Episode: 14 – Tyler Perry’s Antisemitic Pickle Ziggurat (10.15.12)


Episode: 14 – Tyler Perry’s Antisemitic Pickle Ziggurat (10.15.12)


An unflinching examination of Dan’s mustache absorption becomes a flinching examination of Harmontown regular Adam Goldberg. Plus: special guest Steve Agee drops by for a discussion of airline food and the ridiculous infiltration of Admiral Darkstar’s stronghold.


groovy funky Swedish rains Ace of Base hit me watch over your survival card taxis
seamless steel opening tonight for those of you listening in podcast land is a is a 15-minute orgy L trying to get that Ace of Base on cute app for head to head to go to the mayor’s iPod I think we do that from now on using your iPod racing in the crowd have a good song we we kick it off of a voicemail on their phone and said
so welcome I would like a steak Jim Davis for controlling tonight is he always guys then
I have some note I want to apologize to those of you I assumed as you if you’re coming here and you’re laying $10 on the barrelhead then that means that you’re a probably a harmontown podcast subscriber and that means that you’re probably very upset last couple weeks there’s been no new harmontown podcast we’re two weeks behind I was in North Carolina with Aaron her little brother was getting married in what unfolded into a very awkward turn of events I may discuss momentarily I’m just looking at my phone here I have my Evernote app loaded up things tag harmontown some of them are mild complaints that I have some little observation about the expression that means an apartment
sometimes you just throw it throw a three-word french fries into things and just give a little Aviv to to take want some good luck with me complaining about things I didn’t think they complaining with charismatic with people had a good time and I have no right to complain about right of our show my mustache is too absorbent
I have to trim it I was out of town for like 12 days and I had no trimmer with me and that it’s really it it really sucks up quite a bit of vodka and milk shakes whatever happened to be going into my mouth you don’t you don’t feel it because I don’t have any nerve endings in my mustache I wish cats do walruses like I I don’t I don’t you use my mustache dude to to detect the width of openings I want to get through that’s why I’m still sober call him I’d a mustache for a while for instance just as a crazy hypothetical I can’t feel it but then like
on the head or something that’s just like a sponge like it everywhere all over her head she doesn’t complain about it smells like vodka but I don’t know but I guess there’s nothing wrong with it maybe I’ll cross that off my complaint list that goes into bragging, mustache absorption
but I turned it down it’s fine okay moving anywhere any more complaints in here we just got a couple things last time I complain to about airports because I wanted to get to this one thing I never got to really stupid machines talking about this yesterday at the wasn’t there yesterday at the saying the podcast Festival your girlfriend and her producer and I was going to get a raise his hand okay bummer for you I’m just going to say everything again by Barry guy I’ve never seen him in anything I don’t know he’s at he’s now he’s he’s he’s in a movie I don’t know anything about Tyler Perry I saw the first but I think that was breakout his clerks what was it called
Madea Diary of a Mad Black Woman I think it was since then there’s been several media has become the black earnest
2 She Goes to Camp she goes to prison and she goes to hell so she goes to outer space she Saves Christmas
I don’t know which one would I know one of them is true she is either safe Christmas are gone. Gone to prison prison for sure what did she save Christmas
did it as a joke I knew he didn’t know I bet he does I don’t know nothing about no Tyler Perry the car on the way over cuz we drove past one of those Billboards if you were Tyler Perry’s roommate I get it no
thumbs down and now he is flipping me off and he’s wearing like a it’s like a poncho polo shirt cuz he’s gangster crowd is crazy apartment transparent and crazy Tyler Perry that you were saying that Tyler Perry would say this is Tyler Perry’s mustard
he knows too much of a 200. Connector you know probably love that Adam Goldberg probably love that
isn’t it easy as usual it was it was an Asperger joke
all right as you call it Asperger’s just hangs out now which is fine I guess he’s a weirdo he’s a lovable weirdo I’m a misfit harmontown is about founding a colony of Misfits Adam Goldberg should have some in a statue of him somewhere on the moon if we get there but he was hanging out he just he just popped by the drawing-room are watering hole that we were hanging out with Eric idle from Mike Tyson from Monty Python
hey do miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like a verb you’re always in good hands
