Episode: 21 – Adventurtunity Mobisode!


Episode: 21 – Adventurtunity Mobisode!


Mayor Harmon does his Bane impression and practices getting booed in various cities for the upcoming tour. In D&D: the heroes finally encounter Sharpie’s dad.


harmontown is once again in touch and everybody
oh yeah that’s right for the cruise master that mayor silent wild freestylin not Ryman wild freestyle yo I thought your mama saw the other day tell your mama I support the gays that’s all your mama I told her that she said fuck them what you think she doesn’t think they should vote
or get married I said
Harry you’re in California not going to do you got to you got to be open-minded and he was to what your mama said she said you know what I didn’t find that to be the case that she started rattling off a right-wing bullshit at me so I can I fuck your mama
Dan Harmon everybody
what do you call that I felt like it was a little bit of a populist smoke I think I was spewing their I knew where they where they land we we have a giant tour coming up for the edits the looming and I hope that you can hear the sound of the Crickets that are in the build-up to a literal checking to see if you ever want to really just a joke out there the Crickets will be there to add High Relief I’m kind of excited I’m excited I think we just kind of started in Earnest to sort of think of this is a a movie that we’re going to be shooting about the tour that we’re going on and the big question is like how do you shoot a movie about a two or that you’re going on how you should be about anything if there’s no script in those things you can you bring cameras you hope not to affect anything with tits like already are awesome director Neal who does not want to be spoken about on camera so
so this will have everything but he’s like Bob Vila already be over there looks banging like like like it’s good like I’m more comfortable knowing that I’m in the hands of someone who’s not who’s not like if I’m time if I say something particularly profound by the refrigerator is almost almost I don’t want to find out later that if I had stepped back I would have looked and sounded awesome. Which is kind of an interesting thing cuz if it wasn’t it would be weird that it wasn’t there to block light from the block your vision of me cuz we go by the Bridle rules of what kind of tattoo tonight
see me before the show that Misty is blown there the most of you are responding for most of this these nights to like what he looks like I did at least two people hard hard as a rock a microphone on those Cricket so we can add crickets and I never understood that expression why do you have to add that the know what nothing is ever like what it is that from Menorah times or what
lake lake lake what is there a is there a Jewish thing that happened where is something happen for 8 days that didn’t happen for eight nights and that was a miracle and we need to keep track of that to everything else is like with your bank tells you how well this is for 8 days and nights do this isn’t a fucking Menorah Menorah thing I was just I’m just grabbing it’s something that might have said the price is right for a couple months so that’s how you and I guess I’m going to
covered under the water slide parks for the last two days but fucking you getting a hotel stay the night until they start costing money for $80 nights
you you you can do whatever you want Gladys
that’s the typical Price is Right winner Hampshire
she was aware of AIDS
who has it
play movies overrated stinks
there’s wild and I’m so thankful for that.
that’s my that’s my new form of protest that this is what I got you figured out old people cuz I’m becoming one of them back that’s why they do it they’re doing it to fuck with you
wearing a Nike shirt is that your name on your shirt says Nike Nike
so I could explain to you old man you don’t get to Bubblegum
I’ll wait till you figure it out maybe you’ll get your big break one day bubble gum
sounds like a great idea candy you don’t swallow good call me in the morning I got to figure out this goddamn TV
Oilers Night Riders on when it’s on while I got to wait for it that’s going to be me
already met and it’s contagious through air I’m making it up don’t listen to me Batman socks
what do I know make your own opinion or or if you want to make your opinion based on fear
for a lot of people
Jimmy Stewart
can I hear some villainous dog poem Jimmy Stewart Batman
this is a work in progress
I haven’t put my dog just died I thought you’d appreciate the passion do you want something over
too much
I’ll leave the wild stuff stay
all of you are out you’re all out
are like what part of Arsenio is this
Nostalgia for you is the woop woop with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no one misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the theme to like to my own life so there’s always a little t and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film Earth-like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
play I worship Johnny Carson I was actually predate when I was a kid and I was watching people perform for people make first year I believe was Johnny Carson in terms of Life coming out talking to people and I was right on the bubble cuz like I was probably ten or eleven when Letterman like like like like got his show and was like this young spry weirdo this Gap in his teeth and has bright red hair and wrestling shoes and Duncan himself and then in water with Alka-Seltzer suits on and stuff you guys know the drill I mean you know you’re required to know certain amount of Comedy history weren’t actually there
what I call comedy stock
is that one episode where he dumped himself with Alka-Seltzer it’s probably the worst episode of Whatever Whenever I don’t know
can we get back on track I really I want to streamline tonight I don’t want to stand Target I don’t want to get home a lot of tangents.
