Episode: 26 – Harmoncountry: Atlanta, GA


Episode: 26 – Harmoncountry: Atlanta, GA


Mayor Harmon regales the “Paris of Georgia” with historic knowledge, general trivia and mad rapping science. Topics include his armpits and race.


hello Atlanta Georgia how are you I hope you’re well I know I am
oh you did it you came to the right place when it’s done with please harmontown is now in session put your hands together for the mayor
thank you thank you
God bless you
God bless your railroad God bless your York your Airlines God bless Coca-Cola God bless AT&T Mobility
but we aren’t we aren’t we aren’t what’s called an alpha City Jeff we’re in a center of world Commerce Atlanta Georgia Tech Global it’s it’s it’s been the Nexus of of American civilization and M & Beyond I’m not take a piss on their faces I’ve been Wikipedia you today as I do each didn’t we go through and do a little bit of research and I was stricken by the history in the human pain in the ass and try on it’s not funny it’s a beautiful beautiful it’s the most historical city in the country I’m going to say that right now
I’m not I’m not an expert what are you basing that on well you know this is history history is blood and Humanity this play Atlanta like out of a probably out of any City will be too and those two or maybe out of any city in the country certainly paid the price for the Civil War or conflict like just sat here and got destroyed in the crossfire because it was at the Centre of all these railroads it was a strategic location for military operation so you know this guy General Sherman sounds like kind of a dick move should be burnt literally to the ground every scrap of it except for hospitals and churches quote Wikipedia
so that everyone can sit and go dear God and he’ll heal my leg my house is gone and I don’t know where we’ll go and I’m not I’m not a historian certainly not a civil war historian but it was just reading about that I’m going okay so I bet this place got it the worst out of that whole kind of like I bet the suffering was the worst here like the biggest battles took place around here think the crossfire was the worst here the place was burnt To The Ground by but what’s up
are you as a rival for who got it worse is that like a wounded need anything
Ken Burns everybody
7 amazing
frozen tell you it was cheap frames to set it up for a second but if you’re agreeing with me a Hallelujah I bet bet bet bet bloody conflict and then the first to bounce back like gigantic lakes and and and and it just became like the center of Commerce again civilization and then also because it is a Nexus of civilization like not having the option of being you know fucked up like you look at Like Flint Michigan and the way you know we had an auto plant here and then it closed down that’s why you’re being raped right now
we’re we’re we’re in a city that was ordered burnt down by a federal Empire and then popped right back up again and I like a game of whack-a-mole and became not only a commercial empire but but also like at the Forefront of the new south of progression and they they they they coined the phrase I don’t know where it came from it was Willie B Hartsfield was that his name as your mayor from the forties to the 60s and the 50s when all that shit was going down Atlanta was this like pocket of fuck this shit like like let’s let’s let’s make some money and build our houses in late like this stuff in the phrase too busy to hate got adopted that’s why I only sort of a slogan here I don’t know if it’s how much bullshit it is but I caught my breath a little bit when I read that too busy to hate
too busy to hate they got too much shit to do if there’s too much reality Happening Here it for them to engage in the idea that that that if you’re black or white person or if you can have whatever you’re wherever you’re leaning it’s it’s there’s too much shit to get done too many railroads happening too many planes coming in they got places to go too much cargo to offload you know too much coke to make too much AT&T to mobilize and now they’re also a media Empire as well as I want us to finish at her it’s a little and it it’s not you know there’s no there’s no White House here and there’s no way it’s but it’s it’s it’s it’s the cleavage of our country
it’s it’s just straight down deep to take a Sharpie pen and put it right in there
you meet me like a Rockies and the Appalachian to be like at it easy I didn’t think that hard about it I I just trying to think of what what it is I didn’t want to say vagina because that’s like it’s a it’s a it’s a deep dark painful joyful creative hotel lobby I went down and had a Ketel One and I pull up Wikipedia I said what is Atlanta and I just I’m in love we were in Texas you probably heard me blowing them when we were when we passed through but I’m not I didn’t say Texas is great for any reasons I would say Atlanta’s great like like like Texas that and I also didn’t give a shit about Austin I was like Texas where in Texas was talking with my infatuation with taxes as we were doing the early show because with the get out of his Bob goal toys coming in and it was awesome the evening I have to get up at the crack of dawn
