Episode: 17 – Grumblesnakes!


Episode: 17 – Grumblesnakes!


It’s election night fever when Dan and Jeff realize that the episode will air long after the election. Clearly a devout Democrat, Dan complains about his hired help before bringing up a real live woman to referee history’s least informed Harry Potter trivia competition. Plus: transitional D&D! Freestyle rapping! Not knowing how to end the show!


everybody how are you doing tonight
fantastic Welcome to Hollywood California I think you’re listening to it that in the podcast Universe please put your hands together and open your heart to the mayor of harmontown Dan Harmon
you guys are Fab or Mater whatever you whatever that music was just narratively and
I kind of a big night for stuttering conceptually before we took the stage we are standing at the precipice of a chair I didn’t know I would I really don’t follow the politics but we just did the math of the Green Room even though right now tonight we have no idea when the stairs we will know so we have an opportunity to create multiple timelines my favorite my favorite thing to Razor’s Edge right now is that we don’t know anything about or what happened at all or they’ll be a new guy who seems like a douchebag
those people
I don’t watch the news I don’t know the first thing about politics let’s do two different openings whatever however you but but like bring me the card of the Galaxy heads or tails Romney
20 heads Obama one
you guys we’re not divulge who we don’t know how you think we will have got a job to do the whole opening
such a good mood tonight. It was a squeaker likes pretending like we have a choice when we don’t actually are you saying that voting for one of two people it was an electoral college that your vote doesn’t matter at all crazy who would be incentivised to do that accept a higher Echelon of rich people that own everything and all of them of everything in common in and out number the mother fuc out of them
it feels good because here’s why it feels good because that other guy was fucking creepy I can’t believe in a field Republican choices
next year right now I got their head out of their ass and sucking
I never think of this guy Romney it always seemed like a joke you don’t remember Steve Forbes name that play on the Republican side of it is a million of the Democrats side too but like it’s so weird it looks like we will never thank God hear the words John McCain it again but he revealed himself in the final stages to be so vile and right at the end there Romney just went radio silent. Just fucking turn into a alligator eyes above swamp level I thought Jeff for a second that something was about to happen but we still live in a completely at acacia
people thought that the Obama’s dick has about 70 year old women blue be balanced to them because they’re back then paper was made of hemp before pot was illegal so you could you were allowed to back then tattoo your presidential choice from overseas onto a slave dick and send him to America and it was an absentee ballot
this is all a bunch of bulshit I mean it doesn’t the point is like 70% of Indiana was like unaccounted for and it was a sway but anyways I was so is great
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss go in a huge family gathering if I can smell food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes all the themes were late to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like you’re always in good hands
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what’s the approximate time together
let’s hope this one is it I don’t know all the facts
pitcher Mitt Romney support our troops I support the people that don’t support them voted for Mitt
why just the one it’s weird it’s the swing States
but I can’t get an abortion anymore
raging forever I mean that abortions have been that television so you’re probably happy to have somebody laughs as his main focus is to get you a job again, me and the trickling down with the hmos in the hedge funds relief because the last thing you want to do is is it in a giant Nation full of people is that help people like I just find that repulsive than see how he obviously his dad was a very poor and a half thousand straight to me the Electoral College ever I just then there are sent it over
people don’t know that nobody really ever going to have a good grasp of daylight savings time or the Electoral College this is important I think it’s good that we live in a nation that we’re rounding elected
how much women like women are allowed
Jenkins to pull a curtain stuff secretly vote for Obama and women don’t care about those deal I bought for more griddle
Jamaican flag
I need a wife thank you thank you Matt Romney for your new Mormon Evernote no husband left behind program
pancake / 1/8 of an inch of 95 wives chasing them out they feel like Mitt Romney won the election can we just reset it and pretend elections don’t matter and start harmontown I’m going to restart the show with the song I don’t know I’m just going to crouch I wanted to come up
please put your hands together
what are you doing
Dad Harvest