Wet wet we have a pencil and if it was Mother’s Day instead of giving my Mom a Mother’s Day gift I would put on a Mother’s Day show I do it say The Mother’s Day show and then I would sit there and I would just emulate Johnny Carson I would count my pencil my mom’s back right now just drunk off her here or stumbling around but she did not take the LA well she fired she found out there’s more than Margaritas smack sheets to the wind Drive terminology hair when using the Sailor
she doesn’t mellow the shoots out listen to Kenny Loggins have the Mirena difficult documentary crew of stumbling around the chairs maybe I don’t don’t don’t start I will get fired
that’s enough of that let’s do something for the nice people who once in awhile Let’s Pretend someone’s watching other than a person that makes shows you you you elitist met her asshole open up I don’t want to work I want to go to the museum and see paintings of frames
oh clever Dan Harmon you’re so God damn clever supposed to be around
actually that’s pretty cool I should give that an ambulance to take the final product is going to be when you and I have come home and we’ve been two attempts on our lives we will have gone through a lot together with what do you think the final product is in the hands of our our our shy Neil Berkley director who doesn’t want to be mentioned and persistent mentioning him as often as possible I had to talk him into doing the movie again after he came up there he is that it took 3 hours to get them to really actually say no I’m doing it cuz the show
frankly yes but no he didn’t say that as much but I I’m insecure obviously I think he’s an insecure we’re both like a conversation between two guys whose job is to try to receive people and figure them out it was like taking two two saucers trying to make them stick it was like or we need to start mixing metaphors but I don’t want to insult women by saying we were two vaginas movie and of the also I had to I think what it all came down to his I had to promise him it’s your movie I’m not I’m not going to I’m not the kind of guy that’s going to go pay okay so remember when I we got our drive-through food like and it was wrong and I just revealed that my true feelings about just all black people
is there anyway you could change the n-word to
22 N word instead of the n-word cuz it just said that I don’t think you don’t think is going to make a good movie
for you but I would really like to be able to go back home and get some are well I’m looking at a whatever the this kind of film equivalent of a Pulitzer is so mad at me
this is going to work well on the road when it when I can’t think of what state were in be in any of these towns we’re going to be in Nashville Tennessee and we will have seen nothing we will be onstage and we might as well be here but when I go out in Phoenix on January 10th like I’m going to go to think of something Phoenix related them on your side and I’m going to go hey
stay on fire if you do and they’re all going to go
you should do we should we should think of the list of the Cities we know we’re going to ask if anybody here it is from their has lived there and get out and get some sweet little local nuggets say is there a way to train like can I train the two things I do that have made me the most prob’ly car like audience reaction like I’m used to these guys they love each other they love me they’re very good people there are races in Los Angeles their their culture I’ve lived here for fifteen years or more and I don’t know they’re my people were the back of a comic book store like a metric pressure which is a huge thing it’s not to be nice not to be quibbled with I’ve been in Denver I got a nosebleed at the airport and I would like I forgot to take the pot out of my girlfriend’s person we were there for an extra six hours
like I do all because of the Little Lulu altitude and I wasn’t performing I was just trying to get some pot back home you cannot take a shit on the tour bus you know that right I mean I broke that rule I guess there’s a hose that comes out the bus is like a poop hose that you can just like I don’t know the tour manager like like just was like alright we’re breaking a minor rule but there’s so much poop in there I’m going to see Dave Matthews Band they work hard they poop harder
I’ve heard their music let’s let’s let’s let’s let’s let’s let’s give the kids a break they burned and they just kind of Hit the release valve and I guess it just sprayed all over some dembow passing by where a guy was like
pretty accurate Chicago River they were in a bridge and they dumped it over the bridge. Landed on the ferry a record release by the Dave Matthews
channel of your head
I’ll be remembering that release for years
Dave Matthews Band and Blues Traveler can get in the fucking phone died
Goldberg I know that you fucking
praise her Caesar
Stan said Adam just made I’m going to do what he had a different time stood up and then did that extend up for the Dave Matthews Band then and then he he did a stance that I’m going to the label and diagnose I’ll come up if you want me to come up
do the Dave Matthews thing and then I’ll Stand Up
You sound like Peter Pan flying like waiting for the wires to do their trick all right maybe later Adam
you can’t poop on the tour bus because you’re not supposed to leave on a bus and you poop on a bus and it smells like poop forever for the rest of the trip and there’s there’s no going backwards from that you you are now living in a Chevron men’s restroom but you’re not supposed to do it you have to ask the driver to pull over and say I’m going to go make it he knows make it to 2
I don’t know we going to make the Saskatchewan buy it by the 13th.
