Episode: 2 – The Inception Of Girlfriends (7.16.12)


Episode: 2 – The Inception Of Girlfriends (7.16.12)


While Jeff Davis works abroad, Guest Comptroller Erin McGathy (“This Feels Terrible”) joins Mayor Harmon for an in depth look at overrated masterpieces, passive aggressive text messages and how to destroy someone else’s relationship on stage.


good evening
Armenian Armenian that he read Harry welcome to the best night of your life
thank you
wow what a crowd
what a crown I’d like to welcome and thank our acting comptroller Erin mcgathy
don’t be alarmed turn off your phone
what were the advice like that flowing and how can you don’t worry Aaron also is my acting girlfriend talked about it on the drive up here we’re both the absolute consummate preparer Asian it’s simply just we really we actually sat down and said what will the word mean for people who prepare a lot better everything planned out if you’ll you’ll record it you’ll go back over don’t know the van back to over as they were slaloming
perfectly Jag movie admit no right
all right hey man I am not Napoleon I am unable to populist I’m Obama I have you if you don’t like if you like something I like it but Inception
dreams of the same time couple notes
start that movie to dreams deep
it’s a fucking movie about dreams being real
it’s traumatic.
Step into it every cool has stairs
do wander in like show me an example of a dream about a guy being in the dream. It’s so real psych you’re dreaming services
you’re hired
credits and then and then get in the credits like reveal like okay there’s a little tall to Adventure that go to dreams deep and then have the threshold we need to go 3 Dean’s dreams deep baby or 3 days never know the Wizards behind the curtain no longer the emperor’s clothes are here cuz things got a little sidetracked and I’ve I want I want to make a promise you that’s not going to happen tonight
harmontown is a for those of you who have not been here nine ten times we’ve done this it’s a it’s a town meeting I think that’s very clear from from the description of the show which is now going to be a weekly podcast and yeah seems like that deserves Applause, cuz I just had a baby
yeah, so is it a baby ride
baby and you go videos Connick, in keeping with my sensibility that got me fired Comics comic comic it’s the first scene of Inception
hard to follow Labyrinth scene you know like Back to the Future
maybe shake my Jana is Christopher Nolan
did he Direct.
I don’t know David Benjamin
Batman who directed it it doesn’t matter
tonight we wanted to concern was an errand is stepping in for Jeff so that the the night would people that are couples entertaining people is that it will devolve very quick lanes are going to Regis and Kathie thing is you youngsters good Regis and Kelly going to do that now
okay so cute you’re so cute Tonight Show by see how he looks naked
because we’re dating you’re so in love
am I doing this right
give me a flashback to this morning we’re having breakfast and then breakfast turned into like
that’s what the guy at the bar did except that you can do it your way I love you guys but this guy did it what is the time again I said here it is at the bar when he was talking to his friend and so you have to I have to you have to rewind with your play had where I live the shirt you’ll know where I do it right but I’m rewinding now you’re from inception
not your chair over but always wakes you up she’s learning how to do it.
