Episode: 36 – Harmoncountry: Madison, WI


Episode: 36 – Harmoncountry: Madison, WI


Atonement turns to struggle within a dark cavern. Dan’s friend loses an appendage. His Improv mentor is there, but Jeff is leaving?! The audience shouts weird things! Latinos are everywhere!


Madison Wisconsin hello
somewhere near West Milwaukee and Madison buying a bunch of links I don’t know I’m in town is now in session
would you please welcome to the stage Wisconsin’s own mayor Dan Harmon
thank you Madison Wisconsin
thank you very very much
you are too kind
you are too numerous you are probably too cold and and your room is to activate but
we are we are doing to imagine me as just a a God in a cave
this episode is it for us in a cave a sandwich
I am I Batman
I know I know I know what did someone just yell out from Wheel of a beer is a brown deer out there is a breed of horse might be my best friend from high school is here tonight Dave friedel
I’m here
can you can you make me so you can make it up here days
spring Jam Madison Wisconsin, in the mouth of the tonsils I thought your mom was like my name is Dan my name is Dan a man twice please start the lights brighter in the barn Furniture in the whole week there like a die-hard fuck your mama by the yard. God it’s project on Tuesday to yards both my dick
that was a bad Jeff that wasn’t a bad rap
wasn’t a good one but unlike most of my raps that was that was not bad I like that you you fucked her fleas and her life so that you can see what’s another thing like lice
Jeffrey. My my my my best friend I met Dave when I was 15 14 years old I was I just transferred into Brown Deer high school and in the weather in Brown Deer Wisconsin from Marshall High School just 4,000 students when I was a student in high school
I work and
Inspector Gadget not the coolest guy coming in the school day was the first guy who befriended me because he saw my Dungeons & Dragons t-shirt. I think it was any connection was made real early on that the best freshman year of the dragon shirt I said the computer
TV shows about how people use computers that will make the refrigerator open or make the world go to war with itself because the computers were magical and for nerds alone. You told me about the Citizens Band emulator it was like this 300 baud likes chat room where I lost my virginity if I met the girl I lost my virginity to the LA podcast episode where I’m reading for my journals and talking about the girl that I that I the girl that I had such good sex with that she went to a mental hospital
from from now you should number 128 so you can freshen with the with my adolescent Redding’s
I want to talk about your toe
Woman made a theme song out there
I think Peter Gabriel is here tonight
take that Pearl Jam
how do you say George Michael version that’s real popular I think you got a blister on your toe story does not in their control and I thought I’d taken care of it and clean it up when we was doing the proper care to but maybe I quit the antibiotics a little too early or something along those lines and so I’m in December when I started to notice the toast smelling like cheese I thought
Wisconsin here so it’s so yeah so it is starting to go bad in the right big toe on your right foot months removed it’s been gone let me know how does that affect your ability to stand that you need big toes
good thinking around
you know I mean what do they do with their butt
can we see it approach the weirdness and stages are dungeon master Spencer has to two toes fused together so he’s technically also missing a toe
David friedel was my first sentence and Dragons buddy in high school David friedel his name is Germanic friedel but what did we call you Freedom Frito
Free 3.0 Corn Chip he is now free of a toe like Spencer
who has 2 Chainz music
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes all the themes related my own life so is always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like a verb you’re always in good hands
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is Brent Spencer out right now
Spencer this is my buddy Dave Frito-Lay’s and he was my first Spencer
is it really dungeon master but but you know when we played D & G together right
GM the little rascal
three or four of us all got together and start playing it was real early on freshman year and almost want to say that you took that sent from that session is there’s a lot of stuff that I remember that came out and there was a wreck but you know thanks
it’s been the last couple days really kind of catching up on the podcast to her and things like that and even this afternoon with my wife were listening to the turtle panties episode where you at in my opinion I think it was setting up a tour very very well it’s not I’m just fascinated
hear what’s going on in and get caught up thanks man that’s awesome
I couldn’t remember the Arts and agriculture was one of the other her semantica forgot the name of that was ours and it’s my drinking buddy to we used to get we would get drunk would raid the parents whose cabinets and we would Mix tequila with Mountain Dew and a pen apple juice and anything else that way we can get our hands on I can’t drink June to this day because I got a whole we had one bottle of gin and then that’s all we had and I drink so much of it I puked and I can’t do anything with gin and it will not make me I mean you guys are the people that don’t give a shit about that tone excess
so at this point I mean what is Pearls Before Swine frankly out it’s kind of at an angle
I didn’t get the shoe off and not take a shower
I think we owe it to the audience to see what the hell’s going on now
all right well he does that Spencer I’m being attacked by an orthopedic surgeon
rushing at you with his bone saw the Orthopaedic surgeon has eyes only for your foots he dies directly at you sort of drive and bloodless way to get his eyes that’s all
smooth jazz fusion that is a man without a toll on Christmas Eve morning so
cuz I think that is
it’s Wednesday to hear all right
you’re going to get laid tonight I mean I have I have a girlfriend but they are the tarsals in the metatarsals and I think those are all phalanges
crazy drunk foot doctor lady
no more my ties for her and add foot books on knowledge is abusing its part of your toe is a gun that’s the cautionary tale if ever there was one take your blistered seriously people.
