Episode: 16 – A Four Day March to the Butt’s Expanse


Episode: 16 – A Four Day March to the Butt’s Expanse


It’s a Jareth-palooza as Harmenians descend on Hollywood dressed as David Bowie in Labyrinth for Halloween. Other topics include almost nothing!


welcome everybody to Hermantown
love him I’ve made him do as he pleases
left hook
what chapter of magic spells to use snipping bacon jump jump Magic Dance Magic jump Magic Dance
Magic joke joke joke joke
I think I did everything I did everything
welcome everybody
here comes the flying baby fight baby flying at you the various members of our address is Jairus tonight all Labyrinth themed harmontown
check the website if you’re out and internetworld you know just just give it a cursory Googling or go to I don’t know, not up yet but you know go somewhere look it up photo of us usual balls in your in your your sweatpants
it’s not in real life and of course a grower not a shower meeting I have a tiny penis that that that sort of recedes into a above my giant ball sack is so what I did is I found a dog toy that I have incurred the good news is a photograph in the front row of a harness
that’s what Lucy the harness
play things away with the lack of Jairus is expressed joy and support for the sheriff’s to to show up what’s what’s 345
I have a black sheriff and money to put into a jazz got you I said to him because it’s a special thing it’s like a social program Diversity Program like whatever that would cost whatever whatever whatever your gas cost you know if she dies after the show
All right so you know that’s not address this all night let’s casually throw it over our shoulder can we talk about the construction of your
let’s see what is back story its origin for those who for those who are only listening I I I went four for Jared and I arrived at a kind of gay Han Solo
by buying a woman’s windbreaker and cutting it cutting it precise shape of David Bowie’s email Barbarella outfits elaborate University in the same one twice I’m sure that was in his contract and he one of them of the one where he sings dance magic dance he’s it’s even kind of leisure Leisure thrown we’re kind of kicking back and I got ladies boots from Goodwill, cut the tops of them off
because I couldn’t find boots it would fit
what those magic special boots too small to fit
the Jedi are you glued into a spear about twice and I’ve never I only saw the ending today
because she’s kind of a I want to say is a baby right is that they’re not allowed to like that movie but as a as a as a moviegoer as a fan of Hudson Hawk and Doc Hollywood
I understand that it’s Aaron mcgathys favorite movie and wouldn’t take that away from her she was here he has a passion for that movie that I would like and do it people of my generation passion for it The Goonies for instance I’m not saying Labyrinth people are different generation I’m just saying like I never watch that Lambert shit when I was a kid it looked a little fruity that’s homophobic
Wesley went to the same sexual organs as a fan of David forget about the babysitter has been to me at school now you wish that you should always be that good Time Bandits is a good example to you are like there is a deal-breaker for them they won’t do it like a beautiful woman walks up to them you can the guy could have two heads and like an extra day but her something
no chance of ever procreating and then it’s like a supermodel could walk up to people out there that she would say I don’t I don’t like Time Bandits I prefer Kevin Smith dogma and there’s there’s people out there that passion right I’m better today what they would tell her to take a hike take a beautiful hike and I don’t know if I would count myself in there I’m too old to care what movies you like or don’t like I love you said you like. But I’d probably tell you to go fuck yourself a slope like conversationally down the road like to listen to talk with a good movie is it possible you’re going to take my face is a sandwich
am I going to wake up to you eating my face it has nothing to do with tasted movies I don’t want to start mine over years I just want to make sure I don’t get murdered because the disparity between dogma and a good film is similar to my face in a fucking sandwich is that much does that much difference happening
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering if I can smell food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes all the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little t and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film earth like you’re always in good hands
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perfect photographic Sarah
don’t you know that magic is in my eyeball