324 Amber whatever is awesome I probably have to write some scripts right now I should have a laptop at Natalie’s she’s hot but she smart
vulnerable over here because in the club tonight I normally have my little iPad I have a little iPad my play music and I believe me it’s going to happen tonight
I sure the South will rise again I don’t know mama will be unaffected this country
and frankly he will not give a damn
you’re accustomed to a little more control and I’ve been friends with him for over 10 years and you know we’ve never been through this experience together and I I really noticed a tangible difference today because I I got off the bus and I went to my hotel room like like Jeff he can’t wear the suit all the time like there are moments when he’s like wearing just a sweater we just looks like another is vulnerable moments this is how he sleeps wearing what I’m wearing for the podcast listeners I’m just like Jerry Mathers in 1990 when they were maybe Jake fucking around the new Leave it to Beaver show a crew kind of kind of
and sleep until we came to the venue to do the soundcheck and look in his eyes I can open the door and snooty like no one get in his way he’ll let him let him know what what’s what’s happening that snooty because I don’t think anyone interacted with you you were just passed when I see a certain look on your face and what is it what is it then I figured out I like Frank Sinatra if I can hear them. Rules that you have that you want me to go instead you shave and you wear a suit so I can you and Erin said you have to change your clothes you
you stink you you look Rose your pants are from a different era of of of body weight you look like you have a load in your in your pants are going to do just just she brought all this nice clothes to change I said I want to have a drink and I actually really sad and I wasn’t being around like I said do you understand that I’m a baby
Angie Angie Angie what yes I do I’m changing you
and she made me put on this seafoam sweater this is navy blue pants and I feel great and all the stuff but I mean while in a in a different Hotel so we’re we’re we’re opposites there I would I would have come out here in a diaper and I would have just pooped and if no one else wants anything I wouldn’t have known it was a bad thing to come out in a in a bathrobe because I should be used to show at Paramount for community in a bathrobe like the crazy brothers that made the Matrix like I started dressing like a crazy non-gender Wachowski brother
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering if I can smell food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually do that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes relate to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest still married like ever you’re always in good hands
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my eyes are just looking at my Evernote notepad hair my armpits smelled worse in Louisiana I wanted you guys to know that I don’t know if that’s to your credit but I felt like it was like I felt like the humidity level there like I said I don’t think I could ever live in anywhere in Louisiana on pets that don’t evaporate in Louisiana a quick enough so you’re going to get certain combination there that drug enforcement checkpoint what the fuck this is a crazy to where we driving from Texas to Louisiana and there was a sign that said drug enforcement checkpoint half mile
turn on freaks out cuz shocker we’ve got weed in the bus
there’s a reason we’re not flying like if we wanted to have to deal with my weed that I have a prescription for I like it a lot of anxiety and I live in the great state of California and if you’re out there and you want to ruin our life go ahead and follow us and pull us over and ruin our life but but is flashing lights and then we’ll all flush it together and all that stuff and then nothing happens and nothing keeps happening when somebody gets on the internet looks it up put these signs up there like tricks and obviously nothing could be more unconstitutional than a drug enforcement checkpoint but they put the signs up and everyone who gets off on the next exit they follow
our profile put that sign up I need it need it cuz there’s a physically challenged people or like patterns and tissue paper sent the first
cuz it feel like when you get off a tour bus you’re like and it’s very constrictive in like everywhere you go like there doesn’t need to be dinosaurs airport to be a majestic
I don’t know if I feel John Williams you when I get off of a vehicle and I feel like I’m looking at a brontosaurus but nana if I hope there’s somebody in the room that is physically I don’t know what the latest phrases but physically challenged that knows what it means when you have a handicap room and there’s a big a doorbell button outside the hotel room and it says press and hold for 5 seconds what happens then can handicapped people just robbed me a key they’re not that special they don’t get to just like a handrail on your shower there was nothing the only thing I’m not me I didn’t work