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Jeff is friends with this goes this this comedy icon Legend and we’re hanging out with him at our local watering hole and Adam Goldberg was there to end up at my house hanging out and Adam Goldberg was leaving the house at the same time as Eric idle and turned to Eric idle and said it was really nice to meet you have a card
I think there’s something to be mined from the encounter with what I thought was just a cool old British dude I didn’t come here in June to be like I’m going to involve myself in but now that I grab the microphone I’ve been impugned Jeff is like I can I can kind of show the tapestry of what you’ve accused of espers genus I would much prefer if we said the word personality I’d like to think that all the social awkwardness is earned rather than diagnosed which is the only reason I sent
so now that you have I’d like to say a great personality and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder treated to medication
I’m not I’m not going to this is going to be the first live drug deal via podcast
is this the candy that lets you focus I can say it now
holy smokes
lay down
no one online. Any of that they could have put their money on the barrel put it in the incinerator so
I’m killing it I’m killing it in the exposition I’m killing it
I go down to House of Pies for a meetup.com inspired Game of Cards Against Humanity and pies
what’s a conversation not I’m not I’m not an oddity I’m a weirdo you can you can touch that you can touch the display and I go over to the House of Pies does not serve liquor as well they shouldn’t go over there and I see Jeff chatting with our dear friend Kate and the cool yes please
just went to get a drink for himself and Adam who doesn’t have Asperger’s at all somehow interpreted Jeff getting a drink as a as an opera.
offer to get him a drink
thank you hope all right so you’re at House of Pies and I need to go over there I need to meet some of our good friends over there and I’ve ever have to talk to because I couldn’t really hear much of anything at the bar
I think he introduced himself and said my name is London and would rather cuz I guess that’s great I’ll wait until someone uses it in conversation later which never happened after the angle you’re playing the whole night I know I just thought you were that did it seem like I knew what was I do not know what what does social cues in your eyes. You must have known I was just being yourself is an anti-war poem off of your phone it was allowed slam poetry
I am normally loud anyway so that’s hard to distinguish one of the brutal also like that poem so I think about my ten-year-old self with a guy on a velvet couch looking at a at a hologram phone guy
your War brother screaming at the top of his head in the car
you know who the rebels are but you don’t know Eric idle I would recognize him much more I mean it was a mistake on my part but I think Englishmen look like equally bias that were laughing at you cuz you asked him for his card I said he doesn’t have a card is there any weather of a natural ability to 2 to pick up on it to your empathy but now because it’s been pronounce i v Miss stepped and then you texted Erin it said sorry about that I didn’t know it was Eric idle all night I’m going to go ahead and call my theory is that that’s a little damage control Goldberg and horseshit R8
Aaron’s phone number so you can send her that that that that texted I’ve got her number was by saying I lost my phone my phone broke I didn’t go what was your number again and she gave it to you and then we walked away like he never had my number
your diabolical I think I think it’s just been a long time this hold this whole personality thing that you’ve been faking just as slowly take over Hermantown he’s not an unintelligent a man obviously we know that was under to defend myself from the accusation of being scheming and evil but I’d like to defend and say that your your accusation of me being competent is far afield what can you tell me what company making me make you a drink
I thought I thought you were all I can tell you I don’t know if you can tell him podcast has about four vertical feet on me and horizontal
3 foot by 3 foot 4 inches
t-square Adam as long as you’re up here the last time you were up on stage blackout drunk I heard the recording of that and I have some questions including what’s wrong with your spine you kept mentioning a mixture of long term muscular dystrophy which I’m going to fall victim to in 30 years and you’re not allowed to work is a process where eventually you lose nerve tissue is muscle tissue in a way that it doesn’t regenerate so actually you lose a lot of lower body function and severe cases you just can’t use your muscles it’s like you have I know that it’s hereditary in my dad has a pretty bad so it’s not like it’s in the car
chick comes on like diabetes like you don’t have it now but you’re saying you’re a highly at risk for a risk for it being in front of a monitor for the past
14 years has thrown into garnish off suit it looks like a??