the electric
who’s your mama got an Indian cut the gun up Lauryn Hill Alanis Morissette reference if you don’t do it like a flapjack do the Rolling Pin Donuts
I think I think we’re out of breath from wrapping faster to the ketchup the ketchup to the mustard
Adam Goldberg can you pour me another drink
I decided they’re putting her to use
just now
did you put any ice yes
cat mostly ice water
Adam Goldberg everybody
that’s when I ran that with custard
condiment rap
I can smell my own armpits right now I took off my sweater and I know this is super bad okay I talked to my Gardener I talked to him
for those of you were faithful listeners you know one of my problems and I wasn’t allowed to complain about his I felt like my Gardener was up to no good my grass is turning brown and it seems like he doesn’t give a shit head for 35 years while I’m sure not for the big he’d be like a weird Kubrick you like space baby he was there for a long time I inherited him from that seem Politically Incorrect
indentured to him his servitude
for the truth
doing a great job could you to do it if we crash slowly started dying away I have a feeling my theory is I think the old German lady that lived there before me I think she I think she was out there every day she loved her moved into a house that was cared for by its matriarch flowers everywhere everything’s beautiful it was beautiful. That way it’s kind of chair that just complete Blackness but slowly the grass is returning from green to Brown again this The Heading of this is think I’m not allowed to complain about so it’s fuck you for judging me while I complain about it what do you what do you think of remedy for that is why I talked to the gardener and and I said seems like the grass is brown now
and he said you need to make green
and he said it was winter winter seed it’s not winter I would like to do those things that you’re talking about he rattled off a bunch of things and it was like I’ll pay anything and he said that he was waiting in voice you he’s like a Teamster with crass that’s what it is he was leaning on me to a nation of renters
next thing on my list
my mail program on my computer it won’t let me turn it off shut down the computer it says mail I wouldn’t call myself a hacker in days of old but I used to know how to make a fucking I won the future Business Leaders of America competition in high school
Computer Applications in business I wrote a code for a Commodore 64 that would run an invoice program I was competing with guys were riding in Pascal Cobalt I won with my Commodore 64 basic program it was like 20 pages long I won second place but I was a guy was a monkey I don’t know what they call him the programmer machines my bitch and I just you turn into your grandpa I remember my grandpa before he died of emphysema like I remember him feel like fighting to The Bitter End like like with his specs on his nose like running is a little match like when they look like little beige machines a little smile face on it is like to make a spreadsheet
I’m up the 33rd level
I fought the Nazis in war and died because no one cares about his money now I’m 40 I can’t make these fucking things work it’s not a warning it’s not a message it says it’s a complaint if you want to shut me out or guess what guess what
the creator of Monster House you just like you just lost every everything I could have told you on read it
alright next thing I hate writing I hate writing I’m writing I’m writing with a bunch of things for a living and I hate writing
Jean it is that why you keep getting fired from job because I love riding those shows when I get out of the air terrible your inertia arrested a hard to get that body in motion I went to the motion it’s hard to stop the range of popular analogy that guy’s writers use that women love it’s like childbirth it’s yes it’s wonderful yes it’s a miracle yes therefore I like doing it no I don’t like doing it it’s terrible it hurts it’s it’s the worst I would rather not have to do it but I know that if I didn’t have to do it I’d be a shity person I I don’t want to have to do it I do what I have to do it I hate it sucks fuck you hate writing
stupid dumb I I don’t like I don’t like these people who make these blogs that you run across rain and I I I have a Tumblr and I like to talk to you about about my writing career and I I’m a published author has had three poems about sesame seeds in my end I should have made her a woman cuz the guy sexist make it a guy making a published author of a published author as all right I sent to the thing in through an envelope and they published in their border Lee farm Report it doesn’t matter that the disturbing stranger
my forbidden Stranger Comes to me and moments that I don’t understand
are you sure this is about writing well that you’re not supposed to know until the end talking about writing but they make it sound like I’m having an affair changes coming
comes without warning I wrestle with him in the mid-afternoon my husband wishes he wouldn’t do it so much but I have to I’m reading your writing right now
driving you suck you’re terrible writer of course it’s fun for you