I’d I’ve seen it twice to her favorite curse is a very unlikable protagonist she has a goblin to take the baby away for good babysitting and then David told me to do the Sarah I took the baby
you have till 12:13 on time
the I don’t know why it while we do know why is there a time limit because of this is my problem with the movie as he establishes in the third acted like you created me I just do whatever you want
that’s like one of those movies where you’re running from the vampire and somebody goes we have to have
just have to stop being afraid I’ll go home
check it out in the monster clock that’s that’s not a story it’s 40 year old David Bowie falling in love with her or she falling in love with him or both but while he’s a manifestation of her so he is experimenting with the Cucumber I don’t know like he’s he’s he’s a 13 year old girl’s version of a man
he looks a little better
I wasn’t fishing for salmon so don’t give me a boot and caught cleaned it 22 cloak with the Jim Henson’s the Labyrinth morricone is the star of any I’m getting it wrong for a county is the he’s the real star of a lot of the Spaghetti Westerns like without the morricone music with some of those movies really be Jim Henson as a star of Lab Rats Elite is a mouse writing a freaking pickle or something and it looks like they did it by making them using a regular size mattress and then and then the close-ups of pickles got cubic feet coming out of it I don’t know that’s not I believe I believe it’s best that stuff is a it’s a it’s a scam that’s that’s trapshit
I got to tell you it is almost Loni Anderson said Alani 60% Sammy Hagar did the score of the little fellow that love gold and jewelry and I kind of bargain desert bargainer cuz episode 1
with my chicken that was no good
Illinois without a bit of a labyrinth Jim Henson Jim Henson
yeah he was there until she made us watch the movie we all decided to dress up as generous as he was very mcgathys
Erin tell us about George Lucas producing whatever you said
George Lucas produced end end fax all right thank you Aaron will you conduct why don’t you be a kind of Vanna White sexism aside and magnified acknowledgement in a contest what’s his what’s his make sure I feel like everyone’s got a reasonable expectation of of of of a brief 15 seconds of star know if they if they put on some eyeshadow on a wake tonight there’s at least one exactly like Jairus in the movie Labyrinth
by the way Jeff and we have an advantage for the podcast listeners that Jeff is wearing looks like a $50,000 cherith costume
it’s not really a costume It’s Just Jared he did he went he went he went out and commissioned people’s help and he looks he looks kind of like deep the possible David Bowie of the first place so with the eyeshadow on the wagon looks like if this is a labyrinth and you said like
you should be sad because I really wanted cuz it was in my wheelhouse I can only use one of the keys in my vocal register
did you do to a pretty good George Michael singing I’m so sorry
are you sure that are you sure he said your boyfriend singing an awesome 80s band we we just came back from our bass player funeral
can you put a 2 liter bottle of heroin up his ass and exploded
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we can be pretty proud of that turn out I guess I implied that 20 people got up here all the Jared so I went whichever among you can we all go to a bar afterwards and I’ll take over a bar address is Jared the bar and then let the job right himself a pretty easy to make that the drawing-room right
officially sponsored by the drawing-room guest of harmontown remember to tie your shoes before you go to the men’s room
yeah because if you tied up after
Heroes hep C if you drop your keys you get to walk home because you drop of the drawing-room there’s a carpet there once and they never tore it up but it’s not there anymore just let it go like near the booths and they finally some guy walking like a putty knife and the last little vestiges of the carpet is going to Forever and I never go in there maybe 10 12 years ago and not cynically I just thought he’s not going to be around much longer he’s getting the last of Henry he’s still with us exactly the same as going to outlive us all here I didn’t know this but he has a glass eye and it wasn’t there but one time he was there in the daytime and he copter sneezed
sing ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting and then landed on the grocer possibly than the carpet that was still there at the time and the bartender and he’s looking around wash it off and gave it to him and put it right back in that’s a good bar