so they joke becomes obvious like oh it’s a handicap room
that’s not my fault that they that they did that those guys getting up to leave cuz he isn’t he’s going to throw one at me because we’re our time we going to be going to do a bullet train harmontown
he has his own Musical theme
Mike Mike Mike how’s it going
it’s still your uncle al fresco I guess I need a mic stand
depends how you have you been enjoying your trip so far
I’ve been enjoying my trip so far
listen to the podcast but I don’t think there’s anything we can do to make you enjoy the show if your if you’ve if you’ve if you’ve stumbled in here going on I want to see some, but just to refresh you Spencer is our dungeon master from a heat we asked if there was a dungeon master in the audience in Los Angeles his hands shot up and a friendship was born and now he’s on the tour bus with us and we’re learning all kinds of things about him and the other shoes waiting to find out that he always liked hangs his underwear at is it was something I sleep like at like a beautiful little angel baby on them right away can you hear you’re having trouble sleeping and every time your sleep and I’m just standing there
this is a lot of the documentary footage is going to be night vision of you just say Spencer cam
that’s right Jeff know that I believe in some sort of video footage and some pictures about your he taught me how to play a really bothered to learn about and I for his trouble I told the top of a few chords on the ukulele yeah it’s beautiful
it’s a lot like the city of Atlanta this relationship it just keeps building itself up and then randomly being burnt down by things I did I tell you Jeff that again in Atlanta was what just caught fire just out of sense memory
sad City that we should be burned
and I just burnt to the ground again and they build it up again
all right that’s it we should we should we should Journey there so here’s the most Progressive thing about Atlanta their first race riot 1906 before it was cool yeah I mean you don’t even need to have a race riot back that I was like you could just have races just had a full-blown Riot 1906 like a bunch of people died this is that this is a this is the this is a future city they’re always there always looking down the road to the longest you’ve gone without sucking somebody’s mother
if I find a General Sherman
you are one of the chorus what was your name the nrk will bring it up and take this
I can just see you can share my mic okay
alright banana pencil by the way that’s really cool
people seem very proud of being a very proud of being Austin but like Atlanta really proud of me I mean on paper that’s not I haven’t walked around a touch any of the fountains but from what I’ve read they should be and that did not pick one of the
yeah you can be the handicap room okay you did you like that beat
yo yo yo yo yo my car is full of peanut butter it’s for me I don’t like my mom and I’m a big stupid I’m trying to get historical but I’m General Sherman the cold doesn’t know what he’s doing
made it they just burn it down when he would have been the way that he’s an asshole. Artistically like like like that was a meta commentary on what Sherman’s rap would be like
it would be a disaster uncoordinated and brutal and nnn ended the word retarded would be in it because he’s an insensitive fucking Google I like like like like like jacking himself in in in metals didn’t earn full of peanut butter
as soon as I can sir coming cuz of the peanut butter I don’t know but all I know is fuck you General Sherman where it where was he from what is it is a town or going to end the tour Pittsburgh Sherman from
yeah we just do is not from shoots to the mountain
Kennesaw Mountain Kennesaw Kennesaw
what was it Kennesaw Kennesaw what happened there what happened
I need to stick a broom rolling rocks in and it bullets were faster cuz it was downhill
you guys should have stayed on the mountain
Los Angeles get a whole lot of Civil War history stuff and eyes look
either as a dub dub dub dub dub the battle of the four-door sedan
do you want to get out he cuz she kept saying no but not quite know and then back then it didn’t work and then it’s like you know then Sammy said something but then there a Disney Disney Disney places where Disney 800 okay what are we looking at TimeWise I’m going to 436 536-530-6636 could you be the voice of the skeleton crotch above me
every time I go to the skeleton cross for those of you listening and pack as long as there’s a one of the cool things about the room is that there is a full human skeleton pull it poised the pro-style above my head with his pelvis directly above my my scalp about to take a calcified shit all over you make a skeleton crotch but you look like you’re dying and I’m dead
he’s getting heckled by the skeleton crotch
