Episode: 27 – Harmoncountry: Nashville, TN


Episode: 27 – Harmoncountry: Nashville, TN


Mayor Harmon chooses Music City, USA as the place to enter the “drunk Brian Wilson” phase of his podcasting career. Is his mistake the pre-show Jaggerbombs or the mid-show moonshine? In any case, let this episode stand as a cautionary tale.


Denny’s in Nashville Tennessee
oh yeah oh yeah I don’t care what happened to the show it’s already been the best night of my life
here for a good hour and a half
Jim Wells are coming up and playing his heart out for it totally amazing
I have very good news for each and everyone of you harmontown is now in session
welcome to the stage the mayor of harmontown Dan Harmon
you don’t know how much
wow what a magical magical day or is it just that for my money I could I could just walk off stage and go home right now is a countless jagerbombs with people
take it to the back thank you
it’s sleeting and raining and snowing and there’s ice daggers falling out of the sky and the show starts at 7:30 we’re up here at 7:25 on the Nuggets or something like that we’ve been back there since 6 I don’t know how it works but it’s like like I don’t know why everybody showed up early but get them in and get them in warm up the light a fire and and then but then because we’re making this movie like one of the weird byproducts of of of making a documentary is okay you can’t be playing Prince songs while everyone sitting around having a good time so exactly is the corporate America Fox you over they like I can’t okay well I’m waiting an hour for the shit I bought a ticket to
sitting here in abject silence but we’re in Nashville Jeff where music was invented three times over
the blues was invented hair rock and roll was invented here and grunge was then invented hair
yes it was in this very Bakker that Weezer’s their van broke down and they and they said you know what let’s just get dressed up tonight for a checkered shirt do not wash her hair at a club called the ironic old operate
country western blues rock and roll everything everything that calls itself music purportedly originated from the Fertile Crescent in the South somewhere in the state don’t worry about it I’m not holding you to that we’re more focused on the Elvis thing love you love you for it no biggie it’s all about Batman
it’s all about the perpetuation of cultural intimate but only in this state only Nashville only the city could you come in with no music to play when people are sitting and then go pay anybody to fill an hour with a guitar and one guy’s a guitar in my wallet
what’s his name Joe Lil Jim Leo
Joe is a Southern food Jim Jim Lil this kid was a little child with his Acoustics extreme can’t kick came up here and build like an hour of time well with your bombs in the back
he sang songs about it that he dedicated to Joseph Campbell he he sang the community theme at the end he he strummed and he hummed and he dumped and he bumped and he’s the John Henry is fucking of of Legally clearable music
this is this is the city to be in if you need if you need to music working on this harmontown themes it will probably be bringing people up there I think there’s probably some singers in the audience it’s Nashville don’t shake your head lady
I’m going to I just want to put this out I assume there’s somebody who can do a mean beatbox in the audience reaction to that Maybe not maybe Nashville rejects the beatbox is it as a valid musical instrument
you do oh I do thank you for what was your name again
you probably get that Alot Like I’m sorry it’s it’s a nerd on nerd violets of I shouldn’t be doing it. I get Randy Quaid
I want to get Bill Murray so bad I just saying people think
no one ever says Bill Murray
I miss that so much
you look like this but you didn’t know Russell Crowe’s name I would have to tell her she really Russell Crowe
Music City Jeff Music City couple other nicknames for this town the Athens of the South lot of schools museums in whatever I want images of columns and things I don’t know why it happens with the sounds that I don’t get it either
little Curtis Dan
no one calls it that Wikipedia doesn’t do we have any Curves in the crowds Wikipedia what is supposedly is the largest u.s. population of Kurds in in Nashville do they just hate me I was going to do a whole thing right cuz I picked
I made a bookmark on my phone for Kurdistan
so he’s going to try to rip like a record. Record targeting stand up at
give me the card is in your name
girl who got sorry you’ve been to Curtis and under what circumstances
you’re an army what was your MOS
what the hell is that mean by 21 Bravo what is that
combat engineer MOS what are you talking about what are you guys doing what’s going on here
I made that up
military occupational specialty is a combat engineer let me like you blew up Bridges and stuff like that
but what did you actually do
artillery shells
when were you in a wreck really how long you serve