Could I get to make a tutu
would you choose going to have to make a kazoo on the other when we get when we get to Flagstaff
I I I retired early on that I don’t know but I’m about to take my where are you at
I’ve lived here my whole life I know where is Saskatchewan in Chicago
from Milwaukee
for some reason you go through Michigan even though it’s also down for a to zed and his appointment
he’s good all right because it’s like Pac-Man I know that you will.
it’s not the most efficient thing but it could be the most strategic in a pinch you can take that take the tunnel sometimes you got to do it Pac-Man fans
when did you sell that noise yourself as Pac-Man what was that your nickname for a while
in the 80s like how many people I don’t know what you don’t have to apply to anything but like there’s like a thing I think this is like an American thing like because we’re so capitalists and like consumerist whatever you call it a snobby language just like you are defined by what you consume in like like you know there’s not a ton of roller rinks or anything cuz you’re like oh I’m into Shear Ahh that’s my thing I got the sheetrock first I’d like you look for an identity I think it’s a lot easier I think that’s why kids seem cooler now it’s not just cuz I’m getting all this because they have like a subscriber base they can they can they can just be into like bands that they you know that the normal kid would never have heard of but now you kind of have to as a kid you have to survive the other kind of pick through scraps of Mike pick your own bird food you can’t wait for Mama De in your mouth in your mouth
can’t wait for that tour bus to pull up put a toes down here then your little baby birds go at night
third grade hey guys
is it you know that you’re going to miss us when we’re gone we’ll be back but
are we going to have our triumphant return back here our last show to be here right now in the green room is saying like so you’re going on tour Neil who shall remain unnamed play filmmaker mister mister mister fly-on-the-wall mr. wizard mr. Dumbledore
we went through this I don’t know if your engine tonight
he said he was saying something like do you what do you what you know you’re going out on a big 20-city tour or whatever it is I keep saying 20 I’m making it up but you have an opportunity to come up with a steam at the top of it and I was like I think it was just he wasn’t being really mean that he just knew that that would make me launch into a thing about how to do the steam wouldn’t we just have to go out there and do nothing and hope for the best but Jenny said doesn’t have not considered I think this is a valid point he being my dad if this is in the movie will pretend that it wasn’t meal that said this but I thought it was profound he said these people out here you’re going to be gone for all that time they’re going to be listening to you every night because we’re going to podcast for taking Dustin Marshall our producer with us out there and we’re going to be pumping out the jams every night I don’t expect you to listen to it every night but do you guys like nightly jams do you like them plumpy out
all over your face underneath the bridge you have back to work talking about Matthews
don’t look up too much
what are very true like
well there’s only one way to get from Racine to Sheboygan let’s let’s get on this contraption and my car into this thing because I prefer driving thank you Father stop it
for a God damn it it’s not the Poseidon Adventure just relax
I’m going to just drive to Sheboygan instead of
because I got a z z top should I kind of cool
I lost my virginity to it
hair. I’ll play something
now I got shit on twice
easy target easy fish in a barrel turn out favors for worst show ever by Comics ever since that happened I just said I just don’t know but holyfuck disappear forever if you can go out of it seems to be like systematic but there was a thing first of all you can hear you can hear David Lee Roth doing like I can’t read what song it is is it is it panel Villas Panama
vocal artist to like that is not there nobody wants to be heard that way necessarily but it just goes to show it like David Lee Roth got some pipes it’s amazing The Amazing silly throat capable of hitting amazing silly notes in like totally into his job and and and got hired for that job for a reason and there’s another one that’s exactly like it that’s the Smash Mouth guy and as such a fucking like a such a trip with such a bummer last week here at the space we called Chevy on the phone Chevy Chase
and ask him ask him if he got the voicemail he called me back promptly the next day and was very very sweet and cool end and I’ve always gotten along kind of in a not really I just hated working with him I just I have to tell you when it comes to like understanding a person like I’ve got help me I’ve never understood a man better with him in the trailer like hearing him like talk about how my show wasn’t funny and stuff like that in in the in between that stuff that he was saying things that I understand it was like yeah I know how you feel like I die I don’t want to die either like
and I want to punch you in the face and everyone that represents is sloppy work too and I like I deserve better than this to I got it I mean honestly I would use the term loosely but I would call him a friend did he do you answer the phone or do you have his reply on your phone he I don’t think he knows my voice mail is cuz I I said did you hear the voicemail and he said he was going to go listen to it but I texted him this morning cuz I was like but he’s in New York he was going to come you should know that he’s he’s a butt
Monica throw me under the bus but the idea of him coming was about as good as it was going to get
I think you would have walked out and you would have gone like Holy Ship
just a Layman’s opinion he’s he said where’s about about my my Acumen so we’re even Steven we can both take it but anyways he may come he still may come right not tonight but eventually he’s more likely to come than anybody cuz he’s like I don’t know he loves like I’ll tell you one thing I’ve never been a refuse Nick in terms of like he loves people loving him and people who people who run up to him on the street and just go
you were flat like he does not go go fuck yourself but I’m sick of that shit he goes like yeah I was like like
I was
nnnnn like like I was I was once there was a guy making hot dogs and like then he was like you know
and I was standing in line behind the hot dog guy you know don’t you know the culture like you treat him like a living ghost or you might lose your job you never know that like like like like like half of the actors my walk away and go there’s a hot dog vendor acknowledged my fame lose it you know I mean he just plays it like like everything that would be in that guy’s fantasy everything in his head that was telling him just say something better that you do then if you don’t like Chevy affirms that all the time and anybody that like like cost him and he was like
he’s not going to believe this again pushing it, the phone and goes like who is this
the phone talk to her for 20 minutes came back LOL
the guy was like pissing like a hot dog vendor.
