Episode: 25 – Harmoncountry: Austin, TX


Episode: 25 – Harmoncountry: Austin, TX


What else would Mayor Harmon discuss in Austin other than Politics, Mexican food, Hey Yah by Outkast and pooping? In D&D: a friend’s dark secret is revealed.


hello Austin Texas
brown is now officially in session
thank you so much for coming out day 2 of the harmontown to her please put your hands together for the mayor of harmontown Dan Harmon
Alicia Alicia
big room full of amazing people holyshit amazing
thank you for your applauding yourselves you sons of bitches we had a great time in Phoenix we learned about myself they were good people in Phoenix complete ass of myself they loved me and I and I and I flung myself out of the sharp and hatred and they are going to Regular Show, could come out and go like you know that’s that’s the dynamic is like that’s what I had color is whatever it’s completely inverted with me cuz I have no act and then I come up and I got like
picture going to finish with fine but I learned my lesson it was like you know what let’s let’s let’s accept some love as we got here in the road cuz I live in Los Angeles and we live in the back of a comic book store we do the show and now we’re going on the road so your automatic thought is my mom’s out there you know like she’s somewhere out there different people like they’re going to judge me or are we like the crowds are going to be filled with people who like you know let’s go see you tonight honey we’re fine we’re fine
and might my only job is to pretend that we’re in Los Angeles at harmontown I think I think what we found last night to our surprise I think we’re going to do the shark I’m going to resemble our hometown crowd try to fit
look a lot like
text and the guy the guy I make eye contact with who’s holding the thing for me to sign what is the same guy as in Los Angeles shorty might be fat but there’s that Misfit quality and then i r i’s me to cross the road and happen with some guy I think his name was Jesse or somebody was the first guy came into the kind of waved at me like I worked with him and I was like a wonderful an army an army of nerds I love it like
I’m going to fight this is the first time I think that Charlie Kaufman you guys are the writer try to Kaufman and yeah the community thing I got cuz the Christmas thing I think and try to conversation there was two guys in the same plaid shirt staring at their own shoes that’s why people lie I can handle this was almost Kettle one but I remembered where we were so this is titas titas
fucking chinos one of the thank you one of the eighty-five thousand things about taxes they have a homemade vodka called Cheetos that is delicious it’s judahlicious in the garage making this on his own right
well that’s the story I told you
hello when it’s pitch-black back there I don’t know and I don’t know what the Mikes are picking up but but as The Story Goes Tito’s vodka is made by a human being and not a corporation and now it’s a corporation
but it’s every bit as delicious as Ketel One who did not sponsor her to her and I I had a bottle of Ketel One up here but fuck those guys it’s Tito’s all the way it feels a little weird drinking out of a glass but
Ketel One the racist vodka glass like shaped like a kettle one bottle since 1945 but those in the know little one baby rappers
more like Channel 2
meaning we put in at you fuckers I need to play favorites I’m from California live California California Eden and nnn California and Texas though like we could kick the whole Nations ass like
when did we are the first and second in terms of gross national product or whatever you call it went on the state level probably Gross State product California and then each state could be a country unto its South Texas history you know that phrase Six Flags Over Texas you know what you know the significance of that I do not I do
who’s the governor of Michael
just back me up guys I’ll slip out the back and just pretend that your Governor tonight is the who is the governor what’s his name
can hit camp
the game show hair
I believe he’s an idiot cuz he’s a governor I don’t know how I don’t know what she has it ever become a politician and wake up in bed and go tell people what to do it doesn’t make any sense if you’re smart you make shit or you’re a jerk off and play video games
shut up play the Ric Flair of jerking off and playing video games
talking about
Six Flags Over Texas refers to the state’s history it’s a it’s a it’s an amazing history been owned by it’s a territory has been owned by the French for a brief. The other the Spanish then it was a territory of Mexico and I don’t know what other states I really don’t they might be some public
applies for that everyone else is like I had come on, Statham Texans I think I think is more strict
like I love the idea that we we belong to a nation that was I got a touch of federalized Empire at one point we had to go door-to-door and go you joining us was like a couple conditions you know
new lease with an option to buy it and we have to be shaped like a ninja star