that’s my kind of shed so vile that hipsters will never take it over men’s robe but that Men’s Room holy tamale about that like those bugs that fly in your face when you’re standing at the urinal and he he thinks he thinks that the reason they’re there is because of the puppy that is on the wall because you can never hit the urinal because there’s bugs in your face so he thinks it’s a whole biosphere that amazing darwinian Evolution at that that that like these bugs have evolved like no there I mean they don’t know but the same way like there’s birds that drop walnuts in the traffic so that the car is cracked the walnuts and then they eat the nut mate these these these bugs only live for one day
so you bet you bet it’s a possibility that used to be doors in there but for the bar opens at 6 a.m. bus cocktail lounge open at 6 a.m. so I can go in there and do drugs but now it’s turned into the weird kind of like men’s shower at the whole thing has been designed so when people puke or pee all over the place because they will clean the bathroom there it’ll be spick-and-span and 10 seconds later there is a 3-foot like like like a three-point line of piss progressively ping farther away when I can hang from the rafters and be the cleanest monkey to get out of the Dragon bathroom and the whole thing now they have a thing they hookup with a car wash or you just going to steam the whole thing down
play Slip Rock in window Siri in New York you know if it’s the pre ghouliani whole thing was the idea of the neighborhood and all the windows are broken like you don’t give a shit ton of Christine Street there’s a certain I don’t think it’s that that Gallant of us I think we’re just afraid to be the first person I think it’s a sort of like cowardice and that’s where I went to Europe for the first time couple years ago. I was just marveling got sick like I want to dive bars the bathrooms are still a little cleaner than the dive bars in in America by the end and my girlfriend at the time said that her perfect theory was that Americans are more germaphobic to so we tend to try to take shifts and peas without touching anything and we end up making everything worse and the cycle continues are Europeans are like I don’t know what
they were covered in Cambridgeshire on
next to next to the toilet paper towels covered in inset ghost story or or something because of Aaron up here like a quiver what’s the Howard Stern lady sorry
edit that out and I’ll see what day I don’t care
can you do a ghost story about the fly off the cuff you like tonight
cuz I’m just going to tell the story
Once Upon a Time in a town very close to this one
maybe it was Oxnard
in Oxnard in a sealed years and years and years I thought for a minute that story was going to go somewhere
do you want watch the movie Halloween will you suck my shit up many original Halloween I was at 6 ish I had a babysitter Megan what they say
Meghan O’Sullivan
Continuing Story, somehow we had Halloween at our house and I couldn’t have been more than six or seven years old and we watched that and really screwed me up and I had to say about him is he’s Supernatural because as soon as you look away he’s there you know he’s inside out William Shatner mask and it says freaky and watch it because no other movies scare me at all my friends having a party not going to watch scary movies and I will be watching the watch Halloween and like you know what I’m 18 years old and then College watch this shit fucking
termites of looking over both shoulders legs go to bed and then turn it back on again
that turned out and I won’t watch it even like when it’s on like those commercials it’s like I just like to me looking over my shoulder like I was too young for that 20 years old
what is Event Horizon about the speed of light you go through hell
cuz cuz time stops or whatever he’ll be defined as whatever Lukie Pookie you like like one of her thing you and you know we have your greatest fears or regrets are dead wives are so everybody aboard the ship of course has a popsicle once and then they see a popsicle
this is the thing about about modern horror as opposed to John Carpenter stuff as Pop champagne cuz the masters of horror in the back
listen to every location with some champagne in case someone mentioned hours this week watching Jonah Ray stand up and it just I just waiting
I don’t like drinking right now the Event Horizon these things these new horror movies as I call them I’ll be looking in the mirror and it’s not as much as he’s brushing his teeth and then he’ll close the Medicine Chest door expecting to see if they know you do and he’s like looking in the mirror I’m going to do the hard cuts to like a woman with blood streaming down her face started a thumbtack on your on your chair it doesn’t that doesn’t count
craftsmanship how do you enforce all labyrinths Aaron