Shame on you hot dogs
they’re human beings this is why I got to get out of La you guys just immediately thing a hot dog but I bet they pee hot dogs are not naturally don’t you going to learn that the hard way now come on Nashville is great
practicing for Nashville guys so kind of one long calls who your friends are going to a stranger’s girlfriend I wouldn’t wouldn’t he like this cuz he hate he doesn’t like the people he works with he doesn’t let him know he doesn’t like what is that what you’re asking isn’t this a good setup for happiness cuz I know you want me to freak people out
what’s happening
oh that’s a bit

he’ll call me Doug Herman like
I think it’s a coin. I think if you’re there going to be a bummer like you think so too weird magical breakthrough will happen but keep keep calling him out keep you no don’t don’t like chuckle nervously and go
that look just like what the fuck are you talking about now that he has a chance to respond I will go to my grave a happy little ass hole if I if we can get Chevy to either play Dungeons & Dragons with us freestyle rap
yeah I think I think he’s got to wrap it up well you don’t actually classically does he had a rap album like when he was like it is Google it on our website we should have a link to click on that moment and the podcast
Billy walls but then or we’ll lose our webmaster had a he had some kind of family or personal
she’s got a family I don’t know
I guess it’s an Indian name is Charlie Charlie a thousand people watch it
the crews are Web Genius he died think he has something happened like it was doubled up like he he ripped something in his leg or something so his leg was useless and then he got in a car accident or the other way around but they weren’t related there were two things that you should go together but is he okay I mean fuck him where is there a website that we had a lot of shit happening and I would probably not paying him very much if anything while I’m not well traveled the millions of dollars that are we paying Neil Berkley
Neil doesn’t exist first of all
he’s like Drop Dead Fred or any of the characters from inside Herman’s head or or Right Said Fred or
string three rhyming 80s references this is a labor of love for him he’s in it for the art of harmontown Incorporated which is just formed I just want to sit in the bus
Pringles in the writer by the way we’re having Pringle cans on the tour bus and I were talking and you know who does not exist is not affecting the movie at all after after 3M sells a good getting them to agree to do the thing where they’re talking about what we could do he you can get almost anything I can do
he said he said that
fuel shut off a bridge in your head that’s an ultra Danny Thomas if you got three people on that reference
Canter’s Deli Danny Thomas famous comedian Father Knows Best Lebanese descent great great comedian Leslie Mann apparently like to poop on coffee table apparently who knows I could be the Richard Gere gerbil thing like we don’t know but I can’t resist Deli and I’m almost certain to remember this there’s the number one is the the Jackie Gleason the number three of the Bob Hope in us that that the corned beef whatever the number to was the Danny Thomas Show number to roast beef sandwich
which looks like a turd on a bun and it was the fucking number too and I know a woman of his family or the part-owner of cancers and they cannot verify that was a happy accident or just just missed missed you man you missed you and the other possibilities are going on tour did point out that he felt that his colleagues who came to the show for the first time who don’t know Dan Harmon from Buck Island or nor harmontown and now they’re just professionals, they said above and beyond that D&D was the highlight of the show and then it would be a crime to not do D&D on the road when we go to the different cities so Spencer is asking off of work which is a decision primary.
and Dustin is coming with us which means that we will be at will be a mobile DND pumping like no bestowed
but my dream is to start a mobile phone company and I put as much as if they’re webisodes
tired of Mo besides you having their own standard I want us why did we stop the minimal amount of the money left over from your TV show into them you you hire a non-union crew you would you do almost nothing
did you make up my but I did not know what is using the word webinar like for real
what the fuk is his name webinar Donaldson was right there forever and he and I had a love of a kind of a love-hate relationship with the word combinations with like like like like a snack at eisers Caesars with that stuff like that he used to give me voicemails you do the Skymall magazine and I’m reading about a electric blanket that boast of its stimulus in quality
simulacra the only good one I’ve ever heard the only one who can sign off on my brother used to be a bartender at the Chart House with seafood restaurant and every year they would have their annual extravaganza
a motherfuking goodies that’s actually getting back to her anymore I don’t think anyone has anyone here been to a spectacular and since 98 like I think the only Spooktacular is now from now on
not fucking webinar no weapon
Extravaganza and Spooktacular and webinar no one wants to be fine you’re not going to make it fast and fuck you it’s just a shity guy telling me how to do it
Dandy and you want with all those syllables in the world but it says it’s not a venture tunity
I need somebody to work at a camp and they were that they’re their title and that a business card the poor fucker as director of edgy tainment edutainment why not why not no no cancel it may not be Phoenix okay I just run me through some scenarios I want to start training for the 2 or am I got this this show and then the next show we do and then we’re on and I believe the next time I go on stage in front of a microphone I will be in front of a Sober Sober jury of Phoenix finishing their competitions right yes I don’t know like I want to I just want to like run through the wringer a little bit I can’t prepare for everything but you guys are still loving all the time
and you just blew me like have Jeff introduce me and it just hit me for a thought I want you to let it hit a button for you or do you want to just like be in the middle of it so I’m going to come up just basically just sit in silence like your crowd you paid $10 this is some bullshit or pretend you paid a thousand
and I know he’s going to pay $1,000 just saying like get you something the zone
and you’re like who’s this guy I know I came to the I came to the chuckle chuckle back steakhouse
and even from the name I’m in a bad mood because it doesn’t rhyme with anything it’s not all right everybody welcome
yo yo yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I thought your mama in the mouth
I forgot about your mama and your neighborhood now. All right hey Phoenix how you doing everybody
take it easy, take it easy.
