re a millionaire because you follow my advice email me back you fuzzy Backstreet knocker hey I see you’re dabbling with digital video again are you going to make some more home videos about far okay okay what’s have a serious Brother moment

yeah so I was just rubbing my balls and I was thinking his balls are so big smooth and then I just start to think about your balls while I was dropping my balls I imagine your father tiny and wrinkly like a lemon but didn’t get enough Sun
good times good times
Alamo you again in a few months you know just to prove I’m funnier than you you know because of what with the fall jokes with me
this was fun did you ever notice you have a small head I mean look at Al Roker’s sent from my iPhone
Cutler-Hammer Adam bones bones reader
Adam has a an app coming out on the iPhone or the you or you can subscribe to all bones emails threaten his voice was really really you she really gives me the old Judd Apatow talking to Mark Brazil
Leo home to Shea the old I feel like I’m I’m I’m at the card table next to the Algonquin round one like I’m not allowed to hang out with Groucho it’s a dialogue to himself I know you are
just kidding Let’s Get Serious
hey look we’re having a lot of fun yes what kids he’s a father 5 years older than me is going to nice that I’ve never met that
I have a I have a nice day
yeah I I I think there’s some circuits may be loose waffle he may be kind of burned out in my head. It was genetic or its nature or nurture but I know that I am my parents and my distant family they all seem kind of reptilian to me that I have but I think it must be me I think we leave they seem like very volatile emotional people and they will write me things in there they’re very excited and emotional I remember being in my house growing up my mom and my brother were very emotional with each other some would say for the end Lee emotional with each other I felt like there was a connection they had been going on I think I always felt like they were kind of like I don’t think they were always thinking like what if we could
they always felt like they were Sailors what they felt like they were in Against All Odds, if you’re feeling their dreams that maybe in some post apocalyptic scenario there with it would be necessary for them to have to procreate the species and are they were they seemed game for it they were hitting and caressing them for instance yeah I was telling my but I did this thing in the bedroom and was laying in bed and I put a sack over my dick and balls
who hasn’t done that this Chili Peppers have done. You haven’t done you have a vagina man pretty sure every guy in here you don’t have to admit it but if you see if it’ll fit over your whole thing and it’s hanging down Ashley different life
once upon a time I got yeah we’ve all done that my brother used to do it in front of my mom like
he would like a run into the weed be watching like happy days and my brother would run like like and he was like I feel like he was like 13 or 15 or something or 28 is a big check 15 year old playing in the US Open right now
I don’t know man I don’t know
I don’t know man
my parents had a nice little chat to kids have made all their poor parenting mistakes I think I got the good version of parenting before I told him but it was also the early late 70s early 80s parties and give him the ride horses and I got cocktail dress like I should be in the kitchen by smoking like at Virginia slim and stirring the holidays written for the for the fondue
little kids and my brother will be sequestered and talk about the doll tanks opening who it’s big like a giant living room into the middle of the Run naked kids computer off after a while
I had my older sister is my mom’s first marriage I have nieces that are one of them is two years younger than I thought it would bathe together we were little so I got this email as a little kid bathing with Stephanie and we see the differences between the male and female anatomy And it one of the parties I just emerged like a drunk and smoking and I walked out in the middle of partying as I put my hand up and just stopped and I are going to lay it down for everybody
boys wee wees girls have crack wees
two objects Islands supplies that I had done a service call I thought I thought you meant like my parents like their furniture with magazine Stacks and stacks of shit that they wouldn’t throw away that like it was it hoarders shall like you see that somebody would come over the company would happen if we’re having company tonight clean the bathtub cleaned the toilet get this shit off of the living room floor what is this like my parents would look at their own ship and go what is this what’s going on
good company tonight like they’d all of a sudden for for 24 hours they become a healthy normal people in like white glove themselves
peanut butter in a white label early they’re going to think we’re a future for our children will turn it around and make a fake Peter Pan logo I don’t care what the fuck we have to do this is like this is a big deal and then everyone would come over the other mustaches in the cuz it was the seventies and look like Barney Miller cast of Barney Miller in shine I would like to come out and my foot is in life
what’s this guy’s name would it like they were powerless I had the Nielsen so they were like I can’t
go to bed but then Uncle Uncle Marty and Francis from marketing or whatever
eventually I get tired and go to bed I couldn’t wait to turn 18 because all those people came from a magazine card tables
berlinsville the airlock with eight people from The Real World and they loved me about 20 years old and I cuz he was my mom’s first marriage and she got married to Marty has really nice lovable guy look like from the funeral from the Super Mario video games is really Pleasant needs a guy turned out later on. He’s at he was a chronic liar and that was the first time I met him I think I was four and I had to put a suit on I hate to put it on back then and blue plaid suit