and don’t eat sweets and if you’re diabetic take your insulin and stuff like that as well as well
I wanted to be the same lady of the whole time
are you settling what do you say about diabetes in Wisconsin
we’re going to cure it in Wisconsin
are we sure it’s okay well yeah
is that a diabetes thing as the Twinkies and got a blister on your toe came out
fine whatever actions of having the disease oh I seriously wasn’t is that you had an infection that went awry
went to the very air I see what what could you have done differently
well in the thing that I think well I mean I don’t know other than perhaps to have seen the doctor more often gotten State on the antibiotics I just want to know if that guy said leave him alone or leave it alone was it that your advice about a blister or leave it alone I have I have one last thing to ask about about about diabetes Dave is it is it true what I heard that it can be cured with a rap about diabetes
Noto what a brother knows I ate too many Twinkies going down logo Frito Frito got to lose it so we went to the
what am I going to do with
the butcher alone
Staples give me a joke
follow my directions
but your mama with my erections
Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison Madison
but your mama so hard she thought I was gay
is what you meant
what is a homophobic
in a long summer together
a lot
I don’t know you don’t know
the distance between us and the Darkness until it gets dark Crystal Muppets we can only see shapes and I’ll be up on stage surrounding us like we all be like I’m still trying to figure out what makes you angry and what makes you think there’s a there’s a there’s a sense of outrage when a WhatsApp
good yes we can talk about it otherwise there’s no show
are you saying sure that you’d like to talk about it what’s your name sir
if you’re if you’re young and spry you can you can do it this way in.
Already sent Dan Harmon thank you
I’m not going to stand up like a gentleman and I just haven’t heard it down though. Are you going to get a chance and David’s I would follow you to the Gates of Hell will you sing a country song for us which one this one
why are you up
all right
pretty good I have a that bad but here’s why
I can get a ticket so either like I drove here and I I love you so much for the compliment I tried but it didn’t work
it’s routing itself Browning it’s nothing personal between eating there
what’s up who’s in the watch tonight that you can be there
Milwaukee I don’t understand
Highland Street myranda Cannon miles of United States world’s least viewed reality show eventually like later like after the show
this is something I’ve never seen on the podcast and it kind of blows my mind a little bit do you want to touch me
what do you want would be to have like three dudes like animate anything I told him that animate and dude just do they have to be dudes
that’s a good question it’s part of your dudes and it make your fantasy if it’s really important dudes
dudes they got wieners
Buckshot went down a dark Road
where is there if there’s any one version of the Latin origin here to the agent and an expert lady
are you here as being white thing white am I okay a membership has its privileges
you get up
you can say
how do you get to golf
I love being with you yeah I don’t know it’s got to be the hardest rating to be right because of all the guilt