Why do
is that they’re deeply ashamed of what they got a fucking three years later you can’t let it go
how many of you own
I’m sorry mixed signals I’m sorry but thank you for being honest
you for lying all of you because none of you own it wait no you are allowing us to use in razor heads thank you all for being honest
you like those apples answer the question do you like apples you you fucking dork
okay yes I like apples which were you putting me in an awkward position of having a stance on fucking apples you’re an idiot but yes I like apples me my parents Humanity giraffes any Aaron spy drones passing over every with a thermograph of you is embarrassing holding a phone number bragging about it with the Apple TV up
fuck you now you don’t give that movie in Oscar what you get from that is 10 more movies like that saving the Rebecca’s the dreaming
find Rebecca is a Golden Pond that’s all they have it means nothing I dumb
you can’t just string words together RoboCop fuck you awesome ask her where is the Oscar for RoboCop thank you gentleman
and lady had backed out of the booth so I got to tell you where the camera is
I got your your me you all of you you didn’t you just lifted your shirt so he’s talking to his friend who’s identical they’re both like they don’t like me I don’t know if it’s important to say that like it was really like the heirs
call all right so the guys at the bar at this restaurant which is 2 feet from the booth I stand up someone says some lady
what is my family so fucking growth is that he was an a reflexive
a good girlfriend
now I’m sad
there is not a good girlfriend you woke me up at 5:40 this morning you weren’t awake you decided that in your sleep you were having such a great dream but I see I was I was awakened at 5:40 a.m. to Aaron saying
okay I’m holding it in
and then at 7:40 I might still two hours later and was staring at the ceiling worried about my finances and every once in awhile it’s got like a like a comic figure it out like Charlie Callas comes out later than has been as the sticky part of sick people raise their hands Friends Meeting his dad from the 60s and 70s nonsense noises in the middle of explaining story
do you want to give us an example
can I get Keke a suggestion for an activity that Charlie Callas White Township
I’m sorry I’m sorry
I think you
yeah good job applying that cuz his wife Rebecca I’m sorry honey come on up here and she just blows her brains everywhere
tell Aaron and I have a perfect relationship which is why and I also Aaron has a podcast about relationships because it’s this feels terrible, I’m sorry that was awkward approach to integrated marketing Calgon came in and said that sounds like a clean
then it got too horny is like Sherman’s march or I never saw it it’s going to turn out to not be perfect like Inception like eating the soup is going to turn out to that movie
are you really just going to stick to it you just love it you’re going to die for it like if I come in Inception with a Bowie knife you’re going to just fucking like you’re going to meet the creator of community
that doesn’t that doesn’t give you pause there’s no loyalty there’s no Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker
Emperor is killing me hey do miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no one misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest film XXX filme read like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
you won’t pick up Inception and dump it into if I can laser pet for me
did your daddy walks that’s what you are singing dance you don’t care if I can clear your moon of Endor is taken over by the Empire and I don’t use for you just cook C-3PO
haven’t seen that movie in a while I think we’re going to cook C-3PO
I don’t know he sat up in there like always I got that movie quite a dick to
and he wants everybody that you guys are I was too young at the end of the point like I did when I came out to LA it was like if I if I mentioned Star Wars off I didn’t know what I love about you you’re beyond that like racism you don’t give a shit of them are here watch you don’t wear watches you know it would have the landlines you don’t give a fuck about George Lucas and the idea that black people can’t swim is boring and it’s not funny it’s not shocking it’s not your life again with the black people fuck you I’m at quarter Apache and I got a Chinese got growing out of the top of my head and a half hologram I do if I throw bread and ask him how I still don’t give a shit about your dumb Rachel humor what are you back you
and that’s what those are the things that I love about you but you guys should know since you’re so young and so beyond it did that Return of the Jedi movie does he watch her supposed to be Chewbacca’s all right that’s it that’s all I’m going to say about it
I know they’re called Wookies I guess I said something that a nerd rage was muttering
oh what is it you want you think that you could have saved the holiday special you think that would have been no he just wants to have sex with you
thank you baby thank you guys for her to ask is for a relationship advice questions relationship questions and here’s number is the first one here it comes