Florida with hit you even if you just bruised your I take your fucking I write out rabbit Oklahoma
it’s like a sword handle
staff Mexico be like Steve McQueen and if I can do like an awesome limited agreement to become part of our little club and then there was an uncomfortable. Call the Civil War if you want
I have done I I am not judging anyone and and then and then there’s a 7 flags cuz it’s like what’s up
I’m sorry I couldn’t hear that
us twice so you but two different that makes the 6
but why not seven
because of the amount of roller coasters hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip is going a huge family gathering if I can smell food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out while actually has that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film Earth-like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
difference between California and Texas with very different ideas about Mexican food is very very very different here you can you get a chili relleno Taco Cabana Taco Cabana
then don’t nobody know nobody saying that that’s authentic Cuisine nobody’s I am not a foodie I’m not going to Taco Cabana on Center and there were 17 tables all covered and shit and the gentleman behind the can I was 11 years old and I buried what bean and cheese burrito in it so you give me a bean burrito with the thing with the little plastic Ramekin cheese plastic thing plastic cups
is that a word for something like that ancient Greek name is it okay to take me to Mount Olympus 3 oz of things he stole Chipotle from the gods and gave it to man in in in in in easy to handle serving as a bean burrito that was random that I had to take out of the tortilla into it make it myself and they give you a number and I took my number to my table and was forgotten they never I had to go up and get my own food I don’t get it
I’m pretty sure that I’m vegetarian I’m pretty sure those refried beans
app for my money I’m in the special diet I have no I am delicious like understand
Google burp it out as I said it was good it was it was good we got out of there when I want to be part of The Honky Tonk culture
I can see that yeah I’m going to go to this place buddies what was it I think you could you could you could feed an ox so you could give birth to a Christ that’s all there was in the bathroom bartender was like okay I’ll take Michelob Ultra and she’s like okay sweetie
darling everything was sweetie and darling an alternation run here we’re all for the future I’m from Milwaukee to be associated with a random thing you might encounter there but but but here’s what you don’t have in Los Angeles bars with big long ass shuffleboard those things we had that issue
that’s what I thought you said it looked like it might my dad and my uncle had one in his basement and like they just said that that grease and shit you put on it’s a fun game man I like everyone should have that. But I do want to do the shuffleboard show I don’t care
we rehearse this for weeks
that’s great job thank you
I said give the people what they want then
but I didn’t you notice I didn’t come out like like doing the mama thing cuz I was like I’m getting in a rut and I was like what I learned in Phoenix the God bless them they were fucking wonderful all they did was support me but I came out rapping about you fucking your mama and and they’re like yeah what a relationship with the audience everywhere I go I was just getting suggestions about fucking people’s Mama’s ice cream sundae I felt awful
it’s I’m not an improviser I’m not like one of your you belittle Whose Line friends you known your little whose egos can I go changing emotions and lift the bodies and do the arms experts I got it
used to being a provider that is absolutely there is two people came back an interview damn before an awesome interview question why are you doing the store and there’s no answer but you still don’t know why I just don’t know why I just know I need this and I love the things have been progressing like I want to bring Spencer up right away not to play D&D necessarily but put under you who do not know Spencer we are the only, with her own dungeon master to play Dungeons & Dragons
if you know him you already love him if you do not know him prepare to Spencer Crittenden National Treasure
and yes if you look exactly like you thought he would
thank you for coming Spencer you’re welcome
I don’t get it where we found out last night we knew where he lives and he works in the back room of an Apple store and now we learn that don’t suffer from it sorry I’m sorry forgive me he’s blessed with a middle toes on each feet to use it together
less less Telegram
less stinky feet a 20% would help you may be like oh yeah I think about you every night as if you have anything in the chamber you can pop it out now but or you can just let it stew if I’m if I’m at McMahon is nice to have a Doc Severinsen sitting over there yeah I like being able to go Spencer
I’m Invincible. Money in the bank can we talk about the Confederate flag sing