I do not listen to like everyone who shows and lately even seems like you’ve been really you can talk about a lot this coming to race is always going to be able to show Chicago guys we should wrap it at the end of the show and then I turned it exists weird low-stakes American Idol thing where people started coming up and they wanted to or not misaligned and then this guy that wasn’t really a harmontown fan I think you could drive there by his friend kind of a boiler demeanor is very likely giggly off stage but he came up with the kind of man I would say Ice Cube It’s kind of like
and Edward with Grace and
because I don’t want to ever have to I don’t want to ever say it but I love it I love strange like they workout with black people should I don’t I don’t know what it is that’s kind of weird. Why are they
okay if you are a fat ugly laughing
even think I think you Ethan Allen School
we like that I say give even a t-shirt if we can we can handle it

all right we got out we got a handle on Tina’s
what’s your name is Dan Dan
Sarah but I’m only half Sarah half okay
how do you say Ileana
what is your ethnicity is Hispanic and a pack like 1/16 Apache so I just realize this is as close as we’ll ever get that can shoot people in the audience are going to get this to recreate the animated Rubik’s Cube cartoon from the 80s there was a Rubik’s Cube Rubik’s Cube for some cool reason I have that late like it was it was like this they made it like it was like a it was a Hispanic like family like wasn’t Ruben colored and every every episode he fell off a shelf and get scrambled and you didn’t do that too when he loses his powers you have to stall him but quit
traveled with him they were they were brothers and sisters and they were all they were they were I don’t know if they were Mexican or what they’re what they did they did they spoke with with with with access the actors they hired had accents and they I don’t know I never ever remember being a kid and I know this is weird but it was big
I never like this. With be like let’s make it like cash in on this menudo thing the way everything was Australian when Crocodile Dundee came out like what 50 years or something fun with the Chinese Chinese Chinese
I don’t know I want it like a national up here so we have five I mean song or the other stuff out right now you’re all crossing a weird line
they’re at least learn their names or something
are you going to say shut up for a second I don’t want to make them dance or sing or but I think they should do a scene about drug safety
drug safety youngest child I’m 15
you’re my mom you’re my dad you’re my little brother and you’re my you are I said I’m only half or some player White House keeper
I might my name is Ramon
give me yet what what it is but not my mom you’re safe you’re the only one that’s safe
he’s better than Latina I want to go to my room okay
I just want my privacy and I won’t be down for dinner
and he was sitting pretty drunk at the concession I was cleaning his room and his know about that we share about that
5 times a week
actually I’m kind of hungry I’m down for dinner. All right what are we getting beans and rice something like that
I get high I can I get high
why shouldn’t I write it’s a white man’s country have you seen that cartoon about the Rubik’s Cube come a long way so what do you mean what do you think
Curtis on the TV what is that Cube multiple colors
I bet white people won’t get it but I do
is diversity Rubik’s Cube I get it it’s the wave of the future
by separating all the colors into sections
30 years later
it wasn’t my parents my family
I’m sorry I turned my back on you for 30 years I shouldn’t have gotten high
play guillotine.
All right there are Latinos real
make him dance make him sick you guys don’t know how to approach these things delicate.