what is the relationship of Soros descending from the play at the scene of romance to
Jesus Christ
there’s a little bit of conversation here you probably die today to Aaron’s insecure about filling in for Jeff she she brought an iPad soundboard effort that’s why I love Inception
cuz your dad tries too hard and you if you guys don’t like this then you’re hypocrites
because section of girlfriend the soundboard is it sits the
try to get out get out get out
pull up
no no no no / Pi
question number one
doesn’t that make no sense what

vacation 1970 using a rotary phone
question number one what is the significance significance of a woman’s relationship with their cat
what’s the state that’s important during the show
oh my God no it’s fine it’s fine I want to see where it’s going it’s fine we talked about this job is not to be Jeff Davis so this is a whole new thing she’s got an iPad for sound effects let’s just everyone
I’ve never had to do this with two hundred people at the same time but she’s really cool
I swear to God
Thug Life Run has required discipline on a human’s I take the arrogance and ego confidence will be a better word we have your shit together to have a dog so if the guy or girl that you’re interested in whoever wrote this question is a dog person or a cat person then I think what you have to understand is that you might be prone to act like a little baby in a relationship you have to stay on your shit about that responsibility to and it to the Animal Kingdom it doesn’t mean that you’re incapable of taking it on its to say I’m not ready for it yet I don’t want it yet people that have dogs are gone like you know what I got my shit together I want to fucking the animal to walk around and I’m going to be the sunshine and rain in its life
if I eat if I forget to look at it it’s going to have a heart attack if I don’t tell it a pillow isn’t the sandwich it won’t know I might have to admit it then I got all kinds of weird spend 500 thousand years slowly warping the genes of a wolf don’t don’t don’t come Cryin to me I like cats and they’re brand new they just invented the more like a thousand years ago and it all
thank you thank you for holding your replies until you’ve got verification from me it may take a little while and we researched the kind of dogs that I might get if I was going to get it. And I let him fired and Community was my dog it has sadly stopped fetching my slippers
and has in fact taken to pissing on my face in my sleep
and having panels at Comic-Con it without me which
what’s happening around
the show broke up with me to me you know when you when you dumped me I don’t mean don’t do anything you can do whatever you want. Don’t feel sorry for them it’s saying these things are a little kitty is a confession I need to get this off my chest I feel worse than bad and Patty about it I’m outside I smile at people and I got ya they drive by and go.
fired good morning
you know to to keep a smile
what what if they took your baby
you probably at your house probably start cleaning your house
working on your shelving units and every once in awhile you should find out that for the third time you had the Home Depot guy cut it a tenth of an inch too long as it’s still doesn’t fit in fact I was trying to move my chair all right so I was trying to move a reclining chair to just kill the music. I mean I swear to God Jeff never does this
he just hate hate you know he’s very Blues you
weekend do I tell her
I had a I had a dream
the weird thing about the 5:40 wake up is that was in the middle of a very intense anxiety driving in the dream Erin and Jeff and I were on mushrooms I haven’t told Jeff his hat he’s out of town and in the dream of such a vivid dream and I was in a range of surprised it wasn’t like shouting in my sleep cuz in my dream I was constantly angry and so stressed out in my dream Jeff and my girlfriend and myself were on mushrooms and then like hanging out and having a good time at at the end at the end of a big fun the three-person mushroom trip Aaron said guys you know what this is going amazing like let’s just do this
what’s an album, crazy let’s just do it and I was like
we been we’ve been thinking about it. I got the dream going I only get to play one character I’m going like no I don’t want to look at my friend’s dick and I don’t want to watch and plug my girlfriend and I don’t want to high-five them will I do it and I could go on and on for the reasons I don’t want to do this but I’m sorry when a nightmare kicked into high gear cuz the rest of the dream was he like ours you like time slows down so I was awoken from that by my girlfriend going
put the microphone everyone’s having a great time but me for 12
turning in a dream or if it’s going to keep on spending which means he is in a dream because he finally gets what he wants you guys you’re among dummies Erin mcgathy text messages scrolling back to the night
I was trying to move a chair through a doorway that was too narrow for the chair
food nearby
so why’s the walls are cream
Peabody Hotel on item of mush recompense
the questioning was forgiving play Muse in Lake Wobegon.