they can be a little show about your call. What’s up with Adam and end if you could be the? At the end of the atoms bonded so crooked to make Jeff look straight
I know that’s that’s for getting 50 retweets for a picture of me doing this thing it’s the face of Asperger’s that guy Jeff pulling you I didn’t I can take him
what’s the face of Asperger’s I said it was a Hermantown Asperger’s fight or something like that
Barney for the twist as like a cool little as we walk down to it that he was taking a cab protective construction there whose birthday is coming up like Will Smith
you just used to be spelled with an S instead of a t h like Welcome To Earth
I have a speech impediment you just a birthday Rock I used to not be able to tell the difference between specific and Pacific it was a terrible turn off that I can’t I can’t even say I don’t get me started on like Theory and the wac now that I’m highly aware of it and find this is where can I get a Time
musicman for the kid
hang out with the crew
all right well that’s just the clarification of the story I’m going to go see Over Yonder everybody
an unremarkable name for a very remarkable young lad be set upon spine according to him
we should we should bring up I guess pretty soon
what does it just turning in we are well into a campaign of Dungeons and Dragons and we have it at the dungeon master to the Stars Spencer just go as fast as I get this trailer off a guest in the house tonight we’re going to have him come up and eat with us just a quick thing cuz I’ve been traveling a lot lately we’re going to the airport security
North Carolina security take off your belt you put your wallet in the saying laptop put in a separate they put the shoes the think you go through the same and then it’s the only thing that I don’t understand about it is it the very end when you’re when you’re through the whole thing I didn’t you grab your belt your shoes nearby like cuz you know you can’t you can’t like telling what a dick there because it’s a terrorist if you got your goal now you just fucking what are you talkin about I’m half naked I got all my shit in the fucking thinks you’re at what’s going on why is everything so slow around here
what is the crazy people take my shoes off are you
say it, rescued a guy tweeted that he was going to blow up an airport and they went to his house and because he was at the airport when he tweeted it but then they like had to figure out who I was and I went to his house in like hockey referee just got busted for making it legal to joke that you have a bomb I guess it so that you can’t kind of like Heath Ledger Joker at like
so you can’t you can’t fuck around with that kind of conversation in an airport because it took throw a monkey wrench into the TSA works not a government agency private company
nothing in the Constitution about any of this going on by the way
I think that Al-Qaeda is is going like
don’t ever see that coming how do we do it let’s do 9:12 my sister is retarded
the al-Qaeda is retarded and by that I mean that there are capable of anything
nice save but I also do it when I go to go in town of patriot act retarded
but but that’s your know you don’t understand retarded people are special their courageous they can do anything they’re cowards are jealous of our way of life
they accidentally knocked down to the two biggest buildings in the world with a box cutter there their they’re completely ineffective they should be totally ignored
please welcome to the stage Steve Agee
I tried to earlier man attractive I don’t like I am a control freak I like I like to bring the guest up
Riviera Theater Princeton
call Chandra we discovered a thing at the yesterday show at this podcast rest of our stand up and then he’s a music queue after each joke
how about that piece I was masturbating yesterday and shot a load of sweat
it’s a good thing it’s like a it’s like a laughing Jesus these guys you know
speed rap
They don’t serve peanuts so you know anymore. I was on the flight and I didn’t even serve food and I notice in my in my seat in front of me they didn’t even have barf bags I was like why not the barf bags or like what we don’t serve food anymore.