I live in Los Angeles those are basically my people
I told my dad I can’t I can’t step too far forward it runs out of town for the next two shows yeah I’ll see if I can scramble to find somebody to fill in for you but is there any request for you I would like to see more Jerry amick Seinfeld Jerry Seinfeld the weather in Brooklyn New York and Chicago and Bloomington Bloomington what’s a what’s a pet peeve
jerk jerk song okay
talking on phones in line in front of you talking on a phone that is has Irish Jerry Seinfeld Jerry makes time zone
everyone’s in line without telling the world about it
thank you Dan
you didn’t have to have a phone all the time now they’re everywhere. I guess that’s just acknowledging and it’s actually coming in the news
at least a little bit
who sings with my Irish perspectives and then I’d share them and if you agreed and then you like it and if you don’t then it’s
what’s something that I really gets your goat
at what the drive to work because if you look something up why can’t you hold it down
who sings this
I want I want a Jerry make Seinfeld rap about whatever is on your mind
would you would like you to laugh
text thank you
I’m going to go to Breakneck Pace now and do some confusingly elaborate shipped really fast from who who taught me not only ComedySportz on how to be a cool good person and have respect for the audience his his son was in Pittsburgh and freaked me out and then he told his dad that I was coming to Madison and he came here at 5 or of us can you come up to the the stage of it
what was beat Bolton
Okay nnn Morgan grovr tour manager you need to come up here cuz I’m going to use him for something I want to do just will do it as quickly as possible because I I have to do it where’s Morgan the Morgan coming up okay
Morgan’s The Supremes on the road and keeps us on schedule I’ll get we’re going to play story because that was the first game I never learned from Bob and it was the first time he ever never respected me as an adult said you’re good at story and I am not good at it but if you’re going to play it too and I feel like Spencer would be kind of good at this thing is when Dan was playing story is right after you get his ass kicked in Milwaukee and his eyes were so swollen that
it only look out the bottom of his I am so unfit getting his ass kicked was a true story and it wasn’t Hispanic people that did it
you know what it was black people I just like maybe that’s what it was I don’t Maybe I Deserve like what can I do for them I don’t know I got to work it out I got 10 cities left or something I’ll figure out what’s what my deal is with rakes you tell a story to tell the story of someone else and only lonely in Fort Myers
all right I’m pretty sure am I safe Spencer and how it works and I think he’ll be okay.
Title of a story
what’s the weather
Dan Herman’s Excellent Adventure okay fine but maybe it’ll be a critical hit
thank you ladies and gentlemen
it was a cold and windy night Dan Harmon. Just stop fucking the lights off my mother what if I took a jar of peanut butter and where does the hat and became the mayor of Madison Wisconsin
would that work
he said to himself as he appealed sweaty socks off of his hands but we didn’t know what he meant until he demonstrated how he peel those hot sweaty socks inch by inch
painstakingly he pulled off the sucker feeling against the fire which had been firing in the corner for centuries
Dan burst into the yard with gun
it was a harmless gun cuz it’s dinner to kill nine people he was going to rock nine people of their souls by shooting them I don’t need to explain this do I I mean streets murder it’s been around forever and I’m sorry I tried to make it fancy ways to go and saw in the corner of the yard a small flower it changed his mind for a moment
and then his mind changed back to murder
he said he wasn’t going to rip that flower he was just not going to water it it just watch it with the days as they blew off the calendar
finally the flower guide
walk out here with a gun and then he remembered why and shot his next door neighbor who was a man by the name of Fred Fred has been a gardener for about 14 years at Gardner Gardner with his long shears and his
flirtatious. Shapes
the police pulled up and dance Harmon’s Apartments
who said officer which Seinfeld
front yard is up past with dead people
have a high-pitched voice and your shoes. And turn to the side there is a free dose slowly
is it reveal itself like a piece of cake
wind and sun sign felled should I wish I felt
I want to thank you
he said you will do that for a living now I do this if not for a living I don’t know how much of it makes any sense is DND time
treasure if you would release the character sheets
if my vodka cup I’m sorry that was abusive you know what it is it’s like you can you delete the Midwest you come back and he start acting like a dick I’m sorry sorry
someone someone just told me my shoes untied and when someone tells me my shoes untied
yes I know it sometime
alright Spencer if you would bring us up-to-date on our campaign
thank you Uncle Joe our hero Shrek
Our Heroes trapped deep within the bowels of the mythical infinite fish discovered a master swordsman after some prodding valise in The Swordsman decided to Journey deeper with the party they headed west to a passage covered in acid-filled trenches using tenders bullying diss to cross the passage they launched themselves through a meat curtain there they saw a mysterious I stopped using multiple abilities the creature charm Quark but after I fear some nail-biting action sequence the I was destroyed the group looked on to the three ways ahead before deciding which way to proceed
so do you guys remember you just killed that I think there’s three different paths they are not label
for the right direction you have a pretty good sense of direction but most of that is relying on weather and or local flora and fauna and not the inner Court in the
alright power of elimination on all three of these orifices neither of them are magic.