I really like to not get sidetracked tonight
and you’re trying to move everyone through a door but I really think it came out of the gate swing into the temperature in a fucking that I think that’s the goal of that does immoral of tonight like I fuck I really fucked myself I wish I could take it back man I wish I could accept into my head
the idea that that movie is like RoboCop because
very cool if the original Inception thank you sir thank you thank you thank you for all of my colleagues in the back but yeah that’s what it’s like to have a 27 year old girlfriend by the way I’m 39 I’m like let me show you the real Inception Dreamscape
all the time
Dick’s Four Paws
my dream that’s why the reason there’s no reason for me to be a millionaire
go back to the Titanic shity terrible person she’s a bad person
you can’t trust people who are you
if she ever on a yacht to your knowledge
adopt a child
a picture of him in a magazine and he’s a difference I think he’s only got baby he probably just wants to fuck you
and a lot of fights we have the same person year as a dishonest a narcissistic as me and I also play to the point where is not laughing at like like there’s a couple people that like tomorrow I thought you were going to make up a new sitcom for me I don’t know why I don’t know what I don’t blame you either it’s $10 and I’ll see you after the show up at the same person trying to do a show together is dress like his best friend and he just got my shirt cuz I was sweating and getting a few but I still look ridiculous with my shirt off so she came upstairs and she saw me standing over this chair that I couldn’t get through a doorway I look like a just a bad like
the famous game of Tetris with one piece so I’m trying to flip it and since I am drenched in sweat and I’ve taken off my shirt and look like a community theater version of Stanley Kowalski tried to move the chair to the door every conceivable way it kind of shaped like a whistle this thing I can picture like a whistle or whistles never there have been those made obsolete by Wi-Fi is there but I still went on a football field in there I said I don’t know maybe the whistle I was trying to think I was leaving but the back to the very narrow doorway it occurred to me I figured out one angle and I said I shared this with Aaron
because I trust her and love her.
Next question
play Spirit by the spirit
sorry I’m actually does work as a replacement for Deb Davis. You ordered milk and the chef said Thank you thank you know whenever orders milk smells like that how did you learn to order milk milk I’m going to have to take the door off the hinges in order to get the insurance her up and almost makes it too I got to take the door off the hinges are in the immediate response don’t do that it’s a two-man job have you ever taken a door off the hinges before and tried to put it back on it’s a two-man job is harder than you think I got it screws and some would say it’s a fucking door door I’ve no I’ve never to be perfectly honest with you I’ve never taken a door off its hinges and then put it back on it’s harder than you think
he asked for your help and even if I did I don’t think telling someone to not to do something is helping them I don’t I find that to be very discouraging actually unreasonable as you’re saying now
so she goes well I’m going to go out drinking again
oh no cuz the truth is funnier than have you left door it’s kind of hard to take off a door by yourself unless you put a fucking thing under the door
it’s like cartoon logic is like why is it hard to because the door of you take go to screw the screw it’ll start to fall off the hinges know what am I going to do what am I what am I Fox am I a beaver know I’m a primate I think I’ll go get a thing that says I has the door comes off the gun put it under the door so that when it comes out the hinges it’s resting on that
bring hinges and I put the chair through the door and I I I I put the door back on the hinges and I sent my drinking girlfriend it to photos one of the chair in the room that it was too small or too big to get to do the other of the newly intact D’Or re hinged and ready for closing or opening
and I said if we want to do you’ll be me and I’ll be alright
it was probably a human
I know I did Tim Allen have
probably with a power of 10
I’m legitimately impressed
or I guess you could fire me tell everyone
Jesus. I’m sorry.
I love you. You really did it.