We’ll be right back
so Stevie can I play Dungeons & Dragons with us I’d love to try right before never nor have I until until this campaign I really honestly it’s embarrassing to say but the last show that we did we’re proof came up we played Indiana last game right at the last show right we skipped it cuz Spencer had he had a beard opening
to speak at cut the ribbon with beard scissors
it said something that it’s not like he he thought he’d be on time because they usually go very fast because as you know
is a beard scissor a sharp cuz they’re not they’re not they’re not used for anything but cutting ribbons cut their beards Barons calling me and Aaron calling and texting and wondering if her character is going to be in this game of Catch of the Day
wow what a sexy call you in a second
yeah that’s what I meant for turning your phone off during a show that I wanted to be on stage with adjust guess that you could knock me over with a feather right now
our heroes had been camping in the county Forest as they were heading deeper into the forest releaf Tylenol with codeine in a fit of confusion and self-doubt Sharpie left his friends and got all reflective in deep while looking into a lake resolving to confront his daddy issues after ending the dark influence of Admiral Darkstar Sharpie and cork renewed their Adventure is packed and with a new sense of confidence and purpose plunged Into the Heart of the forest of shadows as I get older
I could just consult with you each day what happened yesterday Spencer went to the bank because he needed to get a cashier’s receipt for a sex toy. What are you talking about Spencer I don’t know I just found believed it to be in the parking lot
what’s up a beer doobie I don’t know what
right now talk
sorry I’m really Goldberg in it up here man
all right so that was at characters and you said your girlfriend didn’t want to come with you right

ocean come with you to LA
Jeff hey Dan you doing great over there man
thanks buddy
turn your fucking phone on
hello there I put it on speaker
I thought I would get weird like at it like an infinity mirror
this is like the early days of
hello Aaron Aaron I’m going to try to merge the calls you give me a call with you
Alexander Graham Bell had seen this day coming
hey Jeff what are you guys doing over there
yeah I can see it
can you guys have a bit for you from my Evernote bit file for harmontown
hold on a second did you guys know that in high school
famous Austrian physicist Erwin Schrodinger left with a veterinarian
Adam Adam you like that
no it’s cool
all right come on up
Erin mcgathy
and Adam Goldberg and passion just start the stage whenever you want everybody just come on up
I am usually the one that is the most entertained at these shows I should I should be called the audience we tried it was worth a try did it work what do you mean I mean we need to know how things work when I get up there around 1 call can someone call you
talk about it more
I did invite you up did you call her coccyx
one step ahead of you.
The Schrodinger get it cuz he’s famous for the cat they are you going to put anything in that box you know that you know that at one point like some girl he liked like married a veterinarian or something.
is like I’m going to use my physics powers to hold a cat’s life and then in in in the palm of my hand for all of eternity
well do we start playing Dungeons and Dragons now all trees
the thick tall trees give away too spindly gnarled brambles and the pack dirt and loam of the forest Fade Into muddy swamps as You Follow The Path deep within dark stars Seth desecration you didn’t bark out stupid the sounds of wildlife die off and all is quiet saving occasional clacking Russell and the ripples of water lapping at running tree trunks 3DS cork how are you yeah well when you’re when you’re walking is this described
you know it’s that time time can fly
and have mold Darkstar what are the corrupting influence of Admiral Dark Star and his dark cult have rocks in terrible destruction on the forest transforming it into the forest of Shadows to assault a ziggurats in hopes of dethroning him and ending his dark I know that I know it is ziggurat is but just for everybody else that doesn’t know what is figure out is a pyramidal temple use for the worship Chase Bank Scrappy no problem
examine my surrounding Spencer you see a wooden sign hanging from a blackened husk of a tree standing in the middle of the muddy path it is a dog with a black school and a black star under the sign you see a pile of corpses but wait
that’s all the time I was fearing comes within the corpses it may be a Survivor extricate himself from the pile of corpses and stands he’s wearing plate armor and holding the golden seal of people or speak Survivor I’m a human June