let’s hear the story real
he had a slightly honorable discharge
you are at your amazing out here but that you cannot be relied upon to sound like Al Pacino
well that does not win or lose Wars we have to let you go
yeah he did it right back
forget who I am
I think that you’re just done it you were out in the rack when things are Harry
is like giving a lot of donuts and then a few hairy hours I thought I saw The Hurt Locker so I think I know exactly
I might I might as well have been there
yeah, that’s what you do an active service out there I got like I love Community I’m out here in this station in that station of doing this and that and it right back to them and go like I don’t know if that’s the right response cuz I never write back I don’t know if it’s because they they’re like like like like to get get back here you fucker
hey, what are you doing out there so you doing Jeff name for Frances Nash you know Frances Nash’s yeah I know but I better now I didn’t is there any experts in the audience cuz there’s a lot of things in the South named after Frances Nash he was kind of a weird character I couldn’t really get a get a line on it I Wikipedia at Nashville and I said and I couldn’t really figure it out so I was wondering if there was anybody here interrupt is trenchant a commentary on GoPro cameras on his head
is there is love it and put a camera on your head
DC Manassas Virginia
in addition to the chicken
City sometimes called the Buckle of the Bible Belt
I would figure my audience wouldn’t approve of that but but I think that’s what that’s mythologically important and it had the power to unbuckle it so don’t deny that power all you have to do is go and pants fall down
the whole country changes
but you can’t deny the fact that we were in Atlanta and I really went to town on you know how politically historically like like important it was that we are in Atlanta and was super charge it could get a little uncomfortable talking about that but it look like Nashville is liquid eclipse is it is that throughout the decades no matter what comes on musically like like Nashville just like what is it what is it why do they love music so much when I love country music I like old country music for me it’s just too
I think it’s a good barometer to go by Garth Brooks invented the roundabout Garth Brooks
because my mom when I was growing up she loved to country music and then I was there I was like how that Garth Brooks he knows where it’s at because he flies over the audience and a wire and my mom is like he’s an asshole and I and I was like because I was really offended cuz I was starting to get into country music for cuz Garth Brooks that’s why I said I didn’t want to talk about it I thought I thought yeah you would not be on the Garth Brooks I died no idea
I’m on the arguing with my mom’s side like no matter what I’m 40 years old I’ll still like I’ll have any excuse to fight with my mom I was just like I thought it would make her like me and then she’s like
it doesn’t matter cuz I’ve never been really shows kind of early we can get to go out and I need to go out and hang out on Broadway and got a coffee table bar as I guess what I want to do I take it back to go to New York and not on purpose with a friend and it was Thanksgiving night and I was with my friend Vanessa were walking around like the Lower East Side East Village and we’re trying to find a bar to go into on Thanksgiving and I was really over dress and she told me she went to a fancy restaurant and we’re just trying to find a nice bar to drink in but everything is either closed or you walked into was so depressing because it was Thanksgiving was just crying it a beard or their bars are people really trying to pretend they weren’t sad that they weren’t with their families
it really is overcompensating there’s just too much douchebaggery for one bar in a contain good bad or indifferent we’re going into that bar that we see a sign up ahead and do some neon and that’s when we’re going to that bar and a block away she stopped
oh no we said we made a deal we’re going into that bar just that bars Coyote Ugly
there’s nobody there except really really trying random of the Jukebox in like a George Strait song that George Strait doesn’t like comes on
is elevated I still have to get up on the bar and joyously dance around for you and it’s real for me and Ty and his woman the young girl has the bartender I did a final she’s from Colombia and she was just hot as a Colombian lunch very sexy and she jumped up on the bar where is a shot of Cuervo tequila and grab me squat down from on top of the bar and spits a mouthful of Cuervo
into my mouth and eyes like swallow the bar and then she take some scissors out and grabs my brand-new Vivienne Westwood tie and starts to come at my tight and I grabbed her hand like like like Robert De Niro in Awakening
and I can’t cuz you know you can’t wear a fucking Tire in here you cannot wear a fuck you.