I’m jealous of your flesh going to have an early look up on my phone I try to I try to get her angry bus driver we get the drug enforcement will get my armpits smell worse in Louisiana creating a constitution for harmontown there’s a discussion of this on the harmontown for on but I think they like it has to be based on on the rule that that everybody gets to do whatever they want which I think is kind of a it could theoretically and there because the only exception of that would be if you doing whatever you want get to the way of someone else doing whatever they want as soon as the princes if I want to punch you in the face
but you don’t want to get punched in the face then we have a complication there so then at the end that’s where my brain kind of locks up cuz I’m not a politician and I don’t really wear that we have to fight to the death in the back of the river
when were raggedy man punched in the face then all I have to do is come up there and punch him in the face and then he cuz I didn’t want that and I got to fight to the death in Paradise that seems like my middle school as soon as I exactly how that worked there has to be some kind of I will figure it out I don’t know we don’t have to figure out here in Atlanta although I can’t think of a better place to figure it out like like this is a this is literally a phoenix
cuz it’s truly like if there was a city that should be called Phoenix like like like come on keeps burning down and they keep the legs you know so you guys over on a burn down not funny not funny that I’m still pretty fresh too and I got to open
yeah and also I mean it’s like the Civil War it’s like well if you’re like that I’m sure there’s a lot of like complicated feelings about it because if you’re if you live down this way way down south of the Chattahoochee
it gets politically hotter than a hoochie coochie
rabbit rabbit number 2
play some I mean I went like this I went like that I put on my coat I took my hat and said Madame Southern Hospitality. Fuck your mama that reality I walked out the door said fuck it I thought your mama put her in a bucket kick the bucket through it to the moon said maybe I’ll see you soon then I went back up there again, in Atlanta Atlanta Coca-Cola AT&T
railroad town
Home Depot

Home Depot Home Depot Home Depot Home Depot Delta Airlines Delta Airlines
I’m not driving I just
I think a thank you
I have to I mean I’ve never been prouder not only is not just good stuff for the top grade entertainment what you just have to put myself in the podcast of not having seen you do it a little seafoam green sweater
PB and back inside the womb at the last thing you did but that’s what humanity is trying to do that’s at least a 2001 that ends with the you know I never got that robots robots turn on us but then we become something different we become a space baby the monolith represents the like they kind of like plot points of civilization Humanity like the apes are they touch it and then one of them figured out I can use his femur bone to beat another eight and then it throws him in the air becomes a space station because everything that happened between is meaningless it’s all just bones and then we’re on the space station is as far as we get and then machines gain sentience and start murdering with their femur bone is the airlock doors
and we we move on we become you know it’s a thankless job being sentient it’s it it it it continues to Timber and signed off on 9th and Memphis
11 Cooper and Cooper
Kennesaw and Kubrick and go flip flop margarita
I’m Jimmy Buffett hanging out
pleased to meet you as senior Rita
what you think of a Jimmy Buffett he makes my skin crawl. You’re an asshole going to get better. So don’t don’t don’t burden The Listener I got a problem about the plot point of that. That’s a big crisis is that he’s lost a salt shaker cuz they’re everywhere you can get salt he’s lazy he’s hanging out with grease and a sack it was we were hanging out but I don’t think you’re going to find a lot of people sticking up for Jimmy Buffett I think I think the only the only voice you’ll hear sticking up for Jimmy Buffett is like a a a laminated menu at like a
and I won’t be a human being it’ll just be a menu you know we could use our car our country Ripta to see if you could try to outdo a Jimmy Buffett lyric just off the top of your head
well I’m proud to be from a city
that’s alright I can’t I can’t say City and then I’m sorry the history of Atlanta
taking out a giant phone
will choo choo railroad Town Atlanta is going down in the heart of the South where the freight trains come through
and I’ll tell you one thing mother I’d rather have another Northern Army to come on through the night ride through the through maybe he was all fucked up a country guy is outside the door going back to understand I have to do a mic check Deanna was it
that’s low on the less that’s another corporate headquarters that’s a Rubbermaid
black Nike Nike
Adult Swim here my friends from Adult Swim
my good friend Ted Turner hang out with all the time started the media Empire hair
well that was a
to cuddle up with Spencer over there Deanna
so do you say we practice one and then we can we go from town to town that’s come on down to harmontown is yellow poop is brown from out of town at one of the way that way cuz we need it
it’s happening Spencer it’s happening
yeah you’re going to wake up tonight with a night vision Spencer looming over your bed
chicken rice.