it was fucked up it was bad and penny loafers on your sister’s boyfriend is out front to get married I was so angry at this this Phantom guy coming and I just hated him already and squeezing Pee-Wee’s and things like that is a difference in a hulking guy and he has nothing in my mind had no plan of attack I just kicked him Square in the balls
and probably seen some movie or something where they’re having dinner with Lando Calrissian and hit him and if you don’t have balls four-year-olds penny loafers can do the job
Remember When
15 people in attendance
pear martini
tipped over in like a fucking just just like you like it and ran out the front door and climbed a tree
as of right now I’m out front entry and I hear it like a combination of laughter moaning Marty’s and having a medical emergency everybody’s laughing at some people are like just like like like 3 days in California when does blonde
I’m at my tree and then I fell out the tree
penny loafers and you don’t you don’t gain a lot of purchase with a fucking putting on a tree with a penny loafer I would have broken my neck is probably how the kids are pretty simple and I’m hanging up so I don’t have the core strength
you’ll get that later at 25 lb I have an eye decide to kick a dude in the balls and now I’m alone I can’t do is appeal for help an hour
and probably get worried about me that came out and then it was more laughter or just guess who came and got me
Uncle Uncle Mario that was the worst
we had a we had a tweet that came in the 21 minutes ago to harmontown it said finish your Indiana Jones tangent
the right it was fun
happy Slater came out in Disneyland little thing so right I got can’t figure it out we went to Magic Mountain together and that’s all just about Thrills chills and Spills and I haven’t been paid to tell you that but that’s just walking around the park like you’re going from one roller coaster to another the most terrifying one of all the X2 or whatever because they won’t fucking do it tell you what it is everything is like you’re crazy for Cocoa Puffs help me find more Coco on this ride
are you ready for this do you know what you’re doing are you sure if you said goodbye to your loved ones rides but the original I’m certain about to be on xx’s a thrilling experience with somebody because you’re about to go on a really crazy and wiggle a little bit
solicited back rubs and expressions of intent to call one another more often
Millennials will call it easy I was told by some guy that came in for some Pitch meetings you telling me about the four stages that Generations go through as heck is are the blah blah blah generation to Generation X is this they said they always react to the previous generation and then the guys had cuz what are you saying you’re just saying what your brain wants to be the case before but we are all projecting like oh yeah I remember that World War II generation like they sat around saying that
big generation and go fight World War the entire days people do it all the many people who have died at Disneyland right now cuz I have to figure that it means like 40 people died at Magic Mountain every week and no one talks about it but like there’s like 15 things we go Google it Google Disneyland deaths it’s very interesting is is the Mark Twain boat coming in I wasn’t working that day but I was an employee of Disneyland and I could have been right in front of it it could have happened right there you go you were there to smoke Mountain decapitation happens or something
it’s amazing to me it’s so gross
if it’s beyond a certain speed you supposed to let it go all the way around like and the people on board it happens sometimes I go what the fuck I wouldn’t want a horrible thing to happen we’re going all the way around it I’m sure everyone’s
I got to be there at 10:30 or I’m going to fucking lose the time of my life you’re fucking around with me if I can give a crap what they don’t know is that what happens when you don’t do that is this the Riverboat came out a little too fast the manager on duty didn’t know enough to like one of you would have learned from you how much is it how about I I read this on many websites and they had animated gifts that were like skulls on them so I think this is the real story
the Riverboat came in they didn’t did they tied it off even though it was coming in too fast the Rope went out and an end the first thing that happened is it is it has a guy that gives you tips on a racetrack
fuck you guys I honestly if you’re going to teach people English these words I never heard anyone say that my mom
I know what it means
Dan still says Bagel it’s a bagel
temperature in the baggage guys are dicks you know I just I just don’t get it and one day you will stretches huge hanky-panky of the of the guy who called for the top of the thing that’s happened the Rope then pulls on the metal cleats in the docks so hard that the middle cleat up a routes from the wood and slingshots at the speed of sound across Disneyland and exploded his head
yeah I remember and you are with frontierland but the guy shoot landed in the Mexican restaurant
just to assume frontierland is right where the Mexican restaurants are
it was in a civilized Legos that it was okay it was at Tomorrowland but Jason Mexican restaurant Mexican food refried beans laser laser laser churros isotruss I believe so the guy the guy went through guy’s face and knocked his head off and there’s blood everywhere in the foot long until enchilada is Disneyland Owens the entire goddamn world will shut you down story was that Disneyland had a new severed foot world
they had they had created a whole mythology there were costumed characters there was a mayor of severed foot World there was a new ride Mark ruffolo was there when everyone was pretending that one foot on it was written by Randy Newman it was a dystopia
it’s a dystopic
in no mood I said you got up for today in your food
thank you all for coming to get it on


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