And it was that it was that offense of an impression that she was doing her Homeland and I grabbed her and I said I thought my father gave me to send my dad is not that I bought that time and she was like okay and she’s like what
what is the corporation that owns this bar Toby had to cut it off and heading to watch the movie having fun because it was so bizarre I’m doing the rest of the show this direction
I don’t know what you guys paid but it just doesn’t seem fair what it what it what are we done so far that you didn’t want
there’s a civil war having a great audience ladies hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the theme too late to my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like a verb you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
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fucking bums. Smelling good
Fulton and Roark time to get your stink on off your bad stink off and get your good think on Fulton and Roark not by men different Corporation by Fulton and Roark authentic nashvillian named Josh he brought moonshine with them
and I’ve never had moonshine and I thought he could come up and give me a taste of moonshine I said
it’s one of the many many collerius gimmicks we can do him
okay truck is coming up right now for bag
I’m not enough feeling that’s really enough for Knoxville but
I’m representing the hill people who make the Moonshine comes in a jar you have to drink it out of the truck I don’t have a direct connection to help people so I had to I had to do what I could are you a real person
but I feel like I can represent them does the Mason jar has been cracked open
weather in
yeah we learned a little bit of
do I drink the whole jar is that it did not no no no no
well I’m proud to be from Nashville
and you know my mother knows what you mean I got to
do something tonight
moonshine of a wigwam winning
I’m Dan Harmon do in the southern
oh shit that tastes like what’s it taste like that taste like
dream biliar
It’s like a fight with my girlfriend
it tastes like that tastes like tonight Aaron and I are going to have a fight
40 50% 100 Proof
smoky smoky Tennessee moonshine
and then time for that in and of itself
okay where are you drinking from a jar and yeah
Nashville weather
give me the best
I think I’ll also should start with us at the bar with a cracked the local bus to wrap here laying down. We were thinking back there like let’s start the show earlier but then we didn’t know if anybody was going to show up at the appropriate time then they’d come in and we’d be doing like our raffle prizes nothing else because they are you okay moonshine
I guess guess what he was on
probably a lot of things some Rihanna’s and some Dido’s up here
Tennessee last
when the Civil War conflict happen or I’m sorry aggression of the north what do you call it the war of Northern aggression. Mitted last first one back in
I think that’s very interesting Brent of it but I like the idea of a state that was like is there a war who’s there but more like your practical we don’t even know still trying to figure it out
I’m pouring myself moonshine rocks
I can tell you a little I don’t know if it’ll be entertaining to people three sips of moonshine in
thank you Mandy
we are at the hotel and the elevator the elevator opened up and there was a guy he worked for the hotel he was going down we didn’t need to get off on the floor that we’re getting off on but he had a big luggage rack full of paint supplies and shit and Aaron and I were going down and we were trying to squeeze in let me get off and so you guys can get on and I’ll take the next elevator the elevator door closed and Aaron Anderson elevator and Aaron are referencing the guy that just did that went

that’s what they call Nashville style and I said I think you need southern hospitality
and she said no no. I knew it wasn’t funny that she made up a new thing sorry is there a Nashville style I don’t know if I don’t know when was proud of being from Phoenix and Austin that we’ve been two people very very proud of being know how can I take it back you guys take Nashville there’s always going to be Jeff is always going to be like weird reaction to that shit like because people have like this need to go like that affect the guy I support you in whatever you think coming into our carnival town you know what you think like
when I were Cosmopolitan where do they cry out for individuality
Mandy cries out for moonshine
you and I are not going to go into a single town or we go
play like we don’t love tires that much Mike you like we’re human beings do not represent tires where in Music City USA I don’t know if I’ve said that as the Paris of the Georgia whatever the fuck is Jeff
the Pringles Dick song yes I went to the gym will know it song
did you get your guitar up here I’ll get my ukulele from backstage know what we’ll learn it together
this is in preparation of we want to leave Nashville with a superior version of the harmontown theme
want to do some practicing
just got a ukulele look at this kid here
okay so does anybody know the Pringles Dick song I don’t have anybody can print a podcast
it’s a song I wrote It’s about when you have Pringles in your hold them in your lap
like if your dick so is it’s a g g a 7 I think that’s like a B-flat in there somewhere is a cleaning and then I going to do today
I got to go do some people call me Pringles dick but I never really found out why I don’t really have a Pringles dick I just keep my dick inside
I keep my dick inside of Pringles can because it keeps my penis safe and dry
some people call me Pringles dick but I never really sorry I never really found out what temperature should we do it in a little bit
well, I don’t really have a Pringles dick I just keep my dick inside
some people call me Pringles
I want to put my dick inside of a can on my hand joke want to do it right because I thought you were Red Bridge but I’m doing badly making mouth noises in Stratton sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt the time I got cocky cuz I am you guys are having fun having fun. I never really made it safe and sound.