Turn that frown upside down
Brown to come on down to harmontown placeholder rap I’m just practicing this doesn’t matter if it’s crap but usually a high-quality rapper I do all kinds of things you wouldn’t believe it rapper rapper
I’m wrapping up some more more placeholders it doesn’t matter what I do just wrapping I’ll do a good one later the phone it in because you and you
all right all right to our ersatz Eminem anybody is there anybody that got overlooked Mike for probably 2 to Vocal Point in his girlfriend
what’s your name
Jackie are you drunk
Jackie was it
Jackie what you doing
jack are you are you born and raised in Atlanta
you were an m and I would eat what you do but then your average you know Bobby Lee crowd I would say
we do want to say if you’re listening in Nashville when we come there hate bring your guitar bring your bugle bring up bring an upright piano bring your bring your little electronic piano have a drum circle in Nashua
all right so now it now even though we brought her all the way up from the back we we stopped to play D&D all right now I’ll do the awkward say what was your name a Jackie went when we when we finish playing D&D can you come back up and could you you and Deanna like like that good to relax and not have a half in Atlanta gimlet
I’m saying sit down
I’m sorry we’re not we’re not we’re not what we what were you what we what we lack in coordination we make up for in spirit and in our in our campaign when we last met Our Heroes had just finished destroying a grip of constructs and what they discovered to be a long destroyed ruins of a town it was just in the Sharpie tripped over an Old Chart book within the covers of the book will rain starts past open before then what’s a female in a mother-of-five the arranger awoke to discover children perish in a blaze remind broken she sought out a nude identity happening upon a curse belt of gender switching the grief-stricken mulrain took on a new more masculine role and buried his past with his children
needless to say Sharpie and Quark were a bit surprised but being victims of xenophobia as well decided to accept their strange friends stranger past the group headed west towards the Barbarian encampment it hoping that mangoes barbarians could hold up against the dark sweet because of the limited microphones we should have Erin mcgathy come up and play her character really quickly and then and then make up a reason to leave is Aaron here
Aaron is selling merchandise you made me what make them or anything made had all the two T-shirts he’s been the merchandise are for the whole thing and is like we should share mic with me oh yeah yeah yeah for your friend is a cop would give us 20 minutes cuz if you buy something will sign it out there like out those doors and you can you can buy shit out there too but we’re kind of cramped here and try to do everything we can for everyone don’t burn your city be any more calm down
alright so
yes how long a journey is this who knows perhaps days perhaps hours perhaps you know a certain amount of time
other than that I say we move as quickly as possible because your father is in danger Sharpie I may be trying to find a belt to turn me back into a woman because I I did reveal and our last last installment that I might have feelings for Sharpie I’m embarrassed please try to forget what I said but I must Depart of your room and then you want to turn into a woman so you can be with your vehicle with a guy that you live
Erin mcgathy
where we can do that but you just tell me to leave you make your way back through the hilly but the expanse you hurry in the hopes of making at the camp in time as you get closer you can hear the screams and shouts of pitch battle the war cries of Barbarians sorry reaching the crest of a Foothill I can’t do both think you can see yellow Camp the grand yellow tent is splattered with blood a massive pit near the camp seems to be the locus of the warring forces corpses of Knolls and humans like strewn across the ground and you can see destroyed cylinder constructs ripped to shreds and lying in piles of metal cylinders you can see a massive lying about list at least 60 cylinders pushing Back The Barbarians towards the rim of this massive hit pit pit
you recall this excavation site for before when they discussed they were digging for something and there’s a bunch of those and they’re pushing the Barbarian
I get so confused I know man I got so somebody somebody on Twitter Instagram told me that maybe my flaming dagger is one of the shards possibly neglecting a shower the whole time
there’s no such thing as that
we take me to take his Emerald dagger and hold it near are shards to see if any of those coaches similarity together that glow a salad together nothing happens
what do you have to say about about that guy on Twitter skeleton crotch