I am sorry yes
Google writing is like is his you are in a prison cell with God and he has his way with you and you do what you can to stay alive
uq exchange whatever favors you have to exchange you just use it is the reality how confident are you that the other script deals or whatever you think that you’re going to like like I got to eat a turd it’s got to happen cuz it was awesome how how good are the next two things and I mean you just projecting that to be easy enough to God that I that I can somehow squeak through but also I’m not sure for three years yeah how can it just doesn’t look like
like Charlie Kaufman
Larry David
yeah fine okay
Charlie Kaufman Larry David or the next two things are going to suck a dick and then there’s the title of episode Tracy it’s not called the decision where I’m not allowed to scrutinize. I’m just telling a little bummed out
the command is not a bargain
tolerate it surround
I have too many TVs moving on TV pressure I saw in a movie that Dan and I don’t know how much alike and probably taste the same but they don’t fucking taste the same as their orange and chocolate can be any color and taste as good as your shity brown chocolate
are we ready for Halloween man no more kids than usual this year and they’re all dressed as shit and they’re all going to they all need Reese’s step on it
chocolate chocolate
the wire The Wire
timely most of you were nine you have the upstairs movie like all day and he has a bigger TV screen movie screen where the giant screen the scream like a 60-inch screen about to hang out a hard right into the stream before then bring pizza and let’s say seven feet from my face and I turn around there’s a 40in screen 3 ft from my house because I moved the couch
the couch the 60-inch became obsolete it’s just above a couch now it’s like Logan’s Run there a girl can appear on that guy would you like to spend the night with me but it’s not for an actual be like I just don’t know what to do with it I’ll sell it I don’t know but I have enough that’s enough talking about it it’s uncharismatic too many TVs I do like that is office giant cabinet tree thing going on there’s a doorway of a small as a giant desk
maybe this is the movie room but there really is no where they said to drink and I thought something you said we were going to move the couch away from the little bar rail behind it like that’s exactly what I was thinking it becomes like that are Minecraft it just becomes like this constant 3 pixels or you’re not a dick like me as a person I’ve ever known but your house is coming together once you bring up my next point my final complaint the ending tonight segment things I’m at 11:20 with girlfriend and not getting along with my designer
yeah she never from the beginning he’s he’s not he’s not a good person and he they don’t they don’t get along all right and I think they both fit into the same if you have a designer he’s coming into your home to do what a girlfriend would do if she moved in with you right kind of by the day there is I don’t mean that that’s what women are supposed to do I just mean that that ate a person that you’re bringing it to your home to go out should I get all the stuff they’re trampling on professional male Nest Builder right into the into the special for me I have no opinions about this stuff so it that professional that’s Builder comes in no wrong answers from him kind of like he is functioning as a girlfriend in that capacity because I am gone I don’t know whatever
what do care about this shit I secretly do but I don’t know anything about it I don’t know what time they don’t like each other why does it manifest by the pillow and she says it’s itchy
is it itchy
Aaron’s right okay but I’m not going to decorate my house
with all these are things I’m not allowed to complain about that’s the end of the
I think they make one more addition I think we audience is a little too assertive with their end of the segment of laws
I think you I think you’ve got a little too big for your clapping breeches you don’t think I know what that means less transparent when they really want to get out of here and we’ve gone too long I just want us to get off the stage designer into the bus unwrapping a plastic bag in it so what are you guys doing we’re going to London and Amsterdam London dirty
silly thing to say to somebody that just told you they’re going to lend at it was supposed to do like send an advance team to sweep over there and I didn’t even get to continue the dark dark energy to terrible show so awful we were killing a child doesn’t matter that wasn’t very trying to get me to complain about your backpedal too much I should fucking Barrel ahead that’s my last complaint myself I handle these complaints directions to too bad now applied Jose
All Right Moving On