the first scene in the bedroom for the stuff
I wrote a movie that
every time every time I friend
how do I have little kids internet world of everything that little little kids get scared because it’s just really hard and he’s he’s he’s older than I am and how old is he is her fantasy and he’s a behind-the-scenes documentary and it’s it’s a Monday tomorrow’s vitamin dead
I got to watch vitamins all day tomorrow to have her there for some explanation because he’s a good job with the asphalt puppets movie was written by a fucking guitarist
how do you know David Bowie
character motivation that’s the thing about the movie that doesn’t make any sense to me there’s no steaks we call them as we said at Denny’s and in writing that you need Stakes
BJ Carpenter humans and puppets together
but real not like the Muppets
exactly exactly
so you got
Metallica Larry Sanders show they’re not kind of
John Carpenter do you being a little people that are playing the pop is that what you mean like it’s different and Brad Miss Piggy animals in a band so he’s a musician but they’re actors are not on The Muppet Show feel like when you see them go to get to New York yeah cuz your actors

you’re saying that as an Everyman would you you find it less relatable to watch a show biz show
when the puppies are goblins crazy
documentary Jim Henson is talking about why he wanted to make the movie any movie Sunset Boulevard as I do every harmontown and I’ll send it by myself at the bar
I mean if I got to the rainbow room I would have been this every other guy has given me any business but there’s one guy sitting next to me like two stools down and Hollywood you not downtown Hollywood Hollywood Cinema any other time in my life I think he’s just a douchebag who thinks he’s a know-it-all and he has a fingerprint on everything around them
I’ll have a Sam Smith La Grande internet broadcast I love my collar be my poo poo and I just like I just need myself and because I’m tall and this costume when he’s everybody in the goddamn bar which is the worst that it was his girlfriend and the missing stuff from his in his apartment Loft Hollywood trying to talk about how uncool Hollywood case for the Hollywood kind of blows and lots of time being it’s in Hollywood
I think I have a bad way longer to wait on me because I think they had to wait a half-hour to hear me finally order a drink and to hear that I wasn’t going to sound like garlic Cruz me I’ll be cruel to you if I don’t think he would ever return to me like I turned to me at all
Chris Rock to the bathroom
yeah how’s it going it’s like a degree off
shit is a
Sarah generous but I can be very cruel written by a like like like instructions for a Wii game but Sarah are you didn’t know that imagination had two things in store for you.
Walla Walla
butterfly but I call myself a butterfly
I hate you
sky is pink it was me the whole time I was
that’s not your choice to make I’m afraid I’m going to turn my clock into a calculator and subtract the first the opening act of this movie start with you hating babysitting
change my mind nothing means anything
mean anything
the whole house is back to normal in the baby’s here now there’s two babies in my room whatever the fuck including the ones that were trying to rip my fucking head off
technically speaking impale me with Pikes I was so flattered my heart was so warned when you guys wanted to dress up like it’s an intervention Aaron tonight I mean where
the Revelation that the whole thing is because of fat lady died
where’s the
house fire where after they get barfed up by the monster and they have tea for a fucking hour
it’s not the best movie that thing is I like it I like watching a however it’s I can’t get through the motherfuker I can’t make it to I can’t I cannot make it to the end of the labyrinth
waiting for you
Time Bandits Yoko
I’m not saying it’s fair Vita loving nerds
I enjoy Time Bandits but to me Time Bandits as it’s written by another member of Monty Python it’s just a weird thing it’s the same like a fantasy I know I do you love that movie it takes more than a theme to make a movie I’m not I’m not at all I’m saying is that I will say the same about time I think the back of the future as reasonably tight structure in a lot of our favorite movies don’t like a lot of what we love about movies are the actors in their performances and especially like the emotional I’ll use the word Gestalt not knowing what it means that that that that kind of like especially when we’re kids experience a story like like really the same way we kind of like you know we we just sort of see images and kind of feel feelings and
name another movie Maybe I’m Wrong
yeah it’s a rabbit to make a smoothie
I wonder where all dresses.