All right I don’t know when that happens Austin Texas put your hands together for the mayor of harmontown his first time at the Taj Mahal
penis Nashville Tennessee Nashville Tennessee
what’s your mama’s
thank you so much for having me it’s so fucking great to be here and then like I’m so
sorry about the election results
you know what it was a squeaker and my audience is liberal about them because of of of how much of a squeaker it was it shouldn’t have been you should have been right because you guys voted for the right person Tennessee Tennessee
nobody leaves with a camera
that’s when you find out I got it I got the billions of dollars that has come down to the middle of Tallahassee Florida meeting with a goddess Tallahassee
my dad beat me real hard
you’re going to get everyone up on stage. Now I have to get up and dance
do you start walking with me to come to the park with us the whole way we know that fucking ass
weather, so not going to make this easy on you
I stopped at a party the other night humblebrag
I was put on why I was there
grab him for a second I was like you got we got to we got to go out and have a drink and talk as he did the comedians of comedy thing and cyclical there’s got to be something to learn from Patton Oswalt is not all the more so because we’re not doing, date we’re not
I like so so we’re not comedians of Comedy where we’re coming into deception we can’t play musical instruments and you’ll be fine Boston Massachusetts Midway through the show
The Berry the Great Boston Adam Goldberg comes up on the stage do that
I was going to say we bring up we bring up the Boston Cliff Clavin version of Adam Goldberg and you were already on your fucking feet
the same joke from different angles there’s like a gift for you or I’m going to sneak into Boston Boston a I sure love 2009 what up
how did you know it’s so weird you just fucking new vodka
I was actually getting Adams and now I’m sleepy
I’m learning bad parenting lessons already I and II Ellis Island and Governors Island not so great bug is supposed to be in a Boston accent right now laughing at that really a joke.
no Aaron says I get really drunk and really easily when I drink on my medicine
all right take your roommates flies and appreciate having fed them it’s like it’s just like being in Boston activity
what is going on because we had severe when you can’t do the exit I get like I was born I was born and when I’m tired I can do the accent
yeah you’re like Davis like the square right Jeff Davis Square your ride the T in that thing oh my God you laze turn motherfuker
you live turn motherfuker coming and calling Somerville past and that’s weird
alright Spencer get up and start setting up your DND equipment but how do you make shampoo
not on out of the side and took boy
well we have that conversation with Dustin and I are headed to get Dustin was like what you think I actually we cut out for those of you who feel a little bit she was listening to the most recent recording where is all of Adam fans are the people that can do without you the least you know you don’t want you want to let them down the least and I know there that are the craziest but they’re the most important you know you want to do it you want to keep feeding them or you’re at your audience will will will will will you you know it’s alright I felt bad so I was just so much shit to do right now I’m turning right at CVS thing in a box thing and I’m so behind I got to leave in the 17th for for Europe
it’s in my life is a nightmare
I got these Patton Oswalt parties to go to and I just
I don’t know why that might be gay
that was a bad choice fancy not gay but it wasn’t going to do anything Jam like I just Dave Matthews at all over the fucking Airwaves head but the one thing I did have time to cut out with Adam Goldberg coming up and reading his journals I read my journals and then Adam comes up and read his journals Adams 24 he read his journals from his phone from when he was twenty I could have added over time but I did I what I didn’t get surgical about the back out cuz I just ran at a time so it’s me and Jesus Diaz talking about the woes of being creative and not fulfilling it added it but anyways it is yeah that’s not a question I want you guys to answer this is Sara Lee because I did I did again I say it’s a coin landing at at Edge like when are we on Adams side and when are we against him I was very fascinated by his journals
4 years ago because it was a glimpse into a time when Barack Obama was still in office is really his phone back then I don’t know I don’t know man like sometimes I feel like we bring Adam up and then I like to ride the line like I want the audience to know it’s like looks kind of have a golden ticket or anything don’t get mad at him will make fun of them but then he sits down and then sometimes I feel like it did we just make fun of one of my Howard Stern Wack Pack what am I doing like remember when the guy the guy was sitting there where it was Big Red
Adam Adam if we find out that that big red has been killed your address if you’re under indictment it mediately last week I took care of big red big great comeback big red last week there was this guy sitting over here at his name was big red and we brought him up and he was that big red and every every question you answered like I would like what’s your name
Viking dolphin
yeah I got a helium helium helium Warriors Helio cuz I was like what we have big red up because I got a new character and then I started doing a bit of Adam Goldberg’s really jealous of course he goes like that or he mocks Big Red’s laugh or something like like Adams out of hateful person is that he’s diabolical is calculating he’s least he’s anything but a human butt
CiCi’s CiCi’s in his robotic he’s he’s fundamentally fundamentally like from carbon-based flaws
but I don’t think he has a hateful person I don’t think he’s like Patti I think that all of us are kind of like in a big warm nerd hug here kind of