this one was the Confederate flag with a lady on it
I just I don’t know I guess I threw it
it’s not the same thing like I understand the association but it’s but it’s a very political thing like that would be a bad thing and we would all go like okay we’ve moved beyond that but we haven’t moved Beyond like like like struggle and political like like like like like it was a colony got like federalized I don’t necessarily know that person like hates other people to be ashamed of it like I said the same thing I just wanted to know how you guys feel about it as like Progressive Southerners I never talked to somebody from the south that like lately
forgive me but there’s this compass
I understand
I back you up 100%. I don’t mean to offend you I just meant to say as opposed to the top half of the country being named Jeff Davis and my parents were Yankees are from Nebraska and Ohio when they’re little kids move west during the Dust Bowl and never been to the free Davis is not Jefferson Davis has ever been but I was in the liquor store in the morning my hotel is a huge long walk yea
and I it was a really long walk but was in a very black neighborhood and I was the only white guy walking like a little girls and boys are going to school like I really look like a like a gay vampire like I was like super tall and skinny in a black suit and super respect a landline and hungover and I’m coming on the road a little kids are crossing the street to go around me and I can clearly was not up to any good and I go into a liquor store and my cell phone was dead and I wanted to make a redneck a guy like you know like Cajun dude behind the counter in a Gatorade and a six pack of beer too so I’m back at the hotel
for the for the Gatorade in the beer and the trail mix on the counter and put the goods back toward me, can I have it then he’s like I said thank you I might
yeah I asked can I have I don’t know what’s what’s going on honey but I don’t want the money what the fuck is going on
any cozy I can’t charge it Jeff Davis Parish deliver my parents didn’t live in Italian
for real or no fucking job I took the shit and I walk out in the cat called The Cab in a cab, put into the cab driver he’s a cage and pillow too and and liquor store on Friday and it said Jeff Davis and the guy turns the meter office
like really low stakes Harry Potter stop tomorrow we’re driving to Louisiana I’ll tell you when I get out of the car that was my name is it just because it’s free
everything’s is Jeff Davis Elementary School Boulevard by I can’t think of anything I hate more than people telling me what to do so if I was like I’m going to erase it from history and you’re going to politicize it an overcharge it like that’s why I like Federal machine that like like like I have no idea how people feel how they really feel like what offends people I used to feel that way about guns to like like like that shit went crazy but I always felt like I couldn’t be more liberal I’m left of liberal I’m so left of liberal that I seem right-wing than my liberal friends because I’m so left
I just want to see no burn down the White House and they like build a statue of myself pissing
burn down the White House it’s too white let’s get some chargers turn it down tonight we’re going to have a new president or and say whose house is this mother fucker yeah
I was the anarchist wrap it is a thumping the White House’s front door
yeah you know the you know the thing happen to them the guy said the stuff and like it’s too politically charged but I can’t get past that concept to go yeah but who wants to be part of a machine it’s dumb machine I thought the reason we called it the United States is because it was like I don’t know it’s the idea of a bipartisan system the idea that you’re either with one side or the other that’s the greatest trick the devil ever played like like the idea that you’re not allowed to be a single human being and go like I want this and I
but that like like it doesn’t have people from both sides telling you yeah but whose side are you on because one of them is good like a Hitler
it’s just not true but it’s like it makes me nervous and I know you can hear the people eating their hot wings like like like say anything a little conversation about how do you feel about Obama’s mother
all right well
I punched Obama’s mama in the city with other titties said can I fuck your mama
I don’t know yet that’s how I feel and I’m blessed to live in a country where it’s okay to say that are you listening I would like to fuck your mama
and he is the reason I voted for him is because I think he would go guess that’s what he wants to do
as opposed to somebody who would go like what what do you say whatever I hope you I hope you changed my mama’s pussy
we’re supposed to be the government we’re supposed to be
do Spencer I saw your mama yesterday
I might say it was 2 days ago
if you can’t do it and I went through in the eye

I think I’d talk about his mama but if he was here I’d probably just shake his hand and say thank you for running the country