please help me I’m lying in a pile of corpses help me
do you want us to sit chill and gold bright Morris Gold bright Sterling New Friends
how do you feel about that what’s with your overzealous friend here fellas you’re asking me
have you seen Admiral Darkstar any of his minions yeah but they’re the ones that caused all this bullshit that I’m laying here in
how is it my friend how is it how is it that you are the Lone Survivor of this travesty word and I hid beneath the bodies for safety
laid his corpse over me
laughing now the sole survivor to tell us surely you would like to join your friends Dead behind you of course yes I would like to help avenge
letters from synagogues
mr. Harman Howard Lee Jewish character redeem himself as a potential special interest group With Disaster
by the way that’s our own perception I never mentioned race if you read into that it’s not me
Beauty Supplies ever
characters male and I’ve always thought of him as black
all right well I wouldn’t come to light if I didn’t bring it up when I get crucified
but it doesn’t so much less breakable than a level one
I have a little too high
impenetrable my affordable dick can’t even get through it
it’s like a horse
I’m sorry if I did examine the paths around us
pass the black entry you see a massive construction of sticks mud and bones with a gated graveyard to the South Dark Star cigarette past the graveyard you see figures cloaked in Black digging with shovels and Hauling corpses perhaps a fire out of their Vision, hearing behind this tree you’re pretty far off they haven’t noticed you inside the fenced area of my nature but I recommend we hide
you always recommend that all right thank you I second that
I know where there’s a pile of corpses we can hide under you guys
Maurice Maurice gold price has an exam and the gate all right
super strength with all of it in a red light green light flashing blue camouflage towards the gates of the cemetery
I want you to close
you hide yourself into the pile of bodies and managed to shift it ever slowly towards the gate.
approaching the front gate you noticed that no one is taking notice of you
and put them on my body
if I do it cooler
you managed to put one body on top of your own take a rush over towards I say this is one of those situations like in a movie where it you know like if we can take one of these guys out you know we take their robes and you can see them are you evil or detect magic or some kind of thing like that
that’s metagaming you don’t know that. Then I propose a present its stains fabric
when’s Father’s Day alright look you can get some at the store later are there any of them that are away from the from the larger amount of them as that are vulnerable to some kind of like a little Ambush little subterfuge a little one about five foot off of the hole in the fence you might be able to dash over there and take him out before anyone notices I’m going to sleep spell is the saying can I can’t sleep I’m trying to put this guy to sleep nice
all right he successfully no he does not successfully save making him fall asleep he falls asleep no eggs
built it doesn’t seem very stylish cork all right well I got the robe on I’m in Disguise infiltrates Sharpie I’m going to infiltrate I’m going to I’m going to watch the behavior of my my cohorts and quotes
you notice a market difference between two types of cohorts one moves stiffly slowly on noticing of others the other seemed pretty normal hauling corpses into the ziggurats and looking about like regular people who got some Walking Dead shit going on here I say to myself might knowing The Walking Dead the movements of the stiff stiff ones you successfully emulate the movements You Walk Among Us looking good
show me how to get up to that cigarette and where you approach the door of the garage. It is open all right
I am open the door to the cigarette it’s already open are inside the ziggurats and see a large Stone entry hall several coat racks stand in the hall I know that’s a trick I’m supposed to hang up the road but that’s my disguise holding several black clothes
I’m going to grab a couple of them in the room watching do you do try to do the sneaky he’s he’s he’s really high Ballin me he hasn’t taken much notice of you but perhaps if you took a few clothes he might you think to yourself and tell him that he’s here to pick up the dry cleaning person on him okay he regards you with high interest as if you are a trusted friend or Ally how are you doing quotes you should grab several
3 is fine are you thirsty would you what would you like a drink he procures the cloaks and a drink and it puts them in a bag for you