call Bagel, Crane, Texas. I never really found
sorry. Will you stay here
is it is it is it is it is it time to bring up like like like we bring up some female vocalist to
I was going to do so a girl came up and she said her friend wants to sing is actually out there right now
Ashley to the stage
given out at by your friend with Melissa Melissa has volunteered
I’m actually everybody
is your microphone actually have you heard the song cast
so we can get you up to speed on a little primer you can’t just
come on down come on down come on down to harm take a track
Hermantown / 12
come on down to harmontown turn that frown upside down T is yellow poop is brown come on down to harmontown I won an Emmy for it
hello, I’m in the club companies in Nashville
OK Google
Ashley we open in three nights
there’s not a single person in Nashville that can do percussion
cashion okay
tell Ashley and and the gym and Josh are going to bring it back up later on for the match to the C chord Nashville Morgan
Tracy Morgan
all right I suppose now is the time to bring up our dungeon master Spencer Crittenden to bring him up
ocean ocean
that’s that’s accurate Nashville
I got you doing Spencer was trying to keep you waiting so long man what’s up it’s all good I was I was just in the back there you soak them in alcohol is that true the gods of luck well I can’t roll you too easily but let’s see if you want Spencer on the road he’s a huge fan of Mountain Dew Mountain Dew is originally a slang term for moonshine got the thing in the this is a real Mountain Dew if I vomit you guys do I never will
I flatter myself in it
my lips are numb
announce it to travel on a tour bus with her own dungeon master
almost certainly were the first show to have a dungeon master drink moonshine but before mastering a dungeon so this is probably the last
I do want to spend our character sheets there yeah we’re going to need Aaron up here then
Erin mcgathy Dad’s girlfriend Maureen pagina are in everyone
I love you
how is he to find Nashville style air
from strangers is going to hospitality and not North Region but like Nashville Style
I feel like I drink a tree
I just felt like drinking a really good I still good but I just want to be cool
safe surroundings will take very good care of you unless that guy Poison to everyone
it’s like water no it doesn’t
I restrict my water from the sink I got it better if you would get an update
last time Sharpie and Court parted ways with mo’reen the half-elf the ranger had some business to attend to elsewhere with arrows and possibly magic belt to locate the duo press onward hoping to arrive in time to assist may go against the threat of Admiral dark stars dark Armada arriving at the scene of a great battle of the heroes watch back the Barbarian horde on the ground near the yellow camp in a Moment of clarity or Madness girl Quark it one of the floating cylinders couldn’t hang on for dear life Court could only watch it confusion as a swarm of cylinders descended into the pit retrieving a massive Golem
a flying ship reeled it in and then flew away with court in tow the cylindrical Army retreated to the ship the ship sailed North the group was split
that’s right I don’t know if you heard that podcast yeah so I reluctantly song onto a flying cylinder and boarded a giant spaceship which is the Admiral dark stars Mothership right perhaps I’m separated from Sharpie and more rain for the first time I should mention that your healing pendant has brought you back to full health going back to 40 hit points 40 points
now now it is I’m sorry it’s the Moonshine I’m sorry
oh boy I love hit points I’ll guess alright alright alright I examine my new strange surroundings hanging on for dear life on the can Droid you watch is a line of the constructs flies back into the ship the room you’re now inside of his large full of metal racks several circular hatches on the floor look at the exit out some of the bottom of the ship they can Android’s hear the metal racks before settling down at the place with like clumps you can hear the hum of large Machinery coming from all around you
you can see a large metal door opposite the hatch you came in on I have you as a metal ladder leading to a hatch in the ceiling I climb the ladder you climb the ladder
now you’re at the Hat it is closed use all my Barbarian strength to open the hatch you use all of your barbarians
as you play the station sorry as you poke your head through the hatch you can see the slithering yellow demons that you fought before they whale painful whales as they move about they take no notice of you metal pipes tubes and gauges are lining the walls of the chamber you can see three doors left right and Center
let’s get good thinking can I make it to a door as you can certainly try my I use my ability to sneak sneak towards the first or the left or go to like sneaking about all right
moving swiftly you cross the floor you make it towards the what door is the center door left or left door
this door is locked their strange strange script written on the door you don’t understand the language I go to the center door
you approach the center door
you hear the sound of large explosions coming from the other side of the door and nice is so we got to another character
okay alright yeah act break Gold Bond powder
Sharpie you’re standing out front of yellow Camp corpses and destroyed machine litter the ground the remaining barbarians are hauling their own into the great 10 the nose are also gathered around their dead but rather than their brother and then consumed the following cannibalism is never glamorous approaching