and I think he would thank me for doing a good show
and we are going to his power to his new status
did you pack members of our audience. The mom is all the time I’m using the Royal you your mama
I told Nikki I know that many of your momma’s are dead or dying
yeah I guess you can hear the art form of owning a fucking your mama
your mom is bigger than any individual
next one
is any individual or is he your mom is fat and important to me but she’s bigger than any individual
when your mama occupied my thoughts she’s occupied in charge of the cycles of the Moon she’s she’s at and I would be honored to to nail her show in Los Angeles and saying about sucking your mama amazing him a song that has like he’s never going to sing it and it was just a second. Just In Heaven There was the greatest mother was that to that guy for money by not saying it and it was a humblebrag
just things that will work while we’re here and we can’t talk about anywhere else do you think our angry bus driver is here in the audience
nope OK Google why are away fire away best driver complicated. My ice I feel like at one point he was driving like Gallagher or Louie Anderson in a bus and then he was like who’s full of joy and life and it was like
smashing orange and Gallagher was like keep driving you fucking lucky piece of shit and and and he looked forward and
and then he became his current personality but both both bands like I think he’s just like I like we’re all hanging out in the bus and I was driving one of the bunks in the comes up to the front goes up to another driver cuz it was too long of a drive to do a little bit of a tour bus if you’re if you’re going to if you’re hanging out with someone sleeping in the back close the door between the cigs and the director of the movie said a little bit of humanity 101 if you hate your job stop doing it
do you have any idea where this guy is going to be behind the wheel for an entire tour around the country including the Northeast during January what what do you want me to do I have to tell you he keeps it between the lines and he hasn’t scared me signs of a bad driver a new update in the next city or forming relationships that we never knew
he’s objecting ashamed he looks just like Jeff Daniels on his leg
I’m only putting this on record by Outkast
when everyone else in the world loves it
Ambush Ambush I don’t like it it’s a bad song Charming unnecessary aversion to popular things like
my messages about so I think I think it does exactly what it’s got to do with a pop song It’s a popular song it should be but we used to go to this one of the bar restaurant in my neighborhood in Los Feliz shut the fuk up
problem with that song you couldn’t go anywhere for 17 months fifteen times a day do want to have a book I see 15 of the people reading the same book me cool no I just don’t want to seem prophecy or any of that shit ton of sexy thing I’m not posting I shouldn’t be like this. I just made a list of stuff to talk about
I asked him first cast lovers I didn’t know that they I don’t know how they feel I know how I know how the world feels because number one is gone forever and always having a great time you always hear them having a great time in their music if I can I will I will take that any day of the week
two particular this guy’s too particular anyways moving on next topic I will be able to talk to them about stuff that was like I was like I wanted to confront you about Hangouts that I hate and I am convinced that if you give me 5 minutes I can turn the most die-hard Rush fan and convince them that they actually don’t like Rush
all right who’s the biggest recipe is there anybody actually are
I hear more Plaza booth
I think it’s a great man I love the band with Robert Plant is a screechy ass
and when you please tell me when you please tell him playing and he’s swinging like a microphone around 8 would be perfect the stuff in his pants with a sock and he’s with her maybe and then I’m looking over at Jimmy Page and doing nothing but standing there playing guitar and minding his business and every time you see me I was confused by your reaction you are at your headquarters Zeppelin to the point where you can be anti Robert Plant right all right
who is the hardest Boomer but then
I’m going to call this guy at Tito’s made a glass up front for the sky
all right moving on next item. I wanted it I wanted to keep it have a relationship with these guys and I have been friends for Roundup 15 years today this morning because we’ve never got the special Jeff and I took our first shift together I’m not going to ignore it
I know you hate being told you she wasn’t at bro I’m not saying that you have long enough to be a little seem to be to the end it’s just a piss mop that you got we’re hanging out underneath the toilet and an IHOP I guess I just love Texas
I tried I trust their germs to be as big as everything else and not be able to get into my bloodstream
Stockton I believe we are in Fort Stockton IHOP sorry guys I heard I heard his a little flip flops that’s all I got.