sorry I was trying to save you heartache lesson learned no punctuation
Lionel Richie 20 minutes later are you mad at me
it’s not that crowded here if you want to drink! Just me and Kim
okay. You sure you’re not upset? I don’t have enough energy to be upset but I can’t take
that is that a shame you’re putting on yourself
okay thank you
you can play Minecraft and here’s a smile face
Otis nobody need to hold up the stick anymore and I got so that’s why I was downstairs at 5:40 in the morning
efforts are rewarded in a linear fashion
speaking of which I’m wearing the sweater to honor the fact that the air conditioning is working in this room I’m sure you guys there
sweltering hot in here or the fact that I can wear a sweater up here is amazing and we owe that to I believe you owe that to do that to everybody at Meltdown Comics I they they’re there they don’t have to do this place is always packed they can tell you to go fuck yourself as a customer they have your money they have your devotion but they choose to adjust the climate at the expense of thousands of dollars to them they want you to be happy as well as lucrative
True Value did someone say True Value
stores at Knotts Logan’s True Value
butter yellow
this tunak tunak why did you break out in the back of the Charisma zone is here like these people get Splash it’s like a SeaWorld show feel the Brian in the shrimp on their faces they’re like I fucking love whales I can I get can I get a whale hat on my way out I love the whales what the fuck is going on is this guy just talking to his girlfriend about sucking his ass is fat and these people
you don’t have to keep I guess I could do that to get that reaction
I probably did some stuff to get fire and I’m sure I did like I never ever ever did anything they wanted me to do they always we’re going
show me like The Three Amigos with Chevy Chase
okay, I’m on it they didn’t they didn’t like me I didn’t listen to them I’m not a hero for doing that that’s childish if you ever have a television show you should clean your plate do your show do with the way that they want you to do it otherwise you won’t get to make it anymore if you like television so much
did you do it right
my relationship is perfect but I’m not here to give TV show device

it went away when I was what
no no no no no he asked is the vit was the video game episode ever the finale big fans are likely the production codes of the episodes like the numbers 323-1322 sometimes we Shuffle episodes another a tip-off we do do that because we do we do make it is a disservice to the continuity of the show sometimes happier episode ever coming back from a break or whatever like Shuffle it a little bit I always tell people we do that I know of a DVD I well I don’t know control right now but they they’re supposed to correct the DVD in the case of things like that the production codes episodes like what the Christmas episode of stop animated and that video game episode just give it to the latest production code number because why I am not necessarily sure it has something to do with just giving it likely cuz it’s like that’s a post productive intensive episode we’re going to get to that that’ll be the last one that we finish producing let’s just call it 3:22 for instance
I was never there was never it was I would never do it from the Holly like with just them playing video games I would do it with a guy going a cardboard box and didn’t return your flash of light cuz I’m a genius very odd of you to just blurt out that question but fine I didn’t turn into a rape or anything I was just typing people and no one would be able to do anything about it so they’ll eat the whole feeling of social order kind of collapses under people if you all just charged me you could kill me
if y’all just started talking or eating peanuts even if you all ate peanuts in unison that would be like a form of absolutely would overpower me and I would I would I would I would be able to hear me or side like I need you to not know that
I need to delay that realization that you guys are in charge believe in love first night
First Sight discuss I’m going to say no because I was at like the definition of love is I believe that people who end up like happy together forever that you can trick go back and find out that they when they saw each other they were into each other like I’m in an intense level on shared by a previous relationship with that you died for the other person that’s a hard one. That’s a tough order to fill
numeral three but but but also like somebody they’re bulshit play that that High Fidelity monologue about you know you’re not allowed to compare the women that you see on the street to the ratty panties that are hanging over your shower curtain I’m paraphrasing a better writer than me but but but that model August
the person that you’re with everyday as you say when you eventually marry them it’s look for better for worse than you taking a valid not because you want to like what it turns into in Western societies would you like hold handle this for real except the most we get a divorce okay go when it is really supposed to be like no because you’re going to be shity sometimes like I’m I’m not going to let you know I’m going to average things out now going to base it on whether or not everyday that goes perfectly we’re going to have breakfast together and I hit you with an iron will talk later
I wish you would I earn more I hate that I have to do all the irony
I know you stand there and watch me with your head and head holder and I just cuz I get a drink
here we go let’s see mcgathey can you make this work here it goes, now and there it is all right
not such a bad girlfriend
your momma’s like a lamb allergy lie which we’ll get to in just a moment I don’t think it’s going to be a fun story
just to get her way the end
happily ever after?