Name another movie
there aren’t any other movies that are starring in other movies but I can’t think of another movie where there is a musician who gives such an amazing performance and also the songs are great
no rain Purple Rain
Tell me a sentence with puppets down windy arletha and many gave leaning Man David Bowie I mean he didn’t teach you how to conjugate
how to sing
well PT 3 made you so horny you became Native American
Pizza Tonka my my my Fallopian tubes I guess I mean there is a zombie asleep this is this contention raging but we have a problem I think this is the infantile ization of America we’ve been we’ve been raised through countless Generations now it says think that this is how we express our personalities that we either right or wrong like that we have favorite movies and movies are good or bad and we argue about them you can see that reflected in the politics to it’s like we’re we’re being had I mean you’re at you’re allowed to think about
is it might still under my dad’s and did the same thing as if this ball was on the end of that microphone and you added my dick with it but there’s a dick there it’s a game saying which attack your car
I’m very sorry about
but she can be very cruel
you can forget about your penis
I told you I want my penis
holding the crystal because a crystal doesn’t understand
hey first movie ever it’s a labyrinth the Masquerade going on play show me the costume alright Spencer Crittenden.
we going to get a boogeyman we did it again we fucking harm and it has the same number of people come every week but I live in constant fear of everyone catching on that this is just a big waste of their time and I guess it’s going to be going to show up
change it tonight
dumb that it for status if I catch either way it was originally I hurt myself today the 8th time I thought there was a Rochester and they took they showed how chips don’t they don’t really have cooperation in their spirit I mean they do for problem solving but only if the alpha male gets to eat and they put a board and there were these ropes and then the alpha male comes in and he pulls one side of the board and he notices the Rope will go all the way through the other side of the board so he will unlock the fence that contains the beta males and they’ll come in and help him pull the board together and they all get the share the food but if they only put food in the middle of the board the alpha male eat it all and then after that the beta male alpha male opens the door is has he come and help me move the food the baby may all go fuck you not helping you’re a dick like you’re a you’re a champ I’m a champ fuck you
and what we’ve learned from Lab Rats his life’s not fair I don’t know the audience learning that lesson but they’re going to they’re going to come in like they’re going to go ahead and finish my thesis tomorrow at I’m writing about contemporary racism
something it’s important I’m going to be I’m going to be somebody but at it but I just don’t want to miss anything important today
often a broomstick through the roof
well that only took 2 hours
time to drive home to Reseda
does anybody have anything pressing tonight they have to get back to
that’s the bad the best audience of the world… I have to draw animals in human clothes in human clothes like like kind of like a valley affectation but also kind of like you know what I mean half of your animators sometimes you’re working in that department
difference between 2 to 1/3 difference between human clothes and animal clothes
scale difference between an ammonia can we give me a quick bite him into our dndr over to go do a quick D&D thing and make him an ancillary characters because because you’re like somehow they that they were animals in human clothes in the game and then come on out Spencer
how to get us up-to-date last time on Dragon Ball Z after swiftly and cleverly infiltrating Darkstar stronghold Sharpie and the Gang were faced with a Sinister staircase riding the confidence of their second level they charge the stairs and into the dark stars clutches little did the darklord know that they would be facing the newly acquired powers of Our Heroes after a dramatic Showdown Admiral Darkstar reverted to a demonic Foreman escaped from another dimension to another dimension there they stood in the ziggurat with Karen broadleaf a prisoner and member of the butts a lot tribe
oh that’s right we met we met a girl who’s from My Tribe racking back in the run with butts all right dispensary
I feel like I mean nothing else we found our new see music for a Friday and D4 character dispensation right now the characters are level two they’ve leveled up there now level 2
10 don’t defy me shopping but so lost you’ve come so far and You Adventure
deception is like soup Sarah it happens every day
then you’ll have to have a 4
she wants me to eat soup with a fork
it doesn’t matter now the baby
bad people
Bowie deep in your arms babe