English is amazing like we’re on the road where that is I only say I second show in in like like ships going down
all right I’ve lost track of time to 2347 Ella I am home let’s do a rap about that I learned my lesson but I just want to feel like lately lyrics to is there any any any I would limit of two young ladies unless they didn’t step forward is that is that sex with a Liquor Bar the ladies
I feel like enough of a tune to to do Rihanna hook come out, come on up if you like sex
what’s it what’s your name young lady I guess we’re okay well we came up with this refrain do you want to see it or are you comfortable standing it’s okay if you do
primarily but I use the microphone Junior singer
level four
come down to harmontown and brown
turn that frown upside down T is yellow poop is brown come on down to harmontown
all right
turn on all down the highwomen
yellow blue red Brown, I hope I don’t wreck this I’m trying to Freestyle coming off Phoenix friends Tik I want to Freestyle for you I want to wrap for you not to it’s like do do I want to actually feel it coming. Always terrible at wrapping it doesn’t matter because we got this hook and that’s the pancake batter
open please give me strength rap please
rapper don’t know what to do
was everybody but I can’t do it
turn on Jim Brown in harmontown
I said let me see you work that little
the guy that likes Evelyn was arguing with you he started to cheer you and him started to poop but then you said Robert Plant was a dick and then you guys trying to make me sick with jealousy I’m your friend I don’t want this to be the end of you together now I can’t drown in Hermantown never frown when you hit my little bit down.
how to make a shake with you I’d rather take a shot if it’s totally organic
just totally natural what’s going on am I weird around upside down all the places in Rhode Island
what drug to take care of all these people
black stuff rapper
we made friends in the crapper half a per
go to Spencer
that was empty Spencer everybody I was
let’s have a hand for
so that worked out very well
all right will let’s let’s let’s play Dungeons & Dragons
we’re going to need Aaron to come up here then if I can meet Jan Harmon.
especially dropped in the bathtub for you twice as wide as a normal book
Thank you Jen
Erin mcgathy takes the stage
Dan’s girlfriend Premier my new characters sensitive t-shirt
show me everybody who doesn’t have enough money to buy a teacher
sorry stage left audience
I said premiere for the first time next time I’ll have a stronger arm was she a manic pixie what are we call it in the back grabbing are you didn’t see her
I don’t know what to do I don’t know what any of these phrases mean
I think in a movie should be cast as a manic pixie girl’s very cute with her smart and creative sorry she kicks your ass
are very very pretty and adorable and creative and the word hipster somebody cost of the word hipster when we’re talking with by the year that you were time I’m used to go to his home
I never know what that means it’s like the Williamsburg of LA and it’s just a lot of dudes and it’s 90�� out of a beard and a scarf in India how they look my name is Dave
that’s a good friend of ours and he’s going to finish that screenplay
Spencer do you want to recap what where we were going to give you these for the character sheets
last night the turbo after playing a playing D&D not for months with Spencer I’ve never actually looked at my character sheet and I got to shoot Royal from Spencer and explained all of this all the information when we last met Our Heroes had just been looking through the legions of black metallic silver cylinder is before sailing Westward realizing is Camp may be in danger mango and left in the middle of a few of the mysterious cylinders the party inspected them for a bit before they begin making strange noise and hovering with Menace not sure how to proceed the heroes cast shot through and urinated their way to Victory
as they stood Among The Battered constructs they hope that but Camp would be safe
by the way somebody tweeted I don’t understand when you guys get in these fights like what are the stakes how do I know a good point you should know I have 24 hit points I have 40 points but right now you have like 30 less than that Jap and you have 10 left cuz you just got out of a fight last time
hey after after every show you come up and take my character sheet away from me and put it in a little traffic that’s true you need to let me know when you’re at 11 how do you get your points back is resting the last time we met you actually put on a healing potion of healing starting to feel the rejuvenating forces flowing through you your hit points trick trickle-up words to