how is Tracy I’m so glad you remembered this is why we’re close friends
I’m doing well as am I different
you know that Admiral Darkstar always creating Undead and taking power naps
catch you on the flip-flop have a good time at the cigarettes and go back to my real can Patriots not in quotes you managed to do this with Wallace scaping notice who’s impressed now
nice to see you be brave
I’m an indoor person I teach these guys had a walk stiffly in a hilarious Shaun of the Dead Montage you think you managed to communicate the proper manner in which to walk into the cigarette cigarette donning the cloaks that Sharpie has brought in adopting the mannerisms of the Dead you managed to waltz right in past all the undead and guards
you’re going to see a guy and the entryway it’s cool he’s with me
I examined the cigarette the outside or the inside entry hall Blue candles line the walls and sconces on each wall of the squared
wait what does there’s distance
I approached the door on the far left on the far left
the door on the far left you witness the approaching of the door I examined his witness the examination of the witness at the door
I tremble the Trimble is pitiable
do you want to hear you want to listen at the door perhaps
do you open the door wearing the cloak you can listen to the sounds of people sitting you here using your half elf ears you hear the sitting of the people in the room
just for reference
I was holding the mic near my butt for the Pod last case for that
I’m so tired I could I’d love a seat even though I still feel like something’s going to really pay off I think you’re going to say the day somehow better I’m telling you it sued
well that’s another stereotype isn’t it
I’m just making it worse
Molotov cocktails in the middle the sounds of scraping as if someone in something is being drug across the stone floor but what are we hoping to hear happy birthday we’re looking for the door where you hear silence well that’s a start

that was the cultist listen to many Amad raving are dazzling lecture in this room a golden statue stands well behind the podium but the statue is missing its head you don’t know what statement of sculpture was trying to make
start credit card speak to you at all the statue that’s one of my kind
I don’t like the fact that he’s missing a head
thank you
walk to the Statue and examine it as large 9 ft tall statue you can’t see on top of its head and see if there’s like a button where his head should be here to examine the top of the statue you can see like a setting as if something is supposed to fit in there
Lincoln Bakery
there’s a door on the other side of the room
I examined the video ever it looks circular with a round with a square peg
circular mirror with a square peg leg sticking out of the net on the other side of this wooden door that you hate that you standing at the door you can’t help but shake the the perceptible smell of foul running the K you hear the same scraping sounds as if something is being dragged across on the stone floor really scary Giants to that middle room with the scraping in the Dragon
arrows for the door your arrows by the way I have a speaker
when you get ready to charge in there when I’m ready to go just because the door is stench through the door frame you see an assortment of Bones it looks like a snake but is made out of the fuse rib cages of what appears to be at least forty men the head of the snake is not a snake head but instead of golden skull of a human eating about the floor creating a lab grating sound I attacked a snake with my my sword
drawing your sword and lunging at the snake you strike at its back
everything’s ruined
you strike the back of the snake your sword Rings against its own thing you strike a crack
it takes
11 damage that’s pretty good alright
golf tournament
Jeff Davis has swung at The Human Centipede monster
11 points
I get out from behind the door so I can get into this melee with some of my trademark smells like Ray front magic Missile more like you head into the door as an arrow directly at the snake
you hit the snake critically it is a critical hit
but but but but a ratings disaster
that was like James Cook’s Arrow
lodges in the neck of the snake it hits 4:14 damage
the snake falls apart into bone pieces to your feet
you know what kid you’re alright
hey Maurice you like
I inspect the head with my Loop
easily worth at least 50 pill Platinum piece
into the other room and put it on top of the statue on top of the statue other room you move to the other room and do that successfully head fits perfectly on to the shoulders of the statue you hear a far-off grinding and the statue slowly turns revealing a staircase upwards good time to quit but will pick things up from front from there next week.