clean with me what the hell’s going on
who’s this George who’s the general Darkstar I don’t know they just came down in those ship did you see that shit that was crazy
the sky opened up
but okay I got I got some new I got something bad bad news to tell you you know I said I have like a couple shards
yeah they’re gun
I still have the I still have yet to poop out that other one but I think they’ve been stolen
dad ass
you know what I grew up with a whole life thinking that you thought I was a piece of shit I come back
well that’s the Barbarian way he does a little dance
it’s like Nashville style Nashville where did your friend go
I hosted him onto a cylinder and he’s now in the mothership of these things that you’re fighting with that you don’t know anything about and I have a piece of shit
are you going to go after him I’d like to okay well can you fly
your wizard write a lizard a wizard that I Dad I’ve had a lot to drink I can’t see it
yes I’m a wizard I don’t let you know I can’t I Dad I can’t fly I can I can feather fall when you throw me out a window I can I can I can update physical feeling when you hit me with a belt
I can I get I can create a bubble around myself emotionally when you make me feel like a piece of shit
that’s not even magic that’s just that’s just therapy
what is what Sarah P
I love you I hug him I give him a plus one hug
only one
hug successful you seem to have broken through Dad don’t you get it power doesn’t have a definition some of us are magicians some of us are barbarians power is power like there’s nothing more important than the bond between Father and Son like like like you’re a barbarian I’m a I’m a magic User it’s just that that’s the way it goes the important thing is our name like like we got it we going to bring these fucking ships down my my my my friend is up on one of them what are you doing logging in my of it touched him you’ve touched your words have touched him the hug was touching
touching a curse
says you’re right you know you are my son and your greater at Magic than I will ever be so now it’s time for you to have this he takes the multicolored cloak off his shoulders and bestows upon you he says this cloak is made from the very canvas that forms these great tents and is infused with great magic magic you can give you the power of limited teleportation
Henrico Virginia
phrases little dance make
mo’reen you’re among the trees in the small Grove few venture to this Grove is knowledge of the magical forest died along with your five children in the massive Blaze that consumed your home
yes I I remember I think about it everyday
you hear the winning and neighing of a struggling horse not far off breaking your meditation
is there an animal in pain I rushed the animal
you see a horse tied to a tree and a woman sitting on the ground propped up against the tree upon closer inspection you realized the woman is dead her throat is slit and a dagger is sitting on the ground nearby there’s a piece of parchment paper
it’s a harsh world there’s monsters and it’s important
dear woman
I must I must bury you I must show you the honor that my children were.
Nigerian movie
yep tide a horse
it stands and regards you
I regard you as well
another horse
the horse is muzzled
it seems as if it wants to say something

no not like that
you have wild empathy you can empathize with the horse it seems to say
I use my way you can ride on me horses aren’t very eloquent
all right
don’t you just stand there now
about leaving up on the saddle you notice a bit of paper sticking out side the saddle Aretha Franklin’s I never read the paper to whoever reads this know that I was a man known for my comically oversized pants I was always tripping over my own legs in search of a belt I finally found one after slaying a group of Orcs when I put it on I realized that I’d become a woman so I killed myself have a nice day don’t wear this bill unless you’re into that sort of thing sign baggy pants O’Houlihan
is a note from Sinbad that I start to cry a little bit I got to grab the belt
I put the belt you put on the Belt you transformed into a man and woman woman woman
I shake out my long long hair and I type up my breasts
are you looking to see if puff puff puff
I must fine Sharpie but first I I fashion a dress out of leaves
that happens on the horse I start heading towards Tarpon okay cut back to court
which store are you going for again I was going to the door with the explosions going off of Center door you open the door the room is long running the length of the ship several cannons are lined up and outside of the ship a few of those yellow demons as well as one black creature are running up and down the aisle occasionally one slithers up to a Canon adjust it and fire is it off with loud explosion
they don’t forget argue IDs IDs via the Harpoon cannons or just regular regular regular cans is there anything there’s no door just leave back to the main room can I intimidate them intimidate there’s two different kinds of monsters
I’d say the black creature is a bit more threatening
what’s your what’s your attempt to intimidate where the hell you intimidate him he doesn’t seem to speak the same languages in fear he starts hissing
Power Attack
1 1 2 3 what’s the difference okay to 2
are are are are are are are are are are they they look at you before continuing on the corridor that happens the one that leads back to where you can say what I mean if you want to shoot things maybe like on the ground
attack the Slugs
yeah okay so I I I used I used flaming sword that one of the slimy guys you miss shit