Georgia how many you don’t know
I’ll tell you in the future I’m still going looking around you realize that you’re actually in the remains of some long destroyed Village only the foundations in the charge skeletal wooden frames of several buildings remain you can tell that some time has passed between the raising of this town and now because several green grass shoots and delicate tendrils of stems have begun overtaking the ashy black structures you wonder what brought this Devastation and why more rain seems tense worried and has a Faraway look in his eyes were getting a what’s what’s wrong you seem tense with a Faraway look in your eyes
gentlemen, I’m going to Fashion some more arrows
on the other side of the village I know that you will remain here I’ll be back in ten shakes of a swallows birthday
that seems weird he departs quickly
emergence available after the show
t-shirts everything will sign it or I’ll sign everything every that was the sound of Moraine leaving the two of you remain I detect magic around here you detect the faint straight traces of dangerous evocation magic the most deadly and destructive force that is this dangerous magic is lurking around the skeletal tendrils I’d say there’s The Echoes maybe the remains of Past cast magic we should head to my dad’s Camp he’s going there to make sure of his Camp is safe we should come to his rescue I know you and your dad have no trouble past and he’s a barbarian barbarian more or less aren’t you kind of which way did they go
you do know they teleported we were there

what are you doing she’s carving arrows
I don’t think none of your stuff now
take off back to the encampment alright you to set off but not before
as you pick yourself up you realize you didn’t trip over your own two feet but instead a large tattered Tome atone at a hotel that’s a book time helping everyone else just explain what what do you think I was doing in 89 getting laid
I know it at home is
pick it up I pick it up you pick it up I look at it you look at it it says journal and the cover is worn it seems strange that survived this met this intense fire is it magical you’ve detected magic and you didn’t detect magic coming from it but I open it it’s not very polite somebody’s Journal man
the first entry reads Dead all dead my children gone five bright Souls snuffed out an instant no mother should be forced to endure such a let alone be forced to watch their screams their hearts shattering screams the crackling Flame the smell of burning flesh I died five times that night and yet I’m still here
even this place is gone when is Central Indiana 16 our bus driver that’s awesome
I can’t the journal entry into their Spencer everybody could talk
do I leave your name there is no name but I think we should keep this in the mystery of whether it may have multiple pages
if only I were stronger
if only I were male
Palmyra mail the entry ends it’s a woman
okay I turned every page
you read the whole thing strong move I found a way to carry on I couldn’t protect them because I was weak I am weak female form curse my cowardice my inaccuracy but that’s over all of it I found an artifact they say it’s cursed but I don’t know why this power the last entry it works I can feel my old self drifting away my memories seem fainter weaker the belt works just fine now no one can trace me back to my roots my past I thought I should change my name to something more masculine to honor their Spirits I came up with Maureen
bowl from the elvish word for one who survived great Calamity rain God’s mercy for the rain that should have come to save my children my dear children make that noise again
you read that survived the fire somehow
that was for no one’s eyes but the forest
where you at where you at dude or where you normally always been a woman took on a male name because she cursed her femininity because it didn’t say a word 5 turn me into a man I’m currently a man I was a woman who watched my children die in a fire
and I got strapped on
yes I did traveling with a strap
make make women feel like dudes
I think that’s cool if you’re if you’re into that you know what happens in the forest
where where has it happens Court where is it happens I’m sure you just checking parking field
I’ve been a better mother if I can act as if that happens
play my lute in the background
have you played easily I’m sorry I’m sorry about my friend he was more honest with himself what he would like
yeah but it was left behind.