you’re standing in the second floor of the dark ziggurats as you look you noticed that the green emerald dagger you held in your hand not moments before is now floating in the air spinning slowly it’s emanating a green energy energy that feels natural as if it’s from the forest itself
the cigarette shum shutters in begins to crumble with you inside do it do we take that dagger or no floating in Dublin Georgia you grab the dagger in it cuz I love energy
do continue fleeing
I have a green dye do you know Sharpie
notify me
what about the dagger
yeah we we we flee we flee you managed let’s roll actually
forgot about that part
you managed to escape the ziggurats you stumble and fall but catch yourself yourself off
look up show like you meant it the whole time
you escaped the crumbling ruin as it tumbles block-by-block to the floor
it is destroyed I didn’t look back I just didn’t look back and I just like a like a good bowler like like like turning away from a strike as well you shouldn’t have it was a strong move ahead of us a path out of the forest
the path the path heads to the South
is that back to Havens David’s Garden town you were in before yeah that’s actually part of this map up what was the guy’s name again Michael Michael Michael
we got no business back in that town right so you don’t have any business in our war camp is not far from here you know what I said something a couple of Ventures ago and I’ve been in an in a blackout drunk about going to find my father and talking to him very true hey Karen Karen Karen Karen broadleaf Karen broadleaf Karen from meherrin broadleaf yet how can I help you
no shopping it’s pronounced Kevin the broadleaf let’s go back to your Camp take us to your Camp don’t you mean your camp for Lord but Salat does own it he should be although I have been a prisoner and I don’t know what happened to recently I’ll leave the way you’ll be much rewarded for aiding The Prodigal Son on his Gestalt
I don’t think you know what that word means man
March through that time or 3 days pass uneventfully for Don on the fourth day you are sleeping
I’m rolling perception checks I guess their listen checks my bad your ears perk up and you wake out of your trance you don’t sleep
Richard dude
I said I’m awake you here wolf-like howls off in the distance in a high-pitched wrap raspy cackling not soon after you hear the pounding of feet in the grass
I heard there’s an ice storm coming this way
all right from each other everybody hide
quick wake up
I had a dream I was holding three balls
what is a monster
Straub’s idea
that movie

I examined the oncoming threat you don’t see anything
I stopped examining you what you stopped successfully half-elf powers to see the threat and let us know
when I use my health has my half-elf powers to see the threat pairs of legs between the bushes they seem very close and they’ve been watching you
bad news
alright with me you can make it here I’m just wondering since we leveled up to have a spell that might possibly make my voice sound really intimidating do you have a ghost sound on there I’m not sure no I guess you don’t have it
all right well I was going to
do you want
putting on your invest intimidating voice you attempts to call out the enemies in the Darkness
your attempts Towers collect your pitiful attempts to frighten them and ask what they want
show me the cutest cats are you keep killing
what is my hat of Disguise do
you don’t know yet I feel as if you could become disguised as something
Jenna Bush you fail to disguise yourself as a humanoid form in the bushes you didn’t see any humanoids in
I produced you produce your tanglefoot bag
I throw I show everybody that is a nice looking ankle foot bag
throwing your tfb towards the legs it strikes against the floor before exploding tendrils of goobers fourth wrapping the legs tightly the creatures are bound
I take my sort of Rage charging yourself up in an angry rage and drying your weapon in one fluid motion you charge through the bushes at the unknown foes you strike at the first one you manage to see
you hit it right in the shoulder you hit what appears to be a large hyena is standing on two legs you know this foul Beast to be a null matted fur covers a tide and it holds a large Axe and clothes wearing some clothes a nice sweater
really feel this Michael really like
say I’m just saying this is the work you have to do at home become the human clothing crab animal I’ll make sure there’s some like rips in it or something just for you guess he dies
Michael everybody
mr. wish monster you summon the spectral orangutan being it awaits your command
the orangutan leaps into action
it manages to bite the ear of a null dealing
but one damage to the ear of the canol
he leaps back in pain and draws his sword charging right at the Raging Barbarian
with his axe at me you
but you managed to dodge
I put I produced drawing your bow and arrow swiftly you knocking Arrow
is that mean I should be me and you pull up like back as if you knock another arrow wants does cause a penalty