all right there’s like a fee is more rain for Donna
can usually hey Zack you do that clock is lit up what it what are we looking at what are we done here tonight what’s the damage so I guess forever in search of a of an ending
when I got here for this very awkward wedding the bride or groom are listening Aaron’s little brother Michael is a delightful little guy and his lovely wife Bonnie congratulations to them I think because of lack of resources in busy schedules and things they they they put their wedding in the in the hands of of of of what I have no problem characterizing as an evil Southern family family that’s like Friends of the of the of the Bride but they’re like not related biologically to anybody but there were more of them at the wedding and they had it was like Dallas like they owned everything and they hated everyone and they were just there to watch The Wedding disappointing experience
they also like hosted the wedding rehearsal dinner at their house but they all ate inside and it was very cold out and they built a fire for us like cavemen you’re welcome to be out there just like we were they they did research they probably Googled weddings or something and they they invited us in for end of the end of the end of the indoors for at for a wedding game where are the bride and groom had to sit back to back and remove one shoe each and they said of each holding a shoe and sitting back to back and then never all the guests had written questions on an index card like a who’s going to clean the
toilets and then they they each hold up one of the shoes either they are to the spouses dumb shut the fuk up wedding games ever gone to a reception I went to a wedding in Milwaukee when they played the wedding game where the groom was blindfolded and the Bridesmaids were all lined up with with the bride sitting in chairs and he had to try to guess which woman was his by feeling their legs
that’s a recipe for Success a Japanese imagine a wedding reception cuz it was it was it was very fast and furious and there was a guy that introduced to the bride and groom at the reception it was it was like we were all hostages so weird I kept expecting I was thinking like a great cold open of a pilot if you were at a wedding reception of there’s something off about it and you don’t know what it is and then someone would run in and go
number to a table full of guns and likes to top to wear in a free-fire Zone and we were we were witnessing a futile attempt to emulate a golden age Society Space Marines probably Raiders of the Lost Ark theme I think a new way of life together has been trying to get to if they play their cards right you know by the end of it it’s like thank you and my wife and I thank you so much for helping thank God the Nazis didn’t get married instead
which which character would be the the minister or the officiant
different you and I value our artifacts that I would go I don’t know about that I would I would want to be a protagonist out I would learn how to get married I would I would I would start my God this is bullshit you know all I need is my blaster on my side I don’t believe in no Force someone off my plane
Harrison Ford wedding to love soon as you were married
I want to call my wife
in all seriousness I would like I would like to have liked something to the ceremony where where so you know they say Speak now or forever business like that so it’s become a joke now but it would be nice to have somebody come in that was like you know just like dressed like I’ve been up present purple monster something I got like
get out of here I’m going to marry this woman
I got a cool you’re never going to get married
you find a woman is willing to have her brother dressed like a purple monster romantic Stella for the tax benefits
Prince wow eventually babies don’t get married
sometimes they die sometimes the baby dies without ever knowing what love is
find Mary dead baby
I’m sorry but you know I’m once again I’m not I don’t know
for some reason I can’t remember what it was we went on a ghost tour
want to go to the park with why do they why do they bring this up we were in North Carolina were there for the wedding I’m so sorry and tell me about it when I walking Ghost Tour Nashville it was a it was a ghost adventure yeah I was like at like literally I was like a ghost hunter thank you lady with who wear socks and sandals and a windbreaker just walking around pointing at buildings and you keep pointing at his church and telling people that she hates you on his property
goes away within two weeks of gathers no parking location
Ghost Hunters traipsing through your property
ghosts of our economy has is high they still trickling down
she she gave me an actual like meter like I do also electricity and water and temperature variation is next to a building
just building Powerline fire hydrant or sidewalk you’re holding that thing is at least it was beeping in lighting up thermometer one of those laser you know like when there’s ghosts like he can be very cold and all the steps to a thermometer can actually be a valuable thing work anyway like I only read temperature like from across the street.