all right so I was looking at a fight had a big fight then apparently it was hard to kill three do I see my dad you don’t you grow worried
banding I’m stumped man people are dying
tip 10% on Magic Mountain
Kubrick perception check perception check check but project you see that the Hitler that the cylinders do seem to be pushing towards the pit with purpose they aren’t just fighting they’re looking for something in the humans were digging for accurate okay is it possible to run around that line of only try as you charge towards the fight plumes of black smoke plummet to the ground waylaying you and they quickly coalesce into physical forms to small amounts of yellow flesh stand before you the creatures have humanoid heads and scrawny climb limbs but lack legs you recognize these at the very lowest Beasts of the hell the pits of hell what’s the piece called you don’t know
you just seem sometimes they’re blocking your way they sell limit the Slither towards you menacingly 1033
Knights you got a critical hit
I’m not even I’m not even in the world damage
you slice Through The Lumiere just as easily as it were butter it dissolved in the black smoke I interrupt the cosmos to remind you to tip will who’s serving you back there
this is
the other demon approaches Sharpie he swings The Vicious claw but it. Head but you managed to dodge so far is it is it possible to take my small friend and throw him under one of the cylinders like maybe you could ride on one and see if I made it a go back to the silly insensitive man
what’s your strength it says a million now 9
police Mall
you managed to throw on the good 12 ft
he doesn’t land atop a cylinder but he does hit it in the side you can try and Klingon if you’d like I cling to a cylinder Jeff what’s your climb check you know climb on the skills crime on the skills we talked about it on the skills hold up awesome to the cylinder
writing the cylinder it goes to the pit oh just cuz you were just thrown onto PC I’m a little drunk you can see the largest ship of the fleet floating directly above the pit the cylinder coil constructs float into the air and avoid The Barbarians they spin in a great torrent before descending into the pit Jeff you’re with these cylinders you’re going into the pet terrific as they left out of the pit you can see they seem to be floating something it’s a large dark humanoid shape Golem but larger than any Golem you’ve ever seen it looks like it can easily level a city such as Atlanta
flying ship fires off a massive Harpoon striking the Golem squarely in the chest you hear the grinding of Gears as the Golem is slowly being reeled in by the ship the cylindrical Army start to drift back towards the ship with Jeff abroad you can like try and jump off can I grab a cylinder is jumping as you are throwing midgets but let’s see now you can’t sorry I jumped off his good alright let’s see if you can come over
did you get a minute Adventure leave you behind if you want man
alright Ice Ice Ice
cylindrical Army files into the great ship
you’re all alone now Hotshot
I I I I I can’t text mulrain right good spot to stop in in a minute in a show that has to be going to what will happen
yeah Spencer your judgment
if I can make a request I hate to put our fans and followers to work but it just happened there with the with the Harpoon and holding on to a big thermos is it going to a thing it’s not the first cylinder you climb 2
Kennesaw Mountain like that he’s very erudite I was at a picture going back to his apartment

hey angry angry
famous documentarian it is Nathaniel Mets Nathaniel mess I would expect nothing less you say you notice the similarity of archetypes from at least get to rain in Phoenix but he looks a lot like Tyler Dandy that
there’s a variation but it’s not that there’s a biodome with Pauly Shore right now so you don’t have a degree in anything know I dropped out of college I went to the University of Georgia at first 3 years later and do dogs transfer to in Atlanta Georgia State University
oh yeah I forgot the Falcons had some going to Crazy Game out there
because I don’t think of you as a sports fan and probably most of it was almost as if it was kind of a four-year-old like the South baby I mean it’s like I said earlier that my name is Jeff Davis and took a very Southern name and so I got to get free stuff from racist of story of Clerks
I don’t I don’t know if I believe that story is absolutely true man it is absolutely true and then the cab driver not telling him about the races guy that gave me the beer turned off the meter when I said my name and it wouldn’t charge me for it but it might as well be like John Jones or something and