what do you tip what the fuck are you supposed to tip I’m up to like 38% now I don’t know is he in movies and I’m I’m way above 20% now and it doesn’t matter if you do a bad job or a good job I can’t risk that I don’t know if karmically like what I’m supposed to do that I’ve never there’s not a single person that has ever served me well or served me that that hasn’t gotten anything under a 20% tip in the last a million years I just tried to buy by by default it’s 20% for sure and then I’ll like Roundup even more out of mathematical insecurities I don’t understand it if I hate to rehash Soul Tarantino take for the beginning but it is a weird question because it would we made it part of our economy and it doesn’t make any sense because it supposed to be a reward and I’m just I just tipping everybody
that was my last complaint
what do you think I should be I don’t know there’s no shirt if you told me it should be 50% I believe you make you comfortable I swear to God if you if if we if you raised me in a society where it was customary to tip 50% of what the thing with the word customary tip is kind of a weird that the spirals you into a what is going on here everybody should tip for services like that it’s part of their part of the gig for for service bartenders waiters things like that
under tipping is bad I think 20% is it is perfect but whatever you can afford and also over tipping is not necessary and also can be a sign of ostentation is like you shouldn’t feel the need to tip 50% 600% like some people do and it got my temple is all do that whole thing is there some kind of like if I knew anybody’s name of that place I would win a fucking check the turnover rate is amazing but I also don’t know the names of the people that have been working there for 3 years
you can learn a couple things
play Hilary weeks music early in her book Hilary Winston was a community writers use it to cheat I’m sure she tells us Trader book cuz you tells everything cuz I ate like one of those very healthy like
let’s just break out like it’s cool by Gaga
awesome amazing amazing amazing amazing answer
he’s saying a lot of work and he never mentioned it like adult kind of lover is not going to miss her if he’s suggesting the next guy that you’re with all the ball play I never got that’s worth it
Terry wants you to be happy to be at me and he knows that
that’s what he’s saying but that’s why the relationship didn’t work out
I’m just a regular guy you you however you are on the precipice of a life of loneliness
look at it the perfect there’s only one more thing in my Evernote file and then were cast adrift which I love being adrift
so you knew the Harry Potter series was over right
no I thought they were done making movies but then there’s always another book that comes out right I don’t know I just don’t know I came here
I would I would be curious how between the two of us who knows more about Harry Potter I would guarantee that you know more about Harry Potter I have seen that I’ve read the books I know I don’t mean it and if you consider yourself a Harry Potter very familiar with the Harry Potter books at to the point and also if you’re relatively comfortable getting up on stage and when I would have you do is add a reminder
women tonight I’ve heard I’ve heard myself say some sketchy possibly Texas think so let’s make it a woman all right now we’re down to her or well who cares I mean they are the most confident about your knowledge
you call yourself a level 760 Slytherin
alright Fedora let’s do five questions if you can think of them so no don’t worry about it we’ll edit it just asked a kind of like a trivia question about Harry Potter see who between me and Jeff knows brother and I mean basic at first ad okay I’ll tell you some basic thing I bet neither of us know how many movies there are I do not know how much I don’t know the number five I saw the first one in the movie theater yo back when it came out
with my parents make them slightly harder
45 Gardner
I’ll see you at Gardner and raise you a Taylor all right if I always make it let’s put it in Hermantown terms if if if Herman terms if if I win you have to warm up
I said I was trying to think of I don’t know it’s stupid
okay can you name the four Hogwarts houses
I know that I know that one is Slytherin because I said that someone is slither I didn’t know there were four houses gravy train and kiss magic magic magic hat jum jum jum Jumbo’s Jumbo’s
basically said Gryffindor Slytherin Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff
if you had to guess what people’s up personalized license plates said it sucks it would be great with an executive
sucking parasite
28 year old
deliver need everyone to be a little mad I do but I don’t want it and I definitely hate washing dishes a lot more?
yes but for some reason that’s why I started with that
serpent hard
Ravenclaw is Sarah. Which is kind of a direct translation it kind of makes sense to have a favorite puppy’s poop souffle
that’s on the news they would be offended the French would be offended if we suggested that was their first name for flight
a Pooh and the Chamber of Secrets
good guess that sounds like a good guess
I know it’ll have a lot of acid in it cuz he’s at the house it’s not serpentor that’s GI Joe
it should be Serpentine
Sean Taylor
what is it
Cobra Kai
actually is the name of a snake
okay what is it what is it I’ll take that
I’ll take.