passive-aggressive roommate
when the Caps not on
one of your arrows hits its Mark and the other flies aside and plant itself into a tree and stomach he recoiled in pain but is not dead yet that sound no no word in that description sounds dangerous but small and miniscule
yeah if you want it if you had magical powers what would you do something like that bewildered the eyeballs on the legs of the Bush creatures and their power to attack us do something
radios Frost Frost casting Ray of frost a ray of frost emits from your hands
it manages to strike the wounded no freezing him over he falls to the ground and shatters there’s but two more
shattered know anyone attack you their days from the Illusions they managed to not hit anything they bump into each other, you guys
I shoot two arrows you managed to shoot two arrows
one of them flies right into the ground you don’t know how it even did that
I mean did you see that a movie or something
your friends in my yard for hours
life is an adventure take chances created my accuracy pack you throw it at of knoll
you missed shit I throw another one I’m sorry hypnotism at ISM on one of them you can do it on multiple it fascinates them and makes you makes them like it
they’re entitled to stay the course
they managed to fail their saves Mesmerize Mesmerize in movements
does the DeSoto swing gentleman
do I have their attention or they listening to me rap
you’ll notice your feet are stuck by tangling bushes
and dazzled by my dancing lights you’ll see the two of your friends if I were already moved Beyond into a place I call but celosia
feel free to take them they are our gifts
the 1st of you two to kill the other
will will will join me forever by my side as my as my faithful companion the other will will go straight to the place where your face will be fitted with a custom size wooden box full of spiders as you are instructing them to do a very odd task they’re entitled to a second save
which they fail in front of you. I just I don’t even know if I had more dust but I just walk away
you hear the noises of Noah’s ripping each other apart
I just look at a tree and I like. What a deciduous or Evergreen
beautiful Forest
what happened what I mean I guess you guys are looking hot he’s the only one not looking to fight and see what the outcome of this is right before having his eyes gouged out by the still-beating heart of the Dead thing he he wakes up he’s going to try to kill us swimming sword
you strike the Knoll in the chest
didn’t know him like people right they got better than the chest usually do to an arrow flies
the arrow flies in misses
thank you thank you
now what you going somewhere
give me getting hit in the chest sound like methanol only managed to find a few coins I don’t know what they are and give Spencer his due in applies for him
and now we should enter that vital chapter of our show are we trying to figure out how to end the show
Darren McGavin
little baby
Deanna you you asked me on the way here to Die 2 on the flight download the karaoke version of magic dance from Labyrinth yes do you feel that way after after what we’ve gone through after our investigation of the film that your immersion into the character of Jairus that you are what without any help but if I can do it you said you had the assistance of the actual lyrics There do you think now that you got that I mean that’s that’s only walking with
you remind me of the babe. I got some baby that’s too
I do
baby. Baby dry could I do
no one can tell my baby want to do dances and fairies and Magic coming through dance magic dance jump baby jump jump jump jump baby jump
Labyrinth Labyrinth Labyrinth dance magic Jam go through the dance I saw my baby going through what could I do she asked a caterpillar which way
he said left
Crystal water or what kind of food make you try to write a little Labyrinth world who can do
can you do
Mario World
dance magic dance World Magic World Magic Dance
show me master Patrick Rogers.
dance dance magic dance magic
magic rude
Sheena, you’ll be mine little baby because of the rules I made up a lie because you caused the whole thing that happens like in Bug’s Life which was also poorly structured and equally reviewed by the weak-minded
it was the Good Will Hunting about the movies fuck you fuck you fuck you all available on DVD next to the Wrigley gum with the dick
Stan Frederick blind Magic Dance
dueling Bowie’s every puppet dance in the magic
Just Dance Just Dance up on stage the magic stage
Jen’s Muppets dance dance dance Muppet dance
tonight to leave now this is going to get weird
dance but everybody rough Trot pieces
stop me from crying
I don’t care if you do got one here comes the here comes the fun
well I was walking down the street one day and that was me
another heroic move
Jared may be the only black dress I’ve ever known. Please post your pictures everybody want to see this


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