alright Nathaniel I always bristle when I needed a Daniel cuz I feel like my name is this some kind of working man’s Nathaniel it’s like an elitist Daniel I don’t because I get tired of the extra two syllables what’s the most important thing to take away historically from Atlanta I like like what I’ve made some ham-handed efforts to try to personalize the city in terms of reading about its history and Wikipedia of it you’ve been here you have a history buff friend you have no degree you dropped Outta College you’re not afraid to pop off your afraid of politics yourself I don’t know anything about them so it’s easy to do not be afraid of your things you don’t understand anything that I haven’t considered about Atlanta that that that you would like the podcast listeners to know we’re drifting through here and I don’t know what it was
point I don’t know the most important thing to know about Atlanta’s we are an independent people that love our Liberty and we love our Southern Heritage
no apparently apparently we have the Yankees you know atlanteans in the house what did you say
are you speaking for yourself of the of the of the complicated feels like one of those things you talk about it as a northerner was passing through it’s like you guys like really owned the the conflict in a way that just you guys and you were you eat at McDonald’s and I know there are not going to see the guy in the sweater vest
there is no racism that I’ve ever seen in Atlanta you probably have no
is there really is bit like the notice of a racism
can I get to White Oak you a boy but the whole thing I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry it’s like if you went to went to some neighborhood in Germany you know you were making jokes about like except it’s like a joke to two other people but then they’re like no God damn it you don’t understand I was raised to take it seriously and it’s like it’s been plagued with the with the with the scars of it and on on either side it’s it’s a it’s a
absolutely this is this
Mecca of like the kind of the historical black college movement like they kind of like like the Civil civil rights kind of like we’re happening here before they were supposed to be happening all around them the other people in different places cracking eggs in people’s heads because they were sitting at the front counter and all the shit and it was like Atlanta was trying to get it shipped together you know it was trying to maintain a place to have lived back back then I don’t know what my point is
I have no idea it would be to sit down and smoke a joint with somebody that lived here and just like to hear the whole thing and then you’d only be getting like 1% of the whole why don’t we all just pick a place I was going to go hang out afterwards we’ll get high and we’ll talk about race
yeah way to go harmontown where you can only talk about race or the husband called the historical district reduced consciousness of Ray still like a gimmick like so it’ll be like a raid all right so Nathaniel what the fuck I only made a scene tonight because I will just want this is Dan fucking Harmon and I have been paying attention to this man and Jeff Davis for six years with laser farts you don’t even deserve to be in this War I can’t tell you the how important these two men are to my car
realize he’s not a bad person for loving me
sometimes sometimes you just love me
hey I seen this Dan Harmon talk about how how loathsome he is and how fat and obsessive he is about himself which makes me a God and a hero you are looking more spell than I’ve ever seen you you are a bad no
you are wonderful human being Atlanta
I have seen next to myself this is the most naked man I’ve ever seen in my life I have seen his ass I’ve seen his pubis in the lynx Cubans that’s right this educated individual inside pubis on harmontown
you know Atlanta used to be called Terminus that was its first name who is at the intersection of a bunch of railroads the signal is the film based on
I’m going to exit myself all right I’m on Facebook there’s two different ones but not absolutely
if you don’t mind but when do we bring our Ariana’s up
yo yo yo yo
doubt doubt doubt
thank you for coming my new friend I’d like Wednesday at the railroad end here in Atlanta deep in the South I thought your mama in her mouth I like to do things to her Jeep I like to fuck your mama she’s for Keeps I thought your ass I thought your face I thought your mama regardless of their race Dan Harmon how dare you you are such how dare you come in my face and rap about my mama and her place you need to go back to community and tell Jenny Chase since stupid bitch vacation at 10
I’m rapping like Jay-Z rhymes with easy I’m the Daniel Nathaniel I’m not from LA but I’m originally from Minneapolis now I know I move to LA exposure is the best 101 show how dare they cancel it so quickly you are the greatest man that I’ve ever known in my life pnt isn’t Pathfinder we need to go under the NHL just came to town they left this is terrible.