this was your home yes we’re standing on the ashes of my children
and do you know what happened here
I know that there was a there was a dark night I had just turned off the candles I said good night to Toby Melissa fence
I’m having
I’m sorry I’m sorry my friend is he and I take shifts together
that’s not all they take together
I said good night to all of my children I fell asleep I awoke all five of them Toby Melissa sugar
and Robert
I turned off the candles and I felt a great
I said turn off
I felt as a strong heat and I woke up to see my children all all of their hair was on fire
can you turn them off
Radiolab tried to turn them off to turn them off but they stayed on and they stayed on all the all the way down
how to set myself on fire perhaps there’s some magic
play James Blake by lady in Game of Thrones like you can’t be on fire but set on fire and I left the house and I knew that I would be a terrible mother to another child and I whatever was there so I did exactly as you know can be defeated by Arrow so I took off the the sport of aerowing
that’s the help of half-elf word for it
I joined you did this to your peoples
either I die don’t I saw you two traveling and I hoped that I could latch onto you and maybe you would help me I’ll try falling in love with your dreams and I you
I am so sorry about my gay friends
I love him too deeply
there was a whole lot of love and he loves Led Zeppelin
tell him what I said about
I’d like to revert to my previous self
I really honestly nothing has changed my brain all right you know she’s a sensitive person okay and this was her home and her children burnt to death and I feel pretty bad about that
turn on Campbell.
I’m a little overwhelmed like I want to avenge the death of your children and I want my dad to be safe is the same is after your dad about as cool as that would be
but I thought I’d let a Asm 3 and Spencer we don’t have a head there and the segments it’s over
Dungeon & Dragons
my bad Austin
Darren McGavin as well rain
best city in the world
hey there I have to agree have to agree but there’s some dipshit do like Paris of text I sent him it’s the San Francisco California Texas we should we should get along we should form an alliance imagine it imagine if we stood up to the whole country and said smoke weed and
don’t mess with California either right
find a happy medium on toast size because really it’s the microchips all of your movies all of your television who needs the rest of the way to love them when we get when we hit Nashville but you guys have been amazing should we have some music Arabic rated by Ryan Elder was a musical director and there’s a country song you what you think maybe you could take what you’ve gleaned from his audience tonight working pretty hard last night and in Phoenix with this is this is like being in a nice comfy hammock
and it’s not like which is not to say that the people in Phoenix made me work harder I I learned to make yourself or journey tonight where you found out like a prize from ashes Like a Phoenix then I come back up and maybe a sad song or something like that has given the world if not we bring Jen Brown up and we sing the pee pee poo poopy star
how do you say who knows what Ruth and run at the back door
I Left My Heart in Texas but I left my foot in Maine I left my hand in the Bible in heaven with different states
it all depends on where I was and what I choose to 8 I had pancakes yesterday and took a poop with Jess I’m up here dancing around and now I’m out of breath 234 oke poke in the back room and a hanky panky
traditional right I think I’m welcome back here anytime the Broken Spoke on Thursday
you guys have been unreasonably fantastic I don’t know what else we can pass
text Imam Azam and holy shit
God of War his mother
a picture of you take a picture of your mother and Dan’s going to cut a hole in his pocket
just like the world’s sexiest valet Parker
has been requested that did not only sing a rap about sucking his mother photo of his mother this is the weirdest Spanish I’ve ever come across
where is my mother I would literally she’s home in Phoenix
that I did find that thought I meant what did you bring a photo of your mother so that they carry a photo of your beloved mother that you’d like to have strangers fuck could you help me out up here do you want to do it like yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
good night I’m flowing rap I hope I don’t do it I’m just rhyming words right out my mouth back projectile. I’m going to throw it out to outer space I hope everyone in Austin
I don’t want to do anything tonight we’ve had such a good time with these folks but everything has a white and a little yogurt I don’t know what I mean, around 2 or going to open it when I get out of work earlier
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
and I’m standing on the stage in my life and I’m running a fucking new page new I saw the Indian Delight with Spencer
upside down
come on down and what’s your name
I want the crowd tonight thank you so much we love you
Walmart Oliver Perry McCarthy Spencer Crittenden Mars Mars Ken Brown Led Zeppelin guy
broadcast channel one
view Channel One
we love you you guys are amazing.
let’s go have a drink together and
until I got to the bar and get drunk
hey man just a book


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