I felt like I was kidding I I I had a flashback that I didn’t share with everybody like the back of the school bus was like that was a bullying technique when bullies who pick on me I remember sometimes that’s another thing they do is they go what do you think of so-and-so you know what I mean it’s like a bullying technique it made me feel like I was like because then one person
Ocean Sea bulshit I don’t like why it wasn’t intentional I just think it was Behavioral or not intentional I wasn’t thinking about it let me know Adam I guess big red but Adam if you killed big red that’s fucked up but like I don’t know we have a little late which is as well again can we get little Langham gothy like the design music where is this reading is John Adams come up like as a Flash animation about a thing
are you using Safari
this website will function in that web browser but it would work much better in a linux-based
meet me down at the bottom and I’ll tell you more
you’ll find all kinds of concert information ticket links for all available dates
I found the gold bug
send a Google back go back go back go back and can’t be a coincidence
Chevy with a person of flame
what’s the fuel Mark of a Family Feud to make them play each other
listen to reduce our dungeon master who is mrs. Spencer
20 sided Rolla I don’t know and I don’t know
I bet that’s the only one that’s it
king of of a Khalifa character sheets I like saving a nerd alert from a campaign
alright let me just let this come down a bit when we last met Our Heroes had come upon an Old Village while contemplating their next move the party was ambushed by your church the Knoll the no identified himself as Allied no love the black paw tribe and temporary second-in-command of the bus barbarians to the vile white skull Knowles & Cork talk to squirrels and shit
Our Heroes found themselves in a pit trap facing a deadly gelatinous Cube through the magic of unnatural male enhancement and a critical stop the photo was spelled in the here and the friends found Freedom the new enchantment lie ahead and Sharpies blood tracking spell hold them ever forward
now you should get her up here do you want to bring Aaron
Erin mcgathy I understand the instinct to protect her and I can’t see enough of her
I just spilled vodka all over my face so right
painting the cat but I squirted vodka in my face I will hide the ring a week longer
no biggie
it was that was that a don’t joke about that
about marrying your girlfriend about pretending to not want to marry them
the favorite thing or just teeing up like that was hilarious always help your relationship
all over my face cuz I’m wasted so I won’t remember anything Spencer’s description of what we did last week and Maya okay alright
where was Danza Spencer you guys just got out of the pit that you know you escaped from and now you’re running again towards the village
so it’s up to me in the village where my dad was going to meet these you You Came Upon The Village after casting a blood spell in it it pulls you toward your right and it led you here that you encountered your chin fell in the hole is right away yeah
what were we drunk yeah probably do you repel squirrels
what is good arable is a bad nose but it is in there cuz my dad is my dad would have to deal with the dwarves we’re just not the doors my dad a deal with the good Knowles that they were going to go take out bad Knowles along the way this is what I couldn’t look I’d said and they were going to take out the bad a bad milk and that was going to be kind of like a quid pro quo saying they’ll say it right later ER and then I will insist on it he’s a very rigorous Spokane active directory Heyward of the word it where he wearing a fake beard and pretended to have worked on Pee-wee Herman and just just shot himself in the hole when he loves being a camera
is the Dan Harmon of documentarians
nobody Cuts all over his body fuel Berkeley Berkeley feature case are you can try and move silently Alex
just wasted a movie sound like you’re making a bunch of ruckus
you do make a bunch of ruckus says you make your way towards the Knoll Village even still no one seems to take no notice of you all right I noticed Flames licking the skins of the dwellings of the Knolls and smoke billows out into the sky you can hear the sounds of screaming and shouting and the ringing of clashing blades your dad has been here let’s go to help linking Flames remind me a lot of the belt that you can lick my ass

play your dad lick your ass
it’s a magical belt
hard and held his pants up
how old is Dick that hit him with a belt
I must confess I am 4000 years old and I was there
Jesus her face is covered in vodka
but there’s a battle going on we owe it to the memory at least of your of your the kingship of your father to go in there and helping this battle shooting one of the time
arriving at the Village your met with a grisly scene Flames consumed the tall grasses surrounding the bone dwellings in wooden furniture Animal hides and all sorts are on fire a few of the Huts are collapsed is it devastated by a single blow and the corpses No Lie slain in pools of their own blood some with vicious gashes others with Broken Backs and next and still others torn asunder a cleft in Twain you hear the pounding massive feet shaking the Earth and then you see him Lord mango but a lot of people are looking at the carbs in what dire Force wrought this
in the puddles of blood shiver you know he’s coming
Barbarian standing seven feet tall boasting 380 lb of muscle instead of leather armor and wearing a dazzling and magnificent multi-colored dream cloak red blue and yellow colors of the butts electribe he also wears a great horned helmet and a dazzling magic bell upon seeing you here
I think I know where this is going
upon seeing you he charges barreling it inhuman Speed Sports you swing a massive anchor is easily is it with a whirl Smallwood Hatchet and wild dangerous arcs he gets like this