Chief Keef I can’t Chris Roxy Chris Rock mic drop
in the history are the most I’ve done some pretty unearned story
that was absolutely
that was pretty pretty special for the I think a little bit of time we we get it we will also have a full evening cuz we didn’t really show like that’s all I could find me after the show and let’s just pick the best place to go eat and get fucked up and then and now and without breaking into a garage and take her shirt off you guys
all right I mean the easiest thing would be to determine now that everyone’s listening like where we are where we should go
yeah I knew that was going to happen we have a winner
is there a stripper’s go to die 7 Minutes To Live she’s chosen a vocation unapproved by society and yet profit on he’s on two bottles of Percocet with dinner out she’s a victim of institutional sexism
Millennium thousand tonight
make her feel special
her tits are under foot
one of the ten per-cent of the strippers to live past her bra size a stupid dumb edited out trying to connect. Soon as an idiot there’s room for everybody to put it to the room it will never agree
oh there’s something so you’re saying the vortex don’t think anyone wants anything signed I’m from Wisconsin I don’t know but if you if you buy anything and I think we’re getting over scoot out that door but and then we’ll maybe we’ll hang out have some drinks and we’ll hang out alright so now I mean
Deanna Deanna and Jackie
so nice by good it’s like it was just asking the girls come up and sing your song it’s so cool all of them were better editors than that everybody that watched everything else they pretty pretty interesting I think I think that I’m doomed to be a lightning rod for a bunch of geniuses so
I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to do my farewell Atlanta rap and it’s going to be fucking intense
what you say bye bye by putting too much stuff I guess just to speak from the heart man yeah I got to just spit my fireman it’s got to be here like really just like the one he really goes off on. The first thing I said is how y’all do and he said he hates when people say he forgive you
he’s probably done he probably did it a million times himself so I have we knew not to do it all right all right I want you to dig deep to dig deep web really like Rubio some even if it’s not funny but they was just sharing the you don’t like the whatever whatever is going on
muscles and bones in my body
I want to have some calamari
deep fried squid I’m so sorry for everything I do who everything I did order a plate of fried fish going to make every woman make a wish and then either granted or not give it to I’m going to I’m going to do it going to white blue m
with my sperm
so sorry I’m trying to learn trying to learn how to rap from the heart don’t want to do nothing on this stage don’t want to lay a fight, Diaz yellow poop
yo I feel Atlanta’s mind feel everything I was searching for a seed people in the crowd looking up at me to do anything just want to go to your mama’s house to cook her pussy
give me let me get my bearings
add a walk we going to go from the left and right with chicken wings coming to do all the Atlanta Georgia things I want to have the Falcons beats Seattle going to fuck your mama like your she was a cat
going to milk our daughter’s going to apologize to all my sisters brothers. I want to tell you I had a good time so sorry I can’t wrap a baby I won’t have rabies
again, turn that frown
Buddha fingers reach for my veggies I’m so sorry I just decided that hammer abbreviation for it doesn’t matter go to Home Depot what’s the store that you all know its headquarters in Atlanta I really do respect you guys
give me a second
I’m not breaking it
I’m going to take a shit
just my man don’t worry about it
dripping on my face
all over the place feel my poop feel my teeth feel men’s briefs for men are you looks like I did something cool.
I wish I could touch you
I wish you could touch me
turn volume down
what’s your name
what’s your name challenge
what do you do for a living
every human being and raped but you everyone wrong
go outside and smoke fire t-shirts on the sidewalk sidewalk
Chinese food
thank you all for coming to harmontown everybody
Jackie Dee Ann Spencer
all of your lovely beautiful people that’s all go out to the bar and then we hang out
God bless you


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