Text Gretchen
I just want to come too
dating myself in the fucking worst
and the best Crimes of Passion wears it would cut someone’s head off with a chainsaw at the crime of passion, and I may decapitate you
at some point damn you’re my best friend I love Tron
and I love attention from strangers conversation all the time you’ve been with him for eight years if you’re asking a question because if you fight all the time I got a lot of times like if you weren’t because because other people are constantly going all the time like if you and I were on a desert island I wouldn’t know that I that I fought with you all the time interacting with you the way I Mommy does a daddy the way I understand it
and then my saying friends go Jesus Christ you guys hate each other the person that wrote that down a couple questions by shouting out yet just simple
would you want to come out come out there. If you’re okay with that
hey I got a time for South newer here I come. The sound Cube girlfriend and Mary sound effects welcome to the Bottom of the Sea where it where are the inside of a uterus whatever that sound effect was your name is mam my name is Tiffany call Ness
I want to see I don’t know what’s your name young little little little tater tots my name is Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany so you is he here
mad that I wrote that could you actually
OK Google what how far is Aaron and I fight about fighting
I like listening to what you’re saying and it felt exactly like when she said you can you can play Minecraft in here and like the ice I think I’ve texted that to him before
Piccolo game did you ever read that Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus thing I didn’t either but I listen to the book on tape
and I was taking a road trip and the guy said that women are like waves they cracked they rise and fall and men are like rubber bands they back away and then they snap forward so you can always find anyone
I love you happy as a podcast producer
I’m in the middle of an interview how old are you when you are how old are you guys when you first start dating 16 an hour 24th 1919 change so much from 16 to 24 returning to become different people so no matter what happened there that there are no heroes or villains as and there’s no good or bad so let’s go
pretty. Pretty sure I’m so sorry I don’t think I don’t care how many men pulled back when they feel like there’s a risk of them being emasculated are confined constricted many men have this tendency according to this book I’ll Trust this guy kind of pussy if you if you ever heard his voice on tape
he just sounds the most masculine and the world ending to every argument that men and women have its I didn’t want with a woman tank I didn’t want you to do anything about it I just wanted you to support me and the man going I don’t understand what the door to her
all right that’s Auntie women we welcomed me back on behalf of all the lady I told her I told her 16th a vet that you have to adjust for inflation their relationship doesn’t count that still a four-year relationship I do not go to math I have never gone more than three years and at the end of three a relationship to last a certain length I think that if people are together then it says that they want to be together and if in that relationship there fighting then it says that both of them are our kind of ugly committing to this like Opera where you fight message when is a relationship and like if you if he’s going like my boxers and like disappear and hide in the closet and play on my laptop and do god-knows-what and you’re going like I do
just want you know what I say take your hands off the wheel and if the car goes in the ditch you’re not going to die cuz it’s not a car it’s a relationship
nice to everyone here for every problem that you have I guess we could go I hope this isn’t a catalyst for like a few items I just want to save it for so long I had early relationships
relationship for you how important if something was to happen and you guys were to go on different paths that doesn’t negate what you had already can still love each other even if you want different things driving
am I at what I’m signing with the guy cuz he’s a guy and I hate myself
no there’s no size for a world
thanks Tiffany Virgo relationship for us for our paltry
I think I question Humanity crimes just now that that that numerous reality shows don’t commit like there was that reality show that basically murdered Corey Haims just
if you were on drugs in the house canceled
anyone to have to break fire I just feel guilty for their pads to order to Value their previous relationship but again but her question wasn’t what do I do about the fact that our passion to ask a question so much
I just like I just will have it out in the car
I turned into a friend do you know so I can tell her I’m assuming this is a dude
there are there is such a thing as a girl that dad’s of the friend zone but there is a God
every once in awhile a canvas wants to know how to treat a paintbrush but it’s probably a guy asking how to get out of the friend zone