now what the slug turns and faces you it quickly slithers to a button and hits it you hear a siren tattoo
damn oh yeah back with your father you’re having a tender moment right the Horse and Rider approaches play female
hi hi hi
you’re a woman
shake my head and it’s for my hair
I have my dad’s cloak now
a relationship born in horrible at self interest you know I can I can provide for you now cuz I can teleport and now you have a vagina
I feel like we’ve had a vagina
on my way over here I realize you should have fallen in love with me as a person and not as a beautiful woman that I am so perhaps for a little while we should just be companions
Georgia snap I have an aside with a horse the horse looks at you
horse Iris I love him so much I just want to know that it’s real
I’m just a horse
I love you too horse that’s why I love you too I love
I turn back Hey listen to I don’t know what I did wrong before you were a check but I think you’re really attractive now and is the space shuttle
no please let’s rescue him let’s please is there anyway I can use your teleportation at 2 to teleport up to the spaceships that well
now pretty hard man is jars like half empty
can I grab
smart juice you can teleport anything is Steve maybe or like there’s a couple places you can just go to without seeing you going to finesse it
directions to the magic do I see the dark star Starships you can see it on the horizon all right it’s very far away morlang Florence you teleport you find yourself in a metal room Cannon’s light the room and a barbarian gnome stands before you
I didn’t try your all there
are you there already
my sleeve dress thank you I fashioned it
meanwhile is a slimy guys firing cannons over here little help
I fire the arrows of a slimy guy
like a thousand with both arrows
David hit with your arrows
your girls strike the remaining demon in the eyes and Paul is dead
what’s 3
can I get ugly yeah yeah
I may be slowly going blind
and so we have to we have to finish up the show with the
no sorry I don’t we could be here forever
we have to holy shit that moonshine fuck me up bad I’m so sorry if you want if you want your money back I’m in back of the time to test your wrapping abilities because they’re not okay to go pro camera we had this thing
I think I’m the crowd lately I think we have to be there would be some notable improvements but I think maybe as you’re being harnessed literally
okay I want to come out there and went to work the crowd all right
this isn’t about this isn’t about wrapping this is about personal relationships like I want to know who’s asking
yeah we’re going to crowd thank you sir
who is Chase Rice
fucking Fiasco I know it
all right
that’s how you work the crowd you ask me will chat and then you make fun of them what’s your name am I going to get personal
Shaniqua more like a funny guy
are you from Nashville good me neither
what are you doing here for
but why what do you mean
we’re going to cry
what’s your name what are you why why why why why
Messi the house more like where is steemit in the in the apartment if you could have anything you wanted what would you have
sorry that was all right Jeff yeah give me a second okay Sarah what’s your favorite favorite favorite car
I heard I heard Ferrari
okay with Jeff isn’t working out so good working the crap are you going to Andrew Andrew what what what’s the name of the girl that broke your heart the most
the planet you playing what was your name again soon as mama I don’t think so I think tonight’s about reaching out to him
all right let me see I’m sorry
what’s your name how do you know when you’re finished
just anyway I don’t think so
you’re a real Humanity what’s your name I don’t think so all right
hold on a second
that’ll be fine I’ll be fine don’t worry about it I’m going to go. I’m going deeper than anyone
going back to the people that have never went to work
just never thought they’d be talk to you thank you
what’s your name
what do you do how do you know when your phone go back to get the band back together.
all right I apologize everybody honestly
all your money will be sitting in a pile by the exit you can just take whatever you thought Fitbit tonight cost you so you drove here six hours just take take $600
I will support you
that’s all I want right now
what’s the chord progression of the harmontown sound cgt if you’re going to join us and learn this bring it
such an honor to be with good people from church to church steeple to Steeple
Nashville got the horrible racism
it matter the snow schism
let’s go south let’s go
I’m too drunk to too much moonshine I’m sorry I didn’t drink more white one I just wish I could hang out and talk to you I’m so sorry I must learn to pee and poo I didn’t mean to disappoint you $22 is what you spent that what you down
spell ridicule and on the station I can’t take it no more
feel like a bad person
terrible watching this happen
Don’t Clap jump laugh to doing this
terrible thing to do I’m so I’m so sorry that I I made a friend of you but you guys were really very fine in the back and you you call me Jager Bombs and then I gave you a price tag that means what does it mean
I’m going to float I’m going to wrap good I’m going to make corned beef out of turn Mike once I’m going to drink a mason jar of lightning
I want to stop Franklin I want to have a couple fuckers on Tik-Tok I want to fuck your mama too hard she plays guitar for her all the way to India fuck your mama
Nashville in
Elvis Blues Clues
come on down and brown upside down Ashley
Johnson American Air McAfee
I’ve got Davis
Dan Harmon


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