all right big bang a barbarian for my Whimsy I I walk up to the center portal and I approached it and examine it
it looks the same as the other two what’s up it is about two and a half feet wide is I put a finger in it enough that nothing happens okay if I say if I asked the right hand or wrist if I should take the middle door will it tell me yes it gives the fears its people the shuttle
valves in pipes
I thought we were going to talk about swords hey man thanks it was forged in the fire several thousand fire Elementals why I never seen a flaming sword pretty wild I’ve seen it I mean can you can you make it strike far away not yet but can you teach me how to do that well as it happens I can but it involves harnessing your rage I harness
to learn how to do something if it were that easy
well let’s see him swing your sword I swing my sword
you’re putting your footing the been on your puddings of it off move move your left
different outfits
visual gag learn how to use my sword better but remember you can only use it once in a short while it on two of these doors and you know just in case there’s something behind it that I’m sure there’s not like a beautiful like a human being on the other side right that would be the worst case scenario yet
sphincters you’re about to get the fire sword to do if you’re bound and gagged
that pattern
yeah you’ll be saving our lives are sort through these old killing somebody that we don’t want to kill you can close them to
like they’re not across that Chasm or anything like you can walk up to it
like a trap or something like something I got you like something like a trap that can be cut and destroyed with a sword and traps and and there’s no traps
through the middle portal nice this passage has a high ceiling from which is hanging a large shiny Baden looking sack of Flesh in the shape of the kidney bean several arteries run from various walls into the dangling Oregon a huge Central Court seems to be at the main support coming down from the ceiling you can also see what appear to be blue white parts of light with multiple parking limbs falling to and fro across the surface of the Oregon to part of Putt-Putt Putt-Putt poker thing yeah more than usual I don’t I stammered sometimes and then I take him through the
the left one hey man I’m a swordsman not like a speech coach let’s go
I wasn’t fishing for anything and I’m not I just explaining that I’m not
so sweet and go through the right door
because if we’re going to take this thing out we’re going to have to kill at Oregon’s I say all at once you know it’s a kidney beans are probably the kidney right now I’m looking at the kid named Christian infinite kidney
and then finding an intervening nice
each organ is all going through different portals at once what is it what do you see it in there let’s see here this area is more covered in veins and arteries than other rooms above you is an intricate line is a pinkish fibers and robe like strands starts about thirty feet above your head and the walls are pale pink spider webs with the delicate filigree of the veins there are no exits but above you wishing of gases can be heard you occasionally see a flash of blue white Sparks bar overhead view the lungs baby going to the the right portal
I don’t get off for slippery slope labor for you stretching down through Pinckney Inky Blackness several hundred feet if you think that you can pick one of these but you shouldn’t be able to climb up too easily

it’s like a like a water world or something you don’t like slides water slides
I do not like the movie like the knockoff Park there’s I do the park at Waterworld yeah man
price of an item in the kidney room yeah you are kidney bean shaped into hanging above me I’d say it’s a couple feet ahead all right so I I I I attack it with a figure with with my
flaming sword flaming sword attack you strike the surface of the score by the kidney bean apparently I see the white blue Sparks approach quickly they need it back together healing it that’s that’s why it’s not called a temporary fish
so you in any fish
and as its Play Night by night
I love your Donuts
there’s just four slopes that go down work in different directions
I’m going to go for it
so I I jump down
speeding down the slippery slope find yourself on a could be landing
there appears to be a puddle of slime on the floor and it’s a small spot that looks like a pulsating sprinkler nearby
Guilty by the butthole problem
you’re several hundred feet in a meat curtain away
should we all go back up to the butthole we should all get back on that right you don’t even know that happened
no I mean you just didn’t they didn’t sell a silver staff of silver silver do you remember that thing that you climbed up out of the hat with so it’s it’s a it’s a long pole if you learned that if you tap it again something gets longer and there’s a button that you can press on it you don’t know what it does
president gets stuck stuck stuck but a button. I I I try to unstick it it can it’s stuck
I’m not I’m not hitting you I’m not hitting you
I’m sorry the buttons not the stick is stuck
second what stuck in wherever you had it last you just can’t move it
cuz it’s stuck because the buttons not step
I can’t get a read on the phone but I like it
that was you know when you just learn something