hilariously funny looks like you’re giving me a thermometer and saying you can use it to Doug chick goes I don’t know
I don’t know if there’s a ghost in the machine and then the other girl girl that was the only person that was actually into the whole thing what did she get what was her tool oh she had another ghost meter the girls got ghost meters
it was two couples two couples at rods two sticks together if there’s a ghost or water or a for electricity around. Too heavy for him to hold anymore because you didn’t open the show with the story I’m going to guess you didn’t see any good and then and then you take pictures of High ghost areas and then you look at them and then you seem like I’m a blob of on the thing and it goes It goes towards yeah yeah I used to be Ghost Hunter no big deal
during the Depression any just like pull up your phone and go like no no one ever jumped off at building or a ridiculous person because anyone reply and he said don’t fart
it’s like it’s like spring off in the jungle I guess ghosts hate farts as what he was saying
is that why he doesn’t see any Ghost in the Shell is it before I get back I’ll tell him tell him tell him, he dies here every night
you can still hear the old number 9 by really don’t I really don’t remember why I brought it North Carolina it was an it was an awkward wedding reception the Jackson family if you’re listening you can go find yourselves
do bad people they just don’t ever has a wedding rehearsal dinner they’re going to they’re going to be so confused by how many questions I have before I show up I’m going to are you sure it’s okay if I come like yeah my welcome like cuz I’ve never I’ve never felt so unwelcome in a wedding rehearsal in my life but shoes everyone has to write down a thing out of index cards ask a question my question is not very hard about it you know it’s like every other question is posed to be like it is the year 2038
nuclear Armageddon has occurred there are bands of mutant Raiders are encroaching on your territory to take your last can of beans which of the two of you is most likely to be the first to use lethal Force to protect your resources
hi I what you know Aaron went out grab the question and then then shared it with her brother and he’s like that now there’s a question answered about a shoe feel like an idiot there’s a good question thank you Michael mcgathey I agree I should be a writer
everybody dresses jareth for Halloween from Labyrinth Labyrinth David Bowie’s character in courage to come what what are showing your Halloween 29th two shows the proximity Halloween that’s next week and then we have a show of the 29th so I was going to be on Halloween harmontown is jareth David Bowie’s character in Labyrinth that are all going to go take over some bar we’re all going to go somewhere we’ll figure it out and headed to walk into a bed we’re going to we’re going to sing the dance Muppet dance what’s the
it’s a Halloween shirt
the Halloween event Sean Connery the most things down here
Sean Connery going on Netflix the gray just because of your impression of Liam Neeson Netflix they don’t they don’t scream director video from video on demand. The Writers Guild agreed to and they don’t get residuals
they just want to eat you
alright well let’s let’s figure out how to end this thing quick and I’m coming to your store Steve AG has a what kind of store is I heard pickles
pickles are pickles and just so you know I have my finger on the play button for Xanadu okay is there a Pity laugh or you just like I want to go home so I’m going to pretend like you that was funny enough to close the shop I’m not going to lie I won’t do it the more you do that the more I’ll punish you you’ll be here all night I’m sorry we will close the show on a genuine sincere joyous eruption and nothing more nothing less than right
I am from a i m a i m a
is this plug of the pickles Pik Kilz!! My father started the business and he was a half-wit he’s just stupid I guess I’ll take two standard deals a sweet basket and can I get a jar of relish just then the owner of pickles the old the old man who created the store Adam Goldberg enters the pickles stork
hey Dad
daddy wants a relish basket
I can I can hear you
yeah you can see you too Dad
did he did
he wasn’t impressed with the sign.
did you call me I am at 3
music 3/4 with I’m sorry I heard you say upselling I I’ve came over pickles I feel like I have the club we send out I don’t want to get a new charger now it’s mostly recipes and it’s mostly the same
there is a membership has its benefits
Sister Sister
Adam Goldberg closes his second episode of harmontown
Titan games
attack Emily great producer Daniel Kramer program director designer
apartment Jeff Davis
Dan Harmon your mayor everyone God bless you thank you very much for coming we’ll see you next week


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