his his his Berserker rage to settle out but I recognized him and jump in the way of the Lord but a lot and Sharpie and say no Sharpie I will say that realizing you you are Barbarian and you realize that that you don’t think you can stop a barbarian with words but you can try that if you’d like to come up and see you later
sorry I can’t I can’t use my word definitely can I mean I’m just telling you that you know barbarians being a barbarian and they get Mindless as I can I’m saying like he gets like this like I was raised by a barbarian I get it like let him let him let him Peter out he’s in a rage he’s not going to understand anybody get it but you’re also always fighting against fighting against him
not by bothered by your idle chit-chat he charges
pulling into the group of the three of you
he manages to knock Dan and Jeff high up into the air and they land flat on their backs you guys each day to damage will be at level 1
Spencer may I use my bird to deliver a message to Blanco I don’t think you have a bird I have a bird that says one bird she’s talking about Qualls feather token you guys it’s at. It’s a magical item that some of the bird that can deliver a message that’s what’s happening right here where’s your behind the scenes
sorry no no no I’m just explaining the game because it’s hard I just sound like a little bitch sometime sorry
this is a perfect time to summon a bird
two of your friends like white on their back
message to Mango and let him know that that but the lad is his is his son but the third
I need my face doesn’t deliver that message my next available turn out I’ll use my mouth to deliver the message make no you no impact on his fragile brain fragile
did my bird never go you didn’t say a message so do you want to see a message and then I’ll happen Okay the bearded Pine died
his face looks like you could care less.
The kind I sealed ex man that you see before you is your son at Martha
I always wondered what he was saying that bought the Lord of the Rings that he said some shit that it went away and then it came back and what did he say
I can’t believe Adam kill big red valleys the Giants roll in after long nights to massage therapy cuz they’re so soft
hey guys there’s a limit of a hundred words on the spell are at the rules Aaron is your son your son that little clicks and she did it she clicks then the coin transforms into a beautiful Dove and flies right into the ear of Ward mango butts a lot and then the side of his face
tell your dad the dad just killed a bird
I heard your message you sent the text trouble to the grasses
why would he kill a bird that talks crazy you guys he just killed a bird who tried to talk to him you cast Mage Armor and I stand up and I look him right in the eye and style
I don’t get the reference I don’t see things
I mean the actual ritual prom night in all adolescents lives when you finally bear down in your fucking dad because he won’t give you the keys to the car cuz you didn’t clean your room and you’re not supposed to go to prom so yeah a little like like like looking ganglion ridiculous and having your first pubescent like Showdown with your alcoholic City
cast Mage Armor lot of favorite bands there maybe you can finish the glowing with magic light he turns charges directly at you when I have bloodshot I hold my ground my eyes cuz I’m a coward but I’ve made my decision isn’t how I would like to die
he hits the ax know that I’m sorry it’s a Niger he swings the acre in awhile dark and it strikes you directly in the chest with an anchor a belt for a boat
strike you with such force that it shatters your Mage Armor dissipating it see just jump on with your sword pulling out your flaming sword from its sheath you you go into a rage is real great Barbarian warlord and swing in a masterful clean stroke
you miss shit harmlessly in the movie cast magic scrapbook
he never he never participated in my Sticker Collection
half the reason I left did you hang out in his basement a lot like a glare token or a memory from that that you could be you can summon to that’s where you got hit by a belt that’s like the place where it happened call him
mango you didn’t die right but I might do it hurt me like he did not know the Mage Armor took the brunt of the attack there
he doesn’t respond to your words he’s in a Mindless rage his tongue laws in his eyes roll around in his sockets and he left unleashes a mighty Roar in Arrow
mango shoot an arrow from your bow
you strike mango right in the chest you can do this is my dad right where my spells do I know he’s not
he charges like a wounded animal despite taking 14 non-lethal damage mango
charm person fails to affect Timeless razors
fail to get different medical I’m sorry you guys the dice are stuff like both of us
parallel student both of his feet with a arrow yes and then to the other foot like a little like real world Road Rules challenge where your feet are tied together
you failed to meet your mom
so what are your things you just want to talk and I reject that okay sweet sleep he’s entitled to a will save
oh shit he falls asleep
I had to learn to do that
that’s my origin story Jesus you guys if my dad was asleep right now he’s asleep we’re trying to kill him like I’m humping him and then I giggle on a run away and I’m embarrassed
I look around for allies of my father like what looks like a dick and balls
I put a tan in a cup of warm water
there’s no dog shit on his forehead
do you want us to defeat him or do you want to join us I didn’t keep looking around for his 10 attendance you don’t see any attendance the burning no encampment seems rather bearing it seems like everyone who could die is already dead