okay well let me see if I did I stick the stick into the meat around me you do that and it gets taller so if you hold on it’ll lift you into the air all right I want to reduce it again okay what do I do that to happen again atapha there you go okay thanks do I push the button. Push the button again nice to get some stuff
second tape measure I can do that
free t-shirt I want to I want to be sure it’s not my turn anymore cuz I just did all that bullshit but
you know if it were my turn and I’m not saying it is but I would
I would rather not be so I can figure out what I want to do my Emerald dagger and attacked the kidneys you attacked the kidneys let’s see if you hit let’s see if you do damage
you do 7 damage but again those Sparkles nip the wound and I fuck this far scroll across the wound mending and the sparks then approached you with men
they miss thank God for that I know what I want to do all right summon monster to okay want to summon my squid okay can I connect a controller to switch Jazz can I kind of like yeah I tell the squid grab those lungs and squeeze them squeeze those lungs Albert
Albert the squid there are no lumps they there might be lungs far above you but not those alveoli squeeze those things but it’s Spencer described squid fails to reach them there too far overhead I press the button on the squid
nothing happens
Sheena different squid guys
sorry someone just asked question
you’re now in the lattice you can climb it easily as if it were a ladder I do so you climb it easily as if it were a ladder
board game
do you can see the flashes of light get closer and brighter darting to and fro across the stand strands you can make out the spidery figure is composed of bright light or some sort of energy the figure speed up as you get closer so you can see at the heart of this webbing match is a large thin wall of membrane behind which a bright clothes cast you hear the washing of gas exchange respiration the membrane expands and contracts Ridley and I can’t I can’t reach that from here but I will try. In the long room not be too convenient you don’t know that it needs you
I enjoy he’s not doing it for the reason he’s doing it because he owes me $5
get lonely and I leave the kids here and when I call out to Sharpie with Splash back to yesterday but I was afraid if I can find you no matter what no matter what I don’t care what’s going on I want you at
24 hours from now.
Barbara Lynn Derby do you want me to follow that I swear to God swear to fucking God okay if I ever if I ever get separated from you and I always decide by blah blah blah yeah I’ll take it
remembering that I owe Sharpie $5 I leave the kidney room and climb back through the whatever beat curtain whatever portal I went through you don’t know what meat curtain Sharpies behind I go through the the left of the portal alright great guess
30 feet overhead you see a pink mesh lattice of strands of some sort
nope attempting to scale the wall you fail miserably
staff still you can see a silver staff Regional staff you climb up the staff about you you see the van in the unprotected loins of a robed figure
your loins are hanging out well they think they don’t do a lot else all right
oh yeah yeah yeah
calling upon your training and harnessing your raise you brandish your sword was much bigger and expertise with one cleans stroke you make a burst of wind and forth from your sword a large / appears in the membrane you feel like you might be able to crawl through it I crawl through it you crawl through it you’re inside of what seems to be a large spherical chamber there’s holes in the ceiling in through those holes you hear a gurgling noise before a large blob of snot drops under the floor before you it arranges itself into a spider like for you see Flames appear on a Jesus it looks ready to anger fight get in there I got to go through the membrane all right that happens slime and that Spectre
you can’t shoot that far
but I try really hard to way up
I have passed away
shoot another
I got the other way the other half of that for me I’m imagining that I’m jealous with a sense of partial embarrassment and jealousy usually follow your arrow it gets you towards the top of that ledge we were talking about
all right by the way for podcast
a very long time to my character that’s trying to seduce him
a color of submission
crazy ideas and Concepts to bring up and then you can just follow and support on that that’s generally how it works best for
take me to Freedom
where are we at right now you’re back in the main room now she’s aware of where Dan went so he has blue she’s there
what’s Prince Harry’s wedding
where is McAfee
and let’s please thank you three do for sitting up here showing you is suffered to tell Aunt Trina be here to playing Dungeons and Dragons with you
because the truth is I bought that gun to the dragon shirt that Dave saw but I’d I actually like I just bought it cuz I thought it was cool and I wanted to see my guy that played under the racket I bought and I think I went to the Gen Con and bought it all right like 9:30 so we can stage four things of that was a w with an r a p wraps things up. We came to Madison Milwaukee’s only an hour away and we didn’t we didn’t meet your family bones didn’t, your mom and dad didn’t come
we don’t get along like my brother because I read his email his email and you know I wrote be even more hilarious emails about how mad he was about it and I didn’t read them because you know he’s stupid head.