Great time at 1
who are the Marauders
I’m sorry Shadow creatures that that serve he whose name can’t be set
okay came in and tried to screw up the game of kickball
OK Google is Earth closer
nothing but he does know sort of what he’s talking about, okay I got to make the last two really easy cuz I think that last one was too hard right. I just leave to One $40 on the line
driving a specific scene from oddly enough the right book but it sounds like he’s all into whatever you’re talking about
what was hailing a cab you turn into a misogynist asshole
can’t you see how good she looks in Black what’s the name of the what’s the name of the Headmaster of Hogwarts
fuck you got to shoot you in the dick going to shoot you in the ass class so I got Howard has been in the place to be
send the robot ball will not follow your broomstick all right we are tied up at the Salamander salamander notes in the unit of currency but I’m not that mean I freaked out and said Grandpa’s space
I like that
videos when I finally start playing Dungeons and Dragons and it was going to be my character name
it’s like Rumble Fish
okay the catch on this when you have to pronounce it correctly
easy but it’s cool now people get what’s the name of the bad guy who’s real name
is real his real Alias that is real real name
I know you’re not allowed to say his name in the first movie cuz that’s the one I saw
I know it’s not Slytherin
I asked you asked about if I can
William Howard Taft I went from Garfield to the shooting starts. I know it’s like we don’t know the name of Darth Vader Craftsman
can you shut up
count to get in closer than Jeff in both left
I’m going to say Throw from Lord of the Rings
Cody Javas in my pocket yo bring it over me don’t throw Make It Rain
thank you for the Aurora
we always do this we always start Spencer up too late
be coming up with something like spur-of-the-moment yeah but I don’t like you’re like your own writer stats because I had a like a Larry Bud Melman like like Goldberg Goldberg Goldberg come up and visit Adam Goldberg
forensics South Presa San who never says please on back into called and I got my mic is with my Mike’s probably too hot and I’m sorry my my cat might make it too hot in Saree my mic is don’t just excuses to warm it’s just it’s going to Crackle
check it was intentional I just we don’t know that it’s crazy are you up here in the Romney University in at 1 and calling it back I was dialing up a punchline & Dino on was on the other side and leaving a voicemail it’s the kind of voicemail where it’s just their number cuz they’re too cool for their name and it might be you know a ticket matter of our might be an insurance salesman from walking up and try again
but but I’ll set you up
and I’ll lower the bar
Tilted Kilt
your mama and her pussy
freaks of nature
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
puppies fuck your mama so hard she fell to her knees and beg for more of my dick to your mama in the backyard in the front but your mama Leonard Seward’s YouTube

sorry I’m sorry starting over
better when I’m with you
I won’t say it this is yo I got ladies in a segment that spilled all over cuz that’s how I oughta
when I’m in the expressive if I had a rap group called The Message
Brainiac a Bittersweet turn
can’t thank you enough Clear Lake
that’ll sit down
show business that’s my Siri is that he’s neurologically incapable of picking up on the social cue like that year is it that’s my theory as a person who I say thank you Adam Goldberg and The Crowd Goes like straight off
you really controlling tonight I pass out or projectile vomited Spencer let me charge and master for a change all right hair
I mean I can do a little dance Spencer the $6 is going to come up and play are you playing
yes, my fat know whatever your whatever however sick you are what I don’t even know I just I’m not a hundred percent I wouldn’t even sick or anything
not taking his illness serious right now because of the fast last week I really was my favorite Halloween in recent memory it was wonderful so I’m going to play you are the new D&D theme song
after several key defeats in the area of the Goblin Kingdom
Admiral Darkstar
party known as Sharpie butts a lot of Rudolph whatever her name was
who decided to hit the treacherous road in pursuit of the bustle a picture which is reputed to be the source of sharpies Kingdom and recognition of his lineage after traveling very far on a will taxed well-trodden path encounter to Sears tools and quickly took them out with a flurry of spells and missiles
you slept the night away
yourselves off and proceeded along the trail to the Bucks a lot Realm
you arrived into an open field there are a series of a village of tent laid out before you there are watch Commander’s patrolling the area has a customary in the butts a lot Kingdom Dan Harmon
or I can wait can we restart have you do it this is obviously terrible
please restart to describe tense
see now you’re not Brewing
Our Heroes headband in Darkstar ziggurats after defeating it they realize or did they I don’t know it just happened. Crumble to the ground the Dark Forest of Shadows seem to be getting more and more space after is vanquished and I’m not doing good now you’re doing what I’m doing with the second guessing yourself that’s the only uncharismatic they’re getting the trail on the way to the buttocks pants home of the butts a lot tribe are heroes encounter