it took care of business they give us a lot my bedroll here is my is my is my sincere advice he was in a Berserker rage that’s why everyone here is dead that’s why he’s the leader of his tribe he’s not himself when he’s in that mode like if we tie them up and take all the shit when he wakes up he’ll actually be pissed at us normal like sober if we just let him have a shit he’ll Wake Up Normally reserved a rage when he wakes up like he’ll be normal he’s still my dad is not going to tell us when he wakes up when was the last time that you and your dad had a really nice time together as we try to recreate that I don’t want to play the blame game you know I’m not I’m not I don’t come from that school at therapy it it wasn’t a positive relationship I left it became a wizard but yeah
I like your last good memory with him like and we can position him in a certain way I don’t think there’s any more it is Oregon
don’t know what you’re saying has to do with what I tagged but but what my recommendation is that we propped up in a comfortable position with his weapons at hand and wait for him to wake up and normal guy he’s not going to like me when he wakes up but he’s not going to try to kill us he’s my dad I summon a squirrel
you kept the same day as the last day we met and you can only cast speak with animals one on today
Goldwater High School flashback you have a flashback to win 10 years old 10 years old
I choose Jeff Davis to play the role of young Lord but Salat Barbarian in the tower of wherever I grew up when I was 10
why is there a phone call over this Tower what I’ve been thinking about what you said
you said that I’d never make a good Barbarian I know that look at your forearms
what is Magic father Magic
it’s not it’s not going to hang out with Pat and Jen
monsters and game treasure same and federalism show me some magic right now and prove it to me you just poop in the carpet
are you looking for when the carpet is that good enough for you I didn’t say that I’m not good enough you always say I’m not good enough
we live in a magic Tower why can’t we go I can I go to a magic places why my training do it you go you go
just leave and I’ll see you in about 15 years 20 years you’ll be proud of me maybe I’ll be too busy saving the world from the bowl games and maybe I won’t care about maybe sometimes magic and totally put bread on the table.
Turtle song
get out of my weird Castle
snap back into the real world you feeling it confusing mix of emotions of passions of adrenaline of memories of timelines weaving past and present you level up
flashback level.
What’s the best unit let’s go let’s listen there we level out
video game
take our time to pick those new skills as to where is everybody
I didn’t know you know Neil who doesn’t exist had to say to me I think the Indies the Highlight I know you got to figure out a way to play DND on the road megalomaniac number of the documentary movie
Berkeley has got me in it
hi I’m just saying like as an example of it you know I’m still trying to get him to agree to do the thing immediately mentioned I think we played better DND tonight because it’s like an actual riches in glory and I described it dramatically oh well if you would like I’m in jail right now. Have a sauna State Highway somewhere
I hit the wrong button and home can I come over I don’t have I don’t have to Steel myself against the possibility of this being three and a half hours one freewheeling but the put the only downside of that is always the paying the Piper at the end because they go like it was going to end it keep a little bit of you are so what have we learned
what are we learning in tonight I’m in town
we learned that steals deal doesn’t want to be in the room in the movie that he’s shooting
but that he will be the star of it by not being in it
play the Adam about Adam but we we learned to be afraid of him
if we didn’t know that already we learned that women and gay people and black people are the best people in the world right now
we have one more week to prepare because they have no regard for give it to ya
we learned to fuck your mama
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Andy Michelle fuck your mama going to learn and grow, and Ernie in a foot
what’s your mama’s Wick a candle and I’m going to get sick puke your mama up out of my mouth put your mama in the east west north and south of what your mama from the salt to the pepper, and I’m not pepper
is that a word that’s why I’m not it is not a word but your mama in the butt and the head but your mama and your daddy instead started bucking your daddy to even it out to daddy and his nose in his mouth
apostrophe T Mouse I need a topic I need a topic you guys I thought your mama and it was a big surprise I fuck your mama and her brow and a nose I fuck your mama cuz that’s how the eyes goes I thought your mama in the middle of the face I thought your mama all over the place so fuck your mama on the left but your mama on the right but your mama in the morning didn’t fuck her at night, let’s talk about your mama on the right here in the morning doesn’t bug her at night affect your mama on the left on the right thing in the morning since 5:35 in the morning or at night
what’s the weather next week
Adam Goldberg
feel crackly who really really is just running roughshod over the show me an audio recording Jack McKeever a tech on-site Emily Gordon producer Daniel Kramer program director check out how do you say website design we will see you next time maybe
fuck your mom
clear your mom
went to her house to Buck.
Candid about the fact that you fucked up I think I need to expound fuck your mom so many times and ways you don’t understand supply
closing pasta salad
punching holes in your harmontown cards over there I know that some of you are this close to a previous
take me to Los Angeles
or filler city of are using it to fill in a sin
pretty hard on Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix it’s okay we’re going to be fine
wild stuff now disappeared twice
animals at San Diego
in the world
it’s faster


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