And he’s overly dramatic and he’s five years older than me and he shouldn’t he should he should be a big brother to me and say whatever you want you’re my little brother but instead he’s a big knob
and if you love your brother is it weird for you to come back to Wisconsin and not not touch base at all with your family and I live there only an hour away and that you rarely see them I don’t know I think it was like I came out for his wedding to Milwaukee and it was going to get married and then I had a big fight with him the night before his wedding saw that I just went to the zoo with my girlfriend went home
I don’t I don’t like them
and he doesn’t like men
wait wait we can’t we can’t be together without finding do you think he’ll ever like as you get older you’ll ever be friends with me again I don’t answer. We’re at several years ago by a cyborg cool with each other you know cuz he’s a he has his business you don’t like like like like we we we we we overlap in interest if we’re both into like a computer modeling for a while and like I like it’s a relationship dependent on a lot of time and space like between like receptors like anytime it gets you know it’s hard for me to not piss him off and someone
how about your mom and dad there in Florida
where in Florida is your grandpa’s Grandpa you know he’s going to need to see more what’s the time
yay why won’t come out during the Battle of Guadalcanal
are you sure you’re cute you’re cheering the oh yeah yeah those are my mom and dad side biological Grandpa’s they were both like hardcore like fucking World War II guys like they both want different theaters I can’t remember when was The Majestic WhatsApp grandpa on my dad’s side I think he was in Europe I can’t but I can’t remember actually I think it was somewhere bad ass and like yeah and then I did improv and Rose monster house and get that contributed to Freedom
also I complain about the government non-stop doesn’t but you know what
I never really realized what sacrifice men
Taylor came to Madison
as I close down the show
I wonder how to grow
my heart is a flower
every minutes an hour
that doesn’t make sense
but we don’t be sorry I thought you were interrupting your two days or two shows I have to go to shows are grapefruits and Ryan Stiles in Washington and you’re out on your own and Erin mcgathy is going to be sitting where I’m sitting right now and that he is going to be a whole different kind of show
I’m going to miss you Jeff I’m going to miss you too I’m going to miss you so much
your pee is yellow and brown when I first met you back in La you had some good and you said what I said it’s love
I should be wearing a glove cuz it probably has germs in it
or at least microscopic worms in it in any case just put it down and let’s drink and sit you did oh and we should tell them that we’re going after the show because it’s a Great Dane by a cross the street so it’s not that far I’ll have beer
does Dan has a fraud complex Janet won’t be gone
I think Salt Lake City and Erin mcgathy is trying to act in the crowd so he is here
sometimes it only flies right into the first row
what’s your name Alex wow Alex water name now I’m making a song about Alex know I’m not what’s your name Andrew Andrew of making the song no I’m not what’s your name JoJo he’s got a sweater
child in your butt in your butt cuz your mom is a slut no she’s not I’m so sorry it just goes to that place when your dad I would have a question for you
and what are you going to do when I’m gone without me
I’m going to leave in this guy’s mouth what’s your name that I’m going to be in Zach mouth in your mouth. What’s your favorite food pizza I’m going to give it back if he’s so I don’t know if it is that enough
wrap it up give me a rap beat rap
yo yo yo yo man Town got my feet on the ground yo yo
I went to Madison now I fuck your mama like a child it’s in the pasture and how I put shutters and shut it and said give me the milk and then I’ll make butter with her I’m going to put it in a bun
give me a second with the refrain
turn that frown upside down butter Dairy Farmers
Screamin like a mouse with a murderer happens if you look back out
groundhog shadow
upside down
I want you inside me until I get home
turn that frown upside down
God bless you
text Bob Big Freedia


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