no Raiders from the white pot to White School tribe after defeating the Raiders they dusted themselves off and looked at the the Lutz left behind by the nose and now it’s now it’s up to you guys so there’s like some pattern armors and maybe a Cutlass definitely Cutlass is there a green arrow on the interface next to his video game references and I would have taken
you are staring at the corpses of dead Knowles as if they were fucking each other when they died
the news cuz I understand them to be a very homophobic culture you know is one in which there’s only one more left for the war between the people who own property in the people that don’t do these are the last of the drags we’re going to have this is Obama
I put I put a gold piece on each of their eyes
rolling plains around you in a few trees stand on top of the hill to your West the path bends South what’s the name of the beliefs of broadleaf Karen Bradley firing broadleaf in fact if I remember correctly the planes are just over that Ridge view points to a ridge
the bus is just over it
yes you will find it in the butts planes that geographic feature it does exist
some direction involving the Bucs playing with you reach the top of the hill seeing the view from the ridge you can see that yellow tint of yellow Camp the primary Camp abuts a lot with the word you know that can predict basic things for the house musicians and there’s something okay and I’m cute By Appointment out by you saying that he said the same thing I did
there’s one Central March 2nd and fucking around everyone when I get home let’s go home
I meant that I’m sorry you get in for free
alright so yeah the yellow tent surrounded by smaller yellow tents he doesn’t get paid for his Services here but there’s always a person named Symphony
play how does it how does a dungeon master role with a chick named Symphony
he’s fucking good at it all right there you go to the center you are a far ways away from it but you can begin your approach approach getting your approach seems a bit stranger than when you first started venturing
there you go
I take a pee and then
my Approach towards the yellow pennant test completed the familiar yellow tense of yellow Camp the first of three bucks a lot in cabinets nearby you can see a large mound of dirt as if some one or some Army I’ve been digging a massive pit the closer you get the weirder things appear in many barbarians but they don’t seem to be fighting in fact they seemed just to be hanging out and talking with one another to enemies and masks you can see Barbarians from your tribe intermingling with Noel’s large hyena like humanoids are approaching they’re not reacting to the Patriots
you certainly identify with their you know thoughts and feelings but it’s a good thing you’re not in their tribe so but you know you can get in their heads a bit I’ll let it let me just just just follow my lead man I’m I’m related to these people through thing
but we approach them you approach them
you want like a parade or like an Entourage or like you know that my presence is noted as I approach them are they ignoring they are they as you get closer and start to wave your hellos to The Barbarians they seem to take note of you before returning to ignoring you it’s been a long time since you’ve last been at the Bucks a lot expanse perhaps people don’t remember your present to be like a dick you know right like
song nothing we did nothing just didn’t deny everything okay this is like a whole bunch of them and Clear My Throat you clear your throat I know and that all human dressed in animal skins I view with some of the mountain suspicion I give him I give him one of these like a like a like a poor person in a crosswalk looking at a car what are you going to do
the human approaches you eyes locked he has a very aggressive look on his face he says nothing he approaches he gets within three feet of you been to
he stops at 2
you seem familiar something about your features reminds me of someone I know I’ll but you mean a bunch of locks the very thing I am the one that didn’t come back then you you are a former tribe
will you tell him who you are man I should have to say welcome Jesus guys guys guys people of everybody of 35 several human barbarians gather the Knolls
well you did but I mean that’s fine like what’s up I mean ever since Lord what’s a lot find the butt black paw treaty all the Black Paw Patrols have been camping with us you see we figure if we Ally we can destroy the dwarfs more handily you guys you guys are allying with null to defeat dwarves yes you see I mean it’s been a long long time since you’ve been here but then the Goblins the dwell capybara as they’ve all done it’s the the dwarfs and the barbarians and we’re all fighting and the bad to you we did we don’t like them they occupied the mountains to the South the mountains to the south of the last stronghold of the doors if we can take the stronghold will be able to control the entire but
I am I am merging behind this conversation in
right into the center and say Sharpie it is your Birthright to regain the former glory of this but alot tribe let’s Unite with these people and go fight these dwarves how old is my dad he should be in blue camp they’re making preparations to send a special Envoy to negotiate the terms of surrender and they’ve been holding up you know I’m or defying their defenses but they want stuff listen Clara guys a war between humans and dwarves is not that mean they like their Little Fockers
gnome your self-loathing known
you going to ask yourself one day are you an only became a barbarian or a barbarian that happens to be a gnome