like this with an easel to that question you you you tell her how you feel because she she she will she will run like you’re a fucking atom bomb, whether you can stand hanging out with her when sex is off the table lights at the front of the friend zone thing is like a sticking point with me because I had to pay she with you you and I were the first I wanted I wanted to die I did it but I said I said to you I demanded to know what does really meant is platonic relationship did it mean that you had other irons in the fire is that what that means does it you and me not being ready for a relationship does that mean that
and that you’re not ready for a relationship with like 7 dudes at the same time or does that mean that you really like me that’s not really the point because it’s her how she responds it’s up to her charismatic at is like we’re encouraged as guys we go women always call us Liars they always got like all guys are pigs your ear liars and all the stuff that we are pigs dogs whatever that animal whatever animal meant for you to use but we’re simple we are capable just being honest and blunt about what it is we want and we kind of like get trained overtime probably justifiably to have a little bit of
Grace about it but that can slide into lying and deceiving and like playing some weird game and then on the other side there are honest women who will Who were cool with that it will it will say to guys like I think you might like you say you want to be platonic friends but I I feel like this is more than that I just want to make sure you understand where I talked to work but then there are as many dishonest women with her I just found his Manitou what happens is there’s a guy on one side going on I’m in it for the long time I’m going to sneak in the back door
she’s with Richard right now but I’m there when she cries
to put under her eyes for her cheeks
I want to talk to you first of all I love your pants sometimes women at different stages of insecurity
how do you make such an exciting world
point taken finish up
Jerry I sometimes insecure so I think that sometimes nice guy when they are in their early twenties or like I just want to be friends it’s hard when you’re insecure to accept that somebody likes you so security has her than it is about you and you should be you should probably go bark up at the front tree. Aaron
they said it was me Dan the whole time what the fuck are you talking about
person if you’re comfortable if you could have screen at your age really quick
give me a ride to Alex’s house so I appreciate
he’s not like sippin tea in Yo Hood
play sue me Zara if I could get away with murder with her
we don’t know yet. The friend zone don’t don’t get in it that’s the only advice we can give us a how do I get out of quicksand you can’t hear your dad stuff around it are snow shoes coffee or whatever and then all of a sudden so don’t do that
if you’re interested in first look look Jerry in the mirror and say because you’re smart
more likely to get you that’s a great way to avoid like ask him out to dinner say I let’s watch Breaking Bad together I don’t tell them basically I am interested in you know that’s where I first I said platonic drinks
cuz you you’d be a monster that’s my bear trap
working for you
guess what someone is interested in something a little bit more happy tell you yes or no the difficult thing is not being afraid of the know that’s the horrible thing cuz you feel like if they say no then your balls fall off and I fish hook grabs you and you turned out you lived in a pond your whole life and that is someone gets to eat you if women don’t like you
we’re at this is words
okay so I put on music
because it what you’ll press a button and it’ll be a velociraptor
what is true love
I’ll have another how do I live
you died
my wife isn’t a redhead
show her Clairol
alright what’s two girls of an age difference when the ladies older lady in parentheses + 31
but awesome
if you get if you guys want to talk to me all day I want to thank people you’re playing the thing if you want to take a little break I’ll be hovering around here if you want to like talk to me I don’t wanna be presumptuous about that I don’t pretend that I don’t want to talk to me coming to a harmontown town meeting will do another one next week no they were weekly but I want to thank Katie Levine for doing the audio recording here on site
Zach McKeever for doing all things technical making sure we don’t pop and whistle and everything audio related Emily Gordon who’s I don’t think is here but she’s the producer of the live shows her idea to do this in the first place Danielle Kramer the program director and Moab as the on-site director and Daniel came as a program director are for you and I find who made our harmontown winning logo for the harmontown podcast thank you Jenny thank you I’m going to fucking break up with you as soon as the show’s over
I love you too thank you for coming to our Valentine’s edition of harmontown.


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