what do you want from law and order it was one of the black lawyers had to
I don’t see any water since I’ve never seen that show it doesn’t it still applies let me at least how far is Blue Camp from yellow can’t just walk out that door in the tent flapping at an entrance portal
and come right back in the same flapping in the blue can I get a blue flap exiting the 10th you turn around to see that yellow Camp is banished being replaced with blue Camp a large Blue Central tent stands in the middle is flanked by smaller blue tent you don’t know what sorcery is caused this but you go back inside all the same you are now in blue camp they’re only human barbarians there Justin slightly finer clothes than the ones in yellow camp they’re discussing sitting at tables sipping drinks you don’t see your father
so now I’m going to play my dad the guy that runs the joint show me Jeff Davis Dan Harmon right if I make a big fuss about sitting down with my dad who’s your most famous friends I could come in and play my dad for next week’s recording you want me to say I don’t know if he’s in town or not just tell me do you think you could get somebody I will try for one person in particular all right in time out and saying that I have a good life and everybody
Obama I I got to find my dad if it takes all episode
you say to no one in particular
I don’t know I don’t know the dungeon master don’t find my dad this episode the meeting with the dragons segment
maybe you’re in blue Camp though right now you don’t see your father maybe you should ask around and then maybe some like Exposition will happen for that all right I asked to be fulfilled you examine the asking around
nothing happens
what am I a barbarian
that’s a lot that’s a lot we’ve seen him a few days ago but we believe he’s in red Camp preparing for battle
blue flap and go back in the right behind you you see the red of red champ
you guys I know I love it but I need it
entering route several generals decked out in full military gear around you still don’t see your father Lord but you asked everyone turns and looks at you
this is a series of Magic flaps you guys I don’t know who’s working security at this camp we used our Keen Insight in our awareness of our surroundings well well Tis the little butts a lot returned is it not
give me a big butts so what’s a lot
I remember you Leonard by junkie by Duncan Leonard was my little brother
finding things constituted to Shay virus that’s Grandpa a dies we just went with it do with a newfound respect ask him if he likes big butts a lot of Jesus prayer that all right
listen I need to find my dad I’ve been I’ve been out of Rod and been gaining experience in fighting a human centipedes and doing all kinds of things I don’t know what the story to turn into different staying at the other War General leave the premises he looks to his left and then to his right suspiciously before motioning you to approach closer
you know what’s going on I wouldn’t tell this to anyone but his own son but Lord but slot gathered 12 of our Bravest Warriors and blacked out last night we think he was on his way to the Dwarven and Camp it but we can’t be sure all right listen buddy you come with me this far and I’m going to say the same thing I said to wrap shrimp when I quit the Sarah Silverman program
I don’t follow me everywhere I think that we should go out and you should help out and you should be at his right hand during this battle against the dwarves but I think we should wait till next week one possibly they’ll be some stunt casting I’m glad I’m glad you said that but with an emphasis on I don’t think we should fight the dwarves I’m conflicted about this it sounds like a bunch of shenanigans to my classes and your guys are in League with a nose I going to find out that we’ve told him but you know that we’re going to be in deep shit we don’t have to ever talk about that ever again never and will never mattered in order to probably.
well at any rate we both agree on one thing we’re heading out on the trail of my father father father
how do you head out on the trail of your father and so ends our DND campaign
yeah that that was transitional we were teen it up for next week Spencer and I will get the job today. I know the people on Twitter and people listening at the Luxor
who sang The Love Is My genuine for him that it is for Adam Goldberg every week would you say thank you and you can do better
they deserve something for its protracted battle Friday Adam
that’s not a bad idea
and now welcome your new. It’s a it’s a person here’s what I’m going to do every war that we were in we’re going to stay in
everyone that was pores going to stay just as poor everyone that was rich is going to stay just as Rich nothing is going to change I’ll see you in three and a half years when I start inexplicably defending my position as if it ever existed I’m a big Rich assholes that Lords over you and clips as your life and convinces you that your neighbors are racist pedophiles thank you for coming and happy 2012 to 2016 all right that was a bummer that was a good
that was a bummer alright USA
Country away
will remain take everybody out of town tonight
I think pajamas are coming up Adam Goldberg as always Spencer
dungeon master, time for the mayor Apartments
God bless each one of us and God bless America tomorrow I’m going to go ahead and call it for Obama
but don’t be jaded because of that if I turn out to be right don’t let that make you think that it doesn’t matter